In ancient countries, numbers were given many different meanings.
  The number "8" is the eight directions that make up the earth, which is the number that completes
  the earth, and the number that adds the eight directions that make up the earth, which means "9" is
  the number of the realm of God.

  The9 company recognizes the philosophical ideology of blockchain and is confident that blockchain
  will be a representative system of the world in the near future.
  Moreover, unlike other businesses, we believe the potation of “Resources-based system” is the eight
  directions and The 9 company will be at the center.

  Therefore, number “9” is the will and the vison of The9 company.

9CO/T9 Business Philosophy

“Be equal in tourism!”
Tourism is an important place in human life, people learn life through travel, plan new businesses,
meet their loved ones and start a family. THE9 company intends to draw a grand picture to overcome
the obstacles to the inconvenience of language in the way of experiencing tourism, the inconvenience
of exchange and loss of value issued by the payment system of each country's currency, and the
inconvenience of loss of reward value in the operating system of natives and foreigners.

THE9COMPANY is with THE9COMPANYKOREA, the world's largest kiosk operator provides free
kiosk ticketing and management systems for tourist destinations around the world and ordering
kiosks for merchants around the world.
Lkorea, has the licensee in Korea about China’s largest in-bound tourism OTA LVMAMA with 259
million members worldwide.
EXALAB, developed mainnet first in Korea, has artificial intelligence and big data technology,
developing various service programs for LVMAMA Korea’s travel applications and ordering kiosk and
proving technologies for 9CO/T9 projects.
PayExpress, a global hybrid PG company that provides hybrid payment services in kiosks around the
world where TE9COMPANYKOREA is in operation.
provides freedom of speech anywhere in the world.
provides the freedom of payment, which does not cause inconvenience in exchange and loss of
value due to exchange rate anywhere in the world.
Provide globally integrated mileage services to foreigners to enable them to use meaningless
mileages anywhere in the world.
This is business philosophy of THE9COMPANY where provides 9CO/T9.

                                                                               9CO/T9 Business Philosophy 4

Prologue                                         07

Abstract                                         08

1. Business Foundation                           09

2. Problems of Global facility
   Operators                                     15

   1   Problems of facility operation business
   2   Problems of global tourist industry
   3   Absence of support system

3. The Problem Solving Suggested by
   THE9                                          18

   1   Resolution of pending issues
   2   Resolution of user issues
   3   Resolution of system issues

4. Introduction of business                      22

   1   THE9 Company profile
   2   THE9 Business objective
   3   THE9 Composition of business

5. Global Entry Status and Planning              32
6. Token Project Plan                            37

7. Conclusion                                    42

8. THE9COMPANY / THE9 TEAM / ADVISER             43

9. Legal Consideration                           47

  “Rusted Nail”
  As of 2018, entering the fourth industrial revolution, the most popular ticketing system in tour sites
  around the world is the "nail." Still, famous tour sites around the world take away tickets, give them
  to tourists, and place one on a nail in front of the ticket office clerk.
  Maybe the way they use is a little bit uncomfortable and cumbersome, but it's the optimal system in
  terms of Earth and nature.
  The9 company respects this primary ticketing system.
  Based on respect, we want to have fare profits and advantages with tourists who visit tour sites.
  This is begging of The9 company for global tourist industry.


The9 company is a firm that manages the businesses such as payment interlocking devices and
operating systems such as kiosks and gates, ticketing system, possessing payment system, providing
to public facilities with no charge and receiving commission for their use.

From 2016, THE9 and partners have been operating the business through various forms of contracts
in Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, etc. In the future, expecting to enter Europe, the USA and
across Asia such as Japan, Malaysia market.

Based on its know-how in conducting various devices, operating systems, ticketing systems, and
payment systems, THE9 has directly provided benefits such as practical cost reduction and efficient
marketing by linking with stores, stadiums, movie theaters, and tourist sites, and recently provided
users with direct benefits such as convenience and reduction of waiting time. THE9 company has
been approached to the blockchain via a reverse method that combining the existing business system
with blockchain linkage technology and token operation method to maximize competitiveness and
scope of business.

Through this reverse-type blockchain system, establish interconnection with its operational partners
in each country, share mutual membership, support integrated policies and benefits to increase user
revisit rates, increase operational costs, provide practical support for sharing of interests beyond
convenience to users of the Alliance, and provide an increase in net tourism time.

THE9 and partners are providing various systems and devices centered on operating systems in
multi-use stores and tourist attractions without charge. In the tourist attractions when they use our
services, we receive 200KRW per issuing a ticket or an attendance. Recently we are installing and
operating in Korea and Asian countries.

THE9 is establishing a blockchain system by sharing the technology of EXA Lab, which developed
the Mainnet for the first time in Korea to efficiently connect the global network. In addition, the
company is building an ecosystem through EXA Alliance, which shares the same vison. By the vison
the company is expanding its foundation into a global network platform through the link between
various businesses, while eliminating inconveniences presented based on current projects.

                                                                                             Abstract 08
1. Business Foundation

The9 company is the holding company that established for the global tourism operation system business and has a
stake in five-nation operations corporation including 2subsidiary companies in Korea such as 9mm. Currently, the
company is operating the Jeju island project and small business purpose kiosk project.

2 Target amount of installation in global tour sites.

Tour site ticketing kiosk - 37,500 (2019~2024)
Small business ordering 9 kiosk - 50million(2019~2024)

03. Korea's first 40-inch payment system and development of
    kiosks for ticket issuance

02. C
     ompletion of the contract to supply new ticketing machines
    in CJCGV. CJCGV (Co.) 1st batch of 100 new ticketing
10. CJCGV (Co.) First batch of 100 units installed

02. Installation of 150 new machines for CJCGV stock
10. CJCGV (Co.) Image Advertisement Processing and Application
   of Full Screen System

