Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka

Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka

Business & Community Guide
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
2   The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Table of
                     The Town of Ponoka
                           5102 - 48th Avenue
                           Ponoka, AB, T4J 1P7
                            Bus: 403-783-4431
                            Fax: 403-783-6745

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                Business & Community Profile                                                                           3
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Our History
From 1891 to Today

Originally called “Siding 14”, Ponoka was
renamed and established as a settlement in
August 1891. The word Ponoka is Blackfoot
for elk, although the Blackfoot tribe had left
the area by 1830 and were followed by the
arrival of Cree tribes. The rail station that was
built in 1892 was used as a house for rail
workers and the windmill caretaker for several
years. It later became Ponoka’s first store in

Ponoka was incorporated as a Village in 1900, and
obtained official status as a Town on October 15,
1904. Lumber was an important local industry at
that time, with three saw mills located here and
several million board feet of lumber cut annually.
The local lumber industry declined in 1905 when
the Battle River was lowered and could no longer
be used to float saw logs to the mills. Agriculture
filled that void to become the next cornerstone of
the local economy.

Alberta’s first provincial mental hospital was
completed in 1911, and initially provided care to 164
patients. Even in its early years, the Alberta Hospital
Ponoka was a progressive medical facility with fully
sustainable, onsite facilities that included gardening, farming, and       Today, Ponoka is a thriving community with a diverse local economy
caring for livestock. Now known as the Centennial Centre for Mental        that enjoys a vibrant rural and urban lifestyle along with deep-rooted
Health and Brain Injury, the facility employs nearly 1,000 staff and       ties to agriculture. For more information on the history of Ponoka,
continues to be an economic pillar in Ponoka and an integral part of the   please visit the Fort Ostell Museum at 5320-54 Street in Ponoka.
community. The Centennial Centre offers onsite psychiatric nursing
programs delivered through MacEwan University, and is renowned for
its world-class brain injury rehabilitation programs.

4                                                                                                                        The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Business & Financial Resources

Community Futures East                              Town of Ponoka
Parkland                                            C, 4900-54 Street
5020-50 Avenue                                      Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1N8
Box 250, Mirror, Alberta, T0B 3C0                   Ph: 403-783-4431
Ph: 403-788-2212                                    Fax: 403-783-6745
Toll Free: 1-888-788-2829                           Email:
Fax: 403-788-2199                                   Website:
Website:             Business development information is available
                                                    through the Town of Ponoka Planning and
Community Futures are non-profit organizations      Development office and on the Town website.
guided by a volunteer board of directors and        For online information, click on the ‘Business’
staffed with business professionals. They           tab to access Ponoka business licence fees, a
provide user-friendly business development          checklist for starting a business, information
resources, financing to new and existing            about the Ponoka Economic Development
businesses unable to obtain financing through a     Board, a searchable Ponoka Business Directory,
traditional bank, and one-on-one business           and other resources.
training to assist individuals who are interested
in self-employment or in expanding their
business. Business services include:
                                                    AFSC – Agriculture Financial
•      Business advisory services                   Services Corporation
•      Business training and                        #250, 5110-49 Avenue,
       workshops                                    Ponoka, Alberta, PO Box 4426, T4J 1S1
•      Business resource library                    Ph: 403-783-7071
•      Programs for entrepreneurs                   Fax: 403-783-7925
       with disabilities                            Website:
•      Programs for youth
       entrepreneurs                                Business Development Bank
•      Business lending program
                                                    of Canada
                                                    4900-50 Street, Suite 200
Ponoka Chamber of                                   Red Deer, Alberta, T4N 1X7
Commerce                                            Ph: 1-877-232-2269
4205 Highway 2A                                     Fax: 403-340-4243
Ph: 403-783-3888                                    Website:
Fax: 403-783-3886
Email:                           Business Link
Website:                          Ph: 1-800-272-9675
                                                    Ph: 780-422-7722
The Ponoka and District Chamber of Commerce         Website:
is a Local Business Network comprised of
businesses and residents working together;
their mission is to support business members by
                                                    Community Learning Council
teaming together to promote business and            for Wetaskiwin & Area
economic growth in the Town and County of           PO Box 6960
Ponoka through:                                     Wetaskiwin, Alberta T9A 2G5
•      Expanding public awareness of member         Ph: 780-361-6241
       products and services.                       Fax: 780-352-3486
•      Providing member networking and              Email:
       learning opportunities.
•      Enhancing services to increase               Canada Business Network
       membership value.                            Ph: 1-888-576-4444

