Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

Issue 37 | September 2016
ISSN 1445-3886 | PP 100018972

 REGULAR FEATURES               From the Chairman   From the Commissioner
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association
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Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association


President of the Board of Directors                                         Functional Reporting Director                                                Functional Reporting Director
Charlie Moir ESM (Inverell)                                                 Kim Davis ESM (Captains Flat)                                                Neville O’Malley (Tabulam)
0428 401 443                                                                secretary@nswsesva.org.au                                                    northernzonechair@nswsesva.org.au
                                                                            Functional Reporting Director                                                Functional Reporting Director
Executive Director/Company Secretary                                        Peter Lalor ESM (Mount Druitt)                                               Patricia Orchard (Tamworth)
Andrew Edwards                                                              peter.lalor@nswsesva.org.au                                                  namoi@nswsesva.org.au


Sydney Northern Area                                                        Namoi Area                                                                   Murray Area
Graham Kinder (Manly)                                                       Dennis Buck (Namoi Region HQ)                                                Frank Wilson (Mathoura)
sydneynorthern@nswsesva.org.au                                              namoi@nswsesva.org.au                                                        murray@nswsesva.org.au

Hunter Area                                                                 Central West Area                                                            Sydney Southern Area
Peta Luke (Merriwa)                                                         Vacant                                                                       Pat Johnson ESM (Sydney Southern HQ)
hunter@nswsesva.org.au                                                      centralwest@nswsesva.org.au                                                  sydneysouthern@nswsesva.org.au

Clarence-Nambucca Area                                                      Macquarie Area                                                               Southern Highlands Area
Mark Neal (Nambucca)                                                        Vacant                                                                       Patricia Maxwell (Queanbeyan)
clarencenambucca@nswsesva.org.au                                            macquarie@nswsesva.org.au                                                    southernhighlands@nswsesva.org.au

North West Area                                                             Far West Area                                                                Murrumbidgee Area
Vacant                                                                      Paul Kaye (Broken Hill)                                                      Madison Harvey (Wagga Wagga)
northwest@nswsesva.org.au                                                   farwest@nswsesva.org.au                                                      murrumbidgee@nswsesva.org.au

Mid North Coast Area                                                        Lachlan Area                                                                 Illawarra South Coast Area
Cheryl Goodchild (Taree)                                                    Karl Milic CSM RFD (Cowra)                                                   Steve Cliffe (Wollongong)
midnorthcoast@nswsesva.org.au                                               lachlan@nswsesva.or.au                                                       illawarrasouthcoast@nswsesva.org.au

Richmond Tweed Area                                                         Sydney Western Area
Kristine McDonald (Tweed Heads)                                             Adam Rollinson (Sydney Western HQ)
richmondtweed@nswsesva.org.au                                               sydneywestern@nswsesva.org.au

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Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

At Toyota we’ve been driving off-road in Australia for over fifty years. So when we
designed the Fortuner, we built it tough. With a powerful turbo-diesel engine, 7 seats
and an unbreakable HiLux chassis, there’s no limit to where this 4WD can take you.
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association
              4     From the President
              5     From the Minister
              5     From the Acting Commissioner
               7 From the Editor
                  36    NSW SES Region Headquarters

                  9	Chris Chapman awarded
                     Life Membership
                   10	Emerging Leaders
                       Development Program
                  11	Contact Centres Australia in
                      partnership with the NSW SES VA
               12	IM Project
              14	Ordinary people doing
                  extraordinary things
              16	Hacking up a storm in Wollongong
              18	The Howard Years
              21	Smartphones dial up
                  NSW SES response
              22	Another unusual task
                  for the NSW SES
              24	Rotary Emergency Services
                  Community Awards
              26	Muswellbrook SES
                  has official opening
              30	Rave reviews for new NSW SES
                  Youth Program in Richmond
              31	Fleet Project Deliveries for
                  financial year 2016-17

14   16
              32	Get Ready public safety campaign
              34	Larnook Flood Rescue

22   26   On The cover:
          Large Animal Rescue
          Awareness Course.
          Photo by David King.

                                    NSWSESVA.ORG.AU     3
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

                                                     The members who are embracing
                                                    the new changes are bringing new
                                                   attitudes and skills to the Service …


             s we draw closer to summer we      impacts they are having on volunteers.    changing Association. Volunteers from
             can feel the temperature and       The members who are embracing             around the state regularly get together
             weather change. Mornings are       the new changes are bringing new          in some form to learn what is required
    warmer and the frosts are becoming          attitudes and skills to the Service,      of our leaders for tomorrow.
    less. Whether you’re a winter person or     which in turn provide a better service        Many of our Emerging Leaders,
    a summer person, the change is coming       to our communities.                       Directors and representatives have
    to head us into another season.                 This year we will be hosting our      also had the opportunity to complete
        Change is not something everyone        biennial SESVA conference. We have        Values Based Leadership workshops.
    likes. Leo Tolstoy, one of the greatest     changed the format so that it is a        These workshops, presented by
    writers of all time said ‘Everybody         pure volunteer’s conference. The          Dr Attracta Lagan, have given insightful
    wants to change the world, but nobody       speakers will be your peers - respected   input for our members about the
    thinks of changing himself’.                fellow volunteers who will be             requirements for upholding the values
        And so to make ourselves better, to     talking about the issues we face and      of an association.
    make our Service and our Association        experiences they have been through.           Our recent Volunteers Council
    better, we must be open to change.          I am proud to see many volunteers         meeting has concluded with awarding
        Whether that change is something        step up to promote the fine work they     a record number of Scholarships
    significant such as a Policy or             do in their units and communities         and Grants to individuals and units
    Procedure, or something as simple as        and it is looking like being a            throughout the state. It is reassuring
    our attitude, if we don’t move with this    wonderful conference.                     to see that the stability the Volunteers
    changing world we will no longer be             In the Volunteers Association we      Association has been able to flow
    the best we can be.                         have also been changing to develop        through to forwarding a constant
        The Directors of the Association        our own leaders for tomorrow.             increase in member benefits back to
    and local representatives have been         Our Executive Director, Andrew            the volunteers.
    visiting units this year. They get to       Edwards and the other Directors,              In all, another busy period, both
    meet and listen to the volunteers and       have been taking volunteers through       with the volunteers and behind the
    discuss all things important at the local   an Emerging Leaders Development           scene for the Volunteers Association.
    and Service level. With these visits        Program. This program aims to give        Let’s embrace change, ensure we are
    we are seeing first-hand the changes        the skills and experience needed to be    making decisions based on the right
    that are occurring in the SES and the       competent and confident in our ever-      values, and enjoy the new season.

Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

          ne of my favourite things to      $5,000 discretionary grant for better
          do as Minister is to get out of   training facilities.
          the office and visit NSW State        Whether it’s responding to floods,
Emergency Service units across the          storms or any other emergency, the
state to meet volunteers and listen         community can be assured that their
to their stories.                           NSW SES volunteers are well trained
    In the past 12 months, I have           and equipped and ready to help them
visited units in Ku-Ring-Gai, the Hunter,   in times of crisis.
Wollongong, and The Rock just to a few          The funds will allow for
and handed out a total of $45,100 in        improvements of the Parramatta unit’s
discretionary grants to help improve        facilities, which will help them to train
training facilities for volunteers.         more effectively. Training is essential                   DAVID ELLIOTT MP
    Discretionary grants are just one way   in preparing our volunteers for severe                       MINISTER FOR
that I help to show the gratitude of the    weather and their role in helping the                  EMERGENCY SERVICES
NSW Government and the community            community.
and ensure volunteers are prepared               In 2016-17, NSW SES budgeted                It ensures over 8,600 NSW SES
for the tremendous work that they do.       operating expenses will be $109.3            volunteers are trained and equipped
    I recently had the pleasure of          million. This is the highest budgeted        to the highest standards, to provide
visiting the NSW SES Parramatta Unit        total expenses in the history of the         a timely response to requests for
with local MP Geoff Lee to provide a        NSW SES.                                     assistance from our communities.

                                                                                 FROM THE ACTING COMMISSIONER

    A goal without a plan is just a wish.
                          Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

             e all have wishes for this     Service, including with the NSW SES
             organisation, whether          Volunteers Association.                                      GREG NEWTON
             we are in a Unit, Region           The Plan is based around our vision              ACTING COMMISSIONER
or in State Headquarters. We want           of ‘Community based volunteers at the
to be more innovative, better               forefront of a safe and resilient NSW’ and
resourced, professionally developed         has 3 fundamental driving anchors:            our Incident Management Team (IMT)
and much more.                              »» Volunteer Experience > positive,           capability to support operations in
    But none of these things come               empowering and fulfilling;                State and Region operations centres.
from wishing, or even having a clear        »» Capability > People, tools,                We need to ensure that we have a
set of goals. It takes planning to get          knowledge, systems and skills;            depth of resources we can draw from.
us there.                                   »» Community > Supported, engaged             That requires us to identify the gaps,
    I am proud to say that the NSW              and connected                             train up people accordingly and ensure
SES Strategic Plan for 2016-2021 is now     While we are preparing for our longer         that our processes are in order and
in place. This Plan is a foundation for     term organisational future, we also           communicated.
our organisation to continue to grow        need to be thinking short term about              Importantly, we need to plan to
and develop into the future and meet        our operational posturing, particularly       look after ourselves and manage
the environmental, social and political     in the coming few months. The Bureau          fatigue across the Service before this
challenges that we will undoubtedly         of Meteorology has produced their             operational activity begins.
face. It is essentially a roadmap with      3-month seasonal outlook, and with                To finish with another quote,
clear strategies and actions that will      catchments already primed, more rain         “Planning is bringing the future into the
direct us to achieving our goals.           could lead to widespread flooding and         present so that you can do something
    The beauty of this Plan is that         protracted flood operations.                  about it now” (Alan Lakein)
it has been developed holistically,             So, are we ready?                             So what’s your team’s plan for the
encompassing lengthy collaboration              In SHQ and the Regions, we have           coming months?
and input sourced from across the           recognised that we need to boost                  Stay safe.

                                                                                                              NSWSESVA.ORG.AU        5
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association
With your NSW SESVA membership,
     save on financial and lifestyle products and services all year round.

. Dining
         & Entert
                  ai   nment .
                                       g      . Tr a v e l
                                                           . Te c h n o
                                                                        log   y . Insur
                                                                                        anc   e . Moto
                                                                                                       ring   .


                                     Your member benefits can be accessed in a variety of ways: by phone,
                                     online via the Member Advantage website or for your restaurant
                                     dining and attractions benefits, simply show the Ambassador Card logo
                                     on your membership card at the point of sale.
                                     This card is also available in a digital version and is accessible
                                     directly on your smartphone.

For more information, contact NSW SESVA Member Advantage:
call 1300 853 352 or email info@memberadvantage.com.au
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association

From the Editor

I                                         Sam Corby
    would like to take the time in this
    issue to congratulate our Young
    Volunteer of the Year Sam Corby       Young Volunteer of the Year.
from Sutherland unit. Sam has also just
been appointed a Deputy Controller at
Sutherland, one of the youngest I think
in the service.
     I would also like to congratulate
our two young members Tessa Wicks
from Manly and Matthew Kertson from
Armidale-Dumaresq who have been
picked to go on the Young Endeavour
along with twenty one other young
people from all over Australia, for a
spectacular twelve day adventure
sailing from Darwin along the
Kimberley Coast to Broome. Tessa and
Matt will have a report and photos for
the next issue.
     Once again I would like to thank
all the members who contribute to
this issue.

 Tessa Wicks                              Matthew Kertson
 I am very excited to go on such          I applied for the scholarship to the Young endeavour Scheme
 an amazing adventure and                 because I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to challenge
 share skills and experiences             and push myself. Also I want to bring the skills and knowledge
 with other young people.                 gained through this experience back into the community.
                                          The things that I am looking forward to the most are learning new
                                          skills while also developing and improving my confidence and
                                          leadership ability.

