2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
                                    DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                               Improving Oral Health Through Measurement

Pathway to Improvement

                                         MAY 17-18, 2019
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...

                                             Table of Contents
                                             Welcome and Conference Objectives              3

                                             Agenda                                         4

                                             Speaker Biographies                            6

                                             DQA: Mission, Objectives, Structure and Work   14

                                             Networking Reception                           16

                                             Conference Sponsors                            17

                                             Notes                                          18

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE      Pathway to Improvement

                        TO THE 2019 DENTAL QUALITY
WELCOME                 ALLIANCE (DQA) CONFERENCE.                    2019 DQA CONFERENCE
                                                                      ORGANIZATING COMMITTEE
This Conference is designed to strengthen in-depth                    Christopher Bulnes, D.D.S.
understanding of the quality measurement infrastruc-                  General Practitioner, Chief Executive
                                                                      Officer, Buckenheimer and Bulnes
ture within dentistry by canvassing on concrete
opportunities for system-wide improvement.                            Ashley Casey, B.S.N., M.P.H., M.B.A.
                                                                      Co-Founder, Smiles 2 Go, LLC

                                                                      Ronald Hunt, D.D.S., M.S.
LEARNING OBJECTIVES                                                   Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
• Understand the narrative, critical elements and                    at the Midwestern University College
  environmental conditions influencing the march                      of Dental Medicine – Arizona
  to quality improvement and measurement                              Mark Koday, D.D.S.
                                                                      Chair-Elect, Dental Quality Alliance
• Understand key components of quality improvement
  of micro and macro system levels in dentistry                       Thomas Meyers, B.S.
                                                                      Vice President, Product Policy
• Facilitate the conversation on fostering the culture
                                                                      Department, America’s Health
  of change
                                                                      Insurance Plans
• E xplore strategies to influence, implement and
                                                                      Allen Moffitt, D.M.D.
  integrate change
                                                                      Chair, Dental Quality Alliance

                                                                      Jesley Ruff, D.D.S., M.P.H.
                                                                      Senior Vice President, Chief Professional
                                                                      Officer, American Dental Partners

                                                                      Marie Schweinebraten, D.M.D.
                                                                      Chair, DQA Education Committee

                                                                      Linda Vidone, D.M.D.
                                                                      Periodontist, Vice President and Senior
                                                                      Dental Director, DentaQuest

                                                                      Krishna Aravamudhan, B.D.S., M.S.

                                                                      Diptee Ojha, B.D.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.

                                                                      Marissa Sanders, M.P.H.

                                                                      Lauren Kirk, B.A.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...

AGENDA Friday, May 17

       8-8:30 a.m.    WELCOMING REMARKS:
                       Allen Moffitt, Chair, DQA
                       Marie Schweinebraten, Chair, DQA Education Committee

      8:30-10 a.m.    KEYNOTE PRESENTATION:
                      The Case for Patient Centered Measurement
                      Kathleen Blake, American Medical Association
                      Marko Vujicic, ADA Health Policy Institute

     10-10:15 a.m.    BREAK
   10:15-11:15 a.m.   PANEL PRESENTATION:
                      Patient Data Driven Measurement
                      Stacie Myers, International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement
                      Frederick Eichmiller, Delta Dental of Wisconsin

  11:15 a.m.-Noon     PRESENTATION:
                      Designing a QI Roadmap
                      Naomi Kuznets, Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care

     Noon-1 p.m.      LUNCH
       1-2:30 p.m.    WORKSHOP:
                      Change Packages for Improving Oral Health: A Hands on Session
                      to Improve Quality of Care
                      Jim Crall, University of California, Los Angeles
                      Jill Herndon, Key Analytics Consulting, Inc.
                      Marissa Sanders, Dental Quality Alliance

       2:30-3 p.m.    BREAK
       3-4:30 p.m.     ANEL PRESENTATION:
                      Systems Improvement
                      Jim Crall, University of California, Los Angeles
                      Andrea Palmer, J.B. and M.K. Pritzker Family Foundation
                      Peter Damiano, University of Iowa Public Policy Center

