DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley

DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
Appointment details: September 2018
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
Dear Candidate,
Thank you for your interest in this important role at Oxford Brookes University. I hope that the following details are of help to
Oxford Brookes University is one of the UK’s leading modern higher education institutions. The University’s Strategic Plan,
Strategy 2020, identifies four strategic goals: Student Experience, Research and Knowledge Exchange, Infrastructure and
Services, and External.
The strategy builds on the institution’s existing strengths and sets a framework for excellence and innovation to deliver further
impact for the benefit of all of our communities in the context of an increasingly competitive environment. To help drive forward
its strategic plan, the University is looking to appoint a Director of Estates and Campus Services as successor to the current
incumbent who retired in August 2018.
Reporting into the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, the Director of Estates and Campus Services will lead the directorate
tasked with delivery of a physical estate and associated services that reflect our academic ambitions. This is a broad portfolio
covering the long-term planning, development and maintenance of the estate, providing a range of services which are essential
for the smooth running of the University, and providing an excellent student and staff experience.
The Director will be responsible for planning and delivering large-scale capital projects, as well as providing a high-quality,
cost-effective range of services including student accommodation, sport and commercial services (catering, conferencing, etc.).
The successful candidate will have a proven track record of leading and delivering major capital projects in a large, complex
organisation, alongside providing high-quality, cost-effective and client-centred services. The postholder will have demonstrable
experience of leading teams, be able to inspire those around them, and have exceptional interpersonal skills to engage with
stakeholders at all levels both internally and externally. S/he will possess a comprehensive understanding of the external
environment in which universities operate.
Thank you for your interest in this key role at Oxford Brookes University. I look forward to engaging with you as part of the
recruitment process.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s leading modern universities and
enjoys an international reputation for teaching excellence and innovation
as well as strong links with business and industry.
We also have significant research strengths - 94% of Oxford Brookes
research was judged to be internationally recognised and 59% judged
‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ in the Research Excellence
Framework (REF 2014).

