Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...

Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...
Statement of Purpose

Brídhaven Nursing Home

Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80

Centre ID: 4455

Date: March 2020

Revision Number: 049
Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...
Registered               Brídhaven Nursing Home Unlimited Company
(as per Certificate of

Person in Charge:        Donna McNamara-Carroll
(as per Certificate of

Acting Person in         Following the resignation of the Person in Charge (Donna
Charge:                  McNamara), from 15 March 2020, Karyn Bourke will act up into
                         the role of Person in Charge.

Persons                  Henry Burrows
participating in         Karyn Bourke
Management:              Adrieen Zagyva
(as per Certificate of   Maura O’Sullivan

Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...

The Statement of Purpose is one of the most important documents that we are
required to have in relation to the range of services that we offer in Brídhaven
Nursing Home. The Statement of Purpose describes the purpose and function of
Brídhaven Nursing Home.

The Statement of Purpose provides precise details of the type and range of services,
and the arrangements in place to support the health and social care, wellbeing and
safety of residents. It also provides the necessary information to assist you to decide
whether Brídhaven is the most suitable nursing home for you to meet your care
needs or those of your family member. It should be read along with Brídhaven’s
Residents’ Guide.

Brídhaven’s Statement of Purpose:
     clearly describes care and support needs that Brídhaven intends to meet;
     sets out the range of services and supporting facilities provided by Brídhaven
      in order to meet residents’ care and support needs;
     clearly defines Brídhaven’s admission criteria;
     describes the management and staffing arrangements in place to meet the
      residents’ care and support needs;
     ensures that people who use Brídhaven, prospective residents and other key
      stakeholders understand:
              o the range of services being provided and how these are delivered
                  to meet residents’ requirements.

Brídhaven is obligated, always, to operate strictly in accordance with its Statement of
Purpose. A Statement of Purpose is a requirement under the Health Act 2007 (Care
& Welfare of Residents in Designated Centres for Older People) Regulations 2013,
and the Health Act 2007 (Registration of Designated Centres for Older People)
Regulations 2015.

A copy of Brídhaven’s Statement of Purpose is provided to the Chief Inspector of the
Health Information &Quality Authority (HIQA) at the time of registration or renewal
of registration. It is easily accessible at main reception and at each of the
units/suites in Brídhaven and is written in an “easy to read and understand” format,
however, if you have any difficulty reading or understanding any aspect of it please
contact Main Reception or a member of the management team who will endeavour
to assist you.

Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...
Services and Facilities in Brídhaven
Aims and objectives of Brídhaven

Brídhaven Nursing Home aims to provide long term residential care for the
elderly in a homely environment that promotes privacy, dignity and choice within
a building that is safe and clean, comfortable and welcoming, with a design and
facilities that will enable and promote independence. Our aim is to provide a
place where one can feel at home and secure while still living in the local
community, close to family and friends.

Brídhaven is located in Spa Glen in Mallow town. Many residents, relatives and
staff are native to the local area. At any given time, many of our residents will
already be familiar with or had a previous connection with the nursing home and
the care staff, either by way of repeat admission, relationship to previous
residents/staff or indeed have been a past visitor to the home themselves.

We will continue this tradition of caring for our local elderly and employing
people from the local community. In this way we aim to provide an environment
that is ‘home-like … where the holistic needs of our residents take precedence
over all other matters’ and that reflects the culture, customs and ethos with
which they are most familiar. We acknowledge that we have a duty of care to
our residents and aspire to bring continuity and stability to their lives with staff
willing to be directed in their work by the expressed needs and preferences of
each individual resident. Our goal is to assist our residents in living as normal a
life as possible in accordance with their express choice.

Staff will always be encouraged to follow the sentiments of Virginia Henderson
who characterised the role of the nurse as ‘doing for the patient what they would
do for themselves if they could’ .

Brídhaven will invest resources in the centre to ensure that the needs of
residents are catered for and that they and their families are happy with the care
that is provided. This includes providing staff with the best training opportunities
possible to help them perform their duties and responsibilities to the highest

The opinion of our residents, their families and visitors are highly valued, and we
would always welcome and encourage all concerned to provide us with feedback
that will help us to improve our service.

