Fall Fest       FALL 2018
                Resident Registration Begins August 20
September 22
 More Details   Non-Resident Registration Begins August 27

      At our Fall Fest you can choose among
             the following attractions
   Monster Truck Bounce               Pony Rides                     Carnival Rides
    Balloon Sculptures            Pumpkin Patch/Wheel              Pom Performance
Giant Inflatable Double Slide        Face Painting             Build your own Cupcake*
    Haunted Fun House                 Scrambler                      Concessions*
    Candy Bag / Candy           Giant Cupcake Eating Contest         Taffy Apples*
   Musical Pumpkin Walk

            NOTE: Most rides and attractions are geared towards children 3 years and older.

Day & Date: Saturday, September 22
Time:		       12:00 Noon - 4:00 p.m.
                                                               Parents need to stay with their children to
Ages:		       1 - 12 Years
                                                               make sure they enjoy all of the fun games
Location:     Kasey Meadow Park
                                                               and attractions safely. Parents are $4 with
		            8047 W. 91st Pl.
                                                                 their child’s paid admission. (Pre-sale)
Fee: $4 for children 1 - 2 Years			             205214-01
       $10 for children 3 - 12 Yrs			           205214-02
                                                                Fall Festival pre sale tickets will be sold
       $4 for teens & adults 13 Years & up      205214-03
    $12 on the day of the Fall Fest, no matter the age.
                                                               Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Pre-registration ends on September 21 at 5:00 p.m.

    *There is an additional cost for build your own cupcake, taffy apples, & concessions.
ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES                                                                                        PARK BOARD MEETINGS
Cynthia Neal Administration & Recreation Center                                                                 2nd Monday of the Month*
8047 W. 91st Place                                                                                                     8047 W. 91st Place
Hickory Hills, IL 60457                                                                                                       at 7:00 p.m.
(708) 598-1233                                                                                                            Public Welcome
                                                                                          *October’s board meeting is Monday, October 15.
Krueger Park Recreation Center
9100 S. 88th Avenue
Hickory Hills, IL 60457                                                                     Hearing Impaired • T.D.D. Users 1-800-526-0844
(708) 599-7337
                                                                            Hearing Impaired • Able to use your own voice 1-800-526-0857
Monday –
       ­ Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

WEB SITE                                                                      Registration forms can be found in the back of the brochure
www.hhparkdistrict.org                                                                            and on our web site.
                                                           BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS
                                  A special thanks to the Commissioners who serve without any compensation.
       Joann Jerantowski                        Patrick Kosnick                 Sandra Morgan                                 Robert Peterson
         (1989 • 2021)                          (1991 • 2021)                   (1990 • 2021)                                 (2015 • 2019)

                                                           PARKS & RECREATION STAFF
Jennifer Fullerton............................ Executive Director                      Dan Maier.........................................Recreation Director
Jim Murphy.................................Maintenance Director                        Tammy Muth.............................Administrative Assistant

             The following representatives may be contacted for information about their organizations
     Summit Rebels Youth Football                          Hickory Willow Swim Association                  Hickory Hills Youth Baseball
    Call: Jon Jendral 630-209-0594                         Call: Tom Rieman 312-301-1870                Call: George Czarnik 312-919-0295

 Palos Hills Municipal Golf Course                                           Lightning Warning System
 The Hickory Hills Park District has a reciprocating residency agreement     The park district’s lightning warning system will be turned on April
 with the Palos Hills Municipal Golf Course, which allows Hickory Hills      through October. The system warns park users if lightning is in the
 residents to have access to the golf course at the Palos Hills resident     area. The system is operational at Kasey Meadow, Krueger, and Mar-
 rate. This agreement applies strictly to the golf course and in no way      tin Parks. If you hear a horn blast, this is your warning to take cover
 pertains to other park department programs.                                 immediately. Play should be suspended until the all-clear signal,
                    Palos Hills Municipal Golf Course;                       three short 5-second blasts, is heard. This system is mechanical and
                   7301 W. 105th Street, Palos Hills, IL                     may malfunction. Always use common sense, if you hear thunder or
                 Call (708)599-0202 for 2017 Golf Fees                       see lightning do not wait for the system to activate: TAKE COVER IM-
                                                                             MEDIATELY. When planning outdoor activities it is advisable to check
Tennis Court Rules                                                           the weather forecast. Your cooperation is appreciated.
• Hours: 9 a.m. until 10 p.m.
• Smooth soled shoes only.                                                  Special Recreation
• Park sponsored programs have priority.                                    Through a cooperative agreement between the Hickory Hills Park District
• No bikes, skateboards, or roller blades allowed on courts.                and South West Special Rec (SWSRA), children and adults who have a
• No food or drinks in court area.                                          disability, (handicap or special needs) will have the opportunity to par-
• When others are waiting, please limit play to one hour.                   ticipate in the special recreation program at SWSRA. For more informa-
                                                                            tion, call the SWSRA Office at (708)389-9423, pick up a brochure at the
                                                                            Cynthia Neal Center or visit https://www.swsra.com.
 Basketball Court Rules
 • No alcoholic beverages.
 • No roller blades, skateboards, scooters or bikes allowed.
                                                                             Brochure Distribution
 • No profanity.
                                                                             The Hickory Hills Park District relies on the Bridgeview Post Office for
 • Hanging on rims or dunking is prohibited.
                                                                             mail delivery of our seasonal brochures. The Park District assumes no
 • Loud music is prohibited.
                                                                             responsibility for mail delivery. If for some reason you do not receive
 • Do not relieve yourself on grounds.
                                                                             a brochure, please pick one up at the Cynthia Neal Center, 8047 W.
 • Be courteous when others are waiting.
                                                                             91st Place, Krueger Park Rec. Center, 9100 S. 88th Avenue, or visit
 • Court closes at dusk.
 • Violations of these rules may result in the closing of the courts.

                                                                                     MSDS sheets are available on all products used
Family Member Rate Policy                                                                        by the Park District.
An immediate family member is defined as a husband, wife, and/or
child(ren) that is 24 years or younger, living in the same household.                         This brochure was designed by Angelina Kelly.

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    3 egis


                            Resident Registration Begins Monday, August 20
                          Non-Resident Registration Begins Monday, August 27
                                        Hickory Hills Park District
                               8047 W. 91st Place or 9100 S. 88th Avenue
                                         Hickory Hills, IL 60457
 *Place form and check in a sealed envelope and drop in the drop box located to the left of the front doors
                   at the Cynthia Neal Center, 8047 W. 91st Pl. Available 24 hours a day.
Registration accepted until program/trip is filled. Refunds for special events and trips will be issued only if the
                program is cancelled by the Park District. (See page 24 for more information)

Planning a birthday party? Let us do the work! Sit back and relax while our staff plans your child’s birthday party. All
birthday party packages are 2 hours long and available on Saturdays & Sundays. Call for evening hours and prices. After
you are done with your themed party, you can go into the Activity room to eat pizza, open gifts, and sing. ALL PACKAGES
INCLUDE: Refreshments, party decorations, supervised games/activities, 2 hours of fun, pizza, set up of tables &
chairs, monster truck bounce, and a party assistant. There is an additional fee for parties that need additional time.
Fairy Tale Party - Ages 1-4 Years - 206232-02 Before they head off to the fairy tale room, children can bounce around
in our Monster Truck Bounce House. All the children will make a piece of jewelry or a princess crown. Then after making
their project they can get their nails polished. We will put some sparkle glitter on them to make each child feel like a fairy
Imagination Playground Party - Ages 5-12 Years - 206232-06 Bring friends and family to help build with our new
Imagination Playground “life size” building blocks. Pieces include cylinders, bricks, chutes, channels and parts that
suggest motion and connectivity. These building blocks will inspire children to design their own inventions, environments,
and activities during your birthday party.
Sports Party - Ages 5-12 Years - 206232-04 There will be use of the gym by playing various games like soccer, dodge ball,
basketball, tag, parachute and other various games.
Tot Party - Ages 1-10 Years - 206232-01 This is perfect if you have a younger child that would love to play various games
and activities in the gym like relay races, have an obstacle course set-up, hula hoops, parachute and scooters.
NOTE: Mom/Dad will be responsible for invitations and helping with the clean up. A minimum of 2 adults per 10
children is needed to supervise the party with the party planner. There is a minimum charge for 10 children on all
parties. Registration must be done two weeks in advance. Final payment and final count are due one week prior to
your party. $100 of your payment is non-refundable to secure the date and purchase supplies.

