BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
B U S I N E S S G U I D E 2019
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
And now you are here.
                          In business, the right direction is key. Through strategic and creative
                          communication, we have directed you to this point.

                          Effective marketing means clearly and coherently communicating to your
                          target audience through a variety of tactics, including print, outdoor, radio,
                          video, online, app development, direct marketing and social media, in an
                          effort to evoke an interaction with your brand.

                          If we can get you here, imagine where we can take your business.

                          Be seen, Be known, Be understood.

                          Be different.

BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
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BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

THE NELSON MANDELA BAY                                                                   SECTORS
BUSINESS CHAMBER                                                                         Pages 67 to 88
Pages 7 to 22                                                                            Tourism                                   68-69
President’s Message                                                            8         Oceans Economy                             70-71
Board Page                                                                    10         Innovation                                 72-73
CEO’s Message                                                                  11        Education                                  74-77
Business Chamber’s New Task Team                                              18         Agriculture                                78-81
                                                                                         Automotive                                82-83
BUSINESS CHAMBER                                                                         Media                                           85
SERVICES                                                                                 Media Overview                            86-87
Pages 23 to 43                                                                           Membership Directory                      89-122
International Relations Highlights                                     26-27             Advertisers List                                125
Certificate Of Origin                                                        30
Enterprise Development Programme                                             32
A Night At The Oscars                                                  36-37
Current Catalytic Projects                                                   39              ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
                                                                                             Editorial Team:

NELSON MANDELA BAY                                                                           Odette Parfitt, Tarryn Vasi,
                                                                                             Tham-Tham Uduojie, Jeremy Dobbin
Pages 45 to 65
Economic Overview of
Nelson Mandela Bay                                                    46-49                  Prof Charles Wait, Peter Myles,
                                                                                             Odwa Mtati, Doc Watson, Dr Randall Jonas,
Essential Information on                                                                     Dr Felicity Coughlan, Deon Saayman,
Nelson Mandela Bay                                                      52-61                Michael Sacke and Nwabisa Makunga
Investment Overview                                                   64-65                  Photography:
                                                                                             Michael Sheehan, Heather Stevens,
                                                                                             Volkswagen Group South Africa, Transnet,
                                                                                             Gerhard Kemp, Leze Hurter, Isuzu
                                                                                             Advertising Sales:
BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS OF SOUTH AFRICA (ABC).                                                Tham-Tham Uduojie,
                                                                                             Welma Swanepoel & Tarryn Vasi
The ABC logo is a valued seal of trust which provides confidence to the market.
The ABC logo reinforces the way advertising is traded across the converging                  Design:
media landscape, and allows value to be measured and compared.
                                                                                             Simon SAYS
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber, 200 Norvic Drive, KPMG House,
Greenacres, 6045, 041 373 1122 , ,                              Printing:
Registration Number: 94/08719/08
                                                                                             Cadar Printers
Disclaimer: Business Guide is published by the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
on an annual basis. Copyright of material in Business Guide is the property of the
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber unless otherwise attributed or indicated.
The contents may, in some instances, be quoted, on condition that prior permission
is obtained from the Business Chamber, and that the Business Chamber is quoted as
the source. The views expressed in this publication are the views of the authors or
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unless specifically indicated. While everything is done to ensure the accuracy of the
information presented, no responsibility for errors can be borne by the Nelson Mandela
Bay Business Chamber. The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is a Section 21
(not for gain) business association.

     2                 W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   3
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
HARAMBEE YOUTH                                              HARAMBEE IS A YOUTH
                                                            EMPLOYMENT ACCELERATOR.
EMPLOYMENT                                                  We connect employers looking

ACCELERATOR.                                                for entry-level talent to young,
                                                            high-potential work-seekers
A SOLUTION FOR                                              who are currently locked out
                                                            of the formal economy. At
YOUR BUSINESS.                                              Harambee we understand
                                                            businesses’ concerns about the
                                                            risks of employing first-time
                                                            workers. To reduce these risks,
                                                            we have developed a bespoke
                                                            model that on scale sources,
                                                            readies and places youth into
                                                            positions in which they are
                                                            most likely to succeed.

                                                            Since 2011, Harambee has
                                                            helped over 60,000 young
                                                            people find employment
                                                            with over 450 of South
                                                            Africa’s top companies.

                                                            CONTACT US
                                                                + 27 (041) 813 9200

                                                                Corporate Place
                                                                Fairview Office Park
                                                                66 Ring road
                                                                Port Elizabeth


 4   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber



                                             W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   5
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
NMBBC 2019


  6         W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                      ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE


               CATALYST FOR
T   he Nelson Mandela Bay Business
    Chamber is a not-for-profit organisation
representing a broad spectrum of businesses
                                                 The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s
                                                 vision is to be a leading catalyst for economic
                                                 development in the Bay. Its mission is to
in and around Nelson Mandela Bay. It is one      influence the key factors and stakeholders
of the largest voluntary business associations   that create a competitive enabling business
in the Eastern Cape, with a membership of        environment, and to collaborate with
businesses across a wide array of sectors.       stakeholders towards achieving a collective
                                                 goal of sustainable business growth.

                                                      W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A          7
BUSINESS GUIDE2019 - Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
NMBBC 2019


                                                                      If this city and region is to develop and provide
                                                                      jobs for thousands of unemployed residents,
                                                                      collaboration between all stakeholders will be the
                                                                      key that unlocks such development. Gone are the
                                                                      days of simple competition; for one company to
                                                                      be successful, we first need to join hands to build a
                                                                      sustainable industry in which it can thrive.
                                                                      Bringing all parties together is easier said than done –
                                                                      perhaps because we lack a common vision for the Bay.
                                                                      My vision for Nelson Mandela Bay in 2019 is this: for
                                                                      us to be a Metro where government and business
                                                                      can work together to strengthen existing primary
                                                                      industries and build up smaller industries; where
                                                                      academia and business can partner to equip the
                                                                      workforce of the future; and where each of us can
                                                                      contribute to growing an inclusive economy for the

If 2018 has showed us anything, it is that the world                  city’s residents.
 is, and will remain, an uncertain place.                             The Business Chamber remains committed
President Trump started a trade war with China,                       to making this vision a reality, and to working
Brexit is looming and even in South Africa, businesses                continuously to improve, support and sustain
are feeling the strain of political instability and its               business development in the metro. Through the
adverse effects on investor confidence.                               action arm of our eight Task Teams, we will catalyse
                                                                      economic growth in a number of key sectors and
But, against the backdrop of the country’s low levels                 high-impact projects. Together, we can make our
of growth and rising levels of unemployment, we as                    city a destination of choice for those who want to
business have an opportunity to turn things around.                   invest, do business, live and work.
While remaining apolitical as an organisation, the                    In conclusion, I’d like to thank my fellow Board
Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has taken                         members for their tireless efforts and dedication
the lead by implementing its triple helix model of                    to realising the city’s economic potential. Together
engagement between business, government and                           with our capable Business Chamber CEO Nomkhita
academia. We do this for the greater good of developing               Mona, our Task Teams and the Business Chamber
the Metro and its economy to fulfil its potential.                    staff and members, we have proven in the past year
                                                                      that, through passion and hard work, big goals can
                                                                      be achievable.
                                                                      Nelson Mandela Bay is officially open for business –
                                                                      let’s stand together and keep it that way.

