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    06    Welcome to Kensington and Chelsea College
    08    Open days & events
    10    Get ready for your future
    12    Under 19? Discover a College that’s made for you
    14    Adult Learning
    16    Kensington Centre
    18    Chelsea Centre
    20    Supporting you every step of the way
    22    What level course should you take?
    24    Access to Higher Education
    26    Higher Education
    28    Apprenticeships - a real job with training

    Course listings
    30    Business Management & Professional Studies
    32    Business Studies, Management & Accounting
    36    English & Maths
    38    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    40    Modern Foreign Languages
    42    Teacher Training - get into teaching

    44    Creative Arts, Services & Technology
    46    Art & Design
    50    Digital Media
    52    Fashion & Millinery
    56    Fine Art, Print, Sculpture & Photography
    60    Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy

    64    Health, Childcare & Sport
    66    Health & Childcare
    68    Sport & Fitness

    General Information

    70    How do I apply for a course?
    72    How much will I pay?
    73    Contact us
    74    Glossary & explanation of terms

4                                     5
                                          Welcome to Kensington and Chelsea College. Thank
                                          you for taking time to look at our latest prospectus and
                                          considering our College.

    KENSINGTON                            Ensuring that you are on the right course is
                                          important to us which is why we have a team
                                                                                           Our Higher Educational and Access to Higher
                                                                                           Education courses are also exceptional. Our

                                          of dedicated, qualified advisors ready to help   Management and Professional Development
                                          and support you in making the decision to        courses, along with our vocational courses in
                                          study with us.                                   Health and Care, Hair and Beauty, Business

                                                                                           and Professional Studies and Multimedia, are
                                          Our friendly, supportive staff are on hand to
                                                                                           some of the very best in the area. We are also
                                          make sure you have a brilliant experience
                                                                                           proud to say our Teacher Training was graded
                                          from the word go. They include our highly
                                                                                           outstanding by Ofsted.
                                          qualified teaching and lecturing staff who are
                                          among the best industry-connected and            We also know each student is looking
                                          award-winning tutors you could wish for.         for something different, which is why we
                          FOLLOW                                                           offer hundreds of opportunities from
                                          Our courses also come with a strong focus on
                      KENSINGTON AND                                                       full-time, part-time and evening courses
                                          giving students access to unique learning
                    CHELSEA COLLEGE ON:                                                    to Higher Education, work-based learning
                                          experiences. These include masterclasses
                                                                                           and Apprenticeships.
                                          and networking opportunities with industry
                                          professionals, entrepreneurial and training      So, whatever your age, social background,
                                          opportunities such as selling work on            or previous experience of education, we
                                          London’s iconic Portobello Market and work       welcome you to be part of our friendly, safe,
                                          placements with high-profile employers           inclusive and respectful College family.
                                          including Hemingway Design and Chanel.

                                          Both of our main centres are based in
                                          vibrant, exciting locations in the heart of
                                          London. Our Chelsea Centre is by the famous
                                          King’s Road, whilst our Kensington Centre is
                                          in the heart of trendy Portobello. The College
                                          also has strong links and partnerships with
                                          many of the world-class organisations
                                          surrounding it, which has led to some
                                          amazing experiences for our students
                                          including jobs at the Victoria and Albert
                                          Museum and the Science Museum.
                                                                                           Mark Brickley
                                          The success of our students is one of the        CEO and Principal
                                          many things that make us stand out as a          Kensington and Chelsea College
                                          College. Each year we produce some of the
                                          industry’s brightest stars such as our former
                                          millinery student Justin Smith, who helped
                                          create the headpiece worn by Angelina Jolie
                                          in Disney’s ‘Maleficent.’

                                          The success of our students is matched by
                                          our high-profile national and international
                                          reputation for world-class excellence in
                                          Creative Arts including Fine Art, Fashion,
                                          Millinery, Photography, Design and Sculpture.

6                                                                                                    7
    & EVENTS
                                                     Access and Support

                                                     Both our Chelsea and Kensington Centres
                                                     have full wheelchair access, hearing loop
                                                     facilities and BSL signers available. For more
                                                     information on accessibility and support
                                                     available on pages 20 & 21.

    Whether you’re a school                          For specific access or support requirements,
                                                     or to arrange a BSL signer to assist you,
    leaver thinking about                            please contact the study support team on
    university, or interested in                     email: or by
                                                     telephone: 020 7573 5389
    an evening class, our
    Open Days will give you an                       Events, Exhibitions and Taster Days
    introduction to the
                                                     We regularly hold exhibitions and community
    College, our facilities and                      events, as well as taster days. For the latest
    our courses.                                     information visit:

    Please note different subjects are represented
    at each centre, for details please visit         Independent Advice and Guidance to
                                                     We offer a free and independent advice
    ensure you attend the correct venue.
                                                     service at our Chelsea and Kensington
                                                     Centres. Drop in to speak to an advisor
    October 2014 Open Days                           about course and career options:

    Kensington Centre                                Open during term time
    Tuesday 14 October                               Monday to Friday 9.30am– 4.00pm
    4.00pm – 7.00pm
                                                     To make an appointment:
    Chelsea Centre                                   Telephone: 020 7573 5325
    Thursday 16 October                              Email:
    4.00pm – 7.00pm
                                                     Live online advice and
                                                     guidance support:
    February 2015 Open Days                          Visit and click on
                                                     ‘live chat’ for more information
    Kensington Centre
                                                     and times.
    Tuesday 3 February
    4.00pm – 7.00pm
                                                     	If you require this brochure in a large
    Chelsea Centre
                                                       print format, please contact our study
    Thursday 5 February
                                                       support team:
    4.00pm – 7.00pm
                                                       Telephone: 020 7573 5224

8                                                              9
     Our goal is to prepare every student for a successful
     future. That’s why we offer a lot more than just a
     recognised qualification across hundreds of courses -
     students get a unique insight into their career, and build
     skills that employers are looking for.

     Whatever your aspirations in life and learning,   Experience a fantastic College life
     we will help you achieve them. You might
                                                       We’ll put you at the centre of a vibrant,
     want to build your experience or skills for
                                                       friendly environment where there is always
     work, or get paid whilst you train on an
                                                       lots going on. Whatever you choose to take
     Apprenticeship. Many of our courses also
                                                       part in – from sports teams to festivals, or
     lead to higher education and a place at a
                                                       pop-up art shows and student competitions
     top university.
                                                       – there’s a rich College life outside of
     We care about your future, which is why our       the classroom.
     students enjoy unrivalled access to tutors,
                                                       From Portobello Road with its iconic markets,
     are given unique employment and industry
                                                       to Chelsea’s Design Quarter and the world
     opportunities, and benefit from a strong
                                                       famous King’s Road, you’ll find you’re
     network of support services, including
                                                       surrounded by historic locations and inspiring
     assistance in finding and preparing for jobs
                                                       attractions – pretty useful when you need to
     on course completion.
                                                       take a break from your studies!

10                                                                               11
     COLLEGE                                                                                           ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                       SUNMISOLA WILLIAMS

     THAT’S MADE                                                                                       Sunmisola Williams studied hairdressing
                                                                                                       at the College. So what did she think of
                                                                                                       College life?

