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Springhill High School - School Extracurricular Handbook 2021 2022 - Springhill High ...
Springhill High School

School Extracurricular
     2021 - 2022


Springhill High School promotes its extracurricular programs as both ambassadorial and as an important
option to students who wish to become involved in school life. The implementation of this policy is under
the direct responsibility of the school Principal, Staff Advisors, and the Athletic Director (AD).

The following policy has been developed to improve and support extracurricular programs and seeks to
identify areas of responsibility that go beyond the school administration.

As a member school of the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF), Springhill High School actively
supports the ethics, rules and regulations governing high school sport as outlined by the NSSAF.

Student Eligibility:

Students participating in any extracurricular activity must be in good standing academically, behaviorally
and regarding attendance.

Springhill High School believes extracurricular activities are essential in developing students with a sense
of responsibility, accountability, and leadership.

Springhill High School, believes in keeping the 'school' in school activities, which is why the
administration, teachers, school advisors and coaches promote the belief that student
athletes/committee members are students first and that representing the school in all activities is a

As such, students representing Springhill High School MUST be passing all courses, meeting all
attendance requirements, and display appropriate behaviors both in and out of school in order to
participate in extracurricular activities.

Students may lose their privilege to participate in organized events if they have:
    • Any failing grade on any progress or formal report,
    • An out of school suspension (regardless of the length of the suspension),
    • An in-school suspension,
    • The student is NOT meeting school attendance expectations.

A student participant failing any one course will be placed on Academic Probation, which involves:
    1. The student is not permitted to participate in events/functions, practices, meetings, or games
       involved with the extracurricular activity.
    2. A minimum of one week of marked improvement in their academics must be demonstrated.
       Depending on the level of improvement, the student could then be taken off extracurricular
       probation, or continue probation for another week. A student who is placed on academic
probation and has not engaged in extra supports available and continues to be unsuccessful in
         their course(s) could be removed from the extracurricular activity.


Responsibilities of the Coach:

Quality coaching, more than any other factor, will determine the caliber of the school’s athletic program. A
coach is defined as:

     •   Outside Coach – someone who is coaching at the school but is not employed by CCRCE.

     •   School Coach – a person who coaches and is employed by CCRCE.

The NSSAF outlines the role of the coach in its handbook (nssaf.ednet.ns.ca) and the coaches at Springhill
High School are also expected to:

1.       Respect the school’s philosophy, rules and regulations. The coach is to recognize that academics
         come first and that the Athletic Program is but one aspect of a student’s education. The physical,
         academic and emotional well-being of the student has to be considered above all else.

            •    Prior to leaving the School for ANY sporting event, the Coach MUST check in with the
                 office (Principal or Vice-Principal) to determine if all team members are eligible to

            •    The Coach MUST do bi-weekly check-ins for attendance and behavior for all team

2.       All coaches are selected at Springhill High School at the discretion of the Athletic Director in
         consultation with the school administration. All coaches must complete a Volunteer package if
         they are not an employee of CCRCE.

3.       The coaches are responsible for the supervision of the facilities that they are using. When
         competing at a venue other than Springhill High School, the coach is responsible for the safe
         conduct to and from that venue. The coach should be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

4.       The coach is responsible for enforcing and abiding by all rules and regulations as outlined by the
         NSSAF and the school and will be held responsible for the enforcement and implementation of its
         by-laws and regulation particularly in regard to matters of eligibility and conduct.

5.       Team selection should be carried out in a fair and equitable fashion. Criteria for becoming a team
         member should be outlined before tryouts commence and the coach should be able to defend
         choices that are made.

6.       At the beginning of the season, coaches must receive permission to enter extra tournaments from
         the AD. The number of contests allowed in each sport is regulated by the NSSAF.