                                                    Alberta Small Business

Business & Community Profile                                                                          5
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Health & Social Services

Family & Community Support                         •   Wheelchair Van                             Ponoka Food Bank
                                                   •   Friendly Visitors                          4612-50 Street
Services (FCSS) & Parent                           •   Volunteer Income Tax                       Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1S7
Link Centre                                        •   Inter-agency Gatherings                    Ph: 403-783-5910
5006-52 Avenue                                     •   Resource Referrals
Ponoka, Alberta
Ph: 403-783-4462
                                                                                                  Ponoka RCMP Victim
                                                   FCSS Lacombe
Fax: 403-783-4483                                  #201, 5214-50 Ave
Email:                         Lacombe, Alberta, T4L 0B6                      Ph: 403-783-6539
Website:                        Ph: 403-782-6637                               Fax: 403-783-2840
Office Hours: M-F 8:30 am 4:30 pm.                 Fax: 403-782-6639                              Email:
FCSS supports organizations to design and                                                         Ponoka Rising Sun Clubhouse
deliver preventative social programs that
promote and enhance the well-being of
                                                   Big Brothers / Big Sisters of                  Society
individuals, families and addresses the needs of   Ponoka                                         5216-50 Street
the community. Contact us for information on       #4, 5004-54 Street                             P.O. Box 4515
upcoming events.                                   Ph: 403-783-3112                               Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1S1
                                                   Fax: 403-783-3108                              Ph: 403-783-5810
Contact Ponoka FCSS to learn more                  Email:              Fax: 403-783-5232
about:                                             Website:   Email:
• Home Care
• Home Support                                     Ponoka Adult Learning and                      Ponoka Youth Centre/Boys &
• Family Counselling Learning                                                                     Girls Club of Ponoka
• Meals on Wheels
                                                   Family Literacy
                                                   Ponoka Provincial Building, Main Floor         #4, 5004-54 Street
• Lifeline                                                                                        Ph: 403-783-3112
• Road Trips                                       5110-49 Avenue, South Entrance
                                                   Ph: 403-783-3285                               Fax: 403-783-3108
• Tools for School                                                                                Email:
• Senior Assistance Events                         Email:
• Donation Accounts
• Fundraisers                                      Ponoka Literacy Project
• Workshops                                        Ph: 403-783-5211
• Community Garden
• Support Groups

6                                                                                                                       The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Seniors Services                                   general medicine, obstetrics, surgery, pediatrics     Ponoka Community Health Centre
                                                   and emergency use. It is also supported by an in-     5900 Highway 2A
                                                   house laboratory and radiology facility. Services     Ph: 403-783-4491
Golden Leisure Lodge
                                                   provided include:                                     Fax: 403-783-3825
5608-57 Avenue
Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1P2
                                                   •   24 Hour Emergency Services                        Dental Services
Ph: 403-783-3940
                                                   •   Asthma Education Program
Fax: 403-783-6656
                                                   •   Continuing Care Counseling
Email:                                                                                  Birchland Dental Clinic
                                                   •   Crisis Response Team Rural
Website:                                                                            5118-51 Avenue
                                                   •   Diagnostic Imaging
                                                                                                         Ph: 403-783-5225
                                                   •   Laboratory
Northcott Care Centre                                                                                    Web:
4209-48 Avenue
                                                   •   Long Term Care
Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1P4                                                                                 Kim Green Dental Hygiene Centre
                                                   •   Nutrition Counseling
Ph: 403-783-4764                                                                                         #3, 6110-48 Avenue
                                                   •   Obstetrics
Website:                                                                                                 Ph: 403-783-4004
                                                   •   Occupational Therapy                                                               Fax: 403-783-6911
                                                   •   Palliative Care
                                                   •   Physical Therapy
Ponoka Seniors Drop In Centre                                                                            Website:
                                                   •   Recreation Therapy
5015-46 Avenue
                                                   •   Respiratory Therapy
Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1J5                                                                                 Ponoka Dental Centre
                                                   •   Speech Language Pathology
Ph: 403-783-5012                                                                                         5012A-48 Avenue
                                                   •   Surgical Services
                                                                                                         Ph: 403-783-5844
                                                   •   Volunteer Resources
Ponoka Covered Wagon Handicapped Transport                                                               Website:
                                                   Community Mental Health Services
5310-64A Street                                                                                          Alcoholics Anonymous
                                                   Ponoka Provincial Building
Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1T9
                                                   5110-49 Avenue
Ph: 403-783-2517
                                                   Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1R6                              AA Contact: 780-980-8100
                                                   Ph: 403-783-7903
Sunrise Village Ponoka
                                                   Fax: 403-785-7926                                     Monday Night No BS Group
4004-40 Street Close
                                                                                                         Anglican Church 5120 49 Avenue
Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 0A3                           The Centennial Centre for Mental Health & Brain       @ 8:30 p.m.
Ph: 403-783-3373
                                                   P.O. Box 1000                                         Thursday Night Book Study Group
                                                   46 Street S                                           Anglican Church 5120 49 Avenue
                                                   Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1R8                              @ 8:30 p.m.
Medical Services                                   Ph: 403-783-7600
                                                   Fax: 403-783-7786
Ponoka General Hospital, Care Centre Auxiliary &   Web:
Gift Shop
5800-57 Avenue                                     Battle River Medical Clinic
Ph: 403-783-3341                                   Bay 2, 4502-50 Street
                                                   Ponoka, Alberta, T4J 1J5
The Ponoka Hospital and Care Centre is an acute    Ph: 403-783-3399
care and continuing care facility equipped for

