RI Japan 2022 Japan's responses to rapid global sustainable finance evolution - Tokyo | 24-25 May Toranomon Hills Forum - PEI Events

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RI Japan 2022 Japan's responses to rapid global sustainable finance evolution - Tokyo | 24-25 May Toranomon Hills Forum - PEI Events
RI Japan 2022
Tokyo | 24-25 May
Toranomon Hills Forum

Japan’s responses to rapid global
sustainable finance evolution
RI Japan 2022 Japan's responses to rapid global sustainable finance evolution - Tokyo | 24-25 May Toranomon Hills Forum - PEI Events
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RI Japan 2022 Japan's responses to rapid global sustainable finance evolution - Tokyo | 24-25 May Toranomon Hills Forum - PEI Events
Keynote speakers
                                                                                         Shaping the vision
                                                                                         of the sustainability-
                                                                                         oriented society
Leading Japanese
market through                                                                           » Roles of investors and
sustainable growth                       Tokiko Shimizu                                    financial institutions in
                                         Assistant Governor,
                                              Bank of Japan                                the sustainable economy
» Response to climate                                                                      and society
  change and key ESG                                                                     » Assessing the real-world
  -issues                                                                                  impact of sustainable
» Japan’s contribution to                                                                  finance
  international debates
» Building blocks of “new                                                         Tokutaro Nakai
                                                                                  Vice Minister, Ministry of
  capitalism”                                                                     the Environment

                    Hiromi Yamaji
                      President & CEO,
               Tokyo Stock Exchange,
            Director & Representative
         Executive Officer, Group COO,
                                                         Tomoko Amaya
                                                Vice Minister for International
               Japan Exchange Group
                                            Affairs, Financial Services Agency

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Advisory board

            Masaru Arai                      Mariko Kawaguchi                           Arisa Kishigami
              Chairman                 Executive Advisor to the CEO Fuji Oil          Independent Consultant
 Japan Sustainable Investment Forum   Holdings, Specially Appointed Professor               EnCycleS
                                        Graduate School of Social Design
                                           Studies, Rikkyo University

        Michiyo Morisawa                        Hideki Takada                         Minako Yoneyama
             Head of Japan                      Secretary General               Relationship Manager Japan, Signatory
                 PRI                      Green Finance Network Japan                         Relations

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Agenda highlights

Levelling up ESG investment
Plenary 1: The global                       Plenary 3: Building trust and             Stream B-1: Pension fund
standardisation of sustainable              credibility in the sustainable            management and ESG
finance: background,                         finance industry: How can                  »   Evolving ESG related regulations for
expectations, and implications              investors, lenders and service                pension funds in the UK, Australia
for Japanese investors                      providers be true to their                »   Do ESG and responsible investment
                                            sustainability claim?                         help the sustainability of the pension
»   Does the International Sustainability                                                 funds themselves?
    Standards Board (ISSB) finally settle    »   How are European and global
    the question of what ESG is?
                                                                                      Stream B-4: Disclosure of
                                                investors grappling with SFDR? Is
»   How does the standard embrace the           there any similar regulation on the
                                                                                      sustainability information
    notions and debates around single,          horizon?                              »   How can Japanese domestic
    double, dynamic materiality? What       »   What can be done to avoid green and       disclosure guidelines be aligned with
    about the real-world impact?                sustainability wash?                      ISSB’s prototype?
»   How exactly does a tighter disclosure   »   Engaging and improving transparency   »   Caveats behind disclosed information
    standard drive capital to sustainable       in ESG rating methodologies.              around human resources and non-
    assets?                                                                               tangible assets?
                                                    View the agenda 

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Agenda highlights

Evolving frontier of
sustainable finance
Stream A-1: Developing carbon                Stream A-2: How investable are            Plenary 4: Revisiting
market and its implications                  the technological innovations             approaches towards transition:
»   Price setting: methodologies and their   for net-zero?                             roadmap and taxonomy
    validities.                              »   Who is bearing the cost of the first   »   How does the EU taxonomy answer
»   What do investors in the hard-to-abate       move, and what is the outlook?            questions around transition? The role
    sectors need to look out for?            »   Hydrogen, carbon capture, ammonia:        and expectations of the transitional
»   The question of real-world impact            understanding the efficacy and              activities.
                                                 evaluating investment value.          »   How have the transitional pathways
                                                                                           helped progressive investors to
                                                                                           engage with companies? What can
                                                                                           they tell the Japanese investors?

