CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

      Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018
       City Library - Grand Parade
                Triskel Christchurch
CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre
      IN G IN                       FORM

Cork City Library                     Triskel Christchurch
Library events are free of charge     In Person: Triskel Box Office
and tickets are not required.
                                      By phone: 021 4272022
Where pre-booking is specified        24hr Online Booking:
you can do so,              
In person: Reception desk
By Phone: 021-4924900

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       Cork World Book Festival

       @ WorldBookFest
CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre
It is hard to believe that it is 13 years      The Cork World Book Fest is a joint
since the first Cork World Book Fest.          production of the City Libraries and Triskel
When we put ‘World’ in the title in            Christchurch, with the active support of
2005, it was an aspiration. Now Cork           the Munster Literature Centre.
is a vibrant intercultural city, and the
                                               This year the Fest will take place in the
Intercultural City is one of the key
                                               City Library, in the Grand Parade plaza
strands of this year’s Fest.                   outside the Library, in the adjoining
                                               Bishop Lucey Park and Triskel
The 2018 Fest is the 14th edition of a         Christchurch, and on the streets (and
festival which continues to grow in            some of the cafés) of Cork (see Fired! on
range and breadth, and which, we               page 14).
hope, gets more interesting by the
year.                                          We hope you enjoy the 14th Cork World
                                               Book Fest – it is you, the audience, who
                                               ensure its continued success each year.
The Fest has always sought to combine
readings by world class writers in a variety
of settings with a cultural streetfair: book
stalls, music, street entertainment, the
                                                         The Cork World Book Fest
spoken word, and more. This year we
                                                             Programme Team
welcome international writers; Chang
Ying-Tai, Nicholas Shakespeare, Dušan
Šarotar, Luz Pichel, Olga Novo and many

The Fest compliments other literary
events in the city and region, but is quite
different putting readings and books on
the street, for example. It is a participa-      Ann Luttrell         Patricia Looney
tive, inclusive event, connecting readers
with established and emerging Irish and
international authors. We also encourage
participation through the numerous
workshops that are held during the week.
The literature in translation sessions
showcase the role of literature in world
culture while new Irish writing is supported
by launching new work.                           Tina Darb            Liam Ronayne

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre


     River lee hotel        13.00     FREE-booking rec.

23 April, the date on which both Cervantes and Shakespeare died,
has been recognized by UNESCO as World Book Day for many

The Deputy Lord Mayor of Cork will join the Cork World Book Fest
team to officially open this year’s Fest, in homage to the Catalan
tradition of the Book and the Rose.

A celebration of books and reading
uniting Cork and Barcelona!

(For booking email:

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

  City Library    10.00     FREE-Booking REC.

A morning with Shane Hegarty
Shane Hegarty is the writer of the
Darkmouth series of fantasy adventure
books. With fun visuals, creative games
and lots of audience participation, this
event will reveal to local schoolchildren
where he finds his ideas for the
Darkmouth series, and how children can
unlock theirs. Shane even reveals the two
most important words behind any great
                                                  Shane Hegarthy

   City Library    19.00      FREE

Rainbow Writing
The opening night of this year’s festival       Sarah Clancy, from Galway, is the author
celebrates LGBT+ writers and literature.        of three collections of poetry, including
Join writers Brian Finnegan, Jamie              The Truth and Other Stories, Stacey and
O’Connell, poet Sarah Clancy and Orla           the Mechanical Bull Belfast, and Thanks
Egan for an evening of lively discussion        for Nothing, Hippies.
and readings.
                                                Her work has been published in the UK,
Brian Finnegan is editor of Ireland’s LGBT      Canada and the United States. It has
magazine GCN. He edited the short story         also been published in translation in Italy,
collection, Quare Fella. He is the author       Poland, Slovenia and Mexico.
of Camp as Knickers and two novels,
The Forced Redundancy Film Club and
Knowing Me Knowing You. He has also
ghostwritten a number of celebrity

                                                Brian Finnegan        Sarah Clancy

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

Orla Egan is the author of Queer
Republic of Cork, Cork’s Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
Communities, 1970s-1990s.

