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The Terracian April 2021

    1 FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                              30 CULTURE UPDATE
    2   FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL                                           31 QUEENSLANDER!
    4   OPENING MASS AND SENIOR INDUCTION                             32 SPORT UPDATE
    6 SCHOLARS’ ASSEMBLY                                              33 CLIMBING TO THE OLYMPICS
    8 MEDAL ASSEMBLY                                                  34 AN ALL-ROUNDER
    10 STAFF PROFILE                                                  35 TLG – THE GLUE THAT BINDS
    12 INTRODUCING OUR COLLEGE CAPTAINS                               36 BACK RED & BLACK
    16 STRATEGIC PLAN 2021 – TOWARDS 150                              37	THANK YOU FROM THE COLLEGE
    17 AUSTRALIA DAY HONOURS                                              PRINCIPAL
    18 INTER-HOUSE SWIMMING CARNIVAL                                  38 THANK YOU TO OUR 2020 DONORS
    20 A NIGHT WITH FRANK                                             42	GIVING THE GIFT OF EDUCATION: THE
    22 HISTORY OF THE TERRACE CHAPEL                                      CLASS OF 1987 BLAZING A TRAIL
    24	BERNARD FRANCIS LEE – WE WILL                                 43 FROM THE GTOBA
        REMEMBER THEM                                                 44 GTOBA MASS
    26	THE LAD COLLECTIVE – ON A MISSION                             45 VALE
        TO HELP AUSTRALIAN MEN                                        47 REST IN PEACE
    28 A BROTHERLY BOND                                               47 SAVE THE DATE
    29	INDUCTION TO THE MEDIA HALL                                   48	INTRODUCING TERRACE SPORT’S NEW
        OF FAME                                                           MOBILITY SCOOTER

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                       Series IX, Volume 32, No.1, April 2021
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          their rich contribution to Australian and global society.
                                                                      Cover photo:
                                                                      Patrick Gleeson - College Dux for 2020

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

Welcome to the first edition of the Terracian for 2021.

This time last year, we were experiencing something       The outstanding achievements of our Old Boys
quite unique, with both the College and our city          are also highlighted in this edition of The Terracian,
in lockdown. We were preparing to commence                including Mr Anthony Joseph and Mr John Tyquin
online learning for the first time in my 30 plus years    (Australia Day Honours), Mr John McCoy (Media Hall
as a teacher, and life as we knew it was changing         of Fame), the Ovenden brothers, Mr Ben Lawson,
rapidly. Despite all that has happened over the           and others, all excelling in their chosen fields. It is
last 12 months, including the most recent Brisbane        always pleasing to see the ongoing contributions
lockdown, a sense of cautious optimism is in the air.     and achievements of Terracians after they leave
                                                          the College. Congratulations to the 2021 GTOBA
This edition of The Terracian provides a snapshot         Committee and new President, Mr David Toohey.
of the kaleidoscope of activities, achievements           I look forward to a successful year of partnership
and stories from across the Terrace Family. The           between the GTOBA and the College.
start of 2021 presented an opportunity to welcome
our newest Terracians and, at the same time,              This edition of The Terracian also includes staff profiles,
congratulate and induct our Year 12 students and          insights into the TLG Mass, an introduction to the
College leaders. The Opening Mass and Year 12             2021 College Captains, stories on a range of College
Induction was held on centre court at Pat Rafter          activities and achievements and a thank you to all of
Arena and proved to be an excellent start to the          our generous 2020 donors and sponsors. Yet again,
year. The introduction of ATAR in 2020 was history-       The Terracian highlights the diversity of College life and
making for Queensland, and yet again, Terrace             the expertise and generosity of the Terrace Family.
students performed exceptionally well. The Scholars’
Assembly provided an opportunity to celebrate the         I wish everyone all the best in 2021 and hope that
young men who achieved an ATAR score of 99 and            our year continues with the confidence and optimism
above and those who topped their Year 12 subjects in      missing for much of 2020. Let us all Answer the Call.
2020. In particular, Patrick Gleeson, Justin Jeyarajah,
Joshua Long and Yang Zhang were amongst only 30           God Bless.
Queensland students to achieve the maximum ATAR
score of 99.95. This was an outstanding achievement
for these Terracians. Fittingly, Patrick Gleeson was
awarded the College Dux for 2020, while Yang Zhang
received the Proxime Accessit prize.                      Dr Michael Carroll
                                                          College Principal

    The sun was shining on a beautiful summer morning as we welcomed our newest
    students to Terrace on 27 January. Our new Year 5 and 7 Terracians were greeted
    by their buddies as they started their Terrace journey. The Seniors, accompanied
    by the Terrace Drumline, formed a tunnel for the new students as their parents
    watched on. More than 400 new students joined the Terrace Family this year, and
    we look forward to a successful and safe 2021.

The Terracian April 2021

      The Seniors of           This year, the Mass and senior induction was held
                               at the Pat Rafter Arena, followed by afternoon tea
    2021 have chosen           at the college’s tennyson playing fields. The open
                               air environment allowed the students and parents
        the theme of           to witness the significant ritual of opening the
                               College year and inducting the 2021 Seniors.
     Answer the Call.
                               The Seniors of 2021 have chosen the theme of Answer the Call and affirmed
                               the following pledges:

                                 The values held by the Senior class of 2021 are based on the Gospel values
                                 where Jesus Christ is the foundation of a full Christian life.

                                 Individually and collectively, they will strive to reach the highest standard in
                                 pursuit of the College Mission.

                                 By way of action and example, they will commit to nurturing a just and
                                 life-giving community through knowing and espousing the College’s values,
                                 expectations and traditions.

                                 They will lead through service, humbly modelling respect for differences by
                                 embracing diversity within the Terrace Family.

                                 They will aspire to excellence by engaging wholeheartedly in the life and
                                 mission of the College.

                                 They will continue to honour and value the Catholic faith, ensuring that
                                 the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice is an ever-present reality within the
                                 College community.

                                                                        The Seniors and their parents and
                                                                        caregivers gathered at Tennyson
                                                                        after the Mass to celebrate,
                                                                        hosted by the Year 11 parents and
                                                                        caregivers. It was an excellent start
                                                                        to the year for the Seniors and all in
                                                                        the Terrace Family.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

The Terracian April 2021

                               In February, the College held its Scholars’
                               Assembly and welcomed our highest achieving 2020
                               Year 12 students. These young men performed
                               extraordinarily well in their studies last year, and
                               the assembly was an opportunity to congratulate
                               them on their outstanding achievements. It was
                               also an opportunity to announce the 2020 College
                               Dux and Proxime Accessit.

