Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019

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Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Get Brexit Done
Unleash Britain’s

The Conservative and Unionist Party
Manifesto 2019
Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
My Guarantee
    If there is a majority of Conservative MPs on December 13th, I
    guarantee I will get our new deal through Parliament. We will get Brexit
    done in January and unleash the potential of our whole country.
    I guarantee:

    • Extra funding for the NHS, with 50,000 more nurses and 50 million
      more GP surgery appointments a year.
    • 20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals.
    • An Australian-style points-based system to control immigration.
    • Millions more invested every week in science, schools,
      apprenticeships and infrastructure while controlling debt.
    • Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions
      and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.
    • We will not raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance.
    If Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP team up and take
    control on December 13th, we will have two referendums on Brexit and
    Scotland in 2020.
    Please support a majority Conservative Government so our country
    can move on instead of going backwards.

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019

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We Will Focus On Your Priorities................................................................. 9
We Will Unleash Britain’s Potential..................................................... 25
We Will Strengthen Britain In The World.................................. 51
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 The Conservative and Unionist
 Party Manifesto 2019
Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
For the last three and a half years, this country has felt trapped, like a lion in a cage. We have
all shared the same frustration – like some super-green supercar blocked in the traffic. We
can see the way ahead. We know where we want to go – and we know why we are stuck.
We have been paralysed by a broken              years ahead: to unite and level up, spreading      streets, and giving them the powers to tackle
Parliament that simply refuses to deliver       opportunity across the whole United                crime with stop and search.
Brexit. And that is why this election is so     Kingdom.
essential.                                                                                         Everyone in the UK should have the peace
                                                The UK has extraordinary advantages. We            of mind and confidence that come from
Get Brexit done - and we end the division       lead the world in 21st-century technologies,       world-class health care – and so this new
and deadlock that have been so bad for our      from batteries to bioscience. We have              One Nation Conservative Government
politics.                                       many of the best universities on earth.            is giving the NHS its biggest ever cash
                                                There are parts of this country that are           boost, with 20 hospital upgrades and 40
Get Brexit done - and we restore                more productive and more innovative than           new hospitals, while delivering 50,000
confidence and certainty to businesses and      anywhere else in Europe.                           more nurses and 6,000 more doctors and
families.                                                                                          creating an extra 50 million general practice
                                                And yet there are parts of the country             appointments a year.
Get Brexit done - and we will see a pent-up     that feel left behind. Talent and genius
tidal wave of investment into our country.      are uniformly distributed throughout the           If this Conservative Government is returned
                                                country. Opportunity is not. Now is the time       to office, we will have an infrastructure
Get Brexit done - and we can focus on the       to close that gap – not just because it makes      revolution for this country. Now is the time
priorities of the British people, funding the   such obvious economic sense, but for the           to invest in Northern Powerhouse Rail, and
NHS and tackling the cost of living.            sake of simple social justice.                     the Midlands Rail Hub, and so many more
                                                                                                   projects, as well as a massive programme
Get Brexit done - and we can release that       We Conservatives believe passionately that         of improvements for our roads and gigabit
lion from its cage and take this amazing        every child should have the same opportunity       broadband for every home and business.
country forwards.                               to express their talents and make the most of
                                                their lives – and that is why we are investing     We will invest in technology and innovation.
And as things stand, there is only one way      £14 billion over three years to increase funding   And we will invest in Britain’s people by
to get Brexit done - and that is to return a    for every primary and every secondary school       giving them the tools and training to
Conservative Government with a working          pupil in the country.                              flourish in the economy of the 21st century.
majority on December 12th.
                                                I want everyone to have the fundamental            We are the only party that can deliver this
I am very proud of the achievements of this     security that comes from safe streets and          programme, because we are the only party
Government in its first 100 days. We have       safe neighbourhoods – so we are backing our        that understands the balance and symmetry
mapped out a fantastic programme for the        police, putting 20,000 more officers on the        at the heart of the UK economy.

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
We believe in superb public services and          We will run an ever stronger and more             in days. It is oven-ready - and every single
infrastructure, not just because they are good    dynamic economy.                                  Conservative candidate at this election, all 635
things in themselves, but because they are the                                                      of them, have pledged to vote for this deal as
bedrock of a dynamic free market economy.         We will defend and protect our United             soon as Parliament returns.
                                                  Kingdom - the awesome foursome that
And there is only one way to pay for              make up the most successful political             And what is Jeremy Corbyn’s alternative? A
world-class health care and outstanding           partnership in history.                           new negotiation, and then a new referendum
infrastructure – and that is to foster and                                                          - and he still cannot tell us what side he would
encourage the millions of British businesses,     We are proud of our Armed Forces, and will        be on: in or out, Remain or Leave.
large and small, that create the wealth of        always fund them properly.
the nation. Their success is our success. It is                                                     It is a recipe for chaos - compounded by
thanks to the innovations of British battery-     Jeremy Corbyn is prepared to break up the         a second referendum on Scotland. This
makers and turbine designers that we are          UK, to disband the Armed Forces, and even         country has had enough of dither and delay,
able to cut CO2 - and achieve our goal of         when it comes to cold-blooded murder              of defeatism and despair.
being carbon neutral by 2050.                     on British soil, he cannot stand up for our
                                                  country and do what is right.                     We don’t want to waste 2020 on two
It is precisely because we understand the                                                           acrimonious referendums. We want next
concept of aspiration, and enterprise, that       We will stand up for our country and our          year to be a year of hope, of prosperity and
the UK is now leading a new green industrial      values around the world.                          growth.
                                                  Above all, we Conservatives will respect the      We want to move on, with our programme of
The tragedy of the modern Labour Party            democratic will of the people. After three        investment in education, infrastructure and
under Jeremy Corbyn is that they detest the       and a half years of procrastination, we have      technology, to create a high-wage, high-skill,
profit motive so viscerally – and would raise     a great new deal that is ready to go - so that    low-tax economy.
taxes so wantonly – that they would destroy       we will be finally out of the EU by January 31.
the very basis of this country’s prosperity.                                                        We want to get Brexit done so that we can
                                                  We are able to deliver all the advantages         get on with our work of making Britain the
If you want to understand the impact of a         of leaving the EU: making our own laws,           greatest place in the world to live, to go to
Corbyn Government on ordinary people,             controlling our own borders, taking back          school, to start a family, to own a home, to
remember that he has voted against tax            our money, and exercising all kinds of new        start a business – with the most ambitious
cuts worth £7,800 for people on modest            freedoms.                                         environmental programme of any country
incomes. He is already committed to                                                                 on earth.
putting up corporation tax to one of the          From freeports to free trade deals, from
highest levels in Europe.                         abolishing the cruel live shipment of             Let’s get Brexit done, and take this country
                                                  animals to cutting VAT on tampons, we in          forward.
And what will he do for an encore? Embark         the UK will be able to remain close to our
on a spending and borrowing spree that            European friends and partners; but where          Boris Johnson
would cost every taxpayer £2,400 a year,          we choose, we will be able to do things           Prime Minister
as well as confiscating 10 per cent of the        differently and better.
value of our most prominent businesses and
putting those assets in the hands of John         With a new Parliament and a sensible majority
McDonnell. What madness.                          Government, we can get that deal through