She created the Cork LGBT Archive
to preserve and share information on
Cork’s rich history of LGBT activism and
community formation.

Jamie O’Connell has been short-listed         Orla Egan              Jamie O’Connell

for the Maeve Binchy Award and the
Sky Arts Future’s Fund, and long-listed for
BBC Radio 4 Opening Lines Short Story

O’Connell’s critically acclaimed debut
short story collection Some sort of beauty
was published by Bradshaw Books in

    City Library    20.00     FREE            short-story collections. Two of her novels,
                                              The Bear Whispers to Me and As Flowers
Chang Ying-Tai & Billy O’Callaghan            Bloom and Wither, have been translated
Chang Ying-Tai(張瀛太) is an award-              into English. Zither Player of Angkor, is
winning Taiwanese novelist and short          forthcoming in late 2018.
story writer. She holds the position of
Distinguished Professor at the National       Chang Ying-Tai will be in conversation
Taiwan University of Science and              with writer Billy O’Callaghan.
Technology, Taipei. Over the past two
decades, she has been the recipient
of numerous major awards, including
the Award for Literary Writing from the
Taiwanese Ministry of Education.

Her works include four novels and three

                                              Chang Ying-Tai
CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

Teen Day - All Day
      City Library     10.00 - 19.00

  Teen Day
  Cork City Library Teen Committee’s Teen Day 2018
  includes writing workshops, quizzes, cardboard
  cosplay, board games, an open mic and much
  Attend events throughout the day for your chance
  to win a prize hamper! Events are free and open to
  13 – 18 year olds.

  City Library       10.35      FREE            City Library    10.40      FREE

Launch - Graphic Novel by                    Short Story Competition
Eoin Coveney                                 This year’s winners will be
                                             announced by writer Kevin Doyle.
Alan Corbett is an illustrator and writer
with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration
from the Cambridge School of Art. His
                                                City Library    10.50       FREE
graphic novel The Ghost of Shandon was
shortlisted for Cork’s Favourite Book.
                                             Teen Committee Open Invite
Colin O’ Mahoney is a freelance editor       to Teen Day events
and co-founder of Turncoat Press,            The Library Teen Committee comprises
and the Cork Comic Creators group.           of a group of teenagers ranging in age
He edited The Guards, which the Irish        from 13- 17. The group plan World Book
Examiner rated “Graphic Novel of the         Fest’s Teen Day, using the day to put a
Year”, and which is currently being          spotlight on library services to teenagers
considered for publication by Dark Horse.    in Cork city.

Together Alan and Colin are the art
and story editors for Cork City Libraries’
annual Teen Graphic Novel.

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

    City Library-children’s library   11.00   FREE      City Library-THOMAS DAVIS ROOM   13.00   FREE

Speed Dating with Books                              LGBT Representation in Young Adult
Our book matchmakers will be on hand                 Fiction
to help you find the book of your dreams.            E.R. Murray will lead a discussion on LGBT
Suitable for Teenagers 13+.                          representation and stereotype in Young
                                                     Adult Fiction. Author of the acclaimed
                                                     Nine Lives trilogy and Young Adult novel
    City Library            11.15     FREE           Caramel Hearts, E.R. Murray’s debut, The
                                                     Book of Learning – Nine Lives Trilogy 1
Unfinished Book Launch                               was chosen as the 2016 Dublin UNESCO
                                                     Citywide Read for Children.
The 14th edition of The Unfinished Book
of Poetry features brand new verse                   She has being shortlisted in major
from over 40 students from five Cork                 international writing competitions
secondary schools.                                   including Francis MacManus , Penguin/
                                                     RTE Guide, Powers/Irish Times (flash
Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Fergal Dennehy                fiction), and Aesthetica Creative Works
will launch the book, followed by                    (poetry).
comments from the assisting writers and
readings from the contributors.

    City Library-children’s library   12.00   FREE

Teen Quiz
Join the fun with our Teen Committee.

    City Library-children’s library   13.00   FREE

Cardboard Cosplay Challenge
Do you have what it takes to win our
cardboard cosplay challenge?