                                Written by Mr Mason Hellyer

                                      2020 College Dux                        2020 Proxime Accessit

                                 Patrick Gleeson                               Yang Zhang
        The Scholars’
                               Congratulations to Patrick and Yang on their achievements. They worked
     Assembly sent a           very hard, and their dedication has paid dividends. My congratulations
                               also go to all the other young men who received awards. The Scholars’
     strong message            Assembly sent a strong message to our current students that hard
                               work produces results and that Terrace will always strive for academic
       to our current          excellence.

         students that         The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and the new ATAR score
                               allocation were introduced in 2020. The new ATAR score is more granular
            hard work          and ranges from 99.95 to a score below 30, in increments of 0.05. The
                               ATAR score is ordinarily calculated from three Internal Assessment pieces
    produces results           (IA) and an External Assessment (EA). For mathematics and science
                               subjects, the EA is worth 50% of the total subject mark, while for all other
    and that Terrace           subjects, the EA is worth 25%. For 2020, due to COVID, one of the Internal
                               Assessment pieces was cancelled, meaning that the ATAR for the 2020
    will always strive         Year 12 students has been calculated from two IA and one EA pieces of
                               assessment. As this is the first year of ATAR, there is no historical data
         for academic          available for comparison.

           excellence.         The Senior cohort of 2020 gained very strong results. Their median score
                               was 91.65 (which equates to an OP score of 5). Further to this, 8.61% were
                               awarded an ATAR of 98.85 or above (equivalent to an OP 1).

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

                             The 99.5 ATAR Scholars, Justin Jeyrajah, Patrick Gleeson, Yang Zhang and Joshua Long with Dr
                             Michael Carroll and Mr Mason Hellyer

                             First in subject winners

We congratulate the
following students who
received an ATAR of
98.85 or above. This is an
excellent achievement.
We particularly commend
Patrick Gleeson, Justin
Jeyarajah, Joshua Long and
Yang Zhang, who received
the maximum score of
99.95. Only 30 students
across the state received    The Buchanan Medal winners
this score.

Patrick Gleeson – 99.95
Justin Jeyarajah – 99.95
Joshua Long – 99.95
Yang Zhang – 99.95
James Cameron
Matthew Cho
Samuel Weir
Samuel Fontes Andrade
Dan Migotto
Thomas Wick
Rory Jennings                The 2020 Scholars
Hamish Carlile
Chazka Tan
Fergus Nasser                All the students who returned for the assembly recognised that:
Henry Tunney
Kevin Ye                     ¥ They had to set their goals and then plan to work toward them.
Tom Moses
Will Roberts                 ¥ T
                                hey had to utilise all of their support networks – teachers, staff
                               tutoring, study hall and study group, their mates, parents and family.

                             ¥ T
                                hey did the small things – used their diary, logged their study hours
                               and completed homework tasks.

                             ¥ T
                                hey consistently did the best that they could, every day at everything
                               they did.

The Terracian April 2021


                               On Wednesday 17 February, the terrace Family
                               gathered to affirm the achievements of the 351
                               students who chose to Answer the Call and be the
                               best that they could be in their studies, receiving an
                               Academic Medal for their Semester 2 2020 results.
                               Of the 351 students, 48 received an academic medal
                               for the first time.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

The Terracian April 2021

                Deputy Principal Mr Damien Fall introduces three new members of staff to the
                Terrace Family.

                It is no secret that teaching and       about pedagogy, the method and          growing and improving what is
                learning sits at the top of the         the practice of teaching. We look       already a fabulous program.
                Terrace agenda, and we continue to      forward to Ralda’s contribution
                seek ways to improve outcomes at        as we continue our commitment           For over 20 years as Property
                the College.                            to lifelong learning through            Manager, Mr Glenn Brown led his
                                                        excellence in education.                team with selflessness and minimal
                The addition of a new member of                                                 fuss. Glenn’s retirement has seen
                the College Leadership Team, Ms         The College boasts an enviable          us welcome Mr Nick Jeffrey to
                Ralda Deoki, Dean of Pedagogy and       co-curricular and classroom             the role. The College has grown
                Learning Innovation, is a strategic     music program with a staff who          in size and complexity over the
                move to find new ways to add to         come to Terrace with outstanding        decades, so the management and
                the learning environment. While         qualifications and industry             maintenance of Terrace’s property
                our students continue to enjoy the      experience. We are delighted that       and assets requires a high level of
                strong attention of staff, Ralda will   our Music department will be ably       leadership and strategic thinking.
                work with teaching staff to assist      led by Mr Derek Rose, who has           Nick comes to Terrace with a
                them with becoming the best             joined us as the Director of Music.     variety of professional experiences.
                possible classroom practitioners .      Derek knows and understands             We look forward to him bringing
                We are excited that our teaching        Edmund Rice education, having           a fresh set of eyes, a new level
                staff will become better at their       come to us from an interstate           of professionalism and strategic
                profession as a result of their time    EREA school. We wish Derek the          efficiency to this position.
                at Terrace. Ralda brings significant    very best as he assumes his new
                experience and is passionate            role and brings his personal touch,

                                                        Ms Ralda Deoki
                                                        DEAN OF PEDAGOGY AND LEARNING INNOVATION
                                                        As Dean of Pedagogy and Learning Innovation, Ralda will work with
                                                        teachers on their classroom approaches to teaching. The role, which
                                                        was introduced this year, will help teachers hone their practice through
                                                        professional collaboration and targeted professional development. The
                                                        aim is to build further capacity and growth in the pedagogical skills of the
                                                        academic staff of the College, leading to deeply engaged student learners.

                                                        Ralda has worked across a range of educational sectors and brings
                                                        extensive experience in leading school improvement through curriculum
                                                        and pedagogical development. A passionate teacher of History and
                                                        Humanities, she started her career at Ipswich Grammar School before
                                                        moving into international education in Singapore. On her return to Australia,
                                                        Ralda moved into middle and senior leadership positions in the Anglican
                                                        sector, first on the Gold Coast at All Saints Anglican School and then at
                                                        Canterbury College.

                                                        It was during her time at Canterbury College that Ralda developed a
                                                        passion for pedagogy and staff development. As Director of Curriculum,
                                                        she accompanied the Head of College on a research and development tour
                                                        of high performing schools in the United States. The focus was to identify
                                                        factors that led to improved student outcomes and innovative practices for
                                                        school improvement. She observed that schools that had seen the most
                                                        significant gains in student outcomes, utilised data driven differentiated
                                                        learning, innovative learning space design, social and emotional learning
                                                        integrated into the curriculum, and a culture of reflective, collaborative
                                                        professional development.

                                                        Always interested in new educational experiences, Ralda then moved into
                                                        EREA education at St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe. As Director of Pedagogy

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

and Learning Innovation, she consolidated existing pedagogical
practices into a school-wide approach, implementing a framework for
effective lessons.

In her role at Terrace, Ralda will work with teachers to identify and
define the characteristics of the Terrace Educator. Research has shown
that to promote academic growth and meet the needs of today’s
learners, effective teachers use a range of teaching strategies tailored
to the learning needs of individual students (Bhowmik, Banerjee and
Banerjee, 2013). Ralda is looking forward to working with the highly
professional and skilled Terrace teachers. Together they will engage in
a repertoire of evidence based pedagogical approaches designed to
enable creative, contextualised, differentiated learning.

