STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus

STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus
                                      Full-time Prospectus                                     2019-20

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STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus
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STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus
    Hull College is at the forefront of vocational
    education for school leavers in the area.

    Everyone within College prides themselves on
    ensuring that students leave us with the skills and
    knowledge they need to begin a career in the industry
    of their choice.

    We ensure that our specialist facilities are industry
    standard to prepare students for the world of work.
    In this prospectus, you’ll find a range of information
    about our Study Programmes, as well as details
    about how to apply for them.

    There’s also a section to read about our students
    experiences at the College with our Student
    Success Stories.

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STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus

                                                OF OUR STUDENTS PROGRESS
                                                TO JOBS OR FURTHER STUDY

                                                                                           CITY CENTRE CAMPUS
                                                                                          IN THE HEART OF HULL

    HULL COLLEGE?                               OUR STUDENTS SUCCESSES
                                                 REGULARLY FEATURE IN
                                              NEWSPAPERS AND ON THE RADIO

                                                                                    WE HAVE LINKS WITH
                                                                                EMPLOYERS SUCH AS SIEMENS,
                                                                                TRIDENT & ROLLITS PROVIDING
                                                                                YOU WITH WORK PLACEMENTS
                                                                                      AND LIVE BRIEFS

                                             INDUSTRY STANDARD RECORDING
                                               STUDIOS, KITCHENS & SALONS   *Source: Hull College Group Student Destinations Survey

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                                                                                          This is the main body of your programme,           All full-time students are assigned a Pastoral
                                                                                          where you will gain the skills you need to         Attendance Lead (PAL) who will deliver a range
                                                                                          progress into your chosen career. There are        of personal development activities designed to
                                                                                          a wide variety of vocational options to            develop areas such as: Personal Skills Analysis,
                                                                                          choose from.                                       Equality & Diversity, Social Enterprise,
                                                                                                                                             Health & Well-being, Careers Exploration,
                                                                                                                                             Progression Opportunities.

                                                                                          3. MATHS & ENGLISH                                 4. EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS
                                                                                          All students require Maths & English grade 4       All students will develop their employability
                                                                                          (C) as a minimum to progress to Level 3 studies.   skills through a variety of real work experiences
                                                                                          For students with grades below these, we will      and have the opportunity to complete our
                                                                                          support you to achieve a grade 4 or above.         Employability Skills Passport.

                                                                                          HOW THAT LOOKS...

                                                                                                                                                                           MATHS &

                                             Do you learn better by working with
                                             your hands? Do you retain information
                                             better by ‘doing’ rather than ‘listening’?
                                             If so, then you may be suited to training

                                             on a practical, hands-on, vocational
                                             study programme. There are four main
                                             components of a Study Programme:

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TECHNICAL                                                                                                                                                                          MATHS &
    QUALIFICATION                                                                                                                                                                      ENGLISH

                                                       REAL WORK ENVIRONMENTS                                                                                      STUDENTS WITH:
      You may have heard the words ‘vocational’                                                                 Your Maths & English GCSE grades are
      ‘BTECs’, ‘NVQs’ or ‘Diplomas’ – these            Hull College delivers training in our industry           critical to your future, whatever your career      GRADES 4-9
      are all terms used to refer to technical         standard training environments, such as                  ambitions, and are central to work and life;       will not be required to complete any further
      qualifications, where you train full time to     Salon QG, The HU1 Riverside Restaurant, the              success in these subjects is linked to better      Maths or English qualifications
      gain the specific industry skills you need       Construction and Motor Vehicle workshops                 life chances and greater achievement.
      to enter the career path of your choice.         or our new Cabin Crew air cabin simulator.
                                                                                                                                                                   GRADE 3
                                                                                                                                                                   will re-sit their GCSE course
      There’s a wealth of vocations to choose          These purpose built facilities give you the
      from, Catering to Business, Hairdressing         opportunity to gain real work experience and                                                                Grade U-2
      to Fashion Design...and many more.               skills whilst still enjoying the advantages of                                                              will begin a Functional Skills course at
                                                                                                              As part of your Study Programme, you will be
                                                       studying in a College based surrounding with                                                                Level 1 and then progress onto GCSE
                                                                                                              required to complete or resit your Maths &
                                                       your peers.                                                                                                 Whatever your starting point, we can help you
                                                                                                              English GCSEs if you haven’t gained a 4 (C) or
                                                                                                              above at school, and your grades will affect         reach your goals.
                                                                                                              which level of course you are offered at Hull
    PRACTICAL LEARNING ASSESSMENT                      ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                     College, and the length of time it will take
                                                                                                              for you to reach Level 3. Using sophisticated                         GRADING STRUCTURES
    Technical qualifications are focused on            Courses start at foundation level and progress         computer assessment software, we will identify
    developing practical, hands-on skills and you’re   through levels 1, 2 and 3. The higher the level of                                                                      OLD                   NEW
                                                                                                              your strengths and areas for development and
    measured through ongoing assessment. You           qualification you hold, the more technically skilled   enrol you on the appropriate Functional Skills
    are required to regularly demonstrate the skills   you will be and more likely to enter the workforce                                                                     A, A*                 7, 8, 9
                                                                                                              or GCSE course. Functional Skills are designed
    you have gained, until they meet the standards
                                                       at a higher level. Some vocational areas require       to help you master the basics as you build your
    set. Over time, you will create a portfolio of
                                                       you to start your training at Level 1 or 2 and work    confidence. Once you’ve achieved Functional
    evidence that records your achievements and                                                                                                                                B, C                 4, 5, 6
                                                       your way up. This is because you will need to          Skills at Level 1, you will then progress onto the
    demonstrates competence in all modules.
                                                       master the basics first before you can develop         GCSE course in the following academic years,
                                                       advanced skills. You can see the specific entry        as we gradually support you to reach grade 4
                                                                                                              or above.                                                      D,E,F,G                3, 2, 1
                                                       requirements for each qualification in this course
                                                       guide. Remember, the level of study programme
                                                       you enrol on will depend on you meeting the                                                                              U                        U
                                                       criteria for Maths & English - if you don’t then you
                                                       may need to re-sit these GCSEs first.

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ENTRY     – Entry Level Award, Certificate, Diploma,
                                                       LEVEL        Functional Skills (English, Maths, ICT)

                                                                 – GCSEs (5x Grades 3-1)
                                                                 – Award, Certificate, Diploma (City
                                                       LEVEL 1      & Guilds, CACHE, OCR, BTEC/
                                                                                                             – NVQ Level 1Functional Skills
                                                                    Edexcel/Pearson, UAL)

                                                                 – GCSEs (5x Grades 9-4)
                                                                                                             – NVQ Level 2

                                                                 – O Levels (Grades A-C)
                                                                                                             – National Certificate/Diploma
                                                       LEVEL 2   – Award, Certificate, Diploma (City
                                                                                                             – Intermediate Apprenticeship
                                                                    & Guilds, CACHE, OCR, BTEC/
                                                                                                             – Functional Skills
                                                                    Edexcel/Pearson, UAL)

                                                                 – A Levels (2x Grades A-E)
                                                                                                             – Access to Higher Education Diploma
                                                                 – AS Levels (4x Grades A-E)

                                                                                                             – Foundation Diploma
                                                       LEVEL 3   – Award, Certificate, Diploma (City
                                                                                                             – NVQ Level 3
                                                                    & Guilds, CACHE, OCR, BTEC/
                                                                                                             – Advanced Apprenticeship
                                                                    Edexcel/Pearson, UAL)

                                                                 – Higher National Certificate (HNC)
                                                       LEVEL 4   – Certificate of Higher Education          – Higher Apprenticeship

                                                                 – Higher National Diploma (HND)
                                                                                                             – Foundation Degree
                                                       LEVEL 5   – Diploma of Higher Education
                                                                                                             – NVQ Level 4
     Understanding the different levels of                          (DipHE)
     qualifications you’d like to go on to study
     after your GCSE’s can be a confusing task.