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Get Brexit Done
When the new Government entered Downing Street, the Prime Minister made a simple
promise: to get Brexit done. Many said it would be impossible. But he swiftly negotiated a
great new deal – despite Parliament’s best efforts to block his progress.
And then, when he put it to MPs, they insisted on yet more delay.
We must move on. No more renegotiations. No more referendums. Every week is costing us.
Investment is waiting to come into the country. Families and businesses cannot make vital
decisions. The public services cannot get the attention they deserve.

Our priority as Conservatives is to get       Our deal is the only one on the table. It        We will negotiate a trade agreement next
Brexit done – so that we can unleash          is signed, sealed and ready. It puts the         year – one that will strengthen our Union –
the potential of this great country. So       whole country on a path to a new free            and we will not extend the implementation
that we can push past the obstacles           trade agreement with the EU. This will be        period beyond December 2020. In parallel,
that other parties have put in our            a new relationship based on free trade           we will legislate to ensure high standards of
country’s way. So that we can deliver         and friendly cooperation, not on the EU’s        workers’ rights, environmental protection
on the people’s decision in 2016 and          treaties or EU law. There will be no political   and consumer rights.
use our new post-Brexit freedoms to           alignment with the EU. We will keep the
transform the UK for the better by            UK out of the single market, out of any          The only way to deliver Brexit is with a
focusing on your priorities.                  form of customs union, and end the role          Conservative majority in Parliament. A
                                              of the European Court of Justice.                vote for any other party or candidate is a
If we elect a majority of Conservative                                                         vote for Jeremy Corbyn – and a vote for
MPs to Parliament, we will start              This future relationship will be one that        more chaos.
putting our deal through Parliament           allows us to:
before Christmas and we will leave the           Take back control of our laws.
European Union in January.                       Take back control of our money.
                                                 Control our own trade policy.
Boris Johnson’s new deal takes the whole
                                                 Introduce an Australian-style points-
country out of the EU as one United
                                                  based immigration system.
Kingdom. It takes us out of the customs
union, allowing us to set our own tariffs        Raise standards in areas like workers’
                                                  rights, animal welfare, agriculture and
and do our own trade deals. It allows us to
                                                  the environment.
pass our own laws and ensures that it is
our courts that enforce them.                    Ensure we are in full control of our
                                                  fishing waters.

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Jonathan Gullis
    Candidate for Stoke-on-Trent North

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Unleash Britain’s
For the past nine years, the Conservatives have been cleaning up Labour’s mess. Because
of the tough decisions that our party made and our success in bringing down the deficit,
the economy has continued to grow and the public finances have been restored. Thanks to
Conservative policies, employment is at a near-record high.

We’ve helped millions of people into         We will keep costs down for small             We will also prioritise the environment
work, halving the unemployment rate.         businesses – rather than hiking their         in the next Budget, investing in the
We’ve doubled the personal allowance         taxes and crushing Britain’s prosperity.      infrastructure, science and research that
to £12,500, meaning that every worker                                                      will deliver economic growth, not just
gets to keep more of what they earn.         We will not borrow to fund day-to-day         through the 2020s, but for decades to
We’ve introduced and consistently            spending, but will invest thoughtfully        come.
raised the National Living Wage – and        and responsibly in infrastructure right
will raise it still further.                 across our country in order to increase       Above all, we will listen to the people
                                             productivity and wages. Our fiscal rules      who have felt left behind by the last few
The strength of the UK’s balance sheet       mean that public sector net investment        decades of economic growth and want to
– the hard work done by all of us in this    will not average more than 3 per cent of      have more control of their future.
country – means that we are now in a         GDP, and that if debt interest reaches 6
position to invest properly in our future.   per cent of revenue, we will reassess our     We will get Brexit done, so we can
                                             plans to keep debt under control.             unleash Britain’s potential.
A Conservative Government will give the
public services the resources they need,     This means that debt will be lower at
supporting our hospitals, our schools        the end of the Parliament – rather than
and our police. We will help people          spiralling out of control under Labour.
and families throughout their lives by       And we will use this investment prudently
bringing down the cost of living and         and strategically to level up every part of
making sure that work always pays.           the United Kingdom, while strengthening
                                             the ties that bind it together.

Get Brexit Done Unleash Britain's Potential - The Conservative and Unionist Party Manifesto 2019
Shade Adoh
  Candidate for
    NHS Nurse

We Will Focus On
Your Priorities
In his first months in office, the Prime Minister has shown how he intends to make life better
for everyone in the UK. Supporting our police. Increasing funding for our schools. Building
new hospitals.
We have listened to you, and we have acted. Acted to ensure that we deliver world-class
public services so that you can have the help and support you need throughout your life. And
we want to take that agenda further.
But none of it will happen without a Conservative majority Government.

