University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes

University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
of Luxembourg
   Our Master degree programmes

University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
of Luxembourg
   Our Master degree programmes

University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
du Luxembourg
  Multilingual. Personalised. Connected.

University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
At the University of Luxembourg, we
offer over 40 Master degree programmes
across a wide range of disciplines. We
provide extensive support services to
help our students make the most of
their studies and set them on a future
career path.
This brochure contains a wealth
of information to help you find
the right programme, explore our
university and get your life as a
student in Luxembourg off to a
good start.
We look forward to
welcoming you to the
University of Luxembourg.
University of Luxembourg - Our Master degree programmes
The University of Luxembourg is a European research-oriented
university with a strong international and multilingual character.
Founded in 2003, the university currently counts 6,400 students.
Members of the university community come from all over the

3      faculties                  3      interdisciplinary
                                         centres                          3    campuses


6,400 113
students               different countries

                                                                     international students

270                                                    3
               associate professors                          official languages:
               and senior lecturers                          French, German and English

                            agreements signed on student
                            exchanges and research and
                            teaching cooperation

Updated: 01/03/2019

Studying at the University
of Luxembourg means…
Being multilingual                                    Being well-connected
The University of Luxembourg is one of the            in the world of work
few multilingual universities worldwide. Most of      As a student, you will be able to take advantage
our programmes are bilingual (French-English          of the excellent links with the financial centre,
or French-German), even trilingual or taught          employers, industry and public institutions
entirely in English. Campus life is as multilingual   in Luxembourg. Over 860 lecturers from the
and multicultural as Luxembourg itself since our      business world, the social and education sector,
students come here from all over the world.           and national and European institutions teach
                                                      in our three faculties. A large number of our
                                                      study programmes give you the option of a
Having an open mind                                   work placement as a way of gaining practical
We strongly encourage student mobility and all        experience.
our Bachelor students must spend one semester
abroad. The University of Luxembourg is an active
partner in the European ERASMUS+ Programme            Having a unique
and has signed a series of agreements with            university experience
partner universities in the United States,
                                                      The University of Luxembourg operates on
Australia, China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Thailand,
                                                      a human scale. Here, students are the top
India, Uruguay, Brazil, Russia, Turkey and Canada.
                                                      priority and everyone knows each other on
Many exchange opportunities are also on offer
                                                      campus. Much of our teaching takes place in
for Master students and PhD candidates.
                                                      small classes or in seminars. You will receive
Language skills and a willingness to be open-
                                                      personal supervision and individual mentoring.
minded are rewarded with degree qualifications
                                                      Our students are encouraged to take an active
which give our students undisputed advantages
                                                      part in lectures and in classroom debates and
in the global labour market.

Belval Campus
  © David Laurent / Université du Luxembourg
Belval Campus                                                                                    Limpertsberg Campus
            Belval Campus is the University of Luxembourg’s                                                  Limpertsberg Campus is located in a residential
            main site. Close to Esch-sur-Alzette,                                                            area close to the centre of Luxembourg City and
            Luxembourg’s second largest city, Belval                                                         just a few minutes from Kirchberg, the capital's
            combines research with teaching and urban                                                        business district.
            life with leisure activities. Once home to
            Luxembourg’s largest steelworks, this site now
            features research and learning facilities, the                                                   Kirchberg Campus
            university library and learning centre as well as                                                Kirchberg Campus is right in the heart of
            student accommodation. The campus is located                                                     Luxembourg City’s business district, with the
            at the centre of an urban district and has                                                       country’s international banking and financial
            excellent public transport links.                                                                centre and all the European institutions close
                                                                                                             by. Just a stone’s throw from the university
                                                                                                             campus are the Kirchberg shopping centre, the
                                                                                                             large sports and aquatic centre known as the
                                                                                                             Coque and the Grand Duke Jean Museum of
                                                                © David Laurent / Université du Luxembourg

                                                                                                             Modern Art (Mudam), as well as the Philharmonie
                                                                                                             Luxembourg concert hall.
                           © Michel Brumat

Limpertsberg Campus                          Kirchberg Campus

Our student support services

The University of Luxembourg offers a range of           will give you information about the different
services to provide you with support and advice          programmes available and help walk you through
throughout your time at the university. SEVE,            the administrative formalities.
the Student Department (Service des Etudes
et de la Vie Etudiante), is there to help you with
all the administrative formalities from                  …getting your career on track
the moment you enrol until graduation.                   The University Career Centre provides counselling
                                                         services including individual consultation, skills
                                                         assessment sessions and workshops to assist
…enrolling                                               you with your job applications. The university
                                                         organises the annual recruitment
You can enrol with the university via our website. The
                                                         fair for students and young professionals.
Admissions Department is responsible for issuing
the various administrative documents required for
enrolment: student card, certificates, etc.              …learning a new language
                                                         The Language Centre offers academic and
…finding a place to live                                 vocational courses as well as general language
                                                         courses in French, German, English and
The University of Luxembourg has 37 student
                                                         Luxembourgish for students and university staff.
halls, with a total of 1,122 rooms and studio
apartments, located mostly in Esch-sur-Alzette
and Luxembourg City, which offer students                …studying in the best
excellent housing and a great environment to
work and meet other students.
                                                         possible conditions
                                                         A qualified psychologist offers counselling and
                                                         support. Sessions are confidential and free of
…helping you prepare your                                charge.
mobility semester
Spending an exchange semester in another
country is compulsory for all Bachelor students
at the University of Luxembourg. We also offer
exchange possibilities to Master students
and PhD candidates. Our Mobility Department
Student life at the University
of Luxembourg

Campus Sport
Student life is not just about studying – it’s also
a great opportunity to get involved in sports.
Campus Sport organises over twenty different
sports activities run by professional coaches.

Campus Art
Art workshops are organised free of charge for
the whole university community.

