AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   4

Dear AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors,

Congratulations for having been appointed as an AIA Group MDRT Ambassador for 2019.

You have demonstrated a strong commitment to nurturing the MDRT culture here in AIA and as a result,
you have played a part in uplifting the quality of our Premier Agency. The work that you and your teams
are doing is significant to the future of our business – helping us to create a high performance culture of
productivity and professionalism. With your help, we are curating a culture in which everyone wants to
strive for MDRT status.

I strongly believe that AIA will have many more MDRT qualifiers and continue to be the life insurance
company with the most outstanding talent in the industry. We are building a high-quality learning and
sharing platform for agency professionals, and together, I know we can do even more! Ultimately, we want
our tremendous agents to have life-long career with us – ensuring that our customers continue to get the
best advice and service.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your contributions and for the selfless sharing of
your secrets-of-success. I am confident that with people like you in our great Company, we will scale new
heights in 2019.

Best regards,

Jacky Chan
Regional Chief Executive
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019     2

Dear AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors,

It gives me great pride to see such a high-quality group of agents and agency leaders as our MDRT
ambassadors for the coming year.

You have been appointed to be AIA Group MDRT Ambassador for many reasons, but most importantly,
you are leading by example, many of you have qualified MDRT for many years, have achieved Life
Member status and are passionate to continue qualifying throughout your career as a role model. Your
professionalism and commitment are appreciated. Being an ambassador also means you have been
noticed for your dedication to fostering an MDRT culture. By influencing others and helping them to be their
best-selves, you are making a fundamental difference to the future of AIA.

Building MDRT through Premier Agency, Quality Recruitment and High Productivity will enable us to reach
even higher levels of success. MDRT is not simply about recognition; it is about professionalism, continuous
learning, giving and sharing, building a balance of life; and maintaining a long term and healthy relationship
with family, friends and customers.

With your commitment and ability, I know that our agency force will be much stronger and more of our
agents be able to achieve MDRT, then progress towards COT, TOT or become life member.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for AIA.
I wish you all a healthy and successful 2019.

Best regards,

Joe Cheng
CEO of Group Agency Distribution
“To receive,
 individuals must give.”

 Annie joined insurance industry in 1995
 and qualified for her first year MDRT
 membership in the same year, evolving from
 a fashion designer to a global motivational
 speaker and leader. She is a 22-time MDRT
 qualifying member. She strongly believes
 in the “Whole Person Concept” of MDRT
 and always manages to balance her life,
 both professionally and personally. In
 the spirit of “To receive, individuals must
 give”, she started to serve in MDRT and         ACHIEVEMENTS
 many associations as a volunteer. Self-         •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 1995
 development and successors grooming are         •   AIA Hall of Fame Honour 2018
 her biggest motivation to serve.                •   MDRT MCC Regional Chair 2016-2017
                                                 •   Hong Kong Flag Bearer in MDRT Experience/
 She has delivered hundreds of speeches              Global Conference 2016
 globally. She also was invited an interpreter   •   LUCEB MDRT A FORCE Committee Member
 live on stage for the legend Tony Gordon. She       2015-2017
 serves as an official emcee for big events.     •   MDRT Foundation Global Task Force Committee
 Her true life story has been motivating             Member 2015-2017
 countless numbers of people.                    •   MDRT Zone Chair HK & Macau 2014
                                                 •   MDRT Local Chairlady of AIA 2012
 Her passion never stops, she strongly           •   AIA Premier Academy “I builder” since 2011
 believes that the industry and MDRT have
 changed her life and that is why she is
 always willing to give back.
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019     4

 “The more you give,
  the more comes back to you.”
                                                        WU SHUK PING JOYCE
                                                                UNIT MANAGER
                                                                AIA HONG KONG

Graduating from the Faculty of Translation
in CUHK and being a marketer in skin
care and cosmetics industry for some
years, Joyce joined the insurance industry
in 2007. She speaks fluently Cantonese,
Mandarin, English, Fujian dialect and
Hakka dialect. She has qualified for MDRT
for 11 times, with 1 COT and 1 TOT.           •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 8-year
                                                  MDRT, 1-year COT and 1-year TOT
Meanwhile, she is also a Premier Agency       •   MDRT Zone Chair 2018-2020
Leader focusing on developing a team of       •   MDRT Local/Area Chair 2012-2018
high-calibre professionals in the industry.   •   Hong Kong Flag-bearer in MDRT Annual
She is also a well-known speaker and              Meeting 2016
trainer in the industry. Since 2012, she      •   MDRT Best Practice Committee 2016
has been serving the industry as the          •   MDRT Technology Committee 2015
representative of MDRT in Hong Kong           •   Distinguished Salesperson Award by HKMA
and Macau. She is now the Zone Chair of           2015
the MDRT MCC. Being a working mom of          •   MDRT Clients Strategies Committee 2014
two girls of ten and eight, she believes a    •   Active Club since 2007
balance between life and career success is
the compass of modern women.
“ Work with Mission,
                 Serve with Passion.”

