Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Undergraduate programmes in Law

 Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
 Certificate of Higher
 Education in
 Common Law
 Graduate Diploma
 in Commercial Law


Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Join the World Class

1    Quality of learning
     The law programmes in this prospectus have been
     developed by academics at the University of London law
     schools, ensuring the world-class quality of the degree.

2      tudy without relocating
    	Fit your studies around your work and your personal commitments.
      Study wherever you live and at a time that suits you.

3     earn at your convenience
     Choose from different entry points depending on your
      qualifications – including fast-track routes for graduates.

4     mployability
     Enhance your employability by developing skills such as
      problem solving, critical thinking and self-discipline, all of which
      are valued by top law firms and employers worldwide.

5     Join the World Class
    	After graduation, you become part of our global network
       of influential alumni, including distinguished barristers,
       solicitors, leaders in industry and Nobel prize winners.

2               Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
“In a fast changing
  environment of
  worldwide access
  to higher education,
  a University of London
  degree continues
  to offer a guarantee
  of quality, value and
  intellectual rigour.”
	Professor Wendy Thomson
  University of London

     london.ac.uk/llb       3
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Your prestigious University
of London qualification
    About your qualification
    When you graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate from
    the University of London you will receive two important
    documents – your Final Diploma (the parchment you
    receive on graduation) and a Diploma Supplement.

    About your qualification
    •	Indicates that you were registered with the University of London
      and awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate.
    •	States that University of London law schools developed
      the syllabus and provided assessment.
    •	Features the University of London crest and
      the Vice-Chancellor’s signature.

    The Diploma Supplement
    •	Describes the nature, level and content of the programme
      you successfully completed.
    •	Includes the transcript of courses taken, marks achieved
      and overall classification.
    •	States the names and roles of the University of London
      law schools and the method of study.

4                 Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Key dates                           Join the World Class                                  2
                                    Your prestigious University of London qualification   4
Full academic year                  Welcome to our global Law qualifications              6
(two semesters),                    The Laws Consortium                                   8
up to four modules:                 Studying with Undergraduate Laws                      9
Apply by: 1 October*
Register by: 1 November
                                    How you study                                         12
Half academic year                  LLB structures                                        15
(one semester),                     Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law                    16
up to two modules:
                                    Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law         17
Apply by: 1 April*
                                    Entry into the Legal Profession                       18
Register by: 1 May
Examinations:                       Entrance requirements                                 19
May/June and October                Application and registration process                  20
                                    Further information                                   22
Certificate of Higher
Education in Common Law
(CertHE Common Law):
CertHE students and those
who wish to receive support
for the LLB from a Recognised
Teaching Centre should contact
the teaching centre, which may
require you to make an earlier
application (see pages 20–21).

*Dates apply to LLB and Graduate
  Diploma in Commercial Law only.

                                                       london.ac.uk/llb                        5
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Welcome to our global
Law qualifications

Why study with us?                          and flexible learning. Upon graduation,   Your career path might lie in the
                                            you will join a distinguished group       commercial or financial professions,
In a world where degrees and                of lawyers, solicitors, barristers and    where legal qualifications are
degree providers are proliferating,         judges from around the world who          highly valued not only for a
the University of London LLB offers         have obtained their law degree            specific knowledge of law but
the security of an internationally          through the University of London.         also because of the transferable
recognised qualification.                                                             skills that come from the study
                                            Seeking to become a legal practitioner
                                                                                      of law, such as creating reasoned
The University of London was the first      is not the only reason for studying
                                                                                      arguments and problem solving.
university to offer a degree in English     for a legal qualification. You might
law, in the 1890s. The high reputation of   already be working in a law-related       Whatever your reasons for study,
our LLB has been maintained because         field – in the police force or social     applying yourself to studies in
our students are marked to the same         work, for example – and want to           law will provide a stimulating
high standards whether they are             enhance your legal knowledge              and challenging path.
campus-based or studying by distance        and professional standing.

