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Leeston Consolidated School - Prospectus
Leeston Consolidated
Leeston Consolidated School - Prospectus
We are pleased to have your family in our school community and hope that your time with us will be
long and happy. We would like you to feel that this school is an extension of your family life and that,
by working together, we can give your children the support and encouragement that will help them to

Children like knowing that their parents or caregivers are part of the school. Here are some of the
ways we can achieve this co-operation.

The School emails out regular newsletters to keep you informed of our activities and these are also on
our school website.

The school is divided into groups of classes, called syndicates, each with its own senior teacher
(commonly referred to as the Syndicate Leader). Waitatari – Juniors, Waiwhio – Middle and
Waikekewai – Seniors. Throughout the year each syndicate celebrates the children’s achievements
and display some aspect of their school work.

We hold school assemblies fortnightly on Friday’s at 11.30am and we extend a warm invitation to all
parents to attend these. The usual pattern is items from the children, school singing and the
presentation of awards.

A school is always in need of help. Some teachers like to have parent help in the classrooms at
different times and greatly appreciate help with sports teams, camps and visits, and so on. If you
would like to help the school in some way, please let your teacher know.

If you have any queries or problems, please talk to your child's class teacher. Should you think you
would need more than a few minutes or would prefer to see one of the senior teachers or the
principal, please ring the office to make an appointment. This will ensure that the person you want is

Copies of the school charter and all school policies are available at the office.

The object of this prospectus is to present a summary of information so that you may be better
acquainted with the running of the school. It contains information of a general nature, however if you
have further questions, then the answer is only as far away as your telephone, and as always, your
enquiry is welcome.

                  Lynda Taylor                 Phone: 324 3493 (School office) Fax: 324 3058
                                               Email: principal@leeston.school.nz
                  Board of Trustees Chairperson
                  Gordon Wadie                 Phone: 324 3055 (Home)
                  Whanau Friends and School (WFS) Chairperson
                  Katrina Davidson             Phone: 021 324 226 (Cell)
Leeston Consolidated School is a U5 State co-educational contributing primary school catering for
children from Year One to Year Six. Most of the children contribute to the nearby Year Seven to Year
Thirteen Ellesmere College (also in Leeston) where a wide range of learning options are available.
Nearly half of the children travel to and from school by bus.

Leeston School opened in 1865. In April, 1935, Irwell and Doyleston schools were closed and the
children travelled by bus to Leeston. The Lakeside school closed in February, 1940, and Brookside
closed with a falling roll in 1944. In more recent times St Joseph’s Convent School which was based
in Leeston also closed, hence the name, Leeston Consolidated School.

       The present staff includes:
       • Principal                                      •   Sports Assistant
       • Deputy Principal                               •   Reading Recovery Teacher
       • Assistant Principal                            •   Four Part time Teachers
       • Fourteen full time Teachers                    •   Ten Teacher Aides
          Special Needs Teacher                         •   Two Office Personnel
       • Fourteen RTLB and a Cluster                    •   Three part-time Cleaners
          Manager (Te Horanui Cluster 36)               •   Caretaker / Grounds person
       • Specialist Music Teacher

We have a wonderful new innovative learning space for our Year 1 and 2 children in the Waitatatri
Team, which encompasses five classes. Our Year 3 and 4 children are in the Waiwhio Team which
encompasses four learning spaces, and we have four Year 5 and 6 classes and a Year 4 and 5 class in
the Waikekewai Team.

When it is available, the local community use the hall and swimming pool. The large playground is
open to the community, so many township children use the grass, courts and adventure playground
after school and at weekends. Busy Bumbles are housed on-site and run a before and after school
care programme.

Parents are actively involved and encouraged with classroom programmes, sports, and Education
outside the Classroom activities. The children, parents and staff have worked together to develop an
exciting EOTC (Education outside the Classroom) programme for the whole school.

There are approximately 230 families at our school, 85% of NZ European/Pakeha descent, 14% Maori
descent. Occupations include farmers, farm workers, business operators and professional people.
There is also a growing commuter group that works in the greater Christchurch area.

Parents strive to give their children an up-bringing that reflects such values as honesty, consideration,
fairness, and a love of learning.

