Six-monthly Update April 2018 - September 2018 - Child Poverty Action Group

Six-monthly Update April 2018 - September 2018 - Child Poverty Action Group
April 2018 - September 2018

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                                  October 2017

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                                          Six-monthly Update
                                   April 2018 - September 2018

Co-Convenors message
Janfrie Wakim
Just over a year ago a new Government promised change. Indeed there has been a marked change in policy intention
and direction. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern provided the leadership appointing herself Minister for Child Poverty
Reduction and legislation toward that commitment supported across the House.
CPAG has welcomed the new emphasis of placing children’s well-being at the heart of what Government does and the
setting of goals for child poverty reduction. For many, these signals are encouraging after years of neglect and this update
chronicles in some detail many of the initiatives taken in 2018.
It summarises CPAG’s responses to them and also our concerns about policies already implemented that have offered little
material relief for the most disadvantaged families with children in Aotearoa.
Submitting on the Child Poverty Reduction Bill and changes to the Vulnerable Children Act 2014, CPAG registered concerns
about the ways in which poverty is measured, the relevance of data and the timeliness of reporting.
Budget 2018 saw long overdue commitment to building state houses, extension of free GP visits to under 14’s and a (poorly)
targeted Winter Energy Payment. The Families package had been announced already but was not implemented until 1 July.
CPAG Budget Breakfasts and other presentations highlighted our concern that a growing immediate need was inadequately
The setting up of a new Child Poverty Unit was included but their work will be hampered due to unsatisfactory data
gathering for Household Incomes Report that has seen the Ministry of Social Development refuse to publish the last two
years of child poverty data. The sample size for Māori and Pasifika households as well as sole parent beneficiaries was too
small to allow for accurate reporting. It is a major gap, given the high proportion of Māori and Pasifika families with children
in poverty and the high rates of poverty among beneficiary households and knowing 30% of disabled children live in sole
parent households. Money needs to be channelled urgently to the families currently falling below the very low 40% poverty
line as a CPAG technical report highlighted.
Mid-year a High Court decision ruling that loans are not income for social security purposes was a breakthrough and CPAG
called for immediate removal of all debts, cases and prosecutions against beneficiaries where loans have been counted as
CPAG’s well-attended Summit, held for the first time in Wellington focused on reforming the welfare system so it is fit for
families in the 21st century. Policy changes over the past three decades have seen benefits subjected to outright cuts, and
tax credits reduce in real value.
The findings of the Independent Taskforce to Review Tomorrow’s Schools, Tax Working Group and Welfare Expert Advisory
Group reporting early in 2019 are awaited with apprehension. That wealth accumulation and inequality will not be addressed
adequately has profound implications for children in the poorest families and for the health of our nation. CPAG’s
submission to the TWG highlighted the need to address the growing wealth divide more directly that the proposed Capital
Gains Tax.
These immensely productive six months have put enormous pressure on staff and volunteers. But the momentum for
transformative changes is building, expectations are high and the actions taken must be brave to reverse the unrelenting
demand for emergency housing, the extraordinary rise hardship grants and foodbank use and other indices of social
distress. Government can be emboldened by public encouragement for change and that is one of CPAG’s important roles.
CPAG is hugely grateful to the generous the donors who provide essential financial support for our mahi, particularly now
that JR McKenzie Trust, which has supported CPAG for many years, is completing its term of funding us. Regular donations,
however modest, are deeply appreciated at this critical time.
Thanks to everyone joining with CPAG in striving to make Aotearoa a better place for all our children.
Mauri ora!

                                                                                                           Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                    April 2018 - September 2018