                                                     View the agenda 

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Agenda highlights

Sustainable finance with
more holistic development
Stream C-1: Applying a human rights lens to                        Stream A-3: Sustainability of the Japanese
investment                                                         regional economy
»    From theoretical framework to practice: data collection and   »   How has the regional economy been considered in the
     risk analysis                                                     sustainable finance discussion?
»    A case study of human rights risks in Myanmar and how they    »   Net-zero transition that is just for the regional economy
     translated into the engagement activities                     »   Future visions of the regional financial institutions
Stream A-5: How are corporates taking steps to                     Plenary 5: Changing global sustainable finance
manage biodiversity and nature related risks?                      landscape in the net-zero era
»    The development of Taskforce on Nature-related Financial      »   What happens to benchmarks and passive investment as
     Disclosures (TNFD) and how corporates respond to the β            decarbonisation accelerates?
     version.                                                      »   Are there going to be more divestment cases as the tension
»    Management strategy aiming nature positive                        of the climate crisis mount?
                                                                   »   Impact and long-term implication of the standardisation for
                                                                       the sustainable finance industry
    View the agenda                                               »   Does the world continue looking to Europe for the leadership
                                                                       of sustainable finance?

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Speaker highlights
                                                    David Fairs                     Janine Guillot
                Kiran Aziz                          Executive Director of
                                                                                    CEO | Special Advisor to
                Head of Responsible                 Regulatory Policy, Analysis
                                                                                    ISSB Chair
                Investments                         and Advice
                                                                                    Value Reporting
                KLP Kapitalforvaltning AS           The Pension Regulator

                                                    Mariko Kawaguchi
                                                    Executive Advisor to the
                Reiko Hayashi                       CEO Fuji Oil Holdings,          Takeshi Kimura
                Director and Deputy
                                                    Specially Appointed             Special Adviser to the Board
                                                    Professor Graduate School       Nippon Life
                BofA Securities Japan
                                                    of Social Design Studies,
                                                    Rikkyo University

                Chieko Matsuda                                                      Yoko Monoe
                Professor of Graduate               Takeshi Mizuguchi               Senior Consultant
                School for Business                 President
                                                                                    (Sustainable Investment)
                Administration                      Takasaki City University
                Tokyo Metropolitan                  of Economics
                                                                                    Mercer Japan

                Yoichi Mori                         Bruno Roche                     Hideki Takada
                Technical Director
                                                    Founder & Executive             Secretary General
                The Japanese Institute
                                                    Director                        Green Finance Network
                of Certified Public
                                                    Economics of Mutuality          Japan
                Accountants (JICPA)

                                            View the speaker list 

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Networking opportunities
Network at the leading sustainable finance event in Japan
»   Aeon                              »   Japan Post Insurance               »   Nissan
»   Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance        »   Japan Telecommunications           »   ORIX Life Insurance
»   Asahi Mutual Life Insurance           Welfare Associations               »   Panasonic
»   Asset Management One              »   Japanese Trade Union               »   RIKEN TECHNOS PENSION FUND
»   Bloomberg                             Confederation                      »   Pension Fund Association for
»   BNP Paribas Asset Management      »   Konica Minolta                         Local Government Officials
»   COOP Kyosai                       »   KPMG                               »   S&P Global
»   Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company   »   Kurita Water Industries            »   Secom Pension Fund
»   DeNA                              »   Maruha Nichiro Corporation         »   Sophia School Corporation
»   Dentsu Group                      »   Marubeni                           »   Sumitomo Life Insurance
»   Duskin Pension Fund               »   Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance        »   T&D Asset Management
»   Development Bank of Japan         »   Mercer                             »   Tokyo Electric Power Company
»   Eisai                             »   Mitsubishi Research Institute          Hondings (TEPCO)
»   Government Pension Investment     »   Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking   »   Tokyu Land Coporation
    Fund (GPIF)                       »   Moody's                            »   Yamato Group Pension Fund
»   ITOCHU Corporation                »   Nippon Life Insurance              »   And many more...
»   Japan Exchange Group              »   Norinchukin Bank

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