ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom

ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Vol 5 Issue 1

ISO27001 Event Guide            Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses
                                held at ransom
Ward Solutions predicts €1.2m
from ISO27001                   Innovative designs for data centres storage
ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Driven By The Need For
   Information Security In Ireland

Data is one of the most valuable
assets any business has today. Our
dependence on information systems
and services means organisations
are more vulnerable to security
threats than ever before. Keeping
your data secure – whether its
customer, staff or supplier data – is
critical in most businesses, but most
especially those dealing with
sensitive data. Data security is a hot
topic in the media so ISO 27001 not
only protects your business against      KEY BENEFITS TO YOUR BUSINESS
hackers but also safeguards your
reputation.                              • Improves and maintains competitive edge.
                                         • Win more business particularly where procurement
For further information please contact
                                           specifications require higher IT security
BoxMedia                                   credentials.
616 Edenderry Business Campus,           • Compliance with legal, statutory, regulatory and
Co Offaly                                  contractual requirements.
Tel: +353 (0) 46 977 3434
                                         • Provide assurance to stakeholders, such as clients
Website :          and shareholders.
                                         • Business continuity is assured through                          management of risk, security issues and concerns.
ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
CO                  N TENTS

            Ward Solutions
     Predicts €1.2M from ISO27001.
                                                                   Electronic Payments
                                                                Say goodbye to the cheque book                                                             x
                                                                                                                                                        PAGE 28
                                                                                                                                                   Cheque books a thing of

                                                                                                                                                         the past.

            Atlantic Bridge               PAG E 5
    €140M fund for tech companies.
                                           Ward Solutions.

                                                                           Data Solutions
                                                                 New jobs and €5M investment
                                                                                                                                                    PAG E 30
                  -8-9-10-                                                                                                                                 CyberBunker.

  The puzzling future of data security.

                                                                         Data Protection
                     -12-                 PAG E 7
                                                                3 issues defining data protection
                                                                            in Ireland
                                                                                                                                                    PAG E 31
                                                                                                                                                        Data Protection.
                    Zinopy                 Atlantic Bridge.
                Launches “inSlght”.

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ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Half of Irish (47 per cent) find endless
    junk mail more annoying than their
    commute to work
      New research reveals one in three consumers in Ireland and the UK will even
      move their custom elsewhere if this trend of irrelevant overcommunication persists

                 ew research reveals the                                                                        standard of communication -
                 inundation of irrelevant                                                                       whether paper-based or digital,
                 communications and                                                                             to ensure consumer loyalty.”
                 junk mail is pushing                                                                               A majority of consumers in
    consumer loyalty in the UK and                                                                              Ireland and the UK (65 per cent)
    Ireland to breaking point, with the                                                                         believe more could be done to
    majority (84 per cent) ready to take                                                                        tailor communications to their
    action against brands.                                                                                      individual circumstances. Three
       The research, commissioned by                                                                            quarters (76 per cent) would
    global IT services company Ricoh and                                                                        even be willing to share personal
    carried out by Coleman Parkes,                                                                              data to make this happen,
    examined the relationship between                                                                           including occupation, salary,
    brand       communications           and                                                                    Internet browsing habits and
    customer loyalty.                                                                                           health records.
        Irrelevant communications, both                                                                             Consumers also increasingly
    online and paper-based, are a huge                                                                          view digital communications as
    bug-bear for more than two-thirds of                                                                        their preferred method to receive
    consumers in Ireland and the UK,                                                                            information from brands and
    who consider a quarter of what they                                                                         service providers: for new offers
                                             Chas Moloney, director, Ricoh Ireland & UK
    receive to be junk. Nearly half (47                                                                         and upgrades (71 per cent),
    per cent) of consumers even see junk                                                                        statements and bills (66 per
    mail as more frustrating than their commute to work.                         cent) and updates to terms and conditions (64 per cent).
        Beyond the mere frustration factor, consumers are suffering                 Moloney continued: “Consumers want to feel like a brand
    from being unable to sift through the flood of irrelevant knows them and is creating the most tailored and bespoke
    information and poor quality comms. Nearly one in five (17 per communication to cater for their needs and interests. This should
    cent) have missed a payment deadline, and 22 per cent have not be taken as an excuse to ‘spam’ though. Using consumer
    been unsure how much they owe for a service or even missed data correctly is imperative here. No matter whether they have a
    offers they were entitled to (33 per cent).                                  preference for digital communications – such as online bank
        Brands need to beware that irrelevant communications are statements – or a mix of electronic and paper-based, there is
    having a significantly detrimental impact on customer loyalty, simply no excuse not to harness this insights to ensure
    trust and spend, and consumers are unafraid to bite back. Two- communications are truly targeted, which in turn makes them
    thirds (69 per cent) of consumers in Ireland and the UK report effective and powerful.”
    feeling less loyal to a brand spamming with irrelevant                          The industries viewed as currently sending the most relevant
    information, whilst a similar number would also spend less (68 communications to consumers are the public sector (39 per
    per cent) and even go so far as to stop being a customer cent), financial services (37 per cent), utilities (45 per cent) and
    completely (57 per cent). Nearly a third (32 per cent) of healthcare (32 per cent). With the exception of utilities, these
    consumers have moved their custom elsewhere, another fifth (22 industries were similarly seen to be the most trustworthy handlers
    per cent) have complained to a service provider, and over one in of customer data. However, no single sector is viewed positively
    ten (14 per cent) have taken their complaint to an authoritative by more than half of consumers, which goes to show significant
    body.                                                                        work still needs to be done by brands across all industries to
        Chas Moloney, director, Ricoh Ireland & UK, said: “Irish bring confidence in their customer communications up to
    consumers are clearly saying ‘enough is enough’ when it comes scratch.
    to the irrelevance and high volume of communication sent out                    “Businesses across Ireland have to streamline how they
    by brands and service providers. In the digital age, it has never manage, distribute and collect data to ensure consistency across
    been more convenient to instantly communicate with customers, all channels. Information provided by customers should be used
    but it is equally just as easy to spam.                                      to create promotional offers and updates that are not only
        “Brands need to find that crucial middle ground - personal to the consumer, but also highly relevant to them. This
    communicating regularly and effectively without alienating results in the customer feeling truly valued, which ultimately
    customers. In today’s competitive landscape, businesses must do drives loyalty and tangible benefits to the business,” concluded
    more to listen to their customers and provide a tailored, quality Moloney.