6                    Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
A University of                           The standard classification system for
                                          bachelor’s degrees with Honours is:
London degree
                                          •	First Class
Undergraduate degrees of the              •	Upper Second Class
University of London are awarded
with Honours. The award certificate       • Lower Second Class
will indicate the level of the academic   •	Third Class
performance (Honours) achieved
by classifying the award. The             A Pass Degree or Ordinary Degree
classification of the degree will be      is a degree without Honours.
based on the ratified marks from          Specific rules for the classification of
the completed assessments.                awards are given in the Programme
                                          Regulations, under Schemes of Award.
                                                                                        Simon Askey
                                                                                        Dean, Undergraduate Laws
                                                                                        ‘Most people choose to study
                                                                                        law thinking that they’ll
                                                                                        become a lawyer but the skills
                                                                                        you’ll gain studying law –
                                                                                        researcher – communicator
                                                                                        – logical problem solver
                                                                                        – are a springboard for
                                                                                        many professions in
                                                                                        commerce and industry.
                                                                                        A law degree is a well-
                                                                                        respected undergraduate
                                                                                        qualification and studying
                                                                                        law is an opportunity to
                                                                                        explore everything from
                                                                                        economics in Contract and
                                                                                        Commercial law, politics
                                                                                        and policies in Public and
                                                                                        Public international law and
                                                                                        sociology and psychology in
                                                                                        Criminal and Family law.’

                                                                                     london.ac.uk/llb                    7
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
The Laws Consortium
The law schools or departments of the following Colleges of the University of London provide the academic direction
for the University of London Undergraduate Laws qualifications. Collectively, they are known as the Laws Consortium.

Birkbeck                                 King’s College London                     LSE
Founded in 1823, Birkbeck is             Established in 1829, King’s College       Since 1895, LSE (The London School
unique in its special mission to         London has been responsible for           of Economics and Political Science) has
enable mature students to gain           some of the discoveries that have         been regarded as an international centre
higher education qualifications          shaped the modern world. kcl.ac.uk        of academic excellence and innovation
via part-time study. bbk.ac.uk                                                     in the social sciences. lse.ac.uk

Queen Mary University                    SOAS                                      UCL
of London                                SOAS is the world’s largest centre        Founded in 1826, UCL was the first
                                         for the study of Asia, Africa and the     university in England to admit students
Queen Mary is one of the largest
                                         Middle East. Founded in 1916, it has      of any race, class or religion, and
Colleges of the University. Now
                                         built an reputation for its regional      the first to welcome women on
heralded for its quality research
                                         expertise and the calibre of its cross-   equal terms with men. ucl.ac.uk
efforts, it began life in 1887 as the
                                         disciplinary social sciences, arts and
People’s Palace, a philanthropic
                                         humanities programmes. soas.ac.uk
endeavour to provide East Londoners
with education. qmul.ac.uk

8                    Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Studying with
Undergraduate Laws
An internationally
recognised qualification
If you want to achieve an
internationally recognised qualification
in law, where you can study at a pace
that suits you, then you need look no
further than the University of London.
Undergraduate Laws is committed to:
•	Offering expert guidance. Our study
   materials are informed by current
   research and scholarship and engage
   with contemporary legal issues.
•	Providing a wealth of resources.
   With our Online Library and Laws
   Virtual Learning Environment
   (VLE), you will have a resource-
   rich learning environment to
   develop your legal research skills.
•	Promoting independent learning.         •	Learn how to stand back and                Two LLB routes
   Through the guidance provided in           consider the ‘bigger picture’,
   your study materials we will support       and develop an awareness                   For those studying at undergraduate
   you in developing your capacity            of the context of law.                     level for the first time:
   to manage your own learning.
                                           •	Develop transferable skills of research,   Standard Entry LLB
By studying with us you will:                 problem solving and communication.         •	Complete 12 modules in a minimum
                                                                                            of three years and a maximum of six.
•	Acquire knowledge and                   For further information about
   understanding of the foundation         what to expect when undertaking               For those who already have a three-
   subjects of common law.                 a law module, please visit our                year undergraduate degree:
                                           website: london.ac.uk/llb
•	Learn to analyse and critically                                                       Graduate Entry LLB
   evaluate legal and relevant non-legal                                                 •	Complete nine modules in
   primary and secondary materials.                                                         a minimum of two years
                                                                                            and a maximum of six.

