Fifteenth Issue: On-line Edition      February 2020

A Few Words from the Editors
Hello, we are delighted to present                                               Check out our Crafty
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editors for this and the next issue. We                                          on page 7.
are Eduardo, Theo, Leon, Lilly, María
and Carlota.                                                                     Our Classical Music Day
As part of our “Caring for the Envi-                                             was dedicated to Benja-
ronment” campaign this year, we                                                  min Britten this year. Read
have made this an online edition.                                                all about it on pages 2 and
We hope that you enjoy reading it.                                               3.
You should download the file on to
your computer and that way you
                                                                                 We have some super opti-
can read it whenever you like.
                                                                                 cal illusions on page 9, our
We would be happy to receive
                                                                                 Brain Teasers.
feedback from you and hopefully we can make it even better!
St. Anne’s Charity Challenge                                                     What a wonderful time we
This year we will be dedicating                                                  had at Christmas. Read all
the St. Anne’s Charity Challenge                                                 about it on pages 28 and
to helping five babies with                                                      29.
Down Syndrome to get the spe-
cial stimulating treatment that                                                  Music and Drama have
they need while they are still                                                   certainly taken off in St.
very young. This treatment is not                                                Anne’s School. Take a clo-
covered by the Comunidad de                                                      ser look at these activities
Madrid and the families of the                                                   on pages 5 and 12.
chosen babies do not have the
money to pay for it. We feel that
                                                                                 What do you do in your
this is really worthwhile cause
                                                                                 free time? We have some
and we are delighted to work
                                                                                 interesting hobbies for you
for it this year. We will also be
                                                                                 to read about on page 32.
learning about Down Syndrome
in school, why it happens and
how well the families deal with this situation. We will hear first-hand testi-   On Page 35 you will get
monials!                                                                         some tips for keeping your-
This year our Instagram       challenge is called:                               self safe online. It is impor-
                                                                                 tant that you take note to
#downsideup#stannescharitychallenge                                              avoid danger.
Your parents can upload your photos or videos of your idea of
#downsideup, so … start thinking! Let’s see who can take the most in- Our class pages run from
teresting photo or make the funniest video!                           page 13 to page 22.
Total House Points to date for the school year 2019-2020
                                                                                 Our “Did you Knows?” on
Cambridge               Durham            Edinburgh              Oxford          page 33 will give you some
                                                                                 really fascinating, but
                                                                                 worrying facts about the
      927                  922               1061                 916            environment.
Year 1 assembly was about
Benjamin Britten. He was born
106 years ago. He wrote an
opera called Noyes Fludde
so, Y1 wore animal masks
and acted the part where
the animals went into the ark,
singing Kyrie Eleison which
means “God have mercy” in

The teachers had a surprise
for all the children.
Miss Catherine taught         the
teachers a song about a vio-
lin, clarinet, kettle drum a horn
and a trumpet.
They sang the parts separtely
and then put it all together.
We all loved the performan-

“The Sorcerers Apprentice

Nursery played percussion
instruments and dressed up as
magicians and brooms.They
acted and danced to the
music and perfomed for
Y5R.They all had a great time!

Year 2 learnt about Edward
Grieg. They sang a song ca-
lled “In the Hall of the Moun-
tain King”, a song from the
play Peer Gynt. They learnt
the story of Peer Gynt and
played along with the song
using percussion instruments.

Reception did a carnival of
animals dance they had :
elephants, swans, birds, fish,
lions, dinosaur hunters. They
made masks of their animal.

Editor: Leon Year 6
The Classical Music day
was a huge success. We
started with 2 different
surprises. Firstly, there
was an assembly by Y6
about the different musi-
cal instrument families.
They also spoke about
the composer Benjamin
Britten. Some musicians
visited: a trumpetist, cel-
list and a clarinetist. The
musicians played some
pieces of music. Later
there were further activi-
ties:                         What the classes learnt
1.     Some       classes     Y3– Learnt about Peter and
       swapped to show        the Wolf by Prokofiev
       some mini plays        Y4– The 4 Seasons by Vivaldi
       about     different    Y5– Learned about The plan-
       composers.             et suite by Gustav Holst
2.     There was another      Y6 -Presented The Young Per-
       assembly      where    son´s Guide to the Orchestra
       the teachers sang      by Benjamin Britten.
       a song with differ-
       ent groups repre-
       senting    different
3.     Later in the day
       the musicians went
       to different classes
       to speak about
       their   instruments
       and play pieces
       that the children

Editor: Carlos Year 5 Blue
We were very excited to inter-   Here is some of the interview:             I ’ v e
view the wonderful Miss Cath-    What other jobs/work have                  taught
erine. We asked her many         you had?                                   at       9
questions and we had some        I’ve been a mother (a very                 schools
unexpected and interesting       important job), a translator, a            in total.
answers. We really wanted to     basketball coach and even a                These
interview Miss Catherine as      referee!                                   schools
this is her final year here at St.
                                 Why did you choose to teach                are in:
Anne’s. She will be retiring     in Spain?                                  Northern England, Madrid,
soon. We were very curious to    Spain chose me! I was looking              Marbella & Abu Dhabi (in the
find out more facts about her    for an adventure somewhere                 middle of the desert!) They
and hear her opinions after so   around the world and I found               don’t celebrate Christmas but
many years of teaching. We       one.                                       have other festivals.
will miss her a LOT! We were     Which school did you most                  How do you feel when you
amazed that she’d been a         enjoy working at?                          play the piano?
teacher for 40 years and that    All of the schools! I love                 I feel really privileged and
is probably why we had a re-     teaching children anywhere.                lucky when I play the piano
ally great interview.            Can you play other instru-                 for the school children. When I
                                 ments other than the piano?                play for myself I get lost in the
                                 Yes! Many! I played the classi-            music, lost in the reverie!
                                 cal guitar, have had flamen-               What will you do once you
                                 co guitar lessons, (you play               leave St Anne’s?
                                 them very differently) I’ve also           I have so many things I wish to
                                 played the clarinet, flute and             learn and practise! And I will
                                 had singing lessons as well.               finally have time to do so!
                                 At what other schools have                 I’ll have time to live life.
We wish Miss Catherine a lot of you taught?
joy and happiness in her future!

                                            Once a week we watch a class assembly in the gym. Chil-
                                            dren talk to us about what they’ve been learning in their class
                                            or about a topic they’ve done.
                                            Miss Helen often gives us certificates (which is exciting) and
                                            notices about new rules. Sometimes other teachers like Mr.
                                            Altuna talk to us about sports or Miss Laura tells us about extra
                                            -curricular clubs at school.
                                            This term we have had many fantastic assemblies performed
                                            by the different classes:
                                            Year 1: Benjamin Britten     Year 2: Great Fire of London
                                            Year 3: Feelings & Emotions Year 4R: The Ancient Egyptians
                                            Year 4B: Helping the
                                                                           Year 3: did an assembly about
                                            Year 5R: Changes &
                                                                           What emotions do you feel?
                                            new beginnings
                                                                           How do you express them and
                                            Year 5B: The planets &
                                                                           show them?
                                            how to save ours
                                            Year 6: The different fami-
                                            lies of instruments of the
                                            orchestra, to introduce our
                                            Classical Music day.

Editors: Alejandra B, Angela R, Borja B and Eduardo
In Drama Club we have rehearsed and then performed a
play by Charles Dickens called A Christmas Carol, to show to
the primary children and to our parents just before Christmas.
Drama club helps us to not be frightened or nervous when
we are on stage preforming for others. Lots of children from
Year 1 to Year 6 come to Drama and we all learn to work
together. It also helps children who are shy to talk on stage,
and it helps us to improve our pronunciation.