    8          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   9
   NMBBC 2019

        THE BOARD OF
                                     LEADING THE WAY FOR CATALYTIC DEVELOPMENT

            Back, from left:
        Denise van Huyssteen,
   Robert Niemand, Rocco Joubert,
 Loyiso Dotwana, Hoosain Mahomed,
 Thomas Schaefer, Andrew Muir, Saki
 Macozoma, MC Botha, Siya Mhlaluka,
  Dave Coffey, Christopher Mashigo.
 Front, from left: Simoné Mao-Cheia,
Bongi Siwisa, Nomkhita Mona, Tshiwela
Mhlantla, Jane Stevenson, Sonja Tifloen.
         Absent: Wolf Edmayr,
  Gary Markson, Sibongile Muthwa,
             Garth Wright.
                                  he Nelson Mandela
                                  Bay Business Chamber
                         prides itself on the calibre of the
                                                                                         strategic direction for the Business Chamber and its
                                                                                         initiatives, in particular to the Task Team structures.
                                                                                         In 2018 the Business Chamber’s Board was led by
                individuals who serve on our Board each
                                                                                         Thomas Schaefer as President, alongside Deputy
   year, unified by the purpose of advancing sustainable
                                                                                         Presidents Andrew Muir and Tshiwela Mhlantla.
   business growth in the Metro.
                                                                                         Simoné Mao-Cheia served as Honorary Treasurer.
   The Board members, who are all busy executives,
   volunteer their time and expertise to provide

                                                              OFFICE BEARERS

                  PRESIDENT                    DEP. PRESIDENT                   DEP. PRESIDENT      HONORARY TREASURER    CHIEF EXEC OFFICER

                THOMAS                        TSHIWELA                          ANDREW                SIMONÉ               NOMKHITA
               SCHAEFER                       MHLANTLA                           MUIR                MAO-CHEIA               MONA
             Volkswagen Group                      ABSA                         Wilderness              Stainless             NMBBC
                South Africa                                                    Foundation             Accessories

       10                W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                                   ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

             CEO’S MESSAGE
                              NELSON MANDELA BAY BUSINESS CHAMBER
                                     CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

                   NOMKHITA MONA

T    he Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber has
     turned a corner. The past year saw us implement
our new strategy for industrial development and
sustainable economic growth. The basis of this strategy
is the triple helix model, which refers to the collaboration
between government, business and academia.
The Business Chamber is actively driving the Airlift
campaign, a collaborative effort we embarked
on (alongside the Metro, ACSA, Nelson Mandela
Bay Tourism and the ECDC) to open air access
into the region. We have appointed a technical
partner to assist by bringing domestic, regional and
international flights to the Bay.
However, to achieve economic development there
are certain obstacles that first need to be removed.
In 2018 we accelerated our efforts to promote the Ease
of Doing Business by establishing an in-house help
desk, which assists members by reducing red tape and           The Task Team recently presented a compelling
engaging with the Metro on behalf of businesses.               argument against Eskom’s proposed tariff increases
                                                               at a Nersa public hearing.
Through our Metro Collaboration Task Team, we
are also engaging continuously with the City’s                 In keeping with the needs of business in the face
leadership regarding the Baygrow initiative.                   of the digital revolution, we also established an
Our intention is to establish a One Stop Shop for              eighth task team titled Industry 4.0. (You can read
both existing and potential investors.                         more about this on page 18.)
In the meantime, our other task teams have been hard           In 2019, we intend to build on these successes and
at work to clear the way for businesses to flourish.           create new opportunities for businesses to thrive
These efforts include a pilot project championed               across all sectors. Despite the challenges that 2018
by our Electricity Task Team, which saw time-of-               brought for the Metro and the country, we as an
use businesses in the Metro saving an estimated                organisation remain optimistic that collaboration
R20-million, by condensing two peak usage                      will enable us to build a stronger industry and
periods into one during July and August.                       community in the year to come.

                                                                   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A         11
NMBBC 2019

                                                                      HELPING YOU DO BUSINESS AT EASE

                                                                                  Lobby & Advocate

                                                                               Infrastructure & Utilities
          Persuasion & Pressure

                                                                          & Energy

                                                                                                                            Skills Development

                                                                                          EASE OF
                                                                                           DOING         Metro


                                                                                                      & Logistics

                                                                   Enterprise DevelopmentMaritimeIncentives & Investments

                                                                               Civil Society Coalition

                                                                             Priority    Enablers      Metho-
                                                                              Focus                    dology

To be a leading
                                                                    To drive business          T   he strategy of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business
                                                                                                   Chamber is based on the Triple Helix model of
                                                                                               building relationships between academia, industry
catalyst for economic                                               success.
development in Nelson                                                                          and government as the foundation of creating a
                                                                    VALUES                     competitive Nelson Mandela Bay.
Mandela Bay.
                                                                    • Integrity                Along with all our partners in the city, the Business
                                                                    • Commitment               Chamber has adopted a long-term cluster
By influencing the                                                  • Prosperity               development approach to promote economic
factors and key                                                                                growth. We are focused on the Enablers that
stakeholders that create                                                                       facilitate the Ease of Doing Business in Nelson
a competitive enabling                                                                         Mandela Bay.
business environment.

  12                              W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                             ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

           SUPPORTS SMEs
                                                        The facility has two 20-seater boardrooms, two
                                                        10-seater boardrooms and free Wi-Fi. Company
                                                        registrations are done in collaboration with Swiftreg at
  SMES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING                     a cost of R390. Advisory services: on Absa ED offerings
  MORE THAN 65% OF JOBS AND THE MAIN                    (including the Procurement Portal, Procurement
  CHALLENGES THAT THEY FACE ARE AS                      Finance and Developmental/Equity Funding).
  FOLLOWS:                                              Financial literacy courses are offered by experienced
  • Lack of access to market;                           bank employees, from business banking to personal
                                                        financial literacy. Professional service providers are
  • Access to finance; and                              contracted to provide Business Skills Workshops, with
  • Non-financial support                               the training ranging from Business plans (review),
                                                        cash flows, bookkeeping, marketing, licenses, permits,
  Finances are available in abundance in South          registration regulations and tax compliance.
  Africa, however, SMEs are not ready to access
  funding due to an incapacity to run sustainable       Absa has contracted experienced and qualified
  businesses, as well as lack of training, lack of      mentors to provide mentorship and coaching to
  experience and lack of expertise.                     SMEs with potential to grow their businesses.
                                                        The mentors take the entrepreneurs through
                                                        diagnostics and identify challenges faced by the
                                                        SME. If the SME requires professional services,
                                                        these will be procured by the mentor.

