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Watertown Human, Social & Leisure Services
                 Parks and Recreation, Food Bank, Crestbrook Park, Social & Senior Services
MISSION STATEMENT: The Watertown Parks                    REGISTER EARLY Nothing cancels a good
and Recreation Commission, cognizant of the               class quicker than everyone waiting until the
significant financial investment of the commu-            last minute to register. If there are not
nity in Parks and Recreational facilities, en-            enough registrations by a certain date, the
courages their fullest possible use for recrea-           course may be cancelled. Coming in on the
tional, cultural and educational purposes.                day the course begins won’t resurrect it, so
listed in this brochure are subject to change on          PAYMENT POLICY: Payment, along with
short notice. We will contact you with any                proof of age, is due with registration for all
changes from what is listed in the brochure.              programs. We will accept cash, credit card
Thank you for your patience!                              (Master Card, Discover, Diner’s Club, Ameri-
ONLINE REGISTRATIONS: We are now ac-                      can Express, Visa, & debit cards), money or-
cepting online registrations! Simply go to                der or check made out to “Watertown Parks and create your                    & Recreation”. No pre/postdated checks. A
household. You’ll then be able to register and            $20.00 fee will be charged for any returned
pay for any and all recreation programs and               checks. Instructors will not accept registra-
special events from the convenience of your               tion at the class site. Fees must be paid at
own home! We accept VISA, Master Card,                    the office prior to participation unless other-
American Express, Discover and Diner’s Club               wise specified.
(credit and debit cards).                                 REFUND POLICY: Refunds must be request-
REGISTERING IN PERSON: Is open Monday                     ed prior to the Friday before the program
through Friday from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM ex-                 begins. No refunds will be given once class
cluding holidays at the Watertown Parks &                 begins. Medical refunds will be approved on
Recreation Department, 61 Echo Lake Road,                 a case-by-case basis when the request is sub-
Watertown, CT 06795. All registrations are                mitted in a timely manner. A $10.00 pro-
based on a first come, first served basis.                cessing fee will be charged for all refunds;
                                                          unless the Watertown Parks & Recreation is
REGISTER BY FAX/SCAN: Print the Registra-                 forced to cancel a program.
tion Form – Fax to (860)945-4734 or scan to               PROGRAM CANCELLATIONS: The Parks &                        Recreation Department reserves the right to
REGISTER BY MAIL: Print the Registration                  cancel, postpone or combine classes or
Form & Mail to – Watertown Parks & Recrea-                change instructors. If insufficient enrollment
tion Department 61 Echo Lake Road Water-                  causes a class to be canceled, full tuition is
town, CT 06795                                            refunded. The playgrounds, sports camps,
REGISTRANTS ARE NOTIFIED: When a                          and waterfront areas may close at any time
course is cancelled. If a desired class is full you       in case of inclement weather. In the event of
can put on a waiting list. Additional classes             inclement weather, program cancellations
may be opened if facility and instructor are              will be made on the INFO-Line at (860) 945
available. The Parks & Recreation Department              -5272 by 7:30 am. Fees will not be pro-
reserves the right to set a minimum and maxi-             rated in the event of rain. We make our best
mum for each program and to cancel any pro-               effort to provide the class and instructor ad-
gram due to low enrollment.                               vertised in the brochure. In the event an in-
                                                          structor can no longer teach a class we will
                                                          provide another instructor, if one is availa-
                                                          ble, to finish the session. A credit may be is-
  All Parks & Recreation programs                         sued for the amount of remaining classes.
   are subject to change based on                         Materials and supplies purchased by you are
 updated or adjusted guidelines as                        excluded from refunds and credits.
outlined by CDC, DPH, TAHD, CT SDE,
     Watertown Public Schools.
PROGRAM SCHEDULING: The Park & Recre-             Location: 61 Echo Lake Road
ation Staff has made every effort to prepare
this brochure as accurately as possible, how-                Watertown, CT 06795
ever due to publication deadlines program         Telephone: (860)945-5246
listings/information may require that adjust-
ments be made to programs, fees, schedules,       Fax:       (860)945-4734
etc. We apologize in advance should you           InfoLine   (860)945-5272
find an error or for any inconvenience that
this may cause. Please call the INFO-Line or      Website:
sign up on our website to receive cancella-       Hours:     8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
tions or adjustments to the schedule.
                                                             Monday thru Friday
PHOTOGRAPHS: Participants may be photo-
graphed for the purpose of promotion or ad-       STAFF
vertising in the future brochures, in newspa-     Parks & Recreation Director: Lisa Carew
pers or in other Watertown Parks & Recrea-     
tion Department media.                                   860-945-5246
SECURITY PRECAUTIONS: When the play-              Asst. Parks & Rec Director: Carrie Godfrey
grounds are in session all persons attending   
must be registered in the program. We are                860-945-5246
responsible for the children registered and
the facilities being used. Persons not regis-     Parks & Recreation Supervisor/Aquatics Dir:
tered entering the facility or playground area           Garry Smith
will be asked to leave. Please understand the  
taxpayers own these facilities, and we are re-           860-945-5246
sponsible. Also, we are protecting and caring     Administrative Assistant: Mary Tremaglio
for someone’s most precious commodity,         
their children. Please respect these rules and
understand why we cannot have "outsiders"                860-945-5246
entering our playgrounds and facilities. Please   Crestbrook Park Golf Course Foreman:
check with your child’s camp director regard-            Ray Marks
ing the pick-up of your child by someone       
other than yourself. There are procedures in             860-945-5248
place at every camp and they will be en-          Parks Foreman: John Buono
CONFIDENTIAL FINANCIAL SCHOLAR-                          860-945-5254
SHIPS: are available to qualified applicants      Parks Bookeeper: Jessica Modeen
(for Watertown/ Oakville residents only).      
Please contact the Social Services Department            860-945-5246
at (860) 945-5252 for more information.
Care 4 Kids: The Watertown Parks & Recrea-        Social Services Clerk: Jeanne Vichioli
tion Department participates in the Care 4     
Kids program. Parents are responsible to                 860-945-5252
make all weekly payments until a certificate is
issued from Care 4 Kids and a parent share        PARKS & RECREATION COMMISSION
fee has been determined.                          Meets 1st Thurs. each month at 61 Echo Lake
GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE!! Looking for         Road, W. – 7:00 p.m. William Donston,
a last minute gift idea for a family member?      Chairman; Ken LaRosa, V. Chair; Christopher
Friends? Gift certificates are available at The   Martin, Secy.; Pat Rinaldi, Margaret A. Ger-
Watertown Parks & Recreation Department.          main, John M. Donahue and Amanda Man-
It’s a perfect way to give someone the op-        forte.
portunity to become involved in one of our
many program offerings. Gift certificates can
be purchased at the Parks & Recreation De-
partment during the business hours of 8:30
am - 4:30 pm or on our website at
      RED CROSS LIFEGUARDING COURSE                        LEARN TO SWIM – AGES 6 & UP
Come learn how to be a lifeguard. This course       Learn to swim through the Red Cross Swim-
is meant for strong swimmers who are willing        ming Program. Lessons for all abilities are
to be dedicated to protecting the lives of oth-     available. A variety of levels are available as
ers. Participants who pass the course will re-      seen below. Participants must be 4 feet tall
ceive certificates for Life guarding, CPR for the   and in first grade. Read the following for
Professional Rescuer & AED. First Aid training      more information. If you are unsure what
is also included in the life guarding course.       level to put your child in, please read all de-
This course will not include Waterfront Life-       scriptions below. A child placed in the wrong
guarding. All certifications are for two years.     level will be moved to the correct level at
You must commit to attend every date. In-           the discretion of the instructor.
