2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

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2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

Introduction 01

Before you arrive 02

Academic registration 03

Financial registration – paying
your programme fees 06

Scholarships and bursaries 12

Helpful services
and information 14
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool
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Congratulations on receiving your confirmed place
to study at the University. We are delighted that you
have chosen to study with us and we look forward
to you joining your programme. As part of joining
your programme, you will be required to register
with the University.
This guide is designed to assist you in completing     Should you have any difficulties or require
the two parts of the registration process:             additional information then please contact us.
q Academic Registration
                                                       Registration queries
w Financial Registration.                              T: +44 (0)151 794 6758/6759
The first of these involves the University             E: studentenq@liverpool.ac.uk
collecting your personal data and details of the
programme and modules that you will be studying        Fees, scholarships and bursary queries
and the second involves making arrangements            T: +44 (0)151 794 6777
                                                       E: feesenq@liverpool.ac.uk
for the payment of your programme fees. It is
only when both have been completed that you
                                                       Payment of fees queries
are fully registered with the University.
                                                       T: +44 (0)151 794 6777
It is important that you read this guide carefully     E: feesenq@liverpool.ac.uk
and are aware of the processes that you need to
follow to ensure that you are fully registered, many
of these processes can be completed before you
leave home to begin your studies. Some of the
information you may need whilst you are at the
University is contained within the booklet so we
advise that you bring this along with you.
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

     Before you arrive
     New students – photographs                              It should be free from reflection or glare on
     for student smart card                                  your glasses and the frames should not cover
     Before you arrive on campus at the University           your eyes. You should be facing the front, and
     you will be asked to upload a passport-sized            looking directly into the camera
     photograph, which we will use to produce your           Your head and/or face should not be covered
     student smart card.                                     and if this is the case, for religious or medical
                                                             reasons, you will be asked to remove it for
     You will need this for such things as:
                                                             the purposes of the photograph. If you choose
       Gaining access to and borrowing
                                                             to have your photo taken when you arrive at
       books from the library
                                                             university, this can take place in a private area,
       Accessing printing facilities                         either by yourself or with a member of male/
       Inclusion in the reward and loyalty scheme            female staff, upon request
       used across all of the University-managed             There should be no other person in
       cafés, bars and restaurants.                          the photograph.
     You will receive an email prompting you to login      Please be aware that any unsuitable images may
     to the University student portal, “Liverpool Life”,   require us to issue you with a replacement card
     to begin the upload process.                          at a later date, for which you will incur a charge.
     https://liverpool-life.liv.ac.uk                      You will have the opportunity to confirm that
     See “Stage 1: Reviewing and updating your             the image is correct before sending this to
     personal and academic information prior to            the University.
     arrival” on page 03 for information on logging        If you do not upload your image prior to your
     in to Liverpool Life.                                 arrival at the University, there will be a delay
     Once logged in you will be able to upload             in issuing your student card which will impede
     your photo:                                           your access to the services described above.
       Choose a jpg file, no larger than 1 MB              Vaccinations
       The image should be colour and show your full       In order to achieve maximum protection it is
       head with your eyes open and clearly visible        very important that you have been immunised
       (with no sunglasses, tinted glasses or hair         before attending the University. Please visit your
       across your face)                                   doctor and make sure you are up-to-date with
                                                           your vaccinations before starting your studies.
                                                           More information can be found at Section 6
                                                           of this booklet.
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool
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Academic registration
Online registration                                     Forgotten your PIN?
Academic registration is the process of collecting      You will need your Student ID number and PIN
and confirming your personal and academic               to log in. You may have logged in to Liverpool
information. All students will be able to go through    Life during the application process if you have
this process online. Academic registration will         applied for University accommodation. If you
take place in three stages for the majority of          have logged in before but you have forgotten
students, with an additional fourth stage for           your PIN, click “Forgot PIN?” on the log in screen.
international students.                                 You will then be emailed a link to your university
                                                        email account, or the most recent email we have
Stage 1: Reviewing and updating your
personal and academic information                       on file for you, to set up your PIN.
prior to arrival                                        Please note, it can take up to 24 hours for this
We expect to open the online facility on Friday         email to be sent. Do not attempt to reset your
31 August 2018. You will receive notification via       PIN again as this may lead to further delays.
email when you are able to begin the registration
process. Once notification is received, you             Having problems?
need to login to the University student portal,         If after following the procedures above you are
“Liverpool Life”, to begin the registration process.    still unable to log in to Liverpool Life, you should
If you have not used Liverpool Life before then         email the Liverpool Life Enquiry Team at
you should do this by clicking on the link in the       E: studentslivlife@liv.ac.uk
email sent to you. This will direct you to a web        Following successful login you will be presented
page where you will be asked to create your             with the information for New and Continuing
unique PIN. You will need your student ID to do
this. This ID will be displayed clearly at the top of
                                                        Student Registration.                                   www.liverpool.ac.uk/welcome
the notification email. If you have previously used     Stage 2: Submitting your personal and
                                                        academic information prior to arrival
Liverpool Life (eg to apply for your University
                                                        The next stage, having completed all of the
accommodation), then you need to log back in by
                                                        registration steps, is for you to click the ‘Complete
entering the URL liverpool-life.liv.ac.uk into your
                                                        my Registration’ button. By clicking on this button,
browser or by following the ‘Liverpool Life’ link
                                                        you are agreeing to comply with the University’s
on the Digital University (student.liverpool.ac.uk).
                                                        Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules.
You will need your student ID and the PIN you
created when you first accessed the system.             Upon submitting your academic registration
                                                        details you will be given another opportunity to
                                                        activate your computing account, if you have not
                                                        already done so, at www.liverpool.ac.uk/activate
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

