A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
A City for All
Inclusion (Disability)
Action Plan 2017-2021
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

01/    Lord Mayor’s Message                            01
02/    Acknowledgement                                 02
03/    Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel           03

                                                             Lord Mayor’s
04/    Summary                                         04
SECTION A: Setting the scene                           08

05/ The case for inclusion                             09
06/ Policy and legislative context                     10
07/ Community profile                                  14
SECTION B: Approach and directions                     17
08/ Statement of commitment                            18
    Direction 1: Positive community attitudes
    and behaviours                                     19
    Direction 2: Liveable communities                  21
    Direction 3: Meaningful employment                 25
    Direction 4: Equitable access to
                                                             The City of Sydney’s ongoing commitment to                   The Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan recognises the
    mainstream services                                28   making Sydney truly inclusive and welcoming                  underlying social responsibility for Local Government
SECTION C: Development and implementation              31   is embodied in our fourth Inclusion (Disability)             to work to remove barriers to inclusive participation in
                                                             Action Plan.                                                 our communities, to protect the rights of people with
09/ Community Consultation Outcomes                    32                                                                disability and promote the value of diversity and
                                                             This plan aligns the City’s long-term vision of an
10/ Actions                                            36                                                                inclusion across the community, and create a better
                                                             inclusive City of Sydney with important new priorities
11/ Implementation and governance                      52                                                                future for everyone.
                                                             resulting from the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014
12/ Measuring success                                  53   and the City of Sydney’s Social Sustainability Policy
                                                             - A City for All that recognises human rights at its core.
13/ Acronyms                                           54
                                                             Our plan includes a series of actions designed
14/ Appendix A                                         55
                                                             to actively address barriers faced by people with
15/ References and endnotes                            56   disability. They build on the success of previous work,
                                                             and harness new and emerging opportunities.
                                                             The plan sets out practical ways we can continue to
                                                             create a more inclusive city. Inclusive cities are easy
                                                             to get around, they provide people with disability
                                                             opportunities for participation in the diverse social,
                                                             cultural life of the City and access to meaningful
Image credits                                                employment opportunities. These actions show that
                                                             an inclusive city benefits everyone – not just people
p3 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney
                                                             with disability.
p7 David Clare First light photography/City of Sydney
p8 Josef Nalevansky                                          I am proud of the diverse communities who live in
p14 Piri Rutherford                                          the City of Sydney. We work to make sure all people
p15 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney                       are welcome, regardless of their traditions, religious
p17 Damian Shaw/City of Sydney                                                                                            Clover Moore
                                                             and spiritual practices, languages, abilities, sexual
p20 Ability Links NSW                                                                                                     Lord Mayor
                                                             orientation or lifestyle.
p22 Paul Patterson/City of Sydney
p23 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney
p24 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney
p29 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney
p30 Damian Shaw/City of Sydney
p32-33 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney
p34 Damian Shaw/City of Sydney
p35 Katherine Griffiths/City of Sydney

A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                           A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Acknowledgement                                                                                                         Inclusion (Disability)
                                                                                                                        Advisory Panel

The Council of the City of Sydney acknowledges             There are many sites across our local government             The Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel provides
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the       area with historical and cultural significance for           strategic, expert and impartial advice to the City on
traditional custodians of our land – Australia. The        Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.           the development, implementation, and review of the
City acknowledges the Gadigal of the Eora Nation           The City has documented many of these in Barani              City’s policies, strategies and plans to advance the
as the traditional custodians of this place we now         / Barrabagu (Yesterday / Tomorrow) as its first              inclusion of people with disability. Panel members are
call Sydney.                                               expression of the Eora Journey project.                      a key source of advice and expertise on the City’s
                                                                                                                        access and inclusion issues.
In 1788, the British established a convict outpost         The City works with, and has achieved much with,
on the shores of Sydney Harbour. This had far              Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and             The panel of 10-12 community members bring a
reaching and devastating impacts on the Eora               the City’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander             diverse range of expertise. The panel members
Nation, including the occupation and appropriation         Advisory Panel, consistent with the Principles of            provide independent and external advice to:
of their traditional lands.                                Cooperation signed between the City of Sydney
                                                                                                                        –– review the City’s policies and plans, and provide
                                                           and the Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council in
Today, Sydney is of prime importance as the                                                                                advice to Council across all areas relevant to
                                                           2006. The City is deeply committed to Reconciliation
first place in which longstanding ways of life were                                                                        people with disability
                                                           in partnership with its Aboriginal and Torres Strait
disrupted by invasion, as well as an ongoing centre
                                                           Islander peoples and in 2015 adopted our inaugural           –– enhance inclusion and accessibility of the City’s
for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities,
                                                           Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan. In 2016, the               infrastructure, facilities, events, services, programs,
cultures, traditions and histories.
                                                           Eora Journey Economic Development Plan was                      systems and information for people with disability
Despite the destructive impact of this invasion,           adopted. These actions and others will help to ensure        –– advise the City on its relevant submissions relating
Aboriginal culture endured and are now globally            their political, economic, social and cultural rights                                                                     City of Sydney Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel
                                                                                                                           to State and Federal Government policy and
recognised as one of the world’s oldest living             are embedded in subsequent economic, social,                    legislation; and
cultures. Aboriginal peoples have shown, and               environmental and cultural change.                                                                                          The City of Sydney Inclusion (Disability)
continue to show, enormous resilience coupled                                                                           –– provide advice to Council on how to identify issues         Advisory Panel.
                                                           Sustainable Sydney 2030 recognises Sydney’s                     that are relevant to people with disability.
with generosity of spirit towards other peoples
                                                           Aboriginal heritage and contemporary Aboriginal                                                                             –– Front row left to right: Mark Relf, Paul
with whom they now share their land.                                                                                    The panel was instrumental in the design and
                                                           and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Aboriginal and                                                                            Nunnari, Mark Tonga, Susan Thompson
The Council of the City of Sydney recognises that,         Torres Strait Islander communities in the City were          development of this plan and will continue to play
by acknowledging our shared past, we are laying                                                                         a critical role in monitoring and providing advice for         –– Back Row left to right: Phillippa Carnemolla,
                                                           extensively consulted for Sustainable Sydney 2030
the groundwork for a future which embraces all                                                                          the plan’s implementation.                                        Jane Bringolf, Young-Joo Byun, Naomi
                                                           and this consultation continues today. The City of
Australians, a future based on mutual respect and                                                                                                                                         Malone, Judy Harwood, Julie Millard
                                                           Sydney is committed to acknowledging, sharing and
shared responsibility for our land. The ongoing            celebrating a living culture in the heart of our city.                                                                      Absent – Michael Bartels, Morwenna Collett
custodianship of the Gadigal of the Eora Nation is an
essential part of this future, as is Sydney’s continuing
place as centre of Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander cultures and communities.

