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             2021       KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE
CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
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CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
Understanding Soils in Urban                                        Conservation Agriculture in Africa
                 Environments                                                        Climate Smart Agricultural Development
                 2nd Edition                                                         Edited by Saidi Mkomwa, African Conservation
                 Pam Hazelton, University of Technology Sydney                       Tillage (ACT), Nairobi, Amir H Kassam, Food and
                 Australia, Brian W Murphy, Office of Environment                    Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Italy
                 and Heritage, Australia                                             and University of Reading, UK

                                                                                                                                             agriculture and soil science
                  Urban soils provide the foundation for                             Conservation Agriculture (the use of no tillage
buildings and infrastructure, and the medium for plant growth       systems) to preserve soil structure and integrity has become an
in fields, parks and gardens. This text recognises and draws        increasingly important step towards sustainable farming. This
attention to the particular nature of soils in urban environments   book brings together conservation agriculture and climate smart
and discusses their distinctive management needs.                   decision making processes for the first time, focusing on Africa.

Nov 2021 | HB | 9781789249934 | 200pp                               Aug 2021 | HB | 9781789245745 | 400pp
£85 | €100 | $120                                                   £175 | €210 | $245
World, excluding Aus & NZ

                 RNAi for Plant Improvement and                                      Techniques for Work with Plant and
                 Protection                                                          Soil Nematodes
                 Edited by Bruno Mezzetti, Università Politecnica                    Edited by Roland N Perry, University of
                 delle Marche, Jeremy Sweet, National Institute                      Hertfordshire, UK, David Hunt, CABI, UK, Sergei
                 of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), Cambridge, UK,                       A Subbotin, California Department of Food and
                 Lorenzo Burgos, CEBAS-CSIC, Spain                                   Agriculture, USA
                 International experts review RNA interference                        This up-to-date, comprehensive book
(RNAi), methods for developing RNAi systems in GM plants and        covers the practicalities of working with and studying soil
a range of applications for crop improvement, crop production       and plant nematodes. Written by an international team of
and crop protection. Chapters examine both endogenous               experts, it includes traditional and new methodologies, as well
systems in GM plants and exogenous systems where interfering        as sections on behavioural and physiological assays, and
RNAs are applied to target plants, pests and pathogens.             cytogenetic, biochemical and molecular biology techniques.
Mar 2021 | HB | 9781789248890 | 216pp                               Dec 2020 | HB | 9781786391759 | 320pp
£85 | €100 | $115                                                   £95 | €110 | $130

CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
Water Conflicts and Cooperation:                                   Soil Carbon
                                                a Media Handbook                                                   Science, Management and Policy for
                                                Edited by Rasha Dewedar                                            Multiple Benefits
                                                                                                                   Edited by Steven A Banwart, University of Leeds,
                                                  This handbook is for journalists, researchers
                                                                                                                   UK, Elke Noellemeyer, The National University of
                                                  and policy makers working on science                             La Pampa, Argentina, Eleanor Milne, University of
                                                  communication for water peace and                                Leicester, UK and Colorado State University, USA
agriculture and soil science

                                                  cooperation. It features descriptions of
                               activities (including action research, training modules, joint      This book brings together the essential evidence and policy
                               workshops, reporting grants, podcast and an online photo            opportunities regarding the global importance of soil carbon
                               campaign) implemented by the Open Water Diplomacy project           for sustaining essential ecosystems services. Covering the
                               in the Nile basin.                                                  science and policy background for this important natural
                                                                                                   resource, it describes land management options that improve
                               Dec 2020 | PB | 9781789247954 | 64pp                                soil carbon status.
                               £20 | €25 | $30
                                                                                                   Nov 2019 | PB | 9781786395504 | 420pp
                                                                                                   £50 | €60 | $70
                                                                                                   Dec 2014 | HB | 9781780645322 | 420pp
                                                                                                   £101.99 | €133.95 | $192.50
                                                Transition Pathways towards
                                                Sustainability in Agriculture                                      Healthy Soils for Healthy Vines
                                                Case Studies from Europe                                           Soil Management for Productive Vineyards
                                                Edited by Lee-Ann Sutherland, James Hutton
                                                                                                                   Robert White, University of Melbourne, Australia,
                                                Institute, Ika Darnhofer, University of Natural
                                                                                                                   Mark Krstic, Australian Wine Research Institute,
                                                Resources and Life Sciences, Austria, Geoff
                                                Wilson, University of Plymouth, UK, Lukas Zagata
                                                                                                                   Healthy Soils for Healthy Vines provides a
                               This book focuses on understanding farm-level transitions
                                                                                                                   clear understanding of vineyard soils and how
                               in Europe. Using case studies from various countries in the
                                                                                                   to manage and improve soil health for best vineyard
                               EU it adopts a novel analytical approach based on transition
                               management theory and discusses the importance of
                               understanding transition pathways towards sustainability in         Aug 2019 | HB | 9781789243161 | 224pp
                               European agriculture at a time of economic recession.               £75 | €90 | $105
                               Oct 2019 | PB | 9781786395474 | 244pp                               World, excluding Aus & NZ
                               £40 | €50 | $55
                               Nov 2014 | HB | 9781780642192 | 246pp
                               £85.50 | €112 | $160.95
CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
GM Agriculture and Food Security                                     Emerging Trends in
                 Fears and Facts                                                      Agri-Nanotechnology
                 Stuart Smyth, University of Saskatchewan,                            Fundamental and Applied Aspects
                 Canada, William Kerr, University of Saskatchewan,                    Edited by Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Banaras
                 Canada, Peter Phillips, Department of Agricultural                   Hindu University, India, Sandhya Mishra, Chinese
                 Economics, University of Saskatchewan, Canada                        Academy of Sciences, China, Leonardo Fernandes

                                                                                                                                            agriculture and soil science
                  Myths about biotechnology have prevented                            Fraceto, São Paulo State University, Brazil, Renata
                                                                                      de Lima, University of Sorocaba, Brazil
it from helping improve food security in the developing world.
This book explores the theory, evidence and rhetoric of the           The science of nanotechnology - the manipulation, design and
impact of food production on the environment, and vice versa.         engineering of devices at the atomic and molecular scale - is
                                                                      starting to be applied to many disciplines including aspects of
Aug 2019 | PB | 9781786392244 | 184pp
                                                                      agriculture and crop science. This edited volume reviews the
£39.99 | €55 | $65
                                                                      current state of knowledge and explores potential applications.
Aug 2019 | HB | 9781786392213 | 184pp
£95 | €125 | $160                                                     Apr 2018 | HB | 9781786391445 | 322pp
                                                                      £125 | €165 | $205

                 The Bioeconomy                                                       Farm Business Management
                 Delivering Sustainable Green Growth                                  The Fundamentals of Good Practice
                 Davide Viaggi, University of Bologna, Italy                          Peter Nuthall, Lincoln University, New Zealand
                The “bioeconomy” is the idea of economic                               Following the author’s Farm Business
                activity involving the sustainable exploitation                        Management series, this textbook takes the
                of biological resources. This book illustrates                         core principles and techniques and distils
                state of the art perspectives in the                                   them into an accessible student resource.
development of the bioeconomy across the world, taking an             It covers aspects of farm management such as observation,
economic and policy perspective, and identifies potential             decision making, budgeting, risk assessment and record
future pathways and issues.                                           keeping, and includes student-focused pedagogy throughout.
Dec 2018 | HB | 9781786392756 | 224pp                                 Apr 2016 | PB | 9781780646572 | 374pp
£85 | €110 | $140                                                     £39.99 | €55 | $65
                                                                      Apr 2016 | HB | 9781780646565 | 374pp
                                                                      £132.85 | €175.05 | $217.35

CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
Farm Business Management –                                         Farm Business Management
                                                3 volume set                                                       Analysis of Farming Systems
                                                Peter Nuthall, Lincoln University, New Zealand                     Peter Nuthall, Lincoln University, New Zealand
                                              Taken together the three books of Farm                                 The final instalment of Peter Nuthall’s Farm
                                              Business Management cover most aspects                                 Business Management series, this volume
                                              of the study of farm management, leaving                               teaches the practical skills needed to manage
agriculture and soil science

                                              the reader with a practical set of skills and                          a farm, such as risk analysis, budgeting, cost
                               knowledge. Farm Business Management: The Core Skills.              benefit analyses and much more. The key characteristic of this
                               Farm Business Management: The Human Factor, 2nd Edition.           book is its ability to simplify the complex subject of business
                               Farm Business Management: Analysis of Farming Systems              management into a clear, accessible volume.
                               Dec 2018 | HB | 9781789241525                                      Sep 2011 | HB | 9781845938390 | 464pp
                               £239 | €269 | $310                                                 £132.85 | €176.10 | $253.40

                                                Farm Business Management                                           Farm Business Management
                                                The Human Factor                                                   The Core Skills
                                                2nd Edition                                                        Peter Nuthall, Lincoln University, New Zealand,
                                                Peter Nuthall, Lincoln University, New Zealand                     Michael Thompson, Iowa State University, USA,
                                                                                                                   Patrick Skelly, Tufts University, USA
                                               The underlying economic factors that effect
                                               primary production are frequently studied                          Practical methods for acquiring or improving
                                               and written about – soil quality, animal health,                   each skill are covered in detail, with practice
                               climate, machinery. This book explores the psychology of           exercises to engage the reader in active participation. This
                               successful farm business management and decision making.           book is an essential resource for farm managers and students.

                               Dec 2018 | HB | 9781789240733 | 290pp                              Aug 2010 | HB | 9781845936679 | 318pp
                               £95 | €125 | $160                                                  £105 | €132.80 | $198.30

CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
Indigenous Knowledge                                                   Automation in Tree Fruit Production
                 Enhancing its Contribution to Natural                                  Principles and Practice
                 Resources Management                                                   Edited by Qin Zhang, Washington State University,
                 Edited by Paul Sillitoe, Durham University, UK                         USA

                 This book addresses indigenous knowledge’s                             Written by an international team of experts,
                 (IK) potential in solving issues such as                               this unique edited volume focuses on

                                                                                                                                              agriculture and soil science
                 coping with change, ensuring global food                               applications of automation technology to
supply, reversing environmental degradation and promoting              the important industry of tree fruit production. It is aimed
sustainable practices. It draws together strands of biocultural        at researchers and graduate students of agricultural and
diversity research into natural resources management,                  biological engineering, crop and soil sciences, precision
providing an overview of conceptual issues.                            agriculture, and other relevant disciplines.

Nov 2017 | HB | 9781780647050 | 272pp                                  Nov 2017 | HB | 9781780648507 | 312pp
£95 | €125 | $160                                                      £125 | €165 | $205

                 Conservation Agriculture for Africa
                                                                                        Plant Biodiversity
                 Building Resilient Farming Systems in a
                                                                                        Monitoring, Assessment and Conservation
                 Changing Climate
                                                                                        Edited by Abid Ansari, University of Tabuk, Saudi
                 Edited by Amir Kassam, Food and Agriculture
                                                                                        Arabia, Sarvajeet Singh Gill, MD University, India,
                 Organization of the United Nations, Italy and
                                                                                        Zahid Khorshid Abbas, University of Tabuk, Saudi
                 University of Reading, UK, Saidi Mkomwa, African
                                                                                        Arabia, M Naeem, Aligarh Muslim University, India
                 Conservation Tillage (ACT), Nairobi, Theodor
                 Friedrich, Food and Agriculture Organization of the                      This book presents a series of essays on how
                 United Nations, Cuba                                  the results of monitoring and assessment of different aspects
Tillage agriculture has led to widespread soil and ecosystem           of plant biodiversity can be used to combat species extinction
degradation. This book reviews research and development                and ecosystem collapse using case studies from around the
initiatives in Africa aimed at building resilient farming systems.     world in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
It summarises the status of conservation agriculture today,            Dec 2016 | HB | 9781780646947 | 628pp
discusses prospects for future development and provides                £159.15 | €206 | $265.25
case studies showing its performance in Africa.
Dec 2016 | HB | 9781780645681 | 318pp
£100.99 | €132.80 | $169.95
CABI Books Agriculture and Environmental Sciences - KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE -
Farm-level Modelling                                                Harnessing Dividends from Drylands
                                                Techniques, Applications and Policy                                 Innovative Scaling up with Soil Nutrients
                                                Edited by Shailesh Shrestha, SRUC, UK, Andrew                       Edited by K V Raju, International Crop Research
                                                Barnes, SRUC, UK, Bouda Vosough Ahmadi,                             Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics, India, Suhas P
                                                FAO, Italy                                                          Wani, Formerly ICRISAT Development Center (IDC),
                                                This book describes the application of a wide
agriculture and soil science

                                                variety of mathematical modelling techniques                        This book describes lessons learnt from an
                               used to help carry out crucial tasks and decision making in         innovative scheme in India that improved yields in drylands.
                               farm management.                                                    It shows how the scheme can be scaled up for other Dryland
                                                                                                   regions of the world. The scheme uses localised soil nutrient
                               Sep 2016 | HB | 9781780644288 | 238pp                               analyses to create an integrated, climate-smart fertilizer and
                               £90.15 | €116.40 | $148.30                                          planting plan that maximises yields for farmers.
                                                                                                   Sep 2016 | HB | 9781780648156 | 334pp
                                                                                                   £122 | €159.15 | $201.85

                                                Intellectual Property Issues In                                     Millets Value Chain for Nutritional
                                                Biotechnology                                                       Security
                                                Edited by Harikesh Bahadur Singh, Banaras                           A Replicable Success Model from India
                                                Hindu University, India, Alok Jha, International                    Benhur Dayakar Rao, Indian Institute of Millets
                                                Livestock Research Institute, India, Chetan                         Research, India, N G Malleshi, Central Food
                                                Keswani, Banaras Hindu University, India                            Technological Research Institute, India, George A
                                                 This book integrates science and business                          Annor, University of Ghana, Ghana, Jagannath
                                                                                                                    Vishnu Patil, Indian Institute of Millets Research, India
                               to provide an introduction and an insider view of intellectual
                               property issues within the biotech industry. Broad in scope,        While there are books that look at nutritional aspects and
                               this book covers key principles in pharmaceutical, industrial       processing of millets, this title deals with value addition
                               and agricultural biotechnology within four sections.                through the entire chain, from producer to consumer, and
                                                                                                   demonstrates a reliable model for millets development that can
                               Sep 2016 | HB | 9781780646534 | 276pp
                                                                                                   be adapted to other commodities.
                               £100.99 | €132.80 | $169.95
                                                                                                   Aug 2016 | HB | 9781780648309 | 254pp
                                                                                                   £100.99 | €132.80 | $169.95