     Activating your account will provide you with your      For ‘home’ and ‘EU’ students, failure to do so will
     University email address, your username, and            result in your attendance not being confirmed to
     access to the many IT services and resources            the Student Loans Company which will result in
     which are essential to your student experience          your loan(s) and/or grants not being paid into
     such as the Digital University and VITAL –              your bank account.
     the University’s virtual learning environment.
                                                             International students only
     More information about these services, and              Stage 4: Production of passports,
     the activation process, can be found in the             visas and academic qualifications
     Computing Services Essentials 2018/19                   In order to complete your registration, you
     booklet or from the IT Quickstart resource              will be required to produce your passport,
     at www.liverpool.ac.uk/csd/quickstart/                  your BRP visa and your academic qualifications.
     Stage 3: Confirming your arrival                        Passports and visas
     You will not have fully completed the online            The University is required to check and keep
     academic registration process until you have            copies of all international students’ passports
     confirmed your arrival. This applies to all students,   and BRPs/visas. All international students must
     including those studying off the main University        present their original passport and BRP/visa
     campus at sites such as Carmel College, Wirral          during Welcome Week, a copy of which will
     Metropolitan College, Birkenhead Sixth Form             be taken and held on your student record.
     College and the Truman Bodden Law School,
                                                             If you have chosen to collect your BRP on the
     as well as at our campuses in London and
                                                             University campus (by using the alternative
     Singapore. You will receive further notification
                                                             collection code (ACL) given in your CAS
     via email when the facility is open to enable
                                                             statement) then all your documents will be
     you to do this.
                                                             checked at the same appointment in Welcome
     Once the facility is available and you have arrived     Week. You will have been emailed a link to book
     on your campus, you should once again login to          an appointment online to have your documents
     Liverpool Life. This time the process can only be       checked and be issued with your BRP.
     completed from a PC connected to the University
                                                             If you have chosen to collect your BRP from a
     network. You can use a University PC to do this
                                                             Post Office then you will need to do this as soon
     or you can use your own PC in a University
                                                             as you arrive in the UK as you have to bring your
     wireless zone.
                                                             BRP with you to register with the University.
     Once your arrival has been confirmed, you will          For details of the Post Offices visit
     be taken to a webpage that reminds you of the           www.liverpool.ac.uk/studentsupport/
     importance of registering to vote in UK General,        international/visas/studentvisaapplications
     Local and European elections and referendums            outsidetheuk/brpcollection/
     (if you are eligible to do so – see www.gov.uk/
                                                             Your visa confirmation letter will say where you
                                                             should collect your BRP from. When you attend
     As many of our new students will be living in           your appointment with the University the
     Liverpool for the first time, the process (available    documents you need to provide are:
     at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote) will also give            Your current passport
     you the opportunity to update your personal               Your new Tier 4 visa/BRP with the Sponsor
     details on the electoral register. Remember               Licence Number (SLN) ‘N5WWG40J6’
     that students with different home and term-time           OR your current visa that allows you
     addresses are able to register to vote at both            to study at the University of Liverpool
     locations. You will need your National Insurance          ie Dependant/Spousal
     number (if you have one) to register.
                                                               OR copies of your passport and previous
     It is important that you complete all three               visa WITH proof of making an in-time visa
     requirements of your online academic                      application.
     registration by the end of the second week                AND academic qualifications if relevant
     of the new session.                                       (see opposite).
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool
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Staff will check to ensure that your Tier 4 visa has    All students should remember that you are not
been issued under the University of Liverpool’s         fully registered at the University until you have
SLN (N5WWG40J6). Please note that it is a               completed both Financial Registration and
criminal offence for you to begin studying at an        Academic Registration.
institution in the UK with a visa issued under a
different sponsor. If you try to do this without        Student smart cards
having made an application for a new Tier 4             Your school or department will inform you when
visa using your CAS issued by the University            you will be able to collect your student smart
of Liverpool, you are likely to be removed from         card, which allows you to gain access to and
the UK and you will not be permitted to begin           borrow books from the Library, access printing
your programme of study.                                facilities, and access the University Sports and
                                                        Fitness Centre (additional charges apply). Please
Academic qualifications                                 be aware that, if you have not completed all the
All international students are required to provide      requirements of your registration as described
the University with original evidence of their          above (including, for international students,
successfully completed qualifications. The              providing acceptable immigration and academic
exceptions to this are: graduates of Liverpool          qualifications documentation), you will not be
International College (LIC), Northern Consortium        issued with your student smart card.
UK (NCUK), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
(XJTLU), students currently on a University of          Maintaining your contact details
Liverpool pre-sessional English Language                It is your responsibility to keep the University
programme, and University of Liverpool graduates.       informed of your contact details and any changes
                                                        you make to telephone/mobile numbers or your
If you do not fall within one of the above groups,
                                                        address, whether term time or permanent. This
you are required to present your original academic
                                                        is to ensure that you can be contacted in an
qualifications for verification during Welcome
                                                        emergency and that the University can give you
Week. If you are required to present original
                                                        important information when necessary. Please
academic documents at registration, you will
                                                        be aware that when corresponding with you via
be able to do this as the same appointment as
                                                        email the University will use your University email
having your passport and BRP/visa checked.
                                                        address, even when responding to an email
The documents you need to provide are:
                                                        which you might have sent using a non-University
   Original academic transcript(s) which include        address. Please ensure therefore that you check
   your final grade                                     your University email account on a regular basis.
   Original degree certificate
   Original evidence of English Language                The University is also required by law to ensure
   (with the exception of IELTS, TOEFL,                 that those international students who require a
   and Pearson PTE Academic)                            visa to study in the UK fully complete and regularly
                                                        maintain their contact details as part of the UK       www.liverpool.ac.uk/welcome
   Original translations of these documents
                                                        Home Office Tier 4 immigration system. If you
   (if applicable)
                                                        are required to register with the police, please
   Original passport                                    remember that you must update your police
   Original visa.                                       registration each time you move address.
Failure to present documentation                        Contact details are maintained in the Personal
If you do not present the correct documentation         Details portlet of Liverpool Life. Details of how
before the end of the enrolment period then,            to log in to Liverpool Life can be found in Chapter
as your immigration sponsor, the University is          3 of your student handbook, “Your University”,
required to inform the UK Home Office that              and provides more information about how you
you have failed to register. You will not then          can keep your contact details up to date. This
be allowed to begin your programme and                  handbook will be issued to you along with your
might have to leave the UK.                             student smart card when you arrive. You will be
                                                        reminded at points throughout each academic
                                                        session of the need to keep your contact details
                                                        fully up to date.
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