                                                                                    Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                           A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Summary                                                   This is the City
                                                          of Sydney’s fourth
                                                          Inclusion (Disability)
                                                          Action Plan

The City of Sydney’s ongoing commitment                   Understanding disability                                      In the context of planning for mainstream services          Role of this plan
to making Sydney truly inclusive and welcoming                                                                          and infrastructure that local government is
                                                          Almost one in five Australians live with disability,                                                                      This Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan will set the
is embodied in our fourth Inclusion (Disability)                                                                        responsible for, the City of Sydney uses a social
                                                          increasing to more than one in two Australians after                                                                      framework and priorities for:
Action Plan.                                                                                                            model of disability. Under the model, disability
                                                          the age of 65. Additionally, one in four Australians will
                                                                                                                        is understood as a product of the barriers that             –– meeting the City’s responsibilities under the NSW
This plan aligns the City’s long-term vision of an        experience a mental health issue in their lifetime. In
                                                                                                                        communities allow to remain in place. In the local             Disability Inclusion Act 2014, the (Cth) Disability
inclusive City of Sydney with important new priorities    NSW more than 11% of residents identify as being
                                                                                                                        government context such barriers may be:                       Discrimination Act 1992 and the NSW Carers
resulting from the (Cth) Disability Inclusion Act 2014.   a carer for someone with disability or chronic illness
                                                                                                                                                                                       (Recognition) Act 2010
                                                          or mental health issue. The City recognises that              –– physical - such as inaccessible facilities,
This plan includes a series of actions designed
                                                          disability can affect anyone of any age at any time.             streetscapes, or parks and open spaces; or               –– identifying barriers to inclusion, and developing
to actively address barriers faced by people with
                                                                                                                                                                                       strategies and actions that will respond to and
disability in all age groups. They build on the success   What these statistics reveal is that disability is part of    –– social - such as a lack of information in accessible
                                                                                                                                                                                       address those barriers
of previous plans, and harness new and emerging           the human experience; that if a person does not have             formats or systems that create barriers, often
opportunities.                                            disability now, chances are that at some point in their          unintended, for people with disability to participate    –– continuous improvement in relation to inclusion
                                                          lives they will experience some form of disability either        in community life; or                                       and access for people with disability
The plan has been developed though consultation
with people with disability and/or caring                 personally or as a carer.                                     –– attitudinal - such as assumptions that people with       –– achieving outcomes for people with disability
responsibilities, local disability service providers,     The NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014 reflects this              disability cannot participate in certain activities or      and/or caring responsibilities in line with the City of
peak disability representative and advocacy               understanding of disability. The Act defines disability          perform certain jobs.                                       Sydney’s Social Sustainability Policy - A City for All
organisations and the City of Sydney Inclusion            as including:                                                                                                                and forthcoming action plan.
                                                                                                                        When these barriers are removed, the majority
(Disability) Advisory Panel.
                                                                                                                        of people with disability will experience greater
                                                          “A long-term physical, mental,                                independence and dignity, and equitable                     Four key directions
                                                          intellectual or sensory impairment,                           opportunities for social and economic inclusion.            This action plan focuses on four key directions:
                                                          that, in interaction with various                             The City recognises there is an underlying social           –– the development of positive community
                                                          barriers, may hinder [a] person’s                             responsibility to remove barriers from the mainstream          attitudes and behaviours towards people
                                                          full and effective participation in                           services it provides, the employment opportunities it          with disability and carers
                                                                                                                        provides to the community and the infrastructure and
                                                          the community on an equal basis                               public spaces it manages.
                                                                                                                                                                                    –– the creation of more liveable communities for
                                                          with others.”1                                                                                                               people with disability and carers
                                                                                                                        The City also recognises our role in protecting the
                                                                                                                                                                                    –– the achievement of a higher rate of meaningful
                                                                                                                        rights of people with disability of all ages and in
                                                                                                                                                                                       employment participation by people with disability
                                                                                                                        promoting the value of diversity and inclusion across
                                                                                                                                                                                       and carers through inclusive employment practices
                                                                                                                        the community.
                                                                                                                                                                                    –– more equitable access to mainstream services
                                                                                                                                                                                       for people with disability through better systems
                                                                                                                                                                                       and processes.

                                                                                    Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                        A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Inclusive Play at Piramma Park                                                                                        East Village Shopping Centre in Zetland

Direction 1: Positive Community                          Direction 2: Liveable communities                            We will work to create a sense of belonging and            Direction 4: Equitable Access to
Attitudes and Behaviours                                                                                              connection to place by providing opportunities for         Mainstream Services
                                                         We will work to deliver accessible places and
                                                                                                                      inclusive participation at City of Sydney facilities and
We will work to build harmony and social cohesion,       spaces. We will work to ensure:                                                                                         We will work to ensure balanced and inclusive
                                                                                                                      ensuring people with disability can easily identify
and ensure:                                              –– public domain infrastructure is accessible, and           opportunities that meet their preferences and needs.       local decision making, where everyone can have
                                                            that its design, maintenance and management                                                                          a say and where everyone has civic knowledge and
–– City of Sydney Staff are disability aware and                                                                      We will work to build diverse thriving communities
                                                            enables everyone to travel in and around the City                                                                    skills to enable their effective participation.
   confident, and have access to specialist training                                                                  by promoting events and tourist attractions in the
   and development opportunities to deliver inclusive       independently and with convenience and dignity                                                                       We will work to provide transparent accountable
                                                                                                                      City that are accessible and inclusive of people
   built environments and ensure our communications      –– City of Sydney community facilities and venues            with disability.                                           governance, where City information is accessible
   and services are accessible and inclusive of             are accessible and provide the foundations for                                                                       to all.
   people with disability. They will have the skills                                                                  We will work to create vibrant creative life in
                                                            inclusive participation                                                                                              We will work to enable public participation in
   to meet requirements under the (Cth) Disability                                                                    the city, where people with disability have equitable
                                                         –– emerging technologies empower greater                     opportunities to participate in cultural life and          community life. New communications technology
   Discrimination Act 1992 and the NSW Disability
                                                            independence for all people, including people with        events in the city.                                        procured by the City will be accessible and we will
   Inclusion Act 2014 and deliver services that
                                                            disability, to navigate and access public spaces                                                                     provide information about the access features of
   contribute to inclusion, not just compliance.
                                                                                                                      Direction 3: Meaningful employment                         City of Sydney outdoor spaces, including recreation
–– positive community attitudes towards people with      –– local businesses are more accessible and                                                                             and open spaces. We will work with community
   disability and lived experience of a mental health       inclusive to people with disability, parents with         We will work to develop Inclusive Growth                   transport services funded by the City of Sydney to
   issues as well as carers, are enhanced through City      prams and older people, as well as their friends,         Opportunities. We will:                                    be accessible to people with disability.
   of Sydney programs that foster greater awareness,        families and carers.
                                                                                                                      –– be an employer committed to social justice              Detail on actions to deliver on these objectives is in
   understanding and respect.                            We will work to encourage diverse housing tenures               and inclusion                                           section C.
                                                         and types, by encouraging more housing in the City
                                                                                                                      –– develop a diverse and inclusive workplace
                                                         of Sydney that is accessible and adaptable, and will
                                                         meet the needs of people with disability and support         –– develop strategies to harness the City of Sydney’s
                                                         people to age in place.                                         procurement policies to contribute to the creation
                                                                                                                         of more meaningful employment outcomes for
                                                                                                                         people with disability.