Policy watch                                                   having a specific child poverty section within the final Child
                                                               Wellbeing strategy, and the development of a detailed
                                                               Child Poverty Reduction Action Plan, which sits below the
Welfare and incomes                                            overarching Child Wellbeing Strategy. The Treasury called
Increases to the Accommodation Supplement (April               for submissions on its proposal for a Living Standards
2018)                                                          Dashboard.
On 1 April 2018, eligible families received some relief from
rising housing costs from increases to the Accommodation
Supplement (AS), but CPAG said that this simply reflected      Consultation on Reform of the Residential Tenancies
the rapid rise in cost of their housing. Budgeting and         Act (August 2018)
advocacy services reported that many families had offsets
                                                               On August 28 the Government announced its intentions
to their AS in deductions from their Temporary Additional
                                                               to reform the Residential Tenancies Act, and called on
Support Payments (TAS). CPAG expressed concern that
                                                               the public for feedback on proposals aimed at making life
families in poverty would get no other extra income from
                                                               better for renters. “Our tenancy laws are antiquated and
the Families Package until July 2018.
                                                               don’t reflect the fact that renting is now a long-term reality
Appointment of Welfare Expert Advisory Group (May              for many of our families. A third of all New Zealanders
2018)                                                          now rent,” Housing and Urban Development Minister
                                                               Phil Twyford said. The consultation discussion document
The Government announced its appointment of eleven
                                                               included a focus on security of tenure, and adequate notice
independent and experienced individuals to an Expert Group
                                                               for termination of tenancies, as well as limiting the number
to advise on much-needed improvements to the Welfare
                                                               of rent increases to once per year.
System. CPAG was very pleased that our Management
Committee member, Professor Innes Asher, a paediatrician
and CPAG's health spokesperson, was appointed to the           Policy development and research
group. It is due to report in February 2019.
                                                               Too soon for the tooth fairy: The implications of child
Working for Families increases (July 2018)                     poverty for oral health (May 2018)
CPAG welcomed long overdue increases to Working for            CPAG produced a report entitled Too soon for the tooth
Families (WFF) which came into effect on 1 July, but noted     fairy: The implications of child poverty for oral health,
that after six years of no adjustment for average wage         co-authored by oral health researcher Prathibha Sural
and cost increases, the changes were little more than an       and public health specialist Dr Rob Beaglehole. Poverty
overdue catch-up.                                              is a key factor contributing to preventable childhood
                                                               health problems and diseases, and as such it contributes
Working families on low incomes have been particularly
                                                               to poor oral health amongst children, which can lead to
hard hit by past cuts to the income threshold from which
                                                               negative impacts that are lifelong, including other illness.
families' payments start to reduce. Labour's Families
                                                               This cycle of poor health is entirely preventable, and the
package raises the threshold to $42,700 from $36,350,
                                                               prevalence of dental caries amongst children is declining
so more families will be eligible for the full amount. Just
                                                               in most developed countries. However, in New Zealand, the
the increase in the threshold means a family on $42,700
                                                               prevalence remains stubbornly high. The report summarises
will get $37 per week more than they would have under
                                                               current knowledge about the size of the problem among
National's proposed reduction of the threshold to $35,000.
                                                               children in Aotearoa, its causes and potential solutions. It
CPAG expressed concern that families whose incomes were
                                                               was prepared with the aim of stimulating action on this
primarily from welfare benefits would not be helped at all
                                                               major, preventable public health issue.
adequately by the increases.

Children's wellbeing
Government consultations on Child Wellbeing, Living
Standards and Social Investment (June 2018)
As part of developing a Child Wellbeing Strategy, the
Government began meeting with groups who work with
and support the improvement of the lives of children
and their families. A cabinet paper was released in May
which noted that poverty was deeply connected to child
wellbeing. Legislative and political commitments to
reducing child poverty currently for consideration include

                                                                                                        Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                 April 2018 - September 2018

Background papers                                               Submissions
Will children get the help they need? An analysis               To the Tax Working Group "Taking a child-
of effectiveness of policies for children in the                focused lens to tax" (April 2018)
worst poverty in 2018 (May 2018)                                In a submission to the Tax Working Group on the “Future
CPAG welcomed the new Government's intention to place           of Tax”, CPAG said a child-centred re-envisioning of tax
child well-being at the heart of what it does, and goals        policy was urgently required, and that New Zealand’s tax
set for child poverty reduction. But following a decade         system no longer serves the needs of families well. Despite
of neglect much needs to be done and needs to be done           tax-based initiatives such as Working for Families (WFF)
quickly. This background paper, Will children get the help      that help offset the tax burden for low-income families,
they need? was produced to accompany the CPAG report            families are affected more than ever by the interactions
released in February 2018: Progressive universalisation of      of tax with welfare provisions. Housing-related poverty is a
Working for Families. It provides further technical analysis    significant cause of child poverty and taxation of housing
to show how much is needed for very low-income families         must be radically reformed to improve affordability and
to be lifted over particular poverty lines. A glossary can be   reverse the trends to growing wealth inequality. Although
found in the Appendix.                                          the Tax Working Group has stated that WFF tax credits
                                                                are outside of its terms of reference, the TWG is supposed
"What it will take to have a welfare system fit for             to examine the use of taxes to incentivise behaviour. To
families in the 21st century" (Sept 2018)                       date, the promise of work-incentivisation written into the
                                                                terms for the In-Work Tax Credit (IWTC) has failed. Instead
CPAG welcomed 2018 developments such as the                     the significant payment offers advantages to some, but is
Families Package, the Child Poverty Reduction Bill and          withheld from those who need it the most.
the Government’s acknowledgement – in the form of
the Welfare Expert Advisory Group (WEAG) – that a               To the Government Inquiry into Mental Health
concentrated effort is required to reverse generations of       and Addiction (June 2018)
poverty entrenchment. It is pleasing that the Government’s
vision is for a "welfare system that ensures people have        In a submission to the Government Inquiry into Mental
an adequate income and standard of living, are treated          Health and Addictions, CPAG noted that there is a strong
with and can live in dignity and are able to participate        relationship between child and family poverty and adverse
meaningfully in their communities” (WEAG Terms of               mental health outcomes, which may have life-long impacts
Reference par 2). The WEAG – and the nation with it – has       for children. The damages to children's mental health as a
a great opportunity to ensure this vision is realised. This     result of poverty can occur from as early as the antenatal
backgrounder was produced as part of CPAG's Welfare             period and CPAG said in its submission that any approach to
Fit for Families campaign, and outlines 17 concrete and         improving mental health outcomes should include a strong
practical recommendations to achieve the Government’s           focus on reducing poverty and deprivation for pregnant
vision, set out in a downloadable document and available        women, young children and their families.
now online. The paper was also intended to form part of
CPAG's submission to WEAG later in the year.                    Children's Rights Report submitted to the United
                                                                Nations Human Rights Council ahead of the 3rd
Strategic Responses to the review of the                        Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Aotearoa
Residential Tenancies Act (Sept 2018)                           New Zealand’s Human Rights Performance (July
The current review of tenancy law offers an opportunity         2018)
to move beyond tinkering with current legislation. It           Action for Children and Youth Aotearoa (ACYA) submitted
provides a necessary occasion to examine the role which         to the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on behalf of a
private rental housing has in providing people not just with    coalition of organisations working to promote children’s
accommodation but a home, and to consider the extent of         rights and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand. ACYA
rights which tenants should reasonable enjoy. The reform        consulted widely on the submission including with CPAG
of tenancy law was considered from four angles outlined         who contributed commentary on current failings of
in a new background paper written for Child Poverty             State policy in terms of ensuring children’s rights are
Action Group by Alan Johnson. The paper provided useful         acknowledged and upheld according to the United Nations
information to help guide submissions on reform of the          Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCROC) ratified
Residential Tenancies Act in 2018 but did not comprise          by New Zealand 25 years ago. The UPR is a unique process
CPAG's submission.                                              which involves a review of the human rights records of all
                                                                UN Member States. It is a State-driven process, under the

