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The Black Hawk School District does not discriminate against pupils on the basis of sex, race, religion, national
    origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or physical, mental,
 emotional, or learning disability or handicap in its educational programs or activities. Federal law prohibits
  discrimination in employment on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or handicap.
Table of Contents
Nondiscrimination Policy (Sections 1-2)                                                     3
Grading Scale                                                                               3
Minimum Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022                  4
Provisions for Individual Differences                                                       5
College Entrance Requirements                                                               5
What Should I do to get ready for College?                                                  6
College Admission Requirements                                                              7
UW System College Preparatory Course Requirements                                           8
Freshman Admission Guidelines                                                               8
Campus-Specific College Preparatory Course Requirements                                    9
Majors & Careers                                                                           11
Wisconsin Technical College System Application/Enrollment Timeline                         12
Career Clusters Interest Survey                                                            14
Four-Year Program Plan                                                                     20
List of Academic Departments and Course Descriptions                                       21
Agriculture                                                                                22
Art                                                                                        23
Business                                                                                   24
English                                                                                    25
Health Education                                                                           26
Physical Education                                                                         26
Mathematics                                                                                27
Music                                                                                      28
Science                                                                                    29
Social Studies                                                                             30
Technology Education                                                                       31
World Language                                                                             32
World of Work                                                                              33
Wisconsin’s Early College Credit Program                                                   34
Wisconsin Virtual School-Your Virtual Education Partner                                    35
COMPASS Learning                                                                           36
Courses Available through JAMS+B2 (Juda, Albany, Monticello & Brodhead School Districts)   36
Study Hall, Student Volunteers, Independent Course Option and Distance Learning            37

Nondiscrimination Policy (Sections 1-2)
  1. With respect to employment and personnel operations, the School District of Black Hawk does not discriminate
     on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, physical appearance, marital status,
     handicap, disability, arrest or conviction record, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender
     expression, less than honorable discharge, source of income, association with a person with a disability or the
     fact that an individual is a student. Employees shall function in a harassment-free work atmosphere and enjoy
     working conditions free from physical, verbal, or psychological harassment.
         a. With respect to educational programs, no person shall be denied admission to any District school, or be
              denied participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any curricular,
              extracurricular, pupil services, recreational or other program or activity because of the person's sex,
              race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual
              orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or disability including her or his physical, mental,
              emotional, or learning disability.
         b. This POLICY also prohibits discrimination under related federal statutes, including Title VI of the Civil
              Rights Act of 1964 (race and national origin), Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (sex), and
              Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (handicap).
  2. The POLICY statements in paragraphs 2.a. and 2.b. above include, but are not limited to, the following areas:
         a. Admission or enrollment into any school, class, courses, program or activity;
              (This does not prohibit placing a pupil in a school, class, program, or activity based on objective
              standards of individual performance or need.)
         b. Interactions in the classroom, counseling, as well as with other support staff;
         c. Standards and rules of behavior, including pupil harassment;
         d. Disciplinary actions, including suspensions and expulsions;
         e. Acceptance and administration of gifts, bequests, scholarships, other forms of recognition, such as aids,
              benefits, awards, or services to pupils from private agencies, organizations or persons;
         f. Instructional and library media materials selection policy;
         g. Methods, practices, materials, attitudes, and interpretations used for testing, assessment, evaluating,
              and counseling pupils;
              (This does not prohibit the use of special testing or counseling materials or techniques to meet the
              individual needs of pupils.)
         h. Facilities;
         i. Opportunity for participation in athletic programs or activities;
         j. School-sponsored food service programs;
         k. Graduation requirements.

                         Section 504/ Title II ADA, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,
                                                 s. 111.36, s 118.13

Minimum Graduation Requirements for the Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022
Black Hawk High School students will be required to successfully earn ​24​ credits to graduate. Students must pass Health
in order to qualify for graduation. The grades for all classes will be included in a student’s grade point average and rank
in class.

All high school students are expected to carry a full class load (six or seven credits/year). If a failing grade is received in a
course, ​NO​ credit is given and a failed required course is repeated. One half credit shall be awarded for each semester
for a course which is passed with a grade of D- or higher. All students will earn a Pass/Fail grade and half a credit per
year for the Intervention/Enrichment Period.
         Course requirements include: (18 Credits)
                 Title                                               ​No. of Credits/Years
                 English                                                      4.0
                 Health (​credit earned in 7​th​ grade​)                      0.5
                 Mathematics                                                  4.0
                 Physical Education                                           1.5
                 Science                                                      4.0
                 Social Studies                                               3.5
                 Computer Enrichment                                          0.5

    Required Course              9th Grade                10th Grade                11th Grade                12th Grade

                                                                                                            AP English 12 or
         English                  English 9                English 10                English 11            Oral and Written

                                                                               Geometry, Advanced         Advanced Algebra,
                                                     Geometry, Advanced
                                                                                Algebra, Advanced          Advanced Math,
          Math             Algebra or Geometry           Algebra, or
                                                                                Math, Transitional       Calculus, Statistics or
                                                     Transitional Algebra
                                                                               Algebra, or Statistics      Personal Finance

                                                                                Integrated Science,       Integrated Science,
                                                                                 Physics, Consumer         Physics, Consumer
        Science                   Biology                  Chemistry            Chemistry, Ecology,       Chemistry, Ecology,
                                                                               and/or Anatomy and        and/or Anatomy and
                                                                                    Physiology                Physiology

                                                                                                           Civics (pass the
                                                                                                         Wisconsin Mandated
     Social Studies             Geography                World History              US History           Civics test) and one
                                                                                                             semester of

   Physical Education                 Students must complete 1.5 credits of Physical Education for graduation.

   Health Education         One half (1/2) credit of Health is required for graduation. Credit earned in 7​th​ grade Health.

  Computer Education

  Community Service               All students are required to obtain 20 hours of community service for graduation

Grading Scale
                        93-100          =       A                       73-76           =       C
                        90-92           =       A-                      70-72           =       C-
                        87-89           =       B+                      67-69           =       D+
                        83-86           =       B                       63-66           =       D
                        80-82           =       B-                      60-62           =       D-
                        77-79           =       C+                      59 and below    F

Weighted Grades Policy (School Board Approved/Began 2018-2019 school year)
The purpose of weighted grades is to encourage students to enroll in our most rigorous academic courses in
order to maximize preparation for their post-secondary education.

Weighted Grade Qualification: In order to receive the additional weighted points, a student must complete
the course with a semester grade of a D or higher.