     But don’t worry! We’ve created this handy
     comparison table to support you with making                 – Degree with Honours
     the right decision for your future studies. If    LEVEL 6      (BA Hons, BSc Hons)
                                                                                                             – Degree Apprenticeship
     you’re still a little unsure, our team are only
     happy to help. Simply give us a call and an
     advisor will talk you through everything you

     need to know.
                                                       LEVEL 7   –Master’s Degree (MA, MSc, MPhil)

                                                       LEVEL 8   – Doctorate (PhD)

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Employability Skills can also be referred to as
                                                       transferable or life-long skills. This means that
                                                       they are necessary and usable in any role, any
                                                       business or any industry and you can continually
                                                       improve them. The more developed your
                                                       employability skills, the better progress you will
                                                       make in your chosen career.

                                                       HOW WILL I BECOME EMPLOYABLE?
                                                       Your vocational Study Programme will be
                                                       bursting with opportunities to improve your
                                                       technical and transferable skills.
                                                       To increase your future career prospects you
                                                       could be:

                                                       – Gaining work experience & placements
                                                       – Undertaking commissioned projects
                                                       – Working on community projects
                                                         raining in industry standard learning

                                                       WHICH EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS DO YOU HAVE?
                                                       At Hull College we are passionate about
                                                       employability and our role in developing the
                                                       workforce of the future. Vocational study
                                                       programmes at the College are designed
                                                       with a focus on developing your employability
                                                       skills, that’s why 93% of Hull College students
                                                       progress onto employment or further study
                                                       within 6 months of completion.

     WHAT IS
     EMPLOYABILITY?                                    “OUR BUSINESS HAS
                                                         BENEFITED IMMENSELY FROM
     Alongside the technical knowledge you will gain
                                                         SOURCING TALENTED AND
     as part of your vocational study programme,
     there’s also a range of generic Employability
                                                         ENTHUSIASTIC STUDENTS
     Skills that employers require you to have in
     order for you to be an effective member of
                                                         DIRECTLY OUT OF COLLEGE.”
     their business.                                    Tom Morrison - Rollits

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STEP INTO Full-time Prospectus

     “Studying hard and gaining good qualifications     “Spectrum Noir sponsored a design competition      “Our decision to convert our initial 4 containers    Smile has worked on a number of projects
      are important, but that is only one part of what     for Graphic Design students at Hull School          into store, office, shop and cafe was a rather      with students from different departments
      we look for in our future workforce. A can-do        of Creative Arts. Students were allowed to          ‘tall order’ however the staff and students, did    across Hull College and we have been
      attitude, positive outlook, strong work effort       fully flex their imagination and technical          not hesitate in taking on the challenge. This       consistently impressed with the enthusiasm
      and commitment to putting clients first are key      skill as they explored the theme of ‘Creative       included joinery, electrical, plumbing, design,     and dedication they demonstrate. Smile has
      attributes we look for in all our employees and      Expression’ using a variety of hand-drawn and       which in reality is a major operation as no         proposed a number of real life community
      new recruits. Tutors have the opportunity to         digital techniques. We were impressed not just      blueprint or master plan existed. If this project   challenges faced by local charities to Hull
      get to know their students over a much longer        by the diversity and originality of the entries     helps to build the work ethic and awareness         College students and they have worked hard
      period than an employer might have during a          we received, but also by the thought each           of these students we will be delighted.”            to produce solutions.
      typical recruitment process...Our business has       student had clearly put into their individual       –
      benefited immensely from sourcing talented           interpretations of the brief. Choosing a winner     Adrian Fisher - Rooted in Hull                      An outstanding example is the recent Hull
      and enthusiastic students directly out               was a difficult but rewarding job.”                                                                     Street Angels Trinity Dry Bar. This local
      of c ollege.”                                       –                                                                                                       charity works hard to keep people safe in
       –                                                   Simon Hodges - Spectrum Noir                                                                            Hull city centre on Friday and Saturday nights
       Tom Morrison - Rollits                                                                                                                                      by offering refreshments and a safe place
                                                                                                             “THE MANAGEMENT,                                     to hydrate. They were in need of a new,

                                                                                                               DIRECTORS AND SUPPORTERS                            eye-catching design for their pop-up dry bar
                                                                                                                                                                   and Smile went to Hull College graphic design

     “NEW IDEAS, BRINGING FRESH                          “IT WAS A REAL PLEASURE                            OF ROOTED IN HULL HAVE                               students for help! Smile provided the context,
                                                                                                                                                                   public safety/fundraising considerations and
       PERSPECTIVES AND ENERGY                              TO SEE SUCH CREATIVITY AND                        BEEN AMAZED AT WHAT                                  linked them with local design agency, Umber
                                                                                                                                                                   Creative, to receive practical support and
       INTO THE BUSINESS...WHAT’S                           ENTHUSIASM FROM                                   THE STUDENTS OF HULL                                 printing services. “The end result is brilliant
                                                                                                                                                                   – the dry bar fits in with the local nightscape
       NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT?”                             OUR INDUSTRY’S                                    COLLEGE HAVE ACHIEVED IN A                           and feels like it’s part of a night out, whilst
                                                                                                                                                                   simultaneously promoting responsible
                                                            UPCOMING TALENT.”                                 RELATIVELY SHORT TIME”                               drinking. The work the students produced
                                                                                                                                                                   was well thought out and inspired.”
                                                                                                                                                                   Nick Middleton - Smile Foundation

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                                                        HU1 RIVERSIDE BISTRO                              CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING WORKSHOPS

     Hull College is proud of its industry-leading
     facilities, including construction and carpentry
     workshops, dance studios, media suites,
     training kitchens and professional salons.

                                                        Open to students, staff and visitors, the HU1     Gaining practical skills during your studies is
                                                        Riverside Bistro is the College’s top training    an important factor in many of our specialist
                                                        restaurant serving delicious and seasonal         programmes including Construction, Motor
                                                        meals created and served by our students.         Vehicle, Engineering, Plumbing, Electrical and
                                                        Located in the iconic Horncastle building,        Painting and Decorating. Learn and gain the
                                                        HU1 Riverside provides a thoroughly modern        practical skills and experience needed within
                                                        dining experience.                                the safety of our purpose-built workshops.

                                                        SALON QG                                          HU1 VISUAL ARTS STUDIO

     RIVERSIDE THEATRE AND MEDIA STUDIOS                Salon QG is the College’s premier training        The new HU1 Visual Arts Studios houses a
     The 200-seat theatre hosts a wide range of         Hair and Beauty salon, offering treatments        variety of dedicated workrooms and studios for
     plays, productions and musicals performed,         and hairdressing to students and the public.      our range of Art and Design Programmes, each
     produced and even created by students              The modern, fully equipped training salon         with specialised equipment to support your
     throughout the academic year.                      offers hairdressing, nail treatments and beauty   imagination and creativity.
     Alongside the theatre are state-of-the art         therapy at excellent value for money.
     production suites and studios with                 The salon is open during term time from
     the latest industry technologies.                  Monday to Friday, with late opening three
                                                        nights a week. Call (01482) 598770 to book your
                                                        appointment today.

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STUDENT                                          At Hull College our aim is to support you on the
                                                      journey to your dream job, and we have a team
                                                      of fully qualified impartial careers advisors

                                                      ready to meet your needs.

