2020 Heidelberg Primary School - 1:1 iPad Program Documentation - Heidelberg Primary School's ICT ...

2020 Heidelberg Primary School - 1:1 iPad Program Documentation - Heidelberg Primary School's ICT ...
Heidelberg Primary School
             1:1 iPad Program Documentation


HPS e-Learning Vision
To inspire and empower our school’s learning community through planning and
implementing innovative e-learning strategies and technologies to improve engagement,
experience and achievement.

Our 1:1 Vision Statement
1:1 iPads will be used in learning to deepen understanding of concepts, raise engagement
levels and support personalised learning.
‘Anywhere, anytime, inclusive, engaging learning’
What is Heidelberg Primary School’s 1:1 iPad Program?
In 2020 we intend to continue and expand the very successful iPad program commenced with grade 3&4 students
during 2012. The program aims to ensure each student in year 3 to year 6 are offered the opportunity to have access to
their own full size iPad, to use at home and at school. The iPads will give participating students the tools to learn in a
digital age.

Why iPads?
Today’s students think, connect and communicate differently from those who were at school even only a few years
ago. Research shows that students with 1:1 access are:
       •      more motivated and engaged in learning
        •     better organised which improved literacy and numeracy outcomes
        •     better able to collaborate and analytically think

How can iPads improve learning?
1:1 iPads promote better learning in and out of school by encouraging:
        •     anywhere, anytime access to learning
        •     independent, self-initiated learning, eg promotion of problem solving skills
        •     more family involvement in education through accessing their iPad
        •     collaboration between students in different schools, states and even countries
        •     ability to teach students how to communicate appropriately and safely in social websites
        •     the ability to access homework and school information online and offline eg via Google Drive
        •     more opportunity for teachers to teach students to use the internet appropriately as a tool to learn
        •     greater access to real-time information, digital learning resources and educational software
        •     working in online spaces where students can access varied content to support their level of
              understanding in a subject area
        •     the ability to digitally capture any learning, such as videos or photographs to create products such as
              digital stories
        •     opportunities to discuss cyber bullying as a real issue and discuss impacts of this as a class

iPads for Learning: Why the iPad?
Information Technology is the single, most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Every day, new
technology is developed while old technologies are retired or improved. It is this reason we have decided to choose the
iPad, as we believe this device goes hand in hand to support mobile learning and increase students’ flexibility and
exposure to ICT to better prepare them for job opportunities in the 21st century.

Other benefits of using iPads for learning include:
       •     Abundance of Apps for all learning areas
        •     Multiple devices in one (camera, video, music, calculator, etc.)
        •     Portability
        •     eBooks (we use a range of apps that provide levelled reading material)
        •     Cost is lower compared to a netbook
        •     Battery life – no need to turn it off (turns on instantly) or plug it in at school
        •     Mobile Internet (connects to the school’s Wi-Fi)

What will the Classroom Look Like?
Initially the students will be learning more about the iPad operating system:
         •      Using a range of apps
        •      Accessing the wireless network
        •      Managing their work – saving and storing
        •      Collaborating with others
        •      Creating and publishing their learning

They will also be learning about responsible care and use:
        •      Caring for the iPad and ensuring it is charged and ready to use each day
        •      Accessing the internet and apps in a responsible and timely manner

We see the classroom as a blended environment. 1 to 1 access to technology will enable students and teachers to
choose from a wider variety of tools at any given time. Together decisions will be made about the most effective way
that students can craft their work and create, showcase and share their learning. At different times this will include the
use of books and pencils, posters and Keynote presentations and iMovie opportunities – other tools we will discover
Our classrooms will be more connected to students’ lives and the digital world in which we live. Learning will become
more student driven and personalised. 1 to 1 will give teachers the opportunity to plan experiences for their students to
apply and broaden the skills and knowledge they have developed in the early years of primary school. Students will
have at their fingertips access to one of the most effective tools to bring the real world into the classroom.

Each classroom has a lockable filing cabinet/cupboard/trolley installed for the specific purpose of storing student iPads
during the day. Before school students are supervised to enter classrooms (from 8.50am) to ‘drop’ their iPad in a
secured space until they are needed. At recess and lunchtimes iPads are returned to the secured space and classrooms
are locked.

At SAC (before or after school) the students are directed to leave their iPads in a container in the coordinators office.