Visual Soil Evaluation                                               Sustainable Water Management in
                 Realizing Potential Crop Production with                             Smallholder Farming
                 Minimum Environmental Impact                                         Theory and Practice
                 Edited by Bruce C. Ball, SRUC, UK, Lars J.                           Sara Finley, Water Management Consultant,
                 Munkholm, Aarhus University, Denmark                                 Canada
                   Visual Soil Evaluation (VSE) provides land                          Water is critical to everyone, but access to this

                                                                                                                                            agriculture and soil science
                   users and environmental authorities with the                        resource is increasingly limited by competition
tools to assess soil quality for crop performance. This book        and the effects of climate change. This book outlines the theoretical
describes the assessment of the various structural conditions       underpinnings of sustainable water management in agriculture,
of soil especially after quality degradation. Covering a range of   introduces a range of beneficial practices, and provides schematic
land types it assesses yield potential across a range of scales.    diagrams to help readers put theory into practice.
Oct 2015 | PB | 9781780647456 | 172pp                               Jul 2016 | PB | 9781780646879 | 204pp
£41.20 | €56.65 | $66.95                                            £41.20 | €56.65 | $66.95
Oct 2015 | HB | 9781780644707 | 172pp                               Jul 2016 | HB | 9781780646862 | 204pp
£105 | €137.95 | $176.10                                            £100.99 | €132.80 | $169.95

                 Land-Use Change Impacts on Soil                                      Conservation Agriculture in
                 Processes                                                            Subsistence Farming
                 Tropical and Savannah Ecosystems                                     Case Studies from South Asia and Beyond
                 Edited by Francis Brearley, Manchester                               Edited by Catherine Chan, University of Hawai‘i at
                 Metropolitan University, Andrew Thomas,                              Mānoa, USA, Jean Fantle-Lepczyk, University of
                 Aberystwyth University, UK                                           Hawaii, Manoa, USA
                 This book examines the effects that land-                           This book presents South Asia as a case
use changes (notably agricultural intensification, logging, soil    study, due to the high soil erosion caused by monsoon rainfall
erosion, urbanisation and mining) have on soil characteristics      and geophysical conditions in the region, which necessitate
and processes in tropical and savannah environments. It             conservation agriculture approaches, and the high percentage
covers a range of geographical regions and environments as          of people in South Asia relying on subsistence and traditional
impacts of land use change are often site specific.                 farming.
Sep 2015 | HB | 9781780642109 | 200pp                               Jun 2015 | HB | 9781780644233 | 278pp
£40 | €50 | $55                                                     £45 | €55 | $65

An Introduction to Economics
                                                Concepts for Students of Agriculture and

                                                                                                      CAB Abstracts
                                                the Rural Sector
                                                4th Edition
                                                Berkeley Hill, formerly Imperial College London, UK
                                                Fully updated, this incorporates the impacts
agriculture and soil science

                                                of the EU expansion, changes to financial
                               support of agriculture, financial crises, economic recession
                               and unemployment. The inclusion of chapter-focused
                               exercises, essay questions and further reading make this
                               textbook a valuable learning tool for students of agriculture,
                               economics and related sectors.
                                                                                                      CAB Abstracts gives you
                               Nov 2014 | PB | 9781780644752 | 256pp                                  instant access to over 10
                               £39.95 | €55 | $75
                                                                                                      million research records,
                                                                                                      with over 350,000 new
                                                                                                      records being added
                                                                                                      every year.

CABI Biotechnology Series
                The Economics of Biotech Quality                                   Forest Genomics and Biotechnology
                Enhanced Crops                                                     Richard Meilan, Purdue University, USA, Matias
                The Case of High Oleic Soybeans                                    Kirst, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA

                                                                                                                                     CABI Biotechnology Series
                Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, University of                            An authoritative update of forest tree
                Missouri-Columbia, USA, Alex Magnier, University                    biotechnology and genomics methodologies,
                of Missouri-Columbia, USA                                           this book discusses approaches for traditional
                Biotech crops with enhanced quality traits                          breeding improvement of forest-tree species
have faced technical complexities, regulatory uncertainties and    and production of forest-based products. It describes in detail
challenging economic situations, slowing their introduction.       the environmental, social, legal, and regulatory aspects of
This book presents a framework for analyzing their economics,      forest biotechnology, with an emphasis on biosafety.
from concept to commercial introduction and use, focusing on
                                                                   Dec 2019 | HB | 9781780643502 | 288pp
how economic value and supply chains must be modified.
                                                                   £85 | €110 | $140
Aug 2021 | HB | 9781780648477 | 384pp
£125 | €165 | $205

                Transgenic Insects                                                 Plant-derived Pharmaceuticals
                Techniques and Applications                                        Principles and Applications for Developing
                Edited by Mark Quentin Benedict, University of                     Countries
                Perugia, Italy                                                     Edited by Kathleen Hefferon, University of
                                                                                   Toronto, Canada
                  Insect transgenesis promises improvements
                  in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and public                        Describing developments in the engineering
                  health. This book discusses the latest insect                     and generation of plants as production
transgenesis technology and its applications. It considers the     platforms for biopharmaceuticals, this book includes
larger risks, social and economic aspects of transgenic insects    vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. It discusses targeting
whose value must be proven in political, regulatory and public     diseases which predominate in less developed countries,
acceptance arenas.                                                 encompassing the current state of technologies and
                                                                   describing expression systems and applications.
Nov 2019 | PB | 9781786395436 | 398pp
£50 | €60 | $70                                                    Oct 2019 | PB | 9781786395443 | 180pp
                                                                   £40 | €50 | $55

Endophyte Biotechnology                                            Coping with Risk in Agriculture
                                             Potential for Agriculture and Pharmacology                         Applied Decision Analysis
                                             Edited by Alexander Schouten,                                      3rd Edition
                                             Wageningen University and Research Centre, The                     J Brian Hardaker, University of New England,
CABI Biotechnology Series

                                             Netherlands                                                        Australia, Ruud B M Huirne, Wageningen
                                               Endophytes are bacterial and fungal                              University, The Netherlands, Jock R Anderson,
                                                                                                                Consultant, USA, Gudbrand Lien, Lillehammer
                                               microorganisms that colonize plants,
                                                                                                                University College, Norway
                            typically boosting the health of the host plant and altering its
                            metabolism. This book explores the diversity of endophytes,         This revised third edition of the popular textbook includes
                            their potential value and future challenges in the contexts         updated chapters on theory and methods and contains a
                            of agricultural production and the discovery of novel               new chapter discussing the state-contingent approach to
                            pharmaceutical drugs.                                               the analysis of production and the use of copulas to better
                                                                                                model stochastic dependency. Aiming to introduce agricultural
                            Oct 2019 | HB | 9781786399427 | 212pp                               decision making, probability and risk preference.
                            £85 | €110 | $140
                                                                                                Apr 2015 | PB | 9781780642406 | 288pp
                                                                                                £39.95 | €55 | $75
                                             GM Food Systems and Their                          Apr 2015 | HB | 9781780645742 | 288pp
                                             Economic Impact                                    £88 | €115.35 | $165.80
                                             Tatjana Brankov, University of Novi Sad, Serbia,
                                             Koviljko Lovre, University of Novi Sad
                                             This book adopts a methodical approach
                                             to provide a novel exploration of the effects
                                             of GM crops on global economy, as well as
                            examining the links between GM and food security at global
                            and regional levels. The environmental implications of GM are
                            also considered, by comparing pesticide use and efficiency in
                            GM and non-GM countries.
                            Nov 2018 | HB | 9781789240542 | 246pp
                            £95 | €125 | $160