■   One of the top 50 universities in the world        To achieve the next level of success,
    under 50 years old - the only UK institution to    we are working to deliver our 2020 Strategy.
    make the list (QS World University Rankings,
    Top 50 Under 50, 2018)                             In particular we are working towards:
■   Among the world’s top universities in 15           ■   a student experience of unparalleled
    individual subject areas (QS World University          reputation and renown
    Rankings by Subject 2018)
                                                       ■   a modern, inspirational setting to study and
■   12 years of success with our Associate                 learn
    College Partnership; partnering with seven
                                                       ■   a world-class, focused and selective research
    Further Education colleges across the region
    to offer alternative ways to gain qualifications
                                                       ■   an enviable international reputation and
■   93.2% of Oxford Brookes students are in
    employment and/or further study within six
    months of graduating (HESA, Destination of         ■   building our role as a key regional influencer
    Leavers Survey 2017)                               ■   outstanding partnerships, speaking to our
■   Oxford Brookes University contributes over             connectedness
    £1m per day to the UK economy                      ■   sector-leading infrastructure, services and IT
■   We have over 130,000 alumni in over 189            ■   financial sustainability, generating surpluses
    countries                                              for agreed reinvestment plans.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
OUR STRATEGY                                         OUR MISSION
                                                     Oxford Brookes University is committed to leading the
“Oxford Brookes University will provide an           intellectual, social and economic development of the
exceptional, student-centred experience which is     communities it serves through teaching, research and
based on both internationally significant research   creativity that achieve the highest standards.
and pedagogic best practice. We will build on a
tradition of distinction in academic, professional
and social engagement to enhance our reputation      OUR STRATEGIC GOALS
as a university which educates confident citizens    Student experience                                   External
characterised by their generosity of spirit.”        We will be a university that enables a student       We will be a university dedicated to improving
                                                     experience of the highest standard possible.         the human condition in Oxfordshire and
                                                                                                          around the world.
                                                     We will:
                                                                                                          We will:
                                                     ■   ensure that learning and teaching are at the
                                                         leading edge and relevant to contemporary        ■   harness the enterprising creativity,
                                                         contexts                                             knowledge, and commitment of the
                                                                                                              University’s academics, staff and students
                                                     ■   provide an environment where students
                                                                                                              to benefit urban and rural communities
                                                         are proactively engaged in shaping their
                                                                                                              principally within Oxfordshire
                                                         experience through influencing learning
                                                         and extra-curricular policy, processes and       ■   further develop mutually beneficial
                                                         outcomes.                                            partnerships to facilitate the application
                                                                                                              of the University’s education, research
                                                     Research and knowledge exchange
                                                                                                              and knowledge exchange nationally and
                                                     We will be a university that is committed to             internationally, and to prepare the
                                                     externally recognised world-leading research             University’s graduates to be engaged
                                                     which is translated and disseminated for the             global citizens.
                                                     benefit of our communities.
                                                                                                          Infrastructure and services
                                                     We will:
                                                                                                          We will be a university characterised by its
                                                     ■   focus on the areas of research which             sector-leading, high quality, sustainable and
                                                         are, or have the potential to be, recognised     cost-effective services, operating within a
                                                         as world-leading and encourage multi - and       culture of continuous improvement.
                                                         interdisciplinary research activity across the
                                                                                                          We will:
                                                                                                          ■   manage our activities to achieve
                                                     ■   increase the exploitation and dissemination          self-sustaining and robust finances and a
                                                         of the highest quality research and                  strong position relative to the HE sector
                                                         collaboration with other higher education
                                                         institutions and the public, private and         ■   develop and enhance the quality and
                                                         third sector.                                        efficiency of the University’s infrastructure
                                                                                                              and services.
                                                                                                          You can view our 2020 strategy here.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
There are approximately 18,000 students at         TEACHING EXCELLENCE                               STAYING AHEAD
Oxford Brookes University. 78% are from the
UK, 6% are from the EU and 16% are from the
                                                   FRAMEWORK (TEF)                                   We aim to continue providing our students
rest of the world.                                 Oxford Brookes University holds a Silver          with a stimulating learning experience,
                                                   award in the Teaching Excellence Framework,       including opportunities to develop skills both
Our students and graduates are known for                                                             inside and outside their studies, with co-
                                                   recognising that the University delivers “high
their employability. They benefit from the                                                           curricular projects to fuel their enthusiasm and
                                                   quality teaching, learning and outcomes for its
strong links we have with businesses and                                                             hone their abilities.
employers both locally and internationally, from
local schools and hospitals to organisations       The TEF award recognised that “students           We are working on action plans to enhance
such as Oxfam, BMW, KPMG, Ferrari and              achieve excellent outcomes” as well as            our performance in the National Student
Microsoft.                                         the “outstanding levels of satisfaction with      Survey and further improve our teaching
                                                   teaching and assessment and feedback.”            excellence with a view to gaining a Gold
                                                                                                     award in the TEF.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
OUR RESEARCH                                               Oxford Brookes achieved a record year for research
                                                           grants awarded in 2016/17, an increase of 63%
Research at Oxford Brookes enjoys an international
                                                           compared to last year; and we have continued this
reputation, attracting high-quality staff and students.
                                                           upward trajectory.
Our strategy for research and knowledge exchange,
                                                           Major funding comes from research councils,
sets out the University’s future ambitions in the higher
                                                           charitable trusts, industry and government. In recent
education sector, including developing our recognised
                                                           years we have been successful in winning competitive
research portfolio across the faculties whilst nurturing
                                                           funding from UK government departments and from
our emerging strengths and fostering greater
                                                           the European Commission.
international collaboration.
                                                           Our income from intellectual property (IP) was more
We were successful in the last Research Excellence
                                                           than £3m in 2016/17, and we have been in the top
Framework (REF 2014), which showed 94% of
                                                           ten of all UK higher education institutions for IP income
Brookes research to be internationally recognised
                                                           for the last seven years, according to HEFCE’s Higher
and 59% judged ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally
                                                           Education Business and Community Interaction
excellent’. We were in the top 10 universities for
increase in research power since REF 2014.
                                                           Through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs),
Investing in individuals and groups of researchers at
                                                           we have produced significant benefits for our partner
every stage of their career is central to our success.
                                                           businesses. We have a strong record of award-winning
■   Oxford Brookes has committed a Central Research        KTPs with industry, including Sony Entertainment and
    Fund to support individuals and research groups        Inter-Continental Hotels. The latest projects are looking
    including for example Collaborative Travel Awards,     at solving problems of overheating in care homes and
    Bridging Funds, Research Fellowships and PhD           the design of buildings for flood resilience.
■   We hold the HR Excellence in Research Award              GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS
    from the European Commission, which recognises
    our commitment to supporting research staff.             Oxford Brookes is a university with an international
                                                             outlook and reach. We already have a number
■   In 2016 we launched our Research Excellence              of successful international partnerships and we
    Awards to support research-active academics with         are looking to deepen and strengthen these, as
    funding towards research leave, employment of a          well as seek out new opportunities. We believe a
    research assistant or project travel costs.              key to success is to forge university-level, multi-
                                                             dimensional strategic partnerships across a range
■   We introduced Vice-Chancellor Fellowships in 2017        of disciplines and are currently in negotiations to
    across our faculties, offering an excellent              develop this arrangement in China, Australia and
    opportunity for researchers who want to develop          Malaysia.
    their careers, with funding and startup support
    tailored to discipline needs.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
Brookes People Awards 2016