Student life
Joining a student association is a great way
to meet new people. At the University of
Luxembourg, several student associations
are representing the interests of the student
community. The student lounge is the place to
meet, hang out and participate in a variety of
activities. The Office of Student Life organises
a range of different events, in particular the        –
Welcome Days, Garden Party, Masquerade Party          Students have several
and Christmas Party.                                  opportunities to meet with us and
                                                      discuss any questions they might
                                                      have about studying and living in
Espace cultures                                       –
espace cultures organises and coordinates cultural
                                                      • University Open Day in spring.
events and activities, including the University
Choir, the University Chamber Music Ensemble,         • You will find us at the Luxembourg
the student theatre group EduDrame, the dance           Student Fair and throughout the year
group Dance Cluster and a mime workshop.                at different international fairs.

Some key facts about Luxembourg

                                                           One of the smallest countries
                                                           in the European Union

                                                           In the heart of Europe,

                                                                      from Paris,
                                                                      Brussels and

                                                                    The world’s only
                                                                    Grand Duchy

                                            A cosmopolitan country where people from many
          Headquarters of
          many European
                                            different nationalities
                                            live side by side

Luxembourg City is the safest city in the world
(according to a study carried out by Mercer Consultancy, 2016)

A dynamic, competitive and                          open economy
with an attractive labour market

                                                ©          binsfeld,tous

Living in Luxembourg is a                                                                   Luxembourg has an amazingly beautiful
                                                                                            countryside. Almost one third of the country is
unique multilingual and                                                                     covered by forest and you can hike and bike your
multicultural experience                                                                    way through 600 km of cycling routes and hiking
Luxembourg has three official languages                                                     trails. Luxembourg is a real heaven for outdoor
and is home to over 170 nationalities. Of its                                               enthusiasts.
576,000 inhabitants, over 46 % come from                                                    Luxembourg’s rich cultural heritage includes
outside Luxembourg. The national language is                                                several castles and charming villages, as well as
Luxembourgish; however, most people speak at                                                the historical districts and fortifications in the
least French, German or English. If you would like                                          country’s capital.
to learn Luxembourgish, you can take classes
at the university’s Language Centre. Cultural                                               Check out some of the the best places to
diversity is a daily reality in Luxembourg.                                                 go in Luxembourg:

Luxembourg boasts a vibrant cultural and                                           
art scene and has a wide range of museums,                                        
theatres, art galleries and music venues. There                                   
is a vibrant nightlife, especially in Luxembourg                                  
City and around Belval Campus. You will find chic                                 
bars alongside traditional pubs and hip cafés. In
the summer, the streets and terraces come alive
with people.

Master degree programmes

MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMMES                                                         TEACHING LANGUAGES

COMPUTER SCIENCE   Master in Information and                                     English
                   Computer Sciences

                   Master en Management de                                       English
                   la Sécurité des Systèmes
                   Interdisciplinary Space Master                                English
ENGINEERING        Master en                        Énergie et                   French, English
                   Développement Durable            Environnement
                   Master of Science in             Megastructure Engineering    English
                   Civil Engineering                with Sustainable Resources
                   Master of Science                Sustainable Product          English
                   in Engineering                   Creation
                   Master en Sciences               Efficacité Énergétique       French, English
                   de l’Ingénieur                   et Économique
LIFE SCIENCES      Master in Integrated                                          English
                   Systems Biology
                   Master of Science in                                          English
                   European Master of Small                                      English
                   Animal Veterinary Medicine
                   Master in Production                                          English
                   Animal Health
MATHEMATICS        Master en Enseignement           Mathématiques                French, German, English
                   Master in Mathematics            Financial Mathematics        English
                                                    General Mathematics
                                                    Industrial Mathematics
PHYSICS            Master of Science in Physics                                  English
MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMMES                                                 TEACHING LANGUAGES

BUSINESS AND     Master in Accounting                                    English
MANAGEMENT       and Audit
                 Master in Entrepreneurship                              English
                 and Innovation
                 Master in Logistics and                                 English
                 Supply Chain Management
ECONOMICS AND    MSc in Finance                                          English (French optional)
FINANCE          and Economics
                                                 Investment Management
                                                 Risk Management
                                                 Financial Economics

                 MSc in Quantitative                                     English
                 Economics and Finance
                 Master in Wealth Management                             English

LAW              Master in European Banking                              English, French
                 and Financial Law (LL.M.)
                 Master in European Economic                             English, French
                 and Financial Criminal Law
                 Master in European and                                  English, French
                 International Tax Law (LL.M.)
                 Master in European                                      English, French
                 Private Law (LL.M.)
                 Master in European Union Law                            English, French
                 and Litigation (LL.M.)
                 Master in Space, Communication                          English, French
                 and Media Law (LL.M.)

Master degree programmes


HUMANITIES        Master en Études Franco-             French, German
                  Allemandes: Communication et
                  Coopération Transfrontalières
                  Master in European                   English, French
                  Contemporary History
                  Master in Learning and               English, French, German
                  Communication in Multilingual
                  and Multicultural Contexts
                  Master in Modern and Contem-         English
                  porary European Philosophy
                  Master Theaterwissenschaft           German
                  und Interkulturalität
                  Trinationaler Master in Literatur-   German
                  Kultur- und Sprachgeschichte
                  des deutschsprachigen Raums
PSYCHOLOGY        MSc in Psychology:                   French, English
                  Evaluation and Assessment
                  MSc in Psychology:                   German, English
                  Psychological Intervention
                  Master in Psychotherapy              English, French, German
SOCIAL SCIENCES   Master in Architecture               English
                  Master in Border Studies             German, French, English
                  Master in European                   English (French optional)
                  Master en Gérontologie               French, German
                  Master in Geography                  English
                  and Spatial Planning
                  Master en Médiation                  French
MASTER DEGREE PROGRAMMES                                                           TEACHING LANGUAGES

