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           INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                                                                                                 2
NAME                                                          SHARES         %      Hamish Harris
                                                                                    EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited Des:15942              35,851,727   8.76%
                                                                                    Hamish holds a Bachelor of Commerce and has held positions within market
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited Des:smktnoms 30,774,012     7.52%    risk management at a number of financial institutions including Nomura
                                                                                    Group, Deutsche Bank AG and BZW plc in Singapore, Hong Kong and London.
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited Des:hlnom              26,809,677   6.55%
                                                                                    Mr Harris is a member of both the Audit and Remuneration committees.
Pershing Nominees Limited Des:ccclt                           25,716,789   6.28%

Jim Nominees Limited Des:jarvis                               24,098,328   5.89%

Pershing Nominees Limited Des:perny                           23,301,995   5.69%    Donald Strang
Hargreaves Lansdown (Nominees) Limited Des:vra                21,158,603    5.17%   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                    Donald is a member of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and
Interactive Investor Services Nominees Limited Des:smktisas   18,902,782   4.62%
                                                                                    has been in business over 20 years, holding senior financial and management
Vidacos Nominees Limited Des:igukclt                          15,767,834   3.85%    positions in both publicly listed and private enterprises in Australia, Europe and
                                                                                    Africa. He has considerable corporate and international expertise and over the
Barclays Direct Investing Nominees Limited Des:client1        15,555,819   3.80%
                                                                                    past decade has focussed on mining and exploration activities.
Link Market Services Trustees (Nominees)Limited Des:gunlgccn 15,000,000    3.67%

Hsdl Nominees Limited                                         12,372,590   3.02%
                                                                                    Peter Ruse
Hsdl Nominees Limited Des:maxi                                11,015,162   2.69%    NON-EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
Lawshare Nominees Limited Des:sipp                            9,544,375    2.33%    Peter is a finance professional with over 12 years of extensive experience
                                                                                    in Equity Funds Management and Private/Institutional Wealth Management
Seguro Nominees Limited Des:iccore                            9,000,000    2.20%    specialising in Mining/Minerals and Industrial related sectors.

                                                               TOTAL       72.04%   Peter is a member of both the Audit and Remuneration committees.

Shares on Issue                   409,219,576

Price (pence)                         1.825

Market cap                            £6.7m

    INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                               Information correct as of 15st March 2021              3

• Seek to identify value the market has
  yet to discover                                                                Investment
                                                                                   Proven experience of

• Look to achieve first mover advantage                                          identifying and investing
                                                                                in natural resources assets
                                                                                      and companies.
• Liquidity arbitrage
• Deploy capital and offer corporate
  guidance and support
• Act as catalyst for value creation

                                              Transactions                                                    Management
                                                                                                                    Operational and
                                           Seed capital, Pre-IPO, convertible
                                                                                                              management skillset with a
                                             loans, straight equity and the
                                                                                                              track record of turning AIM
                                          guidance and management of IPOs
                                                                                                              and ASX corporate vehicles
                                                        and RTOs.
                                                                                                                in to larger companies.

    INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                                                              4

                             RINCON RESOURCES

                                                        South Telfer (Rincon 100%)
                                                        • 545 km 2 in the Paterson Province
                                                        • 12 km south west of Telfer Gold Mine
                                                        • 50 km of Prospective Telfer Host Geology
                                                        • Proven Gold & Copper Mineralisation
                                                        Laverton (Rincon earning 100%)
                                                        • 42 km 2 Mt Margaret Murrin Greenstone Belt
                                                        • 4 km south south west of Laverton
                                                        • 11 km of Prospective Greenstone Belt
                                                        • Historic Gold Mines & Delineated Targets
                                                        Kiwirrkurra (Rincon 100%)
                                                        • 126 km 2 of the Central Australian Suture
                                                        • Prospective for Orogenic Gold
                                                        • Prospective for IOCG gold and base metals

INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                       Ref: Rincon Resources Pty Limited - Investor Presentation August 2020   5

