South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA

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South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
South Australia's
Hydrogen Action Plan
South Australia has the wind, sun,
land, infrastructure and skills to be a
world-class renewable hydrogen supplier.

South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
Our vision is a future in which hydrogen
provides economic benefits to
Australia through export revenue and new
industries and jobs, supports the
transition to low emissions energy across
electricity, heating, transport and industry, improves
energy system resilience and increases
consumer choice.

                                                                                       Dr Alan Finkel
                                                                             Australia’s Chief Scientist
                                                         Briefing paper: Hydrogen for Australia’s Future
                                                    Presented to COAG Energy Council in August 2018

1          South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan       Government of South Australia      September 2019
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
Table of contents

                                        Renewable hydrogen pathways                                                                                          5

                                        South Australia's renewable hydrogen potential                                                                       7

                                        South Australia's hydrogen story so far                                                                              9

                                        Renewable hydrogen export opportunities for South Australia                                                          11

                                        Hydrogen projects in South Australia                                                                                 13
                                        •     Port Lincoln Hydrogen and Ammonia Supply Chain Demonstrator                                                    13
                                        •     Hydrogen Superhub at Crystal Brook Energy Park                                                                 14
                                        •     Hydrogen Park South Australia                                                                                  15
                                        •     University of South Australia's Renewable Energy Testbed                                                       17

                                        Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy                                                                               18

                                        South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan                                                                               19
                                        •     Action theme 1 — Facilitate investments in hydrogen infrastructure                                             21
                                        •     Action theme 2 — Establish a world-class regulatory framework                                                  23
                                        •     Action theme 3 — Deepen trade relationships and supply capabilities                                            25
                                        •     Action theme 4 — Foster innovation and workforce development                                                   27
                                        •     Action theme 5 — Integrate hydrogen into our energy system                                                     29

                                                                                   Front cover image: Starfish Hill Wind Farm, South Australia's first wind
                                                                                   farm built in 2003 near Cape Jervis on the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula

Artist’s impression of Hydrogen Park South Australia, a 1.25MW
electrolyser, blending equipment and tube and trailer facility.                                                                                               2
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
            South Australia is ideally                              Hydrogen production presents additional
            suited to seize the huge                                benefits for regional South Australian
                                                                    communities, where projects are likely to be
            opportunities created by
            the emerging global market
            for hydrogen and its many                               Our expectation is that during the 2030s, South
            applications for energy                                 Australia will generate more clean power than
            generation, storage and                                 required for local use, setting us up to become a
            transport.                                              national and global force in clean energy.

            Hydrogen allows the world to rethink ways to            Now is the time to step up the development of
            generate and store energy, power transport              a hydrogen economy. While South Australia is
            fleets and heat homes. Hydrogen fuel cells can          not alone in setting its sights on developing a
            power trains, trucks and buses to replace diesel        hydrogen economy, the State has a first mover
            as a fuel and hydrogen can supplement and               advantage.
            replace natural gas in domestic gas networks            We believe we can deliver green hydrogen to
            that warm our homes and cook our meals.                 our trading partners to meet their ambitious
            The Council of Australian Governments Energy            plans. We are already working with the
            Council’s National Hydrogen Strategy Working            Commonwealth and all State and Territory
            Group has already identified hydrogen as                Governments to develop a National Hydrogen
            Australia’s next multi-billion export opportunity.      Strategy for 2020-2030. This Hydrogen Action
            Modelling for the Australian Renewable Energy           Plan will help South Australia be a supplier of
            Agency has forecast Australian hydrogen                 choice for green hydrogen in Australia.
            exports could contribute $1.7 billion and 2,800         The Hydrogen Action Plan also aligns with the
            jobs to the national economy by 2030. Our               Marshall Liberal Government’s Growth State
            aim is to position South Australia to attract a         Plan, which aims to sustain the State’s annual
            substantial share of that potential economic            economic growth rate at 3 per cent.
                                                                    Our new trade offices in North East Asia, China
            With more than 50 per cent of the State’s energy        and the United States and our long-standing
            mix generated through renewable sources, new            Agent-General’s office in the United Kingdom
            interconnection and storage technologies such           provide platforms to promote our hydrogen
            as hydrogen will support South Australia to             capabilities to international markets and facilitate
            become a net 100 per cent renewable energy              trade and investment partnerships.
            generator during the 2030s. We can then
                                                                    Beginning with Australia's largest electrolyser
            capture significant economic benefits from
                                                                    coming online in 2020 in metropolitan Adelaide,
            renewable energy exports.
                                                                    we are determined to unlock South Australia’s
            With more than $7 billion attracted in clean            renewable hydrogen potential.
            energy generation and storage, international
            investors already regard South Australia as an
            attractive investment destination. Through
                                                                    Hon Steven Marshall MP
            the production of renewable hydrogen, South
            Australia can help meet the world’s energy              Premier of South Australia
            demands while reducing emissions at home and
            The hydrogen economy is a further step in the
                                                                    Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP
            transition of South Australia’s energy system as
            we integrate renewable energy into the grid             Minister for Energy and Mining
            to deliver more affordable, reliable and cleaner        Government of South Australia
            energy while also creating more jobs and
            investment in South Australia.