7.       All gym time will be set at the discretion of the AD and Principal and the coach will need to fill in a
Use of Schools Facility form for practice/game times for season. Priority will be given to the sport
      in season and /or those heading into playoffs. Use of the gymnasium will be limited during the
      month of June. There will be no games or practices (gr 7-12) during the January and June exam

8.     Coaches will be informed of any ineligible or suspended students and MUST adhere to the
       sanctions regarding these students.

9.     Springhill High School coaches are to be at least 21 years of age and have a NCCP Level 1 in their
       sport. Allowances will be made for those pursuing certifications.

10.    The coach shall take a strong stand against the use of profanity, abusive or sexist language, or any
       other unsportspersonlike conduct. They will NOT tolerate any hazing of team members. No
       team member is to be subjected to humiliation or degradation even if permission has been
       granted, or implied, by the athlete.

11.    Any use of drugs or alcohol is to be reported immediately to the school administration.

12.    All game results should be reported to the AD immediately after the contest.

13.    Coaches are to inform staff of student-athletes absence for an athletic event in a timely fashion.
       This will allow teachers time to rearrange tests or assignments.

14.    The coach should carry a copy of all team members’ medical information with them and make
       sure all injuries are reported to the AD. An incident report form must also be filled out for
       insurance purposes ASAP.

15.    When travelling with teams,

       • All trips MUST be pre-approved through the on-line Travel Authorization process. The on-line
         forms MUST be submitted to the principal 1 week prior to the travel date (see appendix).

       • The coach MUST have a complete package of permission forms and a List of Vehicle
         Occupants for that particular travel date. Please ensure that copies are left with the school
         (see appendix).

       • The Coach MUST check with the office to determine eligibility of all volunteer drivers. Please
         NOTE: Under NO circumstances are students allowed to drive (themselves or other
         students) to ANY school event.

       • All teams travelling should depart from the school together to ensure that all of the above
         procedures have taken place.

       • Unless necessary to arrive in time for an afternoon game, travelling should occur outside of
         school hours.

       • Unless the hotel pool is supervised by a nationally certified Life Guard, using the hotel pool is
         not permitted. It is recommended booking hotels that do not have a pool.

       • All drivers must complete a “J Form” which is available in the office (see appendix).

       • All drivers must be a volunteer listed for Springhill High School (have all forms completed for
         Volunteer Package and registered with Human Resources). If an athlete travels to the
games/practices with a non-Parent/Guardian who has not completed the required forms, the
           athlete will not be permitted to participate in any capacity. The athlete will not be permitted
           to dress for the event or sit with the team. Students must leave with an approved driver as

 16.    The coach must ensure all student-athletes have met financial obligations to the school prior to
        becoming an active member (receiving a team jersey) of the team. The AD should be made
        aware of students in financial difficulty.

 17.    The coach should have a Parent/Guardians’ meeting to communicate all aspects of the school and
        coach’s expectations for their child’s involvement on a team.

 18.    Coaches are encouraged to get a Team Manager (Parent/Guardian) who is in charge of organizing
        and communicating activities to the rest of the Parent/Guardians on the team.

 19.    All fundraising must be approved in writing (fundraising proposal form – see appendix), in
        advance, by the Principal. Coaches are responsible to ensure that all monies are handled
        according to appropriate policies established by CCRCE (see appendix).

 20.    All funds that are collected by the team are to be deposited with the school. No separate accounts
        outside the school are to be kept.

 21.    Food served and sold during games and practices must follow CCRCE’s Healthy Food and
        Nutrition Policy (see appendix).

 22.    When school is cancelled (storm closures, power outages, etc.) all practices and games are

 23.    In the event of poor weather, coaches must contact the Principal to discuss travel arrangements.

Responsibilities of the School and Students

The school’s role in athletics is one of support for the coach administratively and financially. The AD’s
role is foster a good working relationship between athlete, coach and the school and to administer the day
to day operation of the total Athletic Program.

All participants in extracurricular activities must have paid all registration fees, or discussed a
payment plan with the Principal.

Sports offered at Springhill High School may vary from year to year depending on the interest and
coaching availability.


