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Contents                                  Welcome to SSE SSE Airtricity
                                          Thank you for switching to SSE Airtricity
Welcome to SSE Airtricity            3    pay-as you-go electricity.
Getting Started                      4    Simply pay as you go. Your pay-as-you-go
                                          meter gives you all the information you
Prepayment Meter Buttons Explained   5    need to see how much electricity you use.
Top-ups                              6       This card can only be used to buy electricity for your present address

Credit                               8
                                             METER NUMBER                     POSTCODE                   HOUSE NUMBER

                                           Please leave this card for theBT2       7AF
                                           If moving premises call SSE Airtricity on 1850 40 40 70
Using Electricity Wisely             9                                   new occupier

                                                                                                                                     NT C
                                               If moving
                                            If found        house
                                                       please  returncall
                                                                      to: Airtricity at 0845 601 9093
                                               Please    leave   this card  for the new occupier                              REPA
                                                                                                                        ITY P
                                            SSE    Airtricity, Red Oak  South
                                            South County Business Park
Useful information                   10        If found pleaseDublin
                                            Leopardstown,       return 18,
                                                                       to: Ireland
                                             Airtricity Energy Supply (NI) Ltd.,

                                                                                                               inrggy better
                                             2ud Floor, 83–85 Great Victoria Street,

                                             Belfast BT2 7AF.
Contact information                  11
                                                                                                          m ene

                                          Important information on your
                                          pay-as-you-go meter
                                          Keep your SSE Airtricity pay-as-you-go meter meter
                                          card safe. This contains your unique meter number
                                          which is linked to your pay-as-you-go meter only.
                                          You’ll need your pay-as-you-go card or KeyPad
                                          Premise Number to buy your electricity top-ups.
                                          If you don’t use the correct pay-as-you-go card or
                                          KeyPad Premise Number, you may end up paying for
                                          someone else’s electricity.
                                          If you don’t have the correct SSE Airtricity pay-as-you-
                                          go card, please call our Customer Service team on
                                          1850 40 40 70 and we can issue you with your unique
                                          KeyPad Premise Number.

2                                                                                                                                           3
Getting started                                                       Buttons Explained
When you buy a top-up you will be given a power code
                                                                        Press this before entering power codes
(usually a 20 digit number)

Step 1:      Press the   button once.                                   Press this after entering power codes
             The message ‘Key Code’ will be displayed.
                                                                        Credit in Euro value and days left
Step 2:      Key in all digits of your power code. If you
             enter a wrong digit press the      button to               Cost of previous day’s, week’s, month’s use and
             go back.                                                   the last 12 months
Step 3:      Once all 20-digits are entered press the
                                                                        Unit rates and number of units used, current time
             button #. The message sending will be
                                                                        and date
             displayed. After a few seconds one of the
             following messages will be displayed:                      The last five power codes entered

              Accepted: you will hear a ‘happy’ tone.                   Total money entered into meter
                        The top-up amount will appear,
                        followed by ‘Account’ and the                   Electricity being used presently in kilowatts
                        total credit on the meter                       and the cost per hour.

              Rejected:       you will hear a ‘sad’ tone                Standing charge repayment rates per day if
                              followed by one of the fault              applicable
                              messages below. If this happens
                              wait until the fault message              Highest consumption 1) Point of highest
                              clears and start again from Step 1.       consumption 2) time it happened 3) date it
              Duplicate: you have entered this power code
                         before and cannot use it again.                Total units used
              Incorrect: the power code has been keyed
                                                                        Meter serial number, refund code details and
                         incorrectly or is for another property.
                                                                        switch status (open/closed).
              Error:          you have missed a number or
                              entered the power code too slowly.
              KB Lock:        the power code has been entered
                              incorrectly five times in a row.
                              You’ll be locked out for 30 seconds
              Wrong Tar: the price of electricity has
                         changed and you must enter the
                         special 40-digit power code – see
                         page 10, note on price changes.
              CreditHI:       you have too much credit on your
                              meter. Wait a few days and try again.

4                                                                                                                         5
Top-ups                                                 Top-ups
Buying top-ups                                          Where can I buy SSE Airtricity top-ups?
You can buy electricity top-ups in any multiple from    1   You can top-up online at
110 to 1250. When you buy a top-up you will be
                                                        2   You can top-up at PayPoint. View and download the
given a power code (usually a 20 digit number)
                                                            list of approved PayPoint payment outlets online at:
                                                        3   You can also make payments at Payzone. You can
                                                            view and dowload the list of approved Payzone
                                                            payment outlets online at:
                                                        Please note that when you switch supplier, the
                                                        outlets you can use to buy top-ups may change from
                                                        the outlets you use with your current supplier. You can
                                                        visit the helpcentre at for full
                                           AMOUNT       payment options.

