Beaches Link Project update - August 2018

Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
August 2018

Beaches Link
Project update
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018

 Beaches Link
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Project overview................................................................. 4        Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link map...... 19
Project benefits....................................................................5      Stronger measures on tunnel emissions.....................20
Design changes led by community feedback............. 6                                    Design and construction................................................. 22
Design facts and map.......................................................10              Beaches Link vertical alignment ..................................30
Project need ........................................................................ 11   Construction....................................................................... 34
Future Transport 2056..................................................... 12              Immersed tube tunnel construction sequence......... 35
Public transport and active transport.......................... 13                         Safety is the number one priority................................. 36
Integrated planning...........................................................14           Temporary construction sites........................................ 37
Middle Harbour – the challenge.....................................16                      Next steps........................................................................... 48
Middle Harbour – the solution........................................ 17                   Environmental impact assessments............................. 49
Western Harbour Tunnel – companion project.......... 18
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Project overview
Beaches Link is a major                Beaches Link includes over
transport infrastructure project       11 kilometres of tunnels as well    Beaches Link will:
                                       as upgrading over five kilometres
that will make it easier, faster
                                       of surface roads.                   •	Improve journey
and safer to get around Sydney.
                                       Beaches Link will be largely           times and reliability
As Sydney continues to grow,           underground and its design has         on critical transport
with more and more trips being         been improved as a direct result       routes on both sides of
made, so will the challenges to        of community feedback.
our transport network.                                                        Middle Harbour
                                       This design work has minimised
Heavily constrained routes to          surface impacts and reduced
                                                                           •	For the first time,
the Northern Beaches impact            property needs.                        provide a motorway
on all road users, including bus                                              link between the
commuters, and Military Road.          Beaches Link
                                                                              Northern Beaches and
Areas such as Mosman, Artarmon         A new tunnel from the Northern         the rest of Sydney
and the Northern Beaches run           Beaches, under Middle Harbour,
the risk of lagging behind the rest    connecting to:                      •	Relieve traffic pressure
of Sydney because of current           •G
                                         ore Hill Freeway for travel         on the North Shore
transport reliability.                  between Manly and the              •	Integrate with
Faster and more reliable trips are      Northern Beaches and
                                                                              Sydney’s public
essential to reducing congestion        Chatswood, Macquarie Park
                                        and North West Sydney                 transport network
and providing new levels of
                                                                              (bus, metro and rail)
access to jobs and services.           •T
                                         he Warringah Freeway for
                                                                              to deliver significant
Beaches Link is key to delivering       journeys to North Sydney,
                                        Sydney central business district      improvements for
the transport vision for Sydney.
                                        (CBD) and Sydney’s south and          bus services.
It will unlock new levels of access     south west.
to jobs, recreation and services,
including health and education,

across Sydney.
With Beaches Link, people will
spend less time in traffic and
have more time for themselves
and their families.                                                          less time in
                                                                             traffic, more
                                                                             time for you


       69,000 vehicles
                               a day cross     Spit Bridge
                  forecast to carry         80,000 vehicles by 2037
                                                       with 43 bus routes


4      Beaches Link – Project update
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Project benefits
                                                                                                                                   opportunities for

        Beaches Link is an integrated                                 Northern
        transport solution that will improve                          Beaches
        car and bus journey times to and                                                                                             Manly and
                                                                                                                                     Northern Beaches
        from the Northern Beaches. It will
        also provide new connections to                                                                     St Leonards

        St Leonards and Macquarie Park                                                                      North Sydney
        linking people with jobs, education                                                                                 City
        and services.

                                                                                                             Less traffic on
                                                                                          Wakehurst          North Shore roads
                                                                                           Parkway           Spit Bridge – 40% less
        Connecting                                More reliable                                              Roseville Bridge – 25% less
        the Northern                              North Shore trips                                          Eastern Valley Way – 35% less
        Beaches, south                            •	Reduced pressure on key                                 Military Road – 15% less

        and west                                     arterial roads – Military
                                                     Road and Warringah Road
        •	Bypassing 19 sets of
                                                  •	Greater resilience                        North Balgowlah
           traffic lights through
                                                     to incidents and delays
           The Spit, Mosman and
           Neutral Bay                            •	Reduced rat-run traffic on
                                                     local roads – Eastern Valley
        •	Improved connections
                                                     Way, Frenchs Forest Road
           to North Sydney and                                                                                                                                Man
                                                     and Ourimbah Road                 Seaforth
           Sydney CBD
                                                                                                                  Sydney Road
        •	New connections to
           St Leonards and
           Macquarie Park
        •	Access to motorway
                                                                                                       Spit Bridge
           network for faster
           journeys across Sydney
                                                                                                                     New public
                                                                                                                     transport options
      Artarmon                                                                                                       •	Operation of express bus
                                                                                                                        services on Beaches Link
                                                      Northbridge                                                       to Sydney CBD and
                                                                                    Returning                           North Sydney
          Gore Hill
          Freeway                                                                   streets to local                 •	Direct access to North
                                                                                                                        Sydney for interchange
                                                                                    communities                         with the new Sydney Metro
                                                                                                                        and Sydney Trains
                                      Miller S

                                                                                    •	Less rat-running through
                                                                                       local streets                 •	Faster, more reliable bus
                                                                                                                        trips on Military Road and
                                                                                    •	Reduced traffic on
                                                                                                                        Warringah Road
                                                       Cammeray                        arterial corridors

        Better access to jobs                                                                                        New
                                                                  Travel time savings                                community
        and business
                                                                  	Brookvale to Sydney CBD
        •	Over 15 per cent more Northern                             up to 27 minutes                               open space                          Watsons B
           Beaches residents will be within
                                                                                                                     •	Opportunity for new open
           45 minutes commute to work                             	Dee Why to Sydney Airport                           space at the Balgowlah
        •	Local Northern Beaches                                   up to 41 minutes                                    Golf Course site
           businesses will benefit from
           better access to Greater Sydney
                                                                  	Frenchs Forest to Rozelle                     •	New shared path along
                                                                       up to 40 minutes                                 the Wakehurst Parkway,
        • 	More direct access will be                                                                                  connecting Seaforth with
            available for movement of                             	Manly to Macquarie Park                          the Northern Beaches
            goods and servicesSydney                                   up to 23 minutes                                 Hospital precinct
Birchgrove                  Harbour
                                                                                                      Beaches Link – Project update               Vaucluse
                                                                                 Sydney Harbour
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Design changes led by community feedback
In March 2017, the NSW                 We want to hear what you
Government released a project          think about where we are up to.       What we’ve heard
                                       Roads and Maritime Services will
concept and started detailed                                                 Extensive engagement
                                       shortly commence community
design work on the Beaches             engagement on the design              has included over
Link project.                          presented in this document.           5000 face-to-face
Since then, there has been             Once we have heard your               conversations via a
extensive community engagement,        feedback, Roads and Maritime          series of 16 community
geotechnical testing, field studies    will continue to refine the design.   feedback sessions,
and market sounding with                                                     12 shopping centre
                                       The NSW Government will then
the finance and construction
                                       progress this refined design          displays, workshops and
                                       through the planning assessment       meetings with schools
This project update provides an        process. This will include the        and community groups.
overview of how the proposed           exhibition of Environmental
design has evolved, incorporating      Impact Statements (EISs) when         We have made significant
feedback from community and            the community can provide             changes to the design,
stakeholder groups over the            formal feedback.                      based on what we
past year.
                                                                             have heard from the

6      Beaches Link – Project update
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018

What we heard                       How the design addresses this

Concern that tunnel ramps are       Proposed tunnel ramps including ventilation outlets moved
too close to houses and Seaforth    500 metres north from concept design location for superior community
Oval – community proposal           and engineering outcomes
to move ramps further north
on the Wakehurst Parkway to
reduce local impacts

Concern about potential             No access from North Balgowlah into tunnel ramps to avoid local
changes to local roads, including   rat-running
rat-runs through local streets to
access the tunnels

