School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022

School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
                                                          School Service                                     -
                                                          Level Agreements                                     2
                                                          OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS

Toxteth Annexe, Aigburth Road. Liverpool, L17 7BN

0151 233 3901                                @SI_Liverpool
School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
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Who are School Improvement Liverpool?                                                             Page 04

Consultancy & In School Support                                                                   Page 05

SIL Supply Agency                                                                                 Page 06

The wider SIL Team                                                                                Page 07

Design & Technology – Cooking & Nutrition                                                         Page 08

Attendance & Welfare                                                                              Page 13

Schools’ Finance                                                                                  Page 18

Governor Services                                                                                 Page 21

Primary Modern Foreign Languages                                                                  Page 29

Schools’ HR                                                                                       Page 32

PSHE & Mental Wellbeing                                                                           Page 38

Safeguarding: Additional Services                                                                 Page 40

School Swimming                                                                                   Page 43

EMTAS - Additional Services                                                                       Page 51

SEND & Inclusive Learning: Additional Services                                                    Page 53

Next Steps                                                                                        Page 56

Terms and conditions                                                                              Page 57

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School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
Pricing summary

Design & Technology – Cooking & Nutrition SLA                                                     Primary MFL SLA

£6, 120 for one day per week, for two terms     £8,670 for one day per week for three terms       £3,460 based on 1.5 hours a week per year   £1,150 per year for each additional hour

Attendance & Welfare SLA                        £33 per hour                                      Schools’ HR SLA                             £48 per employee

Financial SLA                                                                                     PSHE SLA                                    £1, 500 per year

Maintained schools                              £3, 000                                           Safeguarding SLA                            £920 per school per year

Nurseries/extended provision                    £1, 950                                           School Swimming SLA

Academies                                       Please contact us for a bespoke quote             No transport                                £5.25 per child per half hour session

Additional days                                 £410 per day                                      With return coach transport                 Please contact us for a bespoke quote

Governor Services - Support SLA                 £300 per year                                     SEND & Inclusive Learning SLA               £920 per school per year

Governor Services – Training SLA                £76 per governor

Clerking of Governing Bodies

£200 per two hour meeting                       £40 per additional hour or part thereof


For schools purchasing the clerking SLA         £200

For all other schools                           £300

For Multi Academy Trusts                        Please get in touch to discuss pricing

GovernorHub plus The Key for School Governors package      *NEW*

Prices with Clerking SLA                        See page 27 for pricing options

Prices without Clerking SLA                     See page 27 for pricing options

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School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
Who are School
Improvement Liverpool?
Experts in education, with a firmly established reputation
as one of the leading service providers in the North West.

We offer schools a superior service, delivering consultancy,
training and professional development via our trusted
and experienced teams, who have proven track records of
excellence and credibility.

Our aim is to challenge and enable schools and other settings
to be the best they can be. We are dedicated to offering
outstanding support to ensure every child and young person has
the opportunity to develop, learn, achieve and excel.

Online Training and CPD
School Improvement Liverpool offer hundreds of training courses
every year, all of which are currently being held online.

> Our full offering can be found online at:

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School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
Consultancy and In School Training
We can offer our consultancy and training for many of our services virtually. We can deliver to just your school, or can offer our
services on a cluster or network basis.

This is a great option if you don’t want your staff being out of school for whole days at a time and can work well if a number of staff
or schools need support.

We can look at bespoke packages and cater to your school/network requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more about our in school services, please email

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School Service Level Agreements - OUTSIDE LIVERPOOL & NON-MAINTAINED SCHOOLS 2022
SIL Supply Agency

Developed in collaboration with Liverpool schools, SIL:                   They are also a named supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s
Supply Agency was established to offer a professional and                 Procurement Framework for supply teachers. In partnership
ethical supply and recruitment service for schools.                       with the DfE, the framework provides greater transparency in
                                                                          terms of costs for schools and ensures agencies adhere to a
Recruiting only the highest calibre of staff, SIL Supply Agency           consistently robust approach to safeguarding.
aims to recruit and retain high quality teachers, learning support,
administration and facilities staff to work in schools across             SIL Supply offer a number of different option, including:
Liverpool.                                                                Short term cover: Local staff available on a daily basis.
They offer agency staff fair rates of pay as well as career support       Long term cover: Discounted long term packages to support
and access to current, purposeful and quality assured CPD.                your budget.
                                                                          Temp to perm recruitment: Remember SIL Supply will never
SIL: Supply Agency are motivated to make a difference to the lives        charge you a transfer fee.
of children and support the wellbeing of schools. They uphold
the same core values of the wider SIL family, offering competitive         We know this is a hugely challenging time for schools, so
prices for quality services, alongside the reinvestment of revenue         wanted to let you know that everyone working for SIL
back into local education services.                                        Supply has now completed the Liverpool specific COVID
                                                                           All staff are fully briefed on the updated guidance and
They are part of the REC Audited Education scheme, holding gold            measures in place and more importantly they also know
standard. This professional code has been created by industry              what is expected of them whilst working on-site at your
stakeholders in order to promote good practice and ensure                  school - Meaning it's one less thing for you to worry about!
members conduct their business ethically.

For more information on how the team can support your supply and recruitment needs, please get in touch with our team.
Phone: 0151 233 3949 | Email: | Website:

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The wider SIL Team
Our trusted, motivated and experienced staff members are all driven by the desire to make a difference to the lives of children, and
support the wellbeing of schools.