                                                                                              NSWSESVA.ORG.AU   7
Volunteer - REGULAR FEATURES From the Chairman - NSW SES Volunteers Association
A revolutionary solution for large area illumination
• Simple and rapid deployment by one person in under 1 minute
• Proven performer in the harshest conditions
• Able to operate independent of infrastructure
• Easily transported in the boot of a car
• Unprecedented lighting coverage of up to 10,000m²
The Light Tower is currently in use with:
• AFP Australian Federal Police
• Department of Defence (RAAF)
• Civil Airports
• Government Emergency Services
• Roads and Traffic Authority
• Law Enforcement
• Fire Services
• Local Councils
• Advertising and Promotional
• SES (State emergency Service NSW)
• RFS (Rural Fire Service)
• CFA (Country Fire Authority
• ERGON energy (QLD)                                                  For more info, photos, testimonials
• RoadTek (Department of Main Roads QLD)                              please visit our website
Distributed By
                                  Email: info@austlighttower.com.au
                                  Ph: (02) 9698 0177
NSW 2015 AUSTRALIA                Gennady Lipkin: 0412 156 795

    119 -121 Montague St, Wollongong

        Ph: 02 4224 4224
      Email: Kelly@barnetts.com.au

    Proudly Supporting Our Local SES Volunteers

Chris Chapman (centre) with Craig Ronan, Central West Region Controller, Kerrie Pearce, Business Manager for Central West Region,
Louise Humphries, Business Services Officer for Central West Region and Reg Rendall, Local Controller for the Blayney Unit NSW SES.

Chris Chapman awarded
Life Membership
        n Wednesday, June 1, 2016,            at Central West Region Headquarters            Unit NSW SES. Chris is also an active
        Chris Chapman, a volunteer            in Bathurst.                                   member of the SIMS Project Team in
        member from the Blayney                   Chris originally joined the NSW            Central West Region.
SES Unit, was presented with Life             SES on April 30, 1986, and up until               Well done Chris! You are an
Membership of the NSW State                   recently held the position of Deputy           inspiration to all other volunteer
Emergency Service (NSW SES)                   Local Controller for the Blayney               members of the NSW SES.

                                                                                                                  NSWSESVA.ORG.AU     9

     Emerging Leaders Development Program
              n expression of interest was
              sought from members to
              participate in a new program
     within the Volunteers Association.
         The program has been developed
     for participants to develop their
     skills and experience within the Not-
     for-Profit sector. The program will
     continue to run until July 2017, where
     each participant will be provided with
     valuable knowledge, practical skills,    »» Attend various training courses        Each of our Emerging Leaders
     mentoring, the opportunity to observe       including those run by the             has nominated a project that
     and present at Board meetings and           Australian Institute of Company        they would like to be involved
     deliver a project of interest for both      Directors;                             in, with areas covered across
     the participant and the Volunteers       »» Attend some Board meetings,            technology innovations, mental
     Association.                                President’s Workshops and other        health and wellbeing, training and
         At the completion of the program        activities during the period of the    development and a national body
     members will have gained a unique           program;                               for the Volunteers Association all
     understanding of the operation of the    »» Undertake and deliver a project        being worked on.
     Volunteers Association and will have        of interest to the Volunteers              Workshops have also been
     the skills to become a Not-for-Profit       Association working with its           attended around Values-based
     Board member.                               assigned Board member; and             Leadership and Initial Contact
         Expectations of the participants:    »» Deliver a presentation on a            Training as well as the participants
     »» Required to work one on one with         contemporary volunteering              being observers in a Volunteers
         a current Board member;                 issue to the Board.                    Council Meeting.

      “New Homes, Extensions
         & Renovations”                                                    PO Box 3209 Umina Beach
       Email: rwpbuild_1@hotmail.com                                              NSW 2257
        PO Box 4 Uranquinty NSW 2652                                          Mob:     0414 297 769
                 Contact Ryan on                                       Email: sandro@versatilehomes.com.au
             0448 850 000
     Proudly Supporting The SES Volunteers                              Proudly supporting the local SES volunteers
       “The Life They Save May Be Yours”                                            on a job well done.


Contact Centres Australia in
partnership with the NSW SES VA
       ontact Centres Australia has
       proudly represented the NSW
       SES VA since 2009, conducting
large scale calling to fundraise for
the Association and its volunteers.
CCA use a well-established database
of regular supporters and the
general public to raise funds for this
great organisation.
    Over 5 million calls have been
made since the partnership began,
with the assurance that each and every       The dedicated team of agents           If you’d like to take part in the raffle
single call upholds the high standards   enjoys raising funds for the           and give yourself a chance to win one
of the Association. CCA’s team           Association, stating that it is one    of the great prizes, please visit
reach out to supporters in rural and     of its favourite organisations to          www.sesvaraffle.com.au or call
metropolitan NSW, raising awareness      call for – some have even become       1300 707 344. You could win yourself a
for the Association.                     volunteers themselves!                 new car or a holiday valued at $20,000!

Raffle Schedule
Raffle                      SESVA48          SESVA49               SESVA50         SESVA51                 SESVA52
Start Calling:              29 Jul 16        23 Sep 16             18 Nov 16       13 Jan 17               10 Mar 17
Finish Calling:             23 Sep 16        18 Nov 16             13 Jan 17       10 Mar 17               5 May 17
Draw Date:                  18 Nov 16        13 Jan 17             10 Mar 17       5 May 17                30 Jun 17

Helo multi agency activity
Photo by Chris Abbott, Bathurst Unit.

                                                                                                      NSWSESVA.ORG.AU          11

     IM Project
            ince the last edition of The            The AFAC AIDES Memoire App
            Volunteer, the NSW SES Incident     is an essential guide for all those
            Management Policy has been          involved in managing incidents and
     released. Please ensure you are familiar   emergencies. The App covers all
     with this policy and your associated       the AIIMS roles, their functions and
     responsibilities. To support the           handy checklists to prompt thinking
     implementation and understanding           and help remember all aspects when
     of this policy reference materials have    under pressure.
     been made available at all NSW SES
     Headquarters and including the AFAC        AIIMS-4 IBOOK
     AIDES Memoire iPhone App, AIIMS-4          The AIIMS-4 iBook was pushed to all
     iBook, posters and the hard copy           NSW SES issued iPads as an iBook
     AFAC AIIMS-4 Manuals, at all NSW SES       during July/August 2016.                INCIDENT MANAGEMENT
     Headquarters.                                  This iBook in addition to the       POLICY - SUPPORT TOOLS
                                                hard copy AFAC AIIMS-4 Manuals          To support the implementation
     NSW SES INCIDENT                           already provided to Regions and         and understanding of the Incident
     MANAGEMENT POLICY                          Units is available to members as a      Management Policy several tools
     The policy outlines how the NSW            reference during operations and         have been developed and are
     State Emergency Service (NSW SES)          for use in training and exercising      available via EOS, or by contacting
     will deliver its Command and Control       activities.                             improject@ses.nsw.gov.au
     responsibilities under the State                                                       They include:
     Emergency Services (SES) Act 1989          INCIDENT MANAGEMENT                     »» NSW SES YouTube Incident
     and the State Emergency and Rescue         POSTERS                                     Management Project Overview –
     Management (SERM) Act 1989.                Incident Management posters                 Webinar Recording
         This policy replaces the chapter       will be distributed to all NSW SES      »» PowerPoint and
     in the NSW SES Operations Manual.          Headquarters for display in your        »» A Frequently Asked Questions
                                                Incident Control Centre.                    (FAQs) document.
     AFAC AIDES MEMOIRE APP                         They are an excellent visual tool   If you have any questions
     The AIDES Memoire App was sent             for quick and easy reference to AIIMS   in relation to the Incident
     out to all NSW SES iPhones on Friday,      and Incident Management terminology,    Management Project, please contact
     August 12, 2016.                           definitions and structure.              improject@ses.nsw.gov.au