There is a strong community focus. The Leeston Township has a small, well established “High Street”
shopping area, a Medical Centre, Library, a Community Hospital, and several Christian church groups.
A range of social and sporting opportunities are available and are popular with community members.
Leeston is close to the Rakaia River, the ocean and Lake Ellesmere, with the Southern Alps and Banks
Peninsula nearby.
The mission of Leeston Consolidated School is to achieve success in school life by teaching our
students a high standard of skills, values and academic knowledge in a happy, secure and safe
learning environment.

Leeston Consolidated School is a dynamic, ever improving school with highly skilled caring teachers
and successful well-behaved students, 95% of whom perform at or above the norms for their age

As a school focussed on learning we believe:
• That all learners will be treated with respect
• In providing opportunities to experience the wider curriculum
• The need to provide a variety of quality teaching practices
• In meeting the diverse needs of all students
• In providing a safe and caring environment to foster emotional resiliency in children
• That children are our future
• That children learn best when their emotional, physical and academic needs are met
• That Learning, Courtesy and Service to others are important
• That improvement, achievement, excellence and diversity must be celebrated

• As a school focussed on learning we value:
• Hauora – total well-being
• the prior learning of the child
• everyone working together as part of a team
• communication – a climate of open dialogue and trust
• the right for children to learn differently
• respect for one another

• Care for ourselves.
• Care for others.
• Care for our environment.

Leeston Consolidated School has established a child centred philosophy where individual needs are
met and where opportunities are provided for all children to experience success. Programmes of
work must be meaningful and purposeful, and should be all about children and teachers:
         enjoying learning                        working together                        planning activities
         sharing learning                         solving problems                        using equipment
         exploring technology                     recording outcomes                      assessing progress
         talking with parents                     reflecting
         developing skills attitudes and values, all based on the curriculum statements
Leeston Learners – Legends in the Making
   Learners          Engaged          Gatherers          Excellence         Negotiators      Determined           Successful
Role models       enthusiastic     Use effective       Recognise the      good listeners   self-motivated      well rounded
supportive        Motivated        questioning to      value of           adaptable        self managing       able to actively
engaged           Inquiring        gather and          excellence         open-minded      building on prior   contribute to
planners          Reflective       analyse (e.g.       Celebrate          resilient        knowledge           society
organisers        Involved         information         achievement        analytical       risk takers         have the skills
communicators     extended         skills)             Encourage          accepting        learning from       needed to
supportive        Questioning      successful          others                              mistakes            access a range
team players      Take ownership   connected in        Excellence                          passionate          of learning
decision makers                    their thinking      across in                           know their next     experiences
respectful                         critical thinkers   academic, sport,                    learning steps      competent in
inclusive                          goal setters        cultural, social                    and how to          numeracy and
use initiative                     able to gain        Striving to rise                    achieve them        literacy
confident                          skills and          to challenges
intuitive                          knowledge           Recognise levels
encouragers                                            of individual
                                                       pathways to
                                                       excellence and
The Board of Trustees believes that the children at Leeston Consolidated should meet a wide range
of experiences that will enhance learning and develop life skills.

1. Outdoor Education to enhance learning across the Curriculum with the use of Outdoor
   Education programmes of work at all levels of the school.
2. Sport and Leisure To develop an awareness of a range of different activities available for sport
   and leisure time.
3. Local Environment to develop an awareness of the historical and environment features of the
   local region.
4. Cultural and Social Awareness To develop an awareness of the varied groupings that make up
   our local, district, national and international community.
5. Self Respect To develop self respect for themselves and others.

1. To provide a wide range of well-planned Outdoor Education programmes.
2. To provide opportunities for all children to participate in sport and leisure activities
3. To provide class programmes using the local environment
4. To provide class and/or whole school experiences with a variety of groups.
5. To provide class and/or whole school experiences to enhance respect for themselves and

                               BOARD OF TRUSTEES
Gordon Wadie                            Chairperson             Parent Representative

Lynda Taylor                            Curriculum              Principal

Leonie Knowler                          Health and Safety       Parent Representative

Nicole Ley                              Staff Rep.              Staff Representative

Barry Donaldson                         Finance                 Parent Representative

Amanda Templeton                        Communication,          Parent Representative
Aaron Reid                              Property                Parent Representative

All Trustee members                     Community Partnership   Home & School Representative