I. Definitions:
    ● AP Courses – Advanced Placement (AP) courses approved through the College Board.
    ● Dual Credit Courses – Courses offered for credit by an accredited post-secondary institution through an
        adjunct agreement with Black Hawk High School.
    ● Honors or Advanced Courses – Courses that have been designated as an advanced course of study due
        to specific pre-requisite course tracks.

II. Formula - The weight from a weighted course will be added to the GPA prior to averaging of the GPA at the
conclusion of each semester. We will continue to use a 4.0 GPA scale.

III. Classification of Courses Tier 1 (no weight) : All courses not specified in Tier 2 or Tier 3.

Tier 2 (0.5 weight per semester) Courses denoted as Advanced or Honors (H) 2-year Institution Dual Credit
Courses – all departments Current Tier 2 Qualified Courses: Advanced Math – Calculus - AP English 12

Tier 3 (1.0 weight per semester) AP CAPP 4-year Institution Dual Credit Courses or 2 year Institution transfer
guarantee Current Tier 3 Qualified Courses: JAM Courses: English 101 – English 104 – Physics – Pre-Calculus –
Statistics – Calculus, Southwest Technical CollEDGE Up, coursework in Gear Up , Lab Science, or Nursing.
Online or SRTNCY AP coursework

Provisions for Individual Differences
Black Hawk High School attempts to meet the individual needs of students by providing the following programs:

(1) Regular Programs: The majority of the students will be placed in regular classes which offer a sound, general
education for either entrance into college, technical school or into the world of work.

(2) Exceptional Educational Need Program: These programs are available to students who have a definable handicapping
condition, as defined by state law, and have a need for special education. The least restrictive environment is utilized in
student placement, allowing for regular class mainstreaming as much as possible. Currently, our E.E.N. programs include
Learning Disabled, Cognitive Disabled-Borderline, Speech Therapy, and Emotional Disturbance.

(3) Section 504 Plans: For students who have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more
major life activity (walking, seeing, hearing, breathing, learning, working, caring for oneself, and performing manual
tasks), a record of such impairment, is regarded as having such an impairment, Black Hawk Schools will provide
reasonable accommodations in order to ensure those students with a free and appropriate education.

(4) If you feel you would qualify for or need Exceptional Education Need Programming, Section 504 planning, Title IV or
ADA accommodations, contact Mr. Willy Chambers, School Superintendent and Special Education Director, at​ or 608-439-5371, ext. 108.

College Entrance Requirements
Entrance requirements vary somewhat among different colleges and universities. Colleges may change their entrance
requirements on a yearly basis. Students interested in attending a particular college should contact the guidance office
to obtain specific information. This should be done early in your high school career.

College Entrance Examinations​ – All four-year colleges in Wisconsin public and private require an entrance examination
(ACT or SAT). In February 2005, ACT began a writing assessment to the ACT test. This section is optional but
recommended by UW-Systems (NOTE: Some UW-Systems require the writing assessment, example UW-Madison). See
the counselor for information concerning the school or schools you are considering attending.

The Technical Colleges and their programs require a high school diploma, college application and they require a college
entrance test. The college entrance exams maybe one of the following: Compass, ACT, Asset, Accuplacer, TABE, or other
test as determined by the college. Students considering attending Technical Colleges should apply early in their senior
year to increase chances of being accepted. Some programs close early for example Nursing and other programs have
lengthy waiting lists.

Entrance requirements of other schools vary, depending on the type of school, but it can no longer be assumed that
merely graduating from high school guarantees automatic acceptance at Technical and/or trade schools. Many
specialized courses of study (practical nursing, engineering, technology, etc.) require a certain grade point average plus
basic courses in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. ​To be absolutely certain that you will qualify for the school
of your choice, see your counselor early in your high school career.

Colleges continue to increase their admission requirements. See information provided by individual colleges for specific
requirements. The following information was taken from the 2018-2019 Introduction to the University of Wisconsin
Systems catalog and Wisconsin’s Technical College Guidebook. For more information on the UW Systems, check out
their web page at: For more information on the Technical Colleges, look at their web page at:

What Should I do to get ready for College?
Standardized Test Requirement

UW System admissions offices use standardized test results as one of the criteria for admission. The UW System
requires all new freshmen applicants to submit the results of either the ACT or SAT. Although the ACT is preferred,
students will not be disadvantaged in the admission process by taking one test rather than the other.

We recommend taking the ACT or SAT in the spring of your junior year and having the results sent to the campuses
you're interested in.

In February 2005, the ACT office began the Writing Assessment to the ACT test. This writing component is optional but
encouraged by all UW Systems. UW-Madison REQUIRES the writing assessment. Some UW Systems will use the writing
results as a sample of a potential student or placement in English courses.

Special Considerations

If your class rank is not available or you don't meet standard admission requirements, you may be considered for
admission on the basis of other measurable criteria that show a reasonable probability of success. These criteria may
include standardized or institutional achievement tests, alternative high school credits, specified courses or grade point
average or demonstration of exceptional talent. Special consideration may also be given on the basis of age or veteran
status and to students who have been disadvantaged as a result of their education, family income or ethnic background.

Alternative Backgrounds

If you are not a high school graduate, you must provide proof that you have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for a high school equivalency certificate or diploma from a recognized high school, school system or state department of
education/public instruction, based on the General Education Development exam, the Wisconsin High School
Equivalency Diploma or other established criteria.

We suggest that you communicate with the admissions office at the campus you plan to enter.

Applying for Admission

We encourage you to visit the Web site ​​ and use the UW System electronic application for
admission. A paper application is available from the UW System admissions offices or can be downloaded from their
web site. For information and help with the electronic application, or for a copy of the paper application, contact the UW
HELP office at ​800-442-6459.

You will be required to submit an official high school transcript and official college or university transcripts from all
institutions previously attended. New freshmen applicants are also required to submit official ACT or SAT score reports.
The admissions office will notify transfer applicants if ACT/SAT scores are required.

It is to your advantage to apply early!​ UW System campuses begin ​processing fall semester applications on ​September
15​ of the year before you plan to attend.

Application priority dates and deadlines vary from campus to campus, and sometimes among different programs at one

The UW System has an enrollment management policy that limits the number of students each campus can
accommodate. Specific programs may also have enrollment caps. Even applicants who meet minimum admission
requirements may not be admitted.
The Admission Decision

High school seniors notified of admission before finishing their senior year are expected to graduate, successfully
complete course work in progress at the time they applied and maintain the class rank required for admission.

UW System institutions reserve the right to rescind admission if a student fails to meet conditions on which admission
was based.

Students can pick up a copy of the University of Wisconsin System Introduction Booklet, The Wisconsin Technical
Colleges Catalog and Wisconsin’s Private Colleges Booklets in Mrs. Bartholf's office. In the Guidance office, a student
can get information about technical colleges and private schools. Students need to have the communication skills
needed to make an effort to seek help from the guidance office.

