Rockhampton – the City
    Entertainment, sport and recreation
 ABOUT CQUniversity Australia               04
 ACCOMMODATION                              05
  On-campus living – Capricornia College
  Off-campus living – Unilodge
  Off-campus independent living
 HEALTH SERVICES                            09
  Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  How to make an OSHC claim
  Extra Private Health Insurance
 MONEY AND BANKING                          10
  Australian Currency
   CQUniversity Inter-Faith Sacred Garden
 TRANSPORT                                  12
   Public transport
   Private transport
   Buying a car
   Driving in Queensland
 EMPLOYMENT                                 13
  How to apply for permission to work
  How to apply for a Tax File Number
   Payment of academic tuition fees
   Satisfactory academic progression
   Change of provider
   The ‘two fails in a course’ rule
   Deferral of studies
   Change of address
   Reporting to DIAC
GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES                                                                 16
       Student Ombudsman (Building 37 level 1 room 1.08)
       CQUniversity Student Association (Building 65)
       Independent Dispute Resolution Services
      STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES                                                             17
        International Student Support Officer (Building 31)
        Academic study support
        Library Information Services (Building 10)
        ITD Media Services (Building 32)
        Mathematics Learning Centre (Building 32)
        Information Technology (Building 19)
        Student Support Centre (Building 31)
        Bringing your family to Australia
        Schooling/Child Care for dependent children
      WHAT TO BRING                                                                        21
       Other items
       What not to bring
      TRAVEL CHECKLIST                                                                     22
        Helpful telephone numbers
      ARRIVING IN AUSTRALIA                                                                23
       A week before you leave…
       When to arrive
       Arriving at Brisbane International Airport
       Adjusting to a new environment
      OUR CONTACT DETAILS                                                                  25

Bring this international student guide with you. It contains contact details of
many organisations that will help you during your time in Australia.

CQUniversity’s programs are offered to international students in accordance
with the Australian Government Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.
Further details are available at:
CRICOS Provider Codes QLD 00219C; NSW 01315F; VIC 01624D

Essential Information About Living and Studying
     in Rockhampton

     This guide has been designed to provide you with essential information about living and studying in Rockhampton.
     While this guide covers many things, there will be aspects of Australian life and University life, which can only be
     learnt through your experience of living and studying here. When you arrive we will provide more comprehensive
     information about the campus and the wider community during your special Orientation Program.You will meet
     staff from the Student Support Centre and your Faculty who look forward to welcoming you to CQUniversity and
     assisting you to settle in.
     We look forward to helping to make your time at CQUniversity as rewarding as possible.We hope that you will enjoy life
     at CQUniversity both academically and socially.

     – THE CITY                                                                        CLIMATE
     Rockhampton, situated on the             is just 30 minutes drive inland          The city experiences nine months
     Tropic of Capricorn in Central           from the Pacific Ocean with              of fine weather with cooler nights
     Queensland, is a fantastic               safe sandy beaches and beautiful         from April to October. During the
     destination. There are a multitude       islands dotted along the Capricorn       summer months from December
     of things to see and do in the           Coast. Rockhampton is situated           to February the average daily
     diverse Capricorn region. The            on Queensland’s largest river, the       temperature is 34 degrees Celsius.
     real treasures of the Capricorn          Fitzroy. The Central Queensland
     region are the friendly people,          district has a population in excess
     the genuine country hospitality          of 150 000 and Rockhampton City
     and laid back lifestyle where            a population of 60 000.
     there is always time to say g’day.
     Affectionately known as Rocky,
     our progressive regional city
ENTERTAINMENT,                        SHOPPING                               If you or your family have any
SPORT AND                             Excellent shopping and banking         questions, please contact us at:
RECREATION                            facilities are available in the city   CQUniversity Rockhampton
                                      centre and at modern suburban          Student Contact Centre
The region’s climate supports an
                                      shopping centres. The Northside        Building 5
outdoor lifestyle all year round. A
                                      has the Stockland complex which        Rockhampton Qld 4702
full range of social, sporting and
                                      is the largest shopping centre in      Australia
recreation activities are available
                                      Rockhampton. There are a variety of    Telephone: + 61 7 4923 2420
for your enjoyment. Rockhampton
                                      food and grocery shops plus a tavern   Fax: + 61 7 4923 2100
has a variety of entertainment
                                      located close by the university on     Email:
venues including cinemas, local and
                                      Farm Street and a speciality shop
interstate theatrical productions,
                                      located in Richardson Road. This       Website:
nightclubs, an excellent range of
restaurants/coffee shops and is       shop specialises in Asian foods and
home to the tropical Botanical        condiments.
Gardens on the southside of
Rockhampton and the Kershaw
Gardens on the northside.