                             Location: Krueger Park Recreation Center, 9100 S. 88th Ave.
                         Fees: $190 Resident (10-13 children); $230 Resident (14-18 children)
                           $200 Non-Resident (10-13 children); $240 Non-Resident (14-18 children)
Movie in the Park
                   SPECIAL EVENTS
                              205207-01                Sensational Soup & Paninis
                                                       Come stay warm by trying a variety of 2 - 3 soups
                                                       offered at this event. We will also have Xando’s
          Welcome to the Jungle                        famous paninis. Crackers/bread, soda, & water will be
Four teenagers are sucked into a magical video         provided. A free gift card raffle will follow dinner.
game, and the only way they can escape is to work
together to finish the game. NOTE: Concessions         Day & Date: Friday, September 28
will be available before and during the movie. The     Time:		       4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
movie is rated PG-13. Enjoy an evening under the       Ages:		       All Ages (under 16 must be
stars.                                                 		            accompanied by an adult)
                                                       Location:     Krueger Park Activity Room A & B
Day/Date:       Saturday, September 8                  Min/Max:      32/50
Rain Date:      Saturday, September 15                 Fee: Pre-Register:
Time:		         Dusk (approx. 7:30 p.m.) - 9:30 p.m.          $9 Res. Adult; $6 Resident (under 13);
Location:       Kasey Meadow Park                             $10 Non-Res. Adult; $7 Non-Res. (under 13);
Fee:            Free                                          At the door: $11 All Ages
Fall Family Campout		                  205200-01       Left, Center, Right                       246221-01
Join us for our annual campout at Kasey Meadow         LCR, short for “Left, Center, Right”, is a simple dice
Park. Fee includes face painting, music, hot dogs,     game to play. Participants roll three dice marked with
s’mores, bonfire, games, and prizes! NOTE: Bring a     3 individual dots, Left, Center, and a Right. The point
tent, camper (parking lot), snacks, and flashlights.   of the game is to roll a dot(s) in order to win the game.
Bring your own food, grilling will not be allowed. A   You will be treated to pizza, popcorn, refreshments,
minimum number of families must be registered or       and a chance to win some fabulous prizes.
the event may be cancelled. Please register early!
                                                       Day & Date:    Friday, October 12
Date:		       September 8 - 9                          Time:		        7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Day:		        Saturday - Sunday                        Ages:		        21 years & Up
Time:		       Check in: 4:00 p.m. (Sept. 8)            Location:      Krueger Park Activity Room C
		            Check out: 10:00 a.m. (Sept. 9)          Min/Max:       10/24
Ages:		       All Ages (under 21 must be               Fee:		         $10 Resident; $12 Non-Resident
		            accompanied by an adult)
Location:     Kasey Meadow Park                         Bingo Night
Min/Max:      15/30                                     Enjoy a refreshing beverage with snacks and dinner
Fee:          $24 Resident (per tent);                  while you engage in a variety of bingo games (18-
		            $29 Non-Resident (per tent)               25). Prizes will be awarded for each game winner. Sit
                                                        down & enjoy the company of your friends as we’ll
Texas Hold’em 		                      246206-01         do the rest. Every player will get to create their own
Poker Tournament                                        Bingo card for the grand prize game! NOTE: Every
Join us for this popular style of poker where prizes    player will receive multiple cards. Fee includes
will be awarded after the competition. New players      prizes, snacks, cookies, refreshments (coffee,
are welcome to play and learn while enjoying a          pop, & water), and dinner.
boxed lunch and refreshments.
                                                        Day & Date:    Friday, September 14 255275-01
Day & Date:   Tuesday, October 30                       		             Friday, October 26       255275-02
Time:		       11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.                    Time:		        5:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Ages:		       21 years & up                             Ages:		        21 years & up
Dealers:      Dan Maier & Angel Sanchez                 Location:      Krueger Park Activity Rooms A & B
Location:     Krueger Park Activity Room C              Min/Max:       30/60
Min/Max:      12/16                                     Fee:           $16 Resident; $17 Non-Resident
Fee:          $14 Resident; $16 Non-Resident
Dessert Festival
                           SPECIAL EVENTS
Bring the whole family to our sweetest event of the
                                                           Bunco Blast			                           246274-01
                                                           Enjoy an evening of Dice! Sign up to play this old
year. We will have a variety of desserts from local area   parlor dice game at Krueger Park. You will be treated
bakeries to please anyone’s sweet tooth. Beverages         to pizza, popcorn, refreshments, and a chance to win
(water, coffee, hot chocolate) will also be available.     some fabulous gift certificates and prizes. NOTE:
NOTE: A raffle will be available for a chance to win a     Beginners are welcome.
gift certificate.
                                                           Day/Date:      Friday, November 2
Day & Date:   Friday, October 19                           Time:		        7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Time:		       6:00 - 7:30 p.m.                             Ages:		        21 years & up
Ages:		       All Ages (under 16 must be                   Location:      Krueger Park Activity Room C
		            accompanied by an adult)                     Min/Max:       8/24
Location:     Krueger Park Activity Room A & B             Fee:           $11 Resident; $13 Non-Resident
Min/Max:      30/60                                        “21” Double Down                        256205-01
Fee:          12 & Up: $5 Resident; $6 Non-Res.            Do you love the game of “Blackjack”? We will enjoy
		            5-12 Years: $4 Resident; $5 Non-Res.         lunch, refreshments, and dessert before trying our
		            At the door: $7 per person                   luck in cards. Many prizes will be awarded after the
Craft/Vendor Show		                     205229-02          competition. All levels are welcome!
Do you have a special skill/craft?... Thanksgiving &
Christmas are right around the corner. A 6 foot table      Day & Date:    Tuesday, November 13
in a 10 X 10 foot space will be provided for each          Time:		        11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
registered seller. Each participant must provide their     Ages:		        21 years & up
own cash box for change and are responsible for            Dealers:       Dan Maier & Angel Sanchez
thoroughly clearing their assigned space after the sale.   Location:      Krueger Park Activity Room C
The park district will advertise this event. Concessions   Min/Max:       15/22
will be available during the event. NOTE: Deadline for     Fee:           $12 Resident; $14 Non-Resident
registration is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 7.
                                                            Grand Bingo Night		                   355375-01
Day & Date:   Saturday, November 10                         Enjoy this special Bingo event where everyone
Time:		       8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.                         is guaranteed a prize. Come for a chance to win
Ages:		       All Ages (Under 16 must be                    fabulous prizes and a chance to win the “Grand
		            accompanied by an adult)                      Prize”. Sit down & enjoy the company of your friends
Location:     Krueger Park Gym                              as we’ll do the rest. NOTE: Every player will receive
Min/Max:      15/20                                         multiple cards. Fee includes prizes, snacks,
Fee:		        $20 Resident; $25 Non-Resident;               dessert, refreshments (coffee, pop, & water), and
		            $5 Additional table in your space             dinner.
Game Night		                             243221-01
Join us for our first ever game night where we will pin     Day & Date:    Saturday, December 1
you against a competitor to answer a trivia question,       Time:		        1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
complete a challenge, or just participate in one of our     Ages:		        21 years & up
other silly challenges. Participants will be grouped as     Location:      Krueger Park Activity Rooms A & B
teams. Winning teams will receive prizes. Pizza and         Min/Max:       30/50
refreshments will be provided.                              Fee:           $18 Resident; $19 Non-Resident