CORK WORLD BOOK FEST - Mon 23 - Sat 28 April 2018 City Library - Grand Parade Triskel Christchurch - Triskel Arts Centre

  City Library-children’s library   14.00   FREE      City Library     19.00    FREE

Mindfullness for Teens                             Matthew Sweeney My Life
Join Martyna Maciejowska who will
lead a discussion on stress and how to
                                                   as a Painter - Poetry Event
                                                   Matthew Sweeney’s palette in
manage it for teenagers, followed by               My Life as a Painter, his twelfth
a guided meditation.                               collection, features a wild mix of birds
                                                   and animals: lizards, snakes, rats,
                                                   camels, donkeys, feral cats, dogs and
  City Library-children’s library   17.45   fREE   owls. One dog transmits telepathic
                                                   requests for the food he wants, and
Open Mic with Amy Snow                             there’s a parrot who speaks as
                                                   ambassador for the bird world.
Amy Snow began song writing as
a teen and has since performed                     Sweeney’s canvas here is the
in Ireland, Sweden, all over the UK                transhuman: where boundaries
and the USA’s East Coast. She has                  between human and non-human
specialised in vocal performance and               can’t be fixed, dreams turn into
music education.                                   torments, secrets stay hidden, strange
                                                   communiqués remain unclear, and the
With a penchant for the nerdier things             natural weirdness of his native Donegal
in life Amy takes inspiration from Harry           verges on the surreal.
Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Thor, Iron
                                                   This will be a special night of
Man and Avengers Assemble.
                                                   celebration as Matthew Sweeney is
                                                   joined by friends Jo Shapcott, Maurice
                                                   Riordan, Gerry Murphy, Mary Noonan,
                                                   Deane Brown and Patrick Cotter to
                                                   read from the book.

                                                   Patrick Cotter, Director of the Munster
                                                   Literature Centre, will introduce the
                                                                                              Photo: John Minihan

                                                   Matthew Sweeney


    City Library-children’s library        10.00       FREE       City Library   11.30-12.30&15.30-16.30   FREE

Story Rhythm and Rhyme                                         Poetry Surprises!
with Deidre Ryan                                               Celebrating World Poetry Day.
Suitable for babies and toddlers                               A unique spoken word performance
accompanied by an adult.                                       by Maria Wojdylo Kelly from poems by
                                                               Cork based poets. Maria will also be
                                                               performing her poem Safety, Sanctuary,
                                                               Set of Web. Themes include nature,
    City Library      10.30           FREE-BOOKING ESSENTIAL   inner inspection, inner exploration, social
                                                               analysis and health.
Ag Caint le Ré Ó Laighléis
Irish language author Ré Ó Laighléis will
talk to secondary school students about
what inspires him to write and will share
his enthusiasm for the Irish language.
Ré Ó Laighléis is a writer of children’s,
teenage and adult fiction in English
and Irish. He was presented with the
‘An Peann faoi Bhláth’ award by the
President of Ireland, Mary McAleese,
in recognition of his contribution to Irish
literature. His best known collections
include the multi-translated Ecstasy
and other stories, Heart of Burren Stone,
Goimh agus scéalta eile, Bolgchaint
agus scéalta eile, Punk and many others
Fáilte roimh chách.

Ré Ó Laighléis


  City Library    19.00     FREE

Bodies in the Library; Crime Fiction         To Keep a bird singing is Kevin’s first
                                             novel. It will be launched by Danielle
by Julie Parsons and Kevin Doyle             McLaughlin. Danielle won the Saboteur
Julie Parsons was born in New Zealand        Award for Best Short Story Collection 2016
but has lived in Ireland for most of         and with Madeleine D’Arcy runs Fiction
her adult life. She was a radio and TV       at the Friary.
producer with RTE until her first novel,
Mary. Mary was published in 1998. It was
a critical and commercial success and
translated into many languages. The
Therapy House won the Crime Fiction
Book of the Year Award at the Irish Book
Awards 2017.

Julie will be in conversation with Mary
Morrissy, award winning Irish novelist and
associate Director of Creative Writing at
University College, Cork.