                                                                          We did a ques-
                                                                          tionnaire and we
                                                                          got different an-
                                                                          swers from drama
                                                                          club       children.
                                                                          These are their
                                                                          different answers:
                                                              Patricia P. Y6: My favourite
                                                              play that we have done was
                                                              Around the World in 80
                                                              Manuela Y1: I really like dra-
                                                              ma and I want to be a dra-
                                                              ma teacher like my mother.
                                                              Jimena Y5R: Drama is great
                                                              fun because I like acting.
                                                              Caritina Y2: I like preparing
                                                              the shows and doing the
                                                              Pablo R. Y3: I like playing dra-
                                                              ma games and acting.
                                         The post-performance
                                                              Casilda Y4B: I like acting and
                                                 party was
                                              great fun!

Editors: Lilly Y6 and Alexandra Y5R
Ivy and Bean                              Diary of Anne Frank
and the                                   It’s about the life of the Franks
ghost who                                 while they were hidden in the
had to go!                                back room of the office. They
Ivy and Bean                              were Jewish so they had to hide
were never                                from the Gestapo. They were liv-
meant to like                             ing in a small place and at the
each other or                             end of August 1944 they were
become friends .There is a                caught by the Gestapo. They
ghost in Emerson’s school                 were sent to a concentration
bathroom. Ivy and Bean can                camp. The dad escaped and
see its cloudy form and                   published the diary. Anne was
glowing eyes. They can hear               sent to Auschwitz and afterwards
its moaning voice. It was the             was sent to Bergen-Belsen, there
best thing that happened at               she died of typhus. She was very
their school, until of course             brave right up until the end.
the teachers found out,                   By Alejandra G. Y6
because someone was really
scared of the creepy noises                                                     The 39 Storey Treehouse
they made. Ivy and Bean                                                       The 39 storey treehouse is
have to find out how to get                                                   about two boys who have
rid of the creepy ghosts in the                                               a really big treehouse that
bathroom. They had a great                                                    in each book they add
plan, which helped them                                                       things that are cool to the
succeed in getting rid of the                                                 treehouse. Their dad and
ghosts and become good                                                        mum died. So now they
friends as well.                                                              need to look after them-
By Lilly Y6                                                                   selves.
            The Diary of a                                                    Nacho Y6
            Wimpy Kid                                                               Read lots to be
            Greg is not a very                                                         intelligent.
            popular kid and his                                                      Reading is fun!
            friend Rowley is not                                                   It´s cool to read.
            popular at all. They                                                      By Pablo Y6
            don’t have lots of
            friends except each           Kensuke’s kingdom
            other. His brother            It is about a kid whose parents lose
Rodrick is not very good at all.          their jobs and they sell the car and
Greg has two brothers; he is              buy a boat without the mother’s per-
the middle one and then it`s              mission.
Manny the little one and the              They go on a trip in the boat in the
last brother is Rodrick the               sea with their dog Stella.
oldest one. In school there is a          The night before Michael's 12th birth-
cheese on the floor and if                day he falls off the boat with Stella,
someone touches it they get               then he wakes up on an island with
the curse of the cheese.                  no food. Then he finds out there is a
Rowley eats the cheese off                man who gave him food and shelter.
the floor because some                    They become good friends. About
bullies make him eat it. But              then the parents finally found him
Greg took the blame and                   and took him home.
they were friends. By: Theo Y6            By Romeo Y5

Editors: Leon & Theo helped by Nacho Y6
Painted Stones                                              Fork Paint-
You will need:                                              ing Animals
Paint or pens for stones                                    You will
Stones                                                      need:
1.You get a flat and circular stone                         Paint
2.Then you get your pens or paint and you start to paint it (Extras)
(You need to paint it very carefully and it will be great!) wiggly eyes
                                                            and tissue
                     Paper Tree                             paper.
                     You will need:
                     Cardboard (red, yellow, orange)        1. First you get some forks and
                     Parcel paper (brown)                   you paint them.
                                                            2. Then you drag the fork so
                     1. First you get the cardboard and you the shape that you want is
twist the paperboard (brown).                               done.
2. Then you twist little parts of the cardboard like they   3. Afterwards you get some
were branches.                                              tissue paper to do the legs
                                                            and the beak and you stick
Pom Poms
                                                            on some wiggly eyes.
You will need:
                                                            You can make lots of animals!
Wool (colours that you like)

1. First you get a piece of cardboard in a circular shape.
2. Next you need to choose colours from a piece of wool
and when you choose colours you start to cover the
piece of cardboard as you can see in the picture.
3. Then you cut it all the way with the scissors and it will
became fluffy and spongy.
4. Then you cut the cardboard with scissors. Tie the wool
pieces together with another piece of wool and you’ve
                                                             Hanging Bats
                                                             You will need:
                         Water Colour Pictures               Colour Pastels
                         You will need:                      Cardboard (white and black)
                         Cardboard (white)                   Permanent pen (white).
                         Watercolour (any colour)
                         1. First you cut the cardboard in 1.To do this craft you begin by
                         this shape (rectangle).             getting white cardboard so
2. Then you get the watercolour and you start to paint, if you can colour with the pas-
you want you can mix some colours.                           tels.
3. Afterwards you get a black pen 0.5 (black) so you can 2. After you get some black
do the sentences or the pictures.                            cardboard to make the trunk
                                                             and the branches. Stick it to
                                                             the background.
                                                             3. Make the shape of a bat
                                                             using some more black card-
                                                             4. Use white pencil to write a
                                                             message on the bat.
Editors: Carlota and Maria Y6
We had a magnificent trip to Córdoba and Granada from
                           the 24th to the 26th of October. We went with Mr Alejandro,
                           Mr Ian and two monitors (Irene and Sergio). We went there so
                           that we could learn more about al–Ándalus and to learn
                           about the Islamic culture. It also helped us understand more
                           about the past and how they lived.

                           First day (24th October):
                           At 8:30 am we all met up at Atocha station to go to Córdo-
                           ba by AVE. Once we got there we went to the Mosque –
                           Cathedral that had lots of different types of designs and
                           arches. It was really beautiful, and it was worth the visit be-
                           cause it looked so much better in real life than in photos!
                           Later we walked around the Jewish Quarter with our guide
                           Walada, who was a real expert in the area around the cen-
                           tre of Córdoba, with its super narrow streets and their peculi-
                           Finally we got to the hotel and sorted the rooms out, ending
                           our day with a lovely dinner and some funny games before
                           going to bed.

                           Second day (25th October):
                           As soon as we finished a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we
                           took the bus to Granada to see the Albaicín and visit the
                           fabulous Alhambra. First we started with a tour with a guide
                           around the centre, seeing the beautiful streets and facades
                           of Granada.
                           Then we arrived to the Alhambra, one of the most beautiful
                           places in our country. The guide got all of our attention with
                           the way he explained everything to us about those old times.
                           We were so impressed with the splendour of everything in
                           there: buildings, gar-
                           dens,     decoration,
                           fountains …
                           After a long but pro-
                           lific day, we got
                           back to our hotel to
                           charge our batteries
                           for our last night all
                           Last day (26th October):
                            After a filling breakfast we prepared our luggage before
                           heading off to Medina Azahara, which is the ruins of a vast,
                           fortified palace-city built by Abderramán III in the 10th centu-
                           ry in Córdoba.
                           That’s the last place we visited on our amazing trip before
                           going to the train station to take the AVE back to Madrid,
                           where our parents were waiting for us!
                           It was such a nice experience, with a perfect mix of culture,
                           fun, convivence and friendship!
                           We are looking forward to the next one!