Early Years Foundation Stage - Committed and experienced in supporting            Secondary Curriculum - A knowledgeable core team, supplemented and
schools and PVI settings with their development and delivery of quality           enhanced by a wider team of Associates who are experts in their field.
provision for our youngest children.                                              Collectively, the team has a wide range of experience, including recent
                                                                                  secondary Headships and Inspections.
EMTAS - Experienced in supporting schools to raise the educational
attainment of ethnic minority pupils by drawing on local community                Safeguarding - A highly regarded and dedicated team, who provide
knowledge and providing high quality support.                                     timely and effective guidance around critical incidents, alongside
                                                                                  ongoing support, enabling you to meet your statutory responsibilities in
SEND & Inclusive Learning - A guaranteed high level of support and                safeguarding children.
guidance, delivered by experienced former SENCOs. The team have up to
date knowledge of local and national policies and statutory requirements.         Assessment & Moderation - A pioneering team with established packages
                                                                                  to support schools with both statutory and curriculum assessment and
Governor Services - Advice, guidance and support delivered by an                  develop appropriate and effective approaches to data.
experienced and knowledgeable team, ensuring governors are effective
in their role and fulfil their statutory responsibilities.                        Finance - Led by experienced and professionally qualified accountants,
                                                                                  with a detailed understanding of the education sector, the implications of
Health & Wellbeing - Experienced and motivated to support you in                  current policy initiative and how to ensure sustainable provision.
improving outcomes for children and young people through physical
activity, PE, healthy eating and mental & emotional wellbeing programmes.         NQT Induction - With a wealth of experience and expertise in supporting
                                                                                  NQTs throughout their induction period, we can support you in fulfilling
MFL - A team of experts offer an award-winning service that is delivered          your statutory requirements and induction responsibilities.
by experienced Foreign Language Tutors with native level language skills.
                                                                                  Computing & e-safety - We live in a digital age. The internet and new
Human Resources - Dedicated and qualified team members can ensure                 technologies are changing the way we work, the way we live and the way
that your HR management supports the drive to raise standards and the             in which we educate children and young people. We can support your
quality of teaching and learning in schools.                                      whole school with computing & e-safety training and advice.

Attendance - Professionally qualified and experienced staff who have a            Schools’ Parliament - Providing an opportunity for young people to have
track record of being able to challenge, support and solve issues that have       a voice on matters of concern and to be heard by the people who have
historically led to poor attendance.                                              influence. Pupils participate in a range of exciting events and activities,
                                                                                  empowering them to make a real difference within their community.
Primary Curriculum - Passionate and knowledgeable about teaching
& learning and the achievement of all pupils across the primary phases.
Covering all curriculum subjects.
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Quality Assurance delivered by Judy Boyce,
                                                                 Senior School Improvement Officer

    Design & Technology –
     Cooking & Nutrition
                      Our Expertise

Our talented team of School Food Officers have been
working in the classroom actively cooking alongside
children aged between 2 and 13 of all abilities for over 10      Quality Assured by Judy Boyce who has worked for
years. We design and deliver a comprehensive scheme of           School    Improvement   Liverpool  for  over    20
                                                                 years, focusing on getting the best outcomes
work that exceeds the D&T Cooking and Nutrition National         for children. She leads the Health and Wellbeing
Curriculum and assesses against it. Our programmes               team and is well qualified with vast experience of
develop extensive practical skills and nutritional               working across the different areas of the service.

knowledge while instilling a love of food and cooking.
                                                                 Jenny Martin has a BSc Hons in Community Nutrition.
                                                                 Jenny has an extensive knowledge of food and nutrition
According to research, 1 in 4 Reception aged children            and has been instrumental in developing and delivering
within Liverpool are overweight or obese and this                the cooking and nutrition programme for the past 7 years.

increases to 4 in 10 when they reach Year 6. By educating        Sophie Aherne has an MSc degree in Public Health
and inspiring children we can help to start tackling the         Nutrition. Sophie is an AfN Registered Associate
obesity crisis. Our qualified and skilled officers are           Nutritionist. She has many experiences working
                                                                 with children in a variety of health promotion roles.
experts in working with children in the classroom, health
and safety in the workplace and food hygiene (CIEH              
Level 2). Our School Food officers are graduates in Food
and Nutrition and specialise in Community Nutrition.

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Design & Technology – Cooking &                                           How it works
Nutrition Service Level Agreement:                                        • The Service Level Agreement can be offered to all nurseries,
What we offer                                                               primary and special schools
                                                                          • Our team offer a professional service to the pupils, staff and
A cost effective, high quality, valued service, exceeding the               parents
National Curriculum requirements for D&T Cooking and Nutrition            • Using personalised planning, we construct a flexible timetable
and assesses against it. Pupils will be taught skills enabling them         in conjunction with your school
to cook whilst applying the principles of nutrition and healthy
                                                                          • We use certificates and work with the staff to recognise
eating. Our service also creates cross-curricular links to support
                                                                            children’s achievements while creating a positive learning
the whole school with curriculum intent, implementation and
                                                                          • We ensure compliance with statutory and sector requirements
Pupils will learn:                                                        • We also provide risk assessment documentation and sample
• The importance and good practice of food safety and hygiene               information, such as parents letters
• How to make healthier choices and learn the benefits of a               • We cater to all medical requirements, dietary needs,
  healthy lifestyle and good nutrition                                      allergies and special educational needs to guarantee
                                                                            participation and inclusion. We adhere to best practice
• A wide range of age appropriate practical cookery skills                  guidance
• Transferable skills i.e. following and writing recipes, using           • We deliver a sequenced scheme of work with progression
  maths and practising fine motor skills                                    across all key stages
• How to design, develop and make delicious savoury dishes
  and desserts through an engaging, hands-on approach

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Design & Technology – Cooking &
Nutrition Service Level Agreement:
Our responsibilities
School Improvement Liverpool will provide or arrange:
                                                                   • Promotion of school values, self-esteem and confidence
• A professional School Food Advisor for one day each week         • An open dialogue with schools regarding any alterations or
  during term time to deliver practical food, nutrition and 		       changes that may be necessary
  healthy eating sessions
                                                                   • A service that is reflective of and sensitive to the age, ability,
• A bespoke programme for schools which can include parent           dietary requirements and cultural diversity of the school
  workshops, curriculum impact days and other provision to           population
  meet the needs of the school
                                                                   • Dedicated project management and quality assurance
• Consultation with your school staff to ensure planning and         procedures throughout the service period
  lessons that meet the needs of the children in your school
                                                                   • Provide or arrange cover/alternative timings in the eventuality
• Offer guidance and support regarding ordering and storage of       of session interruption during the service period
  food items
• Provide the necessary equipment, resources and supporting
  documentation for pupils to use and follow during practical

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Design & Technology – Cooking &
Nutrition Service Level Agreement: What                             Pricing
are my school’s responsibilities?                                   Prices are subject to VAT.