Strengthen the                               We as Conservatives believe passionately
                                             in the NHS. Because we believe that
                                                                                             And we are proud to have confirmed a
                                                                                             record £34 billion per year by the end
NHS and social                               everyone deserves the chance to live free       of the Parliament in additional funding
                                             of sickness and disease – and to know           for the NHS – and to have begun work
care                                         that if they do fall ill, our brilliant NHS     on building 40 new hospitals across the
                                             staff will be there for them.                   country, as well as investing in hospital
The NHS represents the best of this                                                          upgrades and new machines to boost early
country. It is there for us when our         We are proud that since its foundation, it      cancer diagnosis across 78 hospital trusts.
children are born, when our friends          is the Conservative Party that has acted
and families fall sick, when our loved       as the steward and guardian of the NHS          But we want to do more.
ones succumb to old age and ill health.      and its principles for 44 of its 71 years. We
                                             are proud that it is coping with increasing     Within the first three months of our
It is precious to all of us – especially     demand, with more doctors and nurses,           new term, we will enshrine in law our
because it is free at the point of use and   and using more advanced treatments              fully funded, long-term NHS plan. This
there for you on the basis of need, not      than ever before.                               is the largest cash settlement in NHS
your ability to pay.                                                                         history. One that is only possible because

we have delivered the growth and
prosperity to pay for world-class public
                                                Our NHS People Plan
services – and will continue to do so.
                                                The 1.4 million dedicated staff who             We will introduce an NHS Visa. Our
Between 2018 and 2023, we will have             deliver world-class care day in, day out         NHS People Plan will ensure that we
raised funding for the NHS by 29 per            are at the heart of the NHS. Our core            train and employ tens of thousands
cent. By the end of the Parliament, that        priority is to make sure this workforce          more NHS professionals here in the
will be more than £650 million extra            can grow and has the support it needs            UK. But we also want to make sure that
a week. And we will ensure this money           – in terms of numbers, training and              those from overseas who want to work
goes to the frontline so that you and           resources. That means that if you do fall        in and support our NHS are encouraged
your family get appointments more               ill, you’ll get the care and attention you       to do so. That is why qualified doctors,
quickly and experience improved care.           deserve.                                         nurses and allied health professionals
                                                                                                 with a job offer from the NHS, who have
We believe that the best way to improve         We will deliver:                                 been trained to a recognised standard,
the NHS and meet rising demand is to                                                             and who have good working English, will
invest in its most important asset – its         50,000 more nurses, with students              be offered fast-track entry, reduced visa
people. That is why we are devoting               receiving a £5,000-£8,000 annual               fees and dedicated support to come to
additional funding, on top of our existing        maintenance grant every year during            the UK with their families.
record settlement, to hire and support            their course to help with their cost
more doctors, nurses and other health             of living – and they won’t have to pay       Our new funding will deliver 50 million
professionals.                                    it back. Everyone will receive at least      extra general practice appointments
                                                  £5,000 with further funding in regions or    a year, an increase of over 15 per
Our NHS Prevention                                disciplines that are struggling to recruit   cent. That means that if you need an
                                                  – such as mental health – and help with      appointment, waiting times will be
and Treatment Plan                                their childcare costs.                       shorter and you’ll get the service you
    We will build and fund 40 new                                                             deserve.
     hospitals over the next 10 years. This      6,000 more doctors in general
     is on top of the 20 hospital upgrades        practice and 6,000 more primary care         We also want to make sure that
     announced in the summer. We will             professionals, such as physiotherapists      doctors spend as much time as
     roll out cancer diagnostic machines          and pharmacists. This is on top of the       possible treating patients, so we will
     across 78 hospital trusts to boost           7,500 extra nurse associates and             address the ‘taper problem’ in doctors’
     early diagnosis. We are committed to         20,000 primary care professionals that       pensions, which causes many to turn
     reducing health inequality. We will          we have already announced.                   down extra shifts for fear of high tax
     continue to repair the damage done                                                        bills. Within our first 30 days, we will
     by Labour’s disastrous PFI deals.           We will improve staff morale with more       hold an urgent review, working with
                                                  funding for professional training and        the British Medical Association and
    We will invest in preventing disease         more supportive hospital management.         Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to
     as well as curing it. We will tackle the                                                  solve the problem.

Natalie Neale
                                            Candidate for Leicester South
                                            NHS Nurse

                                                   such as cancer or autoimmune disease,           health technology summit.
                                                   or for children with other rare diseases.      We will support our precious
                                                   If you or a loved one is unlucky enough         hospices, developing the plans already
                                                   to fall ill, we’ll ensure you have access       announced by Boris Johnson to secure
                                                   to the best available medicines. We will        their future, with a £25 million cash
                                                   also improve the early diagnosis and            injection in August to support 200,000
                                                   treatment of all major conditions.              people at the end of their lives.

                                                  We will treat mental health with the           We will make the NHS the best place
                                                   same urgency as physical health. We             in the world to give birth through
    underlying causes of increases in NHS          will legislate so that patients suffering       personalised, high-quality support.
    demand, for example via a long-term            from mental health conditions,                  And we’ll uphold our commitment to
    strategy for empowering people with            including anxiety or depression, have           extend healthy life expectancy by
    lifestyle-related conditions such as           greater control over their treatment            five years by 2035.
    obesity to live healthier lives, as well       and receive the dignity and respect
    as tackling childhood obesity, heart           they deserve.                                  We will end unfair hospital car parking
    disease and diabetes. We will continue                                                         charges by making parking free for
    to promote the uptake of vaccines             We will make it easier for people               those in greatest need, including
    via our national vaccination strategy.         with learning disabilities and autism           disabled people, frequent outpatient
    We will extend social prescribing              to be discharged from hospital and              attenders, parents of sick children
    and expand the new National                    improve how they are treated in law.            staying overnight and staff working
    Academy of Social Prescribing. We                                                              night shifts. This will eliminate costs for
    will overhaul NHS screening and use           We will continue to take action to              those in need, while making sure there
    new technology and mobile screening            tackle gambling addiction.                      are enough spaces for everyone.
    services to prevent ill health. We
    will focus on helping patients with           We will improve NHS performance,               We will clamp down on health
    multiple conditions to have simplified         using our record funding settlement             tourism, ensuring that those from
    and more joined-up access to the               to bring down operating waiting times,          overseas who use NHS services pay
    NHS. And we will improve hospital              improve A&E performance and increase            their fair share. And we will increase
    food alongside our wider National Food         cancer survival rates. We will study            the NHS surcharge paid by those
    Strategy.                                      carefully the recommendations of the            from overseas.
                                                   ongoing review led by NHS clinical staff
   We will develop new treatments for             into A&E and clinical performance.             When we are negotiating trade
    serious diseases. We will extend the                                                           deals, the NHS will not be on the
    successful Cancer Drugs Fund into             We will use frontline technology to             table. The price the NHS pays for
    an Innovative Medicines Fund so that           improve patients’ experience, provide           drugs will not be on the table. The
    doctors can use the most advanced,             flexible working for clinicians, and help       services the NHS provides will not be
    life-saving treatments for conditions          save lives. We will also hold an annual         on the table.