                                                                   1. Business Foundation 10
11. MOU for the photo-ticket part of the DIP and                for the Handicapped
   Regional Complex Output Project                           04. P
                                                                  atent-applied Kiosk Data Integration Control Kiosk
12. Applying CJCGV (Co.) BI change and concluding a             Receiving Structure/Information Supply
    multilingual system contract                             05. E
                                                                  -mart Coupon Kiosk Operating Solution
12. CJCGV (Co.) 100 additional new ticketing machines            Development and Delivery
                                                             12. Select a preferred bidder for Lotteria's unmanned
                                                                POS (KIOSK) test project.
                                                             12. China's largest travel site Lumma, a joint venture
                                                                contract for issuing kiosks to tourist destinations.
07. CJCGV (Co.) 100 additional new machines delivered
08. Developing a Theater Operating System
11. Supply 83 Megabox-type ticket machines
11. Production and delivery of highway food ticket           2014
   issuers                                                   01. Lotte Tower Aquarium Unmanned POS (KIOSK)
12. Additional 57 new ticketing machines in CJCGV              Preferred Negotiators
    stock are delivered.                                     03. H
                                                                  omeplus Coin Kiosk Manufacturing and Delivery
                                                             05. D
                                                                  elivery and operation of CJCGV card photo-ticket
                                                             06. S
                                                                  upply contract and delivery of Max Movie
01. CJCGV (Co.) Direct delivery of new machines                  unmanned ticketing machines
02. C
     JCGV (Co.) Interactive Advertising System              09. O
                                                                  peration of unmanned ticketing machines and
    Development                                                  systems at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon
04. 400 Mega Box (Co.) Cinus machines supply                12. Choosing a preferred bidder for CGV China's
     contract\                                                  unmanned ticketing machine project
05. ( Co.) Joint Business Partnership for the Publication
    of LS Cable System
06. ( Co.) Completed 1,000 Contracts with Hanlim
     Pharmaceutical Co. and Pharmacy purpose Kiosk.           2015
07. U.S. WWL and the U.S. Professional Baseball             04. S
                                                                  elect a preferred bidder for Lotteria's unmanned
    Organization (WWL) have signed a contract to                 POS (KIOSK) project.
    supply the machines.                                     05. Contract and Deliver 450 Japanese Game Printers
12. Delivery of unmanned machines to the Korea              08. C
                                                                  ontract and Delivery of 248 CJ Korea Express
    Basketball League (SK Planet)                                delivery kiosks
12. Contract to install unmanned machines and systems       12. Contract for Development of Kiosk System for
    for the 2014 Incheon Asian Games                            Corona World Theater, Japan

  2013                                                        2016
01. CGV China Integrated Media (9 types) Installation       06. J eju Special Self-Governing Province 020 Service
    Agreement                                                    Operator Support
03. CJCGV (Co.) Supplied Unmanned Launch Vehicle            06. T
                                                                  'way Air PhotoTicket Service Agreement

06. D
     evelopment of Photo Card Kiosk for Everland         05. S
                                                               igning the Agreement on the Delivery of Kiosk for
06. D
     evelopment of Soribada Music Card and Music            Chinese Tourist Zone
    Card Kiosk
09. Developing a BLE (beacon) System for ticket
12. Development of Kiosk Payment System for Wechat
   in China
12. Developing a Photocard Printing System for Wechat
   in China
12. Development of Gglass Tower Kiosk for Chinese
   Tourism Area

01. Kiosk Delivery Alliance for Alfamart, Indonesia
02. A
     greement with the Korea Service Industry
    Promotion Agency on the Development of
    Daehangno Performance System
07. Delivery of Indonesian Telecom Charging Kiosk
   Primary Test Kiosk
07. Indonesian Cinema 21 Movie Ticet rights Kiosk
08. Contract for Delivery of Smart Bending Machine for
    Indonesia DOKU
08. Delivery of Indonesia Photo Ticket System
10. Convention on the Development of Kiosks and
   Systems in Indonesian Bus Terminal
12. GN and KT, disabled association and unmanned
   order kiosk development and acceptance
12. Paju Publishing Association's Education Keyosk
   Project Progress

01. "Here, final bidding qualification for unmanned
   check-in check-out system
01. GN and Gangwon Province Tourism Area Contract
   for Ticket ticketing System
03. Indonesian Bus Terminal Kiosk Agreement
03. Kiosk Field Test for KT Food Trucks 05. First
    delivery of Indonesian Bus Terminal

                                                                                               1. Business Foundation 12
3 Tourist kiosk business

2019.05 present. 162 Tour sites Operating 740 kiosks.



▲ Indonesia Contract for operation of tourism   ▲ Indonesia Contract for operation of bus
   system                                          terminal system

                                                                                              1. Business Foundation 14

                    1st place online ticket agency
                           in Jeju island tour sites.

                                                             System construction            Provide kiosk and
                                                             business partner               systems.
                                                             in Jeju island

                                   KIOSK operation                     System operation

                                                        ◀ Contract for operation of tour
                                                          sites system in Jeju island.

2. Problems of Global facility Operators

 1 Problems of facility operation business.

1) Increasement of operation cost
                                                                            Minimum wage per an hour of OECD
(1) Increasement of fixed cost
                                                                            countries in 2016
Each country's policy toward workers is aimed at a rise in the minimum
                                                                                 Country             Dollar              Won
wage and a mandatory reduction in working hours every year. However,
                                                                                 Austria               13.0             15,860
the sluggish global economy and inflation are driven by shrinking sales
                                                                               Luxemburg               12.1             14,762
and increasing fixed costs (especially labor costs), and by those issues,
                                                                                  France               10.7             13,054
operators are getting uncertain about their business conditions.
                                                                              New Zealand              10.5             12,810

(2) Increasement of marketing cost                                                  UK                 10.3             12,566

Business operators execute a variety of marketing and advertising                Holland               9.7              11,640

to increase falling sales, however, advertising and marketing are less          Germany                9.4              11,468
efficient than investment and operators are repeating a vicious cycle            Canada                8.5              10,370
of increasing the associated costs again.                                          USA                 7.2              8,784
                                                                                  Japan                6.7              8,040
(3) Decrement of LIFE CYCLE of business                                           Korea                5.3              6,470
The life cycle of global public works is getting shorter as technology      ※ 1USD per 1220KWD                                  OECD

advances and information spreads faster. For commercial and
independent multi-use facilities in Asian countries such as Korea and Japan, five to 10 years of business is a permanent
cycle, a figure that has been shortened from 20 to 30 years ago, and the problem is that it will be shorter in the future.

(4)Diversification of inflow channel of customer
The development of the media has diversified the flow channel of customers. This diversity has confused the marketing
cost and marketing results of operators, and business operators faced issues about customer inflows.

2 Problems of global tourist industry

1) Problems of tour sites
(1) Settlement problems
Tourism is a service-agent trade, not a real trade, and includes many variables in commercial activities. Thus, unlike the
usual form of trade between countries, it is settled by the method of first-hand act and settlement. The settlement
procedure for general tourist trade is as follows

   ① The recruitment and movement of tourists ② Local tourism ③ End local tourism ④ Settlement of expenses
   incurred in the event of tourism activities⑤ Cost settlement with the associated company ⑥ Sending invoices
   ⑦ Payment by international financial procedures

                                                                                           2. Problems of Global facility Operators 16
The settlement process usually takes four to six weeks. However, the settlement is not accomplished like that.
According to the circumstance of an outbound company, problems such as settlement gets delay or unpaid issues
may occur often.
(2) Commission problems
Most of the tourist sites pay high card fees, except in some countries. In particular, for foreign tourists' cards, the fees
are applied differently by applying the country's fee rate. Card fee in Korea is around 3% and there are some countries
take more than 5% for fee rate.