                                                                                                                                      VOL 5 ISSUE 1
ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Data breach four-times worse than
CEO quitting – BT study
   New research undertaken by Amárach for BT Ireland has shown that a company’s
   data protection is priority No 1, with a data breach considered four-times worse
   than a CEO quitting.

T   he likelihood of a
    company suffering a data
breach has increased tenfold
                                                                                                           breach is now the biggest
                                                                                                           worry for a company, four-
                                                                                                           times bigger than the sudden
in today’s age of heightened                                                                               departure of an influential
cyberattacks and an abun-                                                                                  CEO.
dance of devices connected                                                                                   Likewise, of those polled,
to the internet of things (IoT).                                      67pc said they believe that a company’s statements to investors
  In the last few days alone, three hospitals in the US have been     should specifically address data management capabilities in the
the victims of ransomware attacks, with attackers demanding           future and, additionally, 62pc said they believe that future
cash to allow the hospital’s IT staff to gain access once again to    investors will use data management capabilities to assess a
their servers.                                                        company’s financial health, just as they do with profits and assets
  A recent poll conducted for BT Ireland has highlighted that         currently.
data protection concerns are shared by both those at the coal           Shay Walsh, managing director of BT Ireland, said of the
face of a company’s security operation, and by those at the           study’s findings: “Our research reveals that Ireland’s savvy IT
highest level of the company as well.                                 leaders recognise and understand the need for their employers to
                                                                      invest in the right infrastructure now that will enable them to
Data protection more important than financial health                  better manage and extract value from data and, ultimately,
The poll, of 115 senior Irish IT decision makers in companies with    protect themselves from serious data management risk in the
an average employee size of 300 staff, showed that fear of a data     future.”

        Has your mouse been hacked?
            ireless mice and keyboards are prime for hacking, with    MouseJack, an IoT nightmare
    W       a “massive vulnerability” leaving “billions” of devices
    at risk, according to a new report.
                                                                      Take a step back from the millions of laptops around the
                                                                      world, and think of where we’re all going. An IoT world means
      US cybersecurity company Bastille claims to have found          tonnes more interconnected devices, tonnes more wireless
    the issue, calling it MouseJack, which sounds pretty cool,        interconnected devices. So, if what Bastille found is as bad as it
    with the company saying the vulnerability is massive.             says, we could be in a bit of bother.
      Manufacturers like Logitech, Dell and Lenovo are                  “The MouseJack discovery validates our thesis that wireless
    namechecked as those affected by the issue, but most non-         IoT technology is already being rolled out in enterprises that
    Bluetooth wireless dongles are vulnerable.                        don’t realise they are using these protocols,” said Rouland.
      Basically, hackers can take over a computer through a flaw        “As protocols are being developed so quickly, they have not
    in the dongles. Once paired, the MouseJack operator can           been through sufficient security vetting.”
    insert keystrokes or malicious code with the full privileges of     Bastille says the top 10 wearables on the market have
    the PC owner and infiltrate networks to access sensitive data.    already been hacked, an ominous sign for those operating
      The attack is at the keyboard level, therefore, PCs, Macs,      below that threshold.
    and Linux machines using wireless dongles can all be                What’s worrying is the large amount of wireless mice and
    victims.                                                          keyboards that can’t be updated, thus rendering any hope of a
      “MouseJack poses a huge threat, to individuals and              patch useless.
    enterprises, as virtually any employee using one of these           “Consumers will need to check with their vendor to
    devices can be compromised by a hacker and used as a              determine if a fix is available or consider replacing their
    portal to gain access into an organisation’s network,” said       existing mouse with a secure one,” said the company, with
    Chris Rouland, founder and CTO of Bastille.              set up to help with this.

ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Data Solutions Survey finds 20% of
    Irish businesses have been held to
                                                                                      expect to spend more on security measures in 2016 than they
     • Despite this 93% say they would never pay a ransom                             did in the previous year.
     • 80% of businesses upgraded IT security in past year due to                       Despite this growing awareness, less than 10% of respondents
       rise in cyberattacks                                                           stated that they were ‘absolutely confident’ that their information
     • 55% expect to spend more on cyber security in 2016 than                        security measures are effective. More than 40% said that they
       last year                                                                      considered brand and reputational damage to be the main risks
     • More than 40% consider brand and reputation damage the                         of a data breach with just 0.8% saying they would consider job
       biggest concern of an attack                                                   loss their primary concern. Brand protection from cybercrime will
     • Less than 10% are ‘absolutely confident’ their information                     be an important discussion point at this year’s Secure Computing
       security measures are effective                                                Forum.
     • Full survey results to be announced at Data Solutions’                           Other notable stats highlight that businesses are concerned
       Secure Computing Forum on 12th May.                                            about the risk of data loss or disclosure as a direct result of
                                                                                      cybercrime, with 55% stating that this was their main concern.
                                                                                      Other causes of concern were DDoS attacks – which recently

