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passion and
discovery in
every student

These statements are expressions
of the District’s moral and ethical
code, and our filters for all
decision making.

Student achievement and growth is
maximixed when:

1. The unique potential of each
student is cultivated.
2. School climate is safe,
supportive and respectful.
3. The curriculum is rigorous,
relevant and engaging.
4. All staff members are highly
skilled and compassionate.
5. A strong partnership between
school and home is established.
6. Resources are managed
responsibly and efficiently.

ACADEMIC AND STUDENT SERVICES				                                                 04
ADVANCED PLACEMENT PROGRAM				                                                    11
CUM LAUDE PROGRAM					                                                            13
CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION			                                                 15
LAKE COUNTY TECH CAMPUS 				                                                      20
ENGLISH 							                                                                   21
FINE ARTS     						                                                              26
MATHEMATICS 						                                                                32
PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND DRIVER EDUCATION                                  38
SCIENCE							                                                                    41
SOCIAL STUDIES						                                                              44
WORLD LANGUAGES						                                                             48

                            Antioch Community             Lakes Community
    CHSD 117                    High School                  High School
    CONTACTS                   1133 Main Street
                               Antioch, IL 60002
                                                            1600 Eagle Way
                                                           Lake Villa, IL 60046
      District 117                Main Office                  Main Office
 1625 Deep Lake Road             847-395-1421                 847-838-7100
  Lake Villa, IL 60046         Fax: 847-395-2435            Fax: 847-838-3670
                                  Attendance                   Attendance
                                 847-838-7187                 847-838-7104
  Phone: 847-838-7183
   Fax: 847-395-7553           Student Services             Student Services
                                 847-838-7767                 847-838-7144
     847-838-7679          Curriculum and Instruction   Curriculum and Instruction
                                  847-838-7268                 847-838-7260

Assistant Superintendent         Tech Campus                  Tech Campus
Curriculum & Instruction          Coordinator                  Coordinator
      847-838-7105               847-838-7624                 847-838-7623

                                 Deans Office                 Deans Office
Assistant Superintendent         847-838-7626                 847-838-7265
      847-838-7180             Special Education            Special Education
                                 847-838-7778                 847-838-7288
Assistant Superintendent
                                   Athletics                    Athletics
    Student Services             847-838-7630                 847-838-7277
                                   Principal                    Principal
Chief Technology Officer         847-838-7179                 847-838-7108
                                          Transfer grades from accredited schools are
                                          incorporated into the grading and credit system
                                          of Community High School District 117 schools
                                          and are weighted accordingly. Permission for
                                          awarding credit from accredited correspondence
                                          or other external educational programs may be
                                          granted with prior approval. Students should
                                          see their counselor for more details. Private
                                          driver education school completion does not earn
                                          credit and is assigned a grade of “P” to fulfill the
                                          graduation requirement.
 ACADEMIC                                 CLASS SCHEDULING
 & STUDENT                                The school’s schedule of classes is based

  SERVICES                                on students’ enrollment requests. Students
                                          will meet individually with their counselors
                                          to plan and select courses for the following
The Student Services Department           year. Course selections are based on teacher
assists students to find success          recommendations, graduation requirements, and
in school and to formulate post           post high school plans. Students’ individualized
high school plans. Each student is        schedules are available in August via the Infinite
assigned a counselor who serves as        Campus portal for the upcoming school year.
a link between the home and school.
Counselors work with students             REQUEST FOR COURSE CHANGES
to ensure appropriate course              Students have opportunities to request course
placement, help with study skills         changes by the end of February; therefore,
and organization, monitor progress        course changes or class schedule changes should
in classes, encourage involvement         not be necessary in the fall with the following
in school activities, and provide         exceptions: 1) student needs a course to meet
communication with parents and            graduation requirements, 2) student did not meet
guardians. To support post high           the prerequisite for the course, 3) student needs a
school planning, the Student Services     minimum of six courses or three potential credits
Department offers a developmental         each semester, 4) student took a course during
counseling curriculum that provides       summer school, or 5) per recommendation to
information about college and             drop the course by teacher.
career exploration, standardized
testing, financial aid, and scholarship   WITHDRAWING FROM A SCHEDULED
opportunities.                            CLASS
                                          Students are expected to remain in the courses
ACADEMIC SERVICES                         for which they have registered for the entire
                                          school year. The school cautions all students to
FULL TIME STUDENT                         carefully consider any withdrawals. District 117
Students are encouraged to enroll         students are not considered full-time students
in seven courses with a lunch hour        unless they are enrolled in a minimum of six
each semester; however, students          credit classes. A student may not be allowed to
are required to enroll in a minimum       drop a course, if, in doing so, he or she would fall
of six courses or a potential of          below the 6 credit class minimum requirement.
three credits each semester to be         The withdrawal procedure involves input from
considered a full-time student.           the student, counselor, teacher, department chair,
Students who do not meet these            parent and administrator.
minimum criteria are ineligible for
the honor roll.                           TRANSCRIPT IMPLICATIONS FOR
                                          DROPPING A COURSE

4 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
                                                 TRANSCRIPT DESIGNATION FOR
                22.5 Total Credits               REPEATING A FAILED COURSE
                • 4 credits English              If a student repeats and passes a previously
            • 3 credits Mathematics              failed course, the GPA weight designation
               • 2 credits Science               of the failing grade will be changed to
      (1 life science, 1 physical science)       zero, effectively removing its impact
            • 3 credits Social Studies           on the student’s GPA. If the course is
   (1 credit Global Studies or AP Human          repeated during the fall or spring semester,
    Geography, 1 credit U.S. History, .5         the new grade will be recorded in the term
  credit Government, and .5 credit Social
                 Studies elective)
                                                 that the course is repeated and passed, and
       • .5 credit Consumer Education            the student will receive the appropriate
    (Personal Finance, Intro to Business,        credit and grade points. If the course is
       Life Resource Management, or              completed in Summer School, via the
     Advanced Placement Economics)               Credit Recovery program, it will be
               • .5 credit Fine Arts             designated with a “P” (Pass) which does
            • 1 credit Illinois Elective         not impact the student’s GPA but reflects
   (CTE, Fine Arts, or World Languages)          an earned credit.
                • .5 credit Health
       • 3.5 credits Physical Education
   • .5 credit Safety/Driver Education or
                                                 SCHOOL YEAR/SUMMER SCHOOL
  record of satisfactory completion of an        The school year consists of two semesters.
           accredited private course             A summer program allows students to
                                                 earn credit for required and select elective
                                                 courses. Summer school brochures are
1. If a student withdraws from a class           available in spring in the Student Services
before the first progress of each semester,      Office and on the district’s website as well
no grade is recorded on the transcript.          as individual school web pages.