College Admission Requirements
High School Requirements:

High school course work should prepare you for college by helping develop strong skills in at least four areas - English,
mathematics, social science, and natural science. Foreign language is also required for admission to some campuses and
is strongly recommended by others.

Core College Preparatory Requirements:

All freshmen seeking admission to the UW System is expected to have the academic background necessary for effective
learning. Core college preparatory credits in the following areas are required.

English​ - Accepted English courses stress an understanding of composition, literature, and rhetoric. Several campuses
require that at least three of the four credits in English include composition and literature. Most regular and advanced
English courses are accepted. Courses not accepted tend to be those that emphasize applied skills, performance or
technical production.

Mathematics​ - Algebra, geometry and other mathematics courses requiring algebra or geometry as prerequisites are
accepted. Most campuses require both algebra and geometry. In most cases, courses are not accepted in mathematics
if they are taught prior to first-year algebra, do not have algebra or geometry as a prerequisite or are computer classes.

Social science​ - Courses accepted in social science include history, political science, geography, and theoretical studies of
culture, economics, and human behavior and societies (such as psychology and sociology). Courses in applied social
science are not accepted.

Natural science​ - Courses accepted in natural science include biology, chemistry, and physics. These courses emphasize
theory and usually have a significant laboratory component. Other science courses often accepted include astronomy,
earth science, geology and physical science.

UW System College Preparatory Course Requirements
The range of courses offered at today's high schools is designed to prepare students with differing interests and abilities
for a variety of life-after-high-school options.

"College prep" courses are particularly important for providing the academic background needed to succeed at a college
or university. A college preparatory program helps develop competence in four primary areas—English, mathematics,
social studies, and natural science.

All UW System campuses require new freshmen to have completed a minimum of 17 high school credits. Thirteen of
these credits must be "core college preparatory" (English, mathematics, natural science, and social science/history); an
additional four electives are required.
                                             English                  4 credits
                                             Mathematics              3 credits
                                             Natural Science          3 credits
                                             Social Science/History   3 credits

In addition to the "core college preparatory" credits identified, students need to complete a ​minimum​ of four elective
credits as follows:

Subject Electives:
        An additional 4 credits may be chosen from English, mathematics, natural science, social science/history,
        foreign language, fine arts, computer science, and other academic areas​. (Two years of a single foreign
        language are required for admission to UW-Eau Claire and UW-Madison, and strongly recommended at other
        UW System campuses.) ​Some UW System campuses may also accept technical and career courses for a portion
        of these 4 elective credits.

All students are encouraged to exceed the minimum number of college preparatory credits required for admission.
Students who choose a rigorous high school curriculum (including senior year coursework) are more successful in
college. Strong academic preparation for college helps to ensure success.

All UW System campuses require a minimum of 17 college preparatory credits. For more specifics research​ or see Mrs. Bartholf for further information.

Freshman Admission Guidelines
Beginning date for application submission:​ Applications for admission are processed beginning September 15 for the
following fall semester at all UW System campuses.

Profile of Admitted Freshmen: ​Some campuses have a general profile of admitted freshmen. The ranges given represent
the middle 50 percent of admitted freshmen. This means that 25 percent of admitted freshmen are above the range and
25 percent of admitted freshmen are below it.

Example:​ A profile shows ACT composite score as one criterion and the range given for that criterion is 23–27. This
means that 50 percent of admitted freshmen have ACT composite scores between 23 and 27; 25 percent of admitted
freshmen have ACT composite scores higher than 27; and 25 percent of admitted freshmen have ACT composite scores
below 23.

Campus-Specific College Preparatory Course Requirements
      College                  English                    Math                Natural Science          Social Studies                 Electives
                                                        3 Credits:
     UW Colleges                                     Must Include at                                                              4 Credits: From the                                                                 3 Credits: Natural    3 Credits: Unspecified
                         4 Credits: Unspecified     Least one credit of                                                         previous areas, foreign
                                                                              Science -Unspecified     college preparatory
 (listing of two year     college preparatory        Algebra and the
                                                                               college preparatory            credits
                                                                                                                                  language, fine arts,
        colleges)               credits.            equivalent of one                                                           computer science, and
                                                          credit                                                                other academic areas.
                                                       of Geometry
                                                                                                                                 4 Credits: Two Credits
                                                                                                                                  must be from a single
                                                   3 Credits: Algebra,                                                           foreign language. Two
   UW-Eau Claire            4 Credits: Must        Geometry, and one           3 Credits: Freshman    3 Credits: Must include    additional credits may
                         include three credits     credit of advanced         science is considered        one credit of          be from the previous             of literature and/or     college preparatory          one of the natural       World/American              areas, fine arts,
   715-836-5415               composition.        mathematics (Algebra            science credits             History           computer science, and
                                                   II /Higher Algebra).                                                              other academic,
                                                                                                                                   technical and career
                                                                                                                                  4 Credits: Two credits
                                                                                                                                    must be from the
                                                                                                                                    previous areas or
                                                                                                                                foreign language. Two
                                                  3 Credits: Algebra and
   UW-Green Bay                                                                 3 Credits Natural                               credits may be from the
                         4 Credits: Unspecified    higher (at least one                               3 Credits: Unspecified
                                                                              Science- Unspecified                                 previous areas, fine              college preparatory       additional credit of
                                                                               college preparatory
                                                                                                       college preparatory
                                                                                                                                arts, computer science,
   920-465-2111                 credits              Advanced college                                         credits
                                                                                     credits                                       business, family and
                                                    preparatory math.
                                                                                                                                  consumer education,
                                                                                                                                  and other academic,
                                                                                                                                   technical and career
                                                                                  3 Credits: Must
                                                                               include at least two
                                                                                                                                  4 Credits: From the
                                                   3 Credits: Algebra,        credits from Biology,
                                                                                                      3 Credits: Unspecified    previous areas, foreign
                                                     Geometry, and             Chemistry, Physics,
   UW-La Crosse                                                                                         college preparatory         language (most
                         4 Credits: Unspecified    Advanced Algebra.             Earth Science, or
                                                                                                      credits (Most admitted    admitted students have             college preparatory       (Most admitted            Advanced courses in
                                                                                                           students have           completed three
   608-785-8939                 credits.             students have              these disciplines.
                                                                                                          completed four           credits), fine arts,
                                                    completed four               (Most admitted
                                                                                                              credits).         computer science, and
                                                        credits).                  students have
                                                                                                                                 other academic areas.
                                                                                 completed four
                                                    3 Credits: Students
                                                      should complete
                                                      rigorous college
                                                     preparatory math,
                                                     including Algebra,                                                         4 Credits: two credits of
                                                   Plane Geometry, and                                                              a single foreign
                                                                               3 Credits: Students
                           4 Credits: Students     Advanced Math or a                                   3 Credits: Students     language are required.
                                                                                should complete
                         should select rigorous   Three-Year sequential                               should select rigorous        (Most admitted
   UW-Madison                                                                    rigorous college
                          college preparatory     integrated curriculum.                               college preparatory           students have
                                                                              preparatory courses.       English courses that        (Most admitted
                                                                                 (Most admitted
                                                                                                          courses. (Most            completed four
  608-262-3961           emphasize literature,          students have                                   admitted students        credits). Two credits
                                                                                  students have
                             composition, or         completed at least                               have completed four          may be from the
                                                                                 completed four
                            speech/rhetoric.             four credits)                                   or more credits).        previous areas, fine
                                                      Transitional and                                                              arts, and other
                                                       terminal math,                                                               academic areas.
                                                   statistics, probability,
                                                  and computer science
                                                   courses will not fulfill
                                                     this requirement.

