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Volume 29 No.3, January 2021             Editorial                                                           Content

PATRON                                               wards and recognition are vital to human                Spotlight
Dr. NEETA VERMA                                      endeavours, especially when it is about services to
                                                                                                             Digital India Awards		         04
ADVISORY PANEL                                       the nation. They not only help in boosting morales,
Nagesh Shastri                                       but also motivate all stakeholders to learn from
Shalini Mathrani                                     and draw inspiration to keep excelling in delivering
                                                                                                             From the States
I.P.S. Sethi                                         superior products and services. The element of
Ajay Singh Chahal                        celebration and fanfare that is usually associated with every       Andhra Pradesh			10
                                         ceremony to felicitate achievers also serves as a significant
EDITOR                                                                                                       Chhattisgarh			16
Mohan Das Viswam                         milestone in itself by helping organizations to take a pause,
                                         to reflect upon the journey so far, and to get recharged with
ZONAL EDITORS                            renewed zeal for continuing the ascent towards higher
Dr. Dibakar Ray                                                                                              District Informatics
Reuban K.                                                                                                    Changlang			20
Kavita Barkakoty                             The Digital India Awards, a prestigious initiative of NIC,
Sarbjeet Singh                           MeitY, is held once in every two years. Incepted in 2009, this      Kamareddy			22
A. K. Dadhichi                           initiative is to recognize the achievements of government
                                         entities in designing, developing and implementing citizen-
                                                                                                             Khargone			24
Sunil Sunsunwal                          centric digital solutions. The sixth edition of the Digital India
                                         Awards held a few days ago, is a spotlight story of this new year
                                                                                                             e-Gov Products & Services
DESIGN SUPPORT                           issue of Informatics. The issue presents an array of interesting
Mukesh Bharti, Rohit Maurya              articles. Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh are the states            eAbgari				26
                                         covered this time in From the States section. The three award-
PRINT, CIRCULATION & DISPATCH                                                                               eCabinet			30
Anita Bhardwaj                           winning districts; Changlang, Kamareddy and Khargone are
                                         exclusives in the District Informatics. Load Testing as a Service   PSC Soft				34
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National Informatics Centre              Update section this time. PSC Soft-HP, eCabinet and eAbgari are
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Government of India                      the articles covered in the e-Gov Products & Services section.
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02     January 2021
The Director General’s
New Year Message

A   s we all embark on our journey to deliver the best of our abilities in 2021, it is also time that
we look back and reflect on how we made an impact in 2020. It’s a matter of pride for us that
with over 800 offices pan India, we could partner at every level of administration and deliver a
wide range of solutions and services that benefitted government as well as citizens.

At NIC, our focus has always been towards delivering the best of citizen centric services, keep-
ing in mind on how to bring in transformational change and bridge the digital divide. With
solutions focusing on various areas such as agriculture, healthcare, education, transport,
visa & immigration, finance and Judiciary to name a few, we are at the cusp of a digital trans-
formation which is propelling technological innovations around us.

In 2020, although most of our new developments were focused on providing digital solutions
to fight against the corona virus pandemic, we could still ensure continuity of our existing
services which were directly or indirectly of immense use during the pandemic. Before the lock-
down was announced, we had established our Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology at
NIC Karnataka in our Bangalore office. The centre is an addition to our establishments of CoEs
in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Microservices. These dedicated centres will truly
help NICians in excelling towards adoption of emerging technologies in eGovernance solutions.

As the COVID-19 pandemic situation unfolded in the country, we were presented with require-
ments on developing new digital solutions that could aid the recovery and risk mitigation pro-
cess. Within a short span of 21 days, Aarogya Setu App was launched and has been download-
ed by 168 million users so far, making it the most downloaded contact tracing government
application in the world. Similarly, solutions such as eOffice for providing a paperless solution
to process government files, Video Conferencing for ensuring communication amongst employ-
ees and with the citizens, RT-PCR App for testing labs, Direct Benefit Transfer ensuring that
financial assistance is transferred to the citizens timely and development of various COVID-19
tracking & monitoring systems, I can say that the developments have been made in various
sectors and have been of great help to the government, its organizations and the citizens.

The outreach that technology has created today is worth mentioning. Facilitated through plat-
formization and productization, any programme or initiative launched by the government is
realising the vision of reaching the unreached. This has brought inclusion at the centre of any
scheme or initiative.

With this, I wish you and your near and dear ones the best of health, happiness, prosperity and
a very Happy New Year 2021.

Dr. Neeta Verma
Director General
National Informatics Centre

 Digital India
Awards 2020

                                  The Digital India Awards 2020 ceremony (sixth edition)
                                  took place virtually on 30th December 2020 and the
                                  awards were conferred by the Hon’ble President of
                                  India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind from Rashtrapati Bhawan
                                  via video conferencing (VC), in the presence of Hon’ble
                                  Union Minister of Law & Justice, Communications and
                                  Electronics & Information Technology Shri Ravi Shankar
                                  Prasad, Secretary (MeitY) Shri Ajay Sawhney, Additional
                                  Secretary (MeitY) Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Director General
                                  NIC Dr. Neeta Verma, esteemed Jury members and other
                                  government officials from various Central and State
                                  Ministries, Departments, Districts & other government
                                  entities. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event
                                  witnessed enthusiastic participation from multiple
                                  locations including Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi and VC
                                  locations at Bhopal, Chennai, Kolkata and Patna.

  04   January 2021

Instituted in 2009, the Digital India Awards event is organised by NIC, MeitY,
biennially. The Awards aim to recognize brilliance in digital governance
initiatives by government entities at all levels including Central, State, District
and local bodies.

The Hon’ble President addressed the virtual gathering and congratulated the
winning teams while commending the role of NIC in proactive implementation
of platforms such as Aarogya Setu, e-Office and video conferencing services
backed by a robust ICT infrastructure that has helped the country reduce
the pandemic hardships. Hon’ble Union Minister Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad,
Secretary (MeitY) Shri Ajay Sawhney and Director General NIC Dr. Neeta Verma
made their speeches during the occasion.

The Digital India Awards 2020 winners included 22 digital governance
initiatives/ products by various government entities under 6 categories. Jury
Choice awards were given to ArogyaSetu and eOffice. It is noteworthy that the
entire process of Digital India Awards, right from inviting nominations to Jury
interactions to the final conferring of awards was held online.