Day & Date:   Friday, November 16
Time:		       7:00 - 9:00 p.m.                               NOTE: Refunds for special events, one day
Ages:		       21 years & up
                                                             program/events, and trips will be issued
Location:     Krueger Park Activity Room A & B
Min/Max:      10/24                                          only if it is cancelled by the Park District.
Fee:          $10 Resident; $12 Non-Resident                      No refunds for medical reasons.
PRESCHOOL PROGRAM                                                                                                         5
We have designed a balanced preschool program ready to meet the educational, social, emotional, motor, and creative needs of children
3 to 5 years. Preschool children will be introduced to letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and other basic concepts. Pre-Kindergarten
children will be introduced to phonics, pre-writing skills, fine motor skills, reading readiness, and number concepts. Story-time, music
activities, and seasonal art projects will be included in the program. Children must be 3 years old by September 1, 2018. All children
must be able to take care of their own bathroom needs.
Registration Information                       Preschool Tuition & Payment Schedule for Full School Year
Registration is accepted at the Cynthia          Class times are 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. or 12:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Neal Center, 8047 W. 91st Place. The                       M-F (5 days), M/W/F (3 days), or T/TH (2 days).
office is open Monday thru Friday, 9:00
a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                               Full Year Option                          M-F             M/W/F          T/TH
You must bring your child’s birth certificate Deposit due at time of registration        $100.00         $100.00        $100.00
and immunization records with you at
the time of registration. A note from your     Amount due by August 1, 2018              $540.00*        $287.00*       $227.00*
doctor stating that your child is up-to-       Amount due by September 4, 2018           $540.00         $287.00        $227.00
date on his/her shots is also acceptable.      Amount due by October 1, 2018             $540.00         $286.00        $227.00
There is an $100 non-refundable/non-
transferable deposit required when you         TOTAL FEE FOR SCHOOL YEAR:                $1720.00        $960.00        $785.00
                                              *Non-residents must add $15 to this fee which is due with the August 1, 2018 payment.
 No Refunds once Preschool begins. No Refunds for medical reasons.
 Of course, you may pay your balance in full at any time.

                           Half Year Option - Now you are able to register for only half a year at a time. Students who are
                           enrolled in the January - May option will be included in the farewell program at the end of the year.
                            Half Year Option September-December M - F                               M/W/F             T/TH
                            Fees due at time of registration                  $808R/$818NR $479R/$489NR $404R/$414NR

                            Half Year Option January-May                   M-F                    M/W/F              T/TH
                            Fees due at time of registration               $1037R/$1047NR $602R/$612NR $515R/$525NR

Mini School                                                           Preschool & Kindergarten Before & After Care
Is your child ready for a little taste of preschool, but not quite
                                                                      Is your child enrolled in half day preschool or kindergarten, and
ready to go the full 3 hours? Then Mini-School is the program
                                                                      you need somewhere for them to go the rest of the day? You
for them! This program will introduce your child to the preschool
                                                                      can sign them up for our new before or after care program. Simi-
environment in a shortened class time. Held in our preschool
                                                                      lar to the after school program, this program will only be held
classroom with one of our preschool teachers, your child will
                                                                      on full days of school (District 117). While the children are here
experience a school setting, stories, songs, craft projects, and
                                                                      they will work on their school work, play a variety of games, make
fun with peers all in a smaller amount of time. NOTE: No class
                                                                      craft projects, or play sports. Parents must contact District 117
October 8. For more details, call 708-598-1233. If you want
                                                                      for transportation price and arrangements before registering at
you can register for all 3 days.
                                                                      the Park District. Each child must provide their own lunch. A light
                                                                      snack and refreshments may be served. Any child picked up after
Day/Dates:        Mon., Sept. 24 - Nov. 5		        516513-01
                                                                      12:40 or 4:25 p.m. will be assessed a late fee (no exceptions).
		                Wed., Oct. 3 - Nov. 7		          516513-02
                                                                      NOTE: No refunds, credits, or transfers. For more details, call
		                Fri., Oct. 5 - Nov. 9		          516513-03
                                                                      708-598-1233. No before or after care on school scheduled
Time:		           12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
                                                                      days off and half days off. On team days, hours will be extended
Ages:		           2 - 4 Years
                                                                      to accommodate you. Fees due Thursday 5:00 p.m. the week
Location:         Cynthia Neal Center Preschool Room
                                                                      before or late fees apply.
Min/Max:          6/10
Fee:		            $42 Resident; $47 Non-Resident
                                                                      Before Care:
Lunch Bunch					                                        516517        Time:		          8:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
For the children enrolled in our preschool program, we are now        Fee:		           $80 Resident; $85 Non-Resident per week
offering a Lunch Bunch class extension an hour after (AM class-       After Care:
es) or before (PM classes) their class time. Each child is required   Time:		          11:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
to bring a bag lunch - lunch is not provided. NOTE: Please do         Fee:		           $102 Resident; $107 Non-Res. per week
not pack any type of peanut or peanut product in your child’s         Location:        Cynthia Neal Center Preschool Room
lunch. For more details and prices, call 708-598-1233.                Min/Max:         6/10
Korner Kickers - Outdoor
                          EARLY CHILDHOOD
This mini league will teach the young soccer stars the basics of
                                                                              Imagination Playground
                                                                               Creative minds wanted during this weekly activity build.
the game. Kids will learn basic techniques and get familiar with               Join us to build with our new Imagination Playground “life
the game and how it is played. This will be a 6 vs. 6 competition       size” building blocks. Pieces include cylinders, bricks, chutes,
(5 players & a goalie). Each team will consist of 8 players. NOTE:      channels and parts that suggest motion and connectivity.
All players will receive a t-shirt. Parents interested in coaching      These building blocks will inspire children to design their own
should contact the Recreation Director at 708-599-7337.                 inventions, environments, and activities. NOTE: Parent or
                                                                        guardian must accompany the child.
Dates:		          September 10 - October 8
Day:		            Monday                                                Dates:		         September 18 - October 23      211206-01
Time:		           5:30 - 6:30 p.m.                                      		               November 6 - December 11       311306-01
Ages:		           3 ½ - 5 Years                                         Day:		           Tuesday
Location:         Krueger Park Soccer Field                             Time:		          11:00 - 11:45 a.m.
Min/Max:          18/26                                                 Ages:		          1 ½ - 4 years
Fee:		            $25 Resident; $30 Non-Resident                        Location:        Cynthia Neal Center Multipurpose Room
                                                                        Min/Max:         5/8
                    Please Note:
                                                                        Fee:		           $25 Resident; $30 Non-Resident
 Late fees will be assessed for all programs if child
  is not picked up within 10 minutes of end time.                             Munchkin Open Gym
                                                                               Does your toddler need to burn off excess energy? Enjoy
                                                                               some of our tunnels, mats, mini cart, and inflatable
                                                                       bounce house each week. Watch your child play with other
 Soccer 101                                                            children while developing strength, coordination & agility. NOTE:
 This program will be an introduction to soccer for your little        Parent or guardian must accompany the child.
 one. The basics of kicking, passing, and dribbling will practiced
 to get your child World Cup bound in the future. We will add a        Dates:		         September 5 - October 10       211202-01
 fun twist to the activities to make sure they leave happy each        		               October 24 - November 28       211202-02
 day. NOTE: No class November 22.                                      Day:		           Wednesday
                                                                       Time:		          10:30 - 11:30 a.m.
 Dates:		          September 13 - October 18     211215-01             Ages:		          1 - 4 years
 		                November 1 - December 13      311315-01             Location:        Krueger Park Gym
 Day:		            Thursday                                            Min/Max:         6/12
 Time:		           11:00 - 11:45 a.m.                                  Fee:		           $20 Resident; $25 Non-Resident
 Ages:		           3 ½ - 5 years                                       		               Walk in: $5 daily
 Location:         Krueger Park Gym
 Min/Max:          5/8
                                                                        Music Munchkins			                                216223-01
                                                                        Let’s begin moving to the beat of the sound. This will be a
 Fee:		            $29 Resident; $34 Non-Resident
                                                                        moving and rhythmic class that will get the children up and on
                                                                        their feet. Throughout this class children will learn songs that
Mad Little Scientists 2.0		                          216200-01          they can sing at home. Also the children will make instruments
We have brought back this popular program to take our projects          that they can use in class while moving to music. The children
to the next level. Participants will try new experiments while still    will move to various dance songs that are silly, energetic and
improving on past projects such as slime and playdough. Each            fun.
week participants will make a messy item to play with and take
home. Dress for the mess while we will take care of the rest.           Dates:		          October 2 - November 6
                                                                        Day:		            Tuesday
Dates:		          October 4 - November 8                                Time:		           10:00 - 10:45 a.m.
Day:		            Thursday                                              Ages:		           2 ½ - 4 years
Time:		           10:00 - 10:45 a.m.                                    Location:         Krueger Park Activity Room C
Ages:		           3 ½ - 5 years                                         Min/Max:          6/10
Location:         Krueger Park Activity Room C                          Fee:		            $28 Resident; $33 Non-Resident
Min/Max:          5/8
Fee:		            $27 Resident; $32 Non-Resident

