UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing

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UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
GUIDE 2022 – 2023
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
Ikenberry Commons is home to 11 residence halls and the Student Dining and Residential Programs (SDRP)
building. A hub of student activity, the SDRP provides a unique space to dine, study and relax.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
Living the Illini Life is an essential part of
the college experience, but the process of
selecting a residence hall and meal plan
can be a bit overwhelming. So, to help,
let’s break it all down...

FIRST: Complete your University
Housing Contract!

Our communities create success for every

• Live in the heart of campus
• Build lifelong friendships
• Broaden your horizons
• Participate in student organizations
• Make better grades
• Made-for-you meals

NEXT: Choose your adventure!

Select from our 24 undergraduate halls —
each with its own unique personality and

UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
TOP: Our residential life staff are here to support you every day of your Illinois experience.
BOTTOM: Unit One/Allen Hall residents take their annual group photo. As you can see, it’s very serious business.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
As a new student, you’re required to live in university-approved housing.
Before applying, first accept your offer of admission and then do your housing


Contract | Late February – May 15
Apply for Housing online at housing.illinois.edu/apply.
• Complete the Housing Contract.
• Agree to the terms and conditions.
• Submit the application fee and advanced payment.

     Priority Contract Deadline: May 15

Room Selection | Late May
Select your room assignment online.
If you submit your Housing Contract by May 15: Select your room, roommate and meal plan during the Room
Selection process.

If you miss the May 15 Priority Deadline: University Housing will pick a room and roommate for you based on
available space and your location preferences.

Room Confirmation | Late June
Receive your room and roommate confirmation.
Via email, you’ll receive confirmation of your room assignment and roommate.

Move-In Week | August 14 – 21
More information is at housing.illinois.edu/movein.

Important Reminders:
• Wait 48 hours after accepting your admission offer before applying for housing.
• A $50 non-refundable application fee and $150 advanced payment must be paid to complete your contract.
  Students who receive an Admissions application fee waiver are eligible to receive a $50 housing application fee
  waiver and the $150 advanced payment will be deferred until Fall Semester.
• After you submit your Housing Contract, check for a confirmation email. If you do not receive this confirmation,
  log back in to review and submit (or confirm submission of ) your contract.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing

                                                                                           Main                                 Krannert
                                                        Alma                               Quad                                  Center


                                                                                                            UNDERGRADUATE                        McFarland
                                                                                                               LIBRARY                           Bell Tower

                                                                                                            State Farm


Welcoming everyone to campus is one of our most iconic figures, Alma Mater. • Grab a smooch with your sweetie at the Eternal Flame sculpture ­­— rumor is
“a lover’s kiss will bring eternal bliss!” • Not only do the Altgeld Chimes and McFarland Bell Tower mark the time, but every weekday a concert is held for those
walking to class after lunchtime. • Located in the center of campus, the Morrow Plots are the oldest experimental cornfields in the entire Western Hemisphere.
• Catch a music, art or dance performance at the Krannert Center – student tickets are $10 or less.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing

                                                                                                                          Japan House

When you Live the Illini Life, not only will you be within walking distance to
academic buildings and other campus resources, but you’ll also have greater
access to campus events and longstanding traditions, including Quad Day,
Homecoming, concerts, sporting events and more!

IKENBERRY NORTH                         IKENBERRY SOUTH                           URBANA NORTH                             URBANA SOUTH
15–20 minute                             16–21 minutes                             7–14 minutes                             19–21 minutes
walk to Main Quad                        walk to Main Quad                         walk to Main Quad                        walk to Main Quad
1. LUNDGREN                              7. BOUSFIELD                              12. WARDALL (ISR)                        19. CARR (PAR)
2. BARTON                                8. SCOTT                                  13. TOWNSEND (ISR)                       20. BLAISDELL (PAR)
3. WESTON                                9. SNYDER                                 14. EVANS                                21. BABCOCK (PAR)
4. HOPKINS                               10. VAN DOREN                             15. BUSEY                                22. SAUNDERS (PAR)
5. WASSAJA                               11. TAFT                                  16. ALLEN                                23. OGLESBY (FAR)
6. NUGENT                                                                          17. LEONARD (LAR)                        24. TRELEASE (FAR)
                                                                                   18. SHELDEN (LAR)