3   South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan         Government of South Australia                     September 2019
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
South Australia has a proud                         South Australia has an
record as ‘the State of                             opportunity to progress the
Science’.                                           development of renewable
Research and education institutions across
                                                    hydrogen projects at scale
the state deliver world class STEM (Science,        to meet the significant
Technology, Engineering and Maths)                  future hydrogen export
education, research and innovation and work         requirement, in particular to
collaboratively with industry sectors and           the Asia-Pacific region.
government agencies to translate innovation to
                                                    With hydrogen production technologies from
deliver ‘new to the world’ products, processes
                                                    renewable energy and water already proven,
and services.
                                                    the focus is now on achieving significant cost
South Australia has been at the forefront of        reduction through production at scale within
energy innovation that has fuelled a remarkable     a comprehensive regulatory framework. South
increase in renewable energy generation to over     Australia is well positioned for this next stage.
50% of total energy generation in the state.
                                                    This will need close national and international
South Australia’s successful implementation         engagement across the spectrum of renewable
of the world’s largest lithium-ion battery          hydrogen activities. Once implemented, the
and autonomous vehicle trials at the Tonsley        actions outlined in this Plan will enable South
Innovation District are recent examples that        Australia to become a national and global force
showcase the capacity of industry to harness        in emission reduction as part of a global clean
innovation to drive the development of a STEM-      energy transition.
enabled future workforce and deliver economic
                                                    South Australia was the first Australian
                                                    jurisdiction to work with industry to develop a
Innovation and Translation Neighbourhoods           plan to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen
such as those at Tonsley, Mawson Lakes and          economy through the release of the Hydrogen
Lot Fourteen in the heart of Adelaide represent     Roadmap for South Australia in 2017.
sites where industry leaders can also access key
                                                    Subsequent to this, the State provided support
information on the role of frontier technologies,
                                                    for four renewable hydrogen projects. The
such as machine learning, quantum
                                                    first of these projects will be in production in
communication, automation, sensors and new
                                                    mid-2020, delivering a blend of hydrogen and
materials. Access to this information supports
                                                    natural gas to a local residential community in
future-focussed industry sectors to be resilient
                                                    metropolitan Adelaide – an Australian first for its
and compete in changing world markets.
                                                    scale and nature.
These Neighbourhoods are also ‘sticky for
                                                    This Action Plan is a major milestone for the
talent’, attracting global innovators and are
                                                    continued development of a significant, clean,
where the next generation of innovation leaders
                                                    safe and economically beneficial hydrogen value
work to solve industry problems to provide a
                                                    chain in South Australia
leading edge for business partners. Against
this backdrop, South Australia is positioned as
an international leader for the development
of renewable or ‘green’ hydrogen production         Terry Burgess
to underpin a hydrogen economy built on             Co-chair, South Australian Government's
domestic use and a significant global export        Hydrogen Economy Steering Committee

Professor Caroline McMillen
Chief Scientist of South Australia

South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
Renewable hydrogen
South Australia’s abundant wind and solar                                Renewable hydrogen technologies have considerable potential
resources are the launchpad for the state’s                              to couple primary energy sectors such as gas, electricity, and
                                                                         transport for the optimised supply of carbon-free energy to mining,
renewable hydrogen industry.
                                                                         agriculture and heavy industries domestically and overseas.
Reduced costs of solar and wind energy combined with electrolyser
technology advancements have created a tipping point, where
renewable hydrogen is now a growingly viable and much needed
carbon-free fuel for both Australia’s domestic and export markets.

                             Utility scale solar PV

                                                             The hydrogen is stored under
                                                             pressure before being transported
                                                             for use.


                                                                                       An electrolyser uses electricity to separate
                                                           Water                       water (H2O) into hydrogen (H2) and
                                                                                       Oxygen (O2).
                                                                                       If renewable energy is used to power
                                                                                       the electrolyser, renewable or ‘green’
                                                                                       hydrogen is produced.

                           Rooftop solar PV and
                           battery storage

5                           South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan       Government of South Australia                         September 2019
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA

                                                    Industry and
                                                    Hydrogen or ammonia have a
                                                    variety of uses in several industries
 Liquefaction / Conversion plants                   such as mining, farming and
 Hydrogen can be liquefied or blended with other
 chemicals to create other products (for example,
 ammonia or methylcyclohexane).

                                                    Fuel cell electric vehicles
                                                    including cars, buses, trains,
                                                    trucks, forklifts, motorcycles and
                                                    others are powered by hydrogen.

                                                    Natural gas
                                                    Hydrogen can be stored in the natural
                                                    gas network, and used to lower carbon


                                                    Hydrogen can be converted
                                                    back to electricity by using a
                                                    fuel cell or gas turbine. This can
                                                    help supply the network during
                                                    times of high demand.

South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
South Australia's
renewable hydrogen
South Australia is Australia's leading
mainland state for renewable energy.
By 2025, it is predicted that 90 per cent of the state’s electricity
could be generated from renewable sources based on Australian
Energy Market Operator (AEMO) data.
South Australia is almost 1 million square kilometres, four times
larger than the United Kingdom, with expansive areas available for                                  South Australia
                                                                                                    South Australia
renewable energy generation projects.
South Australia can harness its renewable energy to produce
renewable hydrogen, and the Government of South Australia is
currently working with investors to realise the State’s first suite of
pilot and demonstration renewable hydrogen production projects.
The map on the right shows areas of South Australia with optimal
conditions for wind, solar and co-located wind and solar generation
– ideal for achieving high utilisation rates for electrolysers powered
entirely by low-cost renewable electricity.

South Australia currently has...
                                                                                                   Over $7bn invested
                                                                                                   in renewable
                                                                                                   energy with over
                                                                                                   $20bn in the
                                 1 in 3 homes with                                                 pipeline
                                 rooftop solar

                                                                                          The worlds biggest
                          A world class                                                   lithium-ion battery
                     regulatory regime

                                                                         14 GW of renewable
                            22 large scale wind                           energy generation
                            farms currently                                     and storage
                            operating                                         projects in the

7                             South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan        Government of South Australia            September 2019
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
Coober Pedy

                                                                                                                                     Leigh Creek






                                                                                                             Port Pirie


                                                                                                      Wallaroo   "


                                                                              "     Port
                                                                                  Lincoln                             Adelaide

      Optimal location for:                                     Energy Production

                Wind farm                                                Existing and under development solar farms
                Predicted wind speed above 7.31 m/sec.                                                                           Victor
                Solar farm                                               Existing and under development wind farms
                DNI greater than 23.5 MJ/m2

                Wind farm and/or Solar farm                              Desalination plant                                                              "
                Predicted wind speed above 7.31 m/sec.
                and DNI greater than 23.5 MJ/m2                          Transmission Line
                Solar farm
                DNI greater than 20.5 MJ/m2
                Wind farm and/or Solar farm
                Predicted wind speed above 7.31 m/sec.
                and DNI greater than 20.5 MJ/m2

      Energy Production

                 Existing and under development solar farms

                 Existing and under development wind farms

                 Desalination plant
                 Transmission Line                                                                                                                            Moun
South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan - - Renewables SA
South Australia's
hydrogen story so
far...                                                                                              November 2018
                                                                                                    Hydrogen Research and
                                                                                                    Development in South
                                                                                                    Australia report released
                                                                                                    Identifying existing hydrogen
                                                                                                    research and development
                                                             December 2018                          capabilities opportunities.
                                                             COAG Energy Council supports
                                                             development of a National
                                                             Hydrogen Strategy
                                                             Energy ministers from all
                                                             Australian jurisdictions accept
                                                             a proposal from Australia’s
                                                             Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel to
    June 2019                                                develop a National Hydrogen
                                                             Strategy for 2020-2030.
    Hydrogen in gas networks
    Government of South Australia
    initiates kick-start report on
    10% hydrogen in domestic
    gas networks for input to final
    National Hydrogen Strategy.