STAFF MEMBER           POSITION                        LOCATION

Anthea Barton          Executive Officer               Admin
Angela Berliner        Teacher                         Room 7
Stephanie Birkett      Teacher                         Room 3
Kylie Breading         Teacher                         Room 2
Alison Boon            Teacher / Team Leader           Room 4
Jan Bromley            Teacher / Team Leader Waiwhio   Room 9
Jordan Bullock-        Teacher Aide
Ali Coomer             Teacher Aide
Katrina Davidson       Cleaner
Carol Davison          Teacher / Assistant Principal   Room 13
Sue de Ruiter          RTLB Cluster Manager
Mike Durney            Teacher (Release), Music
Chris Dyksma (CD)      Caretaker
Karren Garriock        Teacher (Release)
Rebekah Gilmour        Teacher                         Room 3
Robyn Hansen           Teacher Aide
Nicky Johanson         Teacher                         Room 14
Catherine Jones        Teacher Aide
Caitlin Kippenburger   Teacher                         Room 1
Nicole Ley             Teacher                         Room 12
Nancy Ley              Teacher (Release)
Dorrie Lousich         Cleaner
Mackenzie Lusty        Teacher                         Room 11
Julie Marais           Teacher Aide
Lisa McClure           Teacher                         Room 8
Katrina Davidson       Cleaner
Helen Musgrave         Teacher Aide
Nicola Palmer          Teacher Aide
Dean Paton             Deputy Principal / SENCO
Theresa Phelan         Teacher Aide
Megan Scott            Administration Officer          Admin
Stephen Simmon         Cleaner
Lesley Stoliker        Reading Recovery
Kelly Sullivan         Teacher / Team Leader           Room 15
Tammy Tarpey           Teacher                         Room 10
Lynda Taylor           Principal
Sharon Tod             Teacher Aide
Bill Whelan            Sports
Leeston School Term Dates – 2019

Term 1
Tuesday 29 Jan – Friday 12 April   106 half days     11 weeks

Term 2
Mon 29 April - Fri 5 July          98 half days      10 weeks

Term 3
Mon 22 July - Fri 27 Sept          100 half days     10 weeks

Term 4
Mon 14 Oct – Fri 13 Dec            86 half days      9 weeks

We will close on Friday 13 December, with no teacher only day during
term time.

Leeston School Teacher Only Day    Monday 28 Jan

Waitangi Day                       Wed 6 Feb (school closed)
Good Friday                        Fri 19 April (holidays)
Easter Monday                      Mon 22 April (holidays)
Anzac Day                          Wed 25 Apr (holidays)

Queen's Birthday                   Monday 3 Jun (school closed)
Labour Day                         Mon 28 Oct (school closed)
Canterbury Show Day                Fri 15 Nov (school closed)
TELEPHONE NUMBER:                     (03) 324 3493                      FAX NUMBER:               (03) 324 3058

To leave a message on our answer service, please use the following procedure:

                       •     Dial 1 to leave a message on our answer service
                       •     Dial 0 to speak with office staff

To assist the office staff at an extremely busy time of the day, please phone before 2:00pm should
you need to make alternative arrangements for your child/children’s departure from school. We
take no responsibility for verbal messages not reaching your child/children and particularly any
received after 2:00pm.

                               LOCATION                                EMAIL ADDRESS
Principal – Lynda Taylor                                               principal@leeston.school.nz
Deputy Principal – Dean Paton                                          d.paton@leeston.school.nz
Assistant Principal – Carol Davison                                    c.davison@leeston.school.nz
Office - Anthea Barton                                                 a.barton@leeston.school.nz
Office – Megan Scott                                                   admin@leeston.school.nz
Room 1 – Caitlin Kippenburger                                          c.kippenburger@leeston.school.nz.
Room 2 – Kylie Breading                                                k.breading @leeston.school.nz
Room 3 – Rebekah Gilmour                                               r.gilmour@leeston.school.nz
Room 4 – Alison Boon                                                   a.boon@leeston.school.nz
Room 5 – Larissa Odgers                                                l.odgers@leeston.school.nz
Room 7 –Angela Berliner                                                a.berliner@leeston.school.nz
Room 8 – Lisa McClure                                                  l.mcclure@leeston.school.nz
Room 9 – Jan Bromley                                                   j.bromley@leeston.school.nz
Room 10 – Tammy Tarpey                                                 t.tarpey@leeston.school.nz
Room 11 – Mackenzie Lusty                                              m.lusty@leeston.school.nz
Room 12 – Nicole Ley                                                   n.ley@leeston.school.nz
Room 13 – Carol Davison                                                c.davison@leeston.school.nz
Room 14 – Nicky Johanson                                               n.johanson @leeston.school.nz