                                                                                                        Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                 April 2018 - September 2018

auspices of the Human Rights Council, which provides the          a series of videos aimed at providing examples of lived
opportunity for each State to declare what actions they           experience of the inadequacy of current welfare practice
have taken to improve the human rights situations in their        and policy. It amplified the voices of people who have
countries and to fulfil their human rights obligations.           experienced first hand Aotearoa's current system of
                                                                  welfare, to find it is often not the supportive safety net that
Submission on The Treasury's Living Standards                     it is supposed to be. The videos, being released in November
                                                                  2018, are part of CPAG's Welfare Fit for Families campaign.
Dashboard Proposal (July 2018)
CPAG submitted on The Treasury's proposal for a
framework based upon intergenerational wellbeing,                 Welfare Fit for Families Campaign
supporting the general approach, but noting that children         CPAG launched a new campaign in September 2018 entitled
were not mentioned anywhere in the report on Monitoring           Welfare Fit for Families, asking Government to reform the
Intergenerational Wellbeing. As twenty per cent of the New        welfare system so that it is better equipped to provide for
Zealand population (almost 900,000 children) is aged              the unique needs of all families and individuals who require
under 15 years, the future health and wellbeing of all citizens   social assistance. The campaign promotes 17 concrete and
is therefore dependent upon the wellbeing of our children.        practical recommendations to achieve the Government’s
CPAG submitted a range of recommendations to improve              vision, for a welfare system "that ensures people have
the framework with particular focus on the wellbeing of           an adequate income and standard of living, are treated
children in Aotearoa-New Zealand living with the impacts of       with and can live in dignity and are able to participate
poverty.                                                          meaningfully in their communities". As part of the
                                                                  campaign, CPAG collaborated with the We Are Beneficiaries
Ngā Tangata Microfinance (NTM) submission on                      group.
the Review of Consumer Credit.
Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) endorsed the                    Child Wellbeing Network and ACYA
submission by Ngā Tangata Microfinance (NTM) on the               CPAG worked alongside ACYA and members of the Child
Review of Consumer Credit, saying that introducing a legal        Wellbeing Network to produce a joint submission on the
limit on the total cost of credit would be a critical step to     Child Poverty Reduction Bill. The submission was endorsed
protecting vulnerable people in Aotearoa-New Zealand              by more than 40 organisations.
from the impacts of surmounting debt. With very little
choice available to them, low-income families were taking         Events and workshops
on widely available loans to meet their day to day needs,
ending up paying interest of up to 500%. Read the full            Understanding Multiple Deprivation presentation
submission for recommendations that will ensure that
                                                                  to CPAG Nelson by Associate Professor Dan
families were less likely to be victim to the impacts unethical
                                                                  Exeter (12 April)
                                                                  On April 12, the Nelson CPAG group held a presentation
Campaigns and partnerships                                        about how multiple deprivation impacts on the Nelson-
                                                                  Tasman region, with guest speaker Dr Dan Exeter, an
                                                                  academic from the School of Population Health at the
The Workshop/New Zealand Fabian Society
                                                                  University of Auckland, and key member of the Index of
The Workshop was founded by co-directors Dr Jess                  Multiple Deprivation (IMD). The New Zealand Index of
Berentson-Shaw and Marianne Elliott. As a collaborative,          Multiple Deprivation (IMD) is a set of tools for identifying
The Workshop works with a range of associates who                 concentrations of deprivation in New Zealand. Dr Exeter
bring diverse expertise and experience to our work. In            spoke about the development of the IMD, how it compares
September 2018 The New Zealand Fabian Society hosted              to NZDep and the different ways in which the IMD and its
a workshop delivered by Jess and Marianne: Overcoming             domains can be used to better understand the drivers of
Misinformation about Child Poverty: How to help people            deprivation within the Nelson-Tasman area. You can find
believe and act on what works in child and family poverty         Dan's slides here and his backgrounder here.
                                                                  Post Budget Breakfast series (May 2018)
We are beneficiaries
                                                                  CPAG's annual Post Budget events were held this year in
From July 2018, CPAG collaborated with Sam Orchard,               Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Whangarei and Nelson,
graphic artist and founder of We Are Beneficiaries create a       providing attendees the opportunity to understand the
series of storyboards depicting our vision for an inclusive,      Government's annual budgetary allocations through a child-
supportive and compassionate welfare system, as well as           focused lens. The events featured guest speakers from a

