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WHY TRAVEL WITH                                                         POPULAR DESTINATIONS

                                                                               Stonehenge          Bath

Anderson Tours offers the independent traveller a fantastic range of
day excursions and short breaks at affordable prices.

Our extensive programme of destinations and departure dates (found
in the centre of this brochure) operate throughout the year and offer
the very best in quality.

We offer tours by train and by coach to some of the best places the UK         Cambridge    Dover Castle
and Europe have to offer. Everything is included in the price you pay:
professional guides, entrances, quality accommodation plus much
more – there are no hidden extras.

If travelling as a group (10+) then we can help your group by either
offering a bespoke package to you or by offering a discount on any of
our scheduled departures. Simply email Anderson Tours on or visit for more
information and a member of our dedicated team will be there to help.

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We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours in 2019!

                                                                                  Brugge        Oxford

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                                                                                    Paris    Edinburgh
VISIT THE WORLD                                                        TOURS OPTIONS
                                                                                   Stonehenge & Bath
                                                                                   Our most popular day tour!
                                                                                   Operates every day!

                                                                                   Prices from £67/£84 per person

                                                                                   There are plenty of things to see
                                                                                   in the ancient Roman city of Bath!

                                                                                   Tour Includes:
                                                                                   • Return coach travel from London
                                                                                   • Entrance to Stonehenge with
Stonehenge is one of the UK’s most popular destinations for
                                                                                     audio guides
tourists. The site is one of the wonders of the world and the                      • Entry to Roman Bath Museum
best-known prehistoric monument in Europe - dating back to                            (optional)
Neolithic times.                                                                   • Free time in the city of Bath
                                                                                   • Accompanying tour guide
We visit Stonehenge every day of the week. Each tour
includes general admission entrance tickets to visit Stonehenge                    Two tour options available:
                                                                                   1. Stonehenge & Bath (includes
and its interactive visitor centre, with free time to explore - audio              Stonehenge and Roman Bath entrance)
guides are also included in the price, provided by English Heritage                2. Stonehenge & Bath Bargain
in a range of languages.                                                           (Stonehenge entrance only, recommended
                                                                                   for those wishing to explore more of Bath)
On Special Access tours we step inside the stone circle.
These tours are limited to selected dates, provided to us by
English Heritage for this unique opportunity and up close view
                                                                                   Avebury & Stonehenge
of the stones.                                                                     Operates every Mon, Wed, Fri
                                                                                   Prices from £79 per person

Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath                                                         Spend the day in Wiltshire,
                                                                                   experience the history and beauty of
FULL DAY TOUR                                                                      the countryside.
Operates every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
                                                                                   Tour Includes:
Prices from £84 per person                                                         • Return coach travel from London
                                                                                   • Entrance to Stonehenge
                                                                                   • Tour of village of Avebury &
Perfect for tourists short on time,                                                  West Kennett Long Barrow
visit three popular destinations                                                   • Free time in the village of Avebury
in one day! Royal Windsor,
Stonehenge and the Roman
                                                                                   Stonehenge Special
city of Bath in Somerset.
                                                                                   Access Inner Circle
                                                                                   Operates selected dates throughout
TOUR INCLUDES:                                                                     the year.
• Return coach travel from London                                                  Prices from £124 per person
• Entrance to Stonehenge                                                           These tours allow you unparalleled
• Orientation tour of Windsor                                                      access to the famous Stonehenge
  and Bath                                                                         site allowing you to walk through the
• Free time to explore Windsor                                                     stones with our guide. On this tour
• Free time to explore Bath                                                        you will gain an in depth knowledge of
• Accompanying tour guide                                                         the history of the site and the theories
                                                                                   regarding its construction.
4 - Day Tours                                                                                               Day Tours -5
VISIT WINDSOR                                                              VISIT KENT

In addition to our Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath day tours,                      CANTERBURY & DOVER Day Tours
we also offer the below tours visiting the beautiful town of                  Operates every Saturday & Sunday (Wednesdays in peak season)
Windsor. Windsor, is a town in Berkshire and one of the
                                                                              Prices from £87 per person
official residences of the British royal family, Windsor Castle.
                                                                              One of our most popular weekend tours takes you into the beautiful
windsor Half Day Tours                                                        county of Kent, known traditionally as “The Garden of England”.
Operates Monday to Friday throughout the year.
                                                                              We’ll view the famous White Cliffs of Dover, explore Dover Castle
                                                                              and visit historic Canterbury.
Prices from £61 per person
                                                                              The city of Canterbury is home to
Windsor half day is the perfect                                               one of the oldest and most visited
tour for those short on time and                                              cathedrals in England.
want the afternoon free in London.
                                                                              The city also features sites such as
On this tour you will have time to                                            St Martin’s Church and
explore all that the castle has to                                            St Augustine’s Abbey, which
offer including the state apartments                                          together with Canterbury
and Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House.                                                Cathedral are a UNESCO
                                                                              World Heritage Site
Tour Includes:

 • Luxury coach travel
                                                                              There will be free time to explore
 • Windsor Castle entrance                                                    the city and the Cathedral, before
 • Free time to explore Windsor town                                          travelling to the coastline to view
                                                                              one of the country’s most spectacular natural features, the
                                                                              White Cliffs of Dover.

                                                                              An official icon of Britain, the White Cliffs have been a sign of hope
Windsor & Hampton Court                                                       and freedom for centuries. Take a walk along the cliff-tops and look
Operates on selected dates throughout the year                                                                      out to the English Channel – on a
                                                                                                                    clear day you’ll be able to spot the
Prices from £70 per person                                                                                          coast of France!