     Our Student Support Service includes:
                                                      FREE MEALS                                         COUNSELLING
     – Connexions Advisors for 14-18 year olds
                                                      Students aged 16 to 18 who received free meals     The Hull College Group Counselling Service
     – National Careers Service advisors for         at school will be able to apply for a meal deal    provides free, confidential and professional
       students aged 19+                              voucher to use on campus. If you are aged 19       counselling as part of the College’s
     – Drop in sessions or appointments               to 25 and are subject to a Learning Difficulty     commitment to the mental well-being of
     – CV writing support                             Assessment (LDA) or Education Health and           students. Anyone can refer themselves, or be
                                                      Care Plan (EHC Plan) and European Social Fund      referred by a member of staff, and can attend
     – Job searches
                                                      (ESF), you may also be entitled to a free meal     counselling around any issue that may be
     – Interview skills training                      depending on whether you meet the                  affecting them, whether it is personal or related
     – An annual careers exhibition                   proposed criteria.                                 to the College. Information can be found via the
     – A team of Student Advisors                                                                       Hull College website or Moodle.
       for 16-18 year olds
                                                      ADDITIONAL SUPPORT
     Not sure what your dream job is yet? Take a                                                         SAFEGUARDING
     look at our online Career Coach to investigate   The College has a specialist team of support
     careers that interest you, look at local job     workers available to provide dedicated support     The Hull College Group recognises its legal
     prospects and even average salaries. Simply      to students who require it. It is essential that   duties and responsibilities to safeguard and
     scroll down the home page to see the career      students who require additional support should     promote the welfare of everyone who attends
     search box and away you go. If you find a role   notify the College of any learning difficulty      the College. The College works with the local
     that grabs your attention, scroll to see the     or disability before starting any programme.       Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults
     courses we have on offer that will set you       Support is also available for any student who      Boards and other agencies ensuring staff
     on the path to job success…                      requires assistance with English, Maths or         are well trained to support anyone who may
                                                      language skills.                                   have concerns about their safety or concerns
                                                                                                         regarding abuse or neglect. We also have
                                                                                                         dedicated staff to support you with any welfare
                                                      CHILDCARE                                          or guidance concerns you may have.

                                                      Hull College provides a wide variety of play
                                                      and learning opportunities for children under      TRANSPORT
                                                      five years of age at the childcare centre on the
                                                      Queen’s Gardens campus.                            If you are aged 16 to 19 and studying a full or
                                                                                                         part-time course you may be eligible to apply
                                                      For more information please call our Childcare     for a Student Maintenance Allowance. As part
                                                      Centre Manager on 01482 598931.                    of the SMA bursary you will also be eligible for
                                                                                                         free transport to and from the College.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    W IN COL M LE E
                                                                                                                                                                                                          LINC O LN STREET                     LINCOLN S

                                          CENTRE FOR                             HORNCASTLE BUILDING                                                                                                                          CANNON STREET                                                                                                         EE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       W I N C O L M LE E   WINCOLML
                                           DIGITAL &
                                         GREEN ENERGY

                                                                                                              MAXWELL BIRD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    EN L


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                GR E

                                To                                              RLOT                                                                                                                                      N


                                      erl                                                 ST



                                                                                                                    P BUILDING

                                                                                                                         HIGH                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FR

                       FREETOWN WAY A 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         65

                                                                 P                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A1



                                                        MAIN RECEPTION


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      CAR O


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           L IN E




                                     TM                                                                           RT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         E   T


                                                                                                                                                  R L OH ST R

                                                                                                                                                   IG O S T


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BRI D



                                                                                                                                       LN                                                                                                  N GTON
                                                                 WIL                                                                                    EET                                                                                       AVENU
                                                                               TOWER BLOCK                                          SE


                                                                    BER                                                          HOU

                                                                       FOR                                                     LT

                                                                          CE D


                                                                                                                                                                 HIGH STREET



                                                                                                                                                                                                    O STR

                                                                                 E                                                                                                                        EE




                                                    BUILDING / 14-16








                                                                                               HULL SCHOOL OF                                    GE Y A

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    R LE S S

                                                                                                                                                          RD                                                                                                                                TREET
                                                                                                ART & DESIGN




                                                                                                                                                                     HIGH STREE










                                                            GAR EEN’S




        To                                                     DEN                                                                                                                                                                    To Paragon




      Int Para                                                     S                                                ED                      EL LA



         erc   g
            han on                                                                                             FR                                B



               ge                                                                                                                                          RLE


                                                                                                  T                                                            Y RO

                                                                                             STR                                                                   AD


                                                                                 FR                                                                                                                                           A10 7

                                                                               AL                                                                                                                                                          9
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NK                                              FERE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          N    SWAY

       21       / 01482 329943                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           22
                                                                                                            HOW DO I GET STARTED?                              ENROLEMENT
                                                                                                            Enrolling on an apprenticeship programme is        Visit to see our live
                                                                                                            dependent on there being job vacancies in the      vacancies and how to get in touch for further

                                                                                                            industry you want to work in. There are 3 ways     information.
                                                                                                            we can support you into work:

     If you’re eager to get out of the classroom
                                                                                                                        1.                                   2.                             3.
     and straight into work. Then you may want            WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?
     to consider an apprenticeship route to                                                                       UNSURE WHAT YOU                  KNOW WHAT JOB YOU                   ALREADY HAVE
                                                          – Be paid to learn                                                                      WANT BUT NEED TO FIND
     employment with our industry specialist                                                                        WANT TO DO?                                                    AN EMPLOYER LINED UP?
     provider, HCUK training.                             – A minimum wage of £3.50 an hour                                                          AN EMPLOYER?
     Apprenticeships prepare you for the world of         – Paid holiday time
     work by combining on-the-job training with           – Learn at your own pace
     some classroom study and lead to nationally
     recognised qualifications. You’ll be in real, paid   – A higher future salary                                                                  Apply for one of our
                                                                                                                Enquire with our team                                                  Contact our team
     employment, learning your trade by working                                                                                                       live vacancies
     closely with a qualified, experienced team           WHAT DO I NEED?
     around and with your assigned apprenticeship
     assessor, who you will meet with regularly.          You’ll need a willingness to improve your Maths
                                                                                                                 Information, advice
                                                          and English to grade 4 (C), a desire to work in                                         Interviews with HCUK
                                                                                                                    and guidance
                                                          the industry you’ve chosen and a positive ‘can
     HOW CAN I PROGRESS?                                  do’ attitude to get started on your journey.