                                                                                         london.ac.uk/llb                      9
Undergraduate programmes in Law 2020 - UNIVERSITY OF LONDON
Flexible study                              Introduction to the awards
The academic year for the LLB,
Graduate Diploma in Commercial Law                                  No. of  Study
                                            Award                                        Description
and Certificate of Higher Education                                 modules period
in Common Law (CertHE Common
Law) begins on 1 November each              Certificate of Higher      4     1–5 years   An award in its own right.
year and ends on 31 October.                Education in                                 Alternatively, on passing three
                                            Common Law                                   modules, including Legal system
There are two opportunities to apply                                                     and method, you may transfer to
each academic year (CertHE Common                                                        the Standard Entry LLB.
Law students should check with their
teaching centre). The deadlines are:        Graduate Diploma           4     1–5 years   Provides a grounding in the
                                            in Commercial Law                            principal features of the English
•	1 October and 1 April                                                                 legal system pertaining to
                                                                                         commercial law.
There are two opportunities to register
each academic year (CertHE Common           Standard Entry LLB        12    3–6 years The degree suitable for those who
Law students should check with their                                                  meet the general entrance
teaching centre). The deadlines are:                                                  requirements.
•	1 November and 1 May                     Graduate Entry LLB         9    2–6 years The degree suitable for those who
                                                                                      already have an undergraduate
There are two examination                                                             degree.
opportunities each academic year:
•	May/June and October                     Exit awards:               –        –        Students who are unable to
                                            BA in Law;                                   continue their studies may be able
Students have flexibility to split their    Diploma of Higher                            to exit with an award that reflects
examinations over two sessions              Education in Law;                            their achievements and efforts. You
in the academic year (subject to            Certificate of Higher                        cannot apply for direct entry into
a maximum of two examinations               Education in Law                             these programmes.
in an October session).
•	If you register by 1 November, you can
   sit examinations in a maximum of four
   modules in your first year of study.
•	If you register by 1 May, you can
   sit examinations in a maximum
   of two modules in October.

10                      Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Progressing through                          Assessment                               Recognition of the degree
your LLB studies                             For all modules, except the              University of London degrees are
                                             dissertation, assessment is primarily    acknowledged worldwide for their
In the first year, all Standard Entry LLB
                                             by three-hour examinations. These        quality and academic rigour.
students must study and pass Legal
                                             are held in May/June and October
system and method, and Graduate Entry                                                 If you hope to enter a legal
                                             at local centres in over 180 different
students must study and pass the                                                      profession, you should check the
                                             countries as well as in London.
online course Introduction to English law.                                            local requirements for legal practice.
                                             All examination scripts are              It is your responsibility to find out
Your progression route is determined
                                             marked by University of London           the extent to which they recognise
by the profession that you wish
                                             approved academics.                      the University of London LLB.
to enter into after completing
your degree (see page 18).
                                                                                      Visit our website
                                                                                      Undergraduate Laws provides a range
                                                                                      of open access resources, including
                                                                                      reading lists and module guide
                                                                                      excerpts, which you are welcome to
                                                                                      consult. Please visit: london.ac.uk/llb
                                                                                      You may also find the University of
                                                                                      London’s Introduction to English
                                                                                      Common Law short open course useful:

                                                                                      london.ac.uk/llb                         11
How you study

                                                                                       Laws VLE
                                                                                       The VLE is integral to your study
                                                                                       experience, providing:
                                                                                       •	Electronic versions of
                                                                                         the module guides
                                                                                         To provide you with flexibility in
                                                                                         how and where you study.
                                                                                         ast examination papers
                                                                                        and Chief Examiner reports
                                                                                        To help you develop your examination
                                                                                        technique and your understanding
                                                                                        of the format of your examinations.
                                                                                       •	Audio and video lectures
                                                                                         For some modules, additional
                                                                                         audio/visual resources are
                                                                                         uploaded throughout the year
                                                                                         to complement your studies.
                                                                                       •	Lecture Plus
                                                                                         Listen to a recorded lecture from
                                                                                         a University of London approved
                                                                                         tutor, discuss the lecture with fellow
Your Student Portal                          Your study materials                        students and view feedback from
                                                                                         the tutor about the discussion.
You are required to have access to the       Your study materials are designed to      •P
                                                                                         re-exam updates
internet so that you can use resources       support your learning and are central      Highlight any significant
that are only available online. Your         to your studies. You also have the         changes to the law, key cases or
Student Portal is a secure website           option to attend a local Recognised        legislation since the publication
where you can access your personal           Teaching Centre for additional support.    of the module guide. These are
details, pay your fees, track the delivery                                              published annually in February.
                                             You will receive module guides that
of your study materials and receive
                                             take you systematically through           •M
                                                                                         odule reading
news from the University of London.
                                             the module topics, complete with           Essential readings in the module
You are expected to log in on a
                                             learning activities (with feedback)        guides are provided via the VLE.
regular basis to manage your student
                                             and guidance on assessment.
account and access your resources.

12                    Undergraduate programmes in Laws
  odule blog posts                      •	cases and up-to-date statutes
 Provide information on current legal
                                         • key academic law journals
 issues: lawsblog.london.ac.uk
                                           ultidisciplinary databases in
•	Student discussion forums
                                          business and the social sciences.
   An opportunity to debate and
   interact with other students.
• L atest announcements
                                         Stay connected
   Provide up-to-date information
                                         The Laws newsletter is a great way to
   about your programme.
                                         keep in touch with what is happening
                                         within Undergraduate Laws. Updates
Online Library                           on key events and developments
                                         are regularly emailed to students.         Mariam Dawoord
All registered students have access to
                                         You can also connect with your fellow      Pakistan
the Online Library from the Student
                                         students and Undergraduate Laws
Portal or it can be accessed directly                                               ‘The distance learning
                                         through Facebook:
at: onlinelibrary.london.ac.uk                                                      programme through
Among the many excellent resources,                                                 University of London gives
it provides free access to:                                                         you more exposure to
                                                                                    different ways of learning.
•	the professional legal databases –                                               The subject guides and the
   LexisLibrary, Westlaw, JustisOne                                                 lectures are great. It is really
                                                                                    important to make sure
                                                                                    you access all of the good
                                                                                    resources that are available.’

                                                                                 london.ac.uk/llb                      13
London study support                     Recognised                                 We cannot advise you on which
                                                                                    teaching centre is best for you;
Undergraduate Laws organises an
                                         Teaching Centres                           ultimately, you must choose one that
annual London Revision Event as well                                                meets your own needs.
                                         In order to benefit from face-to-face
as other occasional study support                                                   For details about Recognised Teaching
                                         interaction with academics and other
events. Each event covers a number of                                               Centres please visit:
                                         students, many students choose to pay
modules and is taught by University                                                 bit.ly/recognised-centres
                                         for teaching support at a local
of London approved tutors and offers     independent institution. So that you
support to students preparing for
examinations. These events are also an
                                         can rely on the standards of the           Further information
                                         teaching, support and administration
excellent opportunity for students to    that you will receive, we have created a   For further information on resources
meet other students, to concentrate      network of institutions that offer study   and study materials please see:
on important areas of study and          support to University of London            bit.ly/uol_study_materials
to discuss legal developments.           students within our Teaching Centre        or contact: sid.london.ac.uk
More information can be found on         Recognition Framework. These
our website: london.ac.uk/llb            institutions are known as Recognised
                                         Teaching Centres.

