Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School

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Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
                        Welcome to Mountview School
               Nau mai, haere mai ki Te Kura o Te Maunga i Kitea
Mountview School is a highly successful school, catering for year 1-8 students, situated in one of the most
exciting destinations in New Zealand, Lake Taupo. Our staff are highly talented educators who develop
student achievement through the school’s localized curriculum. As we do not have a school zone we have
students attend our school from all over Taupo. When looking for a school that fits with you and your
child we encourage you to visit our school and make an informed decision about your child’s education.
Mountview School prides itself on its reputation for excellence and being a high performance 21st
century learning school and engages learners with quality inquiry learning. Extensive digital technologies
in every classroom expands student opportunities to participate in our global community.

        Whaia Te Mana – Pursuing Success For ALL

                             Principles, Values and Strengths
Our principles at Mountview Schools promote effective partnership with our teachers, students and their
whanau. We recognise the importance of developing student identity of themselves as learners and as
individuals. Identity is an important aspect in students learning. Our inclusive future focussed school de-
velops students learning to learn. Growth mindset is encouraged to support to reach their full potential;
continuing to be life-long learners who are contributing and valuable members of society.

At Mountview we recognise the importance of individuals identity which help students to identify and
understand their own personal values and beliefs. We value the diversity of staff, students and whanau.
Participation and integrity are embedded through our school WHAIA values. Relationships are based on
mutual respect and we encourage all our learners to show excellence, innovation and curiosity through-
out their education. and equity in all
Ngakau mahaki, compassion towards others, is the foundation for relationships at Mountview. We pro-
mote inclusive practices which value the cultural diversity of our learning community. Our school is a safe,
open and welcoming environment which reflects our core values. Our staff take the time to know our
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
As you walk through our school gate you will see our two carved Totara Panels that depict the place we
stand/tangata whenua Taupo’s geography, flora and fauna. One panel is Papatuanuku, Mother Earth, the
foundation of all life and ascents thought to Rangi-nui, the Sky Father. The other panel begins with Paptu-
anuku and follows an energy flow to the central figure which represents the challenge to all who enter to
strive for their best.
The top level of carving symbolises the achievements that lifts
us from the ordinary to present and to the intense feeling of
achievement. Our school vision Whaia te Mana – Pursuing suc-
cess for all encompasses this symbol.
The two figures inside are guardians and protectors; male/
female, who tie in with the Maihi and are connected to it. The
Maihi is decorative but also both welcoming and challenging. It
basically calls on all to do your best and enjoy the activities –
Whaia te Mana
These works are a statement of Mountview School’s awareness
and commitment to creativity and art through the non-verbal
language of carving; to be precise contemporary Maori carving.

With thanks to Jono P Randell who carved these for our school in 1999.

                  OUR                             VALUES
At Mountview we recognise the importance of an individuals
identity. We value the diversity of staff, students and whanau.
Participation and integrity are embedded through the school
WHAIA values.
Our students are encouraged to develop the expectations of
each value and teach explicitly the skills within them. We fo-
cus on how our values support students learning at school and
our values are modelled and consistently required of all who
work and learn at Mountview School. These form a “common
language” and a common expectation of everyone, and en-
courages our students to learn the dispositions to becoming
lifelong learners.
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
                                              Mountview School
                                             31 Rangatira Street
                                                 Taupo 3330
                         The school office is open from 8:30am—3:30pm Mon-Fri.
Telephone            (07) 378 8488
Office:              Extension 0
Absences:            Extension 2

To contact a child’s class to speak to the teacher or leave a message for your child, dial 3788488 followed
by the class extension number
                 ROOM              TEACHER                                             EXT.
                 1                 Jess Bell                                           101
                 2                 Lorna Wainwright                                    102
                 3                 Leigh Jenkins                                       103
                 4                 Helen Dunlop                                        104
                 5                 Jodie Appleton                                      105
                 6                 Anaru Amstad                                        106
                 7                 Pani Eketone                                        107

                 8                 Leanne Curtis                                       108
                 9                 Helen Purdy                                         109
                 10                Shona Forman                                        110
                 11                Sherryl Crawford                                    111
                 12                Dominique Hancock                                   112
                 13                Marianne Fairest                                    113
                 14                Kate Grant                                          114
                 16                Northern Regional Health School                     3785395
                 Tech Room         Kristine Blewitt                                    120
                 Kea Street        Kea Street Specialist                               119

                                          BOARD OF TRUSTEES
                              Kim Manunui                  Board Chairperson
                              Hellene Ross                 Secretary
                              Skay Rangi                   Finance/Treasurer
                              Grant McDonald               Property
                              Scotty Mariu                 Health and Safety
                              Jeannie Short                Staff Representative
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
If your child will be away from school, either use the Skoolloop app or phone and leave a message on the
school answer phone, both with the reason for their absence and when they expect to return. Phone (07)
3788488 ext. 2.
All absences must be explained and the office is required by law to know why your child is not at school.
If a child is sick for 3 days or more, a medical certificate is necessary.
If your child is absent and we have not had any explanation, we will send a text message requesting you
to contact our office with details.