                                                                                        Service Clubs
                                                                                      Ponoka has a number of service clubs, for full listings please
                                                                                      see our online directory on

                                                                                  •   Ducks Unlimited                  •   Ponoka K-40’s
                                                                                  •   Elks B.P.O.E.                    •   Ponoka Kinette Club
                                                                                  •   IODE                             •   Ponoka Kinsmen Club
                                                                                  •   Knights of Columbus              •   Ponoka Lions Club
                                                                                  •   Loyal Order of the Moose         •   Ponoka Lions Community Bus
                                                                                  •   Masons Britannia Lodge           •   Rotary Club of Ponoka
                                                                                  •   Order of the Eastern Star        •   Royal Canadian Legion
                                                                                  •   Ponoka Citizens on Patrol        •   Welcome Wagon
                                                                                  •   Ponoka Fish & Game               •   Ponoka Community
                                                                                      Association                          Christmas

Business & Community Profile                                                                                                                            7
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka

                                                                                                                                    50 km radius shown

Ponoka boasts a growing and dynamic community, offering its 7,229
residents a vibrant rural and urban lifestyle in the heart of central Alberta.
Located along the thriving Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, downtown Ponoka
is located only 3 minutes from Queen Elizabeth Highway 2. Nestled in the
picturesque and lush Battle River Valley, Ponoka offers centrally-located
access to: a local airport with CANPASS* certification; the Edmonton
International Airport (45 minutes); the City of Edmonton, (Alberta’s capital,
1hr); the City of Red Deer (40 min); and the City of Calgary (2hrs).

Road:      Queen Elizabeth Highway 2 (Calgary-Edmonton)
           Highway 2A (Secondary Highway)
           Highway 53 (East-West)
Air:       Labrie Field Ponoka Industrial Airport - 3088 ft.
                      lighted runway (CANPASS* Certified)
           Edmonton International Airport - 45 min.
Rail:      CP Main Rail Line (limited spur line access)                          Utilities
                                                                                 Electricity and natural gas are deregulated in Alberta.
*CANPASS is a Canadian Border Services program that offers customs
                                                                                 The Alberta government provides a website to assist consumers with
checks locally for pre-scheduled flights between Canada and the U.S.
                                                                                 choosing an appropriate provider for their residence or business. To learn
                                                                                 more about electrical or natural gas providers visit
Population and Trading Area
                                                                                 Electricity:        ENMAX (regulated): 403-310-2010 or
Ponoka continues to experience a steady population growth rate, which
was 6.7% between 2011 and 2016.