2. If the student withdraws from a class         CREDIT FOR NON-DISTRICT
after the first progress of each semester, the   EXPERIENCES
student will receive a “W” if the student is     A student may receive high school credit
passing at the time of the drop or a “WF”        for successfully completing any of the
if the student is failing at the time of the     listed courses or experiences even when
drop. The withdrawal will be recorded on         it is not offered in or sponsored by the
the student’s transcript.                        District:
                                                      1. Distance learning course, including
PROGRESS AND GRADE REPORTS                            a correspondence, virtual, or online
Student academic progress can be                      course
monitored via the Infinite Campus Portal.             2. Courses in an accredited foreign
Starting in the 2020-2021 school year,                exchange program
parents and guardians can access grade                3. Summer school or community
reports on the Infinite Campus app or web             college courses
portal at the conclusion of each semester.            4. College courses offering dual credit
                                                      courses at both the college and high
Each semester is approximately 18 weeks               school level
in length. Credit is awarded for all courses          5. Foreign language courses taken in an
in which the student earns a grade of “D-”            ethnic school program approved by the
or above. Second semester grades are not              Illinois State Board of Education
dependent upon first semester grades. One-            6. Work-related training at
half credit is awarded for the successful             manufacturing facilities or agencies
completion of a course each semester, and             in a Youth Apprenticeship Vocational
the credit is recorded on the permanent               Education Program (Tech Prep)
record or transcript. Only semester grades            7. Credit earned in a Vocational
are recorded on the student’s transcript.             Academy

                                       COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 5
The student must seek approval from the Superintendent or designee
                 to receive graduation credit for any non-District course or experience.
                 The Superintendent or designee shall determine the amount of credit
                 and whether a proficiency examination is required before the credit
                 is awarded. As approval is not guaranteed, students should seek
                 conditional approval of the experience before participating in a non-
                 District course or experience. The student assumes responsibility
                 for any fee, tuition, supply, or other expense. The student seeking
                 credit is responsible for (1) providing documents or transcripts that
                 demonstrate successful completion of the experience, and (2) taking a
                 proficiency examination, if requested. The Superintendent or designee
                 shall determine which, if any, non-District courses or experiences,
                 will count toward a student’s grade point average and eligibility for
                 athletic and extracurricular activities.

                 DUAL CREDITS
                 A student who successfully completes a dual credit course may
                 receive credit at both the accredited college and high school level.
 AVERAGE         The family assumes all responsibility for tuition and fees, some
Grade points     students must provide their own transportation to the institution
are awarded      where the course is taking place, and student completes a secondary
for grades in    education reference form signed by designated school officials.
 all classes.
    B: 3.0       COURSES
    C: 2.0       The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, in cooperation with
    D: 1.0       Community High School District 117, provides the Cooperative
    F: 0.0       Academic Partnership Program (CAPP) for qualified secondary
                 students who may elect to earn college credits ($100 per credit
  Weighted       hour) and required high school Carnegie units, simultaneously. It
                 is intended that academically able students have the opportunity
                 to realize college level expectations in the familiar and supportive
 Honors and      setting of their CHSD117 high school.
AP courses are
 weighted as     While the courses will be taught at the high schools, the use of
shown below.     University facilities is
    A: 5.0       encouraged. Teaching and learning materials are available. Students
    B: 4.0       will be issued photo ID cards upon request and both students and their
    C: 3.0       teachers are encouraged to come to the UW Oshkosh campus to use
    D: 1.0       the library, observatory, and laboratories.
    F: 0.0
                 The curriculum is in alignment with what is offered on the University
                 campus. When appropriate, the same tests are used. The grades earned
                 are considered dual credit – high school and University. University
                 transcripts reflect CAPP course credit in the same way as that of other
                 University courses.

                 UW-Oshkosh Prerequisites for Dual Credit Enrollment: Must meet at
                 least one of these three requirements to enroll:
                    - Class rank in top 25 percent
                    - GPA of 3.25 or above on a 4.0 scale
                    - ACT score of 24 or higher and one of the following:
                        - Rank in top 50 percent of class
                        - GPA of 2.75 or above