Editors: Lilly and León.
A cat has 3 kittens they are What is a sheep without legs         What can you see?
called Tom, Jerry and Gerard. and a head?
What     is  the              By Gabriel Y3
name of the cat.
By Mateo Y5B
    Answer: What.                           Answer: A cloud

Where do cows go on Friday         Can you find the mistake?
           By Jimena Y5R           1111 2222 3333 44444
                                     5555 6666 7777
                                        8888 9999
          mooo-vies!                       0000
          Answer: They go to the
                                                 By Carola Y5R
                  Say the colour of each word!
                     (Don’t read the word)

black white yellow green red blue yellow red black green
white red white green red black yellow green black white
yellow green red blue white green red black yellow green
yellow red black green white red white green red black
yellow green

                                                 By Carola Y5R

You’re driving a city bus. At the first stop, three women get
on. At the second stop, one woman gets off and a man gets
on. At the third stop, two children get on. The bus is blue and
it’s     raining         outside         in     December.
What colour is the bus driver’s hair?
By Manuel Y5R

             Remember, you’re driving the bus!
 Answer: Whatever colour your hair is.

Editor: Manuel
Welcome to the pets page.   The life of Rusty                  This is another pet it is a fish
Many people have pets that  Rusty wakes up,                    called Blue, he likes to swim
are important to them. Pets goes immediately to the            super quick, he eats fish food
become one of the family!   bedrooms,                          and when he sees another fish
They make us happy and      knocks at the door with his        he      starts   to     fight.
comfort us when we are feel-tail,                              By Miguel Y5B
ing sad. We can play with   eats rapidly,
them and even take some of  and persues the nanny,
them for walks. We need to  goes to run to the park and
feed them and give them     sleeps.
water.                      Rusty wakes up ,
                            massages himself,
These are some pets of some
                            and eats,
of the children in school.
                            goes to the countryside,
                            hunts for boars , deer and
                            and sleep.
                                                               Browny is a rabbit who is black
                            Rusty wakes up
                                                               and his ears are pointing
                            gets my hand and awakes
                                                               down. He loves playing with is
                                                               brothers and he is really funny.
                            he eats,
                                                               He loves eating straw and
                            and sleeps. By Alvaro Y6
                                                               sleeping in his rabbit hutch.
                                                               By Alejandra B Y5B

This one is a hamster called
Johnson. He’s beige and his
eyes are red. He likes to play
with his wheel, he drinks lots
of water and knows how to
climb. He also eats lettuce,
carrots, tomatoes and ham-
ster food. He has an igloo to
sleep but he sleeps in cotton This is another pet, it is a
wool.                           dog called Logan. He has
B y                       A r - brown eyes, he's very play-
                                ful, he's always excited and
                                he's wise. By Luca of Y4B.

                                                               This is another pet, it is a Guin-
                                                               ea Pig. Her name is Kiwi. And
                                                               she loves peppers. I play with
                                                               her every day.
                                                               By Alfonso Year 2
mando Y6

Editors: Miguel Y5B
Hi, this is the poets’ corner              Chocolate Poem
page, some children have                   Choc, Choc, Chocolate,
been writing some beautiful                Why are you in my pock-
poems. The children from Year              et?,
1-Year 6 are very good at writ-            You are going to make
ing poems. Here are the best               me insolate,
poems that we have chosen:                 Oh,
This beautiful poem is written by          Choc, choc, chocolate
Serena in Y5R.                             in my belly,
                                           Is going to accumulate,
Popcorn Po-                                Oh,
em                                         I’m going to be desolate,
Pop, Pop,                                  Oh,
popcorn,                                   Choc, choc, chocolate.
Popping       in                           Written by Lourdes Y5B
the pot!
Pop,       Pop,
popcorn, eat                                                  Real Madrid
it while is hot!                                               My favourite team,
Pop, Pop,                                                      Is the best I’ve ever seen,
popcorn,                                                       They play all in white,
Butter       on                                                And never give up to sight.
                               At Christmas Time
the top!                                                       They’re the kings of Spain,
When I eat popcorn,            In winter-time it’s very
                                                               Bound to win the league again,
        I can’t stop.          cold,
                                                               The team I’ve loved since a kid,
                               Presents under the Christ-
                                                               Is my beloved Real Madrid.
                               mas tree wrapped in
       Pumpkin poem                                           This cool poem is written by
       Pumpkin, pumpkin on                                    Jaime J. of Y5 B.
                               We make a winter hat,
       the ground
                               Then the snowman goes
       How’d you get so big
and round?
Planted as a seed so small,    In winter the people are
Now you are a great big ball.  very nice,
Pumpkin, pumpkin on the But the one that fails all
ground                         the time is the ice!
How’d you get so big and We put on the fire,
round?                         And the star is higher and
This poem is written by Carola higher.
of Y5R
                               My Dad is going,
                               When it’s snowing.
                                                              Merry Christmas
                               We eat delicious dinner,
                                                              Merry Christmas!
                               But my Dad is getting
                                                              Isn’t it fun,
                                                              To say “Merry Christmas,”
                               My         Mum       s a i d , To everyone?
                               “Goodnight!”                   Time for a party,
                               And turned off the light.      And presents and things,
                               The star,                      That make children happy,
                               It’s less far!                 And give their hearts wings!
                               By Vega Year 4 B               This beautiful poem was written
                                                              by Genoveva of Y5R

 Editors: Carlos and Lourdes Year 5 Blue
Learning Music is very impor-
tant for St. Anne's School, so
we decided to create a Mu-
sic Club. We did this so that
children from this school have
the opportunity to explore
everything related to music.
On Wednesdays the children
learn all about musical notes,
rhythm, how to read music,
how to play percussion instru-
ments,etc. On Fridays some
children are learning how to
play the keyboard, which is
the first step before learning
how to play the piano.

We decided to interview one
of the teachers who are in
charge of the Music Club.
Jairo: Rodriguez Visuerte. He
was born in a small city called
La Laguna,Tenerife.
ST. Anne’s: When did you start
playing the Chelo and why           STA: Why do you like teach-
did you choose that instru-         ing Music to the children?
ment?                               J: It gives me great satisfac-
J: I started playing at the age     tion to see how much they
of 8 but I was already going        enjoy each lesson and how
to Music classes since I was 5.
                                    much they learn in each
I like this instrument because it
is amazing how it makes your
                                    STA: Have you ever played
whole body vibrate. You also
                                    in a concert?
hug it to play it so there is a
huge connexion between              J: I am very lucky as I had
your body and the making of         the honour to play in many
such wonderful sounds. Its mu-      places such as Alicante, Va-
sic is special too as it sounds     lencia, Vigo, Madrid and of
similar to the human voice.         course the Canary Islands. I
STA: Why do you like Music so       was also invited to Cracovia
much?                               to play with a Young or-
J: If I think of the most amaz-     questra and it was very
ing moments in my life, Music       emotional because al-
has been always in all of           though we did not speak
them: listening to it, going to a   the same language we
concert, going on stage.            could understand each ot-
The more I get the audience         her as MUSIC is the universal
excited about the Music I am        language of the world.
playing, the happier I feel.
Editors: Manuel and Alexandra Y5R
Music lessons                                                       Colours , shapes and
Nursery have started doing Music lessons with Miss Catherine.       manners
At the beginning, half the class had a music lesson, while the      Nursery have been learning
other half of the class played outside in the sand and water.       the shapes. The tables have
Now the whole class does music together. They are learning          shape names (Triangles, Cir-
new action songs, musical games and how to play different           cles,    Rectangles         and
percussion instruments, which they enjoy a lot.                     Squares). They learn about
                                                                    colours, how to count up to
                     Hallowe’en                                     20 and lots of different topics.
                     Nursery did a
                     Hallowe’en top-
                     ic. They made
                     some ghosts or
                     pumpkin      sun
                     catchers for the
                     windows and some spiders too!