structor: Garry Smith
                                                    Location: Watertown High School, Pool
Location: Watertown High School, Pool               Dates:
Dates:       March 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29,      Session 1: March 19, 26; April 2, 9, 23
              30, 31; April 1, 4, 5, 6              Session 2: April 30; May 7, 14, 21, 28
Time:         6:00 pm – 8:45 pm
Cost:         Res: $245 Non-Res: $260                          Level 1 (Water Exploration)
                                                      Time: 10:10 am – 10:40 am Cost: $57.00
      SWIMMING LESSONS                              The most basic of swimming skills to help the
                                                    participants become comfortable in the wa-
        PARENT AND CHILD AQUATICS                         Level 2 (Fundamental Aquatic Skills)
           6 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS                       Time: 10:45 am – 11:25 am Cost: $58.00
American Red Cross Parent and Child Aquatics        Gives students success with fundamental
is designed for children between the ages of 6      skills. Floating without support, simultaneous
months and 3 years old, and their parents.          and alternating arm & leg motions on front
The purpose of this course is to familiarize        and back. Also includes self-help and basic
children with the water and teach swimming          rescue skills.
readiness skills. In addition, Red Cross Parent               Level 3 (Stroke Development)
and Child Aquatics provides safety infor-             Time: 11:30 am – 12:10 pm Cost: $58.00
mation for parents and teaches parents tech-        Students learn to coordinate front & back
niques they can use to help orient their chil-      crawl strokes. Introduction to butterfly and
dren to the water. There must be one parent         treading water and basic diving rules are cov-
in the water per child.                             ered.
Location: Watertown High School Pool                          Level 4 (Stroke Improvement)
Dates:       Saturdays;                               Time: 12:15 pm – 12:55 pm Cost: $58.00
Session 1: March 19, 26; April 2, 9, 23             Students will increase their endurance by
Session 2: April 30; May 7, 14, 21, 28              swimming greater distances. Practice on but-
Times:       9:00 am – 9:30 am                      terfly continues. Elementary backstroke,
Ages:        6 months to 3 years                    breaststroke and elements of sidestroke are
Cost:        $48.00/pp                              introduced along with basic turns at the
            PRESCHOOL AQUATICS                      walls.
                4 & 5 YEARS OLD                                Level 5 (Stroke Refinement)
 American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics is de-         Time: 12:15 pm – 12:55 pm Cost: $58.00
signed for children 4 and 5 years of age. The       Students refine front & back crawl, butterfly,
purpose of the course is to facilitate develop-     breaststroke, elementary backstroke and side-
mentally appropriate learning of fundamental        stroke and increase their distances. Front and
water safety and aquatics skills.                   back flip turns are learned in this level.
Location: Watertown High School Pool                     Level 6 (Swimming & Skill Proficiency)
Dates:       Saturdays;                               Time: 12:15 pm – 12:55 pm Cost: $58.00
Session 1: March 19, 26; April 2, 9, 23             Refine strokes so students swim them with
Session 2: April 30; May 7, 14, 21, 28              more ease, efficiency, power and smoothness
Time:        9:35 am – 10:05 am                     over greater distances. Other aquatic activi-
Ages:        4 & 5 Years Old                        ties such as Personal Water Safety, Fitness
Cost:        $48.00/pp                              Swimmer, Fundamentals of Diving and Life-
                                                    guard Readiness may also be introduced.
                                                 A complete updated safe boating certification
       **NEW** ESCAPE THE CRATE                  course taught in one (8 hour) day. This class
  BEGINNER I - DOG TRAINING CLASSES              includes the newest requirement for towing
Please join Janis Copes, ABCDT from Escape       skiers & tubes. Successful completion will al-
the Crate, LLC for this informative 6-week       low the student to purchase a Connecticut
course designed to help you, the handler,        Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation
learn how to get the behavior you want           with Safe Waterski Endorsement, which ena-
from your dog using force free positive rein-    bles them to operate any recreational vessel
forcement techniques. Lessons will include       up to 65 feet in length, with some age re-
teaching sit, down, come, stay and walking       strictions for younger operators. PRIOR TO
on a loose lead. The goal is to teach your       TAKING THIS CLASS each student should cre-
dog to be a polite family member.                ate an account online at https://
             Maximum: 6 clients        , and
                                                 click the START button. Create an account if
Location:    Echo Lake Park                      you don’t already have one, and then print
Dates:       Thursdays; April 7, 14, 21, 28;     the page that includes your Conservation ID
             May 5, 12 (April 7th is for the     number and bring it to class.
             owners only; no dogs! This class    Location:          Falls Senior Center
             will be held at the Parks &         Dates:
             Recreation office at 61 Echo        Session 1:         Saturday, March 26th
             Lake Road)                          Session 2:          Saturday, April 23rd
Time:        6:00 pm – 7:00 pm                   Ages:              10 to Adult
Cost:        $180                                Time:               8:30 am - 4:30 pm
    BASIC FIRST AID AND CPR: ADULT,              Cost:              Res: $65 Non- Res: $75
           CHILD/INFANT and AED                               BABYSITTING COURSE
This course combines the American Heart          American Heart Association Babysitting
Association First Aid and Heart Saver CPR        Course for any youth 10 years old and older.
for Adults Infants and Children with AED.        It will offer students the necessary tools to
Participants learn first aid basics for adults   become a reliable and safe babysitter. Stu-
and must show proficiency in skills. This        dents will learn basic childcare, safety precau-
course teaches what to do in a life-             tions, child development, appropriate toys
threatening emergency. These emergencies         and more. Students will receive a handbook
include not breathing, choking and cardiac       with all the information needed to serve as a
arrest (heart stopping) which occurs mostly      reference. Participants must attend both
in or near home. Sudden Infant Death Syn-        nights and will have to meet requirements of
drome and prevention of injuries and chok-       the course to receive certification. At the con-
ing in infants and children will be discussed.   clusion of the babysitting classes there will be
With the knowledge and skills in this course     a course on Infant/Child CPR and Family &
participants will learn the warning signs of     Friend First Aid. Instructor: Joan Palladino
heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest choking     Location:       Watertown Parks & Recreation
and breathing difficulties; CPR and relief of    Session 1:
choking for adults, children and infants. Stu-   Dates/Times:
dents receive hands on training with the         BABYSITTING CLASS held on:
AED. This course has a skills exam and no        Thursday, March 10th from 6-8 PM
written test. Participants will receive an       Dates/Times:
AHA Heart Saver two-year certification card      FIRST AID & CPR will be held on:
for Adult First Aid, CPR for adults/children,    Friday, March 11th from 6-9 PM
infants and AED use. Text purchase is not        Session 2:
necessary if recertifying. This class reaches    Dates/Times:
the requirements for coaching & job certifi-     BABYSITTING CLASS held on:
cation! Instructor: Joan Palladino               Thursday, May 12th from 6-8 PM
Location: Watertown Parks & Recreation           Dates/Times:
Date:        Wednesday, February 23rd            FIRST AID & CPR will be held on:
Time:        6:00 pm – 9:30 pm                   Friday, May 13th from 6-9 PM
Costs:       Only First Aid or CPR:              Cost:            Res: $60 Non-Res: $70
             $50/pp Plus Text $5
             Both First Aid & CPR:
             $65/pp Text $5
A LOVELY MAY DAY FOR MOMMY & ME                                DRAWING CLASS
Just in time for Mother’s Day! Enjoy time     Children will have an opportunity to learn dif-
spent with your child decorating six cookie   ferent skills and techniques used in drawing.