       4:30-5 p.m.    SUMMARY AND WRAP UP:
                      Marie Schweinebraten, Chair, DQA Education Committee

    5:30-6:30 p.m.    NETWORKING RECEPTION

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement

AGENDA Saturday, May 18

       8-8:15 a.m.    CONFERENCE PROGRESS:
                      Marie Schweinebraten, Chair, DQA Education Committee

     8:15-9:15 a.m.   KEYNOTE PRESENTATION:
                      Driving Towards an Improved Healthcare System
                      Michelle Schreiber, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

    9:15-10:15 a.m.   PRESENTATION:
                      Fostering a Culture for Change
                      John Toussaint, Catalysis, Inc.

   10:15-10:30 a.m.   BREAK
                      Celebrating Pioneers: Champions of Change
                      Dian Baker, California State University
                      An Nguyen, Clinica Family Health
                      Colleen Lampron, AFL Enterprises
                      Amit Acharya, Marshfield Clinic

      Noon-1 p.m.     LUNCH
          1-2 p.m.    PRESENTATION:
                      DQA’s Role in the Emerging Environment
                      Marissa Sanders, Dental Quality Alliance

          2-3 p.m.    PRESENTATION, SUMMARY AND WRAP UP:
                      Being an Improvement Ambassador & Putting Improvement to Work
                      Krishna Aravamudhan, Dental Quality Alliance

To request a full list of conference attendees and contact information, please email dqa@ada.org.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement

               AMIT ACHARYA B.D.S, M.S., Ph.D.          serves as a member on the advisory board of the
               Executive Director                       National Center for Community Health Research
               Marshfield Clinic                        and ADA’s Clinical Data Registry Initiative.
               Research Institute
               marshfieldresearch.org                                  DIAN BAKER, Ph.D., A.P.R.N.-B.C.
Dr. Amit Acharya currently serves as the Executive                     Professor
Director of the Marshfield Clinic Research Institute                   California State University,
(MCRI) at Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS)                       Sacramento, School of Nursing
in Wisconsin. He subsequently serves as the Chief                      dibaker@csus.edu
Dental Informatics Officer (CDIO) of the Family         Dr. Dian Baker, Ph.D., A.P.R.N.-B.C., is a professor at
Health Center (FHC) at MCHS. FHC is a federally         the School of Nursing, California State University,
qualified health center and affiliate partner of        Sacramento and clinical faculty at the University of
MCHS. Dr. Acharya has been a leading researcher         California, Davis Medical School. Baker obtained
and is well-regarded throughout the U.S. on his         her Ph.D. from University of Hawaii and completed
expertise in biomedical and dental informatics.         a postdoctoral fellowship in healthcare leadership
As a general dental surgeon and a computer              at the University of California, Davis. Her research
scientist with expertise in biomedical informatics,     interests include health inequities and patient
his research focus has been around integration of       safety. Baker also studies non-ventilator hospital-
medical and dental data, clinical and research          acquired pneumonia and consults with hospital
information systems, architecture of electronic         systems both the US and abroad on patient safety.
health records, clinical decision supports and          Her recent publications on pneumonia prevention
investigating the oral-systemic disease relationship.   have drawn interest from hospitals across the
Dr. Acharya has been instrumental in founding           country and patient safety organizations. Baker
the Center for Oral and Systemic Health, one            was the academic partner and researcher with
of the six research centers at the MCRI and the         the Sutter Health System Team that was awarded
integration of MCHS’ electronic dental record           the 2018 California Healthcare Quality Institute’s
with its propriety electronic medical record. Dr.       C. Duane Dauner Quality Award for excellence in
Acharya has published over 100 scientific abstracts     quality and safety.
and manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and
received multiple grant funding dedicated to
bridging the medical and dental divide. He has
also edited a book titled, ‘Integration of Medical
and Dental Care and Patient Data’ which is
published by Springer Nature. Dr. Acharya
has held several national leadership roles at
American Dental Education Association and
American Medical Informatics Association’s Dental
Informatics Group. He also served as the chairman
of the clinical informatics sub-committee of the
American Dental Associations’ (ADA) Standards
Committee for Dental Informatics and was the
ADA representative to the Health Level Seven in
2017. He has served on national HIT expert panels
coordinated by entities like Agency for Healthcare
Research and Quality, Office of the National
Coordinator for Health Information Technology
and National Quality Forum. Dr. Acharya currently