                                                                                 Natural Gas:        Direct Energy (regulated): 1-866-420-3174 or
    Year    Pop.                                                                           

                                                                                 Municipal Rates (2017)
  2001      6335
                                                                                 Water: rates based on meter size, billed monthly – Residential base
                                                                                        service charge $18.33; consumption rate is $2.65 / cubic metre.
  2006      6576          6,500

                                                                                 Sewer: rates billed monthly – Residential base charge $20.28; consumption
                                                                                        rate is $0.49 / cubic metre.
  2011      6773          6,000

                                                                                 Garbage (residential): Solid waste disposal monthly charge is $18.02 – A
  2016 7,229              5,500
                                                                                         three-stream, curbside collection program is provided to
                                                                                         residents. Household waste placed in a grey bin and recycling
                                  2001       2006         2011         2016
                                                                                         placed in transparent bags are collected every second week on
                                                                                         an alternating basis (recycling one week, household waste the
Trading Area                                                                             next week) on a designated collection day. Yard waste placed in
A trading area population of 75,000 is based on Ponoka’s function as an                  a green bin is collected at curbside weekly from May 1 to
agricultural hub and proximity to rural and aboriginal populations. This                 October 31.
includes Ponoka & Ponoka County, Lacombe & Lacombe County,
Wetaskiwin & Wetaskiwin County.                                                  For exact rates, please contact the Town Office or visit

Sources: Statistics Canada, Town of Ponoka

8                                                                                                                                  The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Employment Base                                                                                                            Education(2011)
Commercial services (retail, business/community services), professional                                                                             Without High School Certificate
and finance services, health care, agriculture, manufacturing,                                                                 15%
construction, oil field service and supply, transportation, hospitality &                                                              30%          With High School Certificate
tourism                                                                                                                      29%                    With Trade or non-University Certificate / Diploma
Future Growth Sectors                                                                                                                               With University Certificate or Diploma
Projected future growth sectors include (but are not limited to) retail and
niche business, tourism and hospitality, health and wellness services,
value-added agriculture, highway commercial / industrial, manufacturing,                                                   Average Temperatures
warehousing / transportation / logistics, professional services, home-                                                     January                                                      -13.7
based business and telecommuting, regional commuters, and seniors /                                                        April                                                        3.7
retirees services.                                                                                                         July                                                         15.8
                                                                                                                           October                                                      4.6
Population Age Structure (2016)
 80                                                                                                                        Climate
                                                                                                                           Precipitation:                                               52 inches
                                                                                                 Percent of                Rain:                                                        150 inches
                                                                                                 (Ponoka - 7,229)
 40                                                                                                                        Distances
                                                                                                                           City of Red Deer                                             60 km
 20                                                                                              Percent of                Edmonton International Airport                               78 km
           18.4% 19.2% 63.6% 68.4%                              18%   12.3%   3.5%    1.6%       (Alberta -
                                                                                                                           City of Edmonton                                             105 km
     0                                                                                           4,067,175)                City of Calgary                                              203 km
                     0-14                 15-64                   65+               85+

                                                                                                                           Ponoka has five hotels, one bed & breakfast, one campground (*Free
                                                                                                                           camping in select areas during Stampede Week). For more information
                                                                                                                           see the Visiting section at

                                                                                                                           Nearby Facilities & Attractions
                                                                                                                           Ponoka CalNash Ag Event Centre       (Local)
                                                                                                                           Klaglahachie Dinner Theatre          (Local)
                                                                                                                           JJ Collett Nature Area               (10 Minutes South)
                                                                                                                           Numerous lakes, Golf Courses, and campgrounds
                                                                                                                           Lacombe Corn Maze                    (25 Minutes)
                                                                                                                           Ellis Bird Farm, Lacombe             (39 Minutes)
                                                                                                                           Reynolds Museum                      (35 minutes)
                                                                                                                           Wetaskiwin Air Show                  (37 minutes)
                                                                                                                           Discovery Canyon, Red Deer           (42 Minutes)
                                                                                                                           Heritage Ranch, Red Deer             (45 Minutes)

Tax Rates (2017)                                                                 Residential                                   9.6036%             Non-Residential                                        12.8268%
                                                                                 Municipal                                     7.1029%             Municipal                                              9.2694%
*No Business Tax
                                                                                 Rimoka (Senior) Foundation                    0.1036%             Rimoka (Senior) Foundation                             0.1036%
                                                                                 Education Taxes                               2.3971%             Education Taxes                                        3.4538%