                                                       DR. BEN UN CHI HONG
                                                    WEALTH MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATE
                                                          DIRECTOR, UNIT MANAGER
                                                                       AIA MACAU

Ben joined AIA in 2006 after graduating
in the UK. In 2018, he obtained a Doctor        ACHIEVEMENTS
Degree in Business Administration. Ben has
                                                •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with
qualified 11-year MDRT and including 4-year
                                                    4-year COT
COT since then, and become the youngest
                                                •   MDRT MCC
male MDRT Life Member in Macau in 2017.
                                                •   Premier Agency Leader 2016-2018
                                                •   Hall of Honour 2018
Ben has been playing an important role in
                                                •   GAMA IMA Award 2018
promoting MDRT in his district and country,
                                                •   GAMA Frontline Leader Award 2018
serving as MDRT Macau Area Chair since
                                                •   LUA IQA 2007-2018
2013. Ben is also a motivational speaker
                                                •   LUA QAA 2014-2018
and flag bearer representing his country in
                                                •   Macau Flag Bearer in MDRT Annual Meeting
different industrial conferences in different
countries, as such MDRT Annual meeting,
                                                •   International Dragons Award 2008-2019
GAMA convention and MDRT Day HK.
                                                •   Agent of the District 2007
                                                •   Millionaires 2007, 2012-2016
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019    6

“Live each day to the fullest,
 and never give up whatever
 the problems are.”

  Zoie joined AIA as a Financial Planner, after
  working in the business for 11 years, she is    ACHIEVEMENTS
  currently a Branch Manager. She achieved        •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 2009
  MDRT for 10 consecutive years and has been      •   MDRT MCC
  serving in the MDRT MCC since 2016.             •   Hall of Honour 2017
                                                  •   SSC 2009-2017
  Zoie is a CFP member. She is an expert in       •   IQA 2009-2017
  providing risk and wealth management            •   LUA Quality Advisor Award 2010-2017
  advices to families and individuals. She        •   Millionaires 2012-2017
  has established a client base of 400 and        •   GAMA Frontline Leader Award (2017 Diamond,
  processed over 1800 insurance claims.               2015-2016 Gold, 2010-2014 Bronze)
                                                  •   GAMA International Management Award (2017
  She is also good at team management and             Gold, 2014 Bronze)
  development. She is currently managing 5        •   GAMA Best Growth Award (2017 Silver, 2014​Silver)
  agencies with a total of 37 team members.       •   Premier Agency Leader 2014-2016 (2016 Gold)
  Her team’s vision is to build and share the     •   Marathon Club 2014
  same dream “We are Life Winners”.               •   Diamond Club 2009-2013
                                                  •   GAMA Rookie Manager Award 2010
                                                  •   60 Lives Club 2008
“Engage, Involve
 and Own it.”


 Benjamin joined the financial planning
 industry in 2012. He has been a MDRT
 Qualifying Member for 5 consecutive years
 and was promoted to Premier Agency Leader
 within 2 years of management. Currently,       ACHIEVEMENTS
 Benjamin is managing a total of 16 agents,     •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 2014
 agency with 13 direct agents and 1 unit        •   MDRT MCC Hong Kong & Macau since 2017
 manager.                                       •   Summit Club Convention 2017-2018
                                                •   Family MDRT Club Chair 2017-2018
 Benjamin studied in Sydney, Australia          •   Million Dollar Agency Leader Club 100%
 and graduated from Deakin University in            2016-2017
 Melbourne, majoring in Computer Science.       •   Premier Agency Leader (Gold) since 2016
 He never stops pursuing his dreams. He         •   Dragons Meeting Convention 2015-2017
 believes dreams without action remains a       •   MB-17 New Star Convention 2014
 dream. If you are proactively engaged in       •   District of the Year 2013-2015
 opportunities, you might find success just     •   SSC 2013-2017
 around the corner. Therefore, his philosophy   •   Agent of the District 2013, 2015
 in everyday life is to Engage, Involve and     •   International Quality Award 2003, 2006-2016
 Own it.
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019    8

  “ Where your focus goes,
         your energy flows.”


Joanne joined AIA in August 2008 during the
global financial crisis. It was a challenging
time in the industry but she remained
persistent and persevered. In her first year
in 2009, she achieved MDRT. Today, she          ACHIEVEMENTS
celebrates her 10-year milestone for MDRT       •   MDRT Qualifying Member with 8-year MDRT
becoming Life Member, she attains COT in            and 2-year COT
2016 and in this coming 2019. In 2015, she      •   MDRT MCC Area Chair
was promoted to be a Unit Manager.              •   Millionaires 2013-2018
                                                •   Hall of Honour 2018
She enjoyed the privilege and honour to be a    •   GAMA Frontline Manager Award 2017-2018
speaker at more than 10 company seminars        •   GAMA Rookie Manager Award 2017
at other AIA districts and MDRT global          •   Premier Agency Leader (PAL) Gold 2016-2017
stages, to share her experiences, insights      •   Agent of the District 2015
and motivation. These experiences proved        •   SSC 2009-2018
invaluable, allowing her to connect with        •   Corporate Solutions Top Cases 2014, 2016,
others internationally and broadening her           Record Breaker 2014
perspectives.                                   •   IQA 2011-2018
“ Do little things
    every day and think big.”

  Patrick has made many accomplishments        •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 12-year
  through the years at AIA. He became the          MDRT
  first male MDRT Life Member of AIA Macau     •   Hall of Honour 2018
  in 2008 and is now a MDRT Life Member        •   Macau Flag Bearer in MDRT Annual Meeting
  who has achieved 12 consecutive years            2017
  of MDRT membership. His agency was the       •   MDRT MCC Area Chair for Hong Kong & Macau
  leading agency with the highest number       •   Executive Vice President - The Industry and
  of insurance policies in 2011 and the 4th        Commerce Association of Macau
  quarter of 2012.                             •   Vice President - Macau Business Consultation
                                                   and Cooperation Association
  His outstanding achievements have            •   Honorary Doctorate of Business Administration
  enhanced his credibility and have created        - France Horizons University
  many opportunities. He was appointed to be   •   Columnist for a financial column for Soda
  the Macau Flag bearer at the 2017 MDRT           Magazine
  Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida and was   •   Former Columnist for Macau Daily and Hong
  invited to be the main platform speaker at       Kong Economic Daily
  the 2017 LUA MDRT Day in Hong Kong. He
  has been giving more than 180 speeches in
  China, Hong Kong and Macau.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   10

  “ Where your focus goes,
          your energy flows.”