SOCIAL SCIENCES       Master in Management und                                     German, French
AND EDUCATION         Coaching im Bildungs-
                      und Sozialwesen
                      Master in Social Sciences and                                English
                      Educational Sciences

TEACHING AND          Master en Enseignement          Germanistik                  French, German, English,
EDUCATION             Secondaire                                                   Luxembourgish

                                                      Langue et littérature
                                                      Langue et littératures

Admission criteria:                                      For certain degree programmes additional admission
Master degree programmes are open to students            criteria and/or fees may apply. For further information
who hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent                 about all our programmes, admission criteria and fees,
(180 ECTS) in a related field.                           please refer to the relevant study programme pages
                                                         on our website.
Programme duration: 4 semesters / 120 ECTS
Start of the programmes: mid-September         
Admission fees for national and
international students: €200 / semester

Computer Science                                      Computer Science
–                                                     –
Master in Information                                 Master en Management de
and Computer Sciences                                 la Sécurité des Systèmes
                                                      in collaboration with:
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Flexible specialisation options
Early involvement in research projects
International cooperation agreements with
universities and industries

                                                      4 semesters | 120 ECTS
TEACHING LANGUAGE: English                            Multidisciplinary approach promoting
                                                      knowledge sharing and exchange of
The programme enables students to deepen              Participation in the Information Security
their knowledge of computer science by                Education Day (ISED)
understanding its abstract and interdisciplinary      Programme supported by two professional
thinking foundations, focusing on problem solving     associations: CLUSIL and CPSI
and developing lifelong learning skills. Students
can specialise in the following areas: adaptive
computing, communication systems, information         TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
security, intelligent systems, network systems,
and reliable software systems.                        The programme allows professionals to further
                                                      develop their knowledge and skills to analyse,
CAREERS: Luxembourg is a major financial              interpret and provide relevant solutions in the
centre with a growing need for highly qualified       field of information security.
IT staff. Employment opportunities include the
public sector, local industries and public research   CAREERS: prepares students for the position of
institutes. The programme also prepares               Chief Information Security Officer in all business
students for further studies at PhD level.            sectors.                                                                  
Computer Science                                   Engineering
–                                                  –
Interdisciplinary Space Master                     Master en
in collaboration with:                             Développement Durable –
                                                   Filière Énergie et Environnement
                                                   in collaboration with:

4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Interdisciplinary training
                                                   4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Problem based learning approach
                                                   Double degree between the University of
Support from the Luxembourg Space Agency           Luxembourg and the University of Liège
Strong links with national stakeholders            Combination of technical courses, natural
including industry                                 sciences courses and humanities-related
                                                   Multidisciplinary and international approach

The programme aims to generate a talent            TEACHING LANGUAGES: French, English
pool of highly skilled engineers and innovative    (level B1 or equivalent for both languages)
entrepreneurs who will be able to create,
shape and sustain leading commercial space         The programme provides students with the skills
enterprises and play an important role in the      they need to apply an environmental approach
economy of the future.                             to energy issues and play a crucial role in the
This Master is an innovative balance of business   growing field of sustainable development. The
and technology teaching and learning. From         Master en Développement Durable is a dual
rocket science to the management of space          degree programme between the University of
businesses, the students will acquire various      Luxembourg and the University of Liège (Master
skills required by Luxembourg Space industry       in Science and Management of the Environment
sector and develop the entrepreneurial mind-set    with a specialisation in Renewable Energies).
required to be successful in the emerging future
                                                   CAREERS: prepares students for positions
space industry.
                                                   including energy and environment specialists in
CAREERS: employment opportunities in the           large companies, civil servants and managers in
space sector or further research at the doctoral   public administrations specialising in energy and
level.                                             environmental issues, researchers or teachers
                                                   and energy and environment consultants.                               
Engineering                                            Engineering
–                                                      –
Master of Science                                      Master of Science
in Civil Engineering –                                 in Engineering –
Megastructure Engineering                              Sustainable Product Creation
with Sustainable
Resources                                              4 semesters | 120 ECTS
                                                       Individual mentoring and courses taught in
                                                       small groups
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
                                                       Combination of mechanical engineering and
Focus on complex projects and sustainability           mechatronic issues within sustainable product
Collaboration with construction companies and          creation
administrations                                        Focus on lean and sustainable use of all
Possibility to spend a semester abroad at a            resources
partner university in Paris, Nancy, Metz or
                                                       TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
                                                       The programme enables students to acquire
                                                       a comprehensive, deep knowledge of all steps
Students are enabled to acquire a deeper
                                                       of the product creation process, from market
knowledge of civil engineering with a specific focus
                                                       segment specification, product planning,
on planning and constructing megastructures
                                                       product design and manufacturing to product
while using resources in a sustainable way.
                                                       usage, service and recycling. The courses cover
Sustainability is increasingly important and
                                                       mechanical and electrical aspects. This Master
today's civil engineers must be able to judge
                                                       perfectly balances academic education with
and optimise civil structures and buildings while
                                                       industrial applicability of cutting-edge content.
taking into account shortages in construction
materials and energy resources. This dual focus        CAREERS: prepares students for engineer or
on megastructures and sustainability sets this         consultant positions in industry, or for further
programme apart from other Master degree               studies at PhD level.
programmes in civil engineering.
CAREERS: prepares students for civil engineer or
consultant positions in the construction industry
or public sector, or for further studies at PhD
Engineering                                         Life Sciences
–                                                   –
Master en Sciences                                  Master in Integrated
de l’Ingénieur –                                    Systems Biology
Efficacité Énergétique et
Économique                                          4 semesters | 120 ECTS
                                                    Combination of life sciences and computational
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
                                                    Use of the most modern technologies in
International approach to energy issues             biosciences
Collaboration with the University of Lorraine,      Early involvement in research projects
Siemens, Bosch, Paul Wurth and the European
Investment Bank (EIB)