                                                                                  Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                           A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

                                                         The case for

                                                         Inclusion benefits everyone. As a community, we             Inclusion is only possible when communities
                                                         are stronger with a diverse range of viewpoints             are inclusive for all people, including those with
                                                         and perspectives, and as a whole we are enriched            physical, intellectual, cognitive and sensory
                                                         through activities that promote inclusion.                  disability and people with lived experience of a
                                                                                                                     mental health issue.
                                                         Many residents described Sydney’s diversity as
                                                         one of its greatest assets. Responses to the 2015           Inclusive communities benefit everyone by:
                                                         Community Wellbeing Survey indicated that 88.3%
                                                                                                                     –– promoting physical access to businesses benefits
                                                         of people believe the community is richer and more
                                                                                                                        not only people with disability, but older people,
                                                         dynamic because it is made up of people of many
                                                                                                                        parents with prams and business owners by
                                                         nationalities, cultures, ages, incomes, abilities
                                                                                                                        expanding their business reach
                                                         and sexual orientations. There were calls for more
                                                         recognition and celebration of the city’s diversity,        –– improving opportunities for participation for
                                                         seeing it as important for welcoming and including             people with disability in the local economy, with
                                                         different groups, and for promoting harmony                    the potential to increase economic activity in the
                                                         and cohesion.2                                                 City of Sydney
                                                         Inclusion reduces disadvantage, isolation and               –– presenting through early planning and intervention,
                                                         discrimination, it is the foundation of a connected            an opportunity for long-term savings to the
                                                         and cohesive society.                                          community, reducing the need for retrospective
                                                                                                                        action such as retrofits, especially in the built
                                                         Inclusion has far reaching positive impacts across all
                                                                                                                        environment. Universal design approaches that
                                                         aspects of life, including health, wellbeing, education
                                                                                                                        consider the needs of everyone are particularly
                                                         and employment. These impacts are felt beyond the
                                                                                                                        important. Such approaches consider a range
Prince Alfred Park                                       individual, with families and the broader community
                                                                                                                        of needs, including access needs of people with
                                                         all being enriched by an inclusive society. As a whole
                                                                                                                        disability, and the needs of older people to age in
                                                         we are more resilient when we are inclusive.

Section A:
                                                                                                                        place, as well as other groups who benefit from
                                                         There are strong economic reasons for increasing the           well designed and intuitive spaces and services.
                                                         inclusiveness of society. There are significant financial      This is important given the city’s ageing population
                                                         gains for both individuals and for the economy when            which will lead to an increase in the number of

Setting the scene                                        people are engaged in meaningful, productive and
                                                         fulfilling employment.
                                                                                                                        people with disability in the community.

                     Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                               A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Policy and
legislative context

                                                                                                                                                                    In 2008, the Australian Government committed to
        UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) 2008                               Related legislation, standards                         implementing the United Nations Convention on
                                                                                                             and strategies                                         the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including
                                                                                                                                                                    the obligation:
                       National Disability Strategy (NDS) 2010-2020                                          International
                                                                                                                                                                    “to promote, protect and ensure
                                                                                                             –– United Nations Convention on the Rights of
                                                                                                                Persons with Disabilities 2008
                                                                                                                                                                    the full and equal enjoyment of
                       National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)                                                                                                  all human rights and fundamental
                                                                                                             Commonwealth                                           freedoms by all persons with
                                                                                                             –– Disability Discrimination Act 1992                  disabilities, and to promote respect
                          (NSW) Disability Inclusion Act 2014 (DIA)                                          –– Disability (Access to Premises Standards –          for their inherent dignity.”3
                                                                                                                Buildings) Standards 2010
                                                                                                                                                                    This signalled a commitment by all levels of
                                                                                                             –– Disability Standards for Accessible Public          government to eradicate barriers faced by
                                                 Community Strategic Plan –                                     Transport 2002                                      people with disability.
                                                  Sustainable Sydney 2030                                    –– National Disability Strategy 2010 – 2020            This was followed in 2010 by the Australian
NSW Disability Inclusion Plan                                                                                –– National Disability Insurance Scheme                National Disability Strategy 4 which sets out a 10-year
                                                                                                                                                                    national plan for improving life for Australians with
1. Attitudes and behaviours                A City for All: Social Sustainability Policy                      New South Wales                                        disability, their families and carers. The plan aims to
2. Liveable communities                          and forthcoming Action Plan                                                                                        ensure that the principles underpinning the United
                                                                                                             –– Disability Inclusion Act 2014
                                                                                                                                                                    Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with
3. Meaning Employment                                                                                        –– Carers (Recognition) Act 2010                       Disabilities are incorporated into Australian policies
4. Systems and processes                A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan                   –– Anti-discrimination Act 1997                        and programs affecting people with disability, their
                                                                                                                                                                    families and carers.
                                                                                                             –– Mental Health Act 2007
                                                                                                                                                                    These commitments have driven a reform agenda
                                                       Delivery Program                                      –– NSW Disability Inclusion Plan                       designed to create a shift in attitudes across
                                                                                                                                                                    governments and communities to move beyond
                                                                                                           International and National Context                       charity and take a rights-based response to the
                                                          Operational Plan
                                                                                                                                                                    diverse needs of people with disability, to enable
                                                                                                           Since 1992, the (Cth) Disability Discrimination Act      their participation in all aspects of society.
                                                                                                           1992 has made discrimination on the basis of
                                      An inclusive City                                                    disability unlawful. More recently there has been a
                                                                                                           shift towards inclusion of people with disability and
                                                                                                           greater recognition of their human rights.

