BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews

BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
BA (International Honours)
Students’ Orientation Guide
BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
Welcome to St Andrews,
                               Scotland’s first university!

Whether you are studying Classical Studies, Economics,                               Student profile
English, Film Studies, History or International Relations,
as a BA (International Honours) student you are part of                              “While I was still a fresher at William &       Though St Andrews offers a lot of time that,
                                                                                     Mary, I remember St Andrews seeming             if managed correctly, allows you to attend
a unique and truly international joint degree programme                                                                              fancy events and/or travel the world, there
                                                                                     like a mysterious black box, distant and
between William & Mary and the University of St Andrews.                             unknown. Despite all the brochures I had        were some serious academic transitions to
You are a member of a very special community which                                   poured over and all the advice I received       be made. There is a different grading system
transcends borders and fosters a global outlook, enriching                           from upperclassmen who had survived the         and a whole new set of expectations for
both universities with fresh ideas and perspectives.                                 transition, I honestly had no idea what to      academic work. However, with that being
                                                                                     expect. Then, I arrived in Scotland and found   said, looking back I could not imagine my
BA (International Honours) students experience a number of transitions               that what was waiting for me across the         education being complete without both the
                                                                                     Atlantic was not a dark, cold, and rainy land   American and European perspectives. As the
throughout their degree programme, and we believe these transitions help you                                                         world becomes increasingly more globally
                                                                                     or an exotic extended holiday, but a home
to develop agility and adaptability, a confident and flexible approach to your       away from home.                                 interconnected, experiences like the one
learning, and a broad and international perspective, all of which will help you to                                                   offered by the BA International Honours
prepare for employment in a global market.                                           The increase in independence that I found       program will prove to be invaluable.
                                                                                     at St Andrews was intimidating at first.
In the following pages, you will find information to help you make the transition    Especially when paired with the sheer           Christina (Virginia, USA)
to St Andrews – from advice on planning your travel to a guide to Academic           volume of organized events that were on
                                                                                     at any given week — from balls to fashion
Advising and information to help you make the most of your time at
                                                                                     shows to golf tournaments. But by stretching
St Andrews.                                                                          myself and getting involved in different
                                                                                     activities, I was able to build myself a
We offer a range of support services to ease the transition and to help you settle   St Andrean family. From my academic family
into your new home in St Andrews, and we look forward to welcoming you to            with whom I shared many local traditions
our lively community.                                                                and the encouraging community at the
                                                                                     St Andrews Free Church, to my fellow
                                                                                     photographers on the campus fashion blog
                                                                                     Concrete Catwalk and my reeling set with
Professor Clare Peddie                                                               whom I have learned almost a dozen Scottish
Vice-Principal Education (Proctor)                                                   dances — I found my place and never had a
                                                                                     dull moment.

BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
How to get to St Andrews                          There are also several taxi share services       Further afield                                    Matriculation
The closest airports to St Andrews, which         offering competitive rates for a transfer from   Thanks to the train link , as well as our         Matriculation is the process where students
offer plenty of connections both nationally       Edinburgh airport to your hall of residence.     proximity to Edinburgh and Glasgow, it is         register with the University each academic
and internationally, are Edinburgh (48 miles),    There are special rates for the weekends         very easy to make St Andrews the base for         year. This includes online matriculation,
Aberdeen (84 miles), Glasgow (90 miles), and      prior to both semesters as well as the days at   your exploration of other parts of Scotland,      and attendance at the matriculation and
Glasgow Prestwick (113 miles).                    the end of each semester for your return to      the UK and regions further afield.                advising events during Orientation Week in
                                                  the airport. Check their webpages for more                                                         September. Information about matriculation
From Edinburgh airport there is an Airlink        information:                                     The Scottish Highlands are a particular           is available at:
bus that runs roughly every 10 minutes to                          favourite amongst international students and
the centre of Edinburgh. It takes around                         there are several companies which offer all-      matriculation
30 minutes and you can get off either at                                                           inclusive bus tours.
Waverley or Haymarket Station. Alternatively,     The website,, is                                                           It is important to complete the full
you can take the tram service to Edinburgh        a great resource for students to find cheap      From Leuchars you can catch a direct train        matriculation process within the time-frame
Gateway, Haymarket or Waverley which              or discounted flights. Just sign up with your    down to London. If you are planning to do         prescribed otherwise it will result in the
operates every 8-10 minutes Monday to             William & Mary email address to make getting     a lot of travel by train it may be worthwhile     implementation of our Failure to Matriculate
Saturday and every 12-15 minutes on a             to St Andrews that much easier.                  getting a Railcard, which can save you a third    policy. Full details can be found at:
Sunday. From there you catch a direct train                                                        off the price of each ticket you buy. For more
to Leuchars, which is the station closest         Living in St Andrews                             information visit:                                matriculation/failuretomatriculatepolicy
to St Andrews. The train journey takes            St Andrews is located in a breath-taking
approximately an hour.                            position. It is set on a rocky headland                                                            Immigration
Full details can be found at:                     overlooking the dramatic waters of the North     If you are thinking about hiring a car for        In the spring, you will receive an email                            Sea. Inland are the rolling fields and wooded    weekend trips there are certain conditions        from Registry about your Confirmation of
                                                  hills of the Kingdom of Fife.                    that affect if you can drive, and what you can    Acceptance of Studies (CAS) that you will
From Leuchars you get to St Andrews by bus                                                         drive in Great Britain. In general you can only   need to make an application for your Tier
(the 94, 96 and 99 lines) or taxi. You can also   Contrasts are everywhere – with local            do so if you are over the age of 21 and have      4 student visa. It is essential you have a
buy a Fife Dayrider+ when you board the           quirky shops and boutiques alongside well-       held your licence for at least 12 months. Full    passport prior to applying for your visa or
Jet Service 747 from Edinburgh Airport to         known supermarkets, bakeries, stationers,        information can be found here:                    you risk not receiving it in time to commence
the Halbeath Park & Ride, where you have to       bookshops, mobile phone outlets and a                    studies in September. Your application will
change onto the X24 or the X59 to                 range of high street fashion and shoe shops.                                                       follow the same procedures as any other visa
St Andrews. To determine whether or not                                                                                                              application, details of which can be found
taking the bus fits with your itinerary, full     There is a friendly, cosmopolitan vibe                                                             here:
schedules can be found at:                        pulsating through St Andrews. Most students                             get around by walking or cycling and so it is
                                                  not necessary to have a car.

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
“The program is obviously an incredible academic
                                                                                                                                          experience — being able to study your subject from multiple
                                                                                                                                          and dynamic perspectives. But more than that, it is a
                                                                                                                                          practice in personal development, providing exercises
                                                                                                                                          in independence, adaptability, and self advocacy. The
                                                                                                                                          program sends you to a promising future, and prepares you
                                                                                                                                          for this future by getting the most ‘life’ under your belt.”
                                                                                                                                         Aubrey (Colorado, USA)