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE       Pathway to Improvement


               KATHLEEN BLAKE, M.D., M.P.H.              masters and doctoral degrees in Health Policy and
               Vice President, Healthcare Quality        Management from the Harvard School of Public
               American Medical Association              Health. In 1997, Dr. Crall was appointed as the first
               Kathleen.Blake@ama-assn.org               Dental Scholar-in-Residence at the Agency for
                                                         Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), now
                                                         the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Dr. Blake is Vice President, Healthcare Quality          (AHRQ).
at the American Medical Association, where
she leads the payment and quality initiatives of         Jim has served as a member of or consultant
the AMA’s Professional Satisfaction and Practice         to numerous national organizations and has
Sustainability unit and is principal investigator        authored or co-authored over 90 peer-reviewed
at AMA for the CMS’s Transforming Clinical               publications and 40 chapters, commissioned works
Practice Initiative. From April 2013 until April 2016,   (including the CMS Guide to Children’s Dental
she was executive director of the PCPI ®, which          Care in Medicaid) and policy briefs. He has been
includes among its activities the National Quality       principal investigator for grants and contracts
Registry Network™. A member of the Governing             awarded by NIH, AHCPR/AHRQ, HRSA, state and
Committee of the National Evaluation System for          local governments, and private foundations, with
health Technology (NEST) coordinating center, Dr.        total funding of >$60 million. He is regarded as
Blake was also co-chair of the Health Information        an expert on pediatric oral health, dental care
Technology Policy Committee of the Office of             financing, performance assessment and Medicaid
the National Coordinator for Health Information          issues, having twice testified at U.S. House of
Technology until April 2017 and co-chair of its          Representatives hearings and as an expert witness
Quality Measures Task Force. At AMA, she chairs          in federal court cases.
the Clinical Review Group of AMA’s Integrated
                                                         Dr. Crall was Director of the HRSA/MCHB National
Health Model Initiative (IHMI).
                                                         Oral Health Policy Center from 2000-2008, Project
Dr. Blake is a clinical cardiac electrophysiologist      Director for the AAPD-Head Start Dental Home
who received her education and training from the         Initiative from 2007-2010, and Project Director for
University of Chicago, Stanford University and the       the UCLA-First 5 LA 21st Century Dental Homes
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.         Project (2012-2017) and Children’s Dental Care
From 1988 until 2011, Dr. Blake practiced at the New     Program (2013-2018). He currently directs the UCLA
Mexico Heart Institute, where she also served as         Medi-Cal 2020 Dental Transformation Initiative.
President. She is a part-time member of the Johns
                                                         Jim joined UCLA as Professor and Chair of Pediatric
Hopkins University medical faculty.
                                                         Dentistry in 2004, and was appointed as Chair of
                                                         the Division of Public Health & Community Dentistry
                                                         in 2011.
               JAMES CRALL, D.D.S., M.S., S.C.D.
               Chair, Division of Public Health
               and Community Dentistry, UCLA

Dr. James J. Crall received dental (D.D.S.) and
master’s degrees and a certificate in pediatric
dentistry from the University of Iowa, and is a
diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric
Dentistry (Board Certified). He was selected to
be a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
Dental Health Services Research Scholar at
Harvard from 1984-86, and subsequently obtained
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


               PETER DAMIANO, D.D.S., M.P.H.                           FREDERICK EICHMILLER, D.D.S., M.S.
               Director                                                Vice-President & Science Officer
               University of Iowa                                      Delta Dental of Wisconsin
               Public Policy Center                                    FEichmiller@deltadentalwi.com