     Financial registration
     – paying your
     programme fees
     Introduction                                         Whichever category you fall into, it is essential
     Before starting your programme you must make         that the University is informed of the means by
     arrangements to pay your programme fees. This        which your fees will be paid and that you make
     is called Financial Registration. This section of    arrangements for payment of the part of your
     the guide shows how to do this using the various     fees for which you do not have a sponsor.
     options for payment.
                                                          The diagram opposite shows the steps that
     Programme fees become due in full at the             you must take to become financially registered
     start of the academic year or at the start of your   depending on whether you are sponsored,
     programme, whichever is the later. If you are a UK   paying in full or paying by instalments.
     or EU undergraduate on your first degree, it will
     normally be possible for you to obtain a fee loan    Student finance, sponsorship
     for all or part of your programme fees from the
                                                          and scholarships
     Student Loans Company (SLC). Depending on            Student Loans Company
                                                          (UK/EU undergraduates only)
     where you normally live, you will have made
                                                          If you have obtained a fee loan from the Student
     an application for finance with one of Student
                                                          Loans Company (SLC) for the whole of your fees,
     Finance England, Student Finance Wales,
                                                          the SLC will make payment to the University in
     Student Finance Northern Ireland or the Student
                                                          three disbursements.
     Awards Agency for Scotland. Details about this
     and other forms of UK government support such        If you have applied for student finance from
     as maintenance grants and loans can be found         the Student Loans Company (SLC), they will
     at www.liverpool.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/          have sent you a Student Finance Entitlement
     finance/funding                                      letter showing what you are entitled to. You do
                                                          not need to show this letter to the University as
     In addition, some students, especially overseas
                                                          we have systems in place to collect this data
     students, may have their fees paid by a sponsor
                                                          electronically from the SLC.
     such as a government body, whereas other
     students may be self-funding for all or part
     of their fees.
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool
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                                                                   UK and EU first degree undergraduate students
                                                                                   apply to the SLC
      Sponsorship                                       Or