     Like vocational studies, apprenticeships are
                                                                                                                                                    Information, advice
     available across a range of levels so we can                                                                   CV Workshop
                                                                                                                                                       and guidance
     match you to a programme that suits your
     ability and career goals. Your qualification
                                                                                                                                                                                        Eligibility check
     will prepare you for employment or you can
     progress onto the next level of the programme
     if it suits your job role.                                                                              ‘Selling yourself’ workshop        ‘Selling yourself’ workshop

                                                                                                                     Application                 Interview skills workshop

       NAME                               LEVEL                      EDUCATIONAL EQUIVALENT
       Higher Apprenticeship              Level 4/5/6/7              Foundation Degree and above                      Interview                 Interview with an employer          Employer confirmation

       Advanced Apprenticeship            Level 3                    2 A Level passes

       Intermediate Apprenticeship        Level 2                    5 GCSEs at grades 4-9 (A*-C)

       Traineeship                        Level 1 & Entry Level                                                                    WWW.HCUKTRAINING.CO.UK TO SEE OUR LIVE VACANCIES

23  / 01482 329943                                                                                                      / 01482 329943         24
PROGRAMME                                                                                                         CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                       Carpentry and Joinery
                                                                                                                       (Level 1)
                                                                                                                                                    pg 65
                                                                                                                                                            Hairdressing (16-18 & 19)
                                                                                                                                                            (Level 1)
                                                                                                                                                                                          pg 84
                                                                                                                                                                                                    PERFORMING ARTS
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Performing Arts (Level 1)   pg 102

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Performing Arts (Level 2)   pg 102
                                                                                                                       Site Carpentry (Level 2)     pg 65   Hairdressing (16-18 & 19)     pg 84     Performing Arts (Level 3)   pg 102
                                                                                                                       Bench Joinery (Level 2)      pg 66   (Level 2)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Music Performance           pg 103
                                                                                                                       Bench Joinery (Level 3)      pg 66   Hairdressing (16-18 & 19)     pg 84     and Production (Level 2)
                                                                                                                                                            (Level 3)
                                                                                                                       Brickwork (Level 1)          pg 67                                           Music Performance           pg 103
                                                                                                                       Brickwork (Level 2)          pg 67                                           and Production (Level 3)

                                                                                                                       Brickwork (Level 3)          pg 67   HEALTH AND CARE                         Live Events Production
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Level 3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                pg 104

                                                                                                                       Multi Trade (Level 1)        pg 68
                                                                                                                                                            Health, Social Care and       pg 89
                                                                                                                       Construction and the Built   pg 68   Early Years (Level 1)
                                                                                                                       Environment (Level 3)
                                                                                                                                                            Health and Social Care        pg 90     SEND, FOUNDATION
                                                                                                                       Plastering (Level 1)         pg 69   (Level 2)                               AND ESOL
                                                                                                                       Plastering (Level 2)         pg 69   Health and Social Care        pg 90
                                                                                                                       Plastering (Level 3)         pg 69   (Level 3)                               Supported Internship        pg 107
     ACCESS TO HIGHER                      ART & DESIGN                          BUSINESS                              Painting and Decorating      pg 70   Early Years (Foundation)      pg 90
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Programme (Level 1)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Back on Track Youth     pg108
     EDUCATION                             Art and Design (Level 1)      pg 37   Business and                  pg 51
                                                                                                                       (Level 1)                            Early Years (Level 1)         pg 90
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Re-engagement Programme
                                                                                                                       Painting and Decorating      pg 70   Early Years (Level 2)         pg 90
                                           Art and Design (Level 2)      pg 37   Administration (Level 1)                                                                                           (Level 1)
     Access to HE                  pg 30                                                                               (Level 2)
     in Art and Design (Level 3)                                                 Business and                  pg 51                                        Early Years (Level 3)         pg 90     Employability Skills        pg 109
                                           Art and Design (Level 3)      pg 37                                         Electrical Installation      pg 72
                                                                                 Administration (Level 2)                                                                                           (Foundation)
     Access to HE                  pg 30   Art and Design (Level 4)      pg 37                                         (Level 1)
     in Fashion (Level 3)                                                        Business and                  pg 51                                                                                Independent Living Skills   pg 109
     Access to HE in               pg 30
                                           Fine Art (Level 3)            pg 38
                                                                                 Administration (Level 3)
                                                                                                                       Electrical Installation
                                                                                                                       (Level 2)
                                                                                                                                                    pg 72   MOTOR VEHICLE                           (Foundation)
                                           Photography (Level 3)         pg 39
     Health Sciences (Level 3)                                                   Business with Event           pg 52                                        Introduction to Motor         pg 94     Core Foundation             pg 110
                                                                                                                       Electrotechnical             pg 72
                                           Photography (Level 4)         pg 39   Planning (Level 3)                                                                                                 (Foundation)
     Access to HE in               pg 30                                                                               Technology (Level 3)                 Vehicle Studies (Level 1)
     Law & Business (Level 3)              Graphic Design (Level 3)      pg 39                                                                                                                      ESOL (Level 1)              pg 110
                                                                                                                       Plumbing (Level 1)           pg 72   Diploma in Transport          pg 94
                                           Spatial and Product Design    pg 40                                                                              Maintenance and Repair
     Access to HE in
     Social Sciences (Level 3)
                                   pg 30
                                           with Architecture Pathway             CATERING, HOSPITALITY                 Plumbing (Level 2)           pg 72
                                                                                                                                                            (Level 1)
                                           (Level 3)                             AND LEISURE                           Plumbing (Level 3)           pg 72
                                                                                                                                                            Diploma in Transport          pg 94     SPORT AND UNIFORMED
                                           Foundation Diploma            pg 40                                                                              Maintenance and Repair                  PROTECTIVE SERVICES
     APPLIED SCIENCE                       in Art and Design (Level 3)           Professional Cookery
                                                                                 (Adult Catering) (Level 2)
                                                                                                               pg 56
                                                                                                                       CREATIVE AND                         (Level 2)
                                           Fashion (Level 3)             pg 41                                                                              Paint and Body Accident       pg 95     Sport and Leisure (Level 1) pg 113
     Applied Science (Level 1)     pg 34
                                           Fashion (Level 4)             pg 41
                                                                                 Culinary Skills (Level 2)     pg 56   DIGITAL MEDIA                        Repair Principles (Level 1)             Sport and Leisure (Level 2) pg 113
     Applied Science (Level 2)     pg 34                                         Introduction to the Travel    pg 57                                        Vehicle Accident Repair       pg 95
                                           Design for Surface Pattern    pg 42                                         Media (Film and TV)          pg 75                                           Sport and Leisure (Level 3) pg 113
     Applied Science (Level 3)     pg 34                                         and Tourism Industry                                                       Paint Principles (Level 2)
                                           and Textiles (Level 3)                                                      (Level 2)                                                                    Uniformed and               pg 114
                                                                                 (Level 1)
                                                                                                                                                            Vehicle Accident Repair       pg 95     Public Services (Level 2)
                                                                                 Travel and Tourism (Level 3) pg 58    Media (Film and TV)          pg 75
                                                                                                                                                            Paint Principles (Level 3)
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Uniformed and               pg 114
                                           BEAUTY AND MAKE-UP                    Cabin Crew (Level 2)          pg 58
                                                                                                                       (Level 3)
                                                                                                                                                            Motor Cycle Maintenance       pg 96     Public Services (Level 3
                                                                                                                       Interactive and Digital      pg 75   and Repair (Level 1)
                                           Beauty Therapy (Level 1)      pg 46                                         Media Design (Level 3)                                                       Criminology (Level 3)       pg 114
                                                                                                                                                            Motor Cycle Maintenance       pg 96
                                           Beauty Therapy (Level 2)      pg 46                                                                              and Repair (Level 2)
                                           Beauty Therapy (Level 3)      pg 46   COMPUTING
                                           Technical Certificate in      pg 47
                                                                                                                       ENGINEERING                          Advanced Light Vehicle
                                                                                                                                                            Diagnostics (Level 3)
                                                                                                                                                                                          pg 97
                                                                                 Information Technology        pg 61
                                           Nail Technology (Level 2)             (Level 1)                             Engineering (Level 1)        pg 79   NVQ Diploma in Performing pg 97
                                           Nail Technology (Level 3)     pg 47   Information Technology        pg 61   Engineering (Level 2)        pg 79   Engineering Operations
                                           Theatrical, Special Effects   pg 47   (Level 2)                                                                  (Welding) (Level 2)
                                                                                                                       Engineering (Level 3)        pg 79
                                           and Make-Up                           Information Technology        pg 61                                        Fabrication and Welding       pg 98
                                                                                                                       Engineering Robotics         pg 80
                                           Artistry (Level 2)                    (Level 3)                                                                  for Renewable Industries
                                                                                                                       (Level 3)
                                           Theatrical, Special Effects   pg 47                                                                              (Level 2)
                                                                                 NextGen Computing            pg 612   Engineering Maritime         pg 80
                                           and Make-Up                           (Level 3)                             (Level 3)
                                           Artistry (Level 3)