Glen has been working in the Wealth
Management industry for over 8 years and
he joined AIA in 2013. He is now a Wealth
Management Director and Premier Branch
Manager at AIA. He was a TOT member
in 2017.

Like attracts like - 35 energetic, enthusiastic
and professional advisors are working in
Glen's team. They all share the same vision
to live a life of abundance, by helping
others achieve.                                   ACHIEVEMENTS
                                                  •  MDRT Qualifying Member with 2-year COT
Glen is a very positive person and so are
                                                     and 1-year TOT
people around him. Looking at every little
                                                   • MDRT MCC
thing as a miracle of the world is what they
                                                  • Million Dollar Agency Leader Club 500% - 2017
live by.
                                                  • Premier Agency Leader (Diamond) 2016-2017
                                                  • SSC 2014-2017
                                                  • International Quality Award 2015-2016
                                                  • Millionaires 2014-2016
                                                  • Million Dollar Agency Leader Club 400% 2016
                                                  • Premier Agency Leader 2015
                                                  • Million Dollar Agency Leader Club 200% 2015

                                                             GLEN WONG
                                                             PREMIER BRANCH MANAGER
                                                             AIA HONG KONG
“ Be a person with morality,
   do things with quality and having
   a valuable life.”

  Fanny Xie graduated from East China         •   MDRT MCC Chairman of China 2017-2019
  Institute of Metallurgy, major in Finance   •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member
  and Accounting in 1995. She joined AIA in   •   National Senior Financial Planner Level 1
  2001 and was promoted to Senior Sales       •   China Top 10 life insurance agent in 2017 -
  Director in 2018.                               First Financial American RFP Society
                                              •   Leadership Award of 12th China Finance and
  As the chairman of MDRT China region,           Economics Insurance Marketing 2014
  Fanny Xie has always been committed to      •   The 5th Shanghai Excellent Insurance Agent
  promote MDRT culture to wider group of      •   China Flag Bearer in MDRT Annual Meeting 2015
  agents and share her passion of becoming    •   China Flag Bearer in MDRT Asia Experience 2014
  MDRT agent. She has been a speaker          •   The first member of RFP (Hong Kong Registered
  and lecturer in several events like MDRT        Financial Planner)
  Annual Meeting, Financial EXPO. For her,
  MDRT is professionalism and this title
  gives customers confidence for better
  service and long-term relationship agents
  are committed to provide. The MDRT
  Whole Person Concept also changed her
  mindset and has enabled her to achieve
  a successful career and a wonderful
  balanced life.

                                                        XIE FANG FANNY
                                                       SENIOR SALES DIRECTOR
                                                                   AIA CHINA
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   12

“ Life is never easy and
     I never let life easy either.”

                                                                        SUN QIAO LING
                                                                     SENIOR SALES MANAGER
                                                                                 AIA CHINA

                                                    •   MDRT Qualifying and Life member with 15-year
                                                        MDRT, 5-year COT and 1-year TOT
                                                    •   AIA Domestic and Overseas Convention
                                                        consecutively during 2002-2018
                                                    •   Honorary title “Guardian Angel of Happiness” of
                                                        AIA China 友邦中国幸福守护使者稱号
                                                    •   Interviewed by mainstream media of Guangzhou
 BIOGRAPHY                                              Daily & The information Times
 Qiao Ling joined AIA in 1997 and it will be her
 22nd year with AIA in the coming 2019. She
 left her hometown and came to Guangzhou
 with with dream and passion, she started
 from cold-calling to meeting with clients and
 brought insurance protection to more than 700
 hundred of families in the community. This
 has always been the career that she has ever
 dreamt of, and it is something she will devote
 her life to for a lifetime.

 When her clients decided to get insurance plan,
 Qiao Ling considered it as a form of showing
 love to their loved ones, the warm smiles on
 their faces are the solid encouragement for her
 career. In the special year of 2019, she will do
 her very best to celebrate her success together
 with AIA’s Centennial.
“There is no excuse for people
 on the pathway to success.”
BIOGRAPHY                                      ACHIEVEMENTS
Boonchai Tohsuwanwanich, Executive District    •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 14-year
Director and Senior Agency Consultant, has         MDRT, 2-year TOT and 8-year COT
been working in a life insurance industry      •   Annual Convention for 20 years since 1998
for 26 years. He is a disciplined, persevere   •   GAMA IMA Diamond Level 2015-2017
and diligent individual who loves to be an     •   AIA Real Life Hero Award 2015-2016
exemplary leader of his team members. He       •   Hall of Fame 2012
is currently the President of AIA Thailand     •   Senior District Director of the Year 2012
MDRT Club. He is committed to promoting        •   Manager of the Year 2010
MDRT Culture together with another 67 MDRT     •   Young Hall of Fame 2009
Ambassadors in Thailand, by traveling across   •   Hall of Honour 2002
the country to share and motivate MDRT         •   Agency Leader of the Year 1997-1998
aspirants. He was also invited to share his    •   Agent of the Year 1993-1994
passion in other AIA entities.