(3) Lack of customer management and marketing systems
Unlike other industries, the system application rate is very low for a tourist site. Korea, Europe, and the United States,
where the IT industry has developed, are no exception. In Korea, more than 85 percent of all tourist attractions still
have no ticket system, and most of them are done settlement by handwriting. As a result, labor costs are higher than
necessary, and settlement accidents occur more frequently. Also, unlike the past, the portion of attraction and linked
management of visitors is becoming vulnerable and unnecessary management costs are rising due to FIT(Foreign
Independent Tour) has grown rapidity rather than group tours.

2) Problems of tourist
(1) Lack of tourist time
Since there is no operating system to manage the tourist sites, the risks are up to customers. Customers have to line
up to buy tickets and to enter the market due to delays caused by confirmation of their admission. Also, overseas
tourists have to wait again for a tax refund after the trip because of the weak foreign language service in the tourist
area. The absence of the system consequently infringes on the tour time of tourists who came for sightseeing. If one
visits three to four tourist attractions on a three-day basis, it will result in a waste of five to six hours of tourism time.
This results in wasted tourist time as well as impairing the chances of additional sales in cities where other tourist and
tourist destinations belong. As a result, it will have negative consequences for tourists, tourist destinations and their
cities, all of them.

(2) Increase of service charge and decrease of service quality
The project operator's management costs increase eventually leads to an increase in service charges, forcing the
price to rise every year, and the burden is responsible to the user. In addition, the increase in administrative costs will
eventually lead to a reduction in personnel and operational costs, resulting in a decrease in service for users.

(3) Problems of cost reduction
There are other things that foreign tourists have to bear. High exchange rate and disablement of receiving benefits
from tour sites or the government of the country when travel abroad. Most exchange fees are in the 5 percent or
higher range except for USD, while some regions in Africa, Arab, Central Asia or South America incur exchange fees
of 30 percent or more. Also, the exchange fee overlaps more than two times as you have to exchange money again
when you return to your country after the tour. And in the case of coins, they are becoming worthless because they
can not be exchanged.
In addition, it is very difficult for foreign tourists to enjoy the system when it comes to mileage issued in overseas
tourist spots or government-funded benefits to include tourist destinations.
In the case of mileage, it is not easy for foreign tourists to receive payments, and if they are paid, they are either very

limited or complicated. So the case of mileages paid to foreigners will be useless.

(4) Difficulties due to language barrios
While users travel abroad and use various facilities, they will face language problems. The use of facilities abroad is the
same level of difficulty for the disabled.

3 Absence of support system

1) Business operator’s burden of building the system
The only way to relieve the burden of increasing the cost of a business operator is to apply the system. Two things
are needed to apply the system. One is an operating program and the other is a device that can act as an agent for
ordering and approving, however, it takes an unaffordable amount of money to build an independent system from
the perspective of a business operator. That is why most business operators want to introduce the system but are
unable to do so.
Developing and installing and operating systems and related hardware requires 500 to 600 million KRW for Korean
standards, 1.5 billion KRW for European or U.S. standards, and 300 to 400 million KRW for Southeast Asia, but even
if they spend and develop those costs, they don't easily make decisions about the system because you don't have
the confidence or trust in a stable system. In addition, it is not easy for system developers to develop and operate a
pan-availability system by applying the characteristics of tourism industries with different environments by tourist
destination and country and In overseas cases, it is not easy to operate a global system operating company that also
needs foothold facilities in maintenance or management.

2) Absence of global expertise
Still, there are few companies that serve operating systems. This is because of the different nature of each commercial
facility and the different payment methods and operating systems between countries, there are few general-purpose
operating systems like Windows and Android that we use. In addition, even if such a system is built, not many
companies have global maintenance capabilities or know-how in integrated management operations.

                                                                                          2. Problems of Global facility Operators 18
3. THE9’s solution to problem
       (Approach to problem solving)

 1 THE9’s Approach to Problem Solving Problems

THE9 seeks to solve existing issues as follows :

                                                    Increase of fixed cost

                                                      Diversification of
                                                       inflow channel          Business

                                                   Various problems of use
               device                                 Problems abroad

                                                     System cost burden

                                                       Proven system           Business

                                                    Increase of fixed cost

                                                      Diversification of
                                                       inflow channel          Business

                                                   Various problems of use
               system                                 Problems abroad

                                                     System cost burden

                                                       Proven system           Business

Increase of fixed cost

                                                               Diversification of
                                                                inflow channel                Business

                                                           Various problems of use
            Alliance                                           Problems abroad

                                                             System cost burden

                                                                Proven system                 Business

2 Specialized Blockchain System

1) Specialized Blockchain System
The blockchain system under construction with EXA Lab is a blockchain system only for our business structure, which
is different from the existing pan-availability blockchain system.
This was established with the aim of linkage and conversion, and the linkage means; linkages were built around the
link between primary service operators, the link between users, and the link between service providers and the user.
The purpose of the conversion is to smoothly convert various figures based on user-centered convenience among
global countries.
The conversion of figures means the conversion of mileage, national currency, national currency, and cryptocurrency
currency and the focus was on reducing costs, reducing time and switching to a convenient place of use, and easy

2) Blockchain system for various purposes of payment
The blockchain system built by the TH9 makes payment the most important key.
It is a payment system that approve and builds cryptocurrency as one of the existing means of payment, such as
conversion and integration of mileage issued by each of them, and payment through linkage between cryptocurrency
and physical currency. Not just for cryptocurrency, THE9 built the system by adding the authorization system for
cryptocurrency to the real economy.

                                                                                           3. THE9’s solution to problem 20
3 Construct Strong Alliance

1) 1) Alliance consists of the two-top system
The Alliance, which TH9 co-organizes with EXA Lab, comprises the Alliance around two pillars: Business and Support.
Business-side alignments are expanding based on the scope of the business established by the existing THE9, Alliance
in terms of support is expanding towards expanding technical support based on variety of payments and marketing
purposes that EXA Lab has established.