                                                                                                    September 2019
                                                                                                    International Conference on
                                                                                                    Hydrogen Safety 2019 held in
                                                                                                    The International Association
                                                                                                    for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe)
                                                                                                    and the Government of South
                                                                                                    Australia host the 8th conference.
                                                                                                    South Australian Hydrogen
                                                                                                    Export Modelling Tool
                                                                                                    Commencement of a landmark
                                                                                                    study of existing and potential
                                                                                                    infrastructure required for an
                                                                                                    international scale renewable
                                                                                                    hydrogen export value chain.

9                            South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan      Government of South Australia                 September 2019
May 2017
                                            Government of South Australia
                                            hosts hydrogen roundtable
                                            More than 100 stakeholders
                                            convene as part of the
February 2018
                                            development of a South
More than $17 million in grants             Australian hydrogen strategy.
and over $25 million in loans
committed to renewable
hydrogen projects
Government of South Australia
commits funding to 4 hydrogen

                                                                                                        December 2016
                                                                                                        Adelaide hydrogen vehicle
                                                                                                        Hyundai and Toyota showcase
                                                                                                        hydrogen vehicles in Adelaide
                                                                                                        CBD for leaders and the public.

                                                 April 2018
                                                 Government of South Australia
                                                 joins Future Fuels Cooperative
                                                 Research Centre (CRC)
                                                 A $90m industry-focussed
                                                 research, design and
                                                 development partnership
                                                 supporting Australia’s transition
                                                 to a low carbon energy future.

                       August 2018
                                                                                September 2017
                       CSIRO National Hydrogen
                       Roadmap released                                         Hydrogen Roadmap for South
                       Co-sponsored by the                                      Australia released
                       Government of South Australia.                           South Australia is the first
                                                                                Australian state to publish a
                                                                                hydrogen strategy.
                                                                                South Australian Green
                                                                                Hydrogen Study released
                                                                                Commissioned by the
                                                                                Government of South Australia,
July 2019                                                                       the study identifies the cost
                                                                                and feasibility of producing
The Government of South
                                                                                renewable hydrogen in SA.
Australia joins Green
Ammonia Consortium                                                              Government of South Australia
An independent association                                                      attendance at the 2017
under Japanese law with                                                         International Conference on
membership open to global                                                       Hydrogen Safety in Hamburg
entities with an interest in green                                              Adelaide announced as the host
(renewable) ammonia.                                                            city for 2019.

Renewable hydrogen
export opportunities
for South Australia
     Nations, regions and industries are                                    China
     looking to hydrogen technologies                                       China’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology Roadmap is
     to achieve deep cuts in carbon                                         focused on establishing fuel cell vehicle technology at
     emissions over the coming decades.                                     scale to enable widespread domestic production and use
                                                                            by 2030.
     Hydrogen can also address poor air quality, energy
     security, and provide energy for power generation and                  With timeframes for milestone objectives set for 2020, 2025
     transportation.                                                        and 2030, highlights of the Roadmap include:
     Many of Australia’s key trading partners in Asia have, or are          •    Increased use of hydrogen derived from clean
     developing, national strategies to advance the hydrogen                     energies to more than 50 per cent by 2030.
     economy, including clear targets and goals for the                     •    Commercial deployment of more than one million
     importation and use of hydrogen.                                            passenger and commercial vehicles by 2030.
     South Australia is actively exploring the supply of renewable          •    Technological progress in fuel cell systems, key
     hydrogen to these emerging hydrogen export markets, as                      materials and components including a near
     well as its use by domestic primary energy industries.                      90 per cent reduction by 2025 in fuel cell stack costs
                                                                                 compared to 2015 prices.
     South Australia believes that we can deliver green hydrogen
     to trading partners in line with their ambitious plans.

     Republic of Korea                                                      Japan
     The Hydrogen Economy Roadmap of Korea is formalised                    Japan’s Basic Hydrogen Strategy affirms its commitment
     by its Hydrogen Economy Act, outlining Korea’s vision to               to becoming “the first country in the world to realise a
     lead a hydrogen-based economy. The strategy has various                hydrogen-based society”. Targets under the strategy
     timeframes for its targets and goals, generally referencing            identify short, medium and long-term goals and actions,
     2022 and 2040. Core elements of the plan include:                      with a view towards major achievement by 2050. Areas of
     •    Building a hydrogen production and distribution                   focus under the Basic Hydrogen Strategy include:
          system, using 70 per cent carbon-free hydrogen and                •    Increasing hydrogen’s use in Japan from 200 tonnes
          reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 27 million                        to 300,000 tonnes a year in 2030, targeting carbon-
          tonnes by 2040.                                                        free hydrogen use as part of its future picture.
     •    Increasing production and use of hydrogen fuel cell               •    Developing international hydrogen supply chains
          electric vehicles, including 6.2 million passenger                     including Australia, such as the development and
          vehicles, 40,000 buses and 1,200 refuelling stations by                demonstration of a liquefied hydrogen supply chain
          2040.                                                                  by the mid-2020’s.
     •    Increasing production and use of fuel cells for power             •    Targeting the use of fuel cell electric vehicles
          generation, including a targeted 15GW for power                        including 800,000 passenger cars, 12,000 buses and
          generation and 2.1 GW for households by 2040.                          10,000 forklifts by 2030.

11                             South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan   Government of South Australia                      September 2019
Korea       Japan


In the first quarter of 2019, the Singapore
Prime Minister’s Office issued a tender
for a consultancy study on the potential
for hydrogen imports and downstream
applications for Singapore.
Singapore is particularly interested in
replacing liquefied natural gas for fuelling
its power plants with alternatives such as
hydrogen to eliminate 60 per cent of its
emissions.                                     Australia