                                       Visit the impressive country retreat                                        Then a short drive up the road to
                                       of Henry VIII. Set in magnificent                                           Dover Castle, one of the largest
                                       grounds, this trip includes entrance                                        castles in the country, strategically
                                       to Hampton Court Palace &                                                   placed at the shortest crossing
                                       gardens.                                                                    point to continental Europe.

                                       In the afternoon we then travel                                             Entry into the castle is included in
                                                                                                                   this tour and you’ll have free time
                                       to Windsor, where we include a
                                                                                                                   to explore.
                                       sightseeing tour of the town with
                                                                              Tour Includes:
Tour includes:
                                                                               •   Luxury coach travel
                                                                               •   Entrance & free time to explore Dover Castle
•   Return luxury coach travel
                                                                               •   Free time to explore the city of Canterbury
•   Entrance to Hampton Court Palace
                                                                               •   Entrance to Canterbury Cathedral included
•   Guided sightseeing tour of Windsor town
                                                                               •   Visit to view the White Cliffs of Dover
•   Accompanying tour guide
                                                                               •   Accompanying tour guide
6 - Day Tours                                                                                                                           Day Tours - 7
VISIT OXFORD                                                   VISIT CAMBRIDGE

OXFORD, STRATFORD & THE COTSWOLDS                                   CAMBRIDGE
Operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday                         Operates on selected dates throughout the year

Prices from £79 per person                                          Prices from £59 per person

Experience Oxford, the “City of Dreaming Spires”, and its famous    Visit the famous university City of Cambridge! A city of both
university on our popular Oxford, Stratford & Cotswolds day tour.   intelligence and beauty, where the historic buildings of the university
                                                                    line the grassy banks of the River Cam.
We enjoy a walking tour and free time to explore the university      On this day trip you can enjoy a stroll along Spring Street and the
city of Oxford. During the day we visit Stratford-Upon-Avon, the     unspoilt central area of the city, visit one of the many colleges which
home and birthplace of England’s most famous playwright - William    make up Cambridge University and climb St Mary’s Church Tower
Shakespeare.                                                         for stunning views of the city
                                                                     and beyond. On a sunny day
We also take a drive through the                                     punting on the river is a must,
Cotswolds, with brief photo stops                                    either with a guide or try your
along the way.                                                       hand at doing it yourself!
TOUR Includes:
                                                                    TOUR Includes:
 •   Luxury coach travel
 •   Guided sightseeing tour of Oxford                               • Luxury coach travel
 •   Tour of Stratford-Upon-Avon                                     • Guided sightseeing tour of
 •   Photo stops in Cotswolds villages                                 Cambridge with local tour guide
 •   Accompanying tour guide                                         • Free time to explore Cambridge
                                                                     • Entrance to Tower of St Mary the Great

WINDSOR, ETON & OXFORD                                              OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE
                                                                    Operates on selected dates throughout the year
Operates Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
                                                                    Prices from £74 per person
Prices from £79 per person                                          Short on time? Hop on our monthly
                                                                    Oxford & Cambridge day tour to
During the day we’ll visit the historic town                        visit two famous university cities
of Windsor, where you’ll have free time
                                                                    in a day.
to explore the town and Windsor Castle.

We’ll also explore some of the                                      First up we visit Oxford for a
Eton Walkway, which will allow you to                               walking tour of the city. In the
see many of Eton’s highlights.                                      afternoon we travel to Cambridge,
                                                                    where your tour guide will take
Then we visit the prestigious university                            you on a short orientation tour
city of Oxford, where you’ll have a short                           before you have entrance included
walking tour with your guide, then time                             to the Tower of St Mary The Great.
to explore the city.
                                                                    You’ll have free time in both cities to explore the sites and these
                                                                    historic locations.
 •   Luxury coach travel                                            TOUR Includes:
 •   Entrance to Windsor Castle & free time to explore
 •   Walking tour of Eton Walkway                                   •   Luxury coach travel
 •   Orientation sightseeing tour of Oxford                         •   Guided sightseeing tour of Oxford + free time to explore
 •   Accompanying tour guide                                        •   Short orientation tour of Cambridge and free time to explore
                                                                    •   Entrance to Tower of St Mary the Great
                                                                    •   Accompanying tour guide                                Day Tours - 9
8 - Day Tours
POPULAR WEEKEND                                                       MORE POPULAR
 DAY TOURS                                                             DAY TOURS
GLASTONBURY & CHEDDAR GORGE                                            isle of wight day tours
Operates monthly on selected dates throughout the year                 Operates monthly on selected dates throughout the year.

                                                                       Prices from £74 per person
Prices from £69 per person
                                                                       You are never far from a great view on the Isle of Wight, described
We travel through the Somerset countryside to the mystical town        most aptly as the ‘diamond’ off the south coast of England. The
of Glastonbury, passing by the site of the famous music festival.      Island is a real look at how England used to be – small enchanting
Glastonbury is a place steeped in legend. You will learn about the     villages and coastal towns are all enjoyed during our full day
legend of King Arthur and visit the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.        excursion around the island.
We then head to Cheddar Gorge where there will be a short stop to      Also, check out our 2-day tour of the Island, including a visit to
explore the picturesque village.                                       Osborne House, the Needles
Watch out for the wild goats                                           and 1 night B&B hotel.
clinging to the cliffs as we head
through the gorge, described as
the second greatest natural                                            Tour includes:
wonder in Britain.
                                                                       • Luxury coach travel throughout
Tour includes:                                                         • Return ferry crossing between
                                                                         Southampton and Cowes
• Luxury coach travel throughout                                       • Services of a tour manager / guide
• Entrance to Glastonbury Abbey                                        • A tour of the island with frequent
• Free time in Glastonbury                                               stops for sightseeing &
• Visit to the village of Cheddar,                                       photographs
  home to Cheddar Gorge
• Accompanying tour guide

