Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice

Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
March 2019

       Respite care restores energy for
       patients and their families
       Dave Bindon lives his life tethered to an oxygen            support from Harbour Hospice, and what he has
       tank. Diagnosed about 19 years ago with chronic             valued the most is his visits to the inpatient unit
       obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Dave’s                at Hibiscus House – offering him much needed
       condition has gradually worsened and he has                 respite. On each stay, the Hospice’s team of nurses,
       been on fulltime oxygen for several years.                  doctors, patient and family support team members
                                                                   and volunteers welcome Dave for a change of scene,
       He considers himself lucky that his health is               providing an opportunity to re-evaluate and review
       reasonably stable and his symptoms well managed;            all aspects of his condition and adjust his medication
       he has little energy but is not in constant pain. But       if needed, and giving Anna, his main caregiver, a
       what he finds frustrating, and often boring, is to be       welcome break.
       confined to a 15-metre radius - the length of his
       oxygen tube.                                                Dave wishes for more independence. “I would love to
                                                                   be able to go out and do the shopping, or go to the
       At home in Manly, Dave can walk around his garden           library,” he says. “My biggest gripe is not being able
       but to go any further, he relies on his wife Anna to lift   to get out much, and my biggest concern is Anna’s
       a mobile oxygen tank into the car and drive to their        state of health.”
       desired destination – as long as they are home within
       the three to four hours allowed by the mobile oxygen        Thanks to your ongoing generosity and continued
       supply. With Anna becoming increasingly frail and no        support, we can offer patients like Dave much
       longer a confident driver, these outings are now rare.      needed respite care. These important breaks enable
       Dave’s condition means he has needed ongoing                Dave’s wife Anna to reenergise and be able to p>3

You are part of this caring Hibiscus Coast community. Volunteer, donor, bequestor, staff member, brave story-teller. Thank you.
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Hibiscus House                   Jan Nichols
  Inpatient Unit
  July 2017 to June 2018
                                   Caring for your growing
  Last year at Harbour             community at home
                                   and in Hospice
  Hospice’s inpatient unit on
  the Hibiscus Coast, there
  were 239 total admissions
  for symptom management,          2018 was a monumental year which saw the creation of
  respite or terminal care.        Harbour Hospice Trust to serve the communities of North
                                   Shore, Hibiscus Coast and Warkworth Wellsford.
  85 of these admissions were
  for respite care. 52 patients    The merger of Hibiscus services with North Shore and
  received respite care over       Warkworth Wellsford has been an enormous undertaking and
  602 bed nights.                  I want to thank you for your continued support as we have
                                   refined roles within the new organisation, introduced new
                                   services and moved shops. All while continuing our everyday
                                   mission of providing skilled and compassionate care to more and
                                   more people in our local communities.

                                   Over the last six months, referrals to Harbour Hospice
                                   have increased by close to 9%. This means, with your
                                   continued support, we are on track to care for more
                                   than 1200 people this year.

                                   Among these are people with illnesses other than cancer. In this
                                   edition of Your Hospice Matters we introduce you to Dave who
      Symptom Management           is living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
      Terminal Care                Very clearly people like Dave can receive enormous benefit from
                                   the wraparound services our Hospice offers.

                                   We are quick to acknowledge that most end of life caregiving
                                   is provided by family members in their own homes. Dave’s
                                   story is an example of the how short stays in the inpatient unit
                                   can help patients relax and restore their energy, while giving
                                   family caregivers time to rest, take a holiday break, or catch up
                                   on other life demands. Across the Hibiscus and North Shore
                                   Hospice Inpatient Units we usually care for three booked respite

                                   patients a week from anywhere in our three communities.

                                   That you for your commitment to supporting the work of the
      R E S PI T E B E D           nurses and doctors who warmly welcome patients into our
          NIGHTS                   inpatient unit for some therapeutic care and social connection.

