Ursuline High School & Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021 - A Guide for Students and Parents

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Ursuline High School & Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021 - A Guide for Students and Parents
Ursuline High School
    & Wimbledon College
    Course Guide 2021
    A Guide for Students and Parents
1     Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2020
Ursuline High School & Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021 - A Guide for Students and Parents
Welcome to the Ursuline High School and Wimbledon
    College Sixth Form
    This is an exciting time to be choosing Sixth Form courses. In this booklet, we will give you information about
    the range of courses which reflect the shared academic and vocational provision of the Ursuline High School and
    Wimbledon College. For each course there will be details of the examination board used by that subject, a brief course
    outline, details of the knowledge and skills that you will be developing as a student and an overview of how you will
    be assessed and examined. More detailed information relating to the courses offered is available on the subject flyers
    available on the Sixth Form Open Evening.

    Choosing the right course
    We offer a range of courses, with different pathways based on prior
    attainment at GCSE.
    Advanced Level                                                     and exciting HE courses. Pearson Edexcel is the main
    Nearly all of our A Levels are two-year courses. They are          provider of vocational courses and they lead to a BTEC
    examined in Year 13 at the end of the two-year course              qualification. Some courses are offered as a Single Award,
    and graded from A*-E. All A Level qualifications have              equivalent to one A Level, and others as a Double Award,
    changed from modular to linear courses, examined at the            equivalent to two A Levels.
    end of Year 13. Although AS qualifications still exist, they
    do not count towards the final A Level. Progression into
    Year 13 is dependent on achieving at least a grade D in
    Year 12.                                                           These are one-year courses, similar to those studied at
                                                                       Key Stage 4. If you have not passed Mathematics or either
    Vocational Courses                                                 English Literature or English Language with at least a
    These courses run over two years. They are graded                  grade 4, you will have to opt for the relevant course for
    Distinction*, Distinction, Merit or Pass. They are recognised      you. All students on our Level 2 programme will study
    by over 120 Universities and give students access to varied        English Language and Mathematics.

    Course guide – list of courses on offer
    Level 3 – Two Year Courses
                                                                                             Advanced Subsidiary Level
    Technical courses                            Economics                                   Extended Project
                                                 English Language
    T Level: Digital Production,
    Design and Development (Triple Award)        English Literature
    BTEC Applied Science (Diploma)               French                                      Level 2 – One Year Courses
    BTEC Business Studies (Double Award)         Geography
    BTEC Health and Social Care (Single Award)   German                                      GCSE
    BTEC Health and Social Care                  History                                     Mathematics
    (Double Award)                               Mathematics                                 English Language
    BTEC IT (Single Award)                       Further Mathematics                         English
    Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate     Music                                       Citizenship Studies
    in Peforming Arts (Single Award)             Photography
                                                 PE (Sports Studies)                         Vocational courses Level 2
    Advanced Level                               Physics                                     (BTECs or equivalent)
    Art and Design                               Politics                                    Art Award
    Biology                                      Psychology                                  Creative iMedia
    Business Studies                             Religious Studies                           BTEC Travel and Tourism
    Chemistry                                    Sociology
    Computing                                    Spanish
    Drama and Theatre Studies

    We expect to offer all the courses below, but staffing constraints or student choices may mean that we are unable to offer some

2                                                                                     Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Ursuline High School & Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021 - A Guide for Students and Parents
To help you choose the right course, you should talk to your tutor, Head of Year or Head of Sixth Form. Both schools
    also have specialist careers advisors. Your present teachers have a very good idea of your abilities and the courses
    which will suit you. If you are new to the Sixth Form you will be able to access advice after applying. Remember that
    final decisions about which subjects or courses can be followed are made in August in the light of examination results
    and career aspirations. When choosing courses you should consider:

    •   Which courses do I need to do to qualify for the university, college courses or apprenticeships I want to do and for
        my future career?
    •   Does the package of courses look sensible and keep doors open for future progression?
    •   What do my GCSE grades tell me about my strengths and abilities and for which courses am I qualified?

    Technical courses follow a broad programme of study which keeps students’ options open for employment, further
    training or further and higher education. The main difference between A Levels and technical courses is the structure
    of the programme and the methods of assessment.

    •   Students enjoy the variety, flexibility and independence which vocational courses offer, as each course is made up of
        units which are gained separately.
    •   Students work on their own and as part of a team, do short projects and longer assignments, and many gain
        experience in the workplace.
    •   Students take more responsibility for their own learning. Technical courses give them opportunities to decide what
        to do and how to go about it.
    •   Students’ work is assessed by coursework and tests as they go along, giving them targets at which to aim.
    •   Students on technical courses are very often better prepared for university–style independent learning than students
        on non-vocational courses.
    •   Many students will choose to study both technical and non-technical courses together, thus increasing their skill set
        and keeping many options open for progression onto Level 3 courses, or into university or apprenticeships.

    Students with the grades relevant to be on this one-year course will study English Literature, English Language
    and Mathematics as part of their ‘core’ studies. These subjects are of paramount importance in gaining access to
    apprenticeships, into the world of work and also onto Level 3 courses. In addition, there will be a choice of subjects
    from which to choose, offered by both Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College. These will not be subjects that
    you have studied before, as our experience (and research) shows that students do better when on ‘new’ courses.