                                              January 2021 05


06   January 2021


          January 2021   07


08   January 2021


          January 2021 09
From the States

Andhra Pradesh State
Building the State through digital eGovernance

Edited by REUBAN K                                  ational Informatics Centre, Andhra Pradesh
                                                    has always been at the forefront in guiding
                                                    the State Government concerning the
                                               computerization of the processes in various
                                               Government Departments. NIC, Andhra Pradesh
                                               played a key role in the design, development and
                                               implementation of many flagship Projects for the
                                               State besides implementing several e-Governance
                                               Projects for the Central Government Departments
                                               and Public Sector Undertakings.          After the
                                               bifurcation of the State in 2014, the usage of new
                                               technology has picked up momentum and NIC
                                               Andhra Pradesh is playing a key role in many of                Land, a scarce natural resource, has
                                               the new initiatives being taken up by the State           been regarded as a measure of wealth,
                                               Government. Apart from software development               status and power, from time immemorial.
The State of Andhra Pradesh has                                                                          A good land records system is the neces-
                                               for various State Departments, the NIC Andhra
made significant contributions                 Pradesh State Centre is providing several ICT             sity for any harmonious and progressive
                                               Services such as Videoconferencing, Email                 society. A modern, comprehensive and
in various sectors over the                    Services, Network Services and NKN..                      integrated land record system to provide
                                                                                                         citizen-centric services has been devel-
decades. With the advent of the                ICT Initiatives in the State                              oped in Andhra Pradesh, with about 2.70
                                                   Apart from developing and implementing eGov           crore survey numbers. Some of the high-
Information Technology Age,                    applications and other customised software, a host        lights are Meebhoomi, Sarkarbhoomi,
                                               of Services are offered at the NIC state centre. These    e-Passbook, loan charge module, services
the State has started making                   include Video Conferencing and Virtual classrooms         through Meeseva, auto mutation, RSR
                                               and supporting various ICT initiatives for state and      data purification, Aadhaars seeding, water
good use of the Technology                                                                               tax levying and collection, sharing of land
                                               central government organizations in Andhra Pradesh.
                                                                                                         information to different departments, to
in the more efficient running                  Besides, Data Centre Services, Network & Internet
                                                                                                         arrive at the list of beneficiaries under cen-
                                               Services, Email Services, NKN Services are also
of the Administration and the                                                                            tral and state government schemes.
                                                                                                              Government of Andhra Pradesh has
implementation of various                      Video Conferencing and Virtual                            taken up Resurvey activity in the entire
                                               classrooms                                                state, after a century. Land Records is the
Government Schemes. After the                      VC services are being provided by NIC AP to           basic source of information for resurvey
                                               central and state government offices in the state         so that textual and spatial data would be
Bifurcation of the State in 2014,              headquarters and 13 districts. VC services were           integrated. It is planned to create an inte-
                                               extensively used by the state government during           grated system covering Revenue, Survey
the State has embarked on a                                                                              and Registration departments together,
                                               the Covid-19 Pandemic. During the period of March
                                                                                                         for the hassle-free and speedy delivery
new beginning and has taken up                 – November 2020 a total of 2342 conferences with a
                                                                                                         of services to the public as well as other
                                               duration of 4017 hours were conducted with 41 VVIP
                                                                                                         land-related Government departments.
many developmental activities in               sessions including 2 sessions of Hon’ble President
                                                                                                              NIC Andhra Pradesh, the technical
                                               of India with Hon’ble Governor of AP, 9 sessions of
right earnest. The State has also                                                                        partner for Land Records Programme, has
                                               Prime Minister of India with Chief Minister of Andhra
                                                                                                         been playing a significant role in many
                                               Pradesh and 30 sessions of Cabinet Secretary with
initiated several new projects                 Chief Secretary of AP.
                                                                                                         ways to achieve the above goal by extend-
                                                                                                         ing services. I appreciate the NIC-Andhra
aimed at Ease of Doing Business                Network/ NKN Services:                                    Pradesh team, headed by Dr. E. Iniya Neh-
                                                    After the new state centre is established, the       ru, SIO for their positive contribution and
and faster dissemination of                    Network Operations Centre (NoC) started functioning       proactive ICT services.
                                               at APSC, Amravati. NKN PoP is established at AP                I look forward for their continued sup-
services to the Citizens.                                                                                port in the future as well and wish them all
                                               Secretariat by shifting backbone links from NKN
                                                                                                         the best in their endeavours.
                                               Hyderabad to NIC, AP with an established redundant
                                               1 Gbps links from Hyderabad & Chennai NKN POPs.
                                               All the 13 district links were shifted to NIC AP from      NEERABH KUMAR PRASAD, IAS 
                                               Hyderabad with redundancy links from Hyderabad,          Chief Commissioner of Land Administration
                        Dr. E. Iniya Nehru     Chennai, Bangalore & Bhubaneswar NKN POPs.
                        Dy. Director General                                                                    & Special Chief Secretary
                        & SIO                  AP NOC was created with operations including                   Government of Andhra Pradesh
                         maintenance of AP state NICNET operations,