We will endeavour to comply with all applicable legislation and standards.

Promotion of privacy and dignity will underpin all activities in Brídhaven.
Residents’ personal standards and preferences will be used to inform both
personal care plans and the development of an organizational culture aimed at
safeguarding the privacy and dignity of all residents.

Statement of Purpose Brídhaven Nursing Home Spa Glen, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 WK80 - Centre ID: 4455 - Bridhaven Nursing ...
The specific care needs and services that Brídhaven provides

The principal function of Brídhaven is to provide long term residential care services
to meet the physical and medical needs of those dependent elderly who can no
longer live alone in their own homes with particular emphasis on the Social,
Emotional and Cultural needs of elderly people from the Mallow, North Cork, Cork
City and surrounding areas. Convalescent and Respite Care Services are provided
subject to assessment, bed availability, and our ability to meet your needs. Our
nursing care covers a wide range of conditions such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, stroke,
Alzheimer’s, dementia and acquired brain injury.

Long-term residential care services provided by Brídhaven to meet the care needs of
residents availing of Fair Deal shall have the meaning assigned to it by the Nursing
Home Support Scheme Act, 2009 and shall include - Bed and Board; Nursing and
personal care needs appropriate to the level of care needs of the person; Bedding;
Laundry Service and Basic aids & appliances necessary to assist a person with the
activities of daily living.

Twenty-four-hour nursing care is provided by a team of nurses and healthcare
assistants. The Registered Provider will also ensure that a GP chosen by or
acceptable to the resident is available for medical treatment and advice and where
medical treatment is recommended by a GP and agreed by the resident such
treatment is facilitated. However, The Registered Provider shall not be responsible
for payment for such treatment or the provision of specialist equipment.

We actively encourage residents to avail of, and insist on receiving, treatments
which may be available to them through the Health Services Executive (HSE) and
which may not incur a charge, which, if it is provided by Brídhaven privately
would/may incur a charge. We will always strive in the first instance to get
treatments such as Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy for residents of
Brídhaven which are available to residents in their own homes and for which they
would normally be entitled to.

However, therapies such as occupational; speech and Language; physio; chiropody;
specialised wheelchairs, beds or equipment; ophthalmic or dental services; transport
to appointments or hospital including care assistant costs; attendance of a personal
health care assistant or one to one nursing will be subject to an additional charge if
availed of privately through Brídhaven. The above list is not exhaustive, however, if
extra charges arise for these or any other additional services that are outside the
scope of the Nursing Home Support Scheme Act, 2009 they will be explained to you,
for instance the social programme charge.

Residents not covered by GMS scheme shall pay for GP attendance by separate
arrangement with and a rate agreed by them with the GP. Residents not covered by
GMS scheme shall pay for drugs/dressings by arrangement with and at a rate agreed
by them with the pharmacist. Residents treated by their GP under GMS scheme will
receive medical attention, drugs & dressings in accordance with rules of GMS
scheme and how they relate to nursing home charges.

Brídhaven shall ensure, insofar as is reasonably practicable, that a pharmacist of a
resident’s choice or acceptable to the resident is available to the resident. Standard
incontinence wear is currently provided by HSE free of charge to all GMS residents.

At Brídhaven, we ensure that residents can avail of facilities for occupation and
recreation available to all residents and it is acknowledged that in the case of such
services which may also involve group activities, that an additional nursing home
ancillary service charge applies.

We provide our residents with information concerning current affairs, local matters
and community resources while ensuring that residents are provided with privacy,
insofar as is reasonably practicable.

We provide residents with arrangements to facilitate, insofar as is reasonably
practicable, the exercise of his/her civil, political and religious rights and ensure
insofar as is reasonably practicable access to independent advocacy services.

We carefully consider any suggestion from residents or from their family or other
relevant persons to maximise resident comfort and care.

We ensure that residents are always free to communicate, having regard to his/her
and other residents’ well-being, safety and health and ensure appropriate
arrangements are made to receive visitors.

We ensure residents always have access to a safe supply of fresh drinking water and
are provided with food & drink in quantities adequate for their needs.

We ensure that any dietary restrictions applying to a resident on medical or religious
grounds shall be facilitated.