By bringing teachers together in communities of practice to facilitate
professional collaboration and self-reflection, Ralda hopes to ensure
that every teacher is given the opportunity to reach their potential
(Bhowmik, M. Banerjee, B. and Banerjee, J. (2013). Role of Pedagogy in Effective Teaching. Basic

                                                                                                   Mr Nick Jeffrey
Research Journal of Education Research and Review. 2(1) 1-5)

                                                                                                   PROPERTY AND
                                                                                                   FACILITIES MANAGER
                                                                                                   Nick’s professional life has been
                                                                                                   quite varied, with his experience
                                                                                                   coming from across many high-
                                                                                                   quality venues throughout the
                                                                                                   world. Previous roles have been
                                                                                                   in horticulture - building and
                                                                                                   maintaining sporting surfaces.
                                                                                                   Experiences in Hawaii at Princeville
                                                                                                   Resort, in London at various
                                                                                                   golf courses and landscaping
                                                                                                   companies, through India looking
                                                                                                   after football pitches for the
                                                                                                   Indian Super League and in China
                                                                                                   establishing an AFL venue for
                                                                                                   the annual AFL game held each
                                                                                                   season round out a dynamic career.
                                                                                                   Nick also played a key role in the
                                                                                                   construction and maintenance of
Mr Derek Rose                                                                                      the playing surface at Metricon
                                                                                                   Stadium, assuming the role of
DIRECTOR OF MUSIC                                                                                  the inaugural Horticulture and
                                                                                                   Operations Manager. Most recently,
Derek began his musical journey as a Pipe Organist before graduating                               Nick spent three years at Racing
from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Music Education                                     Queensland as the Construction
degree (BMus, MusEd). Derek completed a Master’s degree at Sydney                                  Manager for the rebuild of the
University (MDesSciAudio) and was listed on the Dean’s Merit List of                               premier racing surface at Eagle
Honour.                                                                                            Farm.

Derek has worked in primary and secondary education for more than                                  Nick is married to Meagan, and
20 years. His various roles have focused on Curriculum Music, Concert                              they have three boys Tom, Max
and Jazz Bands, including Marching Band and Orchestra.                                             and Ben. Nick says that they are
                                                                                                   an AFL family with Tom playing for
Studying Conducting under Jerry Nowak in 2010, Derek has studied                                   Aspley (VFL) and Max playing at
under Dr John Lynch, Associate Professor of Conducting at the Sydney                               Morningside (Under 16.5). Ben has
Conservatorium of Music and was chosen for Symphony Australia’s                                    Cerebral Palsy, which Nick says is
Conductor Master’s Program.                                                                        mild in nature before boasting of
                                                                                                   Ben’s impressive Dressage National
Derek was appointed Bandmaster at St Patrick’s College Strathfield in                              Championship title at the 2019
2010. Under his tenure at the College, the Wind Ensemble won both                                  RDA National Horse Dressage
National and State Championships. Derek has led three international                                Championships.
tours to the United States and Europe and, in 2018, was a guest Band
Director at Denham Springs High School, Louisiana.

When not working, Derek enjoys theatre, the outdoors and spending
time with his wife Lauren and their two sons Hugo (5) and Jasper (3).

The Terracian April 2021


                                The College Captains took time out of their busy
                                first term as College Leaders to answer questions
                                for the Terracian so you, as a College community,
                                can get to know them.

                                The Terracian introduces College Captain Jake Laherty and Vice Captains
                                Luke Ames, Benjamin Chatwood, Oliver Casey-Ryan and Eden Chan.

                                What do you remember about your first days at Terrace?

                                  Jake - I started halfway through Year 7, which meant that everyone knew
                                  each other, and I didn’t know anyone. What I remember most though is
                                  that it didn’t matter – boys immediately welcomed me to the classroom
                                  and made me feel at home. One by one, these fragments of my early days
                                  come back to me, and each one has managed to maintain its vividity
                                  despite years of subsequent memories, laughter and friendships. I don’t
                                  remember specific moments – what I remember is the aggregation of how
                                  these moments made me feel and the impression they left on me.

                                  Luke - I started at Terrace in Year 5 in 2014. I don’t remember specifics, but
                                  I do remember being overwhelmed by the scale of the College. The fact
                                  that I had just come from a primary school with more than 400 people,
                                  to a school that had that amount of people in only two year levels, was a
                                  daunting start.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

   Ben - I do not recall very much about my first few days at Terrace, but I do
   remember feeling equally excited and nervous to meet new friends, many of
   whom are still good mates today. The image that stays firmly in my mind is
   walking through the front gates and being greeted by the 2014 College Captains,
   and it certainly was bizarre being in their shoes eight years later, welcoming the
   new Year 5s and 7s on their first day.

   Oliver - I started in Year 7. Myself, Dr Carroll and my best mate Will Greentree,
   and I all came from St Patrick’s College at the same time joining Terrace hand
   in hand, so it made it pretty easy to fit in. I remember being scared of all the
   hallways and some of my teachers. My fondest memory is of my first ever Terrace
   v Nudgee game. The rain was bucketing down, and since I was in the younger
   years, there was not enough room for me to sit in the grandstands, which meant
   I was on the wet grass in front of the grandstand. There was no place I would
   rather have been, and when we won, we all stormed the field. That day cemented
   a sense of belonging that has become synonymous with Terrace for me.

   Eden - I started in 2016, in Year 7. To be honest, my first couple of years at Terrace
   went by in a bit of a blur. Coming from a relatively small school, Terrace felt
   enormous to me, so much so that I often had to ask for help from my buddy to get
   around. Certainly, in Year 8, I felt a little more comfortable with it all, participating
   in Football, Music, and Debating. Although these years seem like an eternity ago
   now, I can distinctly remember all the great new friends I made during this time.

                                            What has your Terrace journey been like so far?

                                               Jake - My Terrace Journey has been, at the risk of sounding like a cliché,
                                               transformative. The kid who walked through the front gates in 2016 would
                                               not recognise the guy walking the halls in 2021. My journey has been filled
                                               with a series of experiences and lessons that will never leave. All of these
                                               are an integral part of what I consider my Terrace journey.

                                               Luke - My Terrace journey so far has been an absolute blessing. I have
                                               participated in a lot of co-curricular activities, all while making great
                                               friends along the way. I have had the opportunity to participate in unique
                                               programs like Immersion and many other activities and events.

Ben Chatwood
                                               Ben - I set myself the task of experiencing all Terrace had to offer, from
                                               cultural activities to sport and community service opportunities. I was
                                               keen to have a go at everything. While it can sometimes be a logistical
                                               nightmare and quite draining, it is worth it. Terrace is the type of school
                                               where you get out as much out as you put in, and in setting myself the goal
                                               to put in 100%, I have had the best experience I could have hoped for.

                                               Oliver - To put it simply, full of surprises. Anyone who tells you that a school
                                               is just a place of learning and lunch is either lying or very dull. Yes, Terrace
                                               offers an education (and lunch), but it is so much more than that. My
                                               fondest memories to this date have all come from Terrace, and I know that
                                               I have many more to create in the final year of my Terrace journey.