     Ordinary people doing
     extraordinary things
     What lay ahead stopped us in our tracks.

                once old, proud pine tree was
                now resting across a four-wheel
                drive, the reach of its branches
     so wide that it obscured the second
     storey of the building behind, even
     felled, as it had been, by the sheer
     force of nature.
          It filled the night air with the scent
     of freshly crushed pine. The siren of
     emergency vehicles in the distance
     hinted that something had gone
     wrong. We stood before the pine tree,
     dwarfed by the devastation wreaked
     by the super low-pressure system that         NSW SES - Marrickville Unit volunteer Peter McIntosh attending to a large branch that fell
     had carved its way along the coast            during the June east-coast low.
     of NSW in June this year. This year’s
     devastating ‘stormaggedon’.                   forging a team. It is like team sports.        SES - Waverley Woollahra Unit. I was
         “Put your chaps on and get the pole-      The difference is that this team plays         unafraid as I carried the heavy pole-saw
     saw ready” my team leader told me,            many different sports.”                        back to my team-mates. My adrenaline
     shaking us back into action.                      Since the 1950s, that is exactly what      rush had vanished as we discussed the
          I went over a mental checklist as        the NSW SES has been doing. Initially,         risks and hazards of the task before
     I slowly walked to the truck. From the        the SES started off as a response              us. The service had taught me early on
     corner of my eye, I saw the familiar          to the threat of a nuclear arms race.          to trust those in the familiar orange of
     orange jackets of my team members as          These days the service and its 10,000          the SES uniforms and the many training
     they assessed the task at hand. There         volunteers focus on protecting the             hours they had behind that prepared
     was no doubt in my mind that they             community from different threats.              them to tackle the ‘worst in nature’.
     were doing a ‘take five’. Even with               As the SES motto goes “the worst               As Adam said “the SES is like family.
     nearly five years’ experience working         in nature, the best in us.”                    A rich diversity of friends you are
     with the NSW State Emergency Service,             Time and time again the best of the        unlikely to acquire in other professions”.
     I never ceased to be amazed by the            State Emergency Services has been on           Indeed, my team on that night was
     hardworking, humble volunteers.               display. SES volunteers responded to           made up of a nurse, an architect and an
     They are just ordinary people who do          nearly 40,000 requests for assistance          academic. Each person has something
     extraordinary things.                         during the 1999 hailstorm in NSW. In           to contribute to the service and in
          I often wondered why they were           2001, they tackled the Black Christmas         turn, they learn new skills and gain
     willing to be brave the winter cold and       bushfires. In 2011, the NSW State              new experiences.
     the rain, the summer fires and blistering     Emergency Services volunteers went                 Learning new skills and gaining
     heat and the fast flowing flood waters        to QLD to assist with the post Cyclone         new experiences have been another
     to help the thousands of Australians          Yasi cleanup.                                  key motivator for me. In my five years,
     who find themselves at the mercy of               The June ‘stormageddon’ was no             the NSW SES - Marrickville Unit have
     nature’s extreme forces. Year in and          exception. Fifty volunteers from my            given me the opportunity to complete
     year out. Of course, it’s a question I        Unit had worked in rotation for five           various nationally accredited courses.
     also needed to ask myself. When I first       days straight and completed 120                    From senior first aid to land
     joined the NSW SES - Marrickville Unit,       requests for assistance from the local         search to storm damage response,
     my greatest motivation was to get out         community. Even then, they had the             our regular Tuesday night trainings
     of my comfort zone.                           energy and commitment to assist                have prepared me to respond to most
          For 15-year-veteran of the NSW SES       neighbouring Units.                            emergency situations. I have also
     Marrickville Unit, Adam Jones, the SES            That night, it was our turn to help        had the opportunity to participate in
     is about “helping the community and           the Randwick community and the NSW             courses outside of the SES, such as


NSW SES - Marrickville Unit Volunteers 2016.