     FOR YOU                                                                                           “My course was amazing. No matter what
                                                                                                       your ability or level the tutors are always
                                                                                                       incredibly supportive. It’s one of the top
                                                                                                       Colleges in my opinion. We get to learn
                                                                                                       from tutors who are already working in
                                                                                                       the industry so they really know their
                                                                                                       stuff. We’re getting taught the latest
     We want you to feel inspired outside of the classroom as                                          techniques and learning skills which meet
                                                                                                       the demands of employers. I’ve also
     well as inside it. Kensington and Chelsea College has lots
                                                                                                       made some fantastic friends on the
     of fantastic resources and support networks in place to                                           course. Everyone on the course is really
     help you settle into College life, make new friends and                                           creative and ambitious.”

     discover new and exciting opportunities.                                                          As part of her course Sunmisola was also
                                                                                                       encouraged to take part in College
                                                                                                       networking events and industry
     Each year our students go on to achieve big       awareness events, volunteering opportunities
                                                                                                       opportunities which led to a spot on
     things. Over the past year we have had            within the community, Jack Petchey Awards,
                                                                                                       London Fashion Week.
     students setting up their own business and        sporting events and opportunities to join the
     selling their designs in Fenwick and Fortnum      College sports team.                            Speaking about the opportunity
     and Mason, to winning national awards,                                                            Sunmisola said: “We had the opportunity
                                                       The youth work team also offer a specific
     taking part in public exhibitions and seeing                                                      to create hairstyles for models on the
                                                       under 19 support service and additional
     their designs worn by Lady Gaga and                                                               catwalk. It was such a great experience!
                                                       training programmes to help build personal
     Angelina Jolie.                                                                                   We were styling models for many of the
                                                       skills and raise awareness of social and
     You can read their stories throughout this        health issues.                                  well-known high street fashion brands.
     guide, and be inspired to start your journey                                                      The course and College is fantastic at
                                                       To discover the full range of support           providing industry work opportunities. It
     with us.
                                                       services available, including study             means we get to start networking whilst
     Our youth work team provides a programme          support and counselling services turn           on the course so that when we finish we
     of activities and services throughout the year,   to page 20-21.                                  already have contacts to approach. I think
     especially for our under 19 students. Some of                                                     it’s really important to find a course, like
     the extracurricular opportunities on offer                                                        the one at the College, which also
     include organised trips such as skiing,                                                           prepares you for employment at the end
     paintballing and going to the cinema,                                                             of it.”

12                                                                                                             13
     Kensington and Chelsea
     College offers a wide                                                               ROAD TO SUCCESS
     range of courses and                                                                GOKHAN TANRIOVER
     extensive support                                                                   Gokhan Tanriover is a former NHS
     services for those                                                                  doctor who gave up his medical
                                                                                         career to pursue his passion for
     coming to education
                                                                                         photography. He successfully passed
     as an adult learner.                                                                his photography course at the College
                                                                                         and is now studying for a photography
     Whether you are looking for professional                                            degree at university.
     development, a career change, progression to                                        Speaking about his career change,
     university, or simply want to enhance your                                          and return to education as an adult
     skills by learning something new, we have a                     THIS                learner, Gokhan said: “You always
     course to suit you.                                       TIME LAST YEAR I          feel fully supported at the College.
     Our courses come in a range of learning                 HAD NEVER WRITTEN A         The tutors on the course always make
     styles to fit around your work and home life.         FORMAL ACADEMIC ESSAY         time for their students. They’re really
     We offer part-time, full-time and evening          HAVING BEEN OUT OF EDUCATION     great actually. The tutors are not just
     courses, as well as short courses, workshops       FOR NEARLY TWENTY YEARS. YET     teaching, as they still work as
     and full-time courses leading to industry        TODAY, THANKS TO THE COLLEGE AND   photographers and their career
                                                                                         achievements are amazing. I like the
     recognised qualifications.                          ITS WONDERFUL TUTORS, I AM
                                                                                         fact we are taught by established
     There are also a wide range of support              STUDYING LAW AT CAMBRIDGE
                                                                                         photographers. The course at the
     services including financial support available              UNIVERSITY!”            College was perfect for me as it
     through the College. These include the 24+                                          ensured I was technically proficient,
                                                                JAMES HUSSEIN,
     Advanced Learning Loan. A 24+ Advanced                                              helped me explore the artistic side of
                                                            FORMER ACCESS TO HIGHER
     Learning Loan is easy to apply for and you                                          photography, and taught me how to
                                                               EDUCATION STUDENT
     don’t need to start paying anything back until                                      earn a living as a photographer. It’s a
     you are earning £21,000 or more. If you                                             luxury to do what you love in life, so if
     enrol on an Access course and go on to                                              you know what that is, just go for it
     university to complete your degree, you                                             no matter what age you are! I really
     won’t have to pay back anything at all.                                             think it’s important to pursue what
                                                                                         makes you happy because you only
                                                                                         get one life.”

14                                                                                            15

     Close to Portobello Road

     and bustling Notting Hill,                                                                                                    n     e

     the Kensington Centre                                               Wor
                                                                                                   CENTRE                El
                                                                                      Rd                                          to

     takes its lead from the
                                                                                                                                     n   eR

     creative atmosphere of                                    be                                                    St

                                                                 llo                                                   .E


                                                                     d                                                         ns




     the local area.



                                                                                                                 r   nin

                                                     B5 4






     Local attractions include Golborne Road and                                      Po
                                                                                         r   t
     Portobello Market and The Museum of

     Brands, Packaging and Advertising. Our art
     and design studios are based at the
     Kensington Centre, and include facilities for
     ceramics, glass and jewellery, as well as
     graphic design and digital media. The centre                                                                                                        “THE COLLEGE IS
     also has a business enterprise suite complete                                                                                                   IN A VIBRANT LOCATION,
     with new and improved IT facilities, Wi-Fi                                                                                                     WITH LOTS GOING ON FOR
     access and library with group and individual                                                                                                 DIFFERENT TYPES OF PEOPLE,
     study spaces. Our libraries also contain more                                                                                                  OF ALL AGES. I LOVE THAT
     than just books…try e-books, laptops, iPads,
                                                                                                                                                  THE COLLEGE IS SO NEAR TO
     all the latest software and more.
                                                                                                                                                   TRENDY PORTOBELLO ROAD,
                                                                                                                                                     WHICH BRINGS A LOT OF
     For more info about our centres, see                                                                                                           CREATIVE INFLUENCE INTO
     page 73 or visit                                                                                                               THE COLLEGE.”

                                                                                                                                                         MONIQUE BELL,

16                                                                                                                                                17

     Our multi-million pound
     Chelsea Centre sits in the
     heart of the Chelsea
     design quarter and is
     situated by London’s
     famous King’s Road, with
     its fashionable boutiques
     and cafes.

     It offers students access to the latest
     technology, spacious fashion studios,
     professional Mac design suites and new
     photography darkroom facilities. The Chelsea
     Centre also boasts a large exhibition and
     conference hall available for hire,* a vibrant
     cafe, modern library facilities** and Wi-Fi
     access so our students can continue their
     learning outside of the classroom.