                                                    TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
French, English (level B1 for both languages)       The programme enables students to acquire
                                                    a deeper knowledge of biosciences taking into
                                                    account new technologies. This involves handling
The focus on energy efficiency makes the
                                                    large amounts of data and thus bioinformatics
programme ideal for very good Bachelor of
                                                    and network analysis are essential elements in
Engineering graduates wishing to acquire deeper
                                                    this modern education in biosciences.
knowledge of thermodynamics, mathematics
and the modern technologies needed to assess
                                                    CAREERS: employment opportunities in
energy-related issues. The programme combines
                                                    the biotech and pharmaceutical industries,
technical elements with economics and business
                                                    prepares students for a career as a researcher
administration courses with the aim of providing
                                                    in biological, biomedical or pharmaceutical
students with the full range of skills required
                                                    laboratories, as a data scientist with a focus on
for approaching technically and commercially
                                                    biomedical applications, as a secondary school
energy-related issues.
                                                    teacher, or for further studies at PhD level.
CAREERS: prepares students for managerial
positions dealing with energy and environmental
issues in the private and public sector, research
and teaching, energy and environmental
consultancy, or further studies at PhD level.

Life Sciences                                        Life Sciences
–                                                    –
Master of Science in                                 European Master
Biomedicine                                          of Small Animal
                                                     Veterinary Medicine
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Tri-national diploma with the University of          4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Strasbourg and the Johannes Gutenberg                Combination of coursework and written
University Mainz                                     modules
Multidisciplinary and multicultural approach         Acquisition of high level specialist
                                                     Internationally renowned professors

The joint international study programme              TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
in Biomedicine will provide students with a
strong multidisciplinary education in the fields     The programme provides post-graduate training
of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases,            courses for veterinarians wishing to upgrade their
neurosciences and immunology. They will have         knowledge in various areas of clinical veterinary
the opportunity to experience a multidisciplinary    medicine.
research training as well as a multicultural
approach of the scientific communities across        CAREERS: successful completion of the
the borders.                                         programme certifies that a veterinarian has
                                                     acquired an advanced level of knowledge in small
CAREERS: managers, teachers or researchers           animal medicine.
in the pharmaceutical industry, health agencies,
universities and hospitals at international level.
Life Sciences                                          Mathematics
–                                                      –
Master in Production                                   Master en Enseignement
Animal Health                                          Secondaire –
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Collaboration with the World Veterinary                4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Education in Production Animal Health
(WVEPAH)                                               Trilingual programme
Residential courses and distance learning              Classes in educational sciences, educational
                                                       sociology and psychology
Case-oriented and problem-solving approach
                                                       Special focus on issues specific to Luxembourg

                                                       TEACHING LANGUAGES:
                                                       French, English, German
The programme enables students to acquire a
deep understanding of production, management,
                                                       The programme prepares students to become
nutrition, health, diagnostics, prevention, and
                                                       highly qualified teaching professionals in the
treatment of diseases in today's poultry area ; to
                                                       Luxembourg school system. The programme is
solve most of the problems in the specific areas
                                                       specially designed for students who already hold
of production animal health ; and to improve
                                                       a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Students
poultry health, welfare, as well as productivity and
                                                       are enabled to further their knowledge in the
                                                       respective fields and develop the skills needed
CAREERS: poultry senior executives                     for teaching in classroom settings.                                          CAREERS: prepares students for a career in                                 teaching in secondary schools in Luxembourg, or
                                                       for further studies at PhD level.


Mathematics                                                Physics
–                                                          –
Master in Mathematics                                      Master of Science in Physics

4 semesters | 120 ECTS                                     4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Three career-driven directions                             A comprehensive programme ranging from soft
Curricula designed in cooperation with                     matter to solid-state physics
representatives from industry and banks                    Involvement in current research activities
Teaching team committed to highest                         Possibility to spend the second year in either
pedagogical quality                                        Germany or France (tri-national Master degree

                                                           TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
The programme offers a high-quality, flexible
curriculum. During the first two semesters,                Students are enabled to acquire a solid and
students can further develop their core modern             broad education in the domain of condensed
mathematical skills and start specialising                 matter physics. The aim is to provide them with
via optional activities. In the third and fourth           the skills needed to explain and predict the
semesters, the Master offers exclusively                   physical properties of materials ranging from
specialised courses. The wide variety of advanced          semiconductors to cell membranes, based on
options available enables students to organise their       their microscopic constituents.
studies according to their long-term career goals
                                                           CAREERS: employment opportunities in all
and to acquire 60 ECTS within one of three career-
                                                           industrial sectors including the electronics,
driven directions: financial mathematics, general
                                                           automotive, aerospace and biomedical industries,
mathematics and industrial mathematics. The
                                                           or further studies at PhD level.
Master in Mathematics is organised in cooperation
with the Master en Enseignement Secondaire
– Mathématiques. Changes between the two
Masters are possible.

CAREERS: mathematicians are needed in all
institutions and companies including public sector
institutions, banks, industries, higher education insti-
tutions, public and private research centres, consult-
ing companies, insurance and pension companies,
statistical institutes, economic institutes, IT firms,
logistics companies, and meteorological institutes.
Business and Management                              Business and Management
–                                                    –
Master in                                            Master in Entrepreneurship
Accounting and Audit                                 and Innovation

4 semesters | 120 ECTS                               4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Includes “Formation complémentaire des               Fees €5,000 for first year; €3,000 for second year
candidats réviseurs d’entreprises”                   In partnership with the Luxembourg Chamber
                                                     of Commerce