A student must be under 19 years of age as of September 30th to be eligible to play High School sports. A
student is eligible for three consecutive years beginning with the first year of high school (Grade10).

All athletic fees and uniform fees are to be paid before the student athlete plays their first game. Fees will
be set by the coach based on team requirement.

Eligibility in Current Semester

  Students must be in good academic standing:

      •   passing all courses

      •   must be “in good standing” regarding attendance

      •   enrolled in three courses per semester, as per NSSAF requirements

Please note:
   • Students who have lost credits due to attendance will not be permitted to participate in athletics
       that semester.
   • Extenuating circumstance will be assessed by the AD and school administration.

  Eligibility Based on Previous Semester

  If the student withdrew from, lost or failed course(s), the previous semester they will be ineligible to
  participate, tryout or compete, until the above criteria are met.


  Attendance at school is an essential part of learning and the success of the student. The student
  participant is expected to be in class in order to be successful in their courses. Student participants who
  are NOT in school on the day of an event or game without a note from a Parent/Guardian or doctor are
  not eligible to participate. Student participants who are absent from classes without an excuse at any
  time during the week may also be removed from participating in games or practices. Students who are
  missing from classes a number of times without an excuse may be removed from participating for a
  time period as deemed by the Athletic Director or Administration.

  Student participants are reminded that all school rules apply at all school sponsored activities. This
  includes events, competitions, practices, and tournaments etc., both at school and away from the

  Student participants involved in more than one sport or event that overlaps are obligated to honor their
  first commitment. Failure to do so may result in the student participant being ineligible for other
  extracurricular teams or opportunities. The sport in season has priority over other sports, practices or
  meetings. A student participant’s commitment is to the first sport or event.
All uniforms and equipment belong to the school and are to be returned to the school in the same
 condition as they were given out. Failure to do so will result in the student being billed for the cost of
 the equipment or uniform.

 Uniforms are NOT to be worn to school as general clothing they are designated specifically for the
 sporting activity.

 Students who are suspended (In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension) from school are not
 eligible to participate in events, competitions, practices or meetings while suspended. Students’
 eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities will be reinstated after the completion of the
 following school day. I.e. If a student was suspended (in or out of school) on Friday, their eligibility
 would be reinstated after attending five classes on Monday (i.e. Monday 2:30PM).

Student athletes should:
1.   Play hard and respect the other team, officials and coaches.

2.   Maintain a high degree of physical fitness.

3.   Abstain from performance enhancing drugs along with illegal substances. Tobacco products,
     including chewing tobacco, are not permitted at school activities.

4.   Demonstrate respect for the diversity among participants as it relates to race relations,
     cross-cultural understanding and human rights.

5.   Play for the love of the game.

Multiple Activities

While participating in multiple sports is often desirable by both Parent/Guardians and students, concerns
regarding the student’s ability to physically and mentally handle two or more commitments must be
taken into consideration, especially in light of the demands placed on the student by the semester system.
In light of this, the following guidelines are in place:

1. It is the responsibility of the coaches whose sports overlap to communicate with each other when
   games and/or practices are in conflict.

2. The student cannot decide unilaterally in which sport to participate. In the event of overlapping
   games, the earlier starting season take priority.

3. A student may try out for more than one sport in a season with the approval of the coach of the
   second sport. The coach, in consultation with the AD, may not allow a tryout if is contravenes their
   coaching philosophy. Spots on the second team maybe held open until such time the athlete becomes

4. Students may not leave a team in mid-season to join a second team.

5. A student may become ineligible to participate in a school sponsored activity if, at the discretion of
   the school, the involvement in an outside school activity and the added involvement in a school sport
   is having an adverse effect on that student in either their academic standing or their performance on
   the school team.

