Information for prospective parents 2020/21

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Information for prospective parents 2020/21
Information for
prospective parents
Information for prospective parents 2020/21
Big Field


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                                                                 Public                                                                                                 15
                                                                Car Park                                                                      Fenton’s                                 16


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                                                                                                                                             ocklington School Reception       10   Geography Build  ding               19   Feenwick-Smith House

                                                                                                                                       2    Sixxth Form Centre                 11   Ellison House                       20   Asstroturf Pitches

                                                                                              st G
Medical Centre
M                                                                                                                                      3    Wilberforce Court                  12   Cricket Pavilion                    21   Haawthorns
                           k                                                                                                           4    Mu usic School                     13   Dining Hall                         22   Annnand Centre

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                        27                   Publicc Car Park                                                                          6    Sw
                                                                                                                                             wimming Pool                      15   Pre-Prep School                     24   Buusiness Management Centre
                                                                                                                                       7    Lib
                                                                                                                                              brary                            16   Prep School                         25   Faaircote House
                                                                                                                                       8    St Nicholas’ Quad                  17   Dolman House                        26   Orrchard House
                                                                                                                                       9    Art and Design Te
                                                                                                                                                           Technology Centre   18   Squash Courts                       27   Spports Hall
                                              Bus Station
                                                                                                       Pocklington                          Parking
                                                                                                        own Centr
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Information for prospective parents 2020/21
Contents                                      Key dates for
Key dates for applications                1   Monday 7th December 2020
Pocklington Prep School                       Registration forms should be
Structure and Curriculum                      completed and returned to school

Pre-Prep (Pre-School to Year 2)           2   Examination Dates
Prep (School Years 3 - 6)                 2
                                              There are no formal examination dates
                                              for entry below Year 3.
Pocklington School                            Entry into the Sixth Form is dependent
Structure and Curriculum                      upon the required GCSE grades.

Lower School 1st and 2nd Years (School        Saturday 16th January 2021
Years 7 and 8)                         3
                                              Entrance examinations for new entrants
Middle School 3rd Year (School Year 9)    3
                                              into the following year groups:
4th and 5th Year
(School Years 10 and 11)                 4
                                              Year 3 Pocklington Prep,
Sixth Form (School Years 12 and 13) 4 & 5     7+ examination
                                              Years 7 and 8, 11+ entrance
                                              examination and scholarship
Staff                                         examination
Pocklington School                   6&7      Years 9 and 10, 13+ examination
Pocklington Prep School                7
Support Staff                          8      Saturday 6th February 2021
                                              13+ Scholarship Examination.
Governing Body                           8
                                              February 2021
                                              Closing date for Sixth Form Bursary
Enquiries, Admissions                         applications.
& Entry Examinations                     9
Fees                              10 & 11     March 2021
Academic & Music Scholarships &               Sixth Form Bursary assessments and
Exhibitions                              12   examinations (see page 12 for more

Bus Routes                               13   Further information regarding entrance
How to Find Us                           14   assessment procedures can be found
                                              on page 9.

This booklet gives information about
Pocklington School Foundation Schools
which is intended to provide as much
help to prospective parents as possible.
Inevitably some information may
become out of date over the period to
which the booklet applies. Parents
wishing to place specific reliance on a
particular point are advised to check the
matter with the school.

All our prospectuses can be
downloaded at
or request a copy
T: 00 44 (0)1759 321200
                                                                                       Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021   1
Information for prospective parents 2020/21
Pocklington Prep School
(School Years Pre-School to Year 6) Age 3+ to 11 years

Pre-Prep School                                      Prep
Pre-School to Year 2

Pupils are based in small form groups,
with the class teacher providing the
                                                     Years 3-6

                                                     Pupils are based in form groups which
                                                     are both teaching and pastoral units.
                                                                                                  “” "Pupils demonstrate
                                                                                                     excellent levels of
very best academic provision and                     The form teacher takes primary interest         knowledge, skills and
pastoral care. A focus on personalised               in the pastoral and academic welfare of         understanding across all
learning and small group work allows                 his/her pupils.                                 subject areas by the end
every child to develop at pace and to
receive additional support or challenge
                                                     All pupils are allocated to one of four         of Year 6"
                                                     houses: Rievaulx, Jervaulx, Fountains or
as appropriate to allow them to thrive.
                                                     Byland. Houses are involved in                  Independent Schools Inspectorate
                                                     competitions in art, music, drama,
                                                     creative writing, sport and fundraising
A vibrant and memorable curriculum,                  activities.
which is based on providing meaningful                                                            Pocklington Prep School Year 6 pupils
                                                     Boarders entering Pocklington Prep
'real-life' experience, gives children a                                                          will normally progress to Year 7, provided
                                                     School will join either Dolman House
real sense of purpose and allows them                                                             there are no concerns about a child's
                                                     (boys) or Orchard House (girls). See staff
to see the value in their learning.                                                               behaviour or ability, which have been
                                                     list on page 7 for day and boarding
Specialist teaching in sport, music,                                                              previously communicated to parents.
French, swimming and the arts provides                                                            Some Year 6 Prep School pupils will sit
a breadth of experience and the Forest               Pupils are taught in form groups for all     assessments for the purposes of
School programme further develops                    lessons other than in Years 5 and 6          academic awards.
skills for life.                                     when Mathematics and English are
                                                     taught in ability groups. Sometimes
Teaching Facilities                                  groups are taught at different paces         Co-curricular
                                                     within classes to ensure individual
A carefully planned learning                                                                      Break times and the extended day allow
                                                     needs within a class are met.
environment enhances the curriculum                                                               for many clubs and activities. We
and children in the Pre-Prep enjoy                   Class sizes are small.                       encourage children to experience as
access to the outdoor space, with a                                                               much as possible to broaden their
dedicated Early Years outdoor                        Curriculum                                   horizons.
classroom. They also benefit from the                We offer a broad curriculum that
use of all Foundation facilities, including          balances academic study with skills,
the sports facilities, theatre and                   creativity and enjoyment. We
swimming pool. Specialist music                      encourage children to be inquisitive
teaching is also available for those                 and productive through their learning.
children whose parents wish them to
have individual lessons.                             25 periods per week (1 hour lessons).
Progression into Year 3 is automatic,
providing that the school continues to                Number of lessons per week
be able to meet a child's needs.
                                                      English and Drama           6                    PE/Swimming

                                                      Maths                       5                    Year 3                     2

                                                      Modern Languages                                 Years 4, 5, 6              1

                                                      Years 3, 4                  1                    Religious Studies & PSHE   1

                                                      Years 5, 6                  1                    Art                        1

                                                      Science                     2                    Music                      1

                                                      Geography                   1                    ICT                        1

                                                      History                     1                    Games                      2

                                                                                                       Drama                      1

2   Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
Pocklington School
(School Years 7-13) Age 11+ to 18