            Room Rentals
            Room Rentals are available at the
            Krueger Park Recreation Center.
        For more information, call 708-598-1233.
Tennis Stars
Play exciting games and learn how to hit a
                                                                       Home Alone				                                      226277-01
                                                                       This class is designed to teach children the basics of safety
forehand, backhand, volley, overhead smash and                         in the home. Class will cover simple rules and procedures for
serve. Racquets will be provided. NOTE: No class                       responsible self-care; such as answering the
October 8.                                                             phone, important phone numbers, and what to
                                                                       do in case of a fire or an emergency. Parents
Dates:		          September 17 - October 15                            are strongly encouraged to attend with their
Day:		            Monday                                               child.
Time:		           5:00 - 6:00 p.m.			            221261-01
Ages:		           5 - 7 years                                          Day/Date:         Monday, September 17
Time:		           6:00 - 7:00 p.m.			            221261-02             Time:		           6:30 - 8:00 p.m.
Ages:		           8 - 12 years                                         Ages:		           Grades 1 - 6
Instructor:       Dan Maier                                            Location:         Roberts Park Fire Department
Location:         Krueger Park Tennis Courts                           		                8611 S. Roberts Rd., Justice
Min/Max:          7/10                                                 Min/Max:          5/10
Fee:		            $30 Resident; $35 Non-Resident                       Fee:              $10 Resident; $11 Non-Resident
Eggoween Time			                                    205202-01          Ninja Training		                                    221207-01
Grab your flashlight and head over to Kasey Meadow Park for            Want to be strong and fast like a Ninja? This program will be filled
an Egg Hunt for the nocturnal! Search the field for plastic eggs,      with fast moving action the entire class. We will build strength,
candy and glow in the dark items in the dark. The entire area          self control, body awareness and confidence. Ninja bandana
will be flagged off. Each participant will receive a glow in the       included!
dark necklace. Remember a flashlight and basket for your eyes
and your prizes. The event will be outside (rain or shine). NOTE:      Dates:		          September 18 - October 23
Deadline to register is Friday, October 12.                            Day:		            Tuesday
                                                                       Time:		           4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Day/Date:         Friday, October 19                                   Ages:		           6 - 10 years
Time:		           7:00 - 8:30 p.m.                                     Location:         Krueger Park Gym
Ages:		           7 - 12 years                                         Min/Max:          6/12
Location:         Kasey Meadow Park                                    Fee:		            $34 Resident; $39 Non-Resident
Min/Max:          30/60
Fee:              $7 Resident; $8 Non-Resident
Jr. Police Officer			                               226208-01
You wonder what a police officer does? Have you ever thought
of becoming a police officer? During this 90 minute program,
you will take a tour of the Hickory Hills Police Station, get finger
printed, check out the cells, see equipment demonstrations and
understand the police officer role in the community. This class
will paint a better picture for kids about the duties that officers
perform and why they are so important. After your adventure,
we will sit down in the police lunch room and enjoy pizza and
refreshments.                                                          Fun Time at Haunted Trails		                         224240-01
                                                                       Sign up for a great trip to Haunted Trials in Burbank. Drop your
Day/Date:         Saturday, October 6                                  child off and let them enjoy 2 ½ hours of fun on a Sunday.
Time:		           11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.                              Children get the following:
Ages:		           8 - 12 years                                         *2 Slices of cheese pizza         *Unlimited Crazy Cabs ride
Location:         Hickory Hills Police Department                      *12 oz. soft drink                *Unlimited Miner Mike Coaster
		                8800 W. 89th St.                                     *$7 in game play                  *Unlimited select video games
Min/Max:          6/12                                                 *1 Round of miniature golf        *1 Lazer Frenzy Game
Fee:              $5 Resident; $6 Non-Resident                         *2 Go-Kart Rides
                                                                       NOTE: Transportation is on your own. Fee includes the above
       Fall Fest -                                                     with supervision.
 Saturday, September 22                                                Day/Date:         Sunday, October 7
                                                                       Time:		           11:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
                                                                       Ages:		           6 - 11 years
    Children's Christmas Party                                         Location:

                                                                                         Haunted Trails - Burbank
                                                                                         7759 S. Harlem Ave.
      Saturday, December 8                                             Min/Max:
                                                                                         $19 Resident; $24 Non-Resident
8 TUMBLEBEAR GYMNASTICS                        All FALL Gymnastic classes:
                                     Dates: Session I: September 10 - October 15
                                            Session II: October 22 - November 26
                                             Session I: December 3 - January 21
                                                       Day: Monday
                                       Instructor: Tumblebears Gymnastics, Inc.
                                    Location: Krueger Park Gym, 9100 S. 88th Ave.
                                     No classes on December 24 & December 31.
                          Gymnastics participants must be of age before the first class date.
        It is suggested that if you plan on attending all sessions that you register for all sessions at one time
                                                to avoid losing your spot.
        ATTIRE: Long hair should be secured back. Students should wear comfortable, stretchable clothing,
                                gym shoes, and no blue jeans, no jean shorts, no skirts.
                                                                              Parent & Tot
                                                                               This program is an introductory gymnastics class which
                                                                               involves the participation of an adult for child support
                                                                      and encouragement. Our classes include the gymnastic events
                                                                      of balance beam, bars, tumbling, and vaulting while also working
                                                                      on hand-eye coordination, colors, motor skills, strength, flexibility,
                                                                      coordination, and balance. Our instructors follow a weekly
                                                                      curriculum which this fall will include themes such as Outer
                                                                      Space, Cartwheel Carnival, Zoonastics, Western Week, and many
                                                                      more. Great class to meet and make new friends and spend
                                                                      quality time with your child. Don’t miss out on the fun! No class
                                                                      on December 25 & December 31.

                                                                      Time:  Session I:       10:30 - 11:05 a.m.        211249-01
                                                                             Session II:      10:30 - 11:05 a.m.        211249-02
                                                                             Session III:     10:30 - 11:05 a.m.        311349-01
                                                                      Ages:		        1 - 3 years (must be able to walk)
                                                                      Min/Max:       6/14
                                                                      Fee/Session: $54 Resident; $59 Non-Resident
School Age Gymnastics
Gymnastics is a sport that helps develop fitness, character, and      Pre-Nastics
self esteem. To ensure safe and continual progress we teach           This is a progressional gymnastics program where our classes
gymnastics skills in a thorough and progressive manner. Our           include the gymnastic events of balance beam, bars, tumbling,
instructors follow a weekly curriculum to ensure each child is        vaulting while also working on overall fitness, motor skills and
learning at his/her pace. It is our goal to help develop a positive   movement education activities. Our instructors follow a weekly
self image and self confidence in every student we teach.             curriculum which this fall will include themes such as Outer
Comfortable clothing and gym shoes are required. Join the fun!!       Space, Cartwheel Carnival, Zoonastics, Western Week, and many
No class on December 24 & December 31.                                more. Our program allows the child to learn at an individual pace
                                                                      in a positive and safe class setting. We work hard to bring out
Time:  Session I:       3:45 - 4:30 p.m.		           221251-01        the best in each child. Join the fun!! No class on December 25
       Session I:       4:30 - 5:15 p.m.		           221251-02        & December 31.
       Session I:       6:00 - 6:45 p.m.		           221251-03
       Session II:      3:45 - 4:30 p.m.		           221251-04        Time:  Session I:       11:10 - 11:45 a.m.             211250-01
       Session II:      4:30 - 5:15 p.m.		           221251-05               Session I:       5:15 - 5:50 p.m.		             211250-02
       Session II:      6:00 - 6:45 p.m.		           221251-06               Session II:      11:10 - 11:45 a.m.             211250-03
       Session III:     3:45 - 4:30 p.m.		           321351-01               Session II:      5:15 - 5:50 p.m.		             211250-04
       Session III:     4:30 - 5:15 p.m.		           321351-02               Session III:     11:10 - 11:45 a.m.             311350-01
       Session III:     6:00 - 6:45 p.m.		           321351-03               Session III:     5:15 - 5:50 p.m.		             311350-02
Ages:		        5 - 12 years                                           Ages:		        3 - 5 years
Min/Max:       5/14                                                   Min/Max:       6/14
Fee/Session: $55 Resident; $60 Non-Resident                           Fee/Session: $55 Resident; $60 Non-Resident