                                                                                                           Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                    April 2018 - September 2018

wide variety of backgrounds and were a great success, with      “He kai tahu me kikini, he kai tahu me tīhore, mā te
venues packed to capacity and a range of media coverage.        tamaiti te iho”
CPAG is grateful to our partners Manaia Health PHO and
                                                                “Pinch off a bit, peel off a bit, the inside is for the child”
the Public Health Association for their contributions to the
                                                                (said of the potted bird)
Whangarei and Wellington events, and to our wonderful
speakers, supporters and CPAG networks across the               And four pou (underlying values):
                                                                Mana: We acknowledge and uphold the mana of all
CPAG 2017-18 Annual General Meeting (25 July)
                                                                Manaakitanga: We believe that our society should show
Over 70 of our members and supporters attended CPAG's           respect, generosity and care for all children as taonga.
20th Annual General Meeting on 25th July 2018. The AGM
was held at Saint Columba Centre. We reflected on CPAG‘s        Kotahitanga: We work collectively to uphold the mana of all
achievements and outputs for the year, as well as looking       children and to ensure they flourish.
for better and more sustainable ways to move forward into       Matauranga: We believe that child-centred knowledge is
the future. The AGM was followed by a guest presentation        essential to upholding their mana and enabling them to
by Len Cook. Len gave a very insightful talk about the limits   thrive.
to performance indicators when framing and directing
government actions in the context of the levers planned to
prevent and reduce poverty.                                     Media highlights
CPAG Summit in September "Rethinking the                         Quarter 2
Welfare System for the 21st Century" (12 Sept)                   2018
                                                                 2 April        Beneficiaries say     
On 12 September, CPAG held its annual Summit in
Wellington. The day-long event featured guest speakers
                                                                                supplement boost won't be
from a range of backgrounds, who examined the urgent
need to influence the welfare reform agenda. This is a key
focus for the current Government, having set up a Welfare        2 April        Terry Sarten: Bill to change    NZ Herald
Expert Advisory Group dedicated to identifying areas for                        school decile system
real transformation. The Summit explored what changes                           missing the point
to policies could alleviate chronic problems across the          4 April        Leading critic Cathy Wylie      New
welfare system, and what developments could improve that                        appointed to review             Zealand
system and result in it working much better for families and                    Tomorrow's Schools              Herald
children. Holding the event in Wellington for the first time
was a great success. The venue was generously provided by        11 April       Children's Convention           NZ Herald
the University of Otago who partnered with CPAG to hold                         Monitoring Group releases
the Summit and was filled to capacity. For more information                     report to better child
and to watch the livestream recordings, visit CPAG's past                       wellbeing
events page.
                                                                 14 April       Study highlights deprivation

Te Ao Māori at CPAG
                                                                                drivers in top of the south