A   bsa Enterprise and Supplier Development
    (ESD) has entered into a memorandum of
understanding with the Nelson Mandela Bay
                                                        Mzi Baleni
                                                        Absa Regional Manager –
Business Chamber.                                       Enterprise and Supplier Development
This will allow Absa and the Business Chamber a         Eastern and Southern Cape
platform to provide virtual and/or physical support
services to SMEs. SMEs will have access to the Absa
Enterprise and Supplier Development offerings.
Absa ESD offers non-financial support at Absa
Enterprise Development Centre, which is based
on the first floor of Kwantu Towers, Vuyisile Mini
Square. The Enterprise Development Centre (EDC)
provides and delivers services to Entrepreneurs,
Small, Micro and Medium-sized Enterprises
(SMEs), for strengthening the job creation potential,
productivity, sustainability and competitiveness of
these enterprises.

                                                             W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A         13
NMBBC 2019


COO                                                                   ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT
Certificates of Origin (COO) can be issued at our                     The Business Chamber offers an Enterprise
premises at reduced rates. The Business Chamber                       Development Programme for local businesses,
also offers exporters the opportunity to certify                      which includes mentorship and skills development.
electronically through the new ECOO system, which                     Through this programme, SMEs will grow, become
makes life much easier for exporters.                                 eligible for funds, become ready to export, gain
                                                                      more insight into new markets and increase their                                          job creation potential.
PUBLICATIONS & ADVERTISING                                  
The Business Chamber offers exposure for
member companies through our three publications:                      HELP DESK
the annual Business Guide, Annual Review and
                                                                      This service offers members a chance to find out
Infocom (which is printed three times a year starting
                                                                      more information about Port Elizabeth. The Help Desk
from 2019). The Business Guide and the Infocom series
                                                                      champions requests made by the citizens of the Bay.
are printed and distributed to all of our members.

                                                                      EXPORTERS DEVELOPMENT
                                                                      This programme allows exporters to understand
As another service to our members, the Business                       trade markets better. Exporters can use this service
Chamber also offers electronic mailers, website                       to better their skills and their exporting knowledge.
uploads and social media mentions and sharing.

EVENTS                                                                RESEARCH UNIT
Networking opportunities are not the only reason                      The Business Chamber established an in-house
for our events at the Business Chamber. Our events                    cluster research unit in 2018. Its aim is ultimately
also reflect on relevant topics within the Bay and are                to identify catalytic projects that can contribute
facilitated by experts in the specific fields relating to             to the development of key sectors. The new unit
the topics.                                                           will provide a library of business intelligence and
                                                                      insights for the development of essential clusters. or                          

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                                               CORPORATE SOCIAL INVESTMENT
The Business Chamber’s relationships with other                       Because the majority of our membership’s workforce
chambers abroad open opportunities for our                            is based in the city, Nelson Mandela Bay is the direct
members to reach international markets. We allow                      beneficiary of their Corporate Social Investment
space for our member companies to learn more                          programmes.
about international relations and open doors of                       Every year the Business Chamber adopts NGO
opportunity through this service.                                     organisations and collects goods and services
                                                                      from our member companies in order to create
                                                                      awareness. In 2018 the Business Chamber adopted
                                                                      Elsen Academy and the Kleinskool Initiative and
                                                                      collected several items, including office equipment,
                                                                      stationery and school clothes.

  14           W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                                      ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

                         CHAMBER STAFF

                              CHIEF EXECUTIVE           OPERATIONS                   FINANCE & CORPORATE
                                  OFFICER                MANAGER                      SERVICES MANAGER

                             NOMKHITA                  PRINCE                            YVETTE
                               MONA                   MATONSI                             KING
                                 ceo@                operations@                       finance@
                          nmbbusinesschamber.     nmbbusinesschamber.             nmbbusinesschamber.

  FRONT-LINE & OFFICE                                     HEAD OF                          EVENTS                             CERTIFICATE OF
      ASSISTANT                BOOKKEEPER                RESEARCH                        COORDINATOR                           ORIGIN CLERK

    RUSHANA                     JADE                    JEREMY                            GAIL                                 SAKHI
     AHMED                    BASHELLS                  DOBBIN                           HAWKER                              MADONDILE
    reception@                accounts@               research@                        events@                               coo@
nmbbusinesschamber.       nmbbusinesschamber.     nmbbusinesschamber.             nmbbusinesschamber.                 nmbbusinesschamber.                                                          

 TASK TEAMS & PROJECTS           EVENTS             MEDIA & PUBLICATIONS            EXECUTIVE SECRETARY /                      MEMBERSHIP
      COORDINATOR               ASSISTANT                 OFFICER                  SECRETARY TO THE BOARD                      CONSULTANT

    SABELANI               LUNGISILE                   ODETTE                              NICKI                               WELMA
      MONI               MTSHUTSHWANA                  PARFITT                             SMITH                             SWANEPOEL
   taskteams@                 functions@               media@                           nicki@                             members@
nmbbusinesschamber.       nmbbusinesschamber.     nmbbusinesschamber.             nmbbusinesschamber.                  nmbbusinesschamber.                                                           

                               PR/MARKETING             MEMBERSHIP                     COMMUNICATIONS                        ADMINISTRATIVE
     HOUSEKEEPING           & SALES COORDINATOR         CONSULTANT                       ASSISTANT                             ASSISTANT

      NOLU                  THAM-THAM                 AMELIA                             TARRYN                               SINAZO
    TSHIKILA                  UDUOJIE             VAN DER MERWE                           VASI                                YEKIWE
      nolu@                   marketing@             membership@                    communication@                         admin@
nmbbusinesschamber.       nmbbusinesschamber.     nmbbusinesschamber.             nmbbusinesschamber.                 nmbbusinesschamber.                                                          

                                                                      W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A              15
NMBBC 2019

                      TASK TEAMS
                               THE ACTION ARM OF THE BUSINESS CHAMBER

T   he Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
    facilitates the ease of doing business through
its strong action arm, consisting of seven well-
                                                                      lobbying and advocating for matters that create
                                                                      an environment in which businesses can grow, as
                                                                      well as addressing inhibiting factors that negatively
established task teams. The task teams have                           impact business.
traditionally been at the forefront of championing,

