Keith Carman QOO Chair

Keith Carman QOO Chair
Western Interconnect
 Unscheduled Flow
  February 21, 2019

   Keith Carman
    QOO Chair
Keith Carman QOO Chair
UFMP History
• UFMP Historically managed by the WECC
  UFAS committee reporting to the OC
• FERC filed tariff since 1995
• Late 2016 WECC Notice
• Late 2017 RFP
• January 2018 selection
• Now referenced as the
  • Western Interconnect Unscheduled Flow Mitigation
    Program (WIUFMP)

UFMP Purpose
• To mitigate flows on Qualified Paths to reliable
  levels during real time operations.
   • First by use of Qualified Controllable Devices
      • PST or Phase Shifting Transformers
   • Second by the use of schedule curtailments
• Qualification of Qualified Path
   • 100 hours in the last three years where flows
     exceeded 97% of the rating and curtailments
   • Analysis showing that unscheduled flows
     contribute at least to 5% of the rating of the path.

• Qualification of a “Qualified Controllable
  Device” or QCD.
  • The QCD must reduce flows by at least an average
    of 1% over ALL Qualified Paths
  • The QCD must reduce flows by at least 1% on half
    of the Qualified Paths.
• Currently there are four Qualified Paths and
  seven Qualified Controllable Devices

Qualified Paths
• Path 66 (COI) Operated by CAISO

• Path 30 (TOT 1A) Operated by WAPA

• Path 31 (TOT 2A) Operated by WAPA

• Path 36 (TOT 3 ) Operated by WAPA

Qualified Controllable
• TOT 2A – Waterflow & Shiprock
   • Operated and owned by Western
• Pinto – Two PST’s
   • Operated by PAC; Owned by PAC/SCE & PG&E
• Sigurd
   • Operated by PAC, Owned by PAC/SCE & PG&E
• Harry Allen
   • Operated by NPC (Nevada), Owned by PAC & NPC
• Billings
   • Operated and Owned by Northwestern Energy
• Gladstone
   • Operated and owned by Tri-State
• Crossover
   • Operated by Northwestern Energy ; Owned by Western

Goal of WIUFMP
• Maintain Reliability
• keeping commercial transactions in place

• ECC – Enhanced Curtailment Calculator
• Four Phases for ECC
  • Phase 1 - Situational Awareness phase
  • Phase 2 – WebSAS replacement
     • Real time TDF
     • Issuance of events
     • Carries out Steps 3 and 4
  • Future Phase 3 – Future Hour
     • Prediction tool using future hour schedule information
  • Future Phase 4 – Final State
     • Allows for schedule curtailment beyond UFMP Paths
• Today the ECC primarily provides UFMP support

• Four Program Steps
  • Step 1 – Advisory step – Qualified path operator
    provides notice to RC of the situation and
    mitigating actions being sought
  • Step 2 – the Qualified path operator uses its own
    equipment and actions to mitigate to the extend
  • Step 3 – the Qualified path operator requests
    coordinated operation of the controllable devices
  • Step 4 – the Qualified path operator continuing to
    experience overloads requests curtailments

• Administrated by SPP for the first time in 2018
• Awarded January 2018
  • Late request for data (April)
  • 2019 and beyond
     • Jan data request

• Oversight, review and implementation of the
  FERC filed plan is under the Qualified Owners
  and Operators (QOO).
• The QOOs are also responsible for the selection
  of the Administrator.
• The QOOs have delegated the implementation
  of the routine activities under the WUIFMP to
  a new committee called the Unscheduled Flow
  Committee (UFC)

• The UFC was formed to provide open
  transparency to the WIUFMP
• The UFC voting membership mimics the now
  sunsetted UFAS WECC committee
• Committee composed of QCD owners, QP
  operators and at large members. Furthermore,
  the UFC is open for attendance by any party.
• Currently Chaired by Zea Flores, WAPA
• Staff support under the program

What does SPP do?
• Administers the program to include
   • Determines all cost and allocation calculations
   • Issues WIUFMP invoices
   • Collects and distributes funds under the program
   • Provides administrative support for QOO and UFC
   • Provides dissemination of WIUFMP information and
     maintains a public accessible internet repository.
   • Implements the provisions of the FERC filed plan.
• Important to note that this function is independent
  of any other services being provided in the
  Western Interconnection.

Current Efforts
• Document the program implementation
  • Development of an Administrative Procedure
     • Documents the specific implementation procedures
  • Seeking guidance on interpretation of the current
    filed plan
     • The plan has evolved over time
     • The implementation tool was not current
     • Working with QOO and legal teams to provide
       implementation guidance.

• Encourage all to participate
• Scheduled UFC meetings (WebEx)
  •   March 12th 2-4 pm
  •   April 9th 2-4 pm
  •   May 14th 2-4 pm
  •   June 11th 2-4 pm
       • All times Mountain
• More information on SPP website
  • Organizational Groups Link at top
  • On Right hand side Qualified Owners and
    Operators link


Keith Carman
QOO Chair

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