GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School

GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
GROVE NEWS                                       @olgrove                                           Summer 2020

                          A few words from Mr. Dooley
So concludes the most extraordinary school term in memory. All of us have experienced and sur-              Images from
vived social and personal challenges over the last three months. Our thoughts and prayers are
specifically with those who have lost loved ones or have experienced illness in their close or ex-           Lockdown
tended families.
From a positive perspective, the period has afforded each and every one of us an opportunity to
reflect on some positives that potentially we had taken for granted. We have spent more time in
the company of those close to us. We have explored our close community in minute detail. We
have taken on a new challenge of self-improvement. We have gladfully offered help and assis-
tance in our own homes and supporting those who need us in our local area.
 Throughout the lockdown the school has been a pivotal connection point for our community. I
would like to thank all of those who work in our community for their commitment to supporting
learners and to redesigning learning and teaching practice to facilitate effective learning experi-         Shahd Almousaki
ences for them.
 Our students deserve praise as well. They have worked hard to adapt to the new normality.
They have accepted necessary personal restrictions, committed to a greater degree of autonomy
in their own learning and helped within their own homes. It is commendable how quickly they
have adapted considering how crucial a component social interaction is in their world.
 I would like to make special reference to those students in examination years. We are com-
mitted to trying to do what is morally and educationally right for you, honouring your consistent
effort and acknowledging your personal attainment as accurately as we can. You will always be
unique in what you have had to overcome. May this experience add to your resilience and perse-
                                                                                                             Ruby Ryan Swan
verance, bolstering you into the future to deal with whatever life produces.
 We spent a number of days recently remotely interviewing prospective prefect candidates. The
positions are always competitively sought after. I can assure you that having spent time with this
year’s applicants that the future is bright and in safe hands. They genuinely espoused the charac-
teristic spirit of our foundress and are a wonderful advertisement for their families and our
Finally, I would like to acknowledge the parents of our community. Thank you for setting up and
maintaining schoolwork stations, for solving technical issues, for encouragement and motivation
and for that unconditional patience, that may well have been challenged at times.
                                                                                                            Alyssa O Rourke
 We are committed to implementing whatever structures and procedures are required to enable
school life to return as quickly as is possible. I look forward to us all working together with mutu-
al support to find workable solutions for as long as the virus is in our midst.
Look after you, yours and those who require it.
Warm regards
Colm Dooley
Principal                         Green Flag for Water Conservation

                             Well done to the Green School Council who coordinated and moni-
                             tored all school activities to enable us to apply to An Taisce
                             Green School Programme to win our third Green Flag.
                                                                                                               Abir Lamchaali
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
There’s no place like home…..

           Student of the Year Awards

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the            In fifth year the nominees were Katie O Reilly,
student of the year. It is a huge achievement to be               Elaina Donoghue Gray, Aoibheann McDermott,
nominated for this award as well as to win it. The first          Ghadeer Ali, Ellen Heneghan, Laura Socca, Eavan
year nominees were Fatema Ali, Olivia Moody, Abbie Col-           Walsh and Juliette Garden with Katie O Reilly the
lins, Grainne Davis, Chiedza Walsh, Sarah Maher, Lexi             award winner.    In 6th year the nominees were
Dowling and Julia Lee with Fatema Ali the award winner.           Caoimhe McTigue, Emma Babos, Reshma Raji and
In second year the nominees were Natalie Badin, Laoise            Amy Doyle with Emma Babos winning the award.
de hOra, Niamh Ni Bhaoighill, Erin Murphy, Katie Sayers,
Jenny Cooper, Alyssa O Rourke, Grace Lattimer, Katie                        Academic Excellence
Sayers, Martina Szczepaniec, Caoimhe Finnegan, Umiyma
                                                                  The first year award winner is Fatima Ali. In sec-
Messoudi and Aoife O Neill with Katie Sayers the award
                                                                  ond year the winner is Natalie Badin while in third
winner. In third year the nominees were Anna Cunning-
                                                                  year Ciara Kelliher wins the award. Well done also
ham, Amy Maher, Riya Raji, Rusul Ali, Grace Muir, Ella
                                                                  to Leah Fleming in Transition Year and to Ellen
Kiely. Mia Arganio and Emily Badin. The winner in third
                                                                  Heneghan in fifth year for winning the academic
year is Anna Cunningham. In TY Leah Fleming and Sarah
                                                                  award for their year groups.
Wall are the students of the year.
                                                                                  Sports Person of the Year
                                                                                      Samaya Ali Hassan
                                       Gaisce Awards 2020