• To assign a designated member of staff as a contact person
                                                                                  Design & Technology – Cooking & Nutrition
 		for all enquiries and support
                                                                                          Service Level Agreement
• Provision of a suitable room with access to a sink and
  cooking facilities where possible                                                                      £8,670 for one day per week
                                                                          £6,120 for one day per week,
• Provision of admin support as required e.g. photocopying                                                      for three terms
                                                                                 for two terms
  and access to IT equipment whilst staff are on-site                                                        (full academic year)

• Ensuring a member of school staff remain in the classroom                                                      All prices are subject to VAT.
  for the duration of the lesson and continue to be responsible
  for the care and wellbeing of all children
                                                                       Please note the returned SLAs are logged with the time and date
• The purchasing, ordering, delivery and storage of food and           of return. Due to high demand, days and officers will be allocated
  supplies required for the food programme                             by the SSIO based on the SLA return. Sessions and officers from
• To ensure your assigned School Food Advisor is aware, in             previous years are not guaranteed.
  advance, of any changes to the timetable, INSET and other
  relevant activities that may affect the cookery sessions
• To inform Judy Boyce of any planned, unplanned or
  emergency closures
• To provide allergy and relevant medical and safeguarding
  information prior to the commencement of the programme
  and for staff to have awareness and knowledge of these
• Work with your School Food Advisor to ensure they are part of
  the school community and made to feel welcome
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Additional Services:

We also offer a range of other services. These include:

• Parent workshops - Providing the opportunity to develop
  new skills, gain mealtime inspiration, receive guidance
  and advice whilst also improving family relationships, and
  confidence with food and social skills.                             • CIEH allergen awareness training - It is vitally important
• Cooking days - We cater to almost any subject and create              that everyone responsible for preparing or handling food is
  cross-curricular links between cookery and other aspects of           fully aware of what could trigger an allergic reaction, and
  your curriculum and enrichment for EYFS up to Year 6.                 understands the precautions that need to be taken.
                                                                        Awareness of allergens will not only help to ensure the safety
• CIEH food safety hygiene training - We offer Introductory             of those consuming food, but also that government
  and Foundation Food Safety and Hygiene training for catering          regulations are being adhered to.
  staff or staff within your school who handle or serve food
  regularly i.e. breakfast or after school club staff.
                                                                  All of our services can be delivered flexibly to suit the needs
• Catering and breakfast club audits - A professionally 		        of your school, for example we are able to offer:
  qualified officer will visit your school and complete an
  audit to ascertain whether your school meals provision 		       • Half days
  meets the standards set by the School Food Plan. Following      • Full days
  the visit, a report will be provided with observations and      • Twilight sessions
  recommendations as well as ongoing, additional support.
                                                                  • Cluster models
• Lunchtime supervisory training - Understanding this role
  within the context of the whole school, developing 		           • Integration of extra services into SLA
  positive behaviour strategies, increasing understanding
  of issues around healthy eating, playground activities and
  creating stimulating and creative lunchtime activities.             Pricing
                                                                      Prices are subject to VAT.

For more information, please contact Jenny Martin (Lead school        Please contact us for a bespoke quote.
food officer:
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Quality Assurance delivered by Allison Cain,
                                                                        Attendance & Welfare Service Manager

      Attendance & Welfare
                        Our Expertise

We have a professionally qualified and experienced team
that are used to dealing with the complexities, practicalities
and impact of poor school attendance. Our Education
Welfare Officers (EWOs) are trained to work with young
people and families, with a track record of being able to              Allison has been supporting vulnerable young
challenge, support and solve issues that have historically             people and their families within Education Support
led to poor attendance. Staff have extensive experience                services for over 20 years. Allison began her current
of individual casework management and knowledge of                     role over six years ago, bringing with her a huge
attendance issues including policy, law and best practice.             amount of experience in Managing Attendance
                                                                       & Welfare, Children Missing Education, Elective
The team can deliver a wide range of assessments, casework             Home Education and School Admissions. Allison
and targeted interventions, including delivery of all statutory        ensures her team continually strive to provide
enforcement processes and procedures. Strong links with                the best quality service to schools in improving
neighbouring local authorities supported by cross-border               attendance rates and lowering persistent absence.
working protocols allow our team to address attendance
issues for all pupils, irrespective of their home address.

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Attendance & Welfare Service Level Agreement:
What we offer
The Attendance & Welfare Service works in partnership with schools, putting the child first when school attendance is a concern.
This is achieved by offering a flexible service, responding to individual needs and priorities, either at an individual school level
or with groups of schools.

During the 2019/2020 academic year, the Education Welfare Service worked with over 6,500 children and families, with 85% of
cases referred to the service seeing an improvement in overall absence rates.

Supporting with Persistent Absence (PA)                                Early identification and review
Helping schools manage the key performance area of PA and              Discussion on an agreed and regular basis between the
addressing the problem of entrenched absence patterns.                 Attendance & Welfare Service and school staff regarding pupils
                                                                       with emerging attendance issues, offering advice and agreeing
Helping schools become Ofsted ready                                    actions.
Assistance with Ofsted preparation and participation in
inspections as required.                                               This includes reviewing attendance registration certificates,
                                                                       identifying developing patterns of absence and updating progress
                                                                       of cases in meetings by telephone, email and written reports.
Establishing effective home-school links
Ensuring parents and carers understand their                  legal
responsibilities, and working with hard to reach families.             Representing schools at a range of multi-agency forums
                                                                       Supporting families and pupils as requested, including at
                                                                       safeguarding meetings. Helping schools meet any safeguarding
Case management
Using the fast track and time-focused case management model,
with flexibility to select the most appropriate and effective
interventions to improve the attendance of individual pupils.