                                                                Send in a copy of your sponsorship/scholarship letter

                                                                       Use our online payment system to pay
                                                                                by debit/credit card

     Payment in full                                                               Pay by cheque


                                                                                Pay by bank transfer

                                                                                                Set up an instalment
                        Yes                            Then     Make an immediate      Then
                                  Use our online                                                  plan to make two
     Instalment plan                                            payment by debit/
                                 payment system                                                further instalments by
                                                                   credit card
                                                                                               direct debit/credit card

The letter from the SLC will give the dates of               This proof of sponsorship must show the value
payment for each instalment of your maintenance              and duration (eg one year, three years etc)
loan and/or grant. The first date of payment will            of the sponsorship together with a name and
normally be the first day of term (24 September              address of where the University should send the
2018 for most students). Before the first instalment         invoice. The University will keep this letter within
is released into your bank account however, the              its records. If you do not provide such a letter
University must confirm to the SLC that you are              then you will be considered to be self-funding
fully registered. Once we have done this, it takes           and you will be expected to pay your own fees.
three working days for the payment to reach your
                                                             As a sponsored student, you are responsible for
bank. It is therefore very important that you fully
                                                             making sure that your fees are paid. Should your
complete your registration as soon as possible,
including the requirement to confirm your arrival
                                                             sponsor fail to pay your fees then the sponsor’s             www.liverpool.ac.uk/welcome
                                                             invoice will be cancelled and the debt will be
on campus (see Section 3).
                                                             transferred to your account for you to pay
Sponsorship (other than an SLC Fee Loan)                     directly to the University.
If an external organisation (ie not a friend,
relative or the SLC) is responsible for payment              If your sponsor fails to pay your fees in accordance
of all or part of your fees the University will              with the agreement reached, you will become
invoice them directly. You must provide the                  subject to the consequences of non-payment
Student Fees and Funding Office with an official             described later in this section.
sponsor letter or purchase order (on official letter         Please note that all sponsors must pay in full
headed paper) from your sponsor. This should                 within 30 days of being invoiced.
be sent before you academically register.
Proof of sponsorship must be sent by email to
2018-19 Your - University of Liverpool