Concern that Seaforth Oval          Temporary construction sites designed to minimise local impacts
sports field will be directly       No impact to Seaforth Oval sports field
impacted by construction
                                    Construction traffic carrying tunnel spoil will head north (not south)
Concern about construction          on the Wakehurst Parkway
traffic on local streets and
around the oval                     Construction traffic separated from traffic using the oval car park

Desire for safe and accessible      New dedicated shared user paths along the Wakehurst Parkway,
active transport and                including a new underpass to connect existing trails of Garigal National
connections to existing             Park and Manly Dam Reserve
cycle and walking trails

Need for design to                  New crossings for fauna provided along the Wakehurst Parkway
accommodate crossings
for wildlife

Concern about a ventilation         Ventilation facility will be located with the tunnel ramps further north on
facility being located near         the Wakehurst Parkway
Seaforth Oval                       Air quality assessment, taking into account local conditions, is being
                                    undertaken and will be included in the EIS

                                                                          Beaches Link – Project update           7
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018

    What we heard                        How the design addresses this

    Preference for tunnel ramps and      Proposed tunnel alignment changed so tunnel ramps are located in
    construction to use Balgowlah        the centre of Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation
    Golf Course rather than              Revised tunnel alignment avoids impact on homes and bushland west of
    impacting homes, Burnt Bridge        Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation – significantly reducing the number
    Creek bushland or Seaforth           of homes needed for the project
    Public School
                                         Use of Balgowlah Golf Course for major construction site and permanent
                                         facilities including a ventilation outlet and new link road means:
                                            –– Reduced construction impact on local residences and
                                                 Seaforth Public School
                                            –– Less disruption to traffic and buses
                                            –– Opportunity to reconfigure the golf course as community
                                               open space after construction, in consultation with Northern
                                               Beaches Council and the community

    Concern about a ventilation          Ventilation outlet will be located near the tunnel ramps, in the Balgowlah
    outlet being located in the          Golf Course precinct, which is the most efficient location
    Burnt Bridge Creek valley            Air quality assessment, taking into account local conditions including
                                         topography, is being undertaken and will be included in the EIS

     esire to keep the shared user
    D                                    The shared user path crossing Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation will be
    path under Burnt Bridge Creek        maintained throughout and after construction

     oncern about queuing of
    C                                    Improved design of connections to Condamine Street and a new
    vehicles going in and out of the     link road to Sydney Road provide good outcomes for the local
    tunnel ramps and traffic impacts     road network
    on local roads

8        Beaches Link – Project update
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Artarmon and Willoughby

What we heard                      How the design addresses this

Concern about impacts              Alternative proposal for Flat Rock Drive construction site which
to sporting facilities in the      eliminates impacts on the Flat Rock Baseball Diamond
Willoughby area

Concern about Artarmon             No impact to Artarmon Reserve sports field
Reserve sports field               No construction site at Artarmon Reserve

Avoid the homes to the north of    No homes acquired in this area
Gore Hill Freeway

Locate the ventilation outlet to   Ventilation outlet will be located in Artarmon industrial area, south of
the south of Gore Hill Freeway     Gore Hill Freeway
in industrial area
                                   An air quality assessment, taking into account local conditions (including
                                   topography) is being undertaken and will be included in the EIS

Concerns about the clearing        Minimise impact to bushland by widening to the south and avoiding
of bushland next to Gore Hill      Artarmon Reserve bushland

Desire to be able to access        Access to Beaches Link via Gore Hill Freeway and Reserve Road
Beaches Link

                                                                         Beaches Link – Project update          9
Beaches Link Project update - August 2018
Design facts and map

   Beaches Link

   Beaches Link
                                                                                                 7.2 kilometres                   Main tunnels three lanes each way
   (Cammeray to Balgowlah)

   Beaches Link
                                                                                                 2.5 kilometres                   Two lanes each way
   (the Wakehurst Parkway connection)

                                                                                                                                  Two lanes each way – Beaches Link ramp
   The Wakehurst Parkway upgrade                                                                 3 kilometres
                                                                                                                                  to Warringah Road

   Beaches Link
                                                                                                 2 kilometres                     Two lanes each way
   (connection to Gore Hill Freeway)

                                                                                                                                  Integration of Beaches Link
   Surface Works, Gore Hill Freeway                                   Davidson                   1.3 kilometres
                                                                                                           Beaches                with existing road network
                                                                                    Frenchs Forest                                                    gah Road                                     Dee Why

                                                                     Davidson                              Northern
                                                                                                           Hospital               Frenchs Forest
                                                                                                                                  Mona Vale
                                                                                                                                  Narrabeen     Warring
                                                                           Frenchs Forest                                         Terrey Hills          ah Roa
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dee Why

                                                                                                                                  Frenchs Forest

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Curl Curl

                                                                                                                                  Terrey Hills
                                                                                                                         st P



                                                                                         Killarney Heights                                                          Manly


                                                                                                                                                                    Dee Why

                                                                                                                                        Allambie Heights
            Lindfield                                                                                                                                                                                       Curl Curl
                                                                                                                          st P


                            Roseville                                                                                                   North


                                                                                         Killarney Heights                              Balgowlah                      Manly


                                                                                    Castle Cove                                                                  ridg Dee Why

                                                                                                                                                              t B iation
         Lindfield                                                                                                                                          rn Dev
                                                                                                                                                      Cr Bu


                           Roseville                                      Middle Cove                                                   North

                                              Chatswood                                                         Harbour                 Balgowlah

                                                                                    Castle Cove                                                                    dge

                                                                                                                                                               t B iation
                                                                                                                                                             rn Dev
                                                                                           Castlecrag                    Seaforth                             k
                                                                                                                                                       Cr Bu


                                                  Lane Cove Tunnel      Middle Cove
                                                                                                                Middle                           Spit Bridge
                                            Chatswood                                                           Harbour                                                                                     Manly
                                                  M7                                                                                                        Sydney Road
                                                                                                                                                                Balgowlah Heights
                                                                                           Castlecrag                     Seaforth
                                 Artarmon                                                                                                                          Balgowlah
                            Gore Hill Freeway                                                     Northbridge
                                                  Lane Cove Tunnel                                                                                Spit Bridge
                                                                                        Sydney CBD

                                                                                        North Sydney


                                                                                                                                                                  Balgowlah Heights


                             Royal    North                                            Cammeray
                           Shore Hospital
                           Gore Hill Freeway
        Lane Cove
                                                                 Ernest                Sydney CBD
                                   St Leonards
                                                                            St                                                            Mosman

                                                                 Falcon                North Sydney

                                                   Crows Nest              St

                                                                                       Airport                         Cremorne


                                                                        Miller St

                          Royal North                                                  Cammeray
                        Shore Hospital                                                     Neutral Bay
      Lane Cove
                                                                Be rrystStSt                                                               Mosman                                                Watsons Bay
                                  St Leonards
                                                  Crows Nest             St
     Woolwich                                                        North                                              Cremorne
                                                                     Sydney            High St         Cremorne Point
                                                                       Miller St