                        Apply online to any UW campus:
College              English                   Math              Natural Science            Social Studies                Electives

                                                                                                                          4 Credits: At least two
                                                                                                                           credits must be from
                                                                                                                              foreign language,
                                                                                                                            , or other academic
                                              3 Credits: Algebra,
 UW-Milwaukee                                                                                                            areas. Note: Although
                      4 Credits: Must           Geometry, and
                                                                                               3 Credits: Unspecified    foreign language is not        include three credits     higher. (Engineering
                                                                                                college preparatory     required for admission,
  414-229-4397      of literature and/or     and Applied Science
                                                                                                      credits.               students may fulfill
                         composition        recommends a fourth
                                                                                                                        requirements in foreign
                                                                                                                        language by completing
                                                                                                                           two years of a single
                                                                                                                             foreign language in
                                                                                                                                  high school.
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
 UW-Oshkosh        4 Credits: Unspecified    3 Credits: Algebra I,   3 Credits: Unspecified    3 Credits: Unspecified    previous areas, foreign         college preparatory        Geometry, and          college preparatory       college preparatory          language, fine arts,
 920-424-0202             credits.                Algebra II.               credits.                  credits.           computer science, and
                                                                                                                          other academic areas.
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
                                                                                                                         previous areas, foreign
                                                                                                                             language, fine arts,
                                                                                                                         computer science, and
                                                                                                                          other academic areas.
                                                                                                                         Note: Although foreign
 UW-Parkside          4 Credits: Must
                                             3 Credits: Algebra,        3 Credits: Must        3 Credits: Unspecified           language is not
                   include three credits           of literature and
                                               Geometry, and          include at least one      college preparatory     required for admission,
 262-595-2495                                     Higher.            credit of a lab science          credits.               students may fulfill
                                                                                                                        requirements in foreign
                                                                                                                        language by completing
                                                                                                                           two years of a single
                                                                                                                             foreign language in
                                                                                                                                  high school.
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
                                                                                                                         previous areas, foreign
                                                                                                                             language, fine arts,
                                                                                                                         computer science, and
                                                                                                                               other academic,
 UW-Platteville                                                                                                            technical, and career
                   4 Credits: Unspecified                                3 Credits: Must       3 Credits: Unspecified     areas. Note: Although                               3 Credits of Algebra,
                    college preparatory                              include two credits of     college preparatory      foreign language is not
 608-342-1125                               Geometry and Higher
                          credits                                          lab science                credits.          required for admission,
 800-362-5515                                                                                                                students may fulfill
                                                                                                                               requirements by
                                                                                                                          completing two years
                                                                                                                              of a single foreign
                                                                                                                        language in high school.
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
                                                                                                                         previous areas, foreign
 UW-River Falls                                                         3 Credits: Must
                   4 Credits: Unspecified    3 Credits: Algebra,                               3 Credits: Unspecified        language, fine arts,
                                                                      include two credits         college preparatory        Geometry, and
                                                                         from Biology,
                                                                                                college preparatory      computer science, and
 715-425-3500             credits.                Higher.                                              credits                 other academic,
                                                                     Chemistry, or Physics.
                                                                                                                            technical and career
                      4 Credits: Three                                                                                    4 Credits: two credits
                       credits must be                                                                                        must be from the
                        literature and                                                                                   previous areas, foreign
                     composition. The         3 Credits: Must                                                             language, fine arts, or
                   fourth credit may be     include Algebra and                                                               computer science
UW-Stevens Point     any non-remedial           other college        3 Credits: Unspecified    3 Credits: Unspecified              (excluding            course offered       preparatory courses       college preparatory       college preparatory          keyboarding). Two
 715-346-2441       through the English       with an Algebra               credits.                  credits.          credits may be from the
                     department that         and/or Geometry                                                             above areas and other
                   meets Department of          prerequisite.                                                               academic, technical,
                     Public Instruction                                                                                        and career areas
                      (DPI) graduation                                                                                   (excluding cooperative
                       requirements.                                                                                              education).
College                English                  Math             Natural Science           Social Studies                Electives
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
                                                                                                                           previous areas, foreign
                                                                                                                             language, fine arts,
                                                 3 Credits: Algebra,                                                       computer science, and
                                                   Geometry, and                                                               other academic,
      UW-Stout                                   Algebra II. A fourth                                                       technical, and career
                            4 Credits: Must
                                                   year is strongly     3 Credits: Unspecified   3 credits: Unspecified    areas. Note: Although           include literature,
                                                   encouraged for        college preparatory      college preparatory      foreign language is not
    715-232-1232        composition, rhetoric,
                                                 majors in science,            credits.                 credits.          required for admission,
                              and speech.
                                                     technology,                                                           students may fulfill the
                                                  engineering and                                                             global perspective
                                                    mathematics                                                                requirement by
                                                                                                                            completing two years
                                                                                                                              of a single foreign
                                                                                                                          language in high school.
                                                                                                                             4 Credits: From the
                           4 Credits: Must                                                                                 previous areas, foreign
    UW-Superior               include three      3 Credits: Algebra,    3 Credits: Unspecified   3 Credits: Unspecified      language, fine arts,               credits of         Geometry, and         college preparatory      college preparatory      computer science, and
    715-394-8230            composition and           higher.                  credits.                 credits.               other academic,
                                literature.                                                                                 technical, and career

Majors & Careers
Choosing a Major:
The first year or two of college provides time for you to test your abilities, pursue your interests and explore new ideas
while considering one or more majors.