 the intensive leadership program                 “Lots of people sit at home and do       Sydenham Green we passed many other
 at the Australian Institute for Police        nothing. I would rather do something        emergency vehicles racing past. Their
 Management as well as short writing           constructive and help the community.”       sirens and flashing lights reminded us
 workshops with the Australian Centre             That night was no different.             of the devastation right across Sydney,
 for Independent Journalism.                   The pole-saw was heavy and exhausting,      and up and down the NSW coast, and
     For the past 25 years, the                but under the guidance of my team           that cleanup and recovery would be
 opportunity to up-skill has also been         leader, the pine tree was cut slowly and    ongoing for some time.
 driving Debbie Burns. Since signing up        methodically. To prevent damage to the          As always, and despite our
 in 1991, she has gone on to become the        four-wheel drive, we used ropes to guide    exhaustion, there was a sense of
 longest serving volunteer with the NSW        where the branches fell. By the time        accomplishment within the team.
 SES - Marrickville Unit. In that time, she    we were done, the scent of fresh pine       This feeling is my prime motivator and
 has seen the Unit evolve from a small                                                     no doubt, that of my peers. A sincere
 shed, to a Scout’s Hall to its new and well                                               and heartfelt thanks that validates
 equipped home at Sydenham Green.                                                          the sacrifices we make over the years.
     One of the key characteristics of an                                                  The hundreds of hours these we spend
 NSW SES volunteer is their resilience.                                                    training and preparing ourselves. The
These ordinary men and women do                                                            pride and sense of identity that comes
 extraordinary things because they are                                                     with the orange uniform and being part
 able to adapt in the face of adversity.                                                   of such an esteemed family.
 Sometimes, nature provided these                                                              As Winston Churchill so astutely
 challenges. Other times, it was challenges                                                observed; “we make a living by what we
 imposed by society. For Debbie Burns,                                                     get, but we make a life by what we give”.
 her early years with the NSW SES was          Fulfilling my role as the Public
 about breaking the glass ceiling.             Information Officer.                        By Hasmukh Chand
    “I was the first female in the Unit to
 be qualified to use a chain-saw”, she         wood had blossomed with all the fresh
 said with some relish.                        saw-dust, throwing an unexpectedly          A BIG THANK YOU
     For Adam Jones, it’s about                mood over the scene of destruction.         I would like to thank the NSW SES
 conquering his fear of heights                    The resident thanked us for coming      Volunteers Association for providing me
 whenever he steps onto a roof. I also         out in the evening to help her.             with the grants that made it possible
 have the same fear whenever I put on a            The best part of the night was when     for me to complete my writing courses
 height safety harness. However, these         she (like most members of the public)       at the University of Technology’s
 are not barriers that prevent us from         found out that we were volunteers.          Australian Center for Independent
 helping the community, just personal          One of the most common questions we         Journalism. I would also like to thank
 challenges to overcome.                       get from the public is “are you getting     Louise Williams, for being a great
     When asked what motivates her,            paid for this?”. This used to irritate me   course teacher and encouraging us
 Debbie’s response was instant.                because I thought it showed a lack of       to explore our creative writing skills
    “I bleed orange.”                          understanding of the work of the NSW        and for her time and effort in helping
     The statement encapsulated the            SES. Now, I take it as a compliment,        proof read this article. A huge thanks
 essence of the service. This year,            a testament to professionalism with         to Debbie Burns and Adam Jones from
 Debbie accumulated over a thousand            which the NSW SES volunteers help           NSW SES – Marrickville Unit for giving
 volunteer hours with the NSW SES              their community.                            up their time to share their stories
- Marrickville Unit. If this was not               In our SES truck we completed           with me. And finally, to the ordinary
 impressive enough, she also regularly         our after action review - a process in      men and women of the NSW SES
 volunteers to feed the homeless at            which we evaluate how we dealt with         who do extraordinary things for their
 Martin Place.                                 the situation. As we drove back to          community in times of great adversity.

                                                                                                               NSWSESVA.ORG.AU         15

      Presentation by Dr Berryman.

     Hacking up a storm
     in Wollongong
             nlike the usual tempest events             Volunteers, staff and             from Parliamentary Secretary
             creating devastation on our            community members from across         for the Illawarra Gareth Ward
             shores, this storm brought with        NSW came together to develop          MP, Assistant Commissioner Scott
     it a huge wave of innovative ideas.            technology solutions to enhance       Hanckel and a presentation on
         The first ever NSW SES Hackathon           our operational capability and        live flood mapping in Jakarta by
     was held in June this year on                  business. The group consisting        Dr Matthew Berryman from the
     the same weekend as the recent                 of developers, designers,             University of Wollongong.
     catastrophic weather event that                programmers and innovative                Day two saw participants form
     brought havoc to the entire south              thinkers pitched their ideas on the   teams to collaborate, design and
     coast of NSW.                                  first day. This included speeches     build prototypes of their proposed
                                                                                          initiatives, in a room designed to
                                                                                          replicate an incubator in Silicon
                                                                                          Valley. Each team presented its
                                                                                          ideas on the Sunday afternoon
                                                                                          to a panel of judges (ICT Director
                                                                                          Charles Emer, NSW SES volunteer
                                                                                          Daniel Pridham and Dr Stephen
                                                                                          Smith from Macquarie University
                                                                                          Department of Computing).
                                                                                              Prizes were awarded to ‘best
                                                                                          team’ Neil Burmester, Ross Wallace
     Hackathon participants and IT support staff.                                         and Shinoy Jacob, ‘Best individual’


                                            QualIT           A web based app providing easy access to a member’s training
                                                             and education profile
                                            Logi             A vehicle inventory app for mobile devices to keep track of ropes,
                                                             rescue equipment and log vehicle kilometres
                                            Member           A subscription based system for managing emails to members
                                            SES help         An online portal for the community to request NSW SES

Event organiser Andrew McCullough.          Take5            A mobile app for non-operational activity hazard/risk assessment
                                            Data             A visual tool to predict the incoming call rate and areas most
                                            analysis         likely to be affected by a flood or storm using historical RFA data.
                                            MySES            An app to track the availability of members using GPS and
                                                             provide easy access to training records.
                                            SUSI             A universal sign in system to track attendance of members which
                                                             can be taken into the field Fixed/mobile Member sign on system
                                                             using Member ID card
                                            Lighthouse       An addition to the Lighthouse Chrome plugin which allows
                                            RFA              members of the public to submit requests for assistance online
                                                             through a website.
Jason Roache and Director ICT
Charles Emer.

Zander Newcombe and Director ICT
Charles Emer.

Jason Roache first place and 16 year old
Zander Newcombe second place.
   Due to operational activity, a
number of participants had to leave
early so the people’s choice award         Director ICT Charles Emer, Neil Burmester, Ross Wallace and Shinoy Jacob.
has been deferred to a later date.

Every initiative will be presented
to the Senior Leadership Team for
consideration of further sponsorship,
investigation and design.
    If you would like more
information or wish to be involved
in future discussions of any of these
ideas, visit our face book page
and search [Hackers & Innovators
@ NSW SES] or email Andrew
McCullough andrew.mccullough1@ses.
nsw.gov.au or David Leffley
david.leffley@ses.nsw.gov.au.              Scott Colefax (National Parks & Wildlife) and Mark Sellars (Sutherland Unit).