    Silver Awards                          A large number of students took            Orlaith Finnegan, Avril Fisher,
                                           part in the Gaisce Bronze and Sil-         Leah Fleming, Aisling Fox, Is-
    Julie Lhuilier, Kaite O’ Reilly,
                                           ver Awards. All students had to            abella Hadjer, Ailis Holland,
    Gemma Quearney, Sophie
                                           contribute to community work,              Hannah Hughes, Ana Israel,
    McNulty and Aoibheann McDer-
                                           take part in regular physical activ-       Sarah Lee, Amy Mathews,
                                           ity and continue to pursue another.        Shauna Holland, Orlaith Wal-
    Bronze Awards                          While the girls did not get to com-        lace, Sarah Wall, Diyora Sidi-
                                           plete their adventure project they         kova, Rebecca Savins, Ali-
    Emily Adderly, Huma Ahmed,
                                           instead had to complete a project          yanah Rodriguez, Sophie Red-
    Sarah Ashley, Holly Byrne,
                                           on a chosen adventure.                     den, Molly Powell, Eimear Mul-
    Katie Byrne, Mia Colleran, Ciara
                                                                                      doon, Claudia Moran, Emma
    Doyle, Rwan Elmiliek, Samaya
    Ali Hassen
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Student Leadership                              Head Girl and Deputy
                                                                               Head Girl

                                                                         Katie O Reilly and Aoibheann
                                                                         McDermott have been appointed
                                                                         Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl

                                                                         Prefects 2020/2021

                                                                         Juliette Garden, Kamila Udziela,
                                                                         Chloe Coughlan, Julie        lHuiier,
                                                                         Laura Socca, Gemma Quearney,

           1st years interview 6th years about future careers            Elaina   Donoghue    Gray,     Ellen
                                                                         Heneghan, Eavan Walsh, and Ka-
                                                                         rimah Zaiter have been appoint-

                    ‘She believes she can so she does’                   ed as Prefects.

                                                                         The Prefects work with year
We would like to thank every girl who has taken up the challenge of
                                                                         groups to help them manage the
become part of the student leadership team as a Class Captain, Stu-
                                                                         challenges of school life and also
dent Council Representative, Mentor or Prefect for all your hard work
                                                                         encourage participation in and
this year. We look forward to working with the new team in August.
                                                                         run a wide range of clubs and
We encourage every girl to do her best to be an everyday leader in
her class and in our school.

                  Class Captains 2020/2021                               Mentors 2020/2021

                                                                         The mentors work with a small
Class Captains work to promote an encouraging and engaged atmos-
                                                                         group of 1st years throughout
phere in their class and year.    They work closely with their Prefect
                                                                         the year and act as an older sis-
and the class tutor to enable student voice and contribution to the
                                                                         ter to help them as they get
school community.
                                                                         used to life in Secondary School.
The class captains for the new academic year are:
                                                                         The mentors are Holly Byrne,
2A: Lexi Dowling and Julia Lee, 2B Oliva Moody and Aisling Kelliher.     Isabella Hajder, Amy Mathews,
3A: Natalie Badin and Umiyma Messaoudi, 3B Riona Ferriter and Grace      Leah Fleming, Sarah Ashley, Abir
Lattimer.                                                                Lamchaali, Sarah Lee, Hannah
                                                                         Hughes, Molly Powell, Samaya Ali
TY: Sara Haque, Molly McDonnell, Sreya Saaji and Sinead Fitzsimons.
                                                                         Hassan, Huma Ahmed, Ana Luisa
5A: Huma Ahmed and Claudia Moran, 5B Emily Adderley and Orlaith
                                                                         Israel Da Silva, Orlaith Finnegan,
                                                                         Maria Bools, Sarah Wall, Katie
The first year class captains are appointed at mid-term.                 Byrne, Ciara Doyle, Emily Ad-