                                                                                                                                                          OUR VALUES
                                                                                                                                                          In the development and nurturing of
                                                                                                                                                          intellectual and enterprising creativity,
                                                                                                                                                          we make our highest contribution to
                                                                                                                                                          society. Social responsibility demands
                                                                                                                                                          that all aspects of our activity should
                                                                                                                                                          be sustainable. Equality, inclusivity and
                                                                                                                                                          the celebration of diversity must be the
                                                                                                                                                          foundation for all we do. We will never
                                                                                                                                                          be content with anything other than
                                                                                                                                                          a wholehearted commitment to the
                                                                                                                                                          quality of the student experience. We will
                                                                                                                                                          continue to enhance the value - and the
                                                                                                                                                          perception of value - of our social as well
                                                                                                                                                          as educational mission.

                                                                                                                                                          OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES
                                                                                                                                                          These are defined as:
                                                                                                                                                          Generosity of spirit
                                                                                                                                                          We believe people flourish in a culture of
                                                                                                                                                          respect and support, where we celebrate

OUR STAFF AND CULTURE                                                                                                                                     difference and thrive on each other’s
                                                                                                                                                          success. Our students manifest
                                                                                                                                                          a generosity of spirit as they progress in
                                                                                                                                                          the world.
Oxford Brookes University employs 2,800         Our HR Strategy sets out how we will continue          Consultation and participation are important
staff. We recognise that our staff are key to   to provide a stimulating and rewarding work            attributes of staff relations with colleagues      Confidence
our continuing success. We are committed        experience for all our staff, at all stages of their   contributing to key decisions and senior           We have confidence in our staff and
to creating a vibrant and inclusive working     careers at Oxford Brookes.                             staff appointments. We have comprehensive          students, and we know that we prepare
environment which supports colleagues to                                                               internal communications, including regular         our graduates well for a fulfilling and
                                                Our new staff experience strategy and action
flourish and enjoy what they do. We want                                                               campus briefings about university direction        valuable life. Through their success,
                                                plan aim to ensure that the University provides
colleagues to feel valued, empowered,                                                                  and policy led by the Vice-Chancellor, staff       we continue to earn our outstanding
                                                the best possible working environment for
challenged, stimulated, involved, appreciated                                                          newsletters, a staff Twitter stream and internal   reputation.
                                                colleagues, improving staff wellbeing, creating
and trusted.                                                                                           digital screens.
                                                a sense of community in the workplace,                                                                    Connectedness
We provide comprehensive and progressive        and encouraging discussion and open                    Oxford Brookes is committed to ensuring the        Our academic excellence is underpinned
employment conditions, including flexible       communication amongst colleagues at all                very best staff and student experience where       by a history of learning by doing. Our
working, opportunities for staff development,   levels of the institution.                             all our community can flourish in a culture        connections and our Oxford roots are
and career progression, and a commitment to                                                            of respect and support, where we celebrate         fundamental to our students’ experiences
                                                Recent initiatives include our Brookes
enhanching the staff experience, underpinned                                                           difference and thrive on each other’s success.     and our successful future.
                                                People Awards which recognise outstanding
by our Guiding Principles.
                                                colleagues who exemplify our Guiding                                                                      Enterprising creativity
                                                Principles, the annual Feel Good Festival, and                                                            We’re adaptable and flexible, and consider
                                                Brookes Active.                                                                                           a fresh approach in everything we do
                                                                                                                                                          - because we know our sustainability
                                                                                                                                                          depends on a pioneering spirit.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
Oxford is a beautiful city with a rich cultural history. The city is       We partner up to raise aspirations in schools, widen access to those
famous for education and architecture, museums and green spaces.           under-represented in higher education and to provide high-level
                                                                           consultancy to small and medium sized enterprises.
It has a population of 161,300 and is currently the 12th fastest
growing city with one-third of the population aged 18-29.                  Tourism is a thriving economy in the city, generating more than
                                                                           £780m annually. In 2016 Oxford was the seventh most visited city
There are 4,750 businesses in Oxford providing 120,000 jobs.
                                                                           in the UK for overnight visits.
Key sectors of industry are health, education, research, technology,
tourism, car manufacturing and publishing.                                 Oxford is only an hour from London by train and many placements
                                                                           and field trips make the most of this easy access. The University
Oxfordshire is amongst the top five technology innovation
                                                                           is well served by a regular coach service to central London and to
ecosystems in the world and home to over 1,500 high tech
                                                                           Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
companies employing around 43,000 people.
                                                                           More information about the city of Oxford and the surrounding area
Oxford Brookes is proud of its home in Oxford and proud to make a
                                                                           is available at
significant economic, social and cultural contribution to the city; from
contributing £1m per day to the UK economy, through our links with
the high-skill regional economy to the expertise of our nurses and
teachers in local hospitals and schools.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley

Oxford Brookes University operates on three campuses in            Harcourt Hill Campus is home to a range of humanities and    Our future plans
Oxford: Headington, Harcourt Hill and Wheatley, with a smaller    sports teaching. The original Westminster College, founded
                                                                                                                                At Oxford Brookes we are continually investing in our
campus in Swindon, focused on nursing education and               in 1851, has had a home at Harcourt Hill since the 1950s
                                                                                                                                campuses. Over the next ten years we are spending £220m
operating department practice.                                    and merged with Oxford Brookes University in 2000. The
                                                                                                                                to create further inspiring spaces for our staff and students.
                                                                  Westminster Hall student residence also sits on the campus,
Headington Campus comprises three sites. The Headington
                                                                  alongside sports facilities, including a swimming pool.       The plan sets out a significant programme of refurbishment
Hill site is set in mature parkland and home to Headington Hill
                                                                                                                                along with some new build, and will see some of our academic
Hall, a 19th century former manor house. A 15-minute walk         Wheatley Campus became part of the then Oxford
                                                                                                                                and professional services activity moving to a different campus.
away, the Marston Road site is a hub for healthcare teaching      Polytechnic in 1975. Over recent years, the campus has seen
on the campus.                                                    investment in engineering spaces and in 2017 saw further      Over the next few years all Wheatley-based courses will move
                                                                  investment in key student and staff areas, including the      to Headington Campus, while courses in humanities, social
The flagship £132m John Henry Brookes Building opened on
                                                                  creation of a new gym.                                        sciences and some sports courses are set to move from
the Gipsy Lane site in 2014. Winning a number of awards,
                                                                                                                                Headington to Harcourt Hill Campus.
it has transformed the experience of students and the wider       Swindon Campus opened the newly refurbished Joel
University community. It houses the main central services at      Joffe building in August 2016, almost two decades after the
Headington, including the library, social study space, student    University first had a presence in the town. The Joel Joffe
                                                                                                                                You can find out more about our estates strategy and
support services, catering facilities and Brookes Union.          building provides clinical skills labs in a modern teaching
                                                                                                                                capital projects at our Space to Think page.
The most recent phase of investment saw the Business
School relocated to refurbished premises at the end of 2017.
Brand new teaching spaces and industry-standard science
laboratories also opened in 2017, alongside landscaping of
external spaces, and the new Sir Kenneth Wheare Hall.
DIRECTOR OF ESTATES AND CAMPUS SERVICES - Appointment details: September 2018 - Anderson Quigley
The Vice-Chancellor reports to the Board of Governors and is
supported by the Vice-Chancellor’s Group which comprises:
■   Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience)
■   Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Global Partnerships)
■   Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
■   Director of Finance and Legal Services
■   Director of Human Resources
■   Pro Vice-Chancellor/Deans of the faculties (four)

The University’s Chancellor is Olympic gold medallist
Dame Katherine Grainger PhD.