                  KIOSK                                SYSTEM                                 TOUR
                 THE9                               EXALAB                                     LK

           Manufacture / Sales /         Operation/ Linkage/ Meal ticket/ Payment   Travel agency work relate to
        Management of tour site and         tour site operation system of kiosk           LVMAMA Korea
        small enterprise unattended                    User APP/WEB                    Secure travel packages
          payment purpose kiosk             LVMAMAM related linkage system             Linkage with LVMAMA
                                          Development and operation blockchain      Partnership, sales of product
                                                technology mileage system

4 Suggestion of Solution to a Problem

1) Solving the Problems of Tourism Area Issues
(1) Strengthening the blockchain-based customer management system (Can be used for customer DB
   management and marketing)
THE9 will manage and utilize the customer's DB accumulated through the business. To that end, THE9 will establish
and operate a global DB management system based on blockchain using EXA Lab's mainnet technology. A blockchain-
based global DB management system will be tailored to each country's management standards and will be a strong
alternative to risks from outside.

(2) A
     dd blockchain-based payment system(Solve exchange, credit card commission, settlement period,
   mileage issue)

THE9 will provide THE9's payment system using the payment system of PayExpress, an ecosystem partner of the
company, which can be used for payment in any country. THE9's payment system will solve the problem of excessive
exchange rate and time of current exchange and foreign currency remittance and stable coins will be used to support
the smooth operation of settlement and mileage immediately.

This blockchain-based payment system allows tourists to relieve the inconvenience and losses of currency exchange
and to use THE9's Stable Coin (TOUR9) as a settlement currency using their own currency in any country. PayExpress
pays the settlement amount in the currency of the country concerned, retrieves the TOUR9 paid by tourists, and
through this process, TOUR9 can be used as the payment currency in tourist spots or stores in the world where the
Kiosk of THE9 has entered.
In addition, tourist operators or tourist facilities without the Kiosk of THE9 can download the payment address code
after registering with the merchant to provide payment services in the same way.

  Card Fees
The blockchain payment system provided by TheE9 does not require a card fee. Only 0.2% operating fee will be
incurred for the smooth operation of this system, freeing customers or merchants from existing higher fees.

  Settlement Cycle
Problems with the current long-term settlement time generalized in the tourism industry and the consequent delay
in payment will also be made possible by utilizing the "escrow" of the blockchain payment system provided by THE9.

Mileage also integrates and manages the mileages provided by local merchants and tourist destinations in each
country through the integrated mileage management service of the blockchain payment system provided by THE9
and PayExpress and tourists will use integrated mileage to pay for it or exchange it for legal currency through an
inter-user transaction through an internal exchange. This will solve the problem of lost mileage and provide various
benefits abroad through the utilization of the mileage. In addition, companies that provide mileages can enhance their
competitiveness through the operation of an integrated mileage system which is available anywhere in the world.

(3) Strengthening the Blockchain-based ticketing system (Virtual Kiosk, reduced utilization time etc.)
Unlike the existing ticket ticketing system, blockchain-based ticket ticketing system provides integrated management
of customers' travel activities such as payments, ticketing and mileage, and customers can enjoy the benefits of
ThE9, through its link to nearby stores and tourist destinations and in the case of tourist sites, peripheral facilities,
and related agencies, real-time DB verification and immediate verification, management and policies can be carried
out. Also, the Virtual Kiosk system can be applied to various types of devices, providing services through distributed
operation and personal devices to facilitate tourist or tourist convenience.

(4) Enhancement of kiosk and device
    (Introduction of blockchain module, connection module with tourist facilities)
The9's business is not solely dependent on kiosks. It also supports the use of mobile devices and pre-purchases
through support of POS and entrance gate systems from 2018. These various devices will be linked through blockchain

                                                                                                3. THE9’s solution to problem 22
modules, which will then operate the personal system through the customer's connection to mobile or personal
Through the blockchain module, it can be linked with the surrounding tourist attractions and facilities, which can be
easily applied to discount sales of linked products and various marketing and events, enabling the establishment of
new products. Through the linkage with the current transportation facilities, we anticipate the size of our customers
entering the tourist attractions in one hour later, In turn, it will form an immediate management system through links
with the surrounding areas, such as predicting the expected use of transportation facilities through the size of the
number of people leaving the tourist site.

2) Solving tourist problem
The blockchain-based system provided by THE9 offers direct benefits to tourists. The THE9's system is a form of
service for one tourist from a tourist's perspective. Basically, all services are provided through 9CO Wallet, the service
APP provided by THE9.

(1) Provide monetary profit
There are three major financial benefits to customers.

   First, mileage service that can be set aside and used by domestic and foreign tourists without discrimination
   Second, very cheap currency exchange service and foreign exchange remittance service which can be transferred
   Third, free and discounted services through rewards provided by the EXA Alliance ecosystem.

(2) Provide time benefit
THE9's system provides a time benefit to customers.

   First, through the use of the system, the waiting time in line and the time in translation are reduced, thereby
           increasing the time for individual tourism purposes.
   Second, tax refunds or various waiting times for payment can be reduced to eliminate mental instability and
             discomfort caused by waiting time.

3) Resolving the Tourism System
(1) Co-business with partner firms from EXA Alliance ecosystem
blockchain-based payment, loan business, mileages, remittance : EXALAB, PayExpress
THE9 has achieved the speed, precision and scalability of the service through cooperation with EXA LabExa Lab's
BLOCKCHAIN mainnet system, which enables global service, immediately enables the part of THE9 that it has been trying
to build for a long period of time, thereby shortening the schedule for full-scale business expansion by more than two
years. Also, PayExpress' global hybrid payment support solution will enable early use of THE9’s stable coin, T9.

(2) Mobility Services in Blockchain-based Tourism Area: Nature Mobility
Nature Mobility provides a powerful component of the service content of the company by providing mobility services

with THE9, the most important means of mobility for the current tourism style where individual free travel is rapidly
increasing. In addition, Nature Mobility's services will represent a strong partnership with the THE9 through its links
to local transportation as well as automobiles in tourist destinations abroad as well as in Korea. Future developments
in the mobility sector will affect many industries, and from the perspective of THE9, which provides Kiosk and tourist
operation systems, synergy is expected to be created in areas where Kiosk is integrated into a smaller version of Kiosk,
customized for each mobility device. Because there is no need to drive in an era of self-driving cars, there is a lot of
time left in the middle of the road, and the service can be utilized through a mobility-only kiosk mounted inside the
car to solve the problems that need to be solved through kiosks. For the THE9, there will be a mobility-only kiosk in
addition to Virtual kiosk.