About CQUniversity

     CQUniversity is one of Australia’s     Students succeed because of the     CQUniversity Rockhampton
     top-rated and most sought-after        five-star quality and relevancy     is set on spacious grounds
     universities. Almost half of its       of teaching, learning, research,    within a 150-hectare site. The
     20 000 students are ‘international’,   community programs and services.    university reflects multicultural
     representing over 100 countries        CQUniversity’s personalised         Australia by warmly welcoming
     at CQUniversity campuses in            learning support, collaborative     its international students and
     the heart of Sydney, Melbourne,        partnerships and dedicated staff    recognising the invaluable
     Brisbane and the Gold Coast.           provide pathways for people         contribution these students
     Headquartered in Rockhampton,          anywhere, with different learning   make to the campus life and the
     Queensland with regional campuses      styles to achieve, thrive and       community.
     throughout the state.                  succeed. In fact, our students
                                            rank 10% higher than the national

On your arrival, staff from the Student Support Centre offer a limited free service to assist you to locate
accommodation. To assist in this regard if you have rented previously please bring references with you. As part of
your enrolment information you will received an Arrival Details form which can also be downloaded from the
student forms area on the website. This needs to be completed and faxed to +61 7 4930 9366 or email to ssc@cqu. as soon as you have made your travel arrangements.
After your arrival staff from local real estate agencies can provide information about suitable permanent accommodation.
We recommend you stay on-campus at the University’s Residential College, Capricornia College. Capricornia
College is so much more than just a place to stay. Living at Capricornia College will better ensure you have the full
university experience.
The College provides a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive environment located a short walking distance to lectures,
library and sporting facilities.You will be welcomed into an academic residential community of 350 undergraduate and
postgraduate students from different places in Australia and other parts of the world.While it is expected college members
will have a serious commitment to their academic program there will be many opportunities for social and sporting
activities.You will have your own study/bedroom supplied with desk, chair, built-in wardrobe, fan, bookcase and curtains.
Each residential building has its own shared toilet/bathroom facilities, laundry and small kitchenette.The majority of meals
are cafeteria-style (vegetarian meals are available) but more formal college, house and special dinners are held on a very
regular basis. Put simply, college life is great!

                                                                   For more information and application details please
                                                                   Capricornia College
                                                                   Bruce Highway
                                                                   North Rockhampton Qld 4702
                                                                   Telephone: + 61 7 4930 9766
                                                                   Fax: + 61 7 4930 6581
                                                                   Email: capcollege-enquiries@

     370 Rockonia Road
     North Rockhampton Qld 4702
     Telephone: + 61 7 4928 0560
     Fax: + 61 7 4928 9772

     OFF-C AMPUS LIVING                    OFF-C AMPUS                             The approximate cost of the
     – UNILODGE                            INDEPENDENT LIVING                      most common type of furnished
     The Unilodge Rockhampton              If you prefer to rent a house or unit   accommodation close to the university
     complex is set in landscaped          with other students, this option        is either
     gardens and consists of 26 three      is available to you and allows you      (i) AUD$120/AUD$150 per person
     (3) bedroom and 42 two (2)            to choose who you will share                   per week occupying three/four/
     bedroom self-catered townhouses.      with. It takes considerable time               five bedroom houses or
     Each townhouse has living and         to inspect houses and units and         (ii) AUD$100/AUD$130 per person
     kitchen areas with residents making   make arrangements regarding
                                                                                          per week occupying one/two
                                           your accommodation. Therefore
     their own arrangements concerning                                                    bedroom flats/units. A bond fee
                                           it is important you arrive in
     cost and preparation of meals. It                                                    applies which needs to be paid at
                                           Rockhampton at least one week
     is situated a considerable distance                                                  the time of signing the lease.This
                                           prior to the commencement of your
     from the university (approximately                                                   usually costs about four times the
                                           orientation program.
     seven kilometres) and is serviced                                                    weekly rental.
     by hourly bus transport to the        Other ways to obtain independent
     university during weekdays. The       accommodation after your arrival in
     last weekday bus service from         Rockhampton are:
     the university to the Unilodge          • read university notice boards
     complex is at 6 pm. There is no         • check the Student Association
     evening or weekend bus transport          accommodation database
     from Unilodge. All units are air        • check the ‘Accommodation to Let’
     conditioned with quality fittings         section in Saturday’s edition of
     and furniture throughout.                 the local newspaper, The Morning
     Outdoor sporting facilities as            Bulletin
     well as computer laboratory with
     Internet access are available.
In addition to weekly rental, each       and understood all the terms and            who contributes to the bond
tenant shares the cost of electricity,   conditions. Friendly staff are on hand      should be named on the Bond
gas and telephone services. Each         to assist you read through rental           Lodgement form and should sign
tenant has his/her own private           agreements if you seek clarification.       it so that you have a record of the
bedroom, sharing bathroom, kitchen       When you start a tenancy, you will          amount each person has paid.
and communal living areas. It is         need to:                                  • The Residential Tenancies
not possible to arrange this type          • Inspect the premises and contents.      Authority (RTA) holds the bond in
of accommodation until after your          • Sign a written tenancy agreement        trust while you live in the house/
arrival in Rockhampton, as you must          (a legal document).                     unit, and pays it back to you when
inspect the accommodation personally                                                 you move out (provided there is
                                           • Complete an Entry Condition
prior to signing a tenancy agreement.                                                no disagreement or damage to
                                             Report (record any damage to the
Tenancy agreements are usually for           property and contents that has          the premises). The RTA will send
a fixed amount of time (such as 6            been done by previous tenants.          you a notice (called an Official
or 12 months). This agreement is             Keep a copy of your report and          Receipt) to let you know they
a legal document which sets out              forward a second copy to the            have received your bond. Make
the conditions of rent, dates when           landlord or real estate agent).         sure you keep this notice. The
the agreement starts and ends and                                                    receipt has your Rental Bond
                                           • Sign a Bond Lodgement form and
the terms of the agreement.You                                                       Number on it, you will need to
                                             pay the bond (usually equivalent
should not sign any legal document                                                   use this number if you contact the
                                             to four weeks rent). Everyone
or pay a bond until you have read                                                    RTA about your bond. If you do
                                                                                     not receive an Official Receipt
                                                                                     within a few weeks, it is a good
                                                                                     idea to ring the RTA to check
                                                                                     whether they have received your
                                                                                     bond money. The landlord/real
                                                                                     estate agent is required by law
                                                                                     to send your bond to the RTA. If
                                                                                     they don’t they have breached the
                                                                                     law and they could be fined.
                                                                                   • Obtain and keep receipts for every
                                                                                     payment you make.
                                                                                   • Check the requirements of your
                                                                                     contract for giving notice of your
                                                                                     intention to move out at the
                                                                                     end of your tenancy agreement.
                                                                                     Complete a Notice of Intention to
                                                                                     Leave and give to your landlord
                                                                                     or real estate agent at least 14
                                                                                     days prior to the end date of your
                                                                                     tenancy agreement.