                                                     TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
The Master in Accounting and Audit teaches in-
depth knowledge of all specialist areas relevant     The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
to accounting and audit practice, combining          provides students with the knowledge and skills
scientific and theoretical course content with       required to generate ideas and entrepreneurial
practical experience and expertise. Courses          solutions. The programme balances theory
are divided into blocks covering foundational        and practical know-how, drawing on concepts
theoretical issues and frameworks as well as         and knowledge from different disciplines, and
technical and practical aspects of accounting        integrating these concepts with the experience
and audit. Taught in small groups and an             of daily business practice. The programme is
interactive setting, the programme promotes          based on a two-year structure and is divided
independent problem-solving skills through           into blocks, designed to cover foundational
evaluation, analysis and application of knowledge.   theoretical issues and frameworks as well as the
                                                     technical and practical aspects of starting a new
CAREERS: employment opportunities in finance,        venture, whether a social business or corporate
accounting, or the financial management of           venture.
companies. Auditor in another EU member state,
research in the field of accounting and audit.       CAREERS: employment opportunities in areas
                                                     of innovation management/small business                                           management/start-ups/entrepreneurial contexts                                      or corporate contexts and the public sector.


Business and Management                              Economics and Finance
–                                                    –
Master in Logistics                                  MSc in Finance and
and Supply Chain                                     Economics
                                                     4 semesters | 120 ECTS
2 semesters | 60 ECTS                                Choose between four specialised tracks in the
                                                     second year
Fees €24,000 for full programme (scholarships
Includes study period at MIT in Boston, USA
                                                     TEACHING LANGUAGE: English (French optional)

TEACHING LANGUAGE: English                           The MSc in Finance and Economics offers a
                                                     foundational first year, covering topics from
The Master in Logistics and Supply Chain             statistics and econometrics to corporate
Management is offered in partnership with the        finance, macro- and microeconomics and an
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)          introduction to the Luxembourg financial centre.
in Boston, USA. Students acquire fundamental         In their second year, students can choose one
knowledge in the field of logistics and supply       of four specialised tracks: Banking, Investment
chain management. The programme includes             Management, Risk Management and Financial
a three-week study period at MIT. Throughout         Economics. Teaching is supported by industry
the academic year, students work on a Master         professionals, in particular in trending and
thesis in collaboration with an industry partner     emerging topics in the financial sector, such
company. In addition to in-class activities,         as FinTech or sustainable finance. In their final
students also take part in company visits to         semester, students can choose to complete
further bridge the theory-practice divide.           either an internship and business case report, or
                                                     a Master thesis.
CAREERS: prepares students for the operation-
al and strategic role that logistics and supply      CAREERS: employment opportunities in
chain management play in modern companies.           banking, finance and insurance sectors,
Graduates become supply chain champions, ready       financial administrations, national and European
to confront the challenges of a changing business    institutions. Luxembourg’s financial centre offers
world through a global approach to and analysis of   a dynamic and international job market for
supply chain problems.                               graduates.                                                          
Economics and Finance                                 Economics and Finance
–                                                     –
MSc in Quantitative                                   Master in Wealth
Economics and Finance                                 Management

2 semesters | 60 ECTS                                 4 semesters | 120 ECTS

TEACHING LANGUAGE: English                            TEACHING LANGUAGE: English

The MSc in Quantitative Economics and Finance         The Master in Wealth Management is designed
is an advanced Master’s degree programme that         to educate and train future wealth managers,
exposes highly talented students to fundamental       combining traditional finance subjects with
research methods in both fields. The programme        person-, legal- and tax-centric subjects such as
prepares for careers in academia, public              client relationship management, estate planning,
institutions, and upscale jobs in the industry.       ethics and international taxation.
For its best graduates it is a premier route for      The Master in Wealth Management was
admission to the University of Luxembourg’s           developed together with the Luxembourg
Doctoral School in Economics and Finance. The         financial centre and prepares students for the
programme meets the highest international             job market in different wealth management
standards and compares to the first year of           contexts. In their second year, students
doctoral programmes at top universities in the        undertake either an internship (incl. a business
US or the UK. In the second semester, students        case project report) or write a Master thesis. The
have to write a Master thesis. Close ties to the      Master has a strong professional orientation with
University’s economics and finance research           teaching supported by industry professionals.
departments ensure individual supervision
by faculty members. Students need to have             CAREERS: wealth management is a line of
completed 240 ECTS (usually an undergraduate          business in banks, trusts, insurance companies,
degree and one-year Master) to be eligible for        foundations and family offices, offering
this programme.                                       career opportunities, for example, in portfolio
                                                      management, investment advisory, compliance,
CAREERS: academia (PhD studies), public               relationships management, estate planning, tax,
institutions (e.g. central banks, research            legal, product management, and others.
institutions, statistical services, European
institutions, national administrations), and
upscale jobs in the industry (e.g. private banks or
insurance companies).
Law                                                  Law
–                                                    –
Master in European Banking                           Master in European
and Financial Law (LL.M.)                            Economic and Financial
                                                     Criminal Law (LL.M.)
2 semesters | 60 ECTS
Option to specialise in collective investment        2 semesters | 60 ECTS
schemes (CIS) or investment funds law
                                                     Mandatory internship of at least eight weeks

                                                     TEACHING LANGUAGES: English, French

The Master in European Banking and Financial
                                                     The Master in European Economic and Financial
Law is one of the premier programmes in
                                                     Criminal Law explores the fast-growing field of
this field offered in continental Europe. The
                                                     European criminal law with special emphasis
investment funds law option in the second
                                                     on economic and financial criminal law. The
semester is a legal qualification unique in
                                                     programme consists of six modules dedicated to
Europe. The Master focuses on the study of
                                                     key aspects of European criminal law, including
three essential pillars – banking law, securities
                                                     regulation and enforcement within the EU,
and capital markets law, and investment funds
                                                     European criminal law and criminal procedure,
or CIS law – in the framework of European
                                                     corporate criminal law and compliance, and
Union, Luxembourg and comparative law.
                                                     judicial cooperation and EU law enforcement
The programme combines the acquisition
                                                     agencies. In the second semester, students write
of theoretical concepts and their practical
                                                     a Master thesis and participate in an internship
application through interactive teaching and
                                                     to further expand their skills by applying acquired
case-based learning.
                                                     knowledge to real-life situations.
CAREERS: legal careers in the banking and
                                                     CAREERS: in European economic and financial
financial sector, the insurance sector or the fund
                                                     criminal law in Luxembourg or abroad, for
industry. Employment in law firms, European
                                                     example as a compliance expert, white-collar
banking and financial institutions or national
                                                     crime lawyer or EU official, or further studies at
administrations, or further studies at PhD level.
                                                     PhD level.
Law                                                 Law
–                                                   –
Master in European and                              Master in European
International Tax Law (LL.M.)                       Private Law (LL.M.)