Room 15 – Kelly Sullivan                                               kellys@leeston.school.nz

Community Dental Clinic                                                0800 846 983

                             Please do not disturb teaching staff during class time.
            You can leave a message for them to contact you on our answer service or with reception.
                           Our answer service will be cleared regularly during the school day.
Absence from school is seldom a problem, but we do like to hear from you if your child is
going to be absent. The following procedure will be followed by the school regarding Pupil

   •   Each day a child is absent, the parent is asked to ring the school prior to 8:55am and
       record the name of the child absent and the reason for their absence on our answer
       service. It is a Ministry of Education requirement that we record the reason. Office
       staff will update all records of information received.

   •   If we have not heard from you by 9am, the office staff will text the parent/caregiver
       to verify the child's whereabouts.

   •   We would appreciate parent co-operation and assistance with this procedure so we
       can ensure the safety of all our pupils as they travel to and from school each day.

If a pupil wishes to be excused from activity in either of the above, then a note from parents
is essential. We prefer to work according to your directions in this, as sometimes inability
to take part is obvious and other times not quite so clear.

Please make contact if you would like to discuss any issues. You may make an appointment
to see the Principal through the Office Administrator.

Teachers are available to see you on an informal basis before school most days. Teachers
do have staff meetings after school during the week however will try to accommodate a
time to suit. Please do not interrupt classes during class time.

Banking through Bank of New Zealand operates on TUESDAYS. Please have your completed
deposit slip and money in the drop book by 9am Tuesday. Should any child wish to open an
account, forms are available from the school. These need to be taken directly to the Leeston

The Board of Trustees meet on the first Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the staffroom.
Members of the public who wish to attend may do so. Minutes of the Board meetings are
available in the school office. Regular newsletters keep parents informed about the Board's

Scholastic Book Club provides interesting reading material for the children at relatively
cheap rates. Please note that there is no compulsion for any pupil to buy this material in
spite of the fact that we act as a distribution point. However, anything that encourages
children to read recreationally is useful.
Children are eligible to travel on the bus if they are:
   • under ten years and more than 3.2kms from school.
   • ten years and over and more than 4.8kms from school.

Other (ineligible) children living on the bus route may be permitted transport if room is

   •   With approximately 45% of our children arriving by bus, much of our planning must
       revolve around the arrival and departure of these.
   •   Misbehaviour while on the bus may result in the removal of the privilege.
   •   Children are expected to remain seated while on the bus and not to do anything that
       could distract the driver and so endanger safety.
   •   All children receive periodic instruction in boarding and alighting from buses and
       are expected to obey these common-sense rules.
   •   Buses arrive at school at approximately 8:25am and depart at 3:10pm.
   •   Children are required to wear given Safety Vests to and from School.
   •   A set of Bus Rules is operative and pupils are reminded of these regularly
   •   On leaving the bus, pupils must step back two paces and wait on the side of the road
       until the bus has moved off. When they have a clear view of the road they may cross.

Reliable information of an intention not to use the afternoon bus service is most important
to the office. Please ensure that your child has been marked off the bus if he or she has an
alternative travel arrangement for that afternoon. This is extremely important in case of

All children are required to wear given Safety Vests to and from School.

Many of our children ride bicycles or walk to school and are obliged to travel on or cross
busy roads. The risks involved are obvious to most and we know that you support us in our
programme of road safety education. Year Six students act as Road Patrol Wardens and all
children are expected to obey the instructions of the Wardens on duty without question.
We request parents dropping children off or picking them up to park well clear of the
school gates.

Children under 10 years need supervision when riding on public roads and those any
younger generally do not have the ability to judge traffic behaviour. Students aged 10 or
over may ride their bicycle to school.
Anyone on a bike or scooter must wear a helmet, which is the correct size, well fitted, and

Periodically, classes in the school are involved in educational visits. It is our policy to
involve parents as much as possible in these trips, both in a supervisory role and also so
that they may share with us some of the pleasures associated with giving children the
opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

We make every endeavour to:
         • ensure that places visited are within the scope of the pupil's understanding
            and relevant to the subject being studied
         • make certain that supervision is adequate at all times
         • gain every financial concession we can so that costs per pupil are minimised

When the children reach Year 3 and 4 they will take part in an education outside the
classroom programme (EOTC) which may involve an overnight camp at school. Year 5 and
Year 6 students can expect to attend a three day camp.