                              NOTE: No gymnastic classes on December 24 & December 31.
Violin Vibrations - 45 Minute Lessons
Our instructor will teach hand positioning, notes, and
                                                                    Piano for All Ages
                                                                    These 30-minute private lessons are designed for beginners and
memorization – just to name a few things! Prior to the first        intermediate level learners. Children and adults are welcome
class, the instructor will contact you to discuss the lesson time   to learn fundamentals of note reading, hand positioning, and
(45 minutes). Our instructor has been a private teacher for the     fingering techniques while learning holiday music they enjoy.
Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra. NOTE: Fee includes lessons,       Lessons are taught by an experienced instructor at Palos Music
music books, and theory sheets. Students will meet 6 weeks.         Instruction that will focus on the student’s needs and ability
Students that need to purchase or rent their instrument must        level. Upon registration the instructor will contact you to arrange
attend orientation date to be set up by the instructor. Call 773-   the lesson time and discuss current music levels in order to
339-9401 to schedule your orientation. No make-up classes           determine the appropriate method book
after the last class of the session. No lessons November 24 &       that will begin your piano lessons. NOTE:
November 25.                                                        Books may be purchased from instructor
                                                                    directly as needed. Students must have
Dates:		         September 8 - October 14          226213-01        a piano or electric keyboard at home
		               October 20 - December 2           226213-02        for practice purposes. This is an 8 week
Day:		           Saturday or Sunday                                 program (1 lesson per week).
Time:		          8:15 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Ages:		          4 years & up                                       Dates:		        September 3 - October 27         226294-01
Instructor:      Barbara Satora                                     		              October 29 - December 22         326394-01
Location:        Krueger Park Activity Room C                       Day:		          Monday - Saturday
Min/Max:         10/30                                              Time:		         10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (30 minute time slot)
Fee:             $179 Resident; $184 Non-Resident                   Ages:		         5 years & up
    $10 discount for each additional family member up to 3          Location:       Palos Music Instruction
                          **NEW**                                   		              10604 S. Roberts Rd.
            2 Siblings together for a 1 hour lesson                 Min/Max:        2/10
              $229 Resident; $239 Non-Resident                      Fee:            $149 Resident; $154 Non-Resident
Sept 8 - Oct 14 - 226213-03       Oct 20 - Dec 2 - 226213-04            $10 discount for each additional family member up to 3

 Violin Band				                                       							                                                         226206-01
 Experience the fun and excitement of performing with other musicians. Perform popular classical music and holiday songs during
 this 12-week program. NOTE: The violin band will perform at the Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday, December 8, at Krueger
 Park. No class November 25.

 Dates:		         September 9 - December 2                          Location:        Krueger Park Activity Room C
 Day:		           Sunday                                            Instructor:      Barbara Satora
 Time:		          12:15 - 1:15 p.m.                                 Min/Max:         8/16
 Ages:		          5 years & up                                      Fee:             $55 Resident; $60 Non-Resident

                                                                    Private Voice Lessons
                                                                    Voice lessons will take place at Palos Music Instruction. Enjoy
Private Guitar Lessons - 30 Minutes                                 personalized voice lessons on musical styles ranging from
These lessons are for beginner to advanced (acoustic or electric    classical to pop. All voice lessons focus on developing vocal
guitar). Instructor will structure progressive lessons based on     range, pitch, tone production, breath control, enunciation, ear
students’ individual needs and interest. NOTE: Each student         training, stage presence, and more. All lessons include warm-up
will be placed in a 30-minute (private lesson)                      exercises to improve breath control and to avoid damaging the
time slot. All students must bring a guitar to                      vocal chords. NOTE: Each student will be placed in a 30-minute
class. Call Frank at Palos Music Instruction at                     (private lesson) time slot. This is an 8-week program (1 lesson
708-974-8002 to set up day & time for lessons.                      per week). Call Palos Music Instruction at 708-974-8002 to
This is a 6-week program (1 lesson per week).                       set up day & time for lessons.

Dates:		        September 24 - November 3        236295-02          Dates:		       September 3 - October 27           206227-01
		              November 5 - December 15         336395-01          		             October 29 - December 22           306327-01
Day:		          Monday - Saturday                                   Day:		         Monday - Saturday
Time:		         10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (30 minute time slot)        Time:		        10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (30 minute time slot)
Ages:		         5 years & up                                        Ages:		        5 years & up
Location:       Palos Music Instruction                             Location:      Palos Music Instruction
		              10604 S. Roberts Rd.                                		             10604 S. Roberts Rd.
Min/Max:        6/10                                                Min/Max:       2/10
Fee:            $99 Resident; $104 Non-Resident                     Fee:           $149 Resident; $154 Non-Resident
    $10 discount for each additional family member up to 3              $10 discount for each additional family member up to 3
Morning School Program
                                           YOUTH & TEEN
This program will be held before school begins for parents who
                                                                        Holi-”Day Off” Krew
                                                                        While you are at work and your kids are off of school enroll them
have their children enrolled in School District 117. Children will      in a program that is sure to keep them busy all day. Children will
be given a morning snack and park staff will help them prepare          participate in a variety of activities in our gym and activity room
for school each day. Students who attend Glen Oaks Elementary           that will sure to keep out of trouble at home. NOTE: Don’t forget
School will be escorted to school by a Park Supervisor each             to pack a lunch each day. We will provide afternoon snacks
morning. Students who are transported to school via a school            and lemonade. Must register in advance or the program may
bus must make transportation arrangements before enrolling              be cancelled due to low enrollment.
your child. This program will only be held on full and half days of
school (District 117). NOTE: No refunds or credits on monthly           Day/Date:        Monday, October 8		             211211-01
fees or punch cards (including for medical reasons). All                		               Monday, November 12		           211211-02
participants must buy a punch card or sign up for the entire            		               Tuesday, November 20		          211211-03
month. No exceptions.                                                   		               Wednesday, November 21          211211-04
                                                                        Time:		          8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Dates:		          August - December                                     Ages:		          5 - 12 Years
Day:		            Monday - Friday                                       Location:        Krueger Park Recreation Center
Time:		           7:00 - 8:30 a.m.                                      Min/Max:         8/25
Ages:		           Grades 1st - 5th                                      Fee:		           $27 Resident; $32 Non-Resident (Daily)
Location:         Krueger Park Activity Room A & B
Min/Max:          7/30
Fee:		            $63 (August - 11 Days)		             511515-01
		                $109 (September - 19 Days)           511515-02
		                $122 (October - 22 Days)		           511515-03
		                $97 (November - 17 Days)             511515-04
		                $85 (December - 15 Days)             511515-05
		                $55 (Punch Card - 8 Punches)         511515-PC
		                No Refunds or Credits
After School Club 2018 “A Power Play! Beyond School Program” (August - December)
This program will be held after school for children that may need to go somewhere when school is over with, so they will come to
Krueger Park and have a blast. This program will only be held on full days of school (District 117). While the children are here they
will work on their school work, play a variety of games, make craft projects, play sports, or even go outside to play. The students that
attend Glen Oaks Elementary School will meet at the school with a Park Supervisor and will be walked over to Krueger Park at 2:45
p.m. and again after their Extended Day Program at 4:00 p.m. each day. The students from Dorn, Sorrick, Oak Ridge, and Conrady
will be transported to Krueger Park. There is no charge if they are on the bus program, however if they are not, additional fees may
apply if they wish to get transported by bus to Krueger Park. Each day drinks and snacks will be provided by the park. Any child picked
up after 6:10 p.m. will be assessed a late fee (no exceptions). No refunds or credits, including for medical reasons. A transfer to a
different day may only occur with a one week notice and must be approved by the Recreation Director. New students need to be
registered one week in advance (school transportation and park registration). Last minute changes cannot be made for students
using school transportation. DAYS OFF: No After School Program on school scheduled days off. TEAM DAYS: On Team Days the After
School Program will start at 1:45 p.m.