   WATER TASK TEAM                                     SME DEVELOPMENT –                   METRO COLLABORATION
                                                        CLOSED TASK TEAM                        TASK TEAM
 Objective: Securing supply at
   the correct quality level.                       Objective: Creating an enabling          Objective: Ensuring strong
   Board Lead: Christopher                           environment for sustainable             collaboration between the
        Mashigo (CDC)                                  growth of SME member                   NMBM, parastatals, other
                                                    companies in priority sectors.         stakeholders and the Business
                                                      Board Lead: Rob Niemand               Chamber on strategic items
                       Chair:                                (LabourNet)                    which impact upon the local
                   Nick Chapman                                                                economic environment.
                      (VWSA)                                              Chair:                 Board Lead: Denise
                                                                          Wesley                   van Huyssteen
                                                                       (Black Sheep
                                                                         Holdings)                              Chair:
    TRANSPORT &                                                                                                  Mona
 LOGISTICS TASK TEAM                                                                                           (NMBBC)
 Objective: Improving logistics to
support investment in the region.                     TRADE & INVESTMENT
Board Lead: Hoosain Mahomed                               TASK TEAM
             (AIDC EC)
                                                        Objective: Being a catalyst        ROADS & STORM WATER
                                                        for Nelson Mandela Bay’s               TASK TEAM
                       Chair:                               economic growth.
                  Lance Petersen                                                           Objective: Promoting an efficient
                                                         Board lead: Dave Coffey           and safe roads and storm water
                   (Tigers Global
                     Logistics)                                                                 network in the Metro.
                                                                          Chair:            Board Lead: Loyiso Dotwana
                                                                        Dave Coffey                 (NAKO ILISO)
ELECTRICITY TASK TEAM                                                                                          Riccardo
   Objective: Creating an                                                                                      Temmers
     energy smart city.                                                                                         (CDC)
 Board Lead: MC Botha (JGS)

                     Angus Clark

  16           W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                          ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

                        HELP DESK
                        The ease of doing
                     business is an important
                       aspect for creating a
                 conducive environment in which
                      businesses can thrive.
                The Business Chamber has set up a
                 Help Desk to assist members with
                   any obstacles they encounter
                    with respect to the ease of
                         doing business.

Procedures, time, and cost to start a company in
Nelson Mandela Bay.
Construction permits - procedures, time and cost
to complete all formalities to build.
Electricity - getting connected to the electrical
grid, reliable supply, and electricity tariffs.
                                                     Trading across borders - export of goods and
Registering a property - procedures, time and        services; import of parts, components and inputs
cost to transfer a property, quality of the land     into the city.
administration system, and building plan approval.
                                                     Labour market regulations - there is flexibility in
Environmental Impact Assessment - the time           employment regulation and aspects of job quality
and cost required for environmental impact           in Nelson Mandela Bay.
assessment (EIA) approval.
                                                     The objective of this value-added service is to
Infrastructure - the condition of roads and          create a database of these matters and/or issues
road networks.                                       with a view of using the information to lobby the
                                                     Municipality to make sure that results are achieved.
Getting credit - effective laws and credit
information systems.
Paying taxes - payments, time and total tax rate     Contact Sabelani Moni for Help Desk assistance at
for a firm to comply with all tax regulations, and,
easier processes for business development and        or call 041 373 1122.

                                                          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A         17
NMBBC 2019

           NEW TASK TEAM

In a snapshot of his book The Fourth Industrial
 Revolution, World Economic Forum founder and
executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab notes:
                                                                     will be the eighth team under the leadership of the
                                                                     Business Chamber, and will bolster our efforts to
                                                                     support sustainable economic development.
“We do not yet know just how it will unfold, but one
                                                                     Through the new Task Team, we will explore the
thing is clear: the response to it must be integrated
                                                                     various challenges and opportunities that the
and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of
                                                                     Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring in its wake.
the global polity, from the public and private sectors
                                                                     We will champion skills development initiatives,
to academia and civil society.”
                                                                     both to upskill a new workforce and reskill existing
The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is                           workforces that will be integrated into automated
answering this call.                                                 processes. We will lobby for government support for
                                                                     ICT development programmes and encourage the
We have built our strategy on the triple helix model
                                                                     private sector to invest in such advancements as well.
of collaboration between business, government
and academia - and the quadruple helix model                         The new Task Team will form critical linkages with
where we often include civil society coalitions in our               our other Task Teams. Increased automation will
collaborative efforts. However, the speed at which                   create opportunities for SMEs in the Metro, with
the Fourth Industrial Revolution is progressing                      these businesses benefiting from the efforts of
requires us to do more.                                              our SME Task Team. The innovators who keep up
                                                                     with the Revolution will still need well-maintained
To this end, we have made the decision to establish
                                                                     infrastructure, a sustainable water supply and
a task team centred specifically around the Fourth
                                                                     reasonably priced electricity – and we advocate for
Industrial Revolution (sometimes referred to as
                                                                     these causes through our Strategic Resources and
Industry 4.0) – particularly as the effects of the
                                                                     Roads and Storm water Task Teams.
digital shift will be significant in a manufacturing
hub such as Nelson Mandela Bay.                                      Industry 4.0 brings with it endless opportunities to
                                                                     change the way we operate. If we can learn to not
The Industry 4.0 Task Team, which will consist
                                                                     only embrace but encourage innovation, the Metro’s
of leaders from the local business community,
                                                                     businesses can establish themselves as leaders in
                                                                     the march for the Revolution.

    18        W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                  ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

                    WHAT DOES
                 INDUSTRY 4.0 MEAN

“                                                “
In our industry, as an events and                Business leaders in all industries are actively
communications company it has become             looking to take advantage of the Internet
essential for us to adapt to various new         of Things’ (IoT’s) potential to transform
technologies, such as cloud computing and        everything from customer offers and
event technology. We have to share and           relationships to internal processes and
control large amounts of data that assists       operations. Technology and communications
us to engage and collaborate with our            providers are the ones that will deliver the
stakeholders, which in turn enhances the         power of IoT to everyone else.
experiences we create. There are obviously
challenges, but the positives outweigh the           Forrester predicts that IoT platforms will

                                                     become the customer backbone of the
                                                     future. IoT Edge computing will help open
    CLAIRE KIVEDO,                                   new possibilities in IoT with decentralized
                                                     computing - more businesses will push the
                                                     processing and analysis of data to the edge
                                                     of the network, cutting data integration costs
                                                     and reducing network latency.
                                                     IoT enabled businesses will drive cohesive
                                                     business processes and increase their focus
                                                     on running businesses. Security will is a key
                                                     consideration for open IoT eco-systems and
                                                     blockchain can have a pivotal role to play in
                                                     securing IoT devices and platforms.
                                                     Our focus is to move beyond connectivity to
                                                     provide end to end value propositions that

“                                                                                                           ”
                                                     help transform lives and business.
Here at Raizcorp, in the incubation industry,
the introduction of Industry 4.0 strategies          MPUMELELO KHUMALO
has assisted the company tremendously.               MANAGING EXECUTIVE OFFICER FOR
All operational systems are linked through           VODACOM EASTERN CAPE REGION
the internet to assist all departments to work
more closely with each other, to achieve
better results and better controls. This is
particularly important as Raizcorp itself has
many branches throughout South Africa
and internationally, and we can all adhere
immediately and simultaneously to the ever-
changing business environment - improving
the entire value chain and making us highly
flexible to the ever-changing needs of our
customers and for our entrepreneurs on the

various Raizcorp programmes.