Jake Laherty
                                               Eden – It has been the journey of a lifetime. The experiences, opportunities,
                                               and challenges I have encountered throughout my time at Terrace have
                                               – in retrospect – very much made me the person I am today. Although
                                               there is still much to be learnt in my final year at the College, I know that
                                               the many memories and mateships I have formed over the years are ones
                                               I will not forget anytime soon. Helped along by many great teachers and
                                               mentors, my journey at the College is one that I am continually privileged to
                                               share with my fellow Terracians.

The Terracian April 2021

                What does this leadership role mean to you?

                   Jake - My position as College Captain means the world to me, specifically
                   because that kid in Year 7 would never have left his shell if it weren’t for the
                   leadership at Terrace. The opportunity to pay that forward – the opportunity to
                   provide for the new generation of Terracians in the same way – is an opportunity I
                   intend to fully exploit.

                   Luke - This leadership role means so much to me. As a young Terracian in Years
                   5 and 7, I was blessed with two fantastic buddies in Oliver Wightman and Jono
                   Bolton. They made me fall in love with the place and made it feel like a second
                   home to me. My goal when I came into Year 12, no matter whether I was a captain
                   or not, was to make Terrace home for someone else, the way that Jono and Oliver
                   made it for me.
                                                                                                              Luke Ames

                   Ben - I am very fortunate to be given a captaincy role this year as it helps me
                   continue the legacy of the Terracians before me. The kind of Terracian that I
                   am today has been influenced by many people and factors. from teachers to
                   coaches and particularly the House and College Captains who I have admired.
                   As a Captain this year, I hope to be the same positive role model to the younger
                   students that my predecessors were for me.

                   Oliver – I am incredibly grateful to be in this leadership position. It means so
                   much that my peers and staff supported my decision and selected me to be at
                   the helm in 2021. I love Terrace, and over this Terrace journey, the love has grown.
                   This role is meaningful to me because I can inspire the students to reciprocate
                   this love and passion and give it their all for the red and black. I think that’s my job
                   this year.

                                                                                                              Oliver Casey-Ryan
                   Eden - Being a Vice Captain of the College is an immense honour for me. Having
                   the opportunity to lead not only my cohort but also the College and my fellow
                   Captains is a challenge I look forward to every day and is something I hope will
                   inspire younger Terracians to do the same.

                                                           What are your goals for 2021?

                                                               Jake - My hopes and goals for 2021 are something I contemplate quite a
                                                               bit – the role of Captain is quite open-ended; I can do as much or as little
                                                               as I want, so how do I gauge where I am? There’s the surface level stuff,
                                                               which is relatively easy to tick off, like high academic results for the Year
                                                               12 cohort, big numbers for support on Saturdays, and as many successful
                                                               fundraisers as possible. Of course, I hope we can tick off each of those, but
                                                               for me, the more important hope lies in our legacy. If, after 2021, we can
                                                               leave the College knowing we influenced its direction, knowing we made it
                                                               home, then that is a job well done in my book.

                                                               Luke – There is a Maori quote that I love, that is, ‘aim for the highest
                                                               cloud, and if you miss, you shall have hit a mighty mountain’. With that in
                                                               mind, I would love this year to be the best year possible for myself and
                                                               every Terracian who walks through the gates. It would be lovely to make
                                                               lots of friends and have fun with everyone while achieving my academic
                                                               goals. I know that these are ambitious goals, but even anything close to
                                                               this and I will be ecstatic.

                                                               Ben - My hope for 2021 is to fulfil my goal to be an effective leader at
                                                               Terrace. Last year made me realise that we must be flexible and adaptable
                                                               and that we need to be ready for anything, even a pandemic. One of the
                                                               things I have loved about Terrace is the support of the student spectators;
                                                               this is where the Terrace spirit is really on display. We must encourage our
                                                               fellow Terracians to be innovative in the way we show support and that we
                                                               are always up to the challenge. I am also determined to achieve my best
                                                               academically, which is aided by the teachers’ dedication to ensure students
                                                               achieve to the best of their ability. Finally, I want to play well in the mighty
                                                               Mr Ali’s 3rd XI Football team.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

               Oliver - I would love to finish the year happy, surrounded by a great group
               of mates and teachers who have been with me to celebrate my victories and
               embrace me in my defeats. I aspire to make the 1st XV and to run in the Open
               Track and Field team. But most importantly, I hope I end the year, knowing that I
               have given 110% into every aspect of College life.

               Eden - In 2021, I hope to continue to excel in all areas of College life. Be it
               Debating or Rugby, I hope that all Terracians can excel in their own unique way.
               For the longest time, I was always hung up on this idea of participating in every
               activity possible, even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of it. What I soon realised is that
               you have to pursue those things that you are passionate about. I have found this
               is the only way to gain the most out of your experience at the College. I encourage
               all Terracians to find their niche and pursue it endlessly. Whether in the form of
               academic endeavour or glory on the sporting field, find your ‘thing’ and dedicate
Eden Chan      yourself to it. That is my hope for Terracians in 2021.

            Why did you choose Answer the Call as your motto, and what do you
            hope to achieve with this call?

            The Captains gave a unified response to this question.

               We got together as a group to brainstorm ideas for mottos, using sticky notes
               to record our ideas and separated into three groups; Yes/Right Ideas - wrong
               wording/No. Brainstorming for approximately 45 minutes, by the end, we had
               about 40 in the ‘No’, 5-10 in the ‘Right Idea’, and nothing in the ‘Yes’. We were
               searching for perfection and went home empty handed. That night, we were
               talking on the group chat about the motto and still had nothing. Ollie was so into
               the process that he wasn’t taking any calls from his Dad, and when he finally did
               pick up, his Dad said, ‘Ollie, why didn’t you answer my calls?’. Ollie promptly hung
               up and sent the motto to the group chat, and we all loved it.

               This is a fantastic story. It embodies the help and all the calls that those around
               us answer as Terracians, whether that be teachers at tutoring, parents driving
               us in and out every day or supporting our mates in the classroom and on the
               sporting field.

               The motto is a versatile one in that ‘the call’ can change depending on the
               person and the time of the year. ‘Answer the call to be the best that you can be’
               encompasses what we are trying to achieve as Captains in the sense that we
               want to empower everyone to do their best for themselves and the College.