   City Library   20.00     FREE

Book Launch: To Keep a Bird
Kevin Doyle holds a Masters in Organic
Synthesis from NUI (Cork), and now works
as a writer and creative writing teacher.
He is the winner of and has been short
listed for many awards including the
Tipperary Short Story Award, Over The
Edge New Writer Of The Year, Hennessy
Literary Awards, Seán Ó Faoláin Prize and
the McLaverty Short Story Award.
ISL Interpreted Event By Ray Greene

                                             Julie Parsons         Kevin Doyle


     TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH   20.30     5/6

In Tasmania
Nicholas Shakespeare
Few authors have been so in love with
the Australian landscape as Nicholas
Shakespeare. The award-winning author
has devoted years to writing about
Australia, including a non-fiction work, In
Tasmania, as well as his novel Secrets of
the Sea, which is set in the island state.

Nicholas Shakespeare first went to
Tasmania, having heard of the island’s
exceptional beauty, because it was
famously remote. He soon decided that
this was where he wanted to live. Only
later did he discover a cache of letters
written by an ancestor as corrupt as he        Nicholas Shakespeare
was colourful: Anthony Fenn Kemp, the
so-called Father of Tasmania. On his
mother’s side, too, Shakespeare found
he had unknown Tasmanian relations; a
pair of spinsters who had never left their
farm except once, in 1947, to buy shoes.
In this fascinating history of two turbulent
centuries in an apparently idyllic place,
Shakespeare weaves the history of the
island with his multiple stories.

Nicholas Shakespeare’s latest book
Six Minutes in May will be published in
paperback in April. It was selected as
a 2017 Book of the Year in The Guardian,
Daily Telegraph, Observer and The

In conversation with former Australian
resident, writer Denyse Woods.


   City Library    12.00    FREE-BOOKING REC.

A Morning with Nigel Quinlan
Limerick born writer Nigel Quinlan’s
first novel, The Maloneys’ Magical
Weatherbox is based on a short story he
wrote as a teenager while minding his
parents’ petrol pumps. The sequel Cloak
of Feathers was published in January

Nigel will meet with young readers to
talk about the inspiration behind his
new book The Cloak of Feathers.

Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds.

                                                        Nigel Quinlan
   TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH    13.00-14.00          FREE-
  BOOKING REC.                                             City Library   16.00     FREE-BOOKING REC.
Student Book Launch                                     Discussion with Anna McQuinn,
Launch of books written by transition
year students from St. Angela’s College                 Writer and Publisher
featuring works under several genres                    Anna McQuinn has worked as an editor,
produced by the students themselves.                    writer and publisher of children’s books in
                                                        the UK for almost 30 years. She has been
Special guest is the Dublin writer of                   a champion of inclusion since she began
several young adult fiction novels,                     working in the area and is on the board
Claire Hennessy.                                        of the Working Group Against Racism in
                                                        Children’s Resources and the board
                                                        of IBBY UK.

                                                        Suitable for those in the childcare sector.

Claire Hennessy                                         Anna McQuinn


   City Library    19.00      FREE

Poetry and Discussion with
Jo Shapcott and Maurice Riordan
Jo Shapcott was born in London. She has
won a number of literary prizes including
the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for
Best First Collection, the Forward Prize for
                                               Diana Darke                 Dušan Šarotar
Best Collection and the National Poetry
Competition (twice). Tender Taxes, her
versions of Rilke, was published in 2001.         TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH   20.30-21.30   5/6
Her most recent collection, Of Mutability,
was published in 2010 and won the              Home - From Syria and Slovenia
Costa Book Award. She was awarded
the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in
                                               Diana Darke and Dušan Šarotar
                                               A Syrian specialist and middle east
                                               cultural expert, Diana Darke’s My House
                                               in Damascus, details her love affair with
Maurice Riordan was born in Lisgoold,
                                               Syria, a relationship that goes so deep
Co. Cork and is a graduate of UCC.
                                               that she bought a house in the Old city
His most recent collection of poems is
                                               in 2005. Her new book, The Merchant of
The Water Stealer. Among his previous
                                               Syria will be published in April.
collections are The Holy Land, Floods
and A Word from the Loki. He edited
                                               Nominated for the Dublin Literary Award
The Finest Music an anthology of early
                                               2018 for Panorama, Slovenian writer
Irish poetry in translation. He is a former
                                               Dušan Šarotar takes the reader on a
editor of The Poetry Review and is
                                               deeply reflective journey from northern
Professor of Poetry at Sheffield Hallam
                                               to southern Europe – by way of Ireland
                                               - deftly blending fiction, history and
                                               journalism as he and a group of travellers
Leanne O’Sullivan poet and lecturer in
                                               relate their unique stories and common
creative writing at University College
                                               quest for somewhere they might call
Cork will introduce the poets.