                                                                                                 Neutral Bay
      Legend                                                    Berry St                                                                                                                           Watsons Bay
                                                                Sydney                                                                                             0                 1km             2km              N
  Woolwich Beaches Link           Birchgrove                 Northern
                                                                 North Beaches Hospital roadworks
                                                                 Harbour                             Cremorne Point
                                                                  Sydney              High St
              Wakehurst Parkway Upgrade                           Bridge                         Sydney                     Major roads                                                        Vaucluse
Drummoyne                                                                                        Harbour        Sydney Harbour
10          Beaches Link – Project update                                                 Kirribilli
                                                                SydneyBeaches Hospital roadworks                                          Motorways
                                                                                                                                                                    0                    1km              2km             N
            Beaches Link         Birchgrove                  Northern
            Wakehurst Parkway Upgrade                            Bridge                          Sydney                                   Major roads                                           Vaucluse
Project need
As Sydney’s population grows,
our economy and jobs will also         Beaches Link:
grow, as will the number of trips
made in and around Sydney               upports the Greater Sydney
                                       S                                    Supports customer outcomes
every day.                             Region Plan                          Future Transport 2056
                                       (Greater Sydney Commission,          including enabling 30 minute
Congestion costs our economy           2018) vision for access by public    access to jobs and services by
around $6.1 billion a year.            transport to the Eastern Harbour     public transport, improving
By 2030, this cost is expected         City, including Sydney Harbour,      the legibility of the transport
to hit $12.6 billion a year.           St Leonards, Chatswood and           network and improving
Motorway connections, as part of       Macquarie Park.                      freight journey times by
an integrated transport network,                                            better separating local and
                                        upports the Eastern City
                                       S                                    through traffic.
provide critical support to a
                                       and North District Plans
growing economy in a global                                                  ligns with Infrastructure
                                       (Greater Sydney Commission,
city like Sydney.                                                           Australia’s Priority List
                                       2018), special objectives to
Beaches Link is a key initiative       maintain the Harbour City’s          which is developed by this
for Sydney’s integrated transport      economic success and support         independent infrastructure
network. It will relieve congestion,   sustainable growth of strategic      advisor to define the nation’s
improve access by public               centres across the North             infrastructure priorities.
transport to jobs and services         District.                            The project is listed as a
and increase the efficiency of                                              priority initiative.
                                       By reducing pressure on
the freight network.
                                       arterial roads, the project also
The project has been identified        facilitates improvements to
as an infrastructure priority by       places in the Eastern City and
both the NSW and Australian            North Districts.
Commonwealth Governments.
It supports the NSW
Government’s strategic objectives
for Greater Sydney and delivers
on recommendations made by
Infrastructure Australia.
In 2018, the NSW Government            The NSW Government is                Over the next four years, a
delivered a long-term planning         investing a record $51.2 billion     total $556.2 million has been
and transport blueprint, releasing:    over the four years to 2021/22       allocated for the Western
                                       for public transport and roads.      Harbour Tunnel and Beaches
•    reater Sydney Commission’s
    G                                                                       Link Program.
    Greater Sydney Region Plan         This represents a $9.8 billion,
    and District Plans, which          or 23.6 per cent increase on         A total of $130 million has
    establish a vision for Sydney      the four years to 2020/21            been allocated for the 2018/19
    as a productive, sustainable       included in the 2017/18              financial year for planning and
    metropolis of three cities         NSW State Budget.                    early works for the Western
    where people can access jobs                                            Harbour Tunnel and
                                       The total amount is comprised
    and services within 30 minutes                                          Beaches Link.
                                       of $26.6 billion for public
    by public transport                transport and $24.6 billion
•   Future Transport 2056             for roads.
    (see page 12).

                                                                           Beaches Link – Project update      11
Future Transport 2056

     By 2056, NSW will have                 strategically significant roads       Within the 10-kilometre area
     more than 12 million                   that move people and goods            around metropolitan centres,
     residents and Sydney will              rapidly over long distances.          city-serving corridors will be able
     become a global city of                Movement corridors and
                                                                                  to support higher frequency,
     eight million people,                  motorways are highly important
                                                                                  reliable on-street public
     similar in size to London              for the movement of people and
                                                                                  transport while city-shaping
     or New York.                           goods, with a key role to provide
                                                                                  motorways divert major traffic
                                                                                  away from centres.
     Planning and investment for            efficient movement across the
     Greater Sydney will focus              road network where there is little    This is our vision for the
     around the three cities concept        interaction with adjacent land        integrated network around the
     – the Western Parkland City,           use. Motorways provide a critical     Harbour CBD where the network
     the Central River City and the         function in taking long distance      of new motorways, including
     Eastern Harbour City.                  through-traffic off surface roads     WestConnex and Western
                                            when access to places is not          Harbour Tunnel will support high
     The NSW Government’s
                                            required.                             volume and capacity of private
     Future Transport Strategy is an
                                                                                  vehicles, road-based public
     overarching strategy supported         The Future Transport vision for
                                                                                  transport and freight movement.
     by a suite of plans to achieve         the transport network is one
                                                                                  At the same time they will enable
     a 40-year vision for our               where different road and rail links
                                                                                  busy surface roads, such as
     transport system.                      form part of an integrated and
                                                                                  Parramatta Road, Victoria Road
                                            connected network across the
     Future Transport has been                                                    and Military Road, to support
                                            Greater Sydney region with each
     developed in close collaboration                                             more on-street public transport
                                            of the three cities in a hierarchy
     with the Greater Sydney                                                      to provide reliable access to land
                                            of corridors performing different
     Commission, Infrastructure NSW,                                              uses along these roads.
     the NSW Department of Premier
                                                                                  Motorways such as Beaches Link
     and Cabinet and the NSW                Motorways can support a
                                                                                  support successful places, a key
     Department of Planning and             city-shaping function as they
                                                                                  outcome sought from Future
     Environment.                           facilitate higher speed and
                                                                                  Transport 2056. They provide
                                            volume linkages between
     Future Transport 2056 identifies                                             for a through-traffic bypass of
                                            cities and centres. While
     Beaches Link as a committed                                                  places such as the Sydney CBD,
                                            motorways provide access
     infrastructure initiative along with                                         facilitate a 30-minute city by
                                            across the metropolitan area
     the F6 Extension, Sydney Metro                                               allowing greater surface priority
                                            and to and from regional NSW,
     West and Parramatta Light Rail.                                              for public transport, and create
                                            as part of this vision, they are
                                                                                  the opportunity for better places,
     As part of the Movement and            complemented by city-serving
                                                                                  for example at Neutral Bay
     Place Framework outlined               corridors better suited to
                                                                                  or Rozelle.
     in Future Transport 2056,              accessing centres.
     motorways are identified as

12       Beaches Link – Project update
Public transport and active transport
Beaches Link benefits public
transport across the Northern
Beaches, the North Shore,
North Sydney and around
the CBD by opening up new
express bus connections and
adding capacity to existing
Beaches Link will:
•   Enable direct, reliable public
    transport between the
    Northern Beaches and North
    Sydney as well as south of
    Sydney Harbour and new
    direct connections to centres
    such as St Leonards
•   Free up Military Road for
    more reliable bus services
    through Mosman, Cremorne
                                       B-line bus
    and Neutral Bay and ease
    pressure on Warringah Road
    for bus services through          B-Line Bus                           Active transport
    Frenchs Forest, Forestville and
    Roseville Bridge                  Before the new B-Line Bus service    Beaches Link delivers over five
                                      was introduced, the Northern         kilometres of new cycleways
•   Improve bus travel on the
                                      Beaches experienced some of
    Warringah Freeway, including                                           and pedestrian paths.
                                      Sydney’s longest peak-hour bus
    a new continuous, free-flowing
                                      travel times.                        New active transport
    bus lane between Miller Street
    and Sydney Harbour Bridge         The new Northern Beaches bus
                                                                           connections will provide new
    and improved access to            network, along with traffic flow     travel options and create new
    North Sydney                      improvements delivered by            paths for recreation.
•    nable opportunities for
    E                                 B-Line, has already increased
    express buses to use              bus patronage and reduced            New Wakehurst Parkway
    Beaches Link.                     travel times.                        shared path

                                      Over 2000 weekly B-Line services     •   Links the new Northern
                                      are now providing an enhanced            Beaches Hospital precinct with
    Beaches Link public               connection between Mona                  Seaforth, Balgowlah and Manly
    transport integration             Vale and Wynyard, with further       •   Integrates with the Garigal
                                      improvements expected from               National Park and Manly
    By connecting with the
                                      current road upgrades.                   Dam Reserve trails with safe
    Warringah Freeway, Beaches
                                                                               underpasses and overpasses
    Link allows direct access         By reducing traffic on existing
    to the Sydney CBD and             bus corridors, Beaches Link will     Balgowlah Recreation precinct
    North Sydney – and delivers       further enhance the travel time      •   Provides additional shared
    new opportunities for new         and reliability benefits created         pathways integrated with
    express bus services.             by B-Line.                               existing paths to nearby
    We are working closely            Beaches Link has the potential           schools and shops
    with Transport for NSW            to further expand express bus
    to explore opportunities          transport for the Northern
    for new public transport,         Beaches as part of our integrated
    including express buses to        transport network.
    use Beaches Link and then
    interchange with Sydney
    Trains and Sydney Metro at
    North Sydney.