3                                                                                Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses                             responses to ideas, observations,
                                                 experiences, environments and cultures
                                                                                                personal creative responses to ideas,
                                                                                                observations, experiences, environments
                                                 in practical, critical and contextual forms.   and cultures in practical, critical and
                                                                                                contextual forms. Students are introduced
                                                 Course Fundamentals:                           to a variety of experiences employing a
    T Level: Digital                             •   Students gain experience of working        range of appropriate media, processes
    Production, Design and                           with a range of relevant materials,        and techniques and build upon the
                                                                                                knowledge, understanding and skills
    Development                                      processes, technologies and
                                                                                                gained at GCSE with greater depth of
    Taught at Ursuline High                                                                     study.
                                                 •   Students explore how ideas, feelings
    Examination Board: Pearson                       and meanings can be conveyed and           Course Fundamentals:
                                                     interpreted in images and artefacts
    Why choose this course: The Digital              developing a working vocabulary and        •   Students will learn how to follow
    T Level will offer students a mixture of         specialist terminology.                        a creative process, in which they
    classroom learning and ‘on-the-job’                                                             explore and develop approaches to
                                                 •   Students develop an appreciation of            communicating ideas visually. They
    experience during an industry placement
                                                     how images and artefacts relate to             will explore how to generate and
    of at least 315 hours (approximately
                                                     the time and place in which they were          develop new ideas and develop their
    45 days). The course will provide the
                                                     made and to their social and cultural          intellectual, imaginative, creative and
    knowledge and experience needed to
                                                     contexts.                                      intuitive capabilities.
    open the door into skilled employment,
    further study or a higher apprenticeships    EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT:                        •   Students will learn to be pro-active,
                                                 This A level consists of 2 components.             persistent and self-motivated,
    Course Fundamentals:                                                                            developing independence of
                                                 Component 1 – Personal Portfolio is
    •   Students complete a substantial          worth 60% of the overall grade. The                mind in developing, refining and
        industry placement with a prestigious    Externally Set assignment is worth 40% of          communicating their own ideas,
        employer to gain firsthand experience    the overall grade.                                 their own intentions and their
        and develop the necessary skills that                                                       own personal outcomes in order
        digital companies demand                 The Personal Portfolio incorporates three          to produce creative, dynamic and
                                                 major elements: supporting studies,                exciting outcomes.
    •   Learners gain an understanding of
                                                 practical work, and a personal study.          •   Students will understand how art
        core theories, concepts and skills
                                                 Personal Portfolio skills are developed            and design can inspire and challenge
        necessary for the digital industry
                                                 starting at the beginning of Year 12 and           the viewer through interaction with
    •   Students develop specialist skills and   lead in to the Personal Portfolio project          their work and engagement with
        knowledge necessary for a future         starting in Summer B and continuing to             their ideas and continue to develop
        career in the digital world              the end of Autumn B of the second year.            their interest and enjoyment of art
                                                 Students have to work in at least two              and design whilst building their
                                                 disciplines. Graphics, sculpture, Textiles,        knowledge and understanding
    During Year 12 students will be examined     Fine Art are examples of the disciplines
    on two core modules and complete an                                                             of art and design and media and
                                                 students can choose from.                          technologies in contemporary and
    employer set project. During Year 13 there
    is an integration project to complete for                                                       past societies and cultures.
                                                 The Externally Set assignment
    the occupational specialism element of       incorporates two major elements:               •   Students will be encouraged to
    the course. All projects and exams are       preparatory studies and a 15–hour                  work and develop skills in a multi-
    externally set and marked. The industrial    period of sustained focus. The externally          disciplinary and cross-disciplinary
    placement is also a compulsory element       set assignment title is released on 1st            way, exploring the connections
    of the course and is required in order to    February culminating in the 15-hour exam           between areas of art, craft and
    achieve the T Level                          (sustained focus) in April.                        design and gaining knowledge
                                                                                                    and understanding of the scope
                                                 The students’ work is both internally              and variety of disciplines and
    Art and Design                               assessed throughout the year and                   approaches including painting and
                                                 externally assessed at the end of the year.        drawing, printmaking, sculpture,
    Taught at Ursuline High                                                                         lens-based image making and digital
    Examination Board: Pearson                   Art and Design                                 EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
    Edexcel – A Level
                                                 Taught at Wimbledon College                    This A level consists of 2 components.
    Why choose this course: The Art and                                                         Component 1 – Personal Portfolio is
    Design course is an exciting and creative
                                                 Examination Board: Pearson                     worth 60% of the overall grade.
    course that ensures the practical skill
                                                 Edexcel – A Level                              The Externally Set assignment is worth
    development of drawing, painting,                                                           40% of the overall grade.
    photography, textiles, sculpture and         Why choose this course: The A-level
    design. The course provides students         Art and Design course provides students        Component 1: The Personal Portfolio
    with opportunities to develop personal       with exciting opportunities to develop         comprises a portfolio of development