flowers for an arrangement, and a clay pot    Local artist William O'Connell will teach chil-
with paints, tissue paper, glitter and rib-   dren about cartooning, shading and other
bons to put them in. Serving tea or an or-    skills needed to become a young artist during
ganic juice box and appetizers as you         the six sessions. This class is limited to eight (8)
work. For more information con-               people so register early! Instructor: Bill
tact (860)          O’Connell
417-6737. Limited space is available.         Location: Swift Middle School, Art Room
                                              Dates:        Saturdays; January 22, 29;
Location:   The Buddha Bistro;                              February 5, 12, 19, 26
            27 Siemon Co. Dr. Suite 108S      Times:        Session 1: 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Date:       Saturday, May 7th                               Session 2: 10:30 am – 11:45 am
Time:       2:45 pm – 4:00 pm                 Ages:         8 to 14
Ages:       3 - 10 years                      Cost:         Res: $46.00 Non-Res: $51.00
Cost:       $30.00
                                               **NEW** PINCH BOWL POTTERY NIGHTS
               GAME NIGHT                     Let’s have some fun! Create, trim and glaze a
Back by popular demand! Game night will       food safe pottery bow. Supplies included.
have your child meeting new friends while     Make for yourself or gifting! Appetizers served
having fun. There will be music and excite-   and The Buddha Bistro soups to accompany
ment as your child competes to win many       your homemade bowls. Pick up at a later date
different games. Snacks and juice will be     TBA. Instruction by Jessica Tracy-Meyers of
provided.                                     JTM Made Studio. No walk-ins. You must pre-
WEEK ONE -BOARD GAMES: An assort-             register with the Parks & Recreation Depart-
ment of games will be provided for your       ment at Max 10
child to play and enjoy. They will get the    people. For more information contact thebud-
chance to play games including Jenga, Life, (860)417-6737.
Trouble, & many more.
WEEK TWO -BINGO: We will play many            Location:    The Buddha Bistro;
rounds of bingo. Every child will get the                  27 Siemon Co. Dr. Suite 108S
chance to win prizes.                         Date:        January 14th (Create Bowls)
WEEK THREE -CARD GAMES: Many card                          and January 21st (Glaze Bowls)
games will be played including Uno, Jun-      Time:        5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
ior Apples to Apples, skip-bo, Spoons, &      Cost:        $75.00/person paid by January 7th
will be a variety of minute to win it         Children will be exposed to Spanish vocabu-
games. Prizes will be given out to winners.   lary through stories and songs connected to
                                              familiar tunes and concepts in English. We'll
Location:   Swift Middle School, Cafeteria    explore colors, numbers, animals, the Solar
Dates:      TBA (Look for more info)          System and more! This class is limited
Grades:     2nd – 5th                         to twelve (12) people so register early!
Time:       5:30 pm- 7:30 pm                  Instructor: Sara Hall
Cost:       $20 for all or $5 per date
                                              Location: Swift Middle School
                                              Dates:    Saturdays;
                                                        January 22, 29;
                                                        February 5, 12, 19, 26
                                              Times:    PreK 9:00 am – 10:00 am
                                              Ages:      K      10:00 am—11:00 am
                                              Cost:     $60.00
 Note: All classes held at John Trumbull School— Your child can stay afterschool and a Parks & Rec Employee
             will sign your child out of school during the JTPS dismissal! All afterschool classes—
      A note must be sent to your child’s teacher, granting permission for your child to stay after school.

   **NEW** NEW YEAR CELEBRATION!                                  **NEW** SPRING FLING!
Hip, hip, hooray! It is 2022. Ring in the              Spring is here and Earth is waking back up af-
new year with Ms. Cincogrono and Ms.                   ter a long winter! Each child will create their
Collier. Children will dance, play, craft, and         own spring-related snack, craft, create,
game during this after-school event! Chil-             play...and of course, have fun with their
dren are encouraged to dress in their party            friends during this after-school par-
best! Instructors: Donna Cincogrono and                ty! Instructors: Donna Cincogrono and Han-
Hannah Collier                                         nah Collier
Location: John Trumbull School, Rm A100                Location:     John Trumbull School, Rm A100
Date:        Monday, January 10, 2022                  Date:         Monday, April 11, 2022
Time:        After School-5PM                          Time:         After School-5PM
Grades:      K-2                                       Grade:        K-2
Cost:        $35.00                                    Cost:         $35.00
      **NEW** HAPPY HEARTS PARTY!                             **NEW** SIZZLE INTO SUMMER!
Love is in the air! Join Ms. Cincogrono and            The days are getting longer and the weather is
Ms. Collier for an afternoon of fun, friends,          getting warmer! Summer is right around the
and kindness! We will celebrate Valentine’s            corner. Let’s celebrate the upcoming summer
Day with crafts, games, and snacks. Your               vacation with outdoor fun (weather permit-
child is sure to have a “happy heart” during           ting), games, crafts, and friends! A snack will
this event! Instructors: Donna Cincogrono              be provided by the instructors. Instructors:
and Hannah Collier                                     Donna Cincogrono and Hannah Collier
Location:   John Trumbull School, Rm A100              Location:     John Trumbull School, Rm A100
Date:       Monday, February 7, 2022                   Date:         Monday, May 23, 2022
Time:       After School-5PM                           Time:         After School-5PM
Grades:     K-2                                        Grades:       K-2
Cost:       $35.00                                     Cost:         $35.00
        **NEW** ST. PATRICK’S DAY                               **NEW** FITNESS FOR FUN
               CELEBRATION!                            Children this age need physical activity to
Ms. Cincogrono and Ms. Collier feel “lucky”            build strength, coordination and confidence!
to work with the cutest clovers in the patch!          This hour-long program is a quality outlet that
During this after-school party, children will          promotes self-esteem, healthy living and fit-
conduct a science experiment, play games,              ness in a fun and positive environment! Sneak-
eat snacks, and have fun with their friends.           ers are required. Students can bring a healthy
Children are encouraged to dress in                    afternoon snack to enjoy before the program
green! Instructors: Donna Cincogrono and               begins. Pick-up will be in the JTPS Main Lob-
Hannah Collier                                         by. Instructor: Scott McQueeny
Location: John Trumbull School, Rm A100
Date:        Monday, March 14, 2022                    Location:     John Trumbull School, Gym
Time:       After School-5PM                           Date:         Mondays;
Grades:      K-2                                       Session 1:    Jan 24, 31; Feb 7, 14, 28; March 7
Cost:        $35.00                                    Session 2:    March 28; April 4, 11, 25;
                                                                     May 2, 9, 16
                                                       Gr/Time:      K–2         3:35 pm – 4:45 pm
                                                                     3–5         5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
                                                       Cost:         $120.00
**NEW** RE/CO ROBOTS                                   LITTLE SCIENTISTS
             MINDS IN MOTION                      Little Scientists is a 6-week exciting hands-on/ minds
                                                  -on inquiry-based science program. We are offering
During this 8-week workshop build and take        Winter/Spring classes that will explore different top-
home your very own RE/CO Robot! RE/               ics which will include "The Wonders of a Volcano"
CO robot is a mechanical off-roading adven-       and "The Science of Solutions” and more! Our pro-
ture! It comes equipped with an infrared          gram incorporates multiple experiments during
sensor and artificial intelligence. Its ability   each class, along with age-appropriate curriculum.
to be controlled wirelessly, and its tank-like    Location:     John Trumbull School
tracks, make it perfect for rugged condi-         Dates:       Thursdays;
tions! With the wireless remote control           Session 1:   Feb 3, 10, 17, 24; March 3, 10
added, RE/CO Robot can access new play            Session 2:   March 31; April 7, 28;
modes like storytelling, singing, dancing,                     May 5, 19, 26
and even programming. Students can enjoy          Grade:        Pre K - 2
guiding it over all sorts of terrain or allow     Time:         3:45 pm – 4:30 pm
                                                  Cost:         $129.00 per session
the friendly robot to lead the way, using its
infrared sensor to find a clear path in patrol            GREAT SCIENTISTS CODING CLUB
mode. For parents who look to get the             Great Scientists is a 6-week exciting hands-on/minds
                                                  -on inquiry based science program. Classes are in-
most out of their children’s time, RE/CO Ro-      teractive, exciting and fun! A sampling of topics in-
bot is a great all in one package! It combines    clude: Can we build a computer code? How to de-
assembling with 106 pieces, STEAM learning        sign a mobile app? Can we build a computer game?
with infrared sensors, programming with           How do computers work? Can we program a ro-
easy directional commands, and having fun         bot to move? Don’t miss out, class size is limited!
with the freedom of a handy wireless re-          Please send a note to school for your child’s teach-
                                                  er, indicating that they have permission to stay after
mote control!                                     school!