                                                        What should I do if I lose my power code?
                                                        •   If you lose your power code before keying it into the
                                                            meter, you can ring our Customer Service team on
                                                            1850 40 40 70 and we will re-issue the power code
                                                            to you, free of charge.
                                           POWER CODE
                                                        •   Alternatively, you can visit your PayPoint or Payzone
                                                            agent who will re-issue you with your last receipt
                                                            free of charge.

                Customer Service
                1850 40 40 70
6                                                                                                                 7
Credit                                                          Using Electricity Wisely
Running out of credit?                                          Your pay-as-you-go budget controller meter allows
                                                                you to check how much electricity you are using.
When your credit reduces to 15 you will hear a low
volume warning sound for two minutes. Press the zero                 Button 1: This tells you the value and number of
button to turn it off. The warning sound will be repeated            days credit left, based on the last week’s usage.
every 30 minutes (but not between 5pm to 8am GMT)                    This is just a guide as you may use more or less
until a button is pressed.                                           electricity week by week. REMEMBER when your
                                                                     meter is first installed it will be one week before
Emergency Credit
                                                                     this display is accurate.
When you turn the low-credit warning sound off you will
automatically get 110 emergency credit. If you have not              Button 2: Pressing this several times tells you
turned the warning sound off your supply will switch off.            how much electricity you used yesterday, last
Should this happen simply press the zero button and your             week, last month and the last twelve months.
110 emergency credit will come on after a few seconds.               Most meters store up to 13 months data.

Friendly Credit?                                                     Button 6: By pressing Button 6 twice, some
                                                                     meters also display your consumption in
To give you enough time to buy a top-up, ‘friendly credit’ is
                                                                     kilowatt hours and the cost per hour.
given automatically on:
Weekdays – if your emergency credit runs out after 5pm,
Monday to Thursday, the supply will stay on until 8am the
following day.
Weekends – if your emergency credit runs out after
5pm on a Friday, the supply will stay on until *8am
the following Monday.
Holidays – Friendly credit will not run out on the
following Public holidays (Jan 1, Mar 17, Dec 24, 25, 26,
31) and your supply will stay on until *8am the following
working day. *Please add 1 hour during Summer Time
Remember the next time you buy electricity, the amount
of emergency credit and friendly credit used will be
deducted from your balance.

    Important information on standing charges
    If you are away from your premises for a period of time,
    standing charges and other charges will continue to
    be deducted from your meter credit. You can check your
    applicable standing charges on
    Please ensure you have enough credit on your meter at
    all times.

8                                                                                                                          9
Useful Information                                           Useful contact information
Moving Premises?                                             SSE Airtricity
Remember not to top-up more than you need when you           By phone:   1850 40 40 70
are making arrangements to move premises. This will                      We are open Monday to Friday from
avoid unused credit being left on your meter.                            9am to 5pm.

Contact our team at                         These calls will be charged at local rates
to facilitate the transfer of the device to your new                     from any landline in the Republic of
premises.                                                                Ireland, calls made from mobile phones
                                                                         will cost more.
What happens when the electricity
price changes?                                               By email:   You can send an email to:
Power codes usually have 20-digits. However when you
buy a top-up after a change in electricity prices you will   By post     Alternatively you can contact us by post:
be given a special 40 or 60-digit power code. This will                  Customer Service
credit your meter with your top-up amount plus                           SSE Airtricity
update it with the new price details.                                    Red Oak South
                                                                         South County Business Park
What if I have previous arrears on                                       Leopardstown
my account?                                                              Dublin 18
If you have any arrears, a percentage of each top-up                     Ireland
you buy goes towards reducing the arrears until they
                                                             By fax:     You also have the option to contact us by
are cleared. We will send you a statement of your
                                                                         fax: 1850 923 440
arrears every four months until this is cleared. You will
also receive an annual statement, which will show the        Emergency: If you have any problems with supply you
amount of energy you have used and the amount of                        should contact ESB Networks on
credit you have bought.                                                 1850 372999

10                                                                                                               11
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