OUR FINANCES                                    The University’s financial plans focus on strong
                                                operating cash and robust surpluses, in order
Oxford Brookes University has a good track
                                                to achieve an excellent student experience
record of meeting or exceeding budget targets
                                                and provide and attract investment in research
and achieving strong financial performance
                                                and commercial activity.
against sector KPIs.
Our annual financial statements can be found
on our website at
OXFORD                 FACULTY OF                 FACULTY OF                 FACULTY OF
BROOKES                HEALTH                     HUMANITIES                 TECHNOLOGY,
BUSINESS               AND LIFE                   AND SOCIAL                 DESIGN AND
SCHOOL                 SCIENCES                   SCIENCES                   ENVIRONMENT

Business School        Department of              School of Education        School of
                       Biological and                                        Architecture
                       Medical Sciences

Oxford School          Department of              Department of              School of Arts
of Hospitality         Psychology, Health         English and Modern
Management             and Professional           Languages

Centre for Diversity   Department of Sport,       School of History,         School of Engineering,
Policy Research        Health Sciences and        Philosophy and             Computing and
and Practice           Social Work                Culture                    Mathematics

                       Oxford School of           School of Law              School of the Built
                       Nursing and Midwifery                                 Environment

                       Comprised of:

                       Department of Nursing      Institute of Public Care

                       Department of Midwifery,   Department of Social
                       Community and Public       Sciences
ACADEMIC AND         MARKETING AND        OF ESTATES            FINANCE AND            OF HUMAN              OF LEARNING                                      OF STRATEGIC
STUDENT AFFAIRS      COMMUNICATIONS       AND CAMPUS            LEGAL SERVICES         RESOURCES             RESOURCES                                        CHANGE AND
                                          SERVICES                                                                                                            BUSINESS

Academic Office      Communications       Estates Services      Financial Services     HR Management         Library               Office of the Chief        Strategic and
                     Team                                                                                                          Information Officer        Business
                                                                                                                                                              Planning Office

Academic Policy      External Relations   Facilities Services   Legal Services         Oxford Centre for     Learning Technology   Customer Services          Strategic Change
and Quality Office                                                                     Staff and Learning                                                     and Programme
                                                                                       Development                                                            Governance Office

Admissions Office    Oxford Brookes       Projects Team         Procurement            Occupational Health   Media                 Information Services

Careers              UK Recruitment       Space Planning        Research and           Oxford Brookes                              IT Strategy, Information
                     and Partnerships     Team                  Business Development   Nursery                                     Management and

Student Central      Directorate          Brookes Sport         Risk and Resilience    University Safety                           Programme
                     Administration                                                    Office                                      Management Office

Upgrade                                   Central Admin and                            HR Information                              Infastructure Services
                                          Finance                                      Systems Team