10       January 2021
From the States

                                                           ISP coordination and Cisco and Juniper device                     •   All eligible farmers covered
                                                           installation/ up-gradations.                                      •   Very positive response from Media/ Farmers/
                                                                                                                                 Public Representative
                                                           Messaging & Data Centre services:
                                                               NIC, AP is successfully providing complete                    Punarvas and PM Kisan
                                                           email services in the state including on-boarding                     Punarvas Project is designed and developed by
                                                           and migration of mailbox and domains to NIC                       NIC AP State Centre for payment of compensation
                                                           email services for paid and free users including                  to the eligible project displaced families and project
                                                           state government departments, corporations and                    affected families by constructing the Nuclear Power
                                                           universities. Email troubleshooting along with DNS                Plant at Kovvada, Srikakulam District. Beneficiaries
                                                           record updation, security controls, e-forms support,              are identified by the District Administration and
                                                           application integration and user coordination is                  the data had been captured through the web
                                                           regularly carried out. NIC SMS services for AP state              applications. Android application is developed for
    Andhra Pradesh has always been at                      including application integration is being taken                  Aadhaar Authentication of the beneficiaries to pay
the forefront of adopting ICT for e-Gov-                   up. Datacenter services like VM Hosting, Network                  the compensations for different awards. Modules
ernance and Citizen services. After the                    and Storage services. Provisioning testing and                    under the Punarvas project are Land Acquisition,
bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, when the                    development platforms for open-source application                 Land Alienation, RRAward, Structure and Tree
Andhra Pradesh Government decided to                       developers based on Linux environments like Ubuntu,               Compensations. The same is replicated for the
shift its Capital to Amaravathi, NIC quick-                CentOS. Providing system and security administration              BRR Vamsadhara project of Srikakulam District. It
ly rose to the occasion and provided all                   services like OS tuning, Web deployment, App                      received the National e-Governance award 2018
necessary ICT support by way of providing                  deployment, SSL services and Audit.                               (Gold Category) under District level IT Initiatives.
much needed NKN connectivity and oth-
er computing facilitates, NICs E-mail, VC                  D-Krishi (e-Seed - Aadhaar Enabled                                e-Pds -Targeted PDS system
facilities, e-Office etc., and facilitated the             Seed Distribution System)                                             NIC Andhra Pradesh has developed a fully
smooth transition of Governance.                                The distribution of Seeds on subsidized rates to             automated Public Distribution system from Supply
    TPDS is one of the flagship pro-                       farmers had been a hectic task for the past few years.            chain Management to Distribution of food grains
grammes and having achieved 100% Aad-                      To ensure smooth distribution of seed to eligible                 to BPL Families. Andhra Pradesh NIC digitized and
haar enabled public distribution, it has                   farmers, NIC, AP has developed and implemented                    generated about 1.44 crore Rice cards with 100%
immensely helped in curbing leakages.                      an Aadhaar enabled seed distribution system. Based                Aadhaar seeding and 99.9 % ekyc verification. It has
During COVID-19, we could successfully                     on the total extent held by the farmer, the eligibility           fully automated 29,783 Fair price shops catering to
reach the needy families through a ro-                     of seeds to be issued is decided by the system. The               4.3 crore people. All the transactions are based on
bust system developed by NIC AP. Andhra                    farmer can avail the seeds in person or can authorize             Biometric authentication and can draw anywhere
Pradesh is the first state in the Country                  his/ her family member to take the seeds after                    in the state under the portability option. All the
issuing rice cards within 10days of applica-
                                                           successful biometric authentication at the counter.               transactions are captured in real-time through e-pos
tion anywhere in the State through Gram/
                                                           On successful Aadhaar authentication using NIC ASA                machines. The ration is also being issued to MDM and
Ward Secretariats with 100% eKYC verifi-
                                                           service, the system allows issuing coupons with pre-              Aganwadi schools. All the entitlements, allotment of
cation in a very transparent manner with
                                                           printed numbers allotted for each counter in each                 stocks, RO generation, issue of stocks, issue of food
the help of NIC, AP.
    Andhra Pradesh has also become the                     mandal. The coupon is submitted at the godown to                  grains, and closing balances are fully automated with
first state to adopt the One Nation One                    take the delivery, where, the QR image on the coupon              real-time reports at various levels. Andhra Pradesh
Ration card in the Country.                                is scanned to populate the number automatically.                  e-Pds system has won many state and national level
        KONA SASIDHAR, IAS                                •   Around 20 lakh farmers across the state getting               CARD (Computer-aided
    Secretary (FAC), Information                               the seed in a hassle-free manner every season                 Administration of Registration
     Technology, Electronics and                               since 2017                                                    Department)
   Communication Department &
  Secretary & Commissioner of Civil
                                                           •   Bogus Pattadar passbooks and Double benefit                      CARD provides a transparent method of valuation
                                                               eliminated.                                                   of properties and calculation of stamp duties,
   Government of Andhra Pradesh                            •   Middlemen and Recycling of stocks avoided                     simplified the registration procedures, enhanced
                                                           •   No long queues at any point of time                           speed, reliability and consistency of the system. It

Hon’ble President of India interacting with Hon’ble Governor of Andhra Pradesh through VC supported by NIC, Andhra Pradesh

                                                                                                                                        January 2021    11
From the States

                                                         Government procedures and to achieve complete
                                                         transparency in administration. Keeping in view
                                                         of the same, Revenue department has initiated a
                                                         various set of reforms by way of :
                                                             1. Digitization of Land records, 2. Purification,
                                                         3. Computerization of various services of Revenue
                                                         Department. 4. Reforms for simplifying the Existing
                                                         Laws, Rules and Procedures and 5. Innovations
                                                         Special features
                                                         •   Each Government land is uniquely identifiable, by
                                                             34 different categories with 2.70 Crores Survey Nos.
                                                         •   Records are digitally signed by a competent
        Arogya Setu app and S3 portal have                   authority                                                           I am extremely happy to say that MED-
    helped AP Government in contact tracing              •   Approvals in the workflow are done with biometric               HAS developed by NIC has been provid-
    and medical resources effectively at hos-                authentication and digital certificates                         ing a transparent, smooth and effective
    pitals. NIC Andhra Pradesh state center              •   FMBs, Village Maps, Adangal, 1B                                 mechanism in bringing end-to-end solu-
    has provided excellent support to AP Gov-            •   Single source of truth to many Government                       tions seamlessly. Dr. NTRUHS has been
    ernment during the Covid-19 pandemic by                  stakeholders                                                    benefited a lot from the digital workflow
    providing uninterrupted video conference             •   Downloadable e-Passbooks with QR code                           among Academics, Admission, Examina-
    services which helped us to effectively co-          •   Bhushodak mobile app to verify the genuineness                  tion, Confidential, Finance and Adminis-
    ordinate during the Covid-19 pandemic at                 of the data, from the central server                            tration wings.
    AP. Now, our government is planning to               •   e-Crop booking through webland data, being used
    implement eHospital application across                   assessment of crop sown, damage if any, and crop
    all GGH & PHC in the state.                              insurance
                                                                                                                               Dr. SYAMA PRASAD PIGILAM 
                                                         •   Payment of Direct Benefit Transfer to the
                                                                                                                                        Vice Chancellor
                                                                                                                              Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences
        BHASKAR KATAMNENI, IAS                              beneficiaries of PMKISAN and YSR Rythu Bharosa
    Commissioner, Health & Family Welfare                •   Collection of Water tax

       Government of Andhra Pradesh                      •   Issue of different land-related certificates through
                                                         •   Integration of Revenue and Registration under               •   Major component for achieving Ease of Doing
reduced delays by replacing the manual systems               Auto mutation                                                   Business Rank.
of copying, indexing and accounting. Scanning of
documents replaced manual copying. Retrieval                                                                             MEDHAS – Medical Education &
of the documents and obtaining copies is made            •   Computerised Adangals issued through CICs till
                                                                                                                         Health Administrative System
instantaneous. The overall effect is a smooth public         date: 2.77 Crores
                                                                                                                              MEDHAS is an end-to-end solution provided by
interface.                                               •   Record of Rights(ROR-1B) Certificates issued till           NIC-APSC for Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences (Dr.
                                                             date: 2.66 Crores
Recent Initiatives                                                                                                       NTRUHS) which is the first Health University in India
                                                         •   Mutations and Printing of Title Deed cum PPB: 52.5
•   Auto Mutation, CRDA Integration, CFMS Integration,
                                                                                                                         established in 1986 at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.
                                                                                                                         It conducts various courses like UG/ PG Degree/
    Sada Bainama
                                                             Rectifications of Entries in Record of Rights:              PG Diploma/ Post Doctoral Fellowship/ Ph.D under
    Online EC & CC, Inventory Stamps Module,
                                                             54 Lakhs                                                    Medical/ Dental/ AYUSH/ Nursing/ Physiotherapy/
    Anywhere Registration, Ease of Doing Business (
    EODB)                                                •   Addition of Survey nos. in Adangal and 1B:                  Para Medical streams. There are 292 colleges
                                                                                                                         affiliated with Dr. NTRUHS. It has been provided
•   Registration Services at Gram Sachivalaya
                                                             2.86 Lakhs
                                                         •   Number of Views of Public Portal (Meebhoomi):               NKN connectivity with BSNL and STPI as a backup
Land Records Management System                               10.6 Crores                                                 for providing bandwidth. NIC is also taking steps for
     AS part of Good Governance, the Government          •   Number of Auto mutations Done Since Oct 2019:
                                                                                                                         e-Counselling to the admissions of Medical/ Dental/
                                                                                                                         AYUSH courses from next year.
has given utmost importance for simplification of            2.45 Lakhs
                                                                                          Launching of Online Original Degree, Official Transcript and Migration Certificate (OD+OT+MC)
                                                                                          for MBBS students of Dr. NTRUHS using ServicePlus on 14-08-2020 by Dr. K.Syamal Prasad,
    D-Krishi - Process Flow                                                               Hon’ble VC, Dr. K.Sankar, Registrar of Dr. NTRUHS with Dr. E. IniyaNehru,DDG&SIO