Free Play                         Fun Friday
In Nursery they have free         On Fridays, Nursery and Re-
play. The favourite toy of lots   ception work with all the Early
of the children is DUPLO.         Years teachers to do fun ac-
Nearly all them play with dolls   tivities. Half of the Nursery
or teddy bears. They also look    class goes to Reception and
at books a lot. They love free    half of Reception goes to
play!!!When the teachers call     Nursery. Each group works
them, they come to do activi-     with a teacher to do an art or    Talking about manners, Nurse-
ties with them.                   a craft activity. Both classes    ry have been learning how to
                                  have a double playtime out-       sit properly, to listen, look, to
Classical Music Day               side together and then they       be quiet when someone is
                                  go to the other classroom to      talking, and to be nice to your
                                  do the other activities with      friends.
                                  the other teachers. They all
                                  have a great time and enjoy
                                  Fun Fridays!

                                The children have been listen-
                                ing to the “Sorcerer's Appren-
tice”. From the Disney film “Fantasia”.
Some of them dressed as brooms, some played percussion
                                                                    Story Time
                                            instruments    and
                                                                    When the children have story
                                            some were magi-
                                                                    time they sit on the floor and
                                            cians.         We
                                                                    listen to the story that the
                                            danced ,       cast
                                                                    teacher reads. Children bring
                                            spells and played
                                                                    books in to be read.
                                            musical     instru-
                                            ments. It was a
                                            fantastic day!

Editor: Carlota Y6
Reception went to the Botan-     In Reception they also know        Reception have enjoyed
ical Gardens. There they pre-    some sounds like: m, s. a, d, t.   making their family trees. First
tended they were investiga-      They also did a sound compe-       they needed to paint them
tors and they painted with       tition. They like playing with     and then stick the photos of
their hands! Reception had       the sounds on the boards. Re-      their family. It was awesome.
some cameras.                    ception are getting very
                                 good at reading words.

                                  Reception           enjoy
                                  Fun Fridays a lot because
                                  they do lots of great games Reception have been learn-
Reception went on a safari
                                  and play with Nursery also. ing about Autumn. They have
trip! They liked watching zeb-
                                  They play lots of games to- been learning a wonderful
ras and crocodiles. They also
                                                              song about the leaves. They
saw parrots , eagles and
                                                              also went on a autumn walk
many more types of birds.
                                                              with Year 5 Blue.
They saw animals with some
binoculars! The next day they
dressed up as African animals
like: lions, elephants, giraffes
and some children as explor-
ers. They made African masks
which was a little bit difficult.
They also painted snakes and
measured animal footprints. It
was the best day!
                                                         Reception have been learning about
                                                         numbers up to 24!
                                                         Every morning they count to 24.

Editor: Genoveva and Alexandra
Computer room:                      In Year 1 in Maths they have   Some of them brought their
All of the class have been          been learning:                 favourite toy from when they
drawing pictures with Tux Paint.    Adding up to 10                were little and a family photo
They have been drawing pic-         Playing games (active          and what ever else they
tures of Christmas with Santa       learn)                         wanted to bring for show and
Claus and Christmas trees with      They have been counting        tell ‘My special objects’.
lots of decoration, and toys        on with fingers.
they had as presents.               They decorated biscuits us-
                                    ing number patterns.
                                    They all love maths!

                                                                   Miss Julianne brought in her
                                                                   childhood toys to show in His-
                                                                   In Music:
                                                                   They love playing an instru-
                                                                   ment called “egg shaker”. As
                                                                   Miss Rebecca is a very good
                                                                   singer (and their tutor) she
                                                                   teaches them lots of songs.
                                                                   Miss Catherine helps them be-
                                                                   cause she knows a lot about

In Art Year 1 visited the exhibi-
tion Van Gogh Alive. They                                          They also went to the allot-
painted with brush strokes like     Art:                           ment to garden and to water
Van Gogh.                           In Halloween they made         the plants so that they
                                    SCARY pumpkins.                wouldn´t get dry and die.

Editors: Carlota and Lilly Year 6
Healthy me                      The Great fire of London        Mondrian the artist
Year 2 have been learning       In class, Year 2 have been      In Art Lessons, Year 2 have
about healthy eating and        learning about the events       been learning about lots of
about which foods are better    during The Great fire of Lon-   different artists. One of the art-
for your body. As well, they    don in 1666.They wrote a dia-   ists they have been studying is
have been learning that exer-   ry entry pretending to be       called Mondrian. They learnt
cise is good for you. They      Samuel Pepys, thinking about    about how he always used
even did a fitness challenge!   what it would be like during    black lines to create a grid
In class they also designed     the fire. They also made        and then coloured using only
and made healthy                houses to replicate the ones    the primary colours, black and
sandwiches.                     from London in 1666.They        white.
                                used cereal boxes, white pa-
                                per and strips of black card.

                                                               Retiro Park
                                                                Year 2 went on an exciting
                                trip to Retiro Park in the Autumn term. They played games
                                around the park, learning about the environment and how to
                                look after nature. They also made footprints of different ani-
                                mals using clay, learning about their features.

Thyssen Museum
Year 2 went on an excursion
to the Thyssen Museum.They
learnt about mysteries in pain-
tings at the museum. They al-
so looked at paintings by Kan-
dinsky, the artist that they
have been studing in class.     Allotment activities
                                This term Year 2 had a visit
                                from Felix and Eduardo from
                                the allotment. They taught
                                them about plants that have
                                a fragrance and they made
                                their own lavender bags.

Editors: Pablo & Romeo Y5R
Welcome everyone to the Ex-                                              History
ploring Year 3 page.                                                     Year 3 really loved learning
Here you will find out some of                                           about the Iron Age Celts and
the things that Year 3 have                                              they said they’re lucky to
been learning about from the                                             have a Celtic teacher from
children we interviewed! They                                            Ireland to teach them. They
                                      Year 3 love Maths classes, es-
all said that Year 3 is a really                                         learned how the Celts made
                                      pecially playing competitive
fun class, and really enjoyed                                            houses, made their own
                                      games like Around the World
being in it. They all said that                                          clothes and grew their own
                                      or Last Man Standing! They
the work isn't much harder                                               food. Most importantly they
                                      have been learning the 3
                                                                         learned about how well the
than Year 2. The all agree that       and 4 times tables for multi-
                                                                         Celts could work with iron and
Science is their favourite les-       plying and dividing. They’re
                                                                         other metals. They got to
son, so let’s take a look at          also learning about fractions,
                                                                         make their own Celtic torcs,
what they’ve been learning!           which they said can be hard
                                                                         but they used clay, not iron.

                                      In the topic “Mirror, Mirror”
                                      the children learned about
                                      reflections of light and uses of
                                      mirrors. Using mirrors was very
                                      useful for making self portraits
English                                                                  Art
                                      in art classes too! They also
There are some difficult cha-                                            The children focused on the
llenges in Year 3 English like        investigated how shadows
                                      change size with by moving         Spanish artist Pablo Picasso
having to learn grammar and                                              this term and tried to make
comprehension, but the chil-          lights closer and further
                                                                         some self portraits in his style.
dren enjoy the work they do           away!
                                                                         They used mirrors to look at
and the books they are                They made some really cool
                                                                         themselves from different per-
reading, especially Mr Majei-         mirror mazes to try and help
                                                                         spectives the way he did.
ka! One thing they are getting        the light escape from inside       The Reina Sofia Museum has
really Good at is finding words       the box.                           some of Picasso’s best work,
in the dictionary! This is a diffi-                                      so the class went on a trip
cult skill, but they say that they                                       there to see his paintings,
enjoy doing it.                                                          especially the Guernica,
                                                                         because they made their
                                                                         own cubist version of it! Wow!