                                                                          Beaches Link – Project update       13
Integrated planning
As a large urban expanse,                Beaches Link complements
Greater Sydney is reliant on             other major NSW Government
strategic centres across the             initiatives:
metropolitan area to provide
                                         B -Line
employment and services.
                                         Beaches Link will provide the                                 Richmond
Ensuring these centres are               opportunity to the new Northern
connected with each other                Beaches B-Line by enabling
and the rest of Sydney by an             express services through Beaches
effective integrated transport           Link and reduced pressure on
network is fundamental to                existing arterial routes.
supporting access to jobs,
housing, recreation and services;        Sydney Metro
facilitating business-to-business        Beaches Link will enable direct
                                                                                                                             NORTH WE
connections and attracting               connections to Sydney Metro.                                                       PRIORITY LA
                                                                                                                            RELEASE A
investment.                              For example, the interchange for
This requires a range of transport       Beaches Link express buses at
modes, including mass transit            Victoria Cross Station in North
solutions such as heavy rail or          Sydney will increase the Metro
metro rail, and other solutions,         catchment area and will provide                                                            M7
                                                                                                                 St Marys
including bus, light rail,               a fast, one-transfer journey
motorways and active transport.          between the Northern Beaches                 M4

                                         and Greater Sydney.                                  North South
                                                                                              Rail Line                 WESTERN SYDNE
                                         Northern Beaches Hospital                                                           AREA

                                         Beaches Link will connect to the
                                         new Northern Beaches Hospital                 Luddenham
                                         precinct, providing a direct       WESTERN

                                         connection to the Warringah and    SYDNEY                           Badgerys
                                                                            AIRPORT                          Creek                       C
                                         Gore Hill Freeways and enabling
                                         new routes to St Leonards and                     Bringelly
                                         Macquarie Park.                                                AIRPORT

                                                                                                            WESTERN SYDNEY
                                                                                                            PRIORITY GROWTH

                                                                                  The Northern Road

                                                                                                               SOUTH WEST
                                                                                                             PRIORITY GROWTH





 Proposed Victoria Cross interchange. Image courtesy Sydney Metro.

14     Beaches Link – Project update

                                                                                                                                                         Legend                                         NN
                                                                                                                                                            Existing     motorways/highways

                                                                                                                                                           Projects completed
                                                                                                                                                      Projects completed
                                                                         Hornsby                                                                                  WestConnex New M4 widening
                                                     Hornsby                       M1                                                    Mona Vale          WestConnex   New M4 widening
                                                                                                                                                               M5 widening
 Cudgegong                                                      M1                                                                Mona Vale                 M5 widening
                                                                                                                                                           Public transport in delivery
 AND                                                                                                                                                  Public transport
                                                                                                                                                                B-Line in delivery
                                                                                                                                                                  Sydney Metro Northwest
                                          etro                                      Wahroonga                                                               B-Line
                                      ey M                     NorthConnex
                                 Sydnhwest                                                                                                                        Sydney Metro City and Southwest
                                 Nort                                                                                                                       Sydney Metro Northwest
                   etro                                          Wahroonga                                       Frenchs Forest
               ey M
                                                                                                                                                                  City & South East Light Rail
         Sydnhwest                                                                                                                                          Sydney Metro City and Southwest
         No rt                                                                                    Frenchs
                                                                                                NORTHERN       Forest
                                                                 West Pennant Hills                                         B-Line                          City transport
                                                                                                                                                          Public  & South East   Light Rail
                                                                                                                                                                           in planning
                                      Baulkham Hills                                             HOSPITAL                                                         Parramatta Light Rail
                                 M2        West Pennant Hills                   NORTHERN                                          Brookvale
                                                                                                                   B-Line                             Public transport
                                                                                                                                                                 Sydney in planning
                                                                                                                                                                        Metro West
          BLACKTOWN                                                              BEACHES
              Baulkham Hills                                                     HOSPITAL                                                                       North South
                                                                                                                                                            Parramatta      RailRail
                                                                                                                                                                        Light    Line
       M2                       GREATER                        Carlingford                                 Chatswood Brookvale
                                                                                                                         Balgowlah                          Sydney Metro West
     M4 Smart Motorway        PARRAMATTA
                                    Epping                                                                                                                 Motorway projects in delivery
                                                                                                                        Spit Bridge                         North South Rail Line
                                                                                                          Artarmon                                                NorthConnex
EY GREATER M4                         Carlingford                                          Chatswood
                                  Westmead                                                                        Balgowlah                                       WestConnex New M4 tunnel
 PARRAMATTA                             Holroyd
                                                                                                                                                      Motorway projects in delivery
                                                                         OLYMPIC                                 Spit Bridge                                      WestConnex New M5
                                                                         PARK             Artarmon                                                          NorthConnex
                                                  W                                                                                                            WestConnex M4-M5 Link
         Westmead                                Ne estC
                                                   w on                                                                                                     WestConnex   New
                                                                                                                                                               The Northern   M4 tunnel
                                                      M4 ne            Homebush         Drummoyne
               Holroyd                                   wi x
                                                           de          West                                                                                    M4 Smart Motorway
                                                                                                                                                            WestConnex  New M5
                                                     PARK ing         W                                                   SYDNEY
                            W                                         Ne estCo            Rozelle                          CITY                             WestConnex M4-M5 Link
                           Ne estC                                   ext w M4 nnex
                                                                        ens tun                                                                            Major transport projects in planning
                              w on                                          ion ne                                                                           The Northern Road
Cecil Hills                      M4 ne               Homebush        Drummoyne     l WestConnex                                                                   Warringah Freeway Upgrade
                                   wi x                                               M4-M5 Link                                                             M4 Smart Motorway
                                       nin           West                                                                       Bondi Junction                    Western Harbour Tunnel
                                          g      W                                                          SYDNEY              GREEN SQUARE
                                                 Ne estCo             Rozelle
                                                                       tro   st
                                                                                                             CITY               /MASCOT                           Beaches Link
rfield                                                              Me thwe
                                                ext w M4 nnex ydneynd Sou                                 Mascot                RANDWICK              Major transport  projects
                                                                                                                                                                F6 Extension      in planning
                                                                                                                                                                             – Stage 1
                                                   ens tun S y a                Sydenham
         LIVERPOOL                            Bankstownion neCit                                                                HEALTH AND                     F6 Extension – Kogarah to Loftus
                                                              l WestConnex                                  St Peters                                       Warringah Freeway Upgrade
                                                                 M4-M5 LinkWolli Creek                      Interchange
                                                                                                                       Bondi Junction                             M12
                                                               Beverly Hills                                                                                Western Harbour Tunnel
                                M5 Widening     M5                                    ex                               GREEN SQUARE
                                                                                                                                                                  Sydney Gateway
                                                    tro    st
                                                      Riverwood                    onn                                 /MASCOT                              Beaches Link
                                          Revesby Me thwe                       stC 5                                                                             The Northern Road
                                               ney Sou                        We w M                                                                        F6 Extension – Stage 1
                                          Sydy and                            Ne         Mascot                        RANDWICK                                 T4 and T8 Rail Upgrades
                    Bankstown              Cit                Sydenham
                                                           Hurstville                                                  HEALTH AND                               More Trains
                                                                                                                                                            F6 Extension  – More Services
                                                                                                                                                                            Kogarah   to Loftus
                                                                                              St Peters
                                T4 and T8 Rail Upgrades        Wolli Creek                    KOGARAH
                                                                                            Interchange                EDUCATION
                   Glenfield                                                                                                      BOTANY                    M12
                                More Trains Beverly    Hills
                                            More Services                                  HEALTH AND
                                                                                            EDUCATION                  SYDNEY
                                                                                                                       La Perouse                          Growth areas
                                                                                                                                                            Sydney Gateway
     M5 Widening         M5                                        ex                                                  AIRPORT
                                  Riverwood                     onn                                                                                               North West Land Release Area
                  Revesby                                    stC 5                                                                                           The Northern Road
                                                           We w M
                                                           Ne                                                                                                     Western Sydney Priority Growth Area
                                                                                                                                                             T4 and T8 Rail Upgrades
                                          Hurstville                                                                                                         More Trains
                                                                                                                                                                South    More
                                                                                                                                                                      West      Services
                                                                                                                                                                           Priority Growth Area
     T4 and T8 Rail Upgrades                                                 KOGARAH                                      PORT
d                                                                                                                         BOTANY
                                                                                                                                                                  Western Sydney Airport
     More Trains More Services                 SUTHERLAND                  HEALTH AND
                                                                            EDUCATION                       La Perouse                                Growth areas
                                                                                                                                                               Western Sydney Employment Area