25   / 01482 329943                                                                                                                        / 01482 329943                26
Access to Higher Education

     Leaving education                  There are three diplomas        If you’re looking for a change
                                        that you can choose from:       of career or if you feel that
     before gaining                                                     you’re stuck in a rut and are
                                        • Access to HE
     any relevant                          Health & Social
                                                                        looking for a way out, education
     qualifications doesn’t             • Access to HE
                                                                        can hand you the keys to new
                                                                        opportunities. Now is the time
     have to be the end                    Law & Business               to change, kick start the new
     of your dream of                   • Access to HE                 life that you’ve been looking
                                                                        for and sign up for an Access
     gaining a degree.                     Social Sciences
                                                                        Course today.
     An Access Course at Hull           Assessment of students          All Access Courses require
     College can offer you a fast-      work is varied and includes     students to hold GCSE English
     paced, life changing experience    exams, essays, debates and      at grade C or above. The
     which allows you to develop        presentations, all of which     Health & Science Diploma also
     valuable writing and research      will prepare you for the        requires students to hold GCSE
     skills, as well as gaining a       experience you can expect       Maths at grade C or above.
     qualification that is nationally   once you progress to a degree
     recognised and valued by           at Hull College. There’s a
     Higher Education institutions.     strong community of access
                                        students who study with us,
                                        who all support each other to
                                        ensure everyone succeeds on
                                        their course.


27  / 01482 329943                                                / 01482 329943      28
Access to Higher Education                                                                                                            Access to Higher Education

                                                              ACCESS TO HE IN
                                                              ART & DESIGN
                                                              STUDY LEVEL 3                                             ACCESS TO HE IN
                                                                                                                        HEALTH SCIENCES

                                                    JUMP IN
                                                              Prepare for the creative world with a full range of
                                                              exploratory modules to give you a broad understanding     STUDY LEVEL 3
                                                              of the arts. Giving you a taste of what to expect as an
                                                              artist, you will have the opportunity to present your     Alongside academic skills, you will study Biology
                                                              work to the public at different exhibitions.              and either Psychology or Chemistry. This course
                                                                                                                        is suitable for learners wishing to progress to

                                                   TO YOUR
                                                              From this course, you can go on to study a range of       health care degrees such as nursing, midwifery
                                                              Degrees at Hull College, including Architecture, 3D       and paramedic sciences, as well as science based
                                                              Design, Fine Art or teaching.                             degrees such as Biology, Biomedical Sciences,
                                                              From this course you can go on to study a range of        Zoology and Environmental Science.
                                                              degrees at Hull College, including:                       Please check with your chosen University regarding

                                                              FD Fine Art Practice and Curation                         requirements. This is not an exhaustive list, please
                                                              FD Photography and Filmmaking                             discuss with tutors if you have any further questions.
                                                              FD Fashion and Textiles                                   On completion of this course, you can continue your
                                                              MA Creative Practice                                      journey with Hull College and study:
                                                              BA (Hons) Architecture
                                                                                                                        BA (Hons) Health and Social Care (Top Up)
                                                              ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                              Completion of Level 2 Subject Specialist Qualification.
                                                              In addition: Qualification in an Art related subject      ACCESS TO HE IN
                                                              preferred but not essential. Portfolio of Artwork
                                                              required for interview.
                                                                                                                        LAW & BUSINESS
                                                                                                                        STUDY LEVEL 3

                                                                                                                        Access to Law and Business is suitable for learners
                                                              ACCESS TO HE IN                                           wishing to progress to a degree such as Law,
                                                              FASHION                                                   Criminology or Business Management, whilst
                                                                                                                        developing your academic skills.
                                                              STUDY LEVEL 3
                                                                                                                        With our amazing range of Higher Education courses,
                                                              Cut, stitch and sew your way into the Fashion industry    you could progress further by studying:
                                                              with our Access to Higher Education Fashion Programme.    FD Business and Management
                                                              This exciting course will help you to build your          BA (Hons) Business and Management (Top Up)
                                                              Fashion knowledge, allowing you to progress into a        CIPD Diploma Human Resource Management (Top Up)
                                                              variety of pathways.
                                                              You will explore fashion design, promotion, marketing
                                                              and construction as well as the opportunity to build a    ACCESS TO HE IN
                                                              strong portfolio for acceptance onto a Higher Education
                                                              course with Hull College.
                                                                                                                        SOCIAL SCIENCES
                                                                                                                        STUDY LEVEL 3
                                                              From this course, you can go on to study:
                                                              FD Fashion and Textiles                                   This course is suitable for learners wishing to progress
                                                                                                                        to degrees in Social Work, Teaching, Sociology,
                                                              ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                        Psychology, Criminology and some humanities degrees
                                                                                                                        such as History and English.
                                                              Completion of Level 2 Subject Specialist Qualification.
                                                              In addition: Qualification in an Art related subject      Please check with your chosen university regarding
                                                              preferred but not essential. Portfolio of Artwork         requirements. This is not an exhaustive list, please
                                                              required for interview or evidence of pattern cutting     discuss with tutors if you have any further questions.
                                                              and/or sewing skills.

29 / 01482 329943              *Programmes are subject to change                 / 01482 329943                     30
Applied Science

     Working in a                  Studying Science at Hull College
                                   is your first step towards a career
     scientific role can           in an industry at the forefront        HIGHER EDUCATION
     encompass many                of discovery. You will be given a
                                   comprehensive look at a range
     things; from working          of key principles including physics,   Your journey with Hull
     in a lab discovering          chemistry, genetics, microbiology,
                                   physiology, electrical and
                                                                          College doesn’t have
                                                                          to end once you’ve
     new medicines to              medical physics.                       completed a Level
     working on new                You’ll develop a range of scientific   3 Programme. Our
                                                                          amazing range of Higher
                                   skills, and learn how science is
     technological                 applied in the professional world      Education courses, from
     advances and                  but also to everyday life. There’s
                                   also the opportunity to boost your
                                                                          Foundation to Honours
                                                                          Degrees, give you the
     much more!                    employability skills with exciting     opportunity to progress
                                   work placements.                       further, including:
                                                                          FD Criminology


31 / 01482 329943                                            / 01482 329943        32
Applied Science                                                                                                      Applied Science

                                                                                       APPLIED SCIENCE
                                                                                       STUDY LEVELS 1 | 2 | 3

                                                                                       Follow your passion for Science and begin a journey
                                                                                       to a rewarding career with our Applied Science
                                                                                       Study Programmes.
                                                                                       Starting out on the Level 1 Certificate in Applied
                                                                                       Science Programme, you’ll pick up a comprehensive
                                                                                       amount of scientific skills and discover how Science
                                                                                       is applied in the professional world. You’ll study key
                                                                                       principles in Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as
                                                                                       improving your Maths and English along the way.
                                                                                       Moving onto Level 2 Applied Science Programme,
                                                                                       learners are given an in-depth understanding of
                                                                                       Physics, Chemistry and Biology, along with the

                                                                                       opportunity to partake in exciting work placements,
                                                                                       designed to provide learners with vital employability
                                                                                       skills and knowledge.
                                                                                       If you choose to progress onto a Level 3 course, you
                                                                                       will learn the vocational skills needed to get ahead in

                                                                                       your future career, whilst also securing UCAS points
                                                                                       equivalent to three A-Levels that are required
                                                                                       for University.
                                                                                       Your studies will include physiology, genetics,
                                                                                       microbiology, physical chemistry, organic chemistry,

                                                                                       electricity and medical physics; gaining a broad
                                                                                       spectrum of knowledge and practical skills to help you
                                                                                       to discover and explore your chosen speciality.”