The elections to the Student Council will take place in Pastoral Care    drley, Iciar Guerrero, Sophie
on our return.                                                           Redden and Claudia Moran.
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Transition Year News
Concern Debating Competition by Sarah                Transition Year Trips to Microsoft and Museums by Leah
Wall                                                 Fleming

My TY highlight was                                  In Febuary,      TYs went on a day trip to three museums in

my      participation   in                           Dublin. We got to see paintings in the National Art Gallery,

the Concern debating                                 preserved animals at the Natural History Museum and

competition. Concern                                 artefacts in the Chester Beatty Library. Highlights included

is a humanitarian or-                                seeing a preserved human brain, animals that are now extinct,

ganisation that strives for a world free from        the abstract sculptures and the many books in the library. It

poverty, fear and oppression. Concern was a          was a really interesting and fun day that had something for

wonderful opportunity to develop my public           everyone.

speaking skills, to get familiar with the lan-

guage of argument for Leaving Cert English

and to gain a well-rounded education on very

interesting and relevant world issues. Some of

the motions I participated in were; ‘The EU
                                                         The TY class also attended Microsoft Dreamspace that
needs an army,’ ‘Volunteering abroad does
                                                         month. We were given a tour of the wonderful building and
more harm than good,’ ‘Nuclear power is essen-
                                                         our guides described what working life in micrsoft is like.
tial for a clean energy future’ and ‘Civil disobe-
                                                         They spoke about different sectors of work and employee
dience is needed to achieve real SDG results.’
                                                         benefits. The group learnt how to code and created songs
I have seen the benefits of the skills I have
                                                         and messages on light boards. We made fun mixed reality
gained in the amelioration of my essay writing,
                                                         videos in small groups and pkayed them to the class. We all
increased public speaking confidence and im-
                                                         enjoyed our day at Microsoft!
provements in my ability to present an argu-

ment or opinion eloquently and effectively. I

would recommend everyone to take part in

Concern during TY as it is incredibly interest-

ing and the skills gained will benefit you for


                                              Thank you to all who took part and suggested wellbeing activities this year and
                                              particular these last few months. Here is link to wellbeing resources that might
                                              help you support your wellbeing and that of those around you. And remember,
                                              ask for help if you need it and give help if you can.

GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Top Tips for Transition Year                 by Sarah Wall

Be open minded: TY will introduce you to loads of new subjects and work experience opportunities.
Don’t limit yourself by automatically closing yourself off from things. Try everything- chances are
you will love most of them, and the ones you don’t will still provide you with valuable skills and help
build your character.

Get Involved: TY is the perfect oppor-                              tunity to become a more active
member of the school community. This                                year is your chance to start work-
ing towards a leadership role in 6th year                           or to participate in activities that
will make your CV stand out in the future.                          There are plenty of opportunities such as the TY Play or
the Christmas Bake-off!

Get to know new people :TY will really                           bring your year together and allow you to bond as you
make loads of memories through all of                            your trips and activities. You will get to spend time with
people you may not have known well. Make sure you use this chance to branch out of your friendship groups and get to
know new people. Having good, supportive friendships will make your TY highlights even brighter and your stressful mo-
ments as you enter Leaving Cert more manageable.

                       Branch out: Don’t lock yourself into your comfort zone by keeping your range of interests small and
                       familiar. TY is the time to discover talents and passions you never knew you had. Use Gaisce as your
                       chance to take up the sport you’ve always wanted to play or to start learning a new instrument.