The Terracian April 2021

         2021 – TOWARDS 150
      Towards 150 was           In 2020, the College embarked on the process of
                                developing a new Strategic Plan designed to provide
       a collaborative          clear direction for the College leading into its 150th
          process that
               involved         At the St Joseph’s Day Mass held at       These priority areas are:
                                the College on 19 March 2021, the         ¥ Our Faith
           input from           Strategic Plan was officially blessed     ¥ Lifelong Learning Through
                                and launched and is now available         Excellence in Education
        staff, parents,         to view on the College website.           ¥ An Atmosphere of Care
                                In developing this new plan, the          ¥ Responsible Stewardship
     students and the           College has renewed both its Vision       ¥ Community Relations
                                and Mission Statements, reflecting
     College Advisory           the College’s ongoing commitment          Within each of these priority areas,
                                to forming the Gentlemen of               there are key objectives and
                 Board.         Terrace through knowledge,                outcomes that the College aims
                                wisdom and humility.                      to achieve over the coming five
                                                                          years. The areas of Faith, Lifelong
                                Vision Statement                          Learning and Atmosphere of Care
                                As a Catholic School in the Edmund        are critically important for all within
                                Rice Tradition, we inspire young men      the Terrace Family, particularly
                                in their lifelong pursuit of knowledge,   for the Gentlemen of Terrace.
                                humility and wisdom through a             For nearly 150 years, Terrace has
                                liberating Catholic education that        produced quality young men
                                is informed by the life of Blessed        with the skills to influence many
                                Edmund Rice.                              aspects of our society. Towards
                                                                          150 is designed to ensure that this
                                Mission Statement                         important focus and direction is not
                                As the Terrace Family, we commit          only maintained but extended.
                                to the formation and education
                                of young men who will make a              Towards 150 was a collaborative
                                difference through service of God,        process that involved input
                                the community and each other.             from staff, parents, students
                                                                          and the College Advisory Board.
                                At the centre of the Strategic Plan       The development process
                                are five priority areas that will form    was facilitated by experienced
                                the major focus for the College over      educational consultant, Mr Damien
                                the next five years.                      Brennan, and I take this opportunity
                                                                          to thank Damien for his skilled and
                                                                          insightful overview of this process.

                                                                          As the College edges closer to
                                                                          the significant 150-year milestone
                                                                          of providing a quality, Catholic
                                                                          education in the Edmund Rice
                                                                          Tradition, I encourage all those
                                                                          associated with the Terrace Family
                                                                          to view the Strategic Plan on the
                                                                          College website to gain a better
                                                                          understanding of the College’s
                                                                          direction as it navigates Towards

                                                                          Dr Michael Carroll
                                                                          College Principal

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace


The Terrace Family                     Member in the                          Medal in the
congratulates the
following Old Boys for                 General Division                       General Division
their recognition in
the 2021 Australia Day                 of the Order of                        of the Order of
Honours List.
                                       Australia – AM                         Australia – OAM
The Honours List recognised 844        Mr Anthony Joseph AM                   Mr John Tyquin OAM
Australians for their outstanding      Mr Anthony Joseph (GT 1993) was        Mr John Tyquin (GT 1982) was
service and contribution. Some         awarded the AM for significant         awarded the OAM for service to
are well known, but many are           service to the fruit and vegetable     sailing, to the community, and
known only to those they serve         industry and rugby league.             business.
and help day in day out. All
recipients are worthy of recognition   Mr Joseph is a fourth generation       Mr Tyquin has held membership
and celebration. The Governor          fruiterer with more than 50 years      of the Royal Queensland Yacht
General stated: The sum of these       of experience in the fruit and         Squadron since 1961 and became a
contributions speaks to our nation’s   vegetable industry. He has served      life member in 1974-75. He attained
greatest strength – its people.        as the Chairman of the Brisbane        the rank of Commodore in 1973.
                                       City Markets since 2002 and held
                                       a range of executive positions with    Mr Tyquin volunteers with and
                                       Brismark (a member organisation        supports a wide range of charities
                                       serving the needs of the wholesale     and community organisations,
                                       sector of the fresh fruit and          including Rural Aid, Guide Dogs,
                                       vegetable industry) from 1983 to       Motor Neurone Australia, Ronald
                                       2017. He has used his expertise to     McDonald House, and the St
                                       advise various State Government        Vincent de Paul Society.
                                       advisory bodies and consistently
                                       advocates for collaboration and        John is the joint Managing Director
                                       modernisation in the fresh produce     of GOA and has been with the
                                       industry.                              company since its inception in
                                                                              1983. He oversees the sales team,
                                       Mr Joseph is also an avid rugby        working closely with Business
                                       league fan and has been involved       Development Managers to ensure
                                       with the Brisbane Broncos since        positive campaign outcomes.
                                       their formation in 1988. He has
                                       served as a Director for the Broncos   GOA is proud of its Community
                                       Football Club since 2011 and for the   Partnership program, where they
                                       Broncos League Club since 2014.        donate over $1 million worth
                                                                              of advertising to community
                                                                              organisations and charities. This
                                                                              partnership provides an opportunity
                                                                              to create meaningful partnerships
                                                                              that give community organisations
                                                                              access to technology and audience
                                                                              to create campaigns that truly drive
                                                                              community engagement.

     The Inter-House Swimming Carnival is the first House event to be held every
     year. It is a well-loved tradition and an excellent introduction to the Inter-
     House competition and spirit for those students who are new to the College.

     Led by the 2021 Seniors, the students Answered the Call and gave their best
     efforts throughout the day. Congratulations to Barrett House on their victory,
     taking the Barrett Bulls to an impressive three in a row record.

     The annual Terrace Jazz Night was held on Thursday 25 March, at XCargo in
     Fortitude Valley. Jazz Night is an excellent opportunity for the Terrace Family
     to come together and celebrate the wonderful world of Jazz music. The
     Terrace Jazz Orchestra, Terrace Jazz Combo, Big Band 2, Big Band 3 and Big
     Band 4 all performed as part of the evening’s entertainment. The evening
     concluded with guest artist Brad Lever as Frank Sinatra, backed by the
     Terrace All Star Big Band.

The Terracian April 2021

                                 Written by Mrs Bianca Wagner

                                The first Chapel built at Terrace was a part of what is now known as the
                                Treacy Centre. When the building was first constructed in 1876, it was
                                known as the Brothers’ residence. On 8 September 1876, the first Mass was
                                celebrated by Dr Quin in the Chapel located on the top level of the building.

                                The Brothers used the Chapel for their daily prayer program, which
                                consisted of morning prayer, Mass, prayer after breakfast, afternoon prayer
                                and rosary and evening prayer.