     Scholarships                                           Payment by bank transfer
     If you have a scholarship from your University         The transfer should quote your University
     school or department for all or part of your           student ID number and be made to:
     programme fee, confirmation of this should             Barclays Bank Plc
     be sent by email to feesenq@liverpool.ac.uk            48-50 Lord Street
                                                            Liverpool L2 1TD
     You do not need to provide confirmation that
                                                            Sort Code: 20-51-01
     you are receiving one or more of the scholarships
                                                            Account No: 40249289
     found here www.liverpool.ac.uk/student-
                                                            Swift Code: BARCGB22
                                                            IBAN No: GB11BARC20510140249289
     regulations/ as these are administered by the
     Student Fees and Funding Office.                       Please note that payments made using this
                                                            method may take up to ten working days
     For further information, including student loan
                                                            to reach your student fee account.
     liability points please read the Payment Policy
     2018/19 available from www.liverpool.ac.uk/            Pathways to payments
     feespayment/                                           If your programme fee is more than £300,
                                                            you can pay by instalments.
     Self-funding: payment methods
     If you are paying all or part of your fees,            In order to do this you should visit the University
     completing a payment plan is an essential              fee payment website at www.liverpool.ac.uk/
     part of your financial registration.                   feespayment/tuition

     Single immediate payment                               If you are a home/ EU undergraduate student,
     You can pay your programme fees in full (ie as         or a postgraduate research student:
     a single immediate payment) on or before your             You will be asked to pay one third of your
     arrival at the University. This payment method is         programme fee by debit/credit card and
     compulsory if the amount that you have to pay             to complete either the online direct debit
     is £300 or less.                                          mandate or the online credit card mandate
                                                               for the remaining instalments (please note
     For convenience, the University provides a range
                                                               that we can only accept a direct debit
     of immediate payment options. You should note
                                                               mandate from a UK bank account)
     that the University does not normally accept
     payments in cash.                                         You will not be financially registered until you
                                                               have completed both parts of this process
     Credit/debit card (online)                                You should do this before you arrive at
     We offer a secure online facility where we accept         the University
     payment by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Solo.
                                                               The remaining two instalments of your
     This is available for use by students and third
                                                               programme fees will be collected directly
     parties (ie parents, relatives and friends). This is
                                                               by the University on the following dates:
     the University’s preferred and quickest payment
                                                               – 2nd Instalment 4 December 2018
     method and will ensure that payments are applied
                                                               – 3rd Instalment 4 March 2019.
     to your fee account in the timeliest manner.
                                                            Please note that no other instalment options
     Students in receipt of a Postgraduate Loan from
                                                            are available.
     the Student Loan Company will be contacted
     at the start of the academic year by the Student
     Fees and Funding Office requesting a copy
     of your payment schedule.
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If you are an international undergraduate             The flowchart below describes the steps you
or postgraduate taught student:                       should take to make your payment(s) using
   You will be asked to pay 60% of your fee by        your preferred method.
   debit/credit card before you start your course
   You will not be financially registered until
   this is done                                                                  Step 1
   A second payment of 40% of your fee will                Enter your Student ID and date of birth. Follow the
                                                         instructions for the payment method you wish to use.
   need to be paid by 1 February 2019.                                         Click NEXT.
If you are a postgraduate taught student who is
eligible for funding from the Student Loan Company:
   The following instalments will be available and                               Step 2
   will be collected directly by the University on         Enter your card details in order to either pay the
   the following dates:                                     first instalment or the full amount. Click NEXT.
   – 1st instalment 1 November 2018
   – 2nd instalment 1 February 2019
   – 3rd instalment 1 May 2019
                                                                                 Step 3
   Please note that no other instalment options            This page gives you the opportunity to check the
   are available                                        details from the previous step before committing to the
                                                         payment. Once you are satisfied that the details are
   You will be asked to complete either the online                        correct – Click NEXT.
   credit card mandate to enable us to collect
   the instalments. You will not be financially
   registered until you have completed this                Either                                        Or
   process. You should do this before you arrive
   at the University.                                          Step 4                             Step 4
                                                            Payment in full                    1st instalment
Online payments                                            Payment receipt,                  Payment receipt,
                                                        detailing the amount               detailing the amount
Whether you wish to make a single payment                paid, will be emailed             paid, will be emailed
by debit/credit card or set up an instalment plan,       to the advised email              to the advised email
you should visit www.liverpool.ac.uk/                  address. This completes             address. Click NEXT
feespayment/tuition /self-financing/                          the process.                      to proceed.
Please ensure that you read the terms and
conditions and the ‘Payment Policy 2018/19:                                                Complete either the
                                                                                            direct debit or the
Student Fees, Fines and Charges’ prior to
                                                                                           credit card mandate.
selecting your method of payment.