14                  Undergraduate programmes in Laws
LLB structures

Standard Entry LLB                       Graduate Entry LLB                              number of modules you may be
                                                                                         registered for in any subsequent
•	As a Standard Entry student you       •	If you have already completed a              year is four, and exceptionally
   must register for Legal system and       first degree, you may be eligible for        five in your final year of study.
   method in your first year of study.      the Graduate Entry LLB. This means
•	You must be registered for a
                                            that you will only have to study nine      Further information
                                            modules rather than 12 to complete
   minimum of one module and a
                                            the LLB. Eligibility for Graduate Entry    There are both compulsory and
   maximum of four modules in your
                                            is at the discretion of the University.    optional modules that will make up
   first year of study. The maximum
   number of modules you may be          •	As a Graduate Entry student you must       your LLB degree and cover a wide
   registered for in any subsequent         pass the online course Introduction to     range of topics, from Contract law
   year is four, and exceptionally          English law in your first year of study.   to Jurisprudence and legal theory.
   five in your final year of study.                                                   To find out more about the LLB
                                         •	You must be registered for a
                                            minimum of one module and a                structure, please visit:
                                            maximum of four modules in your            bit.ly/llb-structure
                                            first year of study. The maximum

                                                                                       london.ac.uk/llb                      15
Graduate Diploma
in Commercial Law
Programme overview
The Graduate Diploma in Commercial
Law is a flexible programme aimed at
those who wish to gain some
knowledge and expertise in English
commercial law to enhance their
existing qualifications. It is a
qualification in its own right, designed
to offer specialisation in aspects
relevant to commercial law and
practice for students who are eligible         lease note: that the programme is not
                                              P                                            •	You may choose to register with a
for admission to the LLB but who do           a Graduate Diploma in Law and does              Recognised Teaching Centre to
not wish to register for the full degree,     not offer a Graduate Entry pathway              benefit from supplementary support.
or require a bridging qualification for       onto the LLB. If you are a graduate
                                              seeking an LLB degree, please consult
entry into postgraduate study.
                                              page 19 of this prospectus.
                                                                                           Flexible study options
This qualification                                                                         You have the flexibility to pace your
                                              Features of the                              studies to fit in with your other
is for you if:                                Graduate Diploma                             commitments as you have up to five
                                                                                           years to complete this diploma. You are
•	You have the ability, motivation and                                                    also able to split examinations over two
   self-discipline to study at degree level   •	Flexibility in the time you can take to
                                                                                           examination sessions in the academic
   but do not want to commit to a full           complete it, in the available
                                                                                           year (subject to a maximum of two
   LLB programme.                                examination opportunities and in the
                                                                                           examinations in the October session).
                                                 choice of modules.
•	You would like to enhance key skills
                                              •	The modules you take are rigorously
   of communication, information
                                                 examined to the same standards
                                                                                           Further information
   literacy, analysis and argument.
                                                 applied to both internal and external
•	You want the flexibility to pace your         students studying for the LLB.            To find out more about the
   studies to fit in with your other                                                       Graduate Diploma in Commercial
   commitments.                               •	Specially developed course materials      Law structure, please visit:
                                                 and online resources, including an        bit.ly/commercial-structure
•	You want to develop specialist                online library and online learning
   subject knowledge in the area of              environment, giving you the ability to
   commercial law.                               study independently.