During his 26 years of service, he received
many awards and he was the First Male to
achieve MDRT Life Member in Thailand.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019       14

“ Everything
  			 can happen
             because of you.”
BIOGRAPHY                                      ACHIEVEMENTS
Krits was an Electrical Engineer graduate      •   MDRT Honor Roll with 18-year MDRT and
in 1986 and joined AIA in 1988. He worked          6-year COT
very hard to be No.1 Pre AUM (Assistant        •   GAMA IMA Diamond Level 2016-2018
Unit Manager) until he was promoted to         •   Senior District Director of the Year 2007-2009
be Supervisor in 1991. His agency was          •   Annual Convention and Summit Club
also awarded to be the unit with highest           since 1989
production in AIA Thailand in 1991. He runs    •   Hall of Fame 2008
his agency with skills and passion.            •   Young Hall of Fame 2007
                                               •   Manager of the Year 1994-2004
He has been invited to speak in many           •   President Club 1992-1993
occasions both for AIA and for the life        •   President Round Table 1993
insurance industry. Now he is the President    •   Supervisor of the Year 1993
of GAMA Thailand (2016-2019). He has           •   New Supervisor of the Year 1992
established his General Agency (GA) office
in 2017, called “Absolute Wealth Advisor”
with over 130 agents and agency leaders. His
goal is to groom and develop MDRT, currently
there are 14 MDRTs, 1 COT and 1 MDRT Life

“ Nothing happens until
                                something moves.”

Siriporn graduated with a Bachelor of
Arts in Financial Management with first-
class honours. She started working as an
employee just like what fresh graduates          SIRIPORN PHUTTHARAK
were expected to. But she realised that her
income limited her to live a decent life. She
                                                 EXECUTIVE DISTRICT DIRECTOR
joined the insurance industry in 1990 since      AIA THAILAND
it was still not financially rewarding. It was
not a rosy start being a full-time agent, she
began to use door-to-door sales approach to
introduce the importance of life insurance.
With her perseverance and eagerness to learn,
she never gave up and attended numerous
                                                 •   13-year MDRT Qualifying Member and Life
meetings and seminars to equip herself with
                                                     Member since 2006
knowledge and skills to become one of the
                                                 •   Annual Convention 1998-2018
most successful agents and influencers of
                                                 •   GA Office with the highest FYC 2017
AIA Thailand.
                                                 •   Hall of Fame 2017
                                                 •   Executive District Director of the Year
Siriporn was later promoted to be an Agency
                                                     2010-2013, 2017
Leader in 1992. She then started her own
                                                 •   Manager of the Year 1999-2009
General Agency (GA) Office in 2004. Currently,
                                                 •   Hall of Honour 2006
she has 653 agents and 75 Agency Leaders
under her management. She has become one
of the most well-respected Agency Leaders of
AIA Thailand.
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019     16

“ Try not to become a man of success.
    Rather become a man of value.”

  Prior to joining AIA Thailand, Prajit, worked
  as a bank officer and legal associate as a law      ACHIEVEMENTS
  school graduate. He decided to become a life        •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 7-year
  insurance agent at the age of 23. At that time,         MDRT and 3-year COT
  the life insurance penetration in Thailand was      •   Hall of Fame 2016
  only 3%.                                            •   Agent of the Year 1999, 2001
                                                      •   Agent of the Year 1999, 2001, 2016
  In 1999, Prajit was in the first group of pioneer   •   President of Club High Net Worth,
  agents who tapped into High Net Worth                   AIA Thailand 2018
  (HNW) market selling a policy with FYP over
  USD 3 million. During his 32 successful years
  in the industry, Prajit learned that we all can
  grow from sharing rather than competing
  against each other. That is why he has been
  dedicating his life to share and educate

  Among awards and recognitions he has
  received, one role he is very proud of is
  being the first President of Club HNW of AIA
  Thailand in 2017-2018, promoting HNW’s
  proposition together with the 48 HNW
  ambassadors. Under his leadership, HNW is
  a big success with FYP over USD 100 million,
  providing sum assured of over USD 3.5 billion
  to Thai people since 2017.

“Be the better version
        of yourself everyday.”

MD Haruthai graduated with a Medical Degree
with First-Class Honours at the age of 22
and was awarded for having outstanding
performance throughout the course. From a
doctor who treats patients, she transformed      ACHIEVEMENTS
herself into a financial advisor who provides    •   MDRT Qualifying Member with 15-year MDRT,
financial plans for more than 400 families of        8-year COT and 5-year TOT
doctors and entrepreneurs and is currently       •   Annual Convention 2001-2018
looking after over 2,000 insurance policies.     •   Manager of the Year 2018
                                                 •   Young Hall of Fame 2017
Throughout the 15 years of being a full-time     •   Agent of the Year 2005-2011, 2014-2016
agent, she is a qualified 15-year MDRT, 8-year   •   Hall of Honour 2009
COT and 5-year TOT. Being a strong believer
in MDRT, she is on a mission possible to build
100 MDRT qualifiers in her team by 2022.
Sales aside, she contributes to the industry
as a guest speaker for insurance associations,
including THAIFA, GAMA Thailand and APLIC.
This career allows her to have a work life
balance and spend quality time taking care of
her lovely 9-year-old twin boys.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019    18

“Live the life you love
 and love the life you lead.”

 Piyamon attained a Bachelor’s degree in
 Marketing from Mahidol University, Thailand
 and a Master’s degree in Chinese & Business
 from Leeds University, UK. Before joining AIA,
 she had worked for Bank of China (Thailand)
 and CP Lotus (Shanghai). She decided to
 enter this career because she believed being a
 financial planner would be valuable to oneself
 and others. Inheriting her mother’s insurance
 business is emotionally meaningful as her
 mother has dedicated her life in this industry
 for more than 30 years.