CARDIFF - A DAY IN WALES                                               THE COTSWOLDS
Operates on selected dates throughout the year                         Operates on selected dates throughout the year

Prices from £74 per person
                                                                       Prices from £59 per person
A great favourite, travel with us to another country, Wales, without
any need for your passport. We include the Welsh capital Cardiff       The Cotswolds are just a couple of hours’ journey away from
in our excursion and a scenic drive through some spectacular           London but once there you could be a million miles away!
countryside in the Rhonda Valley.
                                                                       Unspoilt for hundreds of years and characterised by beautiful
Also included is entry to one of the finest examples of its type in    rolling hills and picturesque river valleys. This countryside is
Wales, Caerphilly Castle. After arrival in Wales you will              dotted with quaint villages, hamlets, and small towns with
be accompanied by our own local and charismatic guide                  buildings made from local, unique, honey-coloured stone.
who will add much to your
enjoyment of the tour.                                                 We take a relaxing journey with
                                                                       visits to some of the most
Tour includes:                                                         beautiful towns in England.

• Luxury coach travel throughout                                       TOUR Includes:
• Entrance to Caerphilly (Cardiff Castle
sometimes as alternative)                                               • Luxury coach travel
• Tour of Cardiff and the Welsh Valleys                                 • Visit to Bourton-on-the-Water
with local Welsh guide                                                    with free time
                                                                        • Visit to Burford with free time
                                                                        • Photo stops in Cotswolds villages
                                                                        • Accompanying tour guide

10 - Day Tours                                                                                                                Day Tours - 11
POPULAR WEEKEND                                                          WEEKEND BREAKS
ISLE OF WIGHT weekend                                                    HOLLAND & BELGIUM
Tour operates selected dates March to October                            Tour operates selected dates throughout the year.

Prices from £145 per person                                              Prices from £269 per person
                                                                         Chilled by day and wild at night, you can’t accuse Amsterdam of
Head over to the beautiful Isle of Wight for a truly relaxing weekend    ever being dull. With museums, bars, clubs, coffee shops and the
away from the hustle and bustle of London. You are never far away        world famous ‘Red Light’ district, Amsterdam must be experienced
from a great view on the Island, described as the ‘diamond’ off the      to be fully appreciated!
south coast of England.
                                                                         Anderson Tours operate regular weekend breaks throughout the
This tour includes two days touring around all the sights the Island     year. Our accommodation is close to Amsterdam in a quiet village
has to offer. Rolling hills, beautiful                                   outside of the city so you can
beaches, spectacular cliffs and                                          experience the beauty of the
coastlines are just some of the                                          Dutch countryside.
things the Isle of Wight has to offer.
                                                                         Tour includes:
Tour includes:
                                                                         • Coach & ferry travel throughout
                                                                         • 2 nights hotel accommodation with
• Coach & ferry travel throughout
                                                                         breakfast included (4 days at Easter)
• Guided tour of the Island including
                                                                         • A visit to picturesque Volendam on
free time in villages
                                                                         the coast for windmills, clogs and
• Entrance to Osborne House – the
favourite home of Queen Victoria
                                                                         • Sightseeing tour of Amsterdam and
• Visit to view The Needles landmark
                                                                         free time
• 1 night hotel stay with breakfast
                                                                         • Visit and free time in Brugge
included in a seaside town
• Services of a tour manager.
                                                                         • Services of a tour manager

BELGIUM & FRANCE WEEKEND                                                brugge day tours (Belgium)
Tour operates selected dates throughout the year                        Tour operates selected dates throughout the year

Prices from £144 per person                                             Prices from £79 per person

On this tour you visit Ypres, a town famous for its World War 1         A day visit to the medieval city of Brugge in Belgium, often
connections. On Saturday night we’ll stay in the French city of         described as the Venice of the North. Brugge offers some
Lille, where you’ll have free time to explore.                          stunning architecture and your tour includes a brief sightseeing
                                                                        tour and then free time to explore this wonderful city. Be sure to
On day two we visit the medieval city of Brugge. Be sure to stock       stock up on famous Belgian chocolates.
up on famous Belgian chocolates!
                                                                        Also, check out some of our short
Tour includes:                                                          breaks for additional visits to the
                                                                        city of Brugge in Belgium.
• Coach & ferry travel throughout
• 1 night hotel with breakfast in Lille
• Visit and free time to explore the                                    Tour includes:
magnificent city of Brugge
• Visit to Ypres                                                        • Luxury coach travel throughout
• Visit to Lille                                                        • Channel crossing by Eurotunnel
                                                                          or ferry
• Services of a tour manager
                                                                        • Short orientation of Brugge
                                                                        • Free time to explore
                                                                        • Services of a tour manager

12 - Short Breaks                                                                                 Short Breaks & European day tours - 13
SHORT BREAKS                                                                  SHORT BREAKS
 TRAVELLING BY TRAIN                                                           TRAVELLING BY TRAIN
paris by eurostar                                                             EDINBURGH BY RAIL
Tour operates selected dates throughout the year                              Tour operates selected dates throughout the year