16                     Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Certificate of Higher
Education in Common Law
Programme overview                         Features of the CertHE                   How to apply for the
The CertHE Common Law is a
                                           Common Law                               CertHE Common Law
qualification in its own right that also   •	You can achieve a law qualification   Applications for the CertHE Common
provides an entry route to degree             in some of the core legal             Law can be submitted only via a
study. The modules studied in the             subjects without committing           Recognised Teaching Centre. Full
CertHE Common Law are the same                to the full LLB programme.            details of the CertHE Common Law,
as the Level 4 modules of the LLB                                                   including entrance criteria, syllabuses
and may be studied either full time        •	You can complete the programme
                                                                                    and application forms, should be
or part time. Students must have              in a minimum of one year and
                                                                                    obtained from the teaching centre
registered through, and be studying           a maximum of five years.
                                                                                    at which you intend to enrol.
at, a teaching centre recognised by
                                           •	The programme is rigorously
the University (please see page 14).
                                              examined by approved academics.       Further information
                                             ou can transfer to the LLB
This qualification                          programme after successful              To find out more about the CertHE
is for you if:                              completion of three modules,            Common Law structure, please visit:
                                            including Legal system and method.      bit.ly/common-structure
  ou have the ability, motivation
 and self-discipline to study at           •Y
                                             ou must register with a Recognised
 degree level but do not have the           Teaching Centre so that you can
 qualifications usually required to         benefit from the tuition support.
 enter a degree programme.
•	You have a personal or professional
                                           Teaching centre support
   interest in studying law and
   would like an easily managed            In order to be recognised by the
   programme of study.                     University of London, teaching
                                           centres must have satisfied certain
•	You intend to undertake a               quality criteria. However, they remain
   degree programme but would              independent of the University of
   like to gain a recognised               London and responsible for the quality
   qualification after one year.           of academic support they provide.

                                                                                    london.ac.uk/llb                          17
Entry into the Legal Profession
                                       Intending Barristers                         complete as the vocational stage of
                                       All intending barristers will need           training. The SQE Route requires a
                                       to meet the following criteria to            degree in any subject. The LPC route
                                       satisfy the requirements of the              requires satisfactory completion of
                                       academic stage of training:                  the academic stage set out in the
                                                                                    section above for intending barristers.
                                       •	Complete their entire programme
                                          of study within six years (the            Satisfactory completion of the
                                          six year period will commence             academic stage of legal training does
                                          from the registration date                not guarantee automatic admission to
                                          (1 November or 1 May) preceding           the next stage of training (vocational);
                                          their first examination attempt)          acceptance will be dependent on
                                                                                    your classification and results.
Practising law in                      •	Pass examinations in the foundations
                                          of legal knowledge: Criminal law,
England and Wales                         Equity and Trusts, EU law, Contract       Practising law outside
                                          law, Tort law, Property law, Public law   England and Wales
Changes to the vocational stage
of training for both solicitors and    •	Make no more than three
                                          examination attempts at any module        If you intend to practise law in a
barristers are being introduced                                                     country other than England and
for the 2020/21 academic year.         •	Have demonstrated the attainment          Wales, you must confirm with the
The following websites should             of various skills, including              relevant professional authorities
be consulted for updates:                 legal research and IT skills              that they recognise the University
                                       •	Additionally, Graduate Entry LLB          of London LLB as fulfilling (in whole
•	Solicitors Regulation Authority                                                  or in part) the academic stage
   sra.org.uk/students                    students must pass the online
                                          course Introduction to English            requirements of legal training.
• T he Law Society lawsociety.org.       Law in their first year of study.         We recommend that you receive
   uk/careers/becoming-a-solicitor                                                  this confirmation in writing. The
•	Bar Standards Board                 Transitional arrangements                    requirements set down by the
   barstandardsboard.org.uk/           for intending Solicitors                     professional authorities can be
   training-qualification.html                                                      subject to change at any time
                                       Anyone who has started, completed            during your studies. It is important,
From 2020/21 the academic stage        or accepted an offer for a Qualifying        therefore, that you continue to check
of training, previously satisfied by   Law Degree by the time the Solicitors        for any updates or changes to the
completing a Qualifying Law Degree     Qualifying Exam (SQE) is introduced          requirements that affect you.
(QLD), will no longer be the same      in autumn 2021 falls into the Solicitors
for both intending solicitors and      Regulation Authority (SRA) transitionary
barristers. Instead, the academic      arrangements. After completion of
stage requirements will depend on      the LLB they can choose between
the profession you wish to enter.      the LPC route and the SQE route to