                                                                       Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                         A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

A City for All and NSW Disability Inclusion Plan directions

                                                                                         An engaged city:
  A connected city:                A liveable city:        An inclusive city:
                                                                                         good governance
   diverse cohesive                 quality places          affordability and
                                                                                            and active
     communities                     and spaces                opportunity

       Positive                                                                              Equitable
     community                       Liveable                Meaningful                      access to
    attitudes and                  communities               employment                     mainstream
     behaviours                                                                              services

Sustainable Development Goals                            NSW context                                                  –– the achievement of a higher rate of meaningful        –– Connected physically by walking, cycling
                                                                                                                         employment participation by people with disability       and high-quality public transport, connected
In September 2015, Australia was one of                  Following the Commonwealth Strategy, the NSW
                                                                                                                         through inclusive employment practices                   ‘virtually’ by world-class telecommunications
193 countries to commit to the Sustainable               Government released the National Disability Strategy
                                                                                                                      –– more equitable access to mainstream services             and as members of online networks, connected
Development Goals.                                       NSW Implementation Plan 2012–2014 in December
                                                                                                                         for people with disability through better systems        as communities through culture and a sense of
                                                         2012. This was further strengthened by the Disability
The 17 goals provide a global roadmap for all                                                                            and processes.                                           belonging and social wellbeing, and connected
                                                         Inclusion Act 2014 which has the following objectives:
countries to work toward a better world for current                                                                                                                               to other spheres of government and to those
and future generations. The goals tackle not only        –– people with disability should have the same               City of Sydney context                                      with an interest in the city.
poverty in developing countries, but also set out           human rights as other members of the community
                                                                                                                      Adopted in 2008 following extensive community            The City of Sydney’s Social Sustainability Policy -
an agenda to tackle climate change, inequality,             and that governments and communities have
                                                                                                                      consultation, Sustainable Sydney 2030 expressed          A City for All recognises human rights at its core.
sustainable business and innovation. Three core             a responsibility to facilitate the exercise of
                                                                                                                      the community’s vision and the City’s commitment         The City has identified four strategic directions for a
elements are considered a priority: economic growth,        those rights
                                                                                                                      to the sustainable development of our city to 2030       socially just and resilient Sydney, which will form the
social inclusion and environmental protection.
                                                         –– to promote the independence and social and                and beyond.                                              basis of the forthcoming action plan:
A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) action plan          economic inclusion of people with disability within
                                                                                                                      Sustainable development is not just about                –– an inclusive city: affordability and opportunity
2017-2021 is aligned with Goal 10 that seeks to             the community
reduce inequality within and among countries and                                                                      the physical environment. It is also about the           –– a connected city: diverse, cohesive communities
                                                         –– to enable people with disability to exercise              economy, society and culture. Addressing each of
build social inclusion.                                                                                                                                                        –– a liveable city: quality places and spaces
                                                            choice and control in the pursuit of their goals          these areas, with bold ideas and good governance,
National Disability Insurance Scheme                        and the planning and delivery of their supports           will result in better outcomes for our current and       –– an engaged city: good governance and
                                                            and services.                                             future communities.                                         active participation.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
is a major reform that will deliver a national system    The NSW Disability Inclusion Plan 5 provides a               Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a plan for a green,           The Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan articulates
of disability support focused on the individual          framework for the development and implementation             global and connected city:                               the outcomes for people with disability in line with
needs and choices of people with disability, including   of disability action plans in NSW to drive disability                                                                 the Social Sustainability Policy, Sustainable Sydney
                                                         access and inclusion in continued consultation and           –– Green with a modest environmental impact, green
people with psycho-social disability. The NDIS gives                                                                                                                           2030 and the key directions of the NSW Disability
                                                         partnership with people with disability, key agencies           with trees, parks, gardens and linked open spaces,
participants more choice and control over how, when                                                                                                                            Inclusion Plan.
                                                         and members of the community.                                   green by example and green by reputation
and where support is provided. Funding is allocated                                                                                                                            The City of Sydney will play a strong role in
to each eligible individual, rather than block funding   The NSW Disability Inclusion Plan sets out four key          –– Global in economic orientation, global in links,
                                                                                                                                                                               implementing the principles of the plan at the
being allocated to service providers. The NDIS           government objectives to work towards:                          partnerships and knowledge exchange, global and
                                                                                                                                                                               local level. Our plan also complements the
commences in the our local area on 1 July 2017.                                                                          open-minded in outlook and attitude
                                                         –– the development of positive community                                                                              National Disability Insurance Scheme and provides
The NDIS presents a new method of funding the               attitudes and behaviours towards people                                                                            the framework for how we intend to address local
specialist services used by people with disability.         with disability                                                                                                    barriers to full participation by people with disability
                                                         –– the creation of more liveable communities for                                                                      in the community.
                                                            people with disability

                                                                                  Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                             A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021


                                                           Hack Sounds Event produced by 107 Projects                     Inclusive Qi Gong at Redfern Community Centre

The City of Sydney is a vibrant Local Government           In Australia, approximately 18.3 per cent of the               While most people with a lived experience of a            Carers
Area, made up of diverse community groups spread           population, or more than 4.3 million people, have              mental health issue or mental illness will not identify
                                                                                                                                                                                    Carers play a vital role in the wider community.
across 26.15 km. As one of Australia’s leading global      one or more disabilities.8 In NSW there are 1.3 million        as a person with disability, to have a truly inclusive
                                                                                                                                                                                    A carer is a person of any age “who provides ongoing
cities, the City is unique and demands consideration       people with disability, of which 380,000 have a severe         community, the needs of people with a lived
                                                                                                                                                                                    personal care, support and assistance to any other
of how we treat residents, workers and visitors. Over      or profound disability that affects their ability to           experience of a mental health issue should also
                                                                                                                                                                                    individual who needs it because that other individual:
437,000 people work in the City and 10.5 million           communicate, get around and care for themselves.9              be considered.
visitors stay overnight in metropolitan Sydney annually.                                                                                                                            (a) is a person with disability… or
Currently, there are more than 205,000 people              Mental health                                                  People with disability from                               (b) has a medical condition (including a terminal or
                                                                                                                          diverse backgrounds                                            chronic illness), or
living within the City’s boundaries, with the population   Mental health issues refers to many different
predicted to increase by 1.5 per cent per annum to         disorders and illnesses; such as mood or anxiety                                                                         (c) has a mental illness, or
                                                                                                                          The City has a large culturally and linguistically
reach 270,000 people by 2030.                              disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and                diverse population. Indigenous Australians are            (d) is frail and aged.” 16
                                                           personality disorders. Peoples experiences differ.             more likely to experience disability than other           This assistance has to be ongoing, or likely to be
People with disability                                     Some people experience a mental health issue once              Australians, with rates of disability 2.4 times that      ongoing, for at least six months.
                                                           in their lifetime, others have episodic or recurrent           of non-Indigenous people.13 Almost 28 per cent of
In 2011, more than 4000 residents of the city of                                                                                                                                    In New South Wales, there are 857,000 carers,
                                                           experiences of mental health issues.                           all people in NSW with disability are from culturally
Sydney reported needing help with day-to-day                                                                                                                                        representing 11.7 per cent of the population,17 and
activities including self-care, body movement and          Psychosocial disability relates to the effects on              and linguistically diverse backgrounds.14 Access
                                                                                                                                                                                    in the City of Sydney 4.2 per cent of residents - the
communication due to disability.6 In 2015, 6.3% of         someone’s ability to participate fully in life as result       to culturally appropriate services, programs and
                                                                                                                                                                                    equivalent of 8,610 people - identified as a carer.18
residents of the City of Sydney surveyed identified as     of mental ill-health. Those affected are prevented             information that reflect and support the needs of
                                                                                                                                                                                    Inclusive communities and workplaces are supportive
a person with disability. However, we know there are       from engaging in opportunities such as education,              different cultural identities enables connection
                                                                                                                                                                                    of carers and value their vital contribution to
many more residents who identify as a person with          training, cultural activities, and achieving their goals       to place and therefore increased participation
                                                                                                                                                                                    the community.
disability, and many people with disability who visit      and aspirations.10                                             within city life.
and work in the City of Sydney. The City also wants to                                                                                                                              What these statistics reveal is that disability is part
                                                           One in five people aged 16-85 in Australia is directly
create an inclusive and accessible city for everyone.                                                                     The Deaf community                                        of the human experience; that if a person does
                                                           affected by mental ill-health. At any one point in time                                                                  not have disability now, chances are that at some
Disability may be acquired at birth or early in life,      around 12 per cent of the population will be affected          The Deaf community has a shared language and
                                                                                                                                                                                    point in their lives they will experience some form of
or may be the result of accident, illness or injury        by moderate to severe mental illness.11 In 2015, City          culture and a long tradition of common experience.
                                                                                                                                                                                    disability, a lived experience of a mental health issue
throughout life. Disability rates increase substantially   of Sydney residents who identified as a person with            Members of this community are mostly those people
                                                                                                                                                                                    or be a carer.
as people age, with more than 50 per cent of people        disability were three times (43%) more likely to report        who were born deaf or became deaf early in life.
having some form of disability by the age of 65.7          ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ mental health outcomes compared to            Members may also include hearing friends, family
                                                           all City of Sydney residents (14%).12                          members and those who work with Deaf people,
                                                                                                                          such as interpreters and community workers. What
                                                                                                                          particularly links individuals and groups and makes
                                                                                                                          them a distinct community is their shared use of
                                                                                                                          Auslan (Australian Sign Language).15