     * For details on hiring space at either of

     our centres, please email


                                                                                                                Rd                                                                                                   e



     Address: Hortensia Road,
     London SW10 0QS                                                   CENTRE

     ** Our libraries contain more


     than simply books…try e-books, laptops,
     iPads, all the latest software and more                                     sR

                                                                                            tt R

     For more info about our centres, see

                                                                A3                                 Westfield Park
     page 73 or visit

18                                                                                                       19
                                                                                                     Study Support, Disabilities                        Counselling and Personal Support
                                                                                                     and Learning Difficulties
                                                                                                                                                         We have a team of counsellors available
                                                                                                     If you have a disability or learning difficulty     to discuss personal issues in a

                                                                                                     and you need support with your studies, our         confidential setting.
                                                                                                     Study Support department can help. We offer
                                                                                                                                                         For more information, or to book an
                                                                                                     personalised support to students who have
                                                                                                                                                         appointment, telephone:
                                                                                                     dyslexia, learning difficulties, physical and
                                                                                                     sensory disabilities and mental health issues.      Kensington Centre: 020 7573 5358
                                                                                                     We can also provide specialist technology and       Chelsea Centre: 020 7573 5255
                                                                                                     equipment. We can assist with a range of
                                                                                                     support needs including:                            Mobile for both centres:
     We’re dedicated to supporting you throughout your time                                                                                              07533 27390
     with us. And that support starts before you’ve even                                             • Dyslexia
                                                                                                     • Learning difficulties
     enrolled, with impartial course and careers advice to make                                                                                          Financial Support
                                                                                                     • Autism or Asperger Syndrome
     sure you choose the route that’s best for you.                                                  • Blind/visual impairment
                                                                                                                                                         To find out more about our Learner Support
                                                                                                                                                         Fund and 16–18 Bursary, 24 plus loan and
                                                                                                     • Deaf/hearing impairment                           other available funds, or to apply, contact:
     Our Youth Workers, Advice and Guidance             24+ Advanced Learning Loan                   • Physical disabilities
                                                                                                                                                         Telephone: 020 7573 5334
     Team, and College Counsellor are on hand to                                                     • Head injury
                                                        Aged 24 or over, and on a level 3 or above
     guide you, whether you’re applying to                                                                                                               Email:
                                                        course? You can now apply for a 24+          • Medical conditions
     university, or just need someone to chat to                                                                                               
                                                        Advanced Learning Loan.                      • Mental health issues
     about your studies. On the academic side of
     things, we offer tutorial support and classes      Visit                   • Admissions
     alongside your course for those that need to       for more details.                            •	Communication support
     improve their English and Maths before                                                             including BSL                                    We have a day nursery at our Kensington
     progressing to work or higher study.                                                            •	One-to-one support in and                        Centre for over-twos and under-fives.
                                                                                                        outside of class                                 Opening hours:
     We’re also committed to making learning
     more affordable. That’s why we offer a                                                          • Note-taking                                       Monday–Friday 9.00am–4.00pm
     Bursary and Learner Support Fund to help                                                                                                            Find out more
                                                                                                     If you would like support, please tell your tutor
     with cash towards childcare or travel, and                                                                                                          Telephone: 020 7573 5347
                                                                                                     or contact the Study Support Team by:
     there’s also a range of discounts throughout
     the year for those that pay the full course fee.                                                Telephone: 020 7573 5389
     Our commitment to supporting you doesn’t
     end when you finish your studies - we can
     also help you find employment,                                                                  Or by filling out a study support referral form
     Apprenticeships and work placements.                                                            available from college receptions.

20                                                                                                                                                               21
WHAT DOES THIS LEVEL                            WHAT ARE THE ENTRY
                                                                            OF QUALIFICATION COVER?                         REQUIREMENTS?                       QUALIFICATION TYPE

                                                                            Entry level courses develop basic               None, but you must show a           CACHE Entry Certificate
                                                                            knowledge and skills and the ability            willingness to learn.               This course is designed for those with

                                                                            to apply learning in everyday                                                       an interest in childcare who also
                                                                            situations under direct supervision.                                                need help with their English. This
                                                                                                                                                                progresses on to our other childcare

                                                                            Level 1 courses give an introduction            You don’t need any formal           First Step/Career in                       BTEC Introductory Certificate               Cache Foundation
                                                                            to a subject. You’ll gain a foundation          qualifications, but you will need   Introductory courses in subject areas      Introductory courses in subject areas       Award Level 1

                                                                            of knowledge and learn to apply your            to have satisfactory English and    leading on to level 2.                     leading on to level 2.                      This course is equivalent to 3 GCSE
                                                                            skills to everyday or job-related               maths skills.                                                                                                              grades D–G and allows you to learn
                                                                            situations with supervision.                                                        NVQ Level 1                                                                            basic skills in caring for children. You
                                                                                                                                                                A work-based course designed to                                                        progress onto level 2 qualifications.
                                                                                                                                                                introduce you to the skills you
                                                                                                                                                                need for a job in a particular industry.

                                                                            Level 2 courses provide a good level            You’ll need four GCSEs at grade     GCSE                                       BTEC First Diploma                          Higher Education Course.
                                                                            of knowledge and understanding and              D or above or a level 1             Covering a wide range of subjects,         A qualification that provides a

                                                                            will allow you to perform varied tasks          vocational qualification in a       forming a base of knowledge allowing       foundation of knowledge, allowing           CACHE Level 2
                                                                            with some supervision.                          related subject.                    you to progress onto further learning.     you to choose from a wide range of          This is a full-time course that is
                                                                                                                                                                                                           vocational areas.                           equivalent to 5 GCSEs grades A*–C. It
                                                                                                                                                                NVQ Level 2                                                                            is a qualification that will help you
                                                                                                                                                                A work-based qualification with            Pre-Access                                  gain employment caring for children
                                                                                                                                                                industry-assessed placement.               A one-year programme to prepare you         under 16.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           for entry onto the level 3 Access

                                                                            Level 3 courses are advanced level              You’ll need four GCSEs at grade     A Levels (AS/A2 level)                     BTEC National Diploma                       higher education but don’t yet have
                                                                            courses – you’ll develop your                   C or above (one must be             Nationally recognised qualifications       Studied full-time over one or two           the formal academic qualifications

                                                                            analytical skills and gain an                   English) or a level 2 vocational    leading on to higher education.            years, this qualification is suitable for   required.
                                                                            understanding of complex issues.                qualification with merit or                                                    people who want to focus on a
                                                                                                                                                                NVQ Level 3                                specific vocational area.                   PTT LS
                                                                            These courses will prepare you for              distinction and functional
                                                                                                                                                                A work-based qualification that                                                        A programme of learning to give you
                                                                            higher education or technician level            skills at level 2.
                                                                                                                                                                reflects the skills needed for             Access to Higher Education                  the foundation to teach in the
                                                                                                                                                                a particular job.                          An intensive one-year programme for         post-compulsory sector.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           those who would like to progress to

                                                                            Level 4 courses are at the first stage          To enter a level 4 course you       Foundation Degree                          Foundation Diploma in Art and Design        DTLLS Year 1
                                                                            of higher education. At this stage,             need at least one A level or a      A degree-level qualification which         One year foundation course leading          The first year of a course that

                                                                            you’ll be learning within a specialised         relevant BTEC National Diploma      combines academic study with               onto a university programme in Art          will give you qualified status to
                                                                            field and will be required to make              or an equivalent level 3            workplace learning.                        and Design.                                 teach in the post-compulsory
                                                                            detailed analysis of a high level of            qualification. Mature candidates                                                                                           education sector.
                                                                            information and knowledge. This level           may be able to enter level 4 if     NVQ Level 4
                                                                            is appropriate for people working in            they have a significant level of    An advanced, work based
                                                                            technical and professional jobs, and            relevant experience.                qualification with industry-assessed
                                                                            managing others.                                                                    placement.