CABI Climate Change Series
                 Climate Change, Adaptation and Gender                               Climate Change Impacts and
                 Methodological Underpinnings                                        Sustainability

                                                                                                                                            CABI Climate Change Series
                 Mamta Mehar, Independent Consultant,                                Ecosystems of Tanzania
                 New Delhi, India, Narayan Prasad, Indira Gandhi                     Edited by Pius Z Yanda, University of Dar es Salaam,
                 National Open University, India                                     Tanzania, Claude G Mung’ong’o, Formerly of the
                   This book offers a wide, in-depth study of the                    University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Edmund B
                                                                                     Mabhuye, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
                   gender-climate change-agriculture nexus.
Despite more than 40 years of research exploring this nexus,         The collection of papers presented in this book provides a
there is still ambiguity around the foundations, connections,        detailed analysis of the impacts of climate change on various
and approaches for planning gender-inclusive climate policies.       tropical ecosystems in Tanzania and their related aspects of
This volume aims to clear that ambiguity.                            economic endeavour – from agriculture, marine resources,
                                                                     wildlife to weather forecasting.
Aug 2021| HB | 9781789249897 | 200 pp | £85.00
                                                                     Jun 2020 | HB | 9781789242966 | 264pp
                                                                     £95 | €115 | $135
                 Climate Change Impact and
                 Adaptation in Agricultural Systems
                                                                                     Climate Change and Crop Production
                 Edited by Jurg Fuhrer, Formerly Agroscope,
                                                                                     Edited by Matthew Reynolds, CIMMYT, Mexico
                 Switzerland, P Gregory, University of Reading, UK
                 This book focuses on future global climate                          The first volume in the CABI Climate Change
                 change and its implications for agricultural                        Series, this book provides an overview
                 systems which are the main sources of                               of the essential disciplines required for
agricultural goods and services to society. This book brings                         sustainable crop production in unpredictable
together a series of chapters providing scientific insights to                       environments.
possible implications of projected climate changes for different     May 2017 | PB | 9781786393081 | 308pp
crop types and livestock systems.                                    £45 | €60 | $75
Nov 2019 | PB | 9781786395351 | 298pp
£45 | €55 | $65
Jun 2014 | HB | 9781780642895 | 298pp
£89.99 | €117 | $170.95

Climate Change Impacts on Urban                                          Climate Change and Agricultural
                                               Pests                                                                    Water Management in Developing
                                               Edited by Partho Dhang, Independent Consultant,                          Countries
                                               Philippines                                                                Edited by Chu Hoanh, International Water
                                                                                                                          Management Institute (IWMI), Colombo, Sri
CABI Climate Change Series

                                              This book reviews the influence of climate
                                                                                                                          Lanka, Vladimir Smakhtin, International Water
                                              change on urban and public pests such
                                                                                                                          Management Institute (IWMI), Colombo, Sri Lanka,
                                              as mosquitoes, flies, termites, rodents and                                 Robyn Johnston, International Water Management
                             others, with respect to population, distribution, disease,               Institute (IWMI), Colombo, Sri Lanka
                             damage and control.
                                                                                                      The book provides an analysis of impacts of climate change
                             Nov 2016 | HB | 9781780645377 | 200pp                                    on water for agriculture, and the adaptation strategies in water
                             £79.30 | €103 | $132.80                                                  management to deal with these impacts. Chapters include
                                                                                                      an assessment at global level, with details on impacts in
                                                                                                      various countries.
                                                                                                      Dec 2015 | HB | 9781780643663 | 240pp
                                                                                                      £50 | €60 | $70

                                               Climate Change Challenges and                                            Climate Change and Insect Pests
                                               Adaptations at Farm-level                                                Edited by Christer Björkman, Swedish University
                                               Case Studies from Asia and Africa                                        of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, Pekka Niemelä,
                                                                                                                        University of Turku, Finland
                                               Edited by Naveen P Singh, ICRISAT, India,
                                               Cynthia Bantilan, ICRISAT, India, Kattarkandi                           It is anticipated that the damage to crops
                                               Byjesh, ICRISAT, India, Swamikannu                                      and forests by insects will increase as a
                                               Nedumaran, ICRISAT, India                                               consequence of climate change. However,
                             This book emphasises the importance of farm-level adaptation             the evidence in support of this is sparse. This book sums
                             in mitigating against the risks of climate change in the semi-arid       up present knowledge regarding both agricultural and forest
                             tropics of Asia and Africa. It highlights the key issues that arise in   insect pests and climate change in order to identify future
                             farm-level impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, and discusses          research directions.
                             the methodological approaches undertaken in Asia and Africa.
                                                                                                      Oct 2015 | PB | 9781789247695 | pp
                             Nov 2015 | HB | 9781780644639 | 244pp                                    £40 | €50 | $55
                             £50 | €60 | $70                                                          Oct 2015 | HB | 9781780643786 | 292pp
                                                                                                      £82.40 | €110.20 | $160.15

Climate, Ticks and Disease                                        Gender, Climate Change and
                Edited by Pat Nuttall                                             Livelihoods
                This book brings together expert opinions                         Vulnerabilities and Adaptations
                from scientists to consider the evidence for                      Edited by Joshua Eastin, Kendra Dupuy
                climate change and its impacts on ticks and                        This book applies a gendered lens to the

                                                                                                                                     ecology and the environment
                tick-borne infections, and provide predictions                     dynamic linkages between climate change
                for the future.                                                    and livelihoods in developing countries.
Aug 2021 | HB | 9781789249637 | 200pp                            It examines how climate change affects women and men
£85 | €100 | $115                                                in distinct ways, and the implications for earning income
                                                                 and accessing the natural, social, economic, and political
                                                                 resources required to survive and thrive.
                                                                 Jun 2021 | HB | 9781789247053 | 248pp
                                                                 £95 | €115 | $135

                Practical R for Biologists                                        Urban Ecology
                An Introduction                                                   Its Nature and Challenges
                Donald Quicke, Chulalongkorn University,                          Edited by Pedro Barbosa, University of Maryland,
                Thailand, Buntika A Butcher, Chulalongkorn                        USA
                University, Thailand, Rachel Kruft Welton
                                                                                  This book contains a series of essays
                A new textbook showing beginners how                              designed for graduate students and
                to use the free programming language R                            researchers on crucial issues in the relatively
for fundamental biostatistical analysis, graphical display,      new field of urban ecology.
and experimental design. The book takes a simple step-by-
step approach to give a good grounding in the use of R for       Nov 2020 | HB | 9781789242607 | 248pp
undergraduate/beginning postgraduate biology students.           £85 | €100 | $120

Dec 2020 | PB | 9781789245349 | 416pp
£39.99 | €48 | $56

Introduction to Environmental                                    A Handbook of Environmental
                                               Toxicology                                                       Toxicology
                                               J P F D’Mello, formerly Scottish Agricultural                    Human Disorders and Ecotoxicology
                                               College, UK                                                      Edited by J P F D’Mello, formerly Scottish
                                                This book covers the origin, characterization                   Agricultural College, UK
ecology and the environment