We ensure that all reasonable measures are taken to protect all residents from all
forms of abuse; and always ensure that the privacy, dignity & choice of the resident
shall be respected.

Our three Activities Coordinators arrange and run the social programme and
activities to include various musicians and groups; animal therapy; bingo; card
games; knitting; arts and crafts; birthday and special occasion parties; gardening;
exercise class; film nights; varied selection of newspapers and magazines for general
use, religious services; special outings etc. This list is not exhaustive and may
change from time to time. At Brídhaven we welcome suggestions/input from all
residents and family members into the social programme.

Brídhaven participates in The Nursing Home Support Scheme known as “The Fair
Deal”. Brídhaven does not provide day care services as there are no separate
facilities for day care services.

Brídhaven enjoys the benefit of having its own Dementia Specific facility known as
the Clyda Suite which is primarily for people with symptoms of dementia which are

difficult to manage in a normal nursing home setting. Whilst we do take residents
from outside Brídhaven into the Clyda Suite, Brídhaven’s own residents will be
assessed for these vacancies also. This decision is taken following a meeting with
family members and medical practitioners together with an in-depth, individual
assessment with one of our senior nursing staff.

Our proximity to Mallow General Hospital and Mallow Primary Health Centre means
that we have the support of the best of medical expertise.

Facilities which are to be provided

Brídhaven Nursing Home is run and managed to serve, maintain and enhance
privacy, dignity and choice within a safe and secure environment where
independence is promoted, and people can move freely both within and outside
the home without undue or unnecessary restrictions. The internal environment is
warm and comfortable.

The nursing home is comfortable in design in a manner that safely
accommodates residents’ mobility, audio and visual needs. The layout
encourages and aids independence. Resident entrances have level access,
creating easy wheelchair use throughout. A lift is provided for access from one
floor to another. Handrails throughout the building make it easy for those with
limited mobility to access all areas.

Every effort has been made to ensure high levels of infection control throughout
the building to reduce the risk of cross infection or of acquiring MRSA, winter
vomiting bug or other hospital acquired infections.

The kitchen and four sub-pantries are HACCP compliant and have a stainless-
steel fit-out to a commercial standard making it easy to maintain and fittings are
steam cleaned at regular intervals.

There are five “bedroom areas” in Brídhaven which are called Suites. Each Suite
is staffed separately and has its own nurse’s station, facilities and sitting rooms
and they all operate independently of each other.

The Blackwater and the Lee Suites share dining and kitchen facilities.

Blackwater Suite
The Blackwater Suite is located on the ground floor and is accessed via the main
entrance. It provides accommodation for 44 residents in single and twin rooms
which are all en-suite. There is a total of 6 twin rooms and 32 single rooms
located on this floor. Room’s sizes vary from 12.42 to 21.1 meters squared for
single rooms and from 24 meters squared for twin rooms.

Lee Suite
The Lee Suite is located on the ground floor and is accessed via the main
entrance. It provides accommodation for 41 residents in single and twin rooms

which are all en-suite. There is a total of 2 twin rooms and 37 single rooms.
Room sizes vary from 11.6 to 14.5 meters squared for single rooms and 20.8
meters squared for shared rooms.

Bandon Suite
The Bandon Suite is located on the first floor and is accessed by stairs and two
lifts from the Blackwater Suite. This floor can accommodate 45 residents in
single and twin rooms. There are 4 twin rooms and 37 single rooms on this floor.
Room sizes vary from 12.5 to 15 meters squared for single rooms and from 18 to
27.5 meters squared for twin rooms. The Bandon Suite enjoys the use of a
dining room and a large lounge. Assisted bathrooms and toilet facilities are also
provided for residents, relatives and visitors use.

Awbeg Suite
The Awbeg Suite is located on the first floor at the front of the premises and
comprises 36 beds. There are 22 single rooms and 7 twin rooms in the Awbeg
Suite. Room sizes vary from 13 to 14.3 metres squared for single rooms and
from 21.3 to 25.39 metres squared for twin rooms. There is also a dining room
and a sitting/lounge room. There are also Assisted Bathrooms and toilet facilities
provided for residents, relatives and visitors use.