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Attendance & Welfare Service Level Agreement:
What we offer (continued)

Enforcement of Attendance                                        Supporting development of best practice in school
Preparation and presentation of witness statements, as well as By auditing and reviewing the attendance management practice
formal assessments and appearance in court to present evidence and procedures, helping to develop uniform practice and
when a hearing is contested.                                   identify priorities. Development and delivery of action plans to
                                                               address barriers to attendance, including supporting the early
Case work                                                      help agenda.
Assessment and intervention following a referral can include the
following, all of which we provide:                              Staff and schools are fully supported
                                                                 Experienced managers provide staff with an additional level of
Investigations; home visits, writing letters/action plans; operational advice, guidance and direction. We also support
signposting and referrals to other agencies; attending meetings schools in demonstrating effective use of attendance data to
such as internal attendance panels; working with other agencies analyse trends at registration group, year group and whole
including the Early Help Assessment, Child in Need or Child school levels, to inform appropriate actions and interventions.
Protection procedures; advocating and negotiating support;
maintaining case files; preparing relevant documentation to Advice and guidance
support legal action and engaging in regular supervision where We are available via telephone throughout the working week
case files are quality assured.                                  and can contribute to school events and assemblies as required.
                                                                 We can also provide advice on pupils above and below statutory
                                                                 school age.

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Attendance & Welfare Service Level                                   Outcomes
Agreement: How it works                                              The Education Welfare Officer makes contact with a family on
                                                                     receipt of all referrals. Written feedback is available to schools
The Service Level Agreement can be offered to primary, secondary     for all actions taken, advice given, and outcomes achieved.
and special schools.                                                 The EWS remit includes all pupils of legal school age across all
• The service is available across the academic year and schools      sectors of schools.
  can purchase hourly support for up to 35 hours per week
• Attendance & Welfare Service staff will support schools in         School Improvement Liverpool will also provide:
  accordance with the requirements of the setting within a           • Regular operational reviews for all the work undertaken
  school-led action plan                                               in-line with agreed targets and priorities
• The school and the EWO will agree an appropriate cycle of          • Termly service analysis of all referred cases
  meetings to discuss referrals and exchange information

What are my school’s responsibilities?                               The SLA is offered on a minimum 3 hour buy back, to ensure the
                                                                     most effective support is provided to schools.
• Written referral for all cases of absence where action is
  required                                                           Prices are subject to VAT.
• Providing the EWO with any relevant background pupil and
  family information and up-to-date attendance data as case          Please note schools are billed on an annual basis for this SLA.
  work progresses
• Agree regular meetings with school-based staff to receive                  Attendance & Welfare Service Level Agreement
  feedback on Attendance & Welfare Service actions and make
  any new referrals                                                                               £33 per hour

                                                                                                                 All prices are subject to VAT.

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Additional Services:
  Tailored to you

We also offer a range of other services, including:

Attendance & Persistent Absence (PA)
Data Profiling Training for Schools
                                                                      Key benefits:
Best for:                                                             • Assistance in the strategic planning for improving
All schools, particularly those preparing for inspection.               attendance and reducing PA
                                                                      • Inspection-ready attendance data
What we offer:                                                        • Report produced highlighting the strengths and areas of
Bespoke data analysis training highlighting overall attendance          focus for attendance
and PA rates, analysed against the school’s key vulnerable groups.

Information is produced in an inspection-ready format. The                   Attendance & Persistent Absence Data Profiling
reporting process can be used to inform Governors and senior                                   Training
leader forums.
                                                                                      £250 (includes 3 follow up sessions)
Training and advice on pre-Ofsted attendance planning, including
a review of the current school attendance policy.                                                                  All prices are subject to VAT.

For more information, please contact Allison Cain:
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Quality Assurance delivered by Karen Lea,
                                                                   Schools Finance Team Manager

         Schools’ Finance
                      Our Expertise

The Schools Finance team have a wealth of experience
in supporting schools, academies, children centres
and nurseries in all aspects of their financial activities.
                                                                Karen is a CIPFA qualified accountant with
The team has a detailed knowledge of school and                 30 years’ of experience working in education
education funding, financial systems (SIMS) and policies        finance within the public sector. Karen has over
and procedures.                                                 9 years’ experience in working with schools
                                                                and early years providers across the City.


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Schools’ Finance Service Level Agreement: What we offer
The key elements of our Financial Service Level Agreement are outlined below. Access to budgeting, monitoring and
reporting templates are included in the service agreement.

The Schools’ Finance SLA package consists of six on-site support visits, report writing, plus telephone and email support.

  Financial planning and monitoring for schools

                                  Budget                                                         Reporting

    • Align financial strategy, curriculum and workforce planning            • Customised written reports, including ICFP
    • Review financial systems including forecasting, compliance,              metrics, giving clear, concise and prioritised
      reporting, governance and challenge                                      advice and information to Governors

    • Assess current and 3-5 year budget position, utilising the             • Financial, curriculum and workforce
      detailed budgeting template                                              benchmarking reports. Enabling Headteachers
                                                                               and Governors to use this information to aid
    • System driven budget monitoring reports. Comparing actual                their planning
      and forecast income and expenditure to budget and highlight
      variances                                                              • Funding forecasts

    • Review specific financial issues (eg: deficit, pupil numbers,
      procurement, income generation, restructuring)
    • Cash flow monitoring/forecasting to ensure sufficient funds are
      available to meet the expenditure commitments                                                Support
    • Assess the use of revenue and capital funding
                                                                             • Advice and support on all aspects by dedicated
    • Full name by name analysis of staffing budgets, verified to
                                                                               finance officers
      payroll information and school plans
                                                                             • On-site support for staff and Governors on
    • Compare staffing structures and spending against other schools
                                                                               benchmarking, with a focus on decision making
    • Help to develop an action plan for a school to address issues            to achieve value for money, improve use of
      identified, i.e. licenced deficits                                       resources and target spending effectively
    • Production of ICFP metrics, incorporated into existing
      on-site support visits, twice a year
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Schools’ Finance Service Level Agreement: How it works (continued)