4                                                                                        Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
    work and outcomes based on themes                 film, lenses, filters and lighting        biology and forensics.
    and ideas developed from personal                 for work and techniques related
    starting points. Students’ skills are             to the developing and printing            Course Fundamentals:
    developed throughout Year 12 and                  of photographic images, where
                                                                                                •   Students cover topics including
    lead to a personal study in which pupils          appropriate, presentation and layout.
                                                                                                    biological molecules, cells, organisms
    develop their contextual research and
                                                  This A level consists of 2 components.            and exchange substances.
    understanding in a minimum 1000 word
                                                  Component 1 – Personal Portfolio is           •   The course covers areas on genetics,
    essay before developing practical work in
                                                  worth 60% of the overall grade. The               variation, the control of gene
                                                  Externally Set assignment is worth 40% of         expression
    Component 2: The Externally Set               the overall grade.
                                                                                                •   Students study relationships between
    Assignment requires pupils to respond to                                                        organisms, energy transfers in and
    an externally set theme with suggested        EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                    between organisms, how organisms
    starting points. It incorporates two major    This A level consists of 2 components.            respond to changes in internal and
    elements: preparatory studies and a           Component 1 – Personal Portfolio is               external environments, evolution and
    15–hour period of sustained focus. The        worth 60% of the overall grade. The               ecosystems
    externally set assignment title is released   Externally Set assignment is worth 40% of
    on 1st February culminating in the 15-        the overall grade.                            EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
    hour exam (sustained focus) in May.
                                                  Component 1: The Personal Portfolio           The A level course assessment consists
    Students’ work is both internally assessed    comprises a portfolio of development          of three externally examined papers,
    throughout the two years, and externally      work and outcomes based on themes             each 2 hours in length. Practical skills are
    assessed at the end of the Year 13.           and ideas developed from personal             assessed through core practical activities
                                                  starting points. Students’ skills are         within the two years and the theory is
                                                  developed throughout Year 12 and              tested through each examination. A
                                                                                                certificate is delivered at the end of the A
    Art and Design –                              lead to a personal study in which pupils
                                                                                                Level course.
    Photography                                   develop their contextual research and
                                                  understanding in a minimum 1000 word
    Taught at Wimbledon College                   essay before developing practical work in     Biology
    Examination Board: Pearson                                                                  Taught at Wimbledon College
    Edexcel – A-Level                             Component 2: The Externally Set
    Why choose this course: The
                                                  Assignment requires pupils to respond to      Examination Board: Pearson
    Photography course provides students
                                                  an externally set theme with suggested        Edexcel - A Level
                                                  starting points. It incorporates two major
    with opportunities to develop personal        elements: preparatory studies and a           Why choose this course: Biology is a
    responses to ideas, observations,             15–hour period of sustained focus. The        fascinating science - a dynamic and
    experiences, environments and cultures        externally set assignment title is released   living subject. Arguably one of the
    in practical, critical and contextual         on 1st February culminating in the 15-        fastest growing areas of science - new
    forms. Students are introduced to a           hour exam (sustained focus) in May.           discoveries in Biology are pushing the
    variety of experiences employing a                                                          boundaries of what we previously
    range of appropriate media, processes         Students’ work is both internally assessed    thought possible. Biology is not without
    and techniques and, as the course             throughout the two years, and externally      its controversies - students of Biology
    progresses, build upon the knowledge,         assessed at the end of the Year 13.           need to ask important questions about
    understanding and skills gained in Year 12                                                  when life begins and how we use the
    with greater depth of study in Year 13.                                                     power of science.
    Course Fundamentals:                          Taught at Ursuline High School                •   The course aims to introduce students
                                                                                                    to the fundamental principles of Biology
    •   Students are given opportunity to
                                                  Examination Board: AQA – A                        - including life processes (respiration and
        explore elements of visual language,
                                                  Level                                             photosynthesis), cell biology, genetics
        line, form, colour, pattern and texture
                                                                                                    and ecology.
        in the context of Photography.
                                                  Why choose this course: In Biology            •   The course covers three A level
    •   Students develop an ability to            you need a critical and questioning               modules: Biochemistry, Microbiology
        respond to an issue, theme, concept       approach, enthusiasm, and a real interest         and Genetics, Physiology, Evolution and
        or idea or work to a brief or answer a    in the subject. The course develops the           Ecology, Practical Principles in Biology.
        need in Photography.                      fundamental principles of biology and
                                                  helps nurture a passion for the subject       EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
    •   Students gain an appreciation of
                                                  through practical investigation and           The A level is taught over two years, with
        viewpoint, composition, depth of
                                                  engaging learning. People wishing to          3 examined modules and a coursework
        field and movement as well as time-
                                                  go further in the following fields would      element.
        based photographic techniques.
                                                  be well suited to the course: biological
    •   Students develop an understanding         sciences, medicine/medical fields,
        of the appropriate use of the camera,     dentistry, veterinary medicine, marine
5                                                                                        Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
    Business Studies                           Why choose this course: The course               Business Studies Level 3
    Taught at Wimbledon College
                                               introduces students to a range of                BTEC Diploma
                                               challenges and issues faced when starting
                                               a new business. They will cover the              Taught at Ursuline High
    Examination Board: OCR - A                 key areas of finance, marketing, HR and
    Level                                      operations as well as investigating case         Examination Board: Pearson
    Why choose this course: The course         studies to see how successful business           Edexcel BTEC Diploma
    aims for pupils to develop an interest     strategies have been implemented.                Why choose this course: The BTEC
    and enthusiasm for the study of business   Finally, they will look at changes in the        Level 3 in Business, which is equivalent
    through gaining a holistic understanding   broad business environment and how               to two GCE A Levels, aims to offer young
    of how businesses operate. For pupils      businesses respond.                              people the chance to develop the skills,
    to develop a critical understanding of                                                      knowledge and attributes that they need
                                               Course Fundamentals:
    organisations and their ability to meet                                                     to succeed in business, or to progress to
    society’s needs and wants and that in      •   Knowledge of basic business                  further or higher education. The nature of
    doing so there is a need to be aware of         concepts and key business terms.            the course is mainly coursework with one
    ethical dilemmas and responsibilities                                                       exam and two controlled assessments.
                                               •   Critical understanding of how
    faced by organisations and individuals.
                                                    organisations are managed.
                                                                                                Course Fundamentals:
    Course Fundamentals:                       •   Evaluative skills applied to case
                                                    studies.                                    •   Business Environment including
    •   Meeting Customer Needs
                                                                                                    resources and communication
    •   Marketing Mix and Strategy             •   Broad appreciation of the wider
                                                                                                •   Introduction to Marketing and the use
    •   Entrepreneurs and leaders                   societal context.
                                                                                                    of new technology