The school aims to provide a good balance of activities for the children. Usually, a different
cultural group each term is invited to perform at the school, with all pupils having the
opportunity to attend.

If at any stage there are any changes to the custodial arrangements for your child (ren) to
those given at enrolment time, please notify the office.

Any matter you wish to discuss in relation to the treatment for your child should be
directed to the School Dental Community Services - Phone 0800 846 983

The school maintains contact with and utilises where necessary a variety of specialist help. These

       Advisers in all subjects                              National Library Service
       Area Health Board                                     Police
       Canterbury Education Centre                           School Staff
       Child and Family Guidance Unit                        Service Centres
       Christchurch College of Education                     Special Education Services
       Correspondence School                                 Oranga Tamariki – Ministry for Children
       Ministry of Education                                 Visiting Teacher
   • To enable the school to take the best care possible of the children who have special
       medication or medical concerns, a confidential form is sent home early in the year for the
       Parent or Guardian to fill in so a list can be kept at school.
   • We would appreciate notification from parents of any changes in children's health that
       occur during the year requiring special medication or care.
   • From time to time accidents do occur in spite of careful supervision by the staff. Most of
       these can be readily taken care of in the medical room.
   • In the case of a more serious accident, immediate first aid treatment will be given and the
       parents will be contacted. Should the parents not be available the school will contact the
       emergency numbers provided.
   • Please refer to our website under policies ( www.leeston.school.nz) for information on our
       policies on Allergies.

To enable us to do this please keep us up to date with phone numbers.

Children are expected to wear appropriate footwear at all times. School shoes should be worn
during normal school time but it is suggested that sneakers be worn during physical activities.
Sneakers are designed to provide adequate cushioning to lessen the impact on the body when doing
physical activity.

Children may wear sport shoes, black/Navy leather shoes or sandals. Plastic shoes, ballet-style slip
on shoes and jandals are not to be worn. Shoes with a rolling component on their sole are not

Leeston Consolidated School aims to equip students to be inquiring, self-motivated and lifelong
learners. We do not set compulsory home learning, however, we strongly encourage:

       •   Taking opportunities to practise reading, writing and maths at home every day
       •   Talking to your child about their learning
       •   Participating in authentic learning opportunities both at home and in the wider
           community e.g.: playing, sports, dance, cultural team activities

We are fortunate enough to have our school Library and all classes have specific times during the
week when they visit the library with their teacher.
Parents are asked to help by ensuring that children return books regularly and that they are
encouraged to respect the books that they borrow. Parents are invited to use the library to help
their children select books.

Please, please name all children’s clothing. We always have an amazing bundle of unclaimed,
unnamed children's clothing at school. Often it just does not seem to be missed. Please visit the lost
property boxes in the hall and at the end of each term when they are put out on display.

   • Pupils are required to remain seated for the first 15 minutes of the lunch time while they eat
     their lunch. In the interests of safety we ask that the children bring their drinks in plastic
•   Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds at lunch time. However, if children
       are to return home for lunch or need to leave the school grounds during the lunch break,
       they will need a short note from their caregiver to verify this.

   •   Lunch’s orders are available on Friday from Southbridge Café. Please see our school website
       for the lunch order menu.

The Ministry of Education, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, is concerned about the
obesity levels of our young children across the nation. Schools are required to ensure that children
learn the important messages behind the choice of food and the effects that these choices have, both
on nutrition and personal health. To this end, schools have been asked to examine the messages
that are communicated to their communities and students over and beyond the classroom health
and nutrition lessons.

The main example of this is the choice of food that is made available to children during lunch time.
Consequently, the school has the obligation of examining the menus that are available to students
for lunch purchases and need to ensure that the messages delivered in the classroom are consistent
with the messages and role model provided by all members of staff. Of concern is the amount of
fats and sugars that are contained within the lunch time menus.

The school is organised into three syndicates.