  Financial planning and monitoring for nursery


    • Detailed nursery business planning, including access to toolkit
      and templates
    • Full name by name analysis of staffing budgets, verified to
      payroll information and nursery plans
    • Full income reconciliation of funding streams
    • Review specific financial issues (e.g. aged debt, payment plans          All prices are subject to VAT.
    • Advice and support on scenario planning
                                                                                             Financial Service Level Agreement
                                                                                    Six visits per year, bespoke to your requirements
                                                                                                                       £3, 000
    • Customised written reports, giving clear, concise and prioritised               schools
      advice and information to Governors
                                                                                                                       £1, 950
                                                                                 Extended provision
                                                                                                                Please contact us for a
   • Advice and support on all aspects by dedicated finance officers                 Academies
                                                                                                                    bespoke quote
   • Advice and support on marketing strategies and parental
   • System checks to provide assurance on the integrity of the                    Additional days                  £410 per day
                                                                                                                         All prices are subject to VAT.
For more information, please contact Karen Lea:
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Quality Assurance delivered by Dave Cadwallader,
                                                                       School Governance Lead

        Governor Services
                    Our Expertise

Every school and academy benefits from effective
governance. Established in 1999, each year the Governor
Services team supports more than 2,200 Governors and
leaders to work together effectively to secure the best            Dave has led the Governor Services Team since
outcomes and opportunities for children, and to meet               2006. An established governance trainer in Liverpool
their statutory obligations.                                       and neighbouring local authorities, and a Leading
                                                                   Governance Consultant for NGA, Dave has a broad
We are committed to providing expert support, advice,              experience of working with schools and academies
guidance and training for governors. Our professional,             to strengthen governance, including as Chair of a
independent clerking service ensures the Board                     successful primary Interim Executive Board (IEB),
has access to advice on regulations and matters of                 overseeing its conversion to academy status.
procedure as well as professionally presented minutes.             Dave is Chair of Directors of a Multi Academy
                                                                   Trust, Chair of a secondary governing board
                                                                   and Deputy Chair of a primary governing board.


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Governor Services - Support Service Level                        How it works
Agreement: What we offer                                         • The Service Level Agreement can be offered across all school
                                                                   phases, irrespective of school status
Subscribers can access telephone and email support on all
matters related to governance including:                         • Support via telephone and email is available from 08:30am –
                                                                   4:45pm, Monday to Friday
• Legal obligations
                                                                 • Emails will receive a response within 48 hours
• The core functions of governors/directors/trustees
• Conflict resolution, such as advice on how to deal with
  complaints from parents or a breakdown in communication
  between governors/school leaders
• Constitutional and procedural matters
• Effective governance
• Training for governors                                         Pricing
                                                                 All prices are subject to VAT. Prices are indicative and dependent
                                                                 on your requirements and local authority.

                                                                           Governor Support Service Level Agreement

                                                                                          £300 per year

                                                                                                           All prices are subject to VAT.

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Governor Services – Training Service Level How it works
Agreement: What we offer                   The Service Level Agreement can be offered across all school
A complete suite of training to support strong governance of
schools, as well as consultancy for Headteachers, managers,
Governors and clerks. Course deliverers are all experienced       It includes unlimited subscription for all Governors on any
trainers with suitable expertise and courses are evaluated by     courses advertised on GovernorHub.
                                                                  This is a full training programme of centrally-based day
Example courses include:                                          and evening courses, covering the needs of both new and
                                                                  experienced Governors, anticipating and reacting to local and
  • Induction for new Governors   • Governance legislation
                                                                  national initiatives.
  • The role of the Chair         • Ofsted inspections
  • Parent Governors              • Performance management
  • Effective meetings            • Pupil exclusions
  • Online safety                 • Pupil data                   Pricing
  • SEND                          • Safeguarding
                                                                 All prices are subject to VAT.
  • Financial management          • Safer recruitment
  • Health & Safety               • The role of the Clerk
                                                                             Governor Training Service Level Agreement
  • Link Governors                • Pupil Premium

                                                                            £76 per governor (as recorded on your Instrument
                                                                                            of Government)

                                                                                                              All prices are subject to VAT.

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Governor Services – Clerking of
Governing Bodies: What we offer                                  Monitoring of attendance at governing body meetings
Our highly regarded and popular clerking service assists Boards Including identification of Governors failing to meet attendance
to meet statutory and procedural arrangements, as defined requirements.
by Governance Regulations, the Governance Handbook and
Academy Articles of Association.                                Training and briefings
                                                                Clerks are trained in the role and receive termly briefings.
Professional presentation of agenda and minutes
That accentuate Governors’ challenge and support, a critical
factor in Ofsted’s assessment of leadership and management.
                                                                 What are my school’s responsibilities?
A dedicated clerk                                                • Headteachers/Chairs to respond to drafts within three
To record and minute each meeting of the governing body and/       working days
or its committee(s).
                                                                 • Headteachers/Chairs to confirm the agenda and provide
                                                                   supporting papers at least 14 days ahead of the meeting
Headteacher/Chair liaison to agree and prepare an
agenda                                                           • A charge of £100 + VAT will be made for postponed meetings
Distribution of agenda and supporting papers.                      if less than 48 hours notice is received by the clerk.

Draft minutes shared with Headteacher/Chair within                Pricing
an agreed timescale
                                                                  All prices are subject to VAT.
Approved minutes to be dispatched to Governors.

Advice and guidance                                                                 Clerking of Governing Bodies
On governance constitution and procedures.
                                                                                     £200 per two hour meeting
                                                                                £40 per additional hour or part thereof

                                                                                                               All prices are subject to VAT.