12         January 2021
From the States

    Chief Minister of AP, Shri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy inaugurating Auto Mutation Project on 11/02/2020 with Shri Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose, Hon’ble Minister for
    Registration and Stamps, Shri Neerabh Kumar Prasad, IAS, CCLA & Spl. Chief Secretary, Dr. E.Iniya Nehru, DDG & SIO, NIC, AP and other higher officials.

Key Features of MEDHAS                                           which includes importing all existing registration               Online Filing of Applications for
•   e-Affiliation (Colleges Affiliation Monitoring               into living. NIC –APSC developed a web-based
                                                                 application to make the digital workflow of different
                                                                                                                                  POLYCET entrance exam
    Module)                                                                                                                           This application program is to file the application,
•   E-Admission (Students Admission Monitoring                   stakeholders – Medical College Principals, Students,
                                                                 Doctors and APMC Staff.
                                                                                                                                  facilitates the candidate to pay the requisite fee,
    Module)                                                                                                                       automatic Exam Centre Allocation and Hall Ticket
•   E-Pareeksha (Examination Monitoring Module)                  Salient Features:                                                download for the candidates who want to write
•   E-QPODS (Electronic Question Paper Online                    •   End to End Solution for all stakeholders like                POLYCET entrance exam. State Board of Technical
    Delivery System)                                                 Medical Colleges, Medical Students and the APMC              Education and Training is the user department, which
•   E-Results (Results Processing and Publishing                     to make the entire workflow in digital mode                  conducts the Polytechnic Entrance Test (POLYCET) for
    Module)                                                      •   Renewal of Registration certificate. Issue of NOC,           admission into 3, 3½ years polytechnic diploma.
•   E-Services (Online Certificates Delivery Monitoring              Temporary Registration, Issue of Good Standing               Simply from anywhere with an internet facility,
    Module through ServicePlus)                                      Certificate                                                  the student can have on the spot Hall Ticket in the
•   E-Sandesh ( Messaging to Principals/ Students
                                                                                                                                  desired town of his choice by paying the requisite fee
                                                                                                                                  through the payment gateway.
    Monitoring Module)
•   E-OPTMIS      (Online     Payment      Transactions              WaterSoft– is a comprehensive web-based
                                                                                                                                  WEB Counseling
    Monitoring Module)                                           MIS designed & developed by NIC, APSC for the
                                                                                                                                      This application is for admission of the
•   E-Chanakya (Employees Administration Monitoring              Department of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation,
                                                                                                                                  candidates to the various professional courses based
    Module)                                                      Govt of AP. The application software integrates all the
                                                                                                                                  on their rank in the respective entrance examination,
•   E-GPF ( GPF Monitoring Module)                               RWSS offices and its laboratories across the State of
                                                                                                                                  reservation, gender, local/ non-local etc., and their
•   E-Office (Online File Movement Monitoring Module)            AP including the RWSS head office and the Secretary‘s
                                                                                                                                  order of preference given for the colleges and courses.
                                                                 office. This application aims to bring in accountability
                                                                                                                                  This activity is supervised by the department, Andhra
APMCORS- Andhra Pradesh Medical                                  and transparency. The application under one name
                                                                                                                                  Pradesh State Council of Higher education (APSCHE)
Council Online Registration System                               WaterSoft is being continuously subject to changes
                                                                                                                                  and monitored by the Conveners appointed by the
    Andhra Pradesh Medical Council is a Body                     with many more new enhancements to the existing
                                                                                                                                  APSCHE for each CET (Common Entrance Test).
corporate established by an Act of the State                     modules and the development of new modules to
Legislature. The Council was first constituted by                suit the requirement of the field level users to the              Jeevandan
a notification issued in G.O.Ms.No.662 on 19th                   strategic users for monitoring, planning and decision                A Portal to facilitate the management of Cadaver
December 1991. NIC has been entrusted with the                   making. The application can be accessed with the url:            organ harvesting and transplantation on an end-
Online Registration activities of APMC in January 2020                                            to-end basis. It provides information and alerts

    WaterSoft Application Features                                                                 Key Statistics of WaterSoft

                                                                                                                                              January 2021 13
From the States

   Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh interacting with the Hon’ble Prime Minister       Hon’ble Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh inaugurating official website of Andhra
   of India and other Chief Ministers during Covid-19 Pandemic through NIC VC Services        Pradesh High Court