(3) Co-business between EXA Alliances
① Linkage of peripheral facilities in tourist destinations
The linkage title of THE9, the EXA Alliance, basically integrates miles. At the same time, the EXA Alliance is able
to cross-produce the implementation of the linked product, the system will be implemented to enable integrated
operation between EXA Alliance freely, including the purchase of integrated raw materials and operating products.

② Linkage of general consumption life.
THE9's schedule is linked to restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels near the primary tourist area as well as tourist-
related facilities, secondly, planning to connect the transportation facilities with the local commercial districts, thirdly
systemically links with tourism guides and administrative infrastructure such as police stations and hospitals are also
This is the strategic goal of THE9's services to provide convenience to ordinary residents as well as tourists.

4. Introduction of business


1) Eight Company Alliances, Proven Technology
Starting with the CGV ticketing system 10 years ago, THE9 is a team that installed and operated various related
devices on behalf of Kiosk and established the multi-use facility operating system over the past 10 years, company
that is now composed of alliances in Asia, the United States, and parts of Europe, but will expand into 30 alliances in
the future and will proceed with the current business model, pre-Investment Fee Distribution with alliances.

The strength of the THE9 is largely divided into two parts.

   First, it has strong advantages for systems and devices as a technical advantage.
   Second, large-scale projects are currently underway at internal and external countries.

                                                                                                    4. Introduction of business 24
2) Technical advantage

     ▲ Operating Device(Kiosk, Gate, Pos)

   ▲ Validated Operating Platforms            ▲ World's First Block Type Kiosk

3) Business advantage
(1) Major Contractors in China : LVMAMA, C-TRIP
Operation status : Starting with Shanghai Zoo, the first test store in 2016, the installation and operation will begin in
March 2018, as of December 2018, it has been installed and operated at 92 tourist sites and will install and operate at
3,000 of the total 1,1200 tourist destinations.

(2) Major Contractors in Indonesia : DOKU
Operation status : In 2018, it signed a contract with 121 bus terminals in Indonesia to operate Kiosk in Ball, currently
conducting tests at one bus terminal and developing a tourist operation system in Bali.

4)Business goal
(1) Achievement of the World's Top Company in 2023
THE9's business model is a fee-sharing method after a pre-investment, which is unprecedented in the world. It is
currently starting in China, Indonesia, and Korea, With the absence of a similar operating system, it's the No. 1 player
on a small scale with few competitors but, Starting with the establishment of a global infrastructure system in 2022,
the company will be the world's No. 1 company.

 •Global Operations Schedule




(2) Challenges for the Top Market of the Ordering Kiosk for the Merchants. THE9will
expand the scope of its business to 5 million points by stages, focusing on the operation sites of global traders and
multi-use facilities, will establish a wide range of systems to sports stadiums, focusing on terminals, tourist destinations
and movie theaters, which are currently multi-use facilities that have been contracted.

(3) Construct a global payment system based on blockchain
THE9's payment system is basically equipped local payment system. This is because it avoids inconvenience or
inconvenience to users. Also blockchain-based payment system will be provided to users, and the users who use
our blockchain-based payment system will be freed from the inconvenience of the existing payment system and will
provide benefits to users through various benefits and support.
Because the blockchain-based payment system provided by THE9 will be provided in an optimized form for use, all
interested parties - operators, users and related parties - will be able to secure a win-win payment system.

                                                                                                    4. Introduction of business 26
(4) Construct blockchain-based ticketing system
THE9 is currently in the stabilization stage of the system that is currently provided and operated based on the tourist
site operation system and the ticketing system. Development of big data and AI-related parts is under way recently,
and the company plans to develop and collaborate on integrated mileage systems and blockchain payments based on
blockchain from 2019.

(5) Development of blockchain-based kiosks and devices
(Maximum strengths, such as modularity, customizing around the world)
The Kiosk of THE9 has the best technology in the world. In 2017, THE9 completed the development of a modular
block type kiosk that can be applied to any environment in the world. Through this process, Kiosk was developed to
apply and operate corresponding modules according to each environment and situation. Recently, Kiosk developed
a module that can operate contents, making it more powerful. THE9 also applies blockchain-based technology
to systems that manage position, exit, and movement of POS systems and operating facilities that can approve
blockchain, and is developed for management and operation, applying blockchain technology as a base technology for
its platform business that utilizes global kiosk network that it has built around the world in the future.

2 Lkorea co., Ltd.

1) Introduction of LVMAMA

Founded in 2008, Lvmama is China's No. 1 travel general site and operates China's first travel reservation sales
system, providing customized travel to Chinese tourists with increasing free travel, including ticket issuance and hotel
reservations. Lvmama is a subsidiary of the JOYU Group, which has been named the Top 20 China Tourism Group for
six consecutive years and is a leading online tour operator in China to the extent that it is in the top seven in 2019.

2) Introduction of LKorea
LKorea co., Ltd. is the exclusive operator of the Global OTA with 250 million members and the No.1 of the Global OTA
with 250 million members. It will develop Korean tourism products for Chinese tourists who will visit Korea, provide
CS to help Chinese tourists carry out convenient tourism, and operate a Korean goods section on its product supply
homepage in Lvmama, China.

3) Lkorea’s Composition and Strategy of Major Products

      ㆍK-pop Ticket sales agency
                ㆍK-pop Concert
            ㆍKBS Music Bank chl
          ㆍThearter and Musical              Cultural
                                                                                           ㆍGangnam Aliance

                                                                  Medical                  ㆍCare Insurance
                                                                  tourism                  ㆍReasonable price

                                                                                              4. Introduction of business 28
3 EXA Alliance

1) Center of Blockchain RealizationEXA Alliance
Exa Alliance is comprised of blockchain systems and systems that support payment methods, and community malls
for marketing and consumption, and is structured through three agreements with THE9 Eco-system.

   First, the connection with THE9 Eco-system through the use of the blockchain system of EXA Labs
   Second, mutual commodity sharing and sale
   Third, the sharing of members

2) THE9Eco-system Alliance
THE9 Eco-system Alliance is an alliance of consumer markets that is built around actual business operators. This
Alliance has members and prospects as well as the business, and consists of three basics:

   First, the sharing of products among each company
   Second, the sharing of members
   Third, the sharing of mileage

3) Strong system based on blockchain
(1) Constructing a Blockchain-based Customer Management System (Maximize utilization of Big data and
   Customer DB)
THE9's customer management system is provided to customers through various policy, support systems and marketing
programs, including checking and analyzing their usage behavior through an integrated mileage system and building
and analyzing big data using the DB for their usage behavior, to ensure their benefits, benefits, convenience, and
usage time. Using the customer DB, which has accumulated THE9 in the big data field, it will be possible to design and
present new tourism products customarily by country, age group, gender and travel pattern, and maximize synergy
among the operators participating in the TH9 Eco-system.