6 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
Special situations will be allowed based on     CLASS RANK
recommendations by the adjunct.                 District 117 does not report class rank.
Elective 11-12, 1 semester, .5 credit           Two honor rolls are published for each
                                                semester: High Honor Roll and Honor
Students who wish to design and complete        Roll. The High Honor Roll requires a
individual research study projects geared       minimum semester grade point average
toward their particular interests, aptitudes,   of 4.0 in academic subjects with no grade
and needs will have the opportunity of          lower than “C.” The Honor Roll requires a
experiencing an “Independent Research           minimum semester grade point average of
Study.” This research study provides the        3.6, with no grade lower than “C.” Only
student with an opportunity to participate      full time students are eligible for honor roll
in the creation of unique academic learning     status.
experiences geared toward individual
needs, interests, aptitudes, and desired        HONOR GRADUATES
outcomes. The content areas for a research      Community High School District 117
study are not limited in order to provide       schools do not recognize valedictorian or
broad academic opportunities. Part of           salutatorian designations. At graduation,
the course will be for the student and          designations for honor and high honor
cooperating teacher to design a rubric          graduate status are conferred according to
that will be used to measure successful         the following school board policy: honor
completion. Plans must be approved              graduate status will require a minimum
by the department chair and assistant           cumulative GPA of 3.6. For high honors
principal, as well as the cooperating           status, students must have a minimum
faculty members. A summative project that       cumulative 4.0 GPA with no grade lower
shows the desired outcomes based on the         than a “C.”
rubric will be presented to the department
chair and assistant principal at the end of     ELIGIBILITY FOR GRADUATION
the semester. The cooperating teacher           Seniors may participate in graduation
will supervise and grade the project.           ceremony upon completion of all
Projects will be completed outside of the       graduation requirements and financial
normal school day or during a free period       obligations.
and will typically be completed within
one semester, but can extend longer, if         EARLY GRADUATION
approved.                                       Seniors who plan to meet graduation
                                                requirements at the end of seven semesters
EXPECTED PROGRESSION FOR                        should notify their counselor prior to
ACCUMULATION OF CREDITS                         senior year course selection and must file a
Credits are awarded at the end of each          completed application with their counselor
semester. One-half credit is awarded            before the end of Progress 1 of their senior
for each semester-long course that              year.
is successfully completed. Students
will be evaluated at the beginning of           COLLEGE STUDENT ATHLETES
each academic year for the purpose              Colleges may be affiliated with the
of determining if they are on track to          NCAA or NAIA. Each organization
graduate.                                       requires a student register with them
    • Sophomore in good standing: a             and meet eligibility requirements.
    minimum of 5.5 earned credits               These requirements vary, but they
    • Junior in good standing: a minimum        include a minimum grade point average
    of 11 earned credits                        in a specified number of core college
    • Senior in good standing: a minimum        preparatory courses and minimum ACT or
    of 17 earned credits                        SAT score. Students and parents/guardians
                                                should visit the website of the appropriate

                                      COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 7
athletic affiliation (NCAA/NAIA) for           and the recipients are announced at the
more information. Athletes interested in       annual Honors Night Program in May.
college-level competition should complete      We strongly recommend that students
the NCAA Clearinghouse eligibility form        and parents/guardians refer specific
online after their sixth semester in high      financial aid questions to the financial aid
school (the summer prior to senior year).      administrator of the college or university
The eligibility form can be found at www.      the student plans to attend.
                                               Two evening programs will be offered
COLLEGE & CAREER EXPLORATION                   to assist with the financial aid process. A
Through the Student Services Department,       financial aid night is designed for any aged
students can attend college visits and         student and their parent/guardian. At this
interact with college representatives. They    program, an expert in the field will discuss
can also explore resources for college and     various types of financial aid, loans, and
career planning, including information         scholarships. A second event, targeting
on college applications, financial aid,        seniors and their parents/guardians, will
scholarship applications, and college          be a hands-on workshop to assist in the
catalogs via Naviance. Naviance is a post      completion of the FAFSA.
high school planning web-based program
that can be utilized at school and at home.    TESTING
It includes dates for college representative   STAR ASSESSMENT
visits, college search tools, career           Freshmen students will take the math and
information, scholarship information, and      reading STAR assessments in the fall.
financial aid information.                     This universal screener will support our
                                               work in meeting the educational needs of
COLLEGE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE                   all students.
Students attending college may qualify for
one or more forms of financial assistance.     ACT
Agencies determine the amount of               The ACT, a fee-based college entrance
financial assistance by analyzing family       examination, is recommended during the
income and assets against anticipated          junior year for those considering colleges
college costs. Since the preponderance of      or universities. Registration is completed
need-based assistance is federal aid, annual   online at
adjustments to the application process and
forms must be made. Students wishing to        PSAT/NMSQT
apply for need-based aid or scholarships       For all juniors, the PSAT/NMSQT
must complete the FAFSA after October          administered in October also serves as the
1 of senior year. The Free Application for     qualifying exam for the National Merit
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms are          Scholarship (NMSQT) competition.
available online at Annual
adjustments to the application process         PSAT 9, PSAT 10, AND SAT
and forms must be made. In addition to         The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude
need-based aid, students may qualify for       Test and Scholastic Aptitude Tests are
aid based on academic achievement, or          administered to all freshmen, sophomores,
they may receive assistance due to their       and juniors in April. These are state-
participation in academic competition.         mandated and funded assessments.
Information regarding such sources of          The school day SAT is a state required
assistance is posted on Naviance.              graduation requirement. Students can
                                               register for additional SAT tests online at
Each school manages a local scholarship
program that is funded by various              sat/register.
organizations and families for the benefit
of college-bound seniors. Applications for     SAT SUBJECT TESTS
this program are available each spring,        SAT Subject Tests are fee-based

8 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
examinations required by specific colleges     with appropriate levels of support in their
and universities. Additional information is    efforts for academic success. Support
available in the Student Services Office or    groups are not therapeutic and should
online at                not be viewed as a replacement for
                                               therapeutic counseling that a student may
ASVAB                                          be participating in through a community
The ASVAB Test is intended for students        agency or mental health facility. Students
in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. The        are limited to participation in one support
program provides tools, including the test     group program at any given time.
battery and interest inventory developed
by the Department of Defense to help           STUDENT ASSISTANCE
high school and postsecondary students         PROGRAM (SAP)
across the nation learn more about career      The Student Assistance Program (SAP)
exploration and planning. Results of the       helps students and parents/guardians
aptitude test and the interest inventory       cope with today’s challenges by bringing
enable students to evaluate their skills,      together students, families, school, and
estimate performance in academic and           community. A comprehensive SAP
vocational endeavors, and identify             provides prevention and education to
potentially satisfying careers. This test is   encourage healthy lifestyles through
given by the military in cooperation with      support and intervention services targeting
the Student Services Department each           alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD).
                                               Community High School District 117
INTERVENTION SERVICES                          believes that parents/guardians have the
                                               strongest influence over their children’s
MULTI-TIERED SYSTEM OF                         choice to experiment with and/or use
SUPPORT                                        ATOD; however, because adolescents
The Student Support Team meets on a            spend about one-third of their waking
weekly basis to provide a systematic and       hours in school and at school-related
professional response to students showing      functions, the school has a unique
signs of academic or behavioral concerns.      opportunity to reduce substance abuse on
Referrals to the team may be made by           the part of students and provide solutions
any staff member, including classroom          through the SAP. District 117 recognizes
teachers, counselors, deans, social            that ATOD use not only interferes with a
workers, psychologists, coaches, and           student’s ability to learn, but also leads to
non-certified staff. Referrals can also be     a multitude of other problems for students
made by administrators, parents/guardians,     and their families. A major goal of the SAP
family members, and other students. The        is to intervene early on behalf of those
only criterion required for a referral is      students who are beginning to show signs
that the person making the referral be         of escalating academic, attendance, and
concerned about the welfare of the student     behavioral problems at school.
in question.
                                               DRUG TESTING
STUDENT GROUPS                                 District 117 provides mandatory and
Student support groups are formed based        random drug testing utilizing hair analysis.
upon the needs and interests of students.      Students choosing to participate in a
A support group brings together students       competitive, co-curricular activity, enrolled
attempting to cope with similar concerns.      in drivers education, or utilize the school’s
These groups meet once a week under the        parking facilities, are subject to random
direction of one or more counselors, social    drug testing. Parents or guardians who
workers, and psychologists. Support            have concerns or are seeking advice about
groups are designed to educate students        keeping their child drug-free can contact
about how to cope best with specific issues    District 117 about random drug testing.
and concerns, while providing students