                                                                                                                 NSWSESVA.ORG.AU    17


     Years                                                             1989-2001
     THE SES IN 1989                               HOWARD’S APPRAISAL                        the way of an administrative structure
     Major General Brian Howard, known             AND APPROACH                              to support them or indeed the units.
     universally as ‘Hori’, took the reins         Howard’s previous position had been       The organisation was in a parlous state,
     of the SES late in 1989 at the end of         as Director of the Natural Disasters      greatly in need of restructuring and
     a long army career. He arrived at a           Organisation (later Emergency             reorientation, and State Headquarters
     difficult moment in the organisation’s        Management Australia), the                needed to develop a leadership role
     history, State Headquarters having            Commonwealth reference point for          if the volunteer units were to be
     been lambasted in a report by the             the State and Territory Emergency         appropriately nurtured. Otherwise
     Office of Public Management for               Services. In that role he had made it     they would stumble on by themselves,
     having mismanaged its development.            his business to get to know the           largely separate organisations charting
     For nearly a decade the SES had been          S/TESs around the nation and to           their own paths rather than as integral
     run more or less as a department              come to grips with their problems and     elements of a larger entity with a clear
     within the Police Force, an                   their needs, and he thus had some         mission and the means of pursuing it.
     arrangement that was never well               sense of what he was facing as the             Lacking leadership from above,
     accepted by the volunteers because
     it involved a loss of organisational
     independence. In truth this was a
     flawed model. Worse yet, senior and
     long-standing volunteers had become              Howard’s response to the SES’s problems
     disenchanted by the directions that
     were being followed by the leadership.              was to establish a simple two-part
     The SES was at a low ebb.
          There was a strong sense that               structure at State Headquarters, one to
     the organisation was getting little
     leadership from State Headquarters:               deal with Operations … and the other
     the local units were making do without
     much policy direction and with even
                                                          to manage Corporate Services …
     less in the way of financial support.
     The SES’s budget was tiny – less than
     $5 million at the end of the 1980s – and
     almost none of that money seemed
     to find its way to the grass roots.            incoming Director of the NSWSES.         the units were managing their own
     And there was a feeling, which was             But on taking up his position in the     activities in their own ways. They were
     captured in the OPM report, that State         Sydney headquarters he found that        performing impressively in operations,
     Headquarters had become divorced               he had underestimated the breadth        as Howard noted when he examined
     from the volunteer organisation                and seriousness of the problems.         the units which had dealt with the
     and was operating as a self-serving           “Everywhere I looked”, he said years      two serious bus crashes on the
     bureaucracy. As a result its very              later, “there was nothing”. Structures   north coast just before his arrival –
     relevance was in question. There was a         and systems were lacking in terms of     between them these had cost more
     need for radical change if the SES was         operationally-oriented functions like    than 50 lives – and he also noted the
     to prosper and to play its full part in the    training, equipment, communications      effectiveness of SES volunteers in the
     NSW emergency management system.               and planning, and there was little in    response to the Newcastle earthquake


RCR Competition at Wodonga 1997. Horrie challenged Reece Mags (DG from Vic SES) to an RCR duel. This then became the annual
Directors Challenge incorporated into the ARRO challenge.

which struck only days after he had          the Government Radio Network (GRN).          and negotiated increased
taken up his commission. Units were          Moreover he obtained the Minister’s          Commonwealth subsidies. Gradually,
accustomed to rallying to each other’s       support for state funding of the             inroads were made in reducing the
needs when additional resources were         equipment function, which meant that         numbers of units which were operating
required, as the Newcastle response          a tap was turned on in relation to the       from sub-standard facilities.
in particular indicated, and their basic     resourcing of the units.                         He also placed an emphasis on the
rescue training, provided by volunteer           The changed approach to                  units’ vehicles. Many of these were
trainers and based on the ‘Red Book’         equipment and communications was             old and of dubious worth – in 1997,
(the Commonwealth Disaster Rescue            important. In effect it began the            when the first SES Task Force set
Book) fitted them well for the varied        process of freeing the volunteer units       off to contribute to the response
responses they had to undertake.             from the need to raise funds locally         to the Thredbo landslide, Sydney
    There was, Howard, concluded,            and to beg and borrow for what they          Southern Regional Controller John
real strength at the grass roots of the      needed to operate. Too much of the           Jeppesen remarked with only a little
organisation. But that strength could        organisation’s functioning in the past       exaggeration that “Ten years ago
not be augmented, and the SES could          had been based on hand-me-downs              half those trucks wouldn’t have made
not evolve, without programmes which         (for example from the police and the         the first corner”. Within a decade
gave real support to the volunteers and      army), local fund raising and charitable     of Howard’s arrival the units all had
their units and ensured that they were       donations of equipment.                      vehicles which were on their councils’
better led.                                      Another area which attracted             fleets and serviced by the councils.
    Howard’s response to the SES’s           Howard’s attention was the                       Howard’s focus on equipment,
problems was to establish a simple two-      accommodation of the units.                  accommodation and vehicles produced a
part structure at State Headquarters,        The provision of headquarters facilities     new sense of optimism at the grass roots
one to deal with Operations (including       was a legislated council responsibility,     of the organisation. It also cemented the
operational support functions) and           but the Commonwealth subsidies               Director’s standing with the volunteers.
the other to manage Corporate                were derisory and a common council               Howard also focused on the way the
Services such as finance, procurement        approach was to give the local unit          SES functioned in its core operational
and personnel. His treatment of              space that was surplus to council’s          business. Standing operating
communications matters was indicative        requirements rather than creating            procedures (SOPs) were developed
of his approach: before his arrival          something that was appropriate to            to create consistency in operational
the communications area had been             the operation of an emergency service        responses, and a strengthened
confined largely to the repair of radios     organisation. Many units, as a result,       approach to planning was instituted.
from the various largely incompatible        were functioning in totally inadequate       The NSWSES of the 1970s and 1980s
radio systems that had been acquired         facilities that were old, cramped and        had had a major responsibility for
(often on a hand-me-down basis               inappropriate in design. To say the          emergency planning on behalf of
from other organisations) over the           least, some of the headquarters were         the departments of the government
years. There was no state programme          of a shameful quality. They were             (like Community Services in the context
to respond to the equipment needs            certainly not helpful in attracting          of the disaster welfare function),
of the units. Howard appointed an            volunteers who needed to be able to          but the organisation had never been
Equipment Officer with responsibility        have a sense of pride in the buildings       well resourced for the task: for all of
for floodboats, rescue equipment and         from which they operated.                    that time there was never more than a
protective clothing, and he disbanded            Over a period Howard codified the
the radio repair section and signed up to    requirements for unit headquarters           »» continued on page 20