Editors: Miguel and Carlos.
Ancient Egypt Museum              Playscripts                         Cesar Manrique: Funky Fish
For History, we studied Ancient   For English, we wrote a sce-        For Art, we looked at some
Egypt. During the weeks we did    ne from a story we knew.            pieces of work by Cesar Man-
this topic, we also had to do a   We chose popular stories            rique. One was his “Funky
project at home, based on         like, the 3 Little Pigs or Little   fish!” We really enjoyed this
what we were studying in class.   Red Riding Hood.                    special activity. We drew pic-
We all did different themes of    By Juan                             tures of fish and coloured the
Ancient Egypt, for example,                                           different patterns on them.
pyramids, maps, death masks                                           The fish were peculiar, with
and even a video game! We                                             ladybird skin and many bright,
had a lot of fun and learnt a                                         shiny colours. Some had big,
lot. We then brought in what                                          black spots and multicolou-
we made and displayed it all in                                       red stripes. We used crayons,
class. All the other classes                                          pencils, felt tips and highligh-
came to visit our museum.                                             ters. We were really happy
By Ana                                                                with the result. Our fish were
                                                                      really Funky!
                                                                      By Blanca

As part of our Environ-
ment topic in Geo-
graphy, we visited the
plant. We learnt about
what happens to our
rubbish and how we
could help the envi-
ronment, by reducing our waste and recycling.         By Jimena
                                 In Science, we looked at sta-
                                 tes of matter. We learnt the
                                 difference between solids,
                                 liquids and gases and how
                                 the particles behaved in
                                 each state.
                                 We then did an experiment
                                 by mixing corn flour and wa-
                                 ter and creating a non-
                                 newtonian fluid, which you
                                 can pour like a liquid, but it
                                 acts like a solid when you hit
                                 it. It was messy, but fun!
                                 By Alejandra

Editors: Valeria and Alejandro
Tutankhamun’s Death mask
At the end of the Autumn
term, Year 4 Blue, in their
classroom, made Egyptian
death masks. They did this
with newspaper, cereal box-
es, paints and a pre-made                                        Great Guitars
mask. We got a cereal box                                        In the middle of the Autumn
and cut out the headdress                                        term Year 4 Blue made a
and covered it in paper ma-                                      guitar with elastic bands and
che and then painted it gold,                                    a shoebox. We cut a hole in
blue and black. We did this                                      the shoe box and we put the
because we were learning                                         elastic bands around the
about Tutankhamun a phar-                                        box. Then we used a pencil
aoh of Egypt.                                                    for the bridge of the guitar.
By Sofia                                                         We did this because we were
                                                                 learning about sound in our
                                                                 science topic.
                                                                 By Javier
                                 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and
                                 In the middle of the Autumn
                                 term in Year 4 Blue’s class-
                                 room, they made posters to
                                 teach children in school how
                                 to reduce, reuse recycle and
                                                                 Popular Playscript
                                 repair. They used the Geogra-
                                                                 At the beginning of the Au-
                                 phy textbooks to get ideas.
                                                                 tumn term, Year 4 Blue wrote
                                 They drew the posters with
                                                                 some playscripts based on
                                 pencils and felt tipped pens.
                                                                 famous fairy tales such as
                                 They did this because they
                                                                 “The three little pigs”. They
                                 were learning about how to
                                                                 planned the playscripts first
                                 look after the environment.
                                                                 then they drafted them and
                                 By Fiona
                                                                 finally edited and improved
                                                                 them so that they could pub-
                                                                 lish them. Then they drew a
                                                                 picture for the playscript.
Marvellous museum                                                By Adriana
At the beginning of the Au-
tumn term Year 4 went to the
archaeological museum. We
saw Egyptian artefacts and a
real mummy. They went on
this trip because they were
learning about Ancient
Egypt. Mr David gave us a
worksheet to draw and find
information about four differ-
ent artefacts that we liked
from the museum.
By Nicolas

Editors: Nacho and Fabiola
MUNCYT                            Planets Display               Viking during the hot Summer
In Year 5 Red we went on a        In Art we created a solar sys-term. We did them in our cool
trip to MUNCYT science and        tem display. We used: tissue  classroom.
technology museum to do           paper, fabric etc. It took us We made them because we
experiments about the solar       days of hard work and effort. were learning about the
system. It was an amazing ex-     Have you already found the    vicious Vikings and how they
perience!                         hidden rabbit and cake in     travelled to different places.
We explored a lot of science      our display?                  We made them by firstly cut-
activities including how to see                                 ting out the shape of the
the     difference between a                                    boats. Then we made the
star and a planet.                                              shields and the flags.
                                                                Afterwards we painted them
                                                                and lastly we made the mast
                                                                with the sail. It was very cool.
                                                                By Pablo
                                                                Autumn Walk
                                  Greek Pots                    Another excursion was a walk
                                                                to the park, each one of us
Transport Topic
                                                                went with a Year 1 partner.
                                                                We enjoyed it a lot. We
                                                                needed to pick up as many
                                                                autumn leaves as we could.
                                                                We found so many different
                                  In Year 5 Red we have colours, .shapes and sizes!
                                  learned about Ancient
                                  Greece. We have made
                                  some Greek pots! The pottery
Year 5 Red learned about          was very famous for having
types of transport and traffic    many uses in Greece. After
problems. Some examples           letting the clay dry we deco-
were air pollution and global     rated them with some scenes
warming. We also carried out      depicting Greek life.
traffic surveys to see what the
busiest roads near school

Do      you
like going                                                         Lovely Lighthouses
to      the                                                        During the Spring term we
market?                                                            were learning about electrici-
In Year 5                                                          ty in Science so we made
Red      we                                                        some working lighthouses in
h a v e                                                            our classroom. We started by
learned                                                            putting paper mâché on top
a b o u t                                                          of a shoe box and we used a
paying for                         Fruit salad At Chamartín
                                   market the class bought dif-    Pringles can to make the light-
things with                                                        house tower. Then we painted
money to                           ferent types of fruit. Each
                                   table group decided which       them and finally added the
help us on                                                         electrical circuit inside. I had
our visit to                       ones to buy to make a deli-
                                   cious fruit salad and a won-    lots of fun making it.
the market, it was great fun !                                     By Juan
                                   derful still life drawing.

Editors:   Jimena and Olivia
What an exciting year this as
been for Year 5! We began our                                            Experiments
first day meeting the new Year                                           We enjoy investigating! Re-
5 teachers and finding out who                                           cently we tested to see which
was in each class, everything In Geography we have been                  materials kept ice cooler for
felt new, but now it’s like we’ve learning about all the pollu-          longer and one of the results
always been together.                                                    shocked us!
                                  tion in our environment
                                  caused by so much traffic.
                                  There are many types of pol-
                                  lution caused by traffic. We
                                  conducted a traffic survey
                                  outside the school and
                                  our local area to check.