Students entering the UK for the first time        ID cards                                            Although we ask students to upload an             Opening an account and transferring money
with a Tier 4 student visa should bring their      Your student ID / matriculation card is valid       image for their ID card, it is possible to have   from another country into the UK can take
joint degree programme acceptance letter to        for the duration of your studies and serves a       your photograph taken during matriculation        some time, so you should ensure you bring
show the immigration officer at the border.        number of important functions:                      by our ID Card team.                              enough money for living expenses for
Those with visas should not take connecting                                                                                                              the first few weeks. It is advisable to bring
flights through Dublin during initial entry as     1.	Personal identification and confirmation        More information about the ID cards can be        some cash (but not large sums) and either
your visa will not be stamped. The Republic            that you are a student at the University        found at:                                         traveller’s cheques (Sterling) or a credit card
of Ireland has a ‘Common Travel Area’ with             of St Andrews for purposes of voting in             that will allow you to take money from a cash
the UK.                                                student elections and to gain access to                                                           machine until funds have been transferred.
                                                       the University Library and Students’ Union.     Fees and funding                                  Phone your home bank a few weeks prior
Students studying at the University under a        2.	Swipe card for access to many University        As a student who started their degree at          to departure to notify them of international
Tier 4 visa are required to have their passport        buildings, for example our 24- hour             William & Mary you will pay tuition fees to       travel and to request a pin for your credit
and visa documentation verified twice each             computer classrooms and your own hall of        your home institution. However, you are           card. Some banks will also mail you a new
academic year. Verification will take place at         residence.                                      responsible for paying your accommodation         card with a chip (all European cards have
Matriculation and as part of a visa confirmation   3.	Library card. The barcode and ten-digit         fees to St Andrews. You can pay these in          chips) free of charge, making it much easier
event held early in the second semester.               number on the rear of the card is used by       full or by instalment either by international     to use machines. Be mindful of the fact that
Failure to attend the events may result in             the Library to allow access to the Main         wire transfer, bank giro credit (BGC) or          American Express is only accepted by a few
the University considering you absent. That            Library building and to manage your             credit/UK debit card. See         businesses in St Andrews, whereas Visa and
absence will be reported to the UKVI and               Library record, including the issuing                  Mastercard are widely accepted.
may ultimately result in your studies being            of books.                                       howareyoupaying
terminated and your visa being curtailed.          4. Printers are located in each hall of                                                               In terms of how much spending money is
                                                       residence as well as the University Library.    There are several banks which have branches       needed per week, there is an approximate
Students who are on a Tier 4 visa and given            Funds can be added to the card, allowing        in St Andrews, and most of them offer special     guideline to be found here (look under
a Leave of Absence for personal or medical             you to swipe and print once you run out of      deals if you open an account with them. The       International Students):
reasons must leave the UK and apply for a              credit.                                         steps needed to set up a bank account as
new visa when they return to their studies.        5. Student ID cards also give you access            an international student can be found here:       ugcoa
This change in circumstance will be reported           to the gym. Gym membership can be     
to the UKVI and your visa will be curtailed.           purchased throughout the year. Use of           bankaccounts/bankinternational
                                                       indoor facilities, outdoor fields, courts and
If you have any queries regarding passport/            equipment require presentation of your
visa checks, please contact:                           matriculation card.

