2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School

2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
2020 Parent
Information Booklet
 An A to Z of Useful Information


   School Phone 07 829 7860

   E-Mail – admin@tekowhai.school.nz - Office
            principal@tekowhai.school.nz - Principal
            www.tekowhai.school.nz       - Website
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
From the Principal
Welcome to Te Kowhai School!

                       We are a thriving school in the heart of the community, catering
                       for the needs of many students.

                       At Te Kowhai, we want our learners to be ‘Empowered to be
                       Confident and Connected 21st Century Citizens’. Our school and
                       curriculum is designed to get the best out of every learner where
                       we want to see them engaging in their learning with passion and
                       enthusiasm, therefore achieving their very best.

Our Learning Communities provide vibrant learning environments and our teaching and
support staff have a genuine passion for teaching and learning. We value your children
as individuals, and cater for their strengths and needs. We are a close-knit school and
children feel they are known and supported by staff and each other.

Students at Te Kowhai feel safe and enjoy the friendly nature of our school.

Te Kowhai School is a great place for children to learn. We offer a wide range of
additional activities to enable students to experience new ideas and opportunities – in
leadership, academic, cultural, arts and sporting pursuits.

We value open, honest and clear communication with our students and their families and
welcome your involvement in the school community. For the sustained success of the
school it is essential that families are involved and participate in their children’s learning.

We have a great country school and we are pleased that your family has chosen to be
part of our school community.


Juliet Dickinson

     Welcome to our school!
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
About our School
                        OUR MOTTO

Te Kowhai School currently has a role of approximately 300 pupils and is
situated in Te Kowhai Village 7kms North West of Hamilton. We pride
ourselves on being a friendly school, family oriented with a high level of
community involvement. Our children enjoy school and are keen to learn
and achieve success.

Te Kowhai School is a decile 10, full primary school (years 0-8). Te Kowhai
School opened in 1890 and was one of the first schools in the region. Roll
growth is controlled by an enrolment scheme. We sometimes accept a small
number of students from outside the zone.

The Board, PTA and Staff enjoy working as a team to foster the success of
the school.

The school is attractive and well resourced with modern classrooms,
swimming pool, well-stocked library, pavilion, large playgrounds and well-
maintained grounds.
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
 "A school's vision briefly describes the future the school community sees for itself, and what students will be
                  like when they are confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners"
  ~ Preparing to Lead Curriculum Change: Vision, Principles and Values, Ministry of Education (2007), p. 1 ~

Our vision was developed after extensive consultation with all stakeholders -staff, students,
board of trustees, parents, business sector and the wider community in order to ensure the
vision considered the views of all. This vision is regularly discussed and is an integral part
of our teaching and learning. After a review at the end of 2019, in 2020 we will be working
on some minor changes to this.

At Te Kowhai School we recognise that the world is undergoing rapid social, economic and
technological change and we need to prepare and equip our TK learners (including adults)
to be adaptable to meet these changes with confidence.

We recognise that there is a possible future, probable future & preferable future.

We want to prepare our learners for their future, and it is our view of the future that drives
current actions.

We want our TK learners to be empowered & at the centre of their learning.

We have developed a visual representation of our school vision & values to help ensure that
it is shared and understood by our community.

                                                                               Through having our school
                                                                               vision & values represented
                                                                               in a visual way, we are
                                                                               helping to ensure that it is
                                                                               a living and breathing
                                                                               component of our school
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School

"Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important or desirable. They are expressed through the ways
                                      in which people think and act".
           "Values are part of the everyday curriculum – encouraged, modelled, and explored."
                      ~ The New Zealand Curriculum, Ministry of Education (2007) ~

The values we live by at Te Kowhai School are carefully woven into the everyday life of
the school; they are actively promoted and expected of all people within our school

Our values reflect the “heart”   of the school and are very much a part of who we are
and what we stand for. There is a strong sense of community & PRIDE in Te Kowhai.

TK PRIDE forms the acronym for our values:

2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies. People use these competencies "to live, learn,
                     work and contribute as active members of their communities".
                 ~ The New Zealand Curriculum, Ministry of Education (2007), p. 12 ~

The Key Competencies are:

Te Kowhai School integrates the Key Competencies through our Learner Qualities. The
learner qualities were developed after extensive professional learning and consultation as
a representation of our beliefs about powerful learning and our aspirations and vision for
our learners.