THE LOWER SCHOOL – 1ST AND 2ND YEARS                                    MIDDLE SCHOOL – 3RD, 4TH AND 5TH YEARS
(School Years 7 and 8) Age 11+ to 12+                                   (School Years 9, 10 and 11) Age 13+ to 15+
Structure                                                               3RD YEAR
Lower School Houses                                                     (School Year 9) Age 13+
All pupils are allocated to one of the four Lower School day            Structure
houses (Dolman, Hutton, Gruggen, Wilberforce).                          Middle School Houses
The Housemaster or Housemistress is the teacher primarily               Pupils moving up to the Middle School from the Lower
involved in the academic and pastoral progress of each                  School remain in the same day house, with a new
member of his/her house.                                                Housemaster or Housemistress.
Boarders entering the Lower School will join either Dolman              The Head of Middle School oversees the academic and
House (boys) or Orchard House (girls). See staff list on page 7         pastoral progress of all the boys and girls, day and boarding.
for day and boarding house staff.
                                                                        Pupils joining Pocklington School for the first time are
The Head of Lower School oversees the academic and                      allocated to one of the four day houses (Dolman, Gruggen,
pastoral progress of all the boys and girls, day and boarding.          Hutton, Wilberforce).
                                                                        Girl boarders aged 13+ will join Orchard House transferring
Teaching Groups
                                                                        to Faircote at 15+. Boy boarders aged 13+ will join Dolman
In the 1st Year teaching in all subjects is in mixed ability            transferring to Fenwick-Smith House at 15+. See staff list on
forms. At the end of the Michaelmas term, English and                   page 7 for day and boarding staff.
Mathematics begin teaching in ability-based sets.
In the 2nd Year teaching in English, Latin, Mathematics and             Teaching Groups
Science is in ability-based sets. For other subjects teaching is        Teaching in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities is
in mixed ability forms.                                                 in ability based sets. Option subjects are taught in mixed
In the 1st and 2nd years pupils study two of the following              ability classes.
Modern Foreign Languages: French, German and Spanish.                   Class sizes are small.
Placement and Mobility
Placement into sets or bands is based on ongoing
assessment data, internal examination results and on general             Core                    Humanities                 Sport
progress. Parents are contacted prior to proposed changes.
                                                                         English                 Geography                   Major sports**
Class sizes are small.                                                   Mathematics             History                     Boys (WINTER) Rugby,
                                                                         Biology                 Physical Education          Hockey (SUMMER)
Curriculum                                                               Chemistry               Religious Studies
                                                                                                                             Athletics, Cricket,
                                                                         Physics                                             Girls (WINTER) Hockey,
Core              Humanities       Creative &      Sport                 MFL*                                                Netball (SUMMER)
                                   Technological                                                                             Athletics, Rounders,
English           Geography        Art             Boys                                                                      Tennis
Mathematics       History          Drama           (Winter) Rugby        *A free choice of one from German, French, Spanish. This will usually be the
                                                                         language carried forward to GCSE.
MFL               Physical         Design &        (Summer) Cricket
(2 from French,   Education                                              **Sport options may vary from term to term and by year group. 5th Year may
                                   Technology      Athletics
German,                                                                  select from Badminton, Cross Country, Personal Fitness, Running, Squash,
                  Religious        Computing       Girls                 Lacrosse, Swimming.
                  Studies          Music           (Winter) Hockey
Latin                                              Netball              Options
Science                                            (Summer) Athletics   Pupils choose 4 of the following 10 subjects:
                                                   Cricket Rounders
                                                   Tennis               Creative & Technological                      Modern & Classical
                                                                        Art                                           Languages
Additional time is devoted to:
                                                                        Design                                        French
Assemblies                       Church                                 Drama                                         German
PSHE                             Tutor time                             ICT                                           Latin
                                                                        Computer Science                              Spanish
                                                                        *Additional MFL options may be studied and carried forward to GCSE, usually
                                                                        as 2nd or 3rd language options.

                                                                         Additional time is devoted to:
                                                                         Assemblies                          Church
                                                                         PSHE                                Tutor time

                                                                                                  Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021        3
Pocklington School
(School Years 7-13) Ages 11+ to 18

MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                 SIXTH FORM
4TH AND 5TH YEARS (GCSE)                                                      (School Years 12 and 13) Ages 16+ to 18
(School Years 10 and 11) Ages 14+ to 15+
Structure                                                                     Sixth Form Houses
                                                                              The house structure in the Sixth Form is the same as in the
Middle School Houses
                                                                              Middle School. All pupils joining the Sixth Form from other
The house structure in 4th and 5th Years is the same as that in               schools are allocated to one of the four Sixth Form day
the 3rd Year.                                                                 houses (Dolman, Gruggen, Hutton, Wilberforce).
                                                                              Sixth Form Boarders entering the school will join either
Teaching Groups                                                               Fenwick-Smith House (boys) or Faircote House (girls).
Teaching in English, Mathematics and Science is in ability-                   See staff list on page 7 for day and boarding house staff.
based sets. Teaching in the option subjects is normally in                    The Head of Sixth Form oversees the academic and pastoral
mixed-ability classes.                                                        progress of all day and boarding students.
Class sizes are small.                                                        Teaching Groups
                                                                              Subjects are usually taught in mixed ability classes.
                                                                              Class sizes are small.
    Subjects                                    Notes                         Curriculum
                                                                              Most students choose 3 linear A levels throughout Lower and
    English                                     Leads to 2 GCSEs, English     Upper Sixth. The linear approach provides greater
                                                Language and English          opportunity for breadth and depth of study in each student's
                                                                              chosen subjects.
    MFL (French/German/Spanish)                 Additional languages can
                                                                              Some students may wish to take a fourth A level, or where
                                                be taken as options
                                                                              possible, a fourth AS level. Alternatively students can choose
    Mathematics                                                               to complete one of a range of enrichment qualifications as
    SCIENCE                                                                   their fourth subject choice.
    Biology                                                                   Students opting to select Further Mathematics should note
                                                                              that they are required to select two additional A level subjects
    Chemistry                                   Leads to 2 or 3 GCSEs
                                                                              to complete their subject options.
                                                                              This will result in four A levels: Mathematics, Further
                                                                              Mathematics and two others.
Options                                                                       Additional periods are allocated as pastoral time including
Pupils normally choose any 3 of the following subjects:                       assemblies, house time, tutorials and one-to-one interview
                                                                              slots. Sixth Form students also have a weekly games
                                                                              afternoon and, in Lower Sixth, participate in a weekly activity
    Art                            Drama                Music
                                                                              slot in which they can choose from a range of options
    Design                         Latin                Physical Education    including our Community Action programme.