                                                                 26 April       Report reveals poverty can      Newstalk
                                                                                be deadly for children          ZB
Whakatauki and CPAG’s four pou
Child Poverty Action Group has been developing better            26 April       Poor families really can't      Radio NZ
understanding of Te Ao Māori and incorporating Māori                            wait' for Work and Income
values into our kaupapa, with the purpose of strengthening                      changes
CPAG commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and to the               26 April       Govt overhaul of welfare        Radio NZ
tamariki of Aotearoa-New Zealand. We acknowledge with                           system 'imminent'
deep gratitude the guidance and support of Dr Hirini Kaa
                                                                 27 April       National proposal to scrap
and Michael Tamihere with this mahi.
                                                                                school decile system back
CPAG as adopted this whakatauki as being expressive                             on the cards
of our kaupapa:

                                                                                                        Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                 April 2018 - September 2018

27 April   Gordon Campbell on the           Werewolf      16 May    Figures show increase in        The AM
           need for immediate action                                demand for state housing        show
           on WINZ
                                                          16 May    Can We Fix It? How the          Idealog
30 April   A new tomorrow for               Newsroom                Ngā Tangata Microfinance
           schools rich and poor                                    Trust is helping to keep the
1 May      Deaths preventable if            University              vulnerable out of debt
           reach of asthma medicines        of Auckland   17 May    Breakfast event to chew
           increased                                                over what Budget 2018
                                                                    will mean for our most
1 May      Child asthma admissions          NZ Herald               vulnerable
           rate at hospitals up by 45
                                                          18 May    Mixed response to Budget        NZ herald
           per cent
                                                                    from Whangarei community
2 May      More Kiwi kids hospitalised      One News                workers
           with asthma, disease
                                                          18 May    More to be done on poverty      Radio NZ
           costing NZ $800m a year
                                                                    - PM
2 May      Deaths preventable if            NZ Doctor
                                                          21 May    Government scraps               Newshub
           reach of asthma medicines
                                                                    controversial contraceptive
                                                                    grants for beneficiaries
2 May      Removing the conditions on       The
                                                          21 May    New Zealand PM Jacinda          NZ City
           welfare works                    Wireless
                                                                    Ardern delivers a first
7 May      'Tooth decay is a socio-         Radio New               budget that busts the hype
           economic disease'                Zealand       21 May    Children pay price of           NZ Doctor
                                                                    Budget debt reduction says
7 May      New Zealand children's           Newshub
           decaying teeth problem                         21 May    Budget falls short for          Waatea
                                                                    children in poverty             News
7 May      Poverty and tooth decay go       Radio NZ
           hand-in-hand                                   23 May    Struggle for social housing
                                                                    keeping many families
7 May      Dental decay in Kiwi kids        NZ Herald               under the yoke of poverty
           'disease of poverty'
                                                          26 May    Whangarei Child Poverty         NZ Herald
7 May      Radio Live 1pm - Item 5          Radio NZ                Action Group meets to
7 May      Renewed calls for sugar tax      Newstalk                dissect budget
           following damning report         ZB            28 May    Government appoints   
           on kids' tooth decay                                     11-strong advisory panel to
7 May      Dentists despair over NZ         Radio NZ                overhaul welfare system
           kids' rotting teeth                            28 May    Expert panel to advise on       NZ Herald
7 May      Lately With Karyn Hay            Radio NZ                welfare system overhaul
8 May      Editorial: Govt should get its   NZ Herald
           teeth into national disgrace                   29 May    Targeted subsidies not          Health
                                                                    dental therapists answer to     Central
15 May     Will the Budget ease             Radio NZ                unmet adult dental needs
           pressure on those most in                      10 June   Growing support for             NZ Herald
           need?                                                    'cigarette-style' warnings on
15 May     Budget could be cold             Radio NZ                fizzy drinks
           comfort for poorest citizens                   18 June   Mike O'Brien: Welfare           Newstalk
16 May     Homeless advocate says           Newshub                 workers too focused on          ZB
           Government needs an                                      ticking boxes
           'overall strategy' for state                   30 June   Paid parental leave boost       Newshub
           housing                                                  kicks in on Sunday

                                                                                            Six-monthly Update
                                                                                     April 2018 - September 2018

Quarter 3                                                 4 July      No shame in universalist        Newsroom
2018                                                                  agenda