                     Use your new independence wisely: You will expe-                                     rience a new sense of
                     independence in TY. Make sure you are using your                                     ‘free time’ to keep up
                     with projects and your portfolio. You will be ex-                                    pected to manage
                     your work experience and Gaisce activities. The                                      initiative and self-
motivation expected of you in TY are crucial skills that will be vital as you                             move into Leaving

Take every opportunity: TY will present you with so many new and exciting opportunities- take every one you get. You
have nothing to lose when it comes to trying new things. Everything you do will teach you something new! As cliché as it
may sound; “you get out of TY what you put in” is true, so give it socks!

Make the most of your free time: You are going to have a lot more free time inside and outside of school. Use this as an
opportunity to do the things you didn’t have time for in 3rd year. Don’t allow your TY to go down the drain by not using it to
your advantage.

                      Make a Difference: This is your chance to dedicate your time to making a difference in our school
                      as well as the wider community. There are so many ways to do this including green schools, student
                      council, fundraising and community work.

                      Push yourself: Your TY will be a success if you give yourself the opportunity to grow as a
                      person and develop new skills and interests. This can’t be achieved if you don’t allow your-
                      self to experience new things. I challenge you to do one new thing that takes you out of
                      your comfort zone every month during your Transition Year.

Have Fun: This is the most important tip! It is very rare to have a full year dedicated to non-academic skills,
personal growth, trips and work experience. Enjoy the break from all the stress and make the most of every-
thing you do. TY is what you make of it- so make it great!
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Grove Sports
                                                          Hockey News
   It was a busy hockey season this year with all teams (Senior, Junior and 1st Year) taking part in the Leinster

   School Girls League as well as the local shield. We would like to say a big thank you to the captains who helped

   coordinate their respective teams in preparation for matches, along with the coaches who worked tirelessly

   with the girls during training. The biggest news of the year was the unveiling of the new hockey pitch. It

   is wonderful to finally see the girls out playing on the new surface and the girls are no doubt delighted that

   they no longer have to make the journey up and down to UCD! We would like to congratulate

   our Senior hockey team who won the local Dublin South Central Schools Hockey Shield.

       The Team                                                                  Leinster and International Success
       Orna Bools
       Rachael Morton                                         Orna Bools represented Leinster at U-18 level this year and she
       Kristen Swan Ducoté
       Katie O'Reilly                                         went on to be selected for the Irish U-18 squad. She was due to
       Gemma Quearney                                         travel to Russia this summer but unfortunately the trip had to be
       Julie Lhuillier
       Aoibheann McDermott                                    cancelled. The team will now take part in a European Champion-
       Kamila Udziela                                         ship next summer. We wish Orna every success in her Hockey
       Maria Bools
       Rachel Skelly                                          going forward and we hope she continues her success at Provin-
       Sarah Lee                                              cial and International level.
       Carla Quinlan
       Isabella Hajder
       Zara Nelson      Well done to all the girls who took part in virtual 5k events to raise money for
       Kelci Ronayne    many charitable events throughout the lockdown and to all of you who have
       Doyle                   walked, hiked, danced, ran and yogaed your way through March, April and May.

                                                 Netball News
Well done to all our dedicated Netball players who all played                         This year she traveled to Isle of Man, where her
exceptionally well during the league. Looking forward to what                         team took home the cup. This is the first time Ire-
next year can bring! Congratulations to the Junior Netball                            land has won this championship.
           nd           rd
Team (2         and 3        years) who came second in their league.                  Her team beat Gibraltar, Malta and Isle of Man to
This is a fantastic achievement for all the hard work and ded-                        take first place in the European
ication throughout the year.              Congratulations also to Avril               championships.
Fisher.    Avril has represented Ireland in Netball. Avril has                        Avril along with Samaya have
played for the Irish U17s team for the last two years. Avril                          been coaching the first year Net-
holds a gold medal. In the first year she travelled to Gibral-                        ball team as part of their Gaisce.
tar.                                                                                  Thank you for all your hard work.
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Welcome to Our Lady’s Grove to our new First Years

                Everyone in Our Lady’s Grove is looking forward to welcoming you to your new school!