                                                and environmental distribution of the major                        This handbook focuses on human disorders
                                                pollutants, providing explanations of the                          and ecotoxicology, as affected by major
                              implications for human morbidity, biodiversity, and food          toxins originally from biology sources and pollutants,
                              and water safety. Including questions, further reading and        and radiation generated spontaneously or as a result of
                              case studies to spark classroom discussion, it forms a true       anthropogenic activity. The book explores the cutting edge
                              introduction for undergraduates.                                  of research and also indicates the likely direction of future
                              Sep 2020 | PB | 9781789245189 | 168pp
                              £24.99 | €28.99 | $33.50                                          Dec 2019 | HB | 9781786394675 | 608pp
                                                                                                £195 | €255 | $320

                                               Invasive Species and Global Climate                              The Science of Communicating
                                               Change                                                           Science
                                               Edited by Lewis Ziska, USDA-ARS, USA, Jeffrey                    The Ultimate Guide
                                               S Dukes, Purdue University, USA                                  Craig Cormick, CSIRO, Australia
                                                This book examines what will happen to global                       Are you wishing you knew all you need to
                                                invasive species, including plants, animals                         know about how to better communicate
                                                and pathogens with current and expected                             science, without having to read several
                              man-made climate change. The effects on distribution, success,    hundred academic papers and blogs and books? This highly
                              spread and impact of invasive species are considered for a        readable and entertaining book captures the breadth of
                              series of case studies from a number of countries.                research into best practice science comuunications and has
                              Oct 2019 | PB | 9781786395399 | 366pp                             distilled it into accessible chapters.
                              £50 | €60 | $70                                                   Sep 2019 | PB | 9781789245141 | 256pp
                              Aug 2014 | HB | 9781780641645 | 368pp                             £27.50 | €35
                              £101.99 | €133.95 | $192.50                                       EMEA and Asia only
                              CABI Invasives Series

Modelling Nature                                                  Finding Resilience
                An introduction to mathematical modelling                         Change and Uncertainty in Nature and
                of natural systems                                                Society
                Edward Gillman, Michael Gillman                                   Brian Walker, CSIRO and The Australian National
                This textbook introduces the basic concepts                       University
                of mathematical modelling when applied

                                                                                                                                     ecology and the environment
                                                                                   This book unravels how ecosystems, societies
                to natural systems. It focuses on tackling                         and people cope with disturbance and
                real-world problems from a variety of fields     adversity. Written for a general readership and based on the
including physics, ecology, geology and epidemiology.            experiences of researchers, the fascinating stories reveal what
May 2019 | PB | 9781786393135 | 280pp                            resilience is, how it works in different kinds of systems, how it
£45 | €55 | $65                                                  is expressed, and how it can be gained and lost.
May 2019 | HB | 9781786393104 | 280pp                            Mar 2019 | PB | 9781789241594 | 168pp
£95 | €115 | $135                                                £39.99 | €49 | $56
                                                                 World, excluding Aus & NZ

                Air Pollution                                                     Ecological Effects of Electricity
                Sources, Impacts and Controls                                     Generation, Storage and Use
                Edited by Pallavi Saxena, University of Delhi,                    Peter Henderson, Pisces Conservation Ltd., UK
                India, Vaishali Naik, NOAA GFDL, USA
                                                                                  The demand for electricity has never been
                This book aims to provide a broad overview                        higher and is growing rapidly. This book
                of the issues surrounding air pollution and                       examines all of the main forms of electricity
                how to control and monitor pollution levels.                      generation in terms of their ecological
Beginning with a brief background on the subject, the book       impacts and effects on climate change, arguing that the only
moves on to discuss global emissions, with an emphasis on        way to minimise impacts will be to minimise our consumption
megacities and their effects.                                    and transmission.
Dec 2018 | PB | 9781786393890 | 234pp                            May 2018 | PB | 9781786392015 | 240pp
£39.99 | €55 | $65                                               £25.99 | €35 | $45

Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology                                 Analytical Techniques for Natural
                                                3rd Edition                                                         Product Research
                                                Otto Wildi, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL,                   Satyanshu Kumar, Directorate of Medicinal and
                                                Switzerland                                                         Aromatic Plants Research, India
                                                 The third edition of this popular graduate-level                   Plants are an important source of lead
ecology and the environment

                                                 text introduces the reader to the investigation                    molecules for drug discovery. This book
                                                 of vegetation systems with an emphasis on                          covers extraction techniques and analytical
                              data analysis. It covers pattern recognition, pattern testing,        techniques for phytochemical processing of raw materials. It
                              static and dynamic modelling and model testing including              reviews conventional and green extraction as well as analytical
                              spatial and temporal aspects of ecosystems.                           techniques from single technique to hyphenated/coupled
                              Oct 2017 | PB | 9781786394224 | 356pp
                              £39.99 | €55 | $65                                                    Dec 2015 | HB | 9781780644738 | 204pp
                                                                                                    £40 | €50 | $55

                                                Climate Change Biology
                                               Jonathan Newman, University of Guelph,
                                               Canada, Madhur Anand, School of Environmental
                                               Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada, Hugh
                                               Henry, Department of Biology, University
                                               of Western Ontario, Canada, Shelley Hunt,
                                               Department of Environmental Biology, University of
                                               Guelph, Canada, Ze’ev Gedalof, Department of
                              Geography, University of Guelph, Canada
                              Climate Change Biology is the first major textbook to address
                              the critical issue of how climate change may affect life on the
                              planet, and particularly its impact on human populations.
                              Jul 2011 | PB | 9781845936709 | 304pp
                              £39.95 | €55 | $75
                              Jul 2011 | HB | 9781845937485 | 304pp
                              £82.40 | €110.20 | $160.15

Psocids as Global Pests of Stored                                    Crop Pollination by Bees, Volume 1
                Products                                                             Biology, Ecology and Management of Bees
                Edited by Christos G Athanassiou, University                         2nd Edition
                of Thessaly, Manoj K. Nayak, Department of                           Keith S Delaplane, Department of Entomology,
                Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland                                University of Georgia, USA
                 Psocids are a group of insect pests of                              A practical guide to bees and how they
                 stored products. They are widespread and                            pollinate essential crops. Provides simple,
damaging. This book summarises current knowledge of                succinct advice on how to increase bee abundance and
Psocid biology and management and points the way to future         pollination. Very useful for farmers, horticulturalists, gardeners,
psocid research. The book is essential reading for all those       and those interested in insect ecology and conservation,
involved in stored product and post-harvest pest management        including students of entomology and crop protection.
and research.
                                                                   Jun 2021 | PB | 9781786393494 | 208pp

Sep 2021 | HB | 9781789245523 | 144pp                              £49.99 | €57.50 | $67.50
£95 | €115 | $135

                Biology and Management of the                                        The Tropical Fruit Flies of Papua New
                German Cockroach                                                     Guinea and Related Territories
                Edited by Changlu Wang, Rutgers University, USA,                     Richard A I Drew, Griffith University, Australia,
                Chow-Yang Lee, Michael Rust, University of                           Meredith C Romig, Griffith University, Australia
                California, USA
                                                                                    A taxonomic treatise of the tropical fruit flies of
                A comprehensive overview of the German                              Papua New Guinea and associated territories,
                cockroach and its management.                                       with an updated record of all known species
                                                                   of Dacinae that occur in this geographic area including
May 2021 | HB | 9781789248104 | 304pp
                                                                   descriptions of 66 new species out of an entire list of 296
£120 | €145 | $170
                                                                   known species covered.
World, excluding Aus & NZ
                                                                   Apr 2021 | HB | 9781789249514 | 152pp
                                                                   £85 | €100 | $115