                                   With best wishes

          239                                                 Jan Nichols
R E S PI T E A D M I S S I O N S                              Chief Executive

  Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 2
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Trusts’ generosity
                                 “It’s good                   keeps lights on
                                  to feel so
                                welcomed and
                                 cared for.”                  Special thanks to the Charitable Trusts that play a
                                                              vital role in helping meet the challenging funding
Continued from page 1                                         shortfall we face every year. Two trusts that have
                                                              supported us for decades are Pub Charity Limited
continue the caring when he returns home. She can             and The Ted and Mollie Carr Endowment Trust
feel reassured that Dave is receiving expert and              and Estate of Ernest Hyam Davis. Their continuing
compassionate care from the Hospice team.                     generosity has aided the comfort of thousands of
                                                              patients and their families over the years.
“It’s very restful and I certainly feel better while I’m
there,” Dave says. “When I’m at Hospice I always feel         In the last financial year:
that I’m in good hands. I have a room to myself and I         Pub Charity Limited helped fund essential
can get my trusty trundler out and walk all the way           operating costs with a grant of $250,000.
around the deck, within the limits of the tubing.”            Estate of Ernest Hyam Davis & Ted and Mollie
                                                              Carr Endowment Trust gave $30,000 to pay the
As Dave’s mobility and energy have reduced, his               lease on the Whangaparaoa Hospice Shop, so more
social circle has shrunk. Dave appreciates the                shop income could go directly towards patient care.
friendship of the doctors, nurses and volunteers              The Kelliher Charitable Trust supported our Family
at Hospice providing him with improved quality of             Support services.
life and enhanced wellbeing. “It’s good to feel so            North Shore Presbyterian Hospital Trust helped
welcomed and cared for,” Dave says.                           provide spiritual care for patients and families.
                                                              Constellation Communities Trust supported
With your help, our nurses, doctors, the patient and          strong leadership for our nursing team.
family support team and volunteers can continue               Pelorus Trust paid for syringe drivers that help our
to offer patients like Dave respite care. A stay in           patients manage pain.
the inpatient unit not only gives the medical team            Zelda Roberts Charitable Trust supported our
a chance to re-evaluate a patient’s condition and             counselling services.
make any adjustments to their medication that may             Dragon Community Trust contributed to the costs
be needed, it also gives patients and families a              of running our patient day groups.
chance to reset and restore physical, emotional and           BlueSky Community Trust helped us feed our
social energy levels.                                         patients tasty and nourishing meals.

You bought new beds!
Last November our patient Joanne Ratima shared her story and asked
you to help us buy six new beds and mattresses for the Hibiscus Coast
inpatient unit, as the beds there no longer provide the comfort we
aspire to.

Your big-hearted response amounted to a donation total of $13,903.
Thanks to you we can now replace two of the old beds and mattresses
and give patients like Joanne – and Dave, who shares his story in this
newsletter – the most fundamental gift of comfort. Joanne was amazed
and excited that her story inspired so much generosity. She is delighted
to be part of such a thoughtful community, and to know that her story                                        Thank you
will bring comfort to others. Thank you for caring and for helping us give                                      for your
people like Joanne and Dave the comfort and relief of a soft, cosy bed.                                     big-hearted

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 3
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Carols by the Sea /

                                         Kathy Manson and the Ukulele players
                                         raised almost $800 for Hospice
                                         with Carols by the Sea in December.
                                         They extended an invitation to the
                                         community to celebrate Christmas in
                                         a very Kiwi fashion – outdoors at the
                                         beach, singing Christmas carols to the
                                         strumming of ukuleles!
                                                                                  Harbour Hospice CEO Jan Nichols and the
                                         Thank you to Kathy and her band          Farmers team. Funds raised in Hibiscus
                                         of musicians, and to everyone who        Coast and North Shore will be used for
                                         supported this wonderful event.          hospice services in the community in
Greek Extravaganza /                                                              which they were given.

A celebration of Greek culture, food,                                             Trees of Remembrance /
music and dance raised over $13,300
for Harbour Hospice’s Hibiscus Coast                                              Christmas is a time for giving,
service in November, proving that                                                 and you gave with open hearts to
bigger is sometimes better.                                                       support our gift-wrapping and Trees
                                                                                  of Remembrance at local malls,
For the second year running, the                                                  supermarkets and the Silverdale
Rotary Satellite Club of Orewa-                                                   Farmers store in December.
Millwater hosted the Greek
Extravaganza, but moved it to bigger                                              With your generosity, we raised
venue – the Orewa Events Centre                                                   $18,000 towards care for Harbour
– and almost doubled the amount                                                   Hospice patients in the Hibiscus
raised in 2017.                                                                   Coast community.