                                      COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 9
Elective 9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit           CURRICULUM
                                               Community High School District 117
Prerequisite: Recommendation by a              serves students with special needs through
District 117 faculty member or 8th Grade       a range of service delivery models.
School.                                        The goal is to meet the academic and
                                               emotional needs of students within the
This course provides a supportive learning     least restrictive environment appropriate
environment to help students achieve           to the individual student. To offer a full
their academic goals. This Tier II/III RtI     continuum of special education options,
Intervention Strategy enables students         District 117 employs SEDOL, Special
to become more effective learners by           Education District of Lake County, to
setting goals and engaging in self-directed    provide special education services unique
progress monitoring. Students receive          to individual children and their families.
individual and small group instruction
from a general education teacher or a          CONSULTATION SERVICES
learning behavior specialist in areas such     The consultation service is designed
as time management, organization, goal         to meet the needs of individual
setting, note-taking, study skills, test-      students who require minimal services.
taking, and self-advocacy. Time will           These students self-advocate and can
also be allotted for students to complete      independently seek academic assistance
assignments from other courses. Parents/       on a majority of coursework. Students
guardians and counselors receive regular       who receive consultation services are fully
feedback from the course instructor.           mainstreamed in District 117 courses and
See description on page 33.                    CO-TEACHING MODEL
                                               The co-teaching model is designed to meet
MATH 2 SUPPORT                                 the needs of students with disabilities
See description on page 34.                    within the general education classroom.
                                               Classes are taught by two teachers: one
MATH 3 SUPPORT                                 special education teacher and one general
See description on page 34.                    education teacher. This model is designed
                                               to allow students to access curriculum with
READING IMPROVEMENT                            accommodations in the general education
See description on page 21.                    classroom.

ENGLISH AS A SECOND                            RESOURCE SERVICES
LANGUAGE                                       The resource service is designed to meet
See description on page 24.                    the needs of students who may need
                                               tutorial and organizational assistance. The
SUPPORTED STUDY HALL                           students in this program are primarily
Prerequisite: Recommendation by a              enrolled in general education courses and
District 117 faculty member.                   electives. Resource services are provided
                                               on a flexible delivery model that will vary
This non-credit bearing class provides         based on each student’s needs. Resource
a structured study hall to help students       is a service and does not count for course
who need organizational and academic           credit.
assistance within their school day. Students
will be monitored by a learning behavior       INSTRUCTIONAL SERVICES
specialist and are given time to work on       Instructional classes are designed to meet
classwork from a variety of subjects.          the needs of students who may need
                                               assistance and a modified curriculum.
PROGRAM SERVICES                               Instructional classes provide more

10 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
individual attention than general education    EMOTIONAL DISABILITIES
classes are able to provide. These classes     PROGRAM
offer differentiated instruction and the       The ED self-contained program is
content delivery is multimodal in nature.      intended for students who have difficulty
Instructional classes will be selected         developing and maintaining interpersonal
based on the individual student’s ability      relationships with peers and adults.
level in each subject area and offered on a    The focus of the program is to increase
rotational basis.                              student’s self-control, to form positive
                                               relationships, and to foster academic
LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES                         success. The program has a behavioral
PROGRAM                                        management/level system, classroom
The LOP program is intended for students       aide, and counseling services. Students
who need a modified curriculum and             may participate in classes outside of the
support in functional life skills and          program based on behavioral and academic
academic areas. This program has a             progress as determined by the IEP team.
classroom aide and social-skill building
opportunities with a strong focus on post-     RELATED SERVICES
high school needs and goals. Community         Related services are available to District
field trips, post-secondary employment,        117 special education students. Some
independent living, and education skills       services are provided through SEDOL
are emphasized. The students work with         staff. Services include individual and
pre-vocational staff to gain experience        group counseling, occupational therapy,
in the work community and offered on a         speech and language therapy, physical
rotational basis.                              therapy, assistive technology, transition
                                               services, vision, and hearing impaired
                                               services. Related services contact logs are
                                               available to parents and guardians upon

                                        Advanced Placement testing is offered at District 117 for all
                                        Advanced Placement classes taught in the district; District
                                        117 will pay 90% of each exam taken by a student in a Dis-
                                        trict 117 AP course. Students are strongly encouraged to
                                        take these exams. Additional Advanced Placement tests
                                        are available upon request. The College Board schedule
                                        of Advanced Placement testing dates is available at www.