                                In the early years of the College, the Brothers and the students shared the
                                Chapel for prayer and Mass. Before the opening of Nudgee College in 1891,
                                Terrace spent a short time as a boarding school with the students and the
                                Brothers occupying the building. Student numbers grew so high that the
        As the College          Chapel, for a short time, was used as a space for the boys to sleep.

      has grown over            The boys were encouraged to visit the Chapel every day and spend private
                                time in prayer. With the student numbers increasing, there was no longer
     the years, so too          an ability to hold Mass with the whole school in the Chapel. These had to
                                be held outside in what is now known as Treacy Court.
          has the need
                                The stained glass feature window at the end of the Chapel was installed
       to accomodate            in the 1930s and represents the story of the Annunciation as prayed in the
          students for
                                The 1950 College Yearbook reports on the Chapel in the Spiritual Notes and
     Mass and prayer            Activities.

            in a space          The Heart of the School. The centre of the spiritual life of this Catholic College,
                                the power-point whence radiates the impulse that quickens every tissue of its
         unique to the          activity is the Chapel, where Christ presides and where His Heart is gladdened
                                by the daily visits of His children, who thus early learn a lesson that will be
        needs of each           invaluable when Earth’s consolations fail.

         generation of          The Chapel was renovated in 1959, with the boys raising £300 towards the
                                £600 cost of new Stations of the Cross.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

1964-1989                                1988 – 2001                           2001 - Today
This second Chapel was the first         In 1988 a new multi-purpose           Terrace has gone through a
purpose-built Chapel for the             learning centre was built housing     significant growth period since it
students at the College and was          the Chapel, teaching areas and        first opened its doors in 1875, from
located in the rear annex of the new     resource centre, named Mt Sion,       26 first day students to just over
Senior school building. The College      the Holy place of Terrace. The        1700 boys in 2021. The College
Yearbook of 1964 states:                 name was given in honour of           grounds had expanded as much
                                         Edmund Rice. The new Chapel was       as they could in that period. As
The Chapel is providing a veritable      opened and blessed by Archbishop      the College celebrated 125 years,
heart for the school and only the very   Rush in April 1989.                   the opportunity was taken to build
indifferent or very disorganised fail                                          new buildings and extend those
to make daily use of the refreshing      The Mazzei family gifted a new        already built. As a result GT125 and
means of Grace.                          organ to the College, and the         the Chapel of the Holy Family were
                                         Seniors of 1988 gifted Holy Water     opened in 2001.
The Chapel was opened and                fonts and presented them to
blessed in an inaugural Mass by          College Principal Br White. The       The Chapel was designed to
Archbishop O’Donnell on 26 May           key feature of the Chapel was the     accommodate 220 people, enough
1964. The Chapel featured a              Edmund Rice Icon purchased in         for a House or year group Mass. The
stained glass window of the Holy         Ireland by Br White in 1986. It was   Chapel was blessed on 11 February
Family donated to the College by         hoped that the new Chapel would       2001 by Bishop Putney and opened
Monsignor Cremin.                        now become accessible to all of       by Province Leader Br McLaughlin.
                                         the students in its new central
The Chapel Sanctuaries were              location.                             The Chapel was designed as a
restored in 1968 to conform with                                               sign and symbol of the faith of the
the Liturgy changes, as was the                                                Terrace Family and to harmonise
Brothers’ Chapel, which was                                                    with the traditional architectural
restored again in 1975.                                                        style of the existing buildings on
                                                                               campus. The Chapel serves the
With growing student numbers,                                                  College and is the spiritual heart
there was once again pressure                                                  and place of worship for the entire
to find space to accommodate                                                   Terrace Family.
students in larger groups to share

The Terracian April 2021

         FRANCIS LEE
         We will remember them
                                 Written by Mrs Paula Hall

                                Bernard Francis Lee (GT 1934) was a young
                                Australian pilot who gave his life in service during
                                World War II.

                                Born in 1920, the only son of Frank and Hanora Lee, Bernard grew up in
                                Paddington and was a pupil at St Joseph’s College from 1930, completing
                                his secondary studies to Junior level in 1934. After school, he studied for
                                his accountancy qualifications at the University of Queensland and worked
                                in the Public Curator Office. On weekends he volunteered as a lifesaver at

                                Bernard enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force in 1941, alongside many
                                of his fellow Terrace Old Boys. After completing flight training in Australia,
                                he left for further training in the United Kingdom in December 1942. In 1943
                                he was posted to Royal Air Force No 247 Squadron flying Hawker Typhoon
                                fighter bombers. Although it was a British Squadron, the pilots were
                                recruited from not only the United Kingdom but Australia, New Zealand,
                                Canada and Norway. While based at Hurn on the English south coast, he
                                flew sorties over occupied France leading up to the D Day landings. Early
          Early on the          on the morning of 6 June, he witnessed the Normandy invasion from the air,
                                attacking gun positions near Caen in France.
           morning of
                                After the successful invasion, the Squadron relocated to France to continue
             6 June, he         the attack on enemy lines. As allied forces pushed eastwards, the Squadron
                                moved to Belgium and, by September 1944, to the Netherlands. By now,
        witnessed the           the plans for Operation ‘Market Garden’ were about to be put into action.
                                The objective was to make a rapid thrust of ground forces over the Rhine
            Normandy            at Arnhem. The attack would begin with an airborne assault of British
                                and United States forces dropped into Arnhem and Nijmegen to capture
        invasion from           bridges over the Rhine. Bernard’s Squadron was tasked to attack at very
                                low altitude, the flak positions that would otherwise endanger parachute
     the air, attacking         and glider drop.

        gun positions           These were dangerous missions and losses were high. Bernard lost two
                                of his best mates, both pilots from New Zealand, and felt their loss deeply.
         near Caen in           Soon after, on 28 September, his time would also come. While attacking
                                enemy positions near Boxtel, he lost control of his aircraft and crashed
                France.         in a wood. He was just 24 years old. He was buried at Woensel General
                                Cemetery on 30 October 1944, with the funeral conducted by a Catholic
                                priest and Squadron members in attendance.

                                It would be another sixty years before a family member would visit his
                                grave. On a cold December day in 2005, I laid a floral tribute of eucalyptus
                                leaves and red tulips and reflected on the inscription: ‘May the Sacred Heart
                                of Jesus have mercy on his soul. R.I.P’.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

247 Squadron, Pilot Office Bernard Lee - first on the left in the middle row   Paula placing flowers on Bernard’s grave in 2005

                                  Bernard’s funeral procession October 1944

The Terracian April 2021

                                 Written by Mrs Bianca Wagner

                                For Brisbane brothers and Terrace Old Boys Bill
                                (GT 2012) and Ed (GT 2014) Ovenden, the psychology
                                of ‘messy bed, messy head’ was beginning to take a
                                toll on their everyday working and social lives. They
                                decided to leave their jobs and simultaneously fill
                                a niche in the market while also helping young men–
                                all during the COVID crisis.

                                When I was at Terrace, I left my room a pigsty every day - bed unmade, smelly
                                gym clothes all over the floor, dirty coffee cups on my desk and that feeling of
                                disarray and disorganisation seemed to follow me all day.

                                Bill believes the psychology of ‘messy bed, messy head’ is true. I never had
                                a clear head. At least Ed and I had mum to give us a hand, but we realise
                                many men don’t, and we want to help make life easier for not only the boys but
                                their parents, teachers and school principals.