Chalcidoidea of Iran                                              Ecological and Economic
                              (Insecta: Hymenoptera)                                            Entomology
                              Edited by Hassan Ghahari, Gary Gibson,                            A Global Synthesis
                              Gennaro Viggiani                                                  Brian Freeman, Formerly University of the West
                              A catalogue and reference volume of the                           Indies, Jamaica
                              species diversity of the Chalcidoidea (an                        Covering all insect pests of plants, humans
                              important diverse group of parasitic wasps                       and livestock, this book provides a
             used in biological control of crop pests) based on little known   comprehensive reference text to ecological and economic
             records from Iran and 15 neighbouring countries. It is an         entomology. Taking a global approach, it considers climate
             invaluable source of information for all those interested in      and plant community distributions. It is recommended for
             Chalcidoidea and those working in crop protection (especially     entomologists working in agricultural, medical and veterinary
             biological control) and Integrated Pest Management.               professions as well as academia.

             Feb 2021 | HB | 9781789248463 | 480pp                             Nov 2020 | HB | 9781789241181 | 784pp
             £225 | €270 | $315                                                £195 | €235 | $275

                              Insect Pest Management                                            Butterfly Biology Systems
                              3rd Edition                                                       Connections and Interactions in Life
                              David Dent, Dent Associates Ltd, UK, Richard                      History and Behaviour
                              Binks, FreshTec, UK                                               Roger L H Dennis, Oxford Brookes University,
                                                                                                Staffordshire University and NERC Centre for
                              This new, third edition has been thoroughly
                                                                                                Ecology and Hydrology, UK
                              updated to include all the key principles,
                              methodologies, approaches and practical                              Written by one of the world’s leading and
             examples of insect pest management in agricultural, post          most respected experts on butterfly ecology, behaviour and
             harvest and horticultural contexts, as well as looking at         conservation, this book summarises in one place for the first
             insects as vectors of disease from a medical and veterinary       time our knowledge of butterfly life history strategies, behaviour
             perspective.                                                      and systems. This book represents a major contribution to the
                                                                               field of butterfly biology and entomology in general.
             Nov 2020 | PB | 9781789241044 | 378pp
             £49.99 | €60 | $70                                                Oct 2020 | HB | 9781789243574 | 504pp
             Nov 2020 | HB | 9781789241051 | 378pp                             £150 | €180 | $210
             £125 | €150 | $175

Asian Citrus Psyllid                                                  Optical Manipulation of Arthropod
                 Biology, Ecology and Management of the                                Pests and Beneficials
                 Huanglongbing Vector                                                  Edited by David Ben-Yakir, Agricultural Research
                 Edited by Jawwad A Qureshi, University of                             Organization, Israel
                 Florida, USA, Philip A Stansly, Formerly University
                                                                                         This is the first comprehensive book on the
                 of Florida, USA
                                                                                         use of light to manipulate insect pests. It
                  This is the first book to be published which                           includes information on important arthropod
specifically focuses on Asian Citrus Psyllid and the intractable       pests, pollinators, biocontrol agents and also medical/
disease it spreads in citrus crops (Huanglongbing disease).            veterinary pests, and discusses the potential use of optical
                                                                       manipulation to improve the health of plants, domestic animals
Jun 2020 | HB | 9781786394088 | 312pp
                                                                       and humans.
£95 | €115 | $135
                                                                       Jun 2020 | HB | 9781786394705 | 192pp

                                                                       £85 | €100 | $120

                 Biotechnology of Fruit and Nut Crops                                  Courtship and Mating in Butterflies
                 2nd Edition                                                           Raymond J C Cannon, Formerly of the Food and
                 Edited by Richard Litz, University of Florida, USA,                   Environment Research Agency, UK
                 Fernando Pliego-Alfaro, Universidad de Málaga,                        The aim of this book is to present a readable
                 Spain, Jose Ignacio Hormaza, IHSM la Mayora,
                                                                                       account of butterfly behaviour, based on field
                                                                                       observations, great photographs and the
                   This book covers the biotechnology of                               latest research.
all major fruit and nut species, with colour illustrations
illustrating the crop species and their wild relatives. It details     Dec 2019 | HB | 9781789242638 | 392pp
well-established techniques such as protoplast culture, in             £95 | €115 | $135
vitro mutagenesis and ploidy manipulation, but also newer
approaches such as genomics and marker-assisted selection.
Jan 2020 | HB | 9781780648279 | 704pp
£195 | €255 | $320

Transcriptomics in Entomological                                     Biological Control in Latin America
                              Research                                                             and the Caribbean
                              Edited by Matan Shelomi, National Taiwan                             Its Rich History and Bright Future
                              University, Taiwan                                                   Edited by Joop C van Lenteren, Wageningen
                              This is the first book on the cutting-edge field                     University, The Netherlands, Vanda H P Bueno,
                                                                                                   University of Lavras, Brazil, María Gabriela Luna,
                              of transcriptomics and its applications in
                                                                                                   Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina,
                              entomology.                                                          Yelitza C Colmenarez, CABI, Brazil
             Dec 2019 | HB | 9781789243130 | 214pp                                The book summarizes the history of biological control in Latin
             £95 | €115 | $135                                                    America and the Caribbean.
                                                                                  Dec 2019 | HB | 9781789242430 | 550pp
                                                                                  £135 | €175 | $225

                                                                                  CABI Invasives Series

                              Insect Conservation                                                  Biological Control of Plant-parasitic
                              A Global Synthesis                                                   Nematodes
                              Michael J Samways, Stellenbosch University,                          Soil Ecosystem Management in
                              South Africa                                                         Sustainable Agriculture
                                This is a landmark, field-defining work by                         2nd Edition
                                Professor Michael Samways, one of the                              Graham Stirling, Biological Crop Protection Pty.
                                founding fathers of this burgeoning discipline.                    Ltd, Australia
             The book presents a state-of-the-art, comprehensive review           This book integrates soil health, sustainable agriculture,
             of the entire field of insect conservation, from single-species      nematode ecology and suppressive services provided by the
             conservation to whole-ecosystem approaches, and from                 soil food web to provide holistic solutions. With particular focus
             natural ecosystems to the urban landscape.                           on integrated soil biology management, it describes how to
             Dec 2019 | PB | 9781789241679 | 560pp                                enhance the activity of natural enemies and use soil biological
             £55 | €70 | $90                                                      processes to reduce losses from nematodes.
             Dec 2019 | HB | 9781789241686 | 560pp                                Oct 2019 | PB | 9781786395337 | 534pp
             £125 | €165 | $205                                                   £65 | €80 | $90