We are enormously grateful to Theo                                                Farmers Silverdale assistant store
Simeonidis and the Rotary Satellite                                               manager Amber Cleverley and her
Club of Orewa-Millwater for their                                                 amazing team inspired customers
commitment to making this such a                                                  to give $11,662, either as donations
successful event, and to Hibiscus and                                             or by purchases of the Hospice
Bays Local Board and the following       All that Jazz /                          Christmas Bauble. The full $10 of the
sponsors for their generous support:                                              bauble purchase price went directly
                                         The Orewa Lions Club would never         to the store’s local hospice, ensuring
Platinum Plus Sponsor - New World        blow their own trumpet, but they         funds stayed in your community.
Whangaparaoa; Gold Sponsors              know how to organise a great jazz
- Gulf Rise Metlife Care Village,        night.                                   At Trees of Remembrance in other
InspHire, Silverdale Print and Design;                                            sites around the Hibiscus Coast
Community Sponsors – Driveline,          The Lions’ annual Jazz and Swing         community, shoppers donated almost
Raewyn and Karlene of Barfoot            Concert, held at Centrestage Theatre     $7,000.
and Thompson Millwater, Kuzina           in October, raised $4,015 for Hospice
Mediterranean Café and Bar Orewa,        services in the Hibiscus Coast           We are deeply grateful to the 84
UProtectNZ Insurance Services            community.                               Hospice volunteers who gave their
Millwater, Heathcote Legal, Auckland                                              valuable time, and to Silverdale Mall
Garden Services, Total Security          Many thanks to our generous sponsor      manager Lorraine Gatiss, Coast
Group, Stealth Group, Sunrise            Forrest Funeral Services and the         Plaza manager Kylee Meek and office
Electrical, Byrne Homes, ASB Bank        Orewa Lions for their commitment         administrator Sue Peltz, Orewa New
Orewa, Bruce Cameron of Lifetime         to delivering fantastic musical          World owner Catherine Versalko-
Financial Group, JP and Associates       entertainment and supporting             West, and Whangaparaoa New
Chartered Accountants.                   Hospice care in our local community.     World owner Penny Ashton.

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 4
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Hibiscus House your Hospice hub
When Hibiscus House was built more than 10 years       Harbour Hospice’s community teams will need to
ago, it was intended that the downstairs would         grow to keep pace with population growth and
eventually house office space for staff not working    demand on palliative care services.
directly with patients and families.
                                                       The project is expected to be finished later this month
Storage space in the basement is now being             and includes new landscaping, 29 additional carparks
converted to an open-plan office for Harbour           and a second vehicle exit. In the next phase, the
Hospice’s finance, administration, education, HR and   inpatient unit will also be upgraded with new carpet,
communications teams.                                  curtains and chairs.

Hibiscus House will be the hub for our three           We are grateful to the companies who are supporting
communities of Hibiscus Coast, North Shore and         the redevelopment: HiwayGroup, Firth Concrete,
Warkworth Wellsford.                                   Amstar Construction, Hutchinson Consulting
                                                       Engineers, Gideon Contractors Limited, Western ITM,
This will improve collaboration and support among      Hynds Pipe Systems, Fulton Hogan, Atlas Concrete,
staff, and free up offices on the upper level for      Opie Contractors, B&A Urban & Environmental,
nursing and family support staff. We know that         Coastline Markers, and C&R Surveyors Ltd.

Farewell Merv Crocker
Extraordinary legacy of a humble and generous man
Late last year we bid a sad farewell to Merv           genuinely kind, personable and great fun,” Jan says.
Crocker, a humble and generous man who played
an enormous role in advancing hospice care in the      As chairman of the Hospice Hibiscus Coast
Hibiscus, Auckland and national communities.           Charitable Trust from 1996 to 2004, Merv led
                                                       the hospice service into a more specialised and
Merv’s legacy to our local hospice service included    sustainable era. He proposed a new financial
chairing the board that opened the first Hospice       and operational structure and implemented new
Shop on the Hibiscus Coast, driving the fundraising,   fundraising streams (including shops at Orewa,
planning and construction of Hibiscus House            Whangaparaoa and Silverdale).
and, shortly before he passed away last October,
establishing a Nurses Education Scholarship to         Merv chaired the capital campaign for Hibiscus
honour his beloved wife, Ngaire.                       House and ensured the plans included room for
                                                       the service to grow. That foresight is paying
            Harbour Hospice CEO Jan Nichols says       dividends now, as the building is transformed to
                 she first met Merv when he was        provide more room for patients and families.
                    a member of the Hospices
                        of Auckland Executive          Last year Merv added one more gift to his
                          organising an event to       extraordinary legacy, establishing the Merv and
                           benefit Hospices in the     Ngaire Crocker Scholarship Fund to further the
                            region.                    training of Hibiscus Hospice nursing staff.