Wellbeing                                 Commercial Services
                                          (Oxford Brookes
                                          Venues, Catering
                                          and Residential)
Estates and Campus Services (formerly known as Estates and          Estates                                                               Space Planning
Facilities Management) is a large multi-disciplinary directorate,   The Estates team is responsible for capital projects and              This team supports the development of briefs for space and
responsible for the long-term planning, development and             maintenance as well as the Carbon Reduction Plan. Responsibility      deals with arrangements to both vacate and occupy space.
maintenance of Oxford Brookes University’s estate as well as        for grounds and health and safety also sits within the team.          They are responsible for the CAD and BIM services and the
providing a range of services that are essential for the smooth                                                                           database to support the collection of statistics. They manage
running of the University as a whole.                               The current footprint is 125,000 m2 gia and 79 hectares of            furniture and signage for Oxford Brookes and are responsible
                                                                    grounds. Our campus development plans are focused on                  for room utilisation reports and the post occupancy evaluation
The University is currently located on three main campuses          rationalisation to create a smaller, higher quality, innovative and   processes. They hold the property terrier and are responsible
in Oxford with a satellite in Swindon and premises in Bath.         better-used estate. The site comprises of 142 buildings across        for lease details.
We have a ten-year Estates Investment Plan which is                 the entire estate (academic and residential), with buildings
focused on delivering high-quality, sustainable campuses to         dating from the 1820s to 2018.                                        Sports
support excellence in teaching and research, and provide an                                                                               This team manages the provision of internal and external sports
outstanding experience for students and staff. Every estates        As part of the plan, the disposal of Wheatley Campus is in            facilities. Brookes Sport offers a wide range of high-quality
capital project is designed to have a transformational impact.      hand with related projects to relocate the current occupants.         facilities to support students, staff and the wider community to
                                                                    The University also has over 5,500 student bedrooms in a              enjoy an active lifestyle and well as meeting the needs of elite
A step change in our ambitions was marked in 2014 by the                                                                                  athletes and British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)
opening of the John Henry Brookes Building, which won               mixture of owned, third-party and nominations agreements, and
                                                                    plans to increase and invest in student facilities from the current   teams who are studying at Oxford Brookes.
numerous national awards for its architectural design and
its positive impact on the student experience. The Estate           95,000 m2 gia with over £100m earmarked for investment.               Brookes Sport is known for rowing success and the team
Investment Plan will see the University investing a further         Additionally there is a Maintenance Investment Plan.                  manages two boathouses on the River Thames. Our climbing
£220m in the physical estate. To date, the plan has involved                                                                              wall and swimming pool support a significant number of local
large-scale refurbishments to many of the University’s buildings,   Facilities and Commercial Services                                    community users.
and some new build developments. Planning applications for          The Facilities and Commercial Services team manage all ‘soft’
future development are in progress.                                 services including campus management, facilities services,            The team also supports the wellbeing agenda of the University
                                                                    helpdesk and reception. They oversee cleaning and security,           working closely with colleagues in Human Resources and the
The Directorate of Estates and Campus Services is an                which are outsourced, as well as managing the University bus          Faculty of Health and Social Sciences.
important part of Oxford Brookes and works closely with all         contract, worth £2.4m per annum.
other areas of the University.                                                                                                            Finance
                                                                    The Commercial Services team deliver a surplus of circa               With directorate operating turnover at £50m there is a small
The directorate works to a set of KPIs to support the efficiency    £5m per year through conferencing activity and oversee the            team of accountants and finance staff dealing with transactions
of the estate linked to: space utilisation, carbon reduction,       executive lease catering contract. Conferencing activity takes        and procurement for the directorate. They also deal with the
building condition, income per m2 and total property costs.         place predominately between June and September but some               finances for the capital programmes and underpin the detailed
                                                                    activities take place throughout the year.                            work on estates costs for benchmarking purposes.
ECS has circa 250fte staff across a range of departments as
well as outsourced staff.                                           The Accommodation team manage the Accommodation
                                                                    Bureau to advise on options and allocations for student
                                                                    residential needs, whilst there is a dedicated Halls team to
                                                                    manage our owned and operated properties and support
                                                                    conference business.
                                                                    Many of our facilities are accessible over extended hours and
                                                                    some buildings open every day of the year.

                                                                   Estates and Campus Services
                                                                     Senior Management Team
                                                              Director of Estates and Campus Services