                                        The following Advanced Placement courses are
                                        offered by Community High School District 117:

                                                           AP Biology
                                                        AP Calculus AB
                                                        AP Calculus BC
                                                         AP Chemistry
                                                    AP Computer Science A
                                                AP Computer Science Principles
                                                          AP Drawing

                                                         AP Economics
                                              AP English Language and Composition

                                              AP English Literature and Composition
                                                   AP Environmental Science

                                                      AP European History
                                                           AP German

                                   COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 11
     The College Board’s AP
   Capstone is an innovative
  and engaging college-level
    program for high school
  students that complements
    and enhances discipline-                    AP Human Geography
 specific AP courses. It’s built                   AP Music Theory
    on two new courses—AP                            AP Physics 1
 Seminar and AP Research—                      AP Physics C: Mechanics
      that immerse students
    in the practice of critical                     AP Psychology
  skills needed to distinguish          AP Research (AP Capstone Requirement)
   themselves in college and            AP Seminar (AP Capstone Requirement)
     life. AP Capstone is the                    AP Spanish Language
  pinnacle of the high school
    experience, encouraging                           AP Statistics
   a passion for learning and                      AP Studio Art 3D
  transforming students into                   AP Studio Art 2D Design
  curious, collaborative, and                  AP United States History
   independent thinkers with
    skills that are valued and          AP United States Government and Politics
 sought after by colleges and
                                   AP CAPSTONE COURSES
   Students who earn scores        AP SEMINAR
 of 3 or higher in both of the
   AP Capstone courses and         10-11, 1 year, 1 elective credit, weighted
 on four additional AP Exams
 of their choosing will receive    This foundational course, typically taken in grades
  the AP Capstone Diploma.         10 or 11, provides students with opportunities to
      AP SEMINAR AND               think critically and creatively, research, explore,
  RESEARCH CERTIFICATE             pose solutions, develop arguments, collaborate,
   Students who earn scores        and communicate using various media. Students
  of 3 or higher in both of the    explore real-world issues through a variety of lenses
   AP Capstone courses but
   not on the four additional      and consider multiple points of view to develop
   AP Exams will receive the       deep understanding of complex issues as they make
   AP Seminar and Research         connections between these issues and their own
      Certificate, signifying      lives.
   successful performance in
         those courses.
                                   AP RESEARCH
     BENEFITS FOR COM-             11-12, 1 year, 1 elective credit, weighted
  DISTRICT 117 STUDENTS            This second year AP Capstone course deeply
    - Fosters the critical and
             creative              explores student-driven academic topics, problems,
   thinking, argumentation,        and issues. Through this exploration, students
   and research skills at the      design, plan, and conduct a year-long mentored,
   core of college readiness       research-based investigation to address a defined
   and essential for lifelong      research question. This question guides students
                                   throughout the AP Research course by refining and
     - Provides a setting to       strengthening research methods; employing ethical
    build on the knowledge         research practices; and accessing, analyzing, and
   and rigorous coursework         synthesizing information. The course culminates in
  of AP in an interdisciplinary    an academic thesis paper of approximately 5,000
                                   words and a public, oral defense or exhibition.
       - Offers a unique
   opportunity to distinguish
    oneself to colleges and

12 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
            At Community High School District 117, we encourage
            all learners to develop to their fullest potential, engage
            in lifelong learning, and be responsible members of
            society. The Cum Laude program is a rigorous educa-
            tional, service, and social experience that provides stu-
            dents with an opportunity to excel and show exceptional
            growth for the post-secondary world.

            The following Cum Laude categories typify what we

CUM LAUDE   believe all students in District 117 can attain and
            describe an ideal District 117 graduate. Students will

 PROGRAM    need to meet the following criteria to be distinguished
            as a “District 117 Cum Laude Graduate.”

SCHOLARSHIP                                         26



                                              percent attendance

                                                 capstone credits

PRIDE                                    extracurricular activities



       M                                                     ENG
                         * Students must obtain three
                        credits from different capstone

                                SS                                 ENGLISH
                                                              AP LANGUAGE
                                                              AP LITERATURE
    AP STATISTICS                                              BROADCAST              �

AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A                                     LITERARY MAGAZINE                       �

                           SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                             PRINT & DIGITAL                  �

                          AP ECONOMICS                        SPORTS MEDIA                �

                        AP EUROPEAN HIST.                       YEARBOOK          �

                         AP GOVERNMENT                    (� MUST HOLD LEADERSHIP POSITION)

                        RELATIONS HONORS

                                                                  FINE ARTS

                                                            ACAPELLA CHOIR
                            AP CAPSTONE                   CHAMBER ORCHESTRA
                             AP SEMINAR                   WIND ENSEMBLE ADV.
                             AP RESEARCH                       AP ART 2D
                                                              AP DRAWING
                                                               AP ART 3D

                                                            AP MUSIC THEORY
 EDUCATION, HEALTH,                                         STAGECRAFT ADV.
                                                          STUDIO THEATER ADV.


                             CAREER AND

                              TECH ED
                          ADV. PRESCHOOL
                           ACCOUNTING 2H
                          CADD ADVANCED                   WORLD LANGUAGES
                          SPECIALTY FOODS                  GERMAN 4 HONORS
                         MULTIMEDIA DESIGN                 SPANISH 4 HONORS
                        2-YEAR TECH CAMPUS                    AP SPANISH
    READING 100              PROGRAM
    READING 101                                               AP GERMAN

14 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020

                                       ACCOUNTING 2 HONORS
                                       11-12, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted

                                       Prerequisite: Successful completion of
                                       Accounting 1

                                       This course emphasizes the “why” of accounting
                                       and includes forecasting and analyzing financial
                                       data. Accounting 2 Honors continues to build
                                       a solid foundation for accounting at the college
                                       level and prepares students to work in an
                                       accounting related field or in their own business.
                                       Upon completion of the course, students will
                                       be able to interpret financial statements of
   CAREER                              corporations in order to assist them in making