   •   The Waitatari Syndicate (Junior) includes pupils in Rooms 1,2,3,4,5. Mrs Alison Boon is the
       Waitatari Syndicate Leader.
   •   The Waiwhio Syndicate (Middle) includes pupils in Rooms 7,8,9, and 10. Mrs Jan Bromley is
       the Waiwhio Syndicate Leader.
   •   The Waikekewai Syndicate (Senior) includes pupils in Rooms 11, 12,13,14,and 15. Miss
       Kelly Sullivan is the Waikekewai Syndicate Leader.

For a small number of girls who may reach this stage of their development, information and
assistance if necessary is available from the school office.

Reporting to parents is undertaken through a “Meet the Teacher” Evening early in Term One; three
way student led learning conference and goal setting in Terms 1 and 3.
However, at any stage, if you have a concern about your child's progress, or about any aspect of the
school's activities, please phone to make an
appointment to discuss it.

The school levy (which is a voluntary donation) helps to cover special ‘extra’ activities that enrich
the school year
• visits away from school on various field trips
• visits to school by various outside groups

All payments are acknowledged as a donation to the school and a receipt is issued.
In order to spread costs throughout the school year, we encourage parents to set up an automatic
payment during term two.

The current charges are
• one child                                                                   $ 80.00
• two or more children                                                        $130.00
• for a child who starts part way through the year                            $20.00 per term.
• Photocopy Levy                                                              $10 for one child.

8:30-9:00am.           Children are permitted to enter the school grounds.
                       Teachers supervise the playground.
9:00am                 The first session of morning classes commence.
10:30-10.40am          Morning Interval. Read and Feed Fruit break eaten in class
10.40 - 11.00am        Play break
11:00 - 12pm           The second session of morning classes commence.
12:00-12:30pm          Lunch eating (15-20 minutes) and short play.
12:30 – 1.30pm         Afternoon classes commence.
1.30 - 2.00pm          Play break
2.00 - 3:00pm          Classes learning.
3.00pm                 Finish for the day. The crossing patrol assists children across the road. It is
                       essential that all children understand the arrangements made for them after
                       school. In the case of very young children a note to the classroom teacher
                       would help with this.
 3:10pm                Bus children depart.
 3:15pm                Teacher supervision of the playground finishes.

Please refer to our school website www.leeston.school.nz under the policies tab for all of our school

Self-discipline and consideration for others are the ideas the school seeks in the children. The few
rules the school has try to reflect this aim.

General Rules
•     Before school, children should wait inside the front gate by the bike shed until the
      first bus arrives at about 8:25am.
•     Cyclists should walk with their cycles to the bike shed and wait with the other
•     No child leaves the school grounds without proper authority.
•     Major ball games should be played on the field and no balls strayed over the
      school fence are to be retrieved.
•     Special care is encouraged in the Adventure Play-grounds. Safe usage is the prime
•     We work and play positively with others.
The school uniform is compulsory. All clothing worn to school must be clearly named. The purpose
of having a school uniform is to provide a sense of identity with the school; to develop a sense of
pride in the school among the students; to level social pressures; and to ensure the students are
appropriately dressed while under the school’s care.
The uniform consists of:

    •   Navy trackpants, navy shorts, culottes or skorts
    •   Red poloshirt with navy placard collar, or plain red collared poloshirt
    •   Red skivvies optional
    •   Red crewneck sweatshirt (tunic or normal style) or Red polar fleece
    •   Red or navy wide brim, bucket hats or legionnaire style sunhat (no advertising or slogans)
    •   Safety Vests are worn in transit between home and school

    •   Children may wear sport shoes, black/Navy leather shoes or sandals. Plastic shoes, ballet-
        style slip on shoes and jandals are not to be worn. Shoes with a rolling component on their
        sole are not permitted.

Wearing of Uniform:
  • The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory during normal school hours and on school
      representation days i.e. class trips, school sporting, cultural events and special assemblies.

    •   Safety Vests are compulsory and are worn in transit between home and school.
    •   Sunhats are compulsory in Terms 1 and 4.

Purchasing Options:
•      ‘Little Boutique’ – 73 High Street, Leeston. Phone Christine Dreaver 027 228 7641 or
       324 3644. Shop hours 9.30am – 4.30pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Thurs 9.30am –
       3.00pm: 10.00am – 12.30pm Saturday.