                                                                                                               NSWSESVA.ORG.AU        19

     »» continued from page 19                                                               and bus to Dubbo. This event brought
                                                                                             home a number of lessons – the need
      single designated planning officer in                                                  for all floodplain towns to have an SES
      State Headquarters and people with                                                     presence, for example (Nyngan had
      little knowledge of planning principles                                                none at the time, but a unit was quickly
      or methods were pressed into the                                                       established afterwards), and the need
      task. Worse yet the planning for floods,                                               to seek to undertake major evacuation
      part of the SES’s core business, was                                                   operations in advance of inundation
      lacking and to a degree ignored. Apart                                                 (the people of Nyngan were trapped,
      from a few local controllers who had                                                   their houses uninhabitable and no
      seen a need to plan (for example, to                                                   way of escape except by helicopter).
      evacuate people), the plans that existed                                               Later floods were to see substantial
      were confined to documents outlining                                                   evacuation operations mounted in
      the procedures for developing and                                                      Windsor, Warren, Bathurst, Lismore,
      promulgating flood warnings.                                                           Grafton, Ulmarra and Kempsey. There
           Evacuation as a function was                                                      were difficult-to-manage flash floods in
      largely ignored and as a result some                                                   Coffs Harbour and Wollongong as well.
      dangerous situations had been allowed                                                      Beyond floods and storms, the SES’s
      to persist in which it would not have                                                  core business, the organisation was
      been possible to evacuate some flood-                                                  involved in many other emergencies
      liable communities in the time available                                               in support of other agencies. The
      before they were overwhelmed by                                                        response to the Newcastle earthquake
      flooding. The evacuation problem in                                                    was the first of these in Howard’s
      severely flood-liable areas like the                                                   time, and another of great significance
      Hawkesbury and Tweed valleys was                                                       was the response to the landslide at
      poorly understood and responses to it                                                  Thredbo in 1997. This latter event saw
      were therefore not well thought out.                                                   the NSWSES provide more responders
      A repeat of the flood of record on the       within the wider flood management         than any of the many other agencies
      Hawkesbury River could have seen             endeavour and created opportunities       involved. Both Newcastle and Thredbo
      very large numbers of people, tens of        for staff and volunteers to learn about   saw the SES prove its versatility as
      thousands of them, left unevacuated          flood management.                         a general-purpose, multi-skilled
      by the time their escape routes had                                                    emergency service organisation able
      been cut. In the most difficult cases        OPERATIONS                                to adapt to the challenges that were
      many of these people would have              In his eleven and a half years at the     thrown in its path.
      been at serious risk of dying when           top of the NSWSES, Howard presided
      severe floods struck their communities.      over many emergency operations.           THE HOWARD LEGACY
      Clearly, there were inadequacies in the      There were very big storm response        There can be no doubt that Hori
      SES’s conceptualisation of its task.         operations to be undertaken in            Howard left the SES in a stronger
           Howard appointed professional           Sydney’s west and north in 1990           position than he found it. He quickly
      planners and gave the flood planning         and 1991 respectively, and in 1999        assessed the organisation’s problems
      task a high priority. The flood plans that   the most damaging hailstorm ever          and devised solutions for them, and
      evolved in his time were wide-ranging,       experienced in Australia struck the       under his stewardship the organisation
      focusing on the formalising of the           eastern suburbs: more than 20,000         made substantial progress on several
      responsibilities of agencies and on the      dwellings were damaged. All these         fronts. By 2001 the volunteers were
     ‘how’ of warning, property-protection,        events created lessons for the SES to     better housed and clothed, and had
      rescue, evacuation, public education         learn, the last of them in particular     better equipment and vehicles, than
      and other tasks. Moreover the plans          showing how inadequate some of the        they had had a decade earlier, and the
      sought to define and describe, in            Unit Headquarters were for managing       basis had been laid for performing the
      each council area, the nature of the         storm damage responses. There were        flood and storm management roles
      flood problem that would have to be          also major storm damage operations        more effectively. Leadership had been
      faced in floods up to the most severe        during Howard’s time outside Sydney,      provided, the parlous state of the SES
      possible, and steps were taken to            in country towns like Armidale,           in the late 1980s had been corrected
      improve the quality and the quantity         Singleton, Lismore, Dubbo and             and many improvements had been
      of the flood intelligence available for      Newcastle amongst others.                 made to the way the organisation
      operational decision making. Strong              Among the first flood operations      functioned. Howard’s time in charge
      links were created, too, between the         Howard managed was at Nyngan in           was a good one for the SES.
      SES and the councils and government          April 1990, when a record flood saw
      agencies which were responsible for          the virtually complete inundation of      Chas Keys was the Deputy
      flood forecasting and flood mitigation       the town and an evacuation of almost      Director General of the NSWSES
      activity: these brought the SES              all of its 2500 residents by helicopter   from 1997 to 2004.


Smartphones dial up
NSW SES response
           ore than 700 NSW State
           Emergency Service (NSW SES)
          volunteers and staff received
new smartphones to enable instant             This technology gives our volunteers the
access to critical flood and storm data,
up-to-date weather information and
                                             ability to have instant access to information
access to corporate systems.                 which helps us better serve the community
    The $2.2 million investment over
two years delivered smartphones
                                                    in our response to emergencies.
into the hands of all Local and Unit
Controllers as well as after-hours
duty officers.
    We’ve witnessed the devastation
the severe weather caused but              780 tablets already in use by NSW SES    Acting Commissioner Newton said.
our volunteers have been working           teams in the field.                         The vision of the NSW SES is to be
tirelessly to make sure their                 “This technology gives our            the world’s best at mitigating the risk
community is kept safe. These new          volunteers the ability to have instant   and consequences of emergencies on
smartphones will ensure they can           access to information which helps        communities; the new ICT vision is for
carry on with that important work.         us better serve the community            a modern and transformative ICT for a
    The capability will complement the     in our response to emergencies,”         more effective NSW SES.

                                                                                                        NSWSESVA.ORG.AU       21

        Another unusual
        task for the NSW SES

                                                embers of NSW SES are called
                                                to do many different types of
                                                jobs that are a little different
                                      to our normal tasking and at times this
                                      takes some thinking outside the box.
                                          The Tabulam Unit was called to
                                      a fatal plane crash in the Clarence
                                      River to assist in the recovery of the
                                      occupants. Two days later they were
                                      requested to assist in the recovery of
                                      the plane which lay upside down in
                                      around 3m of water, only the wheels
                                      were shown above the water. Our task
                                      would be to transport the plane some
                                      3km up stream to a point where it could
                                      be loaded onto a truck. As this would
                                      entail moving over a shallow section of
                                      water we requested a flood boat crew
                                      from the City of Lismore unit together
                                      with their punt. All crews meet at
                                      Clevlands Crossing at 09.00hrs.