Students must not leave their school bag / iPad unattended at any time. An unattended device found in buildings or
school grounds will be picked up immediately by a staff member and treated as a lost item. This may incur a penalty
such as confiscation of the device.

In many cases students will use other media for the display and presentation of their work. We anticipate that students
will use very little printing at school. When necessary students will have access to printing.

How will I charge my iPad? Can I charge it at school?
All iPads need to be charged at home overnight and returned back to school fully charged at the beginning of every
day. The iPad battery will easily last a typical school day. It will not be safe or practical to charge iPads at school.

How will teachers be trained and supported?
During the year teachers have undertaken specific professional development related to iPads. As well, the teachers
have also learnt alongside their students. It is anticipated this will continue next year.
Each year teachers complete the Department’s ICT Capabilities Survey and set ICT professional learning goals as a
result. Support is a strong element for success and teachers will be involved in mentoring and coaching each other to
complement their growing ICT capabilities.

Will students use iPads ‘too much’ for schoolwork?
The 1-to-1 device will enhance the existing school curriculum by providing appropriate digital learning tools in
balance with more traditional learning tools.
Wireless access will allow for ‘just-in-time’ learning where students can search for information or collaborate with
others in a real-time context. Students will be able to use their school files at home and be able to collaborate with their
peers on projects through social networking.

What about handwriting?
Students will continue to write with paper and pencil and work to improve their handwriting as well as using the
keyboard. We see the iPads as just another tool in our students’ learning arsenal. We will assist students to choose the
correct tool for their learning tasks.

Won’t students be able to ‘cheat’ by using the spell checker?
The spell checker is a tool to allow students immediate feedback on the correct spelling of words they use. It
supplements our existing school spelling program, but does not replace it.

What if my child forgets his/her iPad at home?
He/she will have to manage without. There will be a number of computer devices at school that the child will be able to
share with other students without a 1:1 device.

Can I use the Internet?
Use of the internet by students is governed by the ‘Student Code of Conduct for Use of Computers, Email and Internet’
that students and parents agree to for the use of ICT both within and outside the school each year. Parents should
familiarise themselves with this document. Any inappropriate use of the internet is unacceptable and is subject to
disciplinary action and exclusion from the school network and resources.

What about safe internet use?
Students are offered a device to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning. Teachers will supervise students as they would
for any learning activity as they create and maintain a safe, comfortable and learning-focused classroom. Appropriate
use of the internet service within the DET network is closely monitored by a filtering system, which allows for
inappropriate content blocking by a regularly updated list of categories and sites. This does not apply to use of devices
outside of the school network.

Internet at Home
Home internet connection is not supplied by the school or DET. There is no mandated expectation that internet access
be made available at home. If there is an existing wireless or broadband internet provision at home, the iPad is able to
be configured for access.

If families decide to provide broadband internet connection at home, this is a family responsibility to set up and
monitor . The school will not be able to provide home set up assistance. When off school grounds, parents have an
obligation and full authority to monitor device usage. Examples of this include:
         •     encourage use in a family room and not in the bedroom
        •      restrict use at certain times of the evening or weekend
        •      advise not to take on long trips, and
        •      examine the documents and other contents of the device.

The following resources are available to parents to assist with internet home use:
        •    Office of the Childrens’ eSafety Commissioner https://esafety.gov.au/
        •      Be Internet Awesome http://beinternetawesome.withgoogle.com
        •      Regular Computer Corner articles in Capers
Examples of home use for which internet access would be desirable include:
      •      using online collaborative websites such as class blogs, wikis, Google Drive
        •      completion of homework using online resources, eg Matific

Examples of home use for which internet access would not be required include:
      •      using many of the apps
        •      working with audio, picture or video files on the devices.

It is school policy that no child will be disadvantaged by not having access to an iPad, or the internet at home.

What if the iPad is used for inappropriate purposes?
In all cases where inappropriate use is detected by staff, parents and the principal will be contacted. Inappropriate use
of the iPad will be seen as a breach of our school’s ‘Student Code of Conduct for Use of Computers, Email and
Internet’ and the device may be banned for a period of time, depending on the severity. If it is a leased machine, it may
also be restored to its original image and all personalised content may be deleted. It is important that teachers, students
and parents share the responsibility to ensure safe and responsible use of devices at all times.