Constuction Values                                                            Residential Housing Starts                                           New Business Start Ups
10                                                                      60                                                                        150
                                                                        45                                                                        112
                      Value ($) in Millions
                                                                                                                                                                 (data not available)

 5                                                                      30                                                                         75
                                                                        15                                                                         38




 1                                                                             16          18         16            36          59       21                 87                              124      81     78       96
 0                                                                       0                                                                          0




         2013           2014            2015        2016                       2011       2012      2013            2014       2015    2016             2011     2012                      2013   2014     2015     2016

                                                                                                                                Sources: The Weather Network, Statistics Canada, Town of Ponoka

Business & Community Profile                                                                                                                                                                                               9
Business & Community Guide 2017-2019 - Town of Ponoka
Town of
Ponoka Map

10           The Town of Ponoka

Business & Community Profile            11
Important Contacts
                           Organization                            Description                                                           Phone Number
                           Town of Ponoka                          General Information: C, 4900-54 Street;                 403-783-4431
                           Mayor & Council                                                                                               403-783-0123
                           Planning & Development                  Building Permits, Subdivisions, Planning Services                     403-783-0119
                           Superior Safety Codes                   Building, Plumbing, Gas & Electrical Inspection Services              403-358-5545
                           Welcome Wagon                                                                    403-704-3647
                                                                   Utilities Set-Up and Billing                                          403-783-0111
                                                                   Road Maintenance, Public Works                                        403-783-0148
                           Property Services
                                                                   Water Works, Sewer                                                    403-783-0150
                                                                   Electrical                                                            403-783-0147
                           Alberta One Call                        Call Before You Dig!                             1-800-242-3447
                           Taxation & Assessment Services          Property Taxes                                                        403-783-0127
                           Bylaw Enforcement                       Online service request form at                          403-783-4431
                           Old McDonald Kennels                    Animal Control                                                        403-783-7447
                           Aquaplex                                5315 - 46 Avenue. 24-Hour Information Line                            403-783-0131
                           Arena Complex                           4310 - 54 Street                                                      403-783-0134
                           Recreation & Parks                      Facility Bookings, Parks                                              403-783-0118
                           Visitor Information Centre              #1, 4900 Highway 2A                                                   403-783-6363
                           Provincial MLA                          #101, 4892 - 46 Street, Lacombe                                       403-782-7725
                           Federal MP                              #201, 5025 Parkwood Road, Blackfalds                                  587-621-0020
                           ATCO Gas                                                                             403-783-4479
                           Shaw Cable                              Phone / Internet / Cable:                                 1-888-472-2222
                                                                                                          Mobility: 1-866-558-2272
                                                                                                                       Internet/TV/Home: 1-888-811-2325
                           Enmax                                   Electricity Inquiries                                                 310-2010
                           Direct Energy                           Natural Gas Inquiries                                                 1-866-420-3174
                           Ponoka County Office                    4205 Highway 2A                                                       403-783-3333
                           Ponoka News                             Local Newspaper                                    403-783-3311
                           Ponoka & District Chamber of Commerce 4205 Highway 2A                                                         403-783-3888
                           Family & Community Support Services     5006 - 52 Avenue                                                      403-783-4462
ATB Financial
5018 48 Avenue             Central Alberta Realtors Association                                                 403-343-0881
Phone: 403-783-3301        Ponoka Food Bank                        Tuesday & Friday 10 am-1 pm                                           403-783-5910
                           Wolf Creek Public Schools                                                        403-783-3473
BMO Bank of Montreal       Ponoka License & Registry               Driver’s Exams, Licenses, etc. 4902 - 50 Street                       403-783-5525
5101 50 Avenue
Phone: 403-783-4401        Canada Post                                                                        403-783-4544
                           Ponoka Funeral Home                     5115 - 50 Avenue                           403-783-3122
5002 50 Street             Ponoka Jubilee Library                  5110 - 48 Avenue                                                      403-783-3843
Phone: 403-783-5581        Fort Ostell Museum                      5320 - 54 Street                                                      403-783-5224
                           Ponoka Stampede Association                                                   403-783-3120
RBC Royal Bank             Calnash Ag Event Centre                 3611 Highway 2A                           403-755-8490
5031 51 Avenue             Centennial Centre for Mental Health &
Phone: 403-783-4417                                                                               403-783-7600
                           Brain Injury
Servus Credit Union        Ponoka Hospital & Care Centre           5800 - 57 Avenue                                                      403-403-3341
4780 Hwy 2A                Guardian Ambulance (non-emergency)                                             403-783-3363
Phone: 403-783-4466              Fire Hall (non-emergency)               5401 - 48 Avenue                                                      403-783-0112
                                                                   5120 - 50 Avenue
                           RCMP (non-emergency)                                                                                          403-783-4472
                                                                   Please dial 911 for all Emergencies