Students are expected to be at school prior to 8:50am ready to start the day. If they are late for any
reason, students need to report to Kidzone and register their name on the late list and collect a late card
before going to class. From Kidzone, students report to class with minimal disruption and pass the late
card onto their teacher.

Account: Mountview School Student Account             Account Number: 01-0427-0125670-059
Reference: Student Name                               Particulars: Trip / Activity Name

In years 0-3 we send all students home with a book that supports their reading development of the
school. We encourage whanau to read with students every day. These books are supplied by the school
and come to school each day in a book bag.

Enrolment forms are available from the student office or from our school website

Mountview School does not charge school fees or donations. At times we do offer special events or activ-
ities that your student can opt into. Parents / caregivers can elect to pay regular automatic payments into
their student’s account, or make one-off payments when required.

We encourage parents / caregivers to label their students clothing and belongings. Should your student
mislay an items they can check the Lost Property located in Room 11.
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
Every morning from 8:15—8:50a.m Breakfast Club is open in the school hall. We thank Sanitarium,
Fonterra, and KidsCan in donating the food so that this can happen . All students are welcome to attend and
not only do students a nutritious start to their day they also enjoy the social benefits of having breakfast with
other students.
Students also have access to fruit daily. This is delivered to their classrooms and can help themselves
throughout the day.
Our school is now part of the Health & Free school lunches initiative which means all students are supplied
with a nutritious school lunch every week day.

If as a parent you do not wish for your child to be provided with a school lunch can you please let the office or
teacher know. If you prefer to send your child to school with their own lunch we ask that it’s items are also
within the green and amber item list, not red. This will support your child’s ability to concentrate and engage
in their learning. If students do eat items described in red we encourage them to do so afterschool.

Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
                            Mountview School uses the Skool Loop app, available for
                            Apple and Android phones. We encourage all whanau to
                            download and use the app.
                            Simply download the Skool Loop app. To your phone and
                            search for Mountview School and select this as your
                            school. From here you are able to select what notifica-
                            tions you want to sign up for based on classrooms or rel-
                            evant co-curricular groups.
                            Be sure to enable notifications to ensure you don’t miss
                            out on any important information.
Mountview School also has a Facebook page —‘Mountview School—Te Kura o Te
Maunga i Kitea’. Simply “Like” this page to receive regular updates from our school.


Being a full primary the majority of our students stay at Mountview School
until Year 8. This supports our students in avoiding an unnecessary transition
to another school before entering College. Research suggests transitions in
schooling can have a negative impact on student achievement and wellbeing.
                    Our students enjoy a specialist year 7 and 8 technology
                    programme in a purpose built suite that caters for all as-
                    pects of the Technology curriculum.

                   Students also participate in the Whaia Te Mana Programme run
                   in conjunction with the New Zealand Police and Youthtown.
                   Students have opportunities to opt into other activities
                   throughout the year specific to the needs of Year 7 and 8.

Every day from 8:50-9:15 the entire school begins their day with “Fitness”. These are fun activities that
change regularly. Purpose for fitness within our kura is to…Begin the day by stimulating the brain. Strong
research suggests benefits such as:
•     Attentiveness
•     Concentration
•     Fitness releases endorphins promoting positive attitudes and feeling good!
•     There are many more cognitive development benefits.

Students can train to become school road wardens for our school and cover in the school office for staff
on breaks. These positions require commitment and leadership and contribute to the well-being of all.
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
                                    Each year in September our students perform at the Ngati Tuwharetoa
                                    Taiopenga Festival. Our students are taught by professional tutors of
                                    Kapa Haka.
                                    Students from across the school are encouraged to join the Kapa Haka
                                    and we are extremely proud of our students performances in this area.

Mountview School is able to provide Te Reo Maori me ona Tikanga to our tamariki who wish to learn in Te
Reo within a whanau environment, called Rumaki. Two fluent kaiako maintain an engaging and enriching
programme with students achieving well in Nga Whanaketanga (national expectations). We have Maori
Medium classes where students are taught entirely in Te Reo as the language of instruction which cater
for Years 0 to 8. The Marautanga o Aotearoa (curriculum) guides the basis of this learning as well as Te Ao
Matua blended into the programme. We also have a fluent Kaiawhina to assist with the development and
enhancement of Te Reo Maori me ona Tikanga as well as assisting with any students with special educa-
tion needs.