                                   LIST OF VEHICLE OCCUPANTS

SCHOOL: Springhill Jr/Sr High ___________          DRIVER’S NAME: __________________

DESTINATION: __________________________             DEPARTURE TIME: ___________________

VEHICLE LICENSE NO.: __________________            APPROX. RETURN TIME: _______________

            STUDENT’S NAME                     DATE              HOME PHONE #
Office Use Only
                            Request for School Cheque
                                                                            Cheque #


Payable to:


Amount:                                     Charge to:
                                                                (Account / Group)

Requested by:

If you have more than one receipt/invoice, please list separately and attach originals.

Date             Supplier                  Item(s)               Subtotal    Tax       Total


           Principal’s Signature                               Date

    HST Calculation: Total HST              68%                             Copy on Grey Paper
School Deposit Form
Groups, teams or individuals depositing money at the office are required to complete the following deposit
sheet and include it with the money to be deposited. The amount will be verified by the office and receipt(s)

       Where large amounts of coin are involved, it is expected that the coin will be rolled.
NOTE: Every person who makes a payment of $10 or more must receive an individual receipt. It is the
       responsibility of the person completing the deposit form to provide the names of persons who
       require receipts on the reverse side of this form or attach a class list.
                                                              Source of Funds – please indicate the source of
                                                              funds: i.e., car wash, BBQ, ticket sales, student
                                                              yearbook sales, donation.

                                                                                 Source of Funds
                       CHEQUES                                             BILLS and COIN
                 Name                       Amount                       Bills                      Total
                                                               x   $ 5                        $
                                                               x   $ 10                       $
                                                               x   $ 20                       $
                                                               x   $ 50                       $
                                                               x   $ 100                      $
                                                          Total Bills                         $

                                                                              Rolled coin
                                                               x   Rolls of 1¢ (.50/roll)     $
                                                               x   Rolls of 5¢ ($2/roll)      $
                                                               x   Rolls of 10¢ ($5/roll)     $
                                                               x   Rolls of 25¢ ($10/roll)    $
                                                               x   Rolls of $1 ($25/roll)     $
                                                               x   Rolls of $2 ($50/roll)     $
                                                          Total Rolled Coin                   $
                                                                                 Loose Coin
                                                               x   1¢                         $
                                                               x   5¢                         $
                                                               x   10¢                        $
                                                               x   25¢                        $
                                                               x   $1                         $
                                                               x   $2                         $
                                                          Total Loose Coin                    $

                                                          Total Bills & Coin                  $
                                                          Total Cheques                       $
                     Total Cheques $                      US Bills/Cheques                    $
                                                          Net Deposit                         $
                                            FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
  Verified Amount: $                                    Signed:
  Receipts Issued: From #             To    #           Date:

Name           Phone #   Jersey # Fee Paid
Extra-Curricular Checklist
                                    (Athletics, Field Trips, etc.)

   Request permission for the activity from the Principal, (B. Conron).
   Confirm how the activity is to be paid for (i.e. office, fundraising, fees, etc.).
   Complete the on-line “Travel Authorization Form” (in Integrated Services – SMS).
   If a bus is required please email Trena Rushton 1 week prior to the activity.
   Confirm with Trena that the bus has been ordered.

 The “CCRCE Volunteer Package” has been completed and on file at the CCRCE and his/her name is on
  the CCRCE Volunteer List
 Only those with completed Volunteer Packages completed may transport students. Parents can
  transport their child at any time, but no other student is to travel with them unless they have
  completed the Volunteer Package.
 A completed “J Form” and a copy of the vehicle insurance and a copy of the driver’s license of the
  adult driving the vehicle is on file in the SHS Office every September before the adult can transport
  any students.
 A “Vehicle Occupancy Form” is to be completed for each vehicle that is transporting students. Please
  ensure that all information is competed: Driver Name, License Plate #, Phone #, etc. (If there will be a
  change in the driver during the event, the same procedure as mentioned above must be completed.)
  All original Forms are to be with the driver and a copy must be left in the SHS Office before
  departure. Students can never drive themselves to an event.
 If you need a school cheque – this must be requested 3 working days before the event. Complete a
  Grey “School Cheque Request Form” and confirm with Trena the morning of the event that the
  cheque is signed.
 Students requiring medication must have the proper forms competed and copies left in the SHS
 Drivers must leave from the school to ensure that copies of the “Vehicle Occupancy Form” are left in
  the SHS Office.