Location: Judson School, Art Room
Dates:       Wednesdays; Feb 23; March 2,         Location:     Judson School, Art Room
             9, 16, 23, 30; April 6, 13           Dates:        Tuesdays; February 1, 8, 15;
                                                                March 1, 8, 22
Time:        3:35 pm – 4:35 pm                    Location:     Polk School, Art Room
Ages:        8 -12        Cost:      $135.00      Dates:        Tuesdays; April 5, 12, 26;
       **NEW** FUTURE ENGINEERS                                 May 3, 10, 17
             MINDS IN MOTION                      Grades:       3-6
                                                  Time:         3:35 pm – 4:20 pm
During this 8-week workshop If you like to        Cost:         $129.00 per session
create and build things, this program is for
you! Take home your very own engineering                         **NEW** EMPOWHER
kit! You will build up to 8 working models        This teen empowerment workshop will teach
including a material lift, stationary bike,       young women the skills they need to become the
crane bridge, construction crane, and a           best versions of themselves while reaching their full
windmill! With the aid of your instructor         potential in the classroom, at home and in their
                                                  community. Participants will develop life skills, in-
and the easy-to-follow manual, you will           crease self-awareness and improve self-confidence
learn different scientific principles involving   through each workshop while completing activities
pulleys and mechanics. You will also learn        that will empower them to apply what they have
about basic circuits as you construct a Maze      learned to their everyday lives. All materials will be
Challenge, Flying Disc, Turbo Air, and Alarm      included. Instructor: Miranda Weidemier (certified
System with our STEM Lab kit! As future en-       life coach, personal development guru and 10+
                                                  years coaching teenagers).
gineers, the STEM lab will teach you how to
comprehend a schematic diagram and inter-         Location:     Swift Middle School, Classroom 120
pret the flow of electricity. Design your         Dates:               Tuesdays;
own diagrams and watch your confidence            1st Month-           S1: Feb 1       S2: Feb 8
soar as you transform wires, springs, and                              S3: Feb 15      S4:Feb 23
plastic parts into fully functioning cir-         2nd Month-           S1:Mach 1       S2:March 8
                                                                       S3:March 16 S4:March 29
cuits. Come obtain the necessary skills and       3rd Month-           S1: April 5     S2:April 12
experience to take on the technological                                S3:April 26      S4:May 3
challenges of the future!                         4th Month-           S1: May 10         S2:May 17
Location: Polk School, Art Room                                        S3:May 24        S4:May 31
Dates:       Mondays; Feb 28; March 7, 14,        Time:                2:30pm – 3:30pm
                                                  Ages:                13 – 18
21, 28; April 4, 11, 25                           Cost:                $30/per class or
Time:        3:35 pm – 4:35 pm                                         $100/prepay per month
Ages:        8 - 12                                                    (All 4 classes)
Cost: $135.00
KIDS PARTY TIME!                               MAGICAL CREATIONS
This interactive class is packed with games,      Harry Potter fans unite! Come explore the
fun fitness activities, tag games, music and      Wizarding World through food, science, and
dancing, fitness and nutrition games, stretch-    fun! Participants will create a variety of snacks
ing and connection with other children. Par-      and treats, STEM projects, and participate in
ticipation in this program will equip students    games and trivia based on the books and
with life-long multi-faceted wellness hab-        movies! Please send a note to school for your
its. It’s also a lot of FUN! Students can stay    child’s teacher, indicating that they have per-
right after school at John Trumbull. A recre-     mission to stay after school! Instructor: Mrs.
ation employee will sign students out during      Milo
the 3:15pm JTPS dismissal. Please send a
note to school for your child’s teacher, indi-    Location:    Polk School, Room 315
cating that they have permission to stay af-      Dates:
ter school! Pick-up will be at 4:40pm OUT-        Session 1: Wednesdays; February 2, 9, 16,
SIDE of the JTPS Main Entry. This course                     23; March 2, 9
will be taught by Jill Patterson, RDN- Regis-     Session 2: Wednesdays; March 30; April 6,
tered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Person-              13, 27; May 4, 11
al Trainer, and Certified Fitness Instructor.     Time:      3:35 PM - 4:35 PM
Location: John Trumbull, Green Common             Ages:      7 - 12
Dates:          Mondays;                          Cost:      $110.00/per session
Session 1: Jan 24, 31; Feb 7, 14, 28,
               March 7
Session 2: March 14, 21, 28; April 4, 11, 25
Time:          3:45 pm – 4:40 pm
Ages:          4 - 10 years old
Cost:         $70.00/Per Session

                            FUN WITH FOOD
                 FOODOLOGY                                 KIDS COOK! JUNIOR CHEFS!
We’re excited to cook with you! Foodology         Welcome to our kitchen where kids rule,
is a creative way to spend time with friends      cooking is a blast, and the fun never ends. The
or just test out your baking skills! Tweens       children will get to experience new tastes and
can make new discoveries and create like          learn to prepare recipes from various cuisines
mad scientists whose lab…is a kitchen! All        “with a twist”. Each week will take on a per-
recipes will be provided. Seats are limited.      sonality of its own, you’ll never know what to
Instructor: Rita Hubbard                          expect next! Instructor: Rita Hubbard
Location:    Falls Ave Center, 311 Falls Ave      Location:    Swift Middle School, Cooking Rm
Date:        Fridays;                             Dates:       Saturdays; February 5, 12, 19, 26;
Session 1:   February 4, 11, 18, 25                            March 5, 12
Session 2:   March 18, 25; April 1, 8             Time:        9:00 am to 11:00 am
Time:        7:00 pm – 8:30 pm                    Ages:        6 to 12
Ages:        9 to 12 years                        Cost:        Res: $52 Non-Res: $57
Cost:        Res: $57 Non-Res: $67                             OR $10/Per Date
                          CUPCAKES, COOKIES, & CRAFTS … OH MY!
Join Miss Coppola for some SPRING themed FUN! Each week, children will engage in differ-
ent activities including cupcake decorating, cookie decorating, and creating Spring crafts and
decorations. Let’s get creative! Instructor: Ms. Sarah Coppola
Location:           John Trumbull School, Room B145
Dates:              Thursdays;
    Session 1: February 10th             Session 3: April 28th
    Session 2: March 10th                Session 4: May 19th
Time:               3:35 pm – 4:35 pm
Grades:             K-2
Cost:               $35.00
                WE DON’T SWEAT, WE SHINE!
              INTERVAL TRAINING!                                         ZUMBA
Are you short on time and need to get the           Perfect for everybody and anybody! The
most bang for your buck with working                perfect combo of fun and fitness makes for
out? Come join us for this fun, quick, efficient    an amazing calorie-burning dance fitness par-
and effective workout! We will warm-up and          ty. Once the Latin and World rhythms take
then alternate cardiovascular exercises with        over you'll see why Zumba Fitness classes are
toning exercises for arms, legs and abs and         often called exercise in disguise. Come join
then finish with stretching. This type of           the party! Instructor: Rita Hubbard (203)232
workout has been shown to burn the most             -3488
fat, as the body readjusts to the varying exer-     Location: Polk School, Cafeteria
cises. All levels are welcome as you can go at      Dates:        Mondays & Thursdays;
your own pace. High intensity and low inten-        Session 1: February 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28;
sity options will be demonstrated. Please            March 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28, 31; April
wear comfortable clothing and sneakers and           4, 7, 11, 14 (Class at Senior Center on Feb 21
bring hand held weights (3-5 pounds), a yoga         & March 17 & April 7)
or exercise mat, and water. This course will        Session 2: May 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19, 23, 26;
be taught by Jill Patterson, RDN- Registered        June 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30; July 7,
Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Train-   11, 14 (Class at the Senior Center on June 6)
er, and Certified Fitness Instructor.               Time:         6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
                                                    Ages:         12 & UP
Location:     John Trumbull, Green Pod              Cost:         Res: $40 Non-Res: $45
Dates:       Mondays,                               Drop In Cost: $5.00/per class
Session 1:    Jan 24, 31; Feb 7, 14, 28, March 7
Session 2:   March 14, 21, 28; April 4, 11, 25
Time:        4:45 pm – 5:40 pm
Ages:         16 & Up                                    T’AI CHI HEALTH & FITNESS
Cost:         $70.00/Per Session                 The course will focus on the practice of Tai
                                                 Chi for Health and Fitness.
