THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring

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THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
Special Feature Twelve


          . Peter Fell

          . The Building Co

          . Post Impressions

          . Willory

          . Central Landscaping

THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
We’ve done it -                         featured have been multi-nationals,
                                        some are nationally owned and
we’ve built a home                      operated, others have been small
using businesses in                     family owned businesses - this is
                                        the nature of Rosebank. Over the
Rosebank. The Home                      course of the twelve months we have
that Rosebank Built is                  featured products, suppliers and
now complete.                           service providers that stand out as
                                        some of the best on offer - period.
                                        Not just the best on Rosebank Road.
Over the last twelve months we          We’ve discovered that by using
have planned, built, plumbed, wired,    companies with a solid reputation
painted and discovered many             in the industry, the process does
great products. Using businesses        not need to be a headache. When
in Rosebank we have had our eyes        you finally get the keys to your new
opened to the many companies in         property, you’ll be glad you had the
the area doing great things - it’s      best working with you along the way.
been both a great building, and
networking experience.                  We’ve also found that when using
                                        local suppliers, not only will you be
There’s a lot that goes into building   supporting local businesses, chances
a home. From the early planning         are you’ll also find ways to save
stages, to the final landscaping and    money, too.
addition of personalised touches, it
is a huge job. Along Rosebank Road      We think there has been something
there is a mass of companies working    for everyone - whether you are
within the building industry - both     building a new home or renovating.
in the residential and commercial       From roofing to flooring, to
markets.                                landscaping and fitting out a stylish
                                        kitchen, we have investigated it all.
As we have moved through this           Twelve features, twelve months.
feature, we have discovered new
products and explored many aspects      Now in our twelfth and final feature,
of building a new home. Our goal        we are putting the icing on the cake
has been to help you transition         and exploring the best ways to
seamlessly from conception to the       landscape your new property.
final building stage, using trusted     Feature by Alice Cranfield
suppliers and installers.

Some of the companies we have
THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
New home; New kitchen
                                       Top quality European-made hardware for every level of kitchen.
                                       Ask your kitchen designer or cabinet maker about which Blum products are
                                       right for you and your new home.

            Blum Showrooms
            621 Rosebank Road
            Auckland 09 820 5051

            27 Dalziel Place
            Christchurch 03 379 4984

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THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
Got you covered.
                                                                                                1   Design / Planning
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 145

                                                                                                2   Roofing / Cladding
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 146
We love the outdoors in New                    We speak with PeterFell, the
Zealand and most of us want                    coloured concrete specialists, on how            3   Insulation / Flooring
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 147
to create a seamless transition                they can help create your outdoor
from the inside of our home to its             space. We also speak with The
                                                                                            4       Painting
surrounds. How we landscape our                Building Co, a full-service building                 Roundabout Issue 148
property can have huge impacts on              agency, that takes pride in creating
the way we live within our home.               outdoor landscapes for your new                  5   Windows / Doors
From creating tropical getaways,               build. Post Impressions also shows                   Roundabout Issue 149
to providing privacy, to shade,                us some stylish and functional letter
to diverting water away from the               and parcel boxes and talks about a           6       Kitchens
home; landscaping is pivotal to the            range of utility boxes to cover what                 Roundabout Issue 150
overall feel of a home.                        we don’t necessarily want to see
                                               but need - rubbish and recycling                 7   Bathrooms / Bedrooms
This month we investigate                                                                           Roundabout Issue 151
                                               containers, heat pumps and gas
landscaping and all that entails.
While some people leave landscaping                                                             8   Electrical / Lighting
to the very end of the project and             Come with us, for our final feature                  Roundabout Issue 152
see what is left in the budget,                of the Home that Rosebank Built,
others place a huge emphasis on                and see how beautiful, functional            9       Utility / Appliances
landscaping from the outset.                   landscaping can be achieved.                         Roundabout Issue 153

                                                                                            10 Glass Solutions
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 154

                                                                                            11      Furniture
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 155

                                                                                            12 Landscaping
                                                                                                    Roundabout Issue 156




       5                                                                        9



THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
The Home That Rosebank Built I Landscaping