                                                     W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A       19
NMBBC 2019

                 ASPEN OPENS

             South Africa’s
        largest pharmaceutical
            company, Aspen
                                                                      significant portion of the installed pharmaceutical
         Pharmacare, officially                                       volume capacity in our country. Aspen’s ongoing
          opened its R1bn Port                                        investment in its South African manufacturing sites
         Elizabeth-based high                                         bolsters the introduction of new technologies, the
                                                                      addition of skilled employment opportunities and
         containment facility in                                      the enhancement of our country’s export capability.”
               May 2018.
                                                                      The facility produces medication for the treatment
                                                                      of late stage cancers, certain autoimmune diseases
                                                                      and Parkinson’s disease, among others.
                                                                      Officiating at the opening, the Minister of Trade and
                                                                      Industry Dr Rob Davies said the investment would
                                                                      significantly strengthen the country’s capacity as a
                                                                      manufacturer of quality pharmaceutical products.
                                                                      “Aspen’s expansion will enable the manufacture
                                                                      of products that were not previously produced
                                                                      locally, and also add to the export capacity of
                                                                      Aspen - contributing to the overall growth of the
                                                                      pharmaceutical sector,” said Davies.
          From left to right: Dr Rob Davies
          (Minister of Trade and Industry),                           “With this new facility, it is anticipated that around
          Stephen Saad (Aspen Group
          Executive) and Branson Bosman                               95% of these new products are to be exported to target
          (Head of Capability)                                        markets in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
                                                                      The new high potency manufacturing facility will
                                                                      provide Aspen with niche-type capability to offer
                                                                      the market specialised therapeutics and increase
                                                                      its footprint within the global pharmaceutical
A   t the launch, Aspen Group Chief Executive
    Stephen Saad said: “Aspen continues its
evolution into a global specialty manufacturer of
                                                                      Aspen’s operations in the Eastern Cape employ
niche products requiring complex technologies.                        over 2 500 people, of which 2 000 are at the
The high potency manufacturing facility represents                    Port Elizabeth site - with more than 90% of these
such complex technologies, providing Aspen with                       employees being recruited from local communities.
the opportunity to expand its exports with products
                                                                      In order to ensure world class training capabilities
which are used for rare indications.
                                                                      in its employees, Aspen is in the process of
“The commissioning of this facility further cements                   establishing a Training Academy. The intention is
Aspen’s position as the largest private investor in                   to give Aspen employees the opportunity to attain
the South African pharmaceutical industry, with its                   national accredited qualifications in pharmaceutical
current manufacturing operations constituting a                       manufacturing.

  20           W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                   ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

PLATINUM   GOLD                          SILVER                           BLUE

                                                  South Africa

                   In partnership with


                   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A          21
22   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                    ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

                           BUSINESS CHAMBER SERVICES

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber        electronic platforms. We pride ourselves on
lobbies and advocates on behalf of the         regularly communicating important matters
business community regarding matters           that could affect your business through our
that impact local businesses. The Business     media platforms.
Chamber offers a number of key services to
                                               We offer value-added services to big and small
its members.
                                               member companies, such as our Enterprise
Whether it is a high-level event or a coffee   Development Programme, which supports
morning, the Business Chamber’s popular        small business owners, and our Exporters
events keep members informed on a variety      Development Programme, aimed at assisting
of business-related topics and equip them to   companies to prepare for exporting their
develop and run sustainable companies.         goods. Exporters are also supported through
                                               our Certificate of Origin (COO) services.
The Business Chamber also provides members
with several publications across print and

                                                    W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A        23

WE ARE YOUR VOICE                                                     WE ARE YOUR HEART
       The Nelson Mandela Bay Business                                        As the social conscience of business
        Chamber champions issues that                                           in Nelson Mandela Bay, we make a
        affect our members’ sustainability by                                   difference in our communities through
        questioning the status quo and finding                                  various ad hoc and annual corporate
      the most impactful way to deliver high                                  social responsibility campaigns by
impact results.                                                          taking the lead, along with our member
                                                                      companies, as a socially relevant organization.

   We lobby and advocate on behalf of business
                                                                      WE ARE YOUR NETWORK
     to drive the implementation of key projects                      Our events keep business owners and employees up
       and initiatives which will positively                                   to date and informed on a wide variety of
       impact and create new business                                            topics affecting business. We host top
       opportunities in Nelson Mandela Bay.                                       speakers, ensure that events are relevant
                                                                                 and connect attendees through our
                                                                                networking platforms.
   We use persuasion and pressure to
      develop and grow the local economy, in
                                                                      WE ARE YOUR BUSINESS COACH
       collaboration with other stakeholders, by                      We host the Nelson Mandela Bay Business
       ensuring delivery in terms of key projects                          Chamber Enterprise Development
       and milestones in Nelson Mandela Bay.                                   Programme that offers local small
                                                                                business owners an effective
                                                                                 combination of skills development
WE ARE YOUR ACTION ARM                                                          training aimed at growing small
Our Task Teams drive the critical areas of
      water, electricity, transport and logistics,
        roads and storm water, small business
        development and greater collaboration
                                                                      WE ARE YOUR STAMP OF APPROVAL
        with the Metro, to ensure an enabling                         We issue Certificates of Origin (COO) for businesses
       business environment is in place.                                       in Nelson Mandela Bay. These certificates
                                                                                 are necessary for financial requirements
                                                                                 such as requests by an issuing bank and
WE ARE YOUR EYES AND EARS                                                        EU projects. Members enjoy preferential
                                                                                COO Rates.
We keep our members up to date with
     developments in the city and connect
       you with other businesses in the region
       through networking, member-exclusive
                                                                      WE ARE YOUR TICKET TO
       advertising and business-to-business
                                                                      OVERSEAS MARKETS
      opportunities.                                                  We build International Relations to form a vital
                                                                                link between business owners and
                                                                                  international markets, informing our
                                                                                  members of opportunities outside our
                                                                                  country’s borders.

  24           W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
                        comes from within.
                                                        YOU’RE GOOD TO GO.

Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP15).
The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06).
Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. SBSA GMS-7611– 2/19.

