Monday 30 September – Friday 13 December 2019
(LSE Welcome begins Monday 23 September.
Teaching begins Monday 30 September 2019)

Monday 13 January – Friday 17 January 2020

Monday 20 January – Friday 3 April 2020

Tuesday 5 May – Friday 19 June 2020
The General Course is a window
that leads to a world
of opportunities.

Patrick Daniel
St Francis College, NYC

I am pleased to enclose your official         are based here. We also provide a
Offer Pack for the General Course,            unique forum for debate; every week
2019/20.                                      sees many high-profile speakers
                                              come to the School.
The information that follows is
intended to make your preparations            While you are here, you will be part of
for arrival in London and your first          a vibrant and stimulating community
days and weeks at the School                  with societies representing hundreds
as stress-free and enjoyable as               of different interests and national
possible. Consequently, you should            groups available for you to join, making
read this Pack carefully, and use the         your student experience as diverse and
web-links provided.                           exciting as you want it to be.
LSE is one of the world’s foremost            I’m confident that your time at LSE
centres for the study of the social           will be both enjoyable and rewarding,
sciences. It attracts students from           providing you with knowledge and
over 150 countries, and it offers you         experience that will prove hugely
a unique blend of leading academic            beneficial in your future academic,
teaching and research. Our identity           personal and professional careers.
and character are closely linked with
                                              I am delighted we have made you an
our location in central London, an
                                              offer and look forward to welcoming
exciting and lively place to live, work
                                              you to the School in September.
and study. This benefits the School
in many ways, not least because we
enjoy relationships with national and
international government institutions         Will Breare-Hall
and ministries, whose headquarters            Study Abroad Manager

Summary of key dates and actions			               6         Your year of discovery				                   30

Welcome to LSE and the General Course		           8         The General Course Social Calendar		         31

   Your First Weeks website and LSE For You       9         Differences between studying overseas 		     32
                                                            and at LSE
   Making contacts now				9
                                                            Your LSE academic programme			               34
Before you arrive					10
                                                            General Course assessment			                 35
   Student accommodation			11
                                                            Sample transcript – General Course 2019/20   36
   Private accommodation			11
                                                            Transferring to an LSE degree			             36
   Payment for LSE accommodation		                11
                                                            Internships					36
   Academic matters				12
                                                           LSE support services				38
   Financial matters				13
                                                            Student Services Centre			                   39
   John C Phelan General Course Scholarships      13
                                                            Data and Technology Services at LSE		        39
   General Course tuition fee			                  13
                                                            LSE Library services				42
   How to pay					13
                                                            The Shaw Library				42
   Estimated living costs				14
                                                            LSE LIFE					43
   Visas and UK immigration requirements		        16
                                                            LSE Language Centre				43
   Working in the UK				                          18
                                                            LSE Faith Centre				44
Arriving in the UK				                            20
                                                            LSE Student Counselling Service		            44
   Getting from the airport			                    21
                                                            Disability and Wellbeing Service		           44
   Getting around				21
                                                            LSE Students’ Union (LSESU)			               46
   Safety					22
                                                            Gym and fitness				47
   What to bring with you, what to leave behind   22
                                                            Catering facilities				47
Your first days at LSE				                        24
                                                            LSE Careers					47
   LSE Welcome and registration			                25
                                                            Graduate studies at LSE			                   48
   The Dean of the General Course		               25
                                                            Office of Alumni Relations			                48
   Opening a student bank account in the UK       26
                                                            Campus developments			48
   Register with a GP				                         27
                                                            Around LSE					49
                                                            Useful links					50
                                                            Sources of further information			            50
                                                            Environmental statement			53

Below is a summary of important documents, activities and dates (with
relevant page references) for the start of your year at LSE as a General
Course student:

 Action                                                                          Date 2019              Done

Submit Financial Undertaking Form to Student Marketing                           Within 28 days
and Recruitment (page 13)                                                        of receipt

Apply for a place in LSE or University of London accommodation (page 11)         By Friday 31 May

If necessary, arrange visa with UK Embassy or Consulate (page 16)                Mid-July

Return Course Choice Form to Student Marketing and Recruitment (page 12)         By Friday 19 July

Apply for an internship (page 36)                                                In the Summer

Get vaccinated – all students admitted to universities in the UK are             August – September
advised to obtain the MenACWY vaccine and to ensure their vaccinations are
up to date (page 28)

Your First Weeks website will be available (page 9)                              Early August

Attend a “Destination LSE” pre-departure event or make contact with fellow       June – September
General Course students – there is an official General Course Facebook group
you can join (page 9)

Arrive to locate private rented accommodation if you have not been allocated a   Sunday 4 August –
room in an LSE or University of London hall of residence (page 11)               Saturday 7 September

Set up your LSE personal email (page 40)                                         Early September

Action                                                                 Date 2019              Done
Enter your course choices online (page 12)                              Early September

Obtain sufficient UK currency or an international credit/debit card     Mid-September
to last you until you open your UK bank account (page 26)

Access to rooms in halls of residence (page 11)                         From Sunday
                                                                        22 September

Campus tours (page 25)                                                  Monday 23 September

Register with your local doctor (page 27)                               Once you have a
                                                                        settled address

LSE Welcome (page 25)                                                   Between Monday
                                                                        23 September and
                                                                        Friday 27 September

Inductions to student support services (page 25)                        Between Monday
                                                                        23 September and
                                                                        Friday 27 September

Departmental meetings and meetings with academic advisers               Between Monday
to discuss your study year at LSE (page 25)                             23 September and
                                                                        Friday 27 September

Students’ Union “Fresher’s Fair” – join societies! (page 25)            Between Monday
                                                                        23 September and
                                                                        Friday 27 September

Registration (page 25)                                                  Monday 23 September

General Course Welcome Presentation (page 25)                           Monday 23 September

General Course Boat Party (page 25)                                     Monday 23 September

Open a bank account once you have registered – you will                 Monday 23 September
need your certificate of registration (page 26)                         onwards

Coach tour of London (page 31)                                          Tuesday 24 September

Teaching begins (page 34)                                               Monday 30 September

Pay either your first instalment or your full tuition fees (if you or   By Monday 28 October
your home university have not already paid them) (page 13)