Improving social care                         the widest possible support, and stands        We need a long-
                                              the test of time. That consensus will
It is a basic, compassionate                  consider a range of options but one            term solution
Conservative belief that we should
care for those in need – helping
                                              condition we do make is that nobody
                                              needing care should be forced to sell
                                                                                             for social care –
those who cannot help themselves.             their home to pay for it.                      that’s why we are
Thanks to decades of economic growth          As a first step, and to stabilise the          committing to an
and scientific innovation, people are
living longer, healthier lives. But this,
                                              system, we announced in the autumn
                                              additional funding of £1 billion for the
                                                                                             ambitious three-
alongside the rise of dementia and other      year beginning in April 2020. We are           point plan:
chronic conditions, means that the            now confirming this additional funding
pressures on the elderly care system          in every year of the new Parliament.
are ever-increasing. There has also been                                                     1) £1 billion extra of funding every
significant growth in the number of           We will also extend the entitlement to            year for more social care staff and
working-age people with disabilities who      leave for unpaid carers, the majority of          better infrastructure, technology
need care at a younger age.                   whom are women, to one week.                      and facilities.

We need to have a system to give every        We also want to save millions of people,       2) We will commit to urgently seek
person the dignity and security that          and their families, from suffering                a cross-party consensus in order
they deserve. This is a significant and       the agony of a slow decline due to                to bring forward the necessary
complex challenge and in order to lay         dementia. We will make finding a cure             proposal and legislation for long-
the foundations, we must plan for the         one of our Government’s biggest                   term reform.
infrastructure, workforce growth and          collective priorities – one of the ‘grand
healthcare integration that is required       challenges’ that will define our future        3) The prerequisite of any solution
for a care system fit for the 21st century.   along with the impact of climate                  will be a guarantee that no one
                                              change or artificial intelligence. This will      needing care has to sell their
Because this is a long-term problem that      include doubling research funding into            home to pay for it.
will affect so many people, any solution      dementia and speeding up trials for
has to be able to survive long-term.          new treatments.
We must build the same level of
consensus on social care as we have           We will also provide £74 million over
already built on the NHS.                     three years for additional capacity in
                                              community care settings for those
So we will build a cross-party                with learning disabilities and autism.
consensus to bring forward an answer
that solves the problem, commands

Invest in our schools                           In the last nine years, the percentage of
                                                children passing their primary reading
                                                                                                We will create more great schools.
                                                                                                 We will continue to do everything we
Talent is evenly spread in this country,        check has gone up from 58 per cent               can to ensure every school is a great
but opportunity is not. As Conservatives,       to 82 per cent. We have strengthened             school. We will continue to support
we believe absolutely in equality of            teachers’ powers to deal with bullying           innovation, like our successful maths
opportunity – the idea that every child,        and disruption. We have given schools            schools, set up for the most gifted young
in every part of the country, should have       the ability to decide how money is best          physicists and mathematicians. We will
a fair chance. It is not only the most          spent – because we trust parents and             expand ‘alternative provision’ schools
important thing we can do to unleash            headteachers to know what is best for            for those who have been excluded. We
the UK’s potential, but is at the heart of      the children in their care.                      will also deliver more school places
creating a fair and just society.                                                                for children with complex Special
                                                For our children to get the training and         Educational Needs. We will intervene
This is why we want to ensure every child       opportunities they deserve, they need            in schools where there is entrenched
has access to a great state school – that       to have the best teachers. We want to            underperformance. We will continue
every pupil gets the qualifications they        attract the best talent into teaching and        to ensure that parents can choose the
need for a prosperous future, while             recognise the great work they do, so we’re       schools that best suit their children and
learning in an environment where they           raising teachers’ starting salaries to           best prepare them for the future. And we
will be happy and fulfilled.                    £30,000 – among the most competitive             will continue to build more free schools.
                                                in the graduate labour market.
In his first months in office, Boris Johnson                                                    We will invest in arts, music and sport.
announced an extra £14 billion in funding       We also want to build on our record of           Over the last nine years we have made
for schools. That translates to £150 million    raising standards, improving behaviour           real improvements in maths, English
a week, and will include at least £5,000 a      and promoting knowledge and creativity.          and science, and given more children
year for each secondary school pupil and                                                         access to a rich academic curriculum.
at least £4,000 for each primary school            We will back heads and teachers              We retain our commitment to the
pupil. This also includes £780 million in new       on discipline. We will expand our            core subjects and also want young
funding to support children with Special            programme to help schools with the           people to learn creative skills and
Educational Needs next year alone.                  worst behaviour learn from the best          widen their horizons, so we will offer an
                                                    – and back heads to use exclusions.          ‘arts premium’ to secondary schools
One of the Conservative Party’s proudest            Unlike Labour, we believe that Ofsted        to fund enriching activities for all
achievements is that we have raised                 inspection serves a valuable purpose         pupils. And to ensure children are
standards in our schools and improved               not just in improving standards but in       getting an active start to life, we will
behaviour. Students learn best when they            improving behaviour. We will continue        invest in primary school PE teaching
are stretched, challenged and nurtured – in         to help teachers tackle bullying,            and ensure that it is being properly
an environment where there is no disruption         including homophobic bullying. No            delivered. We want to do more to help
and no excuses for bad behaviour.                   child should be bullied on account of        schools make good use of their sports
                                                    who their parents are or where they          facilities and to promote physical
                                                    come from.                                   literacy and competitive sport.