By the end of your freshman or sophomore year after talking with faculty, university career planning counselors and
academic advisers, you should have declared or selected a major. You can change majors, but you may have to take
more courses, which adds to the time and cost of earning a degree.


Do some “major exploration” at mania, the searchable Website of UW System
undergraduate programs.

The University of Wisconsin System offers a broad range of more than 300 undergraduate programs.

How Do I Get Help with Career Planning and Placement?

Visit for help with preparing for life after college. There is plenty of great information to
help you think about majors and career choices. You may take a self-assessment, explore fact sheets about majors in
the UW System, explore occupations related to your interests and abilities, visit Career Planning and Placement Office
Web sites in the UW System.

While enrolled at a campus be sure to visit the placement and career development office. You can take vocational and
aptitude tests, receive career guidance, learn how to prepare a resume and fine-tune your interviewing skills. You can
review job announcements, send credentials to prospective employers and possibly arrange for an on-campus interview.

Counselors will help guide you on a path to a successful and rewarding career.

Visit the College Major Validation page at to find out about occupations related to

Wisconsin Technical College System Application/Enrollment Timeline
                           Admission                   Earliest                 Latest              Expected      Next Step
     College              Requirements                Application          Application Date        Turn-Around
                                                        Date                                          Time
                     Application & $30                September 1 of         Open until filled       2 weeks         Students
    Blackhawk                                           senior year                                                   receive
   608-743-4595      Transcript                                                                                  acknowledgeme
                                                                                                                   nt letter and
                     ACT, SAT or COMPASS
                     Application & $30              Friday before Labor      No closing date,       2-3 weeks       Students
                                                            Day            based on availability                     receive
 Chippewa Valley                                                                                                    checklist
                     ACT, Accuplacer, Asset, TABE
                       or Compass
                     Application & $30              12 months prior to     8 days prior to start    2-3 weeks       Students
                                                       anticipated          of term, based on                        receive
   Fox Valley                                          enrollment               availability                        checklist
                     ACT, COMPASS, Asset or
                     Application & $30              October 1 of senior      No closing date        2-4 weeks        Students
                                                          year                                                        receive
    Gateway                                                                                                      acknowledgeme
  800-247-7122                                                                                                    nt letter with                                                                                                         program
                     ACT, Compass, ASSET, SAT or                                                                    admission
                       Accuplacer                                                                                 requirements
                     Application & $30              Second semester of       No closing date,       1-2 weeks        Students
    Lakeshore                                           junior year        based on availability                      receive
  888-468-6582       Transcript                                                                                  acknowledgeme
                                                                                                                   nt letter and
                     ACT or Accuplacer
                     Application & $30                September 1 of        Deadlines vary by       2-4 weeks        Students
 Madison College                                        senior year            program                                receive
  608-246-6210       Transcript                                                                                  acknowledgeme
                                                                                                                   nt letter and
                     ACT or Compass

                     Application & $30
    Mid-State                                                                                                       Students
                                                    Second semester of     Up to the start date
  715-422-5596       Transcript                                                                     2-3 weeks        receive
                                                        junior year              of term                                                                                                        checklist
                     ACT, Accuplacer or SAT

                     Application & $30
 Milwaukee Area                                                              Summer, May 15                       Students are
                     Transcript                     October 1 of senior
  414-297-6542                                                                Fall, August 15       2-3 weeks     informed of
                                                          year                                                               Spring, December 15                     next steps
                     ACT (over 18), Compass or
                     Application & $30
  Moraine Park                                                                                                      Students
                                                     July 1 after junior
  800-472-4554       Transcript                                              No closing date         2 weeks         receive
                                                            year                                                                                                     checklist
                     ACT, Accuplacer or Compass

Earliest                                   Expected
                            Application                                       Latest
     College                                          Application                                Turn-Around   Next Step
                           Requirement                                   Application Date
                                                        Date                                        Time
                     Application & $30

   Nicolet Area                                                                                                Students are
                     ACT, Accuplacer, Asset, SAT,     September 1 of
  715-365-4451                                                             No closing date        1-2 weeks    informed of
                       or TABE and College              senior year                                                                                              next steps
                       Readiness Survey and UW
                       test for Transfer

                     See Program Requirements
                     Application & $30
  Northcentral                                                            Open until filled.
                                                                                                               Students are
                                                                         Contact Admissions
  715-675-3331       Transcript                     End of junior year                            2-4 weeks    informed of
                                                                            for program                                                                                                    next steps
                     ACT or Accuplacer
                     Application & $30

   Wisconsin         ACT, Asset, Compass,           Monday after Labor   Varies, up to 2 weeks                 New student
                                                                                                  2-4 weeks
  888-385-6982         Accuplacer, HESI (for        Day of senior year         into term                        orientation           some health programs) or

                     See Program Requirements
                     Application & $30
                                                                                                               Students are
   Wisconsin         Transcript
                                                     After junior year    No closing date         1-2 weeks     informed of
                                                                                                                 next steps         ACT, Compass, TABE or
                     Application & $30
Waukesha County
                                                                           Deadlines vary,                      Students
 262-691-5200        Transcript                       October 1 of
                                                                             based on              2 weeks       receive                                           senior year
                                                                             availability                       checklist
                     ACT, Compass, ASSET or
                     Application & $30
   Western                                                                 Deadlines vary,                      Students
 800-322-9982        Transcript                      After junior year       based on             2-3 weeks      receive                                                               availability                       checklist
                     ACT or Compass
                     Application & $30
                                                                          No closing date,                      Students
   Indianhead        Transcript                       October 1 of
                                                                             based on             1-2 weeks      receive
  800-243-9482                                        senior year
                                                                            availability                        checklist        ACT, Compass, ASSET or

To apply online to any of the Technical Colleges go to:

Career Clusters Interest Survey

Four-Year Program Plan

The following is a Four-Year Planning Chart. It is provided for your convenience in helping you to get an
appropriate picture of your overall high school subject pattern.

The completed form will indicate previous course work and anticipated course enrollment.

Your future plans, interests, abilities and past achievements should be the determining factors in selecting
your future course work.

Required courses are included in a suggested pattern and the student is required to enroll in at least six (6) or
seven (7) credits of classes for the entire school year. Those students who are credit deficient (failed required
courses or elective courses) ​WILL ​need to make up credits to meet the graduation credit requirement.
Students will also earn half a credit per year for the Intervention and Enrichment period.