Time:		           3:00 - 6:00 p.m.                                  Min/Max:        15/30
Location:         Krueger Park Gym & Activity Room C                Ages:		         Kindergarten through 6th Grade
Fee:		            Glen Oaks - 511511; Dorn - 511512; Oak Ridge - 511513; Sorrick - 511514; 511516 - Conrady -- $9.00/day
		                Last Minute Registration (within 24 hours) - $12.00/day

Rim Seekers				                                      221278-01           I’ve Got Game			                                 221223-01
This 7 week class is the perfect class for the future basketball
                                                                         Kids will become familiar with passing, dribbling, shooting and
star. By doing simple drills, kids will become familiar with passing,
                                                                         the basic rules of the game. Team work, good sportsmanship,
dribbling, shooting and the basic rules of the game. Team work,
                                                                         and fun are all stressed in this exciting class. NOTE: Fee
good sportsmanship, and fun are all stressed in this exciting
                                                                         includes a t-shirt.
class. NOTE: Fee includes a t-shirt.
                                                                         Dates:		          October 3 - November 14
Dates:		          October 3 - November 14
                                                                         Day:		            Wednesday
Day:		            Wednesday
                                                                         Time:		           5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Time:		           5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
                                                                         Ages:		           6 - 8 years
Ages:		           9 - 13 years
                                                                         Location:         Krueger Park Gym South
Location:         Krueger Park Gym North
                                                                         Min/Max:          8/15
Min/Max:          8/15
                                                                         Fee:		            $38 Resident; $43 Non-Resident
Fee:              $38 Resident; $43 Non-Resident
 Indoor Soccer - Little Kickers                    311330-01           Chicago Fire vs. D.C. United
                                                                       Enjoy a game at Toyota Park with your son or daughter on
 This league will be run in a low key environment and coaches
                                                                       Sunday, October 28th. Register by Wednesday, October 17th
 will be more hands on during games. Birth date as of Sep-
                                                                       for guaranteed tickets. After October 17th there is no guarantee
 tember 1, 2018 will determine division placement. A birth
                                                                       tickets will be available. NOTE: Fee includes ticket only.
 certificate may be requested if there is a question of a child’s
                                                                       Transportation is on your own.
 age. Games and practice times will vary from week to week,
 and may be adjusted depending on number of teams formed.
                                                                       Day/Date:         Sunday, October 28
 Coaches needed! Your coach will notify you to let you know
                                                                       Time:		           Game is at 3:30 p.m.
 what time your first practice will be held. Requests are not
                                                                       Min/Max:          14/50
 guaranteed. NOTE: Parents interested in coaching should
                                                                       Location:         Toyota Park (70th & Harlem)
 contact the Recreation Director at 708-599-7337.
                                                                       Fee:              $23
 Dates:		      December - March                                        Saturday Afternoon Soccer		                           221219-01
 Day:		        Saturday                                                Each soccer team will consist of 7 - 8 players. This will be a 5 vs. 5
 Time:		       9:00 - 11:00 a.m.                                       competition (4 players and a goalie). Each team will play 6 games.
   **Game times/practice times are approximate and are                 NOTE: All players will receive a t-shirt. Parents interested in
     dependant on number of teams in each division**                   coaching should contact the Recreation Director at 708-599-
 Ages:		       4 - 5 Years                                             7337. No games November 10.
 Location:     Oak Lawn Pavilion; 9401 S. Oak Park Ave.
 Min/Max:      12/14                                                   Dates:		          October 20 - December 1
 Fee:		        $70 Resident; $80 Non-Resident                          Day:		            Saturday
                                                                       Time:		           2:00 or 3:00 p.m.
                                                                       Ages:		           8 - 12 years
                                                                       Location:         Krueger Park Gym
                                                                       Min/Max:          24/32
                                                                       Fee:		            $30 Resident; $35 Non-Resident

 South Suburban Traveling Fall Soccer League
 Games will be played on Saturday afternoons or evenings and one game will be played on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening. About
 half of the games will be played in Hickory Hills. Practice dates are listed below and are tentative. Practice times to be determined by
 coach. Coaches will notify players of exact day, time and field location of first practice. NOTE: Special requests are not guaranteed.
 If more than one child is registered and are in different divisions, please inform park staff at time of registration to consider
 during scheduling. Ages for divisions are as of August 1, 2018. Games begin in September. Fee includes jersey, shorts, socks,
 trophy or medal, and an awards ceremony (pizza & pop). DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS August 24th.
                                                       Division:		                Ages:		           Practice Days:		          Program #:
 Dates:		         August - October                     Pee Wee Division:          6 - 7 years       Tuesday			                221209-01
 Min/Max:         12/20 per division                   Midget Division:		         8 - 9 years       Mon & Wed		               221209-02
 Fee:             $87 Resident; $92 Non-Res.           Junior Division:		         10 - 11 years     Mon & Wed		               221209-03
                                                       Senior Division:		         12 - 13 years Tues & Thurs		                221209-04