Urban Insect Pests                                                   The Economics of Integrated Pest
                 Sustainable Management Strategies                                    Management of Insects
                 Edited by Partho Dhang, Independent Consultant,                      Edited by David W Onstad, Corteva Agriscience,
                 Philippines                                                          USA, Philip R Crain, Corteva Agriscience, USA
                  A companion to ‘Urban Pest Management’,                              This is the first book to bring economists and
                  this book builds on the issues of insect pests                       applied entomologists together to make the
                  in urban settings to discuss control strategies.                     case for better integrated pest management
From an environmental and health perspective, it is not always       strategies in crops based on economic arguments and analyses.
practical to spray chemicals, so this work discusses sustainable
                                                                     Sep 2019 | HB | 9781786393678 | 232pp
control and best practice methods for managing insects.
                                                                     £85 | €100 | $120
Oct 2019 | PB | 9781786395405 | 260pp
£45 | €55 | $65

                 Biology and Management of                                            Community-Based Control of
                 Bactrocera and Related Fruit Flies                                   Invasive Species
                 Anthony R Clarke, Queensland University of                           Edited by Paul Martin, University of New England,
                 Technology, Australia                                                Australia, Theodore R. Alter, Penn State University,
                                                                                      USA, Donald W. Hine, University of New England,
                  This book is the only single source which                           Australia, Tanya M. Howard, University of New
                  provides students, field entomologists,                             England, Australia
                  extension officers, quarantine officers and
market access negotiators with a rapid, yet comprehensive                              A study of how invasive species policies
introduction to this economically important group of fruit flies.    have shifted significantly towards relying upon private citizens
                                                                     and industry to manage established invasive species. The
Jul 2019 | HB | 9781789241822 | 268pp                                title provides a concentrated source of advanced theoretical
£75 | €90 | $105                                                     knowledge and best practice advice about ways to manage
World, excluding Aus & NZ                                            the human dimensions of invasive species.
                                                                     May 2019 | HB | 9781789242539 | 288pp
                                                                     £75 | €90 | $105
                                                                     World, excluding Aus & NZ
The Discovery of a Visual System –                                 Culicipedia
                               The Honeybee                                                       Species-group, genus-group and family-
                               Adrian Horridge, Formerly of The Australian                        group names in Culicidae (Diptera)
                               National University, Canberra                                      Ralph E. Harbach, Natural History Museum, UK
                               This book presents a new and controversial                           This volume is a comprehensive compilation
                               theory of how honeybees see the world                                of all scientific names introduced at all
                               from one of the world’s most eminent                                 taxonomic levels within the culicid family,
             neuroscientists. It also explores the fascinating history of this   offering insight into the history of mosquito classification as
             field of endeavour.                                                 well as providing a bibliographic reference source. It is ideal for
                                                                                 students, entomologists and taxonomists interested in culicid
             May 2019 | HB | 9781789240894 | 296pp
                                                                                 nomenclature and etymology.
             £85 | €100 | $120
                                                                                 Oct 2018 | HB | 9781786399052 | 396pp

                                                                                 £175 | €210 | $245

                               A History of Pesticides                                            British and Irish Butterflies
                               Graham Matthews, Emeritus Professor, Imperial                      An Island Perspective
                               College London, UK                                                 Roger L H Dennis, Oxford Brookes University,
                             In this fascinating book, Professor Graham                           Staffordshire University and NERC Centre for
                                                                                                  Ecology and Hydrology, UK, Peter B Hardy,
                             Matthews takes the reader through the history
                                                                                                  Greater Manchester Regional Recorder for Butterfly
                             of the development and use of chemicals                              Conservation, UK
                             for control of pests, weeds, and vectors of
             disease and then discusses their future.                                               Islands are special places; they can be
                                                                                 havens for unique plants and animals and refuges for wildlife.
             Sep 2018 | HB | 9781786394873 | 312pp                               This book investigates the biogeography of butterfly species
             £95 | €125 | $160                                                   over the British islands, particularly the factors that influence
                                                                                 their presence on the islands and that have made each
                                                                                 island’s butterfly fauna distinctive.
                                                                                 Jul 2018 | HB | 9781786395061 | 406pp
                                                                                 £75 | €100 | $125

Aphids as Crop Pests                                                 Integrated management of Insect
                  2nd Edition                                                          Pests on Canola and other Brassica
                  Edited by Helmut van Emden, University of                            Oilseed Crops
                  Reading, UK, Richard Harrington, Rothamsted                          Edited by Gadi V P Reddy, Montana State
                  Research, Harpenden, UK                                              University, USA
                  A classic comprehensive reference on the                              This book reviews current pest management
                  biology and management of aphids occurring                            practices and explores new biological and
in crops, this second edition reflects the expansion of genomic      chemical control methods, and integrated pest management
research, semiochemicals and endosymbionts, and the shift            strategies in this important crop. It is essential reading for pest
away from purely chemical control towards more integrated            management practitioners and researchers working on pest
methods.                                                             management in canola crops worldwide.
Aug 2017 | HB | 9781780647098 | 714pp                                Apr 2017 | HB | 9781780648200 | 408pp

£180 | €236.95 | $298.95                                             £180 | €236.95 | $298.95

                  Keys to the Tropical Fruit Flies of                                  Tropical Fruit Flies of South-East Asia
                  South-East Asia                                                      (Tephritidae: Dacinae)
                  (Tephritidae: Dacinae)                                               Richard Drew, Griffith University, Australia,
                  Richard Drew, Griffith University, Australia,                        Meredith C Romig, Griffith University, Australia
                  Meredith C Romig, Griffith University, Australia                     This major reference work details the
                   A companion to “Tropical Fruit Flies of                             taxonomic research into the subfamily
                   South-East Asia (Tephritidae: Dacinae)”,                            Dacinae. Providing complete descriptions and
this book provides fully-illustrated keys for the identification     artwork of all species of Dacinae recorded from the south-east
of all currently-known Dacinae fruit flies. Focusing on              Asian region for the first time, this book is written and illustrated
south-east Asian fauna, it aims to help prevent these pests          by experts with over 80 years’ combined research experience.
being introduced to new geographical areas using simple
                                                                     Dec 2013 | HB | 9781780640358 | 664pp
identification information.
                                                                     £148.30 | €193.15 | $281.15
Nov 2016 | HB | 9781780644196 | 496pp
£132.85 | €175.05 | $217.35

Biology of Mosquitoes, Volume 3
                              Transmission of Viruses and Interactions

                              with Bacteria
                              Alan Clements, Emeritus Professor of Medical
                              Entomology, London School of Hygiene & Tropical
                              Medicine, UK
                                The largest part of this latest volume of          Compendium
             The Biology of Mosquitoes concerns interactions between
             mosquitoes and viruses and the transmission of arboviruses to
             their vertebrate hosts, while the remainder concerns symbiotic
             interactions between mosquitoes and bacteria.
             Dec 2011 | HB | 9781845932428 | 592pp
                                                                                   encyclopedic resource

             £170.99 | €220.40 | $320.35

                                                                                   for information on forestry.
                              Dictionary of Entomology
                              2nd Edition
                              Gordon Gordh, APHIS, Raleigh, USDA, David
                              Headrick, California Polytechnic State University,
                              This edition is a comprehensive, fully cross-
                              referenced collection of terms, names and
             phrases used in entomology, incorporating an estimated
             43,000 definitions. It is the only listing which covers insect
             anatomy, behaviour, biology, ecology, histology, molecular
             biology, morphology, pest management, taxonomy and
             May 2011 | HB | 9781845935429 | 1536pp
             £115.35 | €148.3 | $220.40                                  
Field Guide to the Forest Trees of                                    The Himalayan Soap Pod Tree
                  Uganda                                                                (Gymnocladus assamicus)
                  For Identification and Conservation                                   An Ecologically and Economically
                  James Kalema, Makerere University, Uganda,                            Important Tree on the Brink of Extinction
                  Alan Hamilton, Kunming Institute of Botany, China                     Baharul I Choudhury, University of Toronto,
                                                                                        Canada, Mohammed Latif Khan, Dr. Hari Singh
                    This book is a guide to the identification
                                                                                        Gour University, India
                    of the indigenous forest trees of Uganda.
It will be useful for those who wish to contribute towards            This book tells the story of a critically endangered tree species
the conservation of the forests or to plant indigenous trees.         with a unique biological and socio-cultural importance. This
Information is provided on how to propagate and cultivate             is a unique case study showing an example of plant species
about 80 of the most valuable species.                                conservation in action under difficult circumstances.