                                                                            Level 5 courses are equivalent to the           To enter a level 5 course you       Higher National Diploma                    Higher National Certificate                 DTLLS Year 2
                                                                            first two years of an honours degree.           will typically need a previous      A higher education course leading on       A higher education qualification that       The second year of a course that

                                                                            You’ll gain an increasing depth of              level 4 qualification, and          to university with additional units to     leads on to university.                     will give you qualified status to
                                                                            knowledge to enable the formulation             significant relevant experience.    the HNC (see above).                                                                   teach in the post-compulsory
                                                                            of solutions to complex problems.                                                                                                                                          education sector.
                                                                            Appropriate for people working as
                                                                            higher grade technicians,
                                                                            professionals or managers.

                                          If you are not sure which level is right for you, or for more advice on courses, please contact our
                                          Careers Advice and Guidance team on email: or telephone: 020 7573 5325

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     23
     EDUCATION                                                                                                                     ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                                                   DANIEL CAMPBELL
                                                                                                                                   Daniel Campbell gave up his career in
                                                                                                                                   retail banking to pursue his passion
                                                                                                                                   for history and teaching by enrolling
     Access courses enable                             Access to Humanities                         Access to Health and Sports    on Access to Humanities at the
                                                                                                                                   College. Through the Access course
     students to enter Higher                          Pre-Access to Higher Education               Access to Midwifery
                                                       Level 2 – Kensington Centre                  Level 3 – Chelsea Centre       Daniel gained his route into university
     Education and progress                                                                                                        and is now studying African History at
     into a huge range of                              Access to Higher Education:                  Access to Nursing              SOAS University.
                                                       Education Studies                            Level 3 – Chelsea Centre
     different career paths.                           Level 3 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres                                    Daniel said: “I plan to go into a
                                                                                                    Access to Paramedic Studies    career in adult education and
                                                       Access to Higher Education: Law              Level 3 – Chelsea Centre       community-based teaching. I loved
     Previous students have gone on to take
                                                       Level 3 – Kensington Centre                                                 the Access course at the College and
     degrees in anthropology, psychology,                                                           Access to Radiography
                                                                                                                                   had a fantastic course experience. It
     international relations, philosophy, sociology,   Access to Higher Education: Social Work      Level 3 – Chelsea Centre
                                                                                                                                   developed my confidence in my
     criminology, radiography and nursing. If you      Level 3 – Kensington Centre
                                                                                                    Access to Sports Science       abilities and returning to education,
     are interested in becoming a lawyer, teacher,
                                                       Access to Business Studies                   Level 3 – Chelsea Centre       as well as helping me prepare for
     paramedic, midwife or social worker, our
                                                       Level 3 – Kensington Centre                                                 university. If you’re returning to
     Access courses offer a route into university in                                                Access to Science
                                                                                                                                   education just accept the nerves and
     one year, studying subjects that match the        Access to Higher Education: Humanities       Level 3 – Chelsea Centre
                                                                                                                                   fear at the start and do it anyway. In
     degree or career path you want to follow.         Level 3 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
                                                                                                                                   the long run you’ll be better off for it.
     Many of our students go on to study at            Access to Higher Education: Social Science                                  Learning opens doors for you, and
     prestigious universities, including Oxford,       Level 3 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres                                    qualifications and skills will always
     Cambridge and King’s College London. Our                                                                                      give you options whatever your age.”
                                                       Access to Higher Education: Psychology
     Advice and Guidance Team is on hand to
                                                       Level 3 – Kensington Centre
     guide students through the university
     application process, including help with          Access Diploma in Nutritional Science
     writing personal statements and choosing the      Level 3 – Chelsea Centre
     correct course. For students that need to
                                                                                                                                           LAST YEAR
     improve their skills before moving on to an
                                                                                                                                         100% OF OUR
     Access course, our Pre-Access to Higher
     Education programme prepares you for higher
                                                                                                                                     COMPLETED STUDENTS
     level study.                                                                                                                  PROGRESSED INTO HIGHER
                                                                                                                                    EDUCATION AND SECURED
                                                                                                                                  PLACES AT TOP UNIVERSITIES,
                                                                                                                                     INCLUDING CAMBRIDGE
                                                                                                                                        UNIVERSITY AND
                                                                                                                                        SOAS UNIVERSITY
                                                                                                                                          OF LONDON.

24                                                                                                                                      25
HIGHER                                                      OUR HIGHER

                                                             EDUCATION COURSES
                                                            ARE ACCREDITED BY THE
                                                             FOLLOWING OFFICIAL
                                                       ACCREDITATION PARTNERS: LONDON
                                                       SOUTH BANK UNIVERSITY, KINGSTON
                                                      UNIVERSITY AND CANTERBURY CHRIST
                                                         CHURCH UNIVERSITY. FOR MORE
                                                          DETAILS ABOUT OUR HIGHER
     Studying on a Higher                                  EDUCATION COURSES VISIT:
                                                                                         Higher Education

     Education course at                                       WWW.KCC.AC.UK/            Early Years Foundation Degree
     Kensington and Chelsea                                   HIGHER_EDUCATION/          – Accredited by Kingston University
                                                                                         Level 4 – Chelsea Centre
     College means gaining the
                                                                                         BTEC Higher National Certificate in
     knowledge, skills and                                                               Interior Architecture
     qualifications needed to                                                            Level 4 – Chelsea Centre
     achieve the career you’ve                                                           Certificate in Teaching English to Adults
     always wanted.                                                                      CELTA Level 5

                                                                                         Diploma in Education and Training
     Our reputation with universities and employers                                      – Accredited by
     is excellent, and we are proud to say our                                           Canterbury Christchurch University
     teaching staff are among the best. Our tutors                                       Level 4/5
     remain professionally involved in their
                                                                                         Higher National Certificate in Millinery
     specialist fields, enabling them to share
                                                                                         – Chelsea Centre
     exclusive industry knowledge and contacts
     with their students.                                                                Higher National Certificate in Fashion
                                                                                         – Chelsea Centre
     We also realise our Higher Education learners
     often have to balance their work and home                                           Higher National Certificate in Costume
     life with their educational endeavours, which                                       – Chelsea Centre
     is why we are committed to providing a
                                                                                         Higher National Certificate in Fine Art
     flexible and supportive approach to learning.
                                                                                         Level 4 – Chelsea Centre
     Whatever your lifestyle, we’ll find a way to
     deliver our course to you.                                                          Higher National Diploma in Fine Art
                                                                                         Level 5 – Chelsea Centre

                                                                                         BA (Top-up) in Fine Art with
                                                                                         London South Bank University
                                                                                         Level 6 – Chelsea Centre

26                                                                                            27
                                                                                                           As an Apprenticeship is the first long-term
                                                                                                           employment opportunity for most learners,
                                                                                                           we also provide extensive ‘on the job’

                                                                                                           support to help you once you start with
                                                                                                           your new employer.