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Governor Services – GovernorHub:                                      How it works
What we offer                                                         • A noticeboard; Post an item and GovernorHub will email the
                                                                        relevant Governors for you.
Modern Solutions for Traditional Governance                           • A document storage area; All your documents are easily
                                                                        searchable and available in one place.
Best for:                                                             • A news feed; Helping you keep up to date with national and
All schools, Academies and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs).                 local news.
                                                                     • A meeting calendar; GovernorHub has a single calendar
What we offer:                                                         that you can sync to your various devices, instead of having to
Access to GovernorHub will support the organisation, preparation       manually update.
and secure document storage of all your board papers,
                                                                     • Membership management tools; Keep track of your
enabling Governors to communicate with each other effectively.
                                                                       constitution, committees and roles, alongside updating
                                                                       contact details and terms of office.
Key benefits:
• GovernorHub keeps communication simple and confidential -          • Additional MAT features; Each of your Local Governing
  all with state of the art encryption                                 Boards, plus your Trust Board will have a dedicated area,
                                                                       meaning papers, news and resources are only accessible
• It allows flexible working on a variety of devices through apps      by members who need to see them.
  and the GovernorHub website Database access for larger
  MATs and academy chains, enabling you to manage lists of
  Governors, members and trustees across the whole MAT or                  For schools purchasing
  chain                                                                        the clerking SLA

                                                                            For all other schools                  £300

                                                                                                          Please get in touch to
                                                                          For Multi Academy Trusts
                                                                                                             discuss pricing

                                                                                                               All prices are subject to VAT.
For more information, please contact Dave Cadwallader:
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New for 2021/22: GovernorHub plus The Key for School Governors package

During 2020, GovernorHub joined forces with The Key. The Key is widely used by schools as an online resource both for
school leaders and governors.

As a result of this, we are able to offer a 40% discount on the price for The Key for School Governors service when bought as
a package with GovernorHub.

There is also an additional discount for those school that buy into the Clerking SLA.

The Key will help you to:                                           Members have access to:
• Make sense of the latest guidance                                 • More than a thousand practical articles
• Provide challenge and support                                     • Hundreds of downloadable templates
• Tune in to news that matters to governors                         • The Key app
• Respond to critical issues                                        • Model policies and policy examples
• Make big decisions                                                • Questions to ask during meetings

The Key for School Governors:

For more information, please contact Dave Cadwallader:
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GovernorHub plus The Key for School Governors package continued

Prices with Clerking SLA                                                          Prices without Clerking SLA

                                                            SLA Package:                                                                    SLA Package:
             The Key for                   Governor           Governor                            The Key for              Governor           Governor
 Number        School       Governor       Hub + The         Hub + The                Number        School      Governor   Hub + The         Hub + The
 of Pupils   Governors        Hub             Key              Key for                of Pupils   Governors       Hub         Key              Key for
                (RRP)                        (RRP)             School                                (RRP)                   (RRP)             School
                                                             Governors                                                                       Governors

   1-50       £675.00        £200.00        £875.00            £525.00                  1-50       £675.00      £300.00     £975.00            £585.00

  51-100      £795.00        £200.00        £995.00            £597.00                 51-100      £795.00      £300.00    £1,095.00           £657.00

 101-200      £845.00        £200.00       £1,045.00           £627.00                 101-200     £845.00      £300.00    £1,145.00           £687.00

 201-400      £940.00        £200.00       £1,140.00           £684.00                 201-400     £940.00      £300.00    £1,240.00           £744.00

 401-600      £1,000.00      £200.00       £1,200.00           £720.00                 401-600     £1,000.00    £300.00    £1,300.00           £780.00

 601-900      £1,055.00      £200.00       £1,255.00           £753.00                 601-900     £1,055.00    £300.00    £1,355.00           £813.00

 901-1500     £1,125.00      £200.00       £1,325.00           £795.00                901-1500     £1,125.00    £300.00    £1,425.00           £855.00

1501-2000     £1,205.00      £200.00       £1,405.00           £843.00                1501-2000    £1,205.00    £300.00    £1,505.00           £903.00

                                                All prices are subject to VAT.                                                  All prices are subject to VAT.

For more information, please contact Dave Cadwallader:
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Additional Services:

External Review of Governance
                                                                     On-site training
Best for:
Any governing board looking to self-evaluate, and schools            We can deliver training at your school, bookable as two hour
required to commission one, following an Ofsted inspection.          sessions.

What we offer:                                                       On-site training for clerks
An External Review of Governance following a national,                  We also offer on-site training for new and experienced clerks to
prescribed model. The process involves a facilitated self-review        Governing Boards and committees. This includes taking notes
session resulting in an agreed Governing Board Development              & writing minutes, recording governor challenge, setting the
Plan.                                                                   agenda and the legal framework.

Key benefits:                                                                  External review of
The purpose of the review is to enable the governing board to                                                       £840
evaluate how effectively it carries out its core functions, to:
• Set the strategic direction and vision for the school                                                             £250
                                                                                On-site training
                                                                                                            per two hour session
• Hold the school’s leadership to account
• Ensure financial probity                                                                                         £300
                                                                           On-site training for clerks
• Identify areas for development                                                                                per half day

                                                                                                                 All prices are subject to VAT.

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Quality Assurance lead by Jane Halsall,
                                                                School Improvement Officer for MFL

Primary Modern Foreign
                      Our Expertise

Our award-winning service is delivered by a team of
Foreign Language Tutors (FLT) with native level language
skills, who are recruited and trained by a dedicated team
of Advisory Teachers. For over a decade, Liverpool has         Jane has an extensive background in language teaching
been at the forefront of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)        and has been instrumental in developing the service over
in primary schools, delivering the MFL service via a vibrant   the last 15 years, and in its continued success. Jane ensures
and highly trained team. We have devised an ambitious          the service embraces current developments in language
curriculum based on the government programmes of               teaching and remains cutting-edge in its approach to
study and which delivers all four language skills in an        high quality and relevant methodology. Acting as an
interactive style.                                             ambassador for Primary Languages in Liverpool, Jane
                                                               attends regional and national events and liaises with
Team accolades include European Language Label                 national agencies and language learning organisations. A
for Outstanding Contribution to Languages in the               team of highly experienced advisory teachers supports
                                                               Jane by visiting schools regularly to observe, feedback to
Primary Sector, the European Award for Languages,
                                                               tutors, to provide demonstrations of best practice and to
Spanish School of the Year for four consecutive
                                                                        help schools to prepare for inspections.
years and La Jolie Ronde Primary Language Prize.