2 semesters | 60 ECTS                               2 semesters | 60 ECTS
Choice between Master thesis and case study         Mandatory internship of up to three months
Opportunity to apply for ATOZ Foundation            Opportunity to participate in the “Clinique
Scholarship                                         du Droit”

TEACHING LANGUAGES: English, French                 TEACHING LANGUAGES: English, French

The Master in European and International Tax        The Master in European Private Law teaches
Law teaches students to master the general          students about European integration and the
principles of tax law in order to be able to        interaction between EU law and national legal
work with new or unfamiliar legal rules and to      systems as well as discussing areas of private law
successfully recognise issues arising in new        that have been deeply Europeanised (company,
taxing jurisdictions. Students will learn to make   labour, intellectual property, banking and financial
use of the extensive Luxembourg tax treaty          law). The programme also explores legal areas
network and gain first-hand exposure to real        where the influence of European law is indirect
tax issues and the jurisprudence of the Court of    but vivid (contract and tort law, law of family
Justice of the European Union. This programme       and persons, procedural law). The programme
puts a particular emphasis on the interaction of    mixes theoretical and practical approaches,
tax treaty law with domestic tax law, as well as    hosting monthly workshops, the clinical teaching
the effects of primary and secondary EU law on      programme “Clinique du Droit” and a mandatory
domestic tax rules.                                 internship.

CAREERS: employment opportunities in the legal,     CAREERS: employment opportunities in national
tax and advisory sector, financial or law firms,    administrations, the European institutions,
national administrations, and European and          law firms, the judiciary, banks and financial
international institutions, or further studies at   institutions, or as notaries. Further studies at
PhD level.                                          PhD level.                                                        

Law                                                        Law
–                                                          –
Master in European Union Law                               Master in Space,
and Litigation (LL.M.)                                     Communication and
                                                           Media Law (LL.M.)
2 semesters | 60 ECTS
                                                           2 semesters | 60 ECTS
Mandatory internship of at least eight weeks

                                                           TEACHING LANGUAGES: English, French

                                                           The Master in Space, Communication and
The Master in European Union Law and Litigation
                                                           Media Law combines a range of courses
is designed to equip students with in-depth
                                                           on space law, international and European
knowledge and experience of substantive,
                                                           satellite communication law, media law,
institutional and procedural law of the European
                                                           electronic communications and e-commerce
Union. Based on a method of active learning,
                                                           law, intellectual property law as well as data
the programme covers a wide spectrum of EU
                                                           protection law. It covers these areas on
law, European constitutional, administrative and
                                                           international, European and national level. Over
regulatory law, and specific matters of EU law,
                                                           the course of the programme, students acquire
such as employment, immigration or external
                                                           complete expertise in the regulatory aspects of
relations. The programme also covers procedural
                                                           space, communication, ICT and media law within
rules and remedies as well as the role of national
                                                           an exciting and developing field.
and international judges in relation to the Court of
Justice of the European Union.                             CAREERS: employment opportunities in
                                                           national regulatory agencies, ministries for
CAREERS: employment opportunities at the
                                                           telecommunication and media, private companies
European institutions, national administrations,
                                                           active in the media and telecommunication
law firms and the private sector, or further
                                                           sector, law firms, international organisations
studies at PhD level.
                                                           dealing with space communication, and
                                                           development and aid institutions, or further
                                                           studies at PhD level.

 Students applying into the six LL.M. specialisations
 need to have successfully completed studies     
 amounting to 240 ECTS (usually a Bachelor and
 one-year Master's degree). Students with 180 ECTS
 (a Bachelor's or equivalent undergraduate degree)
 can apply into the foundational first year of all LL.M.
 programmes, the Master in European Law (M1).
Humanities                                                Humanities
–                                                         –
Master en Études                                          Master in European
Franco-Allemandes:                                        Contemporary History
Communication et Coopération
Transfrontalières                                         4 semesters | 120 ECTS
                                                          A strong focus on digital history
4 semesters | 120 ECTS                                    Conferences and guest lecturers by
                                                          international experts and European key players
Courses are taught at the University of Lorraine,
Saarland University and the University                    Specialisation in “European history in the long
of Luxembourg                                             term“ or “History of the European integration
A mandatory internship in a cross-border
Intensive French and German language courses
                                                          TEACHING LANGUAGES: English, French

TEACHING LANGUAGES: French, German                        The programme is designed to provide students
                                                          with a high-level education in European history,
The programme trains experts in intercultur-              covering topics such as the political and socio-
al communication providing them with a deep               economic aspects of the European integration
understanding of the France-Germany-Luxembourg            process, the construction of social and cultural
relationship. Courses cover a broad range of sub-         identity throughout Europe, European migration
jects including the politics, economics and culture       and Europe’s relations with other global regions.
of France and Germany, Franco-German relations            Students learn to use digital history tools and
and European integration, intercultural communi-          methodologies and transfer and adapt traditional
cation, information and communication sciences,           narrative techniques. They develop their own
and cultural and media analysis. Students spend           ways of telling (hi)stories, for both academic and
the first year at the University of Lorraine and the      non-academic audiences.
second at Saarland University. During the second
                                                          CAREERS: employment opportunities in European
year, students must choose three courses directly
                                                          political and cultural institutions, media and
linked to their field of study (two in semester 3 and
                                                          cultural management, diplomatic services, senior
one in semester 4) from a large range of Master
                                                          civil service, archives and libraries. Prepares
courses at the University of Luxembourg.
                                                          students for a teaching career in secondary
CAREERS: employment opportunities in journalism,          education, or for further studies at PhD level.
public relations, marketing in cultural institutions in
the Saar-Lor-Lux region or in European institutions,
or further studies at PhD level.