1 July      Government's Families           NZ Herald     5 July      Ministry of Social              RNZ
            Package takes effect today:                               Development maintains
            More cash for families                                    stance despite fraud tip-off
1 July                                                                criticism
            Govt's families package         Radio NZ
            takes effect: 'Step in the                    12 July     Rent advocacy group             One News
            right direction'                                          launch plan to 'fix renting'
2 July                                                                in NZ
            New Families package            Radio NZ
            doesn't go far enough say                     12 July     Share a Grin: Nationwide        Newshub
            critics                                                   campaign to gift 50,000
2 July                                                                Kiwi kids eco-friendly
            Solo mum's loans were not       Radio NZ
            income - High Court ruling
                                                          17 July     Govt could halve number         Newshub
2 July      Winz is meant to help the       The Spinoff
                                                                      of children admitted to
            vulnerable, not hound them
                                                                      hospital by fixing housing -
            through the courts
3 July      Beneficiary fraud cause         Newstalk
                                                          23 July     Charity reports                 NZ Herald
            slammed as a waste of time      ZB
                                                                      unprecedented demand for
3 July      Call for review into            RNZ                       beds as families of up to six
            ministry's penalities for                                 share a single bed
            beneficiaries getting loans
                                                          31 July     Making A Difference: Soap       Viva
3 July      The Ministry of Social          BFM                       For Society Founder Lucy
            Development slammed for                                   Revill
            wrongful debt recovery:
                                                          7 August    Jacinda Ardern's return         Newshub
            Wednesday, 4th July 2018
                                                                      marked with fierce
3 July      Govt's Families Package         Radio NZ                  questions over economy
            comes into effect this
                                                          15 August   Shining bright: Grin            Idealog
                                                                      Natural’s campaign
3 July      Debt is not income: Solo        NZ Herald                 encourages education and
            mum of two wins landmark                                  awareness of Kiwi kids'
            High Court battle against                                 dental health
                                                          16 August   Surge in families seeking       Radio NZ
4 July      Ruling on beneficiary's         Radio NZ                  food parcels
            loans a landmark decision -
                                                          16 August   Need for food assistance on     Radio NZ
                                                                      the rise
4 July      Call for review into            Radio NZ
                                                          16 August   'Income adequacy'               Radio NZ
            ministry's penalities for
                                                                      considered in welfare
            beneficiaries getting loans
                                                                      overhaul - Sepuloni
4 July      Court wipes MSD loan policy     Waatea
                                                          16 August   Record number of food aid       Newshub
                                                                      requests as New Zealand
4 July      20% of benefit fraud tip-       Radio NZ                  families starve
            offs have some legitimacy                     12          Lately for 12 September         Radio NZ
4 July      Vaughan Gunson: Prime           NZ Herald     September   2018
            Minister falls short as saint                 12          Changing the way New            One News
            of child poverty reduction,                   September   Zealanders talk about
            for now                                                   poverty could reduce
4 July      Advocates want urgent           Radio NZ                  bullying and help lift
            action on MSD debt                                        children out of it, expert
            recovery                                                  says

                                                                                               Six-monthly Update
                                                                                        April 2018 - September 2018

13          Welfare reform meeting          Radio NZ     7 July         New survey numbers to be celebrated,
September   gathers beneficiary stories                                 but children can’t wait for reporting

13          Councillor tells of Work and    Radio NZ     11 July        The time for tame reforms of tenancy
September   Income humiliation                                          laws is over says CPAG

26          'Disputed overpayments'         RNZ          27 July        What happens for children when the
September   are not benefit fraud - Child                               Winter Energy Payment runs out?
            Poverty Action                               31 July        CPAG calls for an independent review of
30          AAAP welcomes Green             Scoop                       all benefit debts
September   Party's welfare policy                       1 August       CPAG calls for a legal limit on the total
                                                                        cost of credit - CCCFA Review
                                                         1 August       Ngā Tangata Microfinance: At last! Safer
                                                                        consumer credit may be coming soon to
Press releases                                                          Aotearoa
Quarter 2                                                7 August       Slowdown possibility raises concerns for
2018                                                                    family incomes
4 April       Children’s sector unites to support a      15 August      Increased hunger in the land of plenty
              reduction in Child Poverty                                could be easily solved
11 April      CPAG welcomes new report on                28 August      CPAG welcomes Govt announcement of
              Children's Rights                                         tenancy law review
19 April      CPAG education expert appointed to         3 September    A safe harbour in life’s financial storms -
              Tomorrow's Schools Taskforce                              Ngā Tangata Microfinance
27April       The Future of Tax should have a focus      6 September    CPAG launches Welfare fit for Families
              on children                                               campaign
7 May         Too soon for the tooth fairy: new report   7 September    A more supportive welfare system will
              from CPAG                                                 benefit the whole nation
10 May        New CPAG paper - Will children get the     21 September   Recommendation to make "Welfare Fit
              help they need?                                           for Families" in the 21st Century
15 May        CPAG's Nationwide post budget events
14 May        Budget 2018: Best opportunity to benefit
              all children                               Blogs (CPAG website)
17 May        2018 Budget: A first step, but not a       Quarter 2
              transformation for children
28 May        CPAG welcomes appointment of
                                                         April          Human Rights, housing and child poverty
              Professor Innes Asher to Welfare Expert
                                                                        - where do we stand? - Jeni Cartwright
              Advisory Group
1 June        CPAG looks forward to enhanced mental      May            Banks blacklist truck vendors and
              health and addiction services                             predatory lenders. Time for the
                                                                        Government to act - Dr M. Claire Dale
5 June        CPAG’s Mike O’Brien named on Queen’s
              Birthday Honour list                       May            Severe deprivation - the harsh reality for
                                                                        140,000 children - Jeni Cartwright
15 June       CPAG urges immediate action on
              sanctions where there are children
                                                         June           Working for Families is not a trap, it’s a
29 June       CPAG welcomes Working for Families                        run-down house in need of TLC - Jeni
              increases on July 1                                       Cartwright
Quarter 3                                                Quarter 3
2018                                                     2018
3 July        High court rules loans are not income      July           A heartfelt letter penned by "Ms F" - Ms F
              for welfare beneficiaries