    Geography                      German               Religious Studies     Sixth Form Options
    History                        French               ICT                   The timetable is arranged to accommodate as many
                                                                              combinations of choices as possible. Currently students are
    Computer Science               Spanish                                    initially given a free choice of subjects.

Additional time is devoted to:
                                                                               Boys                                       Girls
Assemblies                            Church
                                                                               Major sports*                              Major sports*
Tutor time                            Sport
                                                                               Athletics                                  Athletics
                                      (as 3rd Year with additional options)
                                                                               Cricket                                    Hockey
                                                                               Hockey                                     Netball
                                                                               Rugby                                      Rounders
                                                                               Tennis                                     Tennis

                                                                              *Sport options can vary from term to term but may include: Badminton, Cross
                                                                              Country, Football, Golf, Personal Fitness, Running, Squash, Swimming,
                                                                              When pupils have individual skills in a particular sport we aim to support their
                                                                              development in this area via our strength and conditioning programme and
                                                                              flexibility with external providers.

4      Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
Sixth Form subjects available in 2019/20 were:

                                                                    The Extended Project Qualification
  Creative and                      Mathematics and
  Technical                         Sciences                        This allows students a free choice of subject on which to
                                                                    complete a major piece of evaluative research in an area of
  Music                             Physics                         personal interest. With its emphasis on process, presentation
  Art                                                               and report, it provides a context for developing independent
                                                                    learning, critical thinking and long-term planning skills. The
  Theatre Studies                   Biology                         EPQ carries the same weight as half an A level subject and is
  Photography                                                       highly regarded by universities, including Oxbridge.
  Physical Education                Further Mathematics             Sports Leadership Level 3 Qualification
  Design                            Psychology                      This is a nationally recognised qualification which prepares
  Computer Science                                                  students to lead groups of children and adults in sport and
                                                                    recreational activities as well as teaching leadership skills such
                                                                    as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork.

  English and                      Modern and                       Home Cooking Skills (BTEC Level 1)
  Humanities                       Classical Languages
                                                                    This is a single unit BTEC qualification designed by Jamie
  English Literature               French                           Oliver in conjunction with Pearson. It is a hands-on course
                                                                    that helps students to develop the knowledge,
  English Language                 German                           understanding and confidence they need to cook simple,
  Geography                        Spanish                          nutritious meals at home and how to economise when
                                                                    planning a meal.
  History                          Latin
  Business                                                          Life Skills from the Perspectives of Psychology and
  Economics                        BTEC                             This course provides students with a theoretical and practical
  Politics                                                          introduction to skills to enable them to engage with the wider
                                   Sport                            world of relationships. It is designed for those in Sixth Form
  Religious Studies
                                   ICT                              who would like to develop their own self-awareness, develop
                                                                    people skills, grow in their support of others, and may be
                                                                    interested in working in a psychological capacity in the future.
Enrichment Qualifications                                           Regardless of the direction a student might take in their
All students will have the opportunity to complete a fourth         career, they will require skills to naturally engage with
enrichment qualification, in addition to their three A levels.      individuals and groups. From the learning gleaned from the
For some this may be a fourth A level or AS; for others, it may     psychological and counselling world, students will learn the
be a choice from the following options. The breadth of these        core conditions of developing communication skills.
opportunities will help students to develop key skills, both as
learners and as individuals ready to enter the workplace.

  The Pocklington Award                                             University and Careers Advice
  The Pocklington Award is presented to students who have           All students currently participate in a structured
  fully committed themselves to the co-curricular life of           programme of careers education in the 3rd Year covering
  Pocklington School, through involvement in activities such        career planning and subject choice.
  as sport, drama, music and CCF. It is designed to reward          From the 4th Year upwards each student has a one to one
  pupils for their involvement in co-curricular activities at the   meeting with the Careers Advisor, and can arrange further
  end of each of the three phases of their school life, and is      meetings as required.
  awarded to pupils who have demonstrated themselves to
  be responsible young adults capable of working                    Sixth Form students can arrange individual interviews as
  independently and managing their time effectively. All            required throughout the two years. The Sixth Form Tutors,
  Pocklington pupils including those in the Lower and               House staff and Head of Sixth Form support students in
  Middle School are eligible for this Award.                        making their UCAS applications. Specialist support is also
                                                                    provided for Oxbridge candidates, for students applying
                                                                    to study medicine, veterinary medicine, or dentistry and to
                                                                    students who are planning to take a gap year. The service
                                                                    is run by a specialist Universities and Careers Advisor.
                                                                    Students also have access to the Pocklington School
                                                                    Foundation Careers and Business Network via the OP
                                                                    Office and the Careers Advisor.