      SPRING OUTDOOR WALK & TONE!                The goal of practice is to quiet the mind,
Grab your sneakers and a water bottle for this relax the body, and improve health.
fun outdoor class! We will include a combina- Sessions will cover: Fundamentals of Practice,
tion of walking, interval training (optional),   Warm-Ups, Qigong for Health, and Tai Chi
toning exercises utilizing the body’s own re-    Forms Practice. Instructor: Roger Godin
sistance, ab and core work (without getting      Location: Polk School, Cafeteria
on the ground) and stretching. All levels of     Dates:      Wednesdays; March 2, 9, 16, 23;
fitness are welcome. This course will keep you               April 6, 13, 27; May 4
toned, increase your metabolism by increasing                (None on March 30 & April 20)
muscle cells, get outdoors and enjoy the         Time:       6:30 pm – 7:15 pm
spring weather!! This course will be taught by Age:          15 & up
Jill Patterson, RDN- Registered Dietitian Nutri- Cost:       Res: $50 Non-Res: $55
tionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Certi-
fied Fitness Instructor.
Location:    Veterans Park (Meet at Pavilion)
Dates:       Mondays;                                    Watertown Parks & Rec
Session 1:   March 14, 21, 28; April 4, 11, 25
Session 2:   May 2, 9, 16, 23; June 6, 13                        860.945.5246
Session 3:   June 20, 27; July 11, 18, 25; Aug 1
             6:10 pm – 7:00 pm
             16 & Up
Cost:        $70.00/Per Session
All Parks & Recreation programs are
                 GENTLE YOGA                            subject to change based on
       FOR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING                    updated or adjusted guidelines as
Back by Popular demand! In this class instruc-     outlined by CDC, DPH, TAHD, CT SDE,
tor Patricia Conti will teach you yoga pos-
tures to strengthen your muscles, increase                        and/or
your flexibility, balance and range of motion.          Watertown Public Schools.
You will learn breathing techniques to reduce
stress and help you maintain deeper levels of
relaxation throughout your day. Wear loose           BEGINNING SWING & WALTZ FOR ALL!
comfortable clothing and bring an exercise/        Welcome to the most up-tempo of the Ball-
yoga mat or large towel and a small pillow.        room dances (SWING) and the smoothest
In the event of inclement weather call the In-     (WALTZ)! They are dances everyone should
fo line at 945-5272 before leaving your            know to experience the joy of boogieing to
house. There will be no make-up classes.           the beat and floating-on-air around the
Instructor: Pat Conti                              dance floor. You will gain confidence in your
                                                   social dancing, acquire a new appreciation of
Location:    Falls Ave Center                      music AND experience a fun way to get in
Dates:       Tuesdays;                             shape and meet new people. ALL AGES sin-
Session 1:   Jan 4, 11, 18, 25; Feb 1, 8           gles or couples welcome and NO previous
Session 2:   Feb 22; March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29        dance experience or partners are neces-
Session 3:    April 12, 19, 26; May 3, 10, 17      sary. Dance notes and Song lists included. In-
Session 4:   May 31; June 7, 14, 21, 28; July 5    structor: Jim Zaccaria has taught Social
Time:        7:00 pm - 8:15 pm                     Dancing since 1985 and helped found the
Ages:        15 years old & up                     Philadelphia Swing Dance Society.
Costs:       Res: $50 Non-Res: $60                 Location: Fall Ave Center
                                                   Dates:      Mondays; April 18 & 25
          COUNTRY LINE DANCING                     Time:       6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
This line dance class will provide the confi-      Cost:       Res: $40       Non-Res: $50
dence and ease needed on the dance floor as
participants will learn some fundamental           BEGINNING SALSA & MERENGUE FOR ALL!
steps and a variety of line dances – from the      Enjoy your favorite Latin tunes even more
“Classics” to the “Fresh” new dances. Line         by learning two of the easiest of the Ball-
dancing is perfect for anyone who wants to         room dances – SALSA & MERENGUE! Just
dance independently. No partner is required,       three or four steps over four beats will get
but feel free to bring along some friends and      you moving to some of the greatest Latin
have lots of fun! You can line dance almost        music from around the world and looking
anywhere to many genres of music. Plus, you        like you grew up doing it. It’s a fun way to
get exercise without realizing you are exercis-    exercise and socialize. ALL AGES singles or
ing. The first 40 minutes of class will focus on   couples welcome and NO previous dance
Beginners and the balance of the class will be     experience or partners are necessary. We’ll
High Beginner/Low Improver.                        develop a complete & easy routine for each
Instructor: Joanne Kallipolite                     dance that will get you attention at your
                                                   next party! Dance notes and Song lists includ-
Location:    Judson School, Cafeteria              ed.
Dates:       Thursdays;                            Instructor: Jim Zaccaria has taught Social
Session 1:   Jan 27; Feb 3, 10, 17, 24; March 3    Dancing since 1985 and helped found the
Session 2:   March 24, 31; April 7, 28; May 5,     Philadelphia Swing Dance Society.
19                                                 Location: Fall Ave Center
Time:        7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                     Dates:      Mondays; May 16 & 23
Ages:        18+                                   Time:       6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Cost:        $65                                   Cost:       Res: $40       Non-Res: $50
KIDS HIP HOP DANCING                               MUSIC AND MOVEMENT
This fun and high energy class will have these     Introduce your little ones to a world of dance
kids moving and grooving to today’s favorite       through a variety of styles along with basic
hits! This class will incorporate stretching and   introduction to ballet. Skipping, leaping, gal-
strengthening while learning fun hip hop           loping and group circle dances expand their
steps and combinations, all levels, no experi-     movement repertoire. Emphasis on gross mo-
ence needed! All levels, no experience need-       tor skills, flexibility, cooperation, creativity,
ed. Comfortable clothes that the participant       and self-confidence! Comfortable clothes that
can move comfortably in, any dance shoe,           the participant can move comfortably in, bal-
bare feet or socks can be worn to this             let shoes, bare feet or socks can be worn to
class. Instructor: Melissa Markiewicz              this class. Instructor: Melissa Markiewicz
Location:     Prestige Dance Center                Location:     Prestige Dance Center
              76 Westbury Park Rd                                76 Westbury Park Rd
Dates:        Fridays;                             Dates:        Saturdays;
Session 1:    Jan 7, 14, 21, 28; Feb 4, 11         Session 1:    Jan 8, 15, 22, 29; Feb 5, 12
Session 2:    April 29; May 6, 13, 20, 27;         Session 2:    April 30; May 7, 14, 21, 28;
               June 3                                            June 4
Times:        5:15 pm - 6:00 pm                    Times:        11:15 am - 12:00 pm
Ages:         4 -10                                Ages:         3-7
Cost:         $55.00                               Cost:         $55.00

              BALL 'TILL YOU FALL                               VOLLEYBALL CLINIC
It’s back by popular demand! During this 6-          This program will concentrate on the basic
week basketball clinic we will focus on the          fundamentals of volleyball. Basic passing
game fundamentals, teamwork, and sports-             and serving will be the focus but we will
manship. Be ready to have fun and partici-           include basic agility and strengthening. In-
pate in many basketball activities, drills and       structor: Michael Theriault
even games. Each participant will receive a
“Ball Till You Fall” camp t-shirt as part of the     Location:       Swift Middle School, Gym
program. Hurry up and register today At Wa-          Session 1:
tertown Parks and Recreation Department to           Dates:          Wednesdays; March 16,
take your game to the next level. LIMITED            23, 30; April 6, 13, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25
SPOTS available for our upcoming training            Gr/Time:         Gr 9-12 7pm – 9pm
sessions. DON'T MISS OUT!