Prices from £269 per person                                                   Prices from £269 per person
Paris, known as the ‘city of lights’, is the most visited city in             Voted by the readers of a national newspaper as their favourite
Europe and is a global centre for art, fashion, food and culture.             UK city, it won’t be long before you succumb to the charms of
                                                                              Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.
We travel monthly to the French capital by Eurostar, high speed
train,from London St Pancras International, the quickest and most             The historic centre of Edinburgh now attracts ‘World Heritage’
convenient way to get to Paris.                                               status and comes alive at night with a large range of excellent
                                                                              bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets.
There’s plenty to do and see on
a weekend break to Paris,                                                     Edinburgh is a small city - get
here are a few ideas:                                                         your walking shoes on and
                                                                              explore! Here are a few ideas:
• Climb the world famous
   Eiffel Tower                                                               • Visit Holyrood Palace
• View famous landmarks such as                                               • Visit Edinburgh Castle (a historic
  Arc de Triomphe, Latin Quarters,                                               fortress set upon Castle Rock)
  Tuileries Gardens, Pantheon,                                                • Climb Calton Hill for a magnificent
  Musee Des Invalides and a lot more                                            view of the city
• Visit Notre Dame Cathedral,                                                 • Feeling energetic?
   a unique gothic masterpiece                                                   Hike King Arthurs seat
• Soak up the culture of the world’s                                          • Walk Edinburgh’s high street,
  largest museum, Le Louvre, and                                                 “The Royal Mile”
  see the iconic Mona Lisa                                                    • Try a traditional Scottish meal at one
• Visit and walk through the streets                                             of the many pubs and restaurants
  of Montmartre                                                               • Book a full day excursion to the Highlands & Loch Ness (Must be prebooked)
• Climb the highest tower in Paris, Montparnasse, for great views!            • Take the “Ghosts & Ghouls Walking Tour” of haunted Edinburgh’s
• Take a boat cruise along the River                                             underground crypts and vaults
 Seine to see the sites from the water                                        • Try traditional Scottish Whiskey at
                                                                                 the Scotch Whiskey Experience
                                                                              • Visit the Tartan Weaving Mill
Tour Includes:
                                                                              Tour Includes:
• Return train travel by Eurostar
• 2 nights hotel with breakfast                                               • Return travel by Virgin Trains
• Hotel transfers in Paris                                                    • 2 nights hotel with breakfast
• A guided sightseeing tour of                                                • Hotel transfers in Edinburgh
  Paris upon arrival                                                          • A guided sightseeing tour of
• Services of a tour manager                                                    Edinburgh upon arrival
                                                                              • Services of a tour manager

4-day tours at easter & christmas                                             4-day tours at easter & NEW YEAR
Prices from £299 per person                                                   Prices from £315 per person

Also, check out our 4-day trip at Easter and Christmas. At Easter we travel   Also, check out our 4-day trips by coach for Easter & New Year which
by coach and include a visit to the Champagne region, at Christmas we         include a full day excursion to the Highlands and Loch Ness along with
include Christmas dinner in Montmartre.                                       stops in Gretna Green and York enroute to break up the journey.

Visit for full details for all trips to Paris.        Visit for full details for all trips to Edinburgh.
14 - Paris                                                                                                                               Edinburgh - 15
THE MAGIC OF HARRY                                                   CHRISTMAS SEASON
POTTER TOUR                                                          NEW YEAR TOURS
                                  INCLUDES ENTRANCE TO
                                  WARNER BROS “MAKING                           BRUGGE CHRISTMAS
                                  OF HARRY POTTER”                              MARKETS DAY TRIP
                                  STUDIO TOUR                                   Runs 30th November,
                                                                                7th, 14th & 21st December
                                  Available on selected dates.
                                  Prices from £119                              • Return coach travel from London
                                  per person                                    • Return channel crossing via Le
                                                                                Shuttle (Eurotunnel) or Ferry.
                                                                                • Free time in Brugge
                                      EARLY BOOKING                             • Services of a tour manager

Join us for a walking tour of central London to see the movie
locations used in the Harry Potter films, you’ll be able to spot                HOLLAND, BELGIUM &
some famous landmarks along the way. We also take a visit to                    GERMANY CHRISTMAS
the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden to experience “The Making                   MARKETS BREAK
of Harry Potter” movie magic tour, your entry ticket is included!               Runs 29th November 2019

(Customers can opt out of the walking tour if they are unable to                • Return coach & ferry travel
walk long distances or have small children and meet the coach for                 from Central London
the journey to the studios)                                                     • Visits to Christmas Markets in
                                                                                Aachen, Valkenburg & Brugge
                                                                                • 2 nights hotel with breakfast
After our tour of London, we’ll hop on board our coach and head                 • Services of a tour manager
for our late afternoon time slot at the Warner Bros Studio
Tour for entry to the behind-the-scenes look at the props, sets
and more of the Harry Potter
                                                                                paris at christmas
films themselves - you can even                                                 Runs 24th - 27th December
board the Hogwarts Express,
ride a broomstick and view real
sets and props from the movies.                                                 • Return train travel by Eurostar
                                                                                • 3 nights hotel with breakfast
TOUR INCLUDES:                                                                  • Hotel transfers in Paris
                                                                                • A guided sightseeing tour of
• Walking tour of London Harry                                                    Paris upon arrival
  Potter movie locations                                                        • Christmas dinner in Montmartre
• Entrance to the Warner Bros                                                   • Services of a tour manager
  Studio Tour - The Making of
  Harry Potter tour
• Return coach travel from central London to studio tour location.              hogmanay/new year
• Services of a tour guide.                                                     in edinburgh
                                                                                Runs 30th December 2019- 2nd
                                                                                January 2020
Tours commence at Leicester Square. Coach drops off close to
Kings Cross Station after the tour.                                             • Return coach travel from London
                                                                                • 3 nights hotel with breakast in
Available on selected dates throughout the year.                                • Full day excursion to Scottish
For more details and tour dates visit                         Highlands and Loch Ness
                                                                                • Ticket to Hogmanay Street Party
                                                                                • Stops in Gretna Green & York
16 - Harry Potter tour