                                                                                                           We provide a range of Pre-Apprenticeship and

                                                                                                           Apprenticeship programmes including:

                                                                                                           •		 Business Administration
                                                                                                           •		 Community Arts
                                                                                                                                                             ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                           •		 Creative and Digital Media
                                                                                                           •		 Cultural and Heritage
                                                                                                                                                             KATIE CALVERT
                                                                                                           •		 Design                                        Katie Calvert is a Digital Design
     We work with a range of high-profile employers to offer                                               •		IT, Software, Web and Telecomms               Apprentice at Hemingway Design.
                                                                                                               Professionals                                 The ambitious 18-year-old secured
     some truly unique Apprenticeship opportunities.                                                       •		Libraries, Archives, Records and              the coveted position at the
                                                                                                               Information Management Services               prestigious London design agency
                                                                                                           •		 Social Media and Digital Marketing            following a Pre-Apprenticeship course
     Iconic employers including the Victoria and        The Apprentice view                                                                                  at Kensington and Chelsea College.
                                                                                                           If you have struggled to get started with your
     Albert Museum (V&A), Historic Royal Palaces,
                                                        Kirsty McKay, 20, works as a Technical             job search in your bid to be an Apprentice, we    “The two week Pre-Apprenticeship
     Hemingway Design, Hustlebucks, Whitechapel
                                                        Services Apprentice at the V&A. She said:          have videos that will help. ‘People Get Ready’    course helped me prepare for the big
     Gallery, Samurai Sounds and the Royal
                                                        “Working as an Apprentice at the V&A is a          are short films that give you the key tips to     interview day at Hemingway Design,”
     Institute of British Architects all have
                                                        massive opportunity for someone my age.            finding the right job for you, developing a CV,   said Katie.
     Apprentices training with Kensington and
                                                        I have gained all sorts of skills, got work        completing application forms, using social
     Chelsea College.                                                                                                                                        Almost six months on Katie is now a
                                                        experience and I am being paid to do               networks to help you get a job and many
                                                                                                           more. To see the videos visit                     big part of the Hemingway Design
     Employment is a fundamental part of an             something which is going to help me in my
                                                                                                                team and has already sharpened her
     Apprenticeship, so it is important to have first   future career.”
                                                                                                                                                             research, design, social media and
     found an Apprenticeship position you are
                                                                                                           Are you looking to get into an Apprenticeship     communication skills.
     interested in applying for.
                                                        The Employer view                                  but are not currently in work? Do you want
                                                                                                           advice and support in making the next steps       Describing a typical day at the
     Our Apprenticeship team will help you source
                                                        Nasir Gilani, from the HR team at Historic                                                           agency Katie says her daily tasks
     Apprenticeship vacancies and provides                                                                 and getting your application just right or
                                                        Royal Palaces, says: “Kensington and Chelsea                                                         include “Collecting images and
     tailored pre-apprenticeship training linked to                                                        preparing for that all-important interview?
                                                        College has been fantastic in supporting us                                                          graphics and making sure there are
     guaranteed job interviews to help you become                                                          A Pre-Apprenticeship programme could be
                                                        with the Apprentice recruitment campaign,                                                            no copyright breaches… Using Adobe
     an Apprentice and further your career in the                                                          the answer for you.
                                                        starting from the selection and short-listing of                                                     Photoshop and Illustrator to create
     world of work. Alternatively you may already
                                                        candidates to providing Pre-Apprenticeship                                                           designs that meet the client’s
     be in work and want to become an Apprentice                                                           	
                                                                                                            To find out more about Apprenticeships
                                                        training, and on-going mentoring and                                                                 needs… Creating photo-edits and
     to gain new skills and further your career.                                                            and the employers we are currently
                                                        coaching support.”                                                                                   graphics to be posted on our social
                                                                                                            working with or for full details on how          media sites.”
                                                                                                            to apply for our Pre-Apprenticeship or
                                                                                                            Apprenticeship programmes, visit                 She continued: “I was known
                                                                                                                          throughout school as the artist and
                                                                                                                                                             always planned to gain qualifications
                                                                                                                                                             to get myself into the creative sector,
                                                                                                           	To keep up to date with all our latest
                                                                                                                                                             but when this Apprenticeship
                                                                                                             news and job vacancies visit
                                                                                                                                                             opportunity came along I felt like I
                                                                                                                                                             was given a head start to get into the
                                                                                                   , or call
                                                                                                                                                             workplace I’ve always wanted to be
                                                                                                             020 7573 5322.
                                                                                                                                                             in. Now that I’m there I don’t see
                                                                                                                                                             myself in any other trade.”

28                                                                                                                                                              29
                     Employers look for exceptional people with the right
                     skills. All our courses focus strongly on employability,
                     and give you the most up-to-date and relevant skills to
                     progress in the workplace, or retrain for a new career.

                     We’ll ensure you leave us with the skills,
                     qualifications and knowledge needed to get you
                     ahead in today’s fast-paced business world.
                     In addition, our range of Modern Foreign Languages,
                     English, Maths and English for Speakers of Other
                     Languages (ESOL) courses will equip you with the
                     skills, qualifications and knowledge needed to get
                     ahead in today’s competitive job market.

30                                                  31
     ACCOUNTING                                                                                      ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                     CHRISTINE MURRAY
                                                                                                     Christine Murray was a former
     Business and Management skills are essential for people                                         bar tender who decided to pursue
                                                                                                     a career in accounting and took
     working in all sectors. Whether you wish to find your first                                     on a number of Book-keeping and
     job, gain professional development in your current role or                                      Accounting courses before
                                                                                                     progressing to the industry
     take the next step in your career, we provide the know-                                         recognised Association of
     how you need. Courses have a strong employability                                               Accounting Technicians
     focus, giving you an opportunity to learn new skills and                                        (AAT) course.

     share ideas.                                                                                    “You can never have too many
                                                                                                     qualifications, skills or
                                                                                                     experience. I did the course for
     Accounting                                          AAT Level 2 Award in Accounting Skills to   myself and my daughter. I felt
                                                         Run Your Business                           this was my time to develop a
     Our courses range from beginner to advanced
                                                         Level 2 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres    career that could lead to a better
     level and are aimed at people who work or
                                                                                                     future and financial security,”
     who wish to work in a role that requires            AAT Level 1 Award in Accounting
                                                                                                     said Christine. “I’ve gained the
     accounting skills.                                  (AAT Access)
                                                                                                     confidence to believe in myself
                                                         Level 2 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
     Kensington and Chelsea College has been                                                         and my abilities thanks to the
     accredited by Association of Accounting             Sage Certificate in                         College. I’m doing everything I
     Technicians (AAT) to deliver its accounting         Computerised Accounts                       can to get ahead in my career. I
     qualifications. AAT is a professional               Level 2 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres    want to teach my daughter to aim
     qualification and membership body. This gives                                                   high and not be held back by
                                                         Sage Certificate in
     students practical skills to work in a range of                                                 anything. When I was working as
                                                         Computerised Accounts
     finance and accounting jobs. People with AAT                                                    a bar tender I never imagined I
                                                         Level 1 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
     qualifications go on to work at all levels and in                                               would one day have a career in
     all sectors of the economy with some running        Certificate in Book-keeping & Accounts      accounting! I’ve come a long way
     their own accountancy practices.                    Level 2 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres    in a few years and want to show
                                                                                                     Maddy that life is what you make
     Courses delivered are:                              Certificate in Book-keeping & Accounts
                                                                                                     of it.”
                                                         Level 1 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
     Diploma in AAT
     Level 4 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres            Introduction to Manual Payroll
                                                         – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
     Diploma in AAT
     Level 3 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres            Introduction to Computerised Payroll
                                                         – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
     Certificate in AAT
     Level 2 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres

32                                                                                                 33
Business Studies                                     Management                                         usiness Study Programmes for 16-18
                                                                                                            B                                                  Working for your business
                                                                                                            year olds
     Access to Business Studies Level 3                   Our qualifications have been designed to                                                             We also offer a wide range of courses
     – Kensington Centre                                  provide you with the tools you need as a          Kensington and Chelsea College has                 designed to help companies and their
                                                          manager in today’s challenging environment.       developed a range of study programmes              employees exceed their training goals. We
     This course will prepare you to enter university
                                                          You will learn how to adapt your working          aimed at 16-18 years wishing to pursue a           offer a flexible, friendly approach, working
     to study at degree level.
                                                          methods to be more effective at work.             career in accountancy, finance, administration     one-to-one with each employer to provide the
     The modules we offer include:                                                                          or business. You will be training to become a      most convenient, accessible and effective
                                                          ILM Level 2 Certificate in Leadership and
                                                                                                            business professional and get into a               training available.
     • Study Skills                                       Team Skills
                                                                                                            competitive field with skills and qualifications
     • Business Organisation                              – Kensington Centre                                                                                  We have delivered courses, tailored to
                                                                                                            that set you apart from other candidates. To
     • Management                                                                                                                                              particular needs, for organisations such as
                                                          This qualification will enable you to             support you to succeed in your chosen field
                                                                                                                                                               Red Carnation Hotels, Royal Borough of
     • European Studies                                   understand the principles of managing             you will study to gain essential skills in
                                                                                                                                                               Kensington and Chelsea, Metropolitan Police,
     • Accounts                                           performance, setting objectives, the              English, Maths and ICT as well as benefit
                                                                                                                                                               Selftrade and Imperial and Birbeck College.
     • Finance                                            importance of induction and coaching, as well     from having one-to-one tutorials, group
                                                          as giving you the skills to lead your work team   tutorials and work experience.
     • IT
                                                          and deliver effective presentations. This                                                            	In work and thinking of an
     • English                                                                                              16-18 Study Programme: AAT Level 2
                                                          qualification is accredited through the                                                                Apprenticeship? Get a qualification
                                                                                                            Diploma in Accounting and Business
     You will receive support and advice with your        Institute of Leadership and Management, one                                                            while you work. Visit
     UCAS application in the first year as well as        of the lead awarding bodies in management.        16-18 Study Programme: Diploma                       apprentices for more information.
     guidance on financial matters.                                                                         in Business and ICT
                                                          ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and
                                                          Management                                        16-18 Study Programme: Diploma                     	Check out our latest courses and course
     Business Administration                                                                                in Business Administration                           information online at
                                                          ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and                                                              business-studies-and-management
     There are opportunities for administrators in        Management                                        16-18 Study Programme: Diploma
     every employment sector, including national                                                            in Understanding Enterprise
     and local government, finance, engineering,          ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and                                                                	For further information, call 020 7573
                                                                                                            and Entrepreneurship
     health, media, retail and leisure                    Management                                                                                             1387 or email
                                                                                                            The Business and Management Team also
     Administrators are absolutely vital at all levels;                                                     offers “one-off” courses to enhance your
                                                          Human Resources
     providing valuable support throughout an                                                               management skills and knowledge.
     organisation to run their day-to-day business        Whether you’re just starting out in HR or         These include:
     and meet their objectives. Choose from               looking to take your career to the next level,
     our administration courses and gain the              our CIPD courses will give you the knowledge      • Business Writing
     skills required to become a sought-                  and skills you need to succeed. Choose from       • Finance for Non-finance Managers
     after administrator.                                 a range of CIPD level 3 courses at our            • Introduction to Change Management
                                                          Chelsea Centre:                                   • Introduction to Marketing
     On our Administration courses you will learn
     the skills you need to qualify as an                 CIPD Foundation Level 3 Award in Human            • Introduction to Quality
     Administrator or Secretary.                          Resource Practice                                 • Introduction to Project Management
                                                                                                            • Performance Management
     Level 1 Business Administration                      CIPD Foundation Level 3 Certificate in
                                                                                                            • Presentation Skills
                                                          Human Resource Practice
     Level 2 Certificate in Principles of
     Business Administration                              CIPD Foundation Level 3 Diploma in
                                                          Human Resource Practice
     Level 2 Diploma in Business
     Administration                                       CIPD Foundation Level 3 Award in
                                                          Learning & Development Practice
     Level 2 Diploma in Medical Administration
                                                          CIPD Foundation Level 3 Certificate in
     Level 3 Diploma in Medical Administration
                                                          Learning & Development Practice
     Level 2 Diploma in Legal Administration
                                                          CIPD Foundation Level 3 Diploma in
     Level 3 Diploma in Legal Administration              Learning & Development Practice

34                                                                                                                                                                     35
     English and Maths classes provide the skills you require
     for work, education and everyday life. Employers,
     universities and colleges all value English and Maths
     and having these qualifications will help you achieve
     your goals.

     We offer courses to suit individual needs, up      If you require additional learning support,
     to and including GCSE Maths and English.           please see pages 20-21.

     Courses take place mornings, afternoons or         To find out more and enrol, you need to
     evenings, and you can study at our Chelsea         attend one of our advice and guidance
     or Kensington Centres.                             sessions. Visit
     Our English and Maths courses are usually
                                                        maths/ for details. Our staff will assess your
     free for students ordinarily residing in the UK.
                                                        level and recommend the right course for you.

     English Qualifications

     English GCSE

     English Level 1

     English Level 2

     English Entry 1/2

     English Entry 3

                                                                                                         “IT’S AMAZING WHAT
     Maths Qualifications                                                                                YOU CAN LEARN IN A
     Maths GCSE                                                                                          YEAR AND HOW YOUR
                                                                                                          LIFE CAN CHANGE.”
     Maths Level 1
                                                                                                            RACHID HADIBI,
     Maths Level 2                                                                                         FORMER STUDENT
     Maths Entry 1/2