Vulnerable                                Support working                               allowance to £12,500, so that everyone
                                                                                        gets to earn a decent amount before they
children                                  families                                      are taxed. And we have made sure the
                                                                                        state pension keeps pace with earnings.
                                          Since 2010, the Conservatives have
Children who end up in care are           helped more than 1,000 people on              In our first months, we announced an
more likely to struggle as adults,        average into work every day.                  increase in the National Living Wage
denied the love and stability most of                                                   to two thirds of average earnings,
us take for granted. We will prioritise   That is an extraordinary figure. And it has   currently forecast at £10.50 an hour,
stable, loving placements for those       only been possible because of the strong      and widened its reach to everyone over
children – adoption where possible        economy we have helped to create; our         21. That means an average pay rise of
or foster parents recruited by the        support for business; and our welfare         £4,000 per year for four million people
local authority. We will review the       reforms, which have encouraged more           by 2024.
care system to make sure that all         people into work. The majority of jobs
care placements and settings are          created since 2010 have been high-            To help young people get a foot on
providing children and young adults       quality: full-time and outside London         the employment ladder, we abolished
with the support they need.               and the South East.                           employers’ National Insurance
                                                                                        Contributions for under-21s and
A strong society needs strong             Whoever you are, we want to make              apprentices under 25.
families. We will improve the             it easier for you to get a good and
Troubled Families programme               rewarding job – and to be able to             Creating millions more jobs is one of the
and champion Family Hubs to               combine a rewarding career with raising       Conservatives’ proudest achievements.
serve vulnerable families with the        a family or caring for elderly or disabled    A Labour Government that makes it
intensive, integrated support they        relatives, rather than being forced to        harder for businesses to grow and to hire –
need to care for children – from the      prioritise between them. We want to           that allows people to sink into dependency
early years and throughout their          make sure that you get to keep more of        rather than encouraging them to work and
lives.                                    the money you earn, and that we keep          earn – could undo all of this progress.
                                          your bills low. And we want to make
                                          sure that those who can’t work, or have       A majority Conservative Government
                                          entered retirement, get the level of          will deliver a major package of measures
                                          support they need.                            designed to ensure that it always pays to
                                                                                        work, while doing everything we can to
                                          We have focused, over the past decade,        protect and support those who cannot –
                                          on making sure that work always pays          and to address the cost of living pressures
                                          – particularly for those most in need of      that we all face.
                                          support. We have raised the minimum
                                          wage significantly and introduced and
                                          consistently raised the National Living
                                          Wage. We have doubled the personal
 We promise not to raise the rates of
  income tax, National Insurance or
  VAT. This is a tax guarantee that will
  protect the incomes of hard-working
  families across the next Parliament.

 We not only want to freeze taxes,
  but to cut them too. We will raise
  the National Insurance threshold
  to £9,500 next year – representing
  a tax cut for 31 million workers.
  Our ultimate ambition is to ensure
  that the first £12,500 you earn is
  completely free of tax – which would
  put almost £500 per year in people’s

 Raising a family should be the most
  fulfilling experience of your life. But
  for too many parents, the costs of
  childcare are a heavy burden. We want
  to give parents the freedom, support
  and choice to look after their children
  in the way that works best for them.
  We will establish a new £1 billion fund
  to help create more high quality,
  affordable childcare, including before
  and after school and during the
  school holidays.

 For many families, energy costs are
  a major source of financial pressure.
  We will keep our existing energy
  cap and introduce new measures
  to lower bills. We will also give the
  Competition and Markets Authority
  enhanced powers to tackle consumer
                                                                             Mark Lehain
  rip-offs and bad business practices.
                                                      Candidate for Newcastle upon Tyne North
  We recognise that water bills can be      Founder and Former Principal of Bedford Free School
a major source of financial pressure,
  so will extend the water rebate for
  those in the South West.

 On entering Government in 2010,
  the Conservatives acted decisively
  to protect the UK’s pensioners. The
  ‘triple lock’ we introduced has meant
  that those who have worked hard and
  put in for decades can be confident
  that the state will be there to support
  them when they need it. We will
  keep the triple lock, the winter fuel
  payment, the older person’s bus
  pass and other pensioner benefits,
  ensuring that older people have the
  security and dignity they deserve.
  We recognise the value of free TV
  licences for over-75s and believe
  they should be funded by the BBC.

 A number of workers,
  disproportionately women, who
  earn between £10,000 and £12,500
  have been missing out on pension
  benefits because of a loophole
  affecting people with net pay
  pension schemes. We will conduct
  a comprehensive review to look at
  how to fix this issue.

 We will use our freedom from the EU
  to improve the UK’s tax regime – not
  least by abolishing the tampon tax.
Martin Dowey
                                         Candidate for Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock
                                         Former Police Officer