Clyda Suite
The Clyda Suite is located on the lower ground floor of the building. It is a
dedicated dementia facility which opened in January 2010. It has 18 single en -
suite bedrooms which vary in size from 13.5 to 15.3 metres squared. There is
also a dining room, and a large bright lounge with doors opening out to secure
gardens. Access to The Clyda Suite is via its own separate entrance but it can
also be accessed from the main building.

The Clyda Suite provides a safe and secure environment for residents whose
behaviour may be challenging.

We have many day and dining rooms in Brídhaven. Their sizes are as follows:

Blackwater Day Room 1 - 106m2
Blackwater Dining Room - 116m2
Atrium - 70.3m2
Lee Room - 42.6m2

Clyda Day Room - 73.5m2
Clyda Dining Room – 44.3m2

Bandon Day Room 106m2
Bandon Dining Room 73m2
Awbeg Sitting Room 98.1m2
Awbeg Dining Room 73.1m2

There is an external smoking area for the use of residents who smoke. Please
note that for safety reasons smoking within the premises is strictly forbidden.
Management reserve the right to discharge residents who smoke within the
building. The decision will be made in the interests of the Health & Safety of the
residents and staff of the nursing home.

There is also a mens shed located in Bridhaven for the enjoyment of the

The main kitchen and a hairdresser room are located on the lower ground
floor/basement area. Management and administration offices are in the
basement and on the first floor of the front building.

The Centre is set in large grounds providing walkways, grassed areas with
seating and ample car parking space. There are two enclosed secure garden
areas, one accessible from the Clyda Suite dayroom and the second from the
Blackwater Suite lounge and dining room.

Brídhaven is in Mallow Town and is within a short walking distance of many of
the town’s shops, banks, churches and other facilities.

Admissions to Brídhaven
Registered Bed         Brídhaven is registered with HIQA to care for a maximum
Numbers:               of 184 residents.

Age range of residents The age range of residents in Brídhaven is from 18
to be accommodated: upwards.

Gender of residents to       Brídhaven caters to the needs of residents who are:
be accommodated:             male, female, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary,
                             agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit,
                             third gender, and all, none, or a combination of these.

Criteria used for admissions and discharges:

We understand that moving into a nursing home can be a very big decision and can
be a stressful time. All long-term admissions to the nursing home shall be planned. A
nurse manager shall visit a prospective resident either in their own home or in
hospital to do a pre-assessment of the resident’s care needs. The only time this will
not occur is if a resident is wishing to transfer from a facility that is located outside
of Munster and in this situation an in-depth assessment will be done over the phone.
The resident and/or their family member(s) are encouraged to come and visit the
nursing home before being admitted. At this point we will also discuss the “Contract
of Care” with you. This is the term given to the contract between a nursing home
and a resident or their representative.

This enables prospective residents/relatives to get a full understanding of the
services provided by Brídhaven. Whilst the Person in Charge and Assistant Persons in
Charge are more than happy to meet with every prospective resident and/or their
family to give them a tour of the facility, we would ask that people make an
appointment to do so. All admissions have detailed preadmission forms completed
outlining relevant details to be given about the prospective resident. This is to
ensure a seamless transfer from another facility or from home.

Please note that admissions can only take place between Monday to Thursday and
up until 14.00 on Fridays.

Discharges from Brídhaven
Brídhaven reserves the right to discharge residents from the nursing home in certain
exceptional circumstances. Examples of such circumstances are if the person poses a
risk to the safety and welfare of other residents or to themselves, to our staff or
visitors, or if the person (or nominated payer i.e. relative, HSE etc.) is unable to pay
for the services provided. All admissions and discharges of residents will be carried
out in line with our admission and discharge policy and procedure.

It can take some time for a resident to settle into a nursing home. In our experience

this can take up to two months. During this time the resident may discharge himself
or herself or be discharged by their next of kin without notice to the nursing home.
Likewise, as a result of the resident being inappropriately placed in the Nursing
Home, Brídhaven reserves the right to discharge the resident without notice during
this period.