to users on a real-time basis, ensuring efficiency,            and IFS) and Judicial employees of the State. This           AP High Court
effectiveness and transparency in the entire                   application is used by the Account General’s office               NIC, AP is providing IT support for implementing
operations which are part of the Jeevandan Scheme              who is the releasing authority of the pensionary             e-Court Services, CIS and other peripheries developed
and is built on an N-tier.                                     benefits. Right from registration of the case till           by e-Committee, NIC – Pune and NIC Andhra Pradesh
    Online transparent end-to-end solution to                  dispose of the case is taken care of by the application.     State Centre. The High Court servers were temporarily
facilitate the Management of Cadaver Organ                                                                                  installed at NIC AP State Centre for running the CIS
Harvesting and Transplantation has been designed               Digital Panchayat Services
                                                                                                                            core application and other peripheries. Permanent
developed and deployed successfully.                               Commissioner Panchayat Raj and Rural
                                                                                                                            servers are to be set up at High Court for running
                                                               Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has initiated
e-Office                                                       Digital Panchayat services to provide Online Gram
                                                                                                                            peripheries and CIS. New VMs are set up at National
     eOffice is a step forward into an era of paperless                                                                     Data Centre, Shastri Park, New Delhi for deploying the
                                                               Panchayat Services and to offer the technology. PRRD
administration in the Government of Andhra Pradesh.                                                                         website and related applications for dissemination
                                                               is offering series of APIs to Government Departments
It is a Digital Workplace Solution that has replaced                                                                        of information.
                                                               (G2G) as part of Ease of Doing Business (EoDB ).
the existing manual handling of files and documents                                                                              The main application & peripheries implemented
                                                               Entrepreneurs can obtain a “No Objection Certificate
with an efficient electronic system.                                                                                        at High Court are Core Information System (CIS) and
                                                               for Small, Medium and Large Scale Industries”
     eOffice is being implemented in all the                                                                                various peripheries such as KIOSK application, SR, IA,
                                                               through the Single Desk Portal of Industries and
departments of AP. Secretariat, 13 Districts and                                                                            USR Allotment, Scrutiny of Vakalat, File Movement
                                                               Commerce department. Marriage Registration APIs              etc.
83 HoDs/ 157 AOs/ 23 SUs. At present, there is no              for Pellikaanuka Scheme for financial assistance
physical file movement in the Government. ITE&C                                                                                  Hon’ble Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh, Sri
                                                               to marginalized families and to offer Marriage               Justice Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari has launched the
Dept has successfully implemented the project and
                                                               Certificate. The citizen can also obtain Birth and           Website of High Court on 08th January
are extended to 1,428 departments in Districts up
                                                               Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates and NOC for             2020 in the august presence of Hon’ble High
to Gram Panchayats level and has created a total of
                                                               Small Medium and Large Scale Industries services at          Court Judges, Registrar General & CPC, Registrars
66,07,427of files in both State and District level.
                                                               “Grama Sachivalyams”.                                        of High Court, Assistant Registrar IT and Dr. E. Iniya
Pension Settlement and                                             The citizen can avail Gram Panchayat services            Nehru, Deputy Director-General and SIO, NIC, Andhra
Management Information System                                  through the Internet. The list of Statutory Services of      Pradesh. Website for High Court of Andhra Pradesh
(PSMIS)                                                        Gram Panchayat are 1. House Tax Payments 2. Property         was redesigned as per the GIGW standards
   This application is to calculate and release the            Valuation Certificate 3. Water Tap Connection 4. Trade            During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NIC AP High
pensionary benefits to the retired/ nominee of the             License 5. Mutation 6). NOC for Small, Medium                Court team has developed e-Filing software. This
deceased State Government Employees, Central                   and Large Scale Industries 7. Marriage Certificate 8.        system is designed as per the request of the Hon’ble
government employees deputed for State (IAS, IPS,              Building Permission 9. Layout Permission.                    Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh. An E-filing system

                                                                                               NIC Andhra Pradesh State Centre received the “Award of Excellence” during elets
   Drugs control Administration web page                                                       National Water Innovation Summit 2020

14         January 2021
From the States

was launched to facilitate Advocates and other             use this system for the admission process every year.
people. E-filing of court cases is newly implemented       Normally around 50,000 students get admitted every
at the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. After seeing its      year.
success and huge response from the public, it was              This year during the Covid-19 period, a special
extended to Subordinate Courts. A provision to know        module has been designed for students to apply
the status of the case filed is provided.                  and submit documents online. This has eliminated
    During the COVID-19, virtual courts were               the process of student visit various ITIs for document
implemented using various Blue Jeans in all 19 courts.     verification during this pandemic. APIs have been
    Five Video Conferencing studios are set up in the      designed to get SSC marks data from the board
High Court for conducting State level and National         and update student details on the central skill
level VCs.                                                 development portal.

APBOCWWB (Andhra Pradesh                                   Sarathi & Vahan
Building & Other Construction                                  Sarathi and Vahan Services in Andhra Pradesh
Workers Welfare Board)                                     has started to take its shape. Currently, it is in testing
    The main objective is to automate the process                                                                           elets Award certificate
                                                           mode. The new e-KYC module which is going to be
of Distributing Benefits to Building & Other               introduced in Andhra Pradesh is the first of its kind.           24 x 7. NICNET/ SWAN/ NKN internet services were
Construction Workers under various schemes. This                                                                        ensured with constant monitoring of all the websites
application enables construction workers to register       ICJS – Interoperable Criminal Justice                        and other applications. VPN provided to staff to
online for availing various govt scheme benefits, get      System.                                                      facilitate work from home during the lockdown.
enrolled for skill development training and submit a           The Inter-operable Criminal Justice System                   In addition to these, various indigenous s/w
request for claims and process the same through a          (ICJS) is an initiative of the e-Committee to enable         applications and mobile apps were developed
workflow & role-based system.                              seamless transfer of data and information among              by NIC, APSC and NIC District Centres to support
    Construction Workers, Assistant Labor officer          different pillars of the criminal justice system, like       different Covid-19 related activities across the state.
(ALO), Deputy Commissioner of Labor (DCL) and              courts, police, jails and forensic science laboratories,
Board Members are the actors of the system. Workers        from one platform.                                           Accolades
apply for training and claims which are verified by            Andhra Pradesh has recently bagged 2nd place             •   RWSS Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh
ALO within their jurisdiction and forwarded to DCL at      in the awards announced by the National Crime                    and NIC Andhra Pradesh State Centre received the
district & Board at Hq level for further process.          Records Bureau – NCRB.                                           “Award of Excellence” during elets National Water
    As of today, around 20 Lakh construction workers                                                                        Innovation Summit 2020
are registered on this portal. During Covid-19 this data
                                                               Andhra Pradesh has 82 active prisons. central
                                                                                                                        •   ePanchayat Puraskar – 2020 - Panchayat Enterprise
has been extensively utilised to provide additional                                                                         Suite & Digital Panchayat - Ministry of Panchayatraj
                                                           prisons 4 District jails 8 PAC 1 and Spl. Prisons for            Puraskar for efficient usage of IT for 2018-19
benefits to workers.
                                                           Women 2, Spl. Sub jails 11, Sub jails 56. E-prisons
                                                                                                                            eGovernance Award for Punarvas– Land Acquisition
DCA (Drug Control Administration                           software is being implemented in these prisons
                                                                                                                            & Rehabilitation at National e-Governance
System)                                                    and digitized 11.00 lack backlog cases. This software
                                                                                                                            award 2018 (Gold Category) under District level IT
    Drugs Control Administration regulates the sale        covers the entire life cycle of a prisoner.
and distribution of drugs in the state of Andhra
                                                           e-Prosecution                                                •   CSI-Nihilent Award for the application DKrishi
Pradesh. It is workflow-based software designed
                                                               All the 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh are covered           Hon’ble CM AP Appreciation to WEBLAND and
to automate processes and issue/ generate license
                                                           with the e-Prosecution software and all the Public               AePDS applications. The technical team received
online. This software facilitates online Submission
                                                           prosecutors were trained to utilize the software                 CM appreciation and felicitation during November
of Applications, License fee Payment, Verification
                                                           for information flow from FIR data, legal opinion                2018
by officials, Grant/ Renewal of Drug License,
Amendments to existing licenses, Application Status
                                                           to integrate with e-Courts software. This software           •   CSI-Nihilent Award for CARD(Computer-Aided
                                                           provides easy access to the Director of Prosecutions             Registration Department)
tracking and monitoring, etc. Drug Firm owners/
directors apply online for various types of licenses
                                                           at state Head Quarters to monitor the progress of
                                                           various cases.
                                                                                                                        •   National e-Governance Award (Gold Category) for
like retail, wholesale, restricted, mobile, schedule by                                                                     the Loan Charge Module of Webland
submitting desired documents online and making             e-Forensics                                                  Way Forward
fee payment online. This application is being used by            Andhra Pradesh is having 7 Forensic labs
                                                                                                                             National Informatics Centre, Andhra Pradesh
105 Drug Inspectors and 13 Assistant Directors across      currently. e-Forensics software is being used by all
                                                                                                                        State Centre has always been the backbone of the
the state. As of today, around 45000 drug licenses         6 forensic labs and State Hq laboratory to register,
                                                                                                                        major technology initiatives in the State and has been
are issued by this system. APIs have been developed        acknowledge and report various samples sent from
                                                                                                                        its technology partner in rolling out many Projects.
for Authenticating Pharmacist Registration and             the Investigating officers.
                                                                                                                        Looking ahead, the focus is on new paradigm shifts
Identifying Pharmacist Location to Pharmacy council.
Another API is in the process of development for drug      Special IT support during Outbreak                           in terms of more efficient e-governance services