                                                                                          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   25

                                                                                          The Business Chamber welcomed
                                                                                          a Brazilian delegation led by the
                                                                                          Mayor of Ubatuba (São Paulo),
                                                                                          Rogeria de Souza. This delegation
                                                                                          came to reignite the twinning
                                                                                          agreement between the towns
                                                                                          of Jeffreys Bay and Ubatuba.
                                                                                          They wanted to strengthen the
                                                                                          relationship between the regions
                                                                                          and assist with the tourism network.
       Back, from left: Glenton de Kock, Ernest Bergins, Ayesha Cantor, Nomkhita Mona,
               Bronwyn Daniels, Nerina Skuy, Murray Finlay and Dacre Haddon.              De Souza stated that the delegation
             Front, from left: Desiree Bergins, Gcinashe Vambe, Buli G Ngomane,           would be back to accompany their
     Janice Farias (Brazil), Rosalina Gouven (Brazil), Rogeria de Souza, Fernanda Serpa   Corona JBay Surfing Champion,
                           (Brazil), Shena Wilmot and Carrol Bouah.
                                                                                          who comes from Ubatuba.

                                                                                          An information exchange and
                                                                                          dialogue session was held at the
                                                                                          Nelson Mandela Bay Business
                                                                                          Chamber with a delegation from
                                                                                          Indonesia. The Director of the
                                                                                          Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre,
                                                                                          Pontas Tobing, led the delegation.
                                                                                          Tobing stated that our city’s export
                                                                                          market has huge potential and that,
                                                                                          even though there are investment
                                                                                          restrictions with the government,
                                                                                          they look forward to working on
                                                                                          the agreement between the two

                                                                                          Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre Director
                                                                                          Pontas Tobing (left) and Nelson Mandela Bay
                                                                                          Business Chamber CEO Nomkhita Mona.

  26               W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                    ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

Aisha Eccleston, the manager of Southeast      Since Port Elizabeth and Jacksonville are
Containerized Sales at the Jacksonville Port   sister cities, Eccleston made it her mission
Authority, met with the Business Chamber       to come to Port Elizabeth to meet the team
and various stakeholders in the Metro’s        in person, and strengthen the relationship
maritime industry at the Nelson Mandela        between the sister cities.
Bay Business Chamber in October 2018.

                                                             October 2018 came and brought
                                                             along with it Neal Turner, Economic
                                                             Officer at the US Consulate in Cape
                                                             Town. The Business Chamber’s
                                                             Chief Executive Officer Nomkhita
                                                             Mona and Operations Manager
                                                             Prince Matonsi met with Turner to
                                                             discuss the work of the Business
                                                             Chamber, and share information
                                                             about its members and its
                                                             collaboration with the Metro on
                                                             various projects.

                                                    W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A        27
                                                        NATIONAL PAVILION FOR 2019/20 (01 APRIL 2019 - 31 MARCH 2020)
                                                       No    Begin Date End Date           Exhibition Details                              Host Country                         Sector                                                 Website                           Date (for       Contact Person

                                                       1.    02-Apr-19     05-Apr-19       LAAD 2019                                       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil               Aerospace, Rail & Marine                                       31-Jan-19       Virginia Mbuyisa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NELSON MANDELA BAY
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CHAMBER SERVICES 2019

                                                       2.    06-May-19     09-May-19       Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2019       Houston, USA                         Oil and Gas                                                      31-Jan-19       Tshepiso Malunga

                                                       3.    28-May-19     30-May-19       Africa Health Exhibition 2019                   Johannesburg, South Africa           Medical devices                                 31-Jan-19       Mayanda Gawula

                                                       4.    19-Jun-19     21-Jun-19       DRC Mining Week 2019                            Lubumbashi, DRC                      Metals and Mining                                         31-Jan-19       Virginia Mbuyisa

                                                       5.    23-Jun-19     25-Jun-19       Africa’s Big 7 (Seven) 2   019                  Johannesburg, South Africa           Agro-Processing                                              31-Jan-19       Tshepiso Malunga

                                                       6.    04-Sep-19     06-Sep-19       Fruit Logistica Asia 2019                       Hong Kong, China                     Agro-Processing (Fresh Fruits and Vegetables)         04-Apr-19       Mayanda Gawula

                                                       7.    10-Sep-19     13-Sep-19       DSEi 2019                                       London, UK                           Aerospace, Rail & Marine                                         10-Apr-19        Mayanda Gawula

                                                       8..   18-Sep-19     21-Sep-19       Automechanika Johannesburg 2019                 Johannesburg, South Africa           Automotive                                            16-Apr-19        Tshepiso Malunga

W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
                                                       9.    17-Sep-19     20-Sep-19       World Food Moscow 2019                          Mockba, Russia                       Agro-Processing                                               17-Apr-19       Virginia Mbuyisa

                                                       10.   05-Oct-19     09-Oct-19       Anuga 2019                                      Cologne, Germany                     Agro-Processing                                                   06-May-19       Tshepiso Malunga

                                                       11.   04-Nov-19     08-Nov-19        Africa Oil Week 2019                           Johannesburg, South Africa           Oil and Gas                                              04-Jun-19       Virginia Mbuyisa

                                                       12.   05-Nov-19     10-Nov-19       China International Import Export (CIIE) 2019   Shanghai, China                      Multi-Sectoral                                                   05-Jun-19       Mayanda Gawula

                                                       13.   13-Nov-19     14-Nov-19       Future Energy Nigeria 2019                      Lagos, Nigeria                       Electro technical                                 13-Jun-19       Mayanda Gawula
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photos © Media Club South Africa (, SA Tourism ( and the dti Photo Library

                                                                                                                                           Berlin, Germany                      Agro-Processing (Fresh Fruits
                                                       14.   05-Feb-20     07-Feb-20       Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020                                                                                                                                                   05-Sep-19       Tshepiso Malunga
                                                                                                                                                                               and Vegetables)                                         www.fruitlogistica.den/en

                                                                                                                                                                                Agro-Processing (except alcoholic
                                                       15.   18-Feb-20     22-Feb-20       Gulfood 2020                                    Dubai, UAE                                                                                           18-Sep-19       Virginia Mbuyisa
                                                                                                                                                                               beverages )

                                                       CONTACT DETAILS OF INCENTIVES PROJECT TEAM:
                                                                                                                                                  Mr Thebe Chuene (tel: 012 394 5250,
                                                       Mr Samuel Maboane (tel: 012 394 1357, e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                  Ms Dimakatso Magolego (tel: 012 394 5476, e-mail:
                                                       Mr Mayanda Gawula (tel: 012 394 1616, e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                  Ms Batseba Morudi (tel: 012 394 1195, e-mail:
                                                       Ms Virginia Mbuyisa (tel: 012 394 5988, e-mail:
                                                                                                                                                  Mr Lizwi Fihla (tel:012 394 5969, e-mail:
                                                       Ms Tshepiso Malunga (tel: 012 394 3284, e-mail :