    •   Financial Planning                     •   Decision-making and problem-                 •   Investigating business (both National
    •   Reserve Management                          solving skills.                                 and International)
    •   Business Objectives and Strategy       •   Numerical analysis of current data.          •   Business Ethics
    •   Business Growth                        •   Written and oral English                     •   Economics
    •   Assessing Competitiveness                                                               •   Retail
                                               •   Independent research
    •   Globalisation/ Expansion                                                                •   Human Resources
                                               •   Team working
    •   Global Marketing                                                                        •   Communications Technology
    •   The Market                             •   Presentation skills                          •   Business Management
    •   Business Growth                        Course Content: Year 12
    •   Managing People                        1 What is business?                              This course comprises eight units, of
    •   Raising Finance                                                                         which six are mandatory and two are
                                               2 Managers, leadership and decision
    •   Managing finance                                                                        optionals. Three of the six mandatory
    •   External Influences                                                                     units will be assessed externally. Units 2
    •   Influences on Business Decisions       3 Decision making to improve marketing           (Developing a Marketing Campaign), 3
    •   Decision Making Techniques             performance                                      (Personal and Business Finance) and unit 6
    •   Managing Change                        4 Decision making to improve operational         (Principles of Marketing) are all externally
                                               performance                                      assessed. This will mean that both unit
    •   Global Markets and Business
                                                                                                2 and 6 will be assessed as a controlled
    •   Global Industries and Companies        5 Decision making to improve financial           assessment whilst unit 3 will be an
                                               performance                                      external exam.
                                               6 Decision making to improve human
    At A Level 3 Units are required to be
                                               resource performance
    covered and a 2 hour written examination                                                    Chemistry
    for each unit sat.                         Course Content: Year 13
                                                                                                Taught at Ursuline High
                                               7 Analysing the strategic position of a
    EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                     business
    At A Level 3 Units are required to be
                                                                                                Examination Board: AQA – A
    covered and a 2 hour written examination   8 Choosing strategic direction                   Level
    for each unit sat.                         9 Strategic methods: how to pursue               Why choose this course: This course
                                               strategies                                       suits logical students and enables
                                                                                                students to have access to a diverse
                                               10 Managing strategic change
    Business Studies                                                                            range of courses at university such
                                                                                                as Biochemistry, Medicine, Dentistry,
    Taught at Ursuline High                    EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Environmental
                                               Paper 1, 2 and 3 (33% each). This is a 100%
                                                                                                Sciences and Forensics.
    Examination Board: AQA- A                  exam course; there is no coursework in
    Level                                      this subject
6                                                                                        Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
    Course Fundamentals:                          of experiments are undertaken by the           •    How data is exchanged between
                                                  student which support the teaching of               systems
    •   In chemistry, students learn how
                                                  key concepts. The course develops the          •    How data is represented and stored
        the study of properties of materials
                                                  key skills of data handling and analysis,           in different structures and the use of
        enables chemists to deduce how
                                                  thinking creatively, planning, problem              different algorithms
        elements are bonding. They will
                                                  solving, and the linking of ideas.
        observe and explain patterns in the                                                      •    Laws surrounding the use and ethical
        Periodic Table, as well as explore the                                                        issues that can arise from the use of
        group of Transition metals in detail.                                                         computers
    •   Students will also learn about Organic    Course Fundamentals:                           •    What is meant by computational
        chemicals, such as Alkanes, Alkenes,                                                          thinking
                                                  •   The relationship between chemical
        Alcohols, Halogenoalkanes and many                                                       •    How computers are used to solve
                                                      bonding, structure, and the
        more. Students develop problem                                                                problems and programs can be
                                                      physical and chemical properties of
        solving skills through the use of                                                             written to solve them
        spectroscopy. This will be applied
                                                  •   How energy transfers and changes to        •    The use of algorithms to describe
        to the study of chemical processes
                                                      the order of the system, entropy, can           problems and standard algorithms
        occurring in the atmosphere, focusing
        on the depletion of the ozone layer           be used determine the feasibility of
        and the greenhouse effect.                    reactions.
                                                                                                 The A level is taught as 3 modules.
    •   ·They will use mathematics to work        •   The application of chemical
        out the amount of chemicals in a              principles to industrial chemistry and     1.   Computer systems: an externally
        given substance. They will investigate        environmental chemistry.                        marked paper worth 40% with a 2hr
        equilibria and how equilibria can be                                                          30 mins exam
        displaced. Students will understand                                                      2.   Algorithms and programming: an
                                                  The course has several modules - leading
        how the speed of reactions can be                                                             externally marked paper worth 40%
                                                  to a full A Level at the end of Year 13.
        controlled and how mathematical                                                               with a 2hr 30 mins exam
        relationships in kinetics enable the      Paper 1: 1 hour 45 mins, 90 marks, 30%
        chemist to deduce how chemicals                                                          3.   Programming project: internally
        react with one another.                   Paper 2: 1 hour 45 mins, 90 marks, 30%              assesses, externally moderated
                                                                                                      project worth 20%
    EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                        Paper 3: 2 hours 30 mins, 120 marks, 40%
    At the end of Year 13, the A Level is
    assessment is done through three papers,      Students’ practical skills will be
    the A Level assessment is done through        assessed through the Science Practical         Drama & Theatre Studies
    three papers, each 2 hours in length.         Endorsement. It will not contribute to the
                                                                                                 Taught at Ursuline High
    The first one examines the inorganic          overall grade for the qualification, but the
    chemistry, the second one examines the        result will be recorded on the students’ A     Examination Board: Pearson
    organic chemistry. Physical chemistry         Level certificate.                             Edexcel – A Level
    is split between the two papers, each
    paper represents 35% of the A-level. The                                                     Why choose this course: This is an
                                                                                                 academic subject, recognised by
    last paper is worth 30% of the mark and       Computing                                      the universities, designed to attract
    examines any part of the syllabus and
                                                  Taught at Wimbledon College                    students with an interest in the theatre,
    elements of the practical chemistry. .
    Students’ practical skills will be assessed                                                  TV and theatre production. The course
    through activities within the two years
                                                  Examination Board: OCR – A                     covers theatrical practitioners, past and
    and a certificate is assessed through
                                                  Level                                          present, theatre history and the study
                                                                                                 of set plays, and the development of
    a Science Practical Endorsement. It           Why choose this course: : The new
    will not contribute to the overall grade                                                     a critical analytical approach towards