Hydrogen projects in
South Australia
Port Lincoln Hydrogen and Ammonia
Supply Chain Demonstrator
                                                         The Hydrogen Utility™ (H2U) is a                 generation to the grid during periods of low
                                                         specialist developer of hydrogen                 wind or solar output. The project has capacity
                                                         infrastructure solutions for sustainable         to provide a truly self-contained solution to
                                                         mobility and renewable energy storage            firming renewable energy supply within the
                                                         applications.                                    South Australia grid.
                                                         H2U is developing a facility integrating         Considered one of the most prospective
"South Australia                                         more than 30 MW in water electrolysis and        chemical carriers of hydrogen, green
is at the forefront                                      distributed ammonia production, near             ammonia - a chemical compound of nitrogen
                                                                                                          and renewable hydrogen - is also a potential
                                                         Port Lincoln in South Australia. The South
of both renewable                                        Australian Government has provided $4.7          fuel for large-scale power stations, making it
generation                                               million through a grant and additional loan      an attractive export opportunity.
and hydrogen                                             funding to deliver the $117.5 million project.
                                                                                                          Along with the Government of South
infrastructure                                           The plant will use 100 per cent wind and         Australia, H2U joined Japan’s Green Ammonia
developments and                                         solar generation to produce up to 18,000         Consortium in July 2019. The consortium
we are very pleased                                      tonnes of green ammonia a year to supply
                                                         the local agriculture and industry sectors.
                                                                                                          comprises of more than 70 companies and
                                                                                                          institutions, the Commonwealth Scientific
to be able to develop                                    This is a globally significant demonstration     and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
our project in this                                      project for the emerging hydrogen energy         and the Australian Trade and Investment
important market"                                        sector, being one of the first-ever commercial   Commission.
                                                         plants to produce carbon dioxide (CO2)-free
                                                                                                          In August 2019, H2U executed an agreement
                                                         green ammonia from intermittent renewable
- Dr Attilio Pigneri, CEO H2U                            resources, and to demonstrate the adoption
                                                                                                          with Australian iron ore mining and
                                                                                                          exploration company Iron Road Limited to
                                                         of green hydrogen across multiple value
                                                                                                          collectively develop a commercialisation
                                                                                                          pathway for a multi-user, multi-commodity
                                                         The plant will also feature two 16 MW open-      deep water port at the proposed 1,100
                                                         cycle gas turbines operating 100 per cent        hectare site (pictured below).
                                                         on hydrogen at the site to provide electricity

Artist's impression for Iron Road’s Cape Hardy Stage 2
Capesize Port. Image courtesy of Iron Road.

13                               South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan               Government of South Australia                   September 2019
Hydrogen Superhub at Crystal Brook
Energy Park
Neoen Australia is an Independent                The South Australian Government provided
Power Producer specialising in                   Development Approval to the Crystal Brook
renewable energy projects across                 Energy Park in mid-2019, with construction
multiple technologies including solar,           aimed to begin in the second half of 2020.
wind and storage.
                                                 The Crystal Brook Energy Park development             Having completed the first stage of its
With more than 1 GW of assets under              aims to change the role of renewables from            feasibility study in late 2018, discussions
operation or construction in the country,        just providing power when available to                are underway to optimise the hydrogen
Neoen is the owner and manager of the            providing firm power 24-hours a day. This is          production facility, including through
world's largest lithium ion battery located in   essential for long-term sustainability and it         hydrogen production at the Crystal Brook
South Australia, which uses Tesla Powerpacks     will be the first of its kind to offer this type of   Energy Park site or alternatively to construct
to store up to 100 MW/129 MWh of energy.         power service in Australia.                           a direct transmission line to a nearby port for
The Crystal Brook Energy Park development        The South Australian Government has                   potential export.
is a $500 million renewable energy project       awarded a $1 million grant to Neoen                   The Hydrogen Superhub has significant
that combines storage, solar and wind,           to conduct a study on the technical                   potential as a world-scale project that can
located about 3 kilometres north of Crystal      and economic feasibility of a hydrogen                produce large quantities of renewable
Brook in South Australia’s Mid-North. The        production facility at the Crystal Brook              hydrogen at a competitive price. At the time
park is a 275 MW renewable energy facility       Energy Park. The proposed 50 MW Hydrogen              of awarding funds to Neoen for the feasibility
with up to 125 MW of wind generation             Superhub would be the largest co-                     study, the South Australian Government
comprising 26 turbines, 150 MW of solar PV       located wind, solar, battery and hydrogen             also committed to provide a further $4
and 130 MW/400 MWh of battery storage            production facility in the world, with the            million grant and $20 million in loans should
with a purpose built sub-station to deliver      potential to produce about 25,000 kilograms           the project proceed to financial close and
the power back into the South Australian         of hydrogen a day using 100 per cent                  construction.
grid.                                            renewable energy.

"The Crystal Brook Energy Park                                                 "The introduction of hydrogen
in South Australia aims to change                                              as part of a next generation of
the role of renewables, from just                                              clean energy storage technologies
providing power when available to                                              is highly prospective for South
providing firm power 24-hours a                                                Australia’s renewable energy
day. This is essential for long-term                                           industry."
sustainability and it will be the
first of its kind to offer that type of                                        - Garth Heron, Head of Development, Neoen
power service in Australia.                                                    Australia

                                                                                   The Hornsdale Power Reserve developed and owned by Neoen, built by
                                                                                   Tesla at Neoen’s 309MW Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia
Hydrogen Park South Australia
Adelaide-based Australian Gas                           distribution network. It will also show how
Networks (AGN), part of the Australian                  integrating electrolysers into the electricity
Gas Infrastructure Group (AGIG), owns                   networks can support energy stability, as
gas distribution assets across Australia,               more renewable electricity generation
including in South Australia.                           capacity comes onto the grid.
Hydrogen Park South Australia (HyP SA)                  Having completed the front-end engineering
is an $11.4 million demonstration project               and design study and ordered the
delivered and funded by AGN, supported by               electrolyser, AGN is now working towards
a $4.9 million grant from the South Australian          securing regulatory and development
Government. The proposed facility comprises             approvals and procuring land. Community
a 1.25 MW Siemens proton exchange                       and stakeholder consultation on the project
membrane electrolyser, the largest of its kind          began in July 2019.
installed in Australia.
                                                        Hyp SA is considering installation of tube-
Based at the Tonsley Innovation District in             trailer filling facilities as an expansion
metropolitan Adelaide, HyP SA removes                   opportunity that will enable the transport
carbon from our gas supply as South Australia           of hydrogen so it can be blended into other
advances towards net-zero emissions by 2050.            points in the network, as well as hydrogen
From mid-2020, for an initial period of five            vehicle refuelling, industrial use and
years, AGN will produce renewable hydrogen              potentially export.
using renewable electricity1 and water.
                                                        HyP SA is AGN’s first step to lowering carbon
AGN will supply more than 700 properties                emissions and is part of its broader aim to
in the nearby suburb of Mitchell Park with a            blend up to 10 per cent renewable hydrogen
blend of 5 per cent renewable hydrogen in               in South Australia and across the other
natural gas, delivered through the existing             regions AGN serve, before consideration of
gas network. Customers receiving the 5 per              100 per cent hydrogen conversion.
cent renewable gas blend will not notice any                                                               Fabrication of Hydrogen Buffer Storage Vessel
                                                        AGN is also actively working with Australian
difference about the quality of gas received                                                               for the Hydrogen Park South Australia Project at
                                                        Governments, including the South Australian        Pipetech in Adelaide
and are not required to make any change to
                                                        Government and industry, to establish
their appliances. The amount paid for gas will
                                                        the Australian Hydrogen Centre, that will
be no different from the cost of 100 per cent
                                                        externalise learnings from HyP SA and
natural gas.
                                                        deliver feasibility studies related to increased
The project will demonstrate the feasibility of         hydrogen blending, and 100 per cent
blending hydrogen into the South Australian             hydrogen conversion on Australian towns,
gas network and inform the South Australian             cities and states.
Government's planning to transition the gas