Indoor Recreational Soccer                                             Co-Ed Indoor Soccer Draft League
Hickory Hills Park District, Palos Heights, and the Village of Palos   Teams will be formed by a blind draft policy and will compete
Park Recreation Departments are teaming up again to form a             against teams from neighboring park districts. Teams will prac-
non-competitive indoor youth soccer league for boys and girls.         tice in December and will begin play in January. Games and
The league will consist of one week of practice and six games.         practice times will vary week to week, and may be adjusted de-
Each player will receive a t-shirt and medal. NOTE: All of the         pending on the number of teams formed. Birth date as of Sep-
games will be held at the Palos Heights Park Department.               tember 1, 2018 will determine age division. Your coach will no-
                                                                       tify you to let you know what time your first practice will be held.
Dates:		          October 28 - December 16
Day:		            Sunday                                               Dates:		       December - March
Time:		           12 Noon, 1:00, 2:00, or 3:00 p.m.                    Day:		         Ages: Time:
Grades:		         PreK - Kindergarten		             321318-01          Saturday       6-7    11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 321317-01
		                1st - 2nd			                      321318-02          Saturday       8-9    3:00 - 8:00 p.m.		       321317-02
		                3rd - 4th			                      321318-03          Sunday		       10-11 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.		        321317-03
Location:         Palos Heights Park Recreation Center                 Sunday		       12-13 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.		        321317-04
		                6601 W. 127th St.                                    **Game times/practice times are approximate and are
Min/Max:          9/16 Each Division                                   dependant on number of teams in each division**
Fee:		            $55 Resident; $65 Non-Resident                       Location:      Oak Lawn Pavilion; 9401 S. Oak Park Ave.
                                                                       Min/Max:       12/16 Each Division
                                                                       Fee:		         $99 Resident; $109 Non-Resident
12                                       DANCE & POMS
           Our Dance Program Runs For Approximately 29 Weeks From September 10 - May 11.
 Please check the calendar for your days off. It will be posted by the doors to the dance room and online.
        **Please make sure you read the IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the bottom of page 13.**
**It is HIGHLY recommended you attend the first day of class with your child to receive the 1st day letter.**
                                                                                        PRE-BALLET (Ages 3 - 5 Years): In this level we focus
                        Monday Classes - Miss Gianna
                                                                                        on dance and rhythm using exercises that enable the
         Time                Class        Program #     Fees                            child to discover musicality and creative movement. We
  4:00 - 4:30 p.m.     Tap 1             502501-01 $116R/$121NR                         will also concentrate on the beginnings of ballet such
                                                                                        as skips, gallops, walks, plies, port de bras, and atten-
  4:30 - 5:00 p.m.     Ballet 1          502502-01 $116R/$121NR                         tion to clean and consistent footwork. BALLET (Ages 5
  5:00 - 5:30 p.m.     Jazz 1            502533-01 $116R/$121NR                         & Up): In these levels we use floor exercises that pro-
  5:30 - 6:00 p.m.     Hip Hop 1         502505-01 $116R/$121NR                         mote coordination, strength and flexibility. As the levels
                                                                                        increase additional focus will be placed on the following
  6:00 - 6:30 p.m.     Ballet 1          502502-02 $116R/$121NR                         ballet technique: proper body placement and carriage
  6:45 - 7:15 p.m.     Mini Poms A/B     502507-01 $141R/$146NR                         of the arms and head, free movement, jumps, and trav-
                                                                                        eling across the floor. It is also important that a student
  7:15 - 7:45 p.m.     Pre-Ballet        502502-03 $116R/$121NR
                                                                                        learns how to feel and correctly utilize the center core
  7:45 - 8:30 p.m.     Varsity Poms A    502507-03 $151R/$156NR                         of their body which is the basis of balance and strength
  8:30 - 9:15 p.m.     Hip Hop 6         502505-06 $126R/$131NR                         in dance. Higher level students should understand ad-
                                                                                        vanced concepts of ballet such as placement and align-
                        Tuesday Classes - Miss Eirene                                   ment of the body, clean footwork, positions of arms and
  3:30 - 4:00 p.m.     Pre-Ballet        502502-04 $116R/$121NR                         feet, and correct muscle use. The training and expecta-
  4:00 - 4:30 p.m.     Ballet 2          502502-05 $116R/$121NR                         tions, both technical and behavioral, intensifies.
                                                                                        POINTE (Instructor Permission): Students in ballet
  4:30 - 5:00 p.m.     Tap 2             502501-02 $116R/$121NR                         ready to start pointe classes will be allowed on pointe
  5:00 - 5:45 p.m.     Jazz 2            502533-02 $126R/$131NR                         only at the discretion of the teacher. The teacher must
                                                                                        be sure the child has strong ankles, feet, and center
                       Tuesday Classes - Miss Maddie                                    core. Pointe work takes a great deal of strength and
  5:45 - 6:15 p.m.     Hip Hop 2         502505-02 $116R/$131NR                         focus and should only be taken by students willing to
  6:30 - 7:15 p.m.     Hip Hop 4         502505-04 $126R/$131NR                         apply these concepts in class.
                                                                                        LYRICAL (Levels 3 & Up): Lyrical can be slow or fast but
  7:15 - 8:00 p.m.     Jazz 4            502533-04 $126R/$131NR                         nonetheless it is style of dance that is a cross between
  8:00 - 8:45 p.m.     Ballet 4          502502-06 $126R/$131NR                         Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance, dependent on the lyrics
                       Wednesday Class - Miss Gianna                                    of the music. Lyrical steps include reaches, kicks, exten-
                                                                                        sions, leaps, jumps, turns, as well as fouette.
  4:00 - 4:45 p.m.     Hip Hop 5         502505-05 $126R/$131NR                         TAP (Ages 5 - 9 Years): Children will have fun learning
  4:45 - 5:30 p.m.     Varsity Poms B    502507-04 $151R/$156NR                         basic tap steps emphasizing basic motor control and
                                                                                        rhythmic concepts. TAP (Ages 9 & Up): Students will
  5:30 - 6:15 p.m.     Lyrical 4         502506-02 $126R/$131NR                         progressively build upon fundamental tap techniques
  6:15 - 6:45 p.m.     Tap 4/5           502501-04 $116R/$121NR                         arranged in combinations and performed in the recital.
  7:00 - 7:45 p.m.     Jazz 5            502533-05 $126R/$131NR                         Students will improve the speed and articulation of their
                                                                                        footwork in these levels. They will demonstrate ability to
  7:45 - 8:30 p.m.     Lyrical 5         502506-03 $126R/$131NR                         dance with equal emphasis on the musicality, posture,
  8:30 - 9:15 p.m.     Ballet 5          502502-07 $126R/$131NR                         and sounds.
                                                                                        JAZZ (Ages 6 & up): This is a high-energy dance class,
which develops flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance, speed and strong movement in dancers, preparing them for a lifetime of dancing. Stu-
dents who continue in jazz classes build upon the movements and technique that students have already learned.
HIP-HOP (Ages 6 & up): Students will learn different hip-hop techniques. We will use the latest sounds in R&B, alternative rock, acoustic, and
pop music.
POMS: All poms teams will be performing at the Fall Festival & Children’s Christmas Party, along with 4 park district competitions (3 regular
and 1 state). There is an additional fee for competitions. Poms girls are also included in the annual recital. Since Poms is a competing team
every child must take at least one additional class. i.e. jazz, ballet, or hip hop. You cannot take just Poms. MINI DIVISION (K - 2nd): They
will be learning performance skills and dance techniques with pom arms and jazz incorporated combos and routines. JUNIOR DIVISION (3rd
- 5th): The girls will gain performance skills and pom techniques along with jazz techniques. VARSITY DIVISION (6th & Up): These girls will
learn a variety of advanced skills to help them improve their performance, pom, and overall dance skills to further themselves in junior high
and high school dance teams.
TECHNIQUE: This class consists of going back to the basics of dance. The class hopes to improve technique in all steps and styles of dance
including Ballet, Jazz, Pointe, and Lyrical. This class not only practices kicks, jumps, leaps, turning leaps, and turns but it will also use the
Ballet barre to improve the basic technique mechanics needed to perform every dance step as well as improve flexibility to improve jumps,
leaps, and kicks. This is not a recital class.
                        Thursday Classes - Miss Liz                                            HHPD PERFORMANCE TEAM
                                                                                               A performance dancer will be able to take part
         Time               Class           Program #                      Fees                in the following activities depending on your
 4:00 - 4:45 p.m.   Performance A          502504-01                  $190R/$195NR             own schedule and commitment. In the past
 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.   Intermediate Technique 502509-01                  $165R/$170NR             HHPD dancers have performed at Great Amer-
                                                                                               ica, Disney World, Disneyland, the children’s
 5:30 - 6:15 p.m.   Performance B          502504-02                  $190R/$195NR             division of the Joffrey Nutcracker, and Dance
 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.   Jazz 6                 502533-06                  $207R/$212NR             Chicago.
 7:30 - 8:30 p.m.   Ballet 6               502502-08                  $207R/$212NR             Required Performances: Weekend dance
                                                                                               performances in Chicago (approximately cost
 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.   Lyrical 6              502506-04                  $207R/$212NR             is $60 per dance per dancer) and there will
                        Friday Classes - Miss Kasia                                            also be 3-4 Park District competitions at a
 4:00 - 4:30 p.m.   Pre-Ballet             502502-09                  $116R/$121NR             cost of approximately $15 each.
                                                                                               Optional Performances: Weekend dance
 4:30 - 5:15 p.m.   Ballet 3               502502-10                  $126R/$131NR             convention in Chicago (approximate cost per
 5:15 - 6:00 p.m.   Lyrical 3              502506-01                  $126R/$131NR             dancer is $270), a performance at Great
 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.   Tap 3                  502501-03                  $116R/$121NR             America (approximate cost per dancer is $38).
                                                                                               This year there will be the first ever Winter
 6:45 - 7:30 p.m.   Jazz 3                 502533-03                  $126R/$131NR             Dance Trip (end of December) to Disney and
 7:30 - 8:15 p.m.   Hip Hop 3              502505-03                  $126R/$131NR             Universal (approximate cost $1,500 per per-
 8:15 - 9:00 p.m.   Junior Poms            502507-02                  $151R/$156NR             son, approx. 8 days). There will also be a per-
                                                                                               formance and masters class in New York over
                        Saturday Classes - Miss Liz                                            the summer (cost per dancer for the entire trip
 10:00 - 10:45 a.m. Performance C          502504-03                  $190R/$195NR             is approximately $1,500 for 10 days).
 10:45 - 11:30 a.m. Performance D          502504-04                  $190R/$195NR
                                                                                               In order to be on our performance team it
 11:30 - 12:15      Advanced Technique     502509-02                  $165R/$170NR
                                                                                               is required that you take at least one other
 12:15 - 12:45 p.m. Intermediate Pointe    502502-12                  $123R/$128NR             class (ballet, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, or tech-
 1:00 - 1:45 p.m.         Advanced Lyrical           502506-05        $165R/$170NR             nique) with us. You cannot take just perfor-
 1:45 - 2:45 p.m.         Performance Jazz/Lyrical   502504-05        $233R/$238NR
 2:45 - 3:45 p.m.         Advanced Jazz              502533-07        $207R/$212NR
 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.         Advanced Ballet            502502-11        $207R/$212NR
 4:45 - 5:30 p.m.         Advanced Pointe            502502-13        $165R/$170NR
 5:30 - 6:00 p.m.         Tap 6/Advanced Tap         502501-05        $123R/$128NR