18                     Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Entrance requirements
LLB                                           For more information on entry
                                              requirements visit:
To be eligible to register for the            bit.ly/commercial-entry
LLB you must:
•	normally† be aged 17 or above              CertHE Common Law
   on or before the date of
   programme registration and                 To be eligible to register for the
                                              CertHE Common Law you must:
•	meet our General Entrance
   Requirements and                           •	be aged 18 or above on or before the
                                                 date of programme registration and
•	meet our English language
   requirements. We may require               •	be admitted to a course of
   a test of proficiency in English.             instruction at a teaching centre          Sonali
     pplications will be considered from
                                                 that has been recognised for this
                                                 purpose by the University of London       Wanigabaduge
    applicants who do not meet the                                                         Sri Lanka
    normal minimum age requirement            For more information on entry
    for admission. Each application           requirements visit: bit.ly/common-entry      ‘I am a strong believer
    will be considered on an individual                                                    in rights-awareness,
    basis, and the decision taken at the                                                   protection of human rights,
    discretion of the University of London.   Useful links                                 and enacting effective
                                                                                           legislation – thus being
                                              For full details on how to meet our          a lawyer certainly helps
LLB (Graduate                                 entrance requirements, including             in going about the process.
Entry Route) and                              further information on our General           My main focus is to establish
                                              Entrance Requirements and English            myself as a human rights
Graduate Diploma in                           language requirements, visit:                lawyer in Sri Lanka. I opted
Commercial Law                                london.ac.uk/applications                    to study the LLB through
                                                                                           the University of London,
To be eligible to register you must:                                                       as I was confident
                                                                                           of the University’s
•	hold an undergraduate degree from                                                       name in upholding its
   an awarding institution acceptable                                                      international reputation
   to the University of London and                                                         of academic distinction.’
•	meet our English language
   requirements. We may require a test
   of proficiency in English.

                                                                                        london.ac.uk/llb                   19
Application and
registration process

Getting started                          Stage 1                                    Stage 3
For the bachelors degree, you must       Submit your online application form        We will contact you by email with one
apply online at: london.ac.uk/llb        and application fee by 1 October or        of the following:
                                         1 April. Please note the application fee
For the Graduate Diploma in                                                         Offer Letter: if you meet our entrance
                                         is non-refundable.
Commercial Law and the CertHE                                                       requirements and we have seen
Common Law, please see the relevant                                                 all required documentation then
progamme pages on our webisite.          Stage 2                                    we will send you an Offer Letter.
If you intend to study at a Recognised                                              Request for further information: we
                                         Submit your documentary evidence.
Teaching Centre then you are advised                                                might require further documentation/
                                         This can be done online when
to contact them before submitting                                                   information before we can confirm that
                                         submitting your application
your application.                                                                   you meet our entrance requirements.
                                         or at a later stage. Please see:
Please read the ‘Guidance notes for      london.ac.uk/applications/how-             We have referred your application
applications’ before you complete        apply/supplying-evidence                   to the Admissions Panel: if you do
your application.                                                                   not automatically meet our entrance
                                         Please do not send
                                                                                    requirements then we will refer
                                         original documents.
                                                                                    your application to the Admissions