                  ata Solutions, the leading Irish distributor for IT plagued Irish government and public sector websites and the
                  solutions, has revealed the results of its 2016 national lottery – social engineering and data destruction.
                  Information Security Survey. The survey found that                    Although almost half of respondents stated that they were
                  20% of Irish businesses have fallen victim to concerned about attacks through the supply chain, nearly a
    ransomware attacks, a serious form of cybercrime that sees quarter (23%) do not build specific requirements for information
    hackers hold a business’ sensitive and critical data for ransom. security into the contracts of third party suppliers. This is a 12%
    Despite the serious nature of such an attack, 93% of respondents increase from last year’s research, and highlights that businesses
    stated that they would never pay a ransom to hackers.                             are at even higher risk of a breach in the supply chain, the cause
      The survey was carried out in association with TechPro of many high profile breaches such as the attack on retail giant
    magazine among 137 senior IT decision makers in Irish businesses Target.
    during February and March 2016. The full results of the research                    Micheal O’Hara, group managing director, Data Solutions,
    will be revealed at the Data Solutions Secure Computing Forum said: “The results of this survey present an interesting and
    taking place in the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on worrying picture of the current state of the Irish information
    12th May.                                                                         security landscape and the approaches being taken by companies
      In a clear sign of the changing landscape of information to protect themselves. The Secure Computing Forum will focus
    security, and increased awareness of the threat of cybercrime, the on where Irish businesses are falling short and what they need to
    survey also found that 80% of businesses upgraded their IT do to ensure their infrastructure is safe.
    security in the past year, and that more than 55% of companies                      “The fact that 80% of businesses are upgrading and changing
                                                                                                            their security infrastructure is reassuring,
                                                                                                            but it begs the question what are the other
                                                                                                            20% doing? Cybercriminals are forever
                                                                                                            changing their approach and businesses
                                                                                                            need to constantly adapt to keep up.
                                                                                                              “93% say that they would never pay a
                                                                                                            ransom, but faced with the reality of an
                                                                                                            actual ransomware attack I think you’d find
                                                                                                            most would. Every business has sensitive or
                                                                                                            mission critical data and ultimately it would
                                                                                                            come down to a business decision if that
                                                                                                            was under threat. Less than 10% have
                                                                                                            complete confidence in their information
                                                                                                            security measures and this highlights the
                                                                                                            pressing need for companies to take the
                                                                                                            threat of these and other forms of
                                                                                                            cyberattacks more seriously.”
                                                                                                              Tickets for Ireland’s largest annual IT
                                                                                                            security event the Data Solutions Secure
                                                                                                            Computing Forum are available at
                                                                                                            event takes place in the Round Room at the
    Pictured at the announcement of the 2016 Data Solutions survey results are: (l-r) Michael O'Hara, Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 on
    managing director, Data Solutions, and David Keating, security sales manager, Data Solutions.           12th May.

                                                                                                                                              VOL 5 ISSUE 1
ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Ward Solutions predicts €1.2M
revenue from new ISO 27001
  • Ward is first and only provider in Ireland recognised as an ISO 27001 Associate
    Consultant Partner by the British Standards Institution
  • Ward invested €50,000 in training staff for certification

                                                                         ”This new service will also allow us to grow our security
                                                                       consultancy business significantly over the next year as we
                                                                       forecast new revenues of €1.2M from this service alone. Our
                                                                       pipeline is very strong as a large number of new and existing
                                                                       customers are looking to become accredited this year.”
                                                                         John Whyte of the British Standards Institution said, “Prior to
                                                                       last year we didn’t have any ISO 27001 Associate Consultant
                                                                       Partners in the Republic of Ireland and we’re delighted to offer
                                                                       this to Ward Solutions. This accreditation highlights Ward’s in-
                                                                       depth and unique expertise in the Irish market to provide
                                                                       consulting services to companies seeking to become ISO 27001
                                                                         “ISO 27001 is the international benchmark for information
                                                                       security management systems. It offers a way for companies to
                                                                       set themselves apart from their competition by exceeding the
                                                                       industry standard. Ward’s new consulting service will remove
                                                                       the complexity associated with achieving this standard and will
                                                                       enable more Irish organisations to become ISO 27001
Pat Larkin, CEO, Ward Solutions.                                       compliant.”

               ard Solutions, Ireland’s leading information security
               provider, today announces the launch of its new
               ISO 27001 consultancy service. It is forecasting          About Ward Solutions
               that this service will lead to new revenues of            Ward Solutions is Ireland and Northern Ireland’s largest
€1.2M from its security consultancy business within the next             information security provider with offices in Dublin, Belfast
year.                                                                    and Ennis. It provides a comprehensive range of security
   The launch of the new service follows Ward’s investment of            services including security auditing, consulting, incident
€50,000 in ISO 27001 certification training for staff. More than         response, secure managed services and software
ten of Ward’s employees are now ISO 27001 accredited, and                development services. It has the largest team of
the provider has now been recognised as an Associate                     information security specialists in Ireland providing a
Consultant Partner by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the       highly responsive service to more than 300 leading private
organisation that oversees the certification process.                    and public sector organisations.
   This partnership distinguishes Ward as the first and only
information security provider in the Republic of Ireland certified       About BSI
to offer ISO 27001 consultation services to organisations hoping         BSI (British Standards Institution) is the business standards
to receive the accreditation. Ward Solutions will be identified to       company that equips businesses with the necessary
new customers by the BSI as a specialist that can help with the          solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of
certification procedure.                                                 excellence. Formed in 1901, BSI was the world’s first
   Ward Solutions will offer two forms of consultation. The first        National Standards Body and a founding member of the
will be for organisations testing if they are ready to be assessed       International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Over
by the BSI, and will consist of a review by Ward to establish this.      a century later it continues to facilitate business
The second will be offered to companies in the early stages of           improvement across the globe by helping its clients drive
preparation towards becoming ISO 27001 compliant. Ward                   performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through
Solutions will offer these companies comprehensive step-by-step          the adoption of international management systems
consultancy through the complex accreditation process.                   standards, many of which BSI originated. Renowned for its
   Pat Larkin, CEO, Ward Solutions, said: “Irish enterprises and         marks of excellence including the consumer recognized
government bodies are increasingly making ISO 27001                      BSI Kitemark™, BSI’s influence spans multiple domains
accreditation a mandatory requirement to work with them as               including Aerospace, Automotive, Built Environment,
part of their supply chain assurance. As the only company in             Food, Healthcare and IT. With 80,000 clients in 182
Ireland to be recognised as an Associate Consultant Partner by           countries, BSI is an organization whose standards inspire
the BSI, Ward Solutions can provide clients with unique                  excellence across the globe. To learn more, please visit
guidance towards accreditation, something that will provide us 
with a strong competitive advantage in Ireland.

ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
MHC Tech Law: What will the
    General Data Protection Regulation
    mean for business?
      Mason Hayes & Curran introduces the General Data Protection Regulation, which
      was agreed upon at the end of last year, and looks at what it will mean for businesses.
       n December 2015, three years after the first draft was proposed,      regulation. Second, the potential fines under the GDPR are

    I  and almost 20 years since the Data Protection Directive was
       adopted, EU lawmakers came to agreement on the reform of data
       protection law. The new General Data Protection Regulation
    (GDPR) was agreed upon and is currently in the process of
    formalisation and translation.
                                                                             extremely high.
                                                                               The GDPR provides for a two-tier system of fines, depending on
                                                                             the type of non-compliance. For the lower tier of offences, a fine up
                                                                             to the higher of €10m or 2pc of the organisation’s total worldwide
                                                                             annual turnover in the previous year may be imposed. The lower tier
      The General Data Protection Regulation is expected to come into        of offences includes breach of privacy by design obligations, the
    force in 2018. Let’s take a look at this piece of legislation and some   rules relating to processor contracts, record-keeping obligations and
    of the implications for businesses.                                      processing security requirements.
                                                                               For the upper tier of offences, there is potential for fines up to the
    What is the General Data Protection Regulation?                          greater of €20m or 4pc of the organisation’s total worldwide annual
    The GDPR will replace the current Data                                                            turnover in the previous year. Offences that
    Protection Directive.                                                                             attract the higher level of sanction include
       As a Regulation, and unlike the preceding                                                      breaches of the basic principles for
    Directive, it applies directly. This means that                                                   processing, including conditions for consent,
    the GDPR does not need to be implemented                                                          infringing data subjects’ rights and unlawful
    through each member state’s national law.                                                         transfers to countries outside the European
    This should reduce the level of national                                                          Economic Area.
    variation in relation to data protection law,                                                        For group companies, the percentage fine
    though it will not eliminate it entirely, as                                                      seems to attach to the turnover of the group,
    member states retain some discretion in                                                           not just the individual company in question.
    certain areas                                                                                     For large multinationals, this is a particularly
       The GDPR will comprehensively regulate                                                         significant deterrent.
    data protection throughout the EU (with the                                                          There are a number of factors that the data
    exception of data processed for law Under the GDPR, a failure to adequately protect protection authority must consider when
    enforcement purposes). The GDPR builds data could lead to large fines.                            deciding the amount of the fine to be
    upon familiar concepts and rules in the Data                                                      imposed, including:
    Protection Directive, but in many ways it goes further. It has wider • The nature, seriousness and duration of the infringement
    scope, standards have been raised, and sanctions are much higher.        • Whether the infringement was intentional or negligent
                                                                             • Actions taken to mitigate the damage suffered by data subjects
    What does it mean for businesses?                                        • Relevant previous infringements
    With a greater level of harmonisation of laws across the EU, it should • Whether the wrongdoer co-operated with the data protection
    be easier for businesses that sell goods or services across the EU to      authority
    take a unified approach in multiple EU states. However, the • The categories of personal data affected.
    compliance burden is generally greater than that currently in place,
    so many organisations will have to review and enhance their existing What next?
    practices.                                                               As the finalisation and translation of the GDPR is currently in
       In particular, the introduction of the ‘accountability’ principle progress, we can expect the GDPR to be formally adopted in the
    means that affected organisations will have to work on their internal coming months.
    compliance, including record keeping and, for some, the                    The Article 29 Working Party (the group of EU data protection
    appointment of a data protection officer.                                regulators) has released a statement indicating that its priorities will
       Businesses have some time before the GDPR comes into effect. be:
    However, getting to grips with a new compliance framework takes            Setting up the new European Data Protection Board. The Board
    time and, when developing any new products or projects, an eye will replace the Article 29 Working Party and have an enhanced role
    should be kept to the future.                                            under the GDPR
                                                                               Preparing the one-stop shop and consistency mechanism.
    Why is it important?                                                       Issuing guidance, in particular on data portability, the notion of
    The GDPR represents the future of the regulation of data protection ‘high risk’ and data protection impact assessments, data protection
    in the EU. It is particularly important for two reasons. First, the GDPR officers and certification.
    has a very wide scope and will capture both data and companies             Communication relating to the new European Data Protection
    that previously fell outside the realm of EU data protection Board and the GDPR.

                                                                                                                                           VOL 5 ISSUE 1
ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Atlantic Bridge Capital confirms a
new €140m fund for tech

           tlantic Bridge Capital has confirmed the
           first close of Atlantic Bridge III, a €140m
           fund for technology companies with the
           potential to scale globally in the areas of
big data, internet of things (IoT), robotics and cloud
  The Dublin-based fund will invest in up to 20
European companies.

Investments are already closing in seven
The fund will focus on scaling Irish and European
companies in high-growth enterprise technology
sectors such as cloud, big data, augmented and
virtual reality software, robotics and IoT.
   “We already have a number of pipeline
investments identified for the fund and are
confident that this will build on the track record of
success of our previous Funds,” explained Brian
Long, managing partner of Atlantic Bridge.
   “As a growth equity stage fund, Atlantic Bridge III
will focus on taking companies with a solid and
exciting business model to the next level, scaling Brian Long, managing partner, Atlantic Bridge Capital, with Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and
them into key international markets like the US and Innovation Richard Bruton ,TD, and Kevin Sherry, executive director at Enterprise Ireland. Photo:
China.”                                                              Maxwell Photography.
   The project is supported by the Department of
Jobs through Enterprise Ireland.                                                     AIB is also a new investor in the Atlantic Bridge
   Participants in the new fund include existing Atlantic Bridge III fund.
investors, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, Enterprise In February, we reported that the organisation was close to
Ireland and the European Investment Fund, along with new closing a major fund.
institutional investors, including British Business Bank Investments                   Atlantic Bridge Capital is a global technology fund with more
Limited, the commercial arm of the British Business Bank, and a than €400m of assets under management across four funds,
number of institutional pension funds.                                               investing in technology companies in Europe. Headquartered in
                                                                                     Dublin, it has offices and staff based in London, Silicon Valley,
                                                                                     Beijing and Hong Kong.
                                                                                       Using its international platform and “Bridge model”, the
                                                                                     venture capital firm has scaled a range of European companies
                                                                                     into the US and Chinese markets
                                                                                       Examples of scaled Atlantic Bridge portfolio companies
                                                                                     include Movidius, FieldAware, PolarLake, Metaio, Swrve and
                                                                                       Atlantic Bridge currently has more than 20 companies in its
                                                                                     funds’ portfolio and has achieved 12 realisations with proceeds
                                                                                     totaling over €1.7bn.
                                                                                       “The Atlantic Bridge model of connecting Irish technology
                                                                                     companies with key global markets makes it a key component
                                                                                     of the funding landscape and we are excited to continue our
                                                                                     partnership with Atlantic Bridge for Fund III, following the
                                                                                     strong performance achieved by Fund II,” said Eugene
                                                                                     O’Callaghan, director of the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund.
                                                                                       “This investment aligns with our dual objectives of generating
                                                                                     economic impact and financial returns and we look forward to
                                                                                     seeing it support rapidly growing Irish companies in accessing
Dublin's Atlantic Bridge has closed a major fund worth €140m which it will use       customers, investors and partners in global markets in the US,
to invest in companies in cloud, big data, robotics and internet of things.          China and Europe.”