                                                  linear A level focuses on programming
    for the qualification, but the result will                                                   contemporary theatre.
                                                  and emphasises the importance of
    be recorded on the student’s A level          computational thinking as a discipline.        Course Fundamentals:
    certificate.                                  The course also has a focus on Maths,
                                                  though much of this will be embedded in        •    Students will be prepared to
                                                  the course. Students will solve problems            be actively engaged in theatre
    Chemistry                                     and design systems and software and will            performance work.
    Taught at Wimbledon College                   apply the academic principles learned in       •    The course is delivered through a
                                                  the classroom to real world systems.                practical and analytical approach to
    Examination Board: Pearson                                                                        theatre.
                                                  Course fundamentals:
    Edexcel – A Level                                                                            EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
    Why choose this course: The course            •   Components of a computer and their         Component 1 - Coursework: Devising
    introduces and extends the ideas and              uses                                       a live theatre performance (40% of
    implications of modern chemistry,             •   Types of software and the                  the qualification, 80 marks). There
    through experimental work. A wide range           methodologies used to develop them         are two parts to the assessment: a
7                                                                                         Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
    typed or recorded/verbal portfolio               •   Unemployment                              •    Develop their own creative writing.
    or a combination of both and the
    performance.                                     •   Exchange rates                            EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                   Three examinations on:
    Component 2 - Coursework: Text in                •   Prices: why do they always seem to
    Performance (20% of the qualification, 60             rise?                                    Language Variation – 2 hour 15 mins
    marks). A group performance realisation                                                        examination (35%);
                                                     •   Business: why and how do firms
    of one key extract from a performance                                                          Child Language – 1 hour (20%);
    text and a monologue or duologue                                                               Investigating Language (pre-release) 1
    performance from one key extract from a                                                        hour 45 mins (25%).
    different performance text.                      EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                     There are three two hour written              A ‘Crafting Language’ coursework folder
    Externally assessed by a visiting examiner.      examinations at the end of the A              is also submitted consisting of two pieces
                                                     Level course. Paper 1 will focus on           of original writing plus an analytical,
    Component 3: Theatre Makers in Practice          markets and business behaviour (35%),         reflective commentary (20%).
    Written examination (2 hours 30 minutes,         Paper 2 will focus on the national and
    40% of the qualification, 80 marks).             global economy (35%) whilst Paper
                                                     3 will focus on microeconomics and
    •   Section A: Evaluating a live theatre
                                                     macroeconomics (30%).
                                                                                                   English Literature
                                                                                                   Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon
    •   Section B: As a class, practically                                                         College
        explore a complete performance text,
        focusing on how this can be realised         English Language                              Examination Board: OCR – A
        for performance. Students answer             Taught at Ursuline High                       Level
        two extended response questions
                                                                                                   Why choose this course: The course
        based on an unseen extract from the          Examination Board: Pearson                    aims to develop and improve students’
        performance text they have studied.          Edexcel – A Level                             ability to understand and analyse
    •   Section C: Practical exploration and                                                       literature across all three main forms:
                                                     Why choose this course: This course
        interpretation of another complete                                                         prose, poetry and drama. For success in
                                                     covers language variation: how 21st
        performance text, in light of a chosen                                                     English Literature, students must combine
                                                     century language varies according to
        theatre practitioner – focusing on                                                         a thorough knowledge of the set texts
                                                     identity and use, and how language has
        how this text could be reimagined for                                                      with the ability to present a reasoned
                                                     changed over time from 1550 to the
        a contemporary audience.                     present day. Students study how children      and coherent line of thought. The ability
                                                     between the ages of 0 and 8 learn to          to compare different writers’ styles and
                                                     speak and write. Later in the course they     approaches is a key objective along with
    Economics                                        submit a creative writing folder choosing     and enthusiasm for literature and wide
    Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon              between fiction or journalism genres,         reading.
    College                                          together with a reflective commentary.
                                                     Finally they select a specialist language     Course Fundamentals:
    Examination Board: Pearson                       topic such as English dialects or language    •   Students enhance their skills on close
    Edexcel – A Level                                and power, and conduct their own                  prose analysis
                                                     linguistic investigation in preparation for
    Why choose this course: The course               examination.                                  •   Students develop a consideration
    aims to give an insight into key issues                                                            of how language and structure are
    in the news affecting everyday life.             Course Fundamentals:                              manipulated for effect.
    Our goal is to allow you to understand                                                         •   Students gain an insight into the role
    the forces driving things like the price         •   Extend GCSE skills, comparing how
                                                                                                       of context in shaping great literature.
    of oil, exchange rates and the level of              writers convey identity considering
                                                         different genres, purposes and            •   Students compare texts across genres
    unemployment in an economy. The                                                                    and time periods.
    subject is split into two main sections;             audiences
    microeconomics and macroeconomics.               •   Learn specific linguistic terminology     EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
    Whereas macro looks at the big issues                to identify, label, sort and analyse      The course is taught in modules and
    affecting the economy as a whole, micro              language                                  is assessed through a mixture of non-
    looks at a smaller scale. In the first year of   •    Link to History, Geography and           examined Assessments (coursework) and
    the course you will study markets, market            foreign languages by understanding        Examined Assessments.
    failure and the UK economy whilst in the             how English has developed over time
    second year of the course you will study                                                       Component 1 – Shakespeare, Drama
                                                     •   Cross-over with Psychology and            and Poetry, Pre-1900. (40% of A Level).
    business behaviour, the labour market
                                                         Sociology in the research, data           Examination 2 hours 30 mins.
    and global economics.
                                                         gathering and experimental nature of
    Course Fundamentals:                                 a real language investigation, as well    Component 2 – Comparative and
                                                         as the psycho-social reasons for using    contextual study. (40% of A Level)
    •   Government debt                                  specific types of language.               Examination 2 hours 30 mins.
8                                                                                           Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
    Component 3 – Non-examined                    must also record their project process        •   section b) Changing places
    Assessment on Literature, Post-1900. (20%).   in their Production Log and give a            •   section c) Contemporary urban
                                                  formal presentation about their project           environments
                                                  an audience. All aspects are assessed
    Extended Project                              and grades A*-E awarded by the centre         PAPER 3 (no exam)
    Qualification                                 supervisor and coordinator; projects are      • Geography Fieldwork investigation: 60
                                                  then moderated by the examination                marks. 20% of A Level (3 000 – 4 000
    Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon
                                                  board.                                           words)