Telephone and Postal Services

     There are public telephones on           up-to-date information. In addition      to Friday. All letter and parcel
     campus, in shopping centres and          to the cost of calls, handset and line   postal services within Australia
     various other public places around       rental is also payable.                  and overseas are available from this
     the city. These phones take coins        To make arrangements to have a           post office as well as the purchase
     or you can make use of a prepaid         Telstra phone connection in your         of money orders and phone cards.
     phone card. There are a variety of       name phone Telstra Residential           Payment of electricity, gas and
     prepaid phone cards and prepaid          Customer Centre on: 13 22 00.            telephone accounts can also be made
     credit facilities for your mobile        Telstra will make a credit assessment    here.
     phone available at the Post Office on-   to determine if you are eligible
     campus. Prepaid phone cards with a       for STD and ISD connection in
     card pin number can be used on most      addition to local call connection. It
     phones (public phones and at private     is important to be aware the person
     residences). International telephone     who applies for a phone connection
     calls can be very expensive. Making      is held financially responsible for
     use of prepaid phone cards avoids        payment of all calls made from that
     the risk of running up expensive         phone. So it is important to know
     telephone accounts.                      who will have access to your phone.
     Most rental houses or units have         Australia Post has a convenient
     existing telephone lines. Check the      location in the Commercial Centre
     cost of this when you arrive to make     (Building 65) on campus. It is
     sure you have the most current and       open 8.45 am to 4.30 pm Monday
Health Services

OVERSEA S STUDENT                     OSHC will contribute towards the          HOW TO MAKE AN
HEALTH COVER                          cost of medical and hospital care         OSHC CL AIM
(OSHC)                                you may need while studying in            When you receive treatment from a
International students and their      Australia. The OSHC scheme covers         doctor you will be given an account to
families must obtain health           you for 85% of the recommended            pay. After you have paid the doctor’s
insurance through the Overseas        government scheduled fee for a            account, take your account and
Student Health Cover Scheme           doctor’s visit (including a specialist    receipt together with your OSHC
(OSHC). Medibank Private is           doctor) and pathology and x-ray           membership card to Medibank Private
the preferred OSHC provider           services.You pay the difference. For      at the Stockland Rockhampton
for CQUniversity.Your first           medical services while you are an         shopping centre, Musgrave Street,
payment must be made when you         admitted patient at a hospital, OSHC      North Rockhampton to apply for
pay your first term tuition fees      will pay 100% of the schedule fee.        your refund.
prior to coming to Australia. It is   If the doctor charges more than the       Website:
a condition of your student visa      schedule fee, you pay the difference.
that you renew and pay for your       OSHC pays the cost of ambulance           EXTRA PRIVATE
membership each year or part year     transport to a hospital or medical
                                                                                HEALTH INSURANCE
                                                                                You may consider joining a private
you are enrolled.                     centre if you have an accident or
                                                                                medical insurance company to
If you have a health problem, make    an unforeseen illness that requires
                                                                                cover you and your family for
an appointment to see a doctor        immediate medical attention.
                                                                                some of the cost of services not
(sometimes called a medical           Please note: OSHC does not cover          covered by OSHC including optical,
practitioner) with one of the         the cost of dental, physiotherapy,        physiotherapy, dental and some
suburban medical practices (look      optical or any other ancillary services   pharmaceuticals.You may arrange
under medical practitioners in        during your stay in Australia.            private health insurance through
the telephone book Yellow Pages       It is your responsibility to ensure       Medibank Private or other health
section for contact details).Your     your OSHC health insurance cover          funds listed in the Yellow Pages of the
ISSO has a listing of General         is always current to comply with          telephone directory.
Practitioners (GPs) to refer you      Student Visa conditions.                  Website:
to or phone 1300 361 046. If
you require emergency medical
attention after hours go to the
Accident and Emergency Section
of one of the following hospitals
situated in south Rockhampton:
Rockhampton Hospital,
Canning Street
Telephone +61 7 4920 6211
Mater Hospital
Ward Street
Telephone +61 7 4931 3313
Hillcrest Hospital
Talford Street
Telephone +61 7 4932 1321