ISO27001 Event Guide Data Solutions survey find Irish businesses held at ransom
Deciphering the puzzling
    future of data security
     From hackers to unencrypted smartphones and the
     spectre of full-scale cyber warfare, the future of data
     security is set to be a complex one that will affect us all.

    What is the future of data security?                               500bn connected devices through the evolution of the internet
    The question is both naïve and unfathomable. Asking the            of things (IoT), the threats are only going to skyrocket.
    question in the first place means being ignorant of the reality      “We are now in the realm of shadow IT where the internet
    that the battle between victims and those who threaten us is a     and devices from fridges to phones and thermostats are all
    neverending one. There will never be a full stop.                  connected to clouds of clouds, and organisations don’t know
      The World Economic Forum named cyberattacks one of the           what apps employees are downloading, and businesses are
    greatest threats to businesses and ranked it as a risk higher      buying services without talking to IT,” said Greer-King. “The
    than terrorist attacks, explained Theresa Payton, who was CIO      truth is IT can’t control any bit of technology anymore.”
    for the White House during the Bush administration from 2006         Paraphrasing Cisco chairman John Chambers, Greer-King
    to 2008 and is now one of America’s leading cybersecurity          added: “There are only two organisations in the world today:
    experts and CEO of Fortalice Solutions. “The world’s leaders       those that have been hacked and those that don’t know
    know that attacks on private sector companies will damage a        they’ve been hacked.”
    country’s economic wellbeing,” she said.
      In February 2016, US president Barack Obama gained               ‘There are only two organisations in
    Capitol Hill support for a budget increase of $5bn in additional   the world today: those that have been
    cybersecurity spending. This brings the cybersecurity budget       hacked and those that don’t know
    to $19bn in 2017 for the US government. “President Obama           they’ve been hacked’
    said that data breaches and cybercrime are, ‘among the most          – TERRY GREER-KING, CISCO
    urgent dangers to America’s economic and national security’,”
    explained Payton.                                                     According to Cisco’s Annual Security
                                                                       Report for 2016, cyberattacks continue Terry Greer-King, Cisco’s
                             Backdoors are bad ideas. Weakening        to be a profitable business for cyber- European expert on IT
                             encryption is an old-school argument      criminals, who are refining the way security.
                             and I’m not sure that’s even what the     they attack back-end infrastructure.
                             FBI wants’                                  Last year, Cisco, with the help of Level 3 Threat Research and
                               Theresa Payton, Former White House      Limestone Networks, identified the largest Angler exploit kit
                             CIO.                                      operation in the US, which targeted 90,000 victims every day
                                                                       and generated tens of millions of dollars a year by demanding
    Theresa Payton, former
                                “Up until recently, most data          ransoms off victims. Cisco estimates that, currently, 9,515
    White House CIO and CEO
                             breaches  did not result in a long-term   users in the US are paying ransoms every month, amounting to
    of Fortalice Solutions
                             financial impact  on the victim. Once     an annual revenue of $34m for certain cybercrime gangs.
                             the victim cleaned up the breach and
    accounted for expenses, usually stock prices or market             The public face of a breach
    reputation returned to previous levels. The status quo will        Greer-King explained that 60pc of the “bad stuff” occurs
    change and the financial impact going forward is very real and     within the first few hours of an attack happening, when the
    morphing with today’s threats,” she warned.                        cyber-thieves gain access to a company system and accounts
       Payton cited IBM’s latest study, which revealed the average     get stolen or compromised. But remember, the industry
    cost of a breach rose to $3.8m in 2015. A recent study by          average for detecting a breach is 100 days, long after this
    SkyHigh Networks asked companies if they would pay cyber-          damage has been done.
    criminals in the event of a ransomware attack and almost 25pc        At the rate at which attacks are accelerating, it is going to
    said yes, and 14pc of those said they would pay more than          be a case of when, and not if, an organisation’s capacity for
    $1m to get their data back.                                        crisis management will be tested. How an organisation reacts
                                                                       in the first 48 hours of detecting an attack or breach will be
    Under constant threat                                              revealing, not only for customers, but employees and
    Terry Greer-King, the director of cybersecurity at Cisco UK and    shareholders alike.
    Ireland, revealed that there are 3bn Google searches daily and       “It is like that old military analogy: even the best-laid plans
    19.7bn threats detected in the wild every day. The tech sector     fall apart after the first five minutes of contact. Cool heads are
    is trying to pare down the current industry benchmark for          important and, unless people are tested and attacks are
    threat detection but, at the moment, the bad guys have an          simulated, you will never know what is going to happen in the
    average of 100 days to do their worst before a threat is           heat of the moment,” said Kris McConkey, PwC’s partner-in-
    discovered. Considering that the world in 2030 may have            charge of cybersecurity.