    Examination Board: Ursuline                                                                 Health and Social Care
    High: AQA; Wimbledon College:                 Geography
    Pearson Edexcel                                                                             Extended Certificate
                                                  Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon
    Why choose this course: The Extended          College                                       Taught at Ursuline High
    Project Qualification (EPQ) is equivalent
    to an AS Level qualification, with the        Examination Board: AQA – A                    Examination Board: Pearson
    possibility of attaining an A* grade. The     Level                                         Edexcel – BTEC Level 3 National
    EPQ allows each student to embark on a                                                      Extended Certificate
                                                  Why choose this course: Geography is
    largely self-directed and self-motivated      often regarded as a bridge between the        Why choose this course: BTEC Level 3
    project. Students must choose a topic,        arts and the sciences; it aims to develop     National Extended Certificate in Health
    plan, research and develop their idea and     an understanding of the variable nature       and Social Care aims to provide an
    decide on their finished product.             of the earth’s physical landscape and the     introduction the sector. It is for students
                                                  complex nature of our own relationships       who are interested in learning about
    We encourage creativity and curiosity. A
                                                  and interactions with the environment.        the health and social care sector. The
    project topic may be directly related to
                                                  The course aims to investigate both           extended certificate is equivalent in size
    a student’s main study programme, but
                                                  Human and Physical Geography in               to one A Level.
    should look beyond the specification.
    Students will learn taught skills such        greater depth. Topics include: Water
                                                                                                Course Fundamentals:
    as how to choose a topic and phrase           and Carbon Cycles, Coastal systems,
    a title; how to select, evaluate and          Hazards, Global systems and Governance,       The mandatory content of the
    reference research sources; how to            Changing Places and Population.               qualification incorporates topics relevant
    structure an argument, as well as project-    Students will be engaged through the          across the health and social care sector:
    management skills.                            most up to date topical material as well
                                                  as by attending field trips to carry out      •   Human Lifespan Development
    A finished EPQ product may take the form      and learn techniques of geographical          •   Working in Health and Social Care
    of a:                                         investigations.                               •   Meeting Individual Care and Support
                                                  Course Fundamentals:                              Needs.
    •  research based written report (5,000
       words)                                                                                   The optional units cover the biological
                                                  •   Students develop an enjoyment of
                                                                                                and sociological topics relevant to the
    • production* (e.g. charity event, fashion        both Human and Physical Geography
                                                                                                different parts of the health and social
       show or sports event etc.)                 •   Students gain an interest in the world    care sectors.
    • an artefact* (e.g. piece of art, a              around them and an appreciation of
       computer game or realised design)              our planet                                Optional units include:
    *A written report must accompany these        •   Students further develop their high
                                                                                                •   Sociological Perspectives
    options.                                          level of written communication skills.
                                                                                                •   Psychological Perspectives
    Course Fundamentals:                          •   Students become proficient in
                                                      analysing and interpreting graphical      •   Supporting Individuals with Additional
    •   EPQ is an additional qualification            data                                          Needs
        choice, taught in just 2 periods a                                                      •   Physiological Disorders and their Care.
        week; students are expected to do         EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
        the majority of their project outside     PAPER 1 Physical – 2.5 hour exam: 120         EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
        lesson times.                             marks. 40% of A Level                         There are 3 mandatory units, 1 internal
    •   Students may choose to do a project       • section a) Water and Carbon Cycles          and 2 external. Students must complete
        on a topic of their choice.               •   section b) Coastal Systems and            and achieve at pass grade or above for
                                                      landscapes                                all these units. Unit 1: Human Lifespan
    •   The EPQ can link to any subject, future
                                                                                                Development and Unit 2: Working in
        career choices, or hobbies / interests.   •   section c) Hazards
                                                                                                Health and Social Care are 1 hour and 30
    •   Promotes strong essay writing,            •   Field trip summer of year 12              minutes written exam units.
        investigative, research and
        management skills.                        PAPER 2 Human - 2.5 hour exam: 120
                                                  marks. 40% of A Level
    EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT:                       • section a) Global systems and global
    As well as the finished product, students        governance
9                                                                                        Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
     Health and Social Care                          their knowledge and understanding               History
     Diploma                                         of working practices and provisions of
                                                                                                     Taught at Wimbledon College
     Taught at Ursuline High
                                                     Work experience                                 Examination Board: OCR–A
     Examination Board: Pearson                                                                      Level
                                                     Students are required to complete 100
     Edexcel – BTEC Level 3 National                 hours of work experience with the health        Why choose this course: The aim of
     Diploma                                         and social care sector. Learners will be        the History A Level course is to ensure
     Why choose this course: BTEC Level              provided with a work experience log for         that students will develop their interest
     3 National Diploma in Health and Social         them to record the skills they develop          in and enthusiasm for the subject and an
     Care aims to provide an introduction the        on their placement, and to plan for their       understanding of its intrinsic value and
     sector. It is for learners who are interested   placement and development.                      significance. They will be able to build
     in learning about the health and social                                                         on their knowledge of the past through
     care sector as part of a balanced study                                                         experiencing a broad and balanced
                                                                                                     course of study. The two-year course will
     programme. The Diploma is equivalent in         History                                         develop a range of skills including:
     size to two A Levels.
                                                     Taught at Ursuline High                         In the first year, students study a British
     Course Fundamentals
                                                                                                     period and enquiry unit ‘From Pitt to
     The mandatory content of the                    Examination Board: OCR – A                      Peel 1783-1853’ and a non-British period
     qualification incorporates topics relevant      Level                                           ‘The Cold War 1941-95.’ In the second
     across the health and social care sector:       Why choose this course: Students will           year, students follow a thematic study
                                                     undertake breadth and depth studies to          unit containing a focus on historical
     •   Human Lifespan Development                                                                  interpretations ‘Britain and Ireland 1791-
                                                     develop an understanding of a specific
     •   Working in Health and Social Care           time period as well as the key events and       1921,’ whilst also researching and writing
     •   Meeting Individual Care and Support         turning points in History. Students build       up a 3000-4000 word essay on an aspect
         Needs.                                      an extensive knowledge of the topics            of ‘Nazi Germany 1933-45.’
     •   Principles of Safe Practice in Health       studied as well as developing skills such
                                                                                                     •    From Pitt to Peel
         and Social Care                             as analysis, evaluation and interpretation.
                                                                                                     •    The Cold War
     •   Enquiries into Current Research in          Course Fundamentals:                            •    Britain and Ireland
         Health and Social Care
                                                     •   Students study the Early Tudors in          •    Nazi Germany Coursework
     •   Promoting Public Health.
                                                         England (1485-1558)
     The optional units cover the biological                                                         EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
     and sociological topics relevant to the         •   Democracy and Dictatorship in                The course is assessed through
     different parts of the health and social            Germany (1919-1963)                         coursework and external examination.
     care sectors.                                   •   Students cover work on Civil Rights in
                                                         the USA (1865-1992)                         Unit 1: (25%) Examination: 1 hour 30 mins
     Optional units include:
                                                     •   The Development of Rights for               Unit 2 (15%) Examination: 1 hour
     •   Sociological Perspectives                       Women in Great Britain (1865-c.1918)
                                                         is the core focus of the coursework         Unit 3 (40%) Examination: 2 hours 30
     •   Psychological Perspectives
                                                         assignment                                  mins
     •   Supporting Individuals with Additional
         Needs                                       EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                          Unit 4 – Coursework assignment – 4000
     •   Physiological Disorders and their Care      There are four units in the A Level:            word essay (20%)
     •   Nutritional Health.
                                                     Units 1 and 2 are studied in Year 12 and
     EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                          Units 3 and 4 are studied in Year 13.           IT
     There are 6 mandatory units. Students
                                                     Unit 1 – British period study (25%).            Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon
     must complete and achieve at pass
                                                     Examination: 1 hour 30 mins (Early Tudors)      College
     grade or above for all the 3 mandatory
     external units. Students must complete          Unit 2 – Non-British period study (15%).        Examination board: Pearson
     all 3 mandatory internal units and achieve      Examination: 1 hour (Democracy and              Edexcel – BTEC Level 3 National
     a pass or above in 2 of these units. Unit 1:    Dictatorship in Germany)                        Extended Certificate
     Human Lifespan Development and Unit
     2: Working in Health and Social Care are 1      Unit 3 – Thematic study on historical           Why choose this course: This
     hour and 30 minutes written exam units.         interpretations (40%). Examination: 2           qualification is equivalent to one A Level
     Unit 4: Enquires into Current Research in       hours 30 mins (Civil Rights in the USA)         and provides students with up-to-date
     Health and Social Care is a mandatory                                                           IT industry knowledge as well as a range
     synoptic unit which requires students to        Unit 4 – Coursework assignment – 4000           of practical skills required to succeed
     complete a pre-released article and their       word essay (20% - Development of Rights         in higher education and in a modern
     secondary research, drawing together            for Women)                                      day career. Students will develop a
10                                                                                            Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
     common core of IT knowledge and study         algebra and functions, coordinate               Edexcel – A Level
     areas such as the relationship between        geometry, trigonometry, calculus, vectors
     hardware and software that form an            and proofs. The statistics content includes     Why choose this course: This course
     IT system, managing and processing            statistical sampling, data presentation         is ideal for students who have a passion
     data to support business, using IT to         and interpretation, probability, statistical    in Mathematics and who thrive on
     communicate and share information,            distributions and statistical hypothesis        challenge. Students develop the skills
     computational thinking skills and the         testing. The mechanics content includes         to explore new and more sophisticated
     principles of designing and developing        kinematics, forces and Newton’s laws and        mathematical concepts beyond A Level
     computer programs.                            moments.                                        Mathematics.