                                                               Ed says the mission of their Aussie start-up,
                                                               The Lad Collective, is to provide innovative
                                                               and essential life products enabling young
                                                               men to focus clearly on the important things
                                                               in life, whether it be study, sport or cultural
                                                               pursuits. The Lad Collective - with its witty
           The mission                                         catchphrase ‘Get your Sheet Together’ -
                                                               empowers young men to take control of their
             of The Lad                                        lives with a range of essential life products for
                                                               bedroom, bathroom and laundry.
           Collective is
                                At the forefront of their vision is offering a subscription that delivers high-
             to provide         quality products to young men’s bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries
                                Australia-wide. Their market research highlighted that Australian men were
        innovative and          underserved in the area of gaining full access to the bare living essentials
                                on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.
           essential life
                                The Lad Collective has changed the game by producing easy-to-use fitted
            products to         sheets with marked corner straps (bottom left, bottom right, top left and
                                top right) to provide a visual reference point as to which corner goes where
         enable men to          and to make the task of pulling the fitted sheet corners underneath the
                                mattress quick and smooth. Top sheets have a logo placed directly in the
       focus clearly on         centre to allow for easy positioning, pillowcases have invisible zips, and a
                                colour palette designed to hide stains. The Lad Collective’s towel sets also
         the important          spotlighted a hygiene issue faced by many men. The TLC logo effectively
                                guides men to use one side for the upper body and the other for the lower
          things in life.       extremities.

                                We have all seen the horror scene that a young single man’s bedroom can
                                become, and we have all bought living essentials, like bedsheets, that are
                                grossly overpriced or poor quality, said Bill.

                                We surveyed more than 1000 men before settling on our product range. The
                                feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive - 66% of men surveyed
                                had never even purchased bedroom, bathroom or laundry products, and 72%

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

only washed their sheets once a

We also interviewed many mothers
of sons who were fed up with telling
them to clean their rooms, wished
their sons were more independent
and were looking for some way to
achieve that.

Bill and Ed broke that trend by
marketing directly to men: offering
a simple one-stop-shop for
essential products and a brand
identity with a cheeky sense of
humour and uniquely Australian
feel that resonated with young men.

Our direct-to-consumer e-commerce
model creates a straightforward
experience for parents and blokes
wanting to skip a trip to the shopping
centre and instead order a set of our
sheets online.

You can find out more about
The Lad Collective and view
their product range at

The Terracian April 2021

         A BROTHERLY
     Old Boy Mark Macklin (GT 1986) shares the story of
     his two sons Oliver and Hugo.

     My two boys share a common school bond, even though their journey at
     Terrace was at different times. Oliver finished Terrace in 2016, and Hugo
     commenced at Terrace in 2018 (Year 8).

     Their Terrace connection is a rowing boat called the Norm Clarke.

     Terrace Old Boy Norm Clarke (GT 1954) donated a number of Empacher
     racing boats to Terrace Rowing; the first was in 2015. Oliver was lucky
     enough to row in the 1st VIII in the Norm Clarke in 2015 and 2016.

     In 2021, Oliver’s younger brother Hugo has the considerable honour of
     being the cox of the Open 3rd VIII and is racing in the Norm Clarke. Sitting
     opposite his brother’s stroke seat brings him tremendous pride.

                                                                                          Billy J Smith and John McCoy before they
         Oliver and                                                                       called the first State of Origin game
      Hugo in front
       of the Norm
      Clarke, taken
        in February

                                                                                    The 1966 1st XV, John sits in the front row, first on the right

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

                                                         Written by Mrs Bianca Wagner

                                                       It is not often that you have the pleasure of meeting
                                                       a person who you grew up listening to, a familiar
                                                       voice for most of us who grew up in Brisbane. This
                                                       month, the terracian spoke to Terrace Old Boy and
                                                       legend of radio commentary, John McCoy OAM (GT
                                                       1966), about his recent induction into the Suncorp
                                                       Stadium Media Hall of Fame.

                                                       In receiving this honour, John joins fellow celebrity and Terrace Old Boy,
                                                       Billy J Smith (GT 1963) in the Hall of Fame. Both John and Billy followed
                                                       similar paths throughout their careers and forged a connection not only as
                                                       Old Boys but as lifelong friends. John recently visited the Hall of Fame with
                                                       Billy J Smith’s son Joel Smith (GT 1989), Joel’s son Jack Smith (Year 9) and
                                                       his grandsons Hugh (Year 6) and Will (Year 8) Devine to have their photo
                                                       taken together.

                                                       John’s career began with a lucky break – he met a sales manager at
                                                       Colour Radio in his final year at Terrace and lined up a job. He moved to
                                                       Mount Isa after graduation to begin his radio career at 4IP. Moving back to
                                                       Brisbane several years later, John pursued his love of calling sport, his voice
                                                       becoming synonymous with sport in Queensland and Suncorp Stadium,
                                                       then known as Lang Park. In 1980, along with Billy J Smith (who called for
                                                       Channel 7), John called the first State of Origin game.

                                                       The wall in the Media Hall of Fame states:

                                                           He covered sports with a flair, fairness and complete understanding to
                                                           listeners from across the country. As a host of popular radio sports shows
                                                           John tasted success everywhere he went, including being involved with the
                                                           Commonwealth Games in 1982 through to 2006, covering a multitude of
                                                           sports in the process.

                                                                                             In 1988, the new Brisbane rugby league
                                                                                             team was looking for a name. A fan of
                                                                                             the American football team the Denver
                                                                                             Broncos, John suggested the “Brisbane
                                                                                             Broncos” as it suited the team – a poll
                                                                                             showed the people of Brisbane agreed
                                                                                             with him, and the Brisbane Broncos were

                                                                                             John loved sport when he was at Terrace,
                                                                                             playing for the 1st XV, but he also had a
                                                                                             love of radio and knew that he wanted to
                                                                                             call sport. He has never lost that passion.
                                                                                             When I spoke to him, John was very
                                                                                             thankful that he could retire from a job
                                                                                             that he loved and was always enthusiastic
                                                                                             about. Over the years, John has served
                                                                                             as a Committee member and President
                                                                                             of the GTOBA, and his Terrace legacy
                                                                                             continues with his son, an Old Boy, and
                                                                                             grandsons. He retires an ambassador of
                                                                                             Australian sport, this Terrace Old Boy and
 Billy J Smith’s son Joel Smith (GT 1989) and his son Jack Smith (Year 9), John’s grandson   grandfather now joining the ranks of the
 Hugh Devine (Year 6), John McCoy, and grandson Will Devine (Year 8)                         many Gentlemen of Terrace of whom we
                                                                                             can be incredibly proud.

The Terracian April 2021

                                we look forward to watching william and Angus as
                                rising theatre stars in brisbane and beyond.

                                William Pyke has been making a name for himself as both an actor and
                                director in the Brisbane theatre scene. William graduated from Terrace
                                in 2011 as College Captain and as one of the highest achieving students
                                in Creative Arts, with a first in Film, Television and New Media. William
                                was also in the 1st VIII, winning the prize for Best Oarsman. He also played
                                Rugby in the 2nd XV. William was an all-round student who succeeded in
                                everything he put his mind to. William started a law degree at QUT before
                                realising his dreams and moving to London, where he gained a Bachelor of
                                Arts (Acting) and graduated with First Class Honours from the Royal Central
                                School of Speech and Drama. The famous institution’s alumni include
                                Dame Judi Dench, Dame Kristin Scott Thomas and Sir Laurence Olivier.