Money and Banking

     AUSTRALIAN                                some of your travellers cheques          Rockhampton shopping centre.
     CURRENCY                                  into Australian dollars (at least        Normal banking hours are 9 am
             li currency ffollows
                             ll   a ddecimal
                                        i l    AUD$500) at the international            to 4 pm Monday to Thursday and
     system. The dollar (AUD) the basic        airport on your arrival in Australia     9 am to 5 pm Friday. Banks are
     unit of the Australian decimal system     to pay for your immediate expenses.      not open on Saturdays. An ATM
     is divided into 100 cents.                (temporary accommodation/                (automatic teller machine) is
     Notes come in denominations               food etc) Travellers cheques can         located in the Commercial Centre
     of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.            also be cashed at banks and major        (Building 65) on campus.
     Coin denominations are $1 and $2          department stores.                       To avoid someone else using your
     (gold coloured) 50c, 20c, 10c, 5c         Please note: it is not always            card or PIN to withdraw money
     (silver coloured).                        possible to exchange your home           from your account it is important
     Currency Converter Website:               currency into Australian dollars at      to take great care. Do not keep your                      banks in Rockhampton.                    PIN number in your wallet with
                                               It is advisable to open a bank account   your card. If you lose your card, you
     BANKING                                   as soon as possible after your arrival   must notify the bank immediately.
     It is recommended you bring at            in Rockhampton so you can transfer       International credit cards, including
     least AUD$2500 with you to meet           funds from overseas. As bank drafts      Visa, Master, American Express and
     your establishment costs (your            may take up to two to three weeks        Diners Club cards can all be used in
     temporary accommodation, your             to be cleared in Australia, electronic   Australia.
     rental bond and rent in advance,          transfers are recommended. If you
     telephone connection charges,             open your account within six weeks
     text books, etc.). It is advisable        of your arrival, your passport will be
     to carry traveller’s cheques in           sufficient proof of identity.
     Australian dollars as these are
                                               There are branches of the major
     secure. Remember to exchange
                                               Australian banks at the Stockland
Religious and Spiritual Information

In Australia our laws protect        CQUniversity
individuals’ rights to practice      INTER-FAITH SACRED
the religion of their choice. The    GARDEN
main religion is Christianity with   (BUILDING 202)
other widely practised religions
                                     The CQUniversity Inter-Faith
being Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam,
                                     Sacred Garden provides a quiet
Judaism and Taoism.
                                     space for relaxation, reflection and
                                     meditation. For further information,
                                     please contact Student Support
                                     Centre on +61 7 4930 9456
                                     or email


                                                                                       Free student parking is available
                                                                                       at CQUniversity Rockhampton.
                                                                                       Students must park their cars in
                                                                                       designated areas or vehicles may be
                                                                                       towed away.

                                                                                       DRIVING IN
                                                                                       QUEENSL AND
                                                                                       You may drive in Queensland if you
                                                                                       hold a valid (current) foreign driver
                                                                                       licence (a licence to drive a motor
                                                                                       vehicle issued to you in your home
                                                                                       country).You are allowed to drive
                                                                                       any class of motor vehicle authorised
                                                                                       under that licence.You must have
                                                                                       your foreign driver licence with
                                                                                       you at all times when you are
                                                                                       driving and produce the licence for
                                                                                       inspection by a police officer when
     PUBLIC TRANSPORT                        riding a bicycle – it is a compulsory     requested to do so. If the licence is
     The Sunbus service provides             road rule. A substantial fine applies     in a language other than English, you
     clean and comfortable transport         if a police officer notices you cycling   should carry an English translation
     to and from the University. Buses       without wearing your helmet.              of the licence or an International
     run hourly on various routes                                                      Driving Permit with you as well.
                                             BUYING A C AR                             This will ensure your licence details
     commencing 7.15 am until 6.10 pm.
                                             Buying and running a car is
     Student concession fares are                                                      are readily identifiable should you
                                             expensive. Petrol, maintenance,
     available. However, you will need                                                 be required to produce your licence.
                                             compulsory registration and               International Driving Permits can
     to apply for a Tertiary Transport
                                             insurance costs all have to be met.       only be issued in your home country
     Card to receive this consession
     and this may take several weeks to      Be cautious if you intend buying a        so it is important to obtain one in
     arrive. Bus timetables are provided     second-hand car. Have it inspected        your home country before you come
     in your Welcome Pack on arrival at      by an authorised mechanic from the        to Australia. RACQ can assist you in
     CQUniversity.Taxi cabs are a reliable   RACQ (a motoring organisation)            this process.
     form of transport but the cost is       Telephone: +61 7 4928 5700 to
                                                                                       Australia is very safety conscious
     relatively high, especially at night.   ensure it is reliable and meets
                                                                                       regarding road rules. There are
     Fares are fixed by meters and are not   registration standards. Registration
                                                                                       penalties if you breach the rules. Do
     negotiable.Tipping is not expected.     includes compulsory third-party
                                                                                       not exceed the speed limit. Wear
                                             insurance. This insurance pays for the
     PRIVATE TRANSPORT                                                                 your seat belt in a car at all times. Do
                                             treatment costs of the other party
     Many students find accommodation                                                  not drive if you have been drinking
                                             if an accident is your fault. Please
     close to the university and either                                                alcohol or are affected by drugs. Do
                                             note: It does not cover damage to the
     walk or ride a bicycle. The cost of                                               not drive if you are tired.You are
                                             other car or your own vehicle. The        also not allowed to operate a mobile
     a bicycle ranges from AUD$50.00
                                             RACQ can provide you with other           phone while driving.
     (second-hand) to AUD$150/
                                             comprehensive insurance to cover
     AUD$300 (medium-quality new).                                                     Website:
     You must wear a safety helmet when      these additional costs.