                                                                                           Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021   5
Staff Pocklington School
Headmaster                             Science                         Design                        Humanities
Mr T D G Seth MA (Cantab)              Biology                         Mr S D Ellis BA*              Economics & Business
Deputy Head (Staffing &                Dr K J Clow DPhil BSc*          Mr A Wain BA                  Studies
Development)                                                           Mr N Hamilton (Technician)
                                                                                                     Mr G J Shephard MA*
                                       Mrs C E Bell BSc (Lower                                       Mr R C Crewes BSc
Miss C L Bracken MSc
                                       School Science Co-ordinator)    Cookery                       Mr P J Donaldson BA
Deputy Head (Pastoral),
Deputy Designated                      Mrs S J Hughes BSc              Mrs A-M Salmon BSc            History, Government and
Safeguarding Lead                      (Head of Lower School)                                        Politics
Mr M J Davies BA                                                       ICT & Computing
                                       Mrs S A Chiverton BSc                                         Mr G J Hughes MA (Head of
Deputy Head (Academic)                                                 Mrs H T Alexander BA*
                                       Mrs S Davies BA (Senior                                       Middle School)*
Miss L J Powell MA                                                     Mr C Charles BSc (Head of     Mr C Braidwood-Smith MA
                                                                       Digital Learning)
English                                                                                              (Head of Middle School)*
                                       Chemistry                       Mr S Spruyt BA, PGCert SpLD   Mr P J Donaldson BA
                                       Mrs J R McDowell BSc*           (Dyslexia), AMBDA             Mr A W F Hall BA (Head of
Mr I Hashim BA *
                                       Miss C J Parker MChem           Mrs M S Wilson MSc BA         PSHE)
Mrs A Tomlinson BA
                                       Miss B E Rees BSc                                             Mrs A Hughes BA
Mrs A J Bond BEd
                                       Mrs B L Dewing (Technician)
Dr S A McLoughlin PhD                                                                                Geography
                                                                       Mr S M Austin BMus PGDip      Mrs R Brennan* BA
Miss L J Powell MA Deputy              Physics
Head (Academic)                                                        RNCM ARCO (Director of        Mrs A L G Cosby BSc (Sixth
                                       Mr S D Ward BSc*
Miss A L Sargeant BA                                                   Music)*                       Form Foundation Course
                                       Mr P J Anstee MSc
Mrs M S Wilson BA MSc                                                  Mrs H J Kneeshaw MMus         Leader)
                                       Mr D W Hutchings BSc MInstP
Drama and Theatre                                                      BMus (Tonmeister)             Mr T J Morris BSc (Head of
                                       Dr M C Steel PhD (Technician)
Studies                                                                Mr T E W Taylor MA            Sixth Form)
Mr A N J Lea MA*
                                                                       Visiting Music Teachers       Games, Sport and PE
Mrs E J Cunningham BA                  Miss J Barham BSc*                                            Mr D Byas (Director of Sport)*
Mrs G F Hudson BA                      Mrs L L Hutchinson BSc,         Brass
                                                                                                     Mr A E Towner BA (Head of
Mr S Ryan BA (Technical                PGCert SpLD (Dyslexia),         Mr K Holbrough GLCM           Physical Education)*
Manager)                               AMBDA                           Cello                         Mr R P Bond BEd
Mrs C White (i/c Drama                                                 Mrs L J Wingrove MA           Miss G A Hird BSc (PE &
                                       Dr S McNamee PhD BSc
Wardrobe)                              (External Relations Director)                                 Games PGCE Student)
                                                                       Clarinet, Saxophone and
Mathematics                                                                                          Miss L K Hornby BA (Head of
                                       Classics                        Woodwind
Mr C D Ball MMath*                                                     Mrs E J Ferguson BMus
                                       Latin/Ancient Greek                                           Mr T Hymers BSc
Mrs H V Towner BSc
                                       Mr I J Andrews BA*              Classical Guitar              Mr C A Lambert BSc
Miss J Barham BSc
                                       Mr A A Copley BA (Academic                                    Mrs C E Mortimer BSc
Miss C L Bracken MSc, Deputy                                           Mr M A Currey BA ATCL
                                                                                                     Mr H R Perham BSc
Head (Academic)                        Extension Co-ordinator)
                                                                       Electric Guitar
Mrs P V Ferguson MA                                                                                  Mr J M Wheeler BSc (Head of
Mr S J Greaves BSc (Head of            Creative & Technological        Mr D O'Connell BA             Athletic Coaching &
Boarding)                              Art                             Flute                         Development and Head of
Mr T M Loten BA                        Mr D A Cimmermann BA*           Mrs D E Blood GMus PGdip      Rugby)
Mr T E W Taylor MA                     Mrs O Morris BA                 RNCM                          Resident Sports Assistants:
Mrs L J Walker BSc                     (Environmental Champion)                                      Mr B C D Byas MA
Modern Languages                       Miss N Robertson BA                                           Mr R A Learmonth BSc
                                                                       Mr D S Hughes BMus
French, German, Spanish                (Environmental Champion)                                      Miss C S Scarth BA
Mrs N Scott-Somers BA*                 Mrs C M W Swann BA (Head of                                   Religious Studies
                                                                       Mr J D Diver BSc LRSM
Mrs L E Everatt BA                     Pupil Welfare, Designated                                     Miss H M Young MA (Cantab)
                                                                       Mrs J V Ledger MA, PGTC
Mr P M H L Dare BA MA RSA              Safeguarding Lead)                                            PGCert SpLD (Dyslexia)
Dip TEFL                                                               Violin and Viola              (Oxbridge & Elite Course
                                       Mrs C Castle BA (Technician)
Mrs C J Davies BA                                                      Miss C M Jowett BA            Advisor)*
Mrs J E Haldane BA                                                                                   Mr A A Copley BA
Mrs M R Peel BA                                                        Voice
                                                                                                     Mr Mr J Davies BA, Deputy
Mrs R J Stanley MA                                                     Mr I Seddon ATCL              Head (Pastoral), Deputy
                                                                                                     Designated Safeguarding Lead
                                                                                                     Miss G L Emery BA