  Alliance   1                                   linking
                                                                                                                            Alliance     2
                   based                                                                                                                      based
                                             int                                                      ing
                                                 erl                                         lo    ck
                                                     oc                                   er
                                                       kin                             int

                                                   kin                                       int
                                             r loc                                              erl
                                        inte                                                            kin

             3                                                                                                                           4

  Alliance                                                                  linking
                   based                                                                                                                      based


(2) Construct business-focused Alliance
① Category of EXA Alliance
EXA Alliance divided by 6 businesses. Of these, there's a real economy in charge Service / Produce / Tourism /
Entertainment businesses Of those there’s a support in charge System / Finance businesses Each of these six
business groups separates the sub-ecosystems in an independent area and maximizes business performance through

                                                              BUSINESS ALLIANCE

        SERVICE                                               SYSTEM            TOUR                            ENTERTAIN           FINANCE
                           FACTORY                                                                                MENT

                                                                                                                             4. Introduction of business 30
(3) Systems that support business
① Purpose of EXA Alliance Economic

   - Revitalization of Business through Linkage
   - Expanding the Market Size through Resource Sharing
   - Efficiency of payment through the Economic system
   - Securing funding sources through VC

② Support of EXA Alliance Economic
Strong ecosystem will be built with support from areas that are difficult to access by existing real businesses.
Also, direct funding and financing will be planned through the establishment of a combined Venture Capital (VC) in
the future.

                                       EXCHANGE                     FINANCE          TOUR

                       Mainnet                                                                  SYSTEM

       Economic                              ALLIANCE
         System                              ECONOMIC
                     Management                                                               ENTERTAIN

                                       EVALUATION                  FACTORY          SERVICE
                           Montoring     AGENCY

(4) Management Supervision System
Operating Supervisor
EXA Economic is managed through the third agency and the Operations Supervisors built around the Alliance.
Core management items are

   - Enterprise timely situation management
   - Reliability management of credit and performance for support
   - Evaluate the company's future and future business development
   - Valuation
   - Sanctions for the operation of disloyalty

and Publication and disclosure of accurate three-way point-in-time data is carried out through fair management and
evaluation from outside

External                                                         EXA
                            Agency                                                         ALLIANCE

                                                       Operating Supervisor



                                                              Credit rating



                                           Alliance Protection & Protection

(5) Exa Alliance Business Functions and Participation Companies

                                                      Business Direction
                                                         of EXALAB
                                                                                             A.I System
             EXA Platform
                                                                           EXA Ecosystem


                                                   MASTER                                                 Building a Global Ecosystem
                                                    CARD                            Bigdata System
                                                   business                            Operation
                                                                                      With KIOSK
  EXA Blockchain
                    EXA Alliance

                                                                                                               4. Introduction of business 32
EXA Alliance has been composed with 60 firms since now,
                                   and 100 of global firms will participate by end of 2019

5. Status and plan of global expansion

1 Five-Year Installation and Operation Plan

   Division      2020       2021       2022     2023                     Total
    Korea        600        300        300      300                      1,500
     China       4,000      4,000      5,000    4,000                   17,000
   Indonesia     700        500        1,000    500                     2,700
    Japan        300        200        300      300                      1,100
   Vietnam       300        200        200      200                      900
 South Europe    700        1,000      1,000    1,000                   3,700
  West Europe    200        500        1,000    1,000                   2,700
 North America   200        500        500      1,000                   2,200
     Arab        100        200        300      300                      900
     Africa        -        500        500      500                      1,500
 South America     -        300        500      1,000                    1,800
   Thailand        -          -        200      500                      700
    Austria        -          -        300      500                      800
     Total       7,100      8,200      11,100   11,100                  37,500

                                                 5. Status and plan of global expansion 34
2 Korea

With a total of 1,500 installed vehicles, Korea is expected to install Gangwon Province and Jeju Island as the primary
targets in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province.

          Gangwon                Jeju        SeoulGyeonggi             ETC

2020                   300                        200          100

2021                   300

2022                   300

2023            200                100

     Divison                 2020         2021          2022         2023           Total
    Gangwon                  300                                                    300
        Jeju                 200                                                    200
 SeoulㆍGyeonggi              100          300           300          200            900
        ETC                                                          100            100
       Total                 600          300           300          300            1,500

3 China

China currently operates 400 units in 80 tourist attractions with a goal of 17,000 units.

              East           West          Middle           South           North

2020 500             1,000                2,500

2021      1,000                2,000                1,000

2022                 2,000                  2,000              1,000

2023                 2,000                  2,000

    Divison              2020            2021        2022           2023        Total
       East              500                                                    500
       West                                          2,000          2,000      4,000
     Middle                              1,000       2,000          2,000      5,000
       South             1,000           2,000       1,000                     4,000
       North             2,500           1,000                                 3,500
       Total             4,000           4,000       5,000          4,000      17,000

4 Japan

Plans to install 1,100 units in Japan and is currently operating Tokyo Tower as its first tourist destination.

               Tokyo       Osaka       Kyushu          Hokkaido

2020                                 300

2021                      200

2022                                 300

2023                                 300

    Divison            2020          2021        2022         2023   Total
     Tokyo             300                                           300
     Osaka                           200                             200
    Kyushu                                       300                 300
   Hokkaido                                                   300    300
       Total           300           200         300          300    1,100

5 Indonesia

A total of 2,700 units will be installed in Indonesia. Currently, the bus terminal and the tourist resort in Bali are being
operated 0829_수정
         on a trial basis after the contract has been completed

                     JA         BA          BO           SU

2020            400                   300

2021           300            200

2022                 500                          500

2023                 500

    Divison            2020          2021        2022         2023   Total
        JA             400                                           400
        BA             300           300         500                 1,100
       BO                            200         500                 700
        SU                                                    500    500
       Total           700           500         1,000        500    2,700

                                                                                           5. Status and plan of global expansion 36
6 Vietnam

A total of 900 units will be installed and operated in Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh is expected to be installed and to the

                     Hanoi       Hochiminh         Danang

2020                               300

2021                       200

2022            100                100

2023                       200

    Divison           2020         2021        2022          2023    Total
       Hanoi                                       100        200    300
   Hochiminh           300                                           300
    Danang                           200           100               300
       Total           300           200           200        200    900

7 North America

Planning to install 2,200 units in North America, to Canada, with the focus on the U.S.