WORKING IN                            Whilst a number of CQUniversity       HOW TO APPLY FOR
ROCKHAMPTON                           students obtain part-time work,       A TAX FILE NUMBER
Many international students           work cannot be guaranteed.            If you want to work in Australia
obtain work during their stay in      Unemployment exists in Australia      you must apply for a Tax File
Australia. Students visa holders      and therefore part-time work is       Number (TFN) to give to your
automatically receive permission      not always easy to find. Also your    employer. International students
to work with their Student            part-time job may distract you from   studying approved programs are
Visa status after they arrive in      your study and affect your results.   regarded as residents for taxation
Australia and after the student has   Students should not rely on income    purposes.You may apply for a
commenced study. The university       from part-time work to meet tuition   Tax File Number at the on-
notifies the Department of            and living expenses.                  line Australian Taxation Office
Immigration and Citizenship           Dependants of doctorate and masters   website after you have received
(DIAC) of your arrival and your       level students may work full-time,    permission to work from DIAC.
commencement of studies. Your         dependants of other students are      Tax file application forms are
work visa permits you to work         limited to 20 hours work per week.
                                                                            available from the Australian Post
up to 20 hours per week in            Website:              Office in the Commercial Centre
part-time employment during                                                 (Building 65) at CQUniversity.
term and full-time employment                                               It is also important to lodge your
during vacation.                                                            Tax File Number with your bank
                                                                            so any interest you earn on your
                                                                            savings is not taxed at the highest
                                                                            taxation rate. CQUniversity staff
                                                                            do not have authority to provide
                                                                            students with information
                                                                            regarding taxation issues. Please
                                                                            phone the Australian Taxation
                                                                            Office direct on: 13 28 61 if
                                                                            you require assistance.

Student Visa Compliance Conditions

     During your stay in Australia it          studying Term 3, from November
     is important you comply with              to February.You may also seek
     the conditions of your Student            approval to enrol in a distance,
     Visa issued to you by DIAC                or flex course where no classes
     (Department of Immigration and            are held, but you must be careful
     Citizenship). Listed below are those      not to enrol in more than 25%
     conditions not already covered            of the courses you undertake
     elsewhere in this document.               at CQUniversity in the flexible
                                               learning mode.
     AC ADEMIC TUITION                         You must remain enrolled at
     FEES                                      CQUniversity for the first six (6)
     New students must pay Tuition             calendar months of your program.
     Fees and OHSC Fees before
     the Confirmation of Enrolment
                                               AC ADEMIC
     (COE) is issued. The COE allows           PROGRESSION
     new students to proceed with              As a visa condition you are required
     their VISA application.                   to maintain academic progress.
     An invoice will be sent to                CQUniversity provides a variety of
     continuing students. This should          support staff and resources to assist
     be paid by the due date to ensure         you to attain satisfactory academic
     VISA compliance.                          progress. More information can be
                                               accessed from the CQUniversity
     ENROLMENT                                 Monitoring Academic Progress
     As an international student you
     must enrol on a full-time basis to
     complete your study within the
                                               Please make a time to see your
     stated duration of the program, as
                                               International Student Support
     recorded on the Commonwealth
                                               Officer (ISSO) when you arrive.
     Register of Institutions and Courses
     for Overseas Students (CRICOS)            CHANGE OF
     This means that your progress will        PROVIDER
     be monitored closely to ensure that       Student Visa holders must remain
     you meet this requirement.                with the education provider with
     In your first term of study you must      whom they originally enrolled for
     enrol in 4 (four) courses if you are an   at least the first six (6) calendar
     undergraduate student, or 3 (three)       months of the course. Students
     courses if you are a postgraduate         wishing to change education
     student. All of these courses must be     provider during the period of
     undertaken on-campus.                     restriction which applies, must
                                               apply in writing to CQUniversity
     In subsequent terms you may enrol         with a one page statement and
     in fewer courses but you must             an offer of a place from another
     ensure that you will complete             University. Such applications will
     within the stated duration of the         only be approved under some
     program – this is achieved by             circumstances.
DEFERRAL OF STUDIES                        Contact the Student Contact Centre         • where a student fails to achieve
Once an international student has          Line on 13CQUni (13 27 86) if you            satisfactory academic progression
enrolled in a program they are not         incur any problems.                          over a twelve month period; or
allowed to defer commencement of                                                      • when a student completes
                                           REPORTING TO DIAC
their studies, or suspend their studies,                                                their program.
                                           CQUniversity is required to report
except on the grounds of illness,
                                           international students to DIAC:          The consequences of this reporting
evidence by a Doctor’s certificate,
                                             • when there are any changes to        are varied but could result in DIAC
or other exceptional compassionate
                                               a student’s enrolment, such as       cancelling your student visa.
circumstance beyond the control of the
student, for example, bereavement. If          change of address or duration        Website:
you defer or suspend your studies on           of course;                  
any other grounds, CQUniversity is           • if a student attempts to defer or
obligated to report you to DIAC as not         suspends their studies;
complying with your visa conditions.
                                             • where a student has been issued
CHANGE OF ADDRESS                              with an eCOE and has paid the
Your local contact details (Australian         tuition fee but is now seeking a
address and telephone contact) must            refund of those fees paid;
be up to date at all times.                  • where a student refuses to enrol
Within seven days of making any                in the required study load, taking
change to your accommodation you               into account the stated duration
must provide CQUniversity with                 of the program;
your new address details or you can
register your new address/phone              • where a student is not enrolled
contact details on the website:                on a full-time basis and where through the                   the Faculty has not approved a
e.rolment link.                                reduced study load;

Grievance Procedures

     Students may also contact the University Student Ombudsman, if you have any genuine issues of concern about
     your assessment or grade for a course. Telephone: +61 7 4923 2066 or email:

     Please see the university policy website for further information on Grievance Procedures or
     alternatively contact your ISSO.