     Course Fundamentals:                          Course Fundamentals:                            Course Fundamentals:

     The objective of this qualification is        •   A strong skill set of algebraic             •   The course is designed so that
     to give learners the opportunity to               manipulation is essential to the                students aim for an A Level in
     develop their knowledge and skills in             development of skills from GCSE to              Mathematics in their first year and
     information technology systems, systems                                                           then they move on to begin the
                                                   •   A Level
     management and social media in                                                                    Further Maths modules which
                                                   •   Applied content makes use of                    build on prior knowledge and
     business and programming.
                                                       mathematical techniques within                  understanding.
     Learners will study these units:                  contextualised problem solving
                                                                                                   •   Students should already have a
                                                                                                       natural aptitude for solving problems
     Unit 1: Information Technology Systems        •   Mechanics includes the study of                 and a great enjoyment of the subject.
     (Y13 –External Assessment – 2 hr Written          motion, force, momentum and                     Problem solving is a key component
     exam)                                             kinematics                                      of the course.
     Unit 2: Creating Systems to Manage            •   Statistics includes the study of
                                                       probability, statistical diagrams,          EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
     Information (Y12 –External Assessment –
                                                       correlation and measures of average.        All papers 1hr 30 mins
     10hr practical exam)
                                                       The Edexcel pre-released large data
                                                       set (LDS) containing real data is used      Paper 1 – Further Pure Maths 1
     Unit 3: Using Social Media in Business
     (Y12 – Assignment, internally assessed)           during the course to enable students to     Paper 2 – Further Pure Maths 2
                                                       become familiar with it as some of the
     Unit 6: Data Management (Y13 –                    exam questions are based on the LDS.        Paper 3 – Further Maths Option 1 One
     Assignment, internally assessed)              •   Use of ICT is an integral part of the       from Further Pure, Further Statistics,
                                                       course, particularly in the statistics      Further Mechanics, Decision Maths
     EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                            content
     This course consists of 4 units in total                                                      Paper 4 – Further Maths Option 2 One
                                                   •   Real-life modelling is an integral part     from Further Pure, Further Statistics,
     including 3 mandatory units and 1                 of the course
     optional unit. The grades offered are Pass,                                                   Further Mechanics, Decision Maths
     Merit, Distinction and Distinction*.          EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                   A-Level Mathematics is examined in three
                                                   papers of equal weighting at the end of         Modern Languages:
     Mathematics                                   Year 13. A calculator is allowed in all three
                                                   exam papers
     Taught at Ursuline High & Wimbledon                                                           Taught at Ursuline High
     College                                       Paper 1: 2 hours – 100 marks – Pure
                                                   mathematics content assessed at A level         German
     Examination Board: Pearson                    standard                                        Taught at Ursuline High
     Edexcel – A Level
                                                   Paper 2: 2 hours – 100 marks –                  Spanish
     Why choose this course: For the suitable      Remaining pure mathematics content              Taught at Ursuline High School &
     candidate, Mathematics is a valuable A                                                        Wimbledon College
     Level qualification which has become          Paper 3: 2 hours –100 marks – statistics
     increasing desirable in recent years as a     and mechanics content from both years
     support subject in areas such as Science,     split into two sections.                        Examination Board: AQA – A
     Geography, Economics and Business             Section A: Statistics (50 marks); Section B:    Level
     Studies. The whole of the linear course       Mechanics (50 marks)
     content is compulsory without any options                                                     Why choose this course: Modern
     for choice. Two-thirds of the course                                                          Languages are highly regarded by
     content is pure mathematics and one-          Mathematics – Further                           universities and studying a language at
                                                                                                   A Level offers the opportunity to not
     third content is applied mathematics. The     Mathematics                                     only continue with languages in further
     applied mathematics content consists of
     half statistics and half mechanics.           Taught at Wimbledon College                     education, but also to integrate it as a
                                                                                                   part of many degrees, thus adding an
     The pure mathematics content includes         Examination Board: Pearson                      additional life skill to your CV. `
11                                                                                         Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
     The emphasis in new syllabuses is on           Writing assessment (2h30mins and 50%          and traditions including vocal music,
     contemporary issues, current affairs and       of the A-Level) ; Paper 2 is the Writing      instrumental music, music for film,
     communication skills, the ability to discuss   assessment (2 hours and 20% of A-Level)       popular music and jazz, fusions and new
     and debate contemporary and often              and Paper 3 is the Speaking assessment        directions. There are three set works
     controversial society issues in the target     (21-23 minutes, including 5 minutes           and a wide range of other related music
     language. The course provides many             preparation time and 30% of the A-Level).     to study for each area. There is a final
     opportunities to attend conferences                                                          two hour written examination in which
     and cultural events throughout the year.                                                     students’ knowledge and understanding
     There is also an opportunity for work          Music                                         is tested through a mixture of listening
     experience abroad during February                                                            questions and written responses.
     half-term - in France, Spain or Germany        Taught at Wimbledon College
     - which has proved an invaluable
     experience for previous students.              Examination Board: Pearson                    Performing Arts (Drama)
                                                    Edexcel – A Level
     Course Fundamentals:                                                                         Cambridge Technical
                                                    Why choose this course: This course           Extended Certificate
                                                    continues the format of study from the
     •   A seven-week module focusing
                                                    GCSE Music course and, as such, is divided
                                                                                                  Level 3
         on consolidating and deepening
         students’ knowledge and                    between performing music, composing           Taught at Wimbledon College
         understanding of the grammar.              music and appraising a wide range of
                                                    pieces. Students will learn to perform,       Examination Board: OCR
     •   Practice and experience of the
                                                    compose and appreciate different types        Why choose this course: Why choose
         language as well as the culture are
                                                    of music, developing critical and creative    this course: The course aims to develop
         gained through the weekly use
                                                    thinking, cultural, aesthetic and emotional   your love of drama, theatre, film, and
         of authentic topical material, e.g.
                                                    awareness, and the ability to make music      performance. You will improve your
         traditional /current songs, newspaper
                                                    individually and as part of a group. All      ability to work within a team, as well as
         headlines, magazine articles, radio
                                                    styles of music can be submitted for the      your performance skills and your critical
         and TV programmes, now accessible
                                                    performing and composing elements.            awareness of performance.
         via the internet. Students also have
                                                    Students will need to be able to follow
         the opportunity and are encouraged
                                                    conventional notation and be able to use      Course Fundamentals:
         to borrow DVDs and watch films on a
                                                    notation software.
         regular basis.                                                                           •   Professions in the performing arts
     •   Students will study topics related         Course Fundamentals:                              sector and how to sustain a career in
         to aspects of, culture, politics and                                                         this field, with practical opportunities.
                                                    •   performing music (30%)
         literature of the countries where the                                                    •   Learning about community arts
         language is spoken and students            •   composing music (30%)                         projects, one of which you will also
         are expected to extend their studies       •   appraising music (40%)                        plan
         at home using various forms of                                                           •   Learning about theatre companies
         media; homework, prep work and             EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
                                                                                                      and how they use particular styles of
         independent learning sessions are          The student will prepare a recital at least
         all used to help the students acquire      eight minutes in length in which they will
         key further education study skills as      perform one or more pieces. They can          •   You will also develop performances
         well as to ensure that they experience     sing or play and this can be undertaken           and show that you understand the
         and enjoy the language outside the         as a soloist or in an ensemble. The style         creative processes involved
         classroom.                                 of music performed is chosen by the
     •   In teaching and learning the target                                                      The course has several units.
         language predominates once the             The composing element requires the
         grammar module has been done,                                                            Unit 1 – Portfolio – externally assesses
                                                    submission of two compositions at
         and answers in English are kept to         least one of which has to be based on         Unit 2 –Project proposal – externally
         a minimum so students feel fully           a brief set by Edexcel. It is likely that     assessed
         immersed. Some of the opportunities        all candidates would use conventional
         to attend conferences and cultural         notation and notation software for this       Unit 3 – Performance – externally
         events, via the KS5 society include:       although, depending on the style of           assessed
         students organising events /               music being composed and / or the
         screening of films and seminar at BFI      given brief, it may be possible to use        Unit 4 – Documentary evidence of
         and the target language institutes         alternative scores. One composition has       the development process – internally
         (French, Goethe, Cervantes) / seminars     to be at least four minutes long and the      assessed
         and debates attended via our “Lingua       other at least one minute long. In total
         Franca” link with Kings’ College                                                         Unit 8 – Performing Repertoire-devising
                                                    both pieces must have a duration of at
                                                                                                  performances in the style of practitioners
                                                    least six minutes.
     The assessment consists of three papers.       For the appraisal assessment students
     Paper 1 is the Listening, Reading and          will study music from a range of styles
12                                                                                         Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
Two Year Courses
     Physical Education (Sports                   many further education pathways                 •   Waves
     Studies)                                     including Medical Physics, Radiography,         •   Electricity
                                                  Architecture, Actuary, Optician,
     Taught at Wimbledon College                                                                  •   Light
                                                  Engineering and even Stock Broking. The
                                                  AQA Physics specification incorporates          •   Thermal Energy
     Examination Board: OCR – A                   many aspects of Physics from our                •   Nuclear Decay
     Level                                        everyday lives into its course. This            •   Oscillations
     Why choose this course: Physical             engaging and inspiring GCE Physics
                                                  specification houses both classical and         •   Astrophysics and Cosmology
     Education examines both the practical
                                                  modern day physics concepts under the           •   Further Mechanics
     aspects of Physical Education but also
     the theoretical aspects such as Anatomy      one course of study. The students look          •   Electric and Magnetic Fields
     and Physiology, Biomechanics, Acquiring      at ideas that defined Physics through the
                                                                                                  •   Particle Physics
     Movement Skills, Sports Psychology and       ages, from Newtonian ideas of projectile
     Socio-cultural/Contemporary Issues.          motion to modern day advances such              EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT
     Students have the chance to coach or         as particle physics, the development of         Unit 1 Advanced Physics I
     perform in a practical area of Physical      medical physics and the production of           Exam 1hr 45     30%
     Education.                                   the atomic bomb.
                                                                                                  Unit 2 Advanced Physics 11
     Course Fundamentals:                         Course Fundamentals:                            Exam 1hr 45     30%