                                                                                                   NB: Events dates subject to change                       towards full-scale industrialisation and inclusive growth           the dti Customer Contact Centre: 0861 843 384
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   29

            CERTIFICATE OF
           THE OLD & THE NEW

In 2018, the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber
 took Certificates of Origin (COO) to the next level
for exporters in the Metro. The Business Chamber
                                                                        The data below shows that the number of certificates
                                                                        generated in 2018 was more than those in 2017.
                                                                        An amazing total of 8 136 certificates were certified
introduced ECOO not only to its staff, but to exporters                 for perishables and fruits in 2018. These were the
who use our services for their Certificates of Origin.                  most exported products in 2018.
ECOO is a much more efficient way of doing COO.
                                                                        As statistics show, every year the Nelson Mandela
It involves the same process - just electronically.
                                                                        Bay Business Chamber issues more and more
Doing COO online not only saves money and time,                         certificates of origin - and we have no doubt that in
but allows you to access the site and process your                      2019, we will do the same.
documents at any given place or time. This new
benefit to Business Chamber members offers an
easy way of certifying COO for exporters.

                     COO ANNUAL NUMBERS

                      2012                 2013                2014       2015         2016         2017         2018
                      CERTS                CERTS               CERTS      CERTS        CERTS        CERTS        CERTS
January               465                  420                 569        599          586          671          516
February              610                  1 073               842        903          811          735          597
March                 934                 873                  923        851          797          914          812
April                 699                 902                  1 023      935          884          749          700
May                   1 086               1 417                1 363      1 541        1 274        1 549        1 627
June                  1 170               1 355                1 637      1 977        1 527        1 926        1 908
July                  1 253               1 025                1 663      1 674        1 316        1 687        1 977
August                944                 1 674                1 699      1 765        1 561        2 006        2 042
September             1 162               1 149                1 499      1 862        1 568        1 626        1 520
October               1 089               936                  1 163      1 098        827          1 052        1 326
November              556                 728                  672        602          766          620          627
December              666                 619                  753        649          676          575          609
TOTAL                 10 634              12 171               13 806     14 456       12 593       14 110       14 261

    30         W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   31


              PHASE 5
             COMES TO
              AN END

T  he fifth phase of the Nelson Mandela Bay
   Business Chamber and Eastern Cape
Development Corporation (ECDC)’s Enterprise
Development Programme started in July 2018.
This programme was also fortunate to receive
funding from Metrowind Van Stadens Wind Farm.
                                                                      The Business Chamber would also like to thank
Although this phase only ends in March 2019, the                      Betsy Ings and Lynn van Vuuren for their continuous
Business Chamber would like to congratulate all the                   commitment to the mentoring sessions.
participants who have made it this far on their journey.
The programme consisted of mentorship, skills                         The sixth phase of the Enterprise Development
development, platforms that help SMEs prepare for                     Programme starts in April 2019, and the Business
financial, sales and marketing opportunities, insight                 Chamber is excited about the new developments that
on government procurement opportunities, access                       are to come with the new strategy for the programme.
to the Business Chamber networking platforms and
funding/support by ECDC.
The SMEs in this fifth phase will graduate from our                   For more information on our Enterprise
Enterprise Development Programme in March 2019.                       Development Programme and how you can
The Business Chamber wishes all the participants                      become a part of it, please email Sinazo Yekiwe at
the best of luck for the next few months and looks          
forward to seeing everyone on graduation day.

  32           W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   33

                                          CSI 2019
            THE YOUTH

    or our CSI initiative in 2019, the Nelson Mandela                34 youths, who are trained and serve as volunteers
    Bay Business Chamber has chosen to support                       in assisting schools with extra lessons.
                                                                     The     Masinyusane        House      accommodates
Masinyusane is an education non-profit organisation                  20 students. The house was acquired due to
working with children and families in the townships                  bursary funders requiring students to live near
of Port Elizabeth. The word means “Let us raise each                 the university in order to qualify for funds. There
other up” in isiXhosa. The organisation was founded                  was also a need due to some students not having
in late 2008 as a group that came together and                       the financial capabilities to access their education
discussed the need for a development organization.                   through transport, support facilities and technology.
                                                                     The students live at Masinyusane House for free
Their comprehensive “Education with Love”
                                                                     for the duration of their studies. The students in
support system ensures the children receive all
                                                                     the programme have a 90% pass rate, with more
the opportunities they need to succeed in life:
                                                                     students graduating each year.
opportunities to get a good education, to eat a
healthy meal, to discover and develop their talents,                 We urge our members to support us in rolling out
and to have someone love and believe in them.                        the initiatives which the Business Chamber will be
                                                                     implementing in assisting Masinyusane. Together
Their two flagship programmes are Top Learners,
                                                                     as the business community we can create change in
aimed at ensuring all of the qualifying learners
                                                                     the lives of young people in our communities.
from PE’s 35 township high schools have access
to university; and the Children’s Education & Youth
Unemployment programme, which is focused on                          For more information, contact Tham-Tham Uduojie
foundation phase literacy.                                           at
Masinyusane operates in New Brighton, KwaZakhele
and Motherwell. Their Children’s Education
programme focuses on foundation phase education
(grade R to grade 3) and currently employs

  34          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   35

            A NIGHT AT THE
               BUSINESS IN STYLE

W    ith the theme of “A Night at the Oscars”, the
     prestigious Nelson Mandela Bay Business
Chamber Annual Banquet was held on 16 November
                                                                     In his address at the event, Business Chamber board
                                                                     president Thomas Schaefer encouraged guests to
                                                                     be more involved in the Business Chamber’s efforts
2018 at the Boardwalk Hotel and Convention Centre.                   to support businesses.
Nearly 850 guests, including business leaders and                    “Let’s not concern ourselves with things we cannot
VIPs such as Nelson Mandela Bay deputy mayor                         influence or change; let’s rather concern ourselves
Thsonono Buyeye, attended the evening of glamour.                    with the things we can influence and change – and
                                                                     being active and involved in our Business Chamber
The Annual Banquet is regarded among the city’s
                                                                     is such a thing,” said Schaefer.
top business and social events, offering guests
the chance to sample a three-course meal, be                         “I personally remain optimistic about South Africa
entertained by Port Elizabeth’s top talents and to                   and most importantly this Metro and region, and
celebrate the successes of business during the year.                 I believe that we at the Business Chamber can, and
                                                                     do, make a difference.”