                               Freshman Year                                 Junior Year
                     English                   -    1 cr              English          - 1 cr
                     Science                   -    1 cr              Science          - 1 cr
                     Physical Ed               -  1/2 cr              Physical Ed      - 1/2 cr
                     Social Studies            -  1/2 cr              Social Studies   - 1 cr
                     Mathematics               -    1 cr              Mathematics      - 1 cr
                     Computer Enrichment       -   1/2                Electives        - 2-4 cr
                     Health (7​th​ grade)      - 1/2 cr
                     Electives                 - 2-4 cr

                              Sophomore Year                                 Senior Year
                     English               -        1 cr              English         - 1 cr
                     Science               -        1 cr              Science         - 1 cr
                     Physical Ed           -       1/2 cr             Physical Ed     - 1/2 cr
                     Social Studies        -        1 cr              Social Studies - 1/2 cr
                     Mathematics           -        1 cr              Social Studies - 1/2 cr
                     Electives             -       2-4 cr             Mathematics - 1 cr
                                                                      Electives       - 2-4 cr

List of Academic Departments and Course Descriptions

The individual class teacher writes the course descriptions. Course descriptions
are reviewed and revised yearly, or as needed.
All Classes within this course book are offered to all students.

Furthermore, all Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, courses, and related activities are open to all
students. While the district does not discriminate, preference for the CTE or elective courses will be given first
to seniors, second to juniors, third to sophomores, and fourth to freshmen. (Elective courses are Agriculture,
Art, Business, Music and World Languages).

Furthermore, classes that are disproportionate in size or gender will be adjusted with preference given first to
seniors, second to juniors, third to sophomores and fourth to freshmen.

  The following courses are open to all students, boys or girls, who have a genuine interest in the Agri-Science Industry.
  Each student enrolled in the Agriculture program will establish a Supervised Agriculture Experience Program (SAE)
  and keep records yearly. FFA is an intra-curricular part of the Ag program, and all students are considered FFA
  members when they take an agriculture course. If students want to become an FFA officer, they will be required to
  be enrolled in Ag 10 and equivalent year-long courses for their Junior and Senior year (with instructor approval).

  Course Title & Number     Credit    Description
  Agriculture 9                1      Open to all students, mainly freshmen and a prerequisite for Ag 10, 11 and Senior
  400                                 Ag Seminar. Within this course units will be taught that cover: The Industry of
  Grade 9-12                          Agribusiness, Principles of Agronomy (weeds and crops), FFA, Parliamentary
                                      Procedure, Supervised Occupational Experience Programs (SAE), Records, Dairy
                                      Cattle CDE Fundamentals and Basic Soils and Conservation practices. Basics for
                                      proper functioning as an Ag student are stressed. Additional units include:
                                      reciting the FFA creed, Basic Carpentry (hand tools), and Leadership activities.
  Agriculture 10               1      Animal production/science courses impact information about the care and
  401                                 management of domestic and farm animals. This course is articulated with SWTC
  Grade 10-12                         Animal Science course, and will cover animal nutrition, health, behavior,
                                      selection, reproduction, anatomy and physiology and marketing. Other units
                                      covered in Ag 10 include parliamentary procedure review, FFA review and
                                      complete records for SAE program, five minute speech for each individual,
                                      livestock and meats CDE’s and various leadership activities. Prerequisite: Ag 9
  Agriculture 11               1      Students will learn the basic skills of food science first semester and second
  402                                 semester will focus mainly on small engines and dairy science and cover
  Grade 11-12                         parliamentary procedure review, SAE record books, public speech presentation
                                      (10 minutes), CDE’s and various leadership activities. Prerequisite: Ag 9 or
                                      instructor approval
  Senior Ag Seminar            1      Senior Ag is the final course in the progression of Ag courses offered at Black
  403                                 Hawk High School. Areas of study covered will be Agribusiness, Basics of
  Grade 12                            Electricity, Employability Skills and Work Ethic, Leadership styles, Careers within
                                      the industry, cooperatives, personal finance, human relationships, and effective
                                      communication, decision-making and problem solving, leadership qualities.
                                      Prerequisite: Ag 9 or instructor approval.

  Livestock & Crop            1/2     This course provides fundamental knowledge of the animal science field. Topics
  Production/Veterinary               include marketing and economics in livestock production, animal health, animal
  Science                             environments, anatomy and physiology, genetics and reproduction, animal
  428                                 feedstuffs, and job related safety. Participants will experience animal concepts
  Grade 9-12                          through the completion of hands-on activities. Crop production offers instruction
                                      in plant science and gives attention to soils, chemicals, fertilizer, marketing, plant
                                      feeding, field crop management, and economics in field crop production.


There is a popular belief that art is an inherent talent which only some are born with. That couldn’t be further from the truth.
Artists become successful from solving problems by research and practice. Just like any other subject, art can be learned.
However, the major difference between art and many other subject areas is that art has many answers. Artists have the
ability to use creative thinking to solve problems in endless ways. Creative thinking is a skill which will come in handy in your
future. Whether you’re thinking of a new way to market a product or just want to solve an organizing problem, creativity
allows you to come up with innovative solutions.

   Course Title & Number       Credit Description

   Studio Art                   1/2    This course emphasizes skills development and the use of the creative process.
   350                                 Each time a skill has been learned, students will be encouraged to make creative
   Grade 9-12                          applications of those skills. Students will learn about different ways of making art
                                       through art history, demonstrations and experimentation. A variety of materials
                                       will be used, to name a few: oil pastels, charcoal, watercolor paint, prismacolor
                                       colored pencils, acrylic paint, glass and clay.

                                       All students will maintain a sketchbook for all homework and will keep all
                                       completed projects until the end of the semester. At the end of each semester
                                       student’s final will be to showcase their work to the class, to show progress and
                                       two of their most successful pieces to mat and display in the Spring Art Show.
                                       Grading is based on timely completion of homework, creative application of skills
                                       on projects, application of elements and principles of design and class

                                       Supplies you MUST have for this course: a fine tip black sharpie, several #2 pencils,
                                       several erasers and a spiral bound sketchbook.

                                       This course may be repeated for credits as many semesters as desired. However, ​if
                                       you score below a C- then you may NOT be able to retake it.

                                       Studio Art can be taken as an independent class (due to scheduling conflicts) as
                                       long as the student has been in art before and have scored a B or higher.

 Business education should play an integral part of the total educational program for several reasons. The world of
 business enters our lives every day in one form or another. Whether it is working with a word processing program or
 simply balancing a checkbook, business has a direct effect with the success of individuals. It should be education,
 which provides the student with realistic knowledge, and skills, which he/she views as relevant to their personal goals
 and objectives. Students should be encouraged to make business education a part of their total educational program.