                                                                         Ice melting is a reversible
In Year 5 we have been learn-                                            change as we can always
ing about the Solar System. We                                           freeze the water back into ice!
did a Whole assembly about it,
we learnt that there are 8 plan-                                    At M.A.N. we found many Ancient
                                                                    Greeks facts: DID YOU KNOW women
ets in our solar system and they
                                                                    spent all day in the house and could-
all orbit around the sun. Our                                       n’t go out without their husband.
planet, the 3rd from the sun, is       MATHS! Do you like maths?    Sometimes men were drinking so
called Earth. Our planet always        In Year 5 Blue we love maths much that they fell into ponds!
surprises us, it’s such an amaz-       and enjoyed learning all
ing place with many species,           about fractions. This was one In History we made Greek pots
but we all need to collectively        of the most interesting clas-                          inspired by our
protect it. In Y5 we have been         ses we had. We learned                                 trip.
learning about small changes           about equivalent fractions                             INSTRUCTIONS
we can all make to help stop           and how to simplify them.                              TO MAKE A
destroying it before it’s too late.    We worked on them for a                                GREEK POT:
                                       week or so and now we are                              1)Cut a pack
Autumn walk with Reception             little experts!                                        of air drying
We went on a trip with the Re-                                                                clay in half
ception class and we enjoyed                                            and get a plastic bottle
it a lot. We walked from the                                            (remove the lid and wrapping)
school , around our local area                                          2) Knead the clay until it is nice
and to a park. We played lots          At the market                    and soft.
of different activities! We spot-                                       3) Flatten it, roll it and wrap the
                                       We went to the
ted various Autumn things,                                              clay around the bottle.
                                       Chamartín Mar-
even a squirrel and                                                     4) Put clay around the bottom
                                       ket to buy fruit to
lots of berries,
                                       make delicious fruit salads. and make sure it stands.
which was a lot of
                                       Nobody helped us choose 5)Add handles/spout.
fun! We played in                                                       6) Let it dry completely before
                                       the different types of fruit, we
the park for a long                                                     you decorate it with black
                                       had free choice!
time but we were                       Still life paintings             paint and glaze with PVA glue!
                                       We did pencil drawings with
                                       and then used
                                       watercolours to
                                       portray the fruit
                                       that        we

 Editors: Angela R. Lourdes G. and Jaime P.
Year 6 and the Nursey walk       Year 6 in the allotment           Hallowe’en activities The Year
                                 Year 6 went to the school al-     6 Captains and Vice-
                                 lotment to water plants and       captains provided a special
                                 pull out weeds. Then they         treat for the Primary children
                                 drew pictures of plants that      the day before Hallowe’en.
                                 are in the allotment. They        They prepared Hallowe’en
                                 were there for 1 hour or 45       games to play in the play-
                                 minutes. They enjoyed going       ground. It was spooky fun!
Year 6 and Nursery went on a to the allotment and they
walk to a park near          the had great fun.
school. Nursey enjoyed col-
lecting leaves of different col-
ours and size. First Year 6 went
to the Nursery classroom to
choose the partners. Every-                                        Year 6 at the laboratory
body had their one. It was                                           Year 6 went to Mr. Scott’s la-
great fun!                                                           boratory to learn about the
                                                                     eye and how we see things.
                                   They did lots of cool experiments. They learned a lot of things.
                                   There was a laser and a stick with fire and you needed to
                                   blow. With the smoke you could see the laser beam. Don’t
                                   try this at home, as it is dangerous.

                                   They also saw how different coloured light mixes together to
                                   make new colours. It was very cool and Year 6 liked it a lot!

                                   Classical music and Year 1
Shelters                           As you can see, we love helping other classes in Year 6! On
Take a look at our stunning        the Classical Music Day we went to the Year 1 Classroom to
Nativity shelters! Year 6 decid-   listen to some classical music and to help the Year 1 children
ed to make shelters during         identify the instruments they could hear. They also told us
the days before Christmas          how they felt
they had lot of fun and they       when they heard
liked making them a lot.           the       different
                                   parts of the mu-
                                   sic. It is very im-
                                   portant for young
                                   children to be
                                   able to express

Editors: Nacho & León Y6
Firstly, here are some top tips to             The second recipe is the
know how to cook:                              most tasty Cherry Choco-
•      Find a recipe that you like             late Brownies:
       and examine it step by step
       to see how difficult it is.
•      Make sure you prepare all
       the ingredients that you
•      Get together all the equip-                                               The third recipe is Fruit Salad :
       ment that you need before                                                 •    3 bananas
       you start cooking.
                                                                                 •    1 kiwi
•      When you have all the
                                                                                 •    2 pears
       things that you need you                •       100g plain choco-
       can start to cook your reci-                    late.                     •    1 pomegranate
       pe. Follow instructions care-           •        2 large eggs.            •    1 mango
       fully, you don’t want to spoil          •       125g of softened but-     •    2 lemons
       all of your fantastic work!                     ter.                      •    8 strawberries
                                               •       Half teaspoon of va-      •    1 bunch of green grapes
                                                       nilla essence.            •    1 bunch of purple
                                               •       50g self-raising flour.        grapes
                                               •       25g plain flour.          •    Fruit of your choice
                                               •       2 tablespoon of co-       Method:
                                                       coa.                      •    Wash and peel all the
                                               •       100g of dried cher-            fruits.
Now we are going to show you                           ries.                     •    Cut them and put them
some amazing recipes that chil-                •       100g of walnut or pe-          in a bowl.
dren wrote.                                            can        pieces,
                                                                                 •    Mix them.
 The first recipe is Shortbread.                       (optional).
                                                                                 •    Then you can eat and
Shortbread is a kind of biscuit                Method;
                                                                                      enjoy your fruit salad.
that is traditionally made in Scot-            1. Heat oven to 180ºc.
                                                                                 This beautiful recipe was
land.                                          Grease and line a baking
                                                                                 made by Genoveva of Year 5
Ingredients:                                   tray.
•     200g of flour                            2. Melt the chocolate
•     40g of sugar                             3. Break the eggs into a
•     125g of butter                           small bowl and beat with
Method:                                        a fork.
•     Heat the oven to 300 F.F                 4. Add the butter, sugar
                                               and vanilla into a large
•     Mix together butter and
                                               bowl and beat until they
                                               are fluffy. Add the eggs a
•     Stir in flour.
                                               little at a time, beating well
•     Put on a greased baking                  each time.
      tray and bake for 30-40                  5. Sift both flours and co-
      minutes.                                 coa powder into the bowl.
By Alejandra G Y6                              Add the melted choco-
                                               late .
                                               6. Mix in the cherries and
                                               nuts and pour into tin.
                                               7. Bake for 35 mins.
                                               8. Leave to cool, then en-

Editors: Lourdes and Alejandara B. Year 5 B.
YEAR 1. ¡Aprendiendo más y Hemos em-
más en 2020!               pezado el
                           2020 apren-
                           diendo los
 Primavera        Verano
                           días de la
                           semana, los
                           meses y las
                           del año.
                           Lo estamos
                           con la lec-
                           tura,   con
                  Otoño    canciones  (¡nos las sabemos todas ya!), con juegos y con
                           posters como el de la foto.
                           ¿A que es chulo?

                                 YEAR 2. El ciclo del agua.
                                 Los alumnos
                                 de Year 2
                                 hemos esta-
                                 do     apren-
                                 diendo el ci-
                                 clo del agua.
Es apasionante saber de dónde viene toda
el agua dulce del mundo. Gracias a ella
podemos vivir los seres humanos.
La utilizamos para muchísimos aspectos
esenciales: para beber, para ducharnos,
para lavarnos los dientes, para fregar, para
lavar la ropa, para regar las plantas…
                                 En clase hemos visto vídeos al respecto, hemos hecho
                                 fichas, algún que otro teatro y hasta dibujos.
 YEAR 3. Pequeños pasos pa-
 ra salvar nuestro planeta.   Como punto de partida hemos hecho unos murales donde
                              damos consejos para ser mejores habitantes de nuestro pla-
                              neta: cuidar nuestras playas, contaminar menos, reciclar,
                              a h o r r a r
                              agua y elec-
                              tricidad, re-
                              ducir el uso
  En nuestra clase estamos de         plásti-
 muy concienciados con el     co…
 medio ambiente y el cuida- Esperamos
 do de nuestro planeta. En que        todos
 clase de Sociales, a veces,  sigáis  nues-
 hacemos debates, vemos tro           ejem-
 vídeos relacionados con es-  plo…
                              ¡No hay
 te tema y nos hemos pro-
 puesto mejorar la Tierra con planeta B!
 nuestros actos.

Editor: Borja B. & Romeo
YEAR 4. Los ríos.                    YEAR 5. Decálogo de hábi-
                                En Year 4, tras las comunidades tos saludables.
                                autónomas, las provincias y el re-
                                lieve, hemos estado estudiando
                                los ríos de nuestro país. Hemos vis-
                                to sus diferentes partes, así como
                                todo el vocabulario relacionado
                                que        los    concierne.