20                   Undergraduate programmes in Laws
Panel for individual consideration.     Useful information
The Admissions Panel will consider
qualifications that are not published   for applicants
under the Qualifications for Entrance
Schedule, incomplete qualifications     Submit your application even if you
and substantial relevant work           are waiting to sit an examination or to
experience. If we cannot accept you     receive examination results. We can
with your current qualifications and    begin to process your application
experience then we will advise you      without all the evidence, although
on what qualifications you could        we will not be able to give you a
take in order to meet our entrance      final decision until all the necessary
requirements in the future.             documentation has been received.
                                        If you are unsure of whether                 Chan Jing Luu
Stage 4                                 or not you meet our entrance
                                        requirements then we might be                Malaysia
Complete the online registration by     able to advise you on this before            ‘One of reasons I chose this
1 November or 1 May. We explain how     you submit your online application.          programme was the quality
to do this in the Offer Letter.         However, due to our increased                of the education provided
                                        workload we are unable to provide            by the University of London.
                                        this advice between 1 September
Stage 5                                 and 30 October of each year.
                                                                                     The syllabus is written by
                                                                                     leading academics, so that
Start your studies. Once you            Offers are valid for three years.            is the main attraction.
register you will be given access                                                    In order to succeed in the
to the VLE. We will also send you                                                    programme, you are not
additional study materials to your                                                   only expected to work
correspondence address.                                                              hard, but you also have to
                                                                                     become more independent.’
Hong Kong
Applicants living in Hong Kong
can apply directly through:
The University of Hong Kong
School of Professional and
Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)
University of London (Admissions
Office) 3/F, Admiralty Centre
18 Harcourt Road, Hong Kong

                                                                                  london.ac.uk/llb                  21
Further information

Fees                                       Financial assistance                        Armed Forces
The total fee payable to the University    Undergraduate UK students may be            Students who are members or
of London for 2020–2021 will be            able to apply for a part-time tuition fee   ex-members of the UK Armed Forces
published on our website once              loan to cover the cost of registration      should note that the University of
confirmed. On average, fees incur a        and examination entry fees.                 London has been approved by the
five per cent year-on-year increase. For                                               Ministry of Defence in support of
                                           For full details on eligibility criteria
the latest information on programme                                                    the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)
                                           please visit: gov.uk/student-finance
fees, please visit: london.ac.uk/fees                                                  Scheme (ELC Provider Reference
                                           Alternatively, some employers in both
                                                                                       Number 1284). The Scheme provides
Please note: student fees shown on         the public and private sectors may be
                                                                                       financial support to eligible Service
our website are net of any local VAT,      willing to consider offering financial
                                                                                       Personnel who wish to enhance
Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any        assistance to their employees.
                                                                                       their educational or vocational
other sales tax payable by the student
                                                                                       achievements. The ELC Administration
in their country of residence. Where
the University is required to add VAT,
                                           Students with                               Service website can be found at:
GST or any other sales tax at the local    disabilities and/or
statutory rate, this will be added to
the fees shown during the payment
                                           access requirements
process. For students resident in the      The University of London
UK, our fees are exempt from VAT.          welcomes applications from
                                           disabled students and/or those
Other costs                                who have access requirements.
                                           If you are disabled and/or have access
In addition to the fees payable to the     requirements, we will make every
University, you should also budget for     reasonable effort to meet your needs.
the cost of:                               This may include making access
•	purchasing textbooks                    arrangements for examinations such
                                           as a separate room or special aids.
•	any tuition you choose to take          If you would like to tell us about
•	tuition you are required to take for    your disability and/or request access
   the CertHE Common Law                   arrangements, please complete the
                                           relevant section of the application
• t he fee levied by your local           form, or contact the Inclusive Practice
   examination centre.                     Manager at: special.arrangements

22                     Undergraduate programmes in Laws
The information contained in this
  leaflet was correct at the date of
  publication but may be subject to
  change. The University does not
  intend by publication or distribution
  of this leaflet to create any
  contractual or other legal relation
  with applicants, registered students,
  their advisers or any other persons.
  For the most up-to-date information,
  please visit our website.
  Published by University of London.
  Copyright © University
  of London, November 2019.

london.ac.uk/llb                    23
For further information on the range
of programmes we offer, please visit
our website or contact us at:
The Student Advice Centre
University of London
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Malet Street                                                                                   web page
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