                                                                                                                               VOL 5 ISSUE 1
It is like that old military analogy, even                              data and where they can go with it.
the best-laid plans fall apart after the                                  “We are at a juncture where there is only a nuanced
first five minutes of contact’                                          understanding of the differences between sophisticated and
   – KRIS MCCONKEY, PWC                                                 unsophisticated attacks,” he said. “Organisations are often so
                                                                        busy trying to protect against mainstream, everyday malicious
  Evidently, the march of technology is                                 activity that they are unprepared for the more sophisticated
creating chaos for CIOs and CSOs to                                     targeted attacks.”
keep on top of, but the narrative is Kris McConkey, partner-in-
changing. CEOs and boards are now the charge of cybersecurity,          ‘Organisations are often so busy trying
fall guys rather than IT professionals. PwC                             to protect against mainstream,
McConkey posited that cyberattacks are                                  everyday malicious activity that they
now a boardroom issue, citing the high-profile attack on Talk           are unprepared for the more
Talk’s servers last year.                                               sophisticated targeted attacks’
  “In the UK, breaches like [the Talk Talk breach] have seen the          – MARK HUGHES, BT SECURITY
CEOs of companies suddenly propelled onto [current affairs
show] Newsnight and radio shows,” said McConkey. “This was a              The head of enterprise at Dropbox, Mark Hughes, president, BT
seminal moment because it made boards realise that breaches are         Ross Piper, is responsible for driving the Security.
no longer something that can be offloaded to the chief security         US company’s growth in the enterprise
officer, but it is actually the boards themselves that are on the       market, building on its presence in 97pc of Fortune 500
spot when things can go wrong.”                                         companies. Like Hughes, he believes the perimeter is no longer
                                                                        the defensible part of the network. It’s all about the data.
You are the weakest link                                                  Cloud services like Dropbox allow everyone from small teams
Ultimately, the triggers for the biggest attacks and vulnerabilities    of creators right up to thousands of individuals in a corporation
are people. No matter what elaborate security defences are put in       to collaborate and share data on any device. In the past, this
place, Accenture’s Bill Phelps explained that it is people – AKA the    would have given a CEO or CIO a heart attack, but the
‘wet firewall’ – who let the intruders in.                              productivity benefits and the inherent security to protect data
  “There were con artists long before technology was ever on the        in the cloud have evolved in ways that could frustrate attackers.
scene,” said the managing director and global lead for Accenture
Security, who tracks a natural evolution from this to the infamous      ‘This is a precursor to a fundamental
emails from Nigerian royalty and, today on social media, where          shift in security models that we’ve been
users try to persuade others to transfer money. “Today, we are          talking about for decades but which is
seeing mid-level executives being conned into allowing the bad          finally coming to fruition’
people in using phishing attacks.”                                         – ROSS PIPER, DROPBOX

                          ‘100pc defence is impossible, but it is          “If you take a 400MB video as an
                          good to constantly test yourself against      example. What we do when a user Ross Piper, head of
                          mock adversaries’                             saves that into Dropbox is we actually enterprise at Dropbox.
                            – BILL PHELPS, ACCENTURE                    break that into a hundred 4MB file
                                                                        blocks. Each of those file blocks is individually encrypted. They
                               Even senior US government officials      are stored at random within the storage service with 1bn new
                             who ought to have been at the pinnacle     files per day. Imagine 1bn files – that’s well more than 10bn
Bill Phelps, managing of awareness and protection – such as             file blocks,” Piper explained.
director and global lead for the head of the CIA, John Brennan –           To illicitly access a specific file on this service, a hacker
Accenture Security.          were compromised and embarrassed           would have to get through the encryption tunnels, find the
                             by amateur hackers. Individuals, as well   right 100 4MB blocks amongst tens of millions of file blocks
as businesses, need to be street smart, but also realise they           saved that day, and individually unencrypt each one of them.
can’t protect everything.                                               This intelligent breaking up and sequencing of blocks of data
   “The battle space is so vast and takes in every person and           represents the future of security in the cloud.
organisation,” said Phelps.“There are criminal gangs out to                “This is a precursor to a fundamental shift in security models
steal your information or credit card numbers. Organisations            that we’ve been talking about for decades but which is finally
are staving off industrial espionage and front-running trading.         coming to fruition,” said Piper.
There are attacks on banks just to understand M&A activity,
and all of this is very specialised.”                                   Protection vs privacy
   And yet, all of the sophisticated defences in the world can          It’s not just the growth of data that concerns security
still be undermined by a human weakness, like falling prey to a         professionals and consumers, but the growth of data-
spear-phishing attack.                                                  collecting devices. “More devices will simply mean more ways
   “It is an asymmetrical problem in which the defender has to          to attack. Nothing is going to be safe,” said Cisco’s Greer-
close every loophole, but the attacker has to only find one way         King. “There will be sensors everywhere to collect data,
in. 100pc defence is impossible, but it is good to constantly           connect cities and ultimately change the way the world
test yourself against mock adversaries.”                                operates. But not every data point, not every sensor, will have
                                                                        a firewall.”
The devil is in the data                                                  With the advent of IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M)
Mark Hughes, president of BT Security, said he believes                 technology, threats against seemingly harmless consumer and
organisations need to prioritise what it is they are trying to          industrial devices are already accelerating. According to PwC,
defend rather than locking down everything. He warned that              the number of attacks on embedded IoT devices among
the era of security beyond the firewall will require granular           companies it surveyed increased 152pc in 2015, yet only 36pc
controls and privileges that define who can do what with the            of these companies had a security strategy for IoT.