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
“Enrolling in the William & Mary/St Andrews course has
                                                                                                                                given me the opportunity to have an incredibly unique
                                                                                                                                University experience of studying on both sides of the Atlantic
                                                                                                                                at two historical and reputable institutions. This will of
                                                                                                                                course have it’s particular challenges, but they will make
                                                                                                                                me a more dynamic and resilient person. I look forward to
                                                                                                                                confronting these challenges and creating a network of lifelong
                                                                                                                                friends at St Andrews and William & Mary.”
                                                                                                                               Ross (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Academic matters                               completely different to what you are used to.   Your University of St Andrews user ID           CEED
The new Pro Dean                               •  A module is a course in a particular         and password will enable you to log into        The Centre for Educational Enhancement
Curriculum (Arts and                              subject that is usually taught through       the Student Portal ‘MySaint’ through the        and Development (CEED) provides a
Divinity), Dr Lisa Jones,                         a combination of weekly lectures and         University website and choose the modules       comprehensive range of academic skills
is the academic director                          tutorials or seminars.                       you wish to take. This is known as ‘pre-        and student development services for
of the BA (International                       •  Tutorials are small group discussions that   advising.’ During Orientation Week you will     undergraduates.
Honours) programme.                               cover material taught in lectures.           receive an email with a time and location
She provides academic                          •  Seminars are a mixture of lecture and        to meet the Pro Dean for the programme          CEED coordinates the Academic Skills Project;
advice generally to our                           tutorial in small groups.                    (see page 6). In the meeting you will discuss   a programme where postgraduate students
BA (International Honours)                                                                     your module choices for the year and make       deliver optional workshops on a range of
students as well as being the Adviser of       As a rule full-time students should take 120    any final adjustments if necessary. Full        subject-specific academic skills such as essay
Studies for the first and second year          credits of modules per year, 60 credits per     information on the advising process can be      writing, citation and critical thinking. CEED
students. She works closely with academic      semester.                                       found here:      also offers a one-to-one tuition service where
colleagues in each of the Schools in the                                                       academic/academic-advising                      postgraduate tutors provide study skills
programme as well colleagues at William        It is normal for students to only take three                                                    and mathematics and statistics support to
& Mary. She can be contacted here:             modules per semester in their sub-honours       At St Andrews, work is marked on a 20-point     students. You will    years (first and second year). You must take    scale. A guide to the standards expected can
meet her during the advising process and       sub-honours modules in the subject area         be found in the BA (International Honours)      You are invited to engage with the
throughout the year at various social and      of your intended degree programme. In           regulations document, available on our          Professional Skills Curriculum which provides
academic events.         addition to compulsory modules you may be       website (see link below).                       training in over 30 skills topics that employers
about/governance/faculties-deans/pro-          able to choose other modules from a wide                                                        value. We also support you in developing
deans                                          range of subjects, some of which might fulfil   Each academic School that you will be           your IT skills via access to the Microsoft
                                               your breadth requirements.                      attending during your time at St Andrews        IT Academy. Finally, we have a range of
The University works on a semester system,                                                     will make available online a handbook which     academic skills booklets and other resources
consisting of two semesters per year.          Our online Course Catalogue also provides       outlines the School’s marking and assessment    in the CEED offices. Information is available
Holidays, teaching and study periods are not   detailed information about all the modules      criteria. You should read the handbooks         at:
evenly distributed within the academic year.   that are available:       for each of the Schools where you will be
Please note that you are required to remain    coursecatalogue                                 attending courses to make sure that you are
in St Andrews for the full duration of the                                                     fully aware of expectations and requirements.
examination diets.                             Although you may have fewer contact hours
                                               than you are used to at William & Mary,           For more information about the BA (International Honours) programme please look at the
As a BA (International Honours) student you    you should be prepared for a lot of guided        regulations document available on our website:
may find the way courses are structured here   independent study.                      

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
Library                                            Printers are available in the Main Library as        Accommodation                                      Catered residences:
The University has several libraries               well as in the individual computer rooms of          Our accommodation webpages are the best            • Provide 19 meals a week (no weekend
throughout the town. The Main University           the halls of residence, but it is also possible to   starting point for all related questions:             dinners), 14 meals a week if in David
Library, located in the centre of town, is open    buy them from stores in town. Information on                Russell Apartments (no weekday lunches
for more than 100 hours per week during            printing costs can be found on our website           residences                                            or weekend dinners) or 15 meals a week
the semester with a wide range of studying         at:                                                                at Agnes Blackadder Hall (no meals at
options, including group study rooms, silent       printingprices                                       There are ten different undergraduate halls           weekends).
study areas as well as more informal and                                                                of residence in St Andrews, each offering a        • Students may only eat meals in their own
relaxed areas, as well as a café.                  Our IT Helpdesk in the Library can help with         unique experience. From historic to modern,           halls of residence.
                                                   any issue related both to University computer        large to small, there is something for             • Meals in most halls have a duration of one
The King James Library is located on South         equipment and your personal laptop. You              everyone. As each hall is located in a different      hour, with the offer of a ‘packed’ lunch or
Street in St Mary’s College with opening times     can get free advice without booking an               part of town and hall events vary, there is           dinner alternative. Students are allowed
from Monday to Friday. Find out more about         appointment, or alternatively you can call           no standard experience of hall life. Nearly all       to select one entrée, one dessert, and one
library services at:                               them or send them an email:                          have an annual ‘Hall Ball’ and also have sports       piece of fruit, however, you may take as                                         teams, which compete in an annual inter-hall          much salad and sides as desired. There is
                                                                                                        tournament. The cost of living varies between         always a vegetarian option and catering
IT Services                                        They also run a PC Clinic Service where you          halls so check the webpages for the current           staff are happy to discuss other dietary
If you bring your own laptop, you should get       can hand in your laptop for any problems.            accommodation fees.                                   requirements.
a power lead for it once in the UK. It is easier   Turnaround time for repairs is usually 48                                                               • All Catered halls with the exception of
and safer to buy a new UK model. Each room         hours. Since it is a University subsidised           There are several different options to choose         Agnes Blackadder and David Russell
in halls of residence has a data point which       service the prices are very competitive.             from our residences:                                  Apartments close during the Christmas
allows you to connect to the internet via an       More details about the current services are          • Single or shared room. If you are in a              vacation, but your belongings may
Ethernet cable (which will be provided to all      available at:                                           shared room you will not find out in               remain in your room. Rooms must be
students arriving during Orientation Week,                 advance the name of your roommate.                 vacated at the end of Semester 2 in May.
at no extra charge). Our wireless service is                                                               However, students in the past have used
Eduroam, which is available throughout the         IT Services also work in partnership with               social media to connect prior to the start      Self-catered residences:
public areas, Schools and libraries around the     Getech and participate in a national                    of semester.                                    • Are equipped with kitchens, but students
University and also in the bedrooms of halls       procurement agreement to secure very                 • Standard (hall-style) or en-suite (you have          must purchase their own cooking
of residence.         competitive prices for students to buy                  your own toilet and shower).                        utensils.
                                                   computers through the student store.                 • Catered (with meals) or self-catered             • Halls remain open during the Christmas
                                                                                                           (cooking for yourself ).                            vacation, but must be vacated at the end
                                                                                                                                                               of Semester 2 in May.