                                                                                                Six-monthly Update
                                                                                         April 2018 - September 2018

July         Recognising the vital, unpaid work that     August         How effective are 2018 policy     Susan St
             secures our future - Jeni Cartwright                       settings for the worst-off        John, Yun
                                                                        children? | Institute for         So
August       Caught in a childcare subsidy limbo -
                                                                        Governance and Policy
                                                                        Studies, Victoria University of
September    Money Week 2018: Weathering a                              Wellington
             perpetual storm - Dr M. Claire Dale                        Myths that hurt children |        Susan St
                                                         27 August
September    Fill a hungry belly or meet nutritional                    The Daily Blog                    John
             guides? The impossible choices facing       16             Dr Liz Gordon: The collapse       Dr Liz
             low-income families - Dr Rebekah            Septmber       of the welfare state | The        Gordon
             Graham                                                     Daily Blog
                                                         17             The Child Poverty Action          Susan St
Articles (Non-CPAG)                                      September      Group rethinking welfare in       John
                                                                        the 21st century speech | The
Quarter 2
                                                                        Daily Blog
                                                         27             Michael O'Brien: Let's not        Mike
3 April     The huge white elephant          Susan St    September      forget another September          O'Brien
            landlord in the tax living       John                       anniversary |NZ Herald
            room | The Daily Blog
                                                         29             MUST READ: Dobbing in is a        Susan St
22 May      MUST READ: Budget 2018 –         Alan        September      frightful blot on the face of     John
            Half of something and half of    Johnson                    a failed welfare system | The
            nothing | The Daily Blog                                    Daily Blog
22 May      MUST READ: Does this             Susan St
            budget turn the tide? | The      John
            Daily Blog
                                                        Guest presentations
5 June      We can help solve child          Susan St
            poverty – here is one crucial    John       April 2018 – Sept 2018
            way how | The Daily Blog                    CPAG has members around the country avail­able to present
12 June     A new way to fix our housing     Susan St   to a wide range of forums. If you would like CPAG to speak
            bubble | Newsroom                John       at your next event, please fill in our speaker request form.

26 June     Time to tackle welfare           Mike        Quarter 2
            system with both hands |         O'Brien     2018
                                                         5-Apr         Presentation at Hamilton Girls High School
Quarter 3                                                              |Janfrie Wakim
2018                                                     29-Apr        NZMSA Conference Wellington | Nikki
11 July     Policy changes to a festering    Susan St                  Turner
            sore are sadly in the far        John        29-May        Public Health in Action week, University of
            distance | The Daily Blog                                  Auckland Faculty of Medicine and Health
16 July     Working for Families             Susan St                  Sciences | Celia Hayes
            perversely misunderstood |       John        27-Jun        Opening doors AWLA | Innes Asher
                                                         28-Jun        St Mary's College Y12-13 Health Class |Jeni
23 July     Is Working For Families really   Susan St
            ‘Communism by Stealth’? |        John
            The Daily Blog                               Quarter 3
25 July     Working for Families under       Susan St    2018
            attack | Susan's Blogsite        John        4-Jul         University of Canterbury Block course
                                                                       (Concerning inclusive practice and
                                                                       inclusive teaching and learning for children
                                                                       labelled disabled) | Rikke Betts

                                                                                                Six-monthly Update
                                                                                         April 2018 - September 2018

18-Jul          Starship Paediatric update | Innes Asher

 31-Jul          University of Auckland School of Law -
                 Substantive Week | Susan St John
 1-Aug           Canterbury Workers Educational
                 Association (CWEA) Social Issues Soapbox
                 Series | Rikke Betts and Sara Epperson
 20-Aug          Remuera Rotary monthly meeting | Frank
 12-Sep          The Child Poverty Action Group rethinking
                 welfare in the 21st century Opening speech
                 to CPAG Summit | Susan St John
 28-Sep          Wellpark College of Natural Health | Jeni
 30-Sep          Green Party welfare campaign launch -
                 Auckland | Susan St John

