Sacco Coffee Vans

Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans

All Enquiries or for more information contact Sacco Coffee
P + 61 3 9740 7377
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
     The Concept

Coffee has become a familiar feature of Australian life.
Every day, millions of Australians stop for an espresso
based coffee drink. People will gladly pay $3-$5 for their

The speciality coffee business is growing at a healthy
pace. During the past 20 years, there has not been a
single year, despite war and recession, in which specialty
coffee sales have not grown. In many years the increase
has been in double digits.

Many Australians drink coffee in cafe and restaurant
establishments however a niche exist that has yet to be
filled for coffee vans to bring the coffee to the consumer.

 Sacco Coffee vans meet this need and fill this niche. We
offer high quality products in a consumer friendly
delivery method. Furthermore, our ability to deliver
coffee to the customer ensures that we maintain high
levels of business in every season, at all times of the day,
every day of the week.
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
                 The Founders

Neal Sacco, founder of Sacco Coffee, has a long career as an
entrepreneur and in the hospitality sector. He has owned two highly
successful cafes and established the Sacco Coffee Roastery in 2009.

Since then he has work to increase the supply of coffee and related
products to over 35 cafes and restaurants in Melbourne and regional
Victoria. He has also established and run a highly successful coffee van
in his local area and has assisted 3 further coffee vans to operate
successfully in their chosen territory.
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
                The Mission

Our goal is to be the coffee van of choice for businesses, workers,
students and passers by in local communities across Australia by
providing a higher quality experience than any competitor. As a result,
we intend to create coffee vans that quickly achieve profitability and
sustain an attractive rate of return for our investors.

We want to assist people who may not otherwise have to opportunity to
get established with a business by providing a rent to buy option. We will
be contracting interested parties to a 6 year rental commitment and at the
conclusion of this term, ownership of the vehicle and business will be
transferred into their name.

Sacco Coffee also want to assist people to establish businesses in their
local community to assist with work-life balance and also establishing a
reputation as a participant as well as a supplier to the local area.
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
              Keys to Success

                   The desire to be your own boss

  Be a self starter and highly motivated, a good communicator and be
                         passionate about coffee

    A superior tasting product backed by a boutique quality roaster

                    A high quality custom built van

Prime area selection with area exclusivity from other Sacco Coffee Vans

                      Low establishment costs
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans

    Sacco Coffee Vans are not a franchise. We offer a low ‘buy in’ and no
      ongoing franchise fees. It is a rent to buy option that includes all
  scheduled maintenance for the van, coffee machine and generator and all
   car, business and public liability insurances. Basically this means you
                     have an “all inclusive” package *.

        A $25,000 non-refundable buy in payment is required at the
    commencement of the lease and after 6 years, ownership of the vehicle
         will be transferred into your name at a nominal fee of $1!

   Rent of $609* per week for petrol manual or $695 for diesel automatic will
     be direct debited from your credit card. You will also be required to
      purchase all coffee beans, drinking chocolate, chai, cups, lids, and
   syrups from Sacco Coffee. Minimum purchasing requirement will apply.

•Plus GST
•All fees are based on a Hyundai iLoad Petrol Manual Van. Automatic Diesel models are available
at an increased cost.
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
               How to get Started

                            The Selection Process

 To ensure that a coffee van is the right business for you and that you fit our
 business model you will be required to complete a no obligation application
  form. After reviewing your application you will be invited to attend a formal
interview and credit checks will be conducted to determine your suitability for
     the business. A copy of contracts will be made available to successful
     applicants. We recommend that all applicants seek independent legal,
                        business and financial advice.
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans

Based on previous experience it is anticipated that each coffee van will
achieve revenues of $130,000 to $182,000 per annum with the opportunity
to increase this with weekend work, markets, festivals and special events.
The net profit is projected to be approximately $62,400 - $104,000
excluding weekend work.

Estimated Average Income
                    $600/day or $3000/week

Estimated Average Weekly Costs

                     Rent                  $609
                     Fuel                  $100
                     Milk                  $180
                     Coffee                $320
                     Supplies              $200

                     TOTAL                 $1400

                     Estimated Average Net Profit

                                = $1600
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
     Fit Out
Sacco Coffee Vans
Sacco Coffee Vans
                    Fit Out

Wega Atlas Compact 2 Group EVD          Water Pump
Coffee Machine                          Water Filter
Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder              External Water Inlet
Cummins Onan 6.0kW Petrol               External Power Outlet for Mains
Generator                               Supply
Full Stainless /Alloy Fit-Out           All Hoses, Clamps, Fixtures and
All associated Electrical Wiring with
                                        Fire Extinguisher
Electrical Certificate
                                        Air Horn
Tagging of Appliances                   Spring-Loaded Cup Dispensers x 3
All associated Plumbing of Appliances Lid Holders
Rooftop Fan unit                        Milk Jugs x 3
1 x 208L Commercial Fridge              Tamp x 1
                                        Chocolate Shaker x 1
Display Shelving
                                        Work Drawer System
Hot/Cold Hand Wash System With          Bas Tube/Knock Box (Built into
Sensor Tap                              bench)
Hot/Cold Utensils Sink with Flick Mixer Cash Till
Tap                                     2 x Internal Lights
Soap Dispenser                          2 x Door Vents
Paper Towel Rack                         5 x T-Shirts
                                        1 x 1m Sacco Coffee Café barrier
Fresh Water Tank (105L)
                                        1 x 2.1m Sacco Coffee market
Waste/Sullage Tank (45L)                 umbrella
Syrup Holders
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