Hemos profun-
                                                                    Este trimestre las dos clases
dizado en las                                                       de Y5 hemos estado ha-
diferentes ver-                                                     blando acerca de nuestras
tientes de Es-                                                      costumbres diarias. Para ello
paña para de-                                                       hemos estado trabajando
terminar cómo                                                       en un decálogo de hábitos
el clima condi-                                                     saludables. El propósito es
ciona los ríos                                                      poder diferenciar los benefi-
que atraviesan                                                      ciosos de los que no lo son.
                                                                    A continuación, os dejamos
                                                                    un resumen de los que he-
                                                                    mos destacado:
                                dichas zonas geográficas. Hemos     1. No le des vueltas al coco,
                                terminado aprendiendo los princi-       come de todo un poco.
                                pales ríos, pero lo mejor de todo   2. Alimentos saludables son
                                                                        los más aconsejables.
                                es que ya sabemos un poquito
                                                                    3. Para tener energía, cinco
                                más de nuestro asombroso y va-
                                                                        comidas al día.
                                riado territorio.
                                                                    4. Si quieres calmar la sed,
                                ¿Cuántos ríos de España puedes          agua y agua como un
                                nombrar y colocar en el mapa?           pez.
                                                                    5. ¡Levántate del asiento,
YEAR 6. Querido “yo” del fu-                                            venga, ya, en movimien-
turo...                                                                 to!
En Year 6 estamos ya casi                                           6. Que no te dé ningún cor-
pensando en Secundaria,                                                 te, ¡engánchate al de-
mirando siempre al futuro, y                                            porte!
por eso hemos hecho un tra-                                         7. Cuida tu espalda muy
bajo    e sc ri t o  ti tu l a do                                       bien para estar al cien
“Querido yo del futuro”.                                                por cien.
En él tenemos que escribir-                                         8. La higiene personal es al-
nos una carta a nosotros                                                go natural.
mismos pensando en que la vamos a leer cuando dejemos               9. Duerme siempre como un
                    el cole dentro de unos años. Muchos ha-             leño, no le quites tiempo
                    blamos de qué y dónde queremos estu-                al sueño.
                    diar después de St. Anne’s, de logros de-       10. Alegre y de buen humor
                    portivos, de mantener amistades de to-              vivirás mucho mejor.
                    da la vida…                                     Estos parámetros establecen
                    ¡Ojalá a muchos se nos cumplan estos            las bases de una buena
                    deseos de futuro y nos vaya tan bien co-        salud. Cualquiera pue-
                    mo ponemos en nuestras cartas!                  de seguirlos, ¡ánimo!

Editors: Alejandra B. & Pablo
En Year 5 on a vu beaucoup de
nouvelles choses, comme par exemple:

•   1 : un

    2 : deux
    3 : trois
                            LES NUMÉROS
•   4 : quatre
•   5 : cinq                                    LES COULEURS : red=rouge, orange=orange,
•   6 : six                                 yellow=jaune, green=vert, blue=bleu, purple=violet,
                                            pink=rose, black=noir, white=blanc, brown=marron
•   7 : sept
•   8 : huit
•   9 : neuf
•   10 : dix
                                          LE MATÉRIEL SCOLAIRE :
•   11 : onze
•   12 : douze
                                           MASCULIN                FÉMININ
•   13 : treize
                                              Un stylo                   Une gomme
•   14 : quatorze                             Un crayon                  Une trousse
•   15 : quinze                               Un feutre                  Une paire de ciseaux
                                              Un cahier                  Une colle
•   16 : seize                                Un livre                   Une règle
                                              Un bonbon
•   17 : dix-sept
                                              Un porte-clés
•   18 : dix-huit                             Un taille-crayon

•   19 : dix-neuf
•   20 : vingt
                                                         LE VERBE ÊTRE
•   21 : vingt et un
•   22 : vingt-deux
•   23 : vingt-trois
•   24 : vingt-
•   25 : vingt-cinq
•   26 : vingt-six
•   27 : vingt-sept
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Editors: Alexandra and Manuel Y5R
Miss Rebecca’s interview
                                                                Do you like plants?
                                                                Yes, I love them. They make
                                                                me feel happy!
                                                                Do you have a plant?
                                                                I don’t have “A PLANT”, I
                                                                have loads of them!
                                                                What is your favourite type of
                                     The Vertical Garden        plant?
                                     This year we have plant-   I really like trees, any kind of
Peaceful Plant City is going         ed     everything   from   tree, all kinds of trees!
from strength to strength. At        seeds, which is more ex-   What is your favour-
the moment we have garlic            citing.                    ite flower?
that was planted by Year 4           At the moment we           I like the Calendu-
Blue, tomatoes and onions that       have flowers planted by    la.
were planted by Year 6 and           Year 1 and lots and lots   Do you want to be
beans that were planted by           of parsley that was        in the green teem?
lots of children. Year 1 children    planted by the green       I would love to be in the
have also planted bulbs in           team.                      Green Team, but I can’t be-
school. When they grow a little      Everything seems to be     cause I don’t have time.
bit we will put them in the          doing very well.
Peaceful Plant City. Most of the
things we have planted will               Spring is here
start to grow
a b o v e                            Spring is here.
ground next                          Spring is here.
year (in Febru-                      Goodbye snow.
ary or March).                       Flowers grow.

                                   Birds and bees.
In plants live ants.                                            Miss Caroline’s interview
                                   Leaves and trees.
Flowers take hours.                                             Do you like plants?
                                   Hello spring.
You need land with a little bit of                              Yes, I really like them. I’m what
                                   Hello spring.
sand.                                                           you could call a “plant per-
You need seeds without                                          son”!
weeds.                                                          Do you have any plants?
We need to do an operation to                                   Of course, I have lots!
stop the contamination.                                         Do you want to be in the
So if you like green, join our                                  green team?
team!                                                           Yes, I’d love to be part of the
                                                                Green Team.
By Nora and Teresa Year5R                                       Do you have a garden or
                                                                country house?
                                                                Yes, I live in a house with a
                                                                 What is your favourite plant?
                                                                 The Christmas
                                                                 cactus is my
                                                                 favourite       at
                                                                 this time of

 Editors: Borja Y5R and Miguel Y5B
Christmas Fancy dress

On the last day of school
before the Christnas holidays,
everyone had lots of fun dres-
sing up! In the morning, we
had a school assembly to ce-
lebrate the children who had
achieved 100% attendance
for the term. We were also
able to see everyone´s Christ-
mas costumes!

                                                                  In Nursery, Reception and
                                                                  Year 1 the children were very
                                                                  lucky to have a special visit
                                                                  from Santa Claus! He gave
                                                                  them all a present and they
                                                                  told him what they were ho-
                                                                  ping to receive for Christmas.
                                                            Christmas fair
                                 In St Anne´s school we held a Christmas fair to raise money
                                 for Caritas. Each class had a stall with different things to sell.
                                 These were all things that the children had worked hard to
                                 make in class. The children had lots of fun making things to
                                 sell at the fair and then taking part in selling them on the day.

These are the fantastic things
that each class made and

Nursery: Christmas tree pine
cones and painted wooden
tree decorations.
Reception: Clay Christmas
tree decorations
Year 1: Material Christmas
trees and Christmas biscuits.
Year 2: Christmas crackers
and Christmas cards.
Year 3: Christmas tree and
snowman magnets.
Year 4: Snow globes and
Christmas puppets.
Year 5: Christmas wreaths.
Year 6: Smoothie stall.