                                               Both writers will give short readings from
                                               their work and will be in a conversation
                                               with writer and critic, Eileen Battersby.

Jo Shapcott            Maurice Riordan


   GRAND PARADE     ALL DAY      FREE            City Library    13.00-14.00    FREE

Art Installation                              Galician Readings and Translation
In April Cork Community Art Link and          Luz Pichel is a Galician poet and
Cork City Libraries worked with children      professor of literature and language
from St Maries of the Isle Primary School     in Madrid. She won the prestigious
to explore the story of migration to          International poetry prize ‘Premio
Cork City. Participants took part in a        Internacional de Poesía Ramón Jiménez’
series of workshops during which they         in 2004 and the ‘PremioEsquío’ for
considered what it means to be part of        Galician poetry for the collection ‘Casa
an intercultural city and the benefits of a   Pechada in 2006. She has published
diverse population.                           many collections and is the director of
                                              the poetry seminar Euraca.
Come and see the art installation
representing migration from the               Keith Payne was the Ireland Chair of
perspective of the children.                  Poetry Bursary Award winner for 2015-
                                              2016. His collection Broken Hill (Lapwing
                                              Publications, 2015), was followed by
   City Library    12.00&15.00      FREE      Six Galician Poets (Arc Publications,
                                              2016). He is director of The La Malinche
Tallest Smallest Circus,                      Readings Ireland/Galicia and the
                                              PoemaRia Poetry festival in Vigo.
Indian Puppet and Magic Show
Arran Towers is the founder of Tallest        Olga Novo is a Galician poet and
Smallest Theatre, an exciting new             essayist. She studied Galcian Philology at
performance company for children.             the University of Santiago de Compostela
Based on a decade of experience, the          and was Galician literature professor
Tallest Smallest concept is to create         at the University of Southern Brittany.
highly adaptable, dynamic storytelling        Olga’s works and essays feature in
shows for young people, based around          several publications (Festa da Palabra
their participation and interaction.          Silenciada, Dorna, Xistral, El País, ABC…).

                                              Luz Pichel           Olga Nova


   City Library     14.00-15.00       FREE

Here There and In-Between
- Words of Home and Migration
Launch by Senator Collette Kelleher and
introduced by Paul Casey.
Celebrating migration and
interculturalism, these works are a
culmination of creative writing workshops
with the residents of the Kinsale Road
                                              Robyn Rowland                  Amanda Bell
Accommodation Centre, held in The
City Library with writers Kathy D’Arcy and
Paul Casey. These emerging writers will          Grand parade             15.30-17.00      FREE
read from their works and will be joined
by Cédric Bikond and award winning            Fired! Poetry Trail
Doire Press authors Robyn Rowland and         – starts at Three Fools Coffee Shop
Amanda Bell.
                                              Led by poet Kathy D’Arcy this event
                                              is part of a nationwide network of
Cedric Bikond Nkoma is a 36 years old
                                              Irish women poets staging readings,
French citizen. He has been living in
                                              discussions and events, reminding the
Ireland since 2013. Most of his writing
                                              Irish literary world about the beautiful
experience spans his stay in Cork and
                                              work and talented female poets who
Cédric reads his work regularly at the
                                              have been erased from the canon of
open-mic poetry sessions at Ó Bhéal.
                                              Irish literature. their words in venues
                                              around the city!
Robyn Rowland is an Irish-Australian dual-
citizen. She has written twelve books of
poetry, including her most recent Line
of Drift (Doire Press). Her work has been        City Library-children’s library   13.30    FREE
awarded a number of prizes and has
been featured on Australian and Irish         Story Time with Anna McQuinn
national radio programs.                      Anna is a best selling author of over 30
                                              picture books including the successful
Amanda Bell is the winner of the 2015         Lulu series which is sold widely around
William Allingham Prize and was highly        the world. Championing inclusion and
commended for the Patrick Kavanagh            diversity in stories for children, Anna’s
Award in 2015 and 2016 and is currently       books have also been translated
shortlisted for the Shine Strong award.       into Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Brazilian
Amanda’s debut full-length poetry             Portuguese, French, Italian, Mandarin,
collection is forthcoming from Doire Press.   Chinese and Korean. Family fun and
                                              some free books!