After the initial two-month period is over, a resident or their family must give the
nursing home one month’s notice of their discharge. The nursing home will do the
same if they take the decision to discharge the resident. Such a decision by the
nursing home would only be taken in circumstances such as very inappropriate
behaviour of the resident or non-payment of fees or where a change in the
resident’s health requires specific attention that cannot be provided in Brídhaven. If
circumstances arise whereby the resident poses an unacceptable threat to their own
safety or the safety of our staff or other visitors then we reserve the right to
discharge the resident without notice, but this would be done in co-ordination with
other supporting services and/or family members.

Management and Staffing
Total staffing complement (in whole time equivalent)
The following table illustrates the staffing compliment where 1 whole time equivalent
equates to 39 hrs per week
Job Title                                                   WTE          Total Staff
Activities Co-Ordinators                                      3              3
Administration (incl. CEO, Registered Providers,           10.56             13
Facilities Manager, Accounts Managers and HR
Director of Nursing / PIC                                   0.95             1
Assistant Director of Nursing                                 3              3
(There is a full-time allocation of 3 ADONs. From 15 March,
there will be only 2 as one ADON is acting up in the absence
of the PIC, pending appointment of a new PIC)
Clinical Nurse Managers / Senior Nurses                          7.87       8
Nurses                                                            30        30
Healthcare Assistants                                           68.12       86
Senior Healthcare Assistants                                     6.92       7
Chefs                                                            4.27       5
Catering Assistants                                              8.37       17
Housekeeping Attendants                                         20.31       30
Maintenance                                                      3.04       4
TOTAL                                                          166.41      207
Organisational structure of Brídhaven

Brídhaven governance arrangements

The Registered Provider of Brídhaven Nursing Home is Brídhaven Nursing Home
Unlimited Company (Reg. No.: 139706)

The Board of Directors of the Company are Mr. and Mrs. Paul and MaryClare
Rochford, who are also the Directors of Araglen House Nursing Home in Boherbue,
Co. Cork. Paul Rochford is the Chairperson of the company.

Brídhaven was founded in 1989 and has been operated since 2004 by Paul &

The Registered Provider Representative for Brídhaven is Paul Rochford, who is the
nominated person that represents Brídhaven when liaising and interacting with

The Chief Executive Officer is Henry Burrows. Henry took up this position in June
2019. Before joining Brídhaven Henry worked for five years as a nursing home
consultant and prior to this was, for eight years, the Registered Provider Nominee
(now called Registered Provider Representative) and Director of a nursing home in
Carlow. Henry is a “Person Participating in Management (PPIM)” which is the term
used to describe senior managers/decision makers in the nursing home. Henry is
also the Chief Executive Officer of Araglen House Nursing Home. He is responsible
for the leadership, management and direction of Bridhaven Nursing Home and
Araglen House Nursing Home within the context of the Group’s Strategic Plan. He is
accountable for the overall performance of the Group in delivering the strategic plan
and management of the Group’s business under the delegated authority from the
Chairperson and the Board. Henry also works closely with the Person in Charge, HR
Manager, Accounts Manager and Facilities Manager of Brídhaven and Araglen House
nursing homes to ensure that they are supported to fulfil their roles. Henry liaises
with the Persons in Charge daily, with the Chairperson informally daily and formally
on a quarterly basis.

From 15 March 2020 the Person in Charge, also called Director of Nursing, is Karyn
Bourke. Karyn has been an Assistant Director of Nursing in Brídhaven since
September 2016. Karyn is a very experienced Registered General Nurse who has
also worked as a Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM) 2 in Brídhaven. Karyn has completed
a postgraduate qualification in gerontology (older persons) nursing. Karyn has been
working in Brídhaven since June 2009.

Karyn’s role is to manage, guide and lead Brídhaven Nursing Home, and to ensure
compliance with all regulations and legislation pertaining to Nursing Homes in
accordance with SI 415 of 2013, Health Act 2007 (Care and Welfare of Residents in
Designated Centres for Older People) Regulations 2013 and HIQA’s National
Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland, 2016.

Karyn is supported in her role by Assistant Persons in Charge, who are senior

managers in the management team of Brídhaven. The Assistant Persons in Charge
support the Person in Charge to ensure compliance with all regulations and
legislation and will have overall responsibility for the management of the nursing
home, including supervision and deployment of staff; management of complaints
and HIQA notifications.