Entertaining fans with both traditional and innovative performances since 1907, the Marching Illini were once called the “world’s greatest college band” by
John Philip Sousa. • Take in some nature at Illini Grove or the Arboretum, home to the Japan House where you can attend a tea ceremony. • Relax on the Main
Quad then meet friends at the Illini Union. • Visit CRCE or the ARC if you need more options than your in-hall fitness room. • Show your Illini spirit as a member
of the Block I at Memorial Stadium or as a member of the Orange Krush at the State Farm Center.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
No matter which of our 24 halls you select, you’ll discover a community where you’ll feel right at home.
Top: Nugent Hall (Ikenberry North) Bottom: Illinois Street Residence Halls (Urbana North)
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
Bathroom Type: C=Community GI=Gender-inclusive I=Individual-use » Bed Style: B=Bunked L=Loftable
                                      » IKE=Ikenberry Dining Center in the Student Dining and Residential Programs Building (SDRP)

                                       Gender        Bathroom             ADA         Bed                  Living-Learning Communities,
Residence Hall                                                    AC                            Dining
                                       Options         Type             Accessible    Style                Special Living Options

LUNDGREN                                 All Male        C                               B        IKE

BARTON                                  All Female       C                               B        IKE

                                                                                                           Exploration LLC
WESTON                                    Coed           C         ✓                     L        IKE
                                                                                                           LEADS LLC

HOPKINS                                   Coed           C         ✓                     L        IKE

WASSAJA                                   Coed           I         ✓                     L        IKE      Gender-inclusive Housing

                                                                                                           Business LLC
NUGENT                                    Coed         C+I         ✓                     L        IKE      Beckwith Residential Support Services
                                                                                                           Upper-division Students Only
BOUSFIELD (SUITE-STYLE)                   Coed        In-Suite     ✓                     L        IKE      Transfer Community
                                                                                                           Gender-inclusive Housing

SCOTT                                     Coed           C         ✓                     L        IKE      Transfer Community

SNYDER                                    Coed           C         ✓                     L        IKE      Substance-free Community

VAN DOREN                                 Coed           C                               B        IKE      Upper-division Students Only

TAFT                                      Coed           C                               B        IKE      Upper-division Students Only

WARDALL                                                                                                    Honors LLC
                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall
Illinois Street Residence (ISR)                                                                            Gender-inclusive Housing

TOWNSEND                                                                                                   Innovation LLC
                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall
Illinois Street Residence (ISR)                                                                            Gender-inclusive Housing

BUSEY                                  All Female        C         ✓                     L                 Non-visitation Wing

EVANS                                   All Male         C         ✓                     L

                                                        C+                                                 Unit One LLC
ALLEN                                     Coed                                           L       In Hall
                                                        GI                                                 Gender-inclusive Wing

                                          Coed           C                               L       In Hall   Scholars Community
Lincoln Avenue Residence (LAR)

                                          Coed           C                               L       In Hall   Sustainability LLC
Lincoln Avenue Residence (LAR)

BABCOCK                                                                                                    Intersections LLC
                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall
Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR)                                                                        Gender-inclusive Housing

                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall   Gender-inclusive Housing
Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR)

                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall   Gender-inclusive Housing
Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR)

SAUNDERS                                                                                                   Global Crossroads LLC
                                          Coed           I         ✓                     L       In Hall
Pennsylvania Avenue Residence (PAR)                                                                        Gender-inclusive Housing

                                          Coed           C         ✓                     L       In Hall   Health Professions LLC
Florida Avenue Residence (FAR)

                                          Coed           C         ✓                     L       In Hall   WIMSE LLC
Florida Avenue Residence (FAR)

                                      For more room and hall details, visit housing.illinois.edu/undergradhalls.
UNDERGRADUATE GUIDE 2022 2023 - University Housing
Our living-learning communities (LLCs) provide a more personalized focus on an area of interest or study. Offering courses for credit in
the halls (including music lessons!), close access to faculty, guest speakers and field trips. All majors are welcome!
Join one of our 11 living-learning communities (LLCs), where you’ll live and learn with other students who share
the same interests as you, easily make new friends and excel academically.