Cumberland Lodge residential visit (page 31)                            Friday 4 October –
                                                                        Sunday 6 October

Update your term-time address and other contact details on              By mid-October
LSE for You (page 9)


We look forward to seeing you and                                        Making contacts now
some 300 other General Course
                                                                         “Destination LSE” Pre-departure events
students from universities all over the
                                                                         LSE alumni groups around the world will hold pre-departure
world when you join us in September.                                     events in August. These events give you the chance to meet
                                                                         LSE alumni as well as other offer holders before you arrive
We want you to experience a challenging and rewarding                    at the School. Further information will be available on our
year in London and past experience tells us that this is very            website closer to the time:
likely to happen. London is a remarkable city and we believe
that LSE, its location, its faculty and particularly its students,       Facebook and Twitter
make up a remarkable institution; you will be a full member
of this exceptionally international academic community.                  Join the LSE General Course 2019/20 Facebook group
                                                                         and Twitter account to connect with the General Course
On arrival, you will be joining more than 4,600 full-time                team and your fellow General Course students.
undergraduate and 5,200 postgraduate students. Like
you, the majority of these students will be newly arrived                LSE Student blogs and Video Diaries
“overseas” students who are spending just one academic
year at LSE. This means that none of you will be identified              Want to know what it’s like to be a student at LSE before
as “international” students. You will be a “student” just                you arrive? Our LSE student bloggers and video diarists
like all the others at the School.                                       have been sharing their experiences over the last year,
                                                                         discussing topics such as workloads, lectures and classes,
This is because the General Course is not a separate                     and the social scene. To read and watch their past and
programme. You will share the LSE experience with                        continuing posts visit and
our undergraduates in their very specialised three-year        
degree programmes, share the same housing and social
life, follow the same courses of study, attend the same
lectures and classes, and sit the same end-of-year exams.
The only differences are that you will choose the four
courses you want – “they” will have to follow courses
dictated by their degree regulations – and you will receive              Academically Culturally
a grade for your coursework in addition to the grade for
your exam – “they” only get a mark for their exams.                      and socially, LSE offers the
                                                                         best study abroad experience
Your first weeks website and LSE                                         out there.
for You
Information on a range of topics relevant to your year at                Matthew Frisch
LSE will be available on the Your First Weeks web pages                  University of Pennsylvania
( in August 2019. You should
check these on a regular basis.
In early September, you will be sent guidance on setting
up your LSE email account through LSE for You. LSE
for You provides access to a range of LSE services
including timetable information, your tuition fee account,
accommodation, address maintenance and password
change. The site uses an encrypted connection to ensure
that your data remains confidential. Once you are enrolled
as a student, your LSE email address and the LSE for You
portal are used by the School as the main methods of
communication. Use LSE for You to keep your address up-
to-date – this is extremely important.


Student accommodation                                                 further information on how to register. In addition, you can
                                                                      also visit the Residential Services Office in room 3.02 in
All General Course students who accepted their offer                  the Saw Swee Hock Student Centre to speak to an advisor
of a place and applied for housing by the deadline of 31              in person.
May 2019 are guaranteed to be offered a place in LSE or
University of London accommodation (though the School                 During your housing search temporary accommodation
cannot guarantee that your offer will be for your preferred           will be available on a nightly basis in a number of LSE’s
residence or in a single room).                                       residences. This will be available from the middle of August
                                                                      2019 up until 21 September 2019 (the day before the general
Applications typically open in February and offer holders             arrival date for students moving into halls of residence for
are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.                          the 2019/20 academic session). Dates may vary between
Housing applications are reviewed and offers distributed              residences and are subject to availability so please check
through our online platform, Hallpad.                                 online at

Using Hallpad and your unique student ID number, you                  Temporary accommodation is useful for finding potential
can submit your accommodation application, check the                  flatmates to search with and for providing a base in London
progress of your application, pay your deposit, learn about           to view private accommodation.
the residence in which you’ll be living and inform us of any          Plan to arrive no earlier than Sunday 25 August 2019 to make
changes to your status.                                               use of this facility. Before this date, the halls are very quiet,
If you are allocated a place in LSE/Intercollegiate housing,          which can impact your prospects of finding flatmates.
then it will normally be available to you from Sunday 22              Experience tells us that this system works extremely well,
September 2019. If you wish to arrive earlier, there will be          so please be reassured that if you choose to seek private
an opportunity for you to book additional nights stay later           accommodation, there is plenty of support available to you.
in the year.
LSE halls of residence require a £250 prepayment to                    If you have any questions regarding private
be paid on acceptance of an offer (per person). This is                accommodation, consult the website at:
held as an advance payment on future rent. As well as        
a deposit, other halls of residence, such as University of
London Intercollegiate Halls, Urbanest King’s Cross and
Urbanest Westminster Bridge require a registration fee on
acceptance of an offer.                                               Payment for LSE accommodation
Please check your written offer carefully for the details of          If you have a place in LSE housing, please note that the
what to pay, and when. More information can be found                  housing contract start date for LSE residences will be
below in the ‘“Payment for LSE accommodation” section.                Sunday 22 September 2019 and you will be expected to pay
                                                                      rent from that date – even if you arrive later – for your entire
 Further details of all LSE and Intercollegiate halls of              contract stay.
 residence, including location, rates and how to apply,               Payment will be required termly, and the payment date
 can be found at:                             information will be available here:
                                                                      accommodation. Your payment status becomes active on the
                                                                      day of check-in and can be reviewed in your Hallpad account.
Private accommodation
                                                                      If anybody else is helping you meet these payments (eg,
General Course students who choose to rent in the private             your university or a scholarship fund), you will need to
sector are strongly recommended to arrive in London prior             arrange for them to make these payments by forwarding
to the start of term to allow themselves time to find housing.        invoices or having them pay you directly so that you can
Both LSE and the University of London Housing Services                make payment yourself.
offer a comprehensive support service to students seeking
housing in the private sector. This might be a room in a               Invoices can be requested by contacting
family house, a studio/flat or a share in a flat or house.   