   City Library   19.00     FREE                TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH   16.00     8

Home by the Lee                              From Facebook to Fiction
An intercultural city, Cork embraces
all those choosing to make this city
                                             Emer McLysaght & Sarah Breen
a home. New citizens celebrate their         Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling
place in Cork through a staging of their     published by Gill Books, started life as
poetry, prose and visual art.                a Facebook page depicting a very
                                             particular type of Irish girl. The authors
                                             of this publishing phenomenon, Emer
                                             McLysaght and Sarah Breen, have signed
   City Library   17.15     FREE             a two-book deal – and there’s talk of a
                                             film - to continue the story of country girl
Celebrating Catalan Women Writers;           Aisling as she makes her way in the world.
Caterina Albert & Maria-Mercè Marçal         In conversation with Deirdre
Kathleen McNerney is Professor Emerita       O’Shaughnessy, Editor, Cork’s 96fm
of Hispanic Studies and Women’s              Opinion Line
Studies at West Virginia University. Her
publications include Latin American,
Castilian, and French literature, but most
focus on Catalan women writers.
Co-editor of Double Minorities of Spain
has also edited collections of articles on
Mercè Rodoreda and compiled a critical
bibliography of Rodoreda’s work. She has
translated four novels and many stories,
essays, and poems. She has recently
                                             Emer McLysaght & Sarah Breen
translated the stories and a monologue
by Caterina Albert, Silent Souls.

Caterina Albert       Maria - Mercè Marçal

saturday 28 april


A Celebration of New Fiction
Denyse Woods and William Wall
Of Sea and Sand will be Denyse Woods’
sixth novel. Set largely against the
rugged, stunning landscapes of Oman,
it will complete a trilogy of novels, with
Overnight to Innsbruck and Like Nowhere
Else set in the Arab world.

Introduced by Alannah Hopkin

William Wall will read from his ‘experiment
in form’ – one story told in two forms, a
collection of short stories and a novel.
The short stories appear as The Islands
and the novel form as Grace’s Day.

Introduced by Professor Lee Jenkins,
Head of the School of English, UCC.

Denyse Woods                William Wall


      TUESDAY 24TH

   City Library           12.00         FREE-BOOKING REC.

Story Ideas with Shane Hegarty
Author Shane Hegarty will facilitate
a workshop exploring story ideas with local
school children.
                                                                       Shane Hegarty


   TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH           10.30-12.30      FREE-BOOKING REC.

Manifestos: Poetry Workshop
Sarah Clancy will introduce participants
to writing some powerful pieces
of spoken word poetry where the
performers are saying something
that matters deeply to them. Suitable
for people new to poetry and for                                       Sarah Clancy
experienced writers who want to


   City Library            16.00          FREE

Maistir-rang le Ré Ó Laighléis
Máistir-Rang sa scríbhneoireacht i nGaeilge
le Ré Ó Laighléis agus baill de chuid Peann
& Pár, grúpa scríobhnoirí lonnaithe sa

Fáilte roimh chách.                                                    Ré Ó Laighléis
                                                                                  CORK WORLD BOOK FEST 2018


        SATURDAY 28TH

     TRISKEL CHRISTCHURCH         10.00-14.00      30

 That killer First Chapter
 Have an idea for a novel and don’t
 know where to start? Have you
 finished your novel and want to make
 sure you avoid the rejection pile?