  Course Title & Number      Credit Description

  Desktop Publishing &          1   Learn design principles, budgeting, photography, and advertising while completing
  Yearbook                          the high school yearbook and other desktop publishing projects. Time is required
  446                               outside of class to take sport photos, order sport photos, and take pictures for the
  Grades 9-12                       yearbook. If you like hands-on learning, this is for you. This class may be taken
                                    more than year. No Prerequisite

  Introduction to Business     1/2 The course is designed to provide you an overview of business and technology skills
  and Technology                   required for today's business environment. Knowledge of business principles, the
  452                              impact of financial decisions, and technology proficiencies demanded by business
  Grade 9                          combine to establish the elements of this course. Emphasis is placed on developing
                                   proficient fundamental computer skills required for all career pathways. Students
                                   will learn the essentials for working in a business environment, and go beyond the
                                   basics of word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and presentation software.
                                   No Prerequisite ​(Required for Graduation)

  Accounting I                  1   Accounting - Learn the language of business! Accounting will help you prepare to
  453                               study business, run your own business, and prepare for the future. Accounting will
  Grade 10-12                       teach you how to plan, keep, summarize, and interpret financial records of a
                                    business. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Standing

  Business & Marketing          1   In this course you will learn the basics needed to plan and launch your own business
  Essentials                        and the basics of marketing structure, principles, and practices. Do you have what
  447                               it takes to start a new business? Do you have an idea for a business but need the
  Grade 9-12                        tools to get started? This course will provide you with the core skills you need to
                                    become successful.

Effective communication is an essential ingredient for successfully meeting the challenges of everyday living. Whether
one is reading want ads, writing a purchase order or preparing a company report, he or she is continually involved in
trying either to express his or her own ideas or to understand someone else. Thus, every person must strive to develop
his or her communication skills to the best of their ability. The English Department offers a variety of courses to help the
student to understand and develop communication skills. Whether the student is planning to enter the job market
immediately upon graduation or to seek further education, there is a sequence of courses available to help prepare for
communication needs.

   Course Title & Number         Credit   Description

   English 9                       1      English 9 builds upon students’ prior knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and
   100                                    writing mechanics to continue developing students’ reading, writing and
   Grade 9                                speaking skills necessary to advance to English 10 and achieve proficiency in the
                                          Common Core Standards. Students read, respond to, and create various genre
                                          of literature, including short stories, realistic fiction and tragic drama; and
                                          non-fiction, including biographies, essays, and speeches. Prerequisite: None

   English 10                      1      English 10 continues to develop students’ reading, writing and speaking skills
   110                                    necessary to advance to English 11 and achieve proficiency in the Common Core
   Grade 10                               State Standards. Students read, respond to, and create various genre of
                                          literature, including short stories, historical fiction and mythology; and
                                          non-fiction, including biographies, essays, and speeches. Prerequisite: English 9

   English 11                      1      English 11 further advances students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills, with
   117                                    an eye on more independence and more depth. As with English 9 and 10,
   Grade 11                               students seek and explore various texts and text types in order to prompt more
                                          nuanced thinking and to encourage growth as writers. Prerequisite: English 10

   Written                        1/2     Students develop writing skills through prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.
   Communications                         Students complete writing assignments designed to help the learner analyze
   124                                    audience and purpose, research and organize ideas, and format and design
   Grades 11-12                           documents based on subject matter and content. Students develop critical
                                          reading and thinking skills through the analysis of a variety of written documents.
                                          A dual credit course. Upon completion students will receive one credit towards
                                          their high school diploma, and three credits toward their technical or associate
                                          degree. ​Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing

   Oral and                       1/2     Students​ ​demonstrate competency in speaking, verbal and nonverbal
   Interpersonal                          communication, and listening skills through individual presentations, group
   Communication                          activities and other projects. ​A dual credit course. Upon completion students
   125                                    will receive one credit towards their high school diploma, and three credits
   Grades 11-12                           toward their technical or associate degree.​ Prerequisite: Junior or Senior

Health Education

    Course Title & Number         Credit   Description

    Health Education               1/2     This course focuses on you and the interrelationship of your level of health and the
    763                                    way you live. Through this course the student will see and understand that many
    (1/2 credit needed for                 factors, which are within their control, influence their own health and well-being.
    graduation credit will                 Units that will be covered include: mental and social health, human sexuality,
    be received in 7​th​ grade)            personal health, sexually transmitted diseases, and tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
                                           The make-up of the class will determine the depth and direction the class will take.
                                           Prerequisite: None

Physical Education
Physical Education is required as a freshman. Four semesters of physical education are required sometime during your high school
career. Only one class shall be taken during each semester. Once a student has completed their four semesters of physical
education, they will not be permitted to take more credits of physical education unless approved by the physical education teacher.

NOTE on Physical Education Classes: fitness will be an integral part of every physical education class and the physical fitness test will
be required for all students signed up for physical education regardless of the section requested.

    Course Title & Number         Credit   Description

    Personal Conditioning          1/2     This will be a semester course in weight lifting, medicine ball, agility, and speed
    651                                    training.
    1​st​ & 2​nd​ Semester
    Grade 9-12

    Physical Ed. 10-12             1/2     PE 10-12 will provide students with the opportunities to participate in some of the
    652                                    following activities: flag football, archery, volleyball, basketball, bowling, weight lifting,
    1​st​ & 2​nd​ Semester                 softball, and fitness testing. Activities will be offered throughout the school year
    1/2 credit per semester                depending on the season and/or availability to go outside.
    Grade 9-12

The Math Department believes that every individual has a natural need for basic skills in the area of mathematics. From the
everyday use of basic arithmetic to the advanced fields of mathematics research, everyone is involved and affected by the world of
mathematics. As the abilities and interests of individuals may vary somewhat from one to another, so also will high school student's
needs for specific mathematical skills vary from one to another. Thus, the mathematics curriculum has been designed to provide
each student with the opportunity to pursue his or her mathematics education along the lines of his or her greatest interests and to
the utmost of his or her abilities.
 Course Title & Number           Credit        Description