license issues through a single desk portal (SDP) of       of Pandemic COVID-19                                         delivery. We look forward to embracing emerging
                                                               Ensuring round-the-clock networking & email              technologies such as Edge Computing, Deep
AP Govt as part of EoDB
                                                           services, smooth execution of Video Conferencing             Learning, Blockchain, AI and ML and using them
ITI Admission                                              meetings of Hon’ble PM, Hon’ble President with all           effectively in future Projects
    This application is designed to make the ITI           state CMs & UT Administrators regarding COVID-19
admission life cycle process online, simple and            were conducted at CM Camp Office for Hon’ble
transparent. The main modules of this application          Chief Minister, Chief Secretary of AP. Regular review        For further information, please contact:
are Student Application, Scrutinize the applications,      meetings through VC on Covid-19 by Central Cabinet           STATE INFORMATICS OFFICER
                                                                                                                        NIC, 3rd Floor, R & B Building, MG Road
Merit list generation, Seat Matrix allocation, Seat        Secretary with Chief Secretary, Health Secretary             Labbipet, Vijayawada - 520010
Allotment and Admission Slip Generation. Around            and Administrators of all States and UTs, DGP, we            ANDHRA PRADESH
500 ITIs of both government and private institutes         conducted through VC services provided by NIC APSC.          Email:, Phone: 040-23494300

                                                                                                                                     January 2021 15
From the States

Chhattisgarh State
Digital Empowerment for State Administration during COVID-19 and beyond

Edited by DIBAKAR RAY                                  arved out of the erstwhile Madhya Pradesh,
                                                       the Chhattisgarh state came into being on the
NIC Chhattisgarh plays a vital                         1st November 2000. It is the 10th largest state
                                                 in India in terms of area. The state is blessed with
role in the ICT enablement of the                abundant natural beauty, waterfalls, rivers, caves,
                                                 and vast forests with a variety of wildlife as well as
state government. During the                     diamond, iron, coal and bauxite mines. The ancient
                                                 temples and structures dating back to the 5th
COVID-19 pandemic, as has been
                                                 century A.D. are the surviving symbols of the state’s
always, NIC has tremendously                     glorious history and rich culture.

supported the state government                   ICT Initiatives in the State
                                                 CORONA Guidelines, Govt. of
to act briskly and effectively                   Chhattisgarh                                                        Chhattisgarh government launched
                                                     The portal ( as              “Rajiv Gandhi KisanNyayYojna” in which
to counter the ill effects, and                                                                                  four thousand five hundred crore rupees
                                                 a single source for all government circulars and
help the people adapt to the                     information regarding SOP to handle the current                 were transferred to the needy farmers
                                                 COVID-19 pandemic was developed which is                        so that they could arrange the seeds,
new normal while ensuring                        accessible to all departments and public as well. The           fertilisers and other items for the next
                                                 portal facilitates state as well as district officials to       season. Similarly, to deliver free ration to
uninterrupted government                         upload relevant circulars on the portal.                        stranded migrants under “AtmaNirbharYo-
                                                                                                                 jna”, an App has been launched with the
business and public service.                     COVID-19 Monitoring System                                      help of NIC. Also launched were web page
                                                    The System is used to monitor the admission                  and registration portal whereby migrants
                                                 of Covid-19 positive patients either in identified              can register themselves to provide details
                                                 hospitals or in Home Isolation. The facility is                 of their family members and get free ra-
                                                 provided for the common man to get the sample test              tion. We appreciate the support of NIC
                                                 report online. To date, about 21 lakh SMS have been             Chhattisgarh throughout to make the ini-
                                                 sent to the people of Chhattisgarh and around 5 lakh            tiatives a success.
                                                 people have downloaded their test report.
                                                    Statistics as on 5.12.2020
                                                 •   Total Tests		                   2500000
                                                                                                                     KAMAL PREET SINGH, IAS 
                                                 •   Total Admissions		              242418                                 Secretary, Food
                                                 •   Total Hospitalized		            99225                                Govt. of Chhattisgarh
                                                 •   Total Home Isolations           140252
                                                 •   Total Discharged		              220177
                                                                                                             health staff with an online, simple-to-use facility.
                                                 •   Total Death		                   2941                    Tracking persons with foreign, interstate as well as
                                                 Features                                                    intra-state travel history, Home quarantining them

                                                 • Analytical Dashboard and District/ Hospital/ Lab
                                                                                                             as per established protocols, followed by a photo
                                                                                                             of daily visits by field level health staff, etc. were
                                                   wise Hospital Admission, Discharge/ Death Report
                                                 • Home Isolation and Referred Patient Report                captured. Shelter Camp Monitoring is facilitating
                                                 • A daily report of total test conducted                    tracking ofGovt. and Private shelter camps, Capacity,
                                                 • Bed availability in Covid-19 Care Center                  Minimum Basic Facility, Ration provided and
                                                 • Online Test Report and Test Report through SMS            uploading of Daily Inspection Photo. Given the risk

                        Dr. AK Hota              • Linked with Central ICMR Portal                           assessment, all the Home Quarantine persons have
                                                    State Govt. is issuing COVID-19 pandemic daily           been included in the daily photo tracking system.
                        Dy. Director General
                                                 Media Bulletin based on data available in this
                        & SIO                                                                                District Containment Plan and Quaiso
                                                 portal. Districts are generating various reports on
                                                                                                             Tracker Mobile Application
                                                 hospitalisation and Home Isolation data..
                                                                                                                 Dhamtari District developed the GIS-based
                                                 Photo-walaTracker: Quarantine                               Containment plan which was effectively used in more
                                                 Centre Monitoring System                                    than 20 districts of Chhattisgarh. District Containment
                                                     For Individual surveillance and tracking of home-       Plan has Geo-referenced maps of Hospitals (Govt. &
                        YV Shreenivas
                                                 quarantined individuals during the COVID-19 crisis,         Private) built on Arc GIS platform.
                                                 District Mahasamund has deployed an ingenious                   District containment plan contains:
                        Sr. Technical Director
                          mechanism, which integrates the efforts of field-level         Logistics details i.e. Medical equipment available