Please visit for further
information and advice about the services offered. LSE
Studentpad is a platform listing potential properties from
private landlords carefully screened by LSE to ensure that
they provide good information and follow good practice.
Please see for

You can pay for your LSE accommodation in the                       Academic matters
following ways:

 Preferred method of payment is online via Hallpad by credit        Confirming LSE course choices
 card or debit card (Visa or Mastercard, Delta).                    Your initial course choices on your General Course
                                                                    Application Form helped us in the selection process. To
 An online bank transfer via Hallpad.                               determine your departmental allocation, we require you to
                                                                    once again indicate the courses you would like to take.
 A cheque (drawn on a UK bank account payable to the
 London School of Economics).                                       In June, you will receive by email a Course Choice Form on
                                                                    which you will need to identify the four year-long courses
 Banker’s draft denominated in pounds sterling.                     (or the equivalent in half-unit courses) you would like to
                                                                    follow during the 2019/20 academic year. This needs to be
 But not by cash.                                                   filled in and returned to Student Marketing and Recruitment
                                                                    by Friday 19 July 2019.
Whichever way you choose to pay – or if somebody else
                                                                    Course details can be found at
is paying on your behalf – ensure that your payment is
                                                                    calendar/generalcourse.htm. From mid/late-September,
clearly identifiable as yours. Make sure that your payment
                                                                    details of provisional timetables for courses will be
instructions include your full name and your LSE student
                                                                    available via the Timetables web pages at
ID number.
Please note: Accommodation enquiries should be
                                                                    If you hope to take economics or econometrics courses
directed to the residences fees team – not to LSE’s Fees,
                                                                    during your year at LSE you should read the guidance at
Income and Credit Control Office.
If you have any queries about your accommodation                    your-courses
payments contact
                                                                    In teaching over 300 undergraduate courses consisting
                                                                    of lectures and classes each week (with only 55 teaching
 Contact us at Residential Services                                 hours in the week), there will inevitably be some timetable
 3.02, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre                                 clashes – but in practice they are rare. The School makes
 1 Sheffield Street                                                 every effort to ensure that courses are offered as described
 London WC2A 2AP                                                    to students and that any subsequent changes would
 Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7531                                           add to, rather than detract from, students’ opportunities.
 Email:                                     However, circumstances beyond the School’s control may,
 Web:                                       very occasionally, make this impossible and for that reason
                                                                    the School reserves the right, according to circumstances,
                                                                    to alter or withdraw particular courses or course syllabi.
                                                                    However, we will do everything possible to ensure that you
                                                                    can join the courses you choose. So, you should work on
                                                                    the assumption that you will get into the courses you want.
                                                                    In early September, you will need to enter your course
                                                                    choices online via LSE for You. The online course choice
                                                                    process will enable you to be automatically allocated to the
                                                                    classes for your selected courses. Your personal teaching
                                                                    timetables (lectures and associated classes) will be
                                                                    available to you when you arrive at LSE.
                                                                    You will be able to change your course choices up until
This year in London changed                                         5pm on Monday 14 October 2019.
my life. Prior to studying                                          It is your responsibility to ensure that the courses you
at LSE, I had a much more                                           have chosen fit with your home university’s academic
                                                                    requirements. LSE does not decide which courses will gain
limited knowledge of critical                                       you “credit” – this is always the decision and responsibility
global issues.                                                      of your home university. If in doubt, contact your
                                                                    university’s foreign study advisor, the dean of your faculty,
                                                                    or the head of your department or degree programme.
Akhila Kolisetty
Northwestern university

Financial matters                                                     backgrounds. ISH is partnering with the General Course
                                                                      to offer free accommodation, in a twin room for 40 weeks
                                                                      with breakfast, for two John C Phelan General Course
LSE Financial Undertaking Form                                       Scholarship recipients. To apply for one of these places
We will email you a Financial Undertaking Form (FUF),                 you must complete the General Course Scholarship
which you will need to complete to confirm that you/your              Application by the deadline of 1 June 2019. You will then
sponsor are able to pay your tuition fees. Please ensure              be automatically considered for both a John C Phelan
you submit the FUF to Student Marketing and Recruitment               Scholarship and the free ISH accommodation.
within 28 days of receiving it.
If your college is paying some or all of your LSE tuition fee,
it is important you indicate this on the FUF. When we are             General Course tuition fee
informed that your college is responsible for paying your
LSE tuition fee, we will send them an invoice accordingly.            The General Course tuition fee covers: examination entry;
Failure to notify us of this could ultimately result in you           use of the Library; access to all LSE social, health and
being recorded as a debtor and affect your access to the              welfare facilities, and Students’ Union membership. It
Library and other School facilities.                                  does not cover housing/rental payments, meals etc. The
                                                                      tuition fee for all General Course students in the academic
John C Phelan General Course Scholarships                             year 2019/20 is £20,520.

LSE is pleased to offer a number of John C Phelan                     Pay in full
General Course Scholarships, worth up to £20,520
each for students accepted onto the General Course in                 You can pay the full fee at the start of your programme,
2019/20. The Scholarships are open to all nationalities               or earlier.
and will be awarded principally on the basis of financial
                                                                      Pay in instalments
need. To apply, you must download and complete the
General Course Scholarship Application Form and                       You can pay the General Course tuition fee in three equal
return it, together with an academic reference, to the                parts starting before 28 October 2019 and ending by
Financial Support Office. The deadline for the receipt of             28 April 2020. If you do not pay in full at the start of the
applications is 1 June 2019. See             academic year (or before), then we will assume that you
for further details.                                                  intend to pay one third of your fees each term.
International Students House (ISH) is a not-for-profit                These must be paid by the following dates:
charity located in the heart of London providing a unique
                                                                      28 October 2019
social club and residence for UK and international
                                                                      28 January 2020
students at a wide range of London universities. Their
                                                                      28 April 2020
aim is to help students make the most of their time in the
UK and to promote international friendship by bringing
together students of many different nationalities and

How to pay
 Payment method               Time taken                                      Notes

 Credit/Debit Card            Allow minimum two days.                         Only available online. If you have difficulty paying
                                                                              your fees online, for example if a large payment
                                                                              is declined, please contact your card provider for
                                                                              information on any security restrictions.