                                                                                               You will receive
                                                                                               separate email
                                                                                             confirmation of the
                                                                                           successful completion
                                                                                          of either the direct debit
                                                                                              or the credit card
                                                                                                mandate. This
                                                                                          completes the process.
10      @livuni      www.facebook.com/Universityof Liverpool      @livuni      UofLTube

     Consequences of non-payment                            Undergraduate students
     If you fail to make a timely arrangement to pay        Programme fees will be calculated in accordance
     your fees or other charges, access to the libraries    with the table below:
     facilities will be denied and/or limited until such
                                                            Withdrawal or                 Percentage of annual
     time as a suitable arrangement is in place.            suspension date               fee charged
     Similarly, should you default on any payment           24 September –                0%
     your access to these services will be also be          21 October 2018
     denied and/or limited.
                                                            22 October –                  25%
     If you fail to respond by the due date of any fee      6 January 2019
     or charge invoice you will have your full IT and       7 January – 7 April 2019      50%
     library access, including your University email
     account, VITAL and Liverpool Life computing            8 April – 31 May 2019         100%
     facilities suspended until the whole of any
     outstanding amount has been paid.                      Any refund due will be made to the person or
                                                            account from which the original payment was
     You will not be permitted to return to study in the    received. Where monies are owed to the
     next academic year until previous outstanding          University following the application of the above
     debts have been paid in full.                          policy, students will be made directly liable for all
     If you have not paid outstanding fees or other         outstanding debt.
     charges to the University by one month (at the         Postgraduate students
     latest) before the date on which the award of          No charge will be made to students who leave
     a degree, diploma or certificate is due to be          within the first four weeks of registration. Students
     conferred, you will not be eligible to be              who leave after four weeks of registration will
     presented for such an award.                           be charged for each completed week of their
                                                            programme pro-rata to the number of weeks
     Programme fees refund policy                           for which their programme is scheduled to run.
     The University operates a policy of refunding part
     of the fees raised in those circumstances where a
     student chooses to leave their programme during
     the academic session. Refunds will be calculated
     based upon the date the University was formally
     informed of the change in registration. It is
     therefore important that you follow the University’s
     procedures for withdrawal or suspension and
     ensure that the date of your leaving is formally
     notified to the University.
     Your student handbook ‘Your University’,
     which you will receive when you arrive at
     University, provides more information about
     these procedures.
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     and bursaries
     The University of Liverpool                                 If you are on an undergraduate programme of
                                                                 study and you withdraw from your programme
     provides a generous range of                                or suspend your study, the fee waiver applied
     scholarships and bursaries to                               to the programme fee will be adjusted in
                                                                 accordance with the table below.
     support talented students from
                                                                 Withdrawal or proportion of fee
     every background. More detailed                                                          Percentage of annual
     regulations prescribe the award of                          Suspension date              fee charged
     these scholarships and bursaries                            24 September –
                                                                 21 October 2018              0%
     and can be found at www.liverpool.
                                                                 22 October –
     ac.uk/student-administration/                               6 January 2019               25%
     money/scholarship-bursary-                                  9 January – 7 April 2019     50%
                                                                 8 April – 31 May 2019        100%
     Students entering the University in session
                                                                 If you are on a postgraduate programme of
     2018/19 should consult the regulations relevant
                                                                 study and you withdraw from your programme
     to that session in order to clarify their eligibility for
                                                                 or suspend your study, the fee waiver for which
     the relevant award. In particular, students should
                                                                 you are eligible will be applied pro-rata to the
     check their eligibility to hold more than one award,
                                                                 programme fee calculated in accordance with
     which in some cases is prevented.
                                                                 the postgraduate refund policy (Section 4).
     Eligibility and payment                                     Cash bursary payments
     Fee waivers                                                 Where a cash bursary is chosen, payments
     Where the award constitutes a programme                     will be made in three disbursements and only
     fee waiver or reduction, or where an option                 following positive confirmation of attendance on
     is provided and a programme fee waiver or                   each of the dates specified in the table opposite.
     reduction is chosen, this will be applied in its            In line with UK government policy regarding
     entirety to the annual fee raised in October.               fee loan liability, payments will be made in the
                                                                 proportions and on the dates also specified in
                                                                 the table opposite. All payments will be made
                                                                 directly into your UK bank account through the
                                                                 SLC Higher Education Bursary and Scholarships
                                                                 Scheme (HEBSS).
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Payment          Eligibility (attendance) date        Payment date               Proportion
1                24 September 2018                    30 November 2018           25%
2                7 January 2019                       8 February 2019            25%
3                8 April 2019                         10 May 2019                50%