  AND TECH                             more informed fiscal decisions. Computers are
                                       used in class as an accounting tool.
 EDUCATION                             COMPUTER APPLICATIONS
                                       9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
                                       Digital Literacy is a necessity for everyone in
ACCOUNTING 1                           today’s world. Students will receive hands-
10-12, 1 year, 1 credit                on experience in Google Apps for Education
                                       and Microsoft Office applications. Students
This course is highly recommended      progress through various modules at their own
for students planning to major or      pace. Integrated projects and digital tools are
minor in business at the college       utilized. Internet safety and a discussion of
level. Accounting 1 is designed        ethical considerations that arise in information
to give students an introduction       processing is also included. Google and MOS
to accounting and provide an           certifications available.
understanding of how financial
decisions are made. Basic principles   PERSONAL FINANCE
and practices of double entry          11-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
accounting are developed with
an emphasis on the financial           Prerequisite: Grade 10 enrollment with
records of sole proprietorships and    Department Chair recommendation
corporations. Daily transactions,
financial statements, and statement    Personal Finance helps prepare students for life
analysis are included. Students will   on their own. Students will gain the knowledge
assume the role of an accountant by    necessary to make wise financial decisions that
completing business simulations.       will benefit their personal and professional lives.
This course serves as a good           The major areas of study will focus on banking,
foundation for those students          budgeting, obtaining and using credit, renting
planning to enter the business world   an apartment, comparison shopping, insurance,
after high school or one day operate   financial management, and sources of consumer
their own business. Students may       information. Projects and hands on activities
receive 3 hours of college credit      are a vital part of this course, including the
through the College of Lake County     Virtual Business—Personal Finance simulation.
(Accounting 112) with successful       This course meets the Consumer Education
completion of this course with a       requirement for graduation.
grade of “B” or higher.

                                   COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 15
ENTREPRENEURSHIP                               then developing and designing their own
10-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                   app from scratch.
In this course, students will learn the
basics needed to launch a business while       MULTIMEDIA DESIGN
developing the core skills needed to           9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
become successful in the business world.
Entrepreneurship is a course designed to       Students will create multimedia projects
introduce students to different levels of      using a variety of sound, graphics, and
business and business management. The          animation software, while exploring
course focuses on the operation of an          concepts of computer graphics, animation,
actual in-school small business; requiring     web page design, commercial art, digital
students to learn and apply the skills         photography manipulation, and desktop
necessary to its successful operation.         publishing to produce business-oriented
Students will learn concepts and skills        and personal projects. Evaluation for
related to units of study including, but       this class is a portfolio of student work;
not limited to Marketing, Management,          students will have tangible evidence of
Business Communication, Accounting, and        their achievements to share with employers
Economics. This course may be repeated.        or colleges. Students may re-enroll in this
                                               course for independent study with a B or
INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS                       better and instructor approval.
9-10, 1 year, 1 credit
                                               FAMILY AND
In this hands-on, project-based course,        CONSUMER SCIENCES
students discover the role of business in
their everyday lives as consumers, citizens,   APPAREL DESIGN &
and wage earners. Students explore the         CONSTRUCTION 1
functions of business, learn leadership        9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
techniques, and examine the changing
economy. Topics include banking,               This course will take place in a laboratory
budgeting, credit, and investing. Students     environment where the student will
participate in a business community            develop various sewing construction
simulation where each will assume the          competencies and an understanding
role of manager of a company. This course      of textiles and fashions. Classroom
fulfills the Consumer Education graduation     instruction will focus on the use and
requirement.                                   maintenance of sewing machines, sergers,
                                               and embroidery machines. The student
MOBILE APPS DESIGN                             will also acquire basic knowledge in the
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                    selection, use, and care of textile fibers. A
                                               variety of projects will be constructed to
This course will teach students skills         enhance student skills.
needed to develop fully functioning apps,
as well as allow students to build the         APPAREL DESIGN
necessary skills to become part of this fast   & CONSTRUCTION 2
growing job market. Over the course of         9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
the semester, students will collaborate with   Prerequisite: Successful completion of
each other as they learn software design,      Apparel Design and Construction 1 and
programming languages, and develop             teacher recommendation.
real-world applications. This is a hands-
on course where students will be creating      This course will increase the knowledge
applications in a development shop             and skills of students as they construct,
setting. The semester will culminate with      purchase, care for, and work with clothing,
students pitching an app idea to the class,    accessories, and textiles. Students who
evaluating the feedback they receive, and      choose more expensive options may be

16 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
required to purchase materials for projects.     FOOD AND FITNESS
This course may be repeated.                     10-12, 1 year, 1 P.E. credit
INTRODUCTION TO FOODS                            This co-curricular course blends Physical
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                      Education and CTE to combine the
                                                 fundamental connections between nutrition
This course offers classroom and                 and fitness. Students will evaluate the
laboratory experiences that develop              benefits of fitness and nutrition trends
knowledge and understanding of basic             that affect our society through project
cooking principles and nutrition. Students       based learning. Students will participate
will practice food safety guidelines and         in various HIIT (High Intensity Interval
sanitation, correct use of equipment,            Training) workouts and prepare a variety
culinary skills, and teamwork, all while         of nutritious recipes weekly.
preparing a variety of recipes.                  This course qualifies for 1 credit of
                                                 physical education toward graduation.
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                      There will be no Physical Education
Prerequisite: Successful completion              exemptions allowed for this class.
of Introduction to Foods and teacher
recommendation                                   LIFE RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
                                                 11-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
This course is designed to continue              Prerequisite: Grade 10 enrollment with
developing the culinary skills acquired          Department Chair recommendation
in Introduction to Foods. Students will
plan food-centered events including the          This class teaches students the skills
chili cook-off, family meals, outdoor            necessary to live on their own. The
cooking, turkey dinner, and more. Through        majority of the topics covered will be
each unit, students will expand their            project-based experiences. Topics include
knowledge of yeast breads, cake baking           consumer rights and responsibilities,
and decorating, egg functions, salads and        money management (including checking
dressings, and meat preparation.                 and credit), and employment preparation.
CAPSTONE                                         This course fulfills the Consumer
                                                 Education graduation requirement.
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                      INTRODUCTION TO PRESCHOOL
                                                 9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
Prerequisite: Successful completion
of Introduction to Foods and teacher             This course provides experiences for
recommendation                                   those students interested in a career in
                                                 education and working with children.
This course is designed to continue              Students are given an opportunity to work
developing the culinary skills acquired          directly with preschool children in the
in Introduction to Foods. Students will          preschool program held on-site at the high
advance their knowledge of food preparation      school. Students fulfill the role of teacher
techniques and principles of cooking through     and are responsible for the planning,
various laboratory experiences, including        implementation, and evaluation of lessons
the use of herbs and spices to develop flavor,   for the preschoolers ages 3-5.
sauces, soups, pasta dough, sugar syrups,
and pastries. An emphasis will be placed on      CAPSTONE
building confidence in food preparation and      ADVANCED PRESCHOOL
techniques.                                      9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit

                                                 Prerequisite: Successful completion of
\                                                Introduction to Preschool

                                     COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 17
using computer-controlled machines such
This course provides additional               as the 3D printer.
experiences for those students interested
in a career in education and working          All students in this course are eligible to
with children. High school students           receive dual credit through the College of
explore career opportunities by becoming      Lake County free of charge. Registration
teacher aides in local schools one day        will take place during the first few weeks
a week. Students will also continue           of the semester for those interested.
work from Introduction to Preschool by
working with preschool children in the        CAPSTONE
on-site preschool lab. Developmentally        COMPUTER AIDED
appropriate activities and lessons will       DRAFTING & DESIGN (CADD) ADV.
be planned, prepared, and taught by the       10-12, 1 year, 1 credit
high school students while supervised and
supported by the teacher. This course may     Prerequisite: Successful completion of
be repeated.                                  CADD and teacher recommendation.

TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION                          This course will take the student to a more
                                              advanced level of computer aided design,
TECH SUPPORT INTERNSHIP                       3D design, dimensioning, and the tricks
9-12, 1 year, 1 credit                        of computer aided design (CAD). Along
                                              with CAD, many phases of mechanical
The Tech Support Internship (TSI) class       drafting will be learned, such as multi-
prepares students to interact with users      view, sections, auxiliary, dimensioning,
providing first-line technical support        geometry, cams and gears, and pattern
resolving general device problems.            development.
Students will be trained to support end
users to ensure that all calls and problems   ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING &
are dealt with quickly and effectively.       DESIGN
Troubleshooting hardware, basic network       10-12, 1 year, 1 credit
concepts, supporting new technologies,
and repairing devices will be taught in a     Prerequisite: Successful completion of
hands-on class atmosphere. Students will      CADD and teacher recommendation.
gain an understanding of how a help desk
functions and the role of customer service    Architectural Drawing and Design
in today’s world of technology. Students      provides students with design
will have the opportunity to obtain           fundamentals and procedures used
certifications in four areas: CompTIA, A+,    to represent building design ideas by
IC3 Certification, MOS (Microsoft Office      incorporating state of the art technology.
Specialist), and Google Apps Certification.   Students will gain an understanding
This course may be repeated.                  of design, drafting, and residential
                                              construction practices; they also will
COMPUTER AIDED                                design and construct a scale home.
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                   ARCHITECTURAL
                                              DRAWING & DESIGN HONORS
In CADD, students will learn two and          10-12, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted
three dimensional modeling by using
industry-standard software for engineers,     Prerequisite: Successful completion of
gaming designers, interior designers,         CADD and teacher recommendation.
architects, and more. Students will learn
the basics of mechanical drafting and         Architectural Drawing & Design Honors
3D modeling. Students will also have          will study the same topics as regular
an opportunity to make various products       Architectural Drawing & Design in

18 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
addition to the following: architecture        reassembling engines. Students may be
of the United States and its inception,        given the opportunity to diagnose and fix
background, and changes; Illinois and          their own engines.
Chicago architecture and their influence;
the tributary area and the influence of the    WOOD TECHNOLOGY
weight on the bearing points; fiber stress     9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
and the ability of certain materials to bear
loads; and the place of living space in the    Wood Tech is a course recommended
life of our fellow man. Some of the above      for students who want to learn pre-
topics will be addressed through the form      engineering topics as they relate to wood
of a written report. Students will also        as a medium. Topics include the operation
design and construct a scale home.             of woodworking equipment, correct safety
                                               procedures, and the material properties
ELECTRONICS 1                                  and limitations of wood as it pertains to
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                    product design and development. The
                                               course projects develop student knowledge
This course will study theories related        of the manufacturing processes,
to the field of electronics and complete       craftsmanship considerations, CADCAM/
lab activities to reinforce these theories.    CNC toolpaths and machining, and the
Students will wire residential light           finishing process. Students interested in
circuits, solder connections, use computer     areas of production, design, engineering,
simulations, make wire connections, and        or career fields and/or skills related to
build a 12-volt battery charger. This course   manufacturing, trades or engineering
is recommended for students pursuing           should consider the Woods sequence.
careers in the construction trades and
service industries, including automotive       WOOD TECHNOLOGY ADVANCED
service, or a technical or engineering         10-12, 1 semester, .5 credit
                                               Prerequisite: Successful completion
SMALL ENGINES                                  of Wood Technology and teacher
9-12, 1 semester, .5 credit                    recommendation

This course focuses on the function and        Wood Technology Advanced will enhance
theory of gasoline engines like those          students’ understanding of machine
found in lawn mowers, snow blowers,            operation and strengthen their individual
and generators. Students will learn            skills. Students will develop cost estimates,
about gasoline engine systems and their        research options and plan a larger project;
functions, as well as diagnose engine          Students will be assessed on daily
performance issues. This is a hands-           productivity, as well as the final project.
on class that includes taking apart and        This course may be repeated.