               USA W         USA E         USA C         Canada

2020      200

2021           300           200

2022           300           200

2023                 500                           500

    Divison           2020         2021        2022          2023    Total
    USA W              200         300                               500
     USA E                         200             300               500
     USA C                                         200        500    700
    Canada                                                    500    500
       Total           200         500             500       1,000   2,200

8 Western Europe

Western Europe will have 2,700 installations and includes Belgium, along with the Netherlands.

               England       Netherlands         Belgium       ETC

2020       200

2021                   500

2022                   500                     300           200

2023       200           200                     600

    Divison              2020          2021       2022        2023    Total
    England              200           500        500                 1,200
  Netherlands                                     300          200    500
    Belgium                                       200          200    400
       ETC                                                     600    600
       Total             200           500        1,000       1,000   2,700

9 South Europe

South Europe is scheduled to operate 3,700 units and will include Spain and France as well as Italy and Greece, and is
currently in talks to install them in Spanish tourist areas.

               Spain           Italy         France         Greece

2020                         700

2021                   500                            500

2022                   500                            500

2023                   500                            500

    Divison              2020          2021       2022        2023    Total
       Spain             700           500                            1,200
       Italy                           500        500                 1,000
     France                                       500          500    1,000
     Greece                                                    500    500
       Total             700           1,000      1,000       1,000   3,700

                                                                                       5. Status and plan of global expansion 38
6. Token business operation plan

 1 Structure Model of Token economic

1) 9CO/T9’s Structure Model of Token economic
(1) Issuing token 9CO for investment and stable coin T9 for use of payments between travel customers
   and tour operators
① Name of Investment Coin : 9CO
② Name of Stable Coin: T9

(2) Purpose of issuing investment coin 9CO
For the manufacture and supply of tourist ticketing and ordering kiosks over which each country will be installed and operated.

(3) Operating Structure for Investment Token 9CO
① Base on Kiosk Profit Model: Fees per ticket and ordering kiosks managing profits
② Incentive: Of the fee revenue, pant of the profits generated after deducting depreciation costs, operating expenses
  and taxes for reinstalling kiosks will be paid.
③ Incentives are generated profits and will pay by stable coin T9, It is installed by the business operator and can be
  used as a payment currency when purchasing products from all the kiosks in operation.
④ It is possible to make transactions in cryptocurrency on registered exchanges and in designated currencies (cash)
  of those exchanges.
⑤ Incentives paid with T9 deposit cash to be paid on settlement to designated financial institutions by the value of
  incentives paid with the stay coin, and the deposit currency in USD.

  Operating Structure for Investment Token 9C

                               9CO Holder

                              Purchase 9CO                     Exchange        Operator                  Invest KIOSK

                                  Incentive                               T9                            Operating profit

                      Purchase                                                        Deposit(USD)
                                                Selling on
                    Products from                                                      Operating
                       KIOSK                                                             profit

                    Use Payment               Change to cash                          Deposit profits

                                                                                      Purchase 9CO


(4) Purpose of issuing Stable Coin T9
① Alternative payment currency for global tourists
② Domestic payment currency for each country in which Kiosk is installed and operated
③ Use of escrow currency setting for B2B payment between tourism operators
④ Providing a merchant mileage, issuing electronic meal ticket and electronic vouchers for private business owners,
  compensating for community activities, integrating cryptocurrency transactions between Alliance and its affiliates, etc.

(5) Operating Structure of Stable Coin T9
① Incentive for kiosk investment token(or Sales of electronic vouchers and electronic meal tickets) is issued as an
  initial resource and USD of the value of the issued amount is based on the deposit currency.
② As standard of 9CO’s issue value, pre-issue the stable coin T9. All sales shall be deposited at the financial institution
  designated as USD. Since then, the pre-issue of T9 is maintained at twice the actual sales volume.
③ T9 is used as payment for purchases of products of all kiosks installed by the business operator.
④ T9 used for payment shall be paid for the sale of goods in cash through an agency PG that has entered into a
  business agreement, and T9 Coins shall be recovered and incinerated.
⑤ Adjust the total amount of newly issued T9 coin based on the incineration amount of the final recovered T9 coin.
⑥ The reserve ratio of the Stablecoin T9 is 100%.
⑦ The revenue generated from the reserve deposit of the stable coin T9 is will be use to purchase 9CO through the
  exchange. is to secure T9 with dividend income of 9CO in the future, and to manage T9's reserve ratio above 100%.
  This is to compensate for the risk of unexpected losses and to be used as a starting fund for various future projects.

   Operating Structure of Stable Coin T9

                                                          Buying subject           Acquisition method

                                                      THE9COMPANYKOREA                9CO Incentive
                     T9 Operation Foundation

                            Exchange                   personnel / Company         Exchange purchase

                                                                                  Consolidate mileage /
                           9CO Holder                  Contracted merchant
                                                                                     E-meal ticket

                                                       Community operator          Community activity
                         Alliance BANK
                     USD Standard / Deposit

                                                           Global KIOSK                   B2B

                                                            Purchase                 Escrow Serivce

                                                           T9 payment
                                                                                  Purchase   Exchange
                                                       (Hybrid PG Company)

                                                                                                6. Token business operation plan 40
(6) T9/PayExpress payment process operating structure
① T9 holding tourist(personal customer): Payment of goods and services from all KIOSKs in operation by THE9
② PayExpress(Global hybrid PG company): Pay with cash to merchants who provides goods and services-> collect T9
  -> settlement T9 with T9 operate foundation-> incinerate T9

    process operating structure

                          Tourist                        KIOSK                   Purchase

                        Customer                         SHOP                    Mileage


                                                   Cash payment                     T9

                                                         T9 회수
                                                                           (Hybrid PG company)

                                                                               T9 settlement

                                                                              THE9 operation

                                                                               Incinerate T9

(7) Participating business operator
① 9CO and T9 Issuing and Operating Operators: THE9COMPANY.LTD(HONGKONG)
② Kiosk Installation and Operation Operators: THE9COMPANYKOREA.CO.LTD
③ Payment agent PG service provider: PAYEXPRESS.CO.LTD
④ Tourist operator (KOREA): LKOREA.CO.LTD⑤ Technical support: EXALAB.CO.LTD

2) 9CO/T9 Token economic cyclic logic
(1) 9CO/T9 Transaction Process
① 9CO sales revenue is invested in Kiosk.
② T9 is managed by USD at 100% reserve ratio with stable coin.
③ When tourists paying with T9 to, HybridPG’s Payexpress supports cash payment, T9 recovery, return, and cash
  receipt to the payment office
④ he kiosk operating profit incentive is paid by T9..
⑤ T9 can be easily purchased through exclusive apps, dividends, and exchanges. Cash conversion can be carried out
  through the exchange or designated P2P app. The foundation does not support T9's cash conversion.