Instructor: Mr. Christopher Milo                     Session 2:
                                                     Dates:           Mondays; March 14, 21,
Location: John Trumbull, Gym                         28; April 4, 11, 25; May 2, 9, 16, 23
Dates:     Tuesdays;
Session 1: Jan 11, 18, 25; Feb 1, 8, 15              Gr/Time:        Gr 5-8     7pm – 9pm
Session 2: March 1, 8, 22, 29; April 5, 12           Cost:           $80/Per Session
Session 3: April 26; May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Time/Grades:                                               PICKELBALL “PICK UP GAMES”
      3:35 pm - 4:35 pm Grades 1 & 2                 This program will give the advanced and
      4:45 pm – 5:45 pm Grades 3 - 5                 beginner player an opportunity to play
Cost:      $90/per session                           pick-up pickelball games against other men
           (t-shirt included in cost)                and woman in the area. Players can focus
                                                     on stroke, strategy and conditioning. In-
                                                     struction and equipment will not be pro-
                                                     vided. No registration required.
                                                     Location: Crestbrook Park Tennis Courts,
                                                     Dates:       Fridays; April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29;
                                                     May 6, 13, 20, 27
                                                     Times:       6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
                                                     Cost:         Free
LITTLE NINJAS KARATE                                  KICKIN’ KIDS KARATE
Karate techniques incorporated with essential         Dynamic karate techniques taught with an
motor skills for 3&4 year old's. The curriculum       emphasis on kicks, punches, blocks, coordi-
includes balance, memory, team work, coordi-          nation, and bullying prevention. Situational
nation, focus, and other age specific skills train-   self-defense will be taught so our youngest
ing. Often young children want to do what             can avoid conflict. Class is designed to have
the big kids do but don’t have the essential          a student develop into the more structured
motor skills. This class teaches those while          karate program. Emphasis on technique and
building self-esteem and respect for self and         coordination without the traditional form’s
others. This class teaches those while building       patterns of movement. This class teaches
self-esteem and respect for self and others           those while building self-esteem and respect
through the art of Cheezic Tang Soo Do. In-           for self and others through the art of Cheez-
structor: Master Lyne Landry                          ic Tang Soo Do. Instructor: Master Lyne
Location:          Polk School, Gym
Winter Session:    Mondays; Jan 3, 10, 24, 31;        Location:         Polk School, Gym
                   Feb 7, 14, 28; March 7             Winter Session:   Mondays; Jan 3, 10, 24,
                   (None Jan 17; Feb 21                                 31; Feb 7, 14, 28; March 7
Spring Session: Mondays; April 4, 11, 25;                               (None Jan 17; Feb 21)
                   May 2, 9, 23 (None April           Spring Session:   Mondays; April 4, 11, 25;
                   18; May 16)                                          May 2, 9, 23 (None April
Time:              5:00 pm – 5:30 pm                                    18; May 16)
Cost:              Res: $30 Non-Res: $37              Time:             5:30pm – 6:15 pm
Ages:              3&4                                Cost:             Res: $32 Non-Res: $39
           YOUTH KARATE LESSONS                       Ages:             5&6
The Watertown Parks and Recreation Depart-
ment offers an 8-week Karate program from
6:15 pm – 7:15 pm. A chance for 7-17 year                        ADULT KARATE LESSONS
old's to develop martial arts skills, build           The Watertown Parks & Recreation Depart-
strength and confidence, build self-discipline        ment offers an 8-week program to adult stu-
gained through the art of Cheezic Tang Soo            dents age 18 and older. The program will fo-
Do. Participants should wear loose fitting            cus on self-defense from 7:15pm - 8:15pm on
clothing such as sweat pants and t-shirts. Uni-       Mondays. This class teaches those while
forms and equipment are optional and availa-          building self-esteem and respect for self and
ble for purchase directly from the instructor.        others through the art of Cheezic Tang Soo
Visit the organization’s website at                   Do. Instructor: Master Gary Welton for details of their histo-
ry and philosophy. Instructors: Master Gary           Location:         Polk School, Gym
Welton & David Parmelee                               Dates:
Location:          Polk School, Gym                   Winter Session:   Mondays; Jan 3, 10, 24, 31;
Dates:                                                                  Feb 7, 14, 28; March 7
Winter Session:                                                         (None Jan 17; Feb 21)
Mondays: Jan 3, 10, 24, 31; Feb 7, 14, 28;            Spring Session:   Mondays; April 4, 11, 25;
March 7                                                                 May 2, 9, 23 (None April
Wednesdays: Jan 5, 12, 19,26; Feb 2, 9, 16, 23                          18; May 16)
Spring Session:                                       Time:             7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Mondays: April 4, 11, 25; May 2, 9, 23                Cost:             Res; $50 Non-Res:$54
Wednesdays: March 23, 30; April 6, 13, 27;            Ages:             18 & UP
May 4, 11, 18
Time:        6:15pm – 7:15pm                          Clothing:         Participants should wear
Cost:        One Day:                                                   loose fitting clothing, such
             Res; $50       Non-Res: $57                                as sweat pants and t-shirts.
             Both Days:                                                 Uniforms and equipment
             Res; $100      Non-Res: $114                               are optional and available
             Family Max: After 2 participants                           for purchase directly from
             take $10 off for every child.                              the instructor.
Ages:       7 - 17 year old's
It's back! This 8-week program offers cheer
training in all areas including dance, tum-             RUNNING CORNER
bling and stunting. It’s tailored to age and                 SAVE THE DATE
experience, so everyone is sure to have fun                    Sponsored by:
and learn something new. This is the perfect      Watertown Parks & Recreation Department
way to try a new sport in a non-competitive    --Shamrock Shuffle 3.5 Mile Road Race, Satur-
atmosphere or to keep up your skills over      day, March 12th at 10:00am at Polk School,
the summer.                                    437 Buckingham Street, Watertown

Location: Judson School, Gym                       MIDDLE SCHOOL RUNNING TRAINING
Dates:      Wednesdays; March 30; April 6,     Welcome to Cross-Country with Watertown
13, 27; May 4, 11, 18, 25                      Parks and Recreation. Cross-country is offered
Times:      6:00 pm—7:30 pm                    to all students from grades 5-8. Cross-country
Ages:       5 - 13                             is a sport that requires commitment, endur-
    (Girls will be separated by age group)     ance, and a willingness to train beyond the
Costs:      $50.00                             few months of the actual season. Come grow
                                               to love running and enjoy the healthy bene-
          ADULT OPEN BASKETBALL                fits. Instructor: Jessica Creter
These gym times are for Residents of Water-
town/Oakville only. Must show valid CT         Location:   Veterans’ Memorial Park
driver’s license or State of CT ID card with               Meet by Lower Basketball Court
Watertown/Oakville address to be admitted      Dates:      Mondays & Wednesdays;
each night. Residents Only!                                April 25, 27; May 2, 4, 9, 11, 16,
                                                           18, 23, 25; June 1, 6, 8, 13, 15
Location: Swift Middle School, Small Gym       Time:       5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Date:       Tuesdays; January 4, 11, 18, 25;   Grades:     5-8
February 1, 8, 15; March 1, 8, 22,             Cost:       $50.00
29; April 5, 12, 26; May 3, 10, 17, 24
Time:       7:00 pm – 9:00 pm                            INDOOR ICE SKATING
Ages:       18 & Over                                 Indoor ice skating at Taft Rink.