6   Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
                                                                       *Head of Department
Academic Support Staff
Mrs K D Alvis B Eng (Pupil
                                 Pocklington Day House Masters/Mistresses                           Pocklington
Data and Examinations Officer)
Mrs G J Jones (Careers and
                                 Mr G J Shephard MA
                                                                 Miss A L Sargeant BSc MInstP
                                                                                                    Prep School
University Advisor)              (Sixth Form)                    (Sixth Form)
                                 Mrs L E Everatt BA              Mr A W F Hall BA                   Head of Pocklington
Child Protection
Mrs C M W Swann BA               (Middle School)                 (Middle School)                    Prep School
Pocklington School Designated    Mr S Spruyt                     Mr C A Lambert BA                  Ms S Ward LLB PgDip
Safeguarding Lead                (Lower School)                  (Lower School, Temporary)          Deputy Head
Mr M J Davies BA Deputy          Gruggen                         Wilberforce                        (Head of Pre-Prep)
Safeguarding Lead                Mrs H T Alexander BA            Miss B E Rees BSc                  Mrs S A Cobb BSc
Mrs S A Cobb BSc                 (Sixth Form)                    (Sixth Form)                       Assistant Head
(Prep School Designated          Mrs A M Hughes BA               Mr I Hashim BA                     (Co-Curriculum)
Safeguarding Lead)               (Middle School)                 (Middle School)                    Mr J R Parker BA
Mrs B Steel BA (Prep School      Mrs L J Walker BSc              Mr A A J Copley BA                 Assistant Head (Curriculum)
Deputy Designated                (Lower School)                  (Lower School)                     Mrs C L Sweeting BA
Safeguarding Lead)
                                                                                                    Pastoral Lead
English as an Additional                                                                            Mrs S E Rogers MA
                                                                                                    Teaching Staff
Mrs A J Chenery BA CELTA         Boarding House Staff
(EAL Co-ordinator)                                                                                  Mrs E V Afford BA
Mr D G Anderson BA               Dolman Junior Boys              Orchard Junior Girls               Miss O F Bilham (Pre-School
                                 Mrs N Bradshaw                  Mrs C L Hall BA                    Lead)
Mrs S R Cockerill MA BEd
                                 (Housemistress)                 (Housemistress)                    Mr A J Bull BSc
Mrs J Haldane BA                                                                                    Mrs J Cliff BA
                                 Mr C A Lambert BA               Miss E N Kendra BA
Mrs S W Waine MA                                                                                    Mrs L Cooke BSc
                                 (Resident Boarding House
Mrs T Xu MA                                                      (Resident Boarding House           Mrs S M Green Art
                                                                 Tutor)                             Mrs A K Holtby BA (Pre-School
Learning Support                 Mr A A J Copley BA
                                 (Non-resident Tutor)            Miss G A Hird BSc (Resident        Lead)
Mrs L L Hutchinson* BSc                                                                             Mrs K Parkin BEd
                                 Mrs R E D Walton BA (Non-       Boarding Assistant)
PGCert SpLD (Dyslexia)                                                                              Mrs J K Kay BEd
AMBDA SENCO                      resident Tutor)                 Mr R A Learmonth BSc Non-
                                                                                                    Miss E N Kendra BA
Mr D G Anderson BA               Mr B Byas MA                    Resident Boarding Assistant
                                                                                                    Mrs E Kennedy BSc
                                 (Resident Boarding Assistant)   Miss C Scarth BA (Resident
Mr S Spruyt BA PGCert SpLD                                                                          Mrs V Peart BA
                                 Mr D G Anderson BA (Non-        Boarding Assistant)                Miss R K Shepherd BSc
(Dyslexia) AMBDA
                                 resident Boarding Assistant)    Mrs B King                         Mrs E V Snelling BA
Miss H M Young MA (Cantab)
                                 Mr S R Bradshaw BA                                                 Mrs B Steel BA
PGCert SpLD (Dyslexia)                                           (Day Matron)
                                 (Non-resident Boarding                                             Mrs R E D Walton BA
AMBDA                                                            Miss M Turner
                                 Mrs G Briggs                    (Housekeeper)                      Learning Support
School Library and Archive
                                 (Non-resident Boarding                                             Mrs J Bousfield BA
Mrs S E Saunders (Librarian)
Mrs N Ward BA (Librarian)        Assistant)                                                         Classroom Assistants
Mrs A J Edwards BA PGDipIL       Mrs M J Pearcy                                                     Mrs C V Adamson
(Archivist)                      (Non-resident Boarding                                             Mrs A M Davies
                                 Assistant)                                                         Miss K L A Hails
Chaplain                         Mrs A Woodcock                                                     Miss K E Holdsworth
Canon Dr B Merrington PhD        (Day Matron)                                                       Mrs K Spruyt
CPsychol                         Mrs M Blenkin (Housekeeper)
                                                                 Faircote                           Support Staff
Medical Centre                   Senior Houses                   Senior Girls                       Matron
Mrs K J Eccles RGN               Fenwick-Smith
(Senior Nurse)                                                   Miss C Thackray BA                 Miss W Gilmour
                                 Senior Boys
Mrs C Hallam BSc RGN                                             (Housemistress)
                                 Mr P M H L Dare BA MA RSA                                          After School Care
Mrs L J Lord RGN                                                 Mrs A J Chenery BA CELTA           Mrs J M Dicker (Prep)
                                 Dip TEFL (Housemaster)
                                                                 (Resident Boarding House           Mrs A K Holtby BA (Pre-School
                                 Mr T M Loten BA
                                                                 Tutor)                             Lead)
                                 (Resident Boarding House
                                                                 Miss R K Shepherd BSc              Miss K L A Hails
                                 Tutor)                                                             Mrs K Spruyt
                                 Mr A A J Copley BA (Non-        (Resident Boarding House
                                 resident Tutor)                 Tutor - Maternity Cover)           Office
                                 Mr B Byas MA                    Mrs L E Everatt BA                 Prep School Administration
                                 (Resident Boarding Assistant)   (Non-resident Tutor)               Manager & PA to Head of
                                 Mr H Perham BSc (Resident       Miss B E Rees BSc                  Prep School
                                 Boarding Assistant)             (Non-resident Tutor)               Miss N A S Milsom
                                 Mr J M Wheeler BSc
                                                                 Miss C Scarth BA                   Prep School Administrator
                                 (Resident Boarding Assistant)
                                                                 (Resident Boarding Assistant)      Mrs G Briggs
                                 Mr R Parker BA (Non-resident
                                 Tutor)                          Mrs J C Speight (Day Matron)
                                 Mrs K Burnside (Day Matron)     Mrs A Draser (Housekeeper)
                                 Mrs S Terry (Housekeeper)

                                                                                       Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021   7
                                                     The Board of
Mr P S Bennett BSc FLS
Deputy Bursar
                                                     Mr T A Stephenson MA FCA          Life Patrons
Mrs J L Knott
                                                     Vice-Chairs                       Mrs J Atkinson
Domestic Bursar
                                                     Mr J L Burley BSc MRICS           Mrs J S Davies DL SSSJ
Mr A D’Arcy MIH Cert Ed
                                                     Mr J A Farmer FCA                 The Rt Hon D M Davis MP
Estates Manager
Mr M G Partis                                        Governors                         Mr B Fenwick-Smith MA
Head of Human Resources                              Mrs C J Atkin BSc                 The Rt Hon The Earl of Halifax
and Compliance                                       Mr J C Bloom                      JP DL
Mrs S Readhead PGDip DSBM                            Mr J S L Burke BDS                Mr R E Haynes MA
AinstAM Chartered MCIPD
                                                     Mr D G Buttery MBE BA DL          Mrs N Jennings
Health and Safety Advisor
                                                     Mr J M Cargill BSc CEng MICE      Mr J L Mackinlay DL FCA
Mr A P Clark
                                                     Dr J D P Cooper MA DPhil FSA      FCMA
ICT Network Manager
                                                     FRHistS (Nominated,               Dr D A Nott BA MA PhD Dip
Mr S Hodgson
                                                     representing the University of    Soc Admin
PA to Headmaster                                     York)                             Mr C M Oughtred MA DL
Mrs A C Ward
                                                     Mrs D P Flint MBA FCIPD           Dr A J Warren MBE MA DPhil
Admissions Secretary
                                                     Mrs J D Good BA                   FRHistS
Mrs F A Lambert
                                                     (Representing the Lord            Clerk to the Governors
International Admissions                             Lieutenant)                       Mr P S Bennett BSc FLS
                                                     Mr J J Hargan LLB (Hons)
Mrs V Lea BA CIMDip                                                                    The Governors are the directors of
                                                     Dr J R Hind MA MEd PhD            Pocklington School Trustee Limited.
External Relations Director
Dr S McNamee PhD BSc                                 The Rt Hon
                                                     Sir Greg Knight MP
OP Liaison Officer
                                                     (Ex-officio, MP for Yorkshire
Mrs R Dare BA MBA
                                                     East Constituency)
Marketing and
                                                     Mr S W Lunt LLB
Communications Officer
Mrs E L Frankish BA                                  Mrs L E Masheder FCA DChA
Development Officer
Mrs S Kay BA                                         Dr A M Nicholls PhD FSA
                                                     FRHistS (Nominated,
                                                     representing St John’s College
                                                     Mrs C J Peake BA
                                                     Mrs L Rickatson LLB (Hons)
                                                     The Reverend L Slow MSc
                                                     (Nominated, representing the
                                                     Archbishop of York)
                                                     Mrs H L Smith BA
                                                     Mr M R Stathers (Nominated,
                                                     representing the East Riding of
                                                     Yorkshire Council)
                                                     Mr D M Strachan MA (Cantab)