                                     COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 19

11-12, 1 year, 3-4 credits                      to LCTC. To attend LCTC, students
                                                must meet behavioral and attendance
Students apply for the Lake County              requirements and must have earned an
Technology Campus (LCTC) during                 acceptable number of credits.
spring registration in their sophomore or
junior year. Parental/Guardian approval         Go to to find full
must be obtained through an online form         course and program descriptions.
that details parental/guardian and student
responsibilities.                               A minimum of 500 clock hours must be
                                                completed to earn any credit. Two (2) units
District 117 is providing the opportunity       of credit are awarded for each 500-clock
for students to prepare for employment          hours. A Cosmetology student must have
upon graduation, entry into apprentice          completed a minimum of 750 clock hours
programs, and/or specialized advanced           by the end of the summer session in order
training by offering the programs listed        to return for a second year. A $25.00
to the right in lieu of electives in our high   Technology Campus fee is assessed to all
school proper. District 117 students will       students in addition to a lab fee. Students
only attend the third session (afternoon)       enrolled at the LCTC are required to be
at the Tech Campus. Transportation              enrolled in three courses at ACHS or
and tuition are provided; however,              LCHS.
cosmetology students will need to provide
afternoon transportation Students must          *Capstone credit awarded for successful
attend LCTC for the entire year. Deans          completion of 2-year Tech Campus
and counselors review student applications      program.

             COMMUNICATIONS                          MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIAL
                                                          ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY:
                HUMAN SERVICES                               PROJECT LEAD THE WAY
                CRIMINAL JUSTICE                         AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE I AND II
               LAW ENFORCEMENT
               MEDICAL ASSISTING
              LASER TECHNOLOGY

20 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
as a sampling of nonfiction, poetry, and short
                                        stories. Additionally, students will strengthen
                                        their writing abilities through the creation of
                                        formal papers, essays, and journal responses.
                                        Oral communication will be demonstrated
                                        through speeches, group activities, and

                                        ENGLISH 1 *
                                        9, 1 year, 1 credit

                                        Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and
                                        standardized assessments

                                        Students will develop and expand their reading,
                                        writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students
                                        will be required to read four to six major works
                                        throughout the year, in addition to studying short
                                        stories, poetry, and nonfiction. Formal written
                                        essays, oral presentations, creative projects, and
                                        group activities are essential components of this
       ENGLISH                          course.

                                        READING IMPROVEMENT
                                        9-12, 1 year, 1 elective credit

   * Writing Intensive Course           Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and
There is a four-year English            standardized assessments
requirement in District 117 with
options for honors or Advanced          This course is open to students who need to
Placement classes. The English          improve their reading or overall literacy skills.
department offers strong,               This course will work in conjunction with the
skills-based elective courses           core academic classes to cover basic reading
including creative writing, speech      skills with an emphasis on comprehension,
communication, and media literacy,      vocabulary, and active reading strategies.
as well as a rich student media         Students will read a variety of material and
program to enhance the core             build skills for national tests like NWEA, SAT,
sequence.                               and ACT. Composition and oral reports are also
                                        required to increase communication proficiency.
ENGLISH 1 HONORS *                      Students need to be present and complete
9, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted           the daily classwork in order to be graded on
Prerequisite: Teacher
recommendation and standardized         ENGLISH 2 HONORS *
assessments                             10, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted

This course is designed for students    Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation and a
who read skillfully, express            writing sample may be required.
themselves clearly through both
written and oral material, and work     This course is designed for students who read
independently and cooperatively.        skillfully, express themselves clearly through
Students will be required to complete   both written and oral material, and work
a thorough analysis of six major        independently and cooperatively. Students will
works throughout the year, as well      continue to strengthen their writing skills by

                                     COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT 117 | 21
completing an analysis of five to seven          the study of American literature, both
major works throughout the year, as well         past and present. Students will continue
as a sampling of nonfiction, poetry, and         to strengthen their communication
short stories. Oral communication will           skills of reading, writing, speaking, and
be demonstrated through speeches, group          listening. Students will be required to do
activities, and presentations.                   research projects in addition to literary
                                                 analysis. Four to five major works will
ENGLISH 2 *                                      be studied throughout the year, as well
10, 1 year, 1 credit                             as short stories, essays, and nonfiction
                                                 works related to American literature. Oral
Using a thematic approach to the study           communication will be demonstrated
of language and literature, students will        through formal speeches and group
continue to strengthen and expand their          activities and presentations.
reading, writing, speaking, listening, and
critical thinking skills through extended        AMERICAN STUDIES *
projects, group activities, literary analysis,   11, 1 year, 1 credit for Social Studies
research, and argumentation. Students will       & 1 credit for English, 2 periods
be required to read four to six major works
throughout the year, in addition to studying     American Studies will combine United
short stories, poetry, and nonfiction.           States History and English 3 into a
Formal written essays, oral presentations,       concurrently running course that examines
creative projects, and group activities          and explores the history, literature, music,
continue to be essential components to the       art, and architecture of the United States.
English curriculum.                              Students will develop their composition,
                                                 reading, research, and presentation skills
                                                 through the course. This two period course
ADVANCED PLACEMENT                               (100 minutes) during the school day allows
LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION *                       for in-depth exposure to the concepts and
11, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted                   themes that define our nation.
Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation
and a writing sample may be required.            ADVANCED PLACEMENT
                                                 LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION *
This junior-level course is first in the         12, 1 year, 1 credit, weighted
English department’s advanced placement
sequence, introducing students to the            Prerequisite: Teacher recommendation
rigorous reading and writing skills              and a writing sample may be required.
demanded for success in AP classes and
higher education. Students will intensely        This senior-level course is second in the
study American literature and rhetoric,          English department’s advanced placement
both past and present. They are expected         sequence, strengthening students’ ability
to read critically, write thoughtfully about     to read critically and to write interpretively
literature, and contribute to challenging        and analytically. Students will intensely
discussions. Research projects will also be      study poetry and prose. Active
a requirement of this course. This course        participation in classroom discussions is
prepares students to take the AP Language        a vital component to being successful in
and Composition test to earn college             this course. Students will complete several
credit.                                          independent reading projects and do a
                                                 major research project related to themes in
ENGLISH 3 *                                      literature throughout the course of the year.
11, 1 year, 1 credit                             This course prepares students to take the
                                                 AP Literature and Composition test to earn
This course is designed to introduce             college credit.
students to America’s rich heritage through

22 | CURRICULUM GUIDE: 2019-2020
You can also read