 With lots of no-nonsense advice
 and practical exercises writer Paul
 McVeigh will help you write a first
 chapter that grabs the attention of
 agents, editors and readers.
                                                        Paul McVeigh           Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin

                                                        Sam Copeland is an agent at
     City Library           10.00-15.30         FREE    Rogers, Coleridge & White. He is
                                                        building an extremely diverse list,
 The Not so secret agents!                              representing writers of both literary
 The Agents:                                            and commercial fiction, science
 Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin is the founder                  fiction, children’s (11+), serious and
 of The Inkwell Group publishing                        not-so-serious non-fiction. In fact, he
 consultancy and the award winning                      is happy to look at anything but self-
 national writing resources website                     help and business books.
                                                        Polly Nolan works at the
 Vanessa has placed many award                          Greenhouse Literary Agency, a
 winning and bestselling authors with                   trans-Atlantic agency specialising
 agents and publishers both in Ireland                  in writers for children and young
 and London.                                            adults. She has vast experience
                                                        of the world of children’s books,
 Chair of Irish PEN and a partner in The                having commissioned and edited
 Rights Bureau Literary Agency Vanessa                  for Egmont, Orion, Oxford University
 writes crime as the No 1 bestselling                   Press, Scholastic and Macmillan
 author Sam Blake.                                      Children’s Books.


Simon Trewin is a partner at WME             City Library   10.00-11.30   FREE-BOOKING REC.
literary and talent agency. Simon
has worked with authors who have          Meet the Agents:
been shortlisted for, or who have
                                          Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin will chat to
won the Man Booker, the Costa             Simon Trewain, Polly Nolan and Sam
Book Of The Year, The Irish Book Of       Copeland about their role, the current
The Year, the IMPAC, the Bailey’s         market and what everyone
Prize for Women’s Fiction, the            is looking for at the moment.
Whitbread, the T S Eliot Poetry Prize,
the British Children’s Book Of The
Year and the Irish Short Story Prize.        City Library   12.00-13.00   FREE-BOOKING REC.

He has twice been nominated as            First Page Pitch:
Agent Of The Year and once as Most        10 selected authors will read their first
Inspiring Person In Digital Publishing.   page (approx 300 words) to the agents
His Irish writers include John Boyne,     and the room. Our agents
Claire Kilroy, Paul Lynch, John           will give their feedback; the winner will
Connell, Mary Costello and Sam            receive a selection of books.
                                          To enter, email your firstpage by
                                          Saturday 21 April to:
                                          The top 10 writers will be notified
                                          ahead of the day.

                                             City Library   14.00-15.30   FREE-BOOKING REC.

Sam Copeland       Simon Trewin           From Blank Page to Bookshelf:
                                          How to Get Published.
                                          Vanessa Fox O’Loughlin will find out from
                                          the room what everyone is working on
                                          and tailor a workshop to their needs. As
                                          Ireland’s leading literary scout she has
                                          placed bestselling and award winning
                                          authors and can helps writers at every
                                          stage of their career.
Polly Nolan

World Book Festival Market
GRAND PARADE   10.00 - 17.00   FREE

                                      A special treat at this year’s World Book
At this year’s World Book             Festival, Stanzas from Limerick bring you
                                      the Feast of Words! Come to their stall
Festival Market on the Grand          and choose from a delectable menu
Parade expect a showcase              of nouns, verbs, and descriptor words,
of some of the best booksellers       and they’ll cook up a poem or a story
                                      right there on the spot with our vintage
from the city and surrounds!          typewriter.

There will be some great Cork         Stanzas is a group based in Limerick City
food to go and some tasty             for emerging writers to come and express
                                      themselves, develop their craft, met like-
produce as well so be sure            minded individuals or simply sit and listen.
to drop down to the Grand
parade and be entertained
by words and rhyme.