                                “Not only was he       Registered nurse Gwendalyn Castano was the first
                                   a hardworking       to receive the annual scholarship. For two weeks she
                                     and committed     worked alongside staff at HammondCare, a leading
                                      organiser,       provider of dementia and palliative care services in
                                      we soon          Australia. Gwen returned with a deeper understanding
                                      discovered       of the needs of patients with dementia and new
                                     that Merv was     knowledge to share with her colleagues.

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 5
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Hospice Awareness Week May 2019
You can help us to help others by lending a hand
to raise valuable funds and awareness for Harbour

Suzanne McFadden has been a regular Hospice
Cuppa host and her gatherings have involved many
of the women in her Whenuapai neighbourhood.

About 60 attended Suzanne’s Whenuapai High Tea for
Hospice; aged from 8 to 80, the guests included three
sets of grandmother, mother and daughter. A raffle
and a fun quiz about women, beautiful food and great
company, and a fantastic fundraising total of $1370 for   friends, family or colleagues
Hospice definitely add up to a successful Cuppa!          together to enjoy a ‘comforting
                                                          cuppa’. We have a fantastic FREE pack
Here are a few ways you can show your support this        we can send you to help with your fundraising.
Awareness Week:                                           - ‘Add a Dollar‘ at the checkout when shopping at
- Spare a couple of hours to ‘shake a bucket’ for your    your favourite local supermarket.
local Hospice. We are aiming to have more collectors
than ever before, so please keep an eye out for them      To register your support or to receive your
and give generously.                                      free Hospice Cuppa pack contact Natalie Taylor
- Host a Hospice Cuppa. A great excuse to bring           on 09 421 9180 today.

Golf tournament good for business
and good for charity
Golfers who fancy their chances at hitting a hole         Organiser Mike Grunsell was motivated to fundraise
in one have 25,000 reasons to sign up for the third       for Hospice after both his parents, his big brother
Hibiscus Golf Tournament on Friday March 29.              and three friends received hospice care. Mike will be
                                                          on the course all day driving the drinks cart, checking
A prize package of $25,000 worth of travel                there are plenty of sausages on the ninth-hole
organised by You Travel is on offer for the first lucky   barbecue, and making sure everyone is smiling.
(or incredibly accurate) golfer who sinks a ball from
the tee in the Ambrose style tournament at the            “It’s a social day and good for business; whether
Helensville Golf Club.                                    you’re a big corporate or small business, you’re
                                                          talking, having fun and building relationships,” Mike
                                                          says. “Golf is serious, but this is a fun day.”

                                                          Fellow golfer Peter Jones and Hospice Fundraising
                                                          Coordinator Natalie Taylor are helping Mike organise
                                                          the tournament, with support from the golf club and
                                                          the Hospice Women’s Committee. Cabra Holdings,
                                                          ECC Lighting and Design, Hopper Developments and
                                                          Huapai Country Club are kindly sponsoring the event.

 29 th                                                    Register your team today so you don’t miss out.
                                                 and look for
                                                          Events; Hibiscus Coast

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 6
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Open Doors for fun
and friendship
The incredible support that you give to Hospice is
helping us meet the needs of patients through our
popular patient day programme, Open Doors.