8   Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
Enquiries                                                             Entry examinations

Visits and Open Mornings                                              Pocklington Prep School
Individual visits can be arranged at any time. Families are also      Pre-School and Pre-Prep Entry Assessments
encouraged to come to an open morning. See                            Pupils are assessed on an individual basis. Applicants are for up-to-date information on               invited to join the appropriate class at a convenient time.
our Open Events which are generally held each term in
                                                                      Pocklington Prep Entry Examination
October, March and June.
                                                                      Pocklington Prep School Year 2 pupils normally progress to
Registration                                                          Year 3.
Registration of a prospective pupil means that the school             Details are given in the booklet ‘Entrance to Pocklington Prep
admissions office will, at the appropriate time for each stage,       School’ which gives information for all year groups and
proceed with arrangements for entry. It also means that the           includes sample questions. For entry in September 2021 the
school will stay in touch with your family, sending out               entry examination will be held on Saturday 16 January 2021.
information about open mornings, entrance exams and other             Details of Pocklington Prep School Scholarships are given in
school events. Parents can register a son or daughter by              the next section.
completing and submitting the registration form enclosed
with this brochure.                                                   Pocklington School
                                                                      Entry Examinations

                                                                      Lower School
                                                                      1st and 2nd Year (School Years 7 and 8)
                                                                      Pocklington Prep School Year 6 pupils will automatically
Admissions Policy                                                     progress to Year 7, provided there are no concerns about a
                                                                      child’s behaviour or ability, which have been previously
Subject to the entry criteria given below, we seek to admit
                                                                      communicated to parents. In order to be awarded a
candidates who will benefit from what the school has to offer
                                                                      scholarship or exhibition, pupils are required to sit the
and whom it will be able to support. Children with mild
                                                                      entrance exam. Pupils joining Prep School in Year 6 may also
learning difficulties can be supported, as can those who will
                                                                      be required to sit the entrance exam. Details are given in the
in due course seek entry to the most demanding university
                                                                      booklet ‘Entry Procedures for the Lower School for September
courses. We uphold a non-discriminatory admissions policy in
                                                                      2021’. This is available on request, and is also sent to all those
respect of disability, gender, race or any factor which is
                                                                      who register for Lower School entry. The entrance
unlawful or unreasonable.
                                                                      examination will be held on Saturday 16 January 2021.
Years of Entry                                                        Middle School
The most common entry points are at Reception and School
                                                                      3rd and 4th Year (School Years 9 and 10)
Year 3 at Pocklington Prep School and the 1st Year (School
Year 7), 3rd Year (School Year 9) or the Sixth Form in                Arrangements for entry into the Middle School are similar to
Pocklington School. Pupils can however be accepted for all            those into the Lower School. Details are given in the booklet
school years, subject to vacancy.                                     ‘Entry Procedures for the Middle School for September 2021’
                                                                      sent to families after registration. The entrance examination
Entry Criteria for Offer of Places
                                                                      will be held on Saturday 16 January 2021. The scholarship
Offers of places at Pocklington School and at Pocklington             examination will be held on Saturday 6 February 2021.
Prep are subject to vacancy and to a satisfactory entry exam
result and school report. All pupils will be interviewed as part      Preparatory School Candidates
of the admissions process. Entry Examinations at the various          Candidates joining the Middle School (3rd Year, School
stages are:                                                           Year 9) from preparatory schools either sit Common Entrance
                                                                      or Pocklington School entry/scholarship examinations on the
 Pocklington Prep     Reception – Year 2   Informal assessment        dates given in the section above entitled Middle School.
 School                                                               Advice about examinations is available from the school or
                      Years 3-6            Pocklington Prep School
                                           entry examination          from the head of your preparatory school.

 Pocklington School   Years 7-10           Pocklington School
                                                                      Sixth Form
                      (1st-4th Year)       entry examination          There is no separate entry examination for the Sixth Form.
                                                                      Internal candidates must achieve the required GCSE grades
                      Year 9               Pocklington School
                      (3rd Year entry)     entry examination or
                                                                      to progress into the Sixth Form. Means tested bursaries
                                           Common Entrance            and scholarships are available (See page 12).

                      Year 12              GCSE grades to include a
                      (Sixth Form)         minimum of 4 grade 6,
                                           and 2 grade 4.

                                                                                            Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021   9
Fees 2020 – 2021
with effect from September 2020

                                Per Term                Per Academic      Governors reserve the right to alter the amount of any fee or
                                                                Year      charge with one term’s notice. A full term’s notice must be
                                                                          given, in writing, before the withdrawal of a pupil or a change
 Pocklington School                                                       of status from boarding to day. In default of such notice one
 Boarder                           £9,782                     £29,346     term’s fees are chargeable.
 5 Day Boarder                     £8,997                     £26,991     Payment of Fees
 Day pupil                         £5,019                     £15,057     Terms applying to payment of fees are given in the
 Lunch Day Pupil                     £305                        £915     parent/school agreement. The following should however be
 Pocklington Prep School                                                  All fees are charged termly in advance and accounts are
 Boarder                           £7,912                     £23,736     payable on or before the first day of term. Optional extras are
                                                                          charged to the account for the term following that
 5 Day Boarder                     £7,345                     £22,035
                                                                          in which the charges are incurred.
 Day Pupil                         £4,208                     £12,624
                                                                          Parents can elect to use the Pocklington Monthly Payment
 Year 3 Day pupil                  £3,262                      £9,786     Plan to pay by direct debit. The fees for the year including
 Reception, Year1 and 2            £2,682                      £8,046     optional extras can be paid in 10 monthly instalments.
 Lunch Day Pupil                     £268                        £804     Payments begin in the July before the start of the Academic
                                                                          Year in question and those wishing to use this service should
 Lunch (Recept, Y1 & Y2)             £232                        £696
                                                                          contact the Bursar before that date.
                                                                          Fees can also be paid monthly by direct debit via third party
                                                                          providers including School Fee Plan and Close Brothers. This
                                                                          enables the Foundation to collect the full fee at the beginning
 2 Nights                             £403                      £1,209    of term and parents pay the provider via a monthly direct
 3 Nights                             £595                      £1,785    debit. A service charge is made by the companies and there is
 4 Nights                             £782                      £2,346    no long term commitment to the scheme.
                                                                          It may be possible to arrange for lump sum payments to meet
 Boarding for day pupils                                 £70 per night    fees over periods in excess of 6 terms.
                                                                          Further details of any of these methods of payment are
                                                                          available from the Deputy Bursar.
 Optional Extras and Additional Charges                                   Fee Discounts (including Sibling and Forces)
 Some items are provided at additional cost: these include                Sibling discounts are offered to families with three
 Music Tuition; fees for extra tuition; bus charges; Old                  or more children concurrently attending Pocklington
 Pocklingtonian Association subscription; House charges;                  and Pocklington Prep schools. The annual discount rates are:
 clothing and equipment; some educational visits;
 photographs and other items ordered by parents or pupils.                   10% reduction for the third child
 Music lessons Pocklington School                     £22.50 per lesson      12.5% reduction for the fourth child
 Music lessons Pocklington Prep School £22.00 per lesson                     20% reduction for the fifth child
 Old Pocklingtonian Association                         £390 (page 11)    Discounts are only available to parent(s) with full financial
 Lifetime Membership                                                      responsibility for the children. Discounts cannot be
 English as an additional language                           (page 11)    combined except in cases where academic awards have been
                                                                          Forces Discount
Fees are averaged over the entire course of learning at
Pocklington Prep and Pocklington Schools. Fees are                        A 10% discount is offered to boarding pupils whose parents
calculated with reference to the expected pupil cost over the             are members of the Armed Forces. Pocklington School is a
whole academic year: costs are fixed for that year whether or             senior school from the age of 11 for the purposes of CEA.
not a pupil is present or on leave preparing for GCSE, or                 Further details are available from the Bursar and from unit
A level examinations. Fees are charged termly in advance in               administrative offices.
three equal instalments. A rebate is made for meals not taken
by day pupils during exam leave. GCSE and A level students
do not return to school after their last examination – we feel
they have earned the reward of a good rest – but they can do
so if they wish to participate in sport and other school
activities. Pupils may also attend to use study facilities during
periods of exam leave: staff are available to help with exam
preparation with individual advice or by means of tutorials
and revision sessions.