12                                                                                                                                      The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Profile   13
Tourism, Arts & Culture

Visitor Information                                    the Mentally Ill in Alberta”. This collection       The Centre is an 'anchor attraction' as well as a
                                                       consists of artifacts and archival material from    tourism and economic driver for Ponoka. These
Centre                                                 1911 to present from the Alberta Mental Hospital.   four organizations believe in the advantages that
4900 Hwy 2A                                                                                                a multipurpose agricultural recreation facility will
Phone: 403-783-6363                                    Farmers Market                                      provide in the form of recreational, entertainment
The Town of Ponoka’s Visitor Information Centre                                                            and educational activities for the community,
                                                       Phone: 403-783-6776
is conveniently located near the south end of                                                              region and province.
                                                       The Farmers’ Market features over 85 tables of
Centennial Park off of Highway 2A. Tourists and
                                                       agricultural produce, home-baked and
local business information, public washrooms
                                                       homemade goods, food and entertainment. The         Klaglahachie Fine Arts
and maps are available year round.
                                                       market is held 9:00 am to 1:00 pm each              Society
                                                       Wednesday (May to October) in the Ponoka
“The Legacy”                                                                                               5020 52 Avenue
                                                       Culture and Recreation Complex
                                                                                                           Phone: 403-783-4087
World’s Largest Bucking Saddle Bronc Horse & Rider
Centennial Park on Hwy 2A                              Ponoka Stampede &                                   The Klaglahachie Fine Arts Society is a group
In celebration of Ponoka’s 100th Anniversary this
                                                       Exhibition Association                              dedicated to family theatre and local talent
monument was dedicated to the strength of the
                                                                                                           development. They host a Canada Day Children’s
pioneer families, the vision of the founding           Phone: 403-783-3120
                                                                                                           festival and Dance, Summer Drama camps for
fathers and the dedication of residents of the         Email:
                                                                                                           children and youths, and produce theatrical
Town and County of Ponoka. For more                    Website:
                                                                                                           productions. The Society has gained much
information contact the Visitor Information            Since 1936 the Ponoka Stampede has portrayed
                                                                                                           regional recognition for the prominence of its
Centre.                                                the colourful tradition of rodeo and western
                                                                                                           Christmas Dinner Theatre.
                                                       community family spirit. Not only does the
Fort Ostell Museum                                     Ponoka Stampede play host to major rodeo
                                                       events and World Professional Racing, chariots      Ponoka Fine Arts Club
5320 54 Street
                                                       and pony carts, it also brings in a first-class     5015-46 Avenue
Phone: 403-783-5224
                                                       midway, specialty acts, stage entertainment, and    Ph: 403-783-1887
                                                       many other attractions for the entire family.       Email:
                                                       Camping is offered on a first come, first serve     Drawing and painting classes are held at the
Open from Victoria Day long weekend – Labour
                                                       basis so show up early and reserve your spot!       Ponoka Drop In Centre (5015-46 Ave., Ponoka) for
Day long weekend.
                                                                                                           a nominal fee. These classes are sponsored in
The name comes from the original Fort Ostell that
                                                       Calnash Ag Event Centre                             part by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
was built near Ponoka in 1885. While nothing
                                                                                                           Qualified instructors are brought in from across
remains of the Fort today, a model of the Fort, the    3611 Hwy 2A
                                                                                                           Alberta to lead the classes. Scheduled events
history of Captain Ostell and the original flag that   Phone: 403-755-8490
                                                                                                           are posted on the Town of Ponoka website
flew over the Fort, can be viewed in the Fort          Website:
                                                                                                           calendar at
Ostell Museum. The Museum Collection offers            The Calnash Agriculture Event Centre is a new
agricultural and household objects of the early        and unique partnership between the Ponoka
pioneers and natives from the late 1800’s to the       Agricultural Society, Ponoka Stampede
present. One of the few collections of its kind is     Association, Ponoka County and the Town of
the Fort Ostell Museum’s “History of the Care of       Ponoka.