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Primary MFL Service Level
Agreement: What we offer
Teaching of French and Spanish on a weekly basis                How it works
This is available at all Key Stages as required.
Delivered by an FLT with native level language skills.          The Service Level Agreement can be offered to all primary schools.
                                                                Teaching is provided on a weekly basis and paid for annually.
Schemes of work
Detailed schemes of work, including weekly lesson plans,
                                                               What are my school’s responsibilities?
are provided for all Key Stages.                               • Schools should assign a Subject Lead, who will be responsible
                                                                 for the overall management of MFL in school, and who will liaise |
The Key Stage 2 schemes are designed to meet the needs           with and support the FLT
of the statutory Programmes of Study and offer clear
opportunities for the class teacher to monitor and evidence    • It is expected that a member of staff is present during the
pupil progress against age-related expectations.                 language lesson and will remain responsible for the care and
                                                                 wellbeing of the pupils throughout. They will also support the
                                                                 FLT, and engage in the lesson to improve their own knowledge
Relevant resources
                                                                 of the MFL curriculum and of language and methodology.
Access to and advice on resources, materials and courses.
                                                               • Schools should allow the FLTs to attend three training days
Ongoing monitoring and training                                  provided by the MFL Team during the first week of the Autumn
                                                                 term and one additional day per term.
Provided by the MFL Team to ensure quality in the delivery
of MFL.                                                         Pricing
Termly school visits                                            Prices are subject to VAT.
With feedback given after every lesson observed.
                                                                             Primary MFL Service Level Agreement
One formal observation per year
Accompanied by a written report.                                    £3, 460 based on 1.5 hours      £1, 150 per year for each
                                                                          a week per year                additional hour

                                                                                                           All prices are subject to VAT.

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Additional Services:
  Tailored to you

We offer programmes of support, teaching advice and training                 MFL Quality Mark
to enable primary and special schools to deliver Modern Foreign              The Quality Mark rewards schools who demonstrate excellent
Languages.                                                                   practice in key areas;

Themes could include:                                                        • Strong subject leadership
• Subject Reviews                                                            • Excellence in teaching and learning
• Preparation for Inspections                                                • Assessment, which informs future practice
• Developing Quality Teaching And Learning                                   • High profile of languages within an international context
• Professional Development
• Developing MFL Across the Curriculum                                       It enables schools to evaluate, develop and celebrate their
                                                                             achievements and best practice in Foreign Language provision.
• Developing Effective Assessment
• Developing Effective Transition                                            In addition to this, we offer a Gold Standard Quality Mark,
• Support for Celebrations and Events                                        which is available for schools who go ‘above and beyond’ the
                                                                             requirements of the standard Quality Mark.
• Taster Sessions
• International Work / School Links

This list is not exhaustive and bespoke packages of support can                                   Primary MFL Quality Mark
be negotiated.
                                                                                                                              Gold Quality
                                                                                 £300 Valid for         Renewal cost:
                                                                                                                             Mark: Additional
                                                                                  three years              £100
               Primary MFL Additional Services
                                                                                                                        All prices are subject to VAT.
        £300 per half day               £500 per full day

                                           All prices are subject to VAT.    For more information, please contact Jane Halsall:
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Quality Assurance delivered by Katie Smith,
                                                                         Schools’ HR Manager

               Schools’ HR
                      Our Expertise

The Schools’ HR team consists of experienced and highly
qualified HR professionals, all of whom have a thorough
understanding of school issues and terms of employment.
They work closely with their employment law solicitor,
School Improvement colleagues, advisers from the Local           Katie Smith is a fully CIPD qualified Human
Government Association and representatives from trade            Resources Manager. Gaining full membership of the
unions and professional associations.                            CIPD in 2000, Katie has over 20 years’ HR experience.
                                                                 Following a thorough grounding in the private
The service provides you with a dedicated, fully qualified       sector, Katie has focused on HR management within
HR Adviser who will work closely with you through                schools for the past 16 years. Employed initially as
steps of any HR process, considering all relevant legal          HR Adviser, her role involved working side-by-side
aspects. Your Adviser strives to fully understand your           with School Managers and Governors, offering
requirements and ideal results, acting as a critical friend      support and advice on a vast array of HR issues.
to provide creative solutions which best fit the individual      Since starting her role as HR Manager for School
needs of your school, staff and pupils. All team members               Improvement Liverpool nine years ago,
remain at the forefront of all aspects of HR management,             Katie has ensured her team provide the best
achieved via their professional body, the Chartered                            possible advice to schools.
Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD).

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Please note: In order for us deliver the best possible level of services within this agreement, we ask all
establishments to adhere to certain timescales and protocols as shown in relevant policies and procedures.

The Service Level Agreement can be offered across all school phases, irrespective of school status.

*Further information relating to the operation of the HR SLA can be found on page 57 under Terms and Conditions

Schools’ HR Service Level Agreement: What we offer
  • Effective and timely handling of HR 		   • Dedicated, fully qualified HR Adviser      • Creative solutions
    and personnel issues                     • Consideration of relevant legal            • Prioritising the education and
  • Motivated and dedicated staff team         aspects                                      welfare of your pupils
  • Reduced risk                             • Understanding of your requirements         • On-site, face-to-face meetings
  • Responsive service                       • Advice and support                         • Honest appraisal of your situation
  • Minimising your concerns                 • Effective HR management                    • Support at meetings with staff

How it works                                                         The support package includes the following services:

As part of School Improvement Liverpool we ensure HR support
                                                                     Trade Union / Professional Association
is targeted appropriately to help raise standards and the quality    Consultation and Negotiation
of teaching and learning. Even when your Adviser is not with you,
we want to ensure you are always supported. That’s why each          • Communication with trade union representatives, when
Adviser has a personal mobile phone and one of our Advisers            appropriate, to assist with the management of employee
is always on-hand to offer an immediate response and initial           relations casework
advice.                                                              • Provision of advisory and consultative support on school
If you opt to purchase the Schools’ HR Service Level Agreement,        staffing reviews (including redundancy) and liaison with
you will benefit from a thorough support package, underpinned          union/association representatives on such matters
by the full support of an employment law solicitor.