1. AGN will purchase (and voluntarily surrender) large-Scale Generation Certificates to offset
the amount of electricity used and ensure the hydrogen produced is renewable.

Artist’s impression of Hydrogen Park South Australia, a 1.25MW
electrolyser, blending equipment and tube and trailer facility.

15                              South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan              Government of South Australia                         September 2019
"We are delighted that
             South Australia will lead the
             way with this technology.
             Hydrogen Park SA
             provides an opportunity to
             develop an Australian-first
             integrated hydrogen project
             that paves the way for the
             commercial deployment of a
             hydrogen economy.

             "And importantly, it propels
             South Australia’s status
             as a leader in renewable
             technology and a first mover
             in hydrogen"

             - Ben Wilson, Chief Executive
             Officer, Australian Gas Networks

The Main Assembly Building (MAB) of the Tonsley Innovation District
University of South Australia's Renewable
Energy Testbed
                                       UniSA’s Mawson Lakes campus will be           2015, launching the Research Node for Low
                                       transformed into a national testbed of        Carbon Living, the State’s premier hub for
                                       renewable energy technologies through         multidisciplinary, industry-driven research,
                                       an $8.7 million project to incorporate        exploring low carbon solutions.
                                       solar power, flow batteries, a hydrogen
                                                                                     The facility will feature solar panels on 18
                                       fuel cell stack and thermal energy
                                                                                     buildings at Mawson Lakes, one hectare of
                                                                                     ground-mounted solar panels, and thermal
                                       The project – supported by a $3.6 million     energy storage. Once completed in 2020, it
                                       grant from the South Australian Government    will increase the availability of carbon-free
                                       – aims to produce data to support multi-      renewable energy, reducing pressure on the
                                       disciplinary research projects (such as       local electricity network.
                                       optimising performance, economics, and
                                                                                     By partnering with Australian renewable
                                       energy and emissions) in hydrogen, battery
                                                                                     energy companies, UniSA expects the facility
                                       storage and solar technologies. Energy
                                                                                     to provide more than 250 MWh of electrical
                                       produced will supplement campus needs
                                                                                     storage annually, reducing the peak electrical
                                       especially at periods of peak demand.
                                                                                     load by 43 per cent, cutting its emissions by
                                       The project is at the forefront of UniSA’s    35 per cent and making renewable energy
                                       strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and   available on demand.
                                       embrace renewable energy technologies. The
                                                                                     UniSA expects the project to achieve annual
                                       campus underlined its green credentials in
                                                                                     energy savings of about $470,000.

"South Australia is already leading                              "It will bring a host of new jobs
the world in the transition to                                   and investment opportunities to
renewable energy. This project                                   the State as well as inspiring and
will enhance that reputation and                                 developing the next generation of
also show other organisations how                                renewable energy professionals."
they can move towards energy
independence and contribute to a                                 - Dr Stephen Berry, Renewable Energy and
carbon neutral future."                                          Decarbonisation Manager, UniSA

- Professor David Lloyd, UniSA Vice Chancellor

                                                                                              Solar PV array for University of South
                                                                                              Australia's Renewable Energy System at its
                                                                                              Mawson Lakes campus.

17                   South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan      Government of South Australia                      September 2019
At the December 2018 Council of
Australian Governments (COAG)
Energy Council meeting, Energy
Ministers from all Australian
jurisdictions accepted a proposal from
Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan
Finkel to develop a National Hydrogen
Strategy for 2020-2030.
South Australia is represented on the
COAG Energy Council by The Honourable
Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, Minister for
Energy and Mining.
South Australia is contributing to the
development of a National Hydrogen
Strategy with representatives across all
work streams, and leading a Kick-start
Project on blending up to 10 per cent
hydrogen with natural gas in domestic
gas networks.
Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy
is scheduled to be presented to Energy
Ministers for approval in December 2019.
South Australia’s Hydrogen Action Plan
will be the primary mechanism through
which South Australia contributes to
the implementation of a future National
Hydrogen Strategy, with a focus on
being a supplier-of-choice for certified
renewable hydrogen.

"I am confident that
Australia can play a part
in the development of
hydrogen as a fuel source
that can contribute to
the reduction of global
greenhouse gas emissions.

Ideally, we need to plan
and start now."
                       — Dr Alan Finkel
               Australia’s Chief Scientist
       Unlocking the hydrogen future, Committee for the
        Economic Development of Australia, August 2019

South Australia's
Hydrogen Action

     Key performance indicators
     to be monitored by the
     Hydrogen Economy Steering
                                                      Facilitate                                    Establish a world
     •   Annual volume of hydrogen                    investments                                   class regulatory
         produced in SA                               in hydrogen                                   framework
     •   Annual volume of hydrogen
         exported overseas from SA
     •   Cumulative capital investment in
         hydrogen infrastructure                      Springboard from first                        Deliver global best-practice
                                                      renewable hydrogen                            hydrogen regulations that are
     •   Construction and ongoing jobs
                                                      production in 2020 towards a                  simple and efficient, building
                                                      hydrogen economy                              community and investor

                                                      Actions:                                      Actions:

                                                      •    Deliver the South Australian             •   Efficient, effective regulations
                                                           Hydrogen Export Modelling Tool               supported by Hydrogen Regulatory
                                                           to inform the establishment of               Working Group
                                                           renewable hydrogen export supply
                                                           chains                                   •   Certification for South Australian
                                                                                                        renewable hydrogen
                                                      •    Facilitate the development of
                                                           hydrogen infrastructure projects in      •   Advocating for internationally
                                                           South Australia                              harmonised codes and standards

                                                      •    Develop a plan for the cost-effective    •   Educating the South Australian
                                                           application of hydrogen in domestic          community and industry on
                                                           primary energy sectors                       hydrogen technologies for the
                                                      •    Incorporate hydrogen into long-
                                                           term infrastructure planning

19                         South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan      Government of South Australia                September 2019
           South Australia leverages its wind, sun, land, infrastructure and
           skills to be a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier.