With the aim of providing holistic care for patients,
Open Doors runs from 10.30am to 12.30pm every
Wednesday in the lounge of Hibiscus House at John
Dee Crescent, Red Beach.                                                     At every second Open Doors session,
                                                                        volunteers offer patients gentle pampering
Run by Day Group Coordinator Pauline Louette and                                      with hand and foot massage.
her team of committed volunteers, the sessions offer
fun activities and presentations by vibrant speakers      even though it costs her a huge effort, as she suffers
– along with the Hospice hallmarks of tea, coffee and     from shortness of breath. She no longer drives and
delicious food.                                           often gets a ride with a volunteer or with Val, another
                                                          regular who has become a friend.
A schedule of varied topics have included armchair
travel to India, Africa and Canada; song, dance           ‘’We have such a laugh at times and that’s one of the
and music-making; breathing and relaxation; floral        reasons I go,’’ Letty says. ‘’I like to be among people
arrangement and crafts. Every second session is           who laugh and enjoy life.’’
a social gathering with pampering by dedicated
volunteers who offer gentle hand and foot massage.        Pauline says she is extremely grateful to the
                                                          community for supporting this extension of hospice
Pauline believes patients come mainly for the             services through their donations of time, goods and
fellowship and to talk about concerns and issues          funding. “This group wouldn’t be possible without
with people in a similar situation. They do not have to   the incredible help of the Hibiscus Coast community.”
explain themselves, and can express thoughts they
may feel reluctant to share with other people. For        Open Doors is one of several programmes
some, it is the only outing in their week.                supporting patients, caregivers and bereaved
                                                          family members at Hibiscus House. Visit
Hospice patient Letty Morris enjoys the company  and go to How we can help
at Open Doors so much that she continues to come          you – Programmes.

Tax deduction rewards your generosity
Nobody understands the importance of time more            by ensuring Hospice can continue providing
than someone who is nearing the end of life. Time         compassionate care; and it will benefit you by taking
is also important if you are considering a donation       advantage of available tax credits.
to Harbour Hospice, as the end of the financial
year is approaching and time is running out on tax        As the need for palliative care increases in your
deductible donations.                                     community, we will help more and more people by
                                                          providing respite care in the safe and welcoming
As an individual you can claim a 33.33% tax credit        environment of a Hospice Inpatient Unit – but we
for all donations over $5 you make to an approved         need your help to make this possible.
donee such as Harbour Hospice*. A tax credit
reduces the amount of tax you have to pay. Your           * Please contact your tax advisor or accountant for
donation today will benefit people in your community      more information.

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 7
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
Please donate today so we can
continue welcoming people like
Dave to the inpatient unit so they,
and their families, can relax and
restore their energy.

You are part of the Harbour Hospice community that
makes it possible for Dave to enjoy regular ‘retreats’
in the Hibiscus House Inpatient Unit, where he can
be reassessed and connect with other people while                   Please help us
his wife Anna restores the energy needed for her                     give patients
caregiving role.
                                                                   precious time to
When someone is ill and can no longer take part                    relax and revive.
in their usual social activities, they can soon feel
isolated and lonely. A change of scene, and the
opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones,
may be as restorative as any medicine.                          allows precious time to review treatment and to restore
                                                                energy levels for both patients and family members.
The Hibiscus Coast area is growing rapidly and we
need your support to care for the growing number                Thank you for supporting Harbour Hospice and
of patients - more than we have seen before. Most               enabling us to care for people in your community of
are cared for at home and many, like Dave, have                 Hibiscus Coast.
complex needs that are aided by a stay in the care
of the inpatient unit multidisciplinary team.

Please make a donation today, to ensure our nurses,
doctors and patient and family support team can                 Jan Nichols
continue to offer patients like Dave respite care – which       Chief Executive

P.S. Last year Hospice Hibiscus Coast was renamed, and is now called Harbour Hospice. However the same Hospice
services still provide care and relief as before. Your gift today will directly benefit patients in your local community.

Please consider a gift today, of whatever you                   Please accept my donation of:

can afford, to ensure our nurses and doctors                      $
can continue welcoming patients like Dave.
                                                                Post this form to:
                                                                Harbour Hospice Hibiscus House, PO Box 66, Whangaparaoa 0943
                                                                                                                               HC NEW0319

  Name:                                                           I wish to make my payment by:
                                                                      Cheque (enclosed)         Credit card (see below)
                                                                                                                               Charities Services #CC22413

                                                                  Card no:

                                                                  Cardholder’s name:

                                                                  Card expiry date:
  Phone:                                                          Signature:

                                                                  Other ways to donate:
                                                                  Phone: Hibiscus House (09) 421 9180
Please send me information about:                                 Online: Safely and securely at
   Joining our Friends of Hospice Club through monthly giving     Gifts $5 and over are tax deductible.
   Including Hospice in my Will

Your Hospice Matters Harbour Hospice 8
Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice Respite care restores energy for patients and their families - Harbour Hospice
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