•        The Warehourse, Postie Plus and Kmart
The role of the school is to ensure that opportunities are provided for children, regardless of their
abilities, to participate in sport. Children are encouraged to learn the basic physical skills of
throwing, catching, hitting, running, jumping, kicking, and climbing. They can use these skills in
sports, minor games, small group activities, modified and mini games. We often combine with the
other schools in our district for swimming, cross country, athletics and a variety of tournaments.
We encourage parent participation to help us with our programme.

Replacement stationery required through the year can be bought from the school office. Your
child’s teacher will issue your child a green slip which states the stationery item they need. Please
sign the slip and return to office drop box. The item will then be issued to your child and your term
account will be invoiced.

This is a vital school subject and must be treated as such. The requirement is simple. The children
MUST bring their togs unless excused, as noted under absences. It is part of our job to encourage
confidence and a love of swimming, as well as to teach skills. We cannot do this without the
absolute co-operation of parents in guiding their children to bring their togs each day of the
swimming season. If the weather becomes too cold for swimming, then the children will miss that
session, but we would like to be able to make that decision at swimming time and not at the
beginning of the day.

If you need to take your child from school during the day, please ensure that the child's teacher and
the office staff have been informed. Please use the student sign-out I-Pad in the office. This is
particularly important if during breaktimes, nobody has seen your child depart.

If a member or friend of the family is to collect a pupil, it is vital that they tell a staff member before
they leave.

At any time during your child's schooling the following things can affect their happiness, well-being
and performance at school:

     a new addition to the family                      an absent parent
     death of a pet                                    hospitalisation
     a change in medication                            separation
     shifting house                                    bereavement
     remarriage                                        redundancy

Anything you share will remain confidential. Sharing helps the school provide understanding and
support for your child.

Leeston Consolidated School has adopted a scheme for payment of incidental expenses that
children incur through an account. Parental written permission is a requirement before children
may participate and incur expenses.

How this system works:
1.       Parents should pay promptly by the 20th of each month.
2.       This activity fee account will include:
         *       stationery needs (the child has received from the school).
         *       bus travel to venues for sport and class activities / trips
         *       attendance costs for class trips e.g. Science Alive, Museum/Art Gallery etc)
         *       cultural performances by visiting groups, life education.
         *       International competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), PAT computerised
3.       The fee will NOT include music instrument hire, education outside the classroom activities
         (camps, water skills, EOTC Year 3 days), the cost of class photos, lunch orders or Scholastic
         Book Club. Payment for these need to be made separately.
4.       Credit is withdrawn from families who do not pay accounts on time or have an automatic |
         payment set up.
5.       All accounts will be sent at the end of the prior month.

Parents have the right of choice for their child to participate in each activity. All class and school
activities incurring expenses will be advised to parents prior to the event. Should you not want your
child to participate then a note to that effect will ensure they do not participate.

As expenses are incurred they will be debited against your account. You may check on that account
at any time. At the end of the month the office staff will email a copy of the accrued expenses to you.
We ask that you pay this account promptly in any of the options offers below:

     •   Cash or cheque in named envelope posted in drop box (a receipt will show in your next
     •   Internet banking, the schools bank details are:
         Leeston Consolidated School, account number 02 0860 0074771 00 – with reference to your
         child’s name and item paid
     •   Automatic payment – automatic payments to cover all school costs. Please advise the
         school office if this is your method of payment.

Our school is using School-links which will enable you to –

•        Receive time critical two-way txt and email alerts for all general communications such as
         school closures, sport cancellations or ground changes, and in the event of an emergency

•        Receive txt and email alerts if your student has not turned up to school

•        Receive newsletters and general notices online
We have a dedicated School App. You can download it from the App Store and it is compatible with
iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets. To download the app just search
SchoolAppsNZ in the App Store, and then enter Leeston Consolidated School to find our School App.
Features on the App:
The Absentee button can be used to inform us if your child is absent from school. You can select to
phone or email us.
A list of staff contacts – use the filter feature to quickly find the person you are looking for

Links to relevant websites and resources.
Calendar – dates to remember.
Latest fortnightly Newsletters.
Term Dates for the year for the current year.
Up-to-date school notices.
Alerts – important and targeted messages that will be sent to your device. You will receive whole-
school alerts but you can also subscribe to specific groups.
Please check the settings to ensure that you are will be notified when alerts are received.
On the left-hand side of the main screen is a dropdown menu. Here you can subscribe to alert groups.
You can also read