                                                                                       ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                       Level 1: M
                                                                                                 aths and English at 1(G) or above.
                                                                                                In addition: No prerequisite.
                                                                                       Level 2: 4 x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above, or Level 1
                                                                                                 Subject Qualification.
                                                                                       Level 3: 4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including
                                                                                                 Maths, English and Science.

33 / 01482 329943   *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943                     34
Art & Design

     In 2017, Hull lit up          Specialising in Fashion,             Students are given the
                                   Textiles, Printmaking,               opportunity to work on live
     the art world by              Ceramics and Glass, 3D               briefs submitted by local clients,   HIGHER EDUCATION
     hosting the UK City           Design, Art & Design, Fine           providing much sought after          PROGRESSION
     of Culture. Hull              Art, Graphic Design and
                                   Photography, you’ll learn in
                                                                        and valuable work experience
                                                                        that helps build a professional      Your journey with Hull
     College Art & Design          the hub of creative activity         portfolio, as well as developing
                                                                                                             College doesn’t have
                                                                                                             to end once you’ve
     students played a             that our HU1 Visual Arts             skills to enter into a career in     completed a Level
                                   Studios provides.                    this exciting field.
     leading role in that                                                                                    3 Programme. Our
                                                                                                             amazing range of Higher
                                   Offering programmes                  With outstanding links to
     magical year and the          from Levels 1 – 4, there’s           the local creative industry,
                                                                                                             Education courses, from
     legacy continues to           something for everyone to            our students also have the
                                                                                                             Foundation to Honours
                                                                                                             Degrees, give you the
     inspire anyone who            fulfil their artistic ambitions      opportunity to showcase their        opportunity to progress
                                   and begin an exciting career         work and projects in many            further, including:
     studies in our HU1            in the creative industry.            local exhibitions, galleries and     FD Graphic Design
     Visual Arts Studios.          Our HU1 Visual Arts Studios          competitions, and contribute         and Illustration
                                   have been designed to                to local festivals such as
                                                                                                             FD Fine Art Practice
                                   provide students with modern         Freedom, Pride and Humber
                                                                                                             and Curation
                                   workrooms and studios, filled        Street Sesh.
                                                                                                             FD Photography and
                                   with specialist equipment so you                                          the Moving Image
                                   can develop visual and hands-on
                                                                                                             BA (Hons) Architecture
                                   skills in the perfect environment.
                                                                                                             MA Creative Practice
                                                                                                             FD Fashion and Textiles


35 / 01482 329943                                                                               / 01482 329943         36
Art & Design                                                                                                                                                                                                                Art & Design

     STUDY LEVELS 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

     Studying the Level 1 Diploma in Art, Design and Media
     allows learners to develop a wide range of skills
     and techniques from Printmaking to Photography.
     Completion of this Programme will give you a strong
     creative foundation which allows progression onto
     Level 2 studies.
     Continue your creative journey, grab your sketch book
     and explore core Art and Design disciplines with our      ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                           FINE ART
     Level 2 Art and Design Study Programme. Learners          Level 1: N
                                                                         o formal qualifications are required
     broaden their understanding of contextual studies, 3D                                                                  STUDY LEVEL 3
                                                                        In addition: Evidence of some artwork (at least
     techniques and drawing skills as part of this course.              one drawing), a passion for the subject even if     The Fine Art Study Programme lets students explore           ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
     Visits to galleries are an essential part of this Study            a learner has little previous experience,           their creative talents using a variety of media including
     Programme, allowing learners to absorb inspiration                 and a willingness to ‘have a go’ at developing                                                                   4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at least
                                                                                                                            drawing, painting and photography.
     from different sources.                                            new skills.                                                                                                      3(D) in English. In addition: Portfolio of art work.
                                                                                                                            Learners are encouraged to experiment and expand
     Completion of the Level 2 will enable you to progress     Level 2: 4 x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above, or Level 1       their knowledge and abilities through research and
     onto Level 3 Diploma in Art and Design, a studio                    Subject Qualification. In addition: Portfolio      practical experience in the studio whilst turning
     based programme that encourages creativity and                      of artwork, a passion and knowledge of the         their hand to life drawing, printmaking, process
     experimentation. Using both traditional and digital
     media, our aim is to stretch your imagination through
                                                                         subject even if a learner has little previous
                                                                         experience, and a willingness to have a go at
                                                                                                                            development and digital media.
                                                                                                                            A strong theme of research and ideas development
                                                                                                                                                                                        “I knew they had amazing art
     a number of project briefs to enhance your creative
     thinking. You’ll leave the course with a visually
                                                                         developing new skills.
                                                               Level 3: 4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at
                                                                                                                            underpins all practical work on this Programme,              facilities... so I knew there
     stimulating portfolio to aid progression to Higher
     Education, employment or training.                                  least 3(D) in English. In addition: GCSE in Art
                                                                                                                            helping students to understand the contexts that shape
                                                                                                                            and frame contemporary art practice.                         would be a lot of great activities
     Level 4 Art and Design prepares you for the creative
     world with a full range of exploratory modules to give
                                                                         or Design preferred but not essential. Portfolio
                                                                         of artwork will be required at interview. Strong   Ongoing sketchbook annotation allows students to
                                                                                                                            develop their ideas and concepts, along with the
                                                                                                                                                                                         happening. I eventually enrolled
     you an extensive understanding of the arts. You’ll also
     have the opportunity to present your work at public
                                                                         work ethic and an interest in creative skills.
                                                               Level 4: Completion of Level 3 Subject Specialist
                                                                                                                            dedicated support of specialist tutors.                      on the extended diploma in fine
     exhibitions. Your journey can continue with a Degree                Qualification. In addition: Qualification In an
                                                                         Art related subject preferred but not essential.
                                                                                                                            We encourage open and exploratory thinking while
                                                                                                                            giving our learners the confidence, experience and           art and I have loved every step.”
     course at Hull College, or you can go onto teaching Art                                                                skills needed to progress into Higher Education
     and Design yourself.                                                Portfolio of artwork required at interview.                                                                     KATIE - FINE ART
                                                                                                                            or employment.

37   / 01482 329943                                                                         *Programmes are subject to change                    / 01482 329943                 38
Art & Design                                                                                                                                                                                                               Art & Design

     PHOTOGRAPHY                                               GRAPHIC DESIGN
     STUDY LEVELS 3 | 4                                        STUDY LEVEL 3

     Year one of Level 3 Photography develops technical        If you take a second to stop and look around you, you’ll
     skills and creative processes to grow and advance your    notice that everything in the room has been designed
     abilities behind the camera.                              in one way or another. From posters to phones, the
                                                               concept started out in a sketchbook and was then
     Topics covered include: Landscape, Street, Studio,
                                                               developed by a team of designers to a finished concept.
     Fashion and Portraiture Photography – allowing you to
     discover which area you enjoy the most and would like     Level 3 Graphic Design allows you to cultivate your
     to move into.                                             skill-set as a designer using traditional and digital
                                                               media. You could find yourself creating a series of logo
     Progressing into the second year, the focus switches
                                                               designs for an app in one project and t-shirt printing
     to portfolio development and live briefs, designed
                                                               your favourite illustration in another!
     to emphasise real industry scenarios and test your
     thinking skills.                                          Our design studios reflect industry standards and
                                                               all students have access to Apple Mac computers,
     Studying at Level 4 allows budding photographers
                                                               Adobe Creative software and professional photography
     to get experimental with their techniques. The
                                                               equipment. You can also take advantage of the more
     programme is flexible and you’re encouraged to
                                                               traditional creative facilities such as printmaking,
     develop your own individual pathway.
                                                               screen printing, etching and lino.
     With a guaranteed interview for Degree Level
                                                               Our Graphic Design Study Programme is structured
     Photography at Hull School of Art and Design upon
                                                               around professional, work-based units and work
     completion of the Level 4 course, you can go onto study
                                                               experience, perfect if you want to progress into Higher
     a Degree, become a Freelance Photographer, go into
                                                               Education or break out into the design industry.
     Forensic Photography or work in Post-Production.

     ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                        ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                               4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at least
     Level 3: 4
               x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including
              at least 3(D) in English. In addition:
                                                               3(D) in English. In addition: Portfolio of artwork.        SPATIAL AND PRODUCT DESIGN                                  FOUNDATION DIPLOMA
              Portfolio of art/photographic work will be
              needed at interview.
                                                                                                                          WITH ARCHITECTURE PATHWAY                                   IN ART & DESIGN
     Level 4: C
               ompletion of Level 3 Subject                                                                              STUDY LEVEL 3                                               STUDY LEVEL 3
              Specialist Qualification. In addition:
                                                                                                                          This Study Programme allows students to experience a        Foundation Art and Design (FAD) will support you in
              Portfolio of photographic work will be
                                                                                                                          broad range of 3D disciplines involved with the design      developing an open-minded working practice, giving
              required at interview.
                                                                                                                          of buildings and products. You’ll apply Art and Design      you a variety of approaches to creative problem solving
                                                                                                                          principles to a range of creative areas including:          and prepare you for a career in the creative world.
                                                                                                                          Interior Design, Architecture, Set Design, Product and
                                                                                                                                                                                      FAD is split into three stages: In the first stage you’ll
                                                                                                                          Furniture Design, Ceramics and Jewellery.
                                                                                                                                                                                      explore a range of rotational projects in Fine Art, 3D
                                                                                                                          Throughout this Programme, you’ll have the chance           design, Fashion and Textiles.
                                                                                                                          to work on live projects and exhibitions, as well as
                                                                                                                                                                                      Moving onto stage two, you’ll specialise in your chosen
                                                                                                                          undertaking 30 hours of work experience per year.
                                                                                                                                                                                      pathway and undertake practical development of key
                                                                                                                          During the second year, you will specialise in one of       skills needed for your chosen industry.
                                                                                                                          the areas outlined above in order to build a portfolio
                                                                                                                                                                                      The third and final stage you will undergo a final project
                                                                                                                          to support progression into employment or Higher
                                                                                                                                                                                      that culminates in a final year exhibition.
                                                                                                                          Education, such as BA (Hons) Architecture.
                                                                                                                                                                                      FAD is a direct route to studying Degree courses at Hull
                                                                                                                          ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                          College. You could progress onto study Architecture, 3D
                                                                                                                                                                                      design, Fine Art, Illustration or teaching.
                                                                                                                          4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at least
                                                                                                                          3(D) in English. In addition: GCSE in an Art related
                                                                                                                          subject preferred but not essential. Portfolio of Artwork
                                                                                                                                                                                      ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                                                          required for Interview or evidence of pattern cutting       4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including Maths and
                                                                                                                          and/or sewing skills.                                       English. In addition: Qualification In an Art related
                                                                                                                                                                                      subject preferred but not essential. Portfolio of Artwork
                                                                                                                                                                                      required for Interview.

39   / 01482 329943                                                                       *Programmes are subject to change                   / 01482 329943                       40
Art & Design                                                                                                                                                                                     Art & Design

                                                                                                                                                              DESIGN FOR SURFACE PATTERN
                                                                                                                                                              AND TEXTILES
                                                                                                                                                              STUDY LEVEL 3

                                                                                                                                                              Design for Surface Pattern and Textiles introduces
                                                                                                                                                              learners to a series of experimental workshops where
                                                                                                                                                              they are taught to develop a range of traditional and
                                                              Because of our successful progression rate, many                                                digital techniques. You will grow skills in printmaking,
     FASHION                                                  of our students choose to stay with Hull College and                                            embroidery, knitting and weaving as well as surface
                                                              advance onto the Level 4 Fashion Study Programme,                                               pattern design and textile illustration.
     STUDY LEVELS 3 | 4
                                                              where research and contextual studies are increased                                             Research and contextual studies will increase your
     Fashion is one of the largest and most exciting          to build on your awareness and understanding of                                                 awareness and understanding of how artists and
     industries in the UK and with over 700,000 people        how designers work, as being support with UCAS                                                  designers work, which will inform your creative
     employed in this sector means it’s the second biggest    applications and interview techniques.                                                          thinking and practical work.
     employer after the NHS!
                                                                                                                                                              Learners leave this Programme with a stimulating
     The Fashion world has a wide offering of career
                                                              ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                                                              portfolio to aid progression onto Higher Education,
     pathways, including Textile Design, Marketing or even    Level 3: 4
                                                                        x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at                                         employment or training.
     Brand Management.                                                 least 3(D) in English. In addition: GCSE in an
     Put your best shoe forward and take your next step
                                                                       Art related subject preferred but not essential.                                       ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                                       Portfolio of Artwork required for interview or
     into a career in Fashion with our Level 3 Fashion and                                                                                                    4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including at least
                                                                       evidence of pattern cutting and/or sewing skill.
     Clothing Programme.                                                                                                                                      3(D) in English. In addition: GCSE in Art or Design
                                                              Level 4: C
                                                                        ompletion of Level 3 Subject Specialist                                              preferred but not essential. Portfolio of artwork will be
     Whilst on the course will you cover research, trend
                                                                       Qualification. In addition: GCSE in an Art                                             required at interview. Strong work ethic and an interest
     prediction, design development and pattern cutting.
                                                                       related subject preferred but not essential.                                           in creative skills.
     You’ll also gain valuable work experience which will
                                                                       Portfolio of Artwork required for interview or
     prepare you for your future career working for leading
                                                                       evidence of pattern cutting and/or
     fashion brands.
                                                                       sewing skills.

41   / 01482 329943                                                                       *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943                      42
Beauty & Makeup

     & MAKEUP
     The beauty industry           The industry is built on
                                   products and services that help
     has seen an explosive         us look our best – whatever
     growth, especially            that best may be!
     amongst the younger           Beauty is every changing,
     generation. With the          providing a never ending
                                   opportunities for innovation
     use of social media           and discovery.
     and the internet,             Hull College has a great choice
     you’re never many             of Beauty Study Programmes,
                                   from Theatrical make-up to
     clicks away from              nail technology.
     the latest flawless           Students train in our very own
     face tutorial.                beauty salon, Salon QG, where
                                   professional treatments are
                                   offered to the paying public.


43 / 01482 329943                      *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943      44
Beauty & Makeup                                                                                                      Beauty & Makeup

                                                                                      BEAUTY THERAPY
                                                                                      STUDY LEVELS 1 | 2 | 3

                                                                                      Looking good and feeling your best is important to
                                                                                      everyone. Help people do both by starting a Beauty
                                                                                      Therapy Study Programme with us.
                                                                                      Our technical courses provide students with hands-on
                                                                                      learning and the opportunity to perform services to
                                                                                      real clients in our beauty salon, Salon QG.
                                                                                      You will learn the theory behind a variety of services and
                                                                                      how to perform them safely and effectively. Services
                                                                                      covered include; manicures, pedicures, gel polish, facials,
                                                                                      makeup application, waxing and tanning.
                                                                                      Learners can advance further by progressing to a
                                                                                      Level 3 Programme, where you will be taught electrical
                                                                                      facial and body treatments, dry spa and wraps, a
                                                                                      range of massage therapies including traditional and
                                                                                      aromatherapy techniques.