 Cheque                       Allow seven days from the UK/EU.                Make sure you quote your LSE student number
 Banker’s Draft               Allow three weeks from outside Europe.          on the back of the cheque.
 Cashier’s Cheque
                              Immediate if handed over the counter
                              (see next page).

 Wire transfer/               Allow at least one week from UK/EU.             For further details, please visit
 Alternative payment          Allow at least three weeks from       
 method                       outside Europe.

Students who elect to pay by cheque can visit the Student            Estimated living costs
Services Centre (SSC, on the ground floor of the Old
Building) and deposit their cheque (with their LSE student           As a guide, you should budget for the following over
ID number on the back of the cheque) in the Fees drop-box.           the 38 weeks you are likely to be in London but bear in
The Centre is open between 11am – 4pm each weekday.                  mind that this is only a guide and excludes one-off costs
                                                                     such as flights:
If you have a query that cannot be answered by the general
SSC counter staff, the Fees, Income and Credit Control                Accommodation                 From £8,000 for 38 weeks
Office hold a drop-in session on Mondays, Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays between 2-3pm or between 11am –                 Food                          £2,000
12 noon on Wednesday, or you can contact the LSE Fees,                Travel                        £825
Income and Credit Control Office directly (it always helps if
you can quote your LSE student number – the one beginning             Books                         £400
2019 XXXXX – that appears on your offer letter).                      Personal                      £1,600

US Federal (Stafford) Loans                                           Total                         £12,825

If you have a Stafford Loan, this will continue to be                LSE students usually make savings on local travel costs
administered by your home (US) college. If you need to               and those who cater for themselves, eat at LSE or in their
arrange a “Consortium Agreement”, please ask the Financial           residence will have lower “household expenses” than those
Aid Adviser at your home institution to contact General              quoted. It is perfectly possible to live a well-nourished and
Course Admissions (                                    entertaining life within the budget quoted.

                                                                      Contact the Fees, Income and Credit Control Office
                                                                      Houghton Street
                                                                      London WC2A 2AE
                                                                      Tel: +44 (0)20 7955 7765
                                                                      Fax: +44 (0)20 7955 7427

                                                                     You don’t just read the most
                                                                     influential books at LSE, you
                                                                     learn about them from the
                                                                     authors whose opinions shape
                                                                     the way contemporary global
                                                                     leaders think.

                                                                     Chris Bostock
                                                                     Trinity College, Hartford, CT

When do I need to apply?
                                                                    The application process can take several weeks so our
                                                                    advice is to apply as soon as possible. You can apply for
                                                                    a Tier 4 (General) Student visa up to three months before
                                                                    your official programme start date on your Confirmation of
                                                                    Acceptance for Studies (CAS) – you should aim to prepare
                                                                    and apply as early as possible within this three month period
                                                                    – but you must wait until you hold an unconditional offer
                                                                    and have received your CAS statement from LSE.

                                                                    What type of visa do I need?
                                                                    You should apply for entry clearance as a Tier 4 (General)
                                                                    Student. You will not be able to register for your programme
                                                                    if you enter as a “Standard Visitor”. You cannot switch from
Visas and UK immigration                                            a visitor visa to a Tier 4 (General) Student visa inside the UK,
requirements                                                        so you must have your Tier 4 visa before you travel.

Please note, this information was written in January 2019           What are the requirements for obtaining a Tier 4
and is a general guide only. Immigration rules change               (General) Student visa?
frequently and it is essential that you check on the LSE’s          You need 40 points to be eligible to apply for the Tier 4
International Visa Advice Team (ISVAT) website at lse.              (General) student visa: and the official UK Visas and Immigration
(UKVI) website for                   30 points = holding a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for
detailed up-to-date information. The LSE website contains           Studies (CAS)
advice for General Course students on how to apply for the          10 points = meeting the financial requirements of the visa
Tier 4 visa at
advice/applying-for-a-tier-4-visa. If you have any queries          Total = 40 points
about the Tier 4 (General) visa application process, please         If you have been living in a country which requires TB
contact LSE directly using the ISVAT online query form:             testing for more than six months before making your                 application, you will also need to provide a TB test
secure/isvat-query-form                                             certificate ( from a UKVI approved
                                                                    centre. This is based on the country you are in, not your
Do I need a visa (entry clearance) before                           nationality. Even if your nationality does not appear on the
I travel to the UK?                                                 list, if you have been living in a country that requires a TB
If you are a non-European Union (EU/European Economic               test, you must get a certificate.
Area (EEA)) national and you want to come to the UK as              The sections below provide more information on each
a student, you must apply for a Tier 4 (General) Student            of these requirements. You will need to satisfy both
visa before you travel to the UK. You can apply at a Visa           elements to obtain your visa. The UKVI will check
Application Centre or the British Embassy nearest you. You          your application against these criteria and check your
can only apply from a country you are living in. To find out        documents for authenticity.
where to apply, go to the UKVI website
visa-application-centre                                             Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
You will be issued with a 30 day vignette which will grant          The CAS is a unique reference number issued to LSE by the
you entry to the UK. Once in the UK, you will be required to        UKVI after we supply them with your course, admissions
collect a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from a Post              and personal details. It can only be issued to you by LSE
Office of your choice. Your Biometric Residence Permit              once you have accepted an unconditional offer. Once your
is your legal immigration permission to be in the UK. We            CAS number has been assigned by the UKVI, the School
strongly recommend that you choose to collect the BRP               will send your CAS statement by email. This email has
from the Post Office closest to your accommodation,                 no legal function; it is simply a note of the information we
rather than Aldwych Post Office (closest to campus).                have supplied to UKVI so that they can issue us with a CAS
Important note: If your Tier 4 visa is for a different UK           number. The CAS statement lists the evidence that we
institution you must apply for a new visa for LSE before            assessed when making the decision to offer you a place,
you can register at the School.                                     so you must check this to see if the information is correct
                                                                    and to understand what original documents you may need
                                                                    to provide in your application. Once you receive your CAS