                                     RINCON RESOURCES

                                  Paterson Region - A region full of company making discoveries

                                  Newcrest - Telfer Mine 32Moz Au & 1Mt Cu               Metal X - Nifty Mine 2Mt Cu
                                  Rio Tinto - Winu Discovery                             Antipa - Calibre Magnum & Minyari Dome discoveries
                                  • 503Mt @ 0.45% Cu Eq (2.26Mt Cu)                      • $60M JV with Rio Tinto on Citadel
                                  • High Grade Core 188Mt @ 0.68% Cu Eq (1.27Mt Cu)      • $60M JV & $3.9M placement with Newcrest
                                  Greatland Gold- Havieron Discovery                     Fortescue Metals - FMG > 500 km 2 of tenements
                                  • $65M JV with Newcrest on Havieron

South Telfer - Paterson Province                                                                         Newcrest Mining’s historical drilling on Rincon projects
54,538 Ha of Granted Tenements                                                                           Gold Intercepts:
                                                                                                         • 57.80m @ 2.05g/t Au from 17.40m incl;
• 12 km south west of Telfer Gold Mine
                                                                                                         • 16.10m @ 4.75g/t Au from 42.70m;
• 50 km strike of Telfer Host Geology                                                                    • 68.00m @ 1.33g/t Au from 1.00m;
• Outcropping Mineralised Isdell Formation                                                               • 36.00m @ 1.66g/t Au from 2.00m;
• Along strike from Telfer Mine                                                                          • 33.20m @ 1.46g/t Au from 25.00m;
Significant Historical Work                                                                              • 23.00m @ 2.06g/t Au from 23.00m; and
                                                                                                         • 5.00m @ 3.73g/t Au from 50.00m.
• Newcrest Drilled 260 holes for 24,762m
                                                                                                         Copper Intercepts:
• 1,068 Surface Sampling Assays                                                                          • 20.60m @ 1.23% Cu from 87.60m;
• Large Gold Copper System Identified                                                                    • 10.90m @ 3.39% Cu from 91.80m; and
• Multiple Targets Defined/Drill Ready                                                                   • 4.00m @ 4.84% Cu from 49.00m.

     INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                       Ref: Rincon Resources Pty Limited - Investor Presentation August 2020   6

                             ROGUE BARON

                                       WHO IS ROGUE BARON?
                                       Premium spirit and wine brands Simple, clear,
                                       focused strategy.
                                       Develop brands in key growth categories where
                                       sales and buyout opportunities are highest.
                                       Strengthening brand portfolio either through
                                       development or acquisition.
                                       Potential public listing to fund further growth
                                       and expansion.

                                       BRANDS INCLUDE:
                                       Shinju Japanese Whiskey
                                       Copa Imperial Tequila

INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                       Please note: Information taken from investee company presentation   7


                                       HIGH-GRADE COPPER/MINE
                                       EXPLORATION PROGRAM UNDERWAY
                                       ORACLE RIDGE COPPER MINE -OVERVIEW
                                       • High grade copper with significant gold and silver
                                       • Large Mineral Resource Estimate (NI43-101) See ASX
                                         Announcement 29 Oct 2019, refer Appendix 1
                                       • Significant exploration potential priority drill targets defined
                                       • Extensive infrastructure to support future mining operation
                                       • 18km of underground development, ventilation fans,
                                         buildings and electrical equipment
                                       • Easy access to site. 35 km from major towns with power and
                                         railway head. 80 km from smelter.
                                       • Excellent ground conditions
                                       • Supportive community for future mining operation
                                       • Tier 1 miners in the district –BHP, Rio Tinto, Freeport
                                         McMoran, Asarco, Hudbay, South 32

INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                      Ref: Eagle Mountain Mining Limited - Investor Presentation August 2020   8