Will children be safe carrying 1-to-1 devices?
Experience here and overseas has shown that there are very few incidents while students travel to and from school with
an iPad. Students should be specifically warned not to take the devices out in public, and to carry them in the protective
cover provided, which should be placed within their school bags. It is also possible that a member of the local police be
invited to school early in the year to speak to students about travelling safely with their device.

Are these devices going to add to the heavy loads students carry
from home to school?
The device has been deliberately chosen for a number of reasons, including its weight specifications. The device
should not be packed into the bottom of an oversized backpack with other books and items, because this can lead to
injury to the child and a compression fracture of the device screen.

Will the student files on the device be private?
Students can expect their device to be periodically inspected and monitored for appropriate usage. Students will be
strongly discouraged from using passcodes to lock their iPads, as teachers may request access to the browser history
and/or caches as well as all files belonging to the student resident on the iPads as well as stored on the school servers.
Students and parents need to be aware that files stored locally or on school servers are not private.

How will the program be evaluated?
We will evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative. This may involve areas such as literacy, numeracy, collaboration
and attendance. We will consider using:
        •     • Anecdotal evidence provided by teachers, parents and students
        •      • Tracking the amount of time students use the 1-to-1 device in classrooms
        •      • Surveying parents, students and teachers concerning the impact of 1-to-1 access on student learning.

Where can I go for further information?
There is lots of information about iPads on the web. Try Googling “iPads in education”

Visit the HPS ICT Blog http://hpsict.global2.vic.edu.au
The blog contains all of the up to date information and documents. There is also an opportunity to leave comments.

If you would like the personal touch, please speak with one of the school ICT team.
You could phone, fax, skype? Or email jackson.graham.w@edumail.vic.gov.au

How can my child become involved?
Initially, to be involved all parents need to sign the “Expression of Interest” form.

Once the program is underway, the following documents will also need to be completed by students:
       •     ‘Student Code of Conduct for Use of Computers, Email and Internet’ and
        •      “iPad Acceptable Use”

Ownership Models
Parents will be offered two ownership models, either bringing their own machine from home, providing it meets
minimum specifications, or leasing a machine from school.

But what If I don’t want my child to own an iPad?
Your child will still have access to a quality ICT program, because the school has a number of iPads and other
computer devices. Students who choose not to participate will have access to this allocation of iPads and computers in
class but may have to share the devices with other students as they currently do in infant classes and will not have the
opportunity to take the devices home.

Bring Your Own Device
It will be possible for students to bring their own full sized iPads from home provided the following conditions are
         •      Students sign the documents listed above
        •      The iPad does not contain any material which would breach the school’s Acceptable Use Policy
        •      The iPad does not contain any material that infringes copyright laws
        •      Parents agree to payment of an annual technical support fee ($50.00)
        •      Parents agree to install all of the required apps at their own expense
        •      Parents agree to accept all risk of loss or damage to the device

What type of Device is Needed?
We are recommending a full sized iPad (an iPad mini or iPod touch is not suitable) with at least 32 GB (or higher) of
storage, especially for storage of music, video and photograph collections. The iPad will allow students to access the
Internet, email, electronic books and a wealth of online tools and resources. It will support a range of learning activities
where students collaborate, create knowledge, problem solve and think critically. Students will be able to produce
movies, animations, podcasts and other multimedia products. The portability, long battery life, ease-of-use, its instant-
on technology and wealth of educational apps make it an ideal device to support teaching and learning.

Recommendation: iPad (5th Gen or higher) WiFi 32GB or higher

Please Note: The school is no longer able to support iPad devices that are not compatible with iOS10 (iPad 2, iPad3),
as Apple no longer supplies updates for these devices as well as the recommended apps required by the school. This is
out of the school’s control. We also DO NOT support the purchase of iPad Minis as the size of the screen has
limitations for the apps students use in the classroom.
A minimum of 6GB of space is required for school use. It is this reason why the 16GB iPad does not provide ample
space for your child to effectively use the iPad for school projects (photos, movie files, size of applications, etc.). Most
applications require larger space which leaves the 16GB not suitable for school use.

Purchasing an iPad
If purchasing a device yourself, you should provide a full-sized Apple iPad for use at school and at home. We would
like families to purchase the WiFi only model (without cellular or 4G mobile network capabilities).