           Scale-up renewable hydrogen production for export and
           domestic consumption

Deepen trade                              Foster innovation                         Integrate hydrogen
relationships and                         and workforce skills                      into our energy
supply capabilities                       development                               system

Establish robust relationships            Accelerate hydrogen                       Understanding the value of
and value chains to supply                innovation based on solid                 hydrogen in our decarbonised
renewable hydrogen to new                 academic research and                     energy system
and emerging trade partners               industry partnerships, and
                                          ensure South Australia has the
                                          workforce skills, capability and
                                          capacity to deliver

Actions:                                  Actions:                                  Actions:

•   Promote renewable hydrogen            •   Leverage current and future           •   Secure wider energy system
    through its global network of trade       hydrogen projects for training and        benefits of hydrogen-led sector
    and investment offices                    innovation                                coupling to our renewable energy

•   Support inbound and outbound          •   Skilling South Australia to support   •   Facilitate knowledge sharing
    trade and investment missions             the expansion of new industries and       from the first hydrogen projects
                                              a hydrogen economy                        integrated into South Australia’s
•   Engage with international hydrogen                                                  energy system
    consortia                             •   Support and participate in Future
                                              Fuels Cooperative Research Centre     •   Identify any changes that might
•   Facilitate hydrogen-related foreign                                                 be needed to the National Energy
    direct investment, business           •   Support and participate in the            Market Framework to ensure the
    migration and business expansion          Australian Hydrogen Centre                efficient integration of hydrogen
                                                                                        into energy systems

                                                                                    •   Investigate hydrogen production
                                                                                        and use in remote areas of South

in hydrogen
                                                                                                       Action theme 1
Springboard from first renewable
hydrogen production in 2020 towards a
hydrogen economy
South Australia’s key challenge in                                          While building up to export-scale production is a long-term
realising a hydrogen economy is scaling                                     proposition, South Australia will methodically capitalise on its
                                                                            comparative advantages and build upon its existing investments
up large-scale renewable hydrogen
                                                                            in renewable hydrogen production infrastructure.
production to export-capable volumes as
part of a sustainable value chain.                                          This will start with Australia’s largest electrolyser planned to be
                                                                            operational in metropolitan Adelaide in 2020.

     From South Australia's first demonstration projects to building scale

     The South Australian Goverment has             South Australia will leverage these
     co-invested more than $17 million              projects to reduce investment risk in
     in grants and $25 million in loans to          the next suite of large-scale renewable
     four hydrogen production projects.             hydrogen projects in South Australia,
                                                    which will aim to reduce production costs              Large scale
     These projects will generate learnings for                                                          export projects
                                                    per unit of renewable hydrogen.
     industry and regulators, grow community
     awareness and understanding, and               Learnings:
     develop workforce skills.                      - industry knowledge
                                                    - innovation & workforce development
     The projects are also key to establish                                                  Early export
                                                    - community awareness
                                                                                                                                         Project Scale

     South Australia as a credible supplier of      - regulation, codes & standards            projects
     renewable hydrogen supported by a              - international collaboration   Domestic
     local workforce in a real-life environment,                                     applications
     and provide a platform for international
     collaboration in developing a renewable
     hydrogen value chain.                          First renewable
                                                     H2 production

                                                             2020                               mid-2020’s

21                             South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan       Government of South Australia                      September 2019
South Australia is on the move to facilitate
investments in hydrogen infrastructure...
Deliver the South Australian Hydrogen              Develop a plan for the cost-effective
Export Modelling Tool to inform the                application of hydrogen in domestic
establishment of renewable hydrogen                primary energy sectors
export supply chains
                                                   The South Australian Government’s existing
An interactive hydrogen map is available           renewable hydrogen pilots, projects and
at to enable                demonstrations are designed to build
international investors and project developers     renewable hydrogen infrastructure, scale
to identify ideal sites in South Australia for     the domestic market, and help develop a
hydrogen infrastructure.                           substantial industry capable of export.
The South Australian Government will work          The South Australian Government is
with industry on a landmark study of existing      committed to identifying cost-effective
and potential infrastructure required for an       applications for renewable hydrogen’s wider
international-scale, renewable hydrogen-           use in gas networks, transportation and
export value chain.                                in industrial and remote applications; and
                                                   developing a plan to guide investment in
Its findings will be available across the
                                                   these areas. This will assist in achieving the
worldwide network of South Australian
                                                   state's aim of net zero emissions by 2050 by
trade and investment offices to inform key
                                                   decarbonising other primary energy use.
considerations such as locations for hydrogen
production and conversion, volume of supply
                                                   Incorporate hydrogen into long-term
potential, and the landed cost of renewable
                                                   infrastructure planning
hydrogen from South Australia.
                                                   Infrastructure SA is an independent agency
Facilitate the development of hydrogen             responsible for framing South Australia’s 20-
infrastructure projects in South Australia         year Infrastructure Strategy, which will inform
                                                   a Capital Intentions Statement – a five-year
The South Australian Government has
                                                   rolling annual plan that will identify specific
co-invested more than $17 million in grants
                                                   major projects to be undertaken as a priority.
and $25 million in loans to four renewable
hydrogen projects.                                 Infrastructure SA has been engaged to
                                                   consider hydrogen as part of its long-term
Led by the Department for Energy and
                                                   infrastructure planning.
Mining, the South Australian Government
will continue to deepen its engagement
with key hydrogen industry stakeholders and
coordinate the State’s efforts in scaling up its
hydrogen industry.