                                 EAGLE MOUNTAIN MINING LIMITED

                                                                                                                             EXPLORATION POTENTIAL AT DEPTH
• Eagle Mountain is updating the existing Mineral
  Resource Estimate
                                                                                                                             Skarn mineralisation is commonly associated
• (MRE) to a JORC-compliant Resource
                                                                                                                             with porphyry systems however this system has
• Significant historical information exists from the last 50 years
                                                                                                                             not yet been found and presents exploration
• Eagle Mountain is digitising valuable lithology, structural
                                                                                                                             potential at depth.
  and alteration information from over 400 holes to re-build
Oracle Ridge Mineral Resource Estimate NI43-101* (1% Cu cut-off)

   RESOURCE          TONNES             CU       AG        AU      CONTAINED CONTAINED CONTAINED
     CLASS          (MILLIONS)          %        G/T       G/T      CU, LBS    AG, OZ    AU, OZ
                                                                      (MILLIONS)       (MILLIONS)        (MILLIONS)

   Measured              1.06          1.59     18.86      0.24           37               0.6               8

    Indicated            5.58          1.61      17.83     0.21          199               3.2              38

     Inferred             5.12         1.53      16.8      0.14          173                3               22

      Total              11.76         1.57      17.47     0.18          409              6.8               68

Cautionary Statement: (Refer ASX Announcement 29 October 2019) references in this presentation to the publicly quoted
resource tonnes and grade of the Project are foreign in nature and not reported in accordance with the JORC Code 2012,
or the categories of mineralisation as defined in the JORC Code 2012. A competent person has not done sufficient work to
classify the resource estimate as mineral resources or ore reserves in accordance with the JORC Code 2012. It is uncertain
that following evaluation and/or further exploration work that the foreign/historic resource estimates of mineralisation
will be able to be reported as mineral resources or ore reserves in accordance with the JORC Code 2012. Resource
estimates and other information used in this presentation are based on the March 2014 NI43-101 compliant Independent
Technical Report prepared by Dr Giles Arseneau of Arseneau Consulting Services Inc for Oracle Mining Corp. This report
can be found on the Company’s website “”.

         INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                                                 Ref: Eagle Mountain Mining Limited - Investor Presentation August 2020   9

                                 80% ownership of Jejevo in partnership with landowners
                                 (carried interest of 20%)
                                 • Exploration targets include high grade and more tonnages along strike
                                 • EIS plans completed (Sumitomo 2014)
                                 • Fast track production opportunity
                                 • Shallow open pit mining proposed
                                 • Low capex
                                 Jejevo Historical Exploration
                                 • 472 diamond drill holes
                                 • Exploration target between 14Mt & 20Mt at grade range of 1.1% to 1.9% Ni
                                   within limonite, transition and saprolite zones
                                 • Open to east and west
                                 • Technological study completed in 2014

 INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                              Please note: Information taken from investee company presentation   10

                             OYSTER OIL & GAS

                                          Block 1101 Prospectivity:
                                          • Source Rocks, 4 oil prone source rock intervals present
                                            across the Block
                                          • Reservoir: Triassic Isalo & younger Jurassic sandstones.
                                          • Multiple Trap types present
                                          • Aeromagnetic confirms deep >8km sedimentary basin
                                          Work completed:
                                          • Drilling & Coring of 2 wells confirmed evidence of a Light
                                            Oil Play (2014)
                                          • 2D Seismic & Geological Field Work & Mapping
                                          • Adjacent to BP blocks, same basin/play type
                                          Focus Areas:
                                          • Ampasindava: The main area of focus, with prospects
                                            mapped of up to ~6 Billion BBL*
                                          • Ambilobe: A separate basin with 2 prospects of ~4.5 Billion
                                            BBL*. Further data needed before drilling decision.
                                          • Ankaramy: drilling confirmed light oil play at the site of
                                            the 1902 “discovery”.

INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                              *Figures based on operator/company calculated STOIIP un-risked
                                                     Please note: Information taken from investee company presentation

                                         EMPRESS ROYALTY

• New precious metals royalty & streaming creation
  company listed on TSX-V Q4 2020

• Exclusive access to Mexican royalty & stream deals
  through a Strategic Alliance with Accendo Banco

• Strategic Partners with Endeavour Financial & Terra Capital
  who provide global mining finance networks to generate
  deal flow

• Focused on building a strong portfolio and currently           G l o b al I n vest men t s & Exp ert i se
  negotiating opportunities with over $50M of potential

• Initial portfolio will include 16 precious metal royalty and
  streaming investments with three near near term cash
  producing assets

• Over 250 years of proven management & board experience                        Negotiating
  in mining finance with over $6B completed transactions


     INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                                            OCTOBER 2020
                                                                         Please note: Information taken from investee company presentation
                                                                                                                                                 EMPRESS ROYALTY C

                                       LOW6 LIMITED

• Offering sport franchises the opportunity to promote      PROBLEM
  a betting product under their own sports-team brand       The Millennial (24-39yrs) / GenZ (18-23yrs)
                                                            demographic seeks a sports betting product that
• No financial risk to the franchise                        is built and designed to match the excitement of
• Earn revenue from audience participation                  watching sports among friends: social, engaging,
                                                            simplistic journey, removal of complex odds, high-
• Excellent fan activation tool                             score leaderboards – easier to play, easier to win! 1

                                                            Innovative visual mobile games which are exciting, fun
                                                            and designed to engage both the Social Generation and
                                                            entice the experience of the Traditional Sports Bettor.

                                                            Mobile “pool betting” gameplay designed for Millennials/
                                                            GenZ to compete against each other rather than
                                                            traditionally pitted against “the House”.

                                                            B2B - OUR GAME CHANGER
                                                            Partnering with the sports team/franchise on a B2B model,
                                                            reducing player acquisition costs and strengthening brand
                                                            and customer loyalty and thereby reducing marketing
                                                            costs and enhancing player retention.

    INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                  Please note: Information taken from investee company presentation   13

INVESTMENT                                   INVESTMENT                         PORTFOLIO
DISCOVERY                                    APPRAISAL                          MANAGEMENT
• Analysis of attractive macro trends,       • Capital structure analysis       • Constantly monitor cash burn
  commodity price cycles and new and                                              and liquidty of investee company
                                             • Deep understanding of Investee
  interesting market thematic(s)
                                               Company budget and capital       • Increase position size in the
• Identification of specific opportunities     requirements for 12-24 month       investment if the company
  through detailed screening and peer          time frames                        meets all existing guidance
  company analysis (listed & unlisted)                                            and growth objectives
                                             • Build strong rapport with
• Regular meetings conducted in person         Investee company board and       • Constantly liaise with company
  and/or digitally with target company         Executive management               board and management
  board & management
                                             • Investment liquidity analysis    • Once satisfied the investment
• Identify mis-priced valuations and/or                                           has reached desired valuations
                                             • Liaise with Corporate finance,
  earlier stage investment opportunity’s                                          - liaise with stakeholder groups
                                               Brokers and all other relevant
  (Founder, Seed, Pre-IPO capital events)                                         (Brokers/funds/to lighten or exit
                                               stakeholders to further screen
• Attend at relevant industry conferences      specific the opportunity
                                                                                • Typical time frame 1 - 3 years
• Access to market and sector research

     INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                                                       14
Affectionately known as the Goondiwindi Grey, Gunsynd was a favourite of
Australian punters (and the scourge of many a turf accountant) due to being
one of the finest greys to ever take the turf, with a tenacity when running
that served to take the victory when other horses pulled up as beaten.
Gunsynd’s overall record of 29 wins, 7 seconds and 8 thirds is all the more
impressive given that his two-year-old season featured only two wins.
Australian champion racehorse of the year in 1972, the big stallion won
a plethora of Australia’s top races including The Epsom, The Doncaster,
Caulfield Stakes and the most prestigious weight-forage race in Australia,
the Cox Plate. The magnificent grey stallion made his farewell to racing in
Brisbane on Monday May 7 1973. The biggest crowd Doomben has ever seen
– bigger even than that to see Black Caviar in more recent times – packed in
to bid farewell to their favourite son.
The only animal to be name a Queensland icon, it is said of him: “he loved
the crowds and the crowds loved him”.

     INVESTOR PRESENTATION 2021                                                15
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