Please see below our standard UK coach day trip pick up              CARDIFF & GLASTONBURY DAY TOUR PICK UP SCHEDULE:
points (located close to London Underground Stations), we
advise all passengers to arrive 10 minutes before their pick         7:30am LONDON BRIDGE
up time as we are unable to wait for passengers running late!        7:50am VICTORIA
                                                                     8:15am EARLS COURT
Many passengers choose to board at Earls Court to avoid              8.30am HAMMERSMITH
extra time on the coach. Tours will start after the final pick up    (same locations as standard UK tours)
is completed.
                                                                     Cambridge/ Canterbury & Dover tours:
If you are travelling by public transportation, please allow
extra time for delays and exiting stations.                          7:30am EARLS COURT
                                                                     7:00am SOUTH KENSINGTON
STANDARD UK DAY TOUR PICK UP LOCATIONS:                              8:05am VICTORIA
                                                                     8:20am BAKER STREET
7:30am LONDON BRIDGE: Outside station entrance on Tooley             8:35am KINGS CROSS
Street by bus stop ‘S’.                                              9:00am LONDON BRIDGE
7:55am KINGS CROSS: Opposite St Pancras Station/Renaissance          (same locations as standard UK tours)
Hotel St Pancras on Euston Road. Wait at bus stop ‘A’ WC1H 9JE
8:10am BAKER STREET: Outside McDonald’s Restaurant, 122              Coach trips to Europe
Baker Street W1U 6TX
8:25am VICTORIA: Wait at bus stop ‘L’ close to 292 Vauxhall Bridge   6:00am EARLS COURT: Opposite Earls Court Underground
Road, SW1V 1AE across the road from the Willow Walk Pub              Station,Warwick Road Exit - Please Wait at London Bus Stop C
8:50am SOUTH KENSINGTON: Outside The Ampersand Hotel,                6:20am VICTORIA: Wait at bus stop ‘L’ 292 Vauxhall Bridge Road,
10 Harrington Road SW7 3ER                                           SW1V 1AE across the road from the Willow Walk Pub
9:00am EARLS COURT: Opposite Earls Court Underground Station,        6:45am LONDON BRIDGE: At bus stop ‘R’ on Tooley Street
WARWICK ROAD Exit , Bus Stop C, SW5 9TB                              opposite the Underground station by the ‘London Tombs’
9:15am HAMMERSMITH : Outside the Novotel Hotel, 1 Shortlands,        7:05am ELTHAM Railway Station : Outside the main entrance of
W6 8DR                                                               the train station by the road.

                                                                     TO TRAVEL ON ANY TOUR TO EUROPE. IT IS THE
8:20 WATERLOO : Waterloo Bridge/Southbank, wait at bus stop ‘P’      PASSENGER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK ANY VISA/
on south side of River heading Northbound                            ENTRY REQUIREMENTS WITH THE RELEVANT EMBASSY.
8:30 HOLBORN : Wait at bus stop ‘P’, northbound on Kingsway          ANDERSON TOURS CANNOT OFFER VISA/ENTRY ADVICE OR
opposite Holborn Station                                             ARRANGEMENTS*
8:50 LANCASTER GATE : Wait at bus stop ‘LC’ on Bayswater Road,
opposite Lancaster Gate Hotel & Station
                                                                     Tours by Rail
These are pick ups only, drop off in the evening will be in
Central London close to a tube station.                              PARIS:
                                                                     Tours by Eurostar from St Pancras International to Paris: meet your
Please note: Pick ups may be operated by multiple vehicles, you      tour manager at Eurostar departures. Meet next to the self service
may be asked to then board another coach at a later location for     Ticket Machines across from check-in desks.
your tour. Please listen for instructions from your driver or tour
manager to ensure you are on the right tour when you leave London.   EDINBURGH:
                                                                     Euston Station: meet your tour manager in front of the ‘BODY
                                                                     SHOP’ on main concourse under the main departures board.

18 - Pick Up Points                                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions - 19
frequently asked                                                                2019 Calendar of Tour Dates
Do I need to print my E-Ticket?                                                  The following tours operate regularly throughout the
No. We do not require you to print your E-Ticket. It informs you on the top of   year on these days, check our website for more details
the ticket that you can choose to show your E-Ticket on your smartphone or
                                                                                 for all tours at
tablet to the tour manager on arrival at your pick up point. We recommend
printing it for ease of access, but it is not vital.
                                                                                 All dates and prices in this brochure are subject to
If I miss my tour can I get a refund/go another day?                             change, please check our website for up-to-date
If you miss your tour you would need to try and claim this from your             availability, prices and what’s include information for all
Travel Insurance, if applicable. If you miss your tour it is non refundable or   tours prior to booking.
transferrable, please refer to our ‘Terms and Conditions’.
                                                                                 Stonehenge & Bath (regular and bargain options) prices
Unfortunately we are unable to offer reserved seating on our coaches.
                                                                                 from £67/£84
                                                                                 Operates every day
How do i book?
You can book online 24 hours a day at up until           Oxford, Stratford & Cotswolds Villages from £79
midnight the night before for day tours (subject to availability) and pay by     Operates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
debit or credit card.

To pay cash you must visit our offices Monday to Friday 7.30am to 6pm, we        NEW for 2019:
cannot take cash/bookings on the day of the tour.                                Princes & Politics - Windsor, Eton & Oxford from £79
                                                                                 Operates every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Child prices are available for passengers that are aged up to 16 years (some
tours vary).                                                                     Windsor, Stonehenge & Bath from £79
                                                                                 Operates every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
A child price will automatically be calculated if you enter your child’s date
of birth at time of booking and they are within the correct age bracket -
Stonehenge and many other attractions charge adult prices for 16+.               Windsor Half Day from £57
                                                                                 Operates every weekday (Monday to Friday)
Children under 16 are not permitted on our tours without an accompanied
adult (18+) as all tours leave London and we cannot offer constant               Canterbury & Dover Castle from £87
                                                                                 Operates every Saturday & Sunday
I DO NOT WANT TO RETURN WITH THE TOUR TO LONDON                                  (plus Wednesdays in Spring through to Autumn)
No problem, please just let us know via email, you will need to arrange your
own return travel at your own cost, there is also no reduction on price. We      Avebury & Stonehenge from £74
simply ask that you advise the tour manager at the start of the tour so that
                                                                                 Operates every Monday, Wednesday, Friday
we do not delay the return journey waiting for you.