statement email, you should immediately check that your                 Money paid towards tuition and maintenance costs
name, nationality, passport details and qualifications listed
                                                                        LSE will update the UKVI visa database with details of any
on the statement are correct. If you notice an error, you
                                                                        tuition fee payments you or your home institution make. This
should contact us immediately at
                                                                        enables the UKVI to take such payments into account when
Important note: It is vital that you provide us with your               calculating your ability to finance your studies and living
correct passport details as well as the correct spelling and            costs. Your CAS will not list any payments made towards
order of your name before we issue your CAS statement.                  accommodation, but you can obtain an official receipt from
Failure to do this can result in delays to, or even a refusal  It is advisable not to pay for
of, your application. We will confirm your details with you             your accommodation until you have obtained your Tier 4 visa.
before we begin issuing CAS statements, but you should                  Please see the ISVAT guide to applying for Tier 4 for details
keep us up-to-date with any amendments you make or if                   on this (
you notice an error. Your CAS number is valid for six months            advice/applying-for-a-tier-4-visa). If you make a payment
and it can only be used once. If you receive a refusal on               towards your fees, we will issue you with an updated CAS
your application, you cannot use the same CAS number and                statement approximately 48 hours after the money has
will only receive a new CAS when you have been advised by               arrived in the LSE bank account. You must wait for the
ISVAT on how to rectify your errors for your new application.           updated CAS statement before applying if you need to show
                                                                        that you have paid money to LSE.
You can apply for a visa from up to three months before
the start date of the programme, which for General Course               Important note: It can take up to two weeks for monies
students is from 23 June 2019. We recommend that you                    to clear depending on how you pay (you can contact
do not arrange any personal travel until you have obtained              the Fees, Income and Credit Control Office for payment
your Tier 4 (General) Student visa. You can only apply from             timeframes). Because of this you should not make a
a country where you are living (not as a tourist) and you may           tuition fee or accommodation payment if you have a
be required to attend an interview as part of the process.              visa appointment within the next two weeks, as it is likely
If you travel, and are unable to complete your application              that we will be unable to issue you with an updated CAS
because you are overseas, you could be refused your visa                statement before your appointment.
and this could delay you joining the General Course.
                                                                        English language requirements
What are the maintenance/financial requirements?
                                                                        The UKVI requires sponsoring institutions to verify that
You will have to prove that you have:                                   students have achieved the necessary level of English
                                                                        proficiency. LSE will assess your English language
• Funds to cover your LSE General Course tuition fee
                                                                        qualification(s) and inform the UKVI as appropriate. If you
• Maintenance funds for the duration of the nine months                are taking the IELTS or TOEFL test we would encourage you
   of your programme. At present the UKVI have set this at              to sit the exam as early as possible, as test dates can be fully
   £1,265 a month, so 9 X £1,265 = £11,385, but this amount             booked by mid to late summer.
   can be subject to change so you must check the most
                                                                        Important note: The UKVI will not accept IELTS or TOEFL
   recent guidance.
                                                                        results that are more than two years old. If your results
Important notes: You are required to have had the necessary             are dated prior to 23 September 2017 you will need to
funds in your bank account for a 28 consecutive day period              resit the test.
from the closing balance of your bank statement before you
apply for a visa. UKVI will only accept specific documentation          How do I apply for a Tier 4 General Student visa?
(for example, cash accounts and only certain formats with
                                                                        This is a general guide and the order you do things in
specific detailed information) and it is essential that you read
                                                                        varies between countries.
our guidance and the policy guidance from UKVI to ensure
that you obtain the appropriate documentation. In 2018,                 Step 1 Read the ISVAT guidance to understand the
mistakes in this area were the most common reason LSE                   application process and the documents you will need to
students’ Tier 4 (General) Student visa applications were               make an application – you can start this before receiving
refused. A refusal will remain on your immigration history and          your CAS.
could delay you joining the General Course.
                                                                        Step 2 LSE provides you with a CAS in mid-late June once
To find out how to meet the financial requirements and avoid            you have accepted an unconditional offer.
a refusal, check ISVAT’s info sheets
                                                                        Step 3 Prepare your original evidence of your
                                                                        finances and qualifications before completing the
                                                                        UKVI application forms.

Step 4 Complete the online application form and
submit the required documents (as specified on the
visa application form), which will include your passport,
photographs, evidence (original certificate or transcript)
of the qualification(s) listed on your LSE CAS statement
and financial documents, to the local visa application
centre. You do not need to submit a hardcopy of your
CAS statement because you give these details on the
application form. If you are a “low risk” national, you do not
need to submit evidence of your finances or qualification,
but you must still prepare these before you apply as they
can be requested as part of the application process –
don’t take the risk of relying on them not being requested.
Step 5 Attend your biometric appointment and provide
your biometric data.
Step 6 Once your biometric data has been provided, your
visa application will be assessed by UKVI.
Step 7 You may be asked to attend an interview as part of
your application.
Step 8 UKVI will return the documents to you with the
decision on your visa application. Check your visa when
you receive it as it may be easier to get errors corrected
outside the UK.
ISVAT have useful info sheets (
students/immigration-advice/isvat-faqs) for General
Course students on applying for the Tier 4 visa. The
application does vary depending on your nationality, so
check you are following the right process.

Working in the UK
As a Tier 4 General Student, you are able to work a
maximum of 20 hours a week during term time and
full time during the vacation. General Course students
will usually have a Tier 4 visa that expires two months
after the end of the programme. You can work full time
between the end of term and the expiry date of your visa.
Our own advice is that you work no more than 15 hours
per week during term time and that you make no “job”
plans at all until you know the details of your LSE schedule
and the extent of the academic demands that we will be
making of you. If you do take paid employment, you must
ensure that it does not interfere with your studies.


Getting from the airport
When you arrive in the UK, you are likely to come into
either Heathrow or Gatwick airports – two of the world’s
busiest international airports. Each is some 25/30 miles
(30/40 kilometres) from the city centre, but both have
good public transport links to central London.