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Schools’ HR Service Level Agreement: How it works (continued)

Employee Relations Support

Advice and guidance:                                                  Staff Contracts and Terms and
• On the procedural aspects of managing and investigating             Conditions of Employment
  individual employee matters including sickness absence,
  conduct, performance capability and grievances
                                                                      Advice and guidance:
• Given to Headteachers and Governor Panels from a                    • On the nature, interpretation and application of all terms
  designated Adviser at grievance/disciplinary/capability/		            and conditions of service, including the various national
  competency internal hearings and appeals                              schemes, as they apply to school based staff
• On an ongoing basis during all individual HR cases including        • On locally agreed policies and provisions including term
  suspension, dismissal and negotiation around settlement               time working arrangements and pay calculations
  agreements, when required
                                                                      • On the potential effects of any changes to contractual
• In the application of school appraisal policies                       terms and conditions of employment, including reference
• At Multi-Agency/strategy meetings on safeguarding and 		              to other contractual/financial risks or benefits involved
  child protection matters
• For whole school or departmental staffing reviews,                  Supported by:
  including redundancy and relevant early retirement                  When appropriate, negotiation with recognised Trade Unions on
• With individual or collective disputes; assistance with             relevant changes to local terms and conditions of employment.
  negotiation/consultation arising from trade union disputes

Supported by:                                                         Pricing
The drafting of non-standard correspondence and example
templates in relation to all of the above | Interpretation of all     All prices are subject to VAT.
aspects of employment law both current and planned, including
the Equalities Act 2010 | Correspondence to Headteachers and                       Schools’ HR Service Level Agreement
other named school representatives via a regular HR Newsletter
highlighting key HR and legal issues.                                                        £48 per employee

                                                                                                                 All prices are subject to VAT.

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Additional Services:
   Tailored to you

Our Schools’ HR Team also offer a range of additional services
outside of the Schools’ HR Service Level Agreement.

Contract Preparation Service                                                    Intensive HR Support Package

Best for:                                                                       Best for:
Schools needing to streamline the preparation of statements of                  Schools that need some timely HR expertise on-site but cannot
particulars for staff. Every member of staff is entitled to a written           justify a full time HR manager.
statement of particulars, setting out the basic contract terms
between employer and employee, within two months of their                       What we offer:
start date.                                                                     An on-site qualified and experienced Schools’ HR Adviser for one
                                                                                day per week, managing all HR issues.
What we offer:
Once provided with the relevant details our experts can formulate               Key benefits:
and quality assure statements of particulars ready for sharing                  • A HR Advisor based in your school providing insight and
with staff.                                                                       support
                                                                                • Management of all necessary arrangements, including
Key benefits:                                                                     documentation and relevant meetings
This can be done singularly at the point of recruitment or as part
of a fuller school or departmental review.
                                                                                Please refer to page 35 for pricing.

                          £20 per contract

                                             All prices are subject to VAT.

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Additional Services:
  Tailored to you

Mediation Service                                                     Independent Investigation Service

Best for:                                                             Best for:
Schools looking for an informal and speedy solution to workplace      Schools looking to save Senior Leadership time and reduce the
conflict. Research has shown that mediation is the most effective     risk of internal conflict.
                                                                      What we offer:
                                                                      A specialist, independent HR investigation service.
What we offer:
A fully ACAS accredited mediation service undertaken by HR and/
or School Improvement professionals.
                                                                      Key benefits:
                                                                      Consultation: To understand the background to the case and
                                                                      the parties involved.
Key benefits:
                                                                      Evidence gathering: To establish the facts. This may include
• A safe and confidential space for participants to find their
                                                                      recorded interviews with all parties involved.
  own answers and resolutions to workplace conflict issues
                                                                      Evidence summarisation: With a corresponding chronology of
• Most mediations take just one to two days and can be set up
                                                                      events. The school is fully informed and able to determine the
  very quickly
                                                                      appropriate course of action.
• Cost saving when compared to failing to mediate – which
                                                                      Reporting: Written and presented upon completion, outlining
  includes manager’s time, sickness and absence costs, the
                                                                      allegations, documenting supporting evidence and setting out
  cost of individual and/or team underperformance and
                                                                      key findings. If required, the investigator will also attend any
  time spent on formal grievance procedures
                                                                      Governor hearing and present.

Please refer to page 35 for pricing.
                                                                      Please refer to page 35 for pricing.

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Additional Services:
  Tailored to you
                                                                      Pay Audit

                                                                      Best for:
                                                                      Schools who require a thorough review of individual staff pay to
Supporting School Recruitment                                         ensure everyone is paid fairly and accurately for hours worked.

Best for:                                                             What we offer:
Schools who want an HR professional to be part of any recruitment     A full audit of individual staff pay and hours worked, including
process, to bring an external and expert perspective.                 the application of term time only calculations.

What we offer:                                                        Key benefits:
• An experienced Advisor to guide the school through the              • As school budgets become ever tighter, pay audits can help
 		process and decision making                                          schools identify and address any overpayments being made
                                                                        to staff
• Work with you to devise appropriate selection and
  assessment tools                                                    • Reduce the need for extensive staffing reviews
                                                                      • Eliminate potential equal pay claims
Key benefits:                                                         • Ensure staff are paid correctly for hours worked
• Guidance throughout the whole process, from developing
  an advert to job offer                                              Pricing for additional services
• Applying relevant employment legislation and HR best
  practice to the recruitment process                                 All prices are subject to VAT.
• An additional and objective perspective throughout the
  process                                                                   For schools purchasing
                                                                               the Service Level           For all other schools

                                                                               £375 per full day               £525 per full day
For more information, please contact Katie Smith:
                                                                                                                  All prices are subject to VAT.
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