                                                                                                 Cronulla                                                   North West Land Release Area

                                                                                                                                                            Western Sydney Priority Growth Area
                                                                                                                                                            South West Priority Growth Area
                                                                                                                                                            Western Sydney Airport
                                                                                                                                                            Western Sydney Employment Area


                                                     Port Kembla,


                              Wollongong,                                                                                                     Beaches Link – Project update                         15
                              Port Kembla,
Middle Harbour – the challenge

                                                                                      Military Road –
                                                                                      Sydney’s worst
                                                                                      A recent study by the
                                                                                      Grattan Institute found
                                                                                      Sydney’s worst traffic
                                                                                      congestion is from Manly,
                                                                                      across The Spit, through
                                                                                      Mosman and Cremorne
                                                                                      to the city.

        Motorists from the Northern               Due to the limited access and
        Beaches experience long and               extensive congestion, routes to
                                                  and from the Northern Beaches
        unreliable journey times.
                                                  are vulnerable to incidents
                                                  and delays.
        Just three arterial roads
        serve the Northern Beaches:               Congestion on the Spit Bridge
                                                  – Military Road and Warringah
        Spit Bridge                               Road – Roseville Bridge corridors
        •       he only ‘opening’ bridge
               T                                  has significant impacts on the
               on the Sydney road network         North Shore.
        •      C arries 69,500 vehicles a day    Congestion also causes some
        •       orecast to increase to over
               F                                  traffic to use local roads, such
               74,500 vehicles a day              as Ourimbah Road in Mosman,
               by 2027.                           Frenchs Forest Road in Seaforth
                                                  and Eastern Valley Way in
        Warringah Road                            Willoughby.                        The Northern Beaches
On average
between•    Carries 78,500 vehicles a day         This impacts the amenity of        B-Line is delivering
2014 and 2017
        •       orecast to carry 83,000
               F                                  suburbs including Cremorne,        important benefits to

1,400 Harbour  vehiclesSydney
                        a day by 2027.            Mosman, Neutral Bay, Seaforth,
                                                  Willoughby and Roseville.
                                                                                     bus customers.
                                                                                     These benefits will be
        Mona Vale Road
incidents on                                      It also impacts bus andaverage
                                                                          car    annual cost to
        •            and Warringah
            Carries 57,400 vehicles a day                                            enhanced as a result
                                                  journey times for people in economy  in 2036
                       Freeway every year                                            of Beaches Link.
        •    orecast to carry 61,200
            F                                     these areas.
            vehicles a day by 2027.

        On average
        2014 and 2017

       550 Spit Bridge &
           Military Road
       incidents on                                 Limited alternate routes lead to a
                        every year                  network vulnerable to incidents

       16         Beaches Link – Project update
Middle Harbour – the solution

•   For the first time, a direct,
    free-flowing connection
    between the Northern
    Beaches and the rest of
•   A seven-kilometre integrated
    transport tunnel crossing
    under Middle Harbour
    connecting the Northern
    Beaches to the Warringah
    Freeway and Gore Hill
•   Less pressure on Spit
    Bridge and Military Road
    – improving amenity in
    Mosman, Cremorne and
    Neutral Bay – and relieving
    traffic flows through
    Roseville and Willoughby
•    irect Warringah Freeway
    access for fast and reliable
    access to North Sydney, the
    Sydney CBD and beyond
•   A fast, reliable link between
    the Northern Beaches and
    key centres including
    St Leonards and Macquarie
    Park via direct Gore Hill
    Freeway connection
•   Opportunity for additional
    express bus services and
    improved connections to
    Sydney Trains and the new         Morning peak travel times in 2027, with and without Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link
    Sydney Metro                      (WHTBL)
•   Widening the Wakehurst
    Parkway to two lanes each                                                     Without           With          Percentage
                                       Origin             Destination             WHTBL            WHTBL            faster
    way between the Wakehurst
    Parkway tunnel ramps and           Balgowlah          North Sydney            32 mins          14 mins            57%
    Frenchs Forest
•   Pedestrian and cyclist             Brookvale          Sydney CBD              57 mins          30 mins            48%
    pathways including safe
    crossings of the Wakehurst
                                       Chatswood          Sydney Airport          50 mins          30 mins            41%
    Parkway and connections
    to the Northern Beaches
    Hospital precinct                  Dee Why            Sydney Airport          75 mins          34 mins            55%

•   Opportunity for new open
    space in Balgowlah to be           Manly              Macquarie Park          47 mins          24 mins            49%
    developed in consultation
    with council and community         Manly              Parramatta              78 mins          53 mins            32%
•    ess traffic on major arterial
    roads across the North             Mosman             Sydney Airport          48 mins          30 mins            38%
    Shore, improving urban
    amenity and travel times.
                                      * Based on 2027 traffic forecasts.

                                                                                  Beaches Link – Project update               17
Western Harbour Tunnel – companion project
Western Harbour Tunnel is a            It will change the way people
                                       move around Sydney and how
major transport infrastructure                                             Western Harbour
                                       people travel between the North
project that will make it easier,                                          Tunnel will:
                                       Shore, the CBD and Western and
faster and safer to get around         Southern Sydney.
Sydney.                                                                    •	Create a western
                                       With Western Harbour Tunnel,           bypass of the CBD
Sydney Harbour Bridge and              people will spend less time in
Sydney Harbour Tunnel are at the       traffic and have more time for
                                                                              and take pressure
heart of Sydney’s road transport       themselves and their families.         off Sydney Harbour
network.                                                                      Bridge, Anzac
                                       Western Harbour Tunnel
Both are now at over-capacity          includes over six kilometres of
                                                                              Bridge and Western
and a single incident can have         tunnels as well as upgrading over      Distributor
a major flow-on effect on travel       nine kilometres of surface roads.   •	Integrate with public
times across the transport
network and impact our
                                       Largely underground, the               transport, improve
                                       proposed reference design for          travel times and
                                       Western Harbour Tunnel will have
                                                                              boost reliability for
As Sydney continues to grow,           minimal impacts to communities
with more and more trips being         and significantly reduce property
                                                                              cross-harbour trips
made, so will the challenges to        needs.                                 and the broader
our transport network.                                                        network
                                       The project includes:
This is why the NSW Government                                             •	Provide core
is investing $51.2 billion across      Western Harbour Tunnel –
                                                                              capacity that enables
NSW on roads and public                a new tunnel from the
                                       WestConnex Rozelle Interchange,        improved links across
transport to deliver an integrated
transport solution for Greater         under Sydney Harbour to the            Sydney.
Sydney.                                Warringah Freeway.
                                       Warringah Freeway Upgrade –
Western Harbour Tunnel is key to
delivering this transport vision.      streamlining Australia’s busiest
                                       For further detail on
                                       Western Harbour Tunnel go to
                                                                             less time in
                                                                             traffic, more
                                                                             time for you
                 more than