Cost:       $3.00/per person per visit              Open to residents and non-residents.
                                                    You must provide your own skates.
      SPECIAL CITIZENS BASKETBALL                         Skate at your own risk.
Basketball program for students with special
needs. Open to residents of Watertown,         Location:   Taft School Mays Rink
Oakville and surrounding towns. For more       Ages:       All ages welcome
information please call Lynn Arnold at (860)   Dates:      Sunday, January 2
274-9028.                                                  Sunday, January 9
                                                           Sunday, January 16
Location: Polk School, Gym                                 *Monday, January 17
Dates:    Fridays; Jan 14, 21, 28;                         Sunday, January 30
          Feb 4, 11, 25; March 4, 11, 18, 25               Sunday, February 6
Time:     6:30 pm – 8:30 pm                                Sunday, February 20
                                                           *Monday, February 21
                                                           Sunday, February 27
       OUTDOOR PUBLIC ICE SKATING              Time:
            AT THE ANNEX POND                  3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Sundays
Parks and Recreation will be offering free     12:00 pm – 1:00 pm - Mondays
public skate at the Annex Pond this winter.
Ice will be monitored by the Parks Depart-     Cost:      $5.00 per resident
ment – however skating will be at your own                (with proof or residency)
risk. Skating will be open 7 days a week.      $6.00 per non-resident
The Annex Pond is located on Middlebury                   (residents w/o proof of residency)
Rd next to Taft School. For more infor-
mation please call 860-945-5246.               Pay at the door.
  The following are independent groups offering programs for our youth. 100% of their
   registration fees go to their organization. If you have any questions about how their
            organization is run you may contact them at the following numbers:
         CONTACT: 860- 945-5246                       CONTACT: ROB CRONK
For any information, you can visit the swim           WOLLVP@GMAIL.COM
              team online at                        WWW.WATEROAKLL.COM
                                               *WATER-OAK BASEBALL LITTLE LEAGUE*
      LEARN-to-SKATE PROGRAM                        DONORF@OPTONLINE.NET
          ING@GMAIL.COM                            *AMERICAN LEGION BASEBALL**
                                                  CONTACT: DAVE SANTANGELLI
       BEEZBETH@GMAIL.COM                            CONTACT: PAUL CATUCCIO
        JSL_96@YAHOO.COM                                *ST. MARY’S SCHOOL*
                                                   140 BUCKINGHAM ST, OAKVILLE
       *WATERTOWN ULTIMATE FRISBEE                          (860)945-0621
                LEAGUE*                          EMAIL: DAVEMECCA@OPTONLINE.NET
           CONTACT: DANE STREET                      WWW.SMMSOAKVILLE.ORG
                                                     760 MAIN ST, WATERTOWN
    *G.R.O.W.S TRAVEL SOFTBALL*                             (860)274-9208
    WWW.WATERTOWNRAPIDS.COM                            WWW.STJOHNWTN.ORG

                         RECREATION SWIM TEAM
   Please check our website frequently at for information
   on our Spring Stroke and Conditioning Clinic and WRST Summer Swim Team.
                         Passion to Travel??? Escape with us!!!
The Parks & Recreation Department offers an array of bus trips in the winter, spring,
summer and fall to many destinations throughout greater New England and beyond.
All trips require payment in full at the time of registration. The Parks and Recreation
Department will issue NO REFUNDS unless a trip is cancelled. If you have an emergen-
cy situation and cannot attend, please call the Parks & Recreation Department as soon
as possible.
All bus trips depart from and return to the Watertown Town Hall, 61 Echo Lake Road,
Watertown, CT 06795. Seating on the motorcoach is not assigned, but is first come,
first seated. Smoking is prohibited on the motorcoaches. No alcoholic beverages are al-
lowed on the motorcoaches. Note: In order for trips to be able to run they may be
shared with other groups requiring one or more pick-ups enroute to the destination. A
tip for the Motorcoach bus driver is included in trip fees. Please contribute only if you
wish since the gratuity is already included in trip cost. Children must be accompanied
by an adult unless otherwise specified. Lap sitters are prohibited on the bus.
                                                            The Bronx Zoo
        Thimble Island Cruise &
        Lunch Chowder Pot III                        Saturday, June 11, 2022
       Saturday, May 21, 2022

                                                Come and experience life on the wild
                                                side! The Bronx Zoo’s world-class exhib-
Delicious lunch at the CHOWDER POT III          its such as the Congo Gorilla Forest, the
                                                Wild Asia Monorail, Tiger Mountain,
in Branford, CT. Known for their generous       and Madagascar will get you eye-to-eye
portions of fresh food, the Chowder Pot’s       with majestic tigers, inquisitive gorillas,
menu features choice of: Baked Stuffed          and so much more! Hailed as America’s
                                                largest metropolitan zoo, the Bronx
Sole, Baked Salmon, OR Chicken Piccata.         Zoo will take you on an adventure
New York Style Cheesecake for dessert. En-      through the African Plains to the Hima-
joy! Entrée Choice in Advance. THE THIM-        layan Highlands. Come and escape for
                                                a day! The TOTAL EXPERIENCE PASS
BLE ISLANDS CRUISE aboard the Sea Mist          includes*: Full Admission, Congo Goril-
takes us along the Rocky Isles off Stony        la Forest, Bug Carousel, Butterfly Gar-
Creek Coast in Branford, CT. See the won-       den, Jungle World, Wild Asia Monorail,
                                                Zoo Shuttle and Children’s Zoo. Bring
derful estates and learn the stories of these   your lunch or grab a tasty snack at one
beautiful islands. *Approx 2 block walk to      of the vendors or cafeterias.
boat from the coach on a paved hill.
                                                Depart: 8:30 am from Watertown
Depart: 11:15 am from Watertown Town            Town Hall, 61 Echo Lake Rd,
Hall, 61 Echo Lake Rd, Watertown                Watertown
Estimated Return: 6:00pm                        Estimated Return: 6:30pm
Cost: $124.00                                Cost: $105.00
                  Reservations: at
      VALENTINE’S DAY BINGO                                EGG MY HOUSE KIT
    SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2022                          SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2022
Roses are red, violets are blue, candy is
sweet and you are too when attending Wa-           It’s back by popular demand! This $10/
tertown Parks and Recreation Valentine’s           kit includes a visit from the Easter Bunny
Day Bingo! Event activities include Valentine      (quick photo with your own camera), 15
themed bingo, pizza, arts & crafts and music.      toy filled eggs, pencil, stuffed animal and
Each winner will receive prizes. This event        an Easter craft. The Easter Bunny will de-
will be held at the Falls Ave Center. It will be   liver the kits to Watertown/Oakville resi-
held from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and limited to           dents only on Saturday, April 9 th any
25 kids – Ages 5-12. Please note that this pro-    time between 10am-1pm. The exact
gram is drop off only, parents do not stay.        schedule will be available when we get
Pre-registration and a payment of $10.00/per       closer to the date. Limited number of
child is required by February 3rd.                 kits available. Payment must be received
                                                   to guarantee your spot! Register at
         TRIVIA IS BACK!!!