Deputy Director-Estates         Deputy Director-Facilities           Head of Space Planning         Director of Sport              Head of ECM Finance
                                and Commercial Services
  Project planning                                                   • Space planning               • Sports                       • ECM finance and capital
                                • Cleaning, caretaking and                                                                           recording for the University
• Delivery and procurement of                                        • Property terrier             • Facilities and development
                                  security at all sites
  building projects
                                                                     • Space database
                                • Campus management
• All estates maintenance
                                                                     • CAD
                                • Transport
• Minor works
                                                                     • Room audits
                                • Services Desk
• Health and safety and
                                                                     • Space briefs
  environmental services        • Accommodation office
                                                                     • Relocation
                                • Catering and retail
                                • Halls management at
                                  Headington and satellite sites
                                • Conferences
Date last reviewed: September 2018               In particular:                                     Vice-Chancellor’s Group and the Board of
                                                                                                    Governors for the delivery of those plans.
Directorate: Estates and Campus Services         ■   to develop and deliver the Estates
                                                     Investment Plan and Residential Investment     7. To keep abreast of developments
Title of post:
                                                     Plan for student accommodation                 and relevant national and international
Director of Estates and Campus Services
                                                                                                    benchmarks, to assess their implication for
                                                 ■   to lead the University’s commercial
Salary: Competitive                                                                                 the University, and to propose changes and
                                                     operations (catering, accommodation,
                                                                                                    disseminate information and ideas within the
Post number: tbc                                     conferencing, etc.) to deliver high-quality
                                                                                                    University, as appropriate.
                                                     services and achieve planned surplus.
F/T or % P/T: Full-time
                                                                                                    8. To be accountable for meeting all statutory
                                                 Main duties:
Permanent/Temporary: Permanent                                                                      obligations arising from the management of
                                                 1. To develop and deliver a comprehensive          the estate on behalf of the University.
Principal location of work:
                                                 long-term, sustainable strategy for the
Headington Campus but will be required to                                                           9. To ensure that the University’s corporate,
                                                 University’s physical and residential estate
work across all University sites                                                                    financial, human resource, equality and
                                                 which supports the University’s corporate
                                                                                                    health and safety strategies, procedures and
Immediate line manager:                          strategy and optimises the full potential of the
                                                                                                    regulations are implemented and applied
Registrar and Chief Operating Officer            University’s physical resources.
                                                                                                    within the Directorate.
Staff managed:                                   2. To develop and deliver a comprehensive
                                                                                                    10. All Oxford Brookes University staff are
Deputy Director, Estates; Deputy Director,       strategy for the University’s campus facilities
                                                                                                    required to work collegially in the spirit of our
Facilities and Commercial Services; Head of      and commercial services which delivers
                                                                                                    guiding principles; to adhere to the values
Space Planning; Director of Sport; Head of       the planned efficiencies and income, while
                                                                                                    of the University; and to promote equality,
ECS Finance.                                     delivering a high-quality service.
                                                                                                    diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
Qualifications required for post:                3. To lead the Directorate’s management
An appropriate qualification in facilities       team to ensure the delivery of high-quality,
management (BIFM) and/or Associate of            cost-effective and client-centred services
RICS/RIBA/ICF/CIOB                               for estates planning, facilities support and
Experience required for post:
See Personal Specification for further detail.   4. To consult with, engage and inform the
                                                 university community of estates and facilities
Overall purpose of post:                         developments and ensure that development
To provide strategic leadership for the          works do not impact adversely on the core
development and management of the                business of the University, namely education
University’s physical estate and manage a        and research.
diverse team spanning the areas of Facilities
Management, Capital Projects Delivery,           5. To procure and develop efficient, high-
Space Management, Sport, Accommodation,          quality and responsible estate and campus
Commercial Services and Sustainability.          services based on appropriate professional,
                                                 business and industry standards.
                                                 6. To lead the development and
                                                 implementation of operational and financial
                                                 plans and targets, and be accountable to the
Specification               Essential                                                                                    Desirable

Education/Training          An appropriate qualification in Facilities Management (BIFM) and/or Associate of RICS/       Evidence of CPD

Relevant experience         Experience of operating in a large, complex organisation.                                    Experience of construction industry and
                            Development and delivery of estates strategy and business planning to deliver high-
                            quality and efficient outcomes.
                            Track record of effective management and delivery of complex capital programmes.
                            Substantial experience of leading and managing teams across a wider span of
                            Proven track record of effective budgetary cost control.
                            Substantial experience of managing third party contractors and service providers.

Relevant skills/aptitudes   Exceptional interpersonal skills: an assured, confident and effective communicator able
                            to operate and interact successfully in a collegial manner at all levels with academic and
                            professional services colleagues as well as a variety of external stakeholders.
                            Proactive and customer-focused outlook.
                            An inspirational, flexible and authoritative leadership style which motivates colleagues
                            and gains their trust and respect.
                            Sound judgement and practical problem-solving skills.
                            The ability and willingness to maintain focus, take difficult decisions and to manage and
                            deliver change.
                            Energy, flair and high levels of personal motivation and resilience, diplomacy and tact.
                            Strong intellectual resources.
                            Ability to combine strategic thinking with a close attention to detail.
                            Understanding of contract law.