Peter Fell.
When it comes to landscaping your              family business. In the early days,        worry about your outdoor area’s
property, PeterFell has all your               Peter Fell started to experiment with      colour fading over time as oxide is a
patio, path and pool surrounds                 concrete and the addition of iron          permanent colouring.
covered.                                       oxides in his garage. 30 years later,
                                                                                          With a new website, the numerous
                                               PeterFell has fast become a leader its
Homeowners can create an outdoor                                                          galleries and inspiration online is huge
area that is distinctly their own with                                                    - have a look to see what PeterFell
PeterFell coloured concrete. By                With an extensive range of colour          can do for you today. For those
following five basic steps, Marketing          oxides available, the colours and          wanting a more tactile experience,
Manager Emma Stewart, says you can             finishes that can be achieved are          the showroom on Patiki Road gives
easily create the space you want and           endless and truly unique to each           homeowners an opportunity to view
know it is going to last.                      project.                                   over 80 colours and select from good
                                                                                          sized examples of both colours and
“The steps we follow with clients              PeterFell is New Zealand’s only
to achieve the desired finishes are            supplier of Bayferrox® coloured
design, colour, texture, pattern and           oxides. This world-leading
protection,” says Emma. “We walk               German manufacturer delivers
through this entire process with               outstanding product quality, long-
clients and for those wanting to               established technical expertise and
explore by themselves first, we have a         environmentally friendly production
great new design tool on our website           processes.
to take you through the steps.”
                                               With over 80 colours to choose from
                                                                                 PH: 09 820 0722
PeterFell is a proudly Kiwi owned,             you’ll be spoilt for choice. You needn’t   81 Patiki Road, Avondale, Auckland

THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
The Home That Rosebank Built I Landscaping

The Building Co.
For Auckland based company                     with is different. Some place major       is important to consider your budget,
The Building Co, landscaping is a              emphasis on landscaping and allow a       the style you desire, and any specific
valuable aspect of all the building            vast budget for it, while others leave    areas that may need work such as
projects they undertake.                       landscaping until the project end to      existing gardens, trees or waterways.
                                               see what is left in the piggy bank.
With over 20 years’ experience as a                                                      Contact The Building Co today to see
                                               “By using The Building Co, you know
full-service building company, The                                                       how they can work with you on your
                                               you will get a smoothly run project.
Building Co can help to ensure your                                                      next construction and landscaping
                                               The fundamental philosophy held by
landscaping and building project                                                         project.
                                               The Building Co is to be an effective
connect and have a seamless
                                               cornerstone in the collaboration of
indoor-outdoor flow. The Building
                                               clients, designers, subcontractors and
Co takes great pride in doing most
of the landscaping work for new
builds and have two diggers, a truck           “We enjoy catering to any sized
and the specialty tools needed to              landscaping project,” continues
make landscape designs come to                 Kendal. “For us as a building company
life. When outside sources such as             it allows us to put our final touch on
plumbing or electrics are needed for           the property and walk away very
your landscaping, The Building Co              happy to have created the client’s
manages this relationship to make the          dream design from the site works,
work as seamless as possible.                  down to the last blade of grass.”

Kendal Read, The Building Co’s                 When it comes to planning your
                                                                                Ph: 021 800 822
Director, says every client they deal          landscaping, The Building Co believe it   391 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland

THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring

WE LISTEN                     021 800 822
We Plan    
We Deliver 
THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring
The Home That Rosebank Built I Landscaping

Post Impressions.
In an age where the letter                     into utility units, with stylish solutions   in the apartment and retirement
is becoming less frequent,                     to cover your rubbish and recycling          home market, with a range of new
architecturally designed letter                boxes, gas bottles and even heat             products coming onto the market
and parcel box company, Post                   pumps.                                       frequently. The architecturally
Impressions, is making a mark on the                                                        designed letter and parcel boxes,
                                               As owner Tracey Eccles says, “We’ve
industry ensuring they are here to                                                          utility units and courier boxes are a
                                               developed a solution to help cover up
stay.                                                                                       must for your landscaped property.
                                               the ugly and give functional objects
Available nationwide, Post                     outside the home a place.
Impressions products can be
                                               We are proud to be evolving to meet
delivered to your doorstep. The
                                               the needs of life’s conveniences,
company is meeting the changing
                                               meaning homeowners don’t
market of online deliveries by offering
                                               necessarily need to be home to meet
unique features for your valuable
                                               the courier - no more frustrating
deliveries, consumables and chilled
                                               cards from the courier company with
items. Newly designed courier boxes
                                               instructions on how to now pick up
have been created to enable the
                                               your missed delivery.”
drop-off of online purchases - with
lock features and even Chilly Pad slots        To contact the company, visit the
for food and wine deliveries.                  website or pop into the Home Ideas
                                               Centre in Parnell to view for yourself.
Not limited to letter and parcel boxes,
                                                                                   Ph: 021 799 520
the company has recently moved                 The company has a strong presence  

THE HOME THAT ROSEBANK BUILT - Landscaping Featuring

Our range of letterboxes
from freestanding parcel,
brick or fence mounted
letterboxes, town and country
mail/parcel boxes, apartment
or retirement complexes, we
have the solution for you.