Student Support Services

INTERNATIONAL                            and graduate placement, student           • the support available for
STUDENT SUPPORT                          mentor links, Skills for Academic           you to achieve satisfactory
OFFICER (BUILDING 31)                    Success sessions to name just a             academic progress;
The International Student Support        few. For Student Support Centre           • how to find your way around
Officer (ISSO) is your first point       queries via email:          the university;
of contact to help you settle into       The International Student Support         • who to go to when you need
your new study life. The ISSO will       Officer’s telephone number is               assistance;
help you to resolve problems –           +61 7 4930 6370
                                         or Mobile 0437 919 048.                   • what social and sporting
personal or academic. To ensure you
                                                                                     activities are available.
are given the best opportunity to        ORIENTATION
succeed with your university studies                                            You will also meet your Student
                                         Your participation in Orientation      Mentor who will be available to advise
please make contact with the ISSO        at CQUniversity is an essential part
as soon as you can after your arrival.                                          you during Orientation and throughout
                                         of your attendance at University.      your first year at University.
During your first interview with         Here you will meet Faculty and
the International Student Support        Support staff and you will be          Your International Student Support
Officer a number of interview times      given information that is vital to     Officer (ISSO) will be there to
will be made for throughout the          your success with your university      assist you, please make contact as
term if required so that you can         study program. This time is also an    soon as you can after your arrival
discuss support you may need to          excellent opportunity for you to ask   on +61 7 4930 6370.
assist with your study progress.         questions and to get to know other     Email:
The International Student Support        students. Some topics covered at       Specific information about the
Officer is a member of the Student       Orientation include:                   Orientation program is available on
Support Centre student support             • your study program;                the website available on the current
team. This team are there to               • the technology and                 students webpage under the popular
provide a wide range of support              administration processes that      links section - first year students.
services including Orientation,              are necessary for you to be
counselling, career planning                 successful with your studies;

Student Support Services

     AC ADEMIC WRITING                     LIBRARY                                  AC ADEMIC LEARNING
     SUPPORT                               INFORMATION                              SERVICES
     Academic writing support is           SERVICES (BUILDING                       (BUILDING 32)
     available year round for students     10)                                      Supporting the University’s students
     at all levels of study and provides   The CQUniversity Library                 at all levels of tertiary study, there
     individual assistance with            provides excellent access to             are staff at the Rockhampton,
     academic writing (assignment          information resources and                Bundaberg, Emerald, Gladstone
     or section of thesis) prior to        services. Library staff offer a varied   and Mackay campuses. It also offers
     submission for assessment. The        program of information literacy          assignment assistance to distance
     Learning Support Advisors will        education including orientation          students.
     work with you on a one to one         tours, generic skills classes and        The goals of the services are to assist
     basis to ensure you develop the       specialised tutorials in accessing       students in all aspects of assignment
     academic writing skills needed        and retrieving information.              writing and oral presentation, assist
     to successfully complete your         Website:          with language and structure of
     degree. For an appointment please                                              academic communication and enable
     phone: +61 7 4930 9059                IT HELP                                  students to improve their English
                                           For a range of IT Services click on      language, research and referencing
                                           “IT HELP” on the current students        skills.
                                           webpage                                  Website:

MATHEMATICS LEARNING                   to the Internet. The Help Desk         techniques. For an appointment to
CENTRE (BUILDING 32)                   is located on the ground floor of      see a personal or careers counsellor
The Mathmatics Learning Centre         Building 10.                           please phone: +61 7 4930 9456 or
offers academic learning support       Telephone +61 7 4930 9233 or 
for mathematical writing and           email
calculations. For an appointment       Website:
please phone: +61 7 4930 9059
Website:            STUDENT SUPPORT
                                       CENTRE (BUILDING 31)
INFORMATION                            This team are available to provide
TECHNOLOGY                             confidential counselling regarding
(BUILDING 19)                          personal concerns, financial advice
The Information Technology             and other issues related to your
Division (ITD) provides a number       academic progress and equity issues.
of computer laboratories in various    Staff also conduct career workshops
locations throughout the University.   to assist students with information
All computers are fully networked      about further study options, career
and students are provided with free    exploration, job search skills,
email accounts and open access         resume preparation and interview

Preparing for your Departure to Australia

     In preparation for your stay in Australia we suggest you visit   SCHOOLING/CHILD CARE FOR
     the following websites:                                          DEPENDENT CHILDREN
     Guide toVisiting Australia                                       In most cases, international students will be required to
     Website:                      pay tuition fees for your dependent school-age children’s
     Destination Queensland                                           education at Queensland Government schools. Prices at
     Website:                           private schools may differ and are subject to change. It is
     These sites will give you lots of information about life         recommended that you confirm fees at each individual
     in Australia and Queensland in particular, Australian            school.
     people, our history, our geography, our government               Contact CQUniversity Student Contact Centre office
     and our culture.                                                 for procedures to follow to obtain a Confirmation of
     If you would like assistance with travel bookings, please        Enrolment for your dependent school-age children.
     contact Travel Crew.                                             Information on child care is available from the Student
     Website:                                   Support Centre office.