                                                                                      Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
A City for All Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021
City of Sydney                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

in Australia
                                                                                                                                                                                                   The labour force participation

4.3 million
                                                                                                                                                                                                   rate for people with disability
                                                                                                                                                                                                   remains considerably lower
                                                                                                                                                                                                   than people without disability
(18%) of all Australians
are people with disability

                                                                                                                                                            90% OF                                        53%                       compared to
People with disability                                                                                                                                      DISABILITIES
are more likely to be                                                                                                                                       ARE ‘INVISIBLE’
underemployed, with                                                                                                                                         SUCH AS
nearly one third (32.4%)                                                                                                                                    CHRONIC PAIN
of people with disability                                                                                                                                   DIABETES AND
working part-time wanting                                                                                                                                   DEPRESSION                                                                  83%

to work more hours
                                                             1 out of 2                                                         1/3 OF ALL AUSTRALIANS                                                      with little progress
                                                             Australians                                                        WITH DISABILITY                                                          being made in

Disability                                                                                                    +
                                                             (51%)                                                              (1.43 MILLION) HAVE A                                                                            35%
                                                             aged                                                                                                                                    addressing this
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             of women
                                                                                                                                PROFOUND OR SEVERE                                                   gap in the          and 28%
                                                                                                                                DISABILITY WHICH IMPACTS

& Carers
                                                                                                                                                                                                    past 20           of men aged
                                                                                                                                THEIR MOBILITY,                                                                  15 years and over
                                                                                                                                                                                                   years     with disability have
                                                                                                                                ABILITY TO

in NSW
                                                                                                                                                                                                          avoided situations
                                                                                                                                COMMUNICATE &                                                         because of their
                                                             live with disability                                               SELF CARE                                                          disability.

1.3 million
                                                             Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2015a). 4430.0.10.001 - Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: First Results, 2015 Leedon, C. (n.d.).
                                                             Tackling the Invisible: the hidden world of ‘invisible illness’. Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2015b). Disability and Labour Force Participation. 4433.0.55.006.

with disability
                                                             Disability & Carers in the City of Sydney
                                            %                The City of Sydney’s
                                                             2015 Wellbeing Survey
                                                                                                                                Employment                                                         Housing
                                                             of residents showed that:

                                                             6.3%          identified as a person
                                                                           with disability
                                                                                                                                                 Residents living
                                                                                                                                                 with disability are
                                                                                                                                                                                                   RESIDENTS WITH
                                                                                                                                                                                                   DISABILITY ARE SIX
THAT AFFECTS THEIR                                                                                                                               more than five times                              TIMES MORE LIKELY                              ‘The Lanterns of the Terracotta Warriors’ by Chinese artist Xia Nan. 2015 City of Sydney Chinese New Year celebrations
                                                                           identified as caring                                                                                                    (33%) TO LIVE IN
ABILITY TO GET AROUND,                                       4.2%          for someone with
                                                                                                                                                 more likely (54%)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   SOCIAL HOUSING,
COMMUNICATE AND                                                                                                                                  to be unemployed

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Section B:
                                                                                                                                                                                                   THAN ALL RESIDENTS
                                                                           disability, medical                                                   compared with                                     (5%).
                                                                           condition, mental                                                     other residents
                                                                           illness or someone
                          857,000                                          who is frail and aged
                                                                                                                                                 (9%).                                                                RESIDENTS WITH A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CARING RESPONSIBILITY
                          carers, of which

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Approach and directions
                                                                                                                                                 20% of residents                                                     ARE 3 TIMES MORE LIKELY
                                                             1.0%          identified both
                          251,800                                          as a person with                                                      with disability                                                      (14%) TO LIVE IN SOCIAL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      HOUSING, THAN ALL
                          (29%) are                                        disability and caring                                                 in the City also                                                     RESIDENTS (5%).
                          primary carers
                                                                           for someone                                                           report being
Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2012). 4430.0. -
Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: 2012                                                                                                                                                     Source: City of Sydney Wellbeing Survey 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                           Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected                      Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
City of Sydney                                                                                                               A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

                                                              In June 2008, the City of
                                                              Sydney adopted Sustainable
                                                                                                                            Direction 1
                                                              Sydney 2030, a vision for a
Statement of                                                  green, global and connected
                                                              Sydney. Sydney 2030 is about                                  Positive community
commitment                                                    changing the way we live, work
                                                              and enjoy our entertainment                                   attitudes and behaviours
                                                              in the city, for current and
                                                              future generations.