     •   Paper 1 (90 marks – 30% of total         •    The first year of the syllabus is broken   General and Practical principles
         A level – 2 hour exam) on applied            up into 5 topics: Measurement and           Exam 2hr 30     40%
         anatomy & physiology, exercise               their errors, Particles and radiation,
         physiology and biomechanics.                 Mechanics and materials, Waves and          Practical endorsement
                                                      Electricity. In the second year, students
     •   Paper 2 (60 marks – 20% of total             continue their studies with three
         A level – 1 hour exam) on skill              further compulsory topics: Further
         acquisition and sports psychology.           mechanics and thermal physics, Fields
     •   Paper 3 (60 marks – 20% of total A           and their consequences and Nuclear          Taught at Ursuline High and
         level – 1 hour exam) on Sport and            physics.                                    Wimbledon College
         society & contemporary issues in
                                                  •    In addition to this the students must
         physical activity and sport.
                                                      choose at least one of the special          Examination Board: Pearson
     •   Students evaluate and analyse                topics below: Astrophysics, Medical         Edexcel – A Level
         performance in their chosen sport.           physics, Turning points in physics,         Why choose this course: Students
         They are only assessed in one sporting       Engineering physics (re-branded             will gain knowledge and an informed
         activity over the 2 years which is 30%       Applied physics) and Electronics.           understanding of contemporary political
         of the total grade.                                                                      structures and issues in their historical
                                                  EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                          context, both within the United Kingdom
     EXAMINATION/ASSESSMENT                       There are three 2 hour papers: Paper 1          and globally. The changing nature of
     3 written exams                              (34% of A Level), Paper 2 (34% of A Level)      politics and the relationships between
                                                  and Paper 3 (32% of A Level). In addition       political ideas, institutions and processes
     Physiological factors effecting
                                                  to theoretical work, students will be           will also be studied. Students will develop
     performance – 90 marks 2-hour written
                                                  expected to develop 12 key practical skill      the ability to critically analyse, interpret
                                                  sets through topic based practicals.            and evaluate political information to form
     Psychological factors effecting                                                              arguments and make judgements
     performance – 60 marks 1-hour written
     paper                                        Physics                                         Course Fundamentals:

     Socio-cultural issues – 60 marks 1 hour      Taught at Wimbledon College                     Unit 1: Political Participation & Core
     written paper                                                                                Political Ideas in the UK. Students will
                                                  Examination Board: Pearson                      study:
     Practical exam – 60 marks practical          Edexcel – A Level
     performance & Analysis of Performance.                                                       Democracy and participation,
                                                  Why choose this course: The course              political parties, electoral systems,
                                                  aims to introduce the laws, theories and        voting behaviour and the media and
                                                  models of modern physics and explore            Conservatism, liberalism, socialism.
     Physics                                      their practical applications. Students are
     Taught at Ursuline High                      encouraged to reinforce their knowledge         Unit 2: UK Government and Political
                                                  through extensive practical work.               Ideas. Students will study:
     Examination Board: AQA – A
                                                  Course Fundamentals:                            The constitution, parliament, Prime
                                                                                                  Minister and executive, relationships
     Why choose this course: Physics              •   Mechanics                                   between the branches and one idea
     is an excellent subject that leads to        •   Materials                                   from the following: anarchism, ecologism,
13                                                                                        Ursuline High School and Wimbledon College Course Guide 2021
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