10   Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
Boarding Fees                                                     Old Pocklingtonian Association Lifetime Membership
Boarding fees for pupils up to age 13 include all weekend         The Old Pocklingtonian Association was established over
outings and activities as these are compulsory for all junior     100 years ago for former pupils, and has traditionally
boarders. Boarders from senior houses (Faircote House and         provided a link to the school once pupils have left through
Fenwick-Smith House) can choose whether or not to                 regular sporting and social events as well as offering career
participate in an outing or activity away from school and are     and mentoring support for current and former pupils.
charged extra for these trips.                                    Membership is open to all former pupils of Pocklington
Occasional Boarding for day pupils is subject to availabilty of   School. Lifetime membership is currently £390. This is paid
beds in the appropriate boarding house. Stays must be             via the school bill in equal termly instalments from Year 7
agreed and booked in advance with the relevant                    until the end of Year 11 or over two years in the Sixth Form
Housemaster or Housemistress. Fees for this service will be       for those pupils who enter the school for the Sixth Form.
billed at the end of the term in which the stay occurs.           Further details about the Association and membership
Boarding Categories                                               benefits are available from Mrs Rachel Dare, OP Liaison
                                                                  Officer. Email:
Full Boarding
Pupils live in school for 7 days a week during term time, only    Supporting Families Beyond the Normal School Day
going home or to guardians for holidays and other special         Pocklington Prep School After School Care
occasions. Pupils may choose to go home (or to a guardian)
or stay at school at Exeat weekends.                              Parents of Pocklington Prep School pupils who would like
                                                                  their children to stay in school after normal closing time can
5-Night (Weekly) Boarding                                         make use of the After School Care facility either on a regular
Pupils live in school Monday to Friday going home at              basis or on a drop in basis. There are separate supervised
weekends after Saturday games for Pocklington School              sessions for Prep and Pre-prep pupils. After School Care at
pupils or after school on Fridays for Pocklington Prep pupils.    Pocklington Prep starts at 4.00 pm and ends at 5.45 pm.
Boarders may return either on Sunday night (by arrangement        After School Care is charged at £2.85 per half hour.
with the Housemaster/Mistress) or Monday morning. Full and
weekly boarders have preference over casual boarding              Lower School Prep Room
applicants.                                                       This provides a supervised quiet room for Lower School
Flexible Boarders                                                 pupils until 5.00 pm. Attendance is compulsory for all Lower
                                                                  School pupils who cannot be collected at 3.45 pm and who
Pupils elect to regularly spend the same 2 to 4 weekday           are not participating in after school activities. Pupils who
nights as boarders. This option is subject to availability of     need to stay later can work in the library provided parents
beds in the appropriate boarding house.                           register with the Librarians, Mrs Saunders or Mrs Ward in
Casual Boarders                                                   advance.

Pupils board on an occasional/ad-hoc basis at a frequency         Middle School and Sixth Form
below that of a Flexible Boarder not necessarily on the same
weekday nights each time. This option is subject to               Middle School pupils (ages 13+ to 15+) and Sixth Form
availability of bedspace in the appropriate house.                pupils who cannot be collected at 5.00 pm must report to
                                                                  the library. Parents must register in advance with the
Extended Day Boarding for Day Pupils                              Librarians, Mrs Saunders or Mrs Ward.
This allows pupils to stay beyond 5.45 pm and can be
arranged on a flexible or casual basis.
Pupils are assigned to the age appropriate boarding house
and may join boarders for breakfast before school starts and
also join boarders for meals, study and boarding activities
before going home by 8 pm. Casual options of between 2
and 4 nights per week are also available for Extended Day
English as an Additional Language
English lessons are available to pupils whose first language is
not English. The frequency of lessons depends on the
fluency of the student. The termly cost ranges from £255 for
a weekly lesson to £1,006 for 5 lessons per week. Charges
are added to the end of term bill.