                                                         Introducing our newest range of
                                                         parcel solutions with secure lock
                                                         options for online purchases, never
                                                         again receive a card to call left by
                                                         couriers. Delivery of food shopping,
                                                         wine and meal solutions can now be
                                                         delivered and left securely whether
                                                         you are home at the time or not.

Utilities such as rubbish and recycle bins and gas
bottle units a necessary component of home living,
Post Impressions new range provides solutions to
hide them away from sight whilst being functional.

Visit our website or Auckland - Home Ideas Centre in Parnell.
The Home That Rosebank Built I Landscaping

When it comes to art in your garden,      encompassing landscaping & design         the current trends in landscaping
there are many options. A company         people, hire plant companies, building    from around the world to our trusted
along Rosebank Road has been              developers & the hospitality industry.    suppliers.”
supplying the garden industry with a      Recent commercial installs include
wide range of pots, planters, jars and    areas of the Viaduct Basin & the
garden accents for over 30 years.         new Westfield Newmarket Mall still
                                          in progress. The company’s website
The company had humble beginnings
                                          features a wide range of products
selling dragon pots, blue and white
                                          to gain inspiration and see what is
porcelain and elephants! These days,
Willory is the leading wholesaler
for garden pots & planters in New         The high-quality products imported
Zealand. They also Stock a popular        by Willory can be found in major
range of Water Fountains, ponds &         outlets such as Kings Plant Barn
accessories.                              (exclusive), Mitre 10 Mega, Palmers
                                          Garden World, and many other
The company sources its large, unique
                                          independant gardening centres.
range from around the world and
includes potteries in Vietnam, China,     “We have a great relationship with all
Italy, Crete, Indonesia, Myanmar and      the companies we supply, so we are
Malaysia.                                 strictly a wholesale outlet only,” says
                                          owner Marcus Barnes. “With stock
Willory is strictly wholesale and
                                          arriving daily we are able to service Ph: 09 378 9921
supplies to retail outlets & the trade,

Willory Agencies is a wholesale
 company supplying the garden industry
 with a wide range of pots, planters, jars
and Garden Accents for over thirty years.

 From small beginnings selling    Our sources include potteries in Vietnam, China, Italy,
                                   Crete, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.
  dragon pots, blue and white     Technology has seen some potteries build huge kilns
                                    with production capacity of up to 50 forty foot
porcelain and elephants we have   containers per week, while others make their pots in
                                         the same way that their forebears did.
 developed a range that equals        The most advanced factories use computer
     anything in the world.          controlled gas fired kilns where the pots travel
                                      on a kiln car and take less than twelve hours
                                                 to dry and fire the pots.
The Home That Rosebank Built I Landscaping

Central Landscaping.
Central Landscapes Supplies                    Landscapes Supplies encourages          The yard is proud to be part of
Avondale has all your landscaping              those looking to landscape a property   Auckland’s garden waste recycling.
supply needs at its handy Rosebank             to come in and discuss their options    For a fee, customers can drop off
Road location. The Rosebank                    with the team.                          carloads, trailer-loads or truckloads of
franchise was taken over 10 years                                                      green waste from their gardens and it
                                               “We encourage people to bring
ago by Tony Marwood and is one                                                         will be made into quality compost, not
                                               a photo of the area they are
of the biggest Central Landscapes                                                      dumped in a landfill.
                                               landscaping when they visit us – a
locations. Son, Jarrod, manages the
                                               photo on the phone is fine,” says       Come in and speak with the friendly
branch, and both are proud of the
                                               Jarrod. “This way our staff can be on   staff today - all are ready to discuss
family owned business they have
                                               the same page, in terms of seeing       your landscaping needs and have a
                                               the space, and can give you the best    large knowledge of landscaping and
Servicing West and Central Auckland,           advice specific to the area.”           the right materials to use in different
Central Landscapes Avondale sells                                                      spaces. You’ll find them at 419
                                               Once you’ve made your selection,
everything from soils, compost and all                                                 Rosebank Road.
                                               getting the materials home is
landscaping supplies such as paving,
                                               easy. Central Landscapes Supplies
and decorative products like pebbles,
                                               Avondale can deliver to your home
bark and mulches. Products are
                                               or you can use one of the eight free
Sourced as far North as Whangarei, all
                                               trailers to transport supplies home
the way to Wellington. All the supplies
                                               yourself. If smaller quantities are
are proudly New Zealand made.
                                               needed, all materials also come
With all staff being experienced in            bagged.                        Ph: 09 828 5533,
the landscaping industry, Central                                                      419 Rosebank Rd, Avondale, Auckland

We dig
Central Landscape Supplies Avondale
09 828 5533
419 Rosebank Rd, Avondale, Auckland
Open Hours: Monday - Friday: 7am - 4.30pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm • Sunday: 9am - 3pm
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