We are a Kids Greening Taupo school. This initiative provides
our students with opportunities to learn about, and take action
for, our native plants and animals by taking part in projects in
our local environment and community. We have a school edi-
ble garden with both fruit and vegetables that all our students
participate in maintaining. Our Kids Rangers and Greening Tau-
po Leadership team oversee projects across the school and ad-
vocate for our school in Community initiatives.

When to keep your child home from school?
The Ministry of Health recommends asking yourself the following questions:
1.   Does your child have a fever? A fever of >38°C is generally a sign of illness.
2.   Does your child have flu like symptoms?
3.   Do you think your child has a contagious illness, such as the flu, school sores, or conjunctivitis?
     If so, keep them at home until they are no longer infectious.
4.   Is your child vomiting or have diarrhea

We can administer Panadol should your child suddenly become unwell or hurt themselves, but can only
do so with parent/caregiver permission. Our enrolment forms ask for this permission, but this can be
changed by contacting the school office. We are not able to provide Panadol to students who we have not
received permission for.

We are able to store medication for your child on-site. Please call into the school office and request a
Medicine Authority form.
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
Mountview has a compulsory school uniform which is available for pur-
chase from Brandfuel on Oruanui Street. A price list is available on request
from the school office, or viewed online at

At Mountview School we value the joint partnership we have with whanau in supporting our students to
reach their full potential. We encourage our whanau to have a voice and share in their students learning
journey as they progress through their learning years. We do have the expectation that all whanau attend
these meetings in Term 1, and the aspirations are reflected on during the year by the student., whanau,
and teacher.
Throughout the year, we offer many opportunities for our students to share their learning with their
whanau with open evenings. Students choose what they want to share and whanau have an opportunity
to ask questions of them and their teacher about what they want to know. This allows for a more informal
relationship to build between home and school and whanau can hear about their child’s progress in a
relaxed and informative way.
Parents can expect two written reports a year in relation to the New Zealand Curriculum and Te Ma-
rautanga o te Aotearoa.

We have a purpose built music room where classes are taught once a week by our specialist music
teacher. Students are able to opt into extension classes musical instruments such as ukulele and
keyboard. Students can also opt into Junior or Senior Choir. Often our Choir is group performs in the
community and different events.

 8:50 a.m.   Fitness
 9:15 a.m.   Learning begins
11:00 a.m.   Morning Tea
11:30 a.m.   Learning continues
 1:00 p.m.   Lunchtime
 2:00 p.m.   Learning continues
 3:00 p.m.   School concludes

Please do not drop your student to school before 8:30am unless they are attending Breakfast Club, as
they will be unsupervised. Likewise, please ensure all students have been left school by 3:15pm unless
attending a sport / cultural practice, or the Youthtown after-school programme (contact Youthtown for
Prospectus 2021 - Mountview School
There are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for students to represent Mountview in their
chosen sport—netball, hockey, touch rugby, interschool swimming and athletics to name a few. Keep
an eye on the school communications for how to register for sports.

Each school year we bulk buy and have stationery packs individually
packaged for each age group. Our stationery is sourced at the cheapest
possible prices to keep the costs down. These packs are available for
sale from the school office until stock runs out. After that, you are able
to pick up a stationery list from the office and purchase your books in
town. We do keep a small stock of various stationery items that stu-
dents are able to purchase during the year. For students transferring to
us mid-year, we endeavor to make use of the stationery they bring with

Effective communication is an important aspect of a whanau-school partnership. Occasions may arise
where we need to contact parents / caregivers e.g., academic, behavioral, medical. Consequently, a
fully updated contact list is required at all times for all students.
To allow us to have an accurate student database, your cooperation is essential in updating the office
every time there is a change of address, phone, or to family circumstances.
Changes can be emailed to or by contacting the school office.

                                        As part of our Sunsmart Policy students must wear hats during
                                        break times in Term 1 and 4. We limit the time our students
                                        are in the sun for learning activities after 1pm during these
                                        terms. We encourage whanau to apply sunscreen before

All students receive a 2 week swimming programme run at the AC Baths. This is sponsored by Contact
Energy and does not cost the school. This is a compulsory part of students education and all students
are required to participate.

Information about bus timetables for students who need to catch a
bus is available at the Nimons Taupo Office. (07) 377 8870 or email
Students who choose to scooter or bike to school must wear a hel-
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