Peter Damiano is the director of the University of      Dr. Eichmiller is a graduate of the University
Iowa Public Policy Center and is a professor in         of Minnesota with Degrees in Dentistry and
the UI Department of Preventive and Community           Mechanical Engineering. He was in private
Dentistry. He is a 1986 graduate of the UI College of   practice for five years and has had dental
Dentistry and received his M.P.H. from UCLA while       teaching assignments at the University of
participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Dental         Minnesota, the University of Texas San Antonio,
Health Services Research Scholars Program. He is a      the University of Washington Seattle, Howard
health services researcher studying access to and       University in Washington, D.C., and the Navy Dental
quality of primary care services, including dental      School in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Eichmiller served for
care. He is conducting funded studies in the areas      eight years as Chief Clinical Research Scientist
of health care reform, health insurance coverage,       and twelve years as Managing Director of the
health disparities and health care for underserved      American Dental Association Foundation’s Volpe
populations. He is the author of more than 200          Research Center, a dental research enterprise
journal articles and research monographs and            operated by the American Dental Association’s
has been principal investigator on more than 75         Foundation. The center, located in Gaithersburg,
funded research studies. Through the Public Policy      MD, engages in cooperative dental and medical
Center he regularly shares research findings with       materials research with government scientists and
policymakers and the public through talks and           others, helping to develop standards, treatments,
symposia to help them understand the nuances            instruments and materials used by dentists
of challenging policy issues. He continues to be        nationwide. In that role Dr. Eichmiller brought many
clinically active, providing dental services to         professional and consumer dental products to the
patients in the UI’s Faculty Group Practice.            market through technology transfer programs with
                                                        private industry. Dr. Eichmiller joined Delta Dental
                                                        of Wisconsin in 2006, currently serving as Vice
                                                        President and Science Officer, where he manages
                                                        research and investments in the areas of dental
                                                        informatics and biotechnology. He has published
                                                        an array of academic papers, book chapters
                                                        and thirteen patents reflecting research on dental
                                                        restorative materials, therapeutics and other topics.
                                                        He serves on numerous panels and committees for
                                                        the National Institutes of Health, the International
                                                        Standards Organization, and the American
                                                        National Standards Institute. Dr. Eichmiller serves on
                                                        the editorial review panels for the Journal of the
                                                        American Dental Association, The Journal of Dental
                                                        Research, Operative Dentistry, The American
                                                        Journal of Dentistry, The Journal of Dentistry, The
                                                        Journal of Public Health Dentistry and The Journal
                                                        of Biomedical Materials Research.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...


JILL HERNDON, Ph.D.                                                   NAOMI KUZNETS, Ph.D.
Managing Member                                                       Vice President
and Principal Consultant                                              Accreditation Association
Key Analytics and Consulting, LLC                                     for Ambulatory Health Care
jill.herndon@keyanalyticsconsulting.com                               (AAAHC)
Dr. Herndon is a managing member and principal
consultant with Key Analytics and Consulting.          Dr. Kuznets is a Vice President at the Accreditation
She is an economist with more than 20 years            Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).
of experience in research, policy analysis,            At the AAAHC, she develops, implements, and
program evaluation, project management, and            reports on ambulatory clinical benchmarking
education. She has worked with non-profit and          studies. She also develops ambulatory patient
for-profit organizations, government agencies,         safety toolkits and quality improvement (QI)
and academic institutions. Recent applications         educational materials. Dr. Kuznets analyzes and
of her expertise have focused on measuring             reports on accreditation survey data and reviews
and evaluating oral health care delivery system        accreditation standards. Additionally, she provides
performance. Dr. Herndon’s technical experience        professional ambulatory expertise for national
includes study design, survey research, analyses       healthcare quality, performance measurement,
of large administrative datasets, Delphi consensus     and patient safety activities. Prior to her work at
processes, and healthcare quality measurement.         the AAAHC, Dr. Kuznets worked for the American
She led the testing efforts for the initial Dental     Medical Association, in the practice parameters
Quality Alliance oral health care quality              (guidelines) area. She has a doctorate in Education
measurement sets to establish measure feasibility,     and Social Policy from Northwestern University.
reliability, and validity; served as principal
investigator on NIH-funded research; and led
policy and external quality review evaluations for
the State of Florida’s Children’s Health Insurance
Program. Dr. Herndon is an elected member of the
Society of Pediatric Research. She’s successfully
secured grant funding from federal, state and
private agencies; authored and co-authored more
than 100 journal articles and technical reports; and
delivered more than 100 presentations for a wide
range of audiences.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE - Pathway to Improvement - DQA - American Dental ...
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