16       January 2021
From the States

                                                       powered by ServicePlus during the first lockdown
                                                       and was launched on 2nd April 2020. The site offers
                                                       various payment modes like UPI, Net Banking, Credit
                                                       Card, Debit Card and branch payment.
                                                       • Total Donations Received      Rs. 29,65,301.00
                                                       • No. Of Donors		               471

                                                       Mobile app for free food distribution
                                                            A mobile app was developed for the Social
                                                       Welfare Department, to collect the online information
                                                       of free food distribution in the state to the needy and
                                                       homeless persons during the Covid-19 outbreak. The
                                                       distribution was carried out by the department in all
        Chhattisgarh government wishes to              districts and blocks of the state. The app facilitates
    compliment the support and assistance
                                                       the district officials to feed the information of the
    rendered by the team NIC during the
                                                       location of the food distribution, the number of
    COVID-19 unprecedented situation as
                                                       persons who benefitted along with the photographs.            District Containment Plan and Quaiso Tracker Mobile
    well as the lockdown period. In numer-                                                                           Application
                                                          Total No. of Food packets Distributed 13,16,669
    ous ways, the Chhattisgarh government
    Labour department has reached out to               e-SAGA (e-Shramik Aawas-Gaman                             RojgarSangi Mobile App
    the stranded migrant workers throughout            Application)                                                  The mobile app along with Chhattisgarh State
    the country and this was all Possible for              Labour Department, being the nodal authority
    prompt and laudable support and action                                                                       Skill Development Authority (CSSDA) portal facilitated
                                                       for the welfare of workers, was supported by NIC          the skilled people looking for a job and also the
    as well as an untiring effort of NIC Chhat-        Chhattisgarh with various online applications for
    tisgarh. They were more than willing to                                                                      Employers to get registered and be connected based
                                                       effective management of the movement of migrant           on the skillset mapping. Both the applicants and
    support us. I wish the team all the very
                                                       workers. e-SAGA supported migrants to provide             employers have the facility to send messages to each
    best in the future
                                                       their travel requests to enable the department            other through the app itself.
                                                       to arrange a train facility for them. The module
                                                                                                                 •   Total Workers under Format-A		                 6308
          SONMONI BORAH, IAS                          was also developed for keeping the record of all
                                                                                                                     Workers under Format-B		                       27481
                                                       migrant workers coming through different trains to
               Secretary, Labour
              Govt. of Chhattisgarh                    Chhattisgarh from other states.                           •   Registrations through CSSDA portal             96902

                                                       •   Persons registered to arrive in Chhattisgarh          •   Registrations through App		                    21631

                                                           2,96,902                                              Padhaayi Tunhar Duaar
  up to PHC, CHC, SHC level                            •   Person registered depart from Chhattisgarh 22,739         NIC, Chhattisgarh worked with the Department of
• Manpower availability                                •   Number of trains organised 86
                                                                                                                 School Education to continue educational activities
• SOPs and Health advisories issued by ICMR and
                                                       •  Number of passengers commuted 1,09,389
                                                                                                                 during the pandemic by developing
                                                                                                                 portal and Mobile App under the project “Education
  State Health Department                                   Relief Camp Entry Module was developed to
    Based on the District Containment Plan, a mobile                                                             at Doorstep”. The site was inaugurated by Hon’ble
                                                       keep a record of all workers who stayed in the relief     Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh on April 6th, 2020
application was developed to keep records of 403
                                                       camp established by the Government and NGOs.              and became an immediate success with more
Quarantine centers and home isolated people within
                                                       Workers were categorized in two formats i. Workers        than two lakh teacher registrations and 24.52 lakh
the district.
                                                       Stayed in relief camps (Format-A) and ii. Workers         student registrations. ‘Education at Doorstep’ is a
Online donations for Chief Minister’s                  stayed in Camps organized by factory owners and           comprehensive academic cycle management system
relief fund                                            by contractors (Format-B). The Call Center Helpline       that includes textbook delivery, lecture videos for
   To accept online payment through various modes,     Module was developed to collect problems and              each chapter, online classes, assignments for each
NIC Chhattisgarh has designed an online portal         complaints of workers related to food and shelter         student, student homework management and
                                                       etc.                                                      student doubt clearance.

    CORONA Guidelines web page                                                       COVID-19 Monitoring System web page

                                                                                                                             January 2021       17
From the States

IGKV’s Student App                                           next generation experience to enhance the quality
e-KrishiPathshala                                            and effectiveness of education and learning on
    The App facilitates students of Indira Gandhi            favourite mobile/ tablet devices. It provides access
KrishiVishwavidyalay (IGKV), to carry out learning           to student profiles, registration cards, fee receipts,
activities online in the prevailing pandemic times.          result notifications and an employee corner.
Faculty members can upload study materials (in               Home Valuation Module for CGBSE
Hindi & English), Assignments, video lectures,
                                                                 Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education,
create examination question papers and fix exam
                                                             Raipur (CGBSE) needed to evaluate the answer
schedules. They can also evaluate assignments,
                                                             sheets of High School and Higher Secondary School
answers and record the marks for each student. They
                                                             Examination for the academic year 2019-20. Due to the
can also respond to student queries.
                                                             COVID-19 pandemic NIC, Chhattisgarh has provided a
    Students on the other hand can view the video
                                                             solution to evaluate answer sheets by teachers from
lectures of their courses uploaded by the professors
                                                             their homes. For this, teachers were provided login-
of their college as well as other colleges affiliated                                                                              Individual surveillance and tracking,
                                                             id so they can enter the required details for Home
to IGKV. They can download assignments, appear                                                                                 of home-quarantined individuals during
                                                             Valuation. The valuation officer could maintain the
for exams online at a specified time and upload the                                                                            the COVID-19 crisis, in as non-obtrusive
                                                             stock of answer books categorized on subject and
answer papers. They can post their queries regarding                                                                           a manner possible, while maintaining the
                                                             class. Detailed instructions and OTP-based profile
any topic pertaining to their registered courses and                                                                           integrity of daily home visits by a health
                                                             features are provided on the portal. The valuation
get the responses of the concerned professors. A                                                                               worker is a good and effective practice ini-
                                                             module facilitated the department with ease of
mock test facility has also been provided to enable                                                                            tiative by District Mahasamund with the
                                                             use and safe to work pattern. A comprehensive
students to prepare for the examinations.                                                                                      help of NIC District Centre in Chhattisgarh.
                                                             dashboard is provided to all 29 valuation offices/
E-Counselling module                                         districts and Head Office.
    The system aims at streamlining the admission            •   Total teachers registered      7492
process during the Covid-19 period in all phases
of counselling and Post counselling of IGKV while
                                                             •   Total answer sheets evaluated 3377328                                 KARTIKEYA GOEL, IAS 
providing 100% transparency in the entire process.           Monthly Assignment Module                                              Collector & District Magistrate
Seat allocation is done as per the merit, reservation
                                                                 CGBSE has started online streaming of classes
policies and choices exercised by the candidates             for students of 10th and 12th Class. NIC Chhattisgarh
in IGKV. For UG, PG & PhD, the candidates have to            has developed a monthly assignment module for
apply online for counselling and deposit the fees            students based on which teachers can evaluate                  services continued without any hindrance during the
through the SBI payment gateway to finally seek their        student’s progress. This web-based system provides             COVID-19 lockdown period. Online service certificates
admission as per the rules.                                  a comprehensive solution to manage and enhance                 were rendered to applicants through email. IVFRT
                                                             the assignment and marks the entry of every subject            system helped in the Inter-country movement of
Integrated Management Information
                                                             every month.                                                   stranded foreigners.
System (IGMIS )
    IGMIS was conceived as a framework                       •   Total students marked for assignment 8,28,992              Inter-operable Criminal Justice
incorporating fully digitised solutions for all activities   •   Total assignments submitted                                System (ICJS)
of Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalya (IGKV), Raipur.              • Sep 20         4357654 (94%)                              ICJS portal was accessible to all the police
It is a web-enabled, role and work-flow based                                                                               stations of state during lockdown period for dynamic
                                                                    • Oct 20         3989252 (86%)
ERP solution for IGKV to accomplish activities like                                                                         searching and integrated view of ICJS pillars database.
counselling, education, examination, research,               Immigration Visa and Foreigners                                e-Forensics Application under ICJS project was in
extension, establishment, finance, web portal etc.           Registration & Tracking System                                 continuous use in Forensic Science Laboratories for
This integrated system enables e-Governance in               (IVFRT)                                                        registration and monitoring of the cases.
31 Colleges, 8 Research Station, 20 KVK situated                  The Online C-Form module of the system was
in most remote places of Chhattisgarh. It is highly          utilised for generating details of foreigners staying          Video Conferencing Services
beneficial for students, employees and farmers of            in different Hotels, Guest Houses etc. Online                      Chhattisgarh is in the 4thposition among the top
Chhattisgarh. IGMIS MOBILE APP IGKV introduces the           Registration, Visa Extension, Exit Permit and other            10 states in average Studio utilization during Covid-19.