     THURSDAY, MARCH 3, 2022                       EASTER BUNNY COMES TO TOWN
          STARTS AT 7PM                                SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2022
Are you ready to test your knowledge? Join         Come along to hop with the Easter Bunny
us Thursday, March 3rd from 7pm-9pm at             we all love the most! Create arts & crafts
the Falls Ave Center. It’s so easy: Gather a       projects, enjoy playful activities, and bring
team together. Come up with a team name.           your own hard-boiled eggs that you can
And get ready to dominate. Winning team            decorate. We will have snacks and then
wins a gift card from a local business. To be      join the Easter Bunny in a parade around
eligible please register by Friday, February       the school. Sponsored by the Watertown
25th Please email us your Team Name and            Parks & Recreation Department is sched-
Phone Number to watertownc-                        uled for Saturday, April 16th at 10:00 am - or call (860)945-             12:00 pm at John Trumbull School Cafete-
5246 to register. This is free for everyone.       ria. Watch for more information in a flyer
There will be several categories to play, so it    to go out through the school system!
never get old! We hope you'll join us! It will
be a fun night!                                                  EARTH DAY
                                                             FRIDAY, APRIL 22nd
TOWN-WIDE TAGE SALE (YARD SALE)                    Each year, a variety of groups lend a hand
                                                   on Earth Day cleaning trails, working at
     SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2022                        various community gardens or sprucing up
 RAINDATE: SUNDAY, JUNE 5, 2022                    our parks. What better way to celebrate
     EARLY BIRD: 7AM-3PM REGULAR                   EARTH DAY than by spending time enjoy-
               HOURS 8AM-3PM                       ing nature!! Please do some random acts
Sales will occur in front yards, garages and       of kindness today and keep our beautiful
on sidewalks throughout the Town. The in-          Town great!! Remember to practice safe
tent is that while cleaning out in the spring      distancing and wear a mask.
everyone not tosses everything but instead
offer an opportunity to turn trash into treas-           MEMORIAL DAY PARADE
ure. All this to help build community                    MONDAY, MAY 30, 2022
through a shared experience and other cele-        The annual Memorial Day parade will step
brations one weekend in the spring.                off from the Watertown Plaza parking lot
Register by Wednesday, May 25th at 5pm on          beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May
our website at or           30th. The parade will travel to the WATER-
may be obtained at the Watertown Parks &           TOWN GREEN this year.
Recreation Department at 61 Echo Lake
Road. Maps will be located at Adams Mar-
ket, LaBonne’s Market, the Watertown Meat
Center and Tony’s Seafood.
Falls Avenue
    Community Center & Senior Services
                 311 Falls Avenue, Oakville
                      (860) 945-5250
       Open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The Falls Avenue Community Center & Senior Services offers quality programs and
recreational activities for adults 55 years of age and older.

In 2017, the Falls Avenue Community Center & Senior Services (FACCSS) was award-
ed Focal Point designation from the Western Connecticut Area Agency on Ag-
ing. The FACCSS joins the more than 60 percent of American senior centers that are
designated Focal Points for delivery of the Older American Act (OAA) services that
allows older adults to access multiple services in one place.

Our weekly programs include Bocce, Chair Aerobics, Pinochle, Pokeno, Billiards,
Line Dancing, Wii Bowling, Knitting/Crocheting, Reflexology, Senior Exercise, Bible
Study, Scrabble, Mah Jongg, BINGO, Poker, Setback, the Walking Club, and Karao-
ke! Throughout the month, special activities are offered such as musical entertain-
ment and dancing, historical and cooking presentations, guest speakers, and educa-
tional and wellness programs.

Energy Assistance applications are accepted at the Center from September to April
by appointment only.

The monthly newsletter that is available at the Center, the Parks & Recreation De-
partment and on the Town of Watertown Website, lists all programs and activities.

Lunch is served at 11:30 a.m. on designated days of the week. Reservations are re-
quired to be made two working days in advance by 10:00 am. The suggested dona-
tion is $3.00. *Please not that congregate meals have not been offered during the
COVID-19 Pandemic. Please contact the Senior Center at (860) 945-5250 for infor-
mation on when the congregate meal program will resume.*

The senior bus is provided for residents 60 years of age or better or under 60 with a
disability. The bus is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00
am and 3:30 pm. Riders may purchase bus tickets from the bus driver. The suggested
donation is 50 cents per one-way ride or $5.00 for a book of 20 one-way
rides. Call for reservations the morning before you need a ride. Reservations are
taken between 8:30 am and 12:00 pm Monday through Friday. Call the center for a
bus application, a copy of the bus policies and/or to ask any questions about bus
availability and destinations.

            For more information, please visit us or call 860-945-5250.
                                                    FROST BRIDGE AND SYLVAN LAKE
      PUBLIC PARKS                                  ROADS, OAKVILLE: This park includes a
                                                    waterfront for seasonal swimming and fish-
                                                    ing, a half basketball court, playground and
Please note that all parks close at dusk. There     picnic area.
is no alcohol allowed at any park facility.
Dogs are permitted as long as they are on a         ECHO LAKE PARK ICE HOUSE ROAD,
leash and properly cleaned up after.                WATERTOWN: This park offers fishing, a
                                                    beautiful setting for picnics and a "little
DONATE A PARK BENCH: Donations can be               tykes" playground in the shape of a boat.
made in honor of a loved one, for an indi-          ADAMS ROAD PLAYGROUND ADAMS
vidual accomplishment or from civic organi-         ROAD, WATERTOWN:             This is a small
zations. Benches are installed at Veterans’         neighborhood playground is open to resi-
Memorial Park in Watertown. Plaques can             dents of Watertown/Oakville.
be put on by individual purchasing the

                                                       DID YOU KNOW?
The Avery Lamphier Athletic Complex, or
VMP for short, is located on 570 Nova Scotia        INSTRUCTORS WE WANT YOU:
Hill Road and contains two soccer fields, four      The Watertown Parks & Recreation Depart-
youth baseball fields, a playground, a com-         ment is looking for qualified and innova-
fort station, two basketball courts, two bocce      tive instructors to do preschool, youth and
courts, walking trails, Latin's pond for fishing    adult programs. If you have a unique talent
and a perfect place for walking, biking, or         or skill or idea for a class, please contact
rollerblading. There is also a pavilion, which      Carrie Godfrey at (860) 945-5246.
is centrally located in the park. This is availa-
ble for public use, unless posted by the Wa-
tertown Parks & Recreation Department, and          PARK FIELD/PAVILION PERMITS:
is now reserved by permit.                          May be obtained by contacting the Water-
                                                    town Parks & Recreation Department in the
CRESTBROOK PARK 834 NORTHFIELD RD,                  Municipal Offices at Heminway Park, 61
WATERTOWN: Originally a 9-hole golf club,           Echo Lake Road, Watertown, CT. Applica-
the town of Watertown purchased this facili-        tions for permits of Watertown/Oakville
ty in 1975 and added the second 9-holes in          will be available January 1st. All pavilion
1980. This 236 acre facility is home to Con-        permits will be issued on a first-come-first-
necticut's second highest ranked Municipal          served basis.
golf course (golf digest, January 1996). It in-     PUBLIC TENNIS COURTS:
cludes an 18-hole golf course, complete with
a full service pro shop and five (5) acre prac-     Crestbrook Park, Northfield Rd, Water-
tice facility. There is a restaurant with ban-      town. There are four tennis courts available
quet facilities; picnic tables and a pavilion       to the residents of Watertown/Oakville.
(permits for the pavilion are available at the      We also reserve court time for 10 & Under
Parks & Recreation Department), a public            modified tennis and also Pickleball! For re-
swimming pool, four (4) tennis courts, a 34         served court time (1 ½ hours) contact the
acre lake with a boat launch (electric motors       Parks & Recreation Department, fee is
only) and fishing.                                  $1.00.
For season ticket prices and greens fees,           GIVE THE GIFT THAT GIVES BACK:
please contact the Crestbrook Pro Shop at           Does the act of giving leave you cold?
860-945-5249 or the Watertown Recreation            Have gifts previously given been a little no-
Department at 860-945-5246.                         ticed, unused or unappreciated? The Wa-
Our on-site restaurant The Sunset Grille at         tertown Parks & Recreation Department in-
Crestbrook, is available for lunch, dinner,         vites you to try again, or possibly have a
banquets and catering. Please call 860-417-         first-time experience. Give a gift that satis-
6688 for more information.                          fies both you, the giver, and all those who
                                                    will benefit from your generosity.
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