Adelaide hydrogen vehicle showcase in
Victoria Square, Adelaide CBD

Establish a
                                                                                            Action theme 2
Deliver global best-practice hydrogen
regulations that are simple and efficient,
building community and investor
As one of the top regulatory regimes in                            Australian jurisdictions on regulatory standards and continues to
the world for tight and shale gas, South                           contribute to the development of Australia’s National Hydrogen
                                                                   Strategy for 2020-2030.
Australia has a proven record of providing
effective, transparent regulatory                                  South Australia’s regulatory expertise, close collaboration with
frameworks that facilitate economic                                the national and international hydrogen communities and our
growth.                                                            focus on safety provides a world-leading hydrogen regulatory
                                                                   regime designed to meet the needs of investors and the
The South Australian Government, through the Council of            community.
Australian Governments (COAG), works closely with other

   International Association for
   Hydrogen Safety
   The South Australian Government is a
   financial member of the International
   Association for Hydrogen Safety (“HySafe”)
   and has developed close links with
   hydrogen safety experts operating across
   the world.
   The 8th International Conference on
   Hydrogen Safety was held in Adelaide,
   South Australia in September 2019. The
   world’s premier hydrogen-risk management
   event, the biennial conference provides an
   open platform for presenting and discussing
   new findings and information on hydrogen

23                        South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan   Government of South Australia                    September 2019
South Australia is on the move to establish
a world-class regulatory framework…
Efficient, effective regulations supported           Advocating for internationally
by Hydrogen Regulatory Working Group                 harmonised codes and standards
Ensuring our regulatory regime delivers              The South Australian Government will
outstanding levels of safety and trust,              continue to maintain and further develop
efficiently with clear and unambiguous               its strong international hydrogen network,
objectives is essential for investors to enter the   including ongoing involvement in the
market with confidence.                              International Association for Hydrogen Safety
                                                     (HySafe), Centre for Hydrogen Safety (US) and
The South Australian Government has
                                                     other internationally respected organisations
established a cross-government agency
                                                     in the research and development of hydrogen
Hydrogen Regulatory Working Group that
                                                     technologies and its safe use.
includes first responders and all other
workplace safety, environmental, planning and        Working in close collaboration with our
technical regulation authorities involved in the     international and national colleagues, we will
permitting of hydrogen facilities.                   advocate for best practice, harmonised codes
                                                     and standards, making it simpler and more
The Hydrogen Regulatory Working Group
                                                     efficient for investors working across multiple
will continue to develop competency and
                                                     locations and delivering consumer benefits.
awareness of hydrogen across government
to ensure regulatory gaps are identified and
                                                     Educating the South Australian
addressed. It will continue to provide advice
                                                     community and industry on hydrogen
to proponents of hydrogen projects to ensure
                                                     technologies for the future
compliance with existing requirements.
                                                     Public understanding and support for
Certification for South Australian                   hydrogen is critical to its adoption and success.
renewable hydrogen                                   To help capture the value in the hydrogen
                                                     economy, the South Australian Government
Renewable or ‘green’ hydrogen generally
                                                     will work proactively with the community and
refers to hydrogen produced using electricity
                                                     industry to increase knowledge and support
from renewable sources. This is distinct from
                                                     for a growing green hydrogen industry.
‘brown’ or ‘grey’ hydrogen, which generally
means hydrogen produced using fossil fuels
that emit carbon into the atmosphere.
Customers in both Australian and overseas
markets seeking to reduce emissions recognise
the difference between renewable and other
forms of hydrogen. For South Australian
renewable hydrogen to be attractive in these
markets, it will be important for its origin to be
guaranteed by a scheme that meets market
The South Australian Government will
continue to work with Australian and
international jurisdictions, including through
the National Hydrogen Strategy, to develop
an appropriate mechanism to guarantee
the origin of South Australian hydrogen
production for domestic use and export.

Deepen trade
relationships and
supply capabilities
                                                                                                   Action theme 3
Establish robust relationships and value
chains to supply renewable hydrogen to
new and emerging trade partners
By leading the nation in the uptake                                       Attracting investment and capturing a greater share of export
of renewable energy and pioneering                                        markets is also the focus of the South Australian Growth Agenda
                                                                          led by the Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment.
grid-scale energy storage solutions,
international companies have already                                      New free trade agreements with our regional partners and the
begun to recognise South Australia as                                     Commonwealth Government’s commitment to developing a
a destination for sustainable energy                                      National Hydrogen Strategy also supports South Australia’s
investment.                                                               aim of leveraging its advantages to open up new market
Hydrogen provides a further opportunity to build on the
existing investment and the State’s established record as
a reliable supplier of commodities and adopter of new

   South Australian hydrogen engagements in the Asia-Pacific
   November 2018: Minister for Trade,            March 2019: His Excellency the Governor       August 2019: an inbound delegation
   Tourism and Investment the Hon. David         the Honourable Hieu Van Le AC and             led by Representative Lee Won-Wook of
   Ridgway MP officially opened South            Minister Ridgway participated in number       Korean National Assembly and industry
   Australia’s new Shanghai Trade and            of hydrogen meetings in Japan and the         leaders visited Adelaide for meetings
   Investment Office as the first of five        Republic of Korea as part of the North East   with South Australian industry and
   strategic trade and investment offices.       Asia Trade Mission and Investment Office      government, including lunch cooked over
                                                 opening.                                      a locally-built barbecue fuelled by 100%
   February 2019: the Chief Executive of
   the Department for Energy and Mining          July 2019: Ms Sally Townsend, South
   Dr Paul Heithersay led a delegation of        Australia’s Commissioner to Japan and         September 2019: an inbound delegation
   South Australian hydrogen industry            Korea, represented South Australia at the     led by the University of Tokyo and
   representatives to the 2019 International     inaugural meeting of the Green Ammonia        comprising industry representatives from
   Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo,         Consortium in Tokyo. The Government of        the Renewable Hydrogen Consortium
   Japan, as part of a “Team Australia”          South Australia, Austrade and CSIRO have      visited Adelaide for meetings with South
   approach coordinated by Austrade.             been invited to join as advisory members.     Australian industry and government.