Please make sure you take suitable walking shoes, snacks/food and water
for the journey. Lunch is not provided on tours although there are various
                                                                                           Book online and get £5 off
stops for lunch so you can purchase from a restaurant/cafe if you prefer.           your booking with promo code “Brochure” at
Please remember to take your passport (Or valid European ID Card) for trips
out of the UK. This includes Ireland, France, Holland, Belgium etc. You do
                                                                                         for instant confirmation on all tours
not need a passport for Cardiff (Wales) or Edinburgh (Scotland).                                    24 hours a day!
On all overnight breaks breakfast and towels are provided free of charge.

View more information and frequently asked questions
on our website at
Saturday 20th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145

 2019 Calendar of Tour Dates
                                                             Saturday 20th   Cardiff		 £74
                                                             Saturday 20th   Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
                                                             Sunday 21st     Brugge		 £74
                                                             Sunday 21st     Isle of Wight		 £74
DATE             DESTINATION          ADULT PRICES FROM      Sunday 21st     The Cotswolds		 £59
                                                             Sunday 21st     The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
JANUARY                                                      Monday 22nd     Isle of Wight 		 £74
Friday 4th       Stonehenge Special Access (Morning) £124    Friday 26th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124
Saturday 5th     Cambridge		 £59                             Saturday 27th   Oxford & Cambridge 		 £74
Sunday 6th       The Cotswolds		 £59                         MAY
Sunday 6th       The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Saturday 4th    Paris by Eurostar		£269
Sunday 13th      The Cotswolds		 £59                         Saturday 4th    Holland & Belgium		£269
Sunday 13th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               Saturday 4th    Cambridge		 £59
Friday 18th      Edinburgh by Rail		£269                     Sunday 5th      Brugge		 £79
Friday 18thcal   Holland & Belgium		£269                     Sunday 5th      Isle of Wight		 £74
Saturday 19th    Cardiff		 £74                               Sunday 5th      Cardiff		 £74
Sunday 20th      The Cotswolds		 £59                         Monday 6th      The Cotswolds		 £59
Friday 25th      Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Monday 6th      Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
Saturday 26th    Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Monday 6th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
Sunday 27th      Isle of Wight		 £74                         Friday 10th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124
Sunday 27th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Friday 17th     Edinburgh by Rail		£269
FEBRUARY                                                     Saturday 18th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145
Friday 1st       Stonehenge Special Access (Morning)		£124   Saturday 18th   Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
Saturday 2nd     Cambridge		 £59                             Sunday 19th     Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70
Sunday 3rd       The Cotswolds		 £59                         Friday 24th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124
Sunday 10th      Windsor & Hampton Court 		 £70              Saturday 25th   Paris by Eurostar		£269
Saturday 16th    Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Saturday 25th   Holland & Belgium		£269
Saturday 23rd    Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69           Saturday 25th   The Cotswolds		 £59
Sunday 24th      Cardiff		 £74                               Saturday 25th   Cardiff		 £74
Sunday 24th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Sunday 26th     Brugge		 £79
MARCH                                                        Saturday 26th   Isle of Wight 		 £74
Friday 1st       Edinburgh by Rail 		£269                    Sunday 26th     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
Friday 1st       Stonehenge Special Access (Morning)		£124   Monday 27th     Oxford & Cambridge 		 £74
Saturday 2nd     The Cotswolds		 £59                         Monday 27th     The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
Sunday 3rd       Isle of Wight		 £74                         JUNE
Saturday 9th     Cambridge		 £59                             Saturday 1st    Belgium & France Weekend		£144
Sunday 10th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               Saturday 1st    Cambridge		 £59
Friday 15th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Saturday 1st    The Cotswolds		 £59
Sunday 17th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Sunday 2nd      Isle of Wight 		 £74
Saturday 16th    Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Sunday 2nd      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70
Friday 22nd      Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Friday 7th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124
Saturday 23rd    Brugge		 £79                                Friday 7th      Paris by Eurostar		£269
Sunday 24th      Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69           Sunday 9th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
Friday 29th      Holland & Belgium		£269                     Friday 14th     Edinburgh by Rail		£269
Friday 29th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Friday 14th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124
Saturday 30th    The Cotswolds		 £59                         Saturday 15th   Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
Sunday 31st      Cardiff		 £74                               Sunday 16th     Cardiff		 £74
Sunday 31st      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Sunday 16th     The Cotswolds		 £59
APRIL                                                        Thursday 20th   The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
Saturday 6th     Belgium & Framce Weekend		£144              Friday 21st     Holland & Belgium		 £70
Saturday 6th     Cambridge		 £59                             Friday 21st     Stonehenge Summer Solstice		 £70
Sunday 7th       The Cotswolds 		 £59                        Saturday 22nd   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145
Thursday 11th    The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Saturday 22nd   Cambridge		 £59
Friday 12th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Sunday 23rd     The Cotswolds		 £59
Sunday 14th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               Sunday 23rd     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
Friday 19th      Holland & Belgium at Easter		£299           Friday 28th     Paris by Eurostar		£269