Jun 2020 | HB | 9781789245271 | 296pp                                 Oct 2019 | HB | 9781786391988 | 188pp
£60 | €70 | $85                                                       £95 | €115 | $135
World, excluding Uganda

                  Introductory Probability and                                          The Silviculture of Trees Used
                  Statistics                                                            in British Forestry
                  Applications for Forestry and Natural                                 3rd Edition
                  Sciences (Revised Edition)                                            Peter Savill, Chairman of the Trustees of the Sylva
                     Robert Kozak, University of British Columbia,                      Foundation
                     Canada, Antal Kozak, University of British
                                                                                        This book provides concise but detailed
                     Columbia, Canada, Christina Staudhammer,
                     University of Alabama, USA, Susan Watts,                           information about the silvicultural
University of British Columbia, Canada                                characteristics of forest trees in Britain, in a readily accessible
                                                                      form. It is an essential text for students of forestry and forest
This revised edition of this unique textbook is specifically          conservation, and practicing foresters.
designed for statistics and probability courses taught to
students of forestry and related disciplines.                         Apr 2019 | HB | 9781786393920 | 384pp
                                                                      £95 | €115 | $135
Sep 2019 | PB | 9781789243307 | 448pp
£45 | €55 | $65

The Ecology and Silviculture of Oaks                                   Temperate Agroforestry Systems
                             3rd Edition                                                            2nd Edition
                             Paul Johnson, Formerly US Forest Service, USA,                         Edited by Andrew Gordon, University of Guelph,
                             Stephen Shifley, Formerly US Forest Service,                           Canada, Steven M Newman, formerly University of
                             USA, Robert Rogers, Formerly University of                             Leeds, UK, Brent Coleman, University of Guelph,
                             Wisconsin-Stevens Point, USA, Daniel C. Dey, US                        Canada
                             Forest Service, USA, John M Kabrick, US Forest
                             Service, USA                                                            This edition brings together many examples of
                                                                                   temperate agroforestry and makes valuable reading for all those
           This fully updated third edition is a source of information             working in this area as researchers, practitioners and policy
           and ideas on how to think about oak forests as responsive               makers. It includes additional chapters on India and Chile, and
           ecosystems This book is intended for forest and wildlife                as a result of ongoing advances in the field, separate chapters
           managers, ecologists, silviculturists, environmentalists, and           on the US, Canada, the UK and continental Europe.
           students of those fields.
                                                                                   Mar 2018 | HB | 9781780644851 | 326pp
           Apr 2019 | HB | 9781780647081 | 628pp                                   £95 | €125 | $160

           £150 | €180 | $210

                             Field Guide for the Identification of                                  Woodland Development
                             Damage on Woody Sentinel Plants                                        A Long-term Study of Lady Park Wood
                             Edited by Alain Alain, INRA Orleans, France,                           George Peterken, Independent Researcher, UK,
                             Michelle Cleary, Swedish University of Agricultural                    Edward Mountford, Independent Advisor, UK
                             Sciences, Sweden, Iryna Matsiakh, Ukrainian
                             National Forestry University, Ukraine, René Eschen,                    Lady Park Wood in the Wye Valley, UK was
                             CABI, Switzerland                                                      set aside as a ‘natural’ reserve for ecological
                                                                                                    research in 1944 and the trees, shrubs
                              This book is a heavily-illustrated,                  and ground vegetation have been recorded in detail ever
           internationally applicable, practical guide for the identification      since. This beautifully illustrated book describes 70 years of
           of likely causal agents of damage to trees and woody shrubs.            observations presenting the most detailed records in Europe
           It is intended for use in sentinel plantings, where agents often        of how a woodland develops naturally.
           may not be known and only damage visible. Contains 800 full
           colour, high-quality photographs to aid analysis.                       Aug 2017 | PB | 9781786392817 | 302pp
                                                                                   £35 | €45 | $60
           Sep 2017 | PB | 9781786394408 | 312pp
                                                                                   Aug 2017 | HB | 9781780648651 | 302pp
                                                                                   £97.99 | €128.95 | $165

Conservation and Management of                                       Europe’s Changing Woods and
                 Tropical Rainforests                                                 Forests
                 An integrated approach to sustainability                             From Wildwood to Managed Landscapes
                 2nd Edition                                                          Edited by Keith Kirby, Oxford University, UK,
                 Eberhard F Bruenig, Formerly of University of                        Charles Watkins, School of Geography, University
                 Hamburg, Germany                                                     of Nottingham, UK

                   This book describes the principles of                              This book provides a comprehensive account
integrated conservation and management that lead to                  of the relevance of historical studies to current conservation
sustainability, identifying the phenomena that regulate rainforest   and management of forests. It combines theory with a series of
processes. Fully revised and updated, it includes biofuels           regional case studies to show how different aspects of forestry
and carbon credits with respect to tropical forests and their        play out according to the landscape and historical context of
inhabitants, features of the forest and socio-cultural ecosystems.   the local area.

Dec 2016 | HB | 9781780641409 | 420pp                                Oct 2016 | PB | 9781786391926 | 384pp
£100.99 | €132.80 | $191.05                                          £46.35 | €61.80 | $77.25

                                                                     Jun 2015 | HB | 9781780643373 | 384pp
                                                                     £105 | €137.95 | $198.30

                 Forest Hydrology                                                     Regenerating Forests and
                 Processes, Management and Assessment                                 Livelihoods in Nepal
                 Edited by Devendra Amatya, Thomas Williams,                          A new lease on life
                 Leon Bren, Carmen de Jong, University of                             Edited by Benoît Thierry, IFAD, Italy
                 Strasbourg, France
                                                                                         This book documents the success of an
                   This book presents cutting edge thinking                              innovative programme in the Himalayan
                   and assessments in forest hydrology across                            foothills of Nepal. It transformed degraded
all latitudes and terrains, including state-of-the-art modelling     land into a fertile area where farmers could thrive, bringing
techniques and methodologies. It describes challenges facing         in effective cultivation techniques and new crops, with every
forest hydrology such as extreme floods, drought, disease,           intervention helping to mitigate climate change and improve
and fire, and is written by an internationally renowned team.        farmer resilience to its effects.
Sep 2016 | HB | 9781780646602 | 308pp                                Nov 2015 | PB | 9781780646329 | 232pp
£100.99 | €132.80 | $169.95                                          £29.95 | €38.95 | $50
                                                                     Nov 2015 | HB | 9781780646312 | 232pp
                                                                     £72.10 | €92.70 | $121.05

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