 Having joined AIA for 4 years, she has
 achieved 1-time TOT and 3-time COT. She          ACHIEVEMENTS
 is focused on driving MDRT agents in her
                                                  •   MDRT Qualifying Member with 3-year COT and
 mother’s General Agency (GA) Office from 1 to
                                                      1-year TOT since 2015
 11 MDRT qualifiers in 2018.
                                                  •   Annual Convention 2015-2018
                                                  •   AIA President Club 2015
 She is also a speaker in several occasions
                                                  •   National Agent of the Year 2015
 and the one which she is most proud of
 was in the 12th Worldwide Chinese Life
 Insurance Congress. This career has given
 her opportunities for self-improvement and
 working with talented people from around the
 world which brings about great success and
 limitless achievements.
“A hungry stomach, an empty wallet
 and a broken heart teach you
 the most valuable lessons in life.”
 Upon graduation from the National University
 of Singapore with majors in Economics and
 Statistics, Venka ventured into the financial
 services industry in 1992. He founded
 Vision Financial in 1999. He leads a high         ACHIEVEMENTS
 performance team of 30+ consultants with          •   Quarter Century (25 years) MDRT Qualifying
 clients in Singapore, India, China and other          and Life Member
 Asian countries. He was one the first batch of    •   Summit Convention Qualifier since 1993
 CPF certified practitioners in Singapore.         •   Hall of Fame
                                                   •   Author of book titled "Anchoring Success"
 Venka is a strong advocator of the necessity      •   District Director since 1999
 to plan and addressing vital financial and risk   •   Active Fundraiser for Charities
 portfolio. Akin to a full health screening, he
 feels that while many yearn for a clean bill of
 health, most may not foresee the problems till

 Venka was the MDRT MCC Chairperson for
 Singapore in 2011 and 2012. In 2017, he took
 on the responsibility of the MDRT Council
 Chairman. He formed the first MDRT Council.
 With his leadership, the MDRT Council help to
 promote and build the MDRT culture in
 AIA Singapore.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019     20

“In face of obstacles,instead of
     asking“what’  s wrong?” ,
            ask“what’  s next?”
 BIOGRAPHY                                         ACHIEVEMENTS
 Winnie Cheah joined in 1988 and has been          •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member 2017-2018
 accorded “Master District Director” in 2018,          and 10-year MDRT
 the highest recognition of an agency leader       •   Hall of Fame 2018
 at AIA Singapore. Her leadership has grown        •   Master District Director 2017
 many agency leaders under her group and           •   Young Hall of Fame 2016
 have led to many prestigious awards.              •   Hall of Honour 2008
                                                   •   Singapore 8th Runner-up Group FDS 2013,
 Winnie is also an active member of MDRT               2017
 Council of AIA Singapore which organises          •   Singapore 6th Runner-up Group FDS 2016
 study groups for MDRT Aspirants. Helping          •   Singapore 9th Runner-up Group FDS 2015
 to drive key initiatives and activities, she is   •   Singapore 10th Runner-up Group FDS 2014
 instrumental to the growing number of MDRT        •   Singapore 10th Runner-up New FSDM 2017
 qualifiers in Singapore.                          •   Regional 1th Runner-up New FSDM 2005
                                                   •   Regional 2nd Runner-up FSDM 2004
                                                   •   Regional 2nd Runner-up FSUM 2002, 2004
                                                   •   Pinnacle Club 2003-2018
                                                   •   Total Financial Services Achievers Club 2004
                                                   •   75 Lives Club 2001
                                                   •   Superstar 2000-2001
                                                   •   Centurion 1999
                                                   •   100 Lives Club 1999
                                                   •   Regional Top New FSC 1998

                                                                    WINNIE CHEAH
                                                               MASTER DISTRICT DIRECTOR
                                                                         AIA SINGAPORE
“ Things always seem impossible
  until it is achieved
  and done.”


                                                 •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 7-year
                                                     MDRT, 7-year COT and 2-year TOT
                                                 •   Hall of Fame 2018
                                                 •   Young Hall of Fame 2014
 BIOGRAPHY                                       •
                                                     Hall of Honour 2006
                                                     Pinnacle Club 2015-2018
 Since joining AIA in 1996, Marie has always     •   President of AIA Summit Convention 2012-2014
 been known for her tireless work ethic and      •   President Club 2011-2013
 her commitment to clients. She has won Top      •   Summit Club for 11 years
 Consultant, President of several AIA Summit     •   Centurion 1998-2017
 Conventions and achieved MDRT Top of the        •   Singapore Top FSM 2015
 Table as well as MDRT Life Membership.          •   Singapore Top FSC 2012, 2013
                                                 •   Singapore 1st Runner-up FSC 2010
 Marie has moved up into a leadership role       •   Singapore 2nd Runner-up FSC 2009, 2011
 in which she has been successfully training     •   Regional 4th Runner-up FSC 2008
 aspiring young consultants, grooming the next   •   Regional 1st Runner-up FSC 2006
 generation of high performing FSCs. Marie       •   Regional 2nd Runner-up FSC 2005
 has also been awarded the Top Manager, and      •   Senior FSC 2003-2007
 has been a member of the Pinnacle Club since    •   Superstar 1999-2000, 2002
 2015, the highest award for managers.           •   50 Lives Club 1999, 2002-2003, 2014
                                                 •   75 Lives Club 1998, 2012-2013
                                                 •   Regional 2nd Runner-up New FSC 1997
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   22

“Calmness is strength under control.
 When we are calm, things flow.
 Our growth lies in our attitude.”
 BIOGRAPHY                                           ACHIEVEMENTS
 Delia joined AIA in 2003. As an introvert, she      •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 2011
 did not have a strong social network. However,      •   Million Dollar Club (Gold) 2010
 she did street-selling and cold-calling to          •   Million Dollar Club (Gold) 2009
 build her client base. This tough method of         •   Superstar, Premier Silver 2008
 prospecting has proved to be Delia’s success        •   Million Dollar Club (Gold) 2007
 formula for 4 years and counting.                   •   Million Dollar Club (Silver) 2006
                                                     •   Million Dollar Club (Gold) 2005
 Currently, her business comes mainly from           •   Rising Star – 2004
 her existing clients and referrals. Once in a
 while, Delia still does cold-calling for fun and
 to ensure that her skill will always be there for
 her to talk with strangers, anywhere, anytime.