25                          South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan        Government of South Australia                   September 2019
South Australia is on the move to deepen
its trade relationships and supply
Promote renewable hydrogen through            Engage with international hydrogen
its global network of trade and               consortia
investment offices
                                              South Australia is committed to engaging
The South Australian Government is            with international hydrogen consortia to
opening five new overseas trade and           share information and cooperate on the
investment offices in strategic locations     scale-up of the global hydrogen production
in China, northeast Asia, southeast Asia,     and export industry.
the Middle East, and the United States of
                                              South Australia’s membership of the Green
America to build on its existing overseas
                                              Ammonia Consortium of global entities with
                                              an interest in green (renewable) ammonia is
South Australia’s trade office network will   an example of relationship building South
also work alongside the South Australian      Australia is pursuing.
Agent General’s Office in London and
Austrade’s global network to facilitate       Facilitate hydrogen-related foreign
business connections and provide support      direct investment, business migration
to companies looking to enter international   and business expansion
markets, and to overseas investors looking
                                              Securing overseas investment in new
for opportunities in South Australia.
                                              export-capable industries such as hydrogen
                                              will be a major contributor to achieving
Support inbound and outbound trade
                                              the South Australian Government’s State
and investment missions
                                              Growth Plan of accelerating annual gross
The South Australian Government has           state product growth to 3 per cent.
increased support to attract major events
                                              The Department for Trade, Tourism and
and business conferences to Adelaide that
                                              Investment is at the forefront of securing
provide a drawcard for overseas investors
                                              new investment in growth industries, and
and buyers, for example the International
                                              the hydrogen economy is one of the key
Conference on Hydrogen Safety in Adelaide
                                              export-oriented sectors that will contribute      Bottom left: Representative Won-
in September 2019.
                                              to meeting these State Growth Plan targets.       Wook Lee, member of Korean
The South Australian Government publishes                                                       National Assembly, cooks on a
                                              Expanding South Australia’s modern                Heatlie hydrogen barbecue during
an Annual Calendar of Inbound and                                                               the H2Korea delegations visit to the
                                              industrial supply chain to offer the capability
Outbound Trade and Investment Missions                                                          Tonsley Innovation District, Adelaide
                                              and workforce to support the multiple
that allows local companies to align their                                                      Bottom right: His Excellency the
                                              facets of a growing hydrogen economy,
overseas engagement with target hydrogen                                                        Governor Hieu Van Le AC, Minister
                                              from the production of hydrogen (and other        for Trade, Tourism and Investment
                                              hydrogen derived products), to its storage,       the Honourable David Ridgway MP
                                              conversion (power-to-gas and gas-to-              and Commissioner, South Australia
                                                                                                – Japan and Korea, Sally Townsend
                                              power) and its distribution, across both the      open the North East Asia Trade and
                                              energy and mobility sectors.                      Investment Office

Foster innovation
and workforce
                                                                                                        Action theme 4
Accelerate hydrogen innovation based
on solid academic research and industry
partnerships, and ensure South Australia
has the workforce skills, capability and
capacity to deliver
South Australia combines traditional                                           The rapid emergence of a hydrogen industry will create demand
manufacturing capabilities in defence                                          for skilled workers and tailor training programs that meet the
                                                                               demand for new specialist skills and promote opportunities for
and automotive industries with emerging
                                                                               STEM students and graduates, particularly in regional areas where
skills in space and energy sectors to create                                   projects are likely to be based
a thriving, vibrant innovation community.
South Australia’s three main universities are all active in hydrogen
and energy related research across the Centre for Energy
Technology (University of Adelaide), the Institute for Nanoscale
Science and Technology (Flinders University) to the Future
Industries Institute (University of South Australia).

     Innovation and Translation neighbourhoods

     Lot Fourteen, Adelaide                         Tonsley Innovation District                     Osborne Naval Shipyard
     Located in the heart of Adelaide’s             The focal point of a 20-year master plan        The Osborne Naval Shipyard is Australia’s
     CBD, Lot Fourteen is a creation and            for the transformation of the former            premier naval industry hub, home to
     innovation neighbourhood bringing              Mitsubishi car plant in metropolitan            many leading technology companies
     together members of the entrepreneurial        Adelaide, the Tonsley Innovation District       pursuing opportunities in the defence
     ecosystem including the new Australian         has become Australia’s most awarded             or commercial shipbuilding and ship
     Space Agency, the Australian Cyber             innovation district and will host Australia’s   sustainment projects. Osborne has close
     Collaboration Centre, and the Australian       largest operational hydrogen electrolyser       connections with the Edinburgh Defence
     Institute for Machine Learning.                as well as up to 6 MW in on-site solar PV       Precinct and the Commonwealth Defence
                                                    and battery storage.                            Science and Technology agency
     Also incorporating the Future Industries
     Exchange for Entrepreneurship (FIXE), Lot      Tonsley has become an innovation test
     Fourteen provides an ideal platform for        bed for productive and sustainable
     new companies connected to the new             working and living environment around
     renewable hydrogen economy.                    future energy, mining, manufacturing and
                                                    autonomous mobility.

27                            South Australia's Hydrogen Action Plan           Government of South Australia                     September 2019
South Australia is on the move to foster
innovation and workforce development…
Leverage current and future hydrogen             Support and participate in Future Fuels
projects for training and innovation             Cooperative Research Centre
The “Hydrogen Research and Development           More than $90 million in government,
in South Australia” report to the South          industry and university cash and in-
Australian Government identifies existing        kind funding support the Future Fuels
hydrogen research and development                Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) work in
capability in the state and opportunities to     transitioning Australia’s multi-billion dollar
extend this capability across local, national    energy sector to low-carbon fuels including
and international collaboration                  hydrogen.
South Australia will leverage its
                                                 South Australia is the only Australian state
demonstration projects, such as AGN’s
                                                 to commit government funding to the
Hydrogen Park South Australia at the
                                                 Future Fuels CRC, and will actively assist
Tonsley Innovation District and H2U’s
                                                 the Centre’s research during its seven-year
South Australian Renewable Hydrogen
and Ammonia Supply Chain Demonstrator
plant to provide a platform for rapid testing,
                                                 Support and participate in the Australian
development and commercial expansion of
                                                 Hydrogen Centre
hydrogen related projects.
                                                 The South Australian Government has
Skilling South Australia to support              committed to support the establishment
the expansion of new industries and a            of the Australian Hydrogen Centre led by
hydrogen economy                                 Australian Gas Infrastructure Group.

The South Australian Government is               Building upon the learnings from Hydrogen
committed to supporting an additional            Park South Australia at the Tonsley
20,800 apprentices and trainees over four        Innovation District, the proposed Australian
years through the Skilling South Australia       Hydrogen Centre will share knowledge
initiative. The initiative is committed to       on the feasibility of blending 10 per cent
ensuring these opportunities meet the            hydrogen into city and regional gas
state’s skills needs both now and in the         networks as a step toward 100 per cent
future.                                          conversion to hydrogen of the South
                                                 Australian and other Australian jurisdictional
Government will work with industry,
                                                 distribution networks.
vocational education and training provides
and universities to leverage the Skilling        This will help inform a plan for the cost-
South Australia and other initiatives to         effective use of hydrogen in this sector.
encourage apprenticeships and traineeships
to support the hydrogen sector.

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