In their normal daily duties, they will predominantly oversee the clinical and direct
care and ensure that the care is of a high standard and is centred on evidence-based

The Assistant Persons in Charge are:
Maura O’Sullivan is a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Midwife and was
appointed in May 2014. Prior to this Maura worked as Assistant Director of Nursing
in The Bon Secours Hospital, Cork. Maura is also a qualified chiropodist.

Adrienn Zagyva has over 26 years nursing experience and has been working in
Brídhaven for the last 12 years. Adrienn has worked as both a senior nurse and a
clinical nurse manager in Brídhaven before her current role.

The Assistant Persons in Charge are supported by a team of Clinical Nurse
Managers/Senior Nurses.

Other managers within the senior management team include a HR Manager,
Facilities Manager and an Accounts Manager who report to the Chief Executive and
Person in Charge.

Due to the recent resignation of the HR Manager we are currently in the process of
recruiting a new HR Manager, who will begin on 8 April 2020. In the interim period,
the HR Department is being managed by a HR Consultant who liaises regularly with
the Chief Executive.

Resident Wellbeing and Safety
Review and development of residents’ care plans (as per Regulation 5)

It is our aim to provide person centred care and all residents have individualised
care plans. Care plans will be reviewed at least 3 times a year (every 4 months) by
the Person in Charge (or a delegate of her choosing) or more frequently if
necessary. A resident is welcome to view or have input into their care plan any time
and their input will form an important part of the review process.

The care plan is started once a resident enters the nursing home but no later than
48 hours after the resident’s admission. This is based on a comprehensive
assessment by an appropriate healthcare professional. Each nurse is given lead
responsibility for a number of care plans.

The care plan is the most important document for each resident. It contains all the
important nursing and social information on each resident. The care plan is a living
document which is constantly changing and evolving to ensure we meet the care
needs of the residents.

Specific therapeutic techniques used in Brídhaven

Various therapies are provided in Brídhaven. Outside healthcare providers other than
HSE staff will only be engaged on presentation of satisfactory confirmation of
identity, Garda vetting and verification of qualifications.

They will be accompanied or supervised by a member of staff whenever it is deemed
necessary by the Person in Charge.

Brídhaven has a physiotherapist who visits the centre routinely and when requested.

As well as group activities our coordinators do one-on-one sessions such as Reiki,
Reflexology, Sims - which is a one-on-one programme designed to aid those unable
to partake in group settings, Therapeutic Massage and Reminisce Therapy.

Respecting residents’ privacy and dignity

150 of the bedrooms are single, 17 are twins/doubles, ensuring that the privacy and
dignity of residents is always protected. No more than 2 residents are
accommodated in each of the shared rooms

Brídhaven provides facilities and a safe environment and we work with residents to
make your bedroom your very own private space. You can make it more homely by
bringing in some of your own belongings if you want. There are full time
maintenance staff on hand to assist you. If you would like to put up shelving,
redecorate or do within reason what it takes to put your own personal stamp on the
room, please ask, and we will try to assist you in any way we can.

Staff are trained in delivering personal care and will always knock before entering
your room.

All bedrooms are en-suite. 148 are full en-suites; consisting of toilet, wash-hand
basin and shower. 17 are half en-suites; consisting of toilet and wash-hand basin i.e.
no shower. For the 17 bedrooms with no shower; there are 6 assisted bathrooms
(with shower) located throughout the nursing home.

Social activities, hobbies and leisure interests

We believe that all residents in Brídhaven should as much as possible participate in
the activities that take place here on a regular basis. Residents are encouraged to
engage in social activities, hobbies and leisure activities.

We regularly arrange for trips to outside activities such as to Mallow Racecourse,
Mallow Library, Mallow Day Centre, Local School Concerts, Local Drama Group
performances, some demonstrations and book launches. Several of our residents
who have Acquired Brain Injuries use the services of Headway in Mallow, where they
go twice weekly for workshops.