     Your dependent family members are eligible to
     apply for a Student Dependent visa at your nearest
     Australian High Commission or Embassy. They will
     require supporting documents such as marriage and
     birth certificates and passports. Proof of sufficient
     income for living purposes and proof that adequate
     arrangements have been made for the education of any
     school-age dependents will also be required.
     In most instances it is best for you to settle into life and
     study in Rockhampton prior to making arrangements
     for your family to join you.
What to Bring

CLOTHING                                 Cooking utensils and other              The following items cannot be
You will need appropriate clothes for    household items can be purchased        mailed to you in Australia
a tropical climate. Cool light clothes   at reasonable cost from department      - mayonnaise, moon cakes, fresh
(t-shirts/shirts/blouses and jeans/      stores or second-hand shops after       noodles containing egg or meat,
casual slacks/skirts are fine for the    your arrival in Australia.              fresh fruit and vegetables, packaged
summer). It is also a good idea to                                               meals containing egg, dairy products
wear a hat and long sleeved shirts       WHAT NOT TO BRING                       or meat and meat products (fresh,
for protection from sunburn during       It is important you are aware of what   dried, frozen, smoked, salted or
the summer months. Sweatshirts/          you cannot bring into Australia.        canned, including stock and meat
jumpers/tracksuit are necessary          You can be fined on the spot or face    snacks), salmon and trout (fresh
during the winter months. Australians    prosecution if you do not declare       or dried), cheese, beans (dried or
generally have a casual approach to      items of quarantine concern. If you     fresh), salami (fresh or preserved),
dressing. On-campus most students        are not sure about the goods you are    sausages (fresh or preserved), milk
and academic staff dress informally.     carrying or Australia’s quarantine      and dairy products including butter
You may attend dinners and               law, declare them anyway and ask a      or plant material.
student celebrations during your         quarantine officer.                     If you bring AUD$10 000 or more
stay in Australia. Men often wear                                                into Australia you must declare it
                                         By being aware of Australia’s
suits or smart trousers and a shirt/                                             to customs upon arrival.You will
                                         quarantine laws and passing on this
tie for these occasions. Appropriate                                             not incur any taxes by declaring the
wear for women would be a semi-          information to friends and relatives
                                         overseas, you can help prevent the      money you bring to Australia but
formal dress or skirt and top.                                                   failing to declare AUD$10 000 or
                                         entry into Australia of pests and
OTHER ITEMS                              diseases through parcels containing     more is an offence.
Personal items such a toiletries,                                                Remember to pass on this
                                         illegal food and plant items.
bath towels, bed linen, driver’s                                                 important information to friends
                                         Remember, an innocent gift mailed
licence/international driver’s                                                   and relatives overseas.
licence translated into English,         from one person can often mean
                                         problems for another.                   Website:
photographs from home and
electric plug/adaptor. The standard
voltage for electrical appliances
in Australia is 240 volts. Standard
plugs have three flat pins.You may
need to purchase an adaptor to
use your appliances in Australia.
These are available from most
electrical or department stores.
International students can bring
such items as desktop or laptop
computers and similar electronic
equipment duty/tax free into
Australia provided Customs is
satisfied the student intends taking
these items out of Australia on the
student’s departure.

Travel Checklist

                                                                                  of your medication).
                                                                                  Warning: Do not accept bags
                                                                                  or items from other people
                                                                                  and agree to bring them
                                                                                  into Australia. Travellers are
                                                                                  sometimes tricked into bringing
                                                                                  illegal items, especially drugs into
                                                                                  Australia. Penalties for bringing
                                                                                  illegal items into Australia are
                                                                                  very severe. If anyone asks you to
                                                                                  bring a parcel or gift to Australia
                                                                                  open the parcel and have a look
                                                                                  at the contents before accepting
                                                                                  it. Inspect everything that goes
                                                                                  into your personal luggage.
                                                                                  Not knowing that an illegal
                                                                                  item is in your luggage may not
                                                                                  be accepted as an excuse for
                                                                                  bringing it into Australia.