If you withdraw or suspend your study, you will
not be confirmed as in attendance on the next
and subsequent eligibility dates and hence
you will not be entitled to the receipt of a cash
bursary in the proportions listed against those
eligibility dates. Should a payment be erroneously
made due to failures in the HEBSS or University
systems, the University will require the return of
such a payment. Similarly, where a scholarship or
bursary is dependent on household income and,
as a result of a change in income or a reassessment
of the income, you cease to be entitled or your

entitlement to the scholarship or bursary is
reduced, you will be required to return the
applicable payments already made.
If you withdraw or suspend within the first four
weeks of any given academic year, you will not
be entitled to any cash bursary payments in that
academic year.
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     Helpful services
     and information
     Disability support                                   Student Administration Centre
     Disability Advice and Guidance offers                The Student Administration Centre (SAC) in
     information, advice and guidance to students         Liverpool, is located on the ground floor of the
     with a disability and/or specific learning           Foundation Building (Building no 501; Ref D6;
     difficulties such as dyslexia.                       www.liverpool.ac.uk/maps/). The SAC is open
                                                          all year round between 9am and 5pm Monday
     The University actively encourages students to
                                                          to Friday with the exception of Wednesdays
     contact the team as soon as possible, to discuss
                                                          when opening hours are 10am-5pm and provides
     their support needs.
                                                          the focal point for all student enquiries relating
     Disability Support                                   to academic and financial registration, as well
     T: +44 (0)151 794 4714/5117/0323                     as matters relating to scholarships and bursaries.
     E: disteam@liverpool.ac.uk                           Alternatively you may contact the SAC by phone
     www.liverpool.ac.uk/studentsupport/disability        on T: +44(0)151 794 6777 (fees, scholarships and
                                                          bursaries enquiries) or T: +44(0)151 794 6759
     IT & academic registration drop-in centre            (academic registration enquiries).
     If you need help to activate your computing
     account, complete academic registration, or access
     the University’s IT services – from a University
     PC or your own device – you can visit the
     Student Registration Drop-in Centre for support:
     Location: 1st Floor PC Centre, Central Teaching
     Laboratory (building no. 802, campus map ref F6
     Opening hours: Monday 17 and Tuesday 18
     September, 9am to 4pm Wednesday 19 to
     Friday 21 September, 9am to 2pm