 Coach/Staff will send a tentative lists of participating students are sent to the staff 2 teaching days
  prior to the event. The confirmed list is to be finalized and sent the morning of the event.
 Eligibility for student participation has been confirmed by contacting the office. Only students “in
  good standing” may attend the event.
 Ensure that all athletic fees are paid (or arrangements made with the office) prior to the event.

Coach/Staff Member                                           Date
1) Get permission from the Principal. (B. Conron)

2) Know how event is being paid (Athletics, student fee, fundraising, etc.).

3) Check to see if a bus is available for the date you want. The Admin. Assistant can check on this for you, please e-
    mail her your date and time of departure and return. If you prefer to call on your own the # is 902-661-2533

4) Book the bus through the office. This has to be entered online by the Admin. Assistant. Email her the date, time of
    departure, time of return, number of buses needed, and the number of students attending, what grades will be
    attending, reason for the trip and the number of chaperones. If you have to cancel the bus call the bus garage at
    902-667-2533 ASAP. If the bus shows up to the school your group will be charged for the bus regardless.

5) Secure chaperones. The Chaperone to Student Ratio for Grade 7-12 is 1:15. Must have a female chaperone for
    female students and a male chaperone for male students. If this is an issue please see Ms. Conron.

6) Fill out Student Travel Authorization Form - submit to office. This also has to be entered on-line by the
    classroom teacher/Athletic Director. (Integrated Services then SMS). Please pay close attention to the length
    and location (i.e. “Same Day In Province” etc.)

7) Send home Activity Information Form and any other information about the trip. On the day of the trip be sure to
    take these with you and leave copies in the office.

8) Before anyone can transport students other than their own children, they must be approved as a CCRCE Volunteer
    through Central Office. (Forms are available in the office if needed).

9) Current “J Forms” must be completed with the following attached: 1. A copy of the driver’s license for each of the
    individuals that will be transporting students. 2. A copy of the insurance for the vehicle that will be transporting
    the students. These forms need to be renewed yearly.

10) Fill out Vehicle Occupants List form on the day of your trip. You can attach a class list and cross out students who
    are not present. Take a copy with you and leave one in the office. In the event that it is multiple days of travel
    (tournament, overnight trip, etc.) a vehicle occupancy list must be completed for each day of travel and a copy left
    at the school.

11) If a cheque is required before you go, please submit a cheque request to the office with invoice at least 3 days in
    advance. Keep authorized expense receipts and submit those on a school cheque request form.

12) If there is a last minute change during the evening or on the weekend – please call B. Conron at 902-694-6227

          Please note: trips out of province in June will not be approved by Education Services.

                                  AND SEEK THEIR PERMISSION TO HAVE THEIR CHILD(REN)
                                  A PARENT/GUARDIAN IS REQUIRED BEFORE A STUDENT MAY


                                         SPRINGHILL JR-SR HIGH SCHOOL






                                                                                 N.S. HEALTH NUMBER

MEDICATIONS: Prescribed medications, Allergies or Medical Problems, etc., must be listed for chaperones and coaches)

.                                                      .                     .                                           .
                                                                             .                                           .
             SIGNATURE OF STUDENT                                                         SIGNATURE OF PARENT/GUARDIAN
           (JR & SR HIGH SCHOOL ONLY)
Please Return Portion Below Signed to Ms. Rushton in the Office.

We, _________________ (student’s name—please print) AND ____________________
(parent/guardian’s name — please print) acknowledge that we have read and
understand the above SHS Extra Curricular Handbook 2021-22.

Signature of Student   ___________________________ Date ______________

Signature of Parent/Guardian    ___________________________ Date ______________
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