   Padhaayi Tunhar Duaar web page                                                            Video Conferencing meetings Report

                                                                                                                                                              Information Commissioner,
                                                                                                  Judge, High Court : 291                                     Govt. of India: 47

                                                                                                                                                              Information Commissioner,
                                                                                                                                                              State Govt. 1015
                                                                                                  State Govt. 741
                                                                                                                                                              President of India: 15

                                                                                                                                                              Prime Minister of India: 16

                                                                                                                                                              Governor: 5
                                                                                                  Chief Minister : 426
                                                                                                                                                              Minister, Govt. of India: 257

18         January 2021
From the States

                                                                                                                  GPS Tracking
                                                                                                     Permit/Pass System & CVMS
                                                                                                    NOC Issuance               Liquor Inventory
                                                                                                       System                        with
                                                                                                                                 Track & Trace
                                                                                             Revenue                                            Transport
                                                                                            Collection                                        Management

                                                                                                                                                     Cash Collection
                                                                                          License                                                  Management System
                                                                                         Issuance                   E-Excise
                                                                                                                Major Compinents

    ISFMS Services                                                                       Components of Excise

NIC CG provided extensive Videoconferencing facility    NKN connectivity made social distancing possible.           comprises Automated Supply Chain Management for
support from 28 districts and 22 studios of Govt.       Covid-19 portal of AIIMS, Raipur was extensively used.      excisable goods, Tracking duty evasion by generating
offices at Raipur which includes Raj Bhawan, CM                                                                     a 360-degree profile of the Excise Licensees, Issue
office, Mantralay etc.VC of Hon’ble CM with Hon’ble
                                                                                                                    Permits & Passes for movement of excisable goods,
Prime Minister and Hon’ble Governor with Hon’ble            Integrated State financial management system
                                                                                                                    Pendency checker for tracking process pendency at
President were organised regularly during COVID-19.     (ISFMS) is an IT-based budgeting and accounting
                                                                                                                    all hierarchical levels.
                                                        system that manages spending, payment processing,
    Total number of studio based VC during lockdown
                                                        budgeting and reporting for governments and other           ERP Solution for C.G. Text Book
                                                        entities. Components include computerization
                                                                                                                    Corporation, Raipur
•   Total Studio participated          71               of Treasuries, eBudget, KarmikSampda, ePayroll,
                                                                                                                        Intelligent & Integrated Book Printing &
    Desktop VC		                       600              ePension, ebill, vendor Payment System, Pension and
                                                                                                                    Distribution Process Management System has been
•   Number of Sites participated       13609
                                                        Cyber Treasury.
                                                                                                                    implemented covering Online Tender Management
•   Total Site hours		                 19267            Seamless operations of Treasuries                           with respect to paper supplier/ Paper Mill, Printer,
                                                        during Covid-19 period
NKN Connectivity                                                                                                    Transporter, and Paper Depot, Book Depot
                                                             NIC CG provided the facility to Treasury Officials     Management. Printers Window facilitates tender
    NKN Connectivity at Universities/ Institutes
                                                        for work from home using OTP-Based authentication
played a vital role during Covid-19. Also keeping                                                                   login, paper Demand generation, Challan generation
                                                        in cyber treasury application. DDOs prepared the
the network up was a big challenge for NIC as most                                                                  for dispatch of the book as provided by the
                                                        bills and sent the scanned copy to Treasury. The
of the officials were working from home. A 24/ 7                                                                    distribution section. A bookseller can register and
                                                        new option of voluntary contribution was enabled in
roster was prepared to monitor the links for smooth                                                                 buy books online. An automatic discount is applied
                                                        the e-payroll module and a provision was made to
connectivity.                                           deposit the said amount in the CM Relief Fund under         depending on the order quantity. Keeping Covid-19
    Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya (IGKV):        the Cyber Treasury. The budget was uploaded for             situation in view, an eBook (Online Flipbook) facility
Scientists of University using NKN connectivity         the new financial year and the budget distribution          has been developed which requires less bandwidth
could prepare more than 100 research papers and         module was opened for budget controlling officers.          to load the book page by page for reading by the
submitted for publications.                                                                                         school students.
    Indra Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya, Khairagarh:     Excise
Most of the foreign students were stuck in the hostel        e-Excise is a strategic administrative reform          Beneficiaries of the solution
s during the lockdown and they regularly used the       initiative of Chhattisgarh State Excise leveraging          •   5161958 Students
NKN link.                                               state-of-the-art modern technology to provide an            •   4720 State Govt. High Schools
    All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS):     end-to-end solution in a workflow-based manner. It          •   2662 -Cluster of Schools

    ERP Solution for C.G. Text Book Corporation                                        Key features of Single Window System

                                                                                                                                             Continued on Page 33

                                                                                                                                January 2021 19
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