 Algebra                            1     The content of Algebra is organized around families of functions. As you study each
 153                                      family of functions, you will learn to represent them in a multiple of ways – as verbal
 Grade 8-12 (depending on                 descriptions, equations, tables, and graphs. You will also learn to model real-world
 previous year)                           situations using functions in order to solve problems arising from those situations. In
                                          addition to its Algebra content, Algebra includes lessons on probability and data analysis
                                          as well as numerous examples and exercises involving Geometry.
 Transitional Algebra               1     This is a class for students who have successfully completed Geometry and Algebra, but
 151                                      require further preparation for Advanced Algebra. Topics include the studies of families
 Grade 10-12                              of functions, linear programming and matrices, analytic geometry, complex numbers and
                                          quadratic equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions, and
                                          probability and statistics.
 Geometry                           1     This class is for students that have successfully completed Algebra. Plane Geometry is
 154                                      the area of mathematics where a student learns properties of points, lines, planes,
 Grade 9-12 (depending on                 congruence and similarities of triangles, and special properties of triangles
 previous year)                           quadrilaterals, and circles. The logic in geometry requires the student to develop both
                                          deductive and inductive reasoning skills. A good foundation in Algebraic concepts will be
                                          a help to the students as many applied geometric problems are solved by reducing the
                                          problem to an equation. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra.
 Advanced Algebra                   1     Advanced Algebra continues where Geometry leaves off. In order to prepare the college
 155                                      bound student, such topics as analytic geometry, trigonometry, sequences/series,
 Grade 10-12                              probability, statistics, complex numbers and quadratic equations are explored, as well as
                                          relations and functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions
                                          and matrices. Prerequisite: Geometry.
 Advanced Math                      1     Advanced Math is designed as a pre-calculus course including topics that are explored in
 156                                      Advanced Algebra, with emphasis on graphic descriptions of functions. Introduction to
 Grade 11-12                              calculus will follow, only after the regular pre-calculus material is completed.
                                          Prerequisite: Advanced Algebra.
 Calculus                           1     Calculus is the study of the variation of a function with respect to changes in the
 160                                      independent variable, or variables, in particular, the study of slopes of curves,
 Grade 12                                 non-uniform velocities, accelerations, forces, approximations to the values of a function,
                                          maximum and minimum values of quantities, etc. Prerequisite: Advanced Math.
 Personal Finance                   1     This class covers a wide variety of topics useful when the student is out on their own. Car
 157                                      ownership, banking, insurance, loans and income taxes are some of the areas covered.
 Grade 12                                 Probability and statistics are also included. Prerequisite: Senior Standing.

Music is an essential part of the curriculum. It is one of the few non-verbal mediums for expression of feelings and ideas. Because
of this fact, it is important that music be a part of everyone's educational life. The Music Department offers musical experiences,
which include vocal and instrumental music. There are opportunities to experience a variety of music in choir, pep band and band.

  Course Title & Number      Credit Description
  Mixed Choir                  1    The Mixed Choir is a vocal ensemble focused on vocal development and technique. This choir
  602                               will sing a varied repertoire of music and perform in the fall, winter, spring, and large group
  Grade 9-12                        concerts. Students will be required to attend all concert and large group contests, which
                                    some are held outside of the school day. Students have opportunities to participate in Solo
                                    and Ensemble Festival. Students will also gain life skills including better understanding of our
                                    world, respect, cooperation, teamwork, and integrity.

                                     This course maybe repeated for credits as many semesters as desired. However, if you score
                                     below a C- or have a responsibility or respect grade below a B at the end of the semester,
                                     then you will be placed on a probationary period with the possibility of removal from choir.

                                     Independent Study: Is available only if there is a direct conflict with another class during the
                                     choir period.

  Concert Band                 1     The concert band's main focus is on musical development of the individual and ensemble
  601                                through quality music. Students will have a few summer rehearsals and then perform in the
  Grade 9-12                         Wiota 4​th​ of July Parade (the Sunday following the 4​th​), Gratiot Labor Day Parade, and Monroe
                                     Cheese Days Parade held every other year on even years.

                                     Parades and all Football pep bands are required. ¾ of all basketball pep bands are required.

                                     Individual or small group lessons outside of rehearsals are required. Required performances
                                     include: winter and spring concerts, large group and graduation. Students are encouraged to
                                     participate in Solo & Ensemble contests. Prerequisite: Band background or audition with

Science is not merely a discipline but a way of life - a frame of mind which allows a defensible or productive approach to the
problems of everyday living. The Science Department believes that a carefully designed science program in the high school can
greatly benefit all students of every ability level. The Science Department believes also that learning comes about most effectively
and efficiently when the learner is also a doer. This, coupled with the general methods of lecture-discussion, pure discussion,
demonstration and formal problem-solving, provides for the probable success of every student.
Course Title & Number       Credit Description

Biology                        1    Biology is the study of life on Earth, the organisms who inhabit it and their interrelationships.
200                                 The topics covered in general biology are: the process of science, structure and function of
Grade 9-10                          living things, diversity of living things heredity, genetics, biotechnology, and ecology.
                                    Prerequisite: None
Integrated Science             1    Integrated Science is designed to provide students with an integrated approach to three
202                                 traditional science disciplines (life science, physical science, earth/space science) in addition to
Grade 11-12                         science as inquiry, science & technology, science and social perspectives, and the history &
                                    nature of science. The course looks to show students how the disciplines of sciences are related
                                    and how they impact society and the individual. Prerequisite: None
Chemistry                      1    Chemistry is the science of the composition, structure, properties and reactions of matter,
204                                 especially atomic and molecular systems. The course includes the following major topics:
Grade 10-12                         atomic structure, periodic table, chemical formulas and reactions, the mole, and chemical
                                    bonds. Prerequisites: Biology
Physics                        1    Physics is the study of the physical properties concerning matter. This course includes the
206                                 following major topics: Classical Newtonian Mechanics, such as linear motion, dynamic forces,
Grade 11-12                         and vector trigonometry; Sound and Light Waves; Electricity and Magnetism, and Modern
                                    Physics. Prerequisite: Chemistry, Adv. Algebra or currently taking Adv. Algebra
Anatomy & Physiology           1    This course will be offered to qualified juniors and seniors that are interested in pursuing a
208                                 career in the health sciences. Topics covered include: basic body systems, pathology and
Grade 11-12                         disease, histology, medical ethics, an overview of healthcare systems and professions in
                                    America, and current topics in medicine. Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry (concurrently)
Ecology                       1/2   This one semester course will be designed to help students understand the interrelationships
215                                 between humans, their environments and the balances necessary to maintain resources for the
Grade 11-12                         future. Units will include the interdependence of organisms in various biomes and habitats,
                                    weather impact on environments, human impact on weather and environmental conditions,
                                    field work to understand measurable data and its importance, as well as an exploration of
                                    ecological careers and processes of governments to impact the environment. Instructional
                                    methods will include: reading, lecture, lab and field activities, special presenters and field trips.

Consumer Chemistry            1/2   Chemistry is everywhere. We are both the benefactors and subjects to its influence. This one
216                                 semester class will be an exploration of the chemistry in cosmetics, foods, petroleum, water, as
Grade 11-12                         well as the use of chemistry in normal parts of life. We will learn to understand the FDA labels
                                    and why things are listed on them the way they are. How does Jelly Belly get so many flavors?
                                    Yep, we’ll chat about that too. Instructional methods will include reading, discussion, lab and
                                    field activities.

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