                                             To help those looking after family           increase SEND funding and support
                                              members, especially women, we                pupils, students and adults to get
                                              will support the main carer in any           careers advice, internships, and
                                              household receiving the Universal            transition into work. We will reduce
                                              Credit payment. And we will continue         the disability employment gap.
                                              our efforts through the tax and
                                              benefits system to reduce poverty,
                                              including child poverty. Children
                                                                                        Make our
                                              should grow up in an environment          country safer
                                              with no limits to their potential –
                                              which is one of the reasons we are        Our first duty as a Government is to
 We as Conservatives believe that            making it a priority to put more          keep our country safe. One of Boris
  everyone who can work, should               money in the pockets of low-paid          Johnson’s first actions as Prime
  work – and that it should always            workers and maintaining our               Minister was to start recruiting
  pay them to do so. But we also              commitment to free school meals.          20,000 new police officers. These
  believe that those who truly can’t                                                    new officers will take violent
  work must be given the help they           We will also extend the entitlement       criminals off the streets and protect
  need. That is why we will continue          to leave for unpaid carers, the           us and our country.
  the roll-out of Universal Credit,           majority of whom are women, to
  which combines multiple benefits            one week.                                 The Conservatives will always back the
  into one while building a clearer                                                     brave men and women of our police
  pathway from welfare into work. We         As part of our efforts to empower         and security services, which is why
  have already acted to increase work         and support disabled people,we            we will empower the police, backing
  allowances, a move worth £630               will reduce the number of                 the increased use of stop and search
  to working families with children,          reassessments a disabled person           as long as it is fair and proportionate.
  and those with disabilities, and            must go through when a significant        And we will provide them with the
  we will do more to make sure that           change in condition is unlikely –         equipment they need.
  Universal Credit works for the most         because you should not have to
  vulnerable. We will also end the            provide repeated proof of your            We need a fair justice system – one that
  benefit freeze, while making sure it        disability in order to receive support.   stands for the law-abiding majority, not
  pays to work more hours.                    We will publish a National Strategy       the criminal minority, and that gives a
                                              for Disabled People before the            second chance to those who have served
 At the same time, we will make              end of 2020. This will look at ways       their time and wish to make a fresh start.
  sure those who cheat the system             to improve the benefits system,
  by committing benefit fraud are             opportunities and access for
  punished. There is no excuse for            disabled people in terms of housing,
  exploiting others who have worked           education, transport and jobs. It will
  hard and paid in.                           include our existing commitments to

Adam Wordsworth
  Candidate for Weaver Vale
  Former Police Officer

                                                                                                       Our plan to cut crime
                                                                                                        We will back our police by equipping
                                                                                                         officers with the powers and tools
                                                                                                         they need to keep themselves and
                                                                                                         all of us safe, including tasers and
                                                                                                         body cameras. We will put the Police
                                                                                                         Covenant into law to ensure they
                                                                                                         have the support they need.

                                                                                                        Police will be empowered by a new
                                                                                                         court order to target known knife
                                                                                                         carriers, making it easier for officers
                                                                                                         to stop and search those convicted
                                                                                                         of knife crime. Anyone charged with
                                                                                                         knife possession will appear before
                                                                                                         magistrates within days not weeks.
                                                                                                         Those who use a knife as a weapon
                                                                                                         should go to prison.
In order to successfully keep our streets safe, we need to turn people away from
crime and end the cycle of reoffending:
                                                                                                        We will introduce tougher
                                                                                                         sentencing for the worst offenders
Youth offending                     Addiction                         Rehabilitation                     and end automatic halfway release
Young people are less likely to     Drug addiction fuels              We will create a prisoner          from prison for serious crimes. For
get into trouble in a well-         crime, violence and family        education service focused          child murderers, there will be life
disciplined school, which is        breakdown – and new               on work-based training             imprisonment without parole.
why we will back teachers           dangerous substances are          and skills. We will improve
to enforce discipline. We are       driving an increase in deaths     employment opportunities          We will use our new freedoms after
investing £500 million in youth     from drug abuse. We will          for ex-offenders, including a      Brexit to prevent more foreign
services for young people. If       tackle drug-related crime, and    job coach in each prison. This     national offenders entering our
they endanger others, we will       at the same time take a new       approach is proven to reduce
                                                                                                         country. We will cut the number
put them in new alternative         approach to treatment so we       reoffending. We are improving
                                                                                                         of foreign nationals in our prisons,
provision schools. If they are      can reduce drug deaths and        prison security to protect
                                                                                                         and increase penalties to stop them
offenders, we are trialling         break the cycle of crime linked   staff, stop drug smuggling and
Secure Schools. New laws will       to addiction.                     reduce violence.                   returning.
require schools, police, councils
and health authorities to work                                                                          We will back all those who put their
together through Violence                                                                                lives on the line to keep us safe
Reduction Units to prevent                                                                               – police and prison officers and
serious crime.

emergency service workers. We will         We will counter the growing threat         We will tackle unauthorised
  pass the Police Protection Bill and         of serious and organised crime. We          traveller camps. We will give the
  consult on doubling the maximum             will strengthen the National Crime          police new powers to arrest and
  sentence for assaulting workers in          Agency so it can tackle the threats         seize the property and vehicles of
  emergency services such as police           we face, from fraud, county lines           trespassers who set up unauthorised
  officers, firefighters and paramedics.      gangs and child sexual abuse to illicit     encampments, in order to protect our
                                              finance, modern slavery and people-         communities. We will make intentional
 We will strengthen the                      trafficking.                                trespass a criminal offence, and we
  accountability of elected Police and                                                    will also give councils greater powers
  Crime Commissioners and expand             We will add 10,000 more prison              within the planning system.
  their role. People must have an             places, with £2.75 billion already
  accountable local leader delivering on      committed to refurbishing and             Supporting all victims
  their crime and justice priorities, who     creating modern prisons.
  they can vote out.
                                                                                        of crime
                                             We will maintain the ban on               Delivering justice does not just mean
 We will expand electronic tagging           prisoners voting from jail.               treating defendants fairly, but doing
  for criminals serving time outside                                                    right by victims. So we will pass
  jail, including the use of sobriety        We will conduct a root-and-branch         and implement a Victims’ Law that
  tags for those whose offending is           review of the parole system to            guarantees victims’ rights and the
  fuelled by alcohol.                         improve accountability and public         level of support they can expect.
                                              safety, giving victims the right to
 We will toughen community                   attend hearings for the first time, and    We will support all victims of
  sentences, for example by tightening        we will establish a Royal Commission        domestic abuse and pass the
  curfews and making those convicted          on the criminal justice process.            Domestic Abuse Bill. We will increase
  do more hours of community payback                                                      support for refuges and community
  to clean up our parks and streets.         We will combat extremism and do             support for victims of rape and
                                              all we can to ensure that extremists        sexual abuse. We will pilot integrated
 We will embrace new technologies            never receive public money.                 domestic abuse courts that address
  and crack down on online crimes.                                                        criminal and family matters in parallel.
  We will create a new national cyber        We will keep our country safe from
  crime force and empower the police          terrorism. We will invest in the           We will continue to fight crime
  to safely use new technologies like         police and security services and            against women and girls, including
  biometrics and artificial intelligence,     give them the powers they need to           rape, Female Genital Mutilation and
  along with the use of DNA, within a         combat new threats. In the wake of          forced marriage. Our support for the
  strict legal framework. We will also        the terrible events in Manchester in        main carer receiving Universal Credit
  create a world-class National Crime         2017, we will improve the safety and        will help give greater independence
  Laboratory.                                 security of public venues.                  to individuals, most often women,
                                                                                          trapped with coercive partners.