Media Summary
Type of Exposure                Q2, 2018          Q3, 2018
Reports and Submissions                      2                3
Articles                                     6                7
Blogs                                        4                5
CPAG Events                                  6                3
Press Releases                              14               14
Parliamentary Mentions                        1               1
Guest Presentations                          5                8
No. of website visits (total)           38,581          45,105
Average unique visitors/               22,585           30,353

                                                                         Six-monthly Update
                                                                  April 2018 - September 2018

Report downloads
Report title                                                        Quarter 2    Quarter 3      Total 2018            Overall
                                                                     (Apr 18-     (Jul 18 -                         totall (TD)
                                                                    June 18)      Sept 18)
Submission on the Mental Health and Addictions Inquiry (June              239            612                 851           851
"Will children get                                                        548           426                  974           974
the help they need? (May 2018)"
Too soon for the tooth Fairy (May 2018)                                     87          582                  669           669
Submission on the Child poverty Reduction Bill (March 2018)               426            182                 743           743
Progressive universalisation of Working for Families (March 18)            180           96                  276           276
Further fraying of the welfare safety net ( Dec 17)                       464           479              1670            2893
Whakapono: End child poverty in Māori whānau: A preliminary               378           556                  1195          1415
report (Dec 2017)
A New Zealand where children can flourish Brefing (Oct 17) 171026         286            187                 702           1196
Social Investment Summit Proceedings (RPRC) (Oct 17)                       313           107                 591           925
Housing Election Scorecard (Sep 17)                                         83           105                 271           926
Education Priorities (Sep 17)                                             304            137                 580           893
Housing priorities (Jul 17)                                                177          202                  499          990
Incomes Priorities (Jun 17)                                                139            111                335           684
Social investment priorities (Jun 17)                                      106           63                  233           582
Priorities for health (May 17)                                            364           282                  810          1652
Child Povery and Mental Health (May 2017)                                2308           1861            5498             11355
Children and the Living Wage (Feb 17)                                      718          1012                 1912         3734
Early childhood education and barriers to inclusivity (Dec 2016)            43           80                  168           1521
Barriers to Support Otara CDA (Nov 16)                                     132            73                 294          1647
Investing in children summit proceedings (Oct 16) 161017                   146           104                 433          1622
Laybying our Future (Jul 16)                                              392           469              1245             4015
Measuring Poverty Guide (Jul 16)                                           261          307                  733          1853
Kathryn's Story (June 16)                                                 479            261                 1196        11589
CPAG Band Aid Budget full anaylsis 2016                                    193           59                  324          1642
Budget summary anaylsis (May 16)                                            52           38                  146           146
FAQ FWFF (Mar 16)                                                          65            105                 228           228
Welfare Summit Proceedings (Oct 15)                                       229            120                 566         2328
FAQ housing ( Aug 15)                                                     460           466                  1192        3632
Child Disability (Feb 2015)                                               688           790              1955             11373
Complexities of relationship (Dec14) 141204                                615          433              1476           10947
Our Children Our Choice: Priorities for Policy Series (Sep 2014)          586           548              1742            11927
Hunger for Learning                                                       1319         1024              3556           35937
Left Further Behind                                                       1125          740              2926           46749
Left Behind                                                               957           402                  1813       19639
Empty Food Baskets                                                        367           366                  985         11534

                                                                                                        Six-monthly Update
                                                                                                 April 2018 - September 2018

Report downloads (continued)
Report title                                                      Quarter 2     Quarter 3     Total 2018            Overall
                                                                   (Apr 18-      (Jul 18 -                        totall (TD)
                                                                  June 18)       Sept 18)
Child Abuse: Lit Review (June 2013)                                    2277            1723           6025            38679
Child Abuse: CYFS data (July 2013)                                      430            467                 1152       14944
Series :Child Abuse total                                              2707           2190             7177           79970
Myths and Facts                                                         1619          1488            4402             19431
Benefit Sanctions (Sep 13)                                              283             135                532          7572
Benefit Sanctions (June14)                                               163            93                 328          1906
Benefit Sanctions (Sept14)                                                121           109                321         2244
Series: Benefit sanctions Total                                         567            337                 1181         11722
Transience                                                                131           134                360          3182
MM research survey                                                      930             571            1740           10578
OCOC Part 1: Child Health & Poverty                                     350            320                 815         6445
OCOC Part 2: Early Childhood Care and Education, and Child              378             98                 703         5706
OCOC Part 3: Compulsory schooling and child poverty                       87             61                197          2518
OCOC Part 4: Housing market change and their impact on children          218            221                529          2317
OCOC Part 5: Adequate incomes to address child poverty                   150            175                 411         1836
Hard to Swallow                                                         387            697             1608            6624
Canterbury                                                               167            115                415         3420
Debt Backgrounder                                                       329             314                781         4522
Cost of GP visits for 6-17 year olds                                     213            194                506          2157

                                                                                                      Six-monthly Update
                                                                                               April 2018 - September 2018

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