We have three full time Activities Coordinators who hold daily activities for residents.
These activities include group sessions such as ACT- Activity in Care Therapy which
are chair based exercises sessions, Sonas - a structured programme to activate
potential for communication, Bingo and Quizzes.

We have a purpose-built men’s shed adjacent to the Clyda garden where residents
pursue seasonal activities of their choosing such as gardening or artwork. For Health
& Safety reasons it is only possible for fully mobile residents to access this facility.

Consultation with, and participation of, residents in the operation of

Residents’ Council & Advocacy
There is an active Residents Council in Brídhaven, which meets quarterly or more
often as required. The names of those on the residents committee are available at
Reception. The residents can make suggestions regarding their meals, activities and
the facilities and care. A family member of one of the residents represents Clyda.
Minutes are taken at these meetings. We also have several suggestion boxes, which
are in our main reception area and at the Clyda entrance. You are most welcome to
make any suggestions, complaints or compliments.

Resident’s Council Members:
 Name                                       Area
 Ms. Claire Foley                           Awbeg
 Mr. Peter McGrath                          Lee
 Mr. Robert McCullagh                       Blackwater
 Ms. Mary Murphy                            Bandon
 CURRENTLY VACANT                           Clyda
 Ms. Helen Mackessey                        Advocate

Access to religious services of residents’ choice

Spiritual Care
People of all denominations, faiths and beliefs and those with none are welcome in
Brídhaven. Residents attend Roman Catholic Mass regularly at the nursing home.
Mass is said twice a month and at Easter and Christmas. The visiting priest also
hears confessions and anoints people on a regular basis.

The Church of Ireland Minister also visits his members.

Current residents of the home are predominantly Roman Catholic and Church of
Ireland, however, should the occasion arise, we will be more than happy to support
residents of different religions or no religion at all in the practice of their beliefs.

In the unfortunate event of the death of a resident, Brídhaven works closely with
family members and funeral directors to ensure that any wishes expressed by the
resident and/or family members are accommodated in arrangements, within reason.
However, regrettably Brídhaven cannot accommodate Rosary or Removals from the
nursing home as we do not have appropriate facilities to cater for such occasions.

Contact between residents and their relatives, friends and carers

Brídhaven has an open visiting policy and we can facilitate you at most times.
However, we would ask that you refrain from visiting between the hours of 22:00
and 09:00, unless necessary. The home is spacious and there are adequate facilities
for residents to meet visitors privately and separately from the residents’ own private
room or in any one of the various communal areas throughout the home. Should
you wish to reserve our Awbeg Meeting Room for a family meeting this can be
arranged by request. Well behaved clean family pets can also be brought along for a
visit by prior arrangement with the Person in Charge.

Dealing with complaints

Complaints, comments, suggestions & criticisms about services, whether verbal or
written will be taken seriously and handled in a sensitive and timely manner that
protects the rights, privacy, dignity and confidentiality of all those involved.

Comments and / or complaints will be used to aid continuous quality improvement
and the risk management of services provided. A copy of our complaints policy will
be given to you when you arrive to Brídhaven if requested.

A complaint is a verbal or written statement of dissatisfaction that requires a
response (Healthcare Commission, 2008). All complaints, both written and verbal,
will be acknowledged in writing and will be recorded in our complaints log.

All complaints will be investigated by the nursing home’s Complaints Officer, Ms.
Maura O’Sullivan and the person(s) who complained will be informed of the
investigation findings within 60 working days after the complaint was made.

If the complainant is still unhappy, the complaint may be referred to the Appeals
Officer: Ms. Karyn Bourke, Assistant Person in Charge.

If you have any concerns regarding Elder Abuse in Brídhaven Nursing Home,
please report them immediately to the Person in Charge. If your concern has not
been dealt with satisfactorily you are welcome to contact the HSE Safeguarding
Team for Cork. The person to contact is Ms Kathleen O’Mahony, St. Finbarr’s
Hospital, Douglas Road, Cork. Tel: 021 4923967 Email:

Complaints Procedure & the Ombudsman
If you have complained to us, and you are not happy with our decision on your
complaint; you may contact the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman
provides an impartial, independent and free service. By law, the Ombudsman can
examine complaints about any of our administrative actions or procedures as well as
delays or inaction in our dealings with you. The Ombudsman’s remit relates to
complaints about actions which occur on or after the 24th of August 2015. The
Ombudsman cannot examine complaints about actions which occurred before that
date except for complaints from residents eligible to complain under “Your Service
Your Say” (Residents whose place is provided under a contract with the HSE).