The City of Sydney is committed to being                      The first plan was the 2002–2005 Action Plan                  Context                                                     What we have done so far
an inclusive and accessible city for everyone,                for People with Disabilities. It focused primarily
                                                                                                                            The City’s ongoing engagement with people with              Developed a program of disability awareness and
now and in the future.                                        on physical disability and outcomes relating to
                                                                                                                            disability has revealed that attitudes towards them         confidence training for City of Sydney Staff. Key
                                                              physical access.
The City seeks to meet its legislative obligations                                                                          are often determined by ignorance, fear or lack of          components include:
under the NSW Disability Inclusion Act 2014,                  The second plan, the Inclusion (Disability) Action            opportunities for interaction.
                                                                                                                                                                                        –– disability awareness training available for staff -
(Cth) Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and the              Plan 2007–2011 extended its scope to include other
                                                                                                                            Negative attitudes towards people with disability              focusing on understanding disability and human
NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010, and create                 important areas of inclusion and to encourage
                                                                                                                            have significant impacts on people’s life areas, such          rights, appropriate language and communication
a truly inclusive city.                                       participation and access to services and amenities
                                                                                                                            as education, employment, health, and community                etiquette
                                                              for all City of Sydney residents, workers and visitors.
The City of Sydney will do this by providing                                                                                participation.19
                                                              Implementation of the plan resulted in substantial                                                                        –– a program of specialist training that builds
equitable opportunities for participation for people
                                                              and ongoing improvements in the City’s accessibility          Community attitudes may also be influenced                     capacity and skill within our workforce to meet our
who live, work and visit the city. This will be
                                                              and its awareness of the need to use inclusive and            by particular characteristics of the person with               obligations to provide accessible and inclusive
achieved through:
                                                              accessible practices.                                         disability, such as gender, ethnicity, age, sexual             services and built environment.
–– Ongoing dialogue and genuine consultation                                                                                orientation or gender identity, or the type of disability
                                                              The City’s third Plan, the Inclusion (Disability) Action
   with people with disability and carers both as a                                                                         itself.20 This can lead to greater discrimination and       What we will do next
                                                              Plan 2014–2017 was developed in consultation with
   community in its own right and as members of                                                                             disadvantage for people who experience multiple
                                                              the City’s Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel. It                                                                      1.   Continue to implement a program of disability
   the public with broad issues and interests;                                                                              forms of discrimination.
                                                              aimed to build on the successes of previous plans                                                                              awareness and confidence training for City of
–– Improved inclusion and access to the City’s                by continuing to embed inclusion and access as                As a result of this ignorance, people with disability            Sydney staff.
   services and facilities; and                               core considerations across all council services and           may be perceived as less capable of participating
                                                                                                                                                                                        2.   Use the City’s mainstream media channels,
–– Increased awareness and understanding of access            processes and to deliver meaningful outcomes for              fully in society. But with a community that is well
                                                                                                                                                                                             publications, events and sponsorship
   and inclusion issues in the City’s internal workforce      people with disability and their families and carers.         informed and values people with disability and a
                                                                                                                                                                                             opportunities to promote inclusion of people
   as well as in the wider community.                         Implementation of the plan resulted in substantial            lived experience of a mental health issue for their
                                                                                                                                                                                             with disability.
                                                              and ongoing improvements in the accessibility of the          contributions, talents and opinions, these social
The Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017 - 2021            city’s public spaces and the development of inclusive         barriers can be reduced.                                    3.   Develop community programming aimed at
sets the framework and priorities to move beyond              programming and accessible information across the                                                                              fostering positive community attitudes towards
compliance with legislation towards a truly inclusive city.                                                                 Developing positive community attitudes involves
                                                              City of Sydney services.                                                                                                       people with disability and people with a lived
                                                                                                                            increasing public awareness and creating
                                                                                                                                                                                             experience of a mental health issue.
Continuing our commitment                                     The 2017-2021 plan continues to strengthen the                opportunities for interaction.
                                                              City’s ongoing commitment to inclusion and access.
to inclusion                                                  In consultation with people with disability and the
                                                                                                                            While it is important to identify specific actions to
                                                                                                                            assist in the development of positive attitudes and
The Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021 is           Inclusion (Disability) Advisory Panel, the plan details
                                                                                                                            behaviours, it should be noted that actions under the
the City of Sydney’s fourth Disability Action Plan.           real and practical steps to embed inclusion across
                                                                                                                            other three strategic directions will also contribute to
                                                              the fabric of city life.
                                                                                                                            developing inclusive attitudes.

                                                                                        Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
City of Sydney                                                                                                                A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

                                                                                                                              Direction 2


Come and try wheelchair table tennis at Ultimo Community Centre

                                                                                                                              Liveable communities are places in which people            (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010,

‘Come and try’ wheelchair
                                                                                                                              have the opportunity to live, learn, work and play, to     but may be required to adhere to the Standards if
                                                                                                                              feel safe, to belong, to raise a family and to grow old.   upgrades or renovations are made to public areas
                                                                                                                                                                                         such as foyers. Individual residences are able to
                                                                                                                              Creating liveable communities is about more than

table tennis
                                                                                                                                                                                         be modified to support people to remain living in
                                                                                                                              just increasing physical accessibility. It includes
                                                                                                                                                                                         their homes. State government apartment design
                                                                                                                              creating opportunities for social connection and
                                                                                                                                                                                         guidelines encourage new apartments to meet the
                                                                                                                              engagement and improving the quality of personal,
                                                                                                                                                                                         silver standard of the Livable Housing Guidelines,
March 1 is International Wheelchair Day; a global                 One of the regular centre-users said that in the            social and business interaction, that enhance
                                                                                                                                                                                         which ensures entrances are accessible.
celebration of the positive impact wheelchairs has on             20 years that they had been playing table tennis,           peoples social and emotional wellbeing.
the lives of people around the world. As part of the              they had not seen anyone who is a wheelchair-user                                                                      There is a need for more housing that is universally
festivities, the City of Sydney partnered with Ability            join in. They said activities that raise awareness          Context                                                    designed and is accessible to enable people with
Links NSW and Wheelchair Sports NSW to put on a                   are important for the community to learn how to be                                                                     disability to live with independence and dignity, and
                                                                                                                              The City of Sydney is a city that connects residents,
‘come and try’ wheelchair table tennis event, to raise            inclusive of people with disability.                                                                                   to support older people to age in place. Encouraging
                                                                                                                              workers visitors and tourists with a rich and vibrant
awareness of people with disability, and to promote                                                                                                                                      new housing meets the gold standard of the Livable
                                                                  Ability Links NSW works with local organisations,           city life. The City is at the forefront of the world’s
the importance of social inclusion.                                                                                                                                                      Housing Guidelines will increase the supply of
                                                                  community groups and businesses to help shape               cultural stage with a rich program of community
                                                                                                                                                                                         accessible housing.21
Held at the City of Sydney’s Ultimo Community                     communities where people with disability are                events and activities. Every year it produces a range
Centre, a social hub for a large Chinese Australian               welcome and included. Ability Links NSW also                of large and small events, from Sydney New Year’s          Tourism
community and where table tennis is a popular                     works with people with disability aged from 0 to 64,        Eve, Chinese New Year and Art & About Sydney, to
                                                                                                                                                                                         The City boasts world-class tourist events and
activity, community members were encouraged to                    their families and carers to support them to connect        small-scale local community activities, and supports
                                                                                                                                                                                         activities that attract visitors across the world. In
try their hand at playing table tennis using a sports             with their community.                                       other events in the area.
                                                                                                                                                                                         the year ending in September 2016, Sydney hosted
wheelchair. For those less sports-inclined, there were                                                                        Inclusion and access in all areas of city life gives       12.7 million overnight visitors and 20.7 million people
                                                                  For more information please visit
opportunities to experience what it is like to sit in and                                                                     everyone, including people with disability, the            who made day trips into Sydney.22
manoeuvre a wheelchair.                                                                                                       opportunity to engage in social, recreational and
                                                                                                                                                                                         Research suggests that no less than 6.8 per cent
Around 50 community members were involved on                                                                                  cultural activities.
                                                                                                                                                                                         of international visitors have disability.23 Older people
the day, including a group of international students                                                                                                                                     make up a significant proportion of NSW’s visitors.
who valued engaging in awareness activities and                                                                                                                                          In the year ending September 2014, 90 per cent
developing empathy and understanding of people                                                                                An increasing number of local residents live in            of international and 29 per cent of local people
with disability.                                                                                                              apartments. Approximately 75 per cent of residences        aged over 55 visited Sydney.24 The City of Sydney
                                                                                                                              within the City of Sydney local government area are        recognises that people with disability, in particular
                                                                                                                              apartments.                                                older people, of which one in two aged over 65
                                                                                                                              Some existing residential buildings are exempt             are likely to have disability, make up a significant
                                                                                                                              from accessibility requirements under the Disability       proportion of visitors.