 Delia believes in giving back to the industry.
 Hence, she has been serving in the MDRT
 Membership Communications Committee
 (MCC) since 2012.

“Choices have Consequences.”
BIOGRAPHY                                         ACHIEVEMENTS
Manmohan is the CEO of Life Specialist            •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member for 23-year
Financial Planners Sdn Bhd, Malaysia. He              with 2-year COT
is also a Senior District Director with AIA       •   MDRT Annual Meeting PDC 2018
Bhd leading his premier agency with some          •   MDRT Experience PDC 2016
of Malaysia’s top ranking agents under his        •   2016 MDRT Divisional Vice President Zone 1
stewardship. He currently has 5 MDRT              •   Host Country Chair for the Malaysia MDRT
members in his agency.                                Experience in 2014
                                                  •   MDRT South East Asia Zone Chair 2012-2014
Manmohan is an industry stalwart, who             •   MDRT Country Chair for Malaysia 2010-2012
started in the insurance industry in 1985
with AIA Bhd. He has won many awards such
as Top Manager, President’s Round Table
Qualifier, Top Recruiter, Top Rider Manager,
Record Breaker, Master Builder, Hall of
Honor and Hall Of Fame. He also moderated
the LUTCF courses in Malaysia. In 2013, he
was the recipient of the GAMA International
Leadership Gold Award.

He has groomed numerous MDRTs, COTs and
TOTs under his wings.

Manmohan is a dynamic keynote speaker who
is much sought after internationally. He became
the 1st Malaysian ever to speak at the MDRT
Annual Meeting in New Orleans in 2015.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   24

 “It is never about the
                     ‘one’  who
  can be MDRT. Is it about the
 ‘want’ in you that makes you
  MDRT. ”
BIOGRAPHY                                         ACHIEVEMENTS
Lim Ren En is a well sought-after speaker for     •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member
various insurance companies in Malaysia and           with 2-year COT
Asia e.g. China, Singapore and Indonesia. He      •   Elite Convention Qualifier
is fluent in Mandarin, English and Bahasa.        •   MDRT MCC Member Malaysia 2016-2018
Ren En speaks with passion about the value        •   MDRT MCC Country Chair 2018-2020
of life insurance career and the wonderful
life of a person who truly lives the Whole
Person Concept. His speeches transpire the
actual workings and skills that will assist his
audience in their daily sales activities. He
doesn't only motivate but also teaches fellow
practitioner in-depth knowledge, professional
habits and methods to achieve MDRT in
9 months.

He inspires a whole new generation of
life planners towards excellency. With his
involvement as Malaysia MDRT Country Chair,
he is passionate in helping life planners to
make it to the top.

       LIM REN EN
“ We are only as good as the action
  we take to produce the results
  we want.”
BIOGRAPHY                                        ACHIEVEMENTS
Kelly has consistently been a MDRT qualifying    •   Finalist in the Asia Trusted Life Agents
member since the first year she joined the           and Advisers Awards 2018
industry 8 years ago. Looking at how the         •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 2011
industry is evolving, she wishes to go to the    •   Million Dollar Agency 2012-2018
next level by inspiring and helping more life    •   AIA Malaysia Vitality Champion
planners to achieve what they want out of this       (Direct Team) 2018
career.                                          •   President Club Qualifier 2013-2016
                                                     (Nationwide Top 3 Unit Managers)
She has been given the opportunities by AIA      •   Regional Top Unit Manage 2015
to become a Senior Master Trainer since 2017,    •   Regional Top 3 Unit Manager 2012-2017
had several speaking and emceeing roles          •   Elite Convention Qualifier 2013-2018
in these 2 years (amongst which are Fly to           (Nationwide Top 15 Unit Managers)
MDRT in 2017 & 2018), and was featured in        •   National Top Elite Builder
newspapers and articles.                             (1st Runner-Up)

Kelly believes that her experience in the
corporate world and how she has transformed
and embraced changes throughout her career
will be valuable to share to others.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   26

“Each day, focus on
 how to be a better
 version of yourself.”

Thian Lung came from Kuching, a small city
in Malaysia. He spent his formative years in
Los Angeles where he completed high school,
bachelor’s degree and the coursework for
his Master’s degree. He is married with two
teenage sons.
                                               JONG THIAN LUNG
                                               UNIT MANAGER
He joined AIA in 2006. A master of multi-
tasking, apart from focusing on his personal   AIA BERHAD
sales, he is serving in many roles in MDRT.
Since 2018, he has been invited to join the
rank of MDRT Leadership, serving as PGA
Director and Assistant Director in Bangkok
MDRT Experience, LA & Miami MDRT Annual        •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 6-year
Meeting and Sydney Global Conference.              MDRT, 2-year TOT and 2-year COT
                                               •   AIA President Club 2018
He is a well-known speaker, fluent in          •   3rd Asia Trusted Life Agents and Advisers Award
Mandarin and English. He has spoken in             2018
numerous MDRT events. He serves as AIA         •   Insurance Agent of the Year Finalist 2018
Group Ambassador, AIA Malaysia MDRT            •   AIA Malaysia Master Trainer
Ambassador and AIA Malaysia Master             •   Malaysia MDRT MCC Member
Training. Furthermore, he also involves with   •   MDRT MCC Company Chair for AIA Malaysia
local charitable organisations focusing on     •   PGA Assistant Director 2018-2019
children welfare.                              •   PGA Director 2019
“Going Beyond Limits”

