Welcome from the Head
                        Farringtons is a truly remarkable school with
                        both a rich history and an excellent grasp on the
                        various demands of modern day teaching. Our
                        dedicated and inspirational teachers are wholly
                        committed to helping every pupil achieve their
                        full academic potential, encouraging them to be
                        independent, curious and creative. The school’s
enhanced National Curriculum provides a great deal of breadth and
it is a fantastic reflection on our pupils that the extra freedom they
are given to undertake specialist subjects yields such commendable
results year on year.

Equally, however, we believe strongly that learning should not be
limited to the classroom nor measured solely by performance in
exams. We place great emphasis on providing opportunities for
pupils to pursue a wide range of extra-curricular interests, on
developing the art of leadership, teamwork and those all-important
soft skills. This is seen not only in sport but also in Music, Drama
and the Arts as well as through our vibrant activities programme.
Underpinned by the school’s strong Christian ethos, we also take
great pride in the quality of our pastoral care and the excellent
relationships which exist between staff and pupils. Being a
co-educational school, with both day pupils and boarders who
choose to come to us from all over the world, we are blessed with a
very diverse and cosmopolitan community, something we consider
to be a real strength.

Besides the beautiful buildings, outstanding facilities and expansive
school grounds, which are an amazing asset given our proximity to
central London, what invariably strikes visitors to Farringtons is the
friendliness of everyone they meet and the sense of family. I hope
that this Briefing Pack, as well as our website, gives you a flavour of
what a special place this is and I very much look forward to receiving
your application.

David Jackson
Farringtons School is a leading, co-educational,              Underpinned by Christian values, Farringtons School
independent day and boarding school in Chislehurst,           aspires to be a place of trust and respect where
Kent, for pupils aged between 3 and 18 years.                 teachers take an active interest in the intellectual,
Founded in 1911, the School has a rich history and            physical, moral and spiritual development of every
thrives today providing a balanced academic, sporting,        student. The School believes co-education to be the
musical and social curriculum that enables each pupil to      right platform for developing the interpersonal skills
fulfil their potential. This is delivered by a team of        necessary to succeed in the modern world. The
passionate teachers, who support pupils to achieve            importance Farringtons places on nurturing individuality
their best academically and in whatever they put their        and the manageable size of the School ensures that
minds to.                                                     students do not get lost, but rather thrive in their own
                                                              way – they are encouraged to ‘Develop and Shine’
The School’s site and warm, nurturing Christian
environment encourages all pupils to pursue activities        Farringtons Core Objectives
and develop new skills. Farringtons offers an eclectic
range of sports and activities which are made possible        • To inspire each individual to achieve success through
through a range of first-class facilities. The sports hall,       excellent teaching, go to university, college or an
swimming pool and 25 acres of school grounds provide              occupation and have a desire for lifelong learning.
superb facilities for many sports whilst the teaching and     •   To create a community that promotes Christian
learning facilities, including the recently completed             values, gives students the confidence to live their
science and maths building, and the music Mac suite,              unique lives to the full and have the capacity to think
provide excellent learning spaces and support a broad             of others.
and balanced curriculum.                                      •   To be known as a school where every child matters,
                                                                  has outstanding pastoral care and communicates
Aims, Values & Objectives                                         successfully in and out of school.
                                                              •   To provide a safe and fit for purpose environment
Farringtons Aim                                                   that encourages children to achieve their best.
                                                              •   To build strong partnerships and networks locally,
To be recognised as one of the leading independent,               nationally and internationally to raise the profile of
co-educational day and boarding schools in Kent,                  the School and consequently benefit all parts of the
providing education for children aged 3-18. To be the             School and local community.
first choice school in the local area.
                                                              •   To create an environment that prepares students for
                                                                  their life after school, gives them real confidence and
Farringtons Values                                                humanity and ensures that they always feel part of
                                                                  the Farringtons family.
The School motto, Posside Sapientiam, (Growing in
Wisdom) influences much of what the School does.
Exploration   Engagement   Nurture
Early Years and the Junior School                            Children are assessed through observations, conversa-
                                                             tions and photographs. Parents, staff and the children
Farringtons prides itself on having an integrated            themselves all contribute to the assessment process. In
community and maintaining continuity of learning from        the Pre-Reception class, the developmental phases are
Early Years through to the Senior School. Children start     used for assessment purposes and the foundation
the School in the Early Years department at 3, where         stage profile in Reception.
the curriculum is structured around fun, relevant and
motivating activities. The purpose-built Infant School is    Key Stage One
light, secure and spacious with an outdoor play area.
The transition from Early Years into Reception is            The children in KS1 follow the National Curriculum
seamless, as the classrooms are adjacent to each other       subjects as well as personal, social, health education
and staff and children come together for regular             with citizenship. The transition from Reception to Year 1
playtime and other activities. As children progress          is dealt with sensitively, especially in the first term where
through the Infant School they benefit from an               Year 1 children learn through play, which continues to
increased emphasis on specialist teaching delivered by       use the principles of EYFS to develop the child’s learning
practitioners who share their enthusiasm and deep            and social development.
knowledge with the pupils. The School encourages all
pupils to discuss and discover in order to develop           Year 1 teachers use the foundation stage profiles to
enquiring minds, self-assurance and positive work            build an accurate picture of children’s learning and
habits, ready for the next stage of their education.         progress and then move onto the School's assessment
                                                             levels. All learning and teaching in KS1 is based on an
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)                          enhanced Primary Curriculum with children exploring
                                                             subject knowledge through a linking topic. Mathematics
EYFS is based on the recognition that children learn         and English are taught daily, there are two hours per
best through play and active learning. The provision of      week of Science and PE. Children have a weekly guided
the curriculum ensures that children experience a full       reading session with their teacher and also receive
range of learning opportunities including child initiated,   bi-lingual teaching every week in French.
teacher directed and group learning.
                                                             Reading, writing, speaking and listening continues to be
Reading and writing are taught through guided sessions,      taught through the use of synthetic phonics and are
alongside daily phonics and are supported by a               supported by a structured reading scheme (Oxford
structured reading scheme (Oxford Reading Tree).             Reading Tree). We teach structured and creative English
Phonics is taught formally using the 'Letters and            lessons supported by the Primary Literacy Framework
Sounds' initiative.                                          and all children are taught spelling. Guided writing is a
                                                             precision intervention tool that is taught as part of an
                                                             agreed approach through English, in order to target
                                                             specific learning skills.
Preparation   Participation   Encouragement
Children who are more able and those with additional          The Head and Deputy Head are involved closely in the
educational needs are identified and interventions are        pastoral life of the School through assemblies, Chapel
put in place to help address their needs. Children            worship and meeting with pupils on a regular basis.
needing further encouragement and support may also
work in small groups with our team of support staff,          Farringtons also organises regular Year Group
including the KS1 learning support teacher and qualified      meetings so parents are able to discuss their child’s
High Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs).                       progress with staff and at which individual
                                                              appointments to see a member of staff or the Head can
Key Stage Two                                                 be readily made.

In KS2, all children continue to be taught the enhanced       Beyond the Classroom
National Curriculum subjects as well as personal, social,
health education with citizenship. Some lessons in KS2        Farringtons’ extra-curricular programme gives pupils the
are taught by specialist teachers from the secondary          opportunity to experience and explore new interests
phase.                                                        and activities. As a result, pupils become more
                                                              adventurous, confident and develop their social skills.
Mathematics and English are taught daily, there are two       Whenever possible, teachers bring learning to life
hours and forty minutes per week of Science and four          through a programme of outings, residential trips and
hours of PE. In English, key texts or excerpts are taught     workshops led by visiting specialists.
throughout each year to ensure coverage of the full
range of genre and skills. We teach discreet grammar,         The wonderful grounds allow pupils to develop a love of
creative writing and comprehension lessons.                   the outdoors, whilst all year groups enjoy sessions in
                                                              our on-site Forest School.
Pastoral Care

Farringtons is renowned for its pastoral care. The
School’s ethos, size and determination to treat each
person both as an individual and as a member of the
community makes for a supportive environment for the
pupils to grow. The School works in partnership with
parents to ensure that all of the pupils feel that they are
cared for and valued.
Familiarisation   Organisation   Enjoyment
The School believes that class work is enriched by these         In 2020, at GCSE all subject areas achieved a series of
experiences and that they provide invaluable                     excellent results, 14 subjects achieved 100% pass rate.
opportunities for children, staff and parents to learn           In English and mathematics, over 40% of grades were
together. Pupils enjoy exciting excursions to the British        awarded the top bracket of 7, 8 and 9. In this year the
Film Institute, Port Lympne, Science museum, Horniman            value added scores were 30% higher than predicted
museum, British museum as well as walking in the local           when those students joined the School 2015.
                                                                 At Farringtons, all pupils are helped to achieve the best
The School fosters an appreciation of, and an                    academic results they can. This is especially true in the
involvement in, the local community and pupils are               Junior School where year on year our pupils surpass
encouraged to learn about, and take part in, fundraising         themselves by achieving results significantly higher than
activities for local, national and international charities. In   the national average. This is accomplished by dedicated
addition, Farringtons offers a huge range of activities,         teachers with supportive parents encouraging every
including arts and crafts, football, dance, choir,               pupil to be the best they can be.
orchestra, and taekwondo.

Farringtons Interactive Zone (FIZ) is an essential aspect        Boarding
of the Junior School, providing 'wrap around care' for
pupils from Pre-Reception to Year 7. FIZ Club has been           Boarders at Farringtons live in one of two boarding
designed to help parents and guardians balance work              houses. There is South House for boys in Year 7 to 13
and family commitments, while giving children a broad            and West House for girls in Years 7 to 13. Each house is
range of experiences, as well as supporting them with            led by a team of House Parents and supported by the
their school work.                                               School Healthcare team.

Academics                                                        Christian life at Farringtons

In 2019, the School was proud that at GCSE all subject           Chapel is an integral aspect of life at Farringtons, and a
areas achieved top grades, ten subjects achieved a               place where both Junior and Senior School pupils
100% pass rate, including English where over 50% were            worship regularly. All Chapel worship is inclusive and
awarded the top grades of 7, 8 & 9 (formerly A, A* and           welcoming for those of different faiths, and also none at
A**). More impressively, the value added scores for the          all. During worship, the School covers a range of topics
year group meant that the students achieved 23%                  which ensure that pupils are aware of local, national and
higher grades than they were predicted when they                 worldwide issues. Pupils are encouraged to tolerate,
joined the school in 2014.                                       understand and respect each other.
Discovery   Initiative   Leadership
Methodist Independent Schools Trust (MIST)                   land had formerly been the site of a small mansion
                                                             dating back to the 17th Century. Before it fell into
Farringtons School is part of the Methodist Independent      disrepair, the house had been home to several families,
Schools Trust (MIST). MIST has overarching                   including three generations of the Farrington family who
responsibility for 12 independent school across England      lived there during the late 17th and early 18th centuries,
and works closely with other independent schools of          and it is from this connection that the school took its
Methodist foundation elsewhere in the UK and                 original name – Farringtons.
                                                             The first school building, originally known as ‘School
MIST provides opportunities for its member schools to        House’ but now called ‘East House’, was constructed
work closely together. What is characteristic of all MIST    and Miss Alice Hollingdrake Davies was appointed as
schools is the shared Christian/Methodist ethos.             the first Headmistress. She opened her school on
Methodist Schools are inclusive and welcoming                Thursday 21 September 1911 with fourteen pupils.
communities where individuals are valued, good order         Over the next 90 years the School grew and came
is respected, relationships cherished, and where             through the challenges of the World Wars.
excellence in its widest sense (academic, extra-
curricular and lifestyle) is pursued.                        In 1994, Farringtons merged with Stratford House – a
                                                             local girls’ school that had opened in Bickley in 1912.
Methodist Schools encourage a sense of belonging,            Stratford House had a similar ethos to Farringtons and
seek to improve lives and boldly expect the impossible;      similar traditions, and so the name ‘Farringtons and
in Methodist Schools, educational experiences and ac-        Stratford House’ was born.
tivities bring mind and heart, intellect and passion to-     The merged School was soon operating happily as a sin-
gether; and Methodist Schools work in mutually benefi-       gle unit, colloquially known as FASH, and the pupils con-
cial partnerships with each other and the wider Method-      tinue to proudly wear the Coat of Arms that was granted
ist Church.                                                  to Farringtons back in 1928. In September 2004, the
                                                             School reverted to its original name, Farringtons School.
                                                             The Millennium saw further exciting developments. In
The story of Farringtons School begins in 1908. At that      September 2006, Farringtons became the location for a
time, there was already a very successful Methodist          new nursery development – Busy Bees at Farringtons –
boys’ school in Cambridge, The Leys School, but no           providing day care for children aged three months to
equivalent Methodist school for girls – an earlier           four years. In 2010 the school accepted boys into
establishment having closed some years before. A             Year 7 for the first time. Today Farringtons is fully
committee was formed to create a school to educate           co-educational and thriving. Over 100 years since it was
girls in the Methodist tradition, and Farringtons was        founded, it still flourishes as a School proud of its rich
born as a ‘sister school’ of The Leys.                       history and excited about the future.

After looking at several sites, they settled on buying the   Further information on Farringtons School can be found
land which the School now occupies in Chislehurst. This      here.
Experience   Improvement   Inspiration
The School and Governors are seeking to appoint a          •   Meeting as required with parent representatives,
dynamic and inspirational Junior School Head who has           advising and consulting with them on school and
clear strategic vision and proven leadership qualities.        wider school community matters, and taking every
Farringtons School has well-established values with a          opportunity to emphasise how the school’s
strong sense of family. The next Junior School Head will       Development Plan will influence their child’s
seek to raise the profile of the Junior School locally,        education in the school.
strengthening the reputation of the School within the
local community.                                           People

                                                           •   Lead, manage and energise the team of enthusiastic,
Key Responsibilities                                           well-motivated staff - from teaching staff to support
Teaching and Learning
                                                           •   Empower staff to maintain and improve the quality
•   Meeting regularly with teaching staff and involving        of education, ensuring that positive relationships are
    them directly in aspects of curriculum design,             maintained between staff and pupils;
    behavioural expectations for pupils, their daily
    routines, the school’s expectations of them, the       •   Recruit staff of the highest calibre in collaboration
    timetable, and the future development of the Junior        with the Head who are committed to the protection
    School in its widest context;                              and safeguarding of children;

•   Working with the learning support teachers to          •   Promote, supervise and review the professional
    provide a support programme for those pupils who           development of all staff, including appraisals for their
    have additional educational needs;                         benefit and to support pupils’ learning;

•   Implementing a process of regular reporting to         •   Ensure the spiritual and pastoral well-being of staff
    parents on pupils’ academic and social development         and pupils;
    and ensuring that all parents are aware of the
    school’s procedures for following up concerns;         •   Support teaching colleagues in their different roles
                                                               and instigate disciplinary measures where
•   When required, contribute to Junior School teaching        appropriate.
    (subject to key stage specialism and support the
    cover teaching rota);
Aspiration   Creativity   Appreciation

•   Bright, confident, with highly developed intellectual
    capacity and emotional intelligence;

•   Charismatic, outward-facing and approachable with
    excellent interpersonal skills;

•   Complete commitment to the happiness, wellbeing
    and safeguarding of pupils;

•   Outstanding communicator and a good listener, with
    the ability to inspire trust at all levels, inside and
    outside the School;

•   Open and collaborative and possessing a high
    degree of integrity;

•   Complete commitment to the Christian-based ethos,
    values and objectives of Farringtons School;

•   Perceptive and excellent judgement, decision-
    making and problem-solving skills.


The successful candidate will be offered an excellent
salary commensurate with the position and their
experience. The post will be offered subject to all the
necessary pre-employment checks, including a medical
questionnaire and an enhanced DBS check.
Please send in your completed application form,
supporting statement and covering letter on why
you wish to be considered for this role to

The closing date for applications:
Wednesday 24 February 2021

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for initial
interview with the Selection Committee on
Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 March 2021. Successful
candidates will then be invited to attend a site visit
to Farringtons School before the final stage
interviews to be held on Friday 19 March 2021.

Depending on Government guidelines at the time,
we hope to hold these interviews in person at

Farringtons School is committed to safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children and we will check
the suitability of staff to work with children. Applicants
must be willing to undergo an enhanced Disclosure
and Barring Service check and police checks (where

                                         Farringtons School
                                   Perry Street, Chislehurst
                                              Kent, BR7 6LR
                                             020 8467 0256
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