               COLLEEN LAMPRON, M.P.H.                                STACIE N. MYERS, B.S.
               Owner                                                  Senior Manager of Outcomes,
               AFL Enterprises, LLC                                   Analytics and Benchmarking/
               colleenlampron@afl-enterprises.com                     International Consortium for Health
                                                                      Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM)
Colleen Lampron is the President of AFL Consulting
and focuses her work on planning programs and           Stacie Myers is a Senior Manager of Outcomes,
initiatives that promote access to high quality,        Analytics and Benchmarking based out of the
evidence-based dental services for underserved          International Consortium for Health Outcomes
populations.                                            Measurement’s (ICHOM) Boston office. Within this
                                                        role she collaborates closely with internationally
Among her achievements in her 22-year career            based, leading clinical experts and patient
dedicated to oral health, Colleen was the lead          representatives to drive the development and
consultant for the design, and implementation           global adoption of Standard Sets of outcome
of the Cavity Free at Three initiative in Colorado;     measurements for both population- and condition-
she served as Co-Chair of the Institute for Health      specific projects.
Care Improvement, Health Disparities Oral Health
Collaborative Pilot, the first national Collaborative   Stacie’s career interests have focused on efforts
to address dental disease prevention; served            to increase the value of healthcare delivery by
as Senior Program Officer at Delta Dental of            improving patient outcomes, supporting provider-
Colorado Foundation, and was the founding               led quality improvement activities and increasing
Executive Director of the National Network for Oral     cost efficiency. She has an extensive background
Health Access, working with community health            in research study coordination, outcome metric
centers to build a national organization of safety      development, design of sustainable infrastructures
net dental programs to improve access to high           for data collection and provider performance
quality dental care.                                    feedback reporting, high-quality data
                                                        management, and implementation of large-scale
Ms. Lampron is trained as an Institute for              quality-improvement projects.
Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series
Collaborative Director and Quality Improvement
Coach and has led several initiatives to integrate
quality improvement and innovation strategies in
health centers nationwide. She holds a Master’s
degree in Public Health from the Johns Hopkins
University School of Hygiene and Public Health and
a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from West
Chester University in Pennsylvania.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


               AN NGUYEN, D.D.S., M.P.H.                               ANDREA PALMER, M.P.A.
               Vice-President of Dental Services                       Program Manager
               Clinica Family Health                                   JB and MK Pritzker Family
               anguyen@clinica.org                                     Foundation