Friday 19th      Paris at Easter		£299                       Saturday 29th   Brugge		 £79
Friday 19th      Edinburgh at Easter		£299                   Saturday 29th   The Cotswolds		 £59
Friday 19th      The Cotswolds		 £59                         Sunday 30th     Cardiff		 £74
22 - Calendar of Tour Dates                                                                  Calendar of Tour Dates - 23
JULY                                                        Saturday 21st   Cambridge		 £59
 Friday 5th      Holland & Belgium		£269                     Friday 27th     Paris by Eurostar		£269
 Friday 5th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Saturday 28th   Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
 Saturday 6th    Belgium & France		£144                      Saturday 28th   Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
 Saturday 6th    Cambridge		 £59                             Sunday 29th     Cardiff		 £74
 Saturday 6th    Isle of Wight		 £74                         Sunday 29th     Isle of Wight 		 £74
 Sunday 7th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               OCTOBER
 Friday 12th     Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Sunday 6th      Cambridge		 £59
 Friday 12th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Sunday 6th      Cardiff		 £74
 Sunday 14th     The Cotswolds		 £59                         Sunday 6th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70
 Friday 19th     Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Sunday 13th     Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
 Friday 19th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Sunday 13th     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Saturday 20th   Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Sunday 13th     The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
 Saturday 20th   Isle of Wight		 £74                         Friday 18th     Holland & Belgium		£269
 Sunday 21st     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69           Saturday 19th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145
 Thursday 25th   The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Saturday 19th   Cambridge		 £59
 Friday 26th     Edinburgh by Rail		£269                     Sunday 20th     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Friday 26th     Holland & Belgium		£269                     Friday 25th     Paris by Eurostar		£269
 Saturday 27th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145                 Friday 25th     Edinburgh by Rail 		£269
 Saturday 27th   The Cotswolds		 £59                         Saturday 26th   Brugge		 £79
 Sunday 28th     Cambridge		 £59                             Sunday 27th     Isle of Wight		 £74
 Sunday 28th     Brugge		 £79                                Sunday 27th     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
 Sunday 28th     Cardiff		 £74                               NOVEMBER
 AUGUST                                                      Saturday 2nd    Cambridge		 £59
 Friday 2nd      Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Sunday 3rd      Cardiff		 £74
 Friday 2nd      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Saturday 9th    Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
 Saturday 3rd    Belgium & France Weekend		£144              Sunday 10th     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Sunday 4th      Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69           Friday 15th     Paris by Eurostar		£269
 Sunday 4th      Cambridge		 £59                             Sunday 17th     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69
 Friday 9th      Holland & Belgium 		£269                    Friday 22nd     Edinburgh by Rail		£269
 Friday 9th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Sunday 24th     Isle of Wight 		 £74
 Saturday 10th   Cardiff		 £74                               Friday 29th     Holland, Germany & Belgium Xmas Mkt		£269
 Saturday 10th   Isle of Wight		 £74                         Saturday 30th   Brugge Christmas Markets		 £79
 Sunday 11th     Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Saturday 30th   Cambridge		 £59
 Sunday 11th     The Cotswolds		 £59                         Saturday 30th   The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
 Friday 16th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   DECEMBER
 Sunday 18th     Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               Sunday 1st      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70
 Monday 19th     The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Friday 6th      Stonehenge Special Access (Morning)		£124
 Saturday 24th   Paris by Eurostar		£269                     Saturday 7th    Lille & Brugge Xmas Market weekend		£159
 Saturday 24th   Holland & Belgium		£269                     Saturday 7th    Brugge Christmas Market		 £79
 Saturday 24th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145                 Sunday 8th      Cardiff		 £59
 Saturday 24th   Cambridge		 £59                             Sunday 8th      The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
 Sunday 25th     Glastonbury & Cheddar Gorge		 £69           Friday 13th     Stonehenge Special Access (Morning)		£124
 Sunday 25th     Isle of Wight		 £74                         Friday 13th     Holland & Belgium		£269
 Monday 26th     Isle of Wight		 £74                         Saturday 14th   Brugge Christmas Market		 £79
 Monday 26th     The Cotswolds		 £59                         Sunday 15th     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Tuesday 27th    The Magic of Harry Potter		£119             Sunday 15th     The Magic of Harry Potter		£119
 SEPTEMBER                                                   Saturday 21st   Brugge Christmas Market		 £79
 Sunday 1st      Oxford & Cambridge		 £74                    Sunday 22nd     Oxford & Cambridge		 £74
 Friday 6th      Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Sunday 22nd     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Saturday 7th    Belgium & France		£144                      Tuesday 24th    Paris at Christmas by Eurostar		£349
 Sunday 8th      Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70               Thursday 26th   The Cotswolds		 £59
 Friday 13th     Holland & Belgium		£269                     Saturday 28th   Cardiff		 £74
 Saturday 14th   Isle of Wight Weekend		£145                 Sunday 29th     Windsor & Hampton Court		 £70
 Sunday 15th     The Cotswolds		 £59                         Monday 30th     Edinburgh Hogmanay Break		£315
 Sunday 15th     Cardiff		 £74                               Monday 30th     Cambridge		 £59
 Friday 20th     Edinburgh by Rail		£269                     Monday 30th     The Cotswolds		 £59
 Friday 20th     Stonehenge Special Access (Evening)		£124   Tuesday 31st     Isle of Wight Day Trip		 £74
 Saturday 21st   Brugge		 £79

24 - Calendar of Tour Dates                                                                    Calendar of Tour Dates - 25
Terms and Conditions                                                    Terms and Conditions