     Use the following checklist to             Student Guide;
     ensure you are well prepared for         • read carefully the Australian     HELPFUL
     your journey to Australia.                 Quarantine section: What not to   TELEPHONE
     Make sure you have:                        bring into Australia. Refer       NUMBERS
       • a valid passport containing               Student Support Centre Office
         your student visa;                Pack the following items in your in-   Hours: 8.45 am – 4.45 pm
       • two passport size photographs     flight hand luggage:                   Monday to Friday
         for your student identification      • this International Student        +61 7 4930 9456
         (ID) card;                             Guide. It contains the contact    After Hours Emergency
       • collected and checked                  numbers and email details for     Telephone Contact:
         your airline tickets and               many of the organisations you       • CQUniversity Security
         travel itinerary;                      will need to contact when you         0418 792 982
       • send your Arrivals Details             arrive in Australia;
                                                                                    • Contact International
         Form to Student Support              • your passport with your               Student Support Officer
         Centre +61 7 4930 9366; or             student visa;                         0437 919 048                       • airline ticket;                   Brisbane International Airport
       • purchased travellers cheques;        • money and credit cards;           Traveller’s Information Service
       • purchased Australian dollars to      • camera;                           +61 7 3406 3190
         cover your initial expenses;         • a spare pair of spectacles or
       • arranged for a visit to your           contact lenses.
         dentist for a check-up            Personal medications with a letter
         (dental treatment is not          from your doctor certifying the
         covered in Australia by your      medication is required for your
         OSHC insurance);                  medical treatment (customs officers
       • read this International           may ask you to explain the purpose
Arriving in Australia

A WEEK BEFORE YOU                      This will allow you sufficient time to    channel. If you do have something to
LEAVE…                                 locate suitable accommodation and         declare, follow the red channel.
If you would like to be met on         settle in. The commencement date          Please note: In either the red or
your arrival in Rockhampton,           of your Orientation is printed on         green channel, you may be asked
please complete all sections of the    your Letter of Offer. It is important     questions by Customs or Quarantine
CQUniversity Student Arrivals          to note that at CQUniversity your         staff. These officers may also
Details form. Complete the             orientation is designed as a vital part   examine your baggage.
form and fax it back to: Student       of your academic study. Involvement       As there is no international terminal
Support Centre Fax Number              in orientation week is extremely          in Rockhampton, most students
+61 7 4930 9366, or email              important to your chance of success.      arrive at the Brisbane International                        ARRIVING                                  Airport.
Please send the form at least          AT BRISBANE                               You will need to transfer from your
five days prior to your arrival in     INTERNATIONAL                             international flight to a domestic
Australia. CQUniversity Student        AIRPORT                                   flight or make a booking to travel
Services staff will meet you and       The following documents are               by bus or train to Rockhampton.
transport you to your temporary        required for entry clearance (a) Your     Air travel to Rockhampton takes
accommodation at the Capricornia       passport and (b) Incoming Passenger       approximately one hour, electric
College or a budget priced motel       card (the flight attendant on your        train, seven hours and travel by bus/
close to the university. There is no   aircraft will give you this card to       coach, 10 hours.
charge for this service.               complete). These documents will be
                                                                                 Domestic airline check-in counters
                                       returned to you after immigration
WHEN TO ARRIVE                                                                   are located in the Arrivals Hall,
                                       processing.You may then collect your
Students are encouraged to arrive                                                to your right after you leave the
                                       luggage and proceed to the baggage
in Rockhampton at least one week                                                 Customs Hall.
                                       examination area. If you do not have
prior to the commencement of                                                     If you have any questions or require
                                       anything to declare, follow the green
your orientation to university life.                                             assistance please contract the staff of
                                                                                 the Traveller’s Information Service
                                                                                 Desk, located near the Arrivals Hall
                                                                                 exit doors. The trained staff are
                                                                                 available to assist you make airline,
                                                                                 bus or train bookings for your travel
                                                                                 on to Rockhampton. Information on
                                                                                 budget priced accommodation is also
                                                                                 available if it is necessary for you to
                                                                                 stay overnight in Brisbane.
                                                                                 Please remember to exchange
                                                                                 some of your travellers cheques
                                                                                 into Australian dollars at the

International Airport (at least        find Australians speak very quickly     most cases will understand the
     AUD$500 for your temporary             and have an unusual accent. The         difficulties you may have and be
     accommodation etc.). You may           meaning of slang words and phrases      willing to help you.
     also wish to exchange your             and some gestures may not be easily     The International Student
     home currency into Australian          understood.                             Support Officer is trained to
     dollars as it is not always            Australians do not usually use titles   assist international students to
     possible to exchange this at           and refer to most people, including     adjust to this new environment.
     banks in Rockhampton.                  academic staff, by their first name.    We look forward to welcoming
                                            Most people you meet will expect to     you to CQUniversity.
     ADJUSTING TO A                         call you by your first name.
     Living and studying in another         Introduce yourself in a way so they
     country is exciting and challenging.   will know the name you would like
     However when you first arrive          to be known as.
     in Australia, you may experience       As a general rule, Australians
     a period of adjustment. It is a        tend to work to schedules and
     perfectly natural experience,          expect punctuality from others.
     which most people have when            Appointments, including informal
     they move to a new country.You         ones, should always be kept or an
     have to find your way around,          apology sent beforehand if you
     find accommodation, get used to        will be late or are not able to keep
     different food, maybe a different      the appointment.
     climate, learn to understand a         Australia is a multicultural society
     different culture and new customs.     and readily accepts people for their
     There may be many things you will      individual customs and beliefs.
     not understand. Some students          Australians are friendly and in
Contact details
If you or your family have any questions,
please contact us:
CQUniversity Rockhampton
Student Support Centre
Building 31
Bruce Highway
Rockhampton QLD 4702
Telephone: +61 7 4930 9456
Fax: +61 7 4930 9366
Mobile: 0437 919 048

Published by CQUniversity (January 2010). The information in this publication was correct at the time of
printing however is subject to change. Contact the University for the latest information.

CRICOS Provider Codes: QLD 00219C, NSW 01315F, VIC 01624D
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