Families will make their own decision regarding where to purchase an iPad. iPads can be purchased directly from the
Apple Store or from major electronics stores such as Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Big W and JB HiFi.
The school has organised a personalised online portal (accessible from the HPS webpage) for parents to purchase
iPads, if required. You will also be able to purchase recommended accessories via the portal. The advantage of buying
via the school portal is that we have been able to organise a special price, and you can be sure of buying the
recommended equipment. We will endeavour to deliver iPads purchased in this way before the end of the 2019 school

Protective Case
You will need a suitable case for your iPad. We would prefer that you purchase a folio type case as these provide good
protection and double as a stand. This also allows for good iPad ergonomics when used in the classroom.
You can purchase cases from most retail outlets including Big W, Target, K Mart, Myers, David Jones or JB Hi Fi; or
they can be ordered from the Apple Store. You are expected to keep your iPad in the case at all times.
You can choose the case you would like to purchase for your iPad. Ensure that it good quality and will protect the iPad.
Belkin, Tech21, and Speck are some of the well-known companies that make good quality iPad cases.

Headphones or Earphones
Students are expected to bring along their own head/ear phones every day with the iPad.

Insurance, Expert Service and Support
Because the iPad will belong to the family it will be the family’s responsibility to insure the iPad if it is lost or
damaged. It is recommended that families consider including the iPad in their home contents insurance.
AppleCare+ for iPad provides up to two years of expert telephone technical support and additional hardware coverage
from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee. This cover
does not include lost or theft. More information can be accessed at: https://www.apple.com/legal/sales-
support/applecare/applecareplus/docs/applecareplus_au_tc.html m

Technical support
The school employs IT technicians to support the 1 to 1 iPad program at school. Students will seek technical support
through their classroom teacher.
All warranty issues are to be addressed through individual suppliers. It is possible parents may wish to purchase Apple
Care Plus (see insurance section).

Care & Maintenance
The student must maintain and care for the iPad (see later section). The iPad must come to school each day in full
working order:

        •      Fully charged - students will not have access to charging facilities at school
        •      Cover on
        •      School required apps installed
        •      System software – correct version – installed
        •      Minimum of 6GB storage space free for school work

Guidelines for the personalisation of the iPad will be provided by the classroom teacher at the beginning of the year.

Access to Apps and Digital Content
The iPad is a personal device. It will be the student’s tool to assist them in their learning. We anticipate students will
choose from a selection of Apps that they prefer for many of the basic uses of the device. Students are encouraged to
try out and use different Apps. Part of the learning involved in the use of the iPad, is in the literacy of technical choice.
Students will learn how to select the best App for a given task. The best App will be the one that best meets their needs
at the time. Naturally, teachers will also specify Apps that best meet their curriculum needs. A list of school-required
Apps is available in a separate document.

Important things to note about Apps

        •      All iPads must contain the school-required apps. (see document)
        •      A minimum of 6GB of space – after the installation of apps - must remain available for school use
        •      Personal / family apps must allow enough space for school requirements – 6GB
        •      Any software added at home must be licensed and G or PG Rated and meet the requirements of our
               Acceptable Use Agreement.
        •      If the iPad needs to be synced or updated the school takes no responsibility for lost files or software.
               These will need to be restored at home
        •      Pirated software or media will be seen as a breach of the agreement with the school and the device will
               be sent home to be re-imaged as a result
        •      VPNs are not permitted. If a VPN is discovered during a spot check, it will be seen as a breach of the
               agreement with the school and the device will be sent home
        •      Jail broken iPads will not be supported by the school

Family Sharing and Apple IDs for Students under 13
Family Sharing allows you to create an Apple IDs for children under 13. Apple IDs allows your child to participate in
Family Sharing and use other Apple services such as iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center.
To participate in Family Sharing, all family members must have their own Apple ID. Children under 13 can't create an
Apple ID on their own. However, as a parent or legal guardian, the family organiser can provide verified parental
consent for a child to have their own Apple ID and then create it on the child’s behalf.
When you create an Apple ID for a child, it will be added to your family group automatically. Please visit
https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201084 for more information and the user guide on how to set up family sharing on
your iPad.