                   LIM CHEE YEN (REX)
                   UNIT MANAGER
                   AIA BERHAD

 Rex began his career with AIA shortly after
 his graduation as a Bachelor of Banking &
 Finance from Victoria University, Melbourne
 in 2002. With his proactive attitude and
 proven performance, he was promoted to          •   MDRT Qualifying Member since 2011
 manager in 2006. Subsequently, he founded       •   MDA - Million Dollar Agency in 2012,
 WealthLink Agency (WLG) with the vision             2015-2018
 of providing a home ground for motivated        •   MDRT PDC 2016-2018
 agents.                                         •   AIA MDRT Ambassador 2017-2018
                                                 •   Malaysia Flag Bearer in MDRT Vancouver 2016
 Rex understands the importance of agency’s      •   MDRT MCC as Local Chairman for AIA Bhd
 support to an agent’s path of success. All          2014-2016
 WLG’s agents undergo professional training      •   AIA Central Region Top Unit Manager
 and utilise WLG’s proven system to guide            2014 - 2nd Runner Up
 and assist them in achieving results. As        •   AIA Central Region Top Unit Manager
 the leader of WLG, he is always ready as a          2013 - 1st Runner Up
 mentor who would educate and train them         •   AIA Top Associate Manager 2012 - Champion
 full-heartedly. He has been invited to speak    •   Namlifa Akard Award Top Rookie Agent 2012 -
 in many occasions both nationally and               Champion
 globally. He is a motivational speaker and is   •   International Dragon Award Bronze Award 2010
 fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   28

“I never look for an easy path.
     I look for a worth-it-path
 instead. If it happens to
        be easy, that's a bonus!”

Glen was born in 1990 and his big dream was
to be successful and add value to others. He
grew up as an introvert and always avoided to
speak to people and socialise. He graduated
from University of Wollongong in Australia,
Bachelor of Computer Science, majoring in
Digital System Security. He worked as an IT
auditor in one of the Big Four accounting firms
for one and a half year.
He joined AIA in 2013 as a full-time agent.       •   5-year MDRT Qualifying Member since 2013
Since then, his life has changed and he has       •   Country Chair of MDRT Indonesia 2017-2019
found the meaning and passion in life. He         •   AIA Rookie 2013
actively participates in MDRT Conferences         •   AIA Titanium Club 2013
as a PGA (Program General Arrangement)            •   Super Achiever 2014-2018
member and has become the PGA Traffic             •   The youngest MDRT Company Chair for AIA
General Director for MDRT Global Conference           (MCC) 2015-2016
2019 in Sydney.                                   •   The youngest MDRT Indonesia Country Chair
                                                  •   The Most On-Time Committee – MDRT Indonesia
                                                  •   The best PGA at MDRT Annual Meeting Orlando

                                                  GLEN ALEXANDER WINATA
                                                  AGENCY MANAGER
                                                  AIA FINANCIAL INDONESIA
“Success belongs to those who
  are willing to pay for the price ”
 A loving and humorous father with one
 beautiful wife and daughter, Herold has a     ACHIEVEMENTS
 deep passion to share and to add value to     •   MDRT Qualifying Member with 8-year MDRT and
 others. He was born in 1984, and he took          COT 2019
 a major in Food Science and Technology in     •   MDRT MCC since 2014
 Bogor Agricultural University.                •   Committee Chair of MDRT Day Indonesia 2018
                                               •   Indonesian Flag Bearer 2017 MDRT
 He started his full-time career in AIA            Annual Meeting
 Indonesia in 2010. He participated in MDRT    •   AIA Real Life Hero 2016
 Annual Meeting in Anaheim 2012 as a first     •   AIA Super Achiever Qualifier since 2011
 time MDRT member. Apart from sales, he
 shares his value with the industry by being
 a speaker in MDRT Day, Connexion Zone
 and a volunteer as PGA member in every
 MDRT events and Connexion Zone captain in
 2019 MDRT Global Conference. He has also
 contributed in Investor Financial Magazine
 in issue April 2015 and Round the Table
 Magazine in issue July 2018.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   30

               “There are no
                shortcuts to success.”
Before joining AIA in 1991, Marilen was a
banker in Iloilo City, Philippines. Her life      ACHIEVEMENTS
changed when her husband who was in the           •   Quarter of a Century MDRT 2018
military service was transferred to Manila        •   Achieved qualification of MDRT 2019 for 26th
in 1989. Because of her husband’s new                 consecutive year, 22-year MDRT and 3-year COT
assignment, she had to uproot herself from        •   Premier Circle – Advisor Level 2017-2018
the place she had called home. With little to     •   Premier Icon – Unit Level 2017-2018
no network in Manila, she made the bold move      •   GAMA IMA Bronze 2017-2018
of shifting from her banking career to become     •   Premier International - Advisor Level 2014-2016
a full-time financial advisor. She fell in love   •   GAMA FLA Silver 2015-2016
with the career instantly.