Business - Nugent Hall – IKE » Explore the business world with a focus on economics, finance, accounting,
management, information systems and marketing.
Exploration – Weston Hall – IKE » Exclusively for first-year students, explore your interests, potential academic
majors and future career possibilities.
Global Crossroads – Saunders Hall – PAR » Meet students from all over the world, discover different cultures
and become a global citizen.
Health Professions – Oglesby Hall – FAR » Nurture your passion for caring for others in a community of
traditional and non-traditional pre-med students.
Honors – Wardall Hall – ISR » Work collaboratively with other high-achieving and motivated peers invited to the
James Scholars or Campus Honors Program.
Innovation – Townsend Hall – ISR » Connect with fellow engineers, designers and scientists driven by
innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity.
Intersections – Babcock Hall – PAR » Find deeper ways to talk about diversity, identity, race and social justice
and celebrate different life experiences.
LEADS – Weston Hall – IKE » Get involved in opportunities to grow as a leader and enlighten your views on
leadership, activism and community building.
Sustainability – Shelden Hall – LAR » Engage in local sustainability efforts and get hands-on experience in
conservation and environmental advocacy.
Unit One – Allen Hall » Create, innovate and bring your imagination to life alongside other artists, writers,
musicians, actors and dancers.
WIMSE – Trelease Hall – FAR » Unite with fellow women interested in and studying STEM (science, technology,
engineering and math).

Wanting to join an LLC? Indicate your preference in the Housing Contract and submit the required essay by May 15.

Approved for an LLC? You’ll be assigned a special time during the Room Selection process to select your room,
roommate and meal plan.

Each LLC has an additional yearly fee to support co-curricular and extracurricular learning opportunities.
View fees online at housing.illinois.edu/rates.

“You will have access to so many resources when you live on campus. Use them! Libraries, tutoring, clubs
and so much more will be available to you and will help you throughout your college education.”

– Michelle, Townsend Hall, Animal Sciences
University Housing strives to serve all students and offers unique housing options
and communities for residents with specific needs or situations.
Ease your transition from home to college and find a support system in our special living options. All options are
designed to serve your specific needs and offer social support.


Beckwith Residential Support Services – Nugent Hall - IKE
Transition to independent living as a member of this community dedicated to accommodating students with
severe physical disabilities. Additional application process required.

To apply, visit go.illinois.edu/brss.

Gender-inclusive Housing – Allen Hall, ISR, PAR, Wassaja Hall (IKE) and Bousfield Hall (IKE)
Live in an in-room coed environment that acknowledges, respects and appreciates students of all gender
identities and expressions. Gender-inclusive spaces allow for individuals with different biological sexes, sex
assigned at birth and/or gender identity to reside in the same room.

Non-visitation Wing – Busey Hall
Thrive in this community of women that respects the security and privacy of others. Visitors who are men are not

Scholars Community – Leonard Hall – LAR
Join this community designed for the academically-focused student.

Substance-free Community – Snyder Hall - IKE
Discover others who share a commitment to living a lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs.

Transfer Community - Scott and Bousfield Halls - IKE
A change of pace from the traditional freshman experience, build friendships in this community created
exclusively for transfer students.

Interested in a special living option? Indicate your preference in the Housing Contract by May 15.

ADA Accommodations
If you need a special accommodation because of a disability or medical need, let us know in the Assignment
Considerations Section of the Housing Contract and register with the Division of Disability Resources and Educational
Services (DRES) before May 15.


“You don’t have to cook for yourself or clean your own bathroom. Huge time-saver!”