Contact details are as follows:

THE OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN, 18 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2.
Phone: LoCall 1890 22 30 30 or (01) 639 5600

You can also make a complaint online using the online complaint form:


Please be aware that if you have concerns about the operation of the Nursing Home
you may also contact our Regulator the Health Information & Quality Authority
(HIQA) by:

Calling the advice line on 021 240 9300


Or by writing to:

Office of the Chief Inspector, Social Services Inspectorate, Health Information &
Quality Authority, Unit 1301, City Gate, Mahon, Cork

You may also make a complaint online by filling out the form at:

Fire precautions and emergency procedures

Brídhaven has been certified by our Chartered Engineer as being fully compliant with
all Fire Safety Legislation and with the Building Control Acts 2000 – 2006. The Fire
Safety File with relevant certificates and logs is available for inspection on request.
All staff are given Fire Safety Awareness Training on induction and regularly
thereafter. Unannounced fire drills are conducted, and all Fire Safety equipment is
maintained and serviced in accordance with the DoE Fire Safety Guidelines for
Nursing Homes. A trained Fire Marshall is always on duty.

There is a fire alarm system and emergency lighting throughout the building. All
standard beds with non-ambulant residents are fitted with evacuation sheets. The
flooring, furniture, mattresses, bedding and curtains are fire retardant.

The building is divided into fire resistant compartments and each room has a half
hour fire door. In the event of fire, residents will be evacuated into the next
adjoining compartment. The procedure to be followed in the event of fire is ‘Phased
Evacuation’. This gives staff a chance to assess the situation before any panic can
arise. Fire extinguishers are provided throughout the nursing home together with
emergency lighting.

One of our nurses who is a Trained Fire Marshall is always nominated to take control
of the situation should a fire start. They, along with all our staff, have been trained
in what to do should a fire start. All our staff receive fire training at least every 12
months except for new staff who receive fire training as part of their induction

Our fire evacuation procedure is clearly communicated to staff. Details of what to do
in the event of a fire are prominently located throughout the nursing home along
with maps of current locations.

Should a fire exist, our staff have been trained to react appropriately and to move
those residents or visitors at risk to a place of safety.

All external doors are access controlled. However, in the event of a resident going
missing from the building the ‘missing person’ drill is activated immediately.

Appendix 1:
Conditions of Registration

Appendix 2:
Layout of Brídhaven
Floor plan

Appendix 3:
List of additional items and applicable charges

Details of fees to be charged to the resident for the services that will be provided in
return for the fee being paid are detailed in the Contract of Care. Any services that
are provided over and above those provided in normal circumstances will be clearly
outlined on the Contract of Care. These will be charged for separately.

The contract of care will also identify from whom the fees will be paid. For example,
if a portion of the monies owed are collectable from the HSE, the amount paid by
the HSE will be clearly outlined as will the balance payable by the resident.

Our private fee & fee for respite is €1100 all-inclusive, except for The Clyda Suite
which is €1600 per week.

Our HSE respite fee is €1100 per week with a charge of €6 per individual activity
session and does not include laundry charges. Laundry can be done in-house at a
cost of €40 euros weekly.

For residents in receipt of “Fair Deal”, we charge an additional €40 per week to
cover additional costs incurred by the nursing home and laundry fees are included in
the contract.

Please note that residents who are admitted after 01 May 2019 will be responsible
for the rental or purchase of specialist equipment such as electronic pressure
relieving mattresses/ cushions and falls protection equipment.

Document Version History

Version       Version update comment             Effective date
V048              Document     converted    into November 2019
                   HIQA SOP template
                  PPIM/CNM info updated
                  Resident Council members
                  Organisation Chart updated
                  Updated Floor Plan and more
                   detailed narrative description

V049              Updated to reflect change of 15 March 2020
                  Updated       to       reflect
                   management of HR following
                   the resignation of the HR


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