                                                                                       Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021   11
Scholarships and exhibitions
Academic Awards                                                          Further Notes on Awards for Pocklington School
Academic scholarships and exhibitions are offered to                     Dolman Awards for Lower School
candidates for Pocklington Prep and to candidates for the
                                                                         Dolman awards are open to all pupils entering the 1st Year
1st Year, 3rd Year and Sixth Form of Pocklington School.
                                                                         (School Year 7) in September 2021. Awards will be made to
Awards are available to both internal and external
                                                                         the best performing pupils in the entrance examination.
candidates. The aim of the awards is to recognise and
promote academic excellence.                                             Gruggen Awards for Middle School
                                                                         Gruggen awards are open to pupils entering the 3rd Year
Tenure                                                                   (School Year 9) in September 2021. Awards will be made to
Pocklington School awards are tenable for the duration of the            the best performing pupils in the 13+ scholarship
pupil’s time at Pocklington. Pocklington Prep awards are                 examination.
tenable for the pupil’s time at Pocklington Prep. Tenure of all
                                                                         Hutton Awards for Sixth Form
awards is subject to continued satisfactory performance and
behaviour.                                                               Hutton awards are offered to high performing GCSE
                                                                         candidates, both external and internal. Normally awards are
Summary of Academic Awards                                               made to those achieving in the region of 8 A* or 8 grade 8 to
                                                                         9 and above.
(Academic Year 2020 - 2021)
Academic Awards                                                          Awards Held
                                                                         Pupils may not hold more than one Dolman, Gruggen or
 Year of                Award                 Maximum     Value as       Hutton Award at any one time. It is, however, possible for
 Entry                                        Number      a percentage
                                                                         holders of exhibitions to advance to become a scholar at a
                                                          of Annual
                                                          Day Fee        subsequent award (e.g. a Dolman exhibitioner would not
                                                                         become a Gruggen exhibitioner but could become a
 Pocklington Prep School                                                 Gruggen scholar).
 Pre-Prep               No awards
                                                                         Sixth Form Bursaries
 Pocklington Prep       Pocklington Prep          2          10%
                                                                         A limited number of Sixth Form Bursaries, worth up to 100%
                                                                         of the day fee, are available to Sixth Form applicants for
 Y3 -Y6                 Pocklington Prep          2          5%          September 2021. Bursary applications must be made
                                                                         by the end of February 2021 and bursaries will be awarded on
 Pocklington                                                             merit as a result of examination, recital, performance or trial in
 1st Year               Dolman                    3          10%         March 2021 and after assessment of the means of parents or
                        Scholarship                                      guardians. The candidate must also achieve the GCSE grades
 Y7                     Dolman                    3          5%          required for Sixth Form entry i.e. a minimum of 4 grade 6,
                        Exhibition                                       and 2 grade 4. Full details are available from the Bursar.
 3rd Year               Gruggen                   3          10%         Bursarial Assistance
                        Scholarship                                      If funding is available after supporting the Sixth Form
 Y9                     Gruggen                   3          5%          bursary scheme, bursaries are available on a means-tested
                        Exhibition                                       basis and are primarily intended to support scholars and
 Sixth Form             Hutton Scholarship        2          10%         exhibitioners who would not otherwise be able to attend the
                        Exhibition                                       school.
 Y12                    Hutton Exhibition         2          5%          It may be possible to provide support to current pupils when
                                                                         financial circumstances change at an important stage of the
Music Scholarships                                                       pupil’s school career. It is also possible for parents to
                                                                         approach external trusts for additional support.
Pocklington School awards a maximum of six scholarships
annually, with three specifically intended for pupils joining
the school at 13+, each valued at 5% of the day fee.
Auditions will be held in the Lent term. Pupils interested in
applying for a music scholarship should contact the Director
of Music, to arrange an audition.
The entry points with minimum achievement are:

     Year Group         First Instrument           Second Instrument
     1st Year           Grade 5                    Grade 3
     3rd Year           Grade 5                    Grade 5
     4th Year           Grade 6                    Grade 5
     Sixth Form         Grade 8                    Grade 5

12     Current information for applicants 2020 – 2021
OUR                                                                                                                             School and other
                                                                                                                                private services

ROUTES                                                            MALTON
                                                                    LT                    RILLINGTON
                                                                                                                                Public services

                                                                                                                                        Revised Sept 2020



                               WARTHILL                                                    DAL
                                                TE  ST
                                            HELMSLEY BRIDGE

                                            UPON DERWENT
                                                                                                     ON THE WOLDS                   N
                   O                                                                                                 KILNWICK

                                    UPON DERWENT
                                                        AUGHTON                                             LUND

COACHES                                                                                                                         LECONFIELD

From Y York
York B & Q
York                                                                                                                                MOLESCROFT
                                  WRESSLE                                        MARKET
W                                                                                WEIGHTON              SANCTON
Gate Helmsley                                                                                                      BISHOP               BEVERLEY
Stamford Bridge                                                HOLME ON
Skirpenbeck                                                    SP
                                                                 ALDING MOOR         NEWBALD
Full Sutton          HEMINGBOROUGH                                                                            WALKING

Pocklington                                                SP
From Hull                                                                          NORT
                                                                                      TH CA
North Ferriby
W alkington                                    HOWDEN                                                SOUTH              NORTH
                                                                                                       A E              FERRIBY              HULL
Bishop Burton
From Rillington
Malton                                                                                           RIVER HUMBER

                                                                                                                            HUMBER BRIDGE
                                 EAST YORKSHIRE
                                 BUS COMPPANY
                                          ANY                           Enterprise Coach Services
(am only)                                                               South Cave
                                 PUBLIC TRANSPORRT
Driffield                                                               North Cave
Middleton-on-the-Wolds                                                  Hotham
                                                                        North Newbald
Hemingbrough                                                            Sancton
                                 Driffield                              Market Weighton
Babthorpe                        North Dalton
Wressle                                                                 Pocklington
Breighton                                                               Please contact Tim Mills
Bubwith                                                                 T: 01430 410937
Aughton                                                                 M: 07885 118477
Molescroft                       Beverley
Leconfield                       Bishop Burton                          Baldry’’ss Coaches
Kilnwick                         Market Weighton                        BP Garage, Howden
                                                                                                             Bus route information is
Lund                             Shiptonthorpe                          Water
                                                                        W ater Tower,
                                                                                                             provided for general guidance.
Pocklington                      Pocklington                            Spaldington Road End,
                                                                                                             Routes are reviewed annually
                                                                        Holme on Spalding Moor
                                                                                                             and may change from year to
(am only)                        For information regarding                                                   year in line with demand.
Elvington                        any of the above local                 Please contact                       Parents are advised to contact
              went               serrvice
                                     vice buses, please contact         Mr Phill Baldrryy                    the Transport Manager, or the
               went              East Yorkshire Bus                     M:07815 284485                       provider listed, for up-to-date
                                 Company                                Email:                               information, on routes, places
Please contact the Transport     01482 222222                              and prices. Early booking is
Manager 01759 321200                                                                 necessarryy to ensure places.
Getting here
By Road: Pocklington is easily accessible from the A1079 linking
York and Hull.
By Rail: York Railway Station is approximately 30 minutes by taxi.
Buses depart from outside the station.
By Air: Leeds Bradford, Humberside and Manchester airports are
all within easy driving distance.
4 Sea: The ferry terminal in Hull is approximately
45 minutes drive away (sailings from Rotterdam and Zeebrugge).

                                               Pocklington Centre

Pocklington School
            School                            Pocklington Prep
                                                Pocklington    School
                                                             Prep School
West Green,
     Green, Pocklington
            Pocklington                       West Green,
                                                West      Pocklington
                                                     Green, Pocklington
          2NJ                                 York YO42
                                                 York   2NH2NH
Tel: +44
                 321200                       Tel:Tel:
                                                       (0)1759 321228
                                                           (0)1759 321228
Fax: +44
     +44 (0)1759
                  306366                      Fax: +44+44
                                                Fax:   (0)1759  306366
                                                           (0)1759 306366
Email:          Email:
w                                                       Registered Charity No. 529834       Printed October 2020
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