 We will protect people from                  Fix our immigration                         Attracting the best and
  physical attack or harassment                                                            brightest
  whether for their sex, sexual                system
  orientation, ethnicity, religion or                                                      We want the UK to be a magnet for
  disability, and expand funding for           The vote to leave the EU was, among         the best and brightest, with special
  and protect places of worship. We            other things, a vote to take back           immigration routes for those who
  will vigorously combat harassment            control of our borders.                     will make the biggest contribution.
  and violence against all religious                                                       We will create bespoke visa schemes
  groups, and against LGBT people.             That is why a majority Conservative         for new migrants who will fill
  We will ensure that those who                Government will get Brexit done,            shortages in our public services,
  work in countering extremism                 and then introduce a firmer and             build the companies and innovations
  are protected from threats and               fairer Australian-style points-based        of the future and benefit Britain for
  intimidation. We will ban public             immigration system, so that we can          years to come. These include:
  bodies from imposing their                   decide who comes to this country on
  own direct or indirect boycotts,             the basis of the skills they have and        The NHS Visa. Qualified doctors,
  disinvestment or sanctions campaigns         the contribution they can make – not          nurses and allied health
  against foreign countries. These             where they come from. Migrants will           professionals with a job offer from
  undermine community cohesion.                contribute to the NHS – and pay in            the NHS, who have been trained
                                               before they can receive benefits.             to a recognised standard, and who
 We will legislate to make the UK                                                           have good working English, will be
  the safest place in the world to be          Our new system gives us real control          offered fast-track entry, reduced
  online – protecting children from            over who is coming in and out. It             visa fees and dedicated support to
  online abuse and harms, protecting           allows us to attract the best and             come to the UK with their families.
  the most vulnerable from accessing           brightest from all over the world.
  harmful content, and ensuring there                                                       Actively recruiting leaders in their
  is no safe space for terrorists to           Only by establishing immigration              field to come to the UK. The small
  hide online – but at the same time           controls and ending freedom of                number of the best technology and
  defending freedom of expression and          movement will we be able to attract           science graduates from the top
  in particular recognising and defending      the high-skilled workers we need              universities in the world and those
  the invaluable role of a free press. Also,   to contribute to our economy, our             who win top scientific prizes will be
  given how the online worldis moving,         communities and our public services.          offered fast-track entry to the UK –
  the Gambling Act is increasingly             There will be fewer lower-skilled             these people can do more than any
  becoming an analogue law in a digital        migrants and overall numbers will come        others to drive scientific progress
  age. We will review it, with a particular    down. And we will ensure that the British     and help our NHS and our economy.
  focus on tackling issues around loot         people are always in control.
  boxes and credit card misuse.

Sajid Javid                                                      Priti Patel
Candidate for Bromsgrove                                         Candidate for Witham
Chancellor of the Exchequer                                      Home Secretary

Our Australian-                              We will not allow serious criminals
                                              into the country. If people abuse our
                                                                                        We will treat EU and non-EU citizens
                                                                                         equally. Regardless of whether they
style points-based                            hospitality, we will remove them as        are from Europe or another part of

system                                        quickly as possible.                       the world, we welcome people who
                                                                                         meet our criteria.
We will prioritise people who:               We will keep track of who is coming in
 Have a good grasp of English                and out of our country.                   We want EU citizens who came to live
                                                                                         in the UK before Brexit to stay – and
 Have been law-abiding citizens in
                                             We will overhaul the current               we have committed absolutely to
  their own countries
                                              immigration system, and make it            guaranteeing their existing rights and
 Have good education and                     more fair and compassionate –              ensuring that they feel a welcomed
  qualifications                              what happened to the Windrush              and valued part of our country and
                                              generation was horrific and we will        community after Brexit. That is why
Most people coming into the country           ensure it never happens again. We          we introduced the EU Settlement
will need a clear job offer. In addition:     are committed to the Windrush              Scheme.
                                              compensation scheme.

 Our student visa will help universities
                                        attract talented young people and
                                        allow those students to stay on to apply
                                        for work here after they graduate.

                                       Our start-up visa, alongside our
                                        new rules for those of exceptional
                                        talent, will ensure that we can
                                        attract the entrepreneurs of the
                                        future who want to start great
                                        businesses here in the UK.

                                      Integration and
                                      We want our party, and our
                                      Government, to represent modern
                                      Britain – a diverse and tolerant
                                      country with confidence in its own
                                      identity and values. We believe the
                                      enduring beliefs that unite us are far
                                      more important than our differences.

                                      Our society has been enriched by
                                      immigration and we will always
                                      recognise the contribution of those who
                                      have helped build our public services,
                                      businesses, culture and communities.

                                      We will ensure no matter where in the
                                      world you or your family come from,
                                      your rights will be respected and you will
                                      be treated with fairness and dignity.