14                                                                                                                                  The Town of Ponoka
Ponoka Potter’s Guild
Phone: 403-877-4471
The Ponoka Potters Guild offers classes in hand building and wheel work.
Information on the classes can be found on the Adult Learning Society
website for Ponoka and area.

                                                                                  For specific dates or more information visit:
Siding 14 Art Gallery &
Those Great Little Books
5214 50 Street
Phone: 403-790-5386
Siding 14 Gallery adopted their name from early CPR days when Ponoka        January                                August
was a waterstop on the Edmonton-Calgary mainline. It features artwork       •   Minor Hockey Week                  •   Ponoka County Fair &
from Western Canada, across the country and beyond. At its core, the        •   Town and Country Bonspiel              Horse Show
studio of Mary MacArthur and Danny Lineham proudly showcases their                                                 •   Children’s Festival at
classic book reproductions using the 'ancient book arts', with                                                         Ponoka Aquaplex
specialization in Coptic Christian Binding.
                                                                            •   Welcome Wagon Bridal Fair          •   Day in the Park Festival
                                                                            •   Ponoka Fish & Game Banquet         •   Heritage Tea
Wait there’s more!                                                          •   Ponoka Pool Sharks at the
A unique and historic prairie town, Ponoka has many niche and family run        Aquaplex                           September
shops offering a variety of specialty items along with a slice of old       •   Family Day Celebration             •   Fish & Game Riflemans Rodeo
fashioned hospitality. Ponoka is a town that believes in keeping it real;                                          •   Battle River High School Rodeo
from how the locals share a well told story to how many of our merchants    March                                  •   Downhill Soapbox Derby
still offer hand crafted items made by local artisans. We invite you to     •   Figure Skating Club Carnival
explore our many exclusive shops!                                           •   Bowl-athon                         October
                                                                                                                   •   Chamber of Commerce
                                                                            April                                      Awards Banquet
                                                                            •   Annual Easter Egg Hunts            •   The Great Pumpkin Hunt
                                                                            •   Legion Old Tyme Dance              •   Scoutacular Haunted House
                                                                            •   Ponoka & District Chamber of
                                                                                Commerce Trade Fair                November
                                                                            •   Spring Twist-off Bullarama         •   Fireman’s Ball
                                                                                                                   •   Moonlight Madness
                                                                            May                                    •   Passport to Christmas
                                                                            •   Farmers Market starts Wednesdays   •   Christmas Tree Lighting
                                                                                1 pm to 4 pm, May – September
                                                                            •   4-H Show & Sale                    December
                                                                            •   Ponoka Art Show & Sale             •   Children’s Shopping Party
                                                                            •   Fort Ostell Museum opens           •   Christmas Farmers Market
                                                                                                                   •   Community Christmas Party
                                                                            June                                   •   Montana Band Christmas
                                                                            •   Seniors Week                           Pow Wow
                                                                            •   High School Rodeo Championships    •   Passport to Christmas
                                                                            •   Jace Harty Memorial Bull Riding    •   Holiday Train
                                                                            •   Ponoka Stampede Parade
                                                                            •   Ponoka Stampede – Pro Rodeo &
                                                                                Chuckwagon Races
                                                                            •   Ride for Sight

                                                                            •   Canada Day Celebration
                                                                            •   Ponoka Stampede – Pro
                                                                                Rodeo & Chuckwagon Races
                                                                            •   Giant Garage Sale
                                                                            •   Ponoka Piston Poppers
                                                                                Hog Root Rod Run
                                                                            •   Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Business & Community Profile                                                                                                                      15
Recreation Information