                 4.3 million people
          cross Sydney                 Harbour Bridge and Tunnel
                 by car, bus and train every week

18     Beaches Link – Project update
Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link map:                                                                                                    Oxford Falls

combined projects
Beaches Link has been                                   Davidson

developed with Western                                                                                             Northern
Harbour Tunnel as part of
a program of works due
                                                                                                                                                                  ga h Road
                                                                                         Frenchs Forest

to the design interface at
the Warringah Freeway.                                                                                                                         Frenchs Forest
                                                                                                                                               Mona Vale
                                                                             Forestville                                                       Terrey Hills

                                                                                                                                                   Allambie Heights
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Curl Curl

                                                                                                                                        t Pa
                                                                                                 Killarney Heights                                                               Manly

                                                                                                                                                                                 Dee Why

                                 Roseville                                                                                                          North


                                                                                         Castle Cove                                                                          ridg

                                                                                                                                                                           t B iation
                                                                                                                                                                         rn Dev

                                                                                                                                                                    Cr Bu
                                                                               Middle Cove
                                                   Chatswood                                                              Harbour                                                                                 Manly
                                                                                                                                                                       Sydney Road

                                                                                                   Castlecrag                       Seaforth                                  Balgowlah

                                                        Lane Cove Tunnel                                                                                        Spit Bridge
                                                                                                                                                                              Balgowlah Heights
                                  Gore Hill Freeway                                                      Northbridge

                                                                                                Sydney CBD

                                                                                                North Sydney


                    Lane Cove     Royal North
                                Shore Hospital
                                          St Leonards
                                                                               St                                                                     Mosman
                                                        Crows Nest             St
                                                                             Miller St

                                                                                         RAMP                                    Cremorne

                                                                                                       Neutral Bay
                                                                     Berry StRAMP

                                                                           North                                                                                                                           Watsons Bay
      Woolwich                                                             Sydney
                                                                                            High St            Cremorne Point

                                         Birchgrove                   Harbour
                                                                       Bridge                         Sydney                                                                                           Vaucluse
 Drummoyne                                                                                            Harbour                Sydney Harbour

M4 WestConnex
   Blacktown                 Rozelle
     Penrith              Rozelle                                                                                                                               Point Piper
                          Interchange                  Pyrmont                                                    Point
                                                                                                                                   Darling Point

                                        Anzac Bridge
                       City West Link                                                    M5 WestConnex
                                          Glebe                Glebe Point                    Airport
                                                                                            Port Botany

                                                                                                                                                                     0                  1km            2km          N
         Beaches Link                                     Wakehurst Parkway Upgrade                                                 Motorways
         Western Harbour Tunnel                           WestConnex                                                                Major roads
         Warringah Freeway Upgrade                        Northern Beaches Hospital roadworks

                                                                                                                                                    Beaches Link – Project update                                         19
Stronger measures on tunnel emissions
Sydney’s air quality                                                                                                            our population grows, total                                 Recent NSW tunnels longer than
                                                                                                                                emissions from motor vehicles                               one kilometre are required to have
Sydney’s air quality is good                                                                                                    are expected to continue to fall                            zero ramp emissions, whereas
by national and international                                                                                                   over the next decade due to new,                            outside Australia almost all road
standards.                                                                                                                      cleaner vehicles replacing older                            tunnels have ramp emissions.
                                                                                                                                technology vehicles.
In NSW, the Office of                                                                                                                                                                       To achieve zero ramp emissions,
Environment and Heritage (OEH)                                                                                                  Modern tunnel ventilation                                   jet fans draw in air from the exit
monitors, analyses and publishes                                                                                                                                                            ramp to ensure a net inflow of
                                                                                                                                Beaches Link will be designed                               air at the ramp so that all tunnel
information about air quality.
                                                                                                                                to achieve:                                                 emissions are removed through
The Environment Protection                                                                                                      • Strict in-tunnel air quality                              an elevated ventilation outlet.
Authority (EPA) regulates air                                                                                                      limits
quality and implements measures                                                                                                                                                             This is most efficiently done
                                                                                                                                •   No emissions from ramps                                 when the ventilation outlet is
for managing and reporting
air pollution.                                                                                                                  •   Emissions from ventilation                              positioned near the exit ramp,
                                                                                                                                    outlets indistinguishable from                          reducing ongoing energy use and
Despite there being more cars on                                                                                                                                                            improving effectiveness.
                                                                                                                                    background air quality.
the road, a number of initiatives
and technological developments                                                                                                  In-tunnel air quality is achieved                           This is why all ventilation outlets
in both engine emissions and                                                                                                    by ensuring sufficient air flow                             for Western Harbour Tunnel and
fuel quality have resulted                                                                                                      through the tunnel to prevent the                           Beaches Link will be located near
in substantial reductions to                                                                                                    build up of vehicle emissions.                              tunnel exit ramps.
Sydney’s vehicle emissions over
                                                                                                                                The air flow is achieved through a                          Locations of ventilation outlets
the past two decades.
                                                                                                                                combination of traffic flow, tunnel                         for Beaches Link are shown on
Although the number of cars is                                                                                                  size and ventilation design                                 the maps for tunnel ramps on
expected to further increase as                                                                                                 (jet fans).                                                 the following pages.

Australia’s air quality standards
are stringent by global standards
                                    Australian Standard (8 µg/m3)

                                                                     WHO Guideline (10µg/m3)

                                                                                               US National Standard (12µg/m3)

                                                                                                                                                     EU Air Quality Limit (25µg/m3 )

                                                                                                                                                                                            Cars built
                                                                                                                                                                                            after 2013 emit    97% less
                                                                                                                                                                                                         oxides of nitrogen than
     Illawarra                                                                                                                                                                                            vehicles built in 1976
         Perth                                                                                                                                                                              Diesel trucks
San Francisco                                                                                                                                                                               built after 2013
   New York
                                                                                                                                                                                                 92% less            particles
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of matter
     Montreal                                                                                                                                                                                                        trucks built
        Zürich                                                                                                                                                                                                       in 1996
   Singapore                                                                                                                                                                                By 2036 there will be a
                  0                                                 10                                                                     20                                          30
Air quality in Sydney and internationally
Annual Average PM 2.5 Concentrations µg/m 3                                                                                                                                                 in PM2.5 vehicle
Source: World Health Organization                                                                                                                                                           emissions since 2003

20         Beaches Link – Project update
Beaches Link will have elevated              Assessment and regulation                    he NSW Chief Health Officer
ventilation outlets that are very                                                        will release a statement on the
                                             The NSW Government has
effective at ejecting tunnel air high                                                    potential health impacts of
                                             announced stronger measures
into the atmosphere through a                                                            emissions from tunnel ventilation
                                             on emissions from motorway
combination of buoyancy                                                                  outlets.
and speed.
                                                                                         The Minister for Planning will
                                             The NSW Environment Protection
Once in the atmosphere, the                                                              not approve a motorway tunnel
                                             Authority will regulate the
ejected tunnel air dilutes hundreds                                                      project until the ACTAQ scientific
                                             ventilation outlets of all current
of times as it mixes with the                                                            review is considered.
                                             and future operating motorway
surrounding air and becomes
                                             tunnels in NSW, including the               The Beaches Link tunnel will be
indistinguishable from background
                                             new Beaches Link tunnel.                    subject to stringent assessment
                                                                                         of the tunnel ventilation systems
                                             The EPA will require tunnel
The effectiveness of a ventilation                                                       and ambient air quality in
                                             operators to meet air quality
outlet design in dispersing tunnel                                                       surrounding areas.
                                             limits and undertake air quality
air under all operating and weather
                                             monitoring.                                 Further reading
conditions is assessed through
specialised computer modelling               Additional checks will be required          Roads and Maritime interactive
using actual hour-by-hour weather            before determination of the                 portal on air quality:
data for a full year.                        Environmental Impact               quality
                                             Statements for the project.
Once complete, Beaches Link will                                                         NSW Chief Scientist and
be continuously monitored at the             The Advisory Committee on                   Engineer:
ventilation outlets to control the           Tunnel Air Quality (ACTAQ) will   
ventilation system.                          coordinate a scientific review of           reports/advisory-committee-on-
                                             the project’s air emissions from            tunnel-air-quality
This will ensure that strict limits
                                             ventilation outlets. ACTAQ, which
outlined in the approval conditions
                                             advises the NSW Government
are complied with at all times.
                                             on tunnel ventilation design and
Once operating, air quality                  operation, is convened via the
monitoring data will be publicly             Office of the NSW Chief Scientist
available on the new motorway                and Engineer.