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
“I found some of my best friends because of this programme.
                                  Through all the amazing ups and challenging downs, I
                                  had an incredible support system of friendly faces. Even
                                  more so, both schools are so wonderfully distinct; each is
                                  its own adventure. I will never forget all the extraordinary
                                  things I experienced and all the wonderful people I met at
                                  each school.”
                                 Amanda (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

All rooms are equipped with:                     •   The earliest that you can move into a        Student life                                      the Cardiovascular Suite and Free Weights
• A bed                                              hall of residence is the first Saturday of   St Andrews has a large number of coffee           Room. Students can purchase membership
• Wardrobe                                           Orientation Week.                            shops, restaurants, pubs and bars. The            for either a semester or a year. More
• Desk                                           •   Students pick up keys at the reception of    Students’ Union provides a great meeting          information can be found here:
• Chair                                              halls of residence.                          point for the student population, with the
• Lamp                                           •   Any items shipped to halls must              lowest prices in town. It puts on events
• Telephone                                          arrive AFTER you have moved into             throughout the year, from live gigs to comedy     St Andrews has a very prominent drama
• Datapoint                                          accommodation. The University cannot         nights.                                           scene, with plays, musicals, and comedy
• All residences have washing machines               guarantee secure storage and belongings                                                        acts performed on a regular basis, as well
     and tumble dryers. You will be able to          will not be covered by the University’s      There are a vast number of student societies      as an active Music Centre, which organises
     purchase a laundry card and top it up           block insurance policy until the student     and you are free to start your own if you         lunchtime concerts and evening concerts.
     online.                                         is in the residence. Note that all goods     feel that your personal interests are not         At the Byre Theatre, there are numerous arts
                                                     shipped to the UK are subject to             represented. During Orientation Week a            festivals, film screenings and special guest
The University does not provide storage              Customs Excise examination. You should       Freshers’ Fayre will be held, which gives you     talks throughout the year, so there will always
during the summer holiday, but there are             complete the form C3 – ‘Bring your           the opportunity to meet representatives of        be something for you to attend.
several companies which provide storage              personal belongings into the UK from         the societies, find out what they are all about
facilities, such as:                                 outside the European Community,’ at:         and to join the ones you like.                    Halls of residence organise their own annual
• The Big Space:                                                                                     hall ball, but in addition there are a multitude
• Flexistore:                                                                                     There is also a Sports Fayre organised by the     of other balls and dances taking place each                                                         Athletic Union, which introduces you to all       semester. So make sure to bring some formal
                                                 Mobile phones                                    the different sports that are on offer in         wear with you, unless, of course, you need
Online accommodation applications and            You may want to invest in a British mobile       St Andrews, and is a great opportunity to         an excuse to go shopping in Dundee or
Move-in:                                         (cell phone). There is a phone shop in town      meet like-minded people and make new              Edinburgh.
• Application forms open 1 April and must        where you can purchase a mobile phone            friends. The Sports Centre has recently
   be completed by 30 June. You can rank         and several in Dundee and Edinburgh.             updated its facilities and offers an impressive
   your preference for en-suite, single,         Alternatively, if you have a smartphone,         range of courses and classes, in addition to
   shared, catered or self-catered, but you      contact your provider prior to your departure
   cannot choose the hall itself.                for St Andrews to confirm whether or not
• Accommodation offers will be released in       your phone is already unlocked. If it is not,
   July or August with specific hall and room    request to unlock your phone so you can            There will be a special welcome event held for you and your fellow joint programme
   assignments.                                  purchase a UK sim card upon arrival.               students, organised by the Pro Dean for the BA (International Honours) programme.
                                                                                                    An invitation will be sent to you by email.