Humanities                                                Humanities
–                                                         –
Master in Learning and                                    Master in Modern
Communication in Multilingual                             and Contemporary
and Multicultural Contexts                                European Philosophy

4 semesters | 120 ECTS                                    4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Multilingual classes in English, French and               A high-level academic education in modern and
German with both academic and practical                   contemporary European philosophy
orientation                                               A strong research focus
Master classes and an international symposium             Key insights into historical developments
with renowned international experts                       and systematic problems of modern and
The option of internships in European                     contemporary European philosophy
Institutions, companies and NGOs

                                                          TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
and German, some courses are multilingual
                                                          The programme focuses on European
                                                          philosophy from Descartes to the present day
The multilingual and international programme              and provides an in-depth study of European
focuses on the challenges and opportunities of            philosophy beginning with classical rationalism
multilingualism and multiculturalism in education, in     and empiricism, moving on to Kant and German
the workplace and in new media. Students develop          idealism, and concluding with 20th century and
in-depth knowledge of scientific research in these        contemporary philosophy. Credited language
fields and work with a range of methodological tools      courses give students the opportunity to
used for conducting independent research projects         improve their French and German language
that are relevant to societal issues. The programme       skills. Students may choose from a wide range
includes the possibility of a work placement, a sym-      of interdisciplinary course options covering the
posium abroad and lectures given by internationally       fields of history, politics and literature.
renowned external experts. Students develop
their skills in the three languages used during the       CAREERS: employment opportunities in cultural
programme. Courses are taught Thursdays to                and political institutions, journalism and
Saturdays to accommodate part-time workers.               publishing, or further studies at PhD level.

CAREERS: employment opportunities in education, 
new media analysis, diversity management, cultural
mediation, communication, human resources, trans-
lation, and journalism or further studies at PhD level.
Humanities                                             Humanities
–                                                      –
Master                                                 Trinationaler Master in
Theaterwissenschaft                                    Literatur-, Kultur- und
und Interkulturalität                                  Sprachgeschichte des
                                                       deutschsprachigen Raums
4 semesters | 120 ECTS
A programme jointly organised by the University        4 semesters | 120 ECTS
of Luxembourg and the University of Trier
                                                       A programme jointly organised by the University
A strong cooperation with national theatrical          of Luxembourg, the University of Lorraine
institutions                                           and Saarland University
An intensive practical orientation                     A curriculum certified by the Franco-German
                                                       A mandatory 8-week internship
TEACHING LANGUAGES: German, some courses
might be taught in French and/or English
                                                       TEACHING LANGUAGE: German, some
The programme is designed for students who             optional courses are taught in French
are passionate about the theatre, performing
arts and culture. The courses cover both the           The programme focuses on German language,
theory and practice of theatre in its historical and   literature and culture from their beginnings to the
contemporary forms. Students are introduced to         present day. Students design their own curriculum
the relationship between theatre and intercultur-      according to their interests by choosing from
alism and deepen their knowledge of intercultural      different courses offered at the three partner
aesthetics, the different forms and concepts of        universities. At the University of Luxembourg,
theatre, theatre theory and cultural management.       the focus is on culture and media studies and
Students take script and writing workshops led by      multilingualism. Students familiarise themselves
directors and playwrights and plan, coordinate and     with the different learning and research cultures
implement their own artistic projects.                 of the three countries and acquire intercultural
                                                       skills, which are highly valued in today’s working
CAREERS: employment opportunities in the               environment. Depending on the number of credits
theatre, cultural agencies or institutions, public     acquired at each of the three universities, students
relations, cultural management and organisation,       obtain a tri-national, bi-national or national
project management and festival organisation,          diploma.
theatre review and media relations, or further
studies at PhD level.                                  CAREERS: employment opportunities in pub-
                                                       lishing, media and communications, cultural                                             institutions, library and archive work, the lifelong
                                                       learning sector, or further studies at PhD level.

Psychology                                           Psychology
–                                                    –
MSc in Psychology:                                   MSc in Psychology:
Evaluation and Assessment                            Psychological Intervention

4 semesters | 120 ECTS                               4 semesters | 120 ECTS
A strong focus on statistics                         A research-based study programme on applied
Development of design tests for data collection,     aspects of psychological Intervention
utilising quantitative and qualitative research      Courses are carried out in close collaboration
A mandatory 10-week internship in a                  with nationally and internationally renowned
counselling setting                                  scholars
                                                     A mandatory 12-week internship

                                                     TEACHING LANGUAGES: German, English

The programme provides key qualifications
specific to the assessment field. Students           The programme is specially designed for
develop the statistical and methodological           students who wish to deepen the knowledge
knowledge and expertise required to process and      acquired during a Bachelor programme in
interpret data. They acquire advanced skills for     Psychology. The programme includes advanced
implementing and applying assessment tools in        theoretical, methodological and applied aspects
educational settings and for developing cognitive,   of psychological intervention research as well
professional or personal profiles. Students          as practical on-the-job training. Students are
are trained to become high-quality experts           trained in the fields of clinical psychology,
in the areas of psychometrics, statistics and        health, social and developmental psychology.
measurement and multivariate analysis methods.       The flexible programme structure gives students
                                                     the opportunity to choose between different
CAREERS: employment opportunities in HR              modules leading to a more clinically oriented or
departments, assessment centres, initial             an educationally oriented profile.
and lifelong training centres, or further studies
at PhD level.                                        CAREERS: employment opportunities in
                                                     psychological intervention and research,                                         especially in the field of clinical and educational
                                                     psychology, or further studies at PhD level.