⑥ After purchasing T9, tourists (including ordinary customers) can purchase and pay for goods and services through
  all kiosks in operation after THE9 has been installed.
⑦ Tourists (customers) can register their travel experience reviews (product use reviews, etc.) in the community where
  LKOREA is in operation and receive compensation for their reaction. At this time, compensation is paid by T9.
⑧ If the kiosk-installed store subscribes to the integrated mileage service provided by THE9, the mileage paid to the
  customer will be paid by T9.
⑨ The basic currency of the electronic bill serviced by the Kiosk Order 9 for the commercial use is operated by T9, and
  the basic currency of the electronic bill is automatically changed to T9 even if the purchase is made in the currency
  of the country where Order 9 is installed, and sales sales are managed as deposits of T9.

(2) T9 Operation Risk Supplementary Policy
The foundation will continue to purchase 9CO through the exchange with profits such as interest generated from cash
deposited while operating the T9. The purpose of purchase is to receive and hold T9 through the 9CO, which allows
the company to hold 100% or more reserve ratios. Use additional reserves to deal with potential loss incidents. It is
also used as a basic fund for various future projects.

  •9CO/T9 Transaction Structure                                                   Lvmama web community
   Model of Token economic                                                                           Tourist
                                                                                    Tourist                    Tourist      Tourist

                                                                                                          T        T9         T9

                                                                                                         Tourist            T9
                                                                                 Tourist        T9                               Tourist

                     9CO                                                                                              Compensation
                                                                                                      for registered members of tourism experience
         Purchase                                                                                       T9
           Sale               Tour site

                                                                                                Usage of
    Cryptocurr                                                                                  paym ent
    Exchange              Reward                                           Merchant SHOP
                                                                            Order9 kiosk
         Purchase                                                  T9
                 Purchase/                        Mileage
                  Reward/                                              Mileage

                                                     T9 collection                       T9 colleaction

                        Payment                                                      Cash after Foundation
                                                  Cash pre                                                               Bank
                                                                                                                          T9 100%
                                                 settlement                                                             Cash deposit

                                                                                                                         6. Token business operation plan 42
9CO/T9 Token economic Project Related Structure: Goal

                                   THE9COMPANY(HK)              9CO/T9 Operation Foundation

                              THE9COMPANYKOREA                   9CO/T9 Operation consignee

                                    GLOBAL KIOSK                  tourism/Merchant services

                                      BIG DATA                  Operators/individual customers

                                         A.I                        9CO/T9 purpose wallet

                                                               distribution / logistics / payment
                             Global Blockhain Platform
                                                                          / investment

2 Business roadmap

1) 9CO Token Sale and Development Schedule
(1) Start private sales to business alliances from July, 2019
① 9CO is going to register the exchange before the IEO and will focus on private sales for business alliance until the
  official IEO matches.
② The official IEO is conducted at the time of official issuance and operation of T9.
③ Register in exchange: End of August 2019~ Early September

(2) Development schedule
① 2019 2Q Develop 9CO Token: On ERC20 base.
② 2019 3Q Complete kiosk for merchant
③ 2020 2Q Develop consolidate wallet for merchant’s kiosk and service
④ 2020 4Q Launch T9 main net : Use EXALAB’s main net technology to develop
⑤ 2021 1Q Develop and service T9/9CO/consociate purpose wallet
⑥ 2021 4Q Develop blockchain based kiosk
⑦ 2022 4Q Develop main net that utilize Develop blockchain based kiosk node
⑧ 2023 2Q Launch main net that utilize Develop blockchain based kiosk node: T9/BITCOIN

2) 9CO Issuing plan
(1) Total issuing amount 10,000,000,000 9CO
① 1 9CO issuing price: 0.1USD
② 1st issue amount: 2,000,000,000 9CO
③ Reserve: 8,000,000,000 9CO

(2) 9CO Distribution Plan
① TEAM/ADVISER: 300,000,000 9CO / 3%
② Marketing: 200,000,000 9CO /2%
③ Sales: 1,500,000,000 9CO /15%
④ Reserve: 8,000,000,000 9CO /80%

* The sale is carried out based on the market price of the reserve 9CO, The final issue price of the primary distribution volume and
  the difference on the net occurrence of the difference are airdropped to the holder holding 9CO by T9 to compensate for the loss
  of value. The airdrop criteria shall be stipulated in accordance with the 9CO holder's retention policy prior to issue.

(3) 9CO Sale Quantity Usage Plan
① Manufacture kiosk : 80%
② Install and supply kiosk : 15%
③ Development and pilot operation of new Kiosk model : 5%
④ The use plan of the reserve volume shall be disclosed at the time of reissuance of the white paper prior to use of
   the reserve quantity.

7. Conclusion
Capital of Global Good
THE9 stands at a starting point where it can preempt opportunities for integration and joint operation of systems
in the global market by converting its global operating system accumulated over the past 10 years into a blockchain
base. THE9 will spread the system's operating countries to 20 countries in 2022 and will be reborn as the world's No.
1 system service provider, with a target of 500 million global users in 2023.

THE9 will achieve these goals early through a coalition with EXA Alliance and through EXA Lab, EXA Alliance's technical
skills and numerous partners will be involved.

THE9 will continue to pursue 'capital of good will' to re-divide the benefits of industry into places in physically
unequal circumstances in line with its founding purpose, and will incorporate new perspectives through the successful
operation of the operating system.

                                                                                                                       7. conclusion 44


차 승 혁                                                   나 현 채
CHA. SEUNG HYUK                                         RA. HYUN CHAI
Present) The9company CHAIRMAN                           Present) The9company CEO
Previous) Cyders Co. Vice president (listed company)   Previous) Mega Web co. Global CEO
Previous) CKGroove. CEO                                 Previous) SNP Co. CEO

김 진 선
Present) The9company CFO
Previous) Mega Web Co. CEO
Previous) Tobesoft CEO(listed company)


송 영 환                                                   刘 晨 骅
SONG. YOUNG HWAN                                        ALAN LIU
Present) 1951 Co. CEO                                   Present) CLTech Ltd. CEO (china)
Previous) HS Business Investment Director               Previous) Shanghai Seekerkufoo Electronic Engineering Ltd.
Previous) Elim Edu co. Director                                   Finance manager
                                                        Previous) Cyders co. China CEO

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