Ponoka Culture &                                   Outdoor Sports Fields
Recreation Complex                                 Phone: 403-783-0134
                                                   •    Two ball diamonds located on the
4410 54-Street
                                                        grounds of the Ponoka Culture &
Ph: 403-783-0134
                                                        Recreation Complex.
Home to Ponoka’s Skating Club and many hockey
                                                   •    Three diamonds and a regulation
teams. Off season users include the Lacoka
                                                        size soccer pitch located in the
Lacrosse Association, Farmers Market, Chamber
                                                        River Valley, on 46th Street and
of Commerce Trade Fair, Ponoka Stampede
                                                        44th Avenue.
Cabaret and other special events. The Complex
                                                   •    One ball diamond is located on
consists of:
                                                        59 Avenue next to a playground.
•     Two ice surfaces
•     Six sheet curling rink and lounge                                                             Golf
      – Ponoka Curling Club. Contact:              Diamond Willow Trail                             Ponoka’s Community Golf Club
      403-783-2370                                                                                  Phone: 403-783-4626
•     Two Racquetball, wallyball, squash courts
                                                   System                                           Website:
                                                   The Trail System offers:                         •    18 holes on tree-lined fairways
•     Meeting rooms and the Kinsmen
                                                   •     8 Km of trails that weave through               with rolling terrain
                                                         the beautiful Battle River Valley
•     Scott Seaman Full Size Outdoor                                                                •    Cross Country Ski Trails - when
                                                         connected to the Trans Canada
      Sports Rink                                                                                        sufficient snowfall has
                                                         Trail System.                                   accumulated, in collaboration
      o Artificial ice from December to
                                                   •     Trails ideal for walkers, joggers,              with the Town of Ponoka,
          March, weather permitting
                                                         cyclists and in-line skaters to enjoy           contact 403-783-0118
      o Ball hockey, roller hockey and
                                                         the benefits of a natural area
          lacrosse: April-October
                                                   •     Interpretive and directional               Wolf Creek Golf Resort
                                                         signage, benches and picnic                Phone: 1-866-783-6050
Kinsmen Community                                        tables.                                    Website:
Centre                                             •     The beloved “Thinking Tree” as             •     36-hole Scottish-links style course
                                                         featured on the cover of Heritage                located just 10 minutes south of
5009 46 Avenue
                                                         Trees of Alberta.                                Ponoka and is rated the 16th best
Phone: 403-783-4431
Banquet facility and meeting rooms available for                                                          course in Canada by Score Golf
special events and group functions. Onsite         Hudson’s Green Nature                                  in 2012.
catering available, contact: 403-783-6165.         and Activity Centre
                                                   6210 61 Street
                                                                                                    ... and More!
Ponoka Aquaplex                                    Phone: 403-783-4431                              JJ Collett Nature Preserve
5315-46 Avenue                                     Special events, meeting rooms, group functions   Website:
Ph: 403-783-0131                                                                                    Located 10 minutes south of Ponoka; this nature
Ph: 403-783-0110                                                                                    preserve features 635 acres of rolling landscape
                                                   Lion’s Centennial Park                           with trails for orienteering, hiking and nature
Facility offers:
                                                   Located in the center of Ponoka along Highway    observation.
•      Diving tank with 1 metre springboard
                                                   2A, this 3 acre park has several amenities
•      Aquatic climbing wall and swing rope
•      5-lane 25 metre swimming pool,
                                                   including:                                       Leisure Lanes Bowling Centre
                                                   •     Open air stage – to book free of           4812 50 Street
       wading pool, whirlpool and sauna
                                                         charge contact the Town Hall at            Phone: 403-783-4515
•      Swimming lessons, aquafitness,
       birthday parties, public & family
                                                   •     Covered picnic areas and                   Capitol Theatre
                                                         washrooms with flush toilets               4904 50 Street
•      First Aid and CPR Courses
                                                   •     Playground and paved trails                Phone: 403-783-3639 for show times.
•      Meeting room rentals
                                                   •     Stocked trout pond                         Website:
•      Ponoka Kin-Courts – Four
                                                   •     Mini golf                        
       plexplane surface tennis courts.
                                                   •     Splash Park (Open 10:00 a.m. –             theatre-ponoka
                                                         8:00 p.m. during the summer
Hamilton Skateboard                                      months)
Downtown on 50th Street and 46th Avenue.

16                                                                                                                         The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Profile   17
18   The Town of Ponoka
Business & Community Profile   19
20   The Town of Ponoka
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