An Nguyen, D.D.S., M.P.H. is a public health dentist,   Andrea Palmer, a Program Manager at the JB and
wife, mom, and a systems thinker in all aspects of      MK Pritzker Family Foundation (PFF), is a member of
her life. With deep, personal roots in vulnerable       the Center for Oral Health Systems Integration and
communities, she is an advocate for person-             Improvement, (COHSII) Quality Indicator Advisory
centered, transformative solutions that improve the     Team (QIAT). Prior to accepting the position at
lives of underserved people. She is a graduate of       PFF, Mrs. Palmer was Director of Illinois’ Maternal
Rhodes College, where she obtained a Bachelor’s         and Child Health (MCH) Services (Title V) Block
of Science in Biology, Saint Louis University, where    Grant. While in that position Andrea managed
she received a Master’s in Public Health focusing in    the ongoing assessment of the preventive and
community health, behavioral science, and health        primary healthcare needs of the State’s mothers,
education, the University of Tennessee, College of      infants and children, including those with special
Dentistry, and the Health Care Executive Program        health care needs. She facilitated and managed
at the University of California at Los Angeles’         the establishment of the State’s priorities for the
Anderson School of Graduate Management.                 maternal and child health (MCH) population
She currently serves as Vice-President of Dental        and the selection of National Performance
Services at Clinica Family Health, a large              Measures (NPM). Through coordination and
federally qualified health center and a nationally      collaboration with stakeholders, inside and outside
recognized leader in health quality and health          of State Government, Mrs. Palmer identified and
equity, serves on multiple state and national           implemented evidence-based strategies to
health-related boards, and is a frequent advisor for    achieve the NPMs and performance outcomes of
dental quality and chronic disease management           the Title V Block grant.
initiatives and the development of public policy to
                                                        Mrs. Palmer has Master Degrees in Public
improve population health.
                                                        Administration and Business Administration from
                                                        the Keller Graduate School of Management
                                                        and a Graduate Certificate in Health Services
                                                        Management. Prior her recent retirement, she held
                                                        progressively responsible leadership position within
                                                        the State of Illinois for nearly 35 years.



              MICHELLE SCHREIBER, M.D.                               JOHN TOUSSAINT, M.D.
              Director                                               Chairman
              Quality Measurement and Value-                         Catalysis, Inc.
              Based Incentives Group, CMS                            jtoussaint@createvalue.org

Michelle Schreiber, M.D. is the Director for the       John is one of the foremost figures in the adoption
Quality Measurement and Value-Based Incentives         of lean principles in healthcare. Under his
Group. She oversees a $300 million budget and          leadership, Catalysis has launched peer-to-peer
leads the quality and value-based purchasing           learning networks, developed in-depth workshops,
programs across care settings for the group. Dr.       and created many products – including books,
Schreiber is a general internal medicine physician     DVDs and webinars. Catalysis sponsors the Lean
with over 25 years of health care experience.          Healthcare Transformation Summit each year
Most recently, she was the Senior Vice President       – both in the U.S. and in Europe. The Catalysis
and Chief Quality Officer of the Malcom Baldrige       team has built C-suite coaching capability and
award winning Henry Ford Health System                 partners with many organizations throughout the
(HFHS) in Detroit, Michigan. Prior roles at HFHS       world advancing the idea of healthcare value
included the SVP of Clinical Transformation and        through delivery redesign using lean, transparency
IT Integration, where she was the clinical lead of     of healthcare performance data, and payment
the system Epic implementation, the associate          reform.
chief medical officer of Henry Ford Hospital for
quality and utilization management, and the            He was the founding chair of the Wisconsin
Division Head of General Internal Medicine. She        Collaborative for Healthcare Quality and of the
has also held senior leadership roles at the Detroit   Wisconsin Health Information Organization, as well
Medical Center, where she was the Chief Quality        as the non-executive leader of the Partnership
Officer, and with Trinity Health System where she      for Healthcare Payment Reform in Wisconsin. He
was the national system Chief Medical Officer,         has participated in many Institute of Medicine
and acting interim Chief Medical Information           subcommittees and has directly worked with CMS
Officer. In addition to her health system roles, Dr.   leaders to broaden their understanding of lean for
Schreiber served on numerous quality committees        government.
including Michigan Hospital Association statewide
                                                       Dr. Toussaint has been recognized for his work in
quality committee, and Board of Directors
                                                       transforming healthcare by organizations such as
for the MHA Keystone Center and the Patient
                                                       The Business Healthcare Group of Wisconsin, which
Safety Organization, the Board of Directors of
                                                       awarded him the “Driving Meaningful Change”
MPRO (Michigan Peer Review Organization – the
                                                       award in 2014, The Association of Manufacturing
Michigan QIO), the National Quality Forum Patient
                                                       Excellence (AME), which inducted him into its 2012
Safety Metrics Committee, and the National
                                                       Hall of Fame, and the Jon M. Huntsman School
Quality Partners. She has worked closely with the
                                                       of Business at Utah State University, which hosts
Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) including
                                                       the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. Dr.
as part of its Leadership Alliance, the Pursuing
                                                       Toussaint was named a lifetime member of the
Equity initiative, and an initiative to enhance
                                                       Shingo Academy in 2011. Wisconsin Governor Jim
Board of Trustees engagement in quality through
                                                       Doyle also honored Dr. Toussaint with a Certificate
a partnership with IHI and National Patient Safety
                                                       of Commendation for Innovation from the State of
Foundation. Dr. Schreiber has also served as a
                                                       Wisconsin in 2005.
member of the Epic Safety Forum, and the Cerner
Academic Advisory Group.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE        Pathway to Improvement