                                                                                          Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
City of Sydney                                                                                                                      A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Widened Market Street footpath makes the city more accessible for everyone                                                          Nicole Holmes from Guide Dogs NSW ACT uses Tactile and Braille Street Signage at Hyde Park

People with disability report a lack of accessible                     Digital Strategy                                             An innovative new accessibility map                                   The City of Sydney has developed an on-line
accommodation opportunities and information about                                                                                                                                                         disability inclusive sports and recreation directory.
                                                                       The City of Sydney Digital Strategy 28 will change the       Understanding where potential barriers such as stairs
accessible tourist attractions and services as an                                                                                                                                                         The directory provides a central information point
                                                                       way the City of Sydney works and how we engage               or steep hills are, or knowing the locations of access
ongoing barrier to inclusive travel.25                                                                                                                                                                    that allows people with disability to choose activities
                                                                       with our residents, visitors and business. The strategy      features such as the nearest accessible toilet or taxi
                                                                                                                                                                                                          and programs that best suit them. Inclusive and
Retail and hospitality                                                 recognises that digital technologies are a great             rank, allows people with disability to make informed
                                                                                                                                                                                                          accessible sports and recreation programs and
                                                                       enabler for all members of the community and have            decisions about their journey.
Sydney is Australia’s premier retail destination, and                                                                                                                                                     activities are listed on What’s On – the City’s free
                                                                       particular benefits for people with disability.
Sydney’s retail experience in the city centre is a key                                                                              To help people navigate, the City has developed an                    on line events listing website, by a range of service
attribute of our global city status. The retail sector is              As well as revolutionising access to information,            on-line accessibility map. The map allows people                      providers including the City of Sydney.
also the foundation of our village main streets that                   digital technologies have the potential to overcome          to plan their journey in the CBD based on their own
attracts many visitors to the City of Sydney.                          barriers in the built environment and support people         needs, enabling people with disability to visit the City              What we will do next
                                                                       with disability to have greater independence.                with greater confidence, independence and dignity,
The retail sector represents more than 7,800                                                                                        by knowing where access supports and barriers exist.                  4.   Continue to improve the accessibility of the
businesses within the City. In 2012, retail-related                    Advances in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)                                                                                      public domain for people of all ages and
businesses made up 36 per cent of all businesses                       and technologies can be harnessed to provide quality         Gig buddies                                                                abilities, through renewal programs, upgrades
in the local area.26                                                   information about the built environment. GPS and                                                                                        and new capital projects, including identifying
                                                                       Bluetooth technologies show promise in supporting            The Gig Buddies program aims to increase access
                                                                                                                                                                                                               opportunities to provide designated quiet spaces
People with disability report that lack of access to                   people who are blind or have low vision to access            to live music and performances for people with
                                                                                                                                                                                                               for people with sensory processing disorders.
retail, hospitality and leisure services remains one                   real time information that enables them to navigate          disability. Assisted Community Living, a not-for-profit
of the largest barriers to inclusive participation in                  public spaces with greater dignity and independence.         organisation providing living needs support to people                 5.   Explore the provision of charging points for
community life and access to services. Twenty nine                     These technologies present opportunities to creative         with learning disability developed a pilot program with                    personal devices such as phones, electric bikes
per cent of customer’s disability report ceasing                       more liveable communities for people with disability.        $20,000 in sponsorship from the City.                                      and mobility scooters in the public domain and
a transaction because they had not been treated                                                                                                                                                                community facilities where appropriate.
                                                                                                                                    The program pairs people with a learning disability
fairly or with respect.27                                              What we have done so far                                                                                                           6.   Deliver a new City centre all-inclusive play space.
                                                                                                                                    (aged 18 and over) with a volunteer to be friends and
Small improvements to shop fit out and layout                                                                                       to go to events together.                                             7.   Review the current provision of mobility parking
and disability awareness training can make a                           Tactile and Braille Street signs
                                                                                                                                                                                                               spaces in the City of Sydney, and develop
significant impact of how accessible and inclusive                     More than 2,100 tactile and braille street signs have        Inclusive sports and recreation opportunities
                                                                                                                                                                                                               strategies to maximise the access and inclusion
a business and its services are is to people with                      been installed at all signalised pedestrian crossings        Sport and recreation activities promote improved                           outcomes associated with mobility parking.
disability. However, small retail and hospitality                      in the City of Sydney local government area, making          physical wellbeing and improved mental health
businesses need support, knowledge and resources                       it safer and easier to navigate for everyone, including                                                                            8.   Continue to provide information about the
                                                                                                                                    outcomes and offer a valuable means to social
to make these kinds of changes. The City can play                      people who are blind or have low vision.                                                                                                locations of mobility parking spaces in the City,
                                                                                                                                    inclusion for people with disability.
a role in supporting small business to become more                                                                                                                                                             and include additional information about their
accessible and inclusive, and highlighting those                                                                                                                                                               features.
that are leading the way.