There are several options for travel from Heathrow
airport into central London:

• T
   ake the Underground/Tube (Piccadilly Line, every five
  minutes) into central London. A single one-way ticket
  costs £6. We recommend you head for one of the Tube
  stations close to your residence with easy access to local
  taxi services (for the final few minutes of your luggage-          • T
                                                                        axi companies who offer “fixed price” pre-bookable
  laden journey). Please note: not all Tube stations have              meeting services will meet you from your flight and
  escalators. See for further information.                  then drive you direct to your residence; prices from
                                                                       about £40, but this same charge would be made if there
• T
   here is also a regular National Express coach (bus)
  service ( to Victoria Coach                      are two (or more) of you.
  Station (a single/one-way ticket costs from £6); both              European flight arrivals may also bring you into Luton,
  modes of transport will take about 50 minutes. Then                Stansted or, closest of all, London City airport. The first
  get the Tube or a taxi for the final stage of your journey         two have excellent cheap high-speed rail links into central
  to your residence (the London black cabs operate with              London (; City airport is a simple cab
  standard fares and are very reliable).                             ride to any residence.
• A
   n alternative is the Heathrow Express train link from the        If you come into the country by rail – via the Eurostar
  airport to Paddington rail station (a 15 minute journey,           ( – then you will arrive at St Pancras
  every 15 minutes; single fare £22 when bought online               International station, a short cab ride to any residence.
  at Paddington station is very
  convenient for Tube connections (it is on the Circle,
  District, Hammersmith and City, and Bakerloo lines) and
  taxis to any of the halls of residence.
                                                                     Getting around

From Gatwick airport, there are also several possibilities:          Student Oyster Cards

• T
   ake the mainline train Gatwick Express (single/                  Public transport in London is covered by a contactless
  one-way ticket price £17.80 when bought online at                  ticketing system called the Oyster Card. The card can be There is a train every 15 minutes             used on all forms of public transport, including Tube, bus,
  into Victoria railway station – which takes about 30               Docklands Light Railway (DLR), trains and some river boats.
  minutes. Then proceed by Tube or taxi on the final stage
                                                                     You can get a variety of tickets on your Oyster Card; the
  of your journey to your residence.
                                                                     best one for you will depend on the number of journeys
• A
   lternatively, you can take Southern or Thameslink                you make, and which zones you use. If you use public
  trains, which leave approximately every 10 minutes                 transport regularly, then an 18+ Student Oyster Card
  for central London. The journey time is 30-40 minutes              is likely to be the best option. The Student Oyster Card
  and single/one-way tickets start from £10. For more                gives you a 30 per cent discount off adult travel cards,
  information, see                                bus passes and tram passes valid for seven days, one
                                                                     month or longer periods up to one year. Full details of
From both Heathrow and Gatwick:                                      eligibility and how to apply are available at
• A
   London “black cab”, although these can prove
                                                                     oyster-photocard, along with a side by side comparison
  expensive as you pay by distance and time (there are no
                                                                     of whether the Student Oyster Card is the right one for
  fixed fares from the airport). The expense can be cut if
                                                                     you. You should be aware that it may take a few weeks for
  you share a cab with someone else. Ask the driver for the
                                                                     your Student Oyster Card to be processed, so it’s worth
  estimated cost, make sure you have sufficient cash and/
                                                                     applying as soon as you know your UK address.
  or ask whether you can pay by credit card.

If you need further information on travel services in                 Money
London and outer London, please see Transport for
                                                                      We recommend you carry only a small amount of cash
                                                                      with you for the journey. Please use the information in this
                                                                      pack to estimate how much you will need for your journey
Santander Cycle Hire
                                                                      and your first few weeks at LSE.
Access fees range from £2 for 24 hours to £90 for an
annual pass. Apart from the first 30 minutes which is free,           Clothing
you will then need to pay a usage charge dependent on
                                                                      The weather in the UK is changeable. Temperatures may
length of use. There are three docking stations on campus.
                                                                      go down as low as -3 degrees Celsius in the winter months
                                                                      (January, February and March), and rise as high as 32
                                                                      degrees Celsius in the summer months (June, July and
Safety                                                                August). London tends to be a little warmer than the rest
                                                                      of the UK. Rainfall is common, but is often only light. We
London is generally a safe place to live. As with any city, it        recommend you bring with you a sweater and/or a light
is sensible to be aware of your personal safety and to take           (ideally waterproof) jacket or a small umbrella for your
simple precautions. Some things to remember:                          journey to London in September. A pair of comfortable
                                                                      waterproof shoes is also recommended.
• lock
     your door when leaving your room, even for a short
  time, and keep valuable personal items out of sight                 There is no dress code at LSE. Generally, students dress
                                                                      informally on campus. Smart clothing is occasionally worn
• keep
     your personal information, credit cards, mobile
  phone etc safe, and be aware of your valuables when                 by students at recruitment events held at LSE by potential
  out and about                                                       employers. There may also be club or society events where
                                                                      you want to dress formally, and there’s always the General
• take
     care at cash points – protect your PIN (Personal               Course Summer Ball!
  Identification Number) and put both your cash and card
  away as soon as possible                                            Books
• on
   a night out, never leave your drink unattended nor               Full reading lists may not be provided until the start of term.
  accept a drink from a stranger. Don’t take risks getting
  home – avoid illegal minicabs                                       If you want to get a head start, you can look up the
                                                                      courses you plan to take in the course guides in the School
• when
     walking at night, stick to well-lit/populated areas
                                                                      Calendar, available at Indicative reading
  as much as possible. Plan your route in advance.
                                                                      lists will be listed under each course description.
If you need to report a crime, you can dial 999 to contact
the police in an emergency (if a crime/incident is in                 What not to bring
progress, or if someone is in immediate danger). Non-
emergency calls should be made to 101.                                Restricted and banned goods
                                                                      You should not bring illegal drugs into the UK. There
                                                                      are severe penalties for anyone found carrying drugs
What to bring with you, what to                                       into the UK.
leave behind                                                          There are restrictions on the amount of alcohol and
                                                                      cigarettes you can bring into the UK. You should also
                                                                      note that smoking is banned in all public buildings.
What to bring with you
                                                                      See for a full guide on what you can bring
Documentation                                                         to the UK.

The following should be carried in your hand luggage in               Some food and plant based products
case hold luggage is delayed or lost:
                                                                      If you are travelling from a country outside the EU, you will
Passport, visa and entry clearance papers, your offer                 not be allowed to bring certain food items into the country.
letter, scholarship/funding information documents, travel             Carrying restricted goods may lead to delays, fines or
insurance documentation, cash, credit cards, contact                  prosecution. You should check the full guide on the UK
details and directions for your accommodation when you                Government’s website before travelling:
arrive in London.                                                     personal-food-plant-and-animal-product-imports. Many
                                                                      food products can be bought in the UK from specialist
                                                                      shops or ordered online.