  36          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                          ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE


PLATINUM             GOLD       SILVER                          BRONZE                           COPPER

  AV Designers                   Amobia Communications
  AW Events                      Bidvest Car Rental
  Liquid by Eugene Joubert       Mantis Collection
  Michael Sheehan Photography    Maritime Sure Travel
  Sun Boardwalk                  Spec – Savers
                                 Sun International
                                 Wilderness Foundation

                                          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A        37

         CHAMBER WINS 2018

    850                                                                 R20                         M
                                 Our Events Department                                                        to 6,8%,
                                 hosted 61 events in 2018,                                                    and 4,8%
                                 including our prestigious                                                    for time-
   GUESTS                        Annual Banquet, where                                                        of-use

                                 we welcomed 850 guests.                                                      clients.
       WELCOMED                                                                                               This will
                                                                                                              take effect
Over 120 SMEs have completed our Enterprise                             JULY - AUGUST ‘18                     from April.
Development Programme, while 10 companies
finished the pilot phase of our Exporter
Development Programme at the end of 2018.                            The Business Chamber’s Electricity and Energy
                                                                     Task Team took the lead in a pilot project that

                                                                     saved time-of-use businesses in the Metro an
                                  The Business Chamber               estimated R20-million during July and August
                                  set up an Ease of Doing            2018. The pilot entailed condensing two daily peak
                                  Business help desk in              usage periods into one.
                                  April 2018, to assist
                                  companies through
                                  reducing red tape.                 We welcomed 11 new partners who joined the
   BUSINESSES                     The help desk has                  Business Chamber in 2018, bringing our partners to
                                                                     39 in total.
            ASSISTED              assisted 20 businesses
                                  so far.                            The Business Chamber has been engaging with
                                                                     the City’s leadership with the goal of establishing a
We continue to lobby on the issue of electricity                     One-Stop-Shop for existing and potential investors.
supply and the cost thereof. We presented to the                     This forms part of our Baygrow initiative.
National Energy Regulator (Nersa) in 2018, which
contributed to Eskom’s tariff increase being limited

  38          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                            ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE

                    BY THE BUSINESS
               As part of
            its mandate to                             Based on the research done by our technical partner
          promote economic                             and engagements between the stakeholders, we will
                                                       collectively prepare a development strategy, after
        development in Nelson                          which we will lobby for various airlines to include
      Mandela Bay, the Business                        new routes to and from the Bay.
        Chamber embarked on                            The Airlift project could have a massive impact on
       several catalytic projects                      the city’s tourism sector and economy. The Business
      in 2018 that could benefit                       Chamber has championed the initiative through
           businesses and                              raising funding and ensuring that a roadmap to air
                                                       access development is in place. Our ultimate goal is
            residents alike.                           to add domestic, regional and international routes
                                                       to the Port Elizabeth International Airport’s offering
                                                       and, in doing so, promote the Bay as a destination
                                                       for tourists and investors alike.
These projects include:

                                                       AURECON UNDERGROUND
AIRLIFT CAMPAIGN                                       WATER STUDY
In collaboration with the Metro, Nelson Mandela        Following a drought in the region and delays in the
Bay Tourism (NMBT) and Airports Company South          completion of the Nooitgedacht Low Level Water
Africa (ACSA), the Business Chamber has embarked       Scheme, the Business Chamber decided on a project
on a project aimed at bringing more flights and more   aimed at augmenting the city’s water supply.
visitors to Nelson Mandela Bay.
                                                       Aurecon was appointed to conduct an underground
Our contribution to this high-value, high-impact       water study on behalf of the Business Chamber.
project has been to appoint and compensate a           This project could prove vital to ensuring a larger,
technical team of aviation experts, assigned to work   sustainable water supply for the Metro.
towards opening up our air route.
                                                       The Business Chamber also continues to lobby
While the Airlift steering committee oversees          through its Water Task Team for the speedy
the technical aspects of the project, we are also      completion of the Nooitgedacht Low Level Water
engaging and lobbying continuously, with the aim       Scheme, which is set to contribute significantly to
of growing the city’s tourism industry.                the City’s current water supply.

                                                            W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A        39
40   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A   41
42   W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
T H E N E L S O N M A N D E L A B AY B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R ’ S
                                                                                             ANNUAL BUSINESS GUIDE


                                    Priority   Supportive   Enabling

T   he Business Chamber believes that, in line
    with its Industrial Development Strategy,
leaders in business, government, academia and
                                                      Sectors that could serve to support this growth
                                                      include the Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical,
                                                      Maritime, Capital Goods, and Sport and
civil society should be working collectively to       Recreation industries.
attract investments in certain key sectors.
                                                      To enable the growth of these crucial sectors,
These sectors have been identified in the Business    the city will need to create an enabling
Chamber’s strategy as priority areas that have        environment through education, training and
the potential to contribute on a large scale to job   research, as well as social enterprises. Providing
creation and economic growth in the Metro.            the necessary logistical support and sustainable
                                                      resources will build an environment conducive
The priority sectors include Automotive, Tourism,
                                                      to business growth.
Light Manufacturing and Agro-Processing.

                                                             W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A        43
As a trusted South African brand with over 170 years of experience, Old Mutual has extensive experience in
                      providing world class employee benefit solutions for any organisation from small businesses to large corporates.

                     Old Mutual SuperFund offering three accessible and flexible retirement fund and insured benefit solutions.

                     Pre-retirement investment plans – from smoothed bonus investments to multi-managed linked and
                     structured passive investments.

                     A range of trusted annuities for South Africans in need of a reliable post-retirement income.

                     Consulting services designed to help employees and fund members reach their financial goals.

                     The Old Mutual Financial Wellbeing Programme, providing free financial education to empower employees
                     to achieve the best possible financial outcomes.

                     Member Retirement Counsellors to assist retiring members over the 3 years leading up to retirement.

                     Risk cover solutions, including:

                     Group Life Assurance                 Group Income Protection                          Family Funeral Cover                        Critical Illness Cover

                     These solutions are supported by appropriate advice, education and communication - not just for the members
                     themselves, but also for employers, trustees and all stakeholders in the country’s retirement industry. Our
                     team of professional and experienced consultants, are passionate about helping your business and members
                     reach their financial goals.

                      Old Mutual Corporate consultants:                                                    Sales Consultants:
                      • Nicola Pienaar- Consultant                                                         • Monique O’Donoghue - Direct Sales Consultant
                      • Charissa-Anne Nicholson - Associate Consultant                                     • Mandy-Lee Marchant - Senior Broker Consultant
                                                                                                           • Ezzat Mansoor - Broker Consultant

                     For more information, contact our Eastern Cape Office on 041 391 6300 OR visit


                                             DO GREAT THINGS EVERY DAY
OMBDS 12.2018

                                             Old Mutual Corporate is a division of Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (South Africa) Limited, Licensed Financial Services Provider.

                44          W W W. N M B B U S I N E S S C H A M B E R .C O. Z A
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