* The first two weeks are preliminary. You/your child could be asked to change class levels. Please follow teacher recommendations.
* If you have never danced with us before please speak with Miss Tammy or Miss Liz for placement.
* It is recommended you attend the first day of class with your child. Important information will be sent home about where to buy shoes,
days off, emails and our website.
* Please make sure the office has an e-mail address on file. This is the only way to stay updated with important information about your
child’s class. We have over 200 households in our classes, we are unable to call everyone. All important information is also put on our
website, so check it often.
* Register early! The Park District cannot save a spot in any class for any reason. All classes are held at the Cynthia Neal Center unless noted.
* No snow days will be made up. Dance classes will be held at Krueger Park May 6-11 .
* No Refunds once dance begins and not for medical reasons.
* Spring recital costumes average between $55.00 and $65.00 per class. Nude leotards are required for all children who have costume
changes. The cost of the leotard is approximately $12.00. Tan tights are also required and the cost is approximately $6.00 - $13.00.
Costume fees will be due in November. Any costume order turned in after December 1 will be charged a late fee per costume.
* This year’s recital is tentatively set for Sunday, May 19th at Carl Sandburg High School, and the show times will be available at a later
date. Show times are dependent on enrollment. Ticket sales will be a random draw from the floor right, floor center, floor left, or the
balcony. You will be allowed a certain number of tickets per dancer, per show. **If you wish to attend the dance recital you will have
to purchase tickets in advance. Information for ticket prices and sale dates will be posted approximately in April. Recital tickets
are NOT included in the cost of the class**
**ADDITIONAL COSTS**: There are additional costs to our dance program and include, but are not limited to: Required: Shoes, re-
cital costume, recital tights, recital leotard, & recital tickets; Optional: Recital pictures, recital DVD, & fundraising.
Club Friday Night
                                          YOUTH & TEEN
                                                     132168-01           Between The Pipes			                               326302-01
This Friday night party at Krueger Park is open to students              This indoor ball hockey league will welcome players to enjoy
attending St. Patricia, Conrady, Oak Ridge, Brodnicki, Glen Oaks         exciting and entertaining games. Each day, players will enjoy
and Wilkins Jr. High. Students are welcomed to participate in            30 minutes of drills (shooting, stick handling, defense &
open gym with music provided by the park district. All students          positioning) different teams will be formed and exciting games
must have a new application on file at the Park District and must        will be played. NOTE: All equipment will be supplied (goals,
show a school I.D. (if available) to attend the event. We will raffle    sticks, mask, pinnies and pucks). All players will receive a
off a $25 gift card for participants who attend. This program            ball hockey t-shirt.
is chaperoned by 5-6 adult volunteers. NOTE: Volunteer adult
chaperones needed. Call 708-599-7337 if interested.                      Dates:		          November 6 - December 11
                                                                         Day:		            Tuesday
Day/Date:         Friday, August 31                                      Time:		           4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
Time:		           7:00 - 9:00 p.m.                                       Ages:		           9 - 13 years
Ages:		           5th - 7th Grade                                        Location:         Krueger Park Gym
Location:         Krueger Park Gym                                       Min/Max:          8/24
Fee:		            $5 (pay at the door)                                   Fee:		            $34 Resident; $39 Non-Resident
                                                                        Wickedball Bubble Soccer		                           231240-01
Babysitter’s Training			                            226205-01           Prepare for the craziest sports day of your life! Get ready for non-
Ready to earn a little extra money? Take this class to show your        stop action-packed fun with 2 hours of Wickedball Bubble Soccer.
dedication and expertise on babysitting! During this hands-on           We loosely follow the rules of soccer, with the exception that you
seminar you will learn valuable safety tips as well as how to           will be encapsulated in a great bubble under the lights at Martin
properly care for infants and toddlers. Topics being covered            Park. Teams of 5 go head-to-head to score as many goals as they
include how to change a diaper, safety hazard observation,              can. NOTE: Refreshments will be served during and after play.
making your job safer, and more. Participants will receive a
certificate upon completion.                                            Day/Date:         Friday, September 28
                                                                        Time:		           6:45 - 9:00 p.m.
Day/Date:          Saturday, September 29                               Ages:		           13 - 18 years
Time:		            9:00 a.m. - 12 Noon                                  Location:         Martin Park, 89th Pl. & 78th Ave.
Ages:		            11 years & Up                                        Min/Max:          13/16
Location:          Roberts Park Fire Department                         Fee:		            $33 Resident; $35 Non-Resident
		                 8611 S. Roberts Rd., Justice
Min/Max:           5/10                                                  Dodgeball Day Tournament                           221286-01
Fee:               $10 Resident; $11 Non-Resident                        Interested in playing dodgeball? Sign up for this one day
                                                                         tournament at Hickory Hills Park District. Compete for a chance
                                                                         to win great prizes. All participants will receive a t-shirt. NOTE:
Friday Hoops                                                             Bottled water will be provided during tournament.
Play basketball with your friends or just come out to shoot around.
Pay at the door and enjoy fast break games. A maximum of 25              Day/Date:         Friday, September 21
players will be allowed in the gym at one time. No spectators.           Time:		           6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
NOTE: No hoops on September 21 & 28, & November 23.                      Ages:		           9 - 12 years
                                                                         Location:         Krueger Park Gym
Dates:		          September 7 - November 30                              Min/Max:          10/20
Day:		            Friday                                                 Fee:              $12 Resident; $14 Non-Resident
Grades/Time:      5th - 8th Grade		                  221236-01
		                4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Grades/Time:      9th - 12th Grade		                 231236-01          Table Top Football			                                226200-01
		                6:30 - 9:00 p.m.                                      What is Table Top Football? It is an easy one on one game that
Location:         Krueger Park Gym                                      is played with a folded piece of paper and the use of a table.
Min/Max:          12/25                                                 Participants will pick an NFL team name and compete in a one
Fee:		            $3 (each day, pay at the door, 5th-8th)               day tournament to be crowned champion and receive the grand
		                $5 (each day, pay at the door, 9th-12th)              prize. Pizza and refreshments will be provided. Newcomers
 Recreational Volleyball                                                Day/Date:         Wednesday, October 24
 This instructional program for boys and girls will stress
                                                                        Time:		           4:30 - 6:00 p.m.
 overhand serving, passing, setting, footwork and fun. Games
                                                                        Ages:		           8 - 12 years
 will be held each week.
                                                                        Location:         Krueger Park Activity Room A & B
                                                                        Min/Max:          8/12
               See Page 16 for More Information!
                                                                        Fee:              $6 Resident; $7 Non-Resident
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