Parents may decide to lease an iPad from school. The advantage of leasing is that you are able to spread the payments
and we look after the warranty, insurance, apps and updates. The iPad being offered for lease is a 32Gb 2019 7th GEN
wifi iPad with retina display, which parents will lease from the school for a period of 2 years, making 8 quarterly

Inclusive Lease Package

Heidelberg Primary School is offering parents an all inclusive lease package consisting of:

        •      32 Gb wifi 2019 7th GEN iPad with retina display
        •      iPad Protective cover
        •      Insurance and Warranty
        •      Technical support
        •      All required apps and updates
•     Wireless internet access whilst at school
        •     Training sessions for parents re: iTunes accounts and downloading and installing apps
        •     Training sessions for students
        •     Optional training session for parents to learn more about the ICT tools we use at school to support
        •     Ability to use iPad at home with or without internet

Parents choosing to lease an iPad should indicate this on the Expression of Interest form to be completed by early
November 2019 (see Timeline below). Once it has been determined a lease scheme will proceed, a 1 to 1 iPad Lease
agreement needs to be signed by parents by 15th November 2019.

Students will receive their machine at the beginning of the 2020 school year, after parents have made their first
payment. Please note all iPad lease payments need to be made by direct debit.
iPads will be supplied with a protective case, and all required apps (See below). The machine will be fully covered by
insurance through the lease period. It will be backed up with in-school technical support. Wireless internet access will
be provided by the school, and iPads can also be used at home – with or without internet access.

The school will supply, as part of the lease, all required apps. These will be downloaded at school.
While the school will retain ownership of the apps, the apps can remain on the iPad for as long as the student attends
Heidelberg Primary School.

Parents are reminded that leased iPads remain the property of Heidelberg Primary School for the duration of the lease.

Warranty and Insurance
While there are some exclusions and conditions, the leased iPad will be fully covered by warranty and insurance for
the period of the lease. If the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen, parents will be required to contact the school and
complete a police report. You will need to fill out an appropriate school based form and a pay an excess. The school
will arrange for repair or replacement. Parents and students will be responsible for negligent damages.

Can I personalise my leased iPad?
As the leased iPads are the property of the school they are not to be altered or personalised in any way that is
irreversible. Each iPad will have a removable sticker identifying its owner. Students may personalise their background
and teachers will discuss with students how to personalise their covers so their iPad can be recognised in the

Can I install my own apps on leased iPads?
For 2020 the required apps will be installed onto leased iPads automatically, along with any new apps or updates.
Students may also install their own personal apps or media on the iPad providing:

        •     the installed media meets the requirements of our Acceptable Use Agreement. Any breaches of the
              Acceptable Use Agreement may result in confiscation of the iPad or reimaging
        •     the installed media does not infringe copyright laws
        •     there is enough memory available to engage in all educational requirements
For further information about apps, see also the section on Access to Apps and Digital Content above.

What Technical Support is there?
The school employs ICT technicians to support the iPad Program. The leased devices are also covered by warranty.
Students are to inform their teacher immediately of any problems

End of Lease
The lease will end:
        • after 8 terms, (2 years)
        • once the parent has missed the second scheduled payment in a row,
        • when the student is no longer enrolled at HPS,
whichever is sooner.

At the end of the two year lease period the iPad may be purchased by parents for a small fee, or returned to the school.
If returned, the iPad must be in full working order, including all accessories and components. Any expenses or
damages will be the responsibility of the parents. Failure to return the iPad when requested will be considered theft of
government property and will be immediately referred to the police. Periodic return of iPads will be required for
maintenance and inspection.

For all participants in the program, the timetable for the rest of the year looks like this:

14th October 2019       Parent Information Evening
8th November 2019       For all parents, Expression of Interest and $50.00 deposit due

For parents electing to lease a machine from school:

15th November 2019      Final $50 deposit due.
                        This money forms the bond, which will be returned at the end of the lease.

7th February 2020       1st payment due. iPads delivered (TBA)

Lease payments will then follow this schedule*:

                        Dates                                   Amount
 1st Payment            Friday 7th February 2020                $100.00
 2nd Payment            Friday 17th Apr 2020                    $100.00
 3rd Payment            Friday 17th Jul 2020                    $100.00
 4th Payment            Friday 9th Oct 2020                     $100.00
 5th Payment            Friday 29th January 2021                $100.00
 6th Payment            Friday 23rd Apr 2021                    $100.00
 7th Payment            Friday 16th Jul 2021                    $100.00
 8th Payment            Friday 8th Oct 2021                     $100.00
 Total                                                          $800.00

*This payment schedule is correct as 1st October 2019 but is indicative only and may be subject to change.
Please note all lease payments will be made by direct debit.

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