                MARKO VUJICIC, Ph.D.
                Chief Economist and Vice President
                ADA Health Policy Institute

                  Dr. Marko Vujicic is responsible for
overseeing all of the Association’s policy research
activities. Prior to joining the American Dental
Association in 2011, he was Senior Economist
with The World Bank in Washington, D.C. where
he directed the global health workforce policy
program. He was also a Health Economist with the
World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.
He is a visiting assistant professor at Tufts University
in Boston. Dr. Vujicic obtained his Ph.D. in
Economics from the University of British Columbia
and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from McGill
University in Montreal.

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE              Pathway to Improvement


PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AS A                                   • To identify and develop evidence-based
MEANS TO IMPROVE ORAL HEALTH,                                    oral health care performance measures and
PATIENT CARE, AND SAFETY THROUGH                                 measurement resources.

A CONSENSUS-BUILDING PROCESS.                                  • To advance the effectiveness and scientific
                                                                 basis of clinical performance measurement and

                                                               • To foster and support professional accountability,
                                                                 transparency, and value in oral health care
                        DQA                                      through the development, implementation and
              DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™                          evaluation of performance measurement.
         Improving Oral Health Through Measurement



                                           PUBLIC        PROVIDERS

                                                DQA                 SPECIALITIES


                                                                                   Measure Development

                                    Measure Development                            Measure Implementation
                                    and Maintenance                                Technical Assistance

                                                                                   Measure Maintenance

  DQA                               Implementaton
                                                                                   Quality Innovator Spotlight

                                    and Evaluation
                                                                                   Medicaid Quality Improvement
                                                                                   Learning Academy
  • Transparent
  • Consensus-Based
  • Collaborative
  • Meaningful                                                                     Biennial Conference

                                                                                   Quality Measurement
                                                                                   In Dentistry: A Guidebook
                                                                                   Quality Measurement
                                                                                   Webinar Series

                                                                                   IHI Open School Course:
                                                                                   Model for Improvement

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE         Pathway to Improvement


                                                  ENJOY REFRESHMENTS AND HORS
    Improving Oral Health Through Measurement
                                                  WITH DQA CONFERENCE ATTENDEES,
                                                  ADVISORS, SPEAKERS AND SPONSORS.

                                                  FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019
                                                  5:30 - 6:30 P.M.
                                                  FIRST FLOOR LOBBY
                                                  ADA HEADQUARTER BUILDING
                                                  211 EAST CHICAGO AVE.
                                                  CHICAGO, IL 60611-2678






                   American Board of
                   Pediatric Dentistry
                   Only certifying board for the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry
                   recognized by the American Dental Association

2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


                                               DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                                          Improving Oral Health Through Measurement   18
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


                                               DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                                          Improving Oral Health Through Measurement   19
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


                                               DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                                          Improving Oral Health Through Measurement   20
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


                                               DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                                          Improving Oral Health Through Measurement   21
2019 DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE CONFERENCE     Pathway to Improvement


                                               DENTAL QUALITY ALLIANCE ™
                                          Improving Oral Health Through Measurement   22
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