    Police Rescue members from
Lismore and Police Divers from
Sydney were also in attendance, plus
a crew of aircraft technicians who
were there to pull the wings off the
plane once it was on the bank for
ease of transport.
    The divers placed air bags under
the plane and rolled it over whilst
raising it. It was then winched to the
shore where the technicians removed
the wings and the fuselage was
man handled onto the Lismore punt
for transport upstream, a wing was
transported on the Tabulam inflatable
together with some of the divers
equipment. After a couple of trips
up and back the job was complete
at 1730hrs, just on dark.

By Neville O’Malley

                                                  NSWSESVA.ORG.AU   23

      Left to right: Mark Murphy, RFS – Willow Tree; AG David Ford standing in for David Cotsios, VRA - Batlow –
      Winner in Volunteer capacity; Danielle Osborne, SES – Lightnight Ridge; Minister for Emergency Services,
      The Hon David Elliott MP; DG Stephen Humphreys D9675; Grant Prendergast, Ambulance – Murwillumbah;
      Dr Peter Taylor, MR – Shoalhaven; Graham Parks, Fire and Rescue – Leeton – Winner in Paid Capacity.

       Rotary Emergency Services
       Community Awards
               n July 23, 2016, emergency          representatives from the Steering                   This year, of the 24 finalists, 17 are
               services personnel, the             Committee who work tireless together            from 100km outside of Sydney; from all
               Minister for Emergency              from January to August each year.               parts of the State.
     Services, The Hon David Elliott MP,               Nominations were received                       Each finalist and his/her partner
     their Commissioners, Commissioners            from all parts of the State and were            joined with more than 350 guests
     Representative, family, friends and           judged by panels of Rotarians in                for the dinner; with overnight
     colleagues joined with Rotarians from         five Rotary Districts. Each panel               accommodation in Sydney provided
     all Districts in NSW to celebrate this        carefully considers the nominations             through the generosity of Gold
     year’s 24 finalists from Fire & Rescue        for evidence of ‘Service Above Self’,           Partner – Bankstown Sports Club
     NSW; Ambulance NSW; Rural Fire                what the officer does over and above            and the RC of Sydney Cove. The ES
     Service NSW; State Emergency Service          his/her normal role, ranks the finalists,       Agency assistsed with travel where
     NSW; Volunteer Rescue Association             returns the decision for probity                necessary.
     NSW and Marine Rescue NSW.                    checking by each of the Emergency               The overall two winners are:
         This, the second year for the event       Service agencies for approval to                »» Captain Graham Parks, Fire and
     to be held state-wide, was again              proceed. Four from each Agency were                 Rescue NSW - Leeton
     supported by the Platinum Partner             invited to accept the nomination and            »» Deputy Captain David Cotsios,
     NRMA Insurance, together with Gold            confirm their willingness to proceed.               Volunteer Rescue Association
     Partner, Remondis, supported by Silver        The nominations of the six who are                 – Batlow
     and Bronze Partners and organisations         ranked as the winners of each of the            Supported by the following Officers
     supporting the celebration which              six Agencies are then forwarded to              representing their Agencies:
     was held in the Dockside Pavilion,            the District Governor who convenes a            »» Grant Prendergast, Manager,
     Darling Harbour.                              panel of DG’s across the State to put               Ambulance NSW – Murwillumbah
         Guests were met on arrival                forward their final two winners – an            »» Dr Peter Taylor, Regional First
     by Rotarians and Commissioner’s               officer in a paid capacity and the other            Aid Trainer, Marine Rescue NSW –
     Emergency Services – ES -                     a volunteer.                                        Shoalhaven


                                                                       NSWSES finalists with the Acting Commissioner.

»» Mark Murphy, Operations                    years of an Australian Rotary Health PhD             July 22, 2017 is the date set for the
     Response and Coordination,               research scholarship for Post-Traumatic          3rd annual Rotary Emergency Services
     Rural Fire Service, Willow Tree          Stress Disorder – PTSD for officers in           Community Awards - RESCA. Visit the
»» Daniele Osborne, General Land              these agencies. This is the first of its kind    website www.rotaryESCawards.org.au
     Rescue Volunteer, State Emergency        for ES personnel. We are looking forward         for progressive updates and information.
     Service – Lightning Ridge                to the scholar being announced and                    Rotary Clubs are encouraged
Each of the finalist has committed to visit   introduced in the not too distance future.       to organise their own local awards
their local Rotary Clubs to share their           Ms Jacki Johnson, Group Executive            as a Vocational Service Project and
story. Their information can be gained        for People Performance and Reputation,           membership initiative, to highlight,
from their District Representative on the     in her presentation on behalf of the             publicly recognise and thank all
Project Steering Committee or through         Principal Partner, NRMA, expressed               emergency services personnel whilst
Dot Hennessy, Chair, 0412 120 314 –           her appreciation and honour to be able           promoting Rotary, Rotary Projects and
dothennessy@gmail.com                         to attend to be involved in the Awards,          their own Rotary Club. Those recognised
     Through social media, the awards         congratulated and thanked all the finalists      at this level can be moved forward to
attained a reach of 116,063 between           for their dedication, their families,            nominate at the State event.
July 20 and 26 on Facebook. The event         those present and especially spoke in                These Awards are held in the first
Manager Rotarian Carole Johnston is           support for the PTSD Scholarship and             half of each year and complement the
the dedicated guru on social media            the importance of this initiative.               Police Awards to be held on November
with feeding on FB every day after the            During the 2016-2017 Rotary Year, the        4, in the second half of the year.
announcement of the finalists, including      ESA team will be visiting and attending               For further information, contact
an individual profile about each of the 24    District Conferences and District                Dot Hennessy, above mentioned
finalists in the last week, congratulating    Assemblies, where possible, throughout           for RESCA and John Given, jgiven@
all four from each ES Agency.                 NSW, to promote the project whilst               zions.com.au/ phone 0414 188 711.
     In 2015, funds raised from the project   encouraging Rotary Clubs to identify
were committed to the first of three          and nominate their own local heroes.             By Dot Hennessy

                                                                                                                   NSWSESVA.ORG.AU         25
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