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
Traditions                                       Every year in the first semester one of         heroic efforts of John Honey who, in 1800,         Support systems
During its more than 600 year long history       St Andrews’ unique traditions takes place,      saved five people from a sinking ship off the      Student Services provide a comprehensive
St Andrews has developed many traditions,        Raisin Weekend. On Raisin Sunday academic       St Andrews pier, swimming out and back with        support system for all students, with
all of which play a significant role in making   parents host parties for their children to      one person at a time. The May Dip sees its         specialised advice and counselling in areas
student life here so unique.                     celebrate their introduction to the             culmination at the first light of dawn and the     of finance, disabilities, international student
                                                 St Andrews community. Traditionally, children   screams of the students as they enter the cold     service, academic issues, health concerns,
Academic families are, in essence, a way to      would present their parents with a pound of     North Sea can be heard for quite a distance!       mental health issues, personal and emotional
incorporate freshers (new students) into the     raisins, hence the name. On Monday morning                                                         concerns. Student Services as well as the
student community. At St Andrews you have        your academic mother will dress you up in       Throughout the semester you will see               other departments involved in dealing with
the chance to be adopted by an ‘academic         fancy costumes and your academic father         students wearing the traditional red               the joint programme have great experience
mother and father’. These academic parents       will present you with a Raisin Receipt, which   undergraduate gown. Gowns are not                  dealing with international students and their
are Honours students, i.e. students in their     could be anything from a teddy bear to a        compulsory, but highly desirable in certain        transition to the UK higher education system,
third or fourth year of study, who will act as   door. You will make your way through town       situations. Whilst not everyone will buy one       so you will be in good hands.
mentors and introduce you to student life        carrying the receipt and end up with all the    (their price can be a little steep – try and get
at St Andrews. Academic parents can adopt        other academic children in the foam fight       a secondhand one at the Students’ Union            For any queries that you may have whilst at
more than one student so you will have some      near St Salvator’s Quadrangle!                  shop) you can always borrow one if you need        St Andrews you can go along to the Advice
academic siblings too, and over the years                                                        it. Formal hall dinners, University Chapel         & Support Centre (ASC), 79 North Street,
your academic family will grow with each         On 1 May many students brave the freezing       services (followed by the Pier Walk) and any       where staff will be able to listen, give advice
new intake of freshers.                          waters on the North Sea in celebration of the   sort of ceremonial events are good times to        or refer you on to appropriate services. The
                                                                                                 wear a gown. They are also rather cosy and         Advice & Support team will provide advice
                                                                                                 can help you stay warm during the winter.          on all welfare matters including overseas
“Joining the programme has been one of the best decisions of my life. The friends I have                                                            student issues, flatmate problems, financial
 made on both campuses and amongst my WaMStA peers, the places I have explored, the                                                                 matters/problems or any matter of concern
                                                                                                                                                    to a student. If they cannot help then they
 materials I have studied in a subject I love dearly in two different academic styles, and the                                                      will refer you to an appropriate person either
 lessons I have learned transitioning between continents have changed me for the better in                                                          within or outwith the University.
 a way no study abroad opportunity could. I am a more well-rounded and knowledgeable
 person because of this programme, and I could not be more thankful for the chance to serve
 both institutions as a proud WaMStA student.”
Liam (Virginia, USA)                                                                               Semester dates for the coming years can be found here:

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BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
“The Programme is simultaneously the most challenging and
                                                                                                                                      most rewarding endeavor I’ve ever faced. It’s daunting, but
                                                                                                                                      it’s also taught me independence, self-sufficiency and the
                                                                                                                                      problem-solving skills I’ll need well into the future.”
                                                                                                                                     Ian (Missouri, USA)

In addition, the Global Office run daily          Nightline is another resource that provides       More information can be found here:               •    Health and disability
consultation hours during term time (2-4pm,       students with a listening ear and relevant            •    Activating your University email address
Monday to Friday), which are designed             information. Nightline is run by students and     current/residents/wardens                         •    Online matriculation
to provide an extra resource for joint            is completely confidential. Nightline runs                                                          •    Module choices
programme students while in St Andrews.           every night that halls of residence are open      Our Out of Hours Emergency Service provides       •    Parents’ Reception
Whether you would like advice about a             and operates from 8pm until 7am. For more         cover for emergency situations, such as           •    William & Mary – St Andrews Student
practical matter, or just want to have a chat     information about contacting Nightline and        liaising with the National Health Service for          Partnership
about your experience in St Andrews, the          its work, please see:                             ill health or personal crises. More information
Global Office will be happy to see you. The                    can be found here:          The WaMStA Student Partnership organises
office is located in St Katharine’s West on The                                                     contacts/emergency/university/outofhours          social gatherings for WaMStA students
Scores, just next to the Arts Building.           Students with disabilities should contact an                                                        while also providing BA (International
                                                  adviser as soon as possible to ensure that        The University of St Andrews, in accordance       Honours) students with the opportunity
The BA (International Honours) Intern has an      the University can put in place appropriate       with the Data Protection Act of 1998,             to gain leadership skills by serving on the
important role to play in the Global Office       support and provide advice. To get in touch       is subject to strict laws that forbid the         organisation’s board. The Partnership acts
and will be in touch with you during your         with an adviser, please email:                    release of information about students to          as both a social outlet and support system,
time at St Andrews via email and through our                       any external party. However, guidance             connecting students across institutions,
Facebook group:                                                                                     for parents can be found on webpages:             degrees and years. The Partnership’s                    The Wardens and their teams, many of whom                 Facebook group is home to helpful blog
You are also welcome to contact the Intern        are postgraduate students, provide practical      bainternationalhonoursjointdegree                 posts and other resources geared for BA
directly:              help on advice and welfare matters to students                                                      (International Honours). This is a closed group
                                                  in halls of residence. The Wardennial Team        In the summer preceding the start of your         called WaMSTA Student Partnership.
Our Intern also coordinates our Buddy             takes responsibility for encouraging a sense of   studies at St Andrews you will receive
Scheme which pairs an Honours student             community and are your main contact within        information via email about various things
(third and fourth year) in the programme          the residence. They actively encourage you to     such as:
with a sub-honours student (first and second      join in with your fellow residents organising     • Arrival and airport pickup service
years). For students who are new to the           games nights, activities and excursions. Your     • Orientation Week
                                                  Wardennial Team will be the first point of call   • Getting your student ID
University of St Andrews the scheme is a
                                                  if an issue occurs, or if you have a personal     • Fee payment
terrific opportunity to meet somebody who
                                                  problem. They keep order in halls of residence
has had a similar experience of transitioning
                                                  and are responsible for student discipline.
between the University of St Andrews and
                                                  However, they are not in loco parentis; their
William & Mary and who already knows                                                                  Join the BA (International Honours) Facebook group and connect with
                                                  roles are as mentors, advisers and supporters.
St Andrews. It’s also a good way to meet                                                              other joint programme students at both St Andrews and William & Mary.
people and make friends.                                                                              See:

14                                                                                                                                                                                                15
BA (International Honours) Students' Orientation Guide - University of St Andrews
Health service                                     Further information on medical and dental       within the US to meet with recruiters. Further,   Beyond graduation – the continuing
As part of your Tier 4 student visa application,   care can be found at:     the Careers Centre webpages have career           St Andrews connection
you will be required to pay an Immigration         students/advice/health                          sector guides and information about US and
Healthcare Surcharge so that you have access                                                       UK labour markets.                                While you are at St Andrews
to the National Health Service (NHS), which        The Careers Centre                                                                                Parents/guardians of St Andrews students
provides routine or emergency medical              The Careers Centre has a variety of tools and   As a service to BA (International Honours)        are important members of the University’s
treatment. For information about the current       resources that are available to all students,   students, the Careers Centre can also seek out    extended community. For this reason,
charges please see our webpages:                   and also runs specific events aimed at BA       and connect you with alumni who are already       Development runs a Family Programme                          (International Honours) students seeking to     working in interested sectors or companies.       which aims to keep families up to date with
                                                   highlight their unique educational experience   This also includes researching specific sectors   news and developments at the University and
If you require regular medication you should       to employers in the UK, the US and across the   as well as making email introductions. The        provides them with a range of benefits and
ensure that you arrive in St Andrews with at       world.                                          Centre helps to organise undergraduate            services. For further information, please visit:
least one month’s supply. You should then                                                          business cards and has a Video-Interview
have time to consult a doctor here before you      The Centre offers one-on-one career advising    Suite available for virtual interviews that can   programme
need to obtain further supplies.                   sessions with a dedicated careers adviser for   be booked by students.
                                                   joint degree programme students, CV and                                                           Once you leave St Andrews
If you are an international student on             interview workshops, and it hosts a variety     Students may consult directly with Kristyn        Leaving St Andrews does not mark the end of
prescribed medication from a doctor in             of events that are designed around job          Emmer, the International Opportunities            your association with the University but the
another country you may be unable to get           application preparation. The Centre hosts       Manager who organises events and resources        beginning of a lifelong relationship with the
this in the UK. Speak to your doctor who can       regular webinars and seminars specifically      for joint programme students. For more            University as St Andrews alumni. When you
advise you if your medication is licenced in       for joint degree programme students that        information, or for any questions, please         leave, you will receive a SPARC alumni benefit
the UK. If not, then you may bring medication      focus on networking, LinkedIn profile           email:                     card which will provide access to a range of
into the UK but please check for advice about      development, alternative CVs, and etiquette                                                       benefits and online services. The University
the paperwork requirements that you need.          practice, among other subjects.                 Students are also strongly encouraged to join     will keep in touch through the annual alumni                                                              Saint Connect, the Career Alumni Network          magazine, Chronicle, and through a monthly
health/medication                                  There are also regular virtual events that      that brings together St Andrews alumni            St Andrews in the News e-newsletter. We hope
                                                   feature American employers, as well as          and current students. Within Saint Connect,       that you will be interested in any alumni
The NHS will not repatriate you to your home       physical US-focused events in St Andrews        students on the joint degree may join a           activities in your area and that we might
country if you become very ill or are seriously    and in the United States. These include         special group for BA (International Honours)      welcome you back to St Andrews in the future.
injured, so it is strongly recommended that        Networking Nights, Alumni Career Forums,        students and alumni that can be found by
you maintain some limited insurance cover in       Work-Shadowing Placement, and sector-           searching ‘WaMStA Joint Degree Programme’.        For further information about the full range
your home country.                                 specific trips (Treks) to relevant companies    To join Saint Connect, please see:                of programmes and services run by Alumni
                                                                                                          Relations, please visit:

16                                                                                                                                                                                                17

                           BA (International Honours)
                           Global Office, University of St Andrews, St Katharine’s West
                           16 The Scores, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AX
                           +44 (1334) 462119

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