                                                                                Emissions readily dispersed

                                                                                                              Air quality monitors

Artist’s impression of longitudinal tunnel ventilation system.

                                                                                      Beaches Link – Project update                  21
Design and construction

22   Beaches Link – Project update
This section of the project update
provides information about the
proposed reference design for an
integrated transport solution that
includes Beaches Link and the
Gore Hill Freeway connection.
Most of this project will be deep
underground in tunnels.
Community and stakeholder
input over the last year has
resulted in significant design
changes to the project.
Roads and Maritime wants to
hear what you think about this
proposed reference design.
Roads and Maritime will
shortly commence community
engagement on the design
presented in this project update.
Balgowlah connection – indicative layout
Community input has led to                  Benefits
major design changes for the                •   This provides the opportunity
Balgowlah connection.                           to reconfigure the golf course
                                                after construction to provide
The Balgowlah connection
                                                much needed new open space
provides access between
                                                for the community (see below)
Beaches Link and the southern
area of the Northern Beaches                •   The new design greatly
peninsula, including Seaforth,                  reduces local impacts. It
Manly and Brookvale.                            requires significantly less
                                                private property and preserves
Key features                                    the Burnt Bridge Creek green
•    The Beaches Link tunnel ramps              space west of Burnt Bridge
     will emerge in the centre of a             Creek Deviation
     widened Burnt Bridge Creek             •   The new link road reduces
     Deviation to the south of                  pressure on other key roads
     Kitchener Street                           such as Pittwater Road and
•    The existing Kitchener Street              Condamine Street and takes
     over-bridge will be lengthened             pressure off the intersection of
     and re-aligned with clearances             Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation,
     increased to 5.2 metres to                 Sydney Road and Manly Road
     allow safer passage of large           •   This link road provides the
     vehicles in and out of the                 opportunity for express bus
     tunnels                                    services to connect to the
•    There will be a new link road              Sydney transport network
     between Burnt Bridge Creek             •   There is the potential for
     Deviation and Sydney Road                  additional bus stops to be
•    Motorway facilities and a                  integrated into the design
     ventilation outlet will be             •   The new design maintains
     located within the current                 active transport along the
     golf course area. These will be            underpass of Burnt Bridge
     housed in a structure designed             Creek Deviation and provides
     to blend with the urban                    new shared user paths.

     Future use
     •   The opportunity exists to              •   The final layout of the
         reconfigure the golf-course                site will be developed by
         site following construction of             Council in consultation with
         Beaches Link                               the community and key
                                                    stakeholder groups
     •   Roads and Maritime will
         continue to work with Northern         •   The existing sports field
         Beaches Council on plans for               at Balgowlah Oval will be
         the precinct, in consultation              accessible and remain intact
         with the local community                   throughout construction
     •   After construction, it is              •   The existing scout hall is
         envisaged Roads and                        unaffected and will remain
                                                                                   To Seaforth
         Maritime will leave a terraced,            accessible at all times
         grassed area in a form that is
         compatible with the future final       •   The existing shared path
         layout of the site, as developed           access under Burnt Bridge
         by Northern Beaches Council                Creek Deviation will
                                                    remain open.

24        Beaches Link – Project update
To Brookvale and Dee Why

Beaches Link ramps

                                       Tunnel alignment

                                       Edge of existing road

                                       Bus lane

                               B       Potential bus stop

                                       Ventilation outlet

                                       Active transport

                            To Manly

                         Beaches Link – Project update            25
The Wakehurst Parkway Upgrade

                     The Wakehurst Parkway connection          New fauna and bushwalking underpass



                          See page 28 for a closer view of
                          the Wakehurst Parkway connection

                                                                                      New fauna underpass

                                       Tunnel alignment

                                       Edge of existing road
                                  B    Potential bus stop

                                       Ventilation outlet

                                       Active transport

The Wakehurst Parkway will be          Key features
a key link between Warringah           •   Widening to two lanes in       •   Multiple shared connections
Road (and suburbs to the                   each direction between             across the Wakehurst Parkway
north) and Beaches Link at                 the Wakehurst Parkway
                                                                          •   Wildlife crossings over and
Seaforth, improve connectivity             connection and Warringah
                                                                              under the widened Wakehurst
to the Northern Beaches and                Road
peninsula and reduce pressure          •   Free-flowing traffic
on Warringah Road.                         environment with a posted
                                           speed of 80 km/h
                                       •   Three-kilometre-long
                                           shared user path connecting
                                           Seaforth / North Balgowlah
                                           with the new Northern
                                           Beaches Hospital precinct
                                       •   Bus stop bays on both sides
                                           of the Wakehurst Parkway

26    Beaches Link – Project update
New fauna underpass

                                                                       Renewed pedestrian bridge

New bushwalking and cycle underpasses                    B

                                                 Connection to Northern Beaches
                                                     Hospital road upgrade

      •   All works will be within the
          existing road reserve and clear
          of Garigal National Park and
          Manly Dam Reserve
      •   The upgrade improves
          recreational connectivity
          between Frenchs Forest and
      •   Wildlife crossings facilitate
          safe crossing of the Wakehurst
          Parkway for fauna and provide
          a safer journey for motorists
      •   The upgrade improves access
          to the north of the Northern
          Beaches Peninsula                                               New                      Active
      •   The trails in Garigal National                                  fauna                    transport
          Park and Manly Dam Reserve                                      crossings                options
          are safely connected.

                                                                                  Beaches Link – Project update   27
The Wakehurst Parkway connection

                                                          N                  Tunnel alignment

                                                                             Edge of existing road
       To Seaforth
                                                                             Ventilation outlet

                                                                             Active transport

                                                                            Beaches Link ramps

                                                                                                     To Warringah Road
                                                              facilit way

The Wakehurst Parkway                 Key features                                •    The design incorporates key
connection will join Beaches                                                           features from submissions
                                      •   Tunnel ramps will emerge in
                                                                                       developed by local residents
Link to the Wakehurst                     the centre of a re-designed
                                                                                       and workshopped with the
Parkway – a key arterial route            and widened the Wakehurst
                                                                                       project team
that provides direct access               Parkway to provide for free-
                                          flowing traffic bypassing               •    South of the Beaches Link
to Warringah Road, Frenchs
                                          Seaforth                                     tunnel ramps, the Wakehurst
Forest and the north of the                                                            Parkway will remain one lane
Northern Beaches peninsula,           •   Motorists who do not wish                    in each direction.
as well as acting as a                    to enter the Beaches Link
                                          tunnels will use a southbound           Benefits
Seaforth bypass.
                                          slip lane to stay on the                •    The design will ensure there
The proposed location of the              Wakehurst Parkway                            are no operational impacts
tunnel ramps is 300 metres            •   Motorists travelling north                   from Beaches Link upon key
north of Kirkwood Street.                 on the Wakehurst Parkway                     local streets such as Kirkwood
                                          will merge with the widened                  and Judith Streets, as well as
                                          Wakehurst Parkway, just north                Seaforth Oval
                                          of the ramps                            •    All works will be within the
                                      •   A motorway facility and                      existing road reserve and clear
                                          ventilation outlet will be                   of Garigal National Park and
                                          located above the tunnel                     the Manly Dam Reserve
                                          ramps in the centre of the              •    The connection will improve
                                          Wakehurst Parkway                            access to the north of the
                                                                                       Northern Beaches Peninsula
                                      •   A shared path connection                     including the Northern
                                          along the Wakehurst Parkway                  Beaches Hospital precinct
                                          will link Seaforth / North
Active                                    Balgowlah to the Northern               •    Provides opportunity for

transport                                 Beaches Hospital precinct                    additional express bus
                                                                                       services to access the Sydney
options                                                                                transport network.