Student Experience Team, London
The Student Experience Team, based at the
University of Liverpool in London, is there to
ensure you have everything you need whilst
studying in the capital. The team will be your
first point of contact for any queries you may
have and will also be able to advise on University
processes such as examination and assessment
matters. They are also able to help with any
practical, emotional or general issues you might
have and can help you access any offsite
specialist services, either in London or in
Liverpool if required. The team are friendly, very
experienced, and here to help. If you are not sure
who you should talk to about any issue or problem
then call in to see the Student Experience Team
at any time between 8.30am and 5pm Monday
to Friday at 33 Finsbury Square, London,
EC2A 1AG. E: stuexldn@liverpool.ac.uk
T: +44 (0)20 7682 4646.

Student status letters
During your time at University you may need
to provide evidence of your status as a registered
student for purposes such as opening a bank
account, requesting exemption from Council
Tax or applying for a part-time job. Letters for
all of these purposes can be requested through
Liverpool Life using the appropriate portal. Your
letter will be posted to you, at your term-time
address, within three working days of making
the request.
Please note that you need to be fully registered
(both academically and financially) before the
system will allow you to request a letter.
Students in Liverpool should not visit the
Student Administration Centre to request
or to collect status letters.
Students in London requiring a status letter in
order to open a bank account should visit the
Student Experience Team at 33 Finsbury Square.
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     Vaccinations                                           Tuberculin (TB) test
     We want you to enjoy your time at the University       Students from some countries will be required
     of Liverpool and hope that nothing will stop you       to provide evidence of screening for TB as part
     getting the best out of your studies.                  of the visa application process. If this applies to
                                                            you it will be made clear on the visa application.
     Take some time now to read through this
     important information and take action now              Student health
     to help you stay healthy.                              All students are advised to register with a GP in
                                                            Liverpool to ensure access to full medical care.
     MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)                       Students who register with Brownlow Health can
     During the last few years a number of                  use the Student Health Service based on campus.
     universities, including Liverpool, have seen an        Registration can be completed online via
     increase in cases of Mumps among students.             www.campusdoctor.co.uk/liverpool and more
     This can be a debilitating illness in young            information about Brownlow Health can be found
     people with the possible risk of complications.        at www.brownlowhealth.co.uk
     Department of Health advice is that all those
     entering higher education should have had              Useful contacts
     two immunisations against Measles, Mumps               Student Records and Administration
     and Rubella (known as MMR). Please ensure              T: +44 (0)151 794 6758/6759
     that you are fully immunised before you arrive at      E: studentenq@liverpool.ac.uk
     the University. If you have not been immunised,        www.liverpool.ac.uk/student-administration/
     please arrange this with your family doctor.           student-administration-centre
     Meningitis                                             Student Experience Team, London
     There has been a small increase in the rate of         T: +44 (0)20 7682 4646
     Meningococcal Meningitis and Septicaemia in            E: stuexldn@liverpool.ac.uk
     recent years with a particular increase in cases       www.liverpool.ac.uk/london-campus
     of Meningitis W. It is still an uncommon condition
                                                            Student Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries
     but young people attending higher education
                                                            T: +44 (0)151 794 6777
     for the first time, especially when living in halls
                                                            E: feesenq@liverpool.ac.uk
     of residence, are at a greater risk of this disease,
     particularly in the first few weeks of their first
     term at university.
                                                            Student Services
     We urge students to contact their GP to have           T: +44 (0)151 794 5863
     the Meningitis ACWY vaccine at least two               E: sscrec@liverpool.ac.uk
     weeks before starting university, to achieve           www.liverpool.ac.uk/studentsupport
     maximum protection. This vaccine projects
     against Meningitis C and Meningitis W. If you are
     unable to receive immunisation in your home
     area your new Liverpool GP will be able to carry
     it out on your arrival.
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