Welcome to OLG! It seems like yesterday that I stepped into the school for the first time with a huge
schoolbag and in a new uniform. In reality it was in August 2014, that I arrived as a 1st year unaware of the
opportunities, memories, unforgettable learning and great times that lay ahead. I was the only one from my
primary school to come here, which may have seemed daunting at first, but really pushed me to branch out.
There are so many things I am going to miss about this place. The people for a start. All the staff and every
student from every year make this place feel like home. It may feel daunting walking in to a new environment
with over three hundred people you don’t know, but in reality there’s three hundred people to help you along
your way, helping you find your class, help you pick up something when it falls and smile at you on the hallway.
I will of course miss the teachers that are so welcoming, and put everything into teaching us. The teachers
have helped me, and will help you through these six years by reassuring us through exams, helping us individual-
ly understand a topic that we thought we could never
grasp, laughing with us and being an ear when we need ad-
vice. Talking about laughing, I will miss the endless laughing
and good memories from our yearly dance off, sing off,
bake off, volleyball match and school trips to name a few.
Not to mention, the daily laughs with best friends I’ve
made here. I just want to say enjoy the years, they really
do fly by and take every opportunity that arises. As
Dr.Seuss said “You’re off to great places, today is your
day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.’ Best of
luck and enjoy the years!
Emma Babos (Outgoing Head Girl)

                                        Meet your mentors:

                      Mentors are girls in 5 th year whose role is to help you get to
                      know everyone in your class, help you get organised and to
                      answer any questions you have. Think of your 5 th year as a
                      friendly (not bossy) big sister who is there for you if you ev-
                      er need anything, who will visit you at lunchtimes and breaks
                      and who will do activities and games with you. The mentors
                      are really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know
                      you when you come to Our Lady’s Grove.
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Check out to find out all about the extra-curricular activ-
                                                            ities you can do, from Hockey, Netball, Athletics, Tennis, Pilates, Camo-
  Dear 6th Classer !                                           gie to Debating, Book club, Drama club, Languages clubs, and many
                                                                  more, there is always somewhere to go and something to do at
 A few wise words from an almost 2nd year…..                                        lunchtime and after school.

 Dear 6th Classer,
 Firstly, welcome to Our Lady’s Grove and to second-       You’ll also share a base room with them, this is where your
 ary school! This is an important moment in your life      locker will be and where you spend lunch. Each class has a
 and one you’ll never forget. In secondary school          tutor, this is a teacher that basically looks after your class,
 you’ll make memories and friends that’ll last a life-     check your journals, meet with your subject teachers and give
 time! I know it must be extremely sad that you can’t      you updates on what’s going on in the school.
 share your last day of sixth class with your friends      You might be coming into this school knowing a few girls be-
 from primary school and it must be extremely nerve        cause they were in your primary school or they do an after
 racking to be thrown in at the deep end knowing           school activity with you but, otherwise you’ll be meeting a lot
 very little about secondary school. That’s where I        of your classmates for the first time, which it quite scary. Just
 come in, I’m going to tell you the basics about Our       remember that everyone is in same boat as you and that it’ll
 Lady’s Grove and secondary school in general.             all work out eventually.
 Our Lady’s grove is a very welcoming school and you’ll    First year is something to enjoy. You’ll be nervous at first
 feel comfortable in no time, when we came into the                         but soon enough you’ll become quite com-
 school we had a three day induction that let us get                            fortable with these girls. Try you best at all
 to know the girls in our year, the building and some                           subjects, even if you don’t like them be-
 of the teachers. There will be two classes 1A and                              cause you might find that you’re really good
 1B, you’ll be with the girls in your class                                     at it. But most importantly be yourself be-
 for subjects like English, Geography, Classics, Sci-                           cause that’s all you need.
 ence and many more.                                                            Have fun!