LSE Welcome and registration                                           social, political and athletic societies will be hunting for
                                                                       new members during the Freshers’ Fair. You are not
LSE Welcome                                                            obliged to join anything but there is a strong tradition of
                                                                       General Course students getting actively involved so sign
During LSE Welcome (Monday 23 September – Friday                       up for everything you are interested in and decide later
27 September 2019), you are expected to attend                         what to focus on.
the following:
                                                                       Campus tours are also offered throughout your first
• Registration                                                        week at the School. Current LSE students will show
• General Course Welcome Presentation and Boat Party                  you the LSE campus, so you will know where to find
                                                                       classrooms, restaurants and bars, the Library, and
• LSE Welcome events                                                  Students’ Union facilities.
• departmental meetings and initial tutorial appointments.
                                                                       Departmental meetings and initial tutorial appointments
You must arrive in time to attend these meetings. Exact
dates and details will be sent to you by email and will be             You will be assigned to one of 16 academic departments.
displayed on the Your First Weeks website (                  The assignment is based on your course selection and
yourfirstweeks)                                                        will not necessarily coincide with your major or your
                                                                       department at your home university. The department
Registration                                                           will assign you to one of their faculty who will act as your
                                                                       academic adviser for the year. As departments make
To formally become a student at LSE, you must register
                                                                       these allocations during September, you will not be given
in person. Registration requires you to prove your identity
                                                                       the name of your academic adviser until you arrive at
and to collect and activate your student card. The card
                                                                       LSE. You will need to meet with your academic adviser to
gives you access to some LSE buildings, including the
                                                                       discuss your programme of study for the academic year,
Library, and examinations.
                                                                       and in particular to confirm your course selections. Your
                                                                       academic adviser will explain to you what tutorial support
What to bring with you to registration
                                                                       will entail, how to get in touch with them, and various
For EEA (European Economic Area – this includes                        aspects of the department you are assigned to. The
the EU) students:                                                      emphasis of these meetings will vary, but all will give you
                                                                       some insight and sense of “belonging” to the department
Photographic identification that verifies your EEA nationality,
                                                                       and LSE. Most departments will schedule these first
such as your passport, identity card or birth certificate.
                                                                       tutorials for either Wednesday 25 September, Thursday
For non-EEA students entering the UK with a visa:                      26 September or Friday 27 September 2019. In addition,
                                                                       most will hold introductory parties/receptions during these
Your passport showing evidence of your entitlement
                                                                       first few days. The details of these will be available on the
to study at LSE and the period for which you have
                                                                       Your First Weeks web pages (
permission to remain in the UK. Please note that the
                                                                       in early September.
School is required to make a copy of this at registration.

General Course Welcome Presentation and Boat Party
                                                                       The Dean of the General Course
The General Course Dean will host a Welcome Presentation
                                                                       Once you have settled in at the School, the services
on Monday 23 September. Attendance is compulsory. This
                                                                       and support you have received from the Dean of the
will be followed by the General Course Boat Party which is
                                                                       General Course and Student Marketing and Recruitment
not compulsory, but you won’t want to miss it! This popular
                                                                       will be complemented by those of a range of additional
icebreaker is a great way to meet your fellow students
                                                                       offices and individuals. Your academic adviser, academic
before you settle down to the serious work of studying and
                                                                       department, lecturers, class teachers and fellow students,
exploring London!
                                                                       along with staff in the Student Services Centre, will
                                                                       become significant influences in your LSE academic life.
LSE Welcome events
                                                                       However, the Dean will expect to see you once each term
LSE Welcome will be held from Monday 23 September to
                                                                       and if you are unable to get the information, advice or
Friday 27 September. Welcome events are organised by
                                                                       assistance you need from other means, you should feel
the School, its academic departments, student support
                                                                       free to arrange a meeting with the Dean.
services, and the Students’ Union, and numerous student

Opening a student bank account                                       2	Know what documents you need to open your account.
                                                                        The requirements vary between banks and branches
in the UK                                                               so make sure you check with the bank directly.
While you are not required to open a UK student bank                    Typically banks will need to see your passport, visa
account, many students find that it is beneficial. Depending            and a letter confirming you’re a student that shows
on your circumstances this can be a quick and easy                      your home and London addresses. If you are going
process but be aware that in some cases it can take time to             to be studying with a Tier 4 visa you will need to have
get an appointment and then further time for the account                collected your BRP card from the Post Office before
to be opened.                                                           opening your account.

It is, therefore, important that you bring enough funds              3 If required, collect your bank letter from the Student
to cover your expenses until you open a UK account,                     Services Centre. Be sure that you have updated your
especially if you plan to move to London before your                    address in LSE for You (with your room number if you
designated registration date. However, do not carry a                   live in Halls) at least one hour before you come to collect
large amount of cash with you – instead consider a travel               your letter. SSC staff can print letters once you hold an
money card or pre-paid sterling card.                                   unconditional offer but remember that your bank may
                                                                        require you to be fully registered. You will need your LSE
Choosing a bank and account                                             Card or Offer Letter to collect a bank letter.

You should start by researching which bank, and account,             There are more details about what you will need to
will be best for you. For example, you may want to                   do to open an account and how to get a bank letter at
consider offers and incentives, interest rates, overdraft  
facilities and the type of payment cards available.
You should also find out whether you need to be fully                Additional tips
registered as a student or just hold an unconditional offer          • R
                                                                        ead the information on UKCISA’s tips for opening a bank
to open the account.                                                   account in the UK (
For most UK banks you can conduct business at any                      Studying--living-in-the-UK/Opening-a-bank-account).
branch irrespective of where you opened the account. You             • Some
                                                                            banks may charge international students an initial
may therefore want to consider opening your account at a               or monthly fee. The additional services provided will
branch further away from LSE where they may be quieter                 vary between each bank. Some banks will also offer a
at the beginning of term.                                              free, but more basic, account.
If you are an international student you may also                     • If
                                                                        you are expecting to receive money from overseas,
want to check if your home bank has a branch in London.                you should ask what charges may apply and how long it
If not, check the exchange rates and fees for sending                  will take to make the money available in your account.
and receiving money from overseas as these can
vary substantially.                                                  • If
                                                                        you plan on using a credit or bank card from
                                                                       your home country while you are in the UK, check
We have compiled a list of bank branches close                         before you leave home that your card is compatible
to LSE which can be found at:                  with UK bank machines, and whether there will be any
bank-account                                                           additional charges.