                                William was due to produce and star in Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love at
                                Brisbane’s Princess Theatre, but as with so many other events in the past
                                12 months, COVID-19 and social distancing restrictions made rehearsing
                                impossible. As a result, the play was postponed, and a future date will be

                                Year 12 student Angus Freer has also been making steps towards his career
                                in theatre while balancing his final year at Terrace. In January this year, he
                                played the role of Wally Webb in the Pulitzer Prize-winning production of
      Old Boy William           Thornton Wilder’s Our Town at the Bille Brown Theatre.

        Pyke (GT 2011)          Angus has wanted to be on stage since he was in Year 7 and was due to
                                perform in the College Musical School of Rock before COVID-19 restrictions
     and current Year           called for the event to be cancelled. Angus has also been involved with
                                Terrace Theatresports and the Terrace Rock Band.
     12 student Angus
      Freer have both
          been making
            a name for
        themselves on
             the stage.

St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace

                    Ben Lawson (GT 1997) may be working in Los Angeles
                    and starring in the new Netflix drama Firefly Lane,
                    but he has found a way to honour his hometown and
                    fly the Queensland flag, albeit a vintage one.

                    Ben stars alongside Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, playing an Australian
                    journalist in the series, which is trending in the top ten on Netflix (February
                    2021). He recently made headlines in Australia when he appeared on an
                    episode wearing a vintage 1991 Maroons jersey. Ben pitched the idea of
                    the jersey to the costume department; it was bought online and express
                    delivered. The Australian audience was very receptive to the jersey and Ben
                    responded with a post on Instagram: Managed to work a QLD State of Origin
                    jersey into the show. Because if you are going to play an Aussie, you might as
Managed to work     well make it authentic #FireflyLane.

  a QLD State of    Ben is the third of five Lawson boys to attend Terrace. During his years at
                    the College, he was heavily involved in cultural pursuits, participating in
    Origin jersey   Drama, Theatresports, talent quests and musicals. His Theatresports team
                    (The Love Handles) were crowned state champions in 1997. In 1996 he won
  into the show.    Best Actor at the Brisbane Arts Theatre Drama Festival. To round out his
                    Terrace education, Ben was also a member of the 2nd V Basketball team.
  Because if you
                    After graduating from school, Ben attended the National Institute of
are going to play   Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney. He first appeared on television in 1993 in an
                    episode of Time Trax and followed that with an appearance on an episode
  an Aussie, you    of The Adventures of Skippy.

   might as well    After NIDA, Ben joined the cast of Neighbours playing the character of
                    Frazer Yeats from 2006 to 2008. During this time, he was nominated for a
make it authentic   Logie for the role.

   #FireflyLane.    Ben shifted his focus to Hollywood, arriving in Los Angeles in 2008. He has
                    since appeared in several American television series and movies. In 2011 he
                    starred opposite Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher in the film No Strings

                    In 2014, Ben appeared in several episodes of popular Australian television
                    series, including Rake, Secrets and Lies and Love Child. In 2017-18 he played
                    the role of Damien Bennett on the political drama Designated Survivor and
                    played Basketball coach Rick Wlodimierz in the second series of 13 Reasons

                    In 2019 he appeared alongside his brother Josh Lawson (GT 1998) in
                    Bombshell playing Lachlan Murdoch with Josh playing James Murdoch.

                    While Ben was preparing for another Christmas away from home, the
                    Black Summer bushfires burnt their way across Australia’s eastern coast.
                    As the bushfires continued to rage into the new year on an unprecedented
                    scale, Ben, feeling angry, helpless and broken-hearted as he watched
                    the devastation from across the ocean, sat down and put his feelings into
                    words. To My Country is an illustrated ode to the endurance of the Australian
                    spirit and the shared love of our country (Allen and Unwin Australia).
                    Ben has donated the proceeds of the book to the Koala Hospital in Port

                    In an article in The Daily Telegraph, Ben talks about the reaction to his book:
                    People immediately started getting in touch from all over the world. I went
                    from feeling like I was very far away to feeling kind of embraced, in a way that
                    was unexpected. Knowing that people were seeing it and donating to charities,
                    that was like, “Wow, this is actually doing some material good”. Hopefully, the
                    book will continue to do that.

The Terracian April 2021

                                Congratulations to the following students and
                                Old Boys on their sporting endeavours. the year has
                                only just started, yet these sportsmen have already
                                achieved so much.

                                Cricket                                 Nazar Angallo (Year 11) and
                                Nick McGill, Ryan Walker and            Geordan Papacostas (Year 12)
                                Will Prestwidge (GT 2019), Toby         have been selected in the Under
                                Snell, Dylan Kritzinger and Aubrey      18 Queensland South Squad, who
                                Stockdale (GT 2020), participated       will competed at the Under 18
                                in the 13-man Queensland side           Nationals from 10-17 April.
                                at the Under 19 Cricket Tri-series
                                Nationals in March.
                                                                        Beach Volleyball
                                                                        Jack Weeden (Year 8) and Caden
                                Cycling                                 Rieger (Year 9) have been selected
                                James Panizza (Year 12) won a           in the Under 15 Queensland Beach
                                bronze medal in the Australian          Volleyball team to compete in
                                Under 19 Criterium championship.        the 2021 National Youth Beach
                                James also backed up this               Championships. The national
                                achievement with a sprint to            competition was held in the last
                                the line and a top-five finish in       week of April.
                                the gruelling road race event.
                                James has been selected for the
                                Queensland Under 19 team to             Athletics
                                compete at the Australian National      Blake Russell (Year 9) has
                                Track Cycling championships.            successfully qualified for the
                                                                        Australian Athletics Championships,
                                Conor Watson (Year 12) was              which will took place in Sydney
                                selected in the 2021 Elite and          from 12–15 April.
                                Under 19 Queensland Track team to
                                represent Queensland at the Track       Blake came third in the Under 15
                                National Championships held at          years men’s 100m, 200m and long
                                the Anna Meares Velodrome, 24-          jump with Personal Bests in all
                                28 March, as part of the Brisbane       events at the Queensland Athletics
                                Cycling Festival.                       Championships. His results were as

                                Basketball                              ¥ 1 00 metres - 3rd place - 11.55
                                Max MacKinnon has accepted                 seconds PB
                                a scholarship position at the           ¥ 200 metres - 3rd place - 23.88
                                Basketball Centre of Excellence            seconds PB
                                at the Australian Institute of Sport    ¥ Long jump - 3rd place - 5.75
                                in 2021. Max joins an elite group          metres PB
                                of young athletes in the program
                                and will be based in Canberra for
                                the year, where he will continue his    Baseball
                                studies in addition to his training.    Jock Millar (Year 11) played in the
                                We are sad to see Max leave             Schoolboys State Championships
                                Terrace in what would have been         on 12 March. Metropolitan North
                                an exciting final season. The Terrace   won the competition, with Jock
                                Basketball family wishes him the        pitching in the semi-final to move
                                best of luck on the journey, and we     the team into the grand final. It was
                                look forward to tracking his career     a big four days for Jock, which saw
                                in the coming years.                    him selected in the Queensland
                                                                        State team.

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