     Maths Entry 3

36                                                                                                    37
                                                                                                                                          ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                                                          GRAZIELLA PINI
                                                                                                                                          Graziella Pini studied ESOL 16-18
                                                                                                                                          Enterprise. As part of the course
                                                                                                                                          Graziella also worked with local
                                                                                                                                          businesses and community
                                                                                                                                          organisations. Recently she took part
     ESOL courses are for you                         ESOL classes are offered at:              EFL Courses
                                                                                                                                          in a project with the Goldfinger
                                                                                                Preparation for IELTS
     if you speak English as a                        ESOL Entry 1                                                                        Factory to refurbish everyday items
                                                      – Beginner                                – Chelsea Centre
     second language and want                                                                                                             into stunning arts, crafts and
                                                                                                Preparation for Cambridge First           fashions pieces which she was able
     to improve your speaking                         ESOL Entry 2
                                                                                                Certificate in English (EFL)              to sell on a College run stall at
                                                      – Elementary
     and listening, reading and                                                                 – Chelsea Centre                          Golborne Road Market.
                                                      ESOL Entry 3
     writing skills.                                  – Intermediate                            Preparation for Cambridge Certificate     Graziella said: “The ESOL course has
                                                                                                in Advanced English (EFL)                 taught me many things in addition to
                                                      ESOL Level 1                              – Chelsea Centre                          learning how to read, write and speak
     You may want to learn English part-time, or
                                                      – Higher Intermediate                                                               English. I really enjoy the enterprise
     whilst you study another course at the                                                     Preparation for Cambridge Certificate
     College. There’s also a full-time option for                                                                                         part of the ESOL course as it has
                                                      ESOL Level 2                              of Proficiency in English
     those aged 16–18, our ESOL Enterprise                                                                                                taught me about working in a team,
                                                      – Advanced                                – Chelsea Centre
     course. If you are aged 16-18 you can enrol                                                                                          how to make objects from everyday
     on our full-time course which contains           Improve your Grammar stages 1,2,3                                                   items and how to sell things. Selling
     intensive English language and Maths tuition     – Chelsea and Kensington Centres          	
                                                                                                 Come along to our advice and             things on the stall gave me the
     along with vocational options such as                                                       guidance sessions to find out more,      opportunity to practise speaking
                                                      Improve your Pronunciation stages 1,2,3
     multimedia, business and book-keeping.                                                      and complete a short assessment to       English with customers, which helped
                                                      – Kensington Centre
                                                                                                 find out your language level and the     me become more confident in
     All ESOL courses include tutorial support to                                                best course for you.                     speaking English.”
     help you plan and get the most out of your       Full-time Courses
     personal study.
                                                      16–18 ESOL Enterprise                     	Find our advice and guidance times,
     All ESOL courses aim to prepare you for the      Level 1 – Kensington Centre                 or book an appointment for an
     world of work or further education and the                                                   interview online at
     language and skills used for work are an                                           
     important part of all our courses. Part-time                                                 or call us on 020 7573 5333.
     courses run three times a year, during the day
     or in the evenings at different centres. Our
     full-time ESOL enterprise class starts in
     September and runs for one year.

38                                                                                                                                          39
     LANGUAGES                                                                                 ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                               BLAIR HERCULES
                                                                                               Foreign languages student Blair
                                                                                               Hercules landed a customer services
                                                                                               role at London Heathrow – the world’s
     With international business growing and our thriving                                      busiest international airport – and
     multicultural society, learning a new language has never                                  says learning Spanish helped him
                                                                                               gain his new position!
     been more important. We offer a range of languages from
                                                                                               The ambitious 20-year-old studied
     beginners to A-Level and advanced conversation.                                           Spanish at Kensington and Chelsea
                                                                                               College to boost his employability
                                                                                               skills, whilst also fulfilling an ambition
     Our language programmes offer a range of         We run the following programmes:         to learn a second language.
     study options and times, including fast-paced
                                                      ABC (beginner) courses                   Blair, from Ladbroke Grove, West
     qualifications for those who want to learn a
                                                                                               London, said: “I think knowing
     language quickly. You will be taught by highly   GCSE Language courses                    Spanish definitely helped me get the
     qualified native speakers. Our lively and
                                                      AS and A-Level courses                   job at Heathrow as I mentioned I
     enjoyable classes are designed to suit your
                                                                                               could speak Spanish in my interview.
     needs, for work, business, travel, social
                                                      In the following languages:              London has a strong international
     purposes or personal development, to gain a
                                                                                               business status so knowing another
     qualification or progress to higher education.   Spanish                                  language is a valuable skill to have.”
     Our students excel and have an impressive
     record of exam success in all languages at all   French
     levels. A comprehensive advice, guidance and
     information service will ensure you join a
     course that matches your goals and               Arabic
     previous experience.

                                                      	Language courses take place at our
                                                        Chelsea Centre. Check
                                                        modern-foreign-languages for
                                                        further details.

40                                                                                                   41
TEACHER                                                                                                LAST YEAR 100%

                                                                                                           OF LEARNERS WHO
                                                                                                        PROGRESSED ON TO THE
                                                                                                      SECOND YEAR OF THE DTLLS

                                                                                                    PASSED AND 90% OF TRAINEES
                                                                                                   WHO STARTED AS VOLUNTEERS IN
                                                                                                   YEAR ONE GAINED PAID TEACHING
                                                                                                       HOURS BY THE END OF THE     ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                      PROGRAMME AND CONTINUE       JULIE GOLDING
                                                                                                    TO BE EMPLOYED. OUR TEACHER    Julie Golding studied teacher
     Teaching is a rewarding                           Teacher Training Courses
                                                                                                         TRAINING WAS GRADED       training at the College and has
     profession that offers                            Award in Education and Training                      AS OUTSTANDING         gone onto employment with
                                                       – Chelsea and Kensington Centres                        BY OFSTED.          Ofsted grade 1 teaching
     fantastic career                                                                                                              departments, as well as
     prospects, development                            Award in Education and Training
                                                                                                                                   becoming a grade 1 Ofsted
                                                       Blended Course
     opportunities and                                 – Chelsea and Kensington Centres
                                                                                                                                   teacher. Julie said: “The course
                                                                                                                                   at the College was challenging
     competitive financial                             CELTA                                                                       but inspiring. I also met lots of
     benefits.                                         Certificate in Teaching English to Adults                                   new people through the course.
                                                       – Accredited by Cambridge ESOL                                              Anyone wanting to go into
                                                       Level 5 (CELTA) – Chelsea Centre                                            teaching, I would say go and do
     We offer a range of teacher training courses
                                                                                                                                   it. Follow your dreams and be
     and all programmes award a qualification          DET
                                                                                                                                   passionate about it.”
     recognised by the Department for Education        Diploma in Education and Training
     and Skills. Our courses will enable students to   Accredited by Canterbury
     progress towards Qualified Teacher Learning       Christchurch University
     and Skills (QTLS) and employment in the           Level 4 (DET) – Kensington Centre
     Learning and Skills Sector. This includes
     further education colleges, sixth form            Diploma in Education and Training
     colleges, adult and community learning and        – Accredited by Canterbury
     offender learning.                                Christchurch University
                                                       Level 4 (LIT/ESOL) (DET)
     Your choice of course will depend on whether      – Kensington Centre
     you are already in a teaching role with           Diploma In Teaching In The Lifelong
     teaching hours. Candidates interested in          Learning Sector
     becoming teachers in the sector but without       – Accredited by Canterbury
     teaching hours may be suitable for the Award      Christchurch University
     in Education and Training programmes. Those       Level 5 – Kensington Centre
     candidates who already have teaching hours
     in the lifelong learning sector and who wish to   Diploma in Education and Training
     attain Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills      – Accredited by Canterbury
     (QTLS) status will be required to enrol on        Christchurch University
     a Diploma in Education and Training               Level 5 (LIT/ESOL) (DET)
     (DET) programme.                                  – Kensington Centre

                                                        For more information about these
                                                        programmes visit

42                                                                                                                              43
     TECHNOLOGIES     Our successful Creative Arts, Services and Technologies
                      Departments offer courses in a variety of levels in
                      Craft and Interior Design, Art, Photography, Fashion
                      and Millinery, Hair and Beauty, Digital Media and
                      Graphic Design.