Special requirements        Empathy with University’s values, aims and ethos, and an enthusiasm for what it is
                            seeking to achieve.

Other                       Full driving licence.
Oxford Brookes offers a wide range of benefits to enhance the       Onsite dentist: Studental is an NHS dentist situated on
staff experience.                                                   the Headington Campus and can be used by staff.
Annual Leave (including bank holidays and                           Brookes Sports: extensive sports facilities for staff including
concessionary days)                                                 fitness suites and classes, Oxfordshire’s premier climbing wall
                                                                    (Headington Campus), swimming pool (Harcourt Hill Campus)
■   Senior Staff and Professors - 43 days                           and a brand new gym (Wheatley Campus).
■   Academic Staff and Researchers Grade 9 and above -              Brookes Active Workplace Challenge: free of charge, the
    48 days                                                         Brookes Active Workplace Challenge helps you monitor your
■   Professional Services Staff and Research Staff below            activity levels and find events and opportunities to help you
    grade 9 - starting at 38 days rising to 41 days with service.   enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Take part in challenges,
                                                                    individually or in teams, earn points and win prizes for keeping
Additional Annual Leave: staff may purchase up to five              active. All campuses have landscape gardens and quiet areas
additional days leave per year (pro rata for part-time staff) via   for recreation; and there are maps of ‘health walks’ (these are
a deduction from salary spread throughout the leave year.           short routes through attractive surroundings close to all three
Pension: we offer the Local Government Pension Scheme for
professional services staff and the Teachers’ Pension Scheme        Occupational Health Service: the University is committed
for most academic staff. Staff who join Brookes and are in active   to the health and welfare of its staff. The Occupational Health
membership of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) can      Service provides work-based support for illness and disability,
continue membership of this scheme.                                 and can refer staff for confidential counselling if necessary.
Relocation: we will reimburse up to £5,000 inclusive of VAT         Eye test and spectacle reimbursement: all staff who use
for expenses necessarily incurred in relocating to a job at         VDU’s are entitled to a subsidised eye test while they work at
Brookes, and may make a contribution to immigration costs.          Brookes and contribution to the cost of spectacles.
Travel to Work: Car parking at Brookes is limited and daily         Maternity, Adoption and Family Leave: we offer generous
charges apply. To support your journey to work and as part of       maternity leave with qualifying staff entitled to 63 weeks leave
our sustainability agenda, Brookes links with Cyclescheme to        (both paid and unpaid). We offer the same leave for Adoption
provide a cost-effective way of purchasing a bicycle. There are     and Shared Parental Leave.
showers for cyclists (and walkers) at all three main campuses,
and cycle training courses can be arranged for new or nervous       Flexible working: we support work-life balance for all staff,
cyclists. We also have a car share website and offer season         including career breaks, job sharing, flexible hours, etc.
ticket loans.                                                       Library: all staff are welcome to use our libraries. Staff may
Catering facilities: there are varied catering options on all       borrow up to 30 books or other items from our lending stock.
campuses.                                                           There is full access to both print and online resources including
                                                                    e-books, e-journals and databases.
Nursery: the Brookes nursery, located at Headington, is rated by
Ofsted as Outstanding, and caters for children aged four months
to five years.
Childcare Vouchers: to help with the cost of childcare,
including holiday play schemes.
Oxford Brookes University has engaged           Applications should consist of:
Anderson Quigley for the executive search
                                                    a full CV including your educational and
process for this position, in addition to the
                                                    professional qualifications, full employment
public advertisement.
                                                    history, latest remuneration, details of
To apply, please visit https://                     relevant achievements and contact details using
                                                    a covering letter stating how you meet the
reference AQ303.
                                                    criteria in the Person Specification and
Should you wish to discuss the role in strict       outlining your motivation for applying for
confidence, please contact our advising             this role
consultants at Anderson Quigley: Ed Pritchard
                                                ■   details of two referees, though please note
or Sophie Rees on +44 (0)203 457 0948.
                                                    that we will not approach your referees
                                                    without your prior consent and only should
                                                    you be shortlisted.
The closing date for applications is 12 noon
Monday 8th October 2018.
                                                As part of your application please
                                                complete an equal opportunities form by
                                                clicking here.
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