                                                           Olivia Moody (Current 1st year soon to be 2nd year)

                                               About The Student Council
                                                                                by Claudia Moran (Chairperson)

           A huge part of the school community here, is the student council. As a committee we strive to have a positive
           impact on our school and to ensure the students have a voice that is both heard and respected. Each member
           of the student council is nominated by classmates at the beginning of the school year and attends meetings
           approximately once a month. Representatives bring new ideas from classmates and presents them at meet-
           ings. Jobs are also divided up at meetings and announcements given to be passed on to the classes. This year,
the student council 19/20 were instrumental in finalising and evaluating CREATE Week – a well-being week that included
a cake making competition, pet-selfie competition, dress up day, a petting zoo and much more. We also got the oppor-
tunity to evaluate the school uniform policy and the starting, ending, break and lunch times for the school day. As well as
that we organised our very first school digital suggestion box. Student council will be an opportunity offered to each of
you at the start of the year, you might like to join to be a voice for your class mates, you may be interested in bringing
new ideas forward, or you may want to join to be a part of a group that tries to make a positive difference to student
lives in school. As new students entering secondary school we hope you take every opportunity that comes your way and
consider becoming part of the student council.
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Final Words from the Class of 2020
Congratulations to the new student leadership           Welcome new first years, we hope that you enjoy
team!   We want to say well done for your hard          settling into Our Lady’s Grove and meeting new
work not only throughout your five years but            people while also getting to experience many new
pushing yourself to excel apart from academics in       things on your journey. Trust me when I say that
6th year. You will grow as a team, work together        you will have a great six years here and you will
and don’t be afraid to ask for help !      “Coming      find a new school family. It is a great community
together is a beginning. Keeping together is pro-       full of people who will not hesitate to help if you
gress. Working together is success “                    need it. Good luck in your new school!

To our new second years, I hope despite all the
                                                        To the new third years: Welcome to the final year
uncertainty that was at the end of this academic
                                                        of your junior cycle course. As your approach your
year that you are all more settled into secondary
                                                        first set of state exams, you may feel anxious. But
school life. Whatever happens next, we know that
                                                        take it from us, if you keep your head down and
the next academic year will be different to any
                                                        work steadily along, you will be fully prepared.
you will experience. Take time to enjoy it and
                                                        Though      no-one   knows    what   the   future   holds
don't worry about everything else that's going on
                                                        through these unprecedented times, try to keep
and we promise you that you'll do great.
                                                        your spirits up. Do this by taking care of your

To the new fourth years: Congratulations on             mental and physical health and taking time for

completing junior cycle especially with the added       yourself.

pressures of these unprecedented times. Make
                                                        Sixth years, we are well aware you are facing into a
the most of all the opportunities and experiences
                                                        difficult year. As with us things are uncertain and un-
that arise. You have the strong school support
                                                        clear. We want to wish you all the best. Keep working
behind you, there to help you along your way.
                                                        consistently and keep your eye on the finish line. Cours-
Take this year to really explore every pathway
                                                        es will be complete, exams will be done and in the blink
whether it’s sport, academic or otherwise. Try
                                                        of an eye you will have arrived at the much anticipated
everything and you might surprise yourself with
                                                        summer of 2021. Support each other because that is
where your passions lie. Best of luck and make
                                                        the most valuable thing during the testing days and
the most out of this year ! Remember “if some-
                                                        You're all in the same boat. We speak for many when
thing doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’
                                                        we say sixth year was the high point of our time in
To the fifth years: We hope that your enjoyed tran-     OLG. So create the memories while also keeping on top
sition year and all the experiences and opportunities   of the work of course. We wish you all the best!
that were presented to you. Coming into senior cy-
cle may seem daunting at first but my best advice                And make sure you beat the teachers in
for you is to keep your head down and get all the
                                                                 the volleyball next year! Best wishes and
hard work done this year. The secret of getting
                                                                 thanks to you all!
ahead is getting started. Best of luck !
GROVE NEWS - Our Lady's Grove Secondary School
Farewell to the Class of 2020

We wish the class of 2020 happiness, good health and success in everything
 they do and look forward to a special evening of celebration with them in
                         the new academic year.
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