28    Beaches Link – Project update
Gore Hill Freeway connection

                                                                                       N              Tunnel alignment

                                                                                                      Edge of existing road
                   To Lane Cove Tunnel
                                                                                                      Ventilation outlet

                                                                                                      Active transport

                                                                Beaches Link ramps
                                                                                                             Artarmon Reserve

                       Motorw ntre
                             l Ce
                                                                                                          To Sydney CBD

                                             Tunnel ity

The Gore Hill Freeway                    Key features                                 Benefits
connection provides a direct             •     Beaches Link entry ramp                •    Provides relief to Warringah
connection between Beaches                     travelling eastbound                        Road and Roseville Bridge
Link and Sydney’s west and                                                                 corridor
                                         •     Two Beaches Link exit ramps
north-west via the Lane                        travelling westbound                   •    Takes traffic off local roads
Cove Tunnel.                                                                               such as Eastern Valley Way
                                         •     Beaches Link motorway
                                                                                           and Boundary Street
The ramps emerge within and                    control centre located in the
                                               Artarmon industrial area               •    Improves the connectivity and
next to the existing Gore Hill
                                                                                           accessibility from Northern
Freeway corridor between                 •     A motorway facility and
                                                                                           Beaches to major employment
Reserve Road and the North                     ventilation outlet located in
                                                                                           areas such as Macquarie Park,
                                               the Artarmon industrial area
Shore Rail Line.                                                                           St Leonards, Artarmon and
                                               on the corner of Punch Street
                                                                                           Royal North Shore Hospital
                                               and Lambs Road.
                                                                                      •    No residential properties in
                                                                                           the Artarmon area are
                                                                                           required for the project
                                                                                      •    No impact on Artarmon

trucks off
local streets
                                                                                     Beaches Link – Project update              29
Beaches Link vertical alignment
Cammeray to Balgowlah
Most of the project will be deep underground in tunnels. This greatly reduces surface impacts,
including to private property, communities and the environment.
The tunnels, built mostly through high-quality Sydney sandstone, will be engineered and constructed
by industry leaders using world-class technology, and will be world’s best practice in terms of safety,
efficiency and road user experience.
The vertical alignment diagrams show the approximate depth of the tunnels below the surface along
the alignment of the Beaches Link tunnel.
The depths, shown in metres, are measured from ground level to the road surface in the tunnel.

     Towards Warringah Freeway

CAMMERAY                                     NAREMBURN                                NORTHBRIDGE

30    Beaches Link – Project update
SEAFORTH                                                             BALGOWLAH

                                                       * All measurements in metres
                Overview Map




                                            Beaches Link – Project update       31
Beaches Link vertical alignment
The Wakehurst Parkway ramp

                Towards Middle Harbour

     SEAFORTH                                                                  NORTH BALGOWLAH

                                                                        Gore Hill Freeway connection

                                                   Overview Map




                                         Rozelle                               GORE HILL FREEWAY CONNECTION
                                                      CBD                      * All measurements in metres

32     Beaches Link – Project update
Overview Map



         * All measurements in metres                CBD
                  Willoughby Rd

                                                  WILLOUGHBY Towards Middle harbour

                                                                              Beaches Link – Project update   33
On a global scale, building a           Spoil from tunnels is a clean and         As with many harbours around
major tunnel beneath Middle             stable fill material, being essentially   the world that have an industrial
                                        crushed rock, which is generally          heritage, Sydney Harbour has
Harbour as part of a network
                                        beneficially reused at development        levels of contamination in some of
of new road tunnels will be             sites across Greater Sydney. Unless       the bed sediments.
a significant engineering               a specific opportunity exists to use
                                                                                  Suitable processes for the
achievement.                            spoil as part of the site restoration,
                                                                                  removal and disposal of such
                                        all of the spoil will be transferred
The majority of the project will be                                               sediment, and construction in
                                        away from the construction site
in deep tunnels, greatly reducing                                                 such marine environments, are
                                        to suitable end locations.
surface construction impacts and                                                  well understood both domestically
the need for private properties.        Tunnelling will be undertaken             and internationally. We have taken
                                        24 hours a day, seven days a week         expert advice from local and
To build the tunnels and surface        to deliver benefits as soon as            international experts in preparing
works, construction sites are           possible; however hours for spoil         our design and proposed
needed to ensure that:                  haulage will be limited to reduce         methodology for handling and
•     unnels and surface works
     T                                  community impacts.                        managing sediment.
     seamlessly integrate with the                                                Marine sediment removal is
                                        2. Waterway crossings
     existing road network and                                                    done routinely to keep shipping
     connect users to destinations      Building the crossing of Middle
                                                                                  channels operational, to enable
•    Construction machinery,            Harbour using immersed tube
                                                                                  infrastructure works, and to
     equipment and materials can        tunnelling – a proven methodology
                                                                                  remediate marine environments.
     be stored safely                   adopted on many global road and
                                        rail tunnel projects (including the       Ultimately, these materials
•     onstruction personnel have
     C                                                                            are removed from the marine
                                        existing Sydney Harbour Tunnel).
     appropriate amenities                                                        environment, cleaning up the area
                                        The construction strategy has
•     here is adequate access to
     T                                                                            in which the works were actually
                                        been chosen because it:
     construction areas for removal                                               undertaken.
     of excavated material and          •   Is most suited to the cross
     delivery of raw materials such          section of a modern motorway         The project team is working
     as concrete and steel                   – reducing excavation and            with key maritime stakeholders,
                                             spoil haulage                        including Port Authority of NSW,
•     here is enough space to
     T                                                                            the Harbour Master and Transport
     build the project safely and       •   Reduces geotechnical risk
                                            associated with tunnelling            for NSW to ensure the appropriate
     efficiently.                                                                 management of impacts to
                                            under Sydney Harbour and
All these measures ensure                                                         commercial shipping, ferries,
                                            Middle Harbour – making it
the project can be delivered                                                      recreational activities and other
                                            safer to build
safely while minimising overall                                                   harbour uses.
construction times and levels of        •    rovides the lowest vertical
impact to communities, the road             grades – making it easier for
network and the environment.                cars and heavy vehicles and            Construction of an
                                            reducing vehicle emissions
Tunnel construction                                                                immersed tube tunnel
                                        •   Provides the shortest and most
                                                                                   •   Excavation for the immersed
After extensive assessments                 efficient route.
                                                                                       tube tunnels and their
by a multi-disciplinary team with       Immersed tube tunnels have                     construction will be subject
local and international experience      been successfully delivered                    to stringent environmental
(including design, construction         in sensitive and highly utilised               safeguards
and environment specialists)            marine environments across the
the preferred method for                                                           •    eabed excavated to
                                        world, with this experience being
building the tunnels is:                                                               prepare trench that tunnel
                                        captured by the project team.
                                                                                       units will be laid into
1. Land tunnels                         The location and technique has             •   Immersed tube tunnel units
                                        been developed after careful                    are fabricated elsewhere
Using multiple roadheader
                                        consideration of sensitive                      and then towed into place
machines to cut through
                                        marine habitats, natural water                  above the excavated trench
sandstone at depths of up
                                        flows, contamination, existing
to 100 metres below Sydney –                                                       •   Immersed tube tunnel units
                                        uses and heritage items, and
methodology proven on all                                                              are then lowered one at a
                                        will be constructed under strict
road tunnels constructed in                                                            time, creating the tunnel.
                                        environmental regulation.
Sydney to date.

34      Beaches Link – Project update
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