TK learners are…thinkers, collaborative, communicators, resilient, self-managers
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
2020 Team
The Staff enjoy working with children and their parents. The team at Te Kowhai School is
experienced and well qualified. In addition to the part and fulltime classroom teachers, we have
an outstanding team of support staff – helping run special programmes, running the
administrative aspects of the school, and cleaning & maintaining the facilities.

Leadership Team
Juliet Dickinson                  Principal
Nikki Willis                      Deputy Principal
Shirley Bailey                    Leader of Learning
Linda McPhail                     Leader of Learning

Learning Community 1 (Year 1/2)
Nicki Grey                        Teacher
Cherie Cutler                     Teacher
Karen Peter                       Teacher

Learning Community 2 (Year 2/3)
Nikaela Smith                     Teacher
Rachel Hall                       Teacher (Team Leader of LC1 and LC2)

Learning Community 3 (Year 3/4)
Lisa Crook                        Teacher
Clare Tammik                      Teacher

Learning Community 4 (Year 4/5)
Hazel Dick                        Teacher
Jef Souza                         Teacher
Elisabeth Joseph                  Release Teacher

Learning Community 5 (Year 5/6)
Linda McPhail                     Teacher (Leader of Learning / Team Leader for LC3 and LC5)
Amy Benton                        Teacher
Juliet Kelly                      Release Teacher

Learning Community 6 (Year 7/8)
Shirley Bailey                    Teacher (Leader of Learning / Team Leader for LC4 and LC6)
Madi Hughes                       Teacher
Barb Shepp                        Release Teacher

Specialist Teachers
Marieke Nation                    Music Teacher
Esther Wilson                     Art Teacher

Support Team
Lee Slomp                         Office Manager
Kerry Crossland                   Receptionist
Kerry Scott                       Librarian
Lloyd Pratt                       Caretaker
Des Chiles                        Caretaker
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
Support Team continued…
Carmen Jones                     IT Support
Cris Andrew                      Learning Assistant
Rebecca Gilberd                  Learning Assistant
Amber Bonham                     Learning Assistant
Bianca Denman                    Learning Assistant
Bevin Knight                     Learning Assistant
Maggie Webb                      Gardener
Ruiha Paki                       Tuck Shop

Today’s schools involve the Trustees, Principal, teachers, staff and community working
closely and cooperatively together to improve learning opportunities for all children. The
BoT provides governance of the school and members also work in the following sub
committees: Finance, Property, Communications and Health & Safety.

Parents and staff are welcome to attend any BoT meeting, held twice a term in the meeting
room. Information related to Board activities and notice of meeting dates is included in the
school newsletter.

Current members (Jan 2020) are:
Renae Smart (Board Chair)
Brent Cutler
Juliet Dickinson
Madi Hughes
Craig Scott
Graeme Salter
Catherine Darby
Kyla Kerby

The school is fortunate to be supported by an active parent group, who meet twice each
The primary role of the PTA is to foster a strong bond between the community and the
school. Even though some fundraising does occur, this is not the only function of the PTA.
Funds will be raised where necessary to enhance the children’s learning and support the
strategic direction of the school. The quality of the school’s resources are a fitting tribute
to this group’s input over the years.

                        The meetings provide a forum for enjoyable parent interaction.

                        All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

                        Meeting dates and times will be advertised on Facebook and in
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
Information in brief
     School Hours
                                                                      Term Dates
     8.55 am          1st block begins
     10:30am          Morning break                            TERM DATES FOR 2020
     11am             2nd block
     12:40pm          Lunch break                           Term One:     3 Feb – 9 April
     1:25pm           3rd block                             Term Two:     28 April – 3 July
     3pm              School finishes
     Pupils should not be at school before 8.15 am.         Term Three: 20 July – 25 Sept
     Having your child at school by 8.45am would be
     appreciated.                                           Term Four:    12 Oct – 15 Dec
     Please collect your children promptly. Children must
     be collected by 3:10pm as teachers are not on duty.
     An After-School Care service is available.             Teacher Only Days:
                                                             (School is closed for students)

                                                               •   Friday 7th February
                                                               •   Tuesday 2nd June
                                                               •   Tuesday 27th October

     A     BSENCE:
        If your child is going to be away from school, please ring the school office (829
             7860) at your earliest convenience. This will ensure that a close liaison
             between home and school is maintained, especially with regard to your
             child's safety on the way to and from school. Teachers will be notified of
            children who will be absent each day. All attendance information is shared
            with you via Linc-Ed. Our Board of Trustees have set a 94% attendance
target for every student.