‘We have smart TVs that we didn’t            hands of the so-called good guys, Payton had a different view of
                               realise had microphones built in. They       this analogy.
                               are invisible to us and we don’t know          “Backdoors are bad ideas. Weakening encryption is an old-
                               who captures this data and what it is        school argument and I’m not sure that’s even what the FBI
                               being used for’                              wants,” she said. “The FBI is not asking Apple to unlock the
                                 – DR DIRK PESCH, NIMBUS CENTRE             phone or to create a master key to use to unlock all phones.
                                                                            What the FBI is asking for is for Apple to remove a barrier, to
     Dirk Pesch, head of the       Dr Dirk Pesch heads up the Nimbus        remove one step, so the FBI themselves can attempt to unlock
     Nimbus Centre, CIT.        Centre at Cork Institute of Technology,     the phone.”
                                where more than 80 researchers are
     working on the future of the internet of things. He believes the       Non-stop security
     Stuxnet attack on industrial SCADA control systems in nuclear          It’s no surprise that a smartphone has
     plants foreshadowed the world that is to come, but instead of          taken a central role in defining
     factories and utilities being attacked, it will be the systems we      information security, as millions of
     invite into our homes.                                                 people are now living their lives
        Pesch offered the example of remote meter readings, where an        through these devices. With the
     M2M device with a SIM sends your data to the electricity or            evolution of mobile wallets, fingerprint
     water company. “If hackers know what they are doing and can            biometric security – once seen as sci-fi –
                                                                                                                        Tim Cook, CEO of Apple.
     breach the system, it won’t take long for an attacker to know if       is now a reality, and companies from
     your house is occupied or not,” he said.                               Amazon         to     MasterCard       are
        “We have smart TVs that we didn’t realise had microphones           experimenting with even more new ways to authenticate
     built in. They are invisible to us and we don’t know who captures      payments.
     this data and what it is being used for. There are huge issues of         “Payment technologies have never been safer, but criminals
     privacy ahead.”                                                        have never been smarter,” said Bob Reany, executive president
        How the information stored on the multitude of personal             of Identity Solutions at MasterCard. “Most of us can agree that
     devices set to occupy our homes in the future will be treated          passwords are a real problem. “People forget them often and
     could well be defined by the outcome of the present legal              it’s a pain to go through the retrieval process.”
     wrangle between Apple, the FBI and the US Department of                   Conceding that there is no silver bullet to fight fraud, Reany
     Justice. The San Bernardino iPhone case could be the defining          said MasterCard implements multiple layers of protection to
     issue of our age, technologically and personally, but former           protect users every time they pay. Following a trial in the
     White House CIO Payton said the issue may not be resolved to           Netherlands, the credit card brand is rolling out a selfie security
     the satisfaction of Silicon Valley.                                    system in 14 territories this summer, in an effort to move away
        “This is historic. The decision that comes out of this ultimately   from the prevalence of passwords.
     decides how we fight terrorism in this country,” she said.                “I wish passwords were passé!” said Payton, though she’s not
        Payton said she thinks it is important to note that other           yet satisfied with the proposed alternatives. “I am quite wary of
     industries compelled by a court order to produce records have          biometric data until the vendor devices, the storage, and
     implemented methods of compliance. “The banks had to create            collection of biometrics are locked down and safe.”
     processes and systems to respond to anti-money laundering                 And even if biometrics technology is a step in the right
     requests and more. The phone companies have had to create              direction, it is likely cyber-criminals are already working on a
     ways to respond,” she explained.                                       way to circumvent it. “The moment we roll out selfie and big
        While Apple CEO Tim Cook described the opening of                   data, behavioural-based analytics for authentication, it’s time to
     backdoors into encrypted devices as the “software equivalent of        go back to the drawing board to invent the next approach,”
     cancer”, offering no guarantee that the keys will remain in the        concluded Payton.

                                              e regularly hear that Ireland has            warehouses full of servers is down to the
         What                          W      established itself as the ‘data capital
                                       of Europe’, with many of the world’s largest
                                                                                           cold weather that many of us complain
                                                                                           about on a regular basis. Additionally, you’ll
         makes                         tech companies basing data centres here,
                                       but what exactly do we know about them?
                                                                                           find most Irish data centres clustered along
                                                                                           the M50 motorway, which mirrors the
         Ireland                         Ronan Harris, head of Google Ireland,
                                       recently described the country as the data
                                                                                           route of the T50 fibre trunking system
                                                                                           running from north to west Dublin.
         the                           capital of Europe and, going by industry
                                       reports, it’s hard to disagree.
                                                                                              While cooling and connectivity are
                                                                                           essential for operations, there are other
         ultimate                        Specifically, a detailed report published
                                       by global data analyst group 451 Advisors
                                                                                           technical standards that comprise Irish,
                                                                                           and, indeed, any, data centres.
         data                          in 2013 predicted that Ireland’s data centre
                                       industry would overtake the UK and
                                                                                              For example, square footage and energy
                                                                                           usage contributes to what standard a data
         centre                        mainland Europe locations, with a growth
                                       rate of 18pc over the coming years.
                                                                                           centre finds itself in. One such standard
                                                                                           scrutinised by potential clients is power
         capital of                    What makes a good data centre?
                                                                                           usage effectiveness (PUE), which divides
                                                                                           the total facility energy into its IT
         Europe?                       One of the key reasons Ireland is seen as a
                                       good location in which to establish vast
                                                                                           equipment energy with the most ideal
                                                                                           score being 1.0.

                                                                                                                                     VOL 5 ISSUE 1
5 tips to help protect your business
from cybercrime
   Businesses of all sizes are at risk from the ongoing threat of cyberattacks and the theft
   of sensitive data. George O’Dowd from Novi Technology details the risks businesses
   face from cybercrime and the steps they can take to protect their business.

            any businesses have fallen victim to security breaches

M           without their knowledge. An ageing infrastructure and
            a growing trend in the automation of cyberattacks –
            making them smarter, harder to detect and more
widespread – is contributing to the increasingly delicate security
  SMEs in Ireland are taking risks with their reputation and their
ability to conduct their business by overlooking the dangers of
cybercrime. A recent survey by Zurich Insurance revealed that
nearly half of SMEs surveyed didn’t feel that they needed to
protect their business against cyberattacks, despite listing data
protection as one of their biggest concerns.
  Small and medium-sized business owners need to become
acutely aware that they are as likely to be hit with cybercrime as
their bigger competitors but they are less equipped financially
and operationally to absorb the impact.
  Below are some of the ways criminals can gain access to your
data – and what you should do to protect yourself.