                                                                                                Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
City of Sydney                                                                                                          A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

                                                                                                                        Direction 3


Auslan Yoga at Redfern Community Centre

9.   Advocate to commercial parking operators to          16. Collaborate with Local Health Districts and other         Context                                                      People with disability
     develop strategies to improve the information            organisations to deliver community wellbeing
                                                                                                                        People with disability and carers have valuable              In Australia, employment rates for people with
     provided about accessible parking spaces,                and health equity initiatives through City libraries,
                                                                                                                        contributions to make to the community and                   disability are significantly lower than those without
     booking systems and the accessibility of key             community centres, aquatic centres and public
                                                                                                                        workforce.                                                   disability across all sectors. The Australian Human
     infrastructure in parking stations.                      spaces, including programming that enhances
                                                                                                                                                                                     Rights Commission reports that:33
                                                              peoples social and emotional wellbeing.                   The City is committed to providing everyone
10. Develop a plan to provide hearing augmentation
                                                                                                                        equitable opportunities for employment and career            –– 53.4% of people with disability were participating in
    systems in the City’s community facilities and        17. Deliver the City’s first fully accessible
                                                                                                                        progression, and to proactively addressing barriers             the labour force in 2015, compared with 83.2% of
    venues where appropriate and as recommended               Changing Places toilet™ at the Gunyama
                                                                                                                        to meaningful employment for people with disability             people without disability.34 This figure has changed
    by Australian Standards.                                  Park Aquatic Centre, and explore mechanisms
                                                                                                                        and carers.                                                     very little over the past 20 years
                                                              and opportunities to facilitate the delivery of
11. Maintain the online accessibility map and
                                                              additional Lift & Change Facilities 30 in the City        Within the City of Sydney’s workforce, 1.4% of non-          –– People with disability are half as likely to be
    explore the use of emerging technologies to
                                                              of Sydney local government area.                          casual staff identified as a person with disability 31 and      employed full-time (27%) than people without
    empower all people, including people with
                                                                                                                        3.5% of non-casual staff identified as being a carer.32         disability (53.8%) 35
    disability, to independently navigate and             18. Continue to demonstrate leadership in the
    access public spaces.                                     delivery of inclusive City of Sydney events,              City of Sydney Workforce Strategy                            –– People with disability are more likely to be
                                                              and implement strategies to ensure continuous                                                                             unemployed (10% compared with 5.3% for those
12. Provide access to grants and guidelines to                                                                          The City values diversity and inclusion in the
                                                              improvement in this area for all events in the                                                                            without disability).36
    encourage local businesses in the City of                                                                           workplace. Diversity is central to innovation. It brings
                                                              City of Sydney.                                                                                                        The Australian Human Rights Commission reports
    Sydney to develop their business to be more                                                                         forth new and better ways of doing things, helps us
    inclusive and accessible to people with disability    19. Continue to promote participation of people               harness the benefits of technology and improve the           that people with disability have said that they
    and explore recognising inclusive businesses              with disability as artists and audience members           efficiency and quality of our services. Inclusion is the     experience barriers in accessing information about
    through awards.                                           in arts programs through implementation of the            key to unlocking this potential.                             job opportunities and in the recruitment processes,
                                                              Creative City Strategy.                                                                                                reasonable adjustments to support them to meet
13. Encourage delivery of housing in the local                                                                          When we value workplace diversity and inclusion we           their job requirements and in career development
    area that is universally accessible and meets                                                                       see benefits such as higher employee engagement,             opportunities once in a job.37
    the gold standard of the Livable Housing                                                                            improved performance, greater innovation, retention
    Design Guidelines.29                                                                                                of talent, improved employee wellbeing and lower
14. Continue to provide a range of inclusive learning                                                                   levels of unlawful behaviour such as harassment
    and participation opportunities at the City’s                                                                       and discrimination.
    community and creative facilities.
15. Continue to deliver inclusive sport and recreation
    activities through the City’s recreation facilities
    and open spaces, and promote on the Disability
    Inclusive Sports and Recreation Directory.

                                                                                    Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected   Sydney2030/Green/Global/Connected
City of Sydney                                                                                                          A City for All: Inclusion (Disability) Action Plan 2017-2021

Carers                                                    The City also progressed several strategies to               What we will do next                                      23. Continue to develop the capability of the City’s
                                                          develop the capacity of managers and team leaders                                                                          managers/supervisors to support staff with
Carers are an important part of any workforce.                                                                         20. Develop inclusive employment opportunities by
                                                          as supervisors and employers of staff with disability                                                                      disability and caring responsibilities, including
Understanding the needs and experiences of carers                                                                          removing (as appropriate) barriers identified in
                                                          and caring responsibilities. These included:                                                                               through workplace flexibility.
assists in providing flexible workplace arrangements,                                                                      the City’s recruitment and selection processes,
raising awareness of carer needs and recognising          –– Providing disability awareness training program               and work with leading Disability Employment           24. Support staff with a lived experience of mental
their contribution to the working environment.               sessions for managers. The training provided                  Services to recruit and retain people with                health issues to stay at work or return to work, by
                                                             critical knowledge about being an employer of                 disability, injury or health condition.                   providing reasonable adjustments.
The NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010 recognises
                                                             people with disability
carers’ roles in and contribution to NSW communities,                                                                  21. Promote entry level employment initiatives that       25. Finalise the Sustainable Procurement
and provides guidance on issues of significance to        –– Hosting a managers’ workshop involving                        provide opportunities for people with disability          Guidelines and further explore and develop
carers, including employment and social inclusion.           nearly 300 people managers, which focused                     who may face barriers to employment.                      implementation strategies in accordance with
The Act establishes the NSW Carers Charter 38 and            on building capabilities to lead a diverse and                                                                          the procurement requirements under the Local
                                                                                                                       22. Implement strategies to continue to improve
sets out responsibilities for local government to            inclusive workplace                                                                                                     Government Act 1993.
                                                                                                                           the support and understanding of the experience
develop employment policies and practices in line         –– Establishing memberships with the Diversity                   of staff with disability and carer responsibilities
with the Charter.                                            Council of Australia, Pride in Diversity and                  at the City.
                                                             Australian Network on Disability to gain access
What we have done so far                                     to research and resources to support the
–– Commenced a review with Australian Network                development of a diverse and inclusive workforce.
   on Disability to assess our recruitment systems        The City also aims to build inclusive workplace
   and processes                                          cultures and effective systems for promoting a
–– Engaged with staff with disability and caring          mentally healthy workplace. The City is taking action
   responsibilities, to gain greater insights of the      to raise awareness of mental health, reduce stigma
   diverse needs and experiences of staff with            around mental health issues and provide training
   disability and caring responsibilities. This assists   and support to employees with lived experience of
   the City to proactively develop an inclusive           mental health issues and their managers.
   workplace and harness the potential of everyone.       The City also provides parking permits for accredited
   Activities included a staff survey in December 2015    care workers who provide in-home care services to
   to better understand the needs and experiences         local residents. These permits assist care workers
   of this group and Staff training and information       in their duties by allowing care worker vehicles to be
   sessions raising awareness about caring and            exempt from certain parking restrictions while the
   disability in the workforce.                           care worker is doing home visits.

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