Editors: María and Lilly Y6
This year at the Christmas fair
we raised a lot of money for
charity, as we try to do every
year. At our fair, with all the dif-
ferent things being sold it was
much easier. It is very important
for us to realise that we are very
lucky, that we can go to a fan-
tastic school, and that there are
children who are stuck in bed or
have a very grave illness... We
raised 2,426.20 euros for the                                         At the end of year we went to
charity Caritas.                                                      the church to sing carols. For
                                                                      that each class needed to
                                                                      prepare a carol. We prepared
                                                                      them for a week or so, until the
                                                                      big day (we were very excit-

                                       Six secondary students
                                       used musical instruments
                                       to accompany the carols
                                       with Miss Catherine. She
On fair day we had lots of fun!
                                       was very kind to play the
It was a great success and it
                                       piano for us too.
was positive in two ways:
1.    We loved it.
2.    We raised lots of money to
      help people in need.                                            ed!).
                                                                      In the church as well as the
   Well Done to everyone at                                           carols the Bachillerato pupils
      St. Anne’s School!                                              acted out the Christmas story
                                                                      while we were singing.
                                       Nursery, Reception, Year 1
                                       and Year 2 had great fun
                                       with the Bachillerato pupils
                                       while they were waiting for
                                       their turn to sing in the
                                       church. They all did so

                                                                      So have in mind that even
                                                                      though we don’t have every-
                                                                      thing that we want we are very
                                                                      very lucky to have so much!

   Editor: Angela R.
Autumn Magic in Nursery
                                        Nursery have been very busy
                                        producing some lovely Au-
                                        tumn tree paintings and
                                        some pretty clay leaves. They
                                        also made some magic                 By Manuela
                                        wands. Abracadabra!
                                                                          Something Fishy in Year 1
                                                                          Year 1 artists have been mak-
                                                                          ing beautiful fish in all sorts of
                                                                          mediums in preparation for
                                                                          their future recycled fish mural
                                                                          which we can´t wait to see.
                                                                          Juan M. drew a sparkling
                                                                          ‘Winter tree.’
                         By Reception

                       By Blanca
                       and Gabriela

                                          By Nursery
                                                                          Year 2 Art Connoisseurs
                                        Reception Warriors
                                                                          Year 2 have been busy study-
                                        Reception have been learn-
                                                                          ing and replicating works by
                                        ing about Africa, African sa-
                                                                          Kandinsky and Mondrian.
                                        fari animals and the Maasai
                                                                          Aren´t they lovely?
                                        tribe. They helped to make a
                                        beautiful Maasai warrior for
                                                                            By Julen
                                        their role play corner, as well
      By Blanca
                                        as creating some lovely
                                        shape warrior masks which
                                        are all unique and different.
                                         By Olivia

                                                                                       By Nursery

Editors: Carlota and Carlos Year 6
Picasso in Year 3
Year 3 worked together to cre-
ate a stunning ´Guernica´ mu-
ral. What superstars! They also
drew some beautiful Picasso
style portraits.

                By Telmo
                                 Year 5 Red and Blue are
                                 Space explorers and fine
Funky work in Year 4             artists. The children made
Red and Blue                     some beautiful representa-
Year 4 worked hard creating tions of the planets. They
their own versions of Man- also drew the fruits that they
rique´s, ´Funky Fish´. They also bought at the supermarket.
produced some lovely draw-
ings on Egypt.                                By Alexandra
                                                                  By Daniela

                                                              By Loreto

            By Patricia

                           Observant Year 6
                           Year 6 have drawn some very de-
                           tailed bugs and diagrams of the
                           Good work Year 6!                               By Ines
My favourite hobby is       My favourite hobby is playing
                                       running and I am part       tennis because I love the way
                                       of a club. I also like to   we play this sport. This year
                                       play golf, but you may      the Davis cup was in Madrid
                                       not know that I enjoy       and it was really cool.
                                       growing food in my gar-     By Manuel Y5R
                                       den that we can eat!
                                       Fun and delicious!

                                       By Marcos Y4

                                                                    My favourite hobby is tennis.
                                                                    By Sofia Y4R
Hobbies are the activities we
like to do in our free time.                                       My favourite hobby is building
Many people have lots of si-                                       Lego. I have more than forty
milar hobbies and they are a                                       sets of Lego and some I’ve
great way to start conversa-                                       made myself. I have lots of
tions with your friends. Some                                      tiny pieces of “Avengers, Star
examples of normal hobbies                                         Wars, Jurassic World, Ninjago,
include participating in sports                                    Lego city… The ones that I like
such as football, basketball                                       most are the Avengers.
                                     I like to cook because my By Armando Y6
and tennis. This year we are
                                     mum, my brother and I all ha-
going to tell you about the
                                     ve a laugh and its very good
hobbies St. Anne’s students
                                     fun when we do it together. I
enjoy, including some odd
                                     like to cook healthy pizzas,
and unusual hobbies that you
                                     breads and cookies. It’s a
might not know.
                                     great hobby because when
                  I like Judo be-    we are done we get to eat
                  cause I can        all the cookies together as a
                  learn to de-       family. By Pilar Y3
                  fend myself if I                                 My favourite hobby is playing
                  ever need to.                                    football. I play football be-
                  I started when                                   cause my dad liked football.
I was little and I was the best                                    Now I play football in Arava-
of my class and I think it’s a                                     ca CF.
great sport for anyone to try.                                     By
By Yago Y5R                                                        Borja
I love doing Taekwondo be-
cause it is fun and I can de-        My     favourite
fend myself if I get attacked. I     hobby is play-
hope to get the highest belt!        ing football. I
By                                   am member of
Miguel                               a         team
Y5B                                  called     Zona
                                     Norte,      this
                                     year we will fight for one
                                     of the top three places in
                                     the league. By Santiago Y3

Editors: Borja and Manuel Y5R
Climbers have left at least 200    During the time            Environment fact
tonnes of litter on the upper      it takes you to            If a battery runs out of ener-
slopes of Mount Everest, making    read this sen-             gy, you can put it in the
it the world’s highest rubbish     tence, 50,000 12-ounce     freezer and it recharges.
dump.                              aluminium     cans are     You can do that instead of
                                   thrown away.               buying new batteries.
                                                              By Carlos P.
                                   Only 1% of our planet’s
                                   water supply can be
                                                          Cool climate
                                   used. 97% is ocean water
                                                          Trees    absorb     carbon-
                                   and 2% is
                                                          dioxide, which is one of the
                                   frozen solid
                                                          main drivers of climate
                                   in the Arctic,
                                                          change. Larger forests can
                                   for now!
                                                          even create clouds, which
Making a bottle from recycled
                                              On    aver- then reflect the sunlight and
glass uses only one tenth of the
                                              age,   ONE c o o l    our      planet.
energy needed to make a brand
                                              supermarket By Fabiola
-new bottle.
                                              g o e s
              In December          60,500,000 paper bags
              1952, a smog last-   per year!
              ing for four days
                                 The amount of wood
              killed more than
                                 and paper we throw
              4000 people in
                                 away each year is
London, England.
                                 enough      to   heat        Biodiversity
    Every second 200             50,000,000 homes for 20      Forests are the most diverse
    trees are chopped            years.                       ecosystems on land with mil-
    down.                                                     lions of species of which
                                                              many have not been dis-
The   Saturn    V                                             covered and analysed yet.
space     rocket                                              By Fabiola
made one of the
loudest    noises                                           The world´s old-
ever produced by people.            27000 trees are cut est trees are
                                                d o w n more than 4,600
         When you throw plastic                 each day years old.
         bags and other plastic                 so      we
         materials in the ocean, it             can have An estimated
         kills as many as 1 million             t o i l e t 50,000 species inhabiting our
         sea creatures annually.                paper.      tropical forests become ex-
                                                            tinct annually. That´s an av-
                                                            erage of 137 species a day.

 Editors: Romeo and Pablo
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