– Angelina, Busey Hall, Music
Throughout the year, University Housing surprises residents with exclusive events, giveaways and contests. You might even
see a T-Rex delivering prize packages or score free tickets and the “VIP” treatment at our tent before the big game.
Dining with University Housing is more than a meal plan….
» It’s a community of friends sharing a meal.
» It’s a commitment to sustainability through menu items grown on our student
  sustainable farm and energy reduction programs like our food waste recycling program.
» It’s a collaboration with campus cultural centers and community restaurants to offer
  authentic recipes that taste like home.
» It’s addressing food insecurity by offering the Everybody Eats program so those who
  need a hot meal can find one within our halls and collaborating with community
  agencies to provide leftover food to those in need.
» It’s nutrition services so you can nourish your mind and body.
» It’s building your leadership and teamwork skills as a dining student employee.
  (And you get a free meal when you work!)

 You could spend your limited time cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. Or let our award-winning chefs design healthy and
 nutritious meals for you. Need extra assistance? Our in-house dietitian will work with you to create a plan for your specific needs.
You’ll never go hungry with five University Housing dining halls and five retail locations across campus to choose from.
Whether you are craving pizza or a hamburger and fries or something lighter like a salad or sushi, we’ve got you covered!

A meal plan is required, but you choose the plan that matches your appetite and schedule.
1 Classic Meal = 1 entry to All-You-Care-To-Eat Dining Hall Location » 1 Dining Dollar = $1

12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars
The most affordable plan.
Get a consistent number of meals to use each week. Use the added Dining Dollars for occasional hunger on the go.

10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars
The most popular plan.
Enjoy the consistency of a weekly meal plan with added flexibility. Use the extra weekly Dining Dollars for quick, light
meals or snacks.

All Classic Meals
Most like an unlimited plan.
Receive 47 classic meals per week. Eat at any of the dining halls whenever they are open — whether it’s a sit-down
meal, a quick snack, late-night munchies or just a beverage.

All Dining Dollars
The most flexible plan.
Receive 130 Dining Dollars per week. Use Dining Dollars to pay for what you eat, when you want to eat it. Eat at any
dining hall or get beverages, convenience foods and prepared food at University Housing retail locations anytime.

Extra flexibility! Add Illini Cash to your i-card for a convenient way to purchase extra meals at any University Housing
dining location, or grab-and-go items at one of our retail locations.


Students with special dietary needs can enjoy our meal plans! Consultation with our registered dietitian is available
to help with healthy eating, food allergies and intolerances and special diets.


“The food would be terrible, and I wouldn’t want to spend time there at all. I expected to want to go somewhere else
all the time. To my surprise, the people in my hall were polite, and the food was actually good. I was also fine with
spending a whole weekend just relaxing in my room.”

– Neha, Nugent Hall, Molecular & Cellular Biology
A room is just a room, until you put your personal touch on it! Make your room YOUR space. And if your decorating skills are top-notch,
enter our annual #FABPAD contest and score some sweet prizes, too.
2022–2023 Academic Year

Traditional Hall | Double | With Air Conditioning
Babcock, Blaisdell, Busey, Carr, Evans, Hopkins, Oglesby, Saunders, Scott,
Snyder, Townsend, Trelease, Wardall, Weston Halls
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars			                       $11,978
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars                          $12,720
Room & All Dining Dollars                                            $13,118
Room & All Classic Meals                                             $13,118

Traditional Hall | Double | Without Air Conditioning
Allen, Barton, Leonard, Lundgren, Shelden, Taft, Van Doren Halls
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars                         $11,612
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars                         $12,354
Room & All Dining Dollars                                           $12,752
Room & All Classic Meals                                            $12,752

Nugent Hall | Double | With Air Conditioning
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars                         $12,376
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars                         $13,118
Room & All Dining Dollars                                           $13,516
Room & All Classic Meals                                            $13,516

Wassaja Hall | Double | With Air Conditioning
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars                         $12,706
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars                         $13,448
Room & All Dining Dollars                                           $13,846
Room & All Classic Meals                                            $13,846

Bousfield Hall | Double | With Air Conditioning
Room & 12 Classic Meals + 15 Dining Dollars                         $12,962
Room & 10 Classic Meals + 45 Dining Dollars                         $13,704
Room & All Dining Dollars                                           $14,102
Room & All Classic Meals                                            $14,102

View all rates online.

University Housing

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