                                                                                      ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

                                                                                      Level 1: 4
                                                                                                x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above.
                                                                                               In addition: Strong work ethic and an interest
                                                                                               in practical skills for the industry, interest in
                                                                                               working within a customer focussed industry.
                                                                                      Level 2: 4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above, including

                                                                                                Maths and English. In addition: Excellent
                                                                                                communication skills.
                                                                                      Level 3: Completion of Level 2 Subject Specialist
                                                                                                Qualification. In addition: Highly professional
                                                                                                attitude, strong work ethic and an interest

                                                                                                in practical skills for the industry, interest in
                                                                                                working within a customer focused industry.

45 / 01482 329943   *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943                        46
Beauty & Makeup                                                                                                                                                                            Beauty & Makeup

      TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE                                         THEATRICAL,SPECIAL EFFECTS
      IN NAIL TECHNOLOGY                                            & MAKEUP ARTISTRY
      STUDY LEVEL 2                                                 STUDY LEVELS 2 | 3

      Do you have a passion for nails? Would you like to start      Creativity isn’t just limited to working with paint or
      your own business or work in a salon? The Technical           clay. Makeup is a fantastic medium for expressing your
      Certificate in Nail Treatments is your first stop onto a      imagination and can lead to an exciting career.
      creative and passionate career.
                                                                    Our Level 2 Technical Certificate in Makeup Artistry aims
      This qualification covers the core skills you will need to    to provide you with essential technical and practical skills,
      progress into further learning or training, or for you to     which will give you the hands-on experience needed to
      enter the world of work within the nail industry.             seek employment or further studies.
      You will study anatomy and physiology, nail                   Progressing from one of our Level 2 courses, you could
      enhancements, nail art, manicure and pedicure                 study Theatrical, Special Effects and Media Makeup
      services and light cured gel polish techniques.               Artistry. This course will allow you to lean how to do
      Once completed, you’ll be qualified to work in a              creative hair and Makeup for performers, as well as
      number of places such as a salon, cruise ship or hotel.       applying prosthetics, special effects and body art.
      You could also expand your knowledge even further
                                                                    Learners build up their employability skills by covering
      and progress onto a Level 3 qualification.
                                                                    wider issues in the industry, such as health and safety
      ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                            and customer service.

      4 x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above, including Maths             Following this course, you can start a career working in
      and English. In addition: A passion for nails and             photography, film or theatre as a Makeup Artist.
      the nail industry.
                                                                    ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                                                    Level 2: 4
                                                                              x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above, including
      NAIL TECHNOLOGY                                                        Maths and English. In addition: Excellent
                                                                             communication skills and a flair for makeup.
                                                                    Level 3: C
                                                                              ompletion of Level 2 Subject Specialist
      Take your skills to the next level with our Nail Technology            Qualification. In addition: Creative flair and
      Programme. You will study a wide variety of techniques                 Level 2 in subject area of either hairdressing,
      such as liquid and powder enhancements, hard gels,                     photography, makeup or beauty therapy.
      chemistry of nail products and business practices.
      Completion of this qualification shows to an employer
      that you have the advanced technical skills needed to
      be employed as a Senior Nail Technician.

      Please visit our website for the latest entry
      requirements for this level.

     “Because I had trained so hard
       at Hull College, the time limit
       didn’t faze me and I went on
       to win medals, something I
       couldn’t have done without the
       support of my tutors.”

47    / 01482 329943                                                                                *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943      48

     If you’re looking for                studies, making you an attractive
                                          candidate for employment.
     a career that opens                                                       HIGHER EDUCATION
                                          As a graduate from our Business
     up a world of exciting               or Travel and Tourism Study          PROGRESSION
     possibilities around                 Programmes, you can go on to         Your journey with Hull
     the globe, then our                  work in a huge range of sectors
                                          depending on what you enjoy
                                                                               College doesn’t have
                                                                               to end once you’ve
     range of Business,                   most, including marketing,           completed a Level
     Travel and Tourism                   advertising, PR, human               3 Programme. Our
                                                                               amazing range of Higher
                                          resources, sales and retail.
     Study Programmes                                                          Education courses, from
                                          Students who choose to enrol on
     are the perfect start.               our Cabin Crew Academy have
                                                                               Foundation to Honours
                                                                               Degrees, give you the
     Business, Travel and Tourism         the opportunity to learn practical   opportunity to progress
     courses are a popular option         and theory skills on our purpose     further, including:
     for further education and we         built aircraft cabin. Complete       FD Business and
     offer an array of Level 1-3          with seats, overhead lockers,        Management
     Programmes, ranging from             a trolley for drinks and meals,      BA (Hons) Business and
     Accounting to Cabin Crew.            duty free service and health &       Management (Top Up)
     We work with a number of key         safety equipment, it provides you
     employers in the local area, where   with the perfect environment to
     students have the chance to gain     gain employability skills to
     vital work experience in an office   support your transition into
     environment alongside your           future employment.


49  / 01482 329943                                              / 01482 329943        50
Business                                                                                                                                             Business

     STUDY LEVELS 1 | 2 | 3                                                                                     BUSINESS WITH EVENT PLANNING
     If you’re organised, a keen problem solver and enjoy                                                       STUDY LEVEL 3
     working as part of a team, a career in the Business                                                        If you have keen interest in business, event
     sector could be your calling.                                                                              management and enterprise, the Level 3 Business
     From administration to events planning and marketing,                                                      Study Programme allows you explore a number of
     the Business industry is vast and opportunities are                                                        aspects of the business world in preparation for your
     available all over the world.                                                                              future career. You’ll gain experience and understanding
                                                                                                                of key elements of running a business, including
     Our Study Programmes give you the practical                                                                managing a business event, marketing and even learn
     skills and theory that you’ll need to work in an                                                           how to start up your own small business.
     office environment, including written and
                                                                                                                Supported by tutors and employers in the local area,
     verbal communications.
                                                                                                                you’ll do relevant work experience to your field of
     You will gain experience and understanding of the key                                                      interest, with opportunities to work on practical
     elements to running a business, including managing                                                         partnership projects with Hague University and
     a business event, marketing and even how to start up                                                       Hull Bondholders.
     your own small business.                                                                                   With an entrepreneurial spirit, you can expect to
     Supported by tutors and employers in the local area,                                                       find employment within a business environment
     you’ll engage in relevant work experience, depending                                                       in event management, in your own business or
     on your field of interest, with opportunities to work on                                                   progress into higher education with a BA Honours
     practical partnership projects with Hague University                                                       or Foundation Degree.
     and Hull Bondholders.
                                                                                                                ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
     With an entrepreneurial spirit, you can expect to find

                                                                ANALYSE YO UR FUTURE.
     employment within a business environment once                                                              4 x GCSEs at grade 4(C) or above,
     you’ve completed this course, or you can progress into                                                     including Maths and English.
     Higher Education with a BA Honours or Foundation

     Level 1: No formal qualifications are required.
     Level 2: 4
               x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above,
              including Maths and English.
     Level 3: 4
               x GCSEs at grade 3(D) or above,
              including Maths and English.

51   / 01482 329943                         *Programmes are subject to change / 01482 329943                    52
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