1. Malware                                                                some situations guest access is not partitioned from internal
Using malware hackers can silently transfer your customer data or         systems, leaving company data exposed. Organisations, small
intellectual property to external servers where it is collected and       and large, should implement more complex password policies
sold for substantial gains. More often than not employees provide         that need to be regularly changed.
access to systems by clicking on a compromised email or a
disguised file download.                                                  4. Unsecured devices
                                                                          Laptops should be encrypted and you should be wary of the
2. Unprotected systems                                                    devices you allow to connect to your internal wireless network.
Criminals can also get inside your network by targeting security
vulnerabilities on unpatched devices. Many businesses have fallen         5. Data storage
victim to ransomware, whereby company data becomes                        If you are using cloud-based service providers ensure they are
encrypted, leaving the business paralysed unless a ransom is paid         credible and that your data is encrypted and protected offsite.
to criminals for the unlocking key.                                       For online businesses it is important that you don’t store
  Nearly a quarter (23pc) of Irish organisations have been held to        customer payment data on your servers, ensure servers are
ransom by a hacker, and yet the vast majority (93pc) assert they          regularly patched and updated and consider implementing
would never pay a ransom.                                                 safeguards against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. A
                                                                          DDoS attack consists of hundreds if not thousands of connections
3. Exposed Wi-Fi access                                                   being made to your systems at the same time, causing them to
Poorly configured wireless access points are often an easy way to         become overwhelmed and unusable, which can lead to
access corporate networks from outside the building, and in               significant loss by forcing your website offline.

Firms need more focus on detecting IT attacks, event hears
    he biggest information technology security challenge for                 “Companies are warming to that idea that it now isn’t if, but
T   companies is detecting and responding to threats, according to
Rob Sadowski, director of marketing at security company RSA.
                                                                          when, they will be attacked. But for that not to be a fatalistic point of
                                                                          view, what do you do?”
  However, many businesses are still wrongly focused on outdated IT          The goal is to have systems, and increasingly, well-trained IT
security tactics, trying to prevent attacks by using antivirus software   specialists in the company that can recognise an attack when it is
and firewalls rather than aiming to detect inevitable intrusions and      happening, and detect it as early as possible to limit loss, he said.
then prevent or contain damage, he said in an interview at the               A recent survey of companies by RSA indicated three out of four
company’s annual RSA Security Conference in San Francisco.                organisations were “very dissatisfied with their ability to detect and
  “Defences are often built for yesterday’s IT,” he said.                 investigate those threats,” Mr Sadowski said.

Zinopy launches 'inSIght'
       To help organisations to manage, monitor and measure their IT Security
       posture and Systems performance.

            or over a decade, Zinopy has been     first Managed Operational Service called   Zinopy InSIght – Security
            Ireland’s Market leading Solutions    “Zinopy InSIght”.                          Intelligence
            Advisor and Services Provider of         Zinopy InSIght has been designed to
            Information       Security     and    deliver Business Outcomes through
     Virtualisation Technologies.                 Operational Excellence in both
       We have used our experience and            Information Security and Citrix
     expertise to bring to the market Ireland’s   Virtualisation.                            John Ryan, CEO, Zinopy: “We recognised
                                                                                                   there was a gap in the market based
                                                                                                   on security skills shortage, rise in
                                                                                                   cyber attacks – in both sophistication
                                                                                                   and volume – and an increase in the
                                                                                                   complexity of today’s security
                                                                                                   landscape. Our managed security
                                                                                                   service is founded on Security
                                                                                                   Intelligence and Analytics and it
                                                                                                   provides organisations with full
                                                                                                   visibility of their network so that they
                                                                                                   can detect intrusions in real time and
                                                                                                   respond to breaches effectively”.

                                                                                                   Zinopy InSIght – Systems

                                                                                                   Aidan McEvoy, Sales Director,
                                                                                                   Zinopy: “We have been Ireland’s
                                                                                                   Citrix Platinum Partner for over 10
                                                                                                   years and have consistently invested
                                                                                                   in the best and brightest talent in
                                                                                                   the country; we are uniquely placed
                                                                                                   to offer a world class service to our
                                                                                                   customers. “Our goal is to help our
                                                                                                   Customers deliver a consumer type
                                                                                                   experience to their IT users through
                                                                                                   the use of innovative tools, business
                                                                                                   oriented processes and an
                                                                                                   enthusiastic and experienced team
                                                                                                   of people with one common
                                                                                                   imperative - to deliver a great
                                                                                                   Customer Experience”.
                                                                                                     The Zinopy inSIght Centre is
       Book your FREE consultation & demo with Zinopy to discover how our                          based at our dedicated facilities in
       managed security intelligence service can keep your organisation secure.                    Dublin using industryleading
       Email: stating code ZinopyISO-01                                      innovative technology, providing
                                                                                                   the backbone for Zinopy’s managed
                                                                                                     Contact Zinopy to discuss your
                                                                                                   business requirements:
                                                                                                   Phone: 01-8976750

                                                                                                                                VOL 5 ISSUE 1

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                                       Managed Security Service                               offerings with edgescan™’s SaaS-based vulnerability
     Arkphire &                        2015 was a year of serious security breaches;          management platform. The edgescan™ family offers
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                                       Certification Europe is an accredited ISO              training courses in these areas.
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                                       Process efficien cies and cost savings while           Office 365 and SharePoint De ployment
                                       achieving ISO27001 level of IT security includi        Planning services for clients with more than 50
                                       ng digital signatures and Mobile Device                users which is wor th up to €3K towards their
                                       Management MDM.                                        migration to Office 365 along with furth er
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                                       cloud features of Office 365 and 3rd party add-        Office 365 seats and clients w ith Enterprise
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                                       both internally in the organisation and with           of the non-pro fit initiative, Just Social, (Social
                                       external users such as suppliers, partners and,        Tech donations for Irish Charities) which
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                                       CalQRisk was established to provide                       Included in our rich knowledgebase are the
     CalQRisk                          organisations with world class Enterprise-wide         risks and associated controls that would be
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                                       them to identify and manage risks to the               are ISO27001 compliant. If you are planning to
                                       achievement of their objectives.                       seek accreditation to this standard you can
                                          Using CalQRisk, our flagship product, we            carry out a self-assessment simply by
                                       provide access for clients to an extensive             answering the questions in our risk question
                                       knowledgebase of risks and associated controls         sets. The CalQRisk Dashboard will quickly tell
                                       allowing them to measure and improve their             you those areas that need to be addressed to
                                       risk management capability. Our                        ensure you are compliant.
                                       knowledgebase is the product of the                       For tools to support your Governance, Risk
                                       experience and wisdom of over forty subject            and Compliance efforts contact us today.
                                       matter experts. It continues to grow as
                                       additional sectors are addressed.

                                                                                                                                       VOL 5 ISSUE 1
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