Opening an account                                                   • If
                                                                        you will be cashing cheques issued in other countries
                                                                       into your UK account (for example, US Loan Cheques),
1	Find out if you need to book an appointment for your                then be sure to check that this will not trigger your
   chosen branch                                                       bank’s anti-fraud procedures, which can result in your
  a	If you do, you may be able to book your appointment               account being frozen for extended periods during an
     before you arrive in London. Slots in September can               investigation. Some banks will refuse to cash cheques in
     fill up quickly so book early if you can.                         a foreign currency for all new account holders.

  b	If you need to be fully registered as a student to
     open your account, schedule your appointment for
     after 23 September 2019.
  c If you’re going to be living in university accommodation
     some banks will insist on knowing your room number.
     If this is the case, schedule your appointment for after
     you’re due to move in because LSE can’t tell you your
     room number before you arrive.

Bank branches near LSE

 Bank          Address                        Telephone
 Barclays      366 Strand,                    +44 (0)345
 Bank          London WC2R 0JZ                734 5345
 Citibank      Citigroup Centre               +44 (0)800
               33 Canada Square               005 500
               Canary Wharf
               London E14 5LB
 Halifax       51-55 Strand,                  +44 (0)20
               London WC2N 5LS                7441 9334
 HSBC Bank Charing Cross Branch,              +44 (0)345
           455 Strand,                        740 4404
           London WC2R 0RH
 Lloyds        Villiers House                 +44 (0)345            In order to access most NHS services you need to be
 Bank          48-49 Strand                   300 0000              registered with a General Practitioner (GP). The NHS
               London WC2N 5LL                                      aims to provide comprehensive, free, in- and out-patient
               Website:                              medical care for anyone who is registered with a GP.
 Nationwide    415 Strand,                    +44 (0)800            Standard charges are made for some services including
               London WC2R 0NS                554 0460              prescriptions. Varying charges apply for non-medical
               Website:                            services such as certificates or travel vaccinations.
 Natwest       34 Henrietta Street            +44                   It’s worth noting that, if you have a long-term medical
               London WC2E 8NL                (0)3457               condition and/or receive regular prescribed medication,
               Website:         888 444               there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the same
 Santander     Kings Chambers (on             +44 (0)800            medication on the NHS. In order to get medication in the
               Campus)                        085 1644              UK, you need to be assessed by your GP who will decide
               29-31 Portugal Street,                               what medication you need.
               London WC2A 2AF
                                                                    You must register with a GP as soon as you arrive in the
                                                                    UK, do not wait until you’re unwell because this will
                                                                    delay any treatment.

Register with a GP                                                  How do I register with a GP?

The National Health Service (NHS)                                   1	Find your local surgery – the NHS typically requires
                                                                       you to select a GP close to where you live. Some GPs
You are likely to qualify for NHS treatment if you are an EU
                                                                       will register patients from outside their traditional
resident with an EHIC card. If you hold US dual nationality,
                                                                       “catchment area” but this is at their discretion. You can
please visit the following page for information regarding
                                                                       find local surgeries using the search tool at
NHS treatment eligibility
immigration-advice/eu-eea-nationals. If you are from                2	Telephone your chosen surgery, or check their
outside the EU you are also eligible for NHS treatment                 webpages, to find out if they are accepting new
once you have paid the immigration health surcharge. The               patients and how you should go about registering.
compulsory surcharge is currently £300 per year and you
                                                                    3	Prepare any documentation they might need, this will
make the payment when you apply for your visa to the UK.
                                                                       vary by surgery but may include
For an overview of how the NHS works, and information on
how to access services, visit                                   • Proof of your identity (such as your passport or
                                                                          driving licence)
                                                                       • Y
                                                                          our visa and/or BRP Card
                                                                       •  vidence that you are a student (you can get a
                                                                         Certificate of Registration from the Student Services
                                                                         Centre once you’ve registered)
                                                                       • P
                                                                          roof of your UK address

4.	If you have any ongoing medical conditions bring any
    relevant notes and the contact details for your doctor
    to your first appointment.

Eye tests and spectacles
Eye testing is available at a small charge from opticians.
Spectacles are not normally subsidised by the NHS.


NHS Dentistry is available but it can be hard to find a
practice willing to accept you, particularly in London.
There are charges for most dental work but if you’re
registered with an NHS dentist these are often
subsidised. Private dentists charge a variety of fees.

Should I take out private health insurance?
Private health insurance is not generally needed whilst in
the UK because most fees are covered by the NHS and
those that you do need to pay tend to be low. However,
you may wish to retain your existing insurance
coverage for any periods that you spend outside the
UK. Depending on your circumstances you may also want
to consider insurance for dental work.

Students who study in the UK are strongly advised to have
a number of different vaccinations before (or as soon
as possible after) arriving at university. It is especially
important to confirm that you have been vaccinated
against Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Polio. Most students will
have received these vaccinations from their own doctors
during the course of their childhood.
Meningitis C is less routinely offered outside of the UK but
we strongly recommended that you are also vaccinated
against Meningitis C before you arrive in the UK. Public
Health England have advised that new university students
obtain the Men ACWY vaccine before arrival.

Health services at LSE
The St Philips Medical Centre is situated on the LSE
campus. It provides full NHS services to registered
patients. St Philips will currently only register people living
in their catchment area, this means that you cannot register
if you are living at Bankside House or Butler’s Wharf. You
can only register once you have arrived in the UK.

 Contact the St Philips Medical Centre
 Location: St Philips Medical Centre, Floor 2,
 Pethick-Lawrence House,
 Clement’s Inn, London WC2A 2AZ
 Tel: +44 (0)20 7611 5131

You can also read