                                      For more information about participating
                                      in this event you can find us as Goldiefish
                                      on Facebook or email:

                                      The Cork World Book Festival Market is
                                      produced by Goldiefish Markets, who
                                      gather some of the country’s finest food
                                      and craft producers together to create
                                      the perfect festival markets.


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Monday 23 April
                                      Mindfulness for teens
                                                                                AT A GLANCE
13.00                                 17.45
River lee hotel                       City Library-Children’s Library
Official Opening                      Open mic with Amy Snow                        20.30
                                                                                    Triskel Christchurch
                                                                                    HOME - FROM SYRIA AND
tuesday 24 April                      City Library
                                                                                    SLOVENIA - Diana Darke and
10.00                                 Matthew Sweeney - My Life as a Painter
City Library                                                                        Dušan Šarotar
A morning with Shane Hegarty
                                      THURSDAY 26 April                             saturday 28 April
19.00                                 10.00                                         All Day
City Library                          City Library-Children’s Library               Grand Parade
Rainbow Writing                       Story, Rhythm and Rhyme with Deidre           Art installation
20.00                                 Ryan                                          12.00-15.00
City Library                          10.30                                         City Library
Chang Ying-Tai and                    City Library                                  Tallest Smallest Circus, Indian Puppet
Billy O’Callaghan                     Ag Caint le Ré Ó Laighléis                    and Magic Show

                                      11.30-12.30 & 15.30-16.30                     13.00-14.00
wednesday 25 April                    City Library                                  City Library
10.00-19.00                                                                         Galician readings and
                                      Poetry Surprises! Celebrating
City Library                                                                        translation
                                      Poetry Ireland Day
Teen Day                                                                            14.00-15.00
                                      19.00                                         City Library
                                      City Library                                  Here There and In-Between -
City Library
                                      Bodies in the library; Crime fiction          Words of Home and Migration.
Launch: Graphic novel by
                                      by Julie Parsons and Kevin Doyle
Eoin Coveney                                                                        15.30-17.00
                                      20.00                                         Grand Parade
                                      City Library                                  Fired! The Three fools
City Library
                                      Book Launch-To Keep a bird
Short Story Competition                                                             13.30
                                                                                    City Library-Childen’s Library
                                      20.30                                         Story time with Anna McQuinn
City Library
                                      Triskel Christchurch
Teen Committee Open invite                                                          17.00
                                      In Tasmania
                                                                                    City Library
11.15                                 Nicholas Shakespeare
                                                                                    Home by the Lee
City Library
Unfinished Book launch                                                              17.15
                                      Friday 27 April                               City Library
11.00                                 12.00                                         Celebrating Catalan women writers;
City Library-Childen’s Library        City Library                                  Caterina Albert and
Speed Dating with books               A Morning with Nigel Quinlan                  Maria-Mercè Marçal
12.00                                 13.00-14.00                                   16.00
City Library-Children’s Library       Triskel Christchurch                          Triskel Christchurch
Teen Quiz                             Student Book Launch                           From Facebook to Fiction
13.00                                 16.00                                         20.00
City Library-Children’s Library       City Library                                  Triskel Christchurch
Cardboard Cosplay Challenge           Discussion with Anna McQuinn                  A Celebration of new fiction
13.00                                 19.00                                         Denyse Woods and William Wall
City Library-Thomas Davis Room        City Library
LGBT Representation in Young          Poetry and discussion with Jo Shapcott
Adult Fiction                         and Maurice Riordan

                                                                         10.00-15.30                   12.00-13.00
tuesday 24 April                  thursday 26 April                      City Library                  City Library
12.00                             16.00                                  The Not so secret             First page pitch
City Library                      City Library                           agents!
Story ideas with Shane Hegarty    Maistir-rang le Ré Ó Laighléis                                       14.00-15.30
                                                                         10.00-11.30                   City Library
                                                                         City Library                  From blank page to
wednesday 25 April                SATURDAY 28 April                      Meet the agents!              bookshelf:How to get
10.30-12.30                       10.00-14.00                                                          published
Triskel Christchurch              Triskel Christchurch
Manifesto: Poetry Workshop        That killer first chapter
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