These are the standard Booking Conditions of Anderson                   All amendments or name changes to confirmed bookings prior to
Tours Limited, part of the Anderson Travel Group.                       departure are subject to a £10.00 per person administration fee plus
                                                                        any price difference.
1. Contract: By contracting with Anderson Tours Limited (referred       We regret that no amendments or name changes are possible for any
to in these booking conditions as “we or us”) you will be accepting     short break less than fourteen days before departure.
these booking conditions on behalf of yourself and all other persons
using our services pursuant to a booking made by you.                   No amendments are possible for day excursions less than 48 hours
                                                                        before scheduled departure. Passengers that do not check-in at
2. Payment: Full payment is required at time of booking. We accept      their appointed pick-up point and time will be considered cancelled
MasterCard, Visa and a variety of debit cards. Payment can be made      and normal cancellation policies are applied. No amendments are
in person at our office at 220 Tower Bridge Road in cash, cheques       possible after your departure date and time.
drawn at UK branches of UK banks and sterling travellers’ cheques
with identification such as passport. If payment is not made when it    8. Variation of Brochure: We reserve the right, before you book,
is due, we will be entitled to cancel the booking without notice.       to vary the services described in our brochures, including prices
                                                                        and departure dates and times and characteristics and categories
Cancellation by us on the grounds of non-payment by you will            of transport. You will be notified of these changes before you are
incur the cancellation fee of 50%, referred to in paragraph 7 below.    committed to the tour.
Children aged 16 or under receive 10% off all scheduled tours.
                                                                        9. Alterations: If we must change your hotel or other details of the
3. Insurance: You are advised to take out insurance, which would        tour, which may be for reasons beyond our control, we will notify
cover you in the event that you have to cancel your booking or          you as soon as possible and give you the information as to the
compensate you for delays and/or damage to your property.               alterations. If the change significantly alters an essential term of
                                                                        the contract, you will have the right to withdraw from the contract
4. Health: We would recommend you obtain a copy of the                  in which event we will repay all money already paid by you to us
Department of Health leaflet T4 (Travellers Guide to Health) and        or the appropriate proportion if only some of the party withdraw.
make certain that you have with you an E111 document (obtainable        Alternatively you will have the option to:
from the Post Office) to enable you as a UK citizen to receive          a) Take a substitute tour of equivalent or superior value if we are able
medical treatment in EU states and, where relevant, see                 to offer you such a substitute,
your doctor to ensure that you are not travelling against medical       b) to take a substitute tour of lower value if we are able to offer you
advice.                                                                 one, when we will reimburse or allow you the difference in price of
                                                                        the tour contracted for and that of the substitute tour. You undertake
5. Check-in/Departures: It is your responsibility to leave ample time   to let us know as quickly as possible your decision in the event of
for your journey to the nominated departure point. The time stated      our having to advise you of any such alteration.
on your e-ticket is the time of departure - ensure that you are at
your stated departure point at least ten minutes prior. We cannot       10. Force Majeure: Where we cancel the whole tour before departure
refund or rebook for you missing tours, trips or services as a result   because of unusual or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control,
of delays on other transport services such as traffic,underground,      then we will refund all money already paid by you but you will not be
buses and/or railways.                                                  entitled to any compensation for the loss of the tour. Where the tour
                                                                        is interrupted to a significant extent by circumstances beyond our
6. Travel Documentation: You are responsible for ensuring that          control we will refund what is deemed to be a fair proportion of the
you are in possession of the required travel documentation such         cost of the tour.
as visas and passports and that they are valid and effective for all
countries passed through en-route. We cannot be held responsible        11. Behaviour: You will be responsible for the conduct of yourself
for expenses incurred if travel documentation does not meet the         and all members of your party and you will indemnify us against any
required criteria. If you are in doubt, please contact the relevant     liability for damage caused by you or any members of your party.
embassy or consulate. If you need a visa letter please e-mail your      We reserve the right to terminate the tour in the event of behaviour
request to Please allow 5 working days.       deemed to be unreasonable by our staff.

7. Refunds/Cancellations Policy: You must inform us in writing (via     12. Complaints: Should you have a complaint during your tour,
fax, email or post) if you wish to cancel a tour or other booking in    contact your tour manager and our staff will do their best to rectify
whole or in part, returning to us any tickets already issued. We must   your problem. If we cannot resolve your complaint at the time, you
acknowledge your correspondence in order for cancellation to be         should make a written record of your complaint and hand it to your
processed.                                                              tour manager or send it to us at 220 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1
                                                                        2UP or email within 21 days of the end of
On cancellation we will charge you an administration charge or          the tour. We will not be able to deal with any complaints unless we
percentage of the total price as follows:                               are told in that way and by that time.
• Cancellation notified and tickets returned more than 35 days prior
to departure - full refund                                              13. GDPR : Our website only captures such data as is necessary
• Cancellation notified and tickets returned between 34 and 15 days     to process yuor booking and payment. We do NOT retain your
prior to departure - 50% of total value                                 information for marketing or any other purposes. By making a
• Cancellation notified and tickets returned within 14 days and day     booking with us you consent to us holding information provided by
of departure -100% of total value.                                      you about you on our secure servers for the purpose of the booking.
                                                                        You may view this data at any time on request by emailing info@

Terms & Conditions - 26                                                                                         Terms & Conditions- 27
Anderson Tours’ day or weekend breaks

• Visit our website to find out more information about tours and book: Click on the tour and the date you want
using our simple to use home page and then follow the easy and
secure online booking instructions.

• Call Anderson Tours direct on 0044 (0) 207 436 9304
  (Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6.00pm) with your card details.

• Come into the Anderson Tours office and book

• Book through our network of hostels, hotel concierges, social
organisers at language schools/unis or appointed travel agents across

     £5 off     when
           booked         you
                    on a tour youbook      online
                                   will receive        direct
                                                an e-ticket,
    please  print this and take it along with you orwith
                        version “Brochure”
                                on your phone/tablet.

                         For the latest news and special offers like us on
                       Facebook and
                                   follow us on Twitter - @AndersonTours
                         We would love to hear your tour feedback on our
                                             Tripadvisor and Facebook page
 If you are a travel agent, hostel, part of a university or language school
    & would like to regularly sell our trips and receive commission please
      contact us via email and put for the attention of the sales manager.

                         Anderson Tours Office
                         Second Floor, 220 Tower Bridge Road
                         London , SE1 2UP
                         (Nearest tube London Bridge/Tower Hill)

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