Psychology                                           Social Sciences
–                                                    –
Master in                                            Master in
Psychotherapy                                        Architecture

6 semesters | 120 ECTS                               4 semesters | 120 ECTS
A part-time lifelong learning study programme        A profiled programme in architecture, European
Fees 2600 €/semester                                 urbanisation and globalisation
Admission requirements include 500 hours of          Design studios on architectural
supervised practice in a clinical setting            and urban design
                                                     A 2-month internship in an architectural
English, French, German
                                                     TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
The programme is designed for psychologists
and physicians who wish to undertake a special       The programme focuses on architectural design,
training in psychotherapy that covers both the       as a creative discipline and a major agent in
basic and applied aspects of psychotherapy           the production of space. Students explore how
research as well as practical on-the-job training.   the historical, social, political and environmental
Students develop professional skills in psycholog-   effects of urbanisation and globalisation are
ical assessment, prevention and intervention. The    shaping architecture. The courses cover a broad
programme is strongly research-focused with          range of topics including the economic and
the main aim to teach evidence-based meth-           ecological aspects of globalisation, European
ods of psychotherapy. The programme is in full       urban and spatial planning, urban landscape
agreement with the guidelines of the European        design within Europe and the respective
Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA).     regulatory frameworks, and the history and
                                                     theory of cultural and visual studies, as well as
CAREERS: qualification to work as a certified        research methods on architecture and urbanism.
                                                     CAREERS: employment opportunities in the                                           private sector or administrative bodies, or further
                                                     studies at PhD level.


Social Sciences                                        Social Sciences
–                                                      –
Master in                                              Master in
Border Studies                                         European Governance

4 semesters | 120 ECTS                                 4 semesters | 120 ECTS
Multilingual programme taught at the University        A strong core of teaching on European politics
of Luxembourg, University of Lorraine, (France),       and policy
Saarland University (Germany), University of           A broader interdisciplinary curriculum on
Kaiserslautern (Germany)                               European integration
A mandatory internship                                 A series of practitioner-led seminars
A joint diploma issued by all four partner
                                                       TEACHING LANGUAGES:
                                                       English (French optional)
English, French, German
                                                       The programme trains experts in European public
                                                       policy by providing an advanced-level training
The programme addresses the economic,
                                                       in political science. Students gain a unique
political, social and cultural issues of borders
                                                       insight into the processes of European decision-
and border regions in Europe and beyond and
                                                       making and explore the historical development
provides students with the analytical skills
                                                       of European integration and the foundations of
required to understand the challenges of cross-
                                                       the EU legal system. They choose from a range
border cooperation. Students acquire the needed
                                                       of policy area seminars from different sectors
skills to play a crucial part in discussions about
                                                       including social, economic, environmental and
national and European identities, worldwide
                                                       external policies of the European Union. Students
mobilities, migration and cultural diversity issues.
                                                       also develop transferable skills including data
Students can choose either the spatial studies
                                                       analysis, report-writing and oral presentation
track or the language and cultural studies track.
CAREERS: employment opportunities in cross-
                                                       CAREERS: employment opportunities in the
border and intercultural working settings,
                                                       public and private sector in the area of European
cultural agencies or institutions, media relations,
                                                       public policy, for example in international
public administrations, cross-border cultural
                                                       consulting firms, the European institutions or
management and regional marketing or further
                                                       national governance bodies, or further studies at
studies at PhD level.
                                                       PhD level.
Social Sciences                                          Social Sciences
–                                                        –
Master en                                                Master in Geography
Gérontologie                                             and Spatial Planning

8 semesters | 120 ECTS                                   4 semesters | 120 ECTS
A part-time lifelong learning study programme            Advanced approaches in geographical analysis
A two-week internship                                    and spatial planning
A master thesis is required to complete the              Unique combination of quantitative and
programme                                                qualitative research methods
                                                         A variety of learning activities including
                                                         lectures, seminars, workshops and urban field
                                                         work in an international environment

The programme is designed for professionals              TEACHING LANGUAGE: English
working in gerontology and geriatrics who wish
to further develop their skills. Students deepen
                                                         The programme trains experts to understand
their knowledge and develop greater expertise in
                                                         the complexity of the development of cities and
geriatrics, geropsychology and social gerontology.
                                                         regions as a reflection of global changes and local
The courses cover topics such as health man-
                                                         dynamics. The courses emphasise the need and
agement, quality assurance, palliative care and
                                                         opportunities for sustainable planning strategies
the legal, historical, socio-political and ethical as-
                                                         and territorial development, especially in Europe.
pects of human ageing. Students are also trained
                                                         The programme provides a unique combination of
in research, assessment and evaluation methods
                                                         academic courses and practical work. Students
and given the soft skills they need to successful-
                                                         learn to identify geography and planning problems
ly deal with the demands of their workplace.
                                                         at different geographical scales and relate them to
                                                         conceptual and theoretical models. They acquire
CAREERS: employment opportunities in senior
                                                         the ability to master and combine geographic
positions in retirement and nursing homes, in the
                                                         information systems, cartography and statistical
administrative and care sectors, at community
                                                         tools as well as qualitative research and governance
level and at other levels of social governance
                                                         analysis methods.
or as a specialist and consultant in health care
provision and preventive care.
                                                         CAREERS: employment opportunities in private
                                                         and public spatial planning bodies, mobility and
                                                         transport consultancies, urban and regional
                                                         development agencies, European and cross-
                                                         border institutions, universities, and research
                                                         centres, or further studies at PhD level.

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