                                      We will tackle prejudice, racism
     Marc Nykolyszyn                  and discrimination and address the
                                      complex reasons why some groups do
     Candidate for Nottingham South
                                      less well at school, earn less at work,
     Ocean Conservationist            or are more likely to be victims of
crime. We will act to improve the lives        We will ensure that the historic              charges on those who come to our
of all and reject the politics of division.     contribution of migrant groups is             country and use our health services
Our priority is to focus on practical           recognised. We will maintain our              without contributing, doubling the
solutions that make a real difference           support for a memorial recognising            budget for our health tourism
to people’s lives.                              the contribution of the Windrush              enforcement unit. We will continue
                                                Generation in a prominent site in             to offer free emergency care to
 We will boost English language                London.                                       anyone who needs it.
  teaching to empower existing
  migrants and help promote                   Contributing to our                           In order to help communities cope
  integration into society.                                                                  better with pressures on public
                                              country                                        services, we will ensure that new GP
 We will back the National Citizen           It is a basic point of principle – and         and school places are delivered ahead
  Service and promote it in schools           natural justice – that you should not          of people moving into new housing
  as a way of bringing communities            be able to take out before you have put        developments, and will invest in
  together. The Youth Futures                 in. Of course we should help those in          technical skills and work incentives so
  Foundation will invest at least             genuine need – especially those who            British workers take up as many jobs as
  £90 million to improve employment           have fled from persecution. But at the         possible.
  outcomes for young people.                  same time, it is both right and fair that,
                                              as in other countries, people making         This is a package of measures that is
 We will improve the quality                 the UK their home should pay into the        fair, firm and compassionate – that
  of evidence and data within                 tax system for a reasonable period of        brings the immigration system, after
  Government about the types of               time before they can access welfare.         so many years, into line with the British
  barriers different groups face,             Our new immigration system will mean:        people’s own sense of what is right. But
  ensuring that fairness is at the                                                         we cannot do any of it unless we have a
  heart of everything we do.                   People coming into the country from        strong Conservative Government that
                                                the EU will only be able to access         can get Brexit done.
 We will continue to grant asylum              unemployment, housing, and child
  and support to refugees fleeing               benefit after five years, in the way
  persecution, with the ultimate aim            non-EEA migrants currently do.
  of helping them to return home if it
  is safe to do so.                            We will no longer allow people to
                                                claim child benefit for children
 We will champion freedom of                   living overseas.
  expression and tolerance, both in
  the UK and overseas.                         We will require new arrivals to
                                                contribute to the funding of the
                                                NHS and will increase the health
                                                surcharge to ensure it covers the
                                                full cost of use. We will also enforce
We Will Unleash
Britain’s Potential
Getting Brexit done allows us to focus on making this the best possible place to live and work
– to use our post-Brexit freedoms to build prosperity and strengthen and level up every part
of the country.
Because it is not just Britain’s potential that we want to unleash, but that of the British
Our plan means making sure people            Investing in people, restoring the fabric of    We stand for the people working every
have access to world-class public            our towns and cities, building the homes        hour they can, those taking a risk on
services, that they feel safe on the         we need, supporting science and industry,       a new idea, those challenging existing
streets, that working families get to        strengthening the great Union between the       markets. Their success is our success.
keep more of their own money, and that       United Kingdom’s four nations – that is how
we help with cost of living pressures.       we will unleash our country’s full potential.   And we stand for those who give their time
                                                                                             to help others – the charities, community
But it also means making sure that we        We are the only party that can deliver          groups and volunteers who already do so
share prosperity across the country,         this programme, because we are the only         much to make our country a better place.
addressing the longstanding economic         party that understands the symmetry
challenges in parts of the country. We       at the heart of the UK economy. That            We believe, in other words, that Britain is a
will invest responsibly and prudently        the only way to fund world-class public         great country – the greatest place on earth.
in the infrastructure that can make a        services and outstanding infrastructure         Together, we can make it greater still.
difference, and ensure communities           is to encourage the millions of British
in every corner of the United Kingdom        businesses that create the wealth of the
are pleasant, safe and prosperous.           nation – especially small businesses,
And we will invest far more in helping       family firms and the self-employed.
workers train and retrain for the jobs and
industries of the future.

Revive our towns                            A new deal for towns
and cities                                  Our new Towns Fund will help                     with local universities to do more for
                                            communities make sure their towns are            the education, health and prosperity of
People across the UK are rightly            safe to walk in and a pleasure to be in. We      their local areas.
proud of where they come from, and          want there to be things to do, great places
of their local areas. But too many          to shop and eat and transport to be easy.       Community ownership. We will
communities feel let down. Violent          Above all, we want the town’s future to be       establish a £150 million Community
crime and anti-social behaviour are         in the hands of the people who live there.       Ownership Fund to encourage local
ignored amid a backdrop of boarded-                                                          takeovers of civic organisations or
up department stores, shops and              Regenerating towns. The Towns                  community assets that are under
pubs. Great towns and cities are              Fund will go to an initial 100 towns to        threat – local football clubs, but also
being held back.                              improve their local economy – and              pubs or post offices. We will set up a
                                              they and only they will make the choice        fan-led review of football governance,
We as Conservatives want to give you          about what improvements their local            which will include consideration of
freedom – low taxes, opportunity, the         area needs.                                    the Owners and Directors Test, and
chance to realise your dreams. But we                                                        will work with fans and clubs towards
also want to give you security – safe and    Thriving high streets. We will cut taxes       introducing safe standing. And we will
pleasant streets, and the ability to take     for small retail businesses and for local      help communities that want to create
pride and comfort from the community          music venues, pubs and cinemas.                ‘pocket parks’ and regenerate derelict
around you.                                                                                  areas.
                                             Giving young people a future. As
This is why, in his first months as Prime     well as our investment in schools and         Community spirit. Through the
Minister, Boris Johnson has set out           technical education, we will invest            Cultural Investment Fund, outlined
an agenda for levelling up every part         £500 million in new youth clubs and            above, we will also support activities,
of the UK – not just investing in our         services.                                      traditions and events that bring
great towns and cities, as well as rural                                                     communities together. We will support
and coastal areas, but giving them far       Safer streets, safer towns. A new              local and regional newspapers, as
more control of how that investment is        Safer Streets Fund will invest in              vital pillars of communities and local
made. In the 21st century, we need to         preventative measures like new CCTV            democracy, including by extending
get away from the idea that ‘Whitehall        or community wardens.                          their business rates relief.
knows best’ and that all growth must
inevitably start in London. Because we       New civic infrastructure. We have
as Conservatives believe you can and          announced the largest cultural capital
must trust people and communities to          programme in a century, of £250
make the decisions that are right for         million. This will support local libraries
them.                                         and regional museums. We will work

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