                      We also have a strong track-record for students
                      progressing onto employment and prestigious Higher
                      Education institutions including The London College
                      of Fashion, Goldsmiths, Central St Martins and
                      London College of Communication. Our creative arts
                      alumni includes former Turner prize nominee Marvyn
                      Gaye Chetwynd, Milliner Justin Smith, who helped
                      create the headpiece worn by Angelina Jolie in
                      Disney’s Maleficent, and Millie Pilkington, who was
                      commissioned by Clarence House as Prince William
                      and Catherine Middleton’s private photographer for
                      their wedding.
                      Our thriving Hair and Beauty Department also has
                      strong employer links and top industry contacts
                      enabling unique student experiences such as
                      masterclasses with celebrity stylists and work
                      placements in leading local spas and salons.
                      Recently we became an associate college member
                      for The National Skills Academy for Creative &
                      Cultural – a status awarded to only a select number
                      of colleges.

44                                                   45
     We are proud of our                                Art and Design Full-Time Courses

     reputation for helping                             First Step in Design
                                                                                                  ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                        Level 1 Diploma - Kensington Centre
     students progress, from                                                                      JOSH CADWALLADER
     having an initial flair for                        Diploma in Art and Design:
                                                                                                  Josh Cadwallader studied Graphic
                                                        3D, Interior Design and Graphic Design
     art and design, to gaining                         (16–18)
                                                                                                  Design at the College and is now
                                                                                                  working as a designer and art
     places at top universities                         UAL Level 2 – Kensington Centre           director for M&C Saatchi.
     and jobs in the industry.                          Diploma in Graphic Design                 Josh, 20, said: “It’s a great College
                                                        UAL Level 2 – Kensington Centre           with great tutors. I really enjoyed my
     We provide an education that prepares                                                        course. It was the best bit of
                                                        Diploma in Jewellery
     students for the world of work, whether                                                      education I’ve had! I’d tell anyone
                                                        UAL Level 2 – Kensington Centre
                                                                                                  interested in graphic design to work
     self-employed with their own design business,
                                                        Diploma in Glass and Ceramics             hard, learn the programmes and take
     designer makers, or working in related areas.
                                                        UAL Level 2 – Kensington Centre           all the work you can get when you
     Our impressive team of tutors are professional                                               first start out. I absolutely love what
     artists and designers in their own right, as       Diploma in Interior Design                I’m doing now.”
     well as being fully-qualified teachers, and        UAL Level 2 – Kensington Centre
     their links with industry create unique learning   Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
     opportunities for our students. Our studios        UAL Level 3 – Kensington Centre
     and workshops are equipped to industry
     standards, with dedicated ceramic, jewellery       National Diploma in Art and Design
     and glass studios, and top-of-the range Mac        (3D Design) Interior Design
     design suites, making us one of the few            BTEC Level 3 – Kensington Centre
     colleges in London to offer such a wide variety
                                                        National Diploma in Art and Design
     of specialist design study.
                                                        (Design Crafts) – Jewellery,
     We offer a rich and diverse range of courses       Pottery and Glass
                                                        BTEC Level 3 – Kensington Centre
     to inspire creativity and promote good design,                                               ROAD TO SUCCESS
     providing both traditional skills and
                                                        National Diploma in Graphic Design        MEI KWIN-WONG
     experimental design studies. Whether you
                                                        BTEC Level 3 – Kensington Centre          Ceramics student Mei Kwin-Wong
     want to be an applied artist, interior or
     graphic designer, you will be taught all the       Professional Development for Designer     put her skills to the test after
                                                                                                  being commissioned to produce
     elements of what you need to succeed and           Makers – Extended Diploma
                                                                                                  dining ware for Michelin starred
     compete in the inspirational world of Art          Level 3 – Kensington Centre
                                                                                                  restaurant Viajante.
     and Design.
                                                        Higher National Certificate in Interior
                                                                                                  Mei said: “It was really touching when
                                                                                                  I had a meal at the restaurant and it
      For more information and details of
     	                                                 BTEC Level 4 – Kensington Centre
                                                                                                  was served on my plates. The
      part-time courses, visit
                                                                                                  commission was inspired by a course
                                                                                                  project set by my tutor and it has
                                                                                                  been an invaluable experience. I
                                                                                                  learnt a lot of new techniques thanks
                                                                                                  to my course and our brilliant tutors.
                                                                                                  They really know their stuff!”

46                                                                                                   47
48   49
DIGITAL                                                                                                “OUR TUTOR IS

                                                                                                        REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC
                                                                                                   AND HER ENTHUSIASM PASSES
                                                                                                    ON TO US, THE STUDENTS! AS
                                                                                                   A CLASS WE ALL GET ON REALLY
                                                                                                    WELL, IT ALMOST FEELS LIKE A
                                                                                                     LITTLE FAMILY! THE COURSE
                                                                                                       HAS GIVEN ME LOTS OF        ROAD TO SUCCESS
                                                                                                        OPTIONS IN TERMS OF        COURTNEY GAYLE
     Do you have a flair for design or a passion for digital                                          HOW I’D LIKE TO PURSUE       Media Production Student
     media? We offer students the opportunity to develop, from                                               MY CAREER.”           Courtney Gayle, 23, said: “My
     complete beginner level through to qualifications that                                             RAMINTA VASINAUSKAITE,
                                                                                                                                   course gave me a good start for
                                                                                                                                   getting into film production. I’ve
     prepare you for work in the digital industries.                                                       FORMER GRAPHIC
                                                                                                                                   learnt a variety of skills on the
                                                                                                           DESIGN STUDENT
                                                                                                                                   course including web design and
     Choose from our range of courses in                Digital Media Full-Time Courses                                            animation. I’ve really enjoyed the
     Multimedia, Computer Aided Design and Web                                                                                     opportunity to create my own
                                                        First Step in Creative Media Production:
     Page Design, and learn using the latest Adobe                                                                                 films and have received good
                                                        Level 1 Diploma – Kensington Centre
     packages in our Mac design suites. Our                                                                                        feedback from those that have
     courses are led by qualified tutors with           Diploma in Creative Media Production:                                      seen it!”
     experience in the digital and design               Level 2 – Kensington Centre
     industries, and our light and spacious studios
     allow our students to work in a professional       Diploma in Creative Media Production
     environment and work on real live projects         Level 2 Web Design – Kensington Centre
     which will prepare them for the world of work.     Diploma in Creative Media Production
     Your interest could be in graphic design, video    BTEC Level 3 (Multimedia, Video and
     and sound production, animation or                 Audio) – Kensington Centre
     documentary making, or web design – we can
     help you build the skills and a strong portfolio   	
                                                         In work and thinking of an
     for application to higher education or              Apprenticeship? Get a qualification
     employment in this rapid-growth industry.           while you work. Visit
                                                         apprentices for more information.
     	New for 2015-16: Games Design
       courses. Details to be announced. See             For more details and part time courses,
       our website for further information.              visit

     Art and Design Full-Time Courses

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