Marilen’s turning point was during the
National Recognition Program wherein she
saw an MDRT being awarded with a bouquet
of flowers on stage. Since then, she has
made a commitment to make MDRT her gold
standard. More than three decades later, she
is a Quarter of a Century MDRT qualifier, and
the Agency Manager of MEGA Associates.
Beyond the countless awards and incentives,
Marilen says that the biggest achievement in
her career is making a significant impact in
the lives of her clients and their families.

“A journey of a thousand miles
 must begin with a single step.”
                                                               - Lao Tzu
BIOGRAPHY                                          ACHIEVEMENTS
Before joining AIA, being an employee took         •   MDRT Qualifying and Life Member with 11-year
away precious time from her family. So she             MDRT and 1-year COT
decided to leave the corporate world and           •   AIA President Club Awardee – Unit Level 2014,
became a full-time financial advisor.                  2016-2018
                                                   •   Premier Icon – Unit Level 2017-2018
It was initially intimidating but through AIA’s    •   Premier Circle – Advisor Level 2017-2018
intensive training, Karla’s career took off. Not   •   Premier International – Advisor Level
only did she receive huge financial rewards,           2014-2016
but she also enjoyed the fulfillment from          •   2016 Premier National – Unit Level
making a difference in her clients’ lives. More        2014-2016
importantly, she could do all of this while        •   GAMA FLA Gold 2016, 2018
spending time with her family as well.             •   2017 GAMA FLA Silver 2015, 2017

Karla is currently a 12-year MDRT Qualifying
and Life Member. AIA allowed Karla to grow
professionally without compromising her role
as a wife and as a mother. Looking back, she
realised she made the right choice.

AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019   32

“Whatever we become here in
 mortality is meaningless unless it
 is done for the benefit of others.”
                 CHRISTINA TRINITAS
                 MARABUT MACIBA
                 ASSOCIATE UNIT MANAGER &
                 EXECUTIVE ADVISOR
                 PHILAM LIFE

  Tina hails from Tacloban City, Leyte – a
  southern province in the Philippines. Tina’s
  parents wanted her to become a doctor;
  however, she felt that this was not her calling.
  A medical technologist by profession, she
  came to Manila in 2011 to try her luck in the
  field of research. She was then part of one of
  the biggest research projects in developing a
  dengue vaccine. Even though she was doing
  great things, Tina felt that there was not
  enough personal and career growth for her.

  In 2012, she decided to join AIA as a full-time
  financial advisor – contrary to the medical        ACHIEVEMENTS
  career that her parents had envisioned her to      •   Achieved qualification of MDRT 2019 for
  have. The turning point in Tina’s career was           4th consecutive year
  when her mother was terminally ill, battling       •   3-Year MDRT Qualifying Member
  cancer. Her mother was in a lot of pain, but       •   Premier Circle – Advisor Level 2017-2018
  didn’t want to go yet at that time, fearing
  that she would leave her daughter who was
  still “unsuccessful” in life. When her mother
  succumbed to cancer, Tina made a promise
  that she would qualify as MDRT year after
  year and to help others become one – to make
  her beloved mother proud.
“Let your light shine and
              be a blessing.”

Christine knew the value of hard work as she
started working for different brands in TV
commercials and print advertisements at the
age of 8. Growing up, her dream was always
to become a lawyer; however, her love for
sales and her strong entrepreneurial spirit
prevailed. She joined the banking industry
after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree and she
juggled her day job with an online business
and portfolio management for various

Christine took postgraduate studies in
Business Administration. After 9 years in
the corporate world, she realised that she
wanted to have something she can call her
own – something that would complement
her tenacity and resilience. In 2016, she took
a leap of faith and joined AIA via the Shift
to Entrepreneurship Program (STEP). Until
today, she can say that it has been the best     ACHIEVEMENTS
career move for her. Despite her short tenure
                                                 •   Achieved qualification of MDRT COT 2019
with AIA, she continues to raise the bar and
                                                 •   1-Year MDRT Qualifying Member
set the highest standards for herself. She has
                                                 •   Consistent Top Advisor in ANP for Genesis by
been consistently recognised for her stellar
                                                     Philam Life
performance and for qualifying for COT in
2019. This lady is all focused to conquer her
dreams and give back to her mother, family,
and community.
AIA Group MDRT Ambassadors 2019      34

“Success does not lie in results
 but efforts; being the best is not
 as important as doing the best.”
 BIOGRAPHY                                            ACHIEVEMENTS
 Winner of several Life Insurance awards,             •   MDRT Qualifying Member with 5-year MDRT,
 Divya Tusnial is a stellar example of how a              3-year TOT and 1-year COT
 homemaker and mother of two children can             •   LIMRA International Quality Award Winner
 make a transition to a successful career as a life   •   Inspirational Agent of the Year, the 3rd Asia
 insurance agent. The biggest challenge to her            Trusted Life Agents and Advisors Awards 2018
 decision was her traditional family background.      •   Insurance Agent of the Year, the 2nd Asia
 But today it is the traditional values of loyalty        Trusted Life Agents and Advisor Awards 2017
 and care that helps Divya meet her clients’          •   Featured in various magazines and newsletters
 need with dedication. Her clients in Kolkata         •   Featured in key Indian newspapers
 are everything to her. Tata AIA has given her        •   Trained in Management Development Program
 an opportunity to make a name for herself and            in Indian Institute of Management
 to make a real difference to peoples’ lives. She
 values the human touch, trust and ethics.

 Customer Speak: “Divya is a highly enterprising
 and work-oriented individual. I have not come
 across any individual like Divya who is sincere
 and very committed towards a task. Once
 she taken up an assignment, you can rest
 assured that the outcome will be beyond one’s

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