Te Kowhai School charges a one-off fee. This fee goes towards the school’s cost of
general activities such as apps for tablets, art consumables, general stationery for
classroom use, software licences, sports gear/clothing, shows and concerts e.g. Life
education in Term One. This charge has been set at $55.

We generally have an assembly every second Friday at 2:30pm. These assemblies are
quite informal and very much child oriented and child directed. Parents are always
welcome. These assemblies are led by our students and Learning Communities take turns
to do this. Our newsletters and other school communication will keep you informed as to
when assemblies are on.
2020 Parent Information Booklet - An A to Z of Useful Information - Contacts School Phone 07 829 7860 - Te Kowhai School
PRIDE Huis are held on Monday mornings with just students and teachers and is an
opportunity to reinforce our PRIDE values, celebrate successes and discuss or reinforce our
school culture.

Children are able to open a savings account with ASB Bank and First Credit Union, and are
able to make deposits at the school. Enquire at the office for further information.

     There is an After-School Care programme run by YMCA. This is an accredited
     OSCAR (Official After School Care) programme that ensures your child’s safety
     after school. Children are given a snack to eat and something to drink. The
     service is available for 5-13 year olds and is operated independently of the school.
     The hours of operation are from; 7:00-8:15 and 3pm-6:00pm. Any length of time
     within this timeframe is fine. See their website for details as to how to register:


     From Term 1, 2020 Te Kowhai School adopted
     an informal Cohort Entry system. Cohort entry refers to children starting school
     as a group, at the beginning or midpoint of a term, AFTER THEIR FIFTH
     Why cohort entry?
 •   To allow students to settle quicker to school
 •   Evidence shows that starting school alongside others can help foster relationships
     and supports a smoother transition to school
 •   Less disruption for class teachers as they can plan for groups of students, doing
     both school visits and starting school
 •   Allow for a more beneficial and coherent transition to school ‘Kickstart’ programme
     We have two cohort intakes (start dates) per term. Please contact Kerry
     Crossland or Shirley Bailey for more information about our starting school

     Transition to School - Kickstart Programme:

     Kickstart is a five-week transition to school programme designed to enable a
     smooth and enjoyable transition from early childhood education to primary school
     for parents and their children. Our Kickstart Programme will help equip your child
     with a range of early literacy and numeracy skills, as well as provide a wonderful
     environment to get to know other children that will be starting school with them at
     the same time.

     During Kickstart sessions teachers focus on developing many important social and
     emotional skills such as how to learn collaboratively with others, how to
communicate appropriately with their peers and how-to self-manage their
     belongings and behaviour.

     Kickstart sessions are held every Tuesday from 1.45pm - 2.45pm. We have two
     Kickstart intakes (start dates) per term. Please contact Kerry Crossland
     or Shirley Bailey for more information about our Kickstart Programme.


                    At the beginning of the year, all classes discuss appropriate
                     expectations regarding behaviour and attitude. This is based on
                      the following guidelines:

                     We encourage students to become responsible for their own good
                      behaviour by using a positive encouragement approach.

We expect parents/guardians to accept their responsibilities with regard to their child’s
behaviour so that the school can focus on its primary role of education.

We aim to provide a happy and secure environment where children develop
responsibility for their own actions and are able to learn and enjoy school without being
distracted or disrupted by others.

Should a child’s behaviour become a concern the parents will be contacted. When
parents and teachers work in a partnership most difficulties can be resolved with a
minimum of fuss.

Information will be available on our school website in relation to our procedures around

All children riding bikes to school should have a good knowledge of the road rules and are
legally required to wear cycle safety helmets. The school does not support children under
the age of nine, riding to school. Bicycle stands are provided at the front entrance to the
school and children are expected to keep away from this area during school time.
Students are not to ride their bikes through school.

         Students are able to buy reading books through the Scholastic Book Club.
            Pamphlets will be issued regularly. Students bring their money and orders to
             school in a named envelope or parents can order online. Books will be
             delivered when they are received at school. If you want to order something
            as a gift, then you can order under your own name and the office will contact
you to collect it.
B    us Bay Parking
                                       The Bus area at the front of the school has also been
                                       clearly marked due to ongoing safety concerns with cars
                                       parking in this area, particularly at the peak 3pm time.
                                       Please leave this area clear for the bus. Your cooperation
                                       is appreciated.

The car park is very busy, especially at 3.00pm. To avoid an accident

                                   the following guidelines should be followed:
Drop-off & Pick-up Zone Only:      Please adhere to these guidelines and consider use of the ample parking
Please only use this area to       across the road.
drop students off in the
morning, and to collect
students in the afternoon                                                           Main Car Park:
when they are already                                                               Please use
waiting. i.e. do not park in                                                        marked car
this lane when you are waiting                                                      parks.
for students, as it is blocking
other cars. Pick-ups are best
done after the 3pm bell when
cars can drive straight in, pick
up a child, and then drive out

                                                       No Parking on Yellow lines: Please keep the entry
                                                       clear. If the pick-up zone or main carpark area is full,
                                                       please utilise one of the many parks available across
                                                       the road at the Te Kowhai Hall. This eases congestion
                                                       and ensures you aren’t blocked in!

                  C     LOTHING
                  PLEASE name all your child’s clothing as this helps us return clothing that is
found around the school grounds. Lost property can be viewed by the pavilion/tuckshop.
Lost property is donated to charity at the end of each term.
We are constantly looking at ways of ensuring that parents are as informed as possible and
feel invited to be part of the school. To enable this, we are using a range of different tools.
Each of these has a different purpose. This is what we have to offer;

WEBSITE                              The website in a central hub of information relating to
www.tekowhai.school.nz               our school…

                                     This is a detailed site which includes;
                                        - Information about our school for new families
                                        - Who is on our staff
                                        - Parent information - general
                                        - Enrolment information
                                        - Photo galleries
                                     This year we are updating our website, so you will
                                     notice some changes here throughout the year.
FACEBOOK                              Facebook highlights and showcases school events and
                                      activities that have taken place and anything that is
                                      coming up.
                                      At Te Kowhai we use Facebook to share news, photos
                                      and videos relating to what has been happening at
                                      school. (E.g. sports events, learning in Learning
                                      Communities). These bite-sized highlights are
                                      currently shared regularly to nearly 100 followers.
                                     Note: you can see Te Kowhai School on Facebook
                                     without having a Facebook profile
                             PERSONALISED COMMUNICATION
As well as school-wide communication, your children and teachers want to communicate
with you personally as well. This is a two-way process, so we encourage you to email, visit
or message your child’s teacher at your earliest convenience if you have anything you want
to discuss. To ensure we can give you the time you need, it is better for you to book a
meeting time with the teacher/s.

Information might be shared to all parents of a particular Learning Community, or it might
be a personal sample of work, photo or ‘moment’ from the day relating specifically to your

                                  Linc-Ed is our main vehicle for delivering all school
                                  information. This will contain the following school-wide
                                     • Notices / Newsletters
                                     • Communication from staff / teachers (to your email).

                                 Linc-Ed is also our main reporting tool for your children.
They each have an individual page that you are linked into
                                 which you will receive a link to when your child enrolls with
                                 us. We will share regular snippets and updates in relation
                                 to your child’s progress at school. This includes progress
                                 against curriculum expectations (via learning goals),
                                 samples of work and child/teacher feedback about learning.
                                 NB - LC1 will continue to use Seesaw for sharing their
                                 samples of work, Linc-Ed will be used by the teachers to
                                 communicate their progress information with you.

                                 Seesaw is an online portfolio used for our youngest students
                                 (LC1) and keeps you up to date with the learning your
                                 children are doing at school. This is a critical part of a
                                 student’s overall “report”.
                                 Seesaw will link you to learning your child has done in class.
                                 Seesaw is kept up to date by your child and the class
                                 teachers in LC1.

Our Dental Therapist services for Te Kowhai School are carried out by The Frankton
Community Oral Health Clinic. Free dental care is available at any time at this clinic
based at Frankton School.

E.R.O conducted a review of the school in May 2017 and are due for our next visit
sometime this year. The school was pleased with the positive nature of the 2017 report,
which stated:
The school has clearly defined the valued student outcomes as learner qualities of: thinking,
collaboration, resilience, self-management and communication. These are highly evident in the
curriculum, interactions and environments and clearly articulated by students, teachers and the
Trustees are well informed about learning and achievement and are focused on improving outcomes
for children at risk of not achieving. The board has responded with significant increases in resourcing
of a range of initiatives to support children whose learning requires acceleration.
The collaborative leadership team is using their shared understanding of effective pedagogy and
practice to strengthen the focus on children who are at risk of underachieving.
Students participate and learn in caring, collaborative, inclusive learning communities.
Children with additional learning needs are well catered for in an inclusive school culture and with
appropriate support programmes.
Children are achieving well. The school demonstrates progress toward achieving equity in educational
outcomes, supported by effective, sustainable processes and practices.
Our office staff are trained first aiders. Depending on the circumstances or situation we
            give minor first aid
            contact parents if child is injured or sick
            phone family doctor where appropriate
            take the child to emergency medical facility

Children should not be sent to school if they are unwell especially if they have anything
contagious ie, vomiting, diarrhoea, headlice etc. If a child becomes unwell at school, the
parents or caregivers will be contacted and asked to collect the child. We are not equipped
to keep them at school.
Please help us by ensuring we have up-to-date contact numbers, including work and cell phone
and ensure we are informed of any medical conditions that may affect your child. Please advise
the school promptly of any changes.

How to enrol your child
For full details about enrolling a child turning 5, please pick up a “Kick Start”
pack from the office.
It is useful for the school to know well in advance any expected enrolments.
For new entrant children, when your child turns four, pre enrol so we know you
are coming.
When enrolling your child, we require the following documentation:
           - birth certificate or passport
           - immunisation record
           - proof of address e.g. power bill, tenancy agreement etc

Enrolment Scheme
Te Kowhai School has an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding or the likelihood of
All students who live within the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.

           The zone has the following boundaries:
               Starting at the most northerly point – 393 Ngaruawahia Rd. Left onto Crawford Rd to Horotiu Rd to
                  RR Number 120. Returning along Horotiu Rd to Onion Rd (incl. Ridge Park Dr.) to Ruffell Rd to
                    State Highway One, returning to Te Kowhai Rd, left to Burbush Rd, right onto Exelby to Te
                    Kowhai Rd to Duck Rd, right onto Laxon Rd, right onto Horotiu Rd, left onto Blackett Rd which
                    becomes Collie Rd, left onto Bedford Rd to Ngaruawahia Rd. (NB both sides of the road and
                   any side roads are considered in zone.)

               Out of Zone Enrolments
The number of places available (if any) will be determined by the number of in-zone
students scheduled to be enrolled. Further information regarding out of zone enrolments is
available from the office or Principal.
All students are placed in “Houses” and earn points throughout the year for PRIDE Values,
academic, sporting, arts and other events. All siblings will be in the same house. Points are
also earned in class & the playground for great learning, effort, behaviour and attitude.
This provides great opportunities for leadership, team spirit across the school….and FUN!
The Houses are based on the 1st 4 PRIDE values (Maori names): Haere Kotahi
(Partnership), Mana (Respect), Whakapono (Integrity) & Ihi (Drive). Houses
compete for the Maungatuhaha Trophy (Excellence) House colours are as follows:
Haere Kotahi (yellow), Mana (green), Whakapono (black), Ihi (white).
8 Year 7/8 House Captains lead this within the school.

         Students are asked not to bring lollies, fizzy drinks, small toys/games, phones,
          computer/hand-held games etc. to school. Any such item will be returned
           either at the end of the day or parents requested to collect it.

Te Kowhai School has a policy and set of procedures concerning the use of computers. We
make every effort to keep our children safe when using the Internet. Copies of this will
come home in the first week of school. In support of safe practices, Parents/Caregivers
  •   Talk with your child about online dangers.
  •   Put the computer in a family area of your home, so that you can keep an eye on
      what is happening.
  •   Have a password only you know that must be entered before your child goes
  •   Limit the time your child can spend on the Internet.
  •   Spend time online with your child exploring positive sites.
  •   Randomly check your child’s email.

We are fortunate to have a well-stocked library. All students visit the library
once per week and are able to issue books. Please ensure that these books are cared
for and returned on time.
We will endeavour to return named items but urge children to be responsible for their own

The school operates a tuck shop once a week on a Friday, there are sausages,
sauce and bread. On Mondays and Wednesdays you also have the
opportunity to order from our online service ‘Lunch Orders’. Visit their site to
register. https://lunchorders.co.nz/
Every lunchtime we offer a wide range of different activities for students to participate in.
These are run by teachers and aimed at exposing students to a variety of different
activities and experiences. Some of these include: Swimming, Stretch and Breathe,
Wheels Wednesday, Chess and Library. These activities change regularly depending on the
season and students are notified of these each week.

        Mobile phones should not come to school, as they can be a target for theft or
          damage. If a student becomes sick during the day, then the school office will
           contact you. We appreciate that there may be infrequent occasions where the
          student may need to contact a parent e.g. after a late sports practice, where a
mobile phone would be desirable. In such instances the student is asked to leave the
phone at the office or give to one of their teachers for safe keeping during the
school day. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to mobile phones (and
similar) brought to school.

M     ONEY
All payments (for events or scholastic orders etc) should be brought to the
school office in an envelope with the child’s name, room number, and the
intended purpose clearly written on it.

M     USIC
             Students are offered tuition in a wide variety of instruments and singing. The
             school facilitates this programme and lessons are taken during school. The
             tutors are engaged privately and payment for their services is between the
             parent and the tutor. Parents who are interested in their children participating
may contact the school office for further details. We also have a school music teacher who
provides a wide range of opportunities within the arts (e.g. choir, kapa haka, singing
groups etc) Some of these opportunities are school funded or partially funded. All details
will be communicated via the newsletter.

Newsletters are our main means of communication with you, and as such
we consider them very important.

School newsletters are published every 2nd Wednesday and sent out via our email tree and
Facebook. The newsletter is also posted on the school website, the address is

This will keep you up to date with school activities as well as community events. We will
try not to send notices home on other days though this is sometimes unavoidable.
The office is staffed between 8.15 am and 4pm each day. If the phone is not answered
please leave a message on the answer phone as this is checked regularly.

Parental help is welcomed and very much valued. Talk with your classroom teacher and
make an offer if you can. Assistance with coaching or managing sports teams is also

We endeavour to work in partnership with parents and are keen to create an
approachable atmosphere. If problems do arise, they are best dealt with sooner
rather than later. Should matters arise that concern you, you are invited to come
to the school to discuss them.
In the first instance, it is suggested that you discuss the matter with the
Teacher. If the issue is not resolved then feel free to contact a Leader of Learning, the
Deputy Principal or Principal. It is preferable that you arrange a time for an appointment
by phoning the school office on 8297860 or by emailing the person.

Parents are encouraged to keep in contact with their child’s teacher on a regular basis.
This provides quality support for your child and enhances the learning process.

                We have a school bus service (operated by Go Bus and funded by the
                Government) that runs along the following route (please note: this is
                reviewed regularly and can be subject to change).
                See our school website for the bus route and times.
                Students who travel on the bus are listed on a bus register which is kept in
the office. This list is circulated each day to ensure those who are not set to travel on the
bus can indicate this. After school, the bus children line up on the courts in lines, they are
checked off and board the bus safely.

Students must meet the various eligibility criteria (related to distance) to receive free bus
transport. Other students wishing to catch the bus must purchase bus tickets from the
school office.

The school donations are set by the Board each year and are very
important for the successful funding of a large number of activities at
school. The school donation makes activities possible that government
funding is not able to address (we receive approx. $275,000 less than a
decile 1 school of comparable size) Currently the fee is set at $125.00 for
the first child in a family, $220 for a family of two students and is capped at $250 for three
of more in a family. The donation can be paid in full at the beginning of the year or on a
term-by-term basis. This donation is tax deductible.

We have a number of programmes planned specifically for students who have learning
needs, require a “boost”, or for extension.
Children may be part of the following programmes:

         We are fortunate to have excellent Learning Assistants who work with
         teachers in most classes, to help children and their learning. (Please
         note that Learning Assistants work with children of all abilities in the

We also have access to a number of specialist personnel to assist our teachers with pupils
with special needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns regarding your

The teaching staff is involved in staff meetings 1-2 afternoons a week. Please keep this in
mind when phoning or trying to make appointments. It is not always easy for teachers to
free themselves.

               S   TATIONERY
We now have our stationery requirement lists loaded on to OfficeMax                   at
myschool.co.nz. We’ve found this is the easiest way for you to purchase your child’s
stationery. All you will need to do is simply search for our school, select your child's
class lists and follow the instructions on the website. Buying through OfficeMax
MySchool also earns Rewards for our school which we can redeem for much needed
educational supplies, equipment for our classrooms or for students in need.

During Terms 1 & 4 we operate a sun safe policy and children are required to
wear a hat if outside. We recommend full-brimmed hats. These must be named.
We do have some school hats for sale in the office.
During the summer, swimming at school is a major part of our PE
programme. All children are expected to take part unless there is a medical
reason for not doing so. A timetable of swimming days will be sent home
by class teachers. Pool keys are also for families. These are available for
purchase from the office.
School Swimming Sports take place in Term 1 for 8-13 year olds, this includes an
Interschool Competition as well. All dates will be posted in the school newsletter.

Classroom teachers are released from their classroom teaching responsibilities for a
number of reasons, including professional development, Community of Learning work, Sick
Leave and/or Personal Leave.

CRT (Classroom Release Time 10 hours per Term; an entitlement as part of conditions of
employment) takes place every fortnight for two blocks. This is when we currently provide
our specialist Music and Arts programmes for students.

We are most fortunate to have a number of high-quality day-to-day relievers available to us
for all other leave. Our first choice in selecting and appointing relievers is from our pool of
‘known’ relievers. From time to time however, there is a big demand on relievers, which
leaves us with little choice regarding whom we may appoint on such occasions.

As of 2020, schools across New Zealand are entitled to offer 2-3 Teacher Only Days per
year. The purpose of this is to reduce workload by allowing time for teachers to refresh
and deepen their knowledge and practice around the local curriculum, strengthen use of
assessment tools and familiarize themselves with current curriculum changes.

Year 7 & 8 pupils currently travel to Hamilton Junior High School for technology classes
once each week. This programme involves the children in units relating to different
aspects of technology and the Arts. A charge is made to cover some of the ‘take-home’
costs of this programme. This will be notified via our Linc-Ed invoicing processes.

                   T   OP SCHOOL GAMES
                   Each year we host the Top School Games at Te Kowhai. This is a huge
                   event involving 20 schools competing in a range of fun team challenges.
                   It also doubles as our major fundraiser for the year and is reliant upon
                   an enormous amount of parent support. This year’s Games will be held
                   on Sunday, 5th April. This is our 15th year of running the games and all
                   students and families are invited along to this event.
Once again, we welcome you
  ❖   You are welcome to join in our classes through our Open-
      Door policy

  ❖   You are welcome                 to join our merry band of volunteers
      who assist with reading, sports coaching, making resources, and going
      on trips.

  ❖   You are welcome to attend our sports days, musical and
      cultural performances.

  ❖   You are welcome                   to join our “Kick Start” preschool
      programme with your 4-year old.

  ❖   You are welcome to stay in touch through our newsletters
      every 2nd Wednesday

  ❖   You are welcome               to join with us in celebrating success
      and achievement at assemblies on every 2nd Friday.

  ❖   You are welcome                   to contact the school at any time to
      raise concerns (or provide positive feedback ☺)

  ❖   You are welcome                   to attend our Board of Trustees

  ❖   You are welcome                    to attend our Parent Teachers
      Association meetings

                    Our aim is to make Te Kowhai School
                       the best one for your family.
Keeping in touch
    We have an Open-Door policy.
                                                                    Teaching Staff
                                                     Teachers welcome discussion, whether it is
                                                     positive feedback or concerns regarding your
                                                     child. If you want to talk to the teacher, it is
                                                     best to make an appointment outside of
                                                     teaching time. If a concern is not resolved
                                                     consult a member of the leadership team.

    Kick Start Programme.
The transition to school programme for
new entrants allows the opportunity to
visit the school and talk to the teacher
and Principal.

                                                  “New (to school) Parents” evening
                                                These are held 1-2 times a year in order to meet
                                                other parents and staff. An invitation will be sent to
                                                you to advise when the next evening will be.

We have a weekly assembly each 2nd
Friday afternoon – a celebration of                                 PTA meetings.
achievements                                              New members are always welcome.
     We welcome your attendance!                          Contact the school if you are
                                                          interested in joining or attending
                                                          meetings. This is a great way to meet
                                                          other parents, while also helping the
        The school newsletter
The newsletter comes out every 2nd
Wednesday.        This details coming events,
messages from the principal, sporting news,
                                                                   Parent assistance
children’s work and achievements and
                                                        Parent helpers are welcome in a variety of
community notices. Contact the office to join
                                                        areas and activities within the school. This
our email list: lee@tekowhai.school.nz
                                                        may involve transporting children to various
                                                        activities or classroom